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Looking for Affordable Floors? Carpets, Laminates, Real Wood, Vinyls

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Hello and Welcome At the time of writing my editor's letter this month, spring has arrived. In fact it’s so late that really it’s early summer rather than spring. My apologies if, by the time you read this, it appears to have departed again! I generally don't write about the weather, after all you can see it for yourselves, but having lifted my head above the clouds I now realise that throughout the winter (the loooong winter) people have been out there planning events knowing that the cold couldn't last for ever. So more than usual we have a great selection of outdoor activities to draw your attention to in our what’s on listings. We also have an article on the National Open Gardens scheme and the dates for this area. We’ve listed all the events we know about even if a little further afield on our website Of course with the warmth and sunshine comes growth in our gardens. Although sitting out in the sun for half an hour in early May was joyous, that was only the case when my eyes were shut. When I opened them I saw a winter of neglect in my garden with some shrubs standing naked of leaf, never to be clothed again, and others

moving into any vacant space they could find at an alarming rate. Initially it was quite satisfying pulling up a few weeds and trimming the odd tree (albeit that kitchen scissors didn't do much of a job, the secateurs being long since lost in the undergrowth somewhere). But once the pile of waste built up, arms were scratched and ankles bitten, my enthusiasm for actually finishing the job disappeared behind a cloud. Yes I admit, I scuttled inside and went straight to the gardening section in here. From a tidy up to a redesign, we really have some great local people to help out. Tania PS: We are now on facebook! Like us at DiscoverMagazines

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Short Story - The Crab Sandwich Spreading the Foxiness! Local Walk - Awbridge, Dunbridge & Mottisfont Walk Advertiser Feature - J.L. Tree Care Motoring - New Range Rover Sport Advertiser Feature - Widenet Computer Services Ltd Charity Football Day National Garden Scheme

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To advertise in a Discover Magazine title contact Melanie Tinson on 023 8026 6388 or visit the Instant Quote Calculator online at Discover Magazines Ltd, 57 Wood End Way, Chandlers Ford SO53 4LN REACH 108,000 HOMES AND BUSINESSES


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JOIN THE CLUB Costco is a cash & carry membership warehouse club which sells a wide variety of brand name merchandise at low warehouse prices.

WE ARE OPEN IN SOUTHAMPTON LOWER PRICE Costco keeps prices low with massive buying power and by eliminating nearly all conventional distribution expenses.

TOP QUALITY The most wanted and respected brands such as Michelin, Philips, Sony, Dyson, Coca Cola, Gillette, Hewlett Packard, Dom Perignon and many more.

Trade Membership You qualify for Trade Membership if you are a bona fide business owner or manager, or are self employed. To join Costco and start saving please provide evidence of trading in the form of either a VAT Registration Certificate or two other pieces of business stationery (cheque, letterhead, invoice), PLUS a current business utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, water). The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership is £20 (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Individual Membership You qualify for Individual Membership if you belong to specific employment groups – please call for details of qualifying categories. To join Costco and start saving please provide your employee ID card or current pay slip to prove your employment, PLUS a current utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, water) or a bank statement addressed to your home. The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership is £25 (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.


Costco Southampton Regents Park Road Southampton Hampshire SO15 8TA

T: 02380 764 810 E:

Central Membership: 01923 830 477

PRODUCT SELECTION From croissants to computers - thousands of items to choose from - virtually everything for a business, resale, or personal use.

SPECIALITY DEPARTMENTS • Fresh Produce • Gourmet Deli • Optical Centre • Tyre Centre

• Fresh Meat • Fine Wine • Photo Processing

• Bakery • Rotisserie

Central Membership Office

01923 830477



F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


FREE No Obligation Site Survey • • • • • • •

Digital Aerials/Satellites Installed DAB & FM radio Student and Plasma & LCD TV wall mounts OAP discount Phone extensions with this Extra TV points fitted advert Satellites repaired We cover all SO/PO postcodes - Call us now! Need a Freesat Installation? We can help!

02380 269948

or mobile 07766 333 315

Granite Worktops - Surprisingly Affordable If you are fitting a new kitchen or bathroom and love the look and feel of real stone, our range of colours and quality materials will be just what you need. So don’t go for second best – solid granite, quartz or marble worktops last a lifetime and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is, we promise. Local Company 40 years of supplying high quality granite Serving trade and public Very Competitive Prices

01794 368625


Unit J1, Hunts Farm, Rudd Lane, Timsbury, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0NU


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Are Are you you facing facing the prospect of organising organising the the funding of care for yourself, yourself, aa relative relative or a friend? Most Most families families wish wish to to ensure ensure that that their their relative relative can stay in their their chosen chosen care care home home for for the the rest rest of of their their lives as well as safeguarding safeguarding as as much much of of their their existing existing capital capital as possible. with with careful careful planning planning itit may may be be possible possible to structure their their finances finances in in such such aa way way that that care care fees fees can be paid indefinitely, indefinitely,without without worry worry about about the the future future or what might might happen happen ifif the the money money runs runs out. out. Asset Asset Management Management Care Care fee fee specialists specialists will be happy to review review individual individual client client circumstances, circumstances, face face to face, and provide provide aa written written report report of of available available options. options. for for more more information information about about how how we we can can help you, contact contact Peter Peterwallace wallace on on southampton southampton 023 8042 0606 or or Bishop’s Bishop’swaltham waltham 01489 01489 895 895 210 210 or or email email

YouR YouR hEALth hEALth ANd ANd wEALth wEALth ARE ARE ouR ouR soLE soLE CoNCERN CoNCERN Asset AssetCare CarePlanning Planningisisaatrading tradingdivision divisionofofAsset AssetManagement ManagementFinancial FinancialAdvisers AdvisersLtd Ltdwhich which isis authorised authorised and and regulated regulated by by the the Financial Financial Conduct Conduct Authority. Registered RegisteredininEngland Englandand andWales Walesunder undercompany companyregistration registration2150087. 2150087.Registered RegisteredOffice: Office:40 40Victoria Victoria Road, Road,Woolston, Woolston, Southampton, Southampton, Hampshire, Hampshire, SO19 9DX

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



Short Story

The Crab Sandwich

The beach was a well kept secret. On a day like today, other beaches would be teeming with holiday makers, but this secluded cove, a hike across grassy dunes, was known only to the locals. Barry stood, hands on hips, breathing in the fresh sea air. “We have the beach to ourselves, Daffers”, Barry called. “Nothing but us, the surf, the seagulls and delicious crab sandwiches”. Daphne was panting from the weight of the picnic hamper and bruised from the deck-chair banging against her shin. Barry had insisted they bring them, but was unable to help carry due to a nasty back strain. By the time she reached the beach Barry had sandals off and was paddling in the surf. “Just set up anywhere”, he said. “I wish we’d bought a bucket and spade now”. Daphne doubted she could have carried another thing. “Wouldn’t digging be bad for your back?” “Oh yes”. Barry rubbed his back thoughtfully. Daphne battled to erect the deckchair while Barry watched. Then he eased himself down into it. “Ready for a spot of lunch?” He opened the hamper. “I couldn’t resist the crab sandwiches from that new delicatessen”. Barry took out the sandwiches wrapped in a paper bag. There was also a bottle of sparkling elderflower juice and several kilos of freezer packs. “You had me lug all these?” Daphne said. “And what’s this?” Underneath was a hardback novel. “I fancied a spot of light reading”, Barry replied. The book was at least 800 pages long. Daphne was too hot to argue; all she wanted was a nice cold drink. “There’s only one glass”. She searched the hamper. “Yes, I didn’t want to weigh you down. You don’t mind swigging from the bottle, do you Daffers?” Daphne didn’t mind, though she objected when Barry used the handkerchief he’d been wearing on his head to wipe the bottle neck. Daphne bit into her sandwich, then chewed thoughtfully. Her taste-buds debated what she was eating.


“Barry, there’s been a mistake. This is cottage cheese”. He wiped the crumbs from his lips. “Yes, I only had enough for one crab sandwich. They’re pricey, and I thought we’d agreed you were watching your weight”. Daphne fumed as she chewed on her tasteless sandwich, watching Barry savour every mouthful of his. A seagull landed and strutted about in the sand close by. “What a majestic creature”, Barry said. And Daphne had to agree that it was a beautiful bird. She was always amazed by how large seagulls were, and what intelligent eyes they had. The bird wandered a little closer. “Shoo birdy!” Barry called. “Get your eyes off my crab sandwich”. The bird cawed and took to the sky. “That showed him”, Barry smiled. He was about to take another bite when the bird returned, dive bombing straight for him. Barry yelped and dropped his sandwich. With practised speed the seagull picked up its prize and dashed away. Barry leaped to his feet. Grabbing the hamper, he held it above his head and chased the bird towards the water. Daphne stared as Barry, without showing the slightest twinge in his back, threw the hamper at the bird, which, calmly spread its wings and flew into the sky, along with the crab sandwich. Barry came stomping back towards Daphne. “I blame tourists, they feed them chips and this is what happens”. Daphne swallowed the last mouthful of her sandwich and nipped into the vacant deckchair. “I totally agree with you”. She picked up the novel and turned to page one, “But, so lovely to see that your back has been fixed”. By Jackie Brewster

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


CompreHensIve CompreHensIve CompreHensIve pensIon revIeW pensIon revIeW

Are you getting the most Are you getting the most Are you getting the most out of your Pension Plan? Pension out of your Pension Plan? Plan?

