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Hello and Welcome This is the first edition of Discover Winchester you will have received through your door so you may think this is a new publication. Well it is… sort of. You will have been used to receiving a magazine called Go Winchester which was formerly run by Rachael Elliott. Rachael has been studying to be a teacher for some time and found that she wasn’t giving Go Winchester the attention it deserved, so asked me and my business partner Melanie to take it over. As we already run several other magazines (see the bottom of the page) it made sense for this one to follow the same naming convention, hence we are now Discover Winchester. Mel and I have many years’ experience between us, bringing local news, general interest features, useful information and advertiser listings to communities. Whilst general information is easy to find – the school phone numbers, supermarket opening hours and other reference material at the back – finding local events and news is more of a challenge, and that’s where you come in. Do you have any walks you could write up for us (happy to donate either to you or to a charity of your choice to reward your efforts)? Or what about memories of the area in days gone by

either with or without photographs? Perhaps you know somebody who is doing voluntary work or helping those less fortunate in some way? Visit to find out how to submit your community content and help us deliver a magazine that the area can call its own. Tania PS: Of course using our advertisers is also much appreciated as without them we have no magazine. Needless to say, more advertisers are very welcome! PPS: There is £50 to be won in our monthly competition. No catch, it just helps us to check that the magazine is arriving at people homes and that they are reading it. See page 18 for more details.

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CALL NOW FOR OUR INTRODUCTORY OFFERS • Weekly Lessons • Structured lessons • Learn to read and write music • Grades available • Jam sessions every week • Take part in local gigs • All equipment provided • Complete beginners to intermediate




More Than Justn! A Music Lesso



Rock Out! ool music sch

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



Rock City One of the region’s fastest-growing rock schools is coming to Winchester in April when Rock Out! opens its doors.

With schools already in Chandler’s Ford, Alresford and Alton, Rock Out! teaches guitar, bass drums and vocals to children aged 7 and upards. Taking a simple but structured approach to learning, the Rock Out! method includes ‘jamming’ with other musicians from the very first visit. Rock Out! founder and Alresford resident Oliver Wilson-Barnes was the recipient of many ‘traditional’ music lessons in his youth. ‘I distinctly remember taking my Grade 4 Piano when I was around 12 years old. I had to go into this freezing hall with a grand piano in the middle and the examiner who was ancient, barely said a word to me. I passed, but it wasn’t a very inspiring experience and soon after I followed in my father’s footsteps and took up the drums. ’ ‘I began playing in a band with my schoomates and although we never amounted to much musically, we still talk about our rehearsals and gigs with great fondness. It’s funny, we had little discipline when it came to schoolwork but we all knuckled down when we had a gig coming up. ‘ ‘I learned a to play and perform in front of an audience and that confidence came in handy when I was giving Sales and Marketing presentations in my first couple of jobs. If you’re enthusiastic, well-prepared and a team player you’ll go a long way in life so learning an instrument and how to play in a band is a pretty good way to spend your time. You’ll make friends and have LOTS of fun along the way. ’ ‘So this isn’t necessarily about preparing you for a career as a musician. Studies indicate time and again that learning an instrument


helps with many other forms of learning, especially languages and even mathematics. More than all that it builds confidence, teaches teamwork and allows your child to take part in something different and a bit special. Some students enjoy it so much they learn more than one instrument, coming back for 3 or 4 years perhaps.‘ ‘At Rock Out!the emphasis is split between learning the instrument with a tutor and playing with other musicians right away because that’s the fun, rewarding part. So each lesson lasts 1 hour with the first 45 minutes taken up with teaching and the last 15 minutes devoted to a jam session when all the pupils and tutors join together to play 3 songs.’ ‘At least 2 or 3 times a year we hold a ‘Rock Out! Live’ event so that all students can play together on stage in front of an audience and show whay they can do. It’s for parents, family and friends but everyone’s invited and all the proceeds go to charity.‘ Rock Out! Music School, Winchester opens in April and FREE taster sessions are available to book now. Call Oliver on 0845 680 4685 or go to

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


An independent day school for girls and boys aged 11-16

Open Morning Friday 17 May 9.30am - 12.00noon

Scholarships and Bursaries available for September 2014 entry Making the most of individual talent

Townhill Park House, Cutbush Lane, Southampton SO18 2GF

Telephone 02380 472133 F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



Grow Your Own Veg By Pippa Greenwood Pippa Greenwood is a gardening writer, journalist and regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time. I know a lot of people who have yet to try growing their own veg and plenty more who have tried but had some disappointing results. But as the new gardening year is upon us, why not have a go because it doesn’t need to be difficult and has the potential to be one of the most productive and fun things you’ve ever done. Now I’m no great fan of green wellies (mine are black) but I am a fan of green-gardening. Yes, plenty of gorgeous greens in the beds and borders, but also an ecologically green outlook. Simply put, home grown food tastes better, uses little if any air miles, can save you a packet and is enormously rewarding. Grow your vegetables and you are really getting the top end of the market produce and minimising any harmful effects to the environment. Remember to grow what you like and what your garden can grow well - this may take some experimenting, but don’t be afraid to admit that some things are trickier than others in your plot. If you’re an organic gardener or you simply want to produce pesticide free vegetables, you might need to spend more time thinking about what to grow and how you can best nurture it so that pests, diseases and other problems take a back seat.


* Seed and plant catalogues are now more likely to let you know which varieties are relatively pest or disease resistant. * If you garden organically you can also encourage some of the naturally occurring insects that parasite or predate upon the garden pests, or bigger animals such as frogs, toads, hedgehogs and many birds. Insects include: Ladybirds: The larvae and the adults both consume huge numbers of aphids. Lacewings: The young or larvae are brilliant predators, eating mainly aphids, but also eating other pests such as thrips and eggs of moths. Hoverflies: The soft-bodied yellowy grey larvae are great aphid eaters, a single one eating up to fifty in a day, nearing 1,000 in its lifetime. Ground beetles: Often seen scuttling off at speed when you move pots, low-growing plants or loose slabs, they are mostly black and often shiny and are brilliant predators of many pests including slugs, vine weevils and some insect eggs. Solitary wasps: Some feed their larvae on aphids, weevils and other insects. Centipedes: These eat a lot of soil dwelling creatures and their eggs. Anthocorids or flower bugs: They feed on aphids, mites, thrips and a range of small insects. Devil’s coach horse: Predators of slugs, leather jackets, cutworms and other soil pests. There’s a good chance most of these are already

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

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All aspects of tree work undertaken...

▪ From builders waste, rubble and soil to ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

DIY and garden waste, we can take it all! Reliable and Efficient Service Serving Trade, Domestic and Commercial Customers Two sizes of bags available Call us for prompt Delivery of a Bag Fill like a Normal Skip Call again for a swift collection. We can also collect your own grab bags

02380 811757

Dismantles Thinning Reductions Stump grinding Hedge work Planting Ground maintenance Firewood Workshop facility ...Call now for friendly advice Tel: 01962 840 507 | Mob: 07789 644 322 Email:












Impervious to rotting and warping. Will resist wind gusts up to 130mph Requires no preservative treatments or painting. For a FREE quote please call: 07952 836884

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


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in your garden, silently but efficiently helping you, but by growing some suitable plants you can really encourage them in and help build up their numbers. On the whole the simple, nondouble varieties are the most insect friendly, so try some of these: * Phacelia: A hardy annual with bluish perfumed flowers, perfect for direct sowing. * Limnanthes douglasii (the poached egg plant): This yellow and white flowered hardy annual is loved by hoverflies. * Eschscholzia (the Californian poppy): This pretty yellow, orange and cream flowered plant can be direct sown and thrives in sunny well-drained sites. * Iberis (candytufts): One of the easiest hardy annuals, it has readily available pollen and nectar, perfect for many beneficial insects. * Calendula officinalis (the pot marigold): A gorgeous bright gold, another that can be direct sown and should keep on flowering until hit by frosts.

