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ON THE COVER: Rahaminov 18K white gold diamond spiral bracelet, $49,995. Rahaminov Platinum oval diamond three-stone engagement ring, $69,680. Annamaria Cammilli 18K rose gold Velaa pavé collection diamond ring, $8,330. Pasquale Bruni 18K rose gold and diamond pendant necklace, $3,650. Penny Preville 18K rose gold and diamond lariat necklace, $3,590. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold diamond inside-out hoops, $14,900. Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary depending on size, quality and availability. Copyright © 2021 by TIVOL, INC. All rights reserved. To change an address or request a subscription, write to marketing@ tivol.com or call 816.531.5800; Advertising Inquiries: marketing@tivol.com. Printed in the U.S.A. © 2021

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On March 10, 2021 Ruthie Tivol passed away, continuing a period of remembrance and transition for us after Dad died five years ago. Ruthie and Dad made a dynamic duo in our store and in the jewelry industry. Loved and admired by colleagues and clients, they worked together for many years, putting an indelible stamp on the success of our business. We’re seeing this generation slowly fade away, leaving us to be stewards of their lessons and memories. And with this change comes new success and leadership in the form of my son, Hunter Tivol McGrath. Our staff is second to none. I’m continually in awe of the expertise, professionalism and warmth that they possess. I miss Ruthie and Dad so much, but hopefully they’re looking down on all of us with approving smiles as their legacy continues.


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foal hearts A special surprise was in store for designer Penny Preville during her trunk show weekend. Text by: Annie Rutherford

Special Thanks To: Fire Stables

Penny Preville is a longtime friend not just to TIVOL as a company, but to the family and the staff. Her personal visits and trunk shows have become highly anticipated events each year for customers and staff alike. This year, in May, when Penny returned for her Mother’s Day trunk show after doing a virtual show last year, TIVOL President Brian Butler had a very special surprise in store for her. The trunk show weekends are typically a whirlwind from the moment her plane touches down, but this time the team made sure she would have time to do something she has always wanted to do: visit Brian’s horses at Fire Stables. This special outing was made even more meaningful when Brian revealed that his new foal was named Penny after the designer; a beautiful way to honor a strong relationship. Although returning to traditional trunk shows in our stores was a magical moment, seeing Penny’s face light up when she met the new horse was the highlight of the weekend. 





Roberto Coin 18K white gold diamond bangle bracelet, $7,900. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold diamond bangle bracelet, $7,900. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold diamond bangle bracelet, $7,900. Anita Ko 18K rose gold diamond chandelier earrings, $21,225. David Yurman rose gold Stax collection morganite ring, $6,800. David Yurman 18K mixed metal Pavéflex collection hoop earrings, $6,400. Roberto Coin 18K white gold Love in Verona collection diamond ring, $3,590. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold Love in Verona collection diamond ring, $2,450. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold Love in Verona collection diamond ring, $3,590.





Kwiat 18K white gold Ashoka™ cut diamond and sapphire drop earrings, $40,750. David Yurman 18K white gold diamond band ring, $5,900. Rahaminov Platinum three-stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring, $72,960. TIVOL Platinum emerald cut diamond eternity band, $39,600. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond bracelet, $29,000.


Diamond Darling

Rahaminov 18K white gold sapphire and diamond drop earrings, $48,400. David Yurman 18K white gold and diamond Pavéflex collection bracelet, $17,000. Roberto Coin 18K white gold and diamond Venetian Princess collection pendant, $6,900. David Yurman 18K white gold and diamond Pavéflex collection ring, $7,200. TIVOL 18K white gold and diamond eight-row bracelet, $120,000.


Yummy in

Yellow Gold

Penny Preville 18K yellow gold and diamond bracelet, $35,000. David Yurman 18K yellow gold and diamond Stax collection bracelet, $35,000. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Lunaria collection drop earrings with diamonds, $8,600. Mariani 18K yellow gold diamond chain necklace, $24,900. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold diamond “x earrings”, $6,000. Mariani 18K yellow gold diamond flower ring, $6,840.



Charcoal Creations

David Yurman Sterling silver diamond and black onyx Châtelaine® pendant, $895. TIVOL 14K white gold black diamond necklace, $3,115. Penny Preville 18K white gold and diamond bar necklace, $2,720. Roberto Coin 18K white gold diamond star earrings, $2,800. Kwiat 18K white gold diamond drop earrings, $3,300. LAGOS sterling silver black caviar studs with diamonds, $900. Kwiat 18K white gold diamond wrap ring, $3,050. David Yurman sterling silver and diamond Thoroughbred bangle, $1,275. LAGOS sterling silver and 18K yellow gold black onyx bracelet., $550. LAGOS stainless steel and black ceramic Smart Caviar bracelet, $995.



Shining Steals

Price Points (need to be shot still)

David Yurman Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Thoroughbred loop bracelet,$1,300. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold and diamond “X” bracelet, $3,400. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold oval bracelet, $695. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold oval ring, $500. LAGOS Sterling silver Caviar Spark diamond ring, $995. David Yurman Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Thoroughbred loop ring, $495. Roberto Coin 18K white gold petite Venetian Princess pendant, $1,450. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold diamond pendant, $695. David Yurman sterling silver diamond pendant, $975. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold earrings, $795. David Yurman Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Origami earrings, $1,800. LAGOS Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold earrings, $1,650.



& Distinctive

TIVOL Platinum diamond men’s band ring, $15,900. TIVOL 18K white gold black jade half-moon face cufflinks, $8,795. TIVOL Platinum sapphire and diamond channel set men’s band, $19,400. TIVOL Platinum and diamond men’s link bracelet, $79,950. TIVOL 18K white gold black jade and coral panther cufflinks, $12,710.


Refined & Rare

TIVOL platinum sapphire and diamond necklace, $62,160. Rahaminov 18K rose gold pink sapphire and diamond hoop earrings, $19,800. Rahaminov Platinum and 18K yellow gold diamond engagement ring with yellow diamond halo and white diamonds down the shank, $97,580. TIVOL 18K yellow gold and tanzanite and diamond ring, $5,445. TIVOL 18K white gold sapphire and diamond ring, $85,000. TIVOL 18K yellow gold and diamond chain necklace, $7,840.





Hot Chocolate Text by: Cathy Tivol

Savor and indulge in this special treat that is one of Cathy’s favorites year round. I was about 4-years-old when my Mother made me my first hot chocolate. It was a concoction made with Nestle Quik powder mix, milk and miniature marshmallows. I learned that hot chocolate made with powder was not something that I liked. This is where my budding selective taste in hot chocolate began. Over the years I’ve become pickier. When out to eat I ask the server two questions before ordering a cup: “Is your hot chocolate made with melted chocolate, syrup or powder?” and of course, “Do you have whipped cream?” If the restaurant uses powder or doesn’t have whipped cream, I pass. If I’m going to sin, I want to love what I drink. French hot chocolate is undeniably the most decadent. Many times, it’s a divine combination of warm melted chocolate served with



whipped cream. Unapologetically luxurious and molten, it’s thick enough to drink with a spoon. Angelina, Laduree and Jacques Genin are my favorite Paris examples. Angelina and Laduree now have locations in NYC.

kovalenkovpetr - stock.adobe.com

Although I absolutely love the thick French hot chocolate genre, it’s more of a once-in-a-while request. I prefer a rich chocolatey drink made with whole milk and heavy cream and topped with whipped cream – and DON’T make it too hot! I don’t want the whipped cream melting too quickly. When I make it at home, I use a combination of bittersweet and milk chocolate, sugar, whole milk and fresh whipped cream. There is, however, a distinct pleasure when you order it out and it comes just the way you want it. The visual aesthetics of a delicious cup of hot chocolate are very important. My ultimate favorite is a mug filled with hot chocolate, topped with a huge cloud of whipped cream, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce drizzled on top and more chocolate sauce dripping down the sides. They say that you first eat with your eyes and I 100% agree. There’s something about this excess that is overthe-top and unforgettable. There’s also the delight of being served hot chocolate in a charming china pot with an accompanying dish of whipped cream. It’s absolutely beautiful and an entirely different experience.

markobe - stock.adobe.com

Here are some more ideas for making hot chocolate: Pour hot milk over chocolate truffles. Torch a big marshmallow before adding it to the top. Melt chocolate candy bars in hot milk. Serve with a cinnamon stick. Toast coconut and add to the whipped cream top. Add colored sprinkles on top of the whipped cream. Use a pinch of ginger and cayenne for a little kick. Try Bailey’s or Frangelico for an “adult” hot chocolate. For those who prefer marshmallows to whipped cream, try marshmallow fluff for a change! For me, hot chocolate isn’t limited to being just a seasonal drink. I drink it year-round as a special treat. If it’s been a while since you’ve had one, it’s about time to savor and indulge. Be adventurous and try a new way of making it. After all, you only live once! 


What We’re Watching


OPPOSITE PAGE: TAG Heuer Stainless steel Monaco chronograph with blue dial, $6,350. Cartier Stainless steel 41mm Pasha chronograph, $9,990. Jaeger-LeCoultre Stainless steel 42mm Polaris date, $9,000. Panerai Carbotech 47mm Submersible, $17,900. TUDOR 41mm Back Bay GMT, $3,725. THIS PAGE: TUDOR Steel and gold 41mm Black Bay chronograph, $7,000. Panerai Stainless steel 44mm Luminor, $8,100. TAG Heuer 43mm red and blue Aquaracer, $3,050. Baume-et-Mercier 40mm Clifton date, $3,250. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, $6,750.




Evoking the determination and spirit of adventure of Sir Edmund Hilary, and Tenzig Norgay, the first to ascend to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.

Rolex is presenting its new-generation Oyster Perpetual Explorer. At 36 mm, it returns to the size of the original model launched in 1953 following the first ascent to the summit of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on 29 May that year. The new-generation Explorer is notably released in a yellow Rolesor version (combining Oystersteel and 18 ct yellow gold). The black dial, now lacquered, bears the index hour markers and emblematic 3, 6 and 9 numerals that are the cornerstones of the model’s personality, evoking the determination and spirit of adventure that give rise to great achievements. The Chromalight display is particularly impressive. In dark conditions, the intensity of the blue glow emitted by the hour markers and hands now lasts longer thanks to the innovative and exclusive luminescent material with which they are filled or coated. In daylight, these display elements also have a brighter white hue. The Explorer is emblematic of the close ties between Rolex and exploration. In the 1930s, the brand began to equip numerous Himalayan expeditions with Oyster watches. Among these was the group that Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were part of when they became the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest, at 8,848 metres (29,028 feet). This pioneering move illustrated the company’s ambition to use the world as a laboratory, testing its watches in real conditions in order to continually improve them. The feedback that Rolex received from the members of these different expeditions therefore had a direct influence on the evolution of its watches, making them more precise and robust. 





Feminine Elegance Patek Philippe unveils three new Twenty~4 models designed to share the lives of modern active women.

The manufacture is continuing the renewal of its Twenty~4 collection, which has come to epitomize timeless feminine elegance. The “manchette” or cuff-style models with quartz movements now include a new version in rose gold with a chocolate-brown sunburst dial. The Twenty~4 Automatic, in a round case, offers two new models, one in steel adorned with an olive-green sunburst dial, the other in rose gold, its dial gilded with a rose-gold sunburst. Three new expressions of the Patek Philippe style, bringing beauty to every instant of daily life. Twenty~4 as in the 24 hours comprising a day and night. Twenty~4 as for all the facets of a rich and varied existence. When Patek Philippe launched its first exclusively feminine collection in 1999, it had the busy lives of modern active women in mind. Refined, elegant independent women. And so was born a watch with an assertive personality, an asset to every occasion –at work and at home and during leisure activities. A watch with timeless style complementing fashionable business clothes and the most elegance eveningwear. The Twenty~4 quartz “manchette” model, featuring a cambered rectangular case and a dial adorned with applied Roman numerals, appeared in a wealth of different versions. In 2018, attuned to the needs of twenty-first century women and their increasing interest in mechanical movements, Patek Philippe launched the Twenty~4 Automatic. While this model stands out by its round case and its dial’s Arabic numerals, it retains the same exclusive bracelet and the same spirit – that of a modern classic at ease in every situation. In 2020, the manufacture gave a new face to its “manchette” model by endowing it too with applied Arabic numerals. The creative impulse continues today with three new Twenty~4 models, so that women now have the choice of twelve lifestyle companions – with either a round or “manchette” design, a quartz or automatic movement, a steel or rose-gold case and bracelet, and a splendid palette of dials, together with diamond-set versions ranging from discreet sparkle to dazzling. 



Featuring clothing from Shop MRGN, and handbags from Diamond Banc. Thank you to City Barrel Brewing, Mission Taco and The Guild.

We’ve got your jewelry needs covered for a night out. From layered chains to bold earrings, jewelry is the finishing touch you need to create a chic, polished look.



Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold double hoop earrings, $1,100. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold thin chain necklace, $3,800. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold chain collar necklace, $10,500. Penny Preville 18K white gold chain necklace, $12,025. Penny Preville 18K white gold Constellation pendant necklace, $7,995. Penny Preville 18K white gold Constellation hoop earrings, $7,610.



RIGHT: Penny Preville 18K white gold Constellation collection 3-row diamond ring, $6,995. Penny Preville 18K white gold diamond bangle, $4,635, Penny Preville 18K white gold Constellation collection bangle, $4,315. Penny Preville 18K white gold diamond station bangle, $7,995. BELOW: David Yurman 18K yellow gold Crossover cuff bracelet with diamonds, $13,000. LAGOS gold caviar bracelet with diamonds, $12,000.



LEFT: David Yurman 18K yellow gold turquoise Elements collection triple drop earrings, $3,600. ABOVE: Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Africa collection drop earrings, $2,530. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Siviglia collection necklace, $4,990. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Paradise collection mixedstone three-strand necklace, $6,580.



ABOVE LEFT: Mariani 18K white gold and blue rhodium diamond and sapphire stud earrings, $3,350. Mariani 18K white gold and blue rhodium diamond and sapphire necklace, $15,315. ABOVE RIGHT: Rahaminov Platinum and 18K yellow gold yellow diamond engagement ring with yellow diamond halo and white diamonds down the shank, $97,580. RIGHT: TIVOL 18K white and rose gold diamond band ring, $8,120.



ABOVE: Assael 18K white gold South Sea pearl bubble ring, $11,500. RIGHT: Kwiat 18K yellow gold Cobblestone collection diamond hoops, $3,700. Kwiat 18K yellow gold Starry Night collection diamond riviera necklace, $22,320.

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How the fashion world is adapting to fit into the more casual appeal. Brands are adapting to relaxing fashion rules and shifting customer demands brought on by the onset of COVID. Now, inner wear can easily become outer wear; day looks seamlessly blend with night. With an emphasis on softness and luxury, brands have elevated loungewear so dressing becomes simple and fashionably effortless. The sweatpants and leggings boom jumpstarted by COVID has now become a lifestyle, at home or out. Sought-out established brands like Cosabella, Hanro and Moncler have found their loungewear sweet spot. Known for their unexpected details, Cosabella is made in Italy from start to finish and boasts over 100 shade options, allowing women to best express their individuality. These colors include classic shades made from natural dyes using techniques derived and passed down from the Renaissance era. The European brand Hanro has been producing beautiful, understated lingerie and loungewear of the finest quality for over 130 years and boasts about their ethos of “playing fashionably with the idea of inner and outer.” Moncler combines “extreme needs with day-to-day city life.” Details like high percentage goose down clusters and lightweight high-performance nylon create ready-to-wear and outerwear options designed to brave the elements without losing its impeccable signature style. Then there are the newer cult and celebrity favorites Aloyoga and Fleur du Mal that are wild on Instagram. Aloyoga is where “luxury meets performance” – even offering a free 14-day yoga, fitness and meditation trial in your home. Fleur du Mal, inspired by the tradition-breaking collection of mid-19th century poems by Charles Baudelaire, is driven by the art of dressing up and undressing and definitely targets the woman who wants beautiful, sexy lingerie.

Mariakray - stock.adobe.com

pixarno - stock.adobe.com

Sneakers have become a huge fashion accessory. Gucci, one of the most respected brands out there, debuted its signature low top sneakers in 2016, and continues to release sneakers each season. They have become an edgy must-have for the brand-conscious woman. Many feature the iconic red and green stripe, along with playful Disney characters and fruit motifs. The Gucci Ace Low has earned its stripes as a classic in the sneaker world. The look changes frequently with different embroidery, patterns and logos. Celebrity-favorite Golden Goose states they like things lived in, distressed and touched with life. Hand-painted and manual touches are paramount for them, featuring stars, glitter and scuffed looks. With Golden Goose, it’s all about the attitude. 



I have inherited jewelry from a family member or I have jewelry that I no longer wear. What do I do with it? First, it is important to know the difference between the two most common types of appraisals associated with jewelry evaluations based on what your end goal is:


reflect the full retail amount, which is ideal if you wish to retain & insure the item. This type of appraisal can be counter-productive if your end goal is to sell the piece, because the value generally reflects the “new” insurance replacement value - which often times is a higher amount than what the item was purchased for.

2. LIQUIDATION APPRAISALS or “Liquid Value Assessments” provide the amount an item is likely to sell for an immediate payment situation. Diamond Banc offers complementary liquid value assessments, even if you aren’t prepared to part with your pieces. This enables you to accurately determine the value of the inherited pieces and go into the decision making process informed.

Q : What items does Diamond Banc accept? are actively seeking diamonds, A : We designer jewelry, fine swiss timepieces

including Rolex & Patek Philippe, and precious metals, such as gold & silver bullion.

Q : How does the process work?

up an appointment and visit our A : Set office located on the Country Club Plaza or at either TIVOL locations. Clients also have the option to leave their items at TIVOL to receive an evaluation within 24 hours.



Hunter’s Club The inspiration behind Hunter’s quote of the week for our internal staff, which we now share on our social media every Monday. Text by: Hunter Tivol McGrath

Vice President of TIVOL

As I get older, it’s interesting to remember what memories from my adolescence continue to impact my life and the day-to-day interactions I have with family, friends and customers. A high school calculus teacher, Bob Hicks, with a great sense of humor. My high school tennis coach, Dale Eshelbrenner, who was an incredible male role model on hard work and has since passed away. My physics teacher, Tom Medlock, who made learning fun. The eager customer who wanted to propose right then and there in the store. All of these people have fond places in my heart for a variety of reasons, and the values they taught me continue to shape my life far beyond the classroom. Every day before his physics class, Mr. Medlock would write a Quote of the Day on the blackboard for his students. Some days he would discuss it, some days he would not, but it was always there. And whether he knew it or not, I always looked at it. Something as simple as this has continued to impact my life in a small way. And now at TIVOL, I write a Quote of the Week for our internal staff at the beginning of each week. This began a few years ago as an attempt to reach everyone in some form or another whether it’s through inspiration, empathy, love, grief. It became a tool for me to engage our employees in a heartfelt way and quickly turned therapeutic for me as well. Now, we publish these quotes on our social media outlets every week and we receive great feedback on how impactful it can be in the lives of our clients. It may seem contrived, but these connections we form with each other are the foundation of our lives. These bonds and memories can last for generations. I am incredibly lucky to work with individuals daily who I genuinely care about, and who care about me. We share our lives, families and memories. And in a business that celebrates these things, I am blessed to blur the lines between work and home. 



WINTER VACATION destinations for every traveler A change of scenery will brighten things up even during the darkest months of the year. Text by: Sarah E. Foley & Lindsey Cook

If the cold weather is getting you down, consider taking a wintertime vacation. A change of scenery will brighten things up even during the darkest months of the year, and it’s a fun way to celebrate the winter holidays as well. There are hundreds of ideal winter vacation destinations around the world, ranging from tropical escapes to charming ski resorts. Here are the perfect winter vacation ideas for every type of traveler.

For the person who hates the cold Cape Town, South Africa

When it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in South Africa, making it the perfect place for someone looking to escape freezing temperatures back home. Cape Town is known for its many stunning beaches, some of which are even home to penguins. The beaches are located close to the city’s urban center, so you’ll also be able to enjoy excellent food and drinks after your day on the sand. While you’re in Cape Town, be sure to take a cable car (or hike, if you’re feeling adventurous), all the way to the top of Table Mountain, where you can take in one of the best views in the world. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is nestled at the mountain’s eastern foot and is considered one of the world’s great botanical gardens.

For the fitness junkie Park City, Utah

If you love staying active, Park City, Utah is an ideal destination all year round - but it’s particularly fun in the winter. Park City is home to many of the Olympic competition and training sites that were used in the 2002 Olympics, as well as two local ski resorts. It’s also within driving distance to activities such as snowshoeing, hiking, and rock climbing, which you can try depending on how much snow is on the ground. In addition to these high-energy activities, there’s also the charming Park City main street, which is worth a stroll on one of your off days. If you like movies, the area also hosts the Sundance Film Festival in February, which draws visitors from around the world.



For the sophisticated traveler Quebec City, Canada Although it’s located in Canada, Quebec City has a distinctly European aura about it, making it ideal for travelers who want to experience that European feel and culture. Many of the buildings in the city’s historic district are over 400 years old, and there are plenty of art galleries and museums with an elegant French feel. In the winter, Quebec turns into a winter wonderland, complete with lights, romantic ice sculptures, and one of the world’s most famous ice skating rinks. Quebec City is also home to Hôtel de Glace -- the only ice hotel in North America!

For the nightlife enthusiast Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is another country that experiences summer while the northern hemisphere experiences winter, making it ideal for a warm getaway. If you like a good party, Rio de Janeiro is a must-visit in the winter. New Year’s and Carnival celebrations are huge here, with bright fireworks and dancing in the streets. During the day, you can sleep off a hangover on the beach, or take a train to the famous Christ the Redeemer statue and enjoy beautiful South American views.

For the couple’s getaway Jackson, Wyoming

For a happy couple in love, there’s nothing more romantic than a night snuggled up in a cozy cabin. Jackson, Wyoming is the perfect winter destination for lovers who want a little time to themselves. There’s tons of rustic lodging to choose from, and during the day you can hit up the ski slopes, explore the nearby National Elk Refuge, or wander through the town’s charming shops and galleries. At night, be sure to check out one of Jackson’s many stylish restaurants and bars. If you and your partner are cocktail lovers, The Rose is an ideal spot to enjoy unique hand-crafted libations. Whether winter makes you want to hit the slopes or lay out on the beach, there are plenty of stunning vacation destinations out there for you to enjoy. These are just a few of the many gorgeous winter travel spots worth checking out this year. When the cold, dreary weather starts to set in, a trip out of town is exactly what you need. 


We’re full service

With our in-house watch and jewelry shops and our concierge service to make your life easier.


Finding His Way Text by: Lindsey Cook

of Cristo Rey’s curriculum – 100 percent of 2020 graduates were accepted into college. “It amazes us to see with each new student that comes here the continuous growth that he shows,” TIVOL CEO Cathy Tivol says. “The shy, timid, uneducated-in-the-workplace young man turns into a confident, outgoing guy who can easily converse with our staff and feels at home. It’s a joy to be part of this metamorphosis.”

For a little over a decade, all roads seemed to lead Neb Bachore back to TIVOL. And for TIVOL, opening the door for his return was never a difficult decision – his eagerness to learn, open-mindedness and love of a good challenge meant he always brought all the right qualities that flourished from behind-thescenes to the sales floor. Starting under the work-study tutelage of Cristo Rey as a high school student, Neb began building on his natural talent and pairing it with learned, real-world workplace skills. Now a college graduate and newly engaged, Neb is bringing with him all the lessons he learned along the way and a mission to pay it forward. On March 14, 2006, 12-year-old Neb and his three older brothers reunited with their father and aunt in Kansas City after emigrating from Ethiopia. His father had become a U.S. citizen around 2001 and began the process of bringing his children over soon after, but due to the tightening of immigration laws after the September 11 attacks, it would take another five years before Neb and his brothers were able to finally make the move to the U.S. “I came from a thirdworld country without knowing English and I have had to struggle to get where I am today,” Neb says. “However, I did not get to where I am alone. I had an army of people mentoring me throughout the years.” It was during his sophomore year in 2009, Sister Vicki at Cristo Rey would ask him if he would like to work for TIVOL. Soon, he was interviewing with TIVOL managers around a conference table in casual clothes, “intimidated by everyone,” he says. He joined as an intern working back of house every Saturday during the school year and continued during the summer. Plaza Store Manager

Gary Pener recalls Neb was shy and introverted around clients and other employees when he first joined TIVOL. In order to break the ice, “We started talking a lot about soccer,” Gary says. “He was an excellent soccer player and then he started warming up to everyone!” When his shyness dissipated it was obvious he was meant to be a part of the TIVOL family. “He worked with watchmakers, jewelers, salespeople, office assistants and everyone in store,” Gary says. “Everyone loved him!” “If an outsider were to ask a Cristo Rey alumni or current students about what we have gained from the school, the common theme they would hear is ‘understanding professionalism’, especially in the workplace,” Neb says. “They have prepared us to go out to the work field and to perform tasks thoroughly and concisely.” College-prep is also a pillar

Neb would eventually leave TIVOL after his senior year to complete a 2-year degree at UMKC. In 2017, Neb was back at TIVOL working in the back office part-time balancing going back to school to finish his bachelor’s degree in Physics. While studying for his finals, he was offered a position on the sales floor at the Hawthorne location where he stayed for another two years. “I couldn’t have asked for a better situation,” he says. TIVOL Vice President Hunter Tivol McGrath agrees. “When we found out Neb was in town and interested to come back to work with TIVOL, we jumped at the opportunity. He is such a bright young man with a strong history here, it seemed serendipitous that our paths crossed again.” Over the years, Neb says he’s been able to build “an incredible network through and with the Tivol family.” He’s also developed a knack for timepieces especially. The process that goes into the making of each jewelry piece intrigues him. When asked how he’ll use his skills from his time at TIVOL and Cristo Rey in future endeavors, he says, “To be willing and open-minded with everyone and hone communication skills. From all the experiences I have gained through Cristo Rey and TIVOL, the one thing that will stay with me is the kindness of others. It is about time I begin to return that kindness to the people and the country that has done so much for me.” 



Set in STONE Opening Spread

From top to bottom: Rahaminov 18K yellow gold three-stone diamond engagement ring, $71,150. TIVOL 18K yellow gold three-row diamond band ring, $27,280. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold link collar necklace, $10,500. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold bangle with diamonds, $5,735. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold Princess collection bangle with diamonds, $6,500. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold Moderne Deco collection high polished bangle with diamonds, $5,290.



Opening Spread

From top to bottom: David Yurman 18K yellow gold Supernova collection climber earrings with diamonds, $7,800. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Lucia collection large cuff bracelet, $9,110. TIVOL 14K yellow gold oval link paperclip chain necklace, $3,875. TIVOL 18K white gold South Sea golden pearl and diamond earrings, $3,995. David Yurman 18K yellow gold Stax collection ring with diamonds, $4,200.



David Yurman Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Crossover cuff bracelet, $1,250. Pasquale Bruni 18K rose gold Petit Garden collection flower bangle bracelet, $4,100. Roberto Coin 18K white gold Love in Verona collection sapphire and diamond bracelet, $15,700. Annamaria Cammilli 18K orange apricot gold Dunes collection bracelet, $6,400. LAGOS Sterling silver cuff bracelet with diamonds and 18K yellow gold, $1,350. Penny Preville 18K rose gold and diamond wide open cuff bracelet, $11,990.



Apply in-store or at TIVOL.com


Rahaminov 18K white and yellow gold pear shaped yellow diamond pendant with diamond halo, $82,990. TIVOL 18K white gold three-row diamond line bracelet, $13,150. Rahaminov 18K yellow gold yellow diamond bracelet, $70,000. TIVOL Platinum solitaire emerald cut diamond engagement ring, $73,490. Rahaminov 18K yellow gold oval cut yellow diamond eternity band, $48,000. Rahaminov 18K yellow gold radiant cut yellow diamond eternity band, $64,640. Rahaminov 18K yellow gold radiant cut yellow diamond halo stud earrings, $40,790.



Rahaminov 18K rose gold pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring, $6,880. Rahaminov 18K white gold oval cut diamond halo, $14,890. Rahaminiov 18K white gold pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring, $11,390. Kwiat Platinum Ashoka™ diamond eternity band, $156,000. Rahaminov Platinum radiant cut diamond engagement ring with side stones, $39,890. Rahaminov Platinum Moval cut diamond halo engagement ring, $96,980. Kwiat 18K white gold Sunburst collection emerald shaped band ring, $5,230. TIVOL 18K yellow gold round diamond solitaire engagement ring, $57,210. Rahaminov Platinum three-stone oval engagement ring with halos, $69,680. Rahaminov 18K white gold three-stone emerald cut engagement ring with halos, $15,320.


A the G d Things A the G d Things All the Style. All the Eats. All the Tradition. countryclubplaza.com @countryclubplaza


Penny Preville 18K rose gold padlock pendant necklace with diamonds, $2,800. LAGOS Gold & Black Caviar collection diamond circle pendant necklace, $1,650. Kwiat 18K white gold Sunburst collection diamond circle pendant necklace, $1,800. Kwiat 18K white gold Sunburst collection emerald shaped pendant necklace, $2,600. Penny Preville 18K yellow gold Art Deco collection diamond pendant necklace, $5,030. Kwiat 18K yellow gold Sunburst collection round pendant necklace, $3,990. Roberto Coin 18K rose gold Palazzo Ducale collection pendant necklace with diamonds, $1,180.


All They Want Annabelles: luxury linens for Ashley Cuorebella: whiskey glasses _ Paul The Container Store: dorm storage for Zoe clair de lune: pajamas _ Katie Andre,s: chocolates for Brenda T I V O L : a timeless piece for my love Shop for everyone on your list and find all they want this holiday at Hawthorne Plaza, the area’s most unique, locally owned stores and national brands that you’ll only find here.

On the Southwest Corner of 119th & Roe See holiday news, events and specials at hawthorneplazashopping.com



TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond pendant necklace, $59,995. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald and diamond line bracelet, $19,750. TIVOL Platinum ruby stud earrings with diamond halos, $9,450. TIVOL Platinum ruby ring with diamond side stones, $8,540. TIVOL 18K white gold ruby and diamond band ring, $12,320. TIVOL Platinum sapphire and diamond pendant necklace, $21,350. TIVOL Platinum sapphire ring with diamond halo, $49,000. TIVOL 18K white gold sapphire and diamond line bracelet, $62,500. TIVOL Platinum sapphire stud earrings with diamond halos, $34,950.


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David Yurman Sterling silver box chain, $265. David Yurman Sterling silver diamond pavé dog tag, $6,800. David Yurman 18K yellow gold and black diamond claw amulet, $1,950. TIVOL 14K white gold black diamond necklace, $8,490. TIVOL 14K white gold black diamond necklace, $23,850. Rahaminov 18K white gold and diamond bracelet, $70,500. TIVOL 14K white gold black diamond chain bracelet, $11,195. David Yurman Black titanium and 18K yellow gold Armory collection cognac diamond signet ring, $4,700. David Yurman Black titanium Streamline collection band ring with diamonds, $3,950. David Yurman 18K yellow gold forged carbon signet ring, $3,400.

Scan this QR code for more information on the jewelry in this story.


Featuring men’s clothing from Ulah, and handbags from Diamond Banc. Thank you to Underdog Wines & The shops at Crestwood.

Perfectly Paired



Wine and cheese. Silver and gold. Diamonds and...well, more diamonds! A variety of jewelry pairings to help inspire your looks this season, everything from classic looks to trendy layers. Whatever you’re looking for we’ve got you covered! See something you like? Scan the QR code below for more information on our website.

OPPOSITE: Kwiat Platinum three-stone Ashoka® engagement ring, $31,200. Kwiat 18K white gold east-west set Ashoka® cut diamond band ring, $13,000. THIS PAGE TOP TO BOTTOM: Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Jaipur collection necklace, $2,830. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold amethyst pendant, $975. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Lucia collection chain necklace, $13,810. Kwiat 18K yellow gold Cobblestone collection diamond bracelet, $15,100. Kwiat 18K white gold Stackable collection diamond bracelet, $12,900. Kwiat 18K yellow gold Stackable collection diamond bracelet, $7,350. Rahaminov Platinum three-stone cushion cut diamond engagement ring, $61,450.



LEFT: David Yurman blackened sterling silver box chain, $320. David Yurman sterling silver multi-stone camouflage pave dog tag, $3,900. Panerai titanium 47mm automatic submersible timepiece, $9,200. David Yurman black titanium and 18K yellow gold signet ring with cognac diamonds, $4,700. ABOVE: TIVOL 18K white gold diamond inside outside hoop earrings, $18,500. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond dome ring, $7,800. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond riviera necklace, $52,500. OPPOSITE: Kwiat platinum emerald and diamond halo drop earrings, $295,000. Kwiat 18K white gold diamond and emerald necklace, $38,500. Kwiat thin chain with diamonds and emeralds, $6,500. Kwiat Emerald and diamond three-stone ring, $33,400. Kwiat 18K white gold Sunburst collection diamond band ring, $2,615.







OPPOSITE: Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold chain necklace, $7,520. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold blue topaz pendant, $975. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold and diamond pendant, $3,620. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold Siviglia necklace, $4,990. BELOW: Armenta blackened sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Old World collection hinged bracelet, $1,160. Armenta 18K yellow gold and blackened sterling silver champagne diamond bracelet, $4,040. Armenta blackened sterling silver and 18K yellow gold sapphire and diamond bracelet, $1,690. Armenta blackened sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Old World collection beaded bracelet, $2,990. Armenta blackened sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Old World collection bracelet with mother of pearl and champagne diamonds, $1,690. TOP RIGHT: TUDOR stainless steel and yellow gold Black Bay 41 with champagne dial, $4,200. BOTTOM RIGHT: David Yurman blackened sterling silver box chain, $320. David Yurman sterling silver multistone camouflage pave dog tag, $3,900. Shinola stainless steel and PVD 47mm Runwell watch with hunter green dial, $625. David Yurman blackened sterling silver and 18K yellow gold Waves collection men’s ID bracelet with black diamonds, $2,950.





A change of plans resulted in a magical wedding that had guests saying “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”

Text by: Annie Rutherford

Photos by: Emma Lundberg - The Bold Americana

Event Planning by: Lisa Forbes - Simple Elegance

Christina is from Kansas City, Mitch from West Des Moines, Iowa, but these two were brought together by the St. Louis Blues hockey team. How? Christina attended college in St. Louis and Mitch loved to cheer on The Blues, so it made sense for them both to be asked by a mutual friend to watch them play when the team was playing in Kansas City. Although the two didn’t talk much during the game, they arranged to meet up the next day for lunch, and their relationship began to blossom. Christina says she, “knew early on that Mitch was the love of my life.” Christina’s family has been TIVOL customers for over three decades. Her grandparents were friends with Harold Tivol and developed a close relationship with the entire TIVOL team. She says, “it’s the only place I would consider purchasing jewelry from,” and her family has grown close with Lisa Lyddon, the Assistant Manager of our Country Club Plaza store. Her family has celebrated many milestones with TIVOL jewelry, and so it was only fitting that her engagement ring was from TIVOL. Mitch proposed with a Rahaminov engagement ring from TIVOL in December of 2019 on a weekend trip to New York City. A large Christmas tree in Bryant park served as the perfect backdrop for the next step in their lives as a couple.



This page clockwise from left: The couple with their immediate family who attended their intimate wedding ceremony and dinner. The outdoor pergola overlooking the vineyard was transformed by Beco Flowers to become the perfect backdrop to their vows. The couple received a barrel top from a Bourgmont winery barrel customized with their initials and wedding date. The intimate dinner table overlooking the property allowed the guests to enjoy the sunset. Opposite page: The couple cuts their cake from Water to Wheat Cakery. Custom place-cards were placed on the table settings at the intimate dinner.



VENUE: Bourgmont Winery

Above: the couple embraces as they celebrate their new union. The bride is wearing 18K white gold open floral diamond earrings from Roberto Coin, $18,500.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Emma Lundberg – The Bold Americana PLANNER: Lisa Forbes – Simple Elegance FLORIST: Beco Flowers CATERING: Inspired Occasions KC CAKE: Water to Wheat Cakery VIDEOGRAPHER: Glenwood Wedding HAIR & MAKEUP: Bronzed and Blushed BRIDE’S GOWN: Emily Hart Bridal GROOM’S TUX: Indochino

Originally, the couple planned to have a small family-only ceremony in Germany, as it has a special meaning to their families. Due to COVID, they were unable to travel to Europe, but they wanted to celebrate somewhere in the Kansas City area that felt special and unique. This led them to the Bourgmont Winery in Bucyrus, Kansas. Their florist, Beco Flowers, turned their outdoor pergola and patio into a beautiful oasis. With the decor, and their immediate family amongst the vineyard and a beautiful sunset backdrop it didn’t feel like they were in Kansas.



The wedding was filled with special moments, but before the ceremony even began, memories and new traditions were being made. After Christina stepped into her gown, she slipped a ring on her right hand: a gift from her grandparents. The sparkling sapphire and diamonds originally belonged to her great-grandmother, making it a very special something blue. In 1984, on the day of their wedding, Christina’s grandmother gave her grandfather a Rolex with their wedding date engraved on the back. This time it was Christina’s turn. She had their wedding date engraved just below her grandparents’ and gave that same Rolex to Mitch before he headed down the aisle. With both of their family heirlooms in tow, they headed to say their vows and officially become Mr. & Mrs. Wink. 



Opposite Page: Mitch receives and puts on his Rolex, a gift from Christina that has been engraved with their wedding date. Christina adds the finishing touches to her bridal look, while wearing the sapphire and diamond ring gifted to her by her grandparents. This page: The Winks are glowing in newly-wed bliss following their intimate ceremony.





gift guide Special gift ideas for a special day. Text by: Annie Rutherford

The wedding day gift exchange is a meaningful tradition to honor and bond with your significant other. Whether sneaking away for some alone time or having a member of your bridal party deliver the gifts with a note, this tradition gives you both a chance to stop and enjoy the moment before being swept away in wedding day craziness. If you’re hoping for the bride or groom to wear the piece down the aisle, we recommend enlisting a member of the bridal party or a future in-law to help you ensure whatever you choose will coordinate with any accessories they have already selected. We’ve curated some of our top picks for this fun and sentimental moment. See something you like from this article? Scan the QR code to learn more about these pieces on our website. Above: Photo by Husband and Wife Photography from the wedding of Luke & Riley Eckley. Her wedding day accessories are ready to go, including her new diamond necklace from her soon-to-be husband.




necklaces bride for the



From a statement-making riviera to a personalized pendant, a plethora of necklace options means finding the just-right accessory she is guaranteed to remember – and wear – long after the Big Day. Above: Photo by Husband & Wife Photography from the wedding of Luke & Riley Eckley. Her wedding day accessories are paired and ready to go.




1. A diamond riviera makes a statement without saying a word. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond necklace. Price varies by diamond carat weight and length, $5,000-$50,000. 2. A versatile diamonds by the yard necklace can be layered or shine all on its own. TIVOL 18K white gold diamond by the yard chain necklace. Price varies by length and diamond carat weight, $1,080 - $8,800. 3. Personalize your wedding day gift with an initial pendant with her maiden name or new last name. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold diamond initial pendant, $650. 4. A bar necklace is a blank canvas for engraving the wedding date, her new initials or a monogram for the two of you. TIVOL 14K rose gold bar necklace, $340. 5. A diamond pendant is a gift that she can wear long after she says, “I do.” Kwiat 18K white gold diamond pendant. Price varies depending on total carat weight, $1,800 - $8,650. 6. Need something blue? A birthstone pendant can keep with the wedding tradition or go with a personal touch and choose a pendant with her birthstone. TIVOL 18K white gold sapphire and diamond pendant, $2,500 - $21,350.





earrings for the




From simple studs to a fun hoop, earrings are the exclamation point on an already unforgettable wedding day ensemble.


1. Pearl studs with a diamond below are a fun twist on the classic earring. These beautiful ones feature a diamond set in 18K yellow gold, $4,995. 2. Check off her “something blue” with sapphire studs, hoops or drops. We have something to fit any look. Prices vary by style starting at $2,860. 3. Diamond hoops are classic and bring light to the face, making them a welcome addition to a wedding day outfit. Diamond hoops vary in price based on size and carat weight, $1,200-$30,000. 4. A multi-talented accessory to add to her collection, TIVOL drop earrings can be dressed up or down. Available in other shapes, lengths, metals and colors, $3,180 - $4,920. 5. A drop earring in her favorite color is a lovely way to add a touch of her individual style to her wedding day look. These Penny Preville drop earrings are available in 3 metal colors, 3 different sizes and with or without additional diamonds, $3,000 - $11,000. 6. Diamond studs vary in price based on carat weight and always deliver on the “wow” factor, $720 - $36,000.








for the



Bracelets can be worn alone or stacked alongside other jewelry from her collection. Add a meaningful stone or an engraving to show her you pay attention to all the important details. Above: Photo by Claire Ryser Photography from the wedding of Nikki and Winn Clark. Nikki admires her new bracelet from her fiancé, Winn.



1. Sapphires are a wedding day classic for a reason! This beautiful sapphire and diamond bracelet speaks for itself. Prices range from $5,995 - $62,500. 2. A diamond bracelet is a wearable piece that is perfect to pair with her wedding dress. Roberto Coin 18K white gold diamond bangle bracelet, $10,495. 3. An open cuff can stand alone or can be layered with other complementary bracelets. Lagos sterling silver and 18K yellow gold open cuff with diamonds, $1,350 4. A diamond line bracelet, also known as the tennis bracelet, is streamlined and sophisticated, and flexible enough for a comfortable fit for a woman on the go. Tennis bracelets vary in price based on carat weight, $11,000 - $45,000. 5. How about a bracelet that matches her heart of gold? Try the TIVOL Charles Tivol 18K yellow gold and platinum diamond bangle bracelet, $10,495. 6. A delicate gold bracelet with diamond accents is a quietly confident modern look. Marco Bicego 18K yellow gold and diamond bracelet, $3,990.







groom for the

Gifting a watch to your soon-to-be husband is a wedding tradition worth continuing. Both luxurious and practical, the right watch reflects his own personal style and your impeccable taste.

1. Play up his sporty side and add a side of luxury with the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph – 44mm, $5,750. 2. Match his sense of adventure with the Panerai Luminor Marina – 44mm, a watch built to endure just about any terrain, $8,100. 3. The Shinola Runwell Choronograph – 41mm watch can keep up with him at work and play, $750. 4. Show him you love him to the moon and back with a timepiece featuring a moon-phase dial. Baume et Mercier Clifton day-date moon-phase timepiece, $4,750. 5. On land or under the sea, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 – 43mm is ready to perform, $3,000.








for the



Whether you want to venture a little outside the norm or keep it classic for your groom’s gift, a necklace or a pair of cuff links can be just the finishing touch he will always remember.

Above: Photo by The Bold Americana from the wedding of Christina and Mitch Wink. Mitch opens up the gift from his future wife before he prepares to head down the aisle.



1. A gold chain is a classic and can be worn with everything from a t-shirt to a button down. David Yurman 18K yellow gold box chain. Prices vary based on thickness and length, $2,800 - $12,000. 2. Black diamond necklaces have been put on the map because of their popularity with athletes. They look sharp when layered with other necklaces on a t-shirt or on their own peeking out from under the collar of a button down. TIVOL 14K white gold black diamond necklace. Prices vary depending on length and carat weight, $11,000 - $30,000. 3. This pavé necklace is an eye-catching spin on the usually utilitarian dog tag. David Yurman black diamond dog tag. Prices vary based on size and stone type, $3,200 - $4,500. 4. Gold cufflinks are the quintessential accessory for the well-dressed man, no matter the occasion. Roberto Coin 18K yellow gold cufflinks, $2,000. 5. These black diamond cufflinks let him know that you think he shines. David Yurman pavé cufflinks with black diamonds, $1,250.




Shapes & Sizes

Text by: Lindsay Ross, GG, GJ (GIA) - Diamond Buyer at TIVOL

You’ve found your match, now we can help you find the diamond to seal the deal. There are three main characteristics diamond experts are looking for when scouting the perfect diamond: cut, shape and carat. Before you embark on finding your dream diamond, let our resident expert gemologist, Lindsay Ross, fill you in on what each of those means and how they work together to create a masterpiece.

ROUND The round brilliant diamond is the most popular shape overall. This diamond shape has been developed and perfected with over 600 years of cutting experience and artistry. It is designed to optimize light refraction more than any other diamond cut, meaning – more sparkle! The rounded edges of this cut lessens the risk of chipping, making this shape one of the most durable, preparing it to withstand years of wear in your modern life. TIVOL Platinum round brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring, $36,775. TIVOL 18K yellow gold round brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring, $17,325. TIVOL 18K white gold round brilliant cut engagement ring with diamond shank, $9,930. All styles are available in other price points.

EMERALD Emerald cut diamonds are more rare, with only about three percent of all diamonds in the world being cut into this shape. Parallel facets highlight the stone’s color and quality and create a dramatic hall of mirrors effect. Parallel lines also emphasize the length of the stone. Traditionally, the shape of the rough diamond helps to dictate the position and placement of the facets, allowing the stone cutter to maximize the carat weight of the final gem. TIVOL Platinum emerald cut solitaire engagement ring, $51,330. TIVOL Platinum emerald cut solitaire engagement ring, $19,885. TIVOL 18K white gold emerald cut engagement ring with diamond shank, $12,790. All styles are available in other price points.



CUSHION A cross between a round cut and a princess cut diamond, a cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. The length-to-width ratio varies from each stone which means whether you prefer a square or an elongated rectangle cut, this shape can work for you. Because of this variation, we strongly recommend coming into the store to look at these types of diamonds in person to ensure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Henri Daussi 18K rose gold cushion cut solitaire engagement ring, $4,820. TIVOL Platinum cushion cut engagement ring with diamond shank, $88,995. TIVOL 18K white gold cushion cut halo engagement ring, $17,500. All styles are available in other price points.

OVAL Sleek and modern, oval cut diamonds are a combination of the round brilliant and pear shape cutting styles. The shape tends to make the diamond look larger while elongating the finger. Many women prefer this shape to the round brilliant cut for these reasons. TIVOL 18K white gold oval halo engagement ring, $8,520. Rahaminov 18K white gold oval halo engagement ring, $39,640. Rahaminov Platinum oval halo engagement ring, $96,980. All styles are available in other price points.

OTHER FANCY SHAPES And then, there are other fancy shapes! A fancy shape diamond is an umbrella term for any diamond shape other than a round brilliant. These shapes include but are not limited to: square emerald, marquise, pear, heart and princess. Square emeralds have the same step cutting as rectangular emerald cuts but have more depth and a smaller table; marquise shapes have the standard brilliant cut in a football or boat shape and can appear larger than their carat weight; pear shapes bring out the brilliance of a diamond; heart shapes are instantly recognizable and similar in cut to the round brilliant – its symmetry is an important factor in choosing the best one; and princess shapes are square or rectangle with pointed corners and a high-degree of light return. TIVOL 18K white gold square emerald cut engagement ring with diamond shank, $17,940. TIVOL Platinum radiant cut engagement ring, $21,830. TIVOL Platinum pear shaped solitaire engagement ring, $22,770. All styles are available in other price points.


r e v o c s i





c k L


People of all ages are seeing the benefits to owning smaller homes. Do you? Text by: Alexander G & Annie Rutherford

Downsizing used to be a tradition for retirees, but now people of all ages are choosing smaller properties over large, costly ones. If you no longer need your large house, you may want to consider downsizing, but the decision of whether to downsize isn’t always that simple. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision.



1. A smaller house is cheaper

1. Less storage space

Usually, smaller houses have lower overall costs. By investing your money in a smaller house, you may be able to free up some equity, reduce your monthly mortgage payments, or even afford to pay in cash for the smaller home.

If you’ve lived in a house that has ample space for you to store sentimental possessions and a lot of furniture, moving to a small home can seem daunting. You will have to sell or give away some of your things to adjust to the smaller home. This can be emotionally tough and time consuming.

2. Smaller homes require less maintenance Smaller homes, whether a condo or a small single-family house, typically require less maintenance. That’s because the outdoor spaces such as gardens, flower beds, and lawn areas are often smaller. This means you don’t have to spend as much time and money on maintaining these areas. With fewer indoor spaces, smaller houses require less cleaning. In general, they require less effort and work to keep clean and tidy.

2. Less space to entertain

3. Downsizing is a chance to reboot

Smaller homes generally mean you won’t have as much space to entertain as you did before. For people who love hosting parties or big holiday gatherings, downsizing could be quite a change. This is something you should definitely consider if you want to continue entertaining lots of guests. However, you could rent a larger family home for the holidays or have outdoor parties if the weather allows..

By moving to a new, smaller house, you also get the opportunity to reboot your new home with new decor and design elements, and it’s the perfect change to declutter. Choosing to downsize could also mean that you get to move to an area which you’d prefer to live in, and even help you reduce your daily commute time. In other words, downsizing can present an opportunity for a fresh start.

If you move to a new neighborhood, you’ll be leaving behind people and places that you’ve grown accustomed to. You may have had amazing neighbors and friends and were conveniently located close to amenities like shops and restaurants. Moving to a new area can be challenging if you’re not prepared for these changes. 

3. Adjusting to a new area and the unfamiliar


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Why We

Wear It Falling in love with jewelry is a personal experience, wearing it is often a shared one. Text by: Lindsey Cook

Everett Collection / Eli Winston/Everett Collection - stock.adobe.com

Jewelry is a powerful conduit. Sometimes, it’s how we present ourselves and our most cherished stories to the world. Other times, reasons for putting it on are purely ornamental, meant only to match your mood and your outfit. A sentimental piece of jewelry can gently bring back memories of people we never will forget; it can serve as a reminder to those we hope will never forget us. A piece passed down over generations is a tangible “I love you” and an act of care and stewardship. Jewelry itself is the union between raw beauty created by nature and time paired with the human artistic skill needed to shape it to our vision. Actress Debra Messing was first introduced to jewelry as a little girl by her father, a sales executive for a jewelry manufacturer in New York. In her 2018 acceptance speech for the GEM award for jewelry style she told the audience, “Jewelry tells the story of my life…It immediately transports me in a way that even photographs cannot. When I miss my mom, the only thing that comforts me is putting on her ring and then I feel close to her again.” Putting on jewelry can evoke all the characters that reside within us. Messing went on to say in her speech, “It can make me feel bold, aggressive, demure, glamorous. I can be a bad ass from the city; a hippie chick; a queen. It helps me identify and free the many different facets of my soul. It makes me feel more like myself. It is my armor, my talisman, my comfort, my joy, my good luck charm, my weapon, my sorcery.” Each of our paths to falling in love with jewelry is a personal one, but wearing it, as Debra points out in her speech, is an experience we share with one another. “The magical part of it all is that it affects the viewer as much as it does the wearer. It’s a shared experience. It’s generous,” she said. “And to me, that’s the definition of beauty. It is a potent balm that has the power to comfort and uplift and that is no small thing.” 


encourage meals to be shared, to be creative, to be inspiring.

601 W 47th St, Kansas City MO 64112 | 816.556.3322 | KCInfo@rothliving.com


Meet Emma! Chief Happiness Officer Text by: Lindsey Cook

It’s not that our Chief Happiness Officer Emma Tivol Maslan is particularly concerned with everyone’s happiness. It just so happens to be a side effect whenever she’s around – and she’s really, really good at her job. As a TIVOL veteran of two years, Emma has earned her title as CHO and is keeping up the tradition of working in the family business. She might not be able to answer your questions about jewelry, but she’ll make sure you have a great time while shopping for it. Watching Emma at play, tossing and jostling her stuffed animals or chasing pickleballs on the sales floor, is a dose of serotonin. Emma is equal parts TIVOL welcoming committee, playtime ambassador and kissing bandit. She takes her responsibilities greeting customers and letting them give her pets and compliments very seriously. She’ll even engage in a game of tag, chasing and being chased by little ones (as long as she is allowed by her big brother Hunter). Ever the proponent of dressing to impress, she keeps a fluffy pink flower on her harness as her signature go-to work accessory. A wave of happiness is inevitable when you hear her dainty little tippy-taps as she makes her rounds around the back-of-house and says “hello” to staff with her big brown eyes and sweeping tail wags. And when you are chosen by Emma – oh, to be chosen by Emma – she will show you that the perfect spot for a quick power nap is nestled in the nook of your arm. As the eager CHO she is, she’s always happy to assist you with your delicious lunch whenever you may need it.


Lady and the Tramp

All Dogs go to Heaven

The Adventures of Milo & Otis

Air Bud

101 Dalmatians




Toy Story 2

Homeward Bound

Scooby Doo


Emma reminds us here at TIVOL that while we take our work seriously, there is always time to stop and snuggle a pup.





CATHY’S BEST EVER ADAPTED FROM: Chef John’s Creamy Mushroom Soup - All Recipes.com and Balthazar’s Cream of Mushroom Soup –The Balthazar Cookbook



1/4 cup unsalted butter

1. Melt butter in a large soup pot over medium-high heat; cook mushrooms in butter with 1 pinch salt until the mushrooms give off their juices; reduce heat to low.

2 pounds of sliced fresh mushrooms (can use mixture of white button & cremini mushrooms) 1 pinch of salt 1 yellow onion, diced 11/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 6 sprigs fresh thyme 2 cloves garlic, peeled 5 cups chicken broth 1 cup heavy whipping cream 1 pinch salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leave for garnish, or to taste

2. Continue to cook stirring often, until juices evaporate and the mushrooms are golden brown, about 15 minutes. This is very important! Set aside a few attractive mushroom slices for garnish later, if desired. Mix onion into mushrooms and cook until onion is soft and translucent, about 5 more minutes. 3. Stir flour into mushroom mixture and cook, stirring often, for 2 minutes to remove raw flour taste. Tie thyme sprigs into a small bundle with kitchen twine and add to mushroom mixture; add garlic cloves. Pour chicken stock into mushroom mixture. Bring to a simmer and cook for 1 hour. Remove the thyme bundle. 4. Transfer soup to a blender in small batches and puree on high speed until smooth and thick. 5. Return soup to pot and stir in cream. Season with salt and black pepper and serve in bowls garnished with mushroom slices and a few thyme leaves. TIP FROM CATHY: If the mixture seems too thick, thin it out with more chicken broth or some water.


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