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UV Pioneer Crystal Doyle, Critical Care Veterinary Student, has a passion. The HYBRID a car built for Valley Mileage 5 Ways to Reduce Home Energy Demand

July 2008


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Contempo Publishers Note: This month we cover two important energy issues, both dealing with the energy crisis. First we approach the topic of high home energy costs and provide some ways to reduce the impact without sacrificing comfort. They all represent ways to prevent heat from entering your home and thereby, take some of the load off your A/C system. In our other energy topic we weigh in on the gasoline crisis and consider what’s available in HYBRID automobiles. These vehicles run on gasoline and stored electricity. They actually generate electrical power while you wait at a traffic signal. With all the chatter about who is going to do something about high oil prices, Hybrids put you in the drivers seat. They represent one sure way individuals can have a positive impact on this global problem. So, here we answer some essential questions the average driver needs to know about Hybrids. We appreciate sincerely, the cooperation of The Frank Smith Toyota Corp. for helping us present our story. Crystal Felici brings us new trends from the West Coast that are not only comfortable and stylish but eco-friendly as well. Learn what are the real “Green” fabrics and how they help keep the environment and your body in touch with nature by avoiding petroleum based products and other synthetics. I have always had a thing for cotton but did’nt know it’s not always, just cotton. We are honored this month to introduce our Contempo Cover Girl and Pioneer Honor Recipient, Crystal Doyle. Crystal graduated from McHi and from Texas A & M University. She continued here education in veterinary medicine at A & M’s top ranked School of Veterinary Medicine in College Station. She also won several beauty pageants including Miss Rio Grande Valley USA. She is a lovely young lady with a sweet heart and a supportive family. Her parents, Bill and Gloria Doyle are life long Upper Valley residents who are surely proud of their daughter. She is starting her three year veterinary residency in West Los Angeles at the noted California Animal Hospital. Crystal, our research tells us there are no small animal internal specialists in the Upper Valley. So don’t get too cozy in L. A. European travel has certainly become expensive with the loss of dollar value against the Euro. But there are still ways to get around in the Old World for a thrifty American. In this issue we discuss a very inexpensive way to get around Madrid. Thanks to Dr. Juan Gonzales-Dickson, my traveling buddy, who showed me how to get it done by using the European Metros. Ralph Magaña/Editor Contempo is a publication of Contempo Magazine Inc. All opinions represented are of the authors & not necessarily the views of the publisher. The publisher makes no representations regarding advertising content. Contempo Magazine is a trademark of Contempo Magazine Inc. All rights reserved. All content published and constructed by Contempo Magazine is the property of Contempo Magazine Inc. Permission for reprint shall be granted only upon written request and authorized release from Contempo Magazine Inc.

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UNDERSTANDING STOCK EXCHANGES A dozen national and regional stock exchanges conduct business daily in the United States, not including NASDAQ. By Melissa G. Magaña GOING GREEN-FASHION FOR THE ECO-CONSCIOUS Bamboo, fine silk, organic cotton, & even hemp fabrics by Crystal Felici THE POWER OF PANTS-A stylish modern look that embraces comfort and projects power. A Pro measures up proper fit. by Vanessa Valiente DIABETES-Why the high Valley Incidence, What can be done? by Tony Barclay

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FIVE WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR HOME ENERGY DEMAND Save money and improve your comfort level at home. By Ralph Magaña


GETTING AROUND MADRID BY METRO Jump around town fast & economically for less than $2 per day on the Madrid high speed Metro.


COMPUTER CORNER-Permanent photo storage, set up two monitors for one computer & more with Michael Bilyeu.


HYBRIDS-A new breed of autos that can put us in charge of World oil prices. How do they work? Can they pull a boat trailer? Is there a tax credit for buying one? Do I have to plug it in?


MEET CRYSTAL DOYLE-Contempo honors a young Upper Valley Pioneer for outstanding achievement in the field of Animal Medicine & her dedication to God’s little creatures.

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Provided By: Melissa Magaña, Financial Advisor Wachovia Securities, LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC The word “Wall Street,” for many, conjures images of the bustling New York or American Stock Exchanges. While these are the two largest U.S. exchanges, they certainly aren’t the only ones. In fact, a dozen national and regional stock exchanges conduct business daily in the United States, and that doesn’t include the enormous number of shares traded over the counter (OTC) on NASDAQ. To begin with the basics, an exchange is a place where buyers and sellers get together, either in person or electronically, to trade stocks, bonds, commodities, options, futures contracts and other securities. Exchanges provide liquidity; that is, they offer investors the opportunity to buy and sell shares at their fair market value. The market for shares and other securities is virtually identical in concept to a traditional public produce market where growers display their goods on counters and consumers show up to purchase them. The only difference is the product. The New York Stock Exchange, also known as the “Big Board,” is the dominant market for stocks in this country. More than 80 percent of the shares handled by exchanges, including many of the oldest and largest corporations, trade there. Founded in 1792 as the New York Stock & Exchange Board, the NYSE lists more than 1,700 companies whose securities are traded under its rules and regulations. Member firms, brokerages and securities dealers own the NYSE. Memberships, or seats, on the exchange trade at auction like the shares of other corporations. These seats, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, permit their owners to buy or sell shares on the trading floor, either for themselves or for their clients. The only other national exchange is the American Stock Exchange. About 900 companies, mostly smaller than those on the NYSE, are listed on the AMEX, but the number changes as companies “move up” to the NYSE or are “delisted” for failing to meet qualifications. The remaining exchanges are regional. They are smaller and often trade the stocks of companies located in their regions, plus commodities, futures or options unique to them. Some of them participate in the Intermarket Trading System (ITS), which enables brokers and specialists to represent clients page 8 contempo magazine

and interact with other markets to obtain the best prices available. Varying widely in trading volume, technology and investment philosophy, the regional exchanges contribute to the overall liquidity of the marketplace. In addition, they sometimes provide investors with promising opportunities that may not be found on the NYSE or AMEX. The regional exchanges are bounded by the Boston Stock Exchange in the East and the Pacific Stock Exchange in the West. The others include the Midwest Stock Exchange, the result of two mergers; the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, the nation’s oldest; the Cincinnati Stock Exchange, the first automated auction market for listed securities; and the Spokane Stock Exchange, which specializes in small mining-company stocks. If you want to know more about these and other exchanges and what role, if any, they may have in your investment plans, talk with your financial advisor. Wachovia Securities is the trade name used by two separate, registered broker-dealers and non-bank affiliates of Wachovia Corporation providing certain retail securities brokerage services: Wachovia Securities, LLC Member, NYSE/SIPC, and Wachovia Securities Financial Network, LLC (WSFN), Member FINRA/SIPC. The accuracy and completeness of this article are not guaranteed. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Wachovia Securities or its affiliates. The material is distributed solely for information purposes and is not a solicitation or an offer to buy any security or instrument or to participate in any trading strategy. Provided by courtesy of MELISSA MAGANA, a Financial Advisor with Wachovia Securities in McAllen, Texas. For more information, please call MELISSA MAGANA at (956)687-7211. Wachovia Securities, LLC, member FINRA and SIPC, is a separate non-bank affiliate of Wachovia Corporation. ©2008 Wachovia Securities, LLC. Investments in securities and insurance products: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/ MAY LOSE VALUE CAR# 0906-34132