So why not take the plunge? Just being in the garden makes most of us feel better and more relaxed plus it’s a great way to burn off some calories. And then of course there is the regular supply of superbly tasty vegetables, picked when ripened to perfection (not just to make them last longer on the supermarket shelf), gathered as and when you need them and in the quantities you need (cutting down on wastage). You will also find that growing your own veg allows you to choose the tastiest varieties and create some really delicious meals. Why not grow some great vegetables in 2013? Go to and sign up for ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ – choose from a fantastic selection of vegetables sent to you at just the right time for planting and each week you receive an email from her telling you all you need to know to ensure great results. You can also sign up for Pippa’s newsletter and receive a free e-book on organic gardening, and buy a handpicked selection of garden products.

 Garden Designs  by Mo Mariner 

 


 

    £10 8

Picture Perfect Gardens

New garden? Probably don’t know where to start... or possibly old garden in need of a makeover...

If you need inspiration for your garden for whatever reason call Mo. I have a Diploma in Garden Design and have been designing gardens for a number of years. I offer friendly advice, beautiful and practical designs, with prices to suit all budgets.

Tel: 02380 274106 Mob: 07576 769865 Email:

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k




Hamptons Tree Care

01962 620936 or 07771 530971 • All Aspects of Professional Tree Work • Hedge Trimming & Shrub Pruning • Fully Insured & Qualified • Over 25 years Experience • Free Estimates & Friendly Advice Hamptons Tree Care, 44 Wolfe Close, Winchester F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


Green Keeper Lawn Treatments Your Local Lawn Service Company Green Keeper is your established independent Lawn service expert. Caring for and improving lawns in Chandlers Ford since 2000. A great looking lawn is easier than you think! All operators trained at Sparsholt College and hold NPTC certificates in the safe use of pesticides. We use organic feeds whenever possible!



Green L A W N


A Beautiful Lawn - No Sweat!

Call us on 0800 0845 296

Jem Musselwhite FBEng


Felling, Pruning, Stump Removal, Hedge Trimming, Thinning and Deadwooding, Lopping Fully Insured N.P.T.C. Trained Free Estimattes 24 HR Call Out Tel 01962 883332 Mob 07879 628493


Building Engineer & Surveyor Building Plans for Local Authority Approval Free Initial Visit & Consultation

07758 746207

email: 106 Buriton Road, Winchester, SO22 6JF

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RECOMMENDED by 99.7% of our customers

It’s not too late

to consider renewable energy You can still get up to 12% return on Solar PV*

Think you’ve missed out on the Solar PV Feed-in Tariff? The good news is returns are still high and there are 5 good reasons to install Solar PV today:

1 2 3 4 5

Feed-in Tariff alive and well. You will earn money for every kWh your system produces PLUS your bill saving on top.

Lowest ever panel prices. As demand has increased, manufacturers have significantly reduced the cost of panels.

Tax free earnings, guaranteed for 20 years. Your Feed-in Tariff returns are index linked and exempt from tax.

Free EPC. If you need an energy performance certificate to claim the highest tariff rates, we will include this free. Soaring electricity bills, making it more important than ever to start producing your own free electricity.

*based on a standard 16 panel system

Renewable Energy solutions for every property: Solar PV | Solar Thermal

Air Source Heat Pumps | Ground Source Heat Pumps | Biomass Boilers | Wind Turbines


and all the advice you need to make an informed decision about Solar,

call: 02380

550 981 or email: F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



SERVICES Building & Decorating All enquires welcome

tel: 01962 761 643 mob: 07731 082852 email:


General Building & Refurbishments Sash Window Repairs Alterations Fitted Kitchens Maintenance

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k



Why pay a fortune for a new kitchen in the sales? Just change your doors and worktops!

And Save ££££’s!! n Get

a quality, bespoke kitchen at a fraction of the price! n Tiles, flooring, appliances, sinks, and full kitchen redesigns too n Installed quickly and cleanly by our very own local, expert craftsmen and registered fitters n Only 50% deposit – pay the rest when fully satisfied


Most kitchens fitted in only 2 days!

Est 1999 • s •

02381 280123

ational A n n

work of loc et

For your FREE design consultation and estimate call Sean or Katie now on


showroom al


or visit our showroom at 8 Falkland Court, Falkland Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3GA Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9.30am-2pm

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



4 Mile Walk From Kings Worthy This walk commences just North of Winchester in Kings Worthy, with parking recommended at the Cart and Horses Pub, Worthy Road, Kings Worthy, SO23 7QN. It is approximately 4 miles and will take about 1 hour 20 minutes at a steady stroll, with only a few stiles and kissing gates to interrupt the flow of the walk. There is also a small lay-by 200 metres back into the village beside St Mary’s Church, which could also accommodate safe parking. This point, in reality marks the start of the walk and threads through the houses along a gravel track marked as ‘The Itchen Way’. Very shortly the path halts to allow safe passage across the fast moving A33 , a dual carriageway that takes vehicles on the non M3 route Northbound to Basingstoke. Once safely across the road another sign sends us down into some woods with the early signs of reed beds to our right. After 500 metres the path crosses an access road with the new signpost declaring 'St Swithun’s Way'. This crosses the field uphill and comes up beside a road – the walk extends past the row of houses on the right and drops down into the fields again after 100 metres. This path sweeps down towards the river Itchen before taking us under the M3 and away further along the river meadows. We swiftly leave the noise of the motorway behind us as the path threads across a field to a stile which leads into Easton Lane. The house opposite was probably once the water bailiff’s home for this upper river segment.


Turning right along this road the trail crosses various streams that feed the Itchen and in 500 metres it climbs up into Easton Village where we take a right turn into Church Lane. The local church (St Mary’s in Easton) passes on our right as does the former vicarage, which marks the right turn (fully signposted) into some playing fields and away along the river bank tracing the northern side. This section of the trail is known as The Three Castles Way although there are no signs of any castles now. The footpath is well signposted and crosses two more fields before another trip under the M3. Be sure to take the right turn under the bridge that emerges into a close cropped woodland with a narrow path that wriggles its way westwards. This trail opens out into a pea shingle area with our desired path very much to the right. Follow this path for 400 metres before meeting another pea shingle section with a stunning cottage across the river to the right. In fact we now have the pleasure of taking the right fork over the narrow bridge and tracing our steps almost 600 metres across the water meadows until another service road comes into view with a nest of houses. At this point the walk turns left and is now retracing its steps through the very first woodland and back across the A33 dual carriageway; through the gravel track , up past the church and swinging right to return to the car at the pub. You can download a printable version of this walk and a larger map by visiting

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


Mann & Sons Ltd All General Building Work Undertaken Celebrating over 35 years of local service

Extensions Rubber Flat Roofing 5* Velux Accredited Installer Conservatories Loft Conversions All Roofing Work

Commercial & Domestic Window Cleaners • Pure water high reach service • Fascias, soffits & conservatory roofs cleaned • Solar panels, signs & gutters cleaned • Frames, sills & doors washed every visit • Gutters also cleared & cleaned • Professional carpet cleaning available • Established since 2005 • Fully Insured


0800 567 7169

Replacement Windows, Facias, Guttering Plastering & Rendering Summerhouse Erection Interior & Exterior Decorating Kitchens Bathrooms Decking Patios & Driveways

References from local satisfied customers available on request

Telephone: 02380 262805 Mobile: 07919 925138

CLEAR 07917 623633 / 07788 121214 VISION

email: 50 Chalvington Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3DX

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


243 Leigh Road, Chandlers Ford A True Local Family Run Business With 30 Years Work Experience in This Location

Telephone Fiona on

023 8026 8835

No VAT to pay

For All Your Aerial Installations for Digital T.V. Upgrades, Repairs, additional points etc Installation of Dishes for “Freesat” Reception C. 1673