•• How How much much isis your your pension pension worth worth • How much is your pension worth •• What income will it provide What income will it provide in in retirement retirement • What income will it provide in retirement •• Are the investment funds suitable Are the investment funds suitable for for you you • Are the investment funds suitable for you •• How much are you being charged How much are you being charged How much answer are you beingquestions charged If• If you you cannot cannot answer these these questions then then maybe its for review. Ifmaybe you cannot these questions its time timeanswer for aa pension pension review. then maybe time for a pension review. We can provide you with canits provide you with aa comprehensive comprehensive pension put you pension review that that will put you on on the the right right We can review provide youwill with a comprehensive track to getting the most from your pension. to review getting that the most from pension. pension will put youyour on the right track to getting the most from your pension. For more more information information about about how how we we can canhelp helpyou, you, call us on 023 8042 0606 or 01489 895 210 us on 023 8042 0606 or 01489 895 210 For more information about how we can help you, or email callemail us 023 8042 0606 or 01489 895 210 or email

GettInG GettInG tHe tHe most most out out oF your your pensIon pensIon plAn plAn GettInG tHe most out Asset Asset Management Management Financial FinancialAdvisers AdvisersLtd Ltdisisauthorised authorisedand andregulated regulatedbybythe theFinancial FinancialConduct ConductAuthority. Authority. oF yourRegistered pensIon plAn Office: Registered in England and Wales under company company registration registration 2150087. 2150087.Registered Office:40 40Victoria VictoriaRoad, Road,Woolston, Woolston,Southampton, Southampton,Hampshire, Hampshire,SO19 SO199DX 9DX Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. F o r 2150087. c o m m u Registered n i t y i n f oOffice: r m a t40i oVictoria n v i s i Road, t w wWoolston, w. d i s c oSouthampton, v e r c o m m uHampshire, n i t y.c o.SO19 u k 9DX Registered in England and Wales under company registration


Spreading the Foxiness ! If you’ve ever visited The Strawberry Fox in Salisbury’s Cross Keys Shopping Arcade (just off the main square) and experienced a personal welcome by owner Theresa (aka Mrs Fox) you will be equally impressed with her newly opened boutique in Stockbridge. Foxy Fans will enjoy a stunning fresh environment in which to


browse and buy high quality leather goods and designer brands of luggage, accessories, hats, shoes and gifts including this funky yellow satchel.

The Strawberry Fox, Swan House, High Street Stockbridge SO20 6EU Tel: 01264 810193 Open: 10am - 5pm Monday - Thursday, 9.30am - 5.30pm Friday & Saturday, closed Sunday.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


r Ga





es ign


For all your Landscaping Needs

Here at Sydenhams, Southampton, we have a range of garden design options for you to choose from:

• Free 30 minute Design Consultation • Paving Layout • Detailed Design Plan • Home Visit Consultation with Detailed Design Plans

R E H C U O V T F I G 60 off design services

worthed£for a design consultation ana frdeefreeespatimtioatedeofsign

as Can be us garden as well e job. bespoke to youraterials needed to complete th m landscaping e other wards any of th to ed us be d ul e. Or co listed abov design services ON, ON ARRIVAL S, SOUTHAMPT



uest. available upon req ns apply and are Terms & Conditio

. til 31st July 2013 Voucher valid un

Sydenhams Landscaping Centre, Rushington Business Park, Chapel Lane, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 9AH

Telephone: 023 8086 5046

Email: • Website: F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



Awbridge, Dunbridge & Mottisfont Walk Walk Distance 4.2 miles around 2 hours at a moderate pace A downloadable pdf of the walk and enlarged map is availabe at

Historical Notes The lake at Awbridge Danes was excavated in the 1920s to provide work for the local unemployed, each man being paid one shilling (10p) a day and a loaf of bread. Roman occupation of the area is confirmed by tiles, pottery and coins being found at Awbridge House, dating from the late roman period of AD 307. The names Danes Road and Awbridge Danes record the presence of Danish occupation of the area, possibly from the 11th or 12th centuries. Mottisfont church is a Grade I listed building originally of 12th century origin that initially claimed pastoral responsibility for Mottisfont, Lockerley and Broughton. Its earliest parts predate Mottisfont Abbey. Among its artefacts, the church contains a 17th century clock which has no face and no pendulum. Its movement derives its energy solely from hung weights and a bell is rung on the hour. Which hour is of course anybodies guess. The modern road that runs between Awbridge, Lockerley, the Tytherleys, Broughton and the A30 was originally a turnpike {toll) road in the mid 18th century. Similarly, the short stretch of road from East Dean joining this road was also a toll road.


• Park in the lay-by adjacent to Awbridge School in Danes Road. Alternatively, park on the road side to the right of the war memorial in Lockerley Road just past the school. • Walk down Saunders Lane to the ‘T’ junction and turn left towards Mottisfont on the B3084. Almost immediately, turn right onto a way marked path over a stile. • Cross the field diagonally towards a 5-bar gate and cross over a stile. • Continue straight on through woodland on a gravel track. At a track crossroads, keep straight on. • Cross the bridge over the railway line and bear left along a signed path with the railway to your left. • Cross a footbridge over the River Dun and turn through a kissing gate. • Walk through a field with woodland to your left. Cross a stile at the field boundary and keep straight on. • With a cemetery on your right, follow a gravel track onto tarmac bearing left with the church on your right. • Either walk though the cemetery to visit the church, or walk round the cemetery to the main

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

...Continued on page 12


JUN/ Jul


summer Hand Tied workshop Each workshop includes all materials, coffee on arrival and a light lunch at the end of the class. Workshops are from 10.30am to 1.00pm.



Spaces are limited so contact us now! 4th June

Kimbridge Restaurant, Kimbridge SO51 0LE

13th June

Woodlands Lodge Hotel, Bartley Road, Woodlands SO40 7GN

18th June

Silks, The White Horse, Market Place, Romsey SO51 8ZJ

9th July

Academy Studios, Unit 10, Romsey Ind. Est., Romsey SO51 0HR

To book please contact Kay on 01794 341110 or

0325 summer workshop flyers.indd 1

30/04/2013 11:37

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


DIS COV ER LO C AL WALK ...Continued from page 10

road. If visiting the church, exit through the main entrance double gate and the main road will be ahead of you. • At the main road, turn left into Mottisfont village. • At a sharp bend in the road, follow the sign for the “Millennium Walk” along Hatt Lane (as pictured on the front cover). • Turn left off the millennium walk at a footpath sign into a field – you will see a metal gate on opposite side of this turning. • Cross the field diagonally, pass through a kissing gate and across a second field diagonally towards the road. • At the road, turn left towards the level crossing and the Mill Arms public house. • Just past the pub, turn up Russell Drive. • At the woodland at the top of Russell Drive, the left fork is blocked off (May 2013) so follow the right path. • At the top of the path (on the brow of a slight hill) head left towards the low bank and walk alongside that until you come to the open field. • Stay left and go diagonally across the field – there is a wooden signpost in the distance which is where you are headed. The path is not clearly


defined at this point. • Cross or go around the stile where the signpost is and then you’ll be on a farm track. • Turn right along the track and then left (white ‘public footpath’ sign) across the field with copse to your right and left. Keep going straight ahead following the fence. • At the end of the path, cross a stile into a further field. If necessary you can avoid the stile by following the fence along until you see a gap nearer the woods. Bear left and then right along the field boundary. • Go straight on to emerge onto a hilltop overlooking Carters Clay hamlet. • Bear left and then right along the field boundary to emerge into Lockerley Road. There are some logs blocking the entrance to the road, but this is the only clear exit from this field. • Turn left out of the field into the road and walk back to Awbridge and your car.

Thanks to local resident Mrs J Brace for this walk. We were pleased to donate to her requested charity for this feature. If you have anything you’d like to contribute you could raise money for your charity of choice too. Send to

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


Green Keeper Lawn Treatments


Your Local Lawn Service Company Green Keeper is your established independent Lawn service expert. Caring for and improving lawns in Chandlers Ford since 2000. A great looking lawn is easier than you think! All operators trained at Sparsholt College and hold NPTC certificates in the safe use of pesticides. We use organic feeds whenever possible!


Green L A W N



A Beautiful Lawn - No Sweat!

Call us on 0800 0845 296

We lik is th custom see w custom


Local company with over 22 years’ experience.

We aare a local professional company with over We are local professional company with over 22 years

• All Tree Work Undertaken • NPTC Qualified • Tree Stump Removal • Hedge Cutting Specialists • Fully Insured We offer a full range of specialist services: • Free Quotations • Crown Shaping, thinning &services: pruning We offer a fullreductions, range of specialist • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • No Job Too Big or Too Small

• N.P.T.C. Qualified

• All Work • Carried N.P.T.C • £10 Million • AllPublic Wor

• Crown Shaping, reductions, thinning & pruning • Site Clearance • Hedge Cutting Sp • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • £10 Mil • Domestic & Commercial • Tree Stump Remo • Site Clearance • Grounds Maintenance • Hedge • Free Quotations a • Planning Applications • Domestic & Commercial

01794 840003

• Tree St

• Grounds Maintenance

• FreeVisit Qu • Planning Applications We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price competitive!

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free Estimate & We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price compe


Office: 01489 890333 • EMAIL: • w


No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free E




TM Office: 01489 890333 • EMAIL: enquiries@arborcall YEAR






Impervious to rotting and warping. Will resist wind gusts up to 130mph Requires no preservative treatments or painting. For a FREE quote please call: 07952 836884

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



Sean Quinn

Trading Standards Approved. Everything in Plain English. CRB Checked. Part-P Registered.