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The New RGV Discount On-line Shopping Mall with over 70 Nationally Recognized Vendors Daily Blog Updates incld. Senator McCain’s trip to Mexico City Music Videos with UV New Star Margarita Find out what’s Happening with Deep Off-Shore Drilling in the Gulf More One Stop local & National (VS) News Feeds Contempo Fashion Video News Feeds The Valley On-Line Magazine Leader = valley sensitive page 10 (VS) contempo magazine

Imagine a Piano... ƒ’‹ƒÂ?‘–Šƒ–’Žƒ›•yourÂ?—•‹…ǥ ƒ’‹ƒÂ?‘–Šƒ–•‘‘–Š‡•›‘—™‹–Š”‡Žƒš‹Â?‰Â?—•‹…ǥ ƒ’‹ƒÂ?‘–Šƒ–‡˜‡Â?–‡ƒ…Š‡•›‘—–‘’Žƒ›Ǩ

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͝ͲͲ ƒ”˜‡›̡ǤͳͲ–ŠÇŚÂ…ŽŽ‡Â?ÇĄ͚ͺ͡Ͳͳ


Summer Piano Clearance Save 25% on all Yamaha Pianos 0 Payments for 12 Months You Can Play. We Guarantee It! page 11

Going Green FASHION FOR THE ECO-CONCIOUS by Crystal Felici

The clothes we wear have a drastic impact on our environment. Eco- fashion

or “going green� are relatively new terms that involve all the different types of fabric and production methods that lessen the damage to our mother earth and to our health. Eco-fashion includes the use of natural fabrics made from hemp, organic cotton and linen, bamboo, and even fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. Traditional cotton is grown using a variety of pesticides, many which are known to cause cancer. These pesticides not only end up in your cotton tees, but they run into the rivers (killing ani-

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“Bamboo actually has a positive effect on our environment because it can grow a foot per day and when its full grown it has a biomass of 40% larger than a hardwood forest, making it great for the air.” mals), contaminating groundwater (contaminating drinking water), and pollute the air when the crops are sprayed with a crop duster. Traditional fabric production also uses harmful chemicals in the production and finishing of fabrics. Many of the bleaches used on our clothing are also linked to cancer and even formaldehyde is used (yes, embalming fluid) to make fabric “wrinkle free”. It is a fact that 17 teaspoons of chemicals end up in the soil for each cotton tee. Many synthetic fabrics are made out of oil, so not only are they increasing our dependency on this non-renewable resource, they are polluting the environment in every step of production. Moreover, the cotton T’s we have all worn and enjoyed sadly ignore that our $5 T-shirt often use sweat shops for production and use child labor so we can enjoy what we ignorantly thought to be just regular cotton that seemed so earthy and natural. Most companies that engage in eco- fashion do not use sweat shops and pay their workers a decent wage having consideration and love for those in other countries working as hard as they can to support their families. So what are the alternatives? What remedy does EcoFashion seek? And what exactly does “organic” actually mean? Organic fabric is grown in a managed environment, aiming to have no bad effects on our ecosystem. Organic means it is free of pesticides, agrochemicals, and formaldehyde. Bamboo actually has a positive effect on our environment because it can grow a foot per day and when its full grown it has a biomass of 40%

larger than a hardwood forest, making it great for the air. The Eco- fashion industry relies on natural fibers that are biodegradable, and toxin free, so they won’t leak out chemicals once they’re in the ground. Eco- fashion is a vital part of the overall environment movement. People are good decision makers, but it is hard to make decisions if we do not know the facts. This is especially true in fashion. Thanks to well know brands such as Banana Republic, Nike, Ked’s, Guess and Juicy Couture dressing “green” or eco consciously does not mean you have to wear a scratchy hemp skirt with Birkenstocks. There are numerous stores and websites that offer the trendiest of clothing all while keeping the environment in mind and supporting fashion with a conscious. Eco-friendly websites that offer some of the trendiest clothes: We are living in a great period of transition. Celebrities such as Oprah, Cameron Diaz, Edward Norton and so many more have all publically announced their love of our planet and shared their page 13

A native of McAllen, Crystal Felici currently works as a feature writer in Los Angeles, California. After studying business at the University of Dallas, She spent two years in Italy studying fashion merchandise and worked for a top Italian fashion designer then later in Florence as a fashion forcaster & consultant. Crystal now enjoys writing monthly fashion columns and is writing a series of inspirational/bilingual children’s books in L. A.

page 14 contempo magazine

views and concerns for our environment. Buying organic, and living an organic eco-friendly lifestyle is not just about money or trends or rock stars throwing a concert. The choices you and I make every single day with our dollars are so important. We do not need to just accept chemicals in our food, clothing or drinking water. Every day, more and more organic products become available to us. An eco-friendly lifestyle is teamwork. If we all do little bits and make a conscious decision to save our planet and become informed and at least know the basics, we can all make a difference. Making eco-conscious decisions can reduce pollution, lighten landfills, reduce consumerism, and unite humankind. Wearing eco- friendly clothing is a great way to honor your body and mother earth. No need to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to wear green...make a decision to “GO GREEN” today! By: Crystal Felici

