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APRIL 2013

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The Better Life

Like The Good Life, but with the internet!

Grow Your Own Veg Pippa Greenwood's monthly column

Delivered by Royal Mail into Bishop's Waltham and surrounding villages

Hello and Welcome I was chatting with some friends recently about the conundrum of why it takes so long to do little tasks. One was saying about the button that had been on the windowsill for a month, and another was bemoaning the picture that she bought in the summer and still hadn’t hung up. My shameful overdue task was a dress lurking in the bottom of the washing basket. Being an evening dress I had no urgency for it, and as it wouldn’t have fitted me anyway until recently*, the motivation wasn’t there. Still five years is a long time to leave something unwashed! Suffice to say, the act of confessing was enough to spur all of us into getting our jobs done. Each of our tasks took next to no time and left us wondering why on earth we hadn’t done them before. We couldn’t come up with an answer but resolved to try to stop the procrastination. The other thing I find on my ‘must get round to it’ list is anything to do with personal finance, planning and paperwork. I’m very good with paperwork for the business, yet the family stuff just accrues in the ‘awaiting action’ pile. However we received a statement this week for a pension associated with a job my

husband left many years ago. He actually bothered reading it this time – normally it goes straight into filing. It informs him that he can expect to receive £145 a year when he retires. Now that’s not going to keep us warm in the winter is it? Help is at hand though. Newman Cozens on page 6 offer a range of financial services and on the back cover and inside back cover are details of a Wills and Estate Planning Workshop being held by SBA Financials. Excellent…all he has to do now is get round to picking up the phone! Tania *More updates have been added to my weight loss blog at

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Porsche Cayenne GTS You want a 911, but need more space and would rather have the commanding view of the road a 4x4 offers. Is the Porsche Cayenne the answer? We find out… What is it?

It’s a Cayenne – Porsche’s roughty toughty off-roader – but one that’s had a dose of steroids and some glitter liberally applied to its bodywork. Slotting into the range between the V8 S and the Turbo, the GTS comes with more focus and power and some distinctive styling options.

What’s under the bonnet?

A rather raucous 4.8-litre V8 that’s been uprated from 394bhp to 414bhp and boasts 515Nm of torque. Performance is far from the Turbo’s though; the GTS will hit 60mph in 5.7s and go on to 162mph. It sounds pretty special getting there though! Everything else has been on the sharpening block – the steering is crisper, the eight-speed gearbox shifts quicker, and the lowered ride height gives it an added edge on the road.

What’s the kit like?

Is it any good?

Although it’s incredibly quick and sounds tremendous, it can feel a little bit stressed out at times. By that we mean it feels on edge, twitchy even – perhaps the added sharpness has given it a little too much bite. However, there’s no doubting it has real presence on the road – it’s just the styling might not suit all tastes.

The verdict

We like the GTS treatment given to most Porsches. The 997 911 really benefitted from the work over, and the Panamera GTS we tried after this Cayenne worked fantastically well too. However, the off-roader doesn’t feel quite right in this guise. It’s quick and sounds incredible, but feels like it’s pretending to be something that it’s not.

The Knowledge

Pretty impressive, but like all Porsches you’ll soon rack up Ford Fiesta-sized bills on the options. A communications pack costs £2,157, 21-inch black alloys are £1,513 and even the red paint will set you back £1,619. Our test car had a total of £13,760 worth of goodies…ouch.

Model: Porsche Cayenne GTS

Any rivals?

Max speed: 162mph

The ageing Range Rover Sport puts up a pretty good fight, but we’ve never tried a Rangie that sounds as good as this GTS. Audi will soon be at the party with its SQ models, but that’s yet to be applied to its Q7. For a left field there’s always the Infiniti Vettel Edition, but that’s very expensive in comparison. So, not much choice out there at the moment.


Price: £67,147 Engine: 4.8-litre, petrol Power: 414bhp, 515Nm 0-60mph: 5.7s MPG (comb’d): 26.4 Emissions: 251g/km by James Baggott, editor of Car Dealer Magazine (

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ua Sq e Th


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With our market knowledge and expertise, we offer advice to find the solution to suit your specific needs and circumstances. An ongoing review service is available by agreement. Simply call Simon Rustell to arrange a no obligation initial meeting with you, free of charge (please quote code WPM). Our remuneration for further work will be by fee which will be agreed with you in advance. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Some areas of advice, such as estate planning and commercial mortgages, are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


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Carnac Place, Carnac Court, Cams Hall Estate, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8UY. t: 01329 288924 f: 01329 280123 e: Newman Cozens Financial Management is a trading style of Newman Cozens Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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DISCOVER MEON VALLE Y APRIL 2013 Your Local Experienced Locksmith (est 2000)

the tekkie people Plates PCs are your essential specialist IT support with over 10 years established experience. We custom build, upgrade, service and refurbish all computers (both PC & Mac). Expanding? Network generation also available. Additionally, we offer a smartphone touch screen repair service. Our outstanding customer service extends to home users right through to large corporate organisations.