For a prompt, reliable service. No call out charge. Free estimates.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k












14 Collingbourne Drive, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4SW








07986 949233





T: 023 8026 6544 M: 07802 385542


24 Hour Call-out

H A for FREE advice.


Central Heating Installations, Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs Boiler Replacement, Servicing, Upgrades Bathroom and Kitchen Installations Chemical flushing of heating systems Landlord's gas safety checks Part P electrical qualified






Professional Tree Surgery & Hedge Trimming Sound advice from Josh Laurence of J.L. Tree Care It is the time of year when we turn our attention once more to our gardens and trees. But does your tree have a TPO?


Tree Preservation Orders, also known as TPOs were introduced in the late 1940s to enable Local Planning Authorities to protect important trees. The orders can be made on single trees, groups of trees, areas of trees or whole woodlands. TPO laws prohibit the cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or wilful destruction of trees without prior consent from your Local Planning Authority.


Pruning or cutting down protected trees without the appropriate consent can result in prosecution and a maximum fine of £20,000 for each offence. If you are unsure if your tree has a TPO or if you are living in a Conservation Area, always check first with your local council.

Josh Laurence of J.L. Tree Care Proficiency Test Council Certificate). You could even ask to see the Contractors NPTC card which is proof of competency in a range of skills, including the safe use of chainsaws, chippers, stump grinders, tree climbing and aerial rescue. Choosing a Tree Surgeon wisely will result in your trees being safely and expertly kept in top condition. Josh Laurence, J.L Tree Care ‘Professional Tree Surgery & Hedge Trimming’ Tel: 02380 862975 / 07919886166


You can usually still carry out work to your tree as long as you first submit a written application to the Authority. These application forms, along with helpful guides are found on your local council’s websites. After you have submitted your application the council will view the tree and make a decision within 6-8 weeks, informing you what work is permitted or not. A good Arborist will guide you through the process of TPO applications, advising on the correct terms and tree surgery methods required, increasing the likelihood of you receiving prompt permission from your local authority.


Tree surgery is a highly skilled and dangerous operation, don’t be tempted to do the work yourself, invest in employing a professional Arborist (Tree Surgeon). Ensure you choose an experienced and insured contractor who is fully qualified in Arboriculture, holding a NPTC (National F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


Ampfield Ampfield Electrical Electrical Commercial, Commercial,Domestic Domestic& & Industrial Industrial ▼▼▼▼ ▼ ▼▼

Rewires & New Installations Rewires & New Installations Electrical Inspection & Testing Electrical Inspection & Testing Fault-finding and Repair Fault-fi& nding and Fuseboxes Repair Sockets Lights, Sockets&&Ventilation Lights, Fuseboxes Heating Heating & Ventilation Fire Alarms and Security Fire Alarms Security TV and Phoneand Points TVwork and Phone Points Quality at competitive prices

Quality Phonework us nowat forcompetitive a FREE quoteprices

Your Local Family Business with over 55 years experience

Phone(023) us now8073 for a FREE 1205 quote

(023) 8073 1205 www.ampfieldelectrical.couk 73 Ringwood Drive, North Baddesley 73 Ringwood Drive, North Baddesley

Quality Carpets & Vinyls Supplied & Fitted

Specialists in all blinds including: • Conservatory Blinds • Shutters • Awnings • Roman • Roller • Wood Venetians • Vertical • Pleated • INTU • Perfect Fit


G E NICHOLS LTD (Flooring)






















Tel/Fax: 023 8026 5048



MOB: 07860 348245



Member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen


• Home Selection Service - Wide Range • Amtico Flooring Supplied & Fitted • Floor Preparation Undertaken • Re-Adaptations • Free Estimates & Planning • Domestic & Contract



Call for a free home design visit or advice

023 8084 0505

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


The Flooring Store to Your Door

Your local, friendly, computer geek.

Choose your new floor in your own home, in your own time! 30 Sam 00 ples !


Geek on Demand has been serving the Romsey area for the last six years and has helped many customers with a wide range of problems.

wood laminate

From Networking & WiFi setup, Memory & Hard Drive upgrades, Data Recovery, Broadband setup, Virus removal or just a general service to keep things running smoothly, plus much more!

hardwood flooring designer vinyls

So, if you are a small business or home user with a PC or Mac & need help or advice with your IT problems, why not contact Ian.

t: 01794 878064 m: 07713 244885 e: 7 Reynolds Rd, Fair Oak

North Baddesley Service Centre Book MOT and Interim Service for only £99 at

107 Rownhams Lane, North Baddesley Call the Service Centre:

023 8073 2842 Visit our website for details:

Winter Check only £19.99

Get your car ready for winter Top ups of antifreeze, water, screenwash, check of battery, bulbs and tyres.


Free fitting of tyres, exhausts and batteries

Free local collection and delivery

Courtesy car available



F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



New Range Rover Sport: The Detail It was a case of double-oh-heaven for Land Rover at the New York Motor Show as it managed to steal the limelight for the launch of its new Range Rover Sport thanks to a rather special unveiling by none other than Daniel Craig. The Bond star helped the British manufacturer deliver the first car to the press launch in a live drive through the streets of Manhattan. The $1 million stunt saw sections of the city closed at rush hour and it had all the razzamatazz of the Oscars. One of Land Rover’s most important models, the Sport has notched up nearly 304,000 worldwide sales since it arrived in 2005. Now, following the successful births of the Evoque and Range Rover, it’s the racy middle brother’s time to shine. Based on the same aluminium platform as the Range Rover, but with 75 per cent of the parts changed, the Sport ushers in an Evoque-esque look, clever new technology, and some seriously impressive statistics. Powering the top-of-the-range model is a 5.0-litre supercharged V8, producing 503bhp and 625Nm of torque. With a tuned exhaust system, it sounds incredible as it powers its way to 60mph in five seconds. The popular SDV8 diesel unit also makes a welcome return. With 332bhp and a mighty 700Nm of torque, it can crack 60mph in 6.5 seconds. There are further diesel and petrol units to pick from, but of more interest is the hybrid which is set to arrive later this year and combines a 3.0-litre diesel engine with a 50kw battery, a big leap forward for the model. Improvements have been made across the board. The new Sport is 33% lighter than its predecessor (that’s the weight of six average adults), the body is 25% stiffer and on average it’s 24% more efficient. Clever new technology on the Range Rover


Sport includes an iPhone and Android app that lets you connect with their car. It can guide you back to where you parked it, tell you how much fuel is left, file company car mileages via email and even alert you if it thinks it’s about to be nicked. The clever kit includes in-car wifi for up to eight devices, a tracking system to aid recovery and the ability to dial emergency services in the event of a crash and alert them of your location. A camera on the front of the car reads road signs as you pass them, displaying speed limits and over-taking restrictions on the dash. There’s also a head-up display that shows speed and navigation instructions. Parking scrapes can also be avoided with a warning system that tells you if a car is coming while reversing out of a bay and an alarm can tell you if you’re wading too deep in the water (a dip into anything over 850mm could result in big bills). Larger families will be pleased to hear there’s now a seven-seat option too. The seats are only really for kids, but electrically rise and lower from the flat floor. The tailgate gets power while the doors now have a soft-close option. Inside, the designers have worked hard to make it even more luxurious, with more metal on show and a higher, wraparound dash. The centre console is even chilled and fits a full bottle of champagne in it. There’s a 23-speaker stereo system and rear seat entertainment options too. Pricing, as you’d expect, is rather premium. The top-of-the-range supercharged V8 costs £81,550 with entry level models a “more affordable” £51,550. Time to visit the bank manager…because this is one highly desirable car. By James Baggott, Managing Director of

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Audi VW Skoda Seat All other makes welcome!










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Frustrated with how your PC or laptop is performing? We regularly get customers contacting us reporting that the computer they purchased years ago has become very slow and almost unusable. Sometimes in desperation and on advice from a friend or even their telephone/ broadband provider, they have run their system install disk and wiped the machine clean. The problem here is that whilst on occasion what is termed a format/reload is necessary in order to resolve system problems, it does wipe everything off of the hard drive, including all the saved documents such as letters, photographs and programs. But in the majority of cases it isn’t necessary to take that drastic a measure. The reason systems become slow are varied but more often than not it is simply the result of an accumulation of temporary/junk files, redundant registry items and memory sapping software. As each item of software updates (especially some internet security applications) the amount of disk space or memory required to run it gets more demanding and can end up making the system work much harder than it is capable of. There are good and bad utilities available on the internet that promise to ‘speed up your PC’ but some are in fact riddled with malware – particularly where they are offered free of charge - and end up causing more problems than they are worth. In over 90% of the cases that come into our workshop, we are able to carry out a cleanup of the system that the ordinary Windows tools fall short of. Also with RAM memory being so much cheaper, we can install additional modules to make the computer run much faster and more efficiently. By removing memory hungry software and replacing it with leaner alternatives (often free)


it is possible to ease the burden on your system even further and there are other useful tips and measures that can make a real difference to how your computer runs. So if you are frustrated with how your PC or laptop is performing, just remember that from time to time we all need a bit of looking after or an energy boost and it doesn’t always mean that if your computer is running slowly then it has to be replaced. By Widenet Computer Services Ltd


Computer Services Ltd

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Charity Football Day The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a nonmilitary, voluntary national service for 16 and 17-year olds in England. The scheme takes place in the summer and autumn and in both cases begins with a residential visit to an activity centre which coincides with school holidays.. After this volunteers create a social action project to raise awareness of a particular issue. Eighteen Barton Peverill students aged 16-17 have been participating in the scheme and in order to complete the award they have organised a charity fundraising event. On the 2nd June there will be two five a side football tournaments taking place at the Mountbatten School in Romsey. There will be one in the morning from 10am to 1pm for 15-17 year olds with a £100 prize, and one in the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm for 18+ with a £250 prize and corporate cup. The entrance fee for teams to enter the tournaments is £30 and


to enter they need to email NCSevent@ Throughout the day there will be face painting, arts and crafts, activities such as trampolining, 'beat the goalie', as well as a number of stalls including a cake stall, tombolas and a raffle with great prizes! There will also be a performance from a local band called 'Shot Away'. All the funds raised will go to Hampshire Air Ambulance and the charity Youth in Romsey. Whether you want to enter a team or just enjoy a fun day out, it will all be in a great cause. There's a twitter account for the event with constant updates: @SpringEventNCS. For more information on the scheme visit www.ncsyes.