The Power of Pants A Stylish Modern Look Then and Today That Embraces Comfort & Projects Power by Enhancing the Perception of Height. Be an Expert on Colors, Styles and Fit. By Vanessa Valiente One cannot speak of women’s slacks without thinking of Katherine Hepburn, the late actress who wore pants when most women wore girdles, petticoats and stockings. In fact, the head of a studio once stole her slacks in an attempt to force her into a skirt. In response, she walked around the lot in her underwear until they returned her pants. Why such stubborn adoration for a pair of slacks? Hepburn knew when a woman sports a pair of slacks she is immediately more comfortable, powerful and (seemingly) taller. These qualities in attire are vital in business and beneficial in social situations. The first must have is the basic black pant. Although a touch predictable, this classic piece is both slimming and versatile. It can also balance your outfit when wearing a more fashion forward top or jewelry. As a side note, for the fair skin ladies, it is best to wear this dark color on the lower half of the body to avoid washing out your face. You will notice that earth tones will make your skin look livelier compared to the harshness of solid black. When picking out the black pant it can be valuable to look into a matching blazer. Keeping a simple black suit in your closet can solve rushed outfit decisions for important meetings, interviews or conservative events. Furthermore, black’s flexibility will enable you to make numerous outfits between the two pieces. You can pair the black blazer

with different colored slacks or jeans while the pants from the suit can be worn on it’s own with a variety of blouses, sweaters and vests. Another color necessity for slacks is white, no matter the season. Unlike black, bright colors like orange, yellow, pink, and green will flatter white pants instead of looking 80’s or themed. Who doesn’t look like a bee when pairing yellow and black together? The one downside to white slacks is the panty line issue. When purchasing a pair of white pants inspect your front and behind carefully. If you see the telltale lines, choose slacks with an inner lining or a pair made with thicker fabric. If you already have a pair that is translucent try wearing a nude thong or boy shorts underneath. Once that issue is a non-factor, white and cream slacks are also appropriate for most offices. Some exceptions would be especially conservative work settings like a law office or the White House. Besides work, white slacks are fabulous for social engagements. For a nice day gathering, pair your white slacks with some fun flats or funky dress sandals and a summery top in a bold color. For a cocktail party, in order to compete with the dresses, you will want to fancy up your slacks with a feminine top. Try a modern, oneshouldered long sleeve blouse in red or emerald green. Be sure your top is made of, or looks like, quality fabric like silk. For heels go all page 15

page 16 contempo magazine

out with a pair in a stylish color pattern or a bold metallic. Now that you have the black and white pant staples, you can pay attention to other options. Both dark and light grey are terrific colors for slacks as well as a subtle pinstripe to mix things up. For a fun change try a stripe that has a variation of thick and thin vertical lines. If that seems humdrum to you pick up a pair of slacks in a bold color. This may not work in all workspaces, but a pair of sunny yellow slacks will add flavor to any social event. Other modern colors for slacks are military green, brilliant blue, communist red, silver, vibrant purple, mustard yellow and gold. Just remember that a pair of bold colored slacks is a POWER piece. Take it easy on the rest of the outfit. Your top and jewelry should compliment your pants, not compete with it. When in doubt, think simple. As for the style of your slacks, no matter the color or occasion, go sleek. Pockets and pleats are not your friend. If you are tall and thin with a small behind you can have a pocket party all over your pants, but for most women it is advantageous to limit the amount of bulk in the hip and thigh area. If you fall in love with a pair of pants that has

pockets on your hips that consistently gap, simply have your tailor sew them shut. When getting the right fit, it is key that your slacks graze your hips, behind and thighs. You want the pants to follow the contours of your body, so steer clear of a snug hug or bagginess. When trying on a pair of slacks you first want to make sure it does not squeeze your waist to create the hated “muffin top.� Then you must inspect your upper thigh. If there seems to be more than 1 1/2 inch of extra fabric that you can pull away from your hips and thighs, get a smaller size or a slimmer style. Another factor of fit is how it makes your bun look. Turn to the side of the mirror when trying on the pants. You want the pant to show off the curve of your bottom with a subtle intake of fabric at the bottom of your cheeks. You do not want it to embrace your bum like a pair of leggings. On the other hand, you do not want it to not indent at all and instead simply drop off to your legs. If this is the case, do not have the tailor adjust the pant seat. It can be a difficult and costly alteration. Once it fits in the upper-lower body, you will want to look into a page 17

straight or wide leg view. As for the hem, let it hit about halfway down your heel. If longer, you risk looking sloppy and shorter than you want to appear. Showing off more than just the point of your shoe will make you look taller as well as give you the opportunity to display your stylish footwear. You must not treat the task of finding and tailoring the perfect pair of slacks lightly. The wrong pair of slacks can make you feel fuddyduddy, boyish and small whereas the right pair can make you feel sexy, strong and efficient. Maybe it s all the Emmys Ms. Hepburn won wearing those slacks or maybe it’s the possibility of doing a cartwheel without the risk of page 18 contempo magazine

showing your unmentionables. Either way, nothing says “stylish modern woman” more than a fabulous pair of trousers. Editors Note: Vanessa Valiente is a noted costume designer for cinema,television, and stage. Her credits include the series, “Fashion House”.She has been a personal stylist for many Hollywood celebrities.Her fashion blog for men and women is www.v-style.typepad. com.Her website is See her movie credits on the internet movie database at http://www. page 19

South Texas

Back Institute

Dr. R. “Trey” Fulp III. D.O. Dr. Fulp came to the Upper Valley after instructing at the U.T. North Texas Health Science Center as an Associate Professor. He interned & completed his residency in Pennsylvania at the Community General Osteopathic Hospital. He later completed his fellowship at the noted Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children in Greensville, South Carolina. He is board certified with the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery and with the American Board of Spinal Surgery. page 20 contempo magazine


OFTEN TIMES THE FIRST WARNING SIGNS OCCUR TOO LATE Heart disease is the leading cause of death of men and women in America. Lung cancer is the leading cause of caner deaths among both men and women, while lung disease such as emphysema kills more than 360,000 Americans each year.

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Diabetes Why the High Valley Incidence?