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A SSURE Electrical Ltd • Free no obligation safety advice & quotations • All domestic electrical repairs & wiring, with no job too small • Domestic rewires, extensions, fuse box upgrades, security & garden installations • All work certified to 17th edition of the wiring regulations

We will provide: • A plain English discussion • A professional, friendly & courteous approach • An excellent quality of service • An understanding that your house is your home...not just a building

Call today on 01489 890303 • Making your home a safer place


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The Better Life The Better Life is the tales and observations of a London townie, who downshifted to Cornwall. A bit like the Good Life, but with the internet. It all started one morning in the kitchen, when Anne asked, “How would you feel about keeping chickens?” I didn’t answer right away. In the time we’ve been together I’ve learned the language of subtext. I finished my breakfast and replied, “When are we picking them up?” I wasn’t entirely averse to the idea of a little self-sufficiency. Who doesn’t have fond memories of The Good Life - and especially Felicity Kendal? Plus it’d be a chance to shed my townie upbringing and dispel that grim story my dad used to tell - the one about dispatching a chicken for the first and only time, where the head came off in in his hands and the headless chicken ran up the path. Stage one in Operation Chickadee was researching coops and chicken feed and, well, chickens really. There’s a lot to learn about chicken behaviour, the different breeds and their foibles. Having taken advice, we decided on hybrids, as they’re more reliable for eggs and point-of-lay birds for immediate production. We went upmarket with the coop, choosing an easy care metal and plastic affair from Omlet (yes, really!). Now all we needed to do was find the right chickens - and Anne was already on the case. The day after the chicken coop and run were installed in the front garden, we entered the mysterious world of farm supplies. Layers pellets, grit (for strong shells), straw and worming treatment - check. However, my suggestion that we buy jodhpurs as well fell on stony ground. Having located a poultry supplier, we headed out with an empty cat box and a pile of newspaper. The farmer led us to a densely populated barn and said, “Take your pick.” I don’t know exactly how Anne chose the chickens - which the farmer insisted were hens - but we went home with Sweet Pea (a Plymouth Rock / Maran)


and Pepperami (a Plymouth Rock / Rhode Island). The chickens were confined to barracks for a few days, to allow them to settle in and retrain the cat. Once they emerged, we noted the following: At least an egg a day! A huge reduction in the snail population. Sweet Pea failed to live up to her name, went broody and took it out on the cat (luckily it’s a very fast cat). The garden quickly came to resemble The Somme. Something had to be done because, unlike me, Anne is a passionate gardener. Plus, the round up in the evenings was time consuming. We fenced off one half of the garden and, after a few ‘great escapes’, augmented the fencing with extra bamboo canes in leaf, whereupon the chickens looked as if they were starring in their own episode of Tenko. Sweet Pea and Pepperami were both restful to watch and very entertaining. They performed chicken yoga wing stretching exercises. They played tug-of-war with snails and ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ tussles over worms, morning porridge and, on one unfortunate occasion, a wood mouse. Our neighbours relish the availability of fresh, local eggs and they enjoy the egg-laying serenade every morning. And the poultry poop makes great compost. No chickens were harmed in the making of this feature. My dad would be proud. Derek Thompson is a writer and humourist based in the West Country. His writing blog can be found at www. and he is also a regular at by Derek Thompson

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Hire A Handy Hero is here to serve you. We will save you time, offer reassurance and give you peace of mind.

For every £5 spent, you receive a stamp. Get 20 stamps and on your 21st stamp you’ll get 20% off !

Specialists in Game and Exotic Meats such as crocodile, bison etc Speciality sausages available incl Dragon’s Breath (with chilli), Moroccan Lamb, and Honey & Mustard, to name but a few.

You can trust and rely on our ex forces personnel who are military trained to have various skills within home improvements. Our expertise include:

Also Prime sirloin and rib eye steaks.

Flat Pack Assembly • Plumbing Decorating • Tiling • Odd Jobs Repairs and Maintenance Bike Maintenance, Assembly and Repair We will repair and refurbish before we replace saving you expensive bills whilst being kind to the environment.

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PUT SPARKLE IN YOUR HOME Trust Town & Country Architecture to put the sparkle back in your home I Good design needn’t be expensive and is often reflected in resale values I Professional practice with range of services I From small extension work to the larger commercial/housing projects I Fixed fee quotes before we start work I Designs with flair and clarity I Compulsory PI insurance I Local knowledge of sites and Local Authorities I Free on site appraisal I Member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist

Visit our Website, we’ll be pleased to discuss your future plans


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Brand Names 1. Which brand of Champagne by Moët & Chandon is named after the Benedictine monk who is often mistakenly credited as having invented Champagne? 2. What is the oldest four-wheel drive car brand in the world? 3. Technika is a brand name for electronic products that are exclusively sold by which retailer? 4. Which brand name was derived from the words “durability”, “reliability” and “excellence”? 5. Which brand of soaps, shower gels and bath products originated in 1768 when a Russian nobleman asked for a perfume to be created that embodied the distinctive aroma of the Russian court? 6. Which brand of spread by Dairy Crest has a two word rhyming name? 7. What six letter name is the best known brand name of polytetrafluoroethylene? 8. What was the mobile network operator One 2 One rebranded as in 2002? 9. Which brand of chocolate bar has been advertised with the slogan “it’s not for girls”? 10. Which brand name is derived from the German word for “type” and the Latin word for “no more”? Answers: Page 30


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Gair Gas now offer a fantastic 7 year warranty on all Worcester Greenstar gas or oil fired boilers. Registered Installer

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*Introductory offer for 12 months. A minimum period of one calendar year is payable.