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A very professional and friendly company. Work completed to a high standard, and work was done within time and budget. They kept the site tidy. Would highly recommend them and would use them again in future. Customer in Romsey


nt uara


All our work is guaranteed and all windows, doors and conservatories are covered by insurance backed independent warranty.

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Jonathan Rees property services

Trust and Confidence

Thinking of selling or letting this Summer? Call us today for your free Market Appraisal.

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DIS COV ER NATIONAL G ARDEN S CHEME meadow. Award-winning Victorian garden and North Courtyard with water features, fountains and pump. Paved path and fountain courtyard. ORDNANCE HOUSE Sun 26 May (1-5); Sun 30 June (11-5) West Dean, Salisbury, SP5 1JE New garden designed and planted by owners. Herbaceous beds, orchard, soft fruit and vegetable gardens, formal parterre. Use of unusual varieties of lavender. Seating areas with garden views of surrounding countryside and walks to Dean Hill. Owners previously created NGS garden at Linden Barn. Terry & Vanessa Winters 01794 341797,

ORDNANCE HOUSE BARHI Sat 1, Sun 2 June (2-5) 27 Reynolds Dale, Ashurst, SO40 7PS Small, compact 'modern cottage' garden shared with lively Springer Spaniels, designed around a chambered nautilus spiral. No lawn, so lots of space for plants. The dense planting, meandering paths, secluded pergola, raised formal pond and feature patio have led visitors to describe the garden as 'Tardis-like 'Mrs Finuala Barnes 02380 860046 fbarnes@ 6 ALFRED CLOSE Sun 9, Sun 16 June (1-5.30) West Totton, Southampton, SO40 8TD Hold your breath as you squeeze past the water-butts and be thrilled with a spectacle of colour and sparkle at all levels, from the mushroom fountain to the dovecote and pretty painted summerhouse. There is a sunny border with an apple tree, and sun loving plants, a pretty painted summerhouse, dovecote and small central pond. Josephine Bond 07401 001201, KING JOHN’S GARDEN 26 and 28 May King John’s Garden, Romsey SO51 7NG Historic garden planted with plants available before 1700. Small wild flower


STOCKBRIDGE GARDENS (VARIOUS) Thur 6, Sun 9 June (2-5.30) Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6EX Gardens in this group: Little Wyke, Shepherds House, The Old Rectory, Trout Cottage. Combined adm £5, chd free. Tucked in behind the High Street, Trout Cottage’s small walled garden flowers for almost 10 months of the year . Little Wyke, also on the High Street next to the Town Hall, has a long mature town garden with curved mixed borders and fruit trees New for 2013, the Old Rectory is a mature garden with formal pond and planting near the house and woodland and bog areas bounded by a carrier stream of the River Test. Shepherds House, 50yds east of the White Hart roundabout, is a south-facing ¾ acre garden on rising ground around a Georgian house. TERSTAN Sun 19 May, Sat 15 June, Sun 14 July, Sat 17 Aug (2-6) Longstock, Stockbridge, SO20 6DW A country garden for the C21. Unusual plants, an ever-changing display of halfhardy specimens in pots, and an artist's eye for colour. Secluded and peaceful, with views to the River Test and the Hampshire Downs. Explore contrasting areas, linked by vistas, with a theme of circles and ovals. Alexander & Penny Burnfield, penny.burnfield@andover.

AVIEMORE Suns 2 June; 4 Aug (2-5) Chinham Road, Bartley, Southampton, SO40 2LF Richly planted, small garden in north New Forest. Oak bridges criss-cross a small stream. Old alpine troughs and quirky artefacts add texture, structure and colour to this 'all year garden'. Sandy & Alex Robinson 02380 813651 THE FOUNTAINS Sun 16 June (1-5.30) 34 Frampton Way, Totton, SO40 9AE A garden of several 'rooms', each with hedges and connecting rose-covered arches. Filled with a variety of fruit trees, soft fruit cordons and espaliers. Trellis covered in rambling roses, with flowers for every season. Designed for all yr interest with vegetable plot, wildlife ponds and chickens. Jean Abel 02380 865939 FRITHAM LODGE Sun 30 June (2-5) Fritham, SO43 7HH Set in heart of New Forest in 18 acres; with 1-acre old walled garden round Grade II listed C17 house (not open) originally one of Charles II hunting lodges. Parterre of old roses, potager with wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, pergola, herbaceous and blue and white mixed borders, ponds, walk across hay meadows to woodland and stream, with ponies, donkeys, sheep and rare breed hens. Sir Chris & Lady Rosie Powell 02380 812650. chris. HAMPTWORTH ESTATE Sun 9 June (10-4) Landford, Hamptworth, Salisbury, SP5 2DR Originally dating from early C17 but research indicates there could have been a garden on this site in the early C12. With the construction of a late Georgian house in early C19, a garden layout very similar to that of today was almost certainly put in place at the same time. Features incl an archery lawn, sunken pond, summer houses and beautiful terracing. Mr & Mrs Donald Anderson,

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The National Garden Scheme In 1927 the National Gardens Scheme was founded with the aim of raising money for the nurses of the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI). The idea was to ask individuals to open up quality private gardens for ‘a shilling a head’. At that time garden visiting was already a well-established pastime, but only for a privileged few. However in the first year of the NGS over £8,000 was raised from visitors to 609 gardens. A network of volunteer County Organisers was set up and by 1931 over 1,000 private gardens were open. Country Life magazine produced a handbook, known as “The Yellow Book” because of its bright cover. After the Second World War, the National Health Service took on the District Nursing Service, but money was still needed to care for retired nurses and invest in training so the NGS continued as before. Then in 1948 the NGS offered to join forces with the National Trust to restore and preserve important gardens and, in return, the National Trust opened many of its most prestigious gardens. Despite massive inflation in the post-war years, the entrance fee was held at one shilling. More realistic entrance fees were introduced in the 1970s and the gardens began to raise significant donations. In 1980 The National Gardens Scheme Charitable Trust was established as an independent charity, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as Patron and Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester as President. In 1984 Macmillan Cancer Relief joined the list of beneficiary charities. In the years that followed other charities joined including Marie Curie Cancer Care, Help the Hospices and Crossroads Caring for Carers. Of the original gardens that were opened, 120 are accessible for the 85th anniversary in 2012. In addition around 3700 more gardens will be open raising around £2.6 million. Originally the gardens were predominantly the large grounds of stately homes with teams of gardeners maintaining them. But now many

more small gardens open, from cottages to terraced houses and in a community effort many neighbouring and nearby properties open their gates on the same day to enable visitors to delight in a range of styles and plants within a few hours. As much part of a day out to see the gardens is the opportunity to buy plants and to enjoy tea and cakes. Around 80% of the funds raised by both entry to the gardens and from the sale of plants and refreshments goes back to the NGS and in turn to their nominated charities. If you are a regular visitor then the NGS still produces its Yellow Book which is a directory of gardens open throughout the UK (available from the website or from bookshops), and county booklets which are available from libraries or can be downloaded from the website. In addition both regular and occasional visitors can benefit from using the excellent NGS website ( where you can search within a region and even narrow the results down to a specific day. Inspiration for your garden, raising money for charity and cake – it doesn’t get much better than that! (For Scottish Gardens visit

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


Walk the Test Way for Charity The Rotary Club of Romsey Test will be taking registrations from the 1st June for this year’s walk on the 6th October. Walk one of six set distances down the beautiful Test Way; distances of 2 miles up to the marathon 25 ½ miles with the aim of walking for and raising money for your chosen charity.

friend or put a family group together. Persuade colleagues at work to put a team or teams together. See who can walk the furthest or raise the most for your charity. Events such as this are always much more fun if done with others.

Registration opens in June and an Early Bird discount is being offered this year which gives a saving of nearly 50% for a family of four. Registrations in June and July will cost £8 (normally £10) for adults with children of fifteen and under free (normally £5).

For further details and to register please visit Follow us on Twitter @walkthetestway Graham Lee 01794 322751 or 07831 146199

Over £350,000 has been raised for charities since the event started. With your help let’s push that onwards and upwards. Walk with a






potters place An exclusive development of 5 luxurious 3 & 4 bedroom detached homes Reserve this month & we will give you £10,000* 100% Market Value Part Exchange Avaliable**

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*Terms & conditions apply. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer. **Terms & conditions apply and subject to valuation.


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The Better Life Man V Slug

The late poet Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote that: One is nearer God’s Heart in a garden than anywhere else on Earth. That may be true, but preparing the garden, for growing vegetables, is its own special form of purgatory. Nature conspires to make the task as difficult as possible, so we took it in stages. Step One – Peat-less pots are go. We chose green bean and mange tout seeds, and filled the little pots from our compost bin. I soon discovered that it’s a fine line between moist and soggy. And that the ‘which plant comes up first’ sweepstake may be subject to tampering. Anne knows who I mean, so we’ll say no more... Step Two - Mark out the plot, somewhere beyond the cypress tree’s reach to allow for the possibility of direct sunlight. That’s the easy part - it makes you feel like you’re retracing the first, tentative steps of our hunter-gatherer ancestors when they realised that a little porridge might be nice for a change. Step Three - Dig for Pyrrhic victory, trusting that the veg will subsequently be worthy of your muscles’ sacrifice. Once the soil has been dug, it’s time to remove the grass and weeds. The chickens loved some of the grass, but the worms received a reprieve, as they were on active service. Step Four - A ginger beer and a bag of crisps for me. Then the soil needs to be turned over and broken up, to help aerate it (a Scrabble word if ever I heard one). I also removed the stones, which is especially important if you’re planting from seeds. Step Five - Dig in the pots when the little plants look old enough to fend for themselves. Once they were installed, I added enough bamboo


canes and netting to deter any opportunistic gastropod-about-garden. Or so I thought. Within a day of completing our defences we were invaded, in a flagrant act of mollusc aggression. We employed slug pellets; we - that is, I - made random security patrols. Enemy snails were sent to the chickens for summary execution, also known by the chooks as ‘snack time’. I did try and reason with the slugs, principally because the chickens weren’t keen on them, but settled for either eviction into the back lane or incarceration in the garden waste bin. But still they came. My vigilance gradually paid off and our plant casualties decreased. Then came that magical day when the first veg flowers appeared. We weren’t out of the woods (or slugs) yet though and you’d be surprised by the amount of slug pellets we used. Honestly, I don’t know where they put it all. Having freshly picked beans, from garden to plate in a matter of minutes, is one of life’s little pleasures. Having to play nettle roulette, when picking the mange tout, because I couldn’t be bothered to keep up with the weeding, was less of a joy. The mange tout still tasted great though and it has me thinking about nettle soup. Next time I’ll let the beanlings grow taller before I plant them in, to give them more of a fighting chance. I’ll also make my own peat-less pots out of old newspaper. It’s the Blue Peter approach to green living. Derek Thompson is a writer and humorist based in the West Country. His writing blog can be found at www. and he is also a regular at by Derek Thompson

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DIS COV E R RO M S E Y JU N E 2013 114 Botley Rd North Baddesley SO52 9SW Tel: 02380 733070

Counselling/Psychotherapy with Sue Member BACP (Accredited)

Short or long-term counselling for adults, couples and young people in an encouraging, confidential location. Don't be alone. If you are feeling low, anxious or depressed, or are struggling to cope, telephone 023 8025 4878 or email me

G A N R Y N You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.

3 letters: 9 4 letters: 5 5 letters: 2 6 letters: 1

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



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Bathrooms, Shower Rooms & Wet Rooms Designed Installed or Repaired All area of Plumbing and Heating including Radiators, Valves, Pumps & Tanks No job too small Free quotes 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service

Britannia Windows doors & conservatories

For a friendly, reliable service call Gary

neW! loW cost solar panels

19 Nursling St, Nursling

chandlers ford shoWroom

Home: 023 8073 0874 Mobile: 07986 492458 Email:

023 8027 0606

Mothers and Fathers 1. Which Disney film features a mother and father called Perdita and Pongo? 2. The children’s radio show Listen With Mother always began with what question? 3. Which comes first in the calendar year?... Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? 4. Which member of the Guildford Four released the autobiography Proved Innocent, which was later adapted into the film In The Name Of The Father? 5. In Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, who played Brian’s mother, Mandy? 6. Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily was born in 1996. Name her famous mother and father. 7. Translating as “mother of the universe”, Chomolungma is the Tibetan name for what? 8. According to legend, who was King Arthur’s father? 9. Name the actor and actress who played Greg Focker’s mother and father in the film Meet The Fockers. 10. In 2007, Neil Diamond finally revealed that the inspiration for his song Sweet Caroline was a girl who was just 11 years old when he wrote it. Who was her famous father?

Answers: Page 42


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Dear Maggie

Hearing problems?

My mother is making my life a misery. I visit her at least once a week with my two daughters – but she still complains I don’t see her often enough. And she phones me nearly every day to moan about this or that. I feel drained by her unreasonable expectations. If she wasn’t my mother, I would cease contact with her altogether. What can I do to change her? orna


Dear Lorna

It’s mother-daughter relationships that keep me in business! However, I’m sorry to hear that you too are in this difficult situation. You want your daughters to be in contact with their grandmother, but at what cost to your wellbeing? It sounds as though you are afraid to challenge your mother and set some boundaries. Perhaps you fear it will make matters worse. Unfortunately, you can’t make her change. The only person you can change is yourself. I recommend you seek out courses, books or other professional help to build your selfesteem and help you be more assertive. This could empower you to change the dynamics of this damaging relationship, for the benefit of all.

FREE no obligation hearing tests ✔ FREE ✔ Comprehensive hearing assessments ✔ Latest digital hearing technology ✔ Independent hearing advice ✔ Home visits available –✔forFully all your hearing difficulties equipped Testing Centre– whatever y ✔✔FREE no obligation Free Parkinghearing tests

Hampshire Hearing Centre ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Comprehensive hearing assessments Hearing Aids Independent hearing advice Home visits available Fully equipped Testing Centre Free Parking

17 Bournemouth Road, 3DA

17 BournemouthFord Road, SO53 Chandlers Chandlers Ford SO53 3DA

0238026 8026 023 26242624

Maggie is a qualified experienced counsellor with a private practice in Romsey. She helps clients with a range of personal and psychological problems. Tel: 01794 522260 Email: Website:

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k




Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one hexagon to another (touching) hexagon, placing consecutive numbers into the empty shapes as you go. Some numbers are already given.

Pictograms Pictograms 2 words

10:53 5 words

5 words


Word Ladder

Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word - and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.



Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetitions! You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. There’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s addictive.


H A R D Answers: Page 42


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WE OFFER MANY SERVICES INCLUDING: Fogged Up / Broken Glass Replacement All Door Locks and Handles All Window Hinges, Handles and Locks Ventilators, Skylights and Velux Conservatory Roof Panels All Types of Glass and Mirror Supplied Spares from all Major Manufacturers Greenhouse Glazing and Repair

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02380 273955 07771 518502 EST 1991


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& Vinyl supplied

& fitted Home Selection & Measurement Service Estimating & Surveying Premier Flooring Solutions Chandlers Ford & Romsey

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Why pay a fortune for a new kitchen in the sales? Just change your doors and worktops!

And Save ££££’s!! n Get

a quality, bespoke kitchen at a fraction of the price! n Tiles, flooring, appliances, sinks, and full kitchen redesigns too n Installed quickly and cleanly by our very own local, expert craftsmen and registered fitters n Only 50% deposit – pay the rest when fully satisfied


Most kitchens fitted in only 2 days!

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ational A n n

work of loc et

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Life Begins An Actor’s Life at Last...? When 76 year old actress Patricia Loveland appeared in Dustin Hoffman’s recent film ‘Quartet’, it was a remarkable achievement for this former midwife, who signed up for drama school at the age of 60. By Kate McLelland For many older people Patricia’s success will be the spur to launch their own professional stage careers. Others may be encouraged to join an amateur theatre group. Peter Bressington helps to run the Lindley Players, an amateur theatre society with 350 members based in Whitstable, Kent. He says that the group is always looking to recruit members of all ages, but he is aware that many people are put off by open auditions: “If people are nervous about performing they can become involved in other ways, such as selling ice creams or painting scenery.” In order to understand the level of commitment required, Pru Page, Club Secretary of Bocking Theatre Club in Essex, recommends that new members have their first experience of being on stage as part of the chorus of a pantomime or summer show: “New members should be prepared to learn lines and take part in regular rehearsals but some are shocked by the amount of time they have to dedicate to the production.” Pru says that learning a theatre role can be stressful for older people, whose memories may not be as effective as they once were, but she believes that the more her members become used to it, the easier it becomes. She also recommends the social aspects of joining a theatre group: “I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve ever had through the club. Once you’ve shared a dressing room with someone – not to mention a few production disasters – you can’t help but become close.”


If amateur theatre doesn’t appeal, or if you already belong to an amateur group and want to go professional, then what’s the best advice? A course at an accredited drama school (list available from is probably the best option if you want to go professional. Many drama schools will take mature students for courses that last between one and three years. During that time you will work intensively on voice production, movement and acting. You’ll need an open mind and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. If student life is not for you, you can try approaching actors’ agents directly, but before you begin your search you will need a set of high-quality portrait shots. Be prepared for rejection unless you have a unique ‘look’ that lends itself to character roles. Even then you may find yourself auditioning for TV ads rather than strutting the stage at the National Theatre. Those who are lucky enough to be taken on by a reputable agent can expect to pay commission of around 10%-12% on each job. Actors usually have to pay their own travel expenses to attend auditions and purchase a subscription to online casting directory The Spotlight. However, the performers’ union Equity claims that at least two-thirds of actors are out of work at any time. With so much unemployment in the performing arts, the dream of taking up a professional stage career can often turn to dust, so it’s reassuring to know there’s always a local amateur company ready to give you the chance to tread the boards.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


fix my garage door ! n n n n

Offers a professional, friendly, domestic and commercial plumbing service to Totton and surrounding areas. All areas of general plumbing, tap washers to roof tanks, ball-valves to dishwashers. No task too tiny. Specialising in full bathroom, shower room and cloakroom installations or refurbishments. Including electrics and tiling. Competitive rates, no call out charge - free advice and OAP discounts.

