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April/May 2014

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Whatever your needs, long or short term ...for whatever reason – house sale and purchase not coinciding, travelling, bereavement, house building work, decorating or even ‘de-cluttering’ to sell your house more quickly – we offer a friendly, flexible and secure facility. Barn-Store is a rurally-based, family run business covering the whole of the Meon Valley area. We offer all the features associated with the national chains, from high tech security to hassle-free 24/7 access. For more information, visit our website: or give us a call on:

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The Iron Lady Although the period of Lent clearly happens every year, I’d never really paid much attention to it until this year. A number of my contacts were talking about what they were going to give up and I overheard an interview with food writer and television presenter Mary Berry saying she was giving up chocolate for Lent. How does Mary Berry stay so slim by the way? She says it’s because she has whatever she wants but just a very small amount of it. Sounds like a good approach, but she must have an iron will to taste all the delicious dishes she is presented with, and indeed that she makes herself, and yet be able to stop after one mouthful. Anyway, summer’s a-comin’ and the clothes are feeling tight, so I thought I’d go one better and give up anything containing sugar until after Easter. Clearly I’m not just a glutton for food but a glutton for punishment too. For the first week or so I found myself wandering into the kitchen every day, opening the cupboards and the fridge looking for ‘something’ and then walking away because what I really wanted was something sweet and nothing else in the cupboard would do. The craving did ease, although the cake on page 30 is in my plans for May (made it prediet, with pecans because I don’t like walnuts, delicious…too delicious in fact). In an effort to distract myself from my ‘firstworld problem’ I’ve been trying to fill my snacking time with other activities. I’m not much of a gardener, but thought now the sun was out I could start cultivating a mini Hillier’s Gardens. But after the winter we’ve had, the words ‘silk purse’ and ‘sow’s ear’ come to mind. Suffice to say I’ll be starting on page 6 of this month’s magazine and filling my time meeting the experts.


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The Green, Green Grass of Home Well, what a winter it has been for our gardens. And your lawn is probably showing the scars of every gale and deluge that has hit us over the last few months. No matter how lovely it was in September, right now it probably looks more like coir matting than a green carpet! What to do then to bring it back to life? Our featured advertiser this month, Greenkeeper Lawncare, have made a very successful business out of proving that using their professional (but very affordable) service is the best solution, with hundreds of happy, repeat customers year after year. So what’s the difference between professional and DIY?

Before the GreenKeeper treatment, our cover picture shows the after

Products Greenkeeper uses professional slow-release fertilizers, which have been developed, tested, and fine-tuned on tens of thousands of lawns, golf courses, sports fields and parks. Furthermore organic summer feeds are applied within your schedule at no extra cost.

Equipment Scarification and aeration are physically demanding procedures and need robust equipment to get good results – a domestic lawn rake isn’t up to scratch. Greenkeeper uses professional machines, clear up ‘arisings’ and dispose of them for you if necessary.

starting from square one. A lawn maintenance service can make a significant difference, giving your grass a regular program of TLC.

Cost Yes there’s a fee to pay to a professional, but you’d still need to pay for equipment and fertilisers if you were doing it yourself. And when you take into account the hidden cost of using your time it’s really great value ‘outsourcing’ this service. You only have to look at this picture – the ‘before’ – then turn to the front cover to see the ‘after’. The results speak for themselves, and with prices starting at just £14 per treatment, what’s not to love? Call Rob at Greenkeeper today for your free lawn analysis.

Analysis and Planning


The Greenkeeper service begins with a complete lawn analysis, evaluating your soil type, and identifying any weeds and pests. Then they develop a programme of treatment that's specific to the needs of your lawn, which is monitored throughout the seasons.

Life and leisure are certain to get in the way of a TESTIMONIAL: Superb improvement consistent program in our lawn since you took it over from a of DIY lawncare. previous lawn company. Thank you, your Sporadic attention team are punctual and always give feed back and neglect - even if on the general condition of the lawn. I have unintentional – can passed your details to our neighbour. lead you to find that you are always Mr P, Southampton.

ALSO FROM GREENKEEPER Pro-grow deliveries - excellent recycled green compost product for mulching, top dressing and general soil improvement. The delivery for a 2 cubic metre transit tipper load is £155.00, equivalent to approximately 33 x 60litre bags. That has to be easier and cheaper than loading up your car from a DIY shop! 6


Your local lawn treatment professionals servicing lawns in your area. “Rob, I am so pleased with the way the lawn has improved. I took some photos back in April just before you started and I recently bought a new mower and I took some more photos today, I though you might like them. Amazing to compare and see the improvement. Feel free to use these if they are of any help. All the best, Mike Grant (HAMBLE)� At GreenKeepers we appreciate there are many different lawn products and a growing amount of large franchised companies available! We are able to offer you a comprehensive annual lawn service at a competitive rate. No gimmicks, just tried and tested products and experienced staff committed to high standards of customer service. Take a look at our website for more information and testimonials from satisfied customers. A typical annual service will consist of 4-6 visits, including scarification and/or aeration if required. If you are serious about improving your lawn give us a call on 0800 0845 296 or visit