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Short Story The Easter Egg Hunt Valerie waved as her daughter’s car pulled off the drive, leaving her with two pink overnight bags and a list of instructions which she knew she would ignore. In the lounge her granddaughters were pulling cushions off the sofa in search of the remote control. “Margot, Bonny”, she called, “Mummy said no TV”. The girls drooped visibly. “Well, maybe later, but first”, she clapped her hands, “how about an Easter egg hunt?” No chocolate had been second on the list. The girls excitedly pulled on their coats. “Here’s a basket each”. She opened the back door. “Let’s see what we can find”. Les, Valerie’s neighbour, appeared at the fence wearing a monocle and a fez. “Hello Uncle Les”, Margot called. “Like your funny glasses”. “I’ have a wobbly tooth”, Bonny added. “Excellent.” Les replied. “Enjoy the hunt”. The girls had keen eyes and soon found all the chocolate eggs hidden in the flower beds. “Look Grandma”, Margot called from the vegetable patch. Valerie was just as amazed as her granddaughters to see a giant bean stalk. It was eight feet tall and made out of papier-mâché. “I wonder how that got there?” Valerie asked. “This must be where Jack planted his magic beans”, Margot said with authority. “Look!” Bonny pointed under the rhubarb leaves. “A golden egg.” “The giant’s goose laid it”, Margot announced as the girls rolled the egg onto the path. Something else glinted in the soil. The girls knelt down and began to dig, unearthing a pile of golden chocolate coins. “The giant’s treasure”, Margot whispered. The girls hurriedly filled their baskets, concerned that the giant might make an appearance. “Can we go inside and eat our chocolate Grandma?” The girls chimed together. “Pretty please?” “Of course”, Valerie laughed. “Make sure you wipe the soil off first”. “Thanks Grandma”. Bonny popped a coin into


Valerie’s pocket and dashed after Margot into the house. In the kitchen Valerie switched the kettle on. Summoned by the sound like a genie in a lamp, Les appeared at the back door. “East egg hunt was a success I take it?” he asked, settling himself down at the kitchen table and removing his fez. “Thanks to you”, Valerie smiled. “You’re welcome darling”. Les made a bow. “Those props from the pantomime were just gathering dust in my shed. I thought they might spice things up”. Valerie put two mugs of coffee on the table. “They certainly did. Your beanstalk, golden egg and coins mixed with a child’s imagination; what could be better?” Les’s monocle popped out. “I didn’t plant any coins”. They exchanged quizzical glances and Valerie fished the coin out of her pocket. Les wiped the soil from it. “My dear”, he held it up to the light. “This is a real gold coin, possibly Roman”. Valerie took the coin. It was heavy and gleamed as though it had been minted yesterday. “How many did the girls find?” Les asked. “I don’t know”, Valerie said feeling excited. “A dozen?” “And where are they now?” A sharp cry of pain shook the walls and made Valerie and Les jump. They searched for the girls and found them behind the sofa with their baskets. Margot had her arm around Bonny who had tears rolling down her cheeks. In her palm Bonny held something tiny and white. “She couldn’t get the foil off the coin so she bit it”, Margot explained calmly. “And now her wobbly tooth’s fallen out”. “Do you think the tooth fairy will come to your house Grandma?” Bonny sobbed. “My dear”, Les exclaimed. “I’d say she’s already been”. By Jackie Brewster

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A cosy & friendly service Competitive Prices Stylists that cater for all ages All hair dressing services available by our NVQ & City & Guilds Stylists

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neW! loW cost solar panels chandlers ford shoWroom

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The Life List

Things you never want to overhear at a children’s party All children have to grow up eventually, and you know about ‘out of the mouths of babes and sucklings’. .. So let’s hope you’re never faced with:

and save ourselves a whole lot of time and energy. • No, you can’t pet the dog, because it’s not your visitation day. • My mum says I will drive her to Jeremy Kyle, so I think she’s buying me a car for my birthday. • Auntie Jean says I must never drink alcohol, even when I’m a grown-up. Otherwise I might end up like Uncle Michael. • When I grow up I want to be a person who makes the world a better place and helps people. Like a banker or something.

• But that’s not how my mummy and daddy play • Of course there’s a Father Christmas, with lots horseys. of elves too. And they make all the Made in • My dad says voting is for idiots and that all China stickers to throw people off the scent. true adherents to the free-market economy • The Internet is like a great big magical will end up in prison - like him. window, only you mustn’t look at the rude • It doesn’t look like one of my uncle’s pot bits or your mum and dad will take away your plants. And where are the UV lights? pocket money. • I don’t want to play mummies and daddies © Derek Thompson today, so let’s just divide the toys in half





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Grow Your Own Veg As the new gardening year is upon us, why not have a go at growing your own veg because it doesn’t need to be difficult and has the potential to be one of the most productive and fun things you’ve ever done.

by Pippa Greenwood

Home grown food tastes better, uses little if any air miles, can save you a packet and is enormously rewarding because you’re getting the top end of the market produce. Remember to grow what you like and what your garden can grow well - this may take some experimenting, but don’t be afraid to admit that some things are trickier than others in your plot. If you’re an organic gardener or you simply want to produce pesticide free vegetables, you might need to spend more time thinking about what to grow and how you can best nurture it so that pests, diseases and other problems take a back seat. *Seed and plant catalogues are now more likely to let you know which varieties are relatively pest or disease resistant. *You can also encourage some of the naturally occurring insects that parasite or predate upon the garden pests, or bigger animals such as frogs, toads, hedgehogs and many birds. Insects include: Ladybirds: The larvae and the adults both consume huge numbers of aphids. Lacewings: The young or larvae are brilliant predators, eating mainly aphids, but also eating other pests such as thrips and eggs of moths. Hoverflies: The soft-bodied yellowy grey larvae are great aphid eaters, a single one eating up to fifty in a day, nearing 1,000 in its lifetime. Ground beetles: Often seen scuttling off at speed when you move pots, low-growing plants or loose slabs, they are mostly black and often shiny and are brilliant predators of many pests including slugs, vineweevils and some insect eggs.


Solitary wasps: Some feed their larvae on aphids, weevils and other insects. Some of these may already be in your garden, but by growing some suitable plants you can really build up their numbers. On the whole the simple, non-double varieties are the most insect friendly, so try some of these: *Phacelia: A hardy annual with bluish perfumed flowers, perfect for direct sowing. *Limnanthes douglasii (the poached egg plant): This yellow and white flowered hardy annual is loved by hoverflies. *Eschscholzia (the Californian poppy): This pretty yellow, orange and cream flowered plant can be direct sown and thrives in sunny welldrained sites. *Iberis (candytufts): One of the easiest hardy annuals, it has readily available pollen and nectar, perfect for many beneficial insects. The rewards are plentiful - a regular supply of superbly tasty vegetables, picked when ripened to perfection (not just to make them last longer on the supermarket shelf), gathered as and when you need them and in the quantities you need (cutting down on wastage) plus you can choose the varieties you find tastiest. Why not grow some great vegetables in 2013? Go to and sign up for ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ – choose from a fantastic selection of vegetables sent to you at just the right time for planting and each week you receive an email from her telling you all you need to know to ensure great results. You can also sign up for Pippa’s newsletter and receive a free e-book on organic gardening, and buy a handpicked selection of garden products.

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Lawntech use high quality professional products and state-of-the-art machinery to refine your lawn


For a free analysis please contact us on:


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Garden Design, Landscaping & Maintenance SPECIALIST IN LAWN CARE

Lawntech use high quality professional products and state-of-the-art machinery to refine your lawn For a free analysis please contact us on:

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135 Southampton Rd Titchfield PO14 4PR (just off Jct 9 of M27) F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k













Impervious to rotting and warping. Will resist wind gusts up to 130mph Requires no preservative treatments or painting. For a FREE quote please call: 07952 836884

revitalise gardens DESIGN • CONSULT • MAINTAIN A qualified, experienced and professional team undertaking: • • • • • • • • •

Full CAD Garden Designs Paving & Patios Driveways Brick, stone & timber walling Timber structures Fencing Lawn installations Border planting Professional garden maintenance

T: 01489 796734 M: 07810 553038 E:


To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k



Hedge End Branch Opening Late Spring 2013 on the Herald Ind. Estate

Audi VW Skoda Seat All other makes welcome!










Tel 023 8027 3333

School Lane, Chandlers Ford F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


  

 


 

    £10

Word Ladder

Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word - and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.


Septic Tank? Cesspit?  Cesspit, Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment Plant Emptying

 CCTV Drain Surveys & Repairs Sewage Treatment Plant & Pump Station Servicing & Maintenance

Off-Mains Drain Jetting 24 Hour Emergency Service Competitive Prices Friendly, Clean & Reliable Service Professional & Fast Response ©


call us for a competitive quote

01489 778250

Your local trusted sewage company


Cleansing Service Group Waste Solution Specialists

Answers: Page 30

visit us at or email

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k



TREE SURGEONS All Tree Work Undertaken - Also • Hedge Cutting Specialists • Tree Stump Removal • FREE Quotations & Health Check • Qualified & Insured • 21 Years of Experience • No Job Too Big Or Small Small Advert


Advertise to over 13,000 Meon Valley homes from just £28 (+VAT) a month Free Advert Design Call 02380 266388 to discuss your advert or email

01489 890333 MOBILE CAR PAINTWORK SERVICE  100% colour match  Surface scratches removed from £30  Alloy wheel refurbishment  Bumper scuffs and panels repainted

 Dents removed  Fully insured

For a FREE Quote contact Ian Smith

t: 02392 254 239 m: 07891 298046

e: w:

Pipe Dreams A complete plumbing service Free quotes & no call out charge No job too small All work guaranteed for peace of mind service

07816 686245 • 01489 878134 Ask for Candice or George

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



what’s RAMBLERS GROUP WALK: 10.5 MILES 21 Mar, 10.00am Starts at Beacon Hill Beeches Car Park, SO32 3LG Walk includes a short picnic lunch. Contact Ori and Margaret on 02380 615652 EASTER FAIR 23 Mar10am to 12.30pm The Greenery Nursery School, Paterson Centre, Church Road, Swanmore Activities include local handmade crafts, children's activities, home made produce, tombola and much more. COMEDY THEATRE 23 Mar, 2:30 Colden Common Community Centre, St Vigor Way, SO21 1UU ’Whose Story Is It Anyway?’ - this wonderful improvised comedy show guarantees to make children (and adults) laugh out loud, as it celebrates the power of the human imagination. Kepow theatre take suggestions from their audience, adapt well known stories and improvise scenes full of action and adventure. What happened when Harry Potter discovered he had a twin called Larry? Or when Charlie built his own Chocolate


Factory? Come along and find out! Suitable for 5 - 11 year olds, (and playful grown ups). Adults £7, Children £5, Families £20 01962 715789 www. BURSLEDON BRICKWORKS EASTER SPECIAL 24 Mar 11am to 3pm Bursledon Brickworks Industrial Museum PO14 3AH Join us for an extra Open day especially for Easter. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt and Children's Activities including making a brick. Magic Jack will be performing for your enjoyment and Solent Children's Rock School will be providing music. The Children's Playground will be open, there will also be the usual Book Stall and Tool Stall. Adults £5, Concessions £4, Child £2, Family £12 01489 576248 www. SPRING BIRDSONG 25 Mar, 7.30pm Church Hall, Free Street, Bishops Waltham, SO32 1AN Sounds of the spring including recordings by Brian Harrison. Contact Jane Gentry on 01489 890961 or janegentry@ Parking available at library next door. £2.50.

EGGS MARK THE SPOT 29 Mar and 1 Apr, 10am – 5pm Mottisfont House and Gardens, Mottisfont, SO51 0LP Complete the trail to win your chocolate egg! Appropriate footwear needed. Collect trail sheet in the Stable Block. £2 per trail. Tel: 01794 344020. EGGCITING FUN 29 Mar to 14 Apr 12am to 4pm Manor Farm Country Park, Pylands Lane, Burseldon SO31 1BH Can you complete our Easter Egg Hunt around the park? Details from the Kiosk in Barnfield. Free 01489 787055. www3.hants. htm NAOMI HOUSE SOLENT SUNRISE WALK 29 Mar Warsash to Gosport Join us for a half marathon along the beautiful South Coast, from Warsash to Gosport, at sunrise! Funds raised will support lifelimited children, young adults and their families. The route will be fully marshaled and buses will take you from the finish, back to the start in Warsash. Registration is open at Warsash

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

at 5am, with the walk beginning at 6am. Registration costs £15 per adult and £10 for under 18’s. Call the Events Team on 01962 843513 for more information. events/showevent/solentsunrise-walk WHOSE STORY IS IT ANYWAY? 30 Mar, 2pm Heritage Visitor Centre, Royal Victoria Country Park, Victoria Road, SO31 5GA Celebrating the power of human imagination, turning suggestions from the young audience into stories and scenes full of action and adventure. 5+. £5. 02380 455157 EASTER EGG HUNT 31 Mar 11am to 2pm Port Solent Boardwalk PO6 4TP Our Easter egg hunts are legendary and a fantastic free event for all. Come along and see Alice and the white rabbit and hunt for clues to get your own chocolate egg. Kidsroam petting farm will be on site so you can get hands on with some cute fluffy creatures. Fun starts at 11am -2pm. For further details please see

DIS COV ER WHAT’S ON EASTER STORY WALK 2 Apr 10.30am-12noon or 1-2.30pm Swanwick Lakes Centre, Sopwith Way, Swanwick SO31 7AY Come for a wander at Swanwick Lakes and help us tell spectacular stories and tall tales. A hands-on event for families. Contact Dawn Preston or Jess Daish-Miller on 01489 570240. Please bring warm outdoor clothing and wellies. Booking is essential as places are limited. Suggested donation £3 per child. NEWTOWN EASTER EGG HUNT 3 Apr, 11.30am - 3pm West Walk, Hundred Acres Road, Newton, PO17 6JD Find 10 coloured eggs around a circular walk. Refreshments, lucky dip, face painting and a toy sale. £2.50 per child including chocolate. Contact 01329 833 017. COME AND TRY IT ORIENTEERING EVENT 13 Apr, 10am – 12.30pm The Gregg School, SO18 2GF Ideal for families, beginners and the more experienced orienteers. Coaching and guidance available. Adults £4, Juniors £2. Contact 07570 627716. HAMPSHIRE OPEN GARDENS 13 & 14 Apr 1pm to 5pm Swanmore For several years Swanmore has been throwing open many of its beautiful gardens to the public. We aim for 15 different gardens with 10 open on any one day, ranging from small cottage gems to large country house gardens. The cost includes parking and the use of a hopon-hop-off minibus for those that do not wish to use their own cars. Refreshments and superb

homemade cakes are available, plants are on sale at a number of venues and we operate a plant creche at The Paterson Centre. Typical routes for walkers and cyclists are 3-4 miles and walkers can use many footpaths to avoid roads. If tired hop on the free minibus. To find us just follow the OPEN GARDENS direction arrows, Tickets from 12:30 at The Paterson Centre SO32 2PA . £6 per adult or £10 for weekend ticket Accompanied children (under 15) free. Enquiries: 01489-892750 or COUNTRY EXPERIENCE DAY 14 Apr 10am to 4pm Meon Springs, Whitewool Farm, East Meon, Petersfield, GU32 1HW Bring the family for a day out in the country. Have a go at Fly Fishing, Clay Shooting, Archery and Air Rifles. Visit the working farm, ride a tractor and a pony and see the cows being milked. View our Yurt Village, available for luxury camping holidays over the Summer and learn from a range of demonstrations and workshops - Farming, Dog Training, Fly Fishing. Dogs & Children welcome £5.00 per adult - Children Free. country-day BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC TALK 19 Apr, 7pm St Peter’s Church, Soberton, SO32 3PJ 70th Anniversary Commemoration illustrated talk, act of remembrance and refreshments. Tickets £7.50 adult/£3 child/free to veterans holding Atlantic Star with proceeds shared equally between

Friends of St Peter's and Royal British Legion. Obtainable from Droxford Post Office or Chairman FOSP, Downlands, Station Road, Soberton, SO32 3QU (01489 877237); cheques payable to 'Friends of St Peter's Soberton', enclosing stamped addressed envelope for their return. Also available at door subject to space available. Book early to avoid disappointment. HOLYWELL HOUSE BLUEBELL WALK FOR CANINE PARTNERS 20 Apr, 10am and 11.30am Holywell House, Swanmore, SO32, 2QE Walks are 2-3 miles long. Free parking on site. BBQ, children’ quiz, cake sale, plant stall and merchandise. £6 adults, £2 child, £14 family. Contact Libby Rome on 01730 716 013 or libbyr@ TITCHFIELD ART & CRAFT SHOW 20 & 21 Apr 10am to 5pm Titchfield Community Centre, Mill Street, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4AB A popular local event that enables Artists, Photographers and Crafts People from Hampshire and beyond to exhibit and sell their paintings, photographs and local craft. We also hold a Childrens Art competition in conjunction with our local schools. All proceeds go to our Community Centre. www. DOG’S DAY OUT 20 Apr 2pm to 4pm Royal Victoria Country Park SO31 5GA How clever is your dog? Bring him/her along to our Obedience Olympics and/or have a go at our agility course! Plus a selection of stalls and activities for all dog lovers. Free entry – but

please register your dog, in advance, if you want to enter the competition,. uk/rvcp ORIENTEERING EVENT 27 Apr 10am to 12:30 Pear Tree Green SO19 7RF Part of Southampton Orienteering Club's Summer Series. Ideal families, beginners and the more experienced orienteers. Coaching and guidance available. Run round the course like a hare or walk around like a tortoise! Enjoy yourself in the lovely Hampshire countryside. Adults £4. Juniors £2. 07570 627716. www. DENMEAD BRASS SPRING CONCERT 27 Apr 7:30pm Hart Plain Church, Hart Plain Avenue, Waterlooville PO8 8RG Denmead Brass have another of their popular concerts on Saturday 27 April 2013, 7.30pm at Hart Plain Church, Hart Plain Avenue, Waterlooville. A traditional brass band with strong community links the concert will have something for everyone in the programme. Tickets £7.50 (concessions £5) available on the door or in advance from Sarah on 07776 420535 www.

WHERE TO LOOK FOR MORE WHAT’S ON: http://www.southampton. home.asp

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



local groups WALKS FOR HEALTH Every Thursday 10.15 BishopsWaltham Square, contact Lydia Lockhart 01962 848725 UNIVERSITY OF THE 3RD AGE Tuesday twice monthly 1.30–3.30 Wickham Community Hall Contact 01329 833384 THE HEALING TRUST Healing Centre, Wickham Community Centre, Wickham. Every 4th Saturday of the month 10am til 12.30pm noon. Marjorie Nutland 01329 832637 SOUL CONNECTIONS – SPIRITUAL GROUP Priory Park Hall, Bishops Waltham. 3rd Sunday each Month, £5.00 Sue Murray 01489 799740

Curdridge Amateur Drama Group Productions are twice a year – spring and autumn. Rehearsals – Mondays 7.45pm and Thursdays 7.30pm at the Reading Rooms, Curdridge. From time to time we run workshops and other social events. Phone Teresa 01489 895170 for more information.

COUNTRY MARKET Every Friday 9.30 – 11.00am Jubilee Hall, Bishops Waltham

DRAMA GROUP Every Monday at Jubilee Hall 4pm - 5.15pm (Junior) & 5.15pm - 6.30pm (Senior) Second youth centre-Helena Fox 01962 844600

MOBILE LIBRARY WICKHAM SQUARE Wednesday 9.20am – 12.20pm

Meon Valley Carers Group The Meon Valley Carers Group is a support group for the carers of people with Dementia. We meet every month for a pub lunch and also for a support group meeting. Cared for are welcome. Phone Debbie on 01489 895444 Mon or Thurs 9.00-13.00 for details.

Waltham Priory Probus Club We are a mixed Club of retired & semi-retired professional and business men and women. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday of each month at Brook House, Brook Lane, Botley at 10.30 a.m. for coffee followed by a Speaker, and lunch at 12.30 p.m. We have a wide selection of speakers on many interesting subjects, but also enjoy ourselves with some social events be it a coach trip, garden party, barbeque, conducted walks led by a guide followed by supper, and a variety of other events. Anyone wishing to find out more would be very welcome to contact our Secretary, Barry West on 01489 891663.

NETBALL GROUP SCOUTS We train every Wed 5.30pm -7pm Swanmore College of Technology. First session would be free. Call Dee 07979917202 Beaver Scouts 6-8, Cub Scouts 8-10, Scouts 1014, Explorer Scouts14-18, Scout Network 18-25, Swimming Club plus Adult volunteers (18+) are always required as Hamble Aquatics are a local swimming club who supporters, Leaders, Managers and Administrators. are always looking for new members to help them Meon Valley Scouting is centred in Bishops Waltham realise their full swimming potential as well as (inc Cudbridge & Durley), Droxford, Shedfield, keeping them fit and healthy. Full details at www. Swanmore and Wickham. For further information, or call Paul Dollery 07849 including Scouting in other areas, please contactus@ 853039 to discuss arranging a free trial. LUNCH CLUB Every Monday Jubilee Hall 1 - 2pm Christine Argyle 01489 894054 Tuesday Gwyn West 01489 891663 Thurs Gill Stainer 01489 893384

COMMIT TO GET FIT Circuits, Pilates, Zumba and Yoga classes in Bishops Waltham on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See www. for details or call Carole on 02380 695136

JUBILEE WRITERS Thursday (Twice Monthly) 2pm – 4pm Stables Hall, Bishops Waltham Elizabeth Watt 01489 892224

WICKHAM CENTRE Keep Fit Monday 6 – 7pm Rifle Club Mon 7.30-9pm, Sat 10am-12noon Ladies Circuits Tues 9.30am – 10.30am Scallywags Dog Training Tues 6.30pm Wickham Indoor Bowling Tues & Fri 7.30pm Brownies Tuesday 4.45pm Church Room Lunch Club 11.30am Wed, Church Room Home Start Mother & Toddler Fri 9-12 noon Poppins Play Group Thursday Yoga with Paula Wed 10 -11.30am Wickham Community Centre Thu 10 -11.30am Jubilee Hall, Bishops Waltham Paula Dixon 01489 893648

Computer Classes West End Library Thursdays and Friday at 10am Waiting list, however if interested contact 0845 603 5631 /01329 225398 VT Cricket Club Portsmouth Rd, Sholing, Southampton SO19 9PW tel 02380 341745 BW YOUNG FARMERS CLUB 14-26 yrs – Thurs Anne 860236


GARDENING CLUB Memberships only £6 call Keith Fry 01489 893755

ART CLASSES 3 classes every Wed - Helena Hines Bishops Waltham Jubilee Hall

MEON VALLEY FLOWER CLUB Demos, workshops at Meonstoke Village Hall Ann Hammant 01730 829469 EVENTS AT SWANMORE Swanmore Baby & Toddler Group Every Tuesday (term-time only) 10am-11.30am Swanmore Village Hall Contact Layla Oates 07837 473590

Charities, free or very low cost events are listed above without charge and can be submitted by emailing For other events a small charge is made starting from just £7 a month. For more details email or call 023 8026 6388

To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k


useful numbers

LOCAL DOCTORS NHS Direct (24hr helpline) 0845 4647 Acorn Medical, Church Lane, Curdridge 01489 782488 Fareham Health Centre 01329 823456 Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham 01329 280887 Hemming & Partners, Lower Lane, Bishop’s Waltham 01489 892288 West Meon Surgery, Doctor's Lane, West Meon 01730 829666 Wickham Group Surgery, Station Road, Wickham 01329 833121 LOCAL CHEMISTS Birchall & Haydock, The Square, Wickham PO17 5JQ Tel: 01329 832115 Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday – closed Boots Pharmacy, High Street, Bishop’s Waltham SO32 1AB Tel: 01489 892603 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 9am – 6pm, Wed & Sat 9am – 5pm, Sun – Closed Lloyds Pharmacy, High Street, Bishop’s Waltham SO32 1AB Tel: 01489 892499 Mon to Fri 8.30am – 6pm, Sat 8.30am – 5pm, Sun – Closed Rowlands Pharmacy, 7 High Street, Botley Tel: 01489 782065 Mon to Fri 9am – 5.30pm, Sat 9am – 1pm PARISH COUNCILS Bishops Waltham 01489 892323 www.bishopswalthamparish Upham 01489 860236 Durley 01489 860236 Soberton 01489 877378 Droxford 01489 877470 Shedfield 01329 830060 Swanmore 01489 890651 West Meon Parish Council 01730 301606 (Tracy Predeth, Clerk) Hampshire City Council 01962 841841 Winchester City Council 01962 840222 Wickham Council 01329 835019 Boarhunt 01489 891321 023 8046 3228 Southwick & Widley Corhampton & Meonstoke 01489 891660

LOCAL SCHOOLS Bishop’s Waltham Infants Bishop’s Waltham Juniors Curdridge Primary Droxford Juniors Durley Primary Kings School Meonstoke Newtown Infants St. Johns Primary Swanmore Primary Swanmore College Upham Primary West Meon C of E Primary School Wickham Primary Wyvern Technology College

01489 892375 01489 892368 01489 782613 01489 877537 01489 860207 01962 861161 01489 877568 01329 833161 01329 833141 01489 894555 01489 892256 01489 860355 01730 829213 01329 833065 02380 692679

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS All dates taken from Spring Term - Easter: Fri 29/3/13 to Friday 12/4/13 (inc.) Summer Term - Half Term: Mon 27/5/13 – Fri 31/5/13 LOCAL LIBRARY Bishop’s Waltham Library, Bank Street, 0845 603 5631 Mon/Thur: Closed, Tue: 2pm – 7pm, Wed/Fri: 10am – 5pm, Sat: 9.30am – 1pm MOBILE LIBRARY Wickham Square Mobile Library, every Wednesday 9:20 to 12:20 Knowle Village Mobile Library, first Friday of the month, 10:45 to 11:45 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Bishops Waltham Wickham Community Centre, Fareham

01489 896376 01329 223119

EMERGENCIES Police, Fire or Ambulance Services 999 Police (Incident Reports) 0845 045 45 45 Portsmouth Water - Fresh Water Supply 02392 499888 Portsmouth Water - Leaks to Report (Out of hours 24hr) 02392 477999 Southern Water - Sewage 0845 272 0845 Southern Water - Tech Support 0845 278 0845 Gas – National Grid 0800 111 999 (If you smell gas, then call us immediately) Electricity 0845 7708090

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k



For Advertisers offering multiple property services look under Property Maintenance, otherwise see specific trade e.g. electrician, carpenter etc.

Financial Services: Newman Cozens Financia Mg. SBA Financial

Bathrooms: See Plumbing Blinds: Waterside Blinds Builder: R & G Gamblin General Builders Butcher: Bishop's Waltham Butchers

19 8 12

Carpenter: JT Carpentry & Building Chimney Sweep: Pebble Beach Sweeps Cleaning Services: JB Domestic Cleaning Computer Services: Plates PCS

11 25 15 7

Double Glazine Inst/Repairs: Britannia Windows Drain Services: Cleansing Service Group

17 24

Electrician: Assure Electrical Ltd D.Daniel Electrical Services Ltd

8 19

Garage Doors: Fix Quick Garage Doors Solent Garage Doors Garage Services: Independent VW Scuffs 2 Scratches Wickham Tyre & Auto Centre Garden Design & Services: Arbor-Call Tree Surgeons Colourfence Davis Tree Care Hambrooks Jon Curtis Tree Surgery & Garden M. Lawn Tech Revitalise Gardens Simon Foster Garden Design Woodleigh Landscapes Gas Services: See Plumbing

Fencing: Colourfence


Hairdresser: Spindles Hair Design

Architect: R & G Design Town & Country Architects

6 13

Distribution - Discover Meon Valley is published every month and distributed by Royal Mail to two alternating areas. In January, March etc it goes to homes and businesses in the SO32 1, SO32 3 and GU32 1 sectors. In February, April etc it goes to SO32 2, PO17 5, PO17 6 sectors. This is a total of around 13,300 properties over the two month distribution. Advertising - We understand that the needs of a small business are quite different to those of a big company, and our advertising service is very much targeted at independent and local businesses. From advert design to general advice we are here to help you grow. For more details call Melanie on

023 8026 6388 or email

6 31/32 15 17 23 25 5 25 22 24 21 22 21 22 21 24 17

Locksmith: Lockright Security Ltd Winlocks Plumbing Services (including bathroom installation and gas and boiler services) see also Property Maintenance: Alford Plumbing & Heating Gair Gas Gas Appliance Services Pipe Dreams Tom Mitchell Plumbing TP Watts Printer: Warwick Printing Company Property Maintenance & Improvements: BBI Dell Developments Hire A Handy Hero JT Carpentry & Building R & G Gamblin General Builders Solar Panels: Energy My Way Tree Surgery: See Garden Veterinary: Shield Veterinary Centre


BRAND NAMES 1. Dom Perignon, 2. Jeep, 3. Tesco, 4. Durex (by putting together the first parts of each word), 5. Imperial Leather, 6. Utterly Butterly, 7. Teflon, 8. T-Mobile, 9. Yorkie, 10. Tipp-ex WORD LADDER

FOOL - wool - wood - word - wore - wire - WISE


Although every care is taken to ensure accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage caused by error or omission in the printing of an advert. Discover Magazines Ltd does not officially endorse any advertisers included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form – electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise – without the prior consent of the publisher. Publisher: Discover Magazines Ltd, 57 Wood End Way, Chandlers Ford SO53 4LN.


To a d v e r t i s e c a l l M e l a n i e o n 02 3 8 026 6 3 8 8 , w w w. d i s c o v e r a d v e r t i s i n g .c o. u k

7 15

9 15 7 25 11 19 18 15 9 12 11 8 3 14

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning ÒMaking sure the right money, goes to the right people, at the right timeÓ Ð The SBA Philosophy You will learn: ¥ How to reduce Inheritance Tax. ¥ How to protect your family home from ravages of Long Term Care costs. ¥ How to protect your ChildrenÕs Inheritance from divorce. ¥ How to keep your money in the family bloodline. ¥ How to get peace of mind, that you have the right Will in place.

About our Speaker Steven Blofield is a highly qualified Financial & Estate Planner and has been helping his clients for over a decade. Steven is a popular local speaker, who can explain complex financial issues in an easy to understand and entertaining way. He is also proud to be the financial expert columnist for the Meon Valley News and the Chichester Observer. We have four workshops available on Thursday 21 st March and Tuesday 30 th April 2013 at Wickham Community Centre at 3.30pm to 5.30pm and 7pm to 9pm.

Only 20 places available to book, please call us NOW on 01489 878290 ÒWe were blissfully unaware of what we were losing out on until we met you and now that we have benefited personally so much from your expertise and knowledge we feel secure now in our future plans.Ó Ð Mr. & Mrs. Clarke (Hayling Island)

Michelmersh Barn, St Clairs Farm, Wickham Road, Droxford, Southampton SO32 3PW Tel: 01489 878290 Fax: 01489 877547 E-mail: Website:

SBA Financial Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England and Wales: 5669998. Registered Office: Wellesley House, 204 London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7AN

F o r c o m m u n i t y i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t w w w. d i s c o v e r c o m m u n i t y.c o. u k


Will you or won’t you? Around 70% of the UK population donÕt have a will!  

Come to our FREE Wills & Estate Planning Workshop Thursday 21st March & Tuesday 30th April 2013 Wickham Community Centre at 3.30pm and 7pm! Please turn over for more details insideÉ

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A community magazine delivered to the residents of Meon Valley, promoting small businesses operating in the area. Also community news, what’...

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