The Center for Disease Control has just released the latest data on the increasing epidemic of diabetes in the United States. Now 8 percent of the U.S. population (24 million people) has diabetes and another 57 million have a prediabetes condition. Hispanics continue to have a high risk of diabetes with 10.4 percent overall and specifically 11.9 percent for Mexican-Americans. For the state of Texas there was an overall worsening by about 3%. Hidalgo County had over 27,000 cases making up about 6.5 %, Cameron County had over 19,000 making up about 8.1%, Starr County had 2,700 making up about 7.4%, and Willacy County had about 1000 cases making up about 7.8% of the population. It is the writer’s belief that the true number of diabetics in the Rio Grande Valley was probably significantly underestimated because of lack of access to health care and poverty in our region. It does not make sense that Hidalgo County which had at least an 89.5% Hispanic population in the 2000 would be below the national average. Diabetes is characterized by the body not responding appropriately to increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream. There is a form of Diabetes Type I that occurs in youth where the body stops making insulin the protein which controls the use of sugar. The most common form and the most preventable form is Type II which usually occurs in middle age or beyond where the body becomes resistant to insulin. This is the type of diabetes that is increasing severely. It is usually associated with obesity and lack of exercise in a person who has an inherited tendency to acquire diabetes. According to the CDC, diabetes has now become the 7th leading cause of death leading to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, lower extremity amputation, and blindness.

portant for Mexican-Americans with a family history of diabetes that are obese to undergo screening for diabetes. Testing may determine that a diabetic precondition is present which can be reversed if proper exercise and diet are followed. If diabetes is diagnosed then with proper treatment the chances for complications like heart disease, blindness, and amputation can be significantly reduced. Many studies show that Mexican-American children are twice as likely to be obese as the rest of the population even by age 3. Texas State Senator Leticia Van De Putte in 2006 urged that parents be taught the principals of good nutrition and exercise. Another disturbing trend is for adolescent Latino males to “get big” (slang for obese) because in the jail influenced hip-hop culture this is considered macho. A 2006 study showed that a shocking 72% of people living in the South Texas in Region 11 (which includes the Rio Grande Valley) were significantly overweight. Our society must redouble its effort to fight obesity and recognize the warnings of diabetes. The problem is not that we enjoy Mexican food. A well balanced Mexican diet is as good as any on earth. We must educate our society on proper lifestyle so that for our children diabetes will become a rare event. Note: Our website @ will be hosting educational videos about Diabetes all month.

The great tragedy of Type II Diabetes is that it is mostly By Tony Barclay Editor’s Note-Tony Barclay is a retired preventable and when diagnosed early can often be con- physician and Harvard graduate who likes to write about trolled. In its early stages diabetes can have absolutely no medical and scientific issues. symptoms despite there being ongoing internal damage to the eyes, kidneys, and heart. This is why it is very impage 22 contempo magazine

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Mass Schedule Saturday: 5:00PM English Sunday: 8:00 AM Spanish 11:00 English 7:00 PM Spanish Monday & Wednesday: 8:15 AM English Tuesdays, Thursday, Friday 8:15 AM Spanish First Friday 8:15 AM Holy Days 8:15 AM & 7:00 PM page 24 contempo magazine

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Only You Can Lower Your Home Energy Bills With energy costs clearly on the rise we can expect a dramatic increase in the cost to fuel our homes. Although we in the Valley don’t need to rely on oil to heat our homes, we can expect the cost of electricity to cool our homes will surely rise as well as more electrical power is applied to what use to run on oil or coal. Just as they tell us there are not enough oil refineries available to increase production soon enough to reduce the price of gasoline, I expect to hear soon that there are not enough electrical plants to compensate for increasing demand. Ultimately, we will have to make changes to our accustomed level of comfort or find ways ourselves to reduce the impact of fuel costs on our homes. Take the current oil price debate for example. Everyone knew years ago that oil costs were rising to a head but nothing was done when time permitted on a grand scale to facilitate future demand. China, India & Russia have been in a growth pattern for several decades. Didn’t the people in position know that these countries would soon shift from bicycles to motorbikes & then to automobiles by the turn of the millennium. But were adjustments made to increase production? Obviously not. Instead we as consumers, were left to deal with the impact. There was not much we could do to increase supply, as we can’t develop refineries in our backyards. But we can buy smaller vehicles with less fuel requirements & drive less often. I am sure that the same scenario will transpire as electrical demand out strides supply. We the consumers, will be left to creatively solve the problem. So, to kick off the public effort to reduce the cost of cooling our homes we will address ideas that you can use at home to do your part. Below are some ideas that should help you as an energy consumer. CHANGE HOME EXTERIOR SURFACE TO EFIS. Brick veneer or wood sided homes don’t come close to EFIS for insulating your home. EFIS, or the more commonly know brand name of DRYVIT, provides an insulation barrier on the outside surface, rather than the traditional in-wall insulation used in brick & wood faced homes. This shuts down heat before it penetrates the wall surfaces. As well the insulating material used in EFIS is generally more effective by a large margin allowing your A/C system to work less. It also offers greater protection from air draft penetrations. It’s attractive surfaces resemble more costly materials like stone and granite but costs much less to apply. CONSIDER CHANGING YOUR A/C UNITS 10 years ago most new homes were fitted with 10 SEER A/C systems that at the time, were considered High Efficiency units. Now 18 SEER units are available that consumer much less electricity. Most of today’s High Efficiency A/C systems come with a 10 year warranty. Although, avoid Heat Pump


systems because generally these units only help reduce the cost of heating rather than cooling. As energy costs rise, you should consider replacing your units even if they are working well because the cost savings, over time, will cover the expense of replacement. INSTALL/REPLACE ATTIC EXHAUST FANS The greatest exposure to heat comes from the heat transferred from your roof to your attic. Even on a mild spring day temperatures in your attic can reach over 120 Degrees. The only thing obstructing this heat from entering your home is the insulation & drywall above your ceiling. While most homes must have attic exhaust by requirement, it is also true that most homes built over 8 years ago have inoperable electric exhaust fans. Either the fan motor or the thermostat has gone bad. An effective electric attic exhaust fan can drop an attic temperature by 20 Degrees & can lower your electrical bills considerably. A new electric exhaust fan can be purchased for less than $200 while a replacement thermostat only costs about $45. REPLACE WATER HEATER WITH A TANKLESS HEATER A traditional water heater is constantly heating & reheating water whether you are using the water or not. For many working couples that’s a lot of waisted energy all day long for a hot morning shower. Tankless heaters only heat water once a hot water faucet is turned on. The hot water reaches you in no less time than it does with the old water heater and takes up about 80% less space. A “whole house” tankless unit will cost about $800 to $1000 installed. It can pay for it’s cost with energy savings over a period of just 2 years at todays energy cost level and probably a lot faster as energy costs rise in the future. A fringe benefit-you won’t run out of hot water when out of town guests arrive because these units can output a continuous amount of hot water since the elements don’t have to replace hot water from a tank. They are great for those 200 gal. hot tubs as well. GET A PROGRAMMABLE A/C THERMOSTAT Don’t let your A/C system run while you are away. Most high efficiency A/C systems take a bit longer to cool a house down than their earlier, less efficient counterparts. But you don’t have to leave them running all day to get the house cool when you get home. A programmable thermostat will allow you to get the system up and running a short time before you get home so you don’t have run the system all day. Programmable thermostats can cost as little as $40 and can be easily installed by a novice with simple instructions while working with a low voltage, safe electrical current to power the thermostat. By Ralph Magaña page 27

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This beautiful, 7,000 sq. ft. home features Dryvit’s Lymestone Finish in three different colors. Buckskin is the main color. To create the limestone block appearance, the contractor used the same color in 25% lighter and 25% darker shades. The owner states “I was completely surprised by how many people have stopped here to ask me about the finish; when I tell them it is not limestone block and it’s a Dryvit finish, they just don’t believe me. Plus, the Dryvit components, as an insulator, keep our home cool all summer.” 1200 Albrad Pharr 956-702-1223

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Provided By: Melissa Magaña, Financial Advisor Wachovia Securities, LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC The legendary King Midas was granted a wish that everything he touched would turn instantly to gold. Of course, the king discovered when he tried to handle his food that this was an imprudent decision -he was going to starve. In the end, the foolish king was released from the spell once he had learned his lesson: he should be more thoughtful before pursuing a new opportunity. But since then, the term “Midas touch” has been favorably applied to anyone who has a gift for making money in multiple business ventures. It might be wise, however, for small-business owners to take the original lesson from this classic Greek myth. Making one business successful is difficult enough. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 33 percent of all new businesses close within the first two years -- 56 percent within four years. Starting a second business can be even more taxing. Like King Midas, small-business owners can run into trouble if, believing everything they touch will turn to gold, they embark on an entirely new business venture. Here’s a typical scenario: Charles had worked as an architect for ten years. He knew how to manage a project from the ground up -- literally. He knew about building, from foundation to decoration. He could ensure top quality in a market he knew was willing to pay for it. When the company he worked for started to falter because of accounting errors, he ventured out on his own. His low overhead, as well as his resourcefulness, experience and knowledge of the intricacies of the market, gave him the needed leg up over his competition. Eight years later, Charles had an opportunity to expand into similar markets nearby. He believed his past success could apply to any new business. As a computer buff, Charles had always wanted to start up an Internet business, a business model as different from architecture as it was from demolition. He went for it -- and failed. His story is not unusual. Many successful business owners attempt to start up new companies in new businesses. To Charles, it did not seem like a risky enterprise because he had done much of it before -- develop a business plan, raise capital, establish distribution -- but moving into a new industry essentially made him a novice. In effect, he was assuming all of the same risk that he did with the first venture, except this time he had more to lose. Problems abound when starting a new business and most banks and financial institutions are aware of the pitfalls. This means that Charles might have a hard time accessing capital. Even loans could become difficult to come by if the investment stretches too far out of his company’s current business focus. Charles might be asked to borrow against his current business in order to raise capital. Instead of presuming that he has the Midas touch, Charles would do better to broaden his company’s focus and investigate opportunities within the same industry. For example, instead of investing in the Web, Charles page 30 contempo magazine

might expand his construction business by offering his upscale clients custom molding and cabinetry. If you are a small-business owner and find yourself, like Charles, at a crossroads, you might want to consider some of these options for your business: Seek out new markets for your existing product. Resources like the Internet can help you present your product to a broader range of people. In addition, review the circumstances that contributed to your past success. If the same conditions exist in other regions, they could be ripe for exploiting. Look for different applications for your product. You may be limiting your potential if you continue to market your products or services for the same old purpose. Begin researching industries and sectors you never have before; you might uncover a whole new use for your wares and open up a new market. Consider becoming a general consultant. Your expertise may be valuable to other companies. You can position yourself as an industry expert by offering to write for or interview with trade publications in your industry. This kind of exposure often brings opportunities to your door. Invest your profits in the capital markets. As a business owner, you are constantly carrying greater risk than the average investor. Put your profits in an investment vehicle that will offset some of this risk and yet provide some liquidity. The philosophy underlying each of these options is simple: give yourself the best opportunity for success. Generally, that means sticking with the industry that you know and offsetting some of the risk associated with running a small business. For more information, contact the Small Business Administration or a qualified financial advisor. SECURITIES: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/ MAY LOSE VALUE

Wachovia Securities is the trade name used by two separate, registered brokerdealers and non-bank affiliates of Wachovia Corporation providing certain retail securities brokerage services: Wachovia Securities, LLC Member, NYSE/SIPC, and Wachovia Securities Financial Network, LLC (WSFN), Member FINRA/ SIPC. The accuracy and completeness of this article are not guaranteed. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Wachovia Securities or its affiliates. The material is distributed solely for information purposes and is not a solicitation or an offer to buy any security or instrument or to participate in any trading strategy. Provided by courtesy of MELISSA MAGANA, a Financial Advisor with Wachovia Securities in McAllen, Texas. For more information, please call MELISSA MAGANA at (956)687-7211. Wachovia Securities, LLC, member FINRA and SIPC, is a separate non-bank affiliate of Wachovia Corporation. ©2008 Wachovia Securities, LLC. Investments in securities and insurance products: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE CAR file #1006-37168



õ7ACHOVIAõ3ECURITIESõDOESõNOTõRENDERõTAXõORõLEGALõADVICE 3ECURITIESõANDõ)NSURANCEõ0RODUCTSõõ./4õ).352%$õ"9õ&$)#õ/2õ!.9õ&%$%2!,õ'/6%2.-%.4õ!'%.#9õsõ-!9õ,/3%õ6!,5%õsõ./4õ!õ$%0/3)4õ/&õ/2õ'5!2!.4%%$õ"9õ!õ"!.+õ/2õ!.9õ"!.+õ!&&),)!4% 7ACHOVIAõ3ECURITIES õ,,# õ-EMBERõ.93%õõ3)0# õISõAõREGISTEREDõBROKERõDEALERõANDõAõSEPARATEõNONBANKõAFlõLIATEõOFõ7ACHOVIAõ#ORPORATIONõÚõ7ACHOVIAõ3ECURITIES õ,,#õõõ õ page 31

GETTING AROUND MADRID on the METRO By Victorio Bolonessa

Many American travelers avoid the European subway system, commonly called the “Metro”, while others wouldn’t travel around town any other way. And although the Madrid metro bombing incident occurred only a few years ago, there is much tighter security around the new reconstructed Madrid Metro. But strangely, a common reason why western travelers don’t use the metro is because we never learned how to use it. Mastering the Metro can be a huge time and money saving practice while in all of Europe but specially in Madrid. No other means of city transportation even comes close in saving time between sites because stops are few & very short and because there is usually a terminal located at most major tourist sites. There is no need to wait with trains schedules running every 8 minutes and no waiting in lines at the automated ticket counters. A Metro ticket, good for 10 destinations and that can be used over a period of several days, only costs about $2.00 U.S. Dollars and there are various ticket packages available.


1. IDENTIFY NOT ONLY YOUR DESTINATION ON THE LINE BUT THE FINAL TERMINATION AS WELL. You will be more likely to choose the right line if you know the final line destination because it is always more prominently marked than the “along the way” stops on the Metro MAPS throughout the stations. 2. REMEMBER THE COLOR OF THE LINE TO TAKE, NOT JUST THE NAME OF THE LINE. You will want to get a good handle on the major HUBS so that occasional major line switches go smoothly. There will be page 32 contempo magazine

9 Day

4 Day Mexico

packages starting at $1890.00


All Included packages starting at $489.00+tax

All Europe Tours: England, France, Germany Austria, Switzerland, Italy Spain & much more. includes round trip air from McAllen, Laredo, Mexico DF, Monterrrey. 3 & 4 star hotels, breakfast, tour guide, tour bus, tourist insurance & more.

Cancun Puerta Vallarta Acapulco Mazatlan including:

round trip air, nice 4 star hotel, all meals, drinks & airport transfers.

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some stairs to tackle at the HUBS when you switch lines (colors). 2. IF TRAVELING TO THE AIRPORT BY METRO BRING WHEELED BACKPACK LUGGAGE. Although most European metros have elevators to get you to the surface, they can be slow. Converting your pull along to a back pack while you climb steps can ease the effort. 3. DON’T KEEP YOUR PERSONAL BELONGS IN YOUR POCKETS. The “pick pockets” are not dangerous but are quit the experts on the quick. Many poise as beggars looking for a hand out while indeed their hand is in your pocket reaching for your wallet. Veteran Euro-

pean travelers use travelers checks and a handy, lightweight “belly” pocket that fits snugly under your pants at the waist. Get one with a good zipper for around $20. 4. Unlike some major cities in the U.S., the subway, Metro system is widely used by people of all walks of life. It is fast, real fast and get’s you quickly right up to important sites. When in Madrid, Like in any large city of the World, vigilance is always important. 5. Always remember to “MIND THE GAP”, a yellow or red line at the edge that you don’t want get near unless your train is boarding. page 33


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Rialto Bridge Venice, Italy Maiden’s Tower, Istanbul, Turkey

Monaco Harbor, Monte Carlo

On the Nile at Aswan, Egypt

Pallela in Barcelona, Spain

Athens, Greece page 34 contempo magazine

Let Chuck Olson Tours and Norwegian Cruise Lines take care of your Mediterranean & European Cruise travel needs.

Our European & Mediterranean Cruises are dollar priced, not euro dependant.





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McAllen’s Downtown in the Heart of the City: A Trendy Place to Be With the coming of the new millennium, McAllen’s civic leaders realized that there were changes in the downtown dynamic that had to be addressed. The development of suburban shopping centers and offices had resulted in some decline of the downtown McAllen area. On the other hand, it was realized that there continued to be a continuous flow of Mexican shoppers and a potential to optimize the downtown area for modern urbanization. The city of McAllen embarked on the “Heart of the City” concept as a long-term plan to revitalize the inner city. The key policies and goals included: improving parking and transportation, maintaining a variety of retail mix, encouraging housing development, making provisions for “green” land use, and encouraging art, music, and culture within the downtown. The much-anticipated 5-story downtown-parking garage, which accommodates 438 parking spaces and will hold restaurants and shops opened in January of 2008. This has helped to alleviate the shortage of parking space available downtown The El Rey Theater has been completely restored and is recognized as a pioneer cultural treasure to McAllen. It has now become not only a place to view culture but has also become a frequent local for social functions. Wide sidewalks, abundant shade and the placement of many benches in the cosmopolitan mix of bars, restaurants, and retail stores has made the downtown area that is not only appreciated by the Mexican shoppers who come to the downtown via the modern bus terminal on 15th street but also is drawing more and more suburbanites. Here are some interesting numbers from Heart of the City for McAllen’s Downtown in 1 year: More than 1.5 million shoppers come to shop in the area via the bus terminal spending millions of dollars, 5.6 million pedestrians walking the sidewalks, 2.3 million different employees, 140,000 visitors to the Mexican Consulate, and 3,600 jury pool servers. It is not unusual for find a group of suburban nurses, housewives, or businessmen having a lunch or dinner in the downtown area. Concerts, social events, and other activities are on the increase. The improved lighting and the presence of extra police patrols have resulted in an 18% reduction in crime over the past three years. I spoke with Joe Rodriquez, the Director for the Heart of the City, about the downtown area. He says that at least 8 new restaurants will be opening in the downtown area between 15th street and Austin Street. The city has facilitated the opening of new businesses by making for special permitting within the Heart of the City area. Cooperation between the City of McAllen, local banks, McAllen Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has all helped to make for rapid growth. McAllen’s Downtown is certainly a trendy and smart place to be. page 36 contempo magazine page 37

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city. 29 area locations 32 ATM’s 22 area brances 7 day banking Free Personal Checking Free Business Checking Extended Banking Hours Free 24 Hour Online Banking



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The Computer Corner with Michael Bilyeu

Best Permanent Photo Storage Two Active Monitors-One Computer Make Sure E-Mail Attachments Arrive.

Just a recap, the only truly safe way to back up family photos is to burn them on a CD or DVD. This is assuming you do not scratch or break the discs! Hard Drives and Flash Drives can and do fail. OK lets start with those of you super techies that want to have 2 monitors on one PC. This is a good option for you workaholics that want to have one program open all the time on one monitor, and use the other monitor for opening and closing less utilized programs. This is also good for editing videos. First you need to have a good video card with at least 256 video RAM and at least 1 gig system RAM. This video card needs to have 2 video plugs on the back of the card. Usually one digital, and one VGA. You may need an adapter for your video cables. Now you hook up your two monitors and reboot your computer, or turn it on. Now with both monitors displaying a picture, you right click on the desktop, and left click on settings. Click on monitor two, and click the box that says “extend the desktop onto this monitor” and you’re ready. Now, how about if your built in sound card goes bad. You can open up the case and install a new PCI card, or you can get the new USB sound cards. Just plug it in, connect your speakers, and install drivers if needed. How many of you have sent e-mail attachments of Word or Excel and the recipient couldn’t open them? This could be due to you having Office 2007, and sending the attachments in that format, and they have Office 2002 or 2003, which will not recognize the newer format. This is an easy fix. You can either use the “save as” feature to save each file in the older format, or you can set Office 2007 to save all documents in the older format automatically. This comes from one of Microsoft’s Knowledge Base Articles. This involves a few steps, so here you are:

1.To change default file save options in Office Excel 2007: a.Double-click Microsoft Office Excel 2007,double-click Excel Options, and click Save. b.In the right pane, right-click Save Excel files as, and select Properties. c.In Save files in this format, select Enabled. d.In the drop-down box, select a default file save format. e.Click Apply to save the settings. 2.To change default file save options in Office PowerPoint 2007: a.Double-click Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, double-click PowerPoint Options, and click Save. b.In the right pane, right-click Save files in this format, and select Properties. c.In Save files in this format, select Enabled. d.In the drop-down box, select a default file save format. e.Click Apply to save the settings. 3.To change default file save options in Office Word 2007: a.Double-click Microsoft Office Word 2007, doubleclick Word Options, and click Save. b.In the right pane, right-click Save files in this format, and select Properties. c.In Save files in this format, select Enabled. d.In the drop-down box, select a default file save format. e.Click Apply to save the settings. Ok, that is all for now, have fun and happy computing… Computer Doctor Michael Bilyeu page 39

The Hybrid They reduce carbon emissions, lower our energy dependence, save money & are even becoming “patriotic�.

So what are they? Can they really get up to 60 miles per gallon? Gasoline prices in Europe are now approaching $10 per gallon. Can we be far behind? Although it remains controversial how fast gasoline prices will rise there is no doubt that with the limited world supply and increasing demand prices can only go up and up. Much attention has been drawn to changing the conventional combustion engine vehicles we drive to either hybrids or alternative fuels other than fossil fuels. Despite the media attention hybrids have received over the past three years the demand for hybrids has been mostly occurring in special niches. Certainly price is a factor but there are also many misconceptions and questions by the public about hybrids. What is a Hybrid? Do I Have to Plug It in at Home? Do Hybrids have Less Range than Regular Gasoline cars? Do Hybrids Accelerate Slower than a Regular car? Can a Hybrid Tow my Boat? How Long Will It Take to Save Money with My Hybrid? Can I get Tax credit for Buying a Hybrid? Do Hybrids Have a Warranty? What is the Maintenance on a Hybrid?

Will Hybrids solve the Valley’s high milage requirements? actually wasted by this old design going to heat or useless turns of the flywheel. The hybrid or more accurately termed the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is really a smart idea to capture the previously wasted energy from the internal combustion engine and save it in the form of electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery system in the vehicle where it is available for use to drive an electric motor, which can also propel the vehicle. The most common HEV has the following components in the drive system: a gas or diesel engine, an electric power unit which serves as a generator or motor unit, a transmission to send the power to the wheels, and batteries to store electricity. The gas engine and the electric motor may be used in a parallel configuration where either or both together can drive the transmission or in a series mode where a smaller engine functions to charge the batteries and the primary drive to the transmission comes from batteries. Do I Have to Plug It in at Home? Most of the current HEV get their electrical charge from their own gasoline engine. So that the only refueling they need is gasoline or diesel. There is a newer type of hybrid being developed called the Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) which will be able to gather additional energy for storage by plugging into an electrical outlet. These vehicles will be able to run on electricity most of the time and will have much farther ranges than the conventional HEVs.

What is a Hybrid? The conventional internal combustion engine today was first developed about 100 years ago. The engine converts the energy produced by the ignition of the fuel (gasoline or diesel) into physical force used to propel the car at a very inefficient rate. Cars have relatively big Do Hybrids Have Lesser Range than Conventional Cars? Because their drive trains use energy much more efficiently hybrids engines because we like to have the ability to accelerate fast, climb actually have longer ranges than many conventional cars. Many hyinclines, and carry significant loads of cargo or passengers. Unforbrids have sophisticated features that recapture energy and maximize tunately, most of the time much of the energy actually produced is page 40 contempo magazine


The Dealership in South Texas Reserve Your Fuel Efficient Hybrid Now!



1625 W. Expressway 83 Pharr, Tx 78577 956-784-3300

TOYOTA Son Buena Jente page 41

The Internal Revenue Service does give a tax credit for the purchase of an HEV. This can be up to $3,000 depending on the vehicle. A schedule of tax credits can be found at the official IRS website www.irs. gov. Some Hybrid models achieve up to 60 miles per gallon on the highway. efficiency. Regenerative braking converts the inertial energy in slowing or stopping the vehicle into electrical energy. At slow speeds the gasoline engine may be switched off and the car will run on electricity alone. When stopped all engines will be shut down and the power to air conditioning or radio for example will come from the battery. At higher speeds or under demand the gasoline engine and electric engine can work together under computer control to maximize energy needed against fuel use. Do Hybrids Accelerate Slower than Conventional Cars? An HEV can accelerate with both the electric motor and gasoline engine giving full torque so that some hybrids actually accelerate faster than their conventional gasoline engine model alone. Can a Hybrid Tow My Boat? Hybrids can be configured with tow transmission and suspension kits depending on the model. Care must be taken not to exceed the recommended towing capacity because otherwise significant damage could occur to the vehicles power train. How Long Will Take Me to Save Money? The U.S. Department of Energy maintains a cost calculator tool on it website ( It is true that hybrids are about the only vehicles that have gone up in value this year. They are more expensive to build and are growing in demand by about 20% per year. Generally speaking they can cost from $2000 to $8000 more than a comparable conventional engine vehicle of the same class.

with their report was that it was done when gasoline was priced at $2.77 per gallon and diesel at $2.85. As of the writing of this article gasoline is now over $4 per gallon and diesel is approaching $5. So that the cost saving from buying a hybrid now can occur in just a couple of years depending upon on how much you drive. Can I Get a Tax Credit for Buying a Hybrid? The Internal Revenue Service does give a tax credit for the purchase of an HEV. This can be up to $3,000 depending on the vehicle. A schedule of tax credits can be found at the official IRS website www. Do Hybrids Have a Warranty? Most hybrids have at least a 100,000-mile warranty on power train. What is the Maintenance on a Hybrid? The maintenance on HEV’s is basically the same as with conventional vehicles except they have the electrical power units and batteries as well. Often times the batteries may require a change of fluid to can be done on a scheduled basis to maintain performance and the warranty.

Driving along the roads and highways of the Rio Grande Valley one sees that the SUV has been the king here. The reality is that unless you decide to turn in your SUV for a smaller vehicle, the only economical way to keep driving a regularly sized vehicle or SUV will be to get a hybrid. You should consider that buying a hybrid will mean less trips to the gas station, peace of mind that you can control at least one aspect of rising fuel costs, and perhaps most importantly for your children that you are taking a meaningful step to preserving the enviThere have been some studies including the one by ronment by reducing carbon emissions. that reported that diesels were better than hybrids in saving money. In addition they stated the demand was driving up the price of hybrids so By Tony MagaĂąa that gasoline savings was not recouping the cost of them. The problem page 42 contempo magazine

An HEV can accelerate with both the electric motor and gasoline engine providing full torque so that some hybrids can actually accelerate faster than the conventional gasoline model.

With gasoline nearing $4 per gallon and diesel approaching $5, the cost saving from buying a hybrid now can occur in just a couple of years. page 43

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Open Fired Roasted Corn & Grilled Jicama Salad

SEARED FRENCH LAMB CHOPS We bread the chops in a special flour mix, then the egg wash & ground pistachios after seasoning with salt & pepper. The chops are then cooked on a hot flat top. Prepared mashed potatoes are centered on the serving dish & surrounded by cassis sauce. The chops are then placed over the sauce and garnished with a red onion and rosemary sprig. On the side we serve asparagus, yellow squash & diced tomatoes. ESSENCE: A perfect coupling of the cassis wine sauce with pistachios & the fresh herbs from our garden that creates a unique undiscovered taste. “Work in your world”

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EXECUTIVE CHEF Santiago, “Jimmy” De La Cruz

The cobbs are roasted whole over an open fire until they are just tender .then jicama is cut into round brush slices that are grilled long enough to form grill marks. The jicama is then diced to kernal size. They are combined in a mixing bowlwith fresh bell pepper, onions and cilantro. In a separate bowl, I whisk together lime juice, oil pepper sauce and salt. This is poured over the corn, then tossed & chilled for an hour, givng the ingredients time to blend. We serve it with lettice to make a perfect South Texas Lettice Wrap. ESSENCE: Roasted Corn served Chilled with Fresh Herbs from our Garden.

A Legacy of Tradition and Flavor

Friday-Saturday Sunday-Thursday 11:00 am-2:am 11:00 am-Midnight

ANTOJITOS PARRILLADAS MARISCOS CARNITAS BAR QUAIL STEAKS CALDOS COCKTAILS (956) 994-8181 McColl & Expwy 83, McAllen (next to pier 1) page 51


Crystal Doyle

Crystal Doyle graduated from McHi and was very active in the FFA, raising lambs and red Angus heifers. She played soccer, tennis and ran track. She was chosen as Miss McAllen and ran for Miss Texas Teen. Crystal served as Duchess of Bouganvilla (in the Queen Citriana pageants) and as the Hidalgo County Youth Show Queen. Went to Southwest Texas State university for 2 years as an animal science major. “There I was an Agriculture Ambassador and in the Alpha Xi Delta sorority.” She later attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a Biomedical Science degree in 2003. She continued on at A&M and received her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in 2007. Recently, in San Diego Crystal completed a 1 year internship in Emergency and Critical Care medicine at Animal Urgent Care, Escondido. She page 52 contempo magazine

will begin her residency program in Internal Medicine at California Animal Hospital in West LA. It is a 3 year program, at the end of which she will become DACVIM or a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Crystal was chosen as the only new resident there for this term. There are less than 900 diplomates in the country for small animal internal medicine, the specialty she is preparing for. In the field of emergency animal medicine, critical services are needed to save animal lives. Seeing many pet owners with seriously injured animals can be both difficult and rewarding. Everyday is something new. You never get tired or bored. “Speaking fluent Spanish has also become handy in southern California. “It’s strange but I am one of the only people in our hospital that can speak Spanish. I am very proud of my Valley

Crystal & Lux take a breather after a good walk.

roots and feel that my life experiences while growing up there have given me both the character and culture I will need to make a mark in my profession and personal life.” Crystal tells Contempo. She looks forward possibly one day, to bringing her special vet skills to the Valley. Currently, there is no Internal Medicine animal specialists in the RGV who deal with emergency animal care. While attending Vet school, Crystal lead several teams to Mexico City, Mexico for several months to perform work for the International League for the Protection of Horses and Donkeys. Her efforts has sparked new awareness in their plight, helping to create an on going program with team members from both sides of the border. Currently, Crystal is working on her internship that involves 14 to 16 hour hospital shifts, making rounds, attending lectures and dealing with case discussions. In her spare time she enjoys the beach and has been learning how to surf. She likes ocean kayaking and hanging out with her dog, Lux at the many parks in San Diego. Lux is 8.5 years old. “I adopted her from a family here in McAllen when she was 2 years old. I found her in a home with aggressive dogs that would constantly fight with her and tear her up. She has been the best dog a girl could ever ask for. She loves people and other dogs and even cats. I also have a cat named Coaltrain that is 9 years old. I rescued her as a kitten. I found her in my grandmother’s BBQ pit on Mother’s day.” Crystal Doyle was born and raised in McAllen. She is the daughter of Billy and Gloria Doyle (both Valley natives). “All my relatives have been great & supportive family members. My family is my foundation, my strength, and nothing short of a blessing everyday of my life.”


NOMAD SHRINE CLUB 1044 W. NOLANA, Pharr, Texas Proceeds to benefit the MARCH OF DIMES

sponsored by

Barbara Hall, Agent 956-992-0713 page 53

CAM Vacuum Oilfield Service

Vacuum Oilfield Service L.L.C.

(956) 583-9273

2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament

74 golfers competed in the event at Shary Golf Course under perfect weather. Saturday, June 8th. A brief 10 min. shower cooled the air for the back nine. Guests were treated to breakfast & BBQ on the course.

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Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church

1108 W. Hackberry Ave, McAllen, Texas 78501


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Mon-Fri English W/Th/F English Saturday English Sunday English Spanish

Mass Schedule 8:00 am Spanish 5:30 pm 12:00 noon 4:00 pm & 5:30 pm 7:30 am 9:00 am 10:45 am 12:30 pm

“Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord” page 55

Las Marcas que Distinguen Tu Hogar

on the corner of W. Bus. 83 & 2nd St. 100 S. Col. Rowe Blvd. McAllen, Texas 956-686-0246

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