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          






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D I S C O V E R L O C A L G R O UP S Romsey Flower Arrangement Society Second Wednesday of the month. North Baddesley Village Hall 7.00pm Welcomes new members Wellow Flower ArrangEment Society Meetings held fourth Monday in the month at Plaitford Village Hall at 7.30 pm New members welcome. Tel: Sonia on 01794 322205 or Liz on 01794 322263.

9.30 and 12.30? We can’t offer you a job, but we can offer you help in finding one. You can browse for jobs on our computers , prepare your cv If you need to brush up your IT skills, we can help you with that as well. All in an informal setting, with a cup of tea or coffee. We’re at Company House, Romsey School, Greatbridge, SO51 8ZB. Ring 01794 522106 for more information

WELLOW TEA DANCE Wellow Village Hall from 3pm to 5pm every second Flower Arrangement Classes/Workshops. Wednesday in the month except August. Woodley Village Hall, School Road, Romsey. The price is £3.25, and the music is provided by a small band, Mondays 1.30 - 3.30pm and tea, cakes and a raffle are included in the price. 1st & 3rd Monday - Beginners and intermediates (separate tables) Romsey Open Gate Stroke Club Everybody Welcome Contact: Denise 02380 741299 or A social club for anyone who has had a stroke, we meet every Sandy 01794 511335 for details. Tuesday at The Abbey Rooms 2.15pm Welcomes new members Tel: 0845 3033 100 Braishfield Flower Arrangement Society Meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at Braishfield ROMSEY ARTHRITIS HYDROTHERAPY GROUP Village Hall 7.30pm. New members welcome. Tel: 01794 Help soothe Arthritic joints, helping to relieve pain in the Hydrotherapy Pool. Join us as a member for £5 per year. 368259 / 02380 731162 Weekly sessions are subsidised. Transport is not available, but Romsey W.I. sessions are held locally. For further information contact Mrs The Crosfield Hall Annexe, Broadwater Road, Romsey, Linda Hill 01794 323838 SO51 8GL Every fourth Wednesday in the month commencing 7.30pm. ROMSEY HEARING CONCERN 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month 2 to 4 pm Visitors will be warmly welcomed. We have sections for Appletree Centre, Romsey (behind Romsey Library) Crafts, Darts, Walking, Scrabble and outings. We also have The clubs’programme has a wide variety of activities, which trips to the theatre. includes speakers, social events and outings. Visitors and new members are very welcome to visit this friendly club, Romsey Modellers, Ampfield Village Hall, 3rd Wed in the month. 8pm – 10pm whose aim is to minimise the restrictions of deafness. You do not have to be deaf to visit or join us, you just need an We are a plastic modelling club catering for all modelling genres and skill levels from beginners to well seasoned gurus. empathetic approach to people with a hearing loss. We are always looking for help, so if you are interested please For more information please see www.romseymodellers. contact Anne Gale on 02380735858, alternatively email Romsey Sub-aqua Club. Club night is Tuesday evening at Stanbridge Earls School 7.30 Romsey Sea Cadets - 9 pm. Come dive and snorkel with us! We offer try-dives Romsey Sports Field, Southampton Road, Romsey SO51 8AT and training and welcome new members. (Note: for security Tuesdays for 12 – 18 year olds or reasons at the School please contact us before coming along.) Thursdays for 10 – 18 year olds Email: Website Activities and competitions in every area include sailing, rowing, canoeing, swimming, 5-a-side football, shooting & NOMADS music and drama group camp craft. 01794 514387 NOMADS meet every Friday 8pm, Woodley Village Hall, Bike Rides School Road, Romsey. We have been part of the local community for 35 years and new members are welcomed. Romsey Hares and Tortoises local bike rides. Easy-paced rides from Romsey. Afternoon rides, with tea stop on the 3rd New members needed for our Summer show, all ages Saturday of each month and day rides, with lunch stop on welcome. Come along or phone Rachel: 023 8049 8955 or the 1st Saturday of each month. Social events too. Come and Clare: 01794 523578 - for more information. make friends. ‘Taster’participation is free. Contact Viv, or telephone South Hants Historical Aviation Society on 01794 368207. The Conservative Club Romsey First Wed in the month 7.30pm. Welcomes new members. Art Classes For more information visit Ampfield Golf Clubhouse, Monday mornings Wendy’s Art classes work on promoting new thinking WOODLEY & CRAMPMOOR FRIENDSHIP CLUB skills in relation to art and creativity. 01794 523067 for Woodley Village Hall, School Rd, Romsey more info. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month, 2pm Romsey Job Club Trying to find a job? If you live around Romsey, why not drop in to our Job Club on a Wednesday morning between


Meditation as a way of prayer Every Friday 11am to 12pm starting 4 May 2012. An opportunity to explore & experience the stillness

& silence of contemplative prayer. Wisdom Centre, Romsey, Hants SO51 8EL. 01794 830206. reception@ www.christian-meditation. TEST VALLEY CROQUET CLUB Test Valley Croquet Club play from April to September at Hunts Farm Sports Ground, Timsbury. Founded over 10 years ago the club is thriving, informal and friendly. All the club's facilities and equipment are available to members and their guests every day between April and September. New members of any age or experience are always welcome. Go along to a "mix-in" at 2pm on either afternoon to "have a go" or to watch, or make contact with Julie Gale, Secretary 01794 501043 or the John Smith, Captain 01794 340341 if you are only able to play in the evenings and at weekends ROMSEY MALE VOICE CHOIR Romsey Male Voice Choir’s team of 60 members share a passion for singing and fun. Come along to a rehearsal to hear what we do, all visitors welcome. The choir holds weekly rehearsals on Monday evenings in Romsey. 02380 663263, VIEWFINDERS OF ROMSEY CAMERA CLUB Every Tuesday throughout the year (except August) at Jubilee Hall, New Road, Timsbury, 7.30pm. We have a varied programme of competitions, talks and practical evenings for those with an interest in photography, and we welcome those just starting out in photography as well as more advanced workers. For more information, please see www. or telephone our secretary Pam Watson on 01794 388429. Transition Town Romsey We are a local not-for profit group run by volunteers, aiming to take action locally to make Romsey more sustainable and a better place to live. We are particularly concerned with the challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change and encourage people to get involved in our various groups. Website: www. Romsey Good Neighbours We are volunteers who take elderly, inform or disabled people to attend hospital, doctor or other medical appointments. If you need our service or could volunteer call Barbara Harper, Secretary of Romsey Good Neighbours (01794 522803). Foresters Flower Club 1st Thursday of the month (excluding January) at 7:30pm Copythorne Parish Hall, Pollards Moor Road, Copythorne A friendly floral art group for all ages with a varied and interesting programme of workshops, demonstrations, outings and social events. New members and guests always warmly welcomed. Club Secretary: 023 8081 2883

NEW ADDITION TO LISTINGS Romsey Amnesty International We are a friendly group of all ages interested in standing up for human rights. We meet monthly for letter writing, guest speakers and workshops and visitors are always welcome. Third monday of the month (not August). Please email

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k



F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



useful numbers

LOCAL DOCTORS NHS Direct (24hr helpline) 0845 4647 Abbey Mead Surgery Romsey SO51 8EN 01794 512218 01794 830888 Alma Road Surgery Romsey SO51 8ED 01794 513422 Lordshill Health Centre Lordshill SO16 8HY 02380 738144 Nightingale Surgery Romsey SO51 7QN 01794 517878 01794 511513 North Baddesley Surgery Fleming Ave SO52 9EP 02380 743401 02380 743400

LOCAL CHEMISTS Lloyds Pharmacy 123 The Hundred, Romsey 01794 522716 BootsThe Chemist Ltd 1 The Hundred, Romsey 01794 513143 Alliance Pharmacy 7-8 Market Place, Romsey 01794 513193 Lloyds Pharmacy 16-17 District Centre Lordshill 02380 737161 Alliance Pharmacy 7 Rownhams Road, North Baddesley 02380 732438 Wellow Pharmacy Lower Common Road West Wellow, Romsey, SO51 6BT 01794 322554 DENTISTS Community Dental Clinic Winchester Hill Romsey Abbey Orthodontics 82 The Hundred Romsey Romsey Dental Care 1 Station Road Romsey Heatherstone Dental Practice 65 The Hundred Romsey Wordsworth House Dental Practice 15 Palmerston Street Romsey Rownhams Lane Dental Practice 30 Rownhams Lane North Baddesley R M Sherwin Lordshill District Centre Lordshill Mark Mawer Clover Dental Practice North Baddesley HOUSEHOLD WASTE RECYCLING Bunny Lane, Timsbury Winter (1st Oct - 31st March) 8am - 4pm Summer (1st April - 30th Sept) 8am - 7pm

QUIZ - mothers & fathers

1. 101 Dalmatians (they are the parents of dalmatian puppies), 2. Are you sitting comfortably?, 3. Mother's Day, 4. Gerry Conlon, 5. Terry Jones, 6. Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence, 7. Mount Everest, 8. Uther Pendragon, 9. Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand, 10. John F. Kennedy

PICTOGRAM 1. Half time, 2. Make a

night of it, 3. No two ways about it


01794 513100 01794 512319 02380 733324 02380 738916 02380 738787 01794 368548

LOCAL LIBRARY Romsey Library Station Rd SO51 8DN North Baddesley 28 Wilis Ave SO52 9EN Lordshill Lordshill District Ctr, Southampton


01794 519589 01794 519589 01794 522222

0845 6035631 0845 6035631 02380 732845


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS All dates taken from - Summer Term Half Term: Mon 27/5/13 – Fri 31/5/13 Summer: Wed 24/7/13 - Mon 2/9/13 Autumn Term Half Term: Mon 28/10/13 - Fri 1/11/13 Christmas: Mon 23/12/13 - Fri 3/1/14 LOCAL SCHOOLS Ampfield C of E Primary 01794 368219 Awbridge Primary 01794 340407 Braishfield Primary 01794 368359 Cupernham Infants 01794 514494 Cupernham Junior 01794 512702 Fairisle Infant & Nursery 02380 731199 Fairisle Junior 02380 733415 Halterworth Primary 01794 512028 North Baddesley Infant 02380 412412 North Baddesley Junior 02380 411100 Nursling Cof E Primary 02380 732289 Oakwood Infants 02380 733337 Oakwood Junior 02380 320360 Romsey Primary & Nursery 01794 512362 Romsey Abbey C of E Primary (aided) 01794 512047 Rownhams St Johns Cof E Primary 02380 736417 Sinclair Primary & Nursery 02380 736663 Wellow Primary 01794 322201 Oaklands Community School &Oasis Academy Years 7 & 8 - 02380 393660 Years 9 -11 - 02380 771881 The Mountbatten School 01794 502502 The Romsey School 01794 512334 EMERGENCIES Police, Fire or Ambulance Services 999 0845 045 45 45 Police (Incident Reports) Portsmouth Water - Fresh Water Supply 02392 499888 02392 477999 Portsmouth Water - Leaks to Report (Out of hours 24hr)  0845 272 0845 Southern Water - Sewage Southern Water - Tech Support 0845 278 0845 Gas – National Grid (If you smell gas, then call us immediately) 0800 111 999 Electricity 0845 7708090


3 Letters 4 Letters SOFT, sort, sore, core, care, card, HARD

any gay nag nan nay rag ran ray yar

gran nary rang yang yarn

5 Letters

angry rangy

6 Letters




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DIS COV ER WHAT ’S ON SUMMER FAYRE 8 Jun, 11.30am – 3pm Federation of Fryern Schools, Oakmount Road, SO53 2LN Bouncy castle, BBQ, cakes, face painting, tombola and raffle as well as stalls from local businesses, games for the children, a beer tent and much more…. a good day out for all the family!

what’s OPEN GARDEN IN AID OF CANCER RESEARCH UK 25 May, 2pm - 5pm Merdon Manor, Merdon Castle Lane, Standon, SO21 2JJ Come and enjoy 5 acres of a Hampshire country garden with a couple of hidden gems. Black sheep with lambs the other side of the ha-ha. Spectacular far reaching views on approach and all round, as far as the Isle of Wight. Plants and more for sale. Garden tours and refreshments. Free parking. £4 by donation. EXHIBITION: WATER COLOUR 5 May – 30 Jun, 11am – 5pm Mottisfont House and Gardens, SO51 0LP The beauty and diversity of watercolours. Artists have been using watercolour for centuries, from rapid sketches that capture atmosphere and colour to complex, expressive works that push the medium to its limits. Normal admission prices apply. Contact 01794 344020. SUMMER HALF TERM AT MOTTISFONT 25 May – 2 Jun, 10am – 5pm Mottisfont House and Gardens, SO51 0LP Go on a really long bike ride on our estate- just pick up a map from our Visitor Reception. On your adventures see if you can find a tree and explore the inside of it. Kick off your shoes and go for a walk bare foot in our grounds. Normal admission charges apply. HALF TERM QUIZ TRAIL 25 May – 2 Jun, 10am – 3pm Lepe Country Park, SO45 1AD


Pick up a trail card from the park office and return with the correct answers to collect your prize. £2 per child. Contact 023 8089 9108. www3. HAMPSHIRE CRAFT FAIR 1 Jun, 11am – 3pm Crestwood College, Shakespeare Road, SO50 4FZ Stalls of handmade items and free parking. HAMPSHIRE FARMERS MARKET 2 Jun, 7 Jul, 10am – 2pm Alma Road Car Park, SO51 8ED Farmers Market selling local produce. Contact 01420 588671

provided plus refreshments and all tools and gloves. Booking essential - contact Rachel Moroney 02380 402593 or email eastleigh-projects@ office_opps_ind_task.cgi REMEMBERING D-DAY 6 Jun, 1.30pm – 3.30pm Lepe Country Park, SO45 1AD On the anniversary of D-day discover Lepe’s wartime history as you take a guided walk through the park to the D day remains. Some sections of the walk are along the shingle beach, so sensible footwear needed. £5.50 per person. Booking essential - contact 023 8089 9108.

NAOMI HOUSE HOSPICE CLARENDON WAY WALK 2 Jun, 8am - 8pm Take part in their flagship event, a 12 or 26 mile walk from Wincester Cathedral to Salisbury Cathedral through stunning Hampshire and Wiltshire countryside. £15 adult, £10 child. Contact felicity.patterson@ or 01962 843513.

PRACTICAL CONSERVATION – BIOBLITZ SEASHORE SAFARI 7 Jun, 4pm – 5.30pm Lepe Country Park, SO45 1AD Discover the wildlife living along our seashore. Part of the New Forest Bioblitz event where we see how many species can be recorded in the National Park in just 24 hours. Fun for all the family. Free, parking charges apply. Contact 023 8089 9108.

INVASIVE SPECIES CONTROL, REMOVAL OF HIMALAYAN BALSAM 6 Jun, 10am – 3pm Pennine Way, Entrance to Pennine Recreation Ground, SO53 3BE Help us control the invasive species Himalayan Balsam which is taking over the banks and shading out native plants. Join us to pull and remove it from the banks of this lovely brook. No experience necessary, training

COME AND TRY IT ORIENTEERING EVENT 8 Jun, 10am – 12.30pm Fleming Park, SO50 9NL Ideal for families, beginners and the more experienced orienteers. Coaching and guidance available. Run round the course like a hare or walk around like a tortoise! Enjoy yourself in the lovely Hampshire countryside. Adults £4. Juniors £2. Contact 07570 627716.

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

EAST TYTHERLEY COUNTRY FAYRE 8 Jun, 12pm onwards Oaklands House, East Tytherley, Salisbury, SP5 1LE Local traders, farm animal, bouncy castle, Kester the clown, refreshments including afternoon tea and a BBQ, and the very popular dog show. AFTERNOON TEA ON PLATFORM 1 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 June, 2pm – 5pm Horsebridge Station, Kings Somborne, SO20 6PU Have a fabulous afternoon tea at the station and be transported to times gone by at this beautifully restored Victorian railway station. www. LIVING HISTORY: 150 YEARS OF A MILITARY HOSPITAL 9 Jun, 12pm and 4pm Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Come and help us celebrate the 150th Anniversary since the hospital came into operation. An afternoon of fun and activities for all the family: military re-enactments, guided walks, exhibitions, war wound workshop and many other activities. Free. Contact 02380 455157. WEST END SINGERS SUMMER CONCERT 9 June, 2.30pm Thornden Hall, Thornden School, Winchester Road, SO53 2DW West End Singers are celebrating their silver anniversary year with summer concerts. Contact Ingrid on 02380 404881 for tickets. BARTON STACEY 10KM/3KM FUN RUN 9 Jun, 9am registration Barton Stacey, SO21 3RL Registration forms are available from

DIS COV ER WHAT ’S ON the Village Shop and The Swan Inn. Entry Fees: 10km - £7 Kids Races - £2 3km - £5 Family Ticket - £15. Refreshments available. All proceeds to Cygnets Playgroup Registered Charity. FREE CUPPA AT TOOLS FOR SELF RELIANCE 14 Jun, 10am – 12pm Tools for Self Reliance, Ringwood Road, Netley Marsh, SO40 7GY Come along to our monthly Coffee Morning Tours around our workshops for a short talk about the work we do. Contact 023 8086 9697. ALRESFORD ART AND CRAFT SHOW 15 Jun, 10am – 4.30pm Alresford Community Centre, West Street, SO24 9AG Crafts will include cross stitch gifts and decoupage cards, ceramics, chocolates and cakes, beaded and semi-precious stone jewellery, traditional decoupage, silk floral arrangements, glasswork including stained and leaded lighting, decorative plaques, photography, watercolours, prints and paper crafts. Free entry. Contact 01252 724968 THE HOME FRONT AT MANOR FARM 15 – 16 Jun, 10am – 5pm Manor Farm Country Park, Pylands Lane, Burseldon, SO31 1BH The clocks are turned back to the 1940s, the farm is at war. Enjoy civilian & military re-enactments and a host of period vehicles. Normal admission charges apply. Contact 01489 787055. SOUTHAMPTON DOG SHOW 15 – 16 Jun, 8am start Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Four-legged friends of all shapes and sizes will be here for this year’s Dog Show. Spectators welcome. Free. Contact 02380 455157 YOUR LIFE IS IN THEIR HANDS 16 Jun, 2pm Southampton Old Cemetery Looking at the medical people who made a difference in the Old Cemetery

SHOWTIME – ROTARY CLUB OF SOUTHAMPTON WEST 16 Jun, 1pm gardens open for 3pm performance Embley Park, A27 Salisbury Road, SO51 6ZA One of the very best swing bands in the south, ably supported by the fantastic singers and dancers from the Highcliffe Charity Players. £12.75 (early birds before June only £10) Groups; £10 each for groups of 10 or more. Accompanied Children under 15 are free. JAPANESE GARDEN DESIGN PATCHWORK SQUARE 20 Jun, 2pm – 4pm Tools for Self Reliance, Ringwood Road, Netley Marsh, SO40 7GY 'A circle becomes a square' All hand stitched - one can be prepared in this session and could form the start of a larger project. Tea/coffee and a biscuit/cake provided. £10 per person All profits will go to Tools for Self Reliance. Booking essential – contact Loraine Whittle on 023 8086 9697 or OWL BABIES STORY TRAIL 20 Jun, 11am – 12pm, 1.30pm – 2.30pm Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Enjoy the adventures of the owl babies Sarah, Percy and Bill on a short walk through the park. Price includes trail, drink and biscuit and craft activity. £2.50 per child. Contact 02380 455157. A SUMMER PRELUDE 22 Jun, 6pm Heritage Visitor Centre, Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Musicians from The Gregg School will be providing an evening concert of music performed by the School Choir, Wind Band, Instrumental Ensembles and Soloists. Followed by wine, cheese and refreshments. Booking essential – tickets from the Park Shop and The Gregg School. Adults £8, concessions £5. Contact 02380 455157.

AWBRIDGE VILLAGE LUNCH 26 Jun, 12pm Awbridge Village Hall Contact 0845 094 6155 to book a place. £4. THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION: TOTTON AND ELING BRANCH CHARITY CONCERT 27 Jun, doors open at 1845 for 1945 start Empire Hall, Totton Conservative Club In aid of the Poppy Appeal. Featuring the Marchwood Orchestra playing military themed music and the Marchwood Prelude and Marchwood Military Wives Choir playing 1940s to 1960s music. Tickets £10 from 02380 863618, 85 Water Lane, Totton or OPEN DAY AT TOOLS FOR SELF RELIANCE 29 Jun, 11am – 4pm Tools for Self Reliance, Ringwood Road, Netley Marsh, SO40 7GY Fun for all the family. Live music, craft stalls, raffle, tombola, refreshments, storytellers, archery workshops and more. Free entry and parking. Contact 023 8086 9697 THE CAPERSOUTH – A TRADITIONAL YOUTH DANCE SHOWCASE 29 Jun, 11am – 4pm Pedestrianised areas of central Winchester, SO23 8UJ Traditional Youth Morris teams from the South West and South East meet up in the pedestrian streets of Winchester Hampshire to show how Morris should be danced with

fun, exuberance and excitement. Free. TheCaperSouth.html. BRAISHFIELD SUMMER SCHOOL FAYRE 29 Jun, 12.30pm – 4pm Braishfield Recreation Ground, SO51ORJ Relax in our beer tent, enjoy our bbq, go crazy on the bouncy slide, zorbing, cake stalls, dog show, car show, face painting, tea cup ride, ice cream van and lots more for all the family. Contact 01794 367067. WEST END SINGERS SUMMER CONCERT 30 June, 2.30pm Discovery Centre, Jewry St, SO23 8SB West End Singers are celebrating their silver anniversary year with summer concerts. Contact Ingrid on 02380 404881 for tickets. 40 VEHICLES FROM THE 40s 30 Jun, 11am – 3pm Manor Farm Country Park, Pylands Lane, Bursledon, SO31 1BH Do you have a vehicle from the 40s? Would you like to share it with visitors to the Country Park? We have 40 spaces for vehicles from the 40s, first come first served so book your place early. Free. Contact 01489 787055. SOUTHAMPTON FUN 5K RUN 30 Jun Southampton Common, SO15 7NN Come and join the Macmilan Team with your family in this fun 5k run

What’s on entries are free for non-profit making organisations or at the editor’s discretion while businesses may pay £10 + vat by credit card at the time of booking to include event title, date, location and 4 lines of text.

Call 023 8027 6361 or email

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


DISCOVER INDEX For Advertisers offering multiple property services look under Property Maintenance, otherwise see specific trade e.g. electrician, carpenter etc. Accounting: Arlington Accountants Aerials: Aerial Fix Blake & Sons DJ Satellites & Aerials Appliance Repair: Advanced Appliance Care JP Appliances Bathrooms: See Plumbing Blinds: Waterside Blinds Carpet Cleaning: Abbey Cleaning Carpet & Flooring: Floor Coverings Southern GE Nicholls Premier Flooring Solutions Cash & Carry: Costco Computer Services: Geek On Demand Home Computer Help Widenet Computer Services Ltd Conservatories: Britiannia Windows Homeseal Pennington (HI) Jones Ltd Counsellor: Counselling/Psychotherapy with Sue Maggie Buchanan Domestic Appliance: Advanced Appliance Care JP Appliances

29 39 43 4 35 29 16 14 17 16 36 3 17 43 20 32 48 24 31 33 35 29

Double Glazing Inst/Repairs: Britiannia Windows Penninton (HI) Jones Ltd Windowmenda Electrician: Ampfield Electrical EEC247 MCT Electrical Romsey Electical Services Estate Agent: Jonathan Rees Fencing: Colourfence Financial Services: Asset Care Planning Garage Doors: Fix Quick Garage Doors Garage Services: Belbins Garage Independent NB Service Station Garden Design & Services: Arbor Call Colourfence Elcombe and Son Green Keeper J.L. Tree Care New Forest Garden Machinery Pomp & Petals Sydenhams Gas Services: See Plumbing Health Services: Hampshire Hearing Centre Kitchens: Dream Doors Homeseal New Forest Stone Letting Services: Homestyle Lettings

32 24 35 16 14 41 36 25 13 5/7 39 31 19 17 13 13 29 13 15 12 11 9

33 37 48 4 21

Locksmith: Lockright Office Furniture: Haywood Office Services Optician: Hampson Opticians Painter/Decorator: Different Strokes Pet Services: Heads & Tails Plumbing Services (including bathroom installation and gas and boiler services) see also Property Maintenance: AK Heating & Plumbing Allan Grace Plumbing Services Aquatec Gair Gas Grahame E Jones Plumbing & Heating M.Brierley Plumbing NHP (Romsey) Ltd Pegrum Home Services P & H South Coast Plumbing & Heating Printer: Warwick Printing Company Property Maintenance & Improvements: DT Interiors Elcombe and Son House Worx S.G. Roofing Services The Flat Pack People Property Sales: Mildren Homes Security: TLS Security Soft Furnishings: Donna Nile Peck Interior Soft Furnishings Solar Panels: Energy My Way Solar Voltaics Ltd Tree Surgery: See Garden Window Cleaning: Clear Vision Window Repair: Windowmenda Worktops: New Forest Stone

22 47 33 43 31

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Supermarket Opening Hours Mon Asda, C.Ford

7.30am then 24hrs

Tues 24 hours

Weds 24 hours

Thurs 24 hours




24 hours 24 hours 10am-4pm until 10pm

Co-op, except Sevmore 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 7am-10pm


Co-op Seymore Parade 7am -10pm 7am -10pm 7am -10pm 7am -10pm 7am -10pm 7am -10pm 7am -10pm Sainsburys Lordshill

7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 7am-10pm 10am-4pm

Tesco Tebourba Way

8.00am then 24hrs

24 hours

24 hours

24 hours

24 hours 10am-4pm until 10pm

8am -8pm

8am -8pm

8am -8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 9pm

8am - 8pm 10am -4pm

Waitrose Romsey ALDI Romsey

24 hours

8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8.30am - 7pm 10am - 4pm

All opening hours are given as a guide only and are correct at the time of going to press 46

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k






Use us for ALL your printing needs Folders • Stationery Brochures • Leaflets • Books Manuals • Digital Magazines Mailing Campaigns

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500 business cards and 500 compliment slips only £98.00 inclusive of Design, Delivery and V.A.T. Warwick Printing Company Tel : 01926 883355 Website :

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Quality and Service can depend on!

Quality and Service can depend on!




Revive Kitchen £360 5 Doors Your £298

Matt Prices Gloss 2 Options at Great

10Doors Doors £580 5 £298 1 15Option Doors 10 Doors £870 £580

£710 £360 Option 2 £1,000 £710

Just Change the doors

£1,350 20 Doors Doors £1,100 £1,000 15 £870

Replace the whole kitchen

Made to Measure doors. All Free computer design service coordinated panels and on new kitchens what our customers say about us accessories available The team worked tirelessly from the beginning of the day until the end. They are all very Over 20 years’ experience in the industry pleasing and everything has say to be about perfect. Ius amdelighted with what they have done to what our customers my kitchen it looks too good to be use! The team worked tirelessly from beginning What our customers saythe about us of the day until the end. They are all very Graver Thank youand very much. Brenda pleasing everything has to be perfect. I amdelighted withare what they have and done to The team worked tirelessly from the beginning of the day until the end. They all very pleasing everything my kitchen it looks good to be use! has to be perfect. I am too delighted with what they have done to my kitchen it looks too good to use! SHOWROOM • Thank very much. Brenda GraverGraver Brenda Thankyou you very much.

20 Doors £1,100 £1,350

Tel: 02380 90 5000 Tel: 02380 90 5000

SHOWROOM • Prices shown are supply only and include V.A.T. Prices are based on any size doors & drawerfronts. Please ask for details on coordinated accessories and installation. These offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or previous quotation given.

Prices shown are supply only and include V.A.T. Prices are based on any size doors & drawerfronts.

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