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Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese ON THE COVER: Kwiat Platinum emerald and diamond drop earrings, $295,000. Roberto Coin 18K white gold Cento Collection diamond lariat necklace, $70,000. Fred Leighton Platinum and diamond vintage Art Deco bracelet, $38,500. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond bracelet, $10,780. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond three-stone ring, $26,400. Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on size, quality and availability. Copyright © 2022 by TIVOL, INC. All rights reserved. To change an address or request a subscription, write to marketing@tivol.com or call 816.531.5800; Advertising Inquiries: marketing@tivol.com. Printed in the U.S.A. © 2022




I want every little girl who’s told she is bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills. – Sheryl Sandberg This quote from Sheryl Sandberg made a huge impression on me when I read it in her book, Lean In. Over the last 30 years in the jewelry industry, there has been a proliferation of women working as CEOs, COOs and business owners. We are fortunate to have as our business partners a solid group of women who are owners and designers. Sybil Yurman, Penny Preville, Tamara Goldfiner (Rahaminov), Myriam Gumuchian, Chana Regev (Carelle), Geri Bondanza and Emily Armenta to name a few. Every one of these women is a leader in our industry and has in turn opened doors for others to follow. I continue to be inspired by their creativity, their vision and their work ethic. I hope you enjoy reading about some of these remarkable women. 



Armenta Trunk Show Plaza Art Fair • September 25 Text by: Lindsey Cook & Amber McKinnon

TIVOL welcomed Houston-based designer Emily Armenta of Armenta Jewelry to showcase her latest designs during the 90th Annual Plaza Art Fair. Inspired by her signature Old World influence, we covered our Plaza store front with loose paint-stroke interpretations of her rustic gold chains. Stackable rings, layered necklaces, statement earrings and mix-and-match bracelets all featured Armenta’s recognizable elements of authentic artifacts, ancient beads and gems and intricate artisan metal work in recycled gold and blackened sterling silver. “Art has taken me on a journey from here to somewhere else – somewhere out of the ordinary,” said Emily Armenta. “TIVOL has given me the honor to intertwine our stories and has given me a voice so that I can share my art with those who encompass their world. I’m excited to be with the TIVOL team during the art festival which is a time to celebrate art and each other.” TIVOL Office Assistants Fabricio Jimenez and Curtis Franklin handed out TIVOL balloons and koozies to hundreds of happy guests and passersby stopping in and strolling by, taking in a welcomed restart to a yearly tradition put on pause in 2020 due to the pandemic.


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3/1/22 5:08 PM


Penny Preville Personal Appearance • December 11-12 Text by: Lindsey Cook & Amber McKinnon

Designer Penny Preville made her much-anticipated annual appearance at TIVOL, visiting both the Hawthorne Plaza and Country Club Plaza locations. In honor of Penny’s favorite color, handcrafted blue sangria cocktails were served to guests to sip while they chatted with Penny. Attendees flocked to the Penny Preville jewelry cases as Penny showcased velvet jewelry rolls, each one filled with her latest diamond encrusted designs. Guests received personal attention from Penny as she helped them select and try on pieces. Her celestial Stardust and Galaxy Collections along with the sparkling Links & Medallions and Stackable Bracelet Collections exemplified Penny’s iconic femininity and charm, giving holiday gift giving inspiration to all in attendance.




How often does a watch need to be brought in for maintenance? Most mechanical watches should be serviced every five to 10 years; vintage watches worn regularly may require more frequent maintenance. Quartz watches have longer service intervals of around 10 years. We recommend you visit your watchmaker every six to 12 months to check water resistance and clean the case and bracelet.

Is there anything I can do in between visits to ensure my timepiece lasts?

Sham Agayev

Watchmaker and Watch Service Manager at TIVOL Certified master watchmaker Sham Agayev has been working with timepieces since the age of nine, when he still lived in his native Azerbaijan. Immigrating to Kansas City as a teenager, he soon was employed as a watchmaker at TIVOL and has worked here ever since. He has been trained by the finest brands to work on their timepieces and is familiar with both traditional watchmaking as well as the latest technology. His reputation has spread, and he is now known to be one of the most respected watchmakers in the world. Recently, he created his own micro-brand, Agayev & Sons, “with the help of my wife and two sons, my dream of creating my own watch line has come true.” Like Sham, his two sons have been engrossed in the art of the watch since a very young age. We at TIVOL are fortunate to have Sham working in our in-house watch shop and training the next generation of watchmakers. 

Keeping the outside of your watch clean can prevent anything from getting inside and helps to avoid premature wear of the bracelet. For watches that are not water-resistant, wipe the watch down periodically with a soft dry cloth. Water-resistant watches can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth and the metal bracelets can be scrubbed with a soft bristle toothbrush and a mild soap.

Can I wear my water-resistant watch while swimming? If swimming with a water-resistant watch in chlorinated or salt water, immediately rinse the watch off with clean fresh water and dry with a soft towel. If you notice condensation has formed under the crystal or discoloration of the hands or dial, visit your watchmaker immediately for a dry out and assessment of any damage. We recommend you visit your watchmaker regularly to have them pressure test your watch to ensure that all gaskets are in good shape to prevent any leaks.



How can I care for my jewelry for the next generation? The materials in your jewelry can steer you in the right direction as you care for your pieces. For example, prevent silver from tarnishing by storing it in a felt pouch away from other jewelry and metals. Store gold and platinum pieces in a jewelry box to prevent moisture build up, which can damage the piece. Fragile materials, like pearls, emeralds and turquoise should be handled with extra care. Talk to your sales associate for more information on these types of pieces. We recommend bringing your jewelry in once or twice a year to check that everything is secure and clean.

Is there anything I should not do with my jewelry on?

Patrick Switlik Bench Jeweler at TIVOL

Patrick Switlik is a third-generation jeweler and second-generation TIVOL jeweler. His grandfather was a jeweler and passed the knowledge and skill down to Patrick’s father who worked as a jeweler here at TIVOL for many years. Patrick continued the family tradition and he reminisces about visiting TIVOL as a child, saying, “I learned a lot of what I know about being a jeweler from my father.” He has now worked at TIVOL for more than 40 years. At TIVOL, we are grateful to have Patrick working in our jewelry shop. Along with the rest of our jewelers, he works hard to repair jewelry for clients in a timely manner and with the utmost quality and care. 

Care should be taken to avoid impact on your jewelry or contact with an abrasive surface. While diamonds are extremely durable, they can still be chipped if hit with enough force or at just the right angle. We don’t recommend wearing jewelry while working out or playing sports. We recommend you remove your jewelry if you will be exposed to dirt or chemicals, like in the garden or swimming pool.

How often do I need to clean my jewelry? If you notice your jewelry has lost its sparkle or luster, you should clean it with the method best for the material. More information about cleaning jewelry can be found on our website TIVOL.com. When in doubt, it’s best to bring the piece in and have our team check and clean it for you.




Sybil Sybil Yurman began her career as a painter in New York City and San Francisco’s beatnik artist scenes in the late 1960s. While honing her skills as an artist, Sybil met her future husband and business partner, David Yurman. With Sybil being a painter and David a sculptor, their mutual interest in the arts became the foundation of the David Yurman brand we know today. David’s early pieces were created as one-of-a-kind gifts for Sybil. In 1971 while Sybil was wearing Dante, a sculptural necklace that David had created for her, the pair was approached by the owner of an art gallery on Madison Avenue. The piece had caught her eye and she asked if it was for sale. David said “no” while Sybil simultaneously said “yes”. They agreed to leave the piece with the art dealer, and it took no time for Sybil’s instincts to pay off. By the time they got home, four more of the necklaces had sold and a jewelry brand was born. Sybil’s artistry coupled with her marketing acumen has helped to create an acclaimed jewelry brand with David and her son Evan, that continues to remain at the forefront of the jewelry industry. Today, the brand continues to express its founders’ creativity in a newly launched global campaign, titled “Come Closer,” featuring actress Scarlett Johansson and actor Henry Golding. The campaign - a celebration of the joy of closeness, set against the backdrop of David Yurman’s perennial inspiration and home of New York City – is a continuation of the brand’s iconic advertisements. Before David Yurman campaigns – which first debuted in the early 2000s with supermodels including Kate Moss, Joan Smalls and Naomi Campbell - jewelry advertising focused only on product. Through its groundbreaking advertisements, David Yurman created lifestyle imagery that reflected the values of the Yurman lifestyle – of casual elegance, family, and fun. 17


Lagos Kate Lagos has jewelry design in her DNA. Her father, Steven Lagos, is known as a pioneer in fine jewelry for his eponymous brand LAGOS and his signature Caviar designs. From a young age, Kate showed an eye for style and a passion for creative pursuits. Her innate talent for coordinating Caviar stacks and building LAGOS looks, led her to pursue a position as Brand Stylist. This role allows Kate more access to the customers to understand their personal tastes and to help them express themselves, bringing “My LAGOS My Way” to life. As a stylist, Kate wears many hats and often assists at seasonal campaign photoshoots, working closely with our creative teams and models to style new collections for brand advertising, social media content and web. She has a unique view into the brand portfolio and brings her perspective and inherent talent to the design side as well. Over the past few seasons, Kate and Steven collaborated on a collection called KSL, which stands for Kate’s initials (Kate Shares Lagos). KSL features sterling silver, 18K gold and diamonds with a focus on dimension and scale for easy layering. As envisioned by Kate, the styles are chic and modern yet still represent her father’s classic Caviar designs.


Looking Back My father started LAGOS before I was born, so I really grew up surrounded by jewelry and design. This year, LAGOS commemorates our 45th anniversary by celebrating the past, and planning for the future. From our early collections in gold, to mixing metals and developing our iconic Caviar beading, the brand continues to evolve and offer innovative styles. The common theme is Caviar, which runs throughout all our collections. As Brand Stylist, I’m able to identify opportunities for new silhouettes that help expand the way our customers wear LAGOS.

Seeking Inspiration I’m inspired by travel and architecture, trends I see on the street, and what my friends wear. When I’m styling, I get to mix and match, which gives me ideas for designs that are missing in our portfolio. The KSL collection is a little edgier, a little lighter, and easy to layer. It’s my personal take on our signature Caviar.

All in the Family It has been an incredible learning experience working with my dad. He’s been doing this for more than 40 years so he’s a pretty good teacher. The KSL collection has allowed me to bring my own perspective to the designs. I am always thinking about the LAGOS woman when we create these pieces together.

The LAGOS Women I feel thankful to be surrounded by so many strong, smart, and talented women, both in my personal and professional life. My mother and grandmother are some of my earliest influences. Both are great examples of independent women with effortless style. I also feel inspired by our customers who I have had the chance to meet over the years and have styled at store events. I love seeing these women style LAGOS in their own way and hear about their favorite pieces or collections. It makes me feel like there is a personal attachment to our brand. It’s special to see our company efforts to offer women jewelry that helps them feel confident and beautiful.

Make it Personal Jewelry is so personal. There’s always a story that goes with a favorite piece. Whether you purchased it yourself or received it as a gift from a special person or at a special moment. The memories and the connection really last forever. I always think about my dad’s favorite quote: “Jewelry is one of the most personal forms of art.” To see more from Kate, follow her on Instagram: @kateshareslagos 19



Preville “I try to speak to a woman’s personal sense of style, independence and celebration of femininity, I want women to connect with the jewelry in a meaningful way.” – Penny Preville Text by: Amber McKinnon

Penny Preville has always been enchanted by jewelry. As a young girl playing with the pieces in her grandmother’s jewelery box, Penny fell in love with the romance of jewelry. Beginning her jewelry company nearly 45 years ago as a personal passion, Penny created simple beaded pieces accented with feathers. In just a few short years, Penny was using precious metals to create her signature vintage looks that she describes as “jewels that felt romantic but fit into a modern lifestyle.” Using vintage jewelry as her inspiration, diamonds are the stars of Penny’s designs, with splashes of colorful gems and pearls to create pieces that hearken back to heirloom jewels like the ones she first discovered in her grandmother’s jewelery box. One of the first bold faced names to buy one of Penny’s pieces was Jackie Kennedy, and other notables have worn Penny Preville jewels such as Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey. Though she is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Penny finds the joy her pieces give her clients is the most important praise.  21


Text by: Amber McKinnon

“Women are fundamental in this industry; they are the heart of jewels.” — Pilar Coin

For Pilar Coin, love was the catalyst that changed her life. Love led Pilar to leave the world of finance for the creative and emotional world of jewelry. After studying gemology and design, Pilar began her collaboration with Roberto Coin in 1994 and was on the team when the brand launched worldwide in 1996. With businesswoman Coco Chanel as her muse, Pilar has long held the belief that women are fundamental in the jewelry industry and are the very heart of jewels. In fact, Pilar finds jewels would be less precious than they are if it weren’t for the sensitive and emotional worlds women populate. For her, it is not only the materials that give value to a jewel, but also the entire story that a jewel transmits to make it unique, A lover of fashion with a flair for forecasting trends, Pilar Coin lives a life that is dynamic. By reaching different places, cultures and people, Pilar Coin finds inspiration and stories to be told through jewelry. 



Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner Over 30 illustrious years, Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner and husband Amir Goldfiner took her second-generation family diamond business to a full-scale luxury jewelry house. The evolution started in 1989 when Tamara and Amir, recent Gemologist graduates from GIA, founded a Los Angeles branch of the decades-old business. There Tamara took her own popular designs and turned them into a full-scale collection, receiving critical notice and winning numerous awards over the years. Ever since, the couple has worked side by side growing the business, designing and developing high standards for their pieces, like testing all pieces before they go to market. Through the years, Tamara has remained the creative vision behind the brand and heads an all-female design team as a successful designer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, wife and mother. She has an innate design sense, influenced by her origins in Italy and an understanding of what women like her want to wear. Today, Amir and Tamara’s daughters Nicol and Melanie Goldfiner have joined their family business as its third generation, bringing their knowledge and modern sensibilities to the Rahaminov Diamonds brand. As native Angelenos, both Nicol and Melanie spent much of their childhood in their parents’ office and design studio learning the business, often traveling to assist at trade shows like JCK Las Vegas. Much like Tamara, Nicol always had a calling for design and now works alongside her mother on the creative side of the business. With a psychology degree from UC Davis and training at the Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv, she understands critical attention to detail and meticulously oversees the jewelry production team. As an Economics graduate of UCLA and Graduate Gemologist from GIA, Melanie handles all-things business-related, working closely with her father, Amir. Marketing, sales and business development all fall under her umbrella, with her favorite element being consumer facing initiatives like trunk shows. Together, Nicol and Melanie have created a harmonious partnership like that of their parents—one built on their family’s talent and love, taking them through decades to come.  25



Armenta “Art has taken me on a journey from here to somewhere else – somewhere out of the ordinary.” – Emily Armenta Text by: Amber McKinnon

Known for her unique jewelry made with unexpected elements such as 100% recycled gold and artifacts, it should come as no surprise that Emily Armenta founded her company with some rather specific goals in mind. Emily had a dream for Armenta; be bold against all odds, confident in recognizing unseen talent and faithful in preserving the art of Old-World craftsmanship. Strongly believing in the idea that from struggle, one can discover a beauty and spirit that easiness and frivolity alone cannot create, Emily developed a school for women who come from disadvantaged circumstances. Not only are these artisans empowered to educate future generations of women artisans, they are able to reinvest in clean water, schools and other services in their communities in the territories Emily works in. These women also leave their mark on the Armenta brand through the jewelry their skilled hands craft. Determined to use her voice and platform to share her philosophy through jewelry, Emily chooses the materials for her pieces based on her desire to bring “duende” – the struggle between dark and light to life. The ancient beads, diamonds and gemstones, skillfully worked by these indigenous women, create beautiful pieces of jewelry and make a positive local and global impact. After making a unique mark on the jewelry industry and communities she works with, it’s safe to consider Emily’s dream realized.  27



WOMEN Text by: Amber McKinnon



Four generations of Tivol women have helped to build, influence, and grow the TIVOL brand and business, leaving a strong example for future generations to come.

Mollie Tivol (1898-1992):

Humility. Hard Work. Welcoming Presence. At TIVOL’s inception in 1910, Mollie Tivol was by her husband Charles’ side, building the young business in a store located in downtown Kansas City’s Altman Building on Petticoat Lane. With her trademark warmth and humility, Mollie became a well-known presence, building long-time clientele by serving all customers with the utmost respect. Her influence continued to spread as the business grew and moved to Country Club Plaza in 1951. Mollie’s granddaughter and current TIVOL CEO Cathy Tivol recalls, “You couldn’t walk by her on the Plaza without people recognizing her and saying hello. Because she wasn’t the best with names, she’d always reply ‘Hello, honey!’ She became a well-known presence in the store and on the Plaza.” Mollie used her strengths of humility, hard work and an appreciation for beauty to create the blueprint for TIVOL’s warm, customer service-based approach still present today.



Shirley (Tivol) Leifer (1920-2007):

Elegance. Inspired Creative. Exceptional Taste. Mollie’s daughter Shirley followed in her mother’s footsteps, using her unique strengths to contribute to the family business. Shirley’s contributions to the business took a strong creative approach. Cathy says her aunt Shirley “personified elegance, sophistication and beauty.” Shirley’s infallible taste and talent were first demonstrated on the TIVOL sales floor, perfectly styling jewelry with the right ensemble. More than just the embodiment of style, Shirley also had a passion for advertising and marketing. Shirley’s appearance in several memorable TIVOL ads infused luxury and refinement into the TIVOL brand, quietly helping to grow the business using her subtle and stylish strengths.



Ruthie Tivol (1929-2021):

Industry Innovator. Branding Leader. Taste Maker. You’d hear the following phrase more than once if you asked people to describe Ruthie Tivol: “Ruthie was a force.” Sales Associate Dominic Quintero remembered, “When Ruthie walked in the store, you always knew she was here. She had a rockstar presence. She was very personable, always saying ‘How are you, dear?’” Ruthie was a woman passionate about jewelry; never leaving home without first donning her own beautiful pieces. She frequently sold jewelry just from what people saw her wearing. Ruthie made a point of building personal relationships with jewelry designers across the industry, spanning from big, recognizable names to more obscure designers whose work caught her discerning eye. Over the years, Harold and Ruthie Tivol became personal friends with noted jewelry designers including Roberto Coin, David Yurman, Steven Lagos and Michael Bondanza. Ruthie didn’t just believe in jewelry designers themselves, she believed in the designers’ brands. In a 2010 interview with the Kansas City Star, Harold Tivol shared it was Ruthie who convinced him to begin selling jewelry under the name of its designer. “Honey, when I buy a Chanel suit, I don’t buy a Nieman Marcus or a Saks. I buy the name CHANEL!” Harold recalled. “She single-handedly changed the entire industry by being the first to sell 30

jewelry by brand name,” he added. Ruthie’s influence extended to TIVOL sales staff, who still today remember her with reverence. “Ruthie and Harold would go to Europe and she would buy a line no one else in the country would have yet. She was so far ahead of her time,” said Merchandising Manager Ward Manes. “She’d be really patient with us and tell us why this was really cool. She’s just the first person in the world to put designer names with designer jewelry. Nobody [did that] – it’s so common now you don’t even think about it, but she was at the forefront of that.” Country Club Plaza Store Manager Gary Pener agrees, “That was important because TIVOL has always been Kansas City’s jeweler. Meaning TIVOL is located in Kansas City, but with Ruthie’s influence, TIVOL became nationally recognized for jewelry excellence.” Further demonstrating Ruthie’s branding acumen, she encouraged Harold to try a fresh advertising campaign concept being pitched by the John Muller ad agency. Wary of advertising people over product, Harold eventually acquiesced and gave the now-iconic campaign a try. Harold’s impish looks and self-deprecating personality and sense of humor made the commercials and ads a memorable hit. Ruthie’s gift for branding had struck gold again.


Cathy Tivol:

Insightful Jeweler. Dedicated Leader. Nurturing Presence. TIVOL CEO Cathy Tivol isn’t afraid of hard work. If you’re in the TIVOL store on the Country Club Plaza at any time of day, on most days of the week, you’re likely to see her there. Plaza Store Manager Gary Pener says, “Every day she is here at 8 a.m. at the door ready to get in, six days a week, just making sure everything is OK.” You’ll find Cathy greeting customers with a smile, sharing her decades of jewelry expertise, or polishing the glass jewelry cases to sparkling. “Her laugh and smile are so infectious, just like her father’s,” said longtime Sales Associate Dominic Quintero. Far from an absent CEO, Cathy is always visible, both to clients and staff. “I have worked with Cathy for 26 years,” said Pener, “one of Cathy’s strengths over the years has been her ability to change with jewelry trends. She’s always willing to look at a new line that might be something in the future and that has allowed TIVOL to continue to create new partnerships with wonderful new designers.” Cathy’s dedication to TIVOL extends to more than cultivating the finest merchandise and to the business itself. It also extends to the people of TIVOL. Her loyal sales staff describes her as a nurturing presence who genuinely cares about them. Widely acknowledged as a fabulous cook, Cathy is known to stay up late cooking after a full day at the store. An enthusiastic Pener recounted, “There’s always plenty of food at TIVOL, particularly around the holidays. We work long hours and at just the right time something delicious would pop up in the lunchroom, courtesy of Cathy. And she would make it! And whatever it was tasted fantastic!” This care and concern comes easily for Cathy. For her, family is everything – and you take care of family. By cultivating an environment of hard work, camaraderie and fun, Cathy has fostered an extended family at TIVOL. A family who is loyal and often stays with the company for decades. Cathy’s employees aren’t just staff, but are the people that help to keep her family’s legacy alive and thriving. Very few women in jewelry can say that. 31


On Display With inspiration from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, one can start to feel like their own work of art. Text by: Lindsey Cook

Special Thanks to: The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Photos by: Rian Stallbaumer & Julie Sidebottom

After: Lorenzo Ghiberti, Italian (Florentine), 1378–1455; Fabricator: Frilli Gallery, Italy (Florence), 1860–present. The Gates of Paradise, 1425–1452; cast 1990. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri. Promised gift of Paul DeBruce and Linda Woodsmall-DeBruce, 18.2017.1-31.

Styling by: Vanne McMillian

Clothing by: Halls Kansas City, Gown Gallery Hair & Makeup by: Nick Jenkins Model: Isabella Emmack

Agency: Voices and Models Rahaminov 18K white gold diamond studs, $122,950. Assael 18K yellow gold golden South Sea pearl necklace with diamond clasp, $31,600. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Lucia Collection lariat necklace with diamond clasp, $9,470. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Lucia Collection small link necklace, $17,130.





OPPOSITE PAGE: Robert Procop 18K white gold sapphire and diamond earrings, $21,260. Mariani 18K white gold and blue rhodium sapphire and diamond necklace, $78,320. Kwiat 18K white gold Ashoka® cut sapphire and diamond pendant necklace, $26,000. Robert Procop Platinum sapphire and diamond three-stone ring, $74,800. Robert Procop 18K rose gold blue sapphire and pink sapphire three-stone ring, $38,500. Robert Procop Platinum sapphire and diamond De La Vie Collection bracelet, $53,900. Mariani 18K white gold and blue rhodium diamond and sapphire bracelet, $11,090. Fred Leighton Platinum sapphire and diamond Deco bracelet, $126,920. ABOVE: Mariani 18K white gold and blue rhodium diamond and sapphire necklace, $15,315. Pasquale Bruni rose gold Ton-Joli Blue Moon Collection necklace with white agate, lapis doublet and white diamonds, $8,800 RIGHT: Pasquale Bruni rose gold TON JOLIBlue Moon Collection ring with white agate, lapis doublet and white diamonds, $4,800. Gumuchian Platinum and diamond cascade riviera earrings, $70,000. Pasquale Bruni rose gold TON JOLI-Blue Moon Collection earrings with white agate, lapis doublet and white diamonds, $8,800. Gumuchian 18K white gold diamond and blue sapphire maze ring, $80,000.



ABOVE: Roberto Coin 18K rose and white gold and diamond sunburst necklace, $2,990. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold oval link necklace, $4,200. Penny Preville 18K rose gold diamond petite huggie hoop earrings, $2,685. TOP RIGHT: Penny Preville 18K rose gold pavé diamond bar necklace, $2,720. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold 7-station dog bone link chain necklace, $1,990. TIVOL 18K rose and white gold pavé diamond ring, $3,300. TIVOL 18K rose gold and diamond illusion hanging drop earrings, $2,420. BOTTOM RIGHT: David Yurman 18K yellow, white and rose gold Pavéflex Collection diamond earrings, $6,400. David Yurman 18K white, rose and yellow gold Pavéflex Collection 4-row diamond ring, $7,500. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K rose gold Smart Caviar Collection diamond watch bracelet, $14,000. OPPOSITE PAGE: Roberto Coin 18K rose gold inside out hoop earrings, $16,390. Penny Preville 18K rose gold diamond rhondel necklace, $7,400. Penny Preville 18K rose gold Galaxy Collection diamond crescent necklace, $3,180.







TOP LEFT: TIVOL 18K white gold purple sapphire stud earrings, $1,450. Robert Procop Platinum and 18K rose gold American Glamour Collection blue and pink sapphire and diamond bracelet, $36,300. Robert Procop 18K rose gold and platinum Celebration Collection multi-colored sapphire and diamond ring, $29,700. Robert Procop Platinum De La Vie cluster light blue and pink sapphire and diamond earrings, $9,900. Robert Procop 18K rose gold and platinum blue and pink sapphire and diamond ring, $38,500. TOP RIGHT: Pasquale Bruni 18K white gold Bon Ton Collection London blue topaz flower and diamond earrings, $13,800. Pasquale Bruni 18K white gold Giardini Segreti Collection pavé diamond flower ring, $3,750. Pasquale Bruni 18K white gold Je T’aime Bon Ton Collection London blue topaz and diamond bracelet, $9,800. Pasquale Bruni 18K white gold Giardini Segreti Collection diamond flower earrings, $5,100. Pasquale Bruni 18K white gold Figlia Dei Fiori Collection blue topaz, moonstone and diamond bypass ring, $2,750. LEFT: David Yurman 18K yellow gold Stax Collection diamond drop earrings, $3,400. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold diamond chain necklace, $8,945. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold blue sapphire and diamond evil eye pendant, chain sold separately, $4,500. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Lucia Collection blue sapphire link bracelet, $20,280. OPPOSITE PAGE: David Yurman 18K yellow gold DY Origami Collection™ diamond ring, $9,700. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Stax Collection cuff bracelet, $35,000. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Lexington Collection diamond chain necklace, $14,500. Robert Procop Platinum and 18K yellow gold Luminous Collection blue and yellow sapphire and diamond bracelet, $83,600. Procop Platinum and 18K yellow gold Luminous Collection sapphire and diamond ring, $53,900.



TOP: Roberto Coin 18K white gold Princess Collection diamond collar necklace, $148,500. ABOVE: Kwiat 18K white gold Eclipse Collection diamond hoop earrings, $14,400. Kwiat 18K white gold Lyric Collection 5-row diamond ring, $9,950. TIVOL 14K white gold diamond riviera necklace, $10,995. Roberto Coin 18K white gold Coin Classics Collection diamond “Y” necklace, $8,690. RIGHT: TIVOL Platinum diamond by the yard fleur de lis stations necklace, $80,520. Penny Preville 18K white gold Art Deco Collection emerald cut diamond pendant necklace, $5,025. Kwiat 18K white gold Floral Collection diamond flower pendant necklace, $3,600. Kwiat 18K white gold Star Collection petite diamond pendant necklace, $1,350. Kwiat Platinum and 18K white gold Star Collection diamond earrings, $3,900. OPPOSITE PAGE: Robert Procop Platinum Bella Linda ruby and diamond earrings, $42,500. Gumuchian 18K yellow gold three-stone diamond ring, $20,720. Robert Procop Platinum Bella Linda ruby and diamond ring, $21,980. Robert Procop Platinum Bella Ocean ruby and diamond bracelet, $97,240. TIVOL 14K white gold diamond riviera necklace, $10,995. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond tennis bracelet, $30,140. Kwiat 18K yellow gold Starry Night Collection diamond bracelet, $15,100 Roberto Coin 18K white gold Dolce Cento mixed shape diamond knife edge bracelet, $25,800.







OPPOSITE PAGE: Roberto Coin 18K white gold diamond inside out hoops, $54,450. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond 3-stone ring, $26,400. Fred Leighton Platinum and diamond Marquise Motif vintage Art Deco bracelet, $38,500. David Yurman Black titanium and sterling silver Streamline® Collection pavé diamond dog tag, $6,800. David Yurman Sterling silver black PVD finish box chain, $260. TOP LEFT: Kwiat 18K white gold DY Madison® Avenue Collection black ceramic and pavé diamond link necklace, $12,600. Mariani 18K white gold plated with black rhodium Lucilla Collection diamond flower necklace, $14,785. Mariani 18K white gold plated with black rhodium diamond drop earrings, $14,960. TOP RIGHT: Roberto Coin 18K white gold and diamond tassel zipper necklace, $10,300. Roberto Coin 18K white gold link chain necklace, $10,500. Penny Preville 18K white gold and diamond climber earrings, $1,795. Kwiat 18K white gold Vine Collection diamond wrap ring, $3,050. LEFT: Anita Ko 18K white gold diamond palm leaf necklace, $6,825. Annamaria Cammilli 18K white ice fold Velaa Pavé Collection 6-row ribbon ring, $10,960. Annamaria Cammilli 18K white ice gold Royale Collection 6-row diamond ribbon earrings, $9,910.



tivol.com TivolMag_L5A.indd 1

2/18/22 2:09 PM



There are many kinds of art, from sculpture to performance, but jewelry is a medium with which we can adorn our bodies. Text by: Annie Rutherford

Photos by: Rian Stallbaumer

Hair & Makeup by: Nick Jenkins Model: Isabella Emmack

Agency: Voices and Models Kwiat platinum diamond and emerald drop earrings, $295,000. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond ring, $26,400. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond bracelet, $10,780. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold diamond and emerald leopard bracelet, $39,590.





OPPOSITE PAGE: Roberto Coin 18K rose gold Princess Flower Collection pendant featuring lapis and diamonds, $12,700. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold Princess Flower Collection pendant featuring turquoise and diamonds, $9,000. ABOVE: Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur Link Collection bracelet, $13,740. RIGHT: Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur Link Collection necklace, $2,480. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur Link Collection bracelet, $1,830. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur Link Collection drop earrings, $1,640. BELOW: Roberto Coin 18K rose gold Love in Verona Collection lapis and diamond pendant, $8,500. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold Princess Flower Collection bracelet with diamonds, $2,700. TIVOL 18K yellow gold mixed shape diamond ring, $3,995. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold Venetian Princess Collection lapis and diamond drop earrings, $11,800. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold Princess Flower Collection diamond pendant, $3,180.


JEWELRY OPPOSITE PAGE: Rahaminov 18K white gold diamond studs, $122,950. Assael 18K white gold Tahitian pearl necklace with diamond clasp, $19,400. Assael 18K white gold white South Sea pearl necklace with diamond clasp, $64,000. Assael 18K yellow gold Tahitian pearl necklace with diamond clasp, $19,800. Assael 18K yellow gold golden South Sea pearl necklace with diamond clasp, $31,600. LEFT: Gumuchian 18K yellow gold Moonlight Collection bezel set diamond necklace, $9,600. TIVOL 18K yellow gold in-and-out diamond hoop earrings, $15,380. Kwiat 18K white gold mixed shape diamond three-row ring, $9,900. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond halo line bracelet, $21,980. Assael 18K white gold Tahitian pearl and diamond necklace, $4,000. Kwiat 18K white gold Starry Night Collection partway riviera necklace, $24,800. Assael 18K white gold Tahitian pearl and morganite clipon earrings, $7,800. Assael 18K white gold South Sea pearl and diamond pendant necklace, $3,100. TIVOL 18K white gold South Sea pearl drop earrings with diamonds, $4,600. TIVOL 18K white gold graduated diamond riviera necklace, $54,780.







All jewelry is by David Yurman unless noted. OPPOSITE PAGE: 18K yellow gold black diamond studs, $3,000. Sterling silver black diamond signet ring, $1,850. Sterling silver box chain in black PVD finish, $260. Black titanium Streamline® Collection blue sapphire pavé dog tag, $3,900. TIVOL 14K white gold black diamond bead necklace, $23,850. TOP LEFT: 18K rose gold Deco Collection chain link bracelet with cognac diamonds, $10,800. 18K rose gold and cognac diamond curb chain bracelet, $15,500. Blackened sterling silver box chain charm necklace, $440. 18K rose gold Streamline® Collection cognac diamond pavé dog tag, $8,200. BOTTOM LEFT: Blackened titanium and sterling silver Streamline® Collection diamond band ring, $3,950. Sterling silver box chain necklace, $320. Sterling silver Chevron cross with black diamonds, $425. Sterling silver curb chain black diamond pavé ID bracelet, $4,500. Sterling silver and diamond St. Christopher amulet enhancer, $1,450. Sterling silver and titanium box chain, $350. Roberto Coin 18K white gold Pois Moi Collection diamond bracelet, $57,000. Sterling silver diamond curb chain bracelet, $17,500.


JEWELRY OPPOSITE PAGE: All jewelry is by David Yurman unless noted. 18K yellow gold Helena Collection earrings with diamonds, $5,200. Gumuchian 18K yellow gold three-stone bezel set ring, $20,720. 18K yellow gold charm box chain necklace, $3,900. 18K yellow gold Y Elements® Collection pavé diamond disc pendant, $6,800. 18K yellow gold adjustable box chain, $2,800. 18K yellow gold DY Elements® Collection Jasper and orange sapphire disc pendant, $4,300. 18K yellow gold Novella Collection citrine pendant, $4,200. 18K yellow gold Stax Collection diamond bracelet, $35,000. 18K yellow gold DY Madison® Collection chain bracelet, $4,700. 18K yellow gold Pavéflex Collection diamond bracelet, $14,000. 18K Starburst station chain bracelet, $1,975. 18K Sculpted Cable cuff bracelet, $8,900. 18K yellow gold diamond Angelika™ Collection bracelet, $11,200. 18K yellow gold DY Origami Collection™ diamond crossover ring, $9,700. RIGHT: All pieces are by LAGOS. 18K yellow gold and sterling silver Caviar Lux Collection twisted knot earrings with diamonds, $3,150. 18K yellow gold and sterling silver Newport Collection knot bracelet with diamonds, $3,500. Sterling silver Caviar Spark Collection pavé diamond ring, $4,050. BOTTOM LEFT: All pieces are by Roberto Coin. 18K yellow gold Love in Verona lariat necklace with diamonds, $8,300. 18K yellow gold “Y” link chain necklace, $5,000. 18K white gold Princess Flower Collection diamond stud earrings, $3,250. BOTTOM RIGHT: TIVOL 18K white and yellow gold line bracelet with yellow and white diamonds, $45,000. TIVOL 18K yellow gold paperclip chain necklace, $670. TIVOL 18K yellow gold mixed shaped fancy colored pendant, $8,135. TIVOL Platinum and 18K yellow gold fancy yellow diamond ring with white diamond halo and side stones, $175,580.





TRA T LEFT: Kathleen Kunkler


RIGHT: Brooke Todare


the love

N TAI TRAI N RAI NTRAI TRAI NNTRAI Text by: Kathleen Kunkler, Brooke Todare & Lindsey Cook Photos by: Chandler Rae Photo

From Phoenix to Kansas City, their love took off and many people joined them on the journey on the Love Train.

ALL-ABOARD Kathleen Kunkler had asked Brooke Todare to marry her a couple times during their relationship — but, the answer was always, “You’ll know when I’m ready.” As the couple sat on the patio of their suite while on vacation in Hawaii in May 2020, it was Brooke who would place a ring box in front of speechless Kathleen. “I want to talk to you about something,” she said. The Love Train was now officially boarding.



ARIZONA VENDORS: VENUE: Hotel Montelucia Resort & Spa PHOTOGRAPHER: Chandler Rae Photo PLANNER: Charlee Geisler - Signature Events FLORIST: Avant-Garde, William & Company Floral CATERING: Hotel Montelucia CAKE: La Grande Orange VIDEOGRAPHER: Bright Bokeh HAIR & MAKEUP: Micheal Hall Beauty WARDROBE: Rime Arodaky & Gown Gallery RENTALS: Avant-Garde



THE JOURNEY Back in October 2016, there was a spark, but not quite a love connection after Kathleen and Brooke first met at the Women Leaders in College Sports conference in Kansas City. When Brooke sat next to Kathleen, Kathleen playfully quipped, “Who the heck are you?! You’re way too well dressed for this group.” “Well,” Brooke responded, “who the heck are you?” They would enjoy time together and then go their separate ways at the end of the night. A year later at the same conference, they would pick up right where they had left off; both were in relationships, totally unaware how their paths would eventually intertwine. While strolling through Central Park during a business trip to NYC in October 2017, Kathleen received a serendipitous “How are you doing?” phone call from Brooke. “That phone call could not have been more perfectly timed,” Kathleen told the New York Times. “It changed our lives forever.” For several months they kept in touch, now both single, and decided to go on their first date. Brooke had been traveling internationally for work and made her way to Kansas City on a night Kathleen was playing a gig with her band, Kathleen and The One-Night-Stand Band. “She spotted me immediately and pointed at me while she was singing,” Brooke told the New York Times. “She walked in, I saw her, pointed, and the rest is history,” Kathleen said. 57


THE JEWELRY Soon after Brooke proposed to Kathleen, Kathleen made her way back to Kansas City to meet with her longtime TIVOL Sales Associate, Kathryn Holmboe, to help pick out Brooke’s wedding ring. “I’ve been buying jewelry from TIVOL for the past 30 years, first from [TIVOL President] Brian, and for the past few years from Kathryn. As soon as [Kathryn] met Brooke, they became fast friends and I adore her. She’s just family now,” Kathleen said. “My engagement ring Kathryn helped pick out was absolutely perfect and beautiful. My ring is an amazing band of diamonds. It’s A LOT, but so beautiful. My band is a bit more ‘utilitarian’ as Kathryn described. More me,” Kathleen said. “My favorite part is it’s inscribed with our initials and our wedding date. I wear this every day.” Kathleen said Kathryn had to work hard to find the perfect diamond for Brooke’s ring. “It’s stunning, then she found some Cadillac trapezoids to go on the side…her band is stunning as well. I had a high bar to reach for my wife! Kathryn helped me nail it!”

THE DESTINATION “#LoveTrainAZ2KC was the hashtag, and it truly was the love train,” Kathleen said. Family and friends were certainly along for the ride – guests from Kansas City, Phoenix and elsewhere joined the pair for their vows in Phoenix. On the morning of their wedding, Kathleen received a gift from her mother – a diamond tennis bracelet Kathleen’s father had given her on their 50th wedding anniversary. Brooke wore a family heirloom watch worn by every woman in the family on their wedding day since her great-great-grandmother, Mable. The ceremony was followed by a beautiful sunset dinner looking out at Camelback Mountain. The next morning, the newlyweds flew back to Kansas City for the Big Party on Saturday. At Studio Dan Meiners, guests danced all night to live music from L.A.-based band, Traffic Jamm. “Entering the party with the band playing Love Train and having fireworks shooting off inside was pretty cool,” Kathleen said. A frontwoman herself, Kathleen joined the band onstage to sing while fireworks sparkled. “Brooke asked for one thing at the wedding, for me to sing Proud Mary with the band,” Kathleen said. “Well, I did, and it rocked, and was an amazing experience.” “I have had so many people say they have never had as much fun or felt as much love as they did that night,” Kathleen said. So many memories were made as the love train carried the couple and loved ones on this journey of celebration and love.  58


KANSAS CITY VENDORS: VENUE: Studio Dan Meiners PHOTOGRAPHER: Chandler Rae Photo PLANNER: Studio Dan Meiners FLORIST: Studio Dan Meiners CATERING: Lon Lane Inspired Occasions CAKE: Bernard Shondell HAIR & MAKEUP: Staci Broski & 7th Row Productions WARDROBE:

Rime Arodaky & Gown Gallery RENTALS: Studio Dan Meiners



a brush

ALL PRICES AVAILABLE BY REQUEST: TIVOL 18K yellow gold 3-row diamond eternity band, TIVOL Platinum bezel set emerald cut diamond ring. TIVOL Platinum and 18K yellow gold fancy yellow oval cut diamond ring. Rahaminov Platinum pear shape diamond ring. TIVOL Platinum solitaire round diamond ring. Rahaminov 18K yellow gold Movál® cut diamond ring. Kwiat Platinum Ashoka® 3-stone diamond ring.



ALL PRICES AVAILABLE BY REQUEST: TIVOL Platinum solitaire oval cut diamond ring. TIVOL Platinum sapphire and diamond 3-stone ring. Henri Daussi 14K rose gold cushion cut and halo diamond ring. Rahaminov 18K white gold Movál® and halo diamond ring. TIVOL Platinum oval diamond ring with diamond shank. Gumuchian 18K yellow gold bezel set 3-stone round diamond ring. Rahaminov Platinum 3-stone emerald cut engagement ring.






Annual Calendar: the very first version of this queen among useful complications with a round case in steel and a metal bracelet

Patek Philippe’s

Spring Bouquet Patek Philippe presents a bouquet of technical and aesthetic debuts

The patented Annual Calendar celebrates its first appearance in a round steel case with an integrated metal bracelet (Ref. 4947/1A-001). The Calatrava ladies’ model with a guilloched, blue lacquered dial has a slightly larger case and now accommodates a self-winding movement (Ref. 4997/200G-001). These new facets reflect Patek Philippe’s extensive know-how and enrich the very broad and continually updated collection in many segments that fulfill the expectations of women and men. As the last independent, family-owned Genevan watchmaking company, Patek Philippe stands out with a rich range of watches for ladies and gentlemen. As a specialist for complicated timepieces (they make up nearly half of the current collection), the company has a leading position in watch design as evidenced by some of the most recent and important iconic models of our era – including designs such as the Calatrava or the Golden Ellipse. In the domain of casual elegance, Patek Philippe stands in the forefront with two models that have become genuine cult objects: the Nautilus and the Aquanaut. Today, the manufacture’s collection embraces about 140 different references that are produced in small series with a dozen watches to a few hundred pieces for which a broad selection of movements is available, all of them crafted in the company’s own workshops. Year after year, this collection is evolved in a conceptually balanced manner. Patek Philippe is enriching this first spring bouquet with new models that reflect the technical and design know-how, showcasing the many different métiers and talents pursued in the company’s ateliers. 

For the first time, Patek Philippe is offering the Annual Calendar in a round Calatrava-type polished steel case with a 38mm diameter that suits all wrists. This watch is equipped with a new integrated and entirely polished bracelet featuring five rows of links. The shimmering reflections of the steel frame an elegant midnight blue dial enhanced by a double vertical and horizontal satin finish. Patek Philippe’s patented Annual Calendar requires only one correction per year.


Calatrava ladies’ watch: with a slightly larger diameter and a self-winding movement The Ladies’ Calatrava with its guilloched lacquered dial features a slightly larger diameter (35mm) and a self-winding movement replacing the previous manually wound caliber. Finely adorned with concentric waves, the dial plate is coated with several successive layers of transparent midnight blue lacquer creating a subtle depth effect. The bezel is lit up by 76 round-cut internally flawless Top Wesselton diamonds. This new model comes with a brushed calfskin strap featuring a satinated finish in a color matching that of the dial.



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Text by: Hunter Tivol McGrath - Vice President

To say the women in my life have helped shape my outlook on a day-to-day basis would be an understatement. I have many fond memories of the influence my mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and cousins had on me growing up. I could write pages and pages on how all the women in my life have impacted me, but for now, I’d like to share a few core relationships that have guided and inspired me over the years. My wife, Gloria, and I have known each other since we were 14 years old. A few years ago, she made the difficult decision to leave the profession she loved after dedicating her adult life to it. The courage in making this life-altering change for her personal well-being and for our family has had a profound impact on me. During this transition I have witnessed her ability to build strong relationships both with our clients and our staff. These qualities will lend themselves to Gloria being a strong leader in the years to come. We now are blessed with the opportunity to work together, and our love continues to grow. How many couples can say that? My mother, Cathy, has inspired me in countless ways. As a parent, she never left me wanting for love. Professionally, she has been a solid leader at TIVOL. Her ability to recognize trends and excellence in the industry has enabled TIVOL to keep on top of jewelry trends and new designers. She has navigated the challenges of a family business with steadfast direction and grace. She inspires me to follow her example both as a parent and a professional. My sister Brooke’s shocking passing at 28 was the catalyst that drove me into our family business over 11 years ago. She was the glue for our family and her sudden absence sent us all into a tailspin. She had been fearlessly trailblazing her own path in the jewelry industry in New York at the time. Brooke’s poise and professionalism for a young woman has resonated in the industry for years. And while I never was able to truly work alongside her, our relationship as brother and sister is what I hold closest to my heart. I do not know who I would be today without the influence of these women. They inspire me, change me, hold me accountable and love me for who I am. With that in mind, we dedicate this magazine to the women who have led us, cared for us and supported us. 65






OPPOSITE PAGE: Shinola Stainless steel Vinton with white mother of pearl and diamond dial, $995. TAG Heuer Stainless steel Aquaracer with blue dial, $2,400. Jaeger-LeCoultre 18K pink gold Reverso One Duetto, $23,000. Jaeger-LeCoultre 18K pink gold Duometre Quantieme Lunaire, $48,400. Panerai Titanium Luminor Marina Tuttogrigio, $15,400. THIS PAGE: Cartier Stainless steel and 18K yellow gold Santos, $11,300. Cartier 18K yellow gold Tank Américaine mini model, $8,250. Baume & Mercier Sterling silver Clifton with white dial and blue gator strap, $3,550. TUDOR Sterling Silver Black Back FiftyEight 925, $4,400. TAG Heuer Titanium Aquaracer Professional Dive, $4,200.


A the G d Things A the G d Things All the Style. All the Eats. All the Tradition. countryclubplaza.com @countryclubplaza


Armenta blackened sterling silver New World Collection chain, $225. Armenta 18K yellow gold and grey sterling silver mixed stone Old World Collection enhancer, $3,490. Armenta 14K rose gold and sterling silver Cuento Collection heart pendant with diamonds and sterling silver chain, $2,100. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold Enchanted Garden Collection diamond garland ring, $8,030. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold Amulet Collection mixed shape bezel bangle bracelet, $9,180. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold Amulet Collection diamond high polish bangle bracelet, $5,730. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold mixed shape bangle bracelet, $9,185. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold diamond huggie hoop earrings, $4,995.



TIVOL 18K white gold aquamarine and diamond flower necklace, $2,395. TIVOL 18K white gold aquamarine and diamond flower earrings, $4,290. TIVOL 18K white gold aquamarine and diamond ring, $7,000. Anita Ko white gold and diamond zipper drop earrings, $10,500. TIVOL 18K white gold aquamarine and diamond double halo earrings, $3,435.


In print, online, and

through social media,

IN Kansas City magazine is your source for living IN Kansas City.


@inkansascitymagazine @inkansascitymag



Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Africa Collection mixed stone necklace, $8,510. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur Collection mixed stone necklace, $2,950. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur Collection amethyst ring, $1,300. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Paradise Collection mixed gemstone bracelet, $1,060. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Africa Collection mixed gemstone drop earrings, $1,900.


Opens July 9

Luxurious fashion glamourous design


Woman’s Evening Gown (detail), 1933. Rayon crepe de chine & rhinestones, 55 × 25 inches. Courtesy of the Kansas City Museum, 1966.8.1


LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Love Knot Collection necklace, $895. LAGOS Sterling silver dragonfly necklace, $395. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Newport Collection diamond knot ring, $1,500. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Love Knot Collection drop earrings, $600.


Apply in-store or at TIVOL.com



David Yurman 18K yellow gold box chain, $3,800. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Pavé Collection diamond dog tag, $9,800. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Pavé Collection diamond ID curb link bracelet, $22,800. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Deco Collection band ring, $3,000. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Chain collection curb link ID bracelet, $13,000. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Streamline® Collection box chain with diamond stations, $12,600. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Amulets Collection St. Francis amulet with diamonds, $2,900.


h c t a W L O V I T

s r i a p e R y r and Jewel

Our in-house jewelers and watchmakers have been trusted by Kansas City for over 110 years.

Watch Services

Jewelry Services

• Battery replacement

• Product cleaning

• Water pressure testing

• Repair for broken jewelry

• Product cleaning

• Regular maintenance

• Repair for broken timepieces

• Personalization

• Pearl re-stringing

Visit either of our locations for more information on our jewelry and watch services.


David Yurman Sterling silver box chain, $320. David Yurman Sterling silver Waves Collection, blue sapphire large dog tag, $3,900. David Yurman Sterling silver and diamond pavé curb link necklace, $11,000. David Yurman Sterling silver Spiritual Beads Collection pavé blue sapphire and lapis lazuli bead necklace, $11,500. David Yurman Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Cable Classic Collection band ring, $750. David Yurman Sterling silver Spiritual Beads Collection pavé blue sapphire and lapis lazuli bead compass bracelet, $475.


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Cosmonaut 2 ounces Gin of your choice (Tom’s Town is a local favorite) ¾ ounces lemon juice 3 spoonfuls raspberry jam (can adjust to taste) Stir all ingredients in the bottom of a shaker to dissolve the jam. Add ice and rigorously shake. Double strain into a coupe or martini glass. Garnish with fresh raspberries or a lemon wheel.


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Whiskey Smash 2 ounces Bourbon 1 ounce simple syrup 1/2 medium lemon cut into wedges 5 mint leaves (can adjust to taste) In the bottom of a shaker muddle the lemon and mint to release the juice and flavors. Add bourbon, simple syrup and about a cup of ice. Cover and shake vigorously for about a minutes. Strain into a rocks glass with ice and garnish with mint and a lemon.





Creamy Baked

Mac and Cheese Adapted from: The Chunky Chef

I like to bake this longer than specified, 25-30 minutes, so the top gets even crunchier. If you have the time, use a food processor or box grater to grate the cheese, rather than buying pre-shredded cheese. Feel free to substitute your favorite cheeses, but the Gruyère is wonderful.



1 lb. dried elbow pasta

Preheat oven to 325ºF and grease a 3-quart baking dish or 9x13. Set aside.

1/2 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup all purpose flour 11/2 cups whole milk 2 1/2 cups half and half

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. While water is coming to a boil, grate cheeses and toss together to mix, then divide into approximately 3 cups for the sauce, 1 1/2 cups for the inner layer and 1 1/2 cups for the topping.

4 cups grated medium sharp cheddar cheese (divided use)

When water is boiling add dried pasta and cook for 1 minute less than the package directs for al dente. Drain and drizzle with a little bit of olive oil to keep from sticking.

2 cups grated Gruyère cheese (divided use)

Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Sprinkle in flour and whisk to combine. Mixture will look like wet sand. Cook for approximately 1 minute, whisking often. Slowly pour in about 2 cups or so of the milk/half-and-half while whisking constantly, until smooth. Slowly pour into the remaining milk/half-and-half, while whisking constantly until combined and smooth.

1/2 Tbsp. salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/4 tsp paprika

Continue to heat over medium heat, whisking very often, until thickened to a very thick consistency. Remove from heat and stir in spices and 1 1/2 cups of the cheeses, stirring to melt and combine. Stir in another 1 1/2 cups of cheese, and stir until completely melted and smooth. In a large mixing bowl, combine drained pasta with cheese sauce, stirring to combine fully. Pour half of the pasta mixture into the prepared baking dish. Top with 11/2 cups of grated cheeses, then top that with the remaining pasta mixture. Sprinkle the top with the last 1 1/2 cups of cheese and bake for 15 minutes, until cheese is bubbly and lightly golden brown. 85

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