Peter got the wrong idea about how

to scarify his lawn

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The Great Outdoors Wakey Wakey It’s The Cricket Season! It’s stopped raining and there’s an unfamiliar golden ball of fire in the sky. It must be … the cricket season. The Bishop's Waltham Cricket club prepared for the move outdoors with the help of Alex Wakely, captain of Northants County Cricket Club, the current Twenty20 champions. Wakely, pictured in a club shirt, dropped in on indoor training and put the squad through its paces with some professional warm up drills. Adults and juniors train at Wyvern and Swanmore Colleges until the second week of April. Practice then moves outdoors at the club’s Albany Road home on Mondays (adults) and Tuesdays (juniors) in readiness for the opening pre-season match on 12th April. Players new and old of all ages and experience are always welcome, with all sessions supervised by UKCC2 qualified, Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) checked coaches. Chairman Ian Tromans 01489 877670 Club Captain Gareth Lovett 07786 253554 Junior Co-ordinator Ross Bullard 07527 226563

U S P T I L You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.

3 letters: 13 4 letters: 13 5 letters: 3 6 letters: 1 8

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Water, Water, Everywhere By Pippa Greenwood,

A water feature adds a truly magical dimension to any garden, large or small. The sound of tinkling water and the movement of light on its surface both works wonders, even on a less than perfect plot, and can be just the finishing touch you need for a patio or back yard or for a much larger garden.

A visit to your local garden centre or specialist aquatics centre, or a browse online, will reveal a plentiful choice of water features of all shapes, styles, and sizes; but before you commit yourself, just what are the main points to bear in mind? First, position. If you want moving water, your choice of feature will almost certainly need an electric pump, so there has to be a power-point nearby – an obvious point perhaps, but one that people do sometimes overlook. Do you want an eyecatching centrepiece for a formal garden, or just the music of running water as the soundtrack to your barbecues or alfresco Sunday lunch? In either case, you need to carefully consider the appropriate position. Any water feature from pond to delicate fountain can turn bright green in summer due to the build-up of floating algae. You can go a long way towards preventing this pea-soup effect by positioning the feature away from the hottest direct sunlight. Make sure it’s well away from overhanging deciduous trees, too, as falling leaves are likely to clog everything up. For smaller spaces or patios you’re best off with a selfcontained and perhaps wall-mounted feature. There


are lots of great self-contained water features available such as terracotta or glazed pot stacks with the water continuously circulated from one container to another by a hidden pump, so you would only need to top it up in the hottest weather to compensate for the effects of evaporation. Spouts and fountains are great fun in a garden. A spitting fish, frog, or gargoyle can add a touch of art – or humour – while its water-jet will oxygenate a pool, reducing algae and keeping the pond-life happy. If you want moving water and the reflections it provides but perhaps have toddlers, a stone-effect millstone with a low centrally-positioned jet spreading ripples of water across its surface is both beautiful and safe. Plants are integral to any pool or pond. Surface-floating plants such as waterlilies not only look gorgeous but their large, nearcircular, leaves also shade the water’s surface – again, reducing any problems you might have with algae. Waterlilies need still water, though, so they are best avoided if you have a fountain; but a single spitting feature at one end of the pool shouldn’t create too much turbulence for them. Make sure you plant them at the correct depth if you want

them to flourish.

two plants per metre.

Plants grown around the edges of a pools and ponds are called marginals and do best in shallower water or boggy ground. Use plenty of them: they look gorgeous; they hide unsightly edges and signs of the liner; and they are a haven for wildlife. For a more formal look you’ll want fewer marginals, but some shapely rushes or ferns or some yellow or purple bog-iris will add extra impact.

Water-features attract wildlife, and on summer days you may well be visited by beautiful, colourful dragonflies or mayflies. If there’s any depth of water then many birds may also come to drink and bathe. And remember, even a small pond needs a safe exit-route in case wildlife such as hedgehogs pop by for a drink and inadvertently tumble in. A shallow beach of pebbles at one end should do the trick.

Marginals to consider include yellow-flowered marsh marigold (caltha palustris); white-flowered bog arum (calla palustris); miniature reed-mace (typha minima), perfect if you love bulrushes but don’t have the space for them; water forget-menot (myosotis scorpioides) with their stunningly pretty pale blue flowers; and water and bog iris (eg iris laevigata) with their rich purple blooms. You’ll need about

If your feature has a sizeable surface, it’s well worth netting it in the autumn to catch falling leaves. Simple garden netting stretched taut over the surface is ideal. Remove it as necessary, tip off the leaves, and replace it until the worst of the leaf-fall is over. If leaves are allowed to accumulate in the water they’ll not only clog the pumps and reduce the depth of the water, but as they rot down

Garden Design & Landscaping

they’ll produce methane gas which is toxic to pond life. In winter, try to stop the water feature from freezing up. If the weather forecast predicts extremely cold temperatures, smaller features are best emptied out completely and the pump cleaned up and stored in the shed. Ponds with fish need to have an ice-free area maintained on the surface or the fish may be killed by toxic gasses such as methane building up under the ice. Floating an old football on the surface helps, or you could melt a hole in the ice using the bottom of a pan of very hot water (but don’t pour the water in), repeating when the surface re-freezes. Visit Pippa’s website www. for ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ for the AskPippa Q&A service, Nemaslug, natural pest controls and lots more besides!


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Red, White and Blue 1. Who wrote the novel The Hunt For Red October? 2. From which European country does Blue Nun wine originate? 3. Which of the following is not a character in the film Reservoir Dogs?... Mr. Red, Mr. White or Mr. Blue? 4. Which TV series was based on a character who is shot and killed in a 1950 crime film called The Blue Lamp? 5. In a famous scene from the James Bond film Dr. No, is the bikini that Urusula Andress is wearing red, white or blue? 6. A witch called Jadis, also known as the White Witch, features in which series of novels? 7. Are Viagra pills red, white or blue? 8. On which planet would you find the Great Red Spot? 9. White pudding is similar to black pudding, but what ingredient is missing? 10. What is the most common colour to appear on world flags, appearing on the national flags of approximately three quarters of the countries in the world?... Red, white or blue? Answers: Page 37


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What happened in... May 1979? Average cost of a house was about £13,650 Petrol cost about 85p a gallon

©Eurofighter Geoffrey Lee

Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first woman Prime Minister on 4th May 1979. She was dubbed The Iron Lady by a writer in the Soviet newspaper Red Star. This moniker was meant to be derogatory, but it proved anything but. The pinnacle of her time in office was when The Iron Lady ordered the Task Force to retake the Falklands after the islands had been invaded by Argentina. She resigned in 1992, having set a record as the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th century.

1st: The newest section of the London Underground, the Jubilee Line, was opened, extending from Stanmore to Charing Cross. In 1999 it was further extended, in three stages, crossing the Thames at four points before terminating at Stratford. 8th: At about 1.30 pm a

Three of the bestselling singles this year were: Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel Pop Muzik - M Sunday Girl - Blondie 14

taxi driver on a rank opposite Woolworths in Manchester noticed smoke coming from the store and reported it to his office. By four o’clock the worst fire disaster since WWII had claimed ten lives. Fifty-three people were taken to hospital, including six firemen. Jeremy Thorpe, who had resigned as leader of the Liberal Party three years earlier, went on trial at the Old Bailey, accused of attempted murder. He was also

accused, along with four other men, of conspiracy to commit murder. All four defendants were acquitted on 22nd of June that year.

12th: The Cup Final at Wembley had been unremarkable, with Arsenal’s two goals to Manchester United’s nil. But just four minutes before the end of the match the score became 2-1; and with two minutes remaining it was 2-2. Just seconds before the full-time whistle the winning goal was scored by Arsenal. 21st: Elton John became the first Western rock star to perform behind the ‘iron curtain’, at a stadium in Leningrad. 24th: Thorpe Park, in Chertsey, Surrey, was opened to the public. It is now the country’s third most popular amusement park, after Alton Towers and Legoland, and boasts the fastest ride. The Stealth reaches 83.9 mph – in just two seconds! 25th: As American Airlines Flight 191 took off from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago its port side engine broke away from the wing. The aircraft rolled to the left and crashed in a field, killing all 271 people on board and two on the ground. Patrick D Cousins is the author of Rainbows, Dreams and Angels, a double novella set in east London between the Thirties and Sixties. And you can read Patrick Cousins Short Shorts on your Kindle.

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Detroit Motor Show Stars James Baggott reports on the big new car debuts breaking cover in Motor City

By James Baggott editor of

It’s one of the most iconic car shows in the motoring calendar, and this year the stars were out in full force in Detroit. As the covers came off the cars in Motor City, we were treated to some key new model introductions and not just from the home American brands. The Europeans, Japanese and Koreans were all out in full force too with some stellar debuts of key cars for the UK market. Here’s our pick of the new models.

Mercedes C Class This is big news for one of the most competitive sectors in the UK market. Meet Mercedes’ new C Class, a car that’ll take the fight to its bitter rival, and better selling, BMW 3 Series. Merc has worked wonders in the cabin – the quality is stunning and will make German rivals sit up and take notice. The manufacturer says this is their ‘most agile and efficient car ever’ and will be a ‘new benchmark’ in the segment. We’ll have to wait and see about that – but there’s little doubt they’ve got the looks spot on.

Toyota FT-1 This bonkers crazy concept was created by Toyota’s sandal wearing Californian design team – but don’t fear, it’s no hippy machine. The FT-1 stands for ‘Future Toyota’ and 18

while it is said to be a spiritual successor to the iconic Supra and 2000GT it’s really designed to show the maker’s future design direction. There’s no word on what’s under the bonnet at present, but rumour has it it’s likely to be a traditional combustion engine with high output.

BMW M4 / M3 Nothing gets car fans excited quite like an M-badged BMW and Detroit had not one, but two of them. The M4 is the new name in the line-up – the coupe version of the performance car. There’s a new M3, now a saloon only, and both share a new six-cylinder turbo-charged unit for the first time. BMW says emissions and fuel economy are 25 per cent better, though, so don’t mourn the V8’s death for too long. The new 2 Series Coupe was shown off in Detroit too – but it stole little of the limelight…

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge If the Q50 is up-and-coming Infiniti’s answer to the 3 Series and C Class, then this is the AMG or M-badged rival. Draped in carbon fibre and drawing inspiration from the Red Bull F1 team hook-up, the Eau Rouge concept – named after Spa’s all-ornothing corner – is believed to get a 500bhp powerplant if it ever gets the go-ahead.

Porsche 911 Targa

Audi Allroad Shooting Break

It’s a name synonymous with the 911 and has accounted for 13 per cent of all sales of the legendary model – and now it’s back. The looks won’t appeal to everyone, but the crazy roof mechanism on the 911 Targa will make grown men weak at the knees. The rear glass dome hinges back for the roof panel to slot underneath in a beautiful fashion. We’re just not quite sure why you’d want one over a convertible.

Believe it or not, this is the strongest indication yet of what the next TT will look like. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be an estate (well, not yet anyway), but the design cues shown off on this concept will feature heavily on the next TT. The Shooting Break concept is powered by the firm’s e-tron hybrid transmission that boasts 650Nm of torque and 400bhp – easily enough to see it hit 60mph in 4.6 seconds!

VW Golf R

Mini John Cooper Works Concept

If you thought the Golf GTI was good, wait until you see this! With a 296bhp turbo-charged engine, four-wheel drive and a 0-60mph time of less than five seconds it’s the fastest Golf on sale. Due in showrooms in the Spring it’s likely to cost a fraction under £30,000. Quad exhausts and new front and rear bumpers mark the R out.

With more vents than an office air-conditioning system and brushed aluminium bodywork, this Mini won’t be for everyone. It’s little more than a design study at present, with few details about powerplant or performance, but it does give Mini fans an idea what the next hot Mini will look like.

Volvo XC Coupe The Swedish firm is on a bit of a roll with its concepts at the moment. This is the second of three design studies from the firm and, like the Concept Coupe we saw at Frankfurt last year, it’s an absolute stunner. The firm says it hints at the look of the muchanticipated replacement for the XC90 – and that the production car will retain its seven-seat versatility that isn’t present on this concept.

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Puzzle Page

Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one square to another, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, placing consecutive numbers into the empty squares as you go. Some numbers are already given.



3 words




34 5 words





41 28



26 5 words








13 11

5 ©



freshwater fishes of South America (7) 23. Fire-raiser (8) 24. Measure of medicine (4) Down 1. Two-winged, bloodsucking insect (8) 2. Snares (5) 4. Not divisible by two (3) 5. Profession of designing buildings (12) 6. Small fish (7) 7. Crust-like surface of a healing wound (4) 8. Shop selling readyto-eat food products (12) 12. Ms Campbell, model (5) 13. Song sung beneath a lady’s window (8) 15. Insects having a pair








8 9



12 13







20 21



Across 1. Nocturnal flying creature (4) 3. Black treacle (8) 9. Marine plant (7) 10. Approximately (especially of a date) (5) 11. Not in accordance with the principles of a particular branch of knowledge (12) 14. One of the digits of the foot (3) 16. Dwelling house (5) 17. Film starring Bette Davis, All about ___ (3) 18. Overpoweringly attractive (12) 21. Straps (usually connected to the bit) used to control a horse (5) 22. Carnivorous



20. Geographical region of of large pincers at the indefinite boundary (4) rear of the abdomen (7) 22. Step in dancing (especially in classical 19. Small drum played with ballet) (3) the hands (5) Answers: Page 37

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Come along or book your preferred slot 1st - 5th April - Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer Event A super make up primer and a treatment for ageing skin 8th - 12th April - Teen Skin Care Focus 26th April - Scent Event Perfume Creation Day 15th May - Thalgo Taster Day - Free mini facial with products

purchased. Booking essential & deposit needed redeemable against products purchased on the day.

20th - 24th May - Pre-Prom Event - get your skin into shape with advice on other treatments too! 31st May - Scent Event Perfume Creation Day




Leisure & Pleasure Exhibition On the 31st May, following success in recent years, Swanwick Lions Club will be running an event in the Lockswood Community Hall at Locksheath Shopping Centre with the theme of Leisure and Pleasure. The exhibition showcases local Clubs and Organisations, enabling people to gain an insight into what the groups do, by talking directly to the people who run the groups. So if you are thinking about joining a local club and need some advice, this is the exhibition to attend. For exhibitors, the ‘face to face’ approach also certainly seems to work well, with groups increasing membership, advertising their programmes and raising their profiles for a very modest cost and a little time. Some of the groups who have previously attended may wish to participate again and will be individually contacted. However, many groups have probably missed our radar and should phone the organiser, Brian Baker, on 01489 575027 or

A New Natural Healing Clinic A new “Natural Healing Clinic” is opening in Wickham, every Thursday from 2pm to 3.30pm starting 1 May in the Community Centre. The healers are all trained by the NFSH/Healing Trust, and belong to what is now the Wickham Healing Centre, which meets monthly. Healing is completely non-invasive and fully complements any other treatment that you may be having. It has been recognised by the NHS. It re-energises and relaxes the patient/client so that his/her natural resources are enabled to deal with the illness or injury in the best possible way. It can be helpful in a wide range of physical and psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions. The clinic will be run by volunteers, with a £5 donation requested to cover costs. Contact: Jane Goodall - 07967 201929 or Marjorie Nutland 07802 376003 24


T OUN DISC ilitary rm l fo nne perso

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery offer childcare of the highest quality, providing children with unlimited opportunities to learn, develop and grow within a safe, secure and caring environment. n Registered for 36 Children n Aged 3 months to 5 years n Open 51 weeks of the year n Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm


Wickham Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery , The Old Chapel, Fareham Road 5DE Wickham, Hampshire PO17 ckha lewi Email: manager@monkeypuzz www.monkeypuzzledaynurser

Tel: 01329 830236


Friends of St Peter’s !

Reg Charity : 299807

Important Notice The Friends of St Peter’s Church Bishop’s Waltham (FOSP), is a charity formed in 1987, primarily to assure the preservation and maintenance of the Church. Some members of the FOSP Committee have been in post since inception and others for many years. To bring a fresh approach to fulÞlment of the CharityÕs objectives and enable the Church to be re-ordered to match the requirements of 21st century worship and other Church activities, the current chairman will not seek re-election at this year’s AGM in June.


the opportunity exists for a new Chair to support this very important charity which the PCC is very keen to maintain.

!For further information and to express an interest in this role please contact : !The Rector,or

Paul Rod

( 892618 Emmerson (895079,or Passingham (892000

tune in to the all new breakfast show on the breeze with Jez & Lou on 107.2 - 107.8 from 6am weekdays



Candles As Cassie walked up College Street she was accompanied by the unsettling feeling she had forgotten something. She was still in a bad mood with Mum for not allowing her to wear high heels, and Bethany for crying because she wasn’t invited to the party. Bethany was a strange kid. Her current obsessions were blowing out birthday candles and answering the phone. Cassie could tolerate the candle blowing, but the phone answering was too much, especially when a boy called for her. Mum encouraged Bethany, saying she was the perfect device for getting rid of both cold callers and boys. So Cassie had told Bethany that once you’re a teenager you don’t have candles anymore and Bethany had cried even louder and vowed never to become a teenager. The last thing Cassie heard as she slammed the front door was Mum saying, “One teenager in the house is quite enough, thank you”. Spots of rain splashed onto the pavement. She’d spent ages straightening her hair and now she was going to arrive at the party looking like an otter. With horror, she remembered what she had forgotten. She had borrowed Mum’s straighteners without asking and left them lying on her bedroom carpet; even 26

by Jackie Brewster worse, they were still switched on. The carpet would be melted. The straighteners would be ruined. Mum was going to be furious. Her life wouldn’t be worth living. There had to be a way out of this. A devious thought crept into Cassie’s head. She had always forbidden Bethany from going in her bedroom but today she might make an exception. She pulled out her phone and dialled home. As expected, after a few rings, Bethany picked up. “Is Mum there?”. Cassie whispered. “No”. Bethany said. “Can you do me a favour?”. Cassie asked. “Okay”. Her four year old voice sounded even younger on the phone. “Go into my room and very carefully un-plug Mummy’s straighteners”. Even as she spoke Cassie knew this was a terrible idea. “I’ll bring you back some cake if you don’t tell Mum”. This bribe did not make her feel any better. “Mummy said I’ve got to stay in the lounge”. Bethany said. “Where is Mum?”. Cassie asked. “She’s in the loft”. Bethany answered. “What’s she doing up there?”. “She’s gone to get the candles”, Bethany said, “I’m allowed to blow them out later”. “Okay, so while she’s up there, sneak into my room”. Cassie continued. “No. I’m waiting for the candles”.

Bethany insisted and hung up. Cassie stamped her feet in fury. The melting carpet would be beginning to smell. Mum could discover the straighteners at any moment. Cassie looked at her watch. The party was about to start. She should turn off her phone, go to the party, and by the time she got home Mum might have calmed down. She would be grounded forever but at least she wouldn’t miss the party. She groaned, and looked down at her feet. Ten minutes later Cassie burst through her own front door. “Only me!”. She yelled, dashing upstairs, “Forgot something!”. She flicked her bedroom light on. The bulb had gone. Cassie cursed and dropped to her knees, feeling gingerly around on the carpet for the straighteners. When she finally closed her fingers around them they were completely cold. The carpet was undamaged. “The power’s been off since you left”. Mum called, “Do you want a candle?”. “No need!”. Cassie stealthily returned the straighteners to Mum’s dressing table and skipped back downstairs. She was out the front door, on her way to the party once more; grateful she wasn’t wearing high heels.

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Your chance to find out more about courses and life at sixth form college Tel: 023 8036 7200 | Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh SO50 5ZA

Where a University Degree in Business is not beyond your reach Our part-time Business and Management Degree is designed for busy working people and is available one evening a week from Chichester College, Isle of Wight College and South Downs College in Waterlooville. It is open to those who may not have formal qualifications but whose work experience will have prepared them to succeed. To find out more about the flexible part-time courses we offer, come along to our next open evening, details of which can be found at

For further information visit: T: +44 (0)23 9284 8200 E: bus.admissions W: busandman


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Protection Pension & Retirement Planning Investment & Portfolio Planning Estate Planning Mortgage Advice - Residential & Commercial Inheritance Tax & Trust Planning

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With our market knowledge and expertise, we offer advice to find the solution to suit your specific needs and circumstances. An ongoing review service is available by agreement.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Some areas of advice, such as estate planning and commercial mortgages, are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

newman cozens

Carnac Place, Carnac Court, Cams Hall Estate, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8UY. t: 01329 288924 f: 01329 280123 e: Newman Cozens Financial Management is a trading style of Newman Cozens Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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500 business cards and 500 compliment slips only £98.00 inclusive of Design, Delivery and V.A.T. Warwick Printing Company Tel : 01926 883355 Website :

car & van workshop

now open in hedge end • Your local alternative to high main dealer prices • audi, vW, seat, skoda specialists

car and van MoT and servicing To ManufacTurers specificaTion Fully warranty compliant (see

3 Manufacturer trained technicians 3 General repairs 3 MOT’s for cars and vans class 4 and 7 3 MOT and servicing while you wait 3 100% environmentally friendly waste disposal 3 While you wait diagnostics 3 Tyre sales and wheel balancing 3 Air conditioning servicing 3 Clutch and cambelt replacement

To book your service or MOT call 01489 798383


















visiT us aT heraLd indusTriaL esT. hedge end so30 2Jw





free air con re-gas wiTh everY service


speciaL opening offer 29


Banana, Walnut & Chocolate Cake Delicious

Bananas ripen so quickly that it’s easy to find yourself with several left over needing to be used up. Many people don’t like the taste or smell of ripe bananas though so they often go to waste. However, when baked in a cake they lose their slightly sour smell and give a subtle taste, which is particularly delicious when combined with chocolate and walnuts.



Now get started...

100g butter at room temperature


Preheat the oven to 180C, 160C for fan oven or gas mark 4.

100g light brown sugar


25 grams caster sugar (white or golden)

Grease a 900g loaf tin and line with greaseproof paper


Cream the sugar and butter together until fluffy

2 large eggs


1 tsp vanilla essence

Add the eggs and the vanilla essence and then the bananas and mix in well

3-4 ripe bananas (depending on size), mashed


Carefully mix in the flour and bicarb, baking powder and cinnamon so there are no lumps, then fold through the dark chocolate and most of the walnuts.

175g plain flour


1½ tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Pour the batter into the loaf tin and bake for 45-55 minutes until a skewer through the centre comes out clean.

½ tsp cinnamon


100g Walnuts (Chopped or whole)

Leave on a rack until cool before serving to allow time for the chocolate to set.


75g Dark chocolate chopped or coarsely grated

Sprinkle with icing sugar and a few more chopped walnuts. s.

From this to this in just a few days!

s Just give uHave you always wanted the kitchen of your . .. l l but can’t quite justify paying the expensive a ca dreams, price tag that comes with it? Now you can by just swapping the doors and worktops.

Call Sean for a FREE Quote on

02381 280123 or 02380274413 Visit our Showroom: 8 Falkland Court, Falkland Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3GA - FREE PARKING

Proud members of

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Open Gardens for NGS Abbey Road, Fareham

FROM EMPIRE TO ARMAGEDDON 3 May, 10am to 4pm Royal Victoria Country Park With unique film footage, a preview of BBC4’s forthcoming documentary ‘ World War One at Home’ and a host of expert guest speakers, there’ll be a whole day of fascinatig facts and stories relating to Royal Victoria Military Hospital, and the way it operated during the war. Suitable for 16+yrs. In the Heritage Centre. Price: £6 per person. Please book in advance. £6 per person. 023 8045 5157 PLANT SALE 5 May, 10am - 1:30pm All Saints Church Botley Good quality bedding, bedding geraniums, hanging basked and patio plants, plants from members’ gardens. Homemade cakes, books, greetings cards, tombola, sunflower seed planting for children, raffle. Coffee, tea and biscuits, ploughman’s lunches. ST PETER’S CHURCH FETE 10 May 1:30pm to 4:30pm The Old Vicarage Church St Titchfield PO14 4AG Programme. Carnival Princess Competition. Grand Draw £100 first Prize. Choirs & Bands, Refreshments, Superchance, Games, Cakes, Toys, Plant Stall, Kids Games, Tombola, Tool Sharpening, Books, Win a Meal For Two, Crafts, Hug-in-a mug. We look forward to seeing you. Adults £1.00 Children 50p. MIND BODY & SPIRIT FAYRE 10 May, 10am - 5pm Victory Hall, 27 Warsash Rd, Warsash SO31 9HW For an alternative afternoon in Warsash, come to a Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre. Stalls include holistic therapies, tarot, angel readings, reiki, natural beauty products, jewellery and other stalls plus so much more. For more info or call 07709 264356. OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS 11 May, 11am to 5pm 80 Abbey Road, Fareham, PO15 5HW Unusual small garden with large collection of herbs and plants of botanical and historical interest, many for sale. Box hedging provides structure for 32

relaxed planting. Interesting use of containers, and ideas for small gardens. Two ponds and tiny meadow for wildlife. Trails for children. Living willow seat, summerhouse, trained grapevine. Admission £3, Children free. 01329 843939. Adm £5 incl refreshments, chd free. Open for charity. THE RAMBLERS GROUP WALK 11 May, 2pm Starting point. Grid Ref: SU540206 SO32 1HL Enjoy British wildlife on a Ramblers group walk. Sunday Afternoon Walk - Lindsey’s Lovely, Leisurely Ramble around Upham. Ideal first time walk. Park by the duck pond in Upham Village. Lovely views, around the pretty village of Upham. Lindsey - 07557 951885. Most walks are intended primarily for Ramblers’ Association members. Non-members are welcome to join us as guests on two or three walks, though if you walk with a group regularly you will be expected to join the Ramblers. PLAY: “BRIEF ENCOUNTER” 15 to 17 May 7:30pm Bishopstoke Memorial Hall, Riverside, Eastleigh, SO50 6LQ Bishopstoke Players present Brief Encounter, Noel Coward’s haunting story of repressed love, of an impossible liaison between two married people. Painful, tender, from the tentative beginning to the inevitable end, an unacceptable affair of human needs and emotions, of desire and frustration, of loss and anger as our two lovers live with the hope of that most simple complication - love. 7.30 pm (doors open at 7.00 pm) Tickets £7 (£5 under 16s) from 023 8069 3032, email, or www. BISHOPSTOKE PLAYERS PRESENT “BRIEF ENCOUNTER” 15 - 17 May, 7.30pm Bishopstoke Memorial Hall, Riverside Come and see this production of Noel Coward’s haunting story, from the Bishopstoke Players. Visit or call 023 8069 3032 for tickets. £7 (£5 u-16). All profits donated to Action for Children.

RISE OF THE DINOSAURS Starting 23rd May until 2nd September Be enthralled by Marwell’s awesome dinosaurs as they come to life with animatronics. Meet their living velociraptor! Dino Egg Hunt 18-21 April Marwell Zoo, Thompson’s Lane, Colden Common, SO21 1JH

OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS - SHENLEY CLOSE 26 & 27 May, 11am to 4pm 2 Shenley Close, Fareham PO15 5PL Small, interesting peaceful garden. Sweeping rockeries with alpines, azaleas, acers, firs and heathers. Clematis and wisteria cover archways and seating areas. Water features incl large koi pond and a wildlife pond with frogs. Borders with striking perennials, troughs, tubs, baskets and window boxes fill the garden with colour and fragrance. Adults £3, Children free, proceeds to charity. HAPPY’S CIRCUS FUN DAY 26 May, 12noon onwards Cams Alders Playing Field, Fareham PO14 1BJ A fun filled day for all the family in aid of The Rainbow Centre, Fareham. Happy’s Circus

NEW MUSIC MAKERS CONCERT 7 June, 2:30pm The Berry Theatre, Hedge End The New Music Makers choir from Hedge End are presenting a concert entitled ‘Many Little Melodies’. The concert contains a wide mixture of songs and music, including ‘Nessun Dorma’. Selections from both the First World War and ’West Side Story’ Antonin Dvorak’s song ‘Goin’ Home’ (this music was used in the Hovis bread advertisement), ‘The Sloop John B’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and many others. Tickets £10, £8 concessions, and are available from Jesters Jewellery, Hedge End or 01489 781836.




PHOTOWALK IN WINCHESTER 25 May, 11am to 2pm Winchester SO23 9GH A leisurely excursion with a camera looking at interesting buildings and streetscape – “Capturing British Heritage & History”. Starting outside the Guildhall. No previous knowledge of photography required. Suitable for all types of camera. The day will be lead an expert tutor with a passion for heritage and over 30 years of experience in professional photography and education. more. £15.00 per person (max 10).

BUSHCRAFT FUN 27 May, 10am - 1pm Royal Victoria Country Park, SO31 5GA Test your bushcrafting skills and make a campfire at Royal Victoria Country Park. Join us for a picnic lunch while we cook hot chocolate and marshmallows. Drinks and Marshmallows provided - please bring your own picnic lunch. Suitable for all ages. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Bookings in advance only. £6 per child. 023 8045 5157


e y McIndo


TOY & TRAIN COLLECTORS FAIR 17 May, 10:30am to 2:30pm Jubilee Hall. Little Shore Rd SO32 1ED A Saturday fair in the heart of Bishops Waltham at the Jubilee Hall. Top local dealers covering diecast - including Corgi, Dinky and Matchbox. Trains including O and OO scale from Hornby , Bachmann and more. Motoring books, memorabilia and much more. Free on site car parking. Light refreshments. Adults £2.00. Accom children under 16 FREE.

has clowns, acrobats, dancers and more. The show lasts for approximately 2 hours. Fun Day attractions to include Bouncy Castle, rides, games, BBQ, Fun dog show, tea tent. Free parking. Fun Day attractions will be open from midday, entry to the site is free of charge Circus show commences at 3pm. Adults £8: Children £6: Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £26. Contact The Rainbow Centre on 01329 289500 to buy your tickets.



BILL TARGETT STEAM RALLY 17 and 18 May, 10am to 5pm Highbridge Farm, Highbridge Road, Allbrook, SO50 6HN Traction Engines, Tractors, Fire Engines, Classic Cars, Military Vehicles, Motorbikes, Trade Stalls, Arena Events and much more. In aid of Wessex Cancer Trust. Adults £5 Children £3 Family Ticket (2 Adults 3 Children) £15

orn e d







Garden Fair

Wintershill Hall, Durley

(by kind permission of Jamie & Carolyn Balfour)

Sunday 4 May 2014 Birds of Prey Display Hog Roast

10.00am – 4.00pm

Entrance £4.00 (Free parking) Children under 14 free Ask the expert: Andy McIndoe 60+ specialist stalls Children’s corner Homemade refreshments Cuff Billett’s New Europa Jazz Band In association with and supported by

St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group Charity No. 1139527


LOCAL CLUBS & GROUPS WALKS FOR HEALTH Every Thursday 10.15 BishopsWaltham Square, contact Lydia Lockhart 01962 848725 UNIVERSITY OF THE 3RD AGE Tuesday twice monthly 1.30–3.30 Wickham Community Hall Contact 01329 833384 THE HEALING TRUST Healing Centre, Wickham Community Centre, Wickham. Every 4th Saturday of the month 10am til 12.30pm noon. Marjorie Nutland 01329 832637 SOUL CONNECTIONS – SPIRITUAL GROUP Priory Park Hall, Bishops Waltham. 3rd Sunday each Month, £5 Sue Murray 01489 799740 NETBALL GROUP We train every Wed 5.30pm -7pm Swanmore College of Technology. First session would be free. Call Dee 07979917202 Swimming Club Hamble Aquatics are a local swimming club who are always looking for new members to help them realise their full swimming potential as well as keeping them fit and healthy. Full details at www. or call Paul Dollery 07849 853039 to discuss arranging a free trial. LUNCH CLUB Every Monday Jubilee Hall 1 - 2pm Christine Argyle 01489 894054 Tuesday Gwyn West 01489 891663 Thurs Gill Stainer 01489 893384 JUBILEE WRITERS Thursday (Twice Monthly) 2pm – 4pm Stables Hall, Bishops Waltham Elizabeth Watt 01489 892224

DRAMA GROUP  very Monday at Jubilee Hall E 4pm to 5:15pm ages 7 to 12, £60 per term. Call Ryan on 01962 844 600 ext 208 or Curdridge Amateur Drama Group Productions are twice a year – spring and autumn. Rehearsals – Mondays 7.45pm and Thursdays 7.30pm at the Reading Rooms, Curdridge. From time to time we run workshops and other social events. Phone Teresa 01489 895170 for more information. Meon Valley Carers Group The Meon Valley Carers Group is a support group for the carers of people with Dementia. We meet every month for a pub lunch and also for a support group meeting. Cared for are welcome. Phone Debbie on 01489 895444 Mon or Thurs 9.00-13.00 for details. SCOUTS Beaver Scouts 6-8, Cub Scouts 8-10, Scouts 10-14, Explorer Scouts14-18, Scout Network 18-25, plus Adult volunteers (18+) are always required as supporters, Leaders, Managers and Administrators. Meon Valley Scouting is centred in Bishops Waltham (inc Cudbridge & Durley), Droxford, Shedfield, Swanmore and Wickham. For further information, including Scouting in other areas, please COUNTRY MARKET Every Friday 9.30 – 11.00am Jubilee Hall, Bishops Waltham GARDENING CLUB Memberships only £6 call Keith Fry 01489 893755 EVENTS AT SWANMORE Swanmore Baby & Toddler Group Every Tuesday (term-time only) 10am11.30am. Swanmore Village Hall Contact Layla Oates 07837 473590

WICKHAM CENTRE Keep Fit Monday 6 – 7pm Rifle Club Mon 7.30-9pm, Sat 10am-12pm Computer Classes Ladies Circuits Tue 9.30am – 10.30am West End Library Thurs & Friday at 10am Scallywags Dog Training Tue 6.30pm Waiting list, however if interested contact Wickham Indoor Bowling Tue & Fri 7.30pm 0845 603 5631 /01329 225398 Brownies Tuesday 4.45pm Church Room BW YOUNG FARMERS CLUB Lunch Club 11.30am Wed, Church Room 14-26 yrs – Thurs Anne 860236 Home Start Mother & Toddler Fri 9-12 Poppins Play Group Thursday COMMIT TO GET FIT Yoga with Paula Circuits, Pilates, Zumba and Yoga Wed 10 -11.30am Wickham Community classes in Bishops Waltham on Centre, Thu 10 -11.30am Jubilee Hall, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. See www. for details or Bishops Waltham Paula Dixon 01489 893648 call Carole on 02380 695136


Waltham Priory Probus Club We are a mixed Club of retired & semiretired professional and business men and women. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday of each month at Brook House, Brook Lane, Botley at 10.30 a.m. for coffee followed by a Speaker, and lunch at 12.30 p.m. We have a wide selection of speakers on many interesting subjects, but also enjoy ourselves with some social events be it a coach trip, garden party, barbeque, conducted walks led by a guide followed by supper, and a variety of other events. Anyone wishing to find out more would be very welcome to contact our Secretary, Barry West on 01489 891663. MOBILE LIBRARY WICKHAM SQUARE Wednesday 9.20am – 12.20pm MEON VALLEY FLOWