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SERVICE DESIGN JAM Think globally. Design locally!

Stavanger Service Design Jam

FOREWORD This report documents the Stavanger Service Design Jam that took place February 26 to 28, 2016 at the Norwegian Canning Museum in Gamla Stavanger. This event was a part of the Global Service Jam, an international network of events that took place simultaneously in 114 cities around the world.



We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following people and entities that have helped us organize and execute our event: The Norwegian Canning Museum (part of MUST) has provided us with our unique venue, and Mr. Piers Crocker, the curator & museum manager, has personally made an invaluable contribution with his help and hospitality that further enhanced the Jam experience for all. A big thank-you goes to our all-star mentor team: Ms. Aslaug Tveit (LÉVA Urban Design), Ms. Lena Sendstad (EGGS Design), Ms. Phuong Helen Nguyen (Halogen), and Mr. Sean Paul Shanor (Torus Inc.). All of them have been a tremendous help both before and during the event. Additional thanks to EGGS Design and Halogen for providing us with Lego and Playmo, very useful tools in the physical prototyping process. We are also grateful to Ms. Cansu Akarsu (Laerdal Global Health) for sharing her professional expertise as a key-note speaker, and to Ms. Siv Therese Havik (Learn Norwegian Stavanger, Yoga For Alle) for serving as our enthusiastic activities facilitator, restoring our energy through break times! Thank you to Impact Week and BIS Stavanger for supporting our event through their (social) media channels. We would like to thank the members of our Judges’ Panel including Mr. Philip Durnford (Mess & Order), Ms. Joana Taya (Noroff Vocational School), Ms. Hege Tapio (i/o/lab) and Mr. Einar Vaardal-Lunde (Vaardal-Lunde AS) for devoting their time to attending the final presentations of the teams, giving their valuable consideration and feedback to all the projects, and awarding a prize to the winning idea. A very special thank-you to our generous food sponsors, Delizia (URBAN Matgruppe) and La Mexicana.no, who had provided our participants with delicious meals during the event, thus giving them a great boost for developing their innovative projects! We would also like to acknowledge the people who have given their valuable personal support to help organize the Stavanger Service Design Jam. Mr. Philip Durnford (manager, Mess & Order) had given us much consultation in addition to being a member of the Jury Panel. He, as well as Mr. Sjur Eivind Usken (Creator), Mr. Trond Dagsland (Inventas), and Ms. Kristin Høiland (Multi Art Vision AS, Straen Velforening) have all helped make our event the success that it was! Last but not least, we are grateful to the all the participants for showing great enthusiasm and commitment during the event! All of you were the very core of the Stavanger Service Design Jam; you have made it an unforgettable experience for all! Thank you!



February 2016

ORGANIZATIONAL TEAM Design is applicable to just about any challenge and thus, it is a discipline to which many can relate. This comprehensiveness predetermines the fact that there are numerous perspectives towards design which could be complementary very often. This belief is the core of our motivation to host Global Service Jam in Stavanger.

Yulia Shtern

Todor Kesarovski

Yulia is a Set/Costume Designer for Theatre and Opera, and a Visual Artist. She possesses a BFA in Drawing and Painting (OCAD, 2004), and a Master in Scenic Design (UBC, 2010). Her work has been recognized by a number of nominations and awards.

Todor is an all-around specialist in the field of Urbanism including both Research and Design. Educated in urban design and social sciences, he has a strong interest in exploring the processes of multidisciplinary design thinking and creative problem solving.

- www.yuliashterndesign.com -

- LinkedIN Profile -

Pamela Leon Loreto

Teddy Slavcheva

Maker at heart, Product Designer by profession. Originally from Mexico, she enjoys meeting new people and experimenting with new forms of collaborating across disciplines. After participating last year in Rotterdam she believes Stavanger has the right energy to host this global initiative.

Teddy is a PR and marketing expert with experience from myriad projects and events. She has a Bachelor in Business Administration and Master in Public Relations. Creative and multitalented, Teddy combines her business skills with the career of professional singer. She believes that with heart, art and creativity we can make this world better.

- LinkedIN Profile -


Stavanger Service Design Jam

LOCATION The Norwegian Caning Museum is a unique and cozy museum housed in an authentic cannery which was in operation from 1916 until 1958. At the museum you can see how canned goods, such as sprats and fishballs, were originally produced. The museum also has a hall, flexible to adapatation, which is used for hosting a variety of events, one of which was the Stavanger Service Design Jam.

Ă˜vre Strandgate 88 4005 Stavanger +47 407 28 470 www.museumstavanger.no


February 2016

GLOBAL SERVICE JAM The Global Service Jam, the largest international event of its kind, is an intensive creative workshop for designers and innovators. It is an annual global team challenge revolving around a secret theme. Once the theme is revealed, the participants have 48 hours to brainstorm, develop, and prototype their innovative ideas.

Global Event The event is organized annually all around the globe. In 2016 a record number of local chapters in 114 cities and 42 countries have hosted a Global Service Jam event, making it the largest design challenge worldwide.

Norway’s Representative

Doing, not Talking!

This year’s edition was the sixth As a part of the global initiative, annual Global Service Jam. in Stavanger Service Design Jam was 2016 Stavanger was the sole organized as a hands-on event where Norwegian representative since it the participants learned through doing, was the only city in Norway which got the generated ideas out of their had hosted a local event. heads, and made them tangible.


Stavanger Service Design Jam

OUR MENTORS During the event the teams were guided and advised by a fantastic group of local mentors representing the top of Stavanger design community: Ms. Aslaug Tveit of LÈVA Urban Design, Ms. Lena Sendstad of EGGS Design, Ms. Phuong Nguyen of Halogen AS, and Mr. Sean Paul Shanor of Torus Inc.

Auslag Tveit

Phuong H. Nguyen

- LÉVA Urban Design Asluag is an urban designer and CEO of LÉVA Urban Design. She is a specialist in the process management related to urban development. Her goal is to create more inclusive and innovative urban development processes. In her everyday work, Aslaug acts as a facilitator of the process between the municipality, (business) developers and citizens.

- Halogen Phuong is a designer at Stavanger Halogen, where she focuses on helping the public and private clients in creating more consistent user journeys and internal processes. In addition to her specialization in service design, she gained her digital design abilities from the agency Folkmatic. In 2015 Phuong was a facilitator at Copenhagen Service Jam.

Lena Sendstad

Sean Paul Shanor

- EGGS Design -

- Torus Inc. -

Lena is a service designer and a facilitator of design-driven innovation. She works across design-disciplines on conceptual design, design-research and design-strategy. Lena loves design as a tool for sense-making. Her perspective is always to raise the bar of innovation through challenging design-thinking and design-doing, and empathizing with the user.

Sean Paul Shanor is a passionate and driven entrepreneur, focused on the power of collaboration, alignment, and energy to help people break down their perception of barriers. He’s currently co-founding Torus Inc. in Stavanger Øst – INC.ubating the future of food, events, and hospitality business. Say hello@torus.as.


February 2016

ADDITIONAL FACILITATING TEAM & EVENT SCHEDULE In addition to the all-star mentor team the event has enjoyed the support of the activities facilitator Ms. Siv Therese Havik (Learn Norwegian Stavanger), who had helped keeping our participants energised, and the key-note speaker Ms. Cansu Akarsu (Lærdal Global Health), who had shared part of her inspiring work as a product designer.

Siv Therese Havik

Cansu Akarsu

- Learn Norwegian SVG - Yoga For Alle Siv Therese Hegerland Havik is a trained psychologist that has expanded into the field of pedagogy. She is the founder and manager of Learn Norwegian Stavanger, and the creator of Yoga for Alle. She was also the driving force behind the Stavanger Yoga Festival that took place between March 11th and 13th.

- Lærdal Global Health Cansu designs to tackle challenges in low-resource communities with a current focus on maternal and newborn health. Fieldwork is central in her design processes - she enjoys living in remote cultural settings to create solutions with local ownership. She currently works at Laerdal Global Health, designing products and services to help save lives at birth.




Registration & Official Oppening

Working Sessions #1, #2, #3 & #4 Key-Note Talk: Cansu Akarsu (Product Design) Mentor Session #1 & Prototyping Exercise with Lena Sendstad Mentor Session #2 with Phuong H. Nguyen International Twin Jam Check-In with Sofia (Bulgaria) Mentor Session #3 & Mentor Talk with Aslaug Tveit

Working Session #5

Key-Note Talk: Phuong H. Nguyen (Service Design Essence) Ice-breaker ‘getting to know each other’ Session with Siv Therese Havik Reveal of the secret theme of the Global Service Jam Challenge 2016 Brainstorming & Team Formation Session with Sean Paul Shanor


Mentor Session #4 & Finalizing Prototypes with Sean Paul Shanor Submitting Materials to the Global Service Jam Platform Final Project Presentations Judges’ Panel Winner Announcement & Prize Presentation Closing Ceremony & Party

Stavanger Service Design Jam

JAM OPENING DAY |FRIDAY 26TH FEB| The event was kicked off on the eve of Friday February the 26th. The attendees had registered with the Global Platform, got to know one another, and had switched on their creative mindsets and applied them to service design. At 18:30 the global secret theme was revealed. In 2016 it was a sound of a drop of liquid; the theme announcement had marked the beginning of the idea development process.


February 2016

WORKING SESSION DAY |SATURDAY 27TH FEB| Saturday (February the 27th) was the longest day of the event for the participants. It represented the main working day when the ideas generated on Friday were developed and evolved from preliminary concepts into more concrete projects. The second day of Stavanger Service Jam included four working and three mentor sessions to facilitate and guide the design process.


Stavanger Service Design Jam

JAM CLOSING DAY |SUNDAY 28TH FEB| The last day of the Jam was devoted to the finalization of the teams’ projects. The jammers had to meet the strict submission deadline for their teams’ documentation upload onto the Global Platform, and to prepare the final presentations of their designs. The presentations were received by the Judges’ Panel, and were open to the public. They were followed by the event’s closing remarks and a celebration.

- 10 -

February 2016

THE JUDGES’ PANEL A specially invited panel of judges with a high degree of expertise in design and enterpreneurship had been assembled for the last day of the Jam. The judges attended the teams’ final presentations, reflected upon their work, and assessed the projects in order to determine the prize-winning idea of the Stavanger Service Design Jam 2016.

Philip Durnford

Joana Taya

- Mess & Order Phil facilitates entrepreneurs at Mess & Order, Stavanger’s first co-working space dedicated to early-phase startups. He brings experience from Nordic service design, human factors consulting and startups in Canada, USA and Malaysia. In 2012 he was a co-winner of a DNB Innovation Prize, for a new technology and business model in windpark management.

- Noroff Vocational School Joana is a graphic design vocational teacher at Noroff (Stavanger). She possesses a Masters of Arts of Graphic Communication Degree with a specialisation in expressive typography and a Bachelor (hons) in Graphic Design (Visual Communication) degree from University for the Creative Arts, U.K. Joana also works as an Illustration artist.

Hege Tapio

Einar Vaardal-Lunde

- i/o/lab -

- Vaardal-Lunde AS -

Coming from the visual arts and photography, Hege has pursued for a long time her interest in the intersection of art, technology and science. Since 2005 Hege has been the manager of i/o/lab, where she has established and curated Article biennial in Stavanger, a festival for the electronic and unstable art. Hege has also cultured a special interest for Bioart.

Einar is an experienced entrepreneur, who personally started and operated more than 10 companies. Since 23 years he has been helping young entrepreneurs as a representative of Tennebø & Partner AS, Rogaland Næringstjeneste AS, Synergia AS (partner) and now as an owner and CEO of Vaardal-Lunde AS. The firm is the main provider of services to Skape.no.

- 11 -

Stavanger Service Design Jam

THE PROJECTS The participants were grouped into five teams; thus the Jam had produced five unique projects. Despite the limited amount of available work time, after 48 hours of intensive work our teams had managed to create impressive and elaborate prototypes, accompanied by supporting documentation and materials, which revealed extensive and well thought-through ideas.


SERVICE DESIGN JAM Think globally. Design locally! All the materials for the projects developed during the event are available at the Global Service Jam website

Sound of Change ‘That Sucks!’ ‘Sound of Change’ is an online platform connecting real concerns of the local population to organizations and businesses in a position to offer solutions for these concerns. The service aims to streamline the process of business ventures finding new markets through providing them a direct access to a market with an existing demand for new products and services, thus reducing waste of resources such as energy, money and time. The project constitutes of a simple yet elegant service that is intuitive and is easy to use, with people in focus, and that makes it possible to generate value for both businesses and communities drastically faster than before.

www.planet.globalservicejam.org/ gsj16/jamsite/15711/projects

- 12 -

Collaborative Clean Up This project is a hyper-accessible online platform/network aiming to ease fostering the connections between different sectors of society and industry, and opening them up for direct investment and collaboration. Through this platform community-based networks can emerge and grow, allowing for people and businesses to engage in a direct dialogue. In addition to locating support and potential collaborators, the service provides opportunities to easily connect and engage with specialists in any field who could contribute to or invest in projects presented by the platform members. This network makes it easier for resources and ideas to find other resources and collaborators.

February 2016

THE PROJECTS (CONTINUED) Based on the initiated ideas and the generated energy three of the working teams i.e. ‘Sound of Change’, ‘Collaborative Clean Up’ and ‘Decima’ have expressed interest in taking their projects to the next level of implementation after Stavanger Service Design Jam.

Decima ‘E=mc2’ The concept behind ‘Decima’ is to develop a social platform that provided support for both individuals and companies to help reduce their negative impact on the environment. The platform uses an app to share knowledge and provide expert advice on how the users could control their ecological footprint. Every subscriber is able to share their personal ideas and tips with the rest of the community. Each ecologically responcible act that is logged into the app is rewarded. The ambition of the platform is to encourage environmentally responsible behavior from both citizens and industries through a mutually beneficial reward system. http://yogastavanger.wix.com/decima

The Last Drop of Oil This project evolved from posing the question: What should we do with all the oil platforms once they become obsolete? As a solution to this problem, the team has come up with an idea of retro-fitting the unused oil rigs into hospitality and entertainment complexes for the international tourism industry. They were to include a variety of amenities that were only possible to combine due to the unique setting provided by the rigs. While this was the main concept the team chose to focus on, it has also explored other possibilities for the platforms’ reuse such as floating hospitals, prisons, housing (if transported closer to shores), study campuses, centers for research and so forth.

- 13 -

Innovation Boom ‘Innovation Boom’ is a project that aims to respond to the local challenges in Stavanger in the current economic environment where a large number of professionals has been laid off due to the oil crisis. Many strive to open new businesses but not all possess enough entrepreneurial skills. Thus, they rely on innovation incubators to support, guide and fund their business ideas. This project seeks to improve the services provided by the incubator institutions through re-structuring their process models. The ambition is for a much higher percentage of innovative ideas to not only make it to the marketplace, but also to thrive, and to stay competitive for longer than an existing incubation model currently supports.

Stavanger Service Design Jam

Final Words & Contact The Stavanger Service Design Jam has proven itself to be an entity that had effectively delivered creative and innovative ideas during the course of a single weekend, while combining new knowledge gain and intensive work with having a good time and making friends in a fun, playful, and inspirational environment. Once more many, many thanks to everyone who was involved with this global design challenge in some way! We appreciate your involvement, and look forward to collaborating with you again in the future! - 14 -

For further information regarding the event and its results, please feel free to contact the organizers: Yulia Shtern Todor Kesarovski Pamela Leon Loreto Teddy Slavcheva

shterns@yahoo.com tkesarovski@gmail.com pamela.leon@gmail.com slavchevateddy@gmail.com


SERVICE DESIGN JAM Think globally. Design locally!

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Stavanger Service Design Jam 2016 - Report  

This report documents the Stavanger Service Design Jam that took place February 26 to 28, 2016 at the Norwegian Canning Museum in Gamla Stav...

Stavanger Service Design Jam 2016 - Report  

This report documents the Stavanger Service Design Jam that took place February 26 to 28, 2016 at the Norwegian Canning Museum in Gamla Stav...