Voted BEST INSTALLER IN THE UK by Astra, the confederation of Aerial Industries & What Satellite & Digital TV Magazine, super installer award April 2011 Qualification in Electrical and Electronic Servicing (Signal Reception) All work carried out as per the Code of Practice as required by The Confederation of Aerial Industries “The CAI”

NVQ Level 2 Reg No 18266215


To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


Mann & Sons Ltd Modern Flat Roofing


| 100% colour match • 100% colour match

Celebrating over 35 years of local service

Find us on

• Surface scratches removed | Surface scratches removed from as little as £30 from as little as £30 • Alloy wheel refurbishment | Bumper scuffs and panels repainted • Bumper scuffs and panels repainted | Dent removal • Dents removed | Paint Restoration | Fully insured • Fully insured

| Alloy wheel refurbishment

For a FREE Quote contact Ian Smith For a Free Ian Smith t: 02392 254 Quote 239 m: contact 07891 298046 e: m: w:

07891 298 046 t: 02392 254 239 CARS • MOTORCYCLES • HORSE BOXES • VANS

Cars Motorcycles Horse Boxes Vans


Want a modern, long-lasting alternative to your tar and felt roof? Mann & Sons are Chandlers Ford based general builders who are approved Firestone Rubber Roofing (EPDM) installers. We use high performing EPDM rubber membranes and a range of accessories and trims for a watertight finish. Suitable for: Extensions • Garages

Dormers • Verandas • Porches Garden Buildings etc.

EPDM is the world’s most widely used flat roof material. Installed in one piece, no joins means no leaks. Firestone EPDM rubber roofs have a 20 year membrane warranty but are widely known to last a lifetime.

Mann & Sons

Wide range of top Quality Patio Awnings, Blinds and Shutters all supplied at Direct Factory Prices Free Quotation and Fitting and fully guaranteed.

are also a 5* Velux Accredited Installer We offer a full building service – see our website for a gallery of our work.

To arrange a no obligation visit or advice please call

Telephone: 02380 262805 Mobile: 07919 925138

50 Chalvington Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3DX

01962 861777


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WIN £50 John Lewis vouchers



Sean Quinn

Trading Standards Approved. Everything in Plain English. CRB Checked. Part-P Registered.

















14 Collingbourne Drive, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4SW



07986 949233



FIND THE HIDDEN SYMBOL and win £50 for FREE advice.





How to Enter: Find the Easter egg

(pictured above) hidden in one of the advertisements in this magazine. To enter you can email or leave a phone message. Call: 023 8026 8676 (ansaphone) Email: To enter the draw you must state: 1) The name of the advertiser 2) Your name 3) Your address 4) Your phone number and most importantly 5) The date you received the magazine The closing date is 13th April. The winner will be drawn at random and notified by the 16th April. The prize is for £50 John Lewis vouchers nd no alternatives are available. The winner's name will be available on We guarantee not to pass on your details to any third party. We may contact you occasionally (but not frequently we promise!) to check on deliveries in your area.


FREE No Obligation Site Survey • Digital Aerials/Satellites Installed • DAB & FM radio Student and • Plasma & LCD TV wall mounts OAP discount • Phone extensions with this • Extra TV points fitted advert • Satellites repaired • We cover all SO/PO postcodes - Call us now! Need a Freesat Installation? We can help!

02380 269948

or mobile 07766 333 315

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


Your Local Family Business with over 55 years experience Specialists in all blinds including:

Advanced Appliance Care

£10 OFF

• Conservatory Blinds • Shutters • Awnings • Roman • Roller • Wood Venetians • Vertical • Pleated • INTU • Perfect Fit

REPAIR when booking on-line

Same Day/Next Day Service Low Cost, Fast Repair 15 Years Experience All Makes & Models Repaired Fully Guaranteed
























02380 982855 01962 658750


Dishwashers Fridge Freezers Cookers Washing Machines Tumble Dryers Integrated Specialists OAP Discounts BU

• • • • • • •



Call for a free home design visit or advice

023 8084 0505

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



Hampshire Heritage Exploring Country Churches Church of St Swithun

There’s a scene early in Downton Abbey in which Matthew and Edith are touring the local countryside exploring churches. Church exploring was once the preserve of the leisured classes, but while attending services in church has declined, visiting churches simply to soak up their atmosphere has probably never been more popular. Why? Most people will tell you they love the atmosphere of little country churches. This feeling, a mixture of comfort and awe, has been described perfectly by the poet Philip Larkin in his well-known poem ‘Church going’. Our enthusiasm for visiting churches probably stems from some deep human need that is unfulfilled in our materialistic, often agnostic, lives. Exploring churches needn’t be a spiritual exercise. Churches reflect our island’s history and are architecturally absorbing, often beautiful. Their interiors contain a variety of aspects of interest – soaring architecture, sculpture in stone, carving in wood, richly ornate monuments. Every church is different and always more than the sum of its parts. The oldest churches to be found in Hampshire were built in Saxon times, before the Norman conquest. Many more are Norman, built in the 11th and 12th centuries. None of them


By Stephen Harvey look today just as they did when they were built. Much of the fascination of churches lies in the way they reflect the changing patterns of religious worship. Changes in the form of the services brought huge changes in church interiors. Henry VIII’s break with the Roman Catholic church in the 16th century resulted in the carved screens between nave and chancel being ripped out, carvings and statues broken, stained glass windows smashed, wall paintings covered in lime wash. And it happened again, some would say even more violently, a century later in the time of Cromwell and All Saints Church, Minstead Puritanism. During these upheavals, which will have been hard for ordinary people to understand or bear, the focal point of the church moved from the altar to the pulpit. Churches became ‘preaching boxes’ with the emphasis on the spoken word of the sermon and biblical texts on painted boards on the walls. Church attendance

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

DISCOVER HAMPSHIRE HERITAGE became compulsory by law and preaching likewise. Grim though it sounds, this movement produced some handsome interiors, with clear glass windows giving a beautiful light, fine box pews and magnificently carved pulpits. Church interiors became simple again, revealing something that Catholicism had obscured: the beauty of simplicity. What I have said above briefly sketches some of the background to the changes in church design that have occurred over the centuries. But what of individual churches in our county? What to see, where to go?

The church of St Mary and St Michael at Stoke Charity

With so many churches to choose from, even a random approach will yield much of interest. Hampshire’s strength probably lies in early (preGothic), small churches in deeply rural settings, exactly the sort I like best. So it is a few of these that I shall briefly describe now.

by a vestry added in C 16. The stone carving of Christ, the Virgin Mary and St John, larger than life size, was destroyed during the Reformation. What remains is their outline on the wall with the hand of God reaching down from a cloud towards Christ.

The church of St Mary and St Michael at Stoke Charity, east of Sutton Scotney, stands in a field, near a pond. Inside it feels like a miniature cathedral. To quote the church’s excellent guide book, it is a treasure house of beautiful and ancient objects. The building dates mainly from the 12th and 13th centuries, the Norman nave and chancel perhaps being added to a small Saxon church.

Lastly, a personal favourite: the tiny church of St John at Farley Chamberlayne, in deep rural isolation northwest of Hursley. It can seat only about 70 people, and apart from some fine monuments to the great and good, it is fairly basic. It is also charming.

In complete contrast, nothing prepares you for the Georgian church of All Saints in Minstead, in the New Forest . Viewed from the lychgate, the church could be mistaken for cottages, but for the later brick tower. Stepping inside reveals an interior almost like a house. There were once three large private pews for the comfort of the parish’s gentry. They even had their own fireplaces. The Saxon church of St Swithun at Headbourne Worthy has a lovely setting, in a grass plot with a stream, and a churchyard not overcrowded with tombstones. Its most important feature is a C 11 carving of the crucifixion on what was originally the outside west wall, now protected

Every visit to a new church is exciting. Be warned, though, about the bane of the church explorer: the locked church. In theory there may be a telephone number or an address from which the key can be obtained. But I’ve seldom found that to be true, so if a church is locked I simply move on. But let’s assume that you find the door unlocked and are savouring the atmosphere of a church that is new to you. My advice would be not to worry too much about historical identifications but to enjoy the entirety. Most churches have a booklet on sale that will help you learn about what you see. Finally, if you possibly can, do leave a donation in the box in the wall. The cost of maintaining our churches is frightening, and they are a unique part of our heritage. Think of your greatgreat-grandchildren. How tragic if they were never to see an English country church.

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


OSTEOPATH Marcus GeeIt’s ok to talk Talking Therapies Cranial Structural Massage Acupuncture

Tim Clark BSc.

@ 18 Stoney Lane, Winchester SO22 6DN Weeke & Harestock Osteopathic Clinic

Psychotherapy Counselling Coaching

Here to listen, guide and support you


Relaxing, Safe, Confidential Environment

CAN’T TURN YOUR NECK WHEN DRIVING? 07787 039 378 - Chandler’s Ford SO53


We Can Help!

Confused Fearful Not getting on Stressed Scared Hurting Overwhelmed Worried Anxious Phobic Depressed Stuck



For 45 Minute Appointment

01962 881 301 | 07960 197 430 ALSO AT SALISBURY & MIDHURST

It’s ok to ask for help

Active change for home, work and life




Pilates Classes £10 per class

Group classes near

Winchester on Mondays paid in advance in blocks following 9.30 - 10.30am Shawford school terms. 10.45 - 11.45am Shawford 1.15 - 2.30pm Littleton 2.45 - 4.00pm Littleton 6.45 - 8.00pm Harestock R

y Control P B od il a te s

Individual, small group & ante/postnatal instruction also available on request


clas s si

Please contact Nicole: Mobile: 07860 509558 or E-mail: Website:


To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

ze of 1


DISCOVER WINCHESTER MARCH/APRIL 2013 Fed up with all that paperwork?

A personal and friendly service to give you more time to run your business Book-keeping services for small businesses and the self employed Computerised accounts – Quickbooks Invoicing, VAT returns and payroll services

Call Amanda

02380 266915 / 07952 115935


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Independent experts in Sales and Lettings

If you are thinking don’t miss out o London and Intern

We are h property ex 121 Par The National Pr on Marc

If you would like showcased at th us today - 023

Chandler’s Ford 023 8027 6500 Romsey 01794 502500

Independent experts in Sales and Lettings

of selling or letting on the lucrative national markets.

holding a xhibition at rk Lane, roperty Centre ch 21st.

e your property his event contact

3 8027 6500

Chandler’s Ford 023 8027 6500 Romsey 01794 502500



Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one hexagon to another (touching) hexagon, placing consecutive numbers into the empty shapes as you go. Some numbers are already given.

Song Pictograms SongTitle Title Pictograms 5 words


EDAM 2 words 2


Word Ladder

Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word - and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.



Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetitions! You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. There’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s addictive.


W I S E Answers: Page 46


To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


20/20 Loyalty Card Scheme

For every £5 spent, you receive a stamp. Get 20 stamps and on your 21st stamp you’ll get 20% off !

Specialists in Game and Exotic Meats such as crocodile, bison etc Speciality sausages available incl Dragon’s Breath (with chilli), Moroccan Lamb, and Honey & Mustard, to name but a few.

Also Prime sirloin and rib eye steaks. Find us on Facebook and Twitter See our offers we have on a weekly basis, or just enjoy our humour


TEl: 01489 891937 (all major credit/debit cards accepted)

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Do You Know This Man?

Southampton area. Roy had fitted contact lenses to an incredible 15,000+ Southampton people.

If you suffer from myopia – short sightedness – you will almost certainly have tried contact lenses at some point. They really are a revolution for so many people, giving you normal sight, with better peripheral vision than glasses offer and none of the problems such as steaming up or dirt. Certainly if you do any sort of sport, you probably couldn’t imagine life without them. But you are putting something directly in your eye, so the fit and care of your lenses is a really important part of using them.

The really good news is that Roy and his wife Lynne have set up an entirely new practice in Chandlers Ford. Hampson Opticians Ltd is where he continues to fit contact lenses, welcoming new and existing wearers to his skillful care. Hampson Opticians also conducts full eye examinations and has a vibrant range of superb glasses frames all at very low prices.

Roy Hampson, acknowledged as one of the globally acclaimed group of British contact lens pioneers, began fitting contact lenses in Southampton when he opened the first Optique practice in Bedford Place early in 1985. Other practices in Bitterne and Totton soon followed and by the time he sold the business in 2010, Optique had grown to six practices all in the

Roy actively supports the competitive supply of contact lenses especially over the internet. Consequently he is very shortly going to be launching his website to enable you to do that. In the meantime, please call or pop in and you’ll find you’ll be able to buy now at the prices he will be offering online (prescription details required).

Roy Hampson FBDO (Hons) CL Contact Lens Optician (previous owner of Optique) can now been seen at

HampsonOpticians 3A Hursley Road Chandlers Ford SO53 2FW please look at or telephone 023 8115 9719 for further information 28

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k



Accountancy Ltd Chartered Accountants & Tax Advisers

Providing friendly and professional advice in all aspects of accounting and taxation. Quality service at competitive prices. Appointments available at evenings and weekends.

Tel: 023 8025 1439 Visit our website to see discount vouchers for first year fees:

Now available 3D cad design for bathrooms and kitchens

















See what your bathroom or kitchen will really look like. Please ring for details.





FREE Estimates Tel: 02380 601566 Mob: 07732 785867

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Short Story The Easter Egg Hunt Valerie waved as her daughter’s car pulled off the drive, leaving her with two pink overnight bags and a list of instructions which she knew she would ignore. In the lounge her granddaughters were pulling cushions off the sofa in search of the remote control. “Margot, Bonny”, she called, “Mummy said no TV”. The girls drooped visibly. “Well, maybe later, but first”, she clapped her hands, “how about an Easter egg hunt?” No chocolate had been second on the list. The girls excitedly pulled on their coats. “Here’s a basket each”. She opened the back door. “Let’s see what we can find”. Les, Valerie’s neighbour, appeared at the fence wearing a monocle and a fez. “Hello Uncle Les”, Margot called. “Like your funny glasses”. “I have a wobbly tooth”, Bonny added. “Excellent.” Les replied. “Enjoy the hunt”. The girls had keen eyes and soon found all the chocolate eggs hidden in the flower beds. “Look Grandma”, Margot called from the vegetable patch. Valerie was just as amazed as her granddaughters to see a giant bean stalk. It was eight feet tall and made out of papier-mâché. “I wonder how that got there?” Valerie asked. “This must be where Jack planted his magic beans”, Margot said with authority. “Look!” Bonny pointed under the rhubarb leaves. “A golden egg.” “The giant’s goose laid it”, Margot announced as the girls rolled the egg onto the path. Something else glinted in the soil. The girls knelt down and began to dig, unearthing a pile of golden chocolate coins. “The giant’s treasure”, Margot whispered. The girls hurriedly filled their baskets, concerned that the giant might make an appearance. “Can we go inside and eat our chocolate Grandma?” The girls chimed together. “Pretty please?” “Of course”, Valerie laughed. “Make sure you wipe the soil off first”. “Thanks Grandma”. Bonny popped a coin into


Valerie’s pocket and dashed after Margot into the house. In the kitchen Valerie switched the kettle on. Summoned by the sound like a genie in a lamp, Les appeared at the back door. “East egg hunt was a success I take it?” he asked, settling himself down at the kitchen table and removing his fez. “Thanks to you”, Valerie smiled. “You’re welcome darling”. Les made a bow. “Those props from the pantomime were just gathering dust in my shed. I thought they might spice things up”. Valerie put two mugs of coffee on the table. “They certainly did. Your beanstalk, golden egg and coins mixed with a child’s imagination; what could be better?” Les’s monocle popped out. “I didn’t plant any coins”. They exchanged quizzical glances and Valerie fished the coin out of her pocket. Les wiped the soil from it. “My dear”, he held it up to the light. “This is a real gold coin, possibly Roman”. Valerie took the coin. It was heavy and gleamed as though it had been minted yesterday. “How many did the girls find?” Les asked. “I don’t know”, Valerie said feeling excited. “A dozen?” “And where are they now?” A sharp cry of pain shook the walls and made Valerie and Les jump. They searched for the girls and found them behind the sofa with their baskets. Margot had her arm around Bonny who had tears rolling down her cheeks. In her palm Bonny held something tiny and white. “She couldn’t get the foil off the coin so she bit it”, Margot explained calmly. “And now her wobbly tooth’s fallen out”. “Do you think the tooth fairy will come to your house Grandma?” Bonny sobbed. “My dear”, Les exclaimed. “I’d say she’s already been”. By Jackie Brewster

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


If you like to sing you’ll LOVE Rock Choir! Pop, gospel and Motown singing for adults with no auditions, and no need to read music.

Winchester Rugby Club Off Nuns Road, SO23 7EF Tuesdays

9.45am - 11.15am OR 8pm - 9.30pm Term Time Only

Rock Choir also rehearses in many other locations across the UK.

BOOK YOUR FREE TASTER SESSION TODAY Visit or call 01252 714 276



Shutters and Blinds from a Company with Decades of Experience

• Plantation shutters for just one room or all rooms • High tech blinds to make your conservatory comfortable year round • Automated and motorised options - useful in conservatories • Stunning range of blinds for bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms • Shutters or blinds for awkward shaped triangular or arched windows expertly fitted Shading Places supply and fit blinds and shutters beautifully. We offer shading and privacy solutions for every window or door. 1000’s of styles, combining different materials and 100’s of colours.

Call today for assistance with design and full costing | Tel: 023 8110 3155 |

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Spring cleaning your home? Don’t forget to book a boiler service • All areas covered • All work fully guaranteed • Repairs and Maintenance to all Gas Appliances • Central Heating Installations • LPG, Bottled Gas & Unvented Systems Covered • Landlord Gas Safety Checks • Full System Power Flushing • FREE Estimates • Service and Maintenance Plans from £5 per month*


To boo OW k Boiler your Service

Call 0800 310 2323 E-mail 144901


*Introductory offer for 12 months. A minimum period of one calendar year is payable.

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DISCOVER WINCHESTER MARCH/APRIL 2013 Your Local Experienced Locksmith (est 2000)

Experienced local locksmith service • All locks opened, repaired, replaced • No call out charge Plumbing Gas Central Heating Gas Boilers Gas Fires Gas Cookers Landlord Certificates Bathrooms Kitchens

• 24 hour service • Fully insured • 19 years experience • UPVC door lock specialist • Free estimates & advice • Emergency response available

Call Steve on

01962 708234





Use us for ALL your printing needs Folders • Stationery Brochures • Leaflets • Books Manuals • Digital Magazines Mailing Campaigns

Eddie Learnihan T: 01489 891 496 / M: 07810 331 822 Fully Insured


As Recommended By


500 business cards and 500 compliment slips only £98.00 inclusive of Design, Delivery and V.A.T. Warwick Printing Company Tel : 01926 883355 Website :

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Town Planning By Ted Bruning Come April, the start of the new financial year, and everything goes up. Including, in many towns across the country, the price of parking. Well, you may say, these are hard times and local councils have to fund their activities somehow. But the cost of town-centre parking is more than just a nuisance: it’s slow poison for high street retailers whether they’re independent or branches of national chains. Town-centre planning is an incredibly abstruse art with an infinite number of variables and nobody, not even the professionals, really knows what works and what doesn’t. A new supermarket in a Hampshire high street – was it responsible for killing off the independent traders, or did it increase footfall and keep them on life-support, allowing them to absorb high rents for a few years longer? A new Waitrose in a Cambridgeshire town centre: yes, the butcher and the greengrocer couldn’t compete, but on the other hand an independent wine merchant set up shop directly opposite because Waitrose people are his people too, and as a specialist he feels he can do the job better. These two examples give just a hint of the complexities involved. But there’s one constant that separates all high street retailers whether chain or independent from all out-of-town retailers: free parking. And it’s not just Tesco and B&Q that have moved out of town centres and settled in car parks the size of small farms: why are franchises like Fired Earth and Cotton Traders generally sited in garden centres and farmyard malls? Plenty of free parking! A case in point: Beers of Europe is located in an old grainstore down a track outside King’s Lynn. It has unlimited parking. Shoppers can, and do, fill the boots of their cars with beer, and Beers of Europe is


thriving. But town-centre beer shops in Bury St Edmunds and Lincoln went under because the most a customer could physically carry away was five or six bottles. And it’s worth remarking that nearly all of the spectacular retail collapses of recent years – Woolworth’s, HMV, Clinton Cards – were primarily high street operators. Campaigns to ‘shop local’ are commonplace, but convenience is the order of the day. If in-town parking has limited availability and means shoppers must carry loose change, and may have to cut their shopping trip short for fear of a hefty fine, they will vote with their tyres and head straight to the big free car parks. Persuading local councillors who need income that providing plentiful free parking is in their interest is a very hard sell. But a high street populated with charity shops isn’t good for the council either. Charity shops don’t pay business rates and they rely on volunteers: they don’t hire unemployed people whose housing benefit is funded by the council. Surely carting all the unpopular and inconvenient pay-and-display meters off to the scrapyard is a measure that would encourage local shopping. The trouble is that so many town-centre independents have already gone to the wall that their political voice is very feeble. Many towns no longer even have a chamber of trade. One answer to that would be to persuade the high street chains – Iceland, Boots, M&S Food, Costa etc – to permit and indeed encourage their store managers to get involved. A chamber of trade that represented more than just the last independent optician and the last independent jeweller would be an energetic and influential lobby group that local councils would have to listen to.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

Homestyle Lettings now ‘open’ for business in Winchester... AlAn elliott (pictured above) is excited to announce Homestyle Lettings services to residents of Winchester. He is keen to match the waiting list of tenants to prospective landlords.

Homestyle Lettings is conveniently located in Chandlers Ford and so can service all three areas efficiently; Chandlers Ford, Romsey and now Winchester. “The need for rental properties is increasing as it’s more difficult to secure a mortgage for young couples, families and professionals alike.” comments Alan. Unlike




Homestyle Lettings specialises

solely in lettings and so is very experienced in the needs of both landlords and tenants without the distractions of property sales which in itself is a very different business. “Some landlords just want to pay an agent for finding tenants and some need a full management service so we provide a variety of packages from Introduction Fees only to a Fully Managed Service including Rental Collection etc.”

useful tips • Keep the colours in the property neutral. • A well maintained garden • Keep furnishings as contemporary as possible. • Check for any grouting issues in places such as the bathroom. • If the property is a flat with a communal entrance and hallway, make sure that for the benefit of all tenants that this area is kept tidy and clear of debris. • Double glazing and gas central heating is another popular feature amongst prospective tenants. • In general, try to find and rectify any damages around the property that can be easily seen or experienced. • Have any insurances, guarantees, product warranties etc to hand.

What to expect from a lettings Agent Allowing strangers to live in your home, even if it’s a ‘buy to let’ is an important move and you should choose your agent wisely and not just base your choice on price. Every good agent should provide a market rental valuation, take pictures for you and prepare high quality marketing material.  They should propose and state clearly what marketing will be carried out on your behalf if required.  The agent should advise on how to prepare your property for rental, where appropriate.  Always ask how prospective tenants (and guarantors) are vetted.  Ask to see the application forms and samples of tenancy agreements, insurances etc.

• The Agent is happy to do the inventory.

If you are thinking about letting your property and have not done it before then there are some useful tips from Alan who says “Being well prepared will not only get you a higher rent but it sets the scene for a “the need for rental good tenancy.” properties is increasing as it’s first Hand more difficult to experience secure a mortgage Alan is a landlord himfor young couples, self and so has first families and hand experience of professionals alike.” letting, the dangers and Alan Elliott the importance of good


quality agency services. “There is a lot involved in letting from the legal aspects to the customer services and in our view, inexperienced agents and lack of attention cause most of the avoidable problems.”

financial Advice Amanda Elliott (right) organises the day to day running of the company and is a fully qualified bookkeeper. If you are a Landlord and require Tax advice Amanda can put you in contact with an Accountant that she works closely with.  We can also put you in contact with a Mortgage Advisor should you require one.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


Porsche Cayenne GTS You want a 911, but need more space and would rather have the commanding view of the road a 4x4 offers. Is the Porsche Cayenne the answer? We find out… What is it?

It’s a Cayenne – Porsche’s roughty toughty off-roader – but one that’s had a dose of steroids and some glitter liberally applied to its bodywork. Slotting into the range between the V8 S and the Turbo, the GTS comes with more focus and power and some distinctive styling options.

What’s under the bonnet?

A rather raucous 4.8-litre V8 that’s been uprated from 394bhp to 414bhp and boasts 515Nm of torque. Performance is far from the Turbo’s though; the GTS will hit 60mph in 5.7s and go on to 162mph. It sounds pretty special getting there though! Everything else has been on the sharpening block – the steering is crisper, the eight-speed gearbox shifts quicker, and the lowered ride height gives it an added edge on the road.

What’s the kit like?

Is it any good?

Although it’s incredibly quick and sounds tremendous, it can feel a little bit stressed out at times. By that we mean it feels on edge, twitchy even – perhaps the added sharpness has given it a little too much bite. However, there’s no doubting it has real presence on the road – it’s just the styling might not suit all tastes.

The verdict

We like the GTS treatment given to most Porsches. The 997 911 really benefitted from the work over, and the Panamera GTS we tried after this Cayenne worked fantastically well too. However, the off-roader doesn’t feel quite right in this guise. It’s quick and sounds incredible, but feels like it’s pretending to be something that it’s not.

The Knowledge

Pretty impressive, but like all Porsches you’ll soon rack up Ford Fiesta-sized bills on the options. A communications pack costs £2,157, 21-inch black alloys are £1,513 and even the red paint will set you back £1,619. Our test car had a total of £13,760 worth of goodies…ouch.

Model: Porsche Cayenne GTS

Any rivals?

Max speed: 162mph

The ageing Range Rover Sport puts up a pretty good fight, but we’ve never tried a Rangie that sounds as good as this GTS. Audi will soon be at the party with its SQ models, but that’s yet to be applied to its Q7. For a left field there’s always the Infiniti Vettel Edition, but that’s very expensive in comparison. So, not much choice out there at the moment.


Price: £67,147 Engine: 4.8-litre, petrol Power: 414bhp, 515Nm 0-60mph: 5.7s MPG (comb’d): 26.4 Emissions: 251g/km by James Baggott, editor of Car Dealer Magazine (

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


to ed r es e liv 00 ess e D ,0 in w 08 us No 1 & B es m Ho


To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


fix my garage door ! n n n n

Repairs New Doors Locks Automatic Operators

Save money; repair rather than replace! We are a reliable independent family business serving the Hampshire area for over 15 years Please call or email for free advice & quotes

Fix Quick Garage Doors

www.fix my garage 01962 715200 01264 337711

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES Planning & Building Regulation Drawings • Extensions • Conversions • Alterations • Structural Calculations • Planning Applications

T: 023 8025 5529 E: W: Andrew Johns BSc Hons, ICIOB

Free Initial Consultation & visit Over 20 years experience F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



useful numbers DOCTORS NUMBERS NHS Direct (24 hour Help line) 0845 46 47 St Clements Surgery, Tanner Street 01962 852211 Springvale Surgery, 40 Pound Rd, Kings Worthy 01962 882957 The Friarsgate Practice 0844 4770947 St Paul’s Medical Practice, Alison Way 01962 853599 Badger Farm Surgery, Badger Farm Road 01962 877222 Gratton Doctors Surgery, Sutton Scotney 01962 760394 CHEMIST NUMBERS Springvale Pharmacy 18 Fraser Road, Kingsworthy, SO23 7PJ Boots the Chemist 35-38 High Street, SO23 9BL. Lloyds Pharmacy St Paul’s Surgery, Alison Way, Clifton Terrace, SO22 6EW. Local Boots Pharmacy Unit 1, Stockbridge Road, Weeke, SO22 6EL. Sainsbury’s Pharmacy Unit 3, Sainsbury’s Complex, Badger Farm, SO22 4QB. Different to shop opening times Lloyds Pharmacy 155 High Street, SO23 9BA. Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd Silver Hill, SO23 8AE.

01962 884848 01962 852020 01962 854725 01962 842180 01962 868641 01962 854575 01962 852701

RECYCLING CENTRES Bar End, Winchester 01962 868523 Open daily 8am-7pm (April - Sept), 8am-4pm (Oct - March) LIBRARIES Winchester Lending Library: 0845 6035631 Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St, SO23 8RX, Opening Times: Mon - Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-4pm Stanmore Library: 0845 6035631 Wavell Way, Stanmore, SO22 4EH Opening Times: Mon 2pm-5pm, Tue Closed, Wed & Fri 5.30pm-7pm, Thur 2pm-5pm, Sat & Sun Closed SCHOOL HOLIDAYS Summer Term Half Term: Mon 27/5/13 – Fri 31/5/13 Summer: Wed 24/7/13 - Mon 2/9/13 Autumn Term Half Term: Mon 28/10/13 - Fri 1/11/13 Christmas: Mon 23/12/13 - Fri 3/1/14


SCHOOL NUMBERS All Saints Church Of England Primary School 01962 853179 Compton All Saints' Church Of England Primary School 01962 712035 Harestock Primary School 01962 881026 Henry Beaufort School 01962 880073 Itchen Abbas Primary School 01962 779310 Kings Worthy Primary School 01962 881410 Kings' School 01962 861161 Lanterns Nursery School and Children's Centre 01962 860393 Micheldever Church Of England Primary School 01962 774213 Oliver's Battery Primary School 01962 869496 Osborne School 01962 854537 Peter Simmonds College 01962 857500 Shepherds Down Special School 01962 713445 South Wonston Primary School 01962 881311 St Bede Church Of England Primary School 01962 852463 St Faith's C E Primary School 01962 854934 St Peter's Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Winchester 01962 852820 Stanmore Primary School 01962 852941 Weeke Primary School 01962 882710 Western Church Of England Primary School 01962 852591 Westgate School, The 01962 854757 Winnall Primary School 01962 853889 USEFUL CONTACTS Hampshire County Council Winchester City Council Planning Applications Refuse Street Lighting Highways & Traffic Police (routine inquiries) Royal Hants County Hospital Dial-a-Ride Shopmobility Steve Brine MP 9 Stockbridge Rd, Winchester, SO22 6RN

0845 603 5638 01962 840222 01962 848177 0845 603 5634 0800 506060 01962 848241 0845 0454545 01962 863535 01962 852602 01962 842626 01962 791110

EMERGENCIES Police, Fire or Ambulance Services 999 Police (Incident Reports) 0845 045 45 45 Portsmouth Water - Fresh Water Supply 02392 499888 Portsmouth Water - Leaks to Report (Out of hours 24hr) 02392 477999 Southern Water - Sewage 0845 272 0845 Southern Water - Tech Support 0845 278 0845 Gas – National Grid (If you smell gas,call us immediately) 0800 111 999 Electricity 0845 7708090

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


Rainbow Chimney Sweep

Clean, reliable and professional

Winchester’s Mobile Locksmith Locks À UPVC General security

Contact 01962 849 426 Mobile 07944 355 000 MLA trained & certified


CRB checked


Woodburner installations Tel: 01730 601006 / 07425 167145


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Airport Transfers Links Private Hire are a family operated business based in Chandlers Ford, specialising in Airport Transfers. We provide a quality service with competitive prices.  Local operator  Quality, Reliable Service

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Supermarket Opening Hours Waitrose Stockbridge Rd 01962 868544 Co-op Stoney Lane 01962 865610 Sainsburys Middlebrook St 01962 861792 Sainsburys Badger Farm 01962 867896 Tesco - Express Harestock 0845 0269052 Tesco Easton Lane 0845 6779723 Tesco - Express Kingsworthy 0845 6779723













8am-8pm 10am-4pm

7am - 11pm 7am - 11pm 7am - 11pm 7am - 11pm 7am - 11pm 7am - 11pm 8am - 11pm 7am - 8pm

7am - 8pm

7am - 8pm

7am - 8pm

7am - 8pm

7am - 8pm 11am - 5pm

7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 11pm 7am - 11pm 7am - 10pm 10am - 4pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 7am - 10pm 8am - 11pm

24 Hrs

24 Hrs

24 Hrs

24 Hrs

Open till 10am - 4pm 10pm

6am - 11pm 6am - 11pm 6am - 11pm 6am - 11pm 6am - 11pm 6am - 11pm

6am - 11pm

All opening hours are given as a guide only and are correct at the time of going to press F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



what’s 12 CHRISTCHURCH ROAD – OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS 22 – 24 Mar, 2pm – 6pm 12 Christchurch Road, SO23 9SR Small town garden with strong design enhanced by exuberant and vertical planting. Adults £2.50, children free. Contact 01962 854272 EGGS MARK THE SPOT 29 Mar and 1 Apr, 10am – 5pm Mottisfont House and Gardens, Mottisfont, SO51 0LP Complete the trail to win your chocolate egg! Appropriate footwear needed. Collect trail sheet in the Stable Block. £2 per trail. 01794 344020. EASTER BUNNY AND CHICK WEEKEND 29 Mar – 1 Apr, 9.30am – 4pm Sparsholt College Hampshire, Westley Lane, SO21 2NF An ‘egg-stravaganza’ of fun-filled events and activities that’ll be ‘egg-cellent’ fun for everyone in the family! Arrive early to avoid disappointment. Refreshments available. Free Parking. Sorry, no dogs except assistance dogs. 9.30am – 4pm. Family tickets £15, Adults £5, Children £3.50. Contact 01962 776441 or catharine.potter@ EGGCITING FUN 29 Mar – 14 Apr, 12pm – 4pm Manor Farm Country Park, Pylands Lane, SO31 1BH Can you complete our Easter Egg


Hunt around the park? Details from the Kiosk in Barnfield. Free. Contact 01489 787055 BERNIE BUNNY’S EASTER TRAIL 30 Mar – 14 Apr, 10am – 4pm Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Help Bernie the bunny find some flowers to give to his mum for Easter. Complete this self-guided trail to win a prize. £1.50 per trail. Contact 02380 455157. WHOSE STORY IS IT ANYWAY? 30 Mar, 2pm Heritage Visitor Centre, Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Celebrating the power of human imagination, turning suggestions from the young audience into stories and scenes full of action and adventure. 5+. £5. 02380 455157 CRAFTY IDEAS FOR EASTER 1–4 Apr, 8–11 Apr, 10am – 3pm Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Choose your favourite(s) from a selection of craft packs in the shop and put your crafty skills to work in the Empire Room. Refreshments available. Packs from £1. Contact 02380 455157. LITTLE COURT OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS 1 Apr, 2pm – 5pm Little Court, Crawley, SO21 2PU A tranquil country garden spectacular in spring, with

carpets of bulbs, hellebores and snowdrops. Fun for children with tree house, swings and alpacas. Adults £4, Children free. 01962 776365. BIG EGG AND SPOON RACE 1 Apr, 12,30pm Mottisfont House and Gardens, Mottisfont, SO51 0LP Join us as we join in the National Egg and Spoon Race on Easter Monday! Line up at the start and see if you can go the complete assault course without dropping your egg! Don’t forget to bring your spoon! NEWTOWN EASTER EGG HUNT 3 Apr, 11.30am - 3pm West Walk, Hundred Acres Road, Newton, PO17 6JD Find 10 coloured eggs around a circular walk. Refreshments, lucky dip, face painting and a toy sale. £2.50 per child including chocolate. 01329 833 017. BARBARELLA 4 Apr, 7.30pm Winchester Discovery Centre, SO23 8SB Kinky, kitch, funny and unforgettable, and that's just the opening credits. Barbarella is a wildly inventive and gloriously absurd trip into the year 40,000 which baffled audiences and critics on release but has since become a much loved cult classic. SFX Cert 15 £5.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

ALRESFORD ART AND CRAFT SHOW 6 Apr, 10am – 4.30pm Alresford Community Centre, West Street, SO24 9AG Crafts will include silk flowers, stained and leaded glasswork, beaded jewellery, pottery, turned woodwork, textiles and hand made notebooks, bespoke handcrafted cards, photography, cakes and chocolates, original watercolours and handcrafted memory books. Contact 01252 724968. DOWER HOUSE OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS 7 Apr, 2.30pm – 5.00pm The Dower House, SO23 7LD 5 ½ acres with easy paths, numerous seats, good views, colourful perennials, shrubs and mature trees. Adults £3.50, Children free. GIRLS’ NIGHT IN 11 Apr, 7.30pm Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street, SO23 8SB An evening of book related banter is on offer where three leading ladies of fiction celebrate the perfect escape - through reading. £5. 01962 873603 to book tickets. EASTER HOLIDAY FUN Fri 12 – Sun 14 Apr, 10am – 5pm Manor Farm Country Park, Pylands Lane, SO31 1BH Spring time down on the farm, come and meet our new arrivals,

DIS COV ER WHAT’S ON have a go at our Easter trail and join in with our exciting daily activities. Normal farm admission price. Contact 01489 787055. RAMBLERS GROUP WALK 13 April, 2pm Starting point Grid Ref: SU432206 Hampshire SO53 4SE Linear walk , Chandler's Ford Station to Romsey via Emer Bog board walk and Baddesley Common Nature Reserve, 7 miles. An interesting walk crossing Emer Bog Nature Reserve on a long board walk and then Baddesley Common (the original northern gateway to the New Forest) nature reserve. Start at Chandler's Ford Railway Station, plenty of free parking, bus or train back from Romsey. Rob - 01794 512999. Most walks for members but non-members are welcome to join us as guests on two or three walks to try it out. HAMPSHIRE OPEN GARDENS 13 & 14 Apr 1pm to 5pm Swanmore For several years Swanmore has been throwing open many of its beautiful gardens to the public. We aim for 15 different gardens with 10 open on any one day from small cottage gems to large country house gardens. Cost includes parking and the use of a hop-on-hop-off. Refreshments, homemade cakes, plants are on sale. Typical routes for walkers and cyclists are 3-4 miles and walkers can use many footpaths to avoid roads. Follow the OPEN GARDENS direction arrows, Tickets from 12:30 at The Paterson Centre SO32 2PA . £6 per adult or £10 for weekend ticket Accompanied children (under 15) free. Enquiries: 01489-892750 or jsharpe@talktalk. net. COME AND TRY IT ORIENTEERING EVENT 13 Apr, 10am – 12.30pm The Gregg School, SO18 2GF Ideal for families, beginners and the more experienced orienteers.

Coaching and guidance available. Adults £4, Juniors £2. 07570 627716. COUNTRY EXPERIENCE DAY 14 Apr 10am - 4pm Meon Springs, Whitewool Farm, East Meon, Petersfield, GU32 1HW Bring the family for a day out in the country. Have a go at Fly Fishing, Clay Shooting, Archery and Air Rifles. Visit the working farm, ride a tractor and a pony and see the cows being milked. View our Yurt Village, available for luxury camping holidays over the Summer and learn from a range of demonstrations and workshops Farming, Dog Training, Fly Fishing. Dogs & Children welcome £5.00 per adult - Children Free. www. CHARITY THAI BANQUET IN AID OF SMILE4WESSEX APPEAL 18 Apr, 7pm – 11pm Kuti’s Royal Thai Pier, Gate House, Town Quay, SO14 2AQ A fabulous Thai Banquet to celebrate Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, and to raise funds for the Smile4Wessex Children's Neurosciences Centre Appeal. Tickets £19.95. Contact 023 8079 8882 or HOLYWELL HOUSE BLUEBELL WALK FOR CANINE PARTNERS 20 Apr, 10am and 11.30am Holywell House, Swanmore, SO32 2QE Walks are 2-3 miles long. Free parking on site. BBQ, children’s quiz, cake sale, plant stall and merchandise. £6 adults, £2 child, £14 family. Libby Rome on 01730 716 013 or libbyr@caninepartners. DOG’S DAY OUT 20 Apr 2pm to 4pm Royal Victoria Country Park SO31 5GA How clever is your dog? Bring him/her along to our Obedience

Olympics and/or have a go at our agility course! Plus a selection of stalls and activities for all dog lovers. Free entry – but please register your dog, in advance, if you want to enter the competition. FREE WEEKEND AT MOTTISFONT HOUSE 20 – 21 Apr Mottisfont House and Gardens, SO51 0LP Free entry for all this weekend! Visit us and learn about the conservation work we do here. WINCHESTER ART & DESIGNLED CRAFT MARKET 21 Apr, 10am – 4pm High Street, Winchester Over 70 stalls offering, paintings, illustrations, prints, glass, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, sculpture, leatherwork, vintage and more. Free admission and parking. Contact Jackie Edwards 07515797878 or www. WINCHESTER CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL 2013 25 – 28 Apr Winchester Discover Centre, SO23 8SB Four-day celebration of chamber music and song with the acclaimed London Bridge Ensemble and this year features special guests awardwinning violinist Esther Hoppe, violinist/violist Krzysztof Chorzelski of the Belcea Quartet, and renowned cellist Richard Lester. www.winchesterchambermusic. com DENMEAD BRASS SPRING CONCERT 27 Apr 7:30pm Hart Plain Church, Hart Plain Avenue, Waterlooville PO8 8RG Denmead Brass have another of their popular concerts on Saturday 27 April 2013, 7.30pm at Hart Plain Church, Hart Plain Avenue, Waterlooville. A traditional brass band with strong community links

the concert will have something for everyone in the programme. Tickets £7.50 (concessions £5) available on the door or in advance from Sarah on 07776 420535 BRAMDEAN & HINTON AMPNER WI TABLE TOP SALE 27 Apr, 2pm – 4pm Bramdean Village Hall, SO24 0JN Local groups and craftspeople will be selling their wares. Tea and delicious homemade cakes served by the local WI. Free admission. THE COTTAGE – OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS Sun 5, Mon 6, Sat 11, Sun 12 May (2-6). The Cottage, Chandler’s Ford Hampshire SO53 1ES ¾ acre. Azaleas, bog garden, camellias, dogwoods, erythroniums, free-range bantams, geraniums, hostas, irises, jasmines, kitchen garden, landscaping began in 1950, maintained by owners. New planting, osmunda, ponds, quiz for children, rhododendrons, sun and shade, trilliums, unusual plants, viburnums, wildlife areas, exuberant foliage, yr-round interest, zantedeschia. £3, Children free. 02380 254521. Visitors welcome by appointment Apr to May. Open for charity.

WHERE TO LOOK FOR MORE WHAT’S ON: http://www.southampton. home.asp

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


DISCOVER INDEX For Advertisers offering multiple property services look under Property Maintenance, otherwise see specific trade e.g. electrician, carpenter etc.

Accounting: Kirkcaldy Accountancy Ltd Aerials: Aerial Fix DJ Satellites & Aerials Appliance Repair: Advanced Appliance Care Architect: Andrew Johns Blinds & Curtains: Designer Blinds Direct Donna Nile Peck Interior Soft Furnishings Shading Places Waterside Blinds Bookkeeper: AJ Bookkeeping Butcher: Bishop Waltham Butchers

29 16 18 19 41 17 29 31 19 23 27

Chimney Sweep: Rainbow Chimney Sweep 43 Computer Services: Net Serve 23 Counsellor: Marcus Gee Talking Therapies 22 Electrician: ALB Electrical EEC247 Romsey Electrical Services Estate Agent: Jonathan Rees Fencing Services: Colourfence Garage Doors: Fix Quick Garage Doors Garage Services: Scuffs2Scratches Reverse Parking

16 18 15 24/25 7 41 17 39

Garden Design & Services: Abbey Grab Bag 7 Arbor-Call Tree Surgeons 47 Colourfence 7 Davis Tree Care 8 Garden Designs by Mo Mariner 8 Green Keeper 10 Hamptons Tree Care 9 Paul Fletcher Tree Surgeon 10 Peter Yeates Arboriculture 7 Health & Fitness: Weeke & Harestock Osteopathic Clinic 22 Zip Pilates 22 Hot Tubs: Happy Hot Tubs 48 Kitchens: Dream Doors 13 Letting Agents: Homestyle Lettings Ltd 35-37 Locksmith: Lockright 33 Winlocks 43 Music Tuition: Rockout! Music School 3 Optician: Hampson Opticians 28 Painter/Decorator (see also Property Maintenance): One Painter and Decorator 19 VHN Decorating 41 W.A.G Decorating Services Ltd 27 Pet Services: Lynn Symes Dog Grooming 31 Plumbing Services (including bathroom installations and gas and boiler services) see also Property Maintenance: Alford Plumbing & Heating 12 Andy Black Local Plumber 16 Gair Gas Ltd 32 TP Watts Plumbing Services Ltd 29

Printer: Colortech 23 Warwick Printing Company 33 Property Maintenance & Improvements: AM Services Property Maintenance 9 BM Services 12 Dell Developments 32 EML Property Maintenance 33 Mann & Sons Ltd 15/17 The Flat Pack People 33 School: The Gregg School 5 Singing Lessons: Rock Choir 31 Solar Panels: Energy My Way 11 Surveyor: Jem Musselwhite 10 Taxi: Links Private Hire 43 Tree Surgery: See Garden Waste: Abbey Grab Bag 7 Window Cleaning: Clear Vision 15

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Tesco, 4. Durex (by putting together the first parts of each word), 5. Imperial Leather, 6. Utterly Butterly, 7. Teflon, 8. T-Mobile, 9. Yorkie, 10. Tipp-ex



1. Three men in a boat, 2. Big cheese, 3. Square meal

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

DISCOVER WINCHESTER MARCH/APRIL 2013 DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Visit our website and see what We like to think recommendation our satisfied customers have is the best way to meet new to say about us customers so visit our website and

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We are a local professional company with over 22 years of experience.

Winchester based company with over 22 years’ experience.

We offer a full range of specialist services: • Crown Shaping, reductions, thinning & pruning • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • Site Clearance • Domestic & Commercial • Grounds Maintenance • Planning Applications

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N.P.T.C. Qualified Tree Surgeons All Work Carried Out to BS3998 Standard £10 Million Public Liability Insurance Hedge Cutting Specialists Tree Stump Removal Free Quotations and Health Check

We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price competitive! Visit our website and see us at work.

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free Estimate & Site Visit.

• N.P.T.C. Qualified Tree Surgeons We offer01489 a full range of specialist services: Office: 890333 • EMAIL: • • Crown Shaping, reductions, thinning & pruning • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • Site Clearance • Domestic & Commercial • Grounds Maintenance • Planning Applications

• All Work Carried Out to BS3998 Standard • £10 Million Public Liability Insurance • Hedge Cutting Specialists • Tree Stump Removal • Free Quotations and Health Check

We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price competitive! Visit our website and see us at work Office: 01962 840003 • Email: • F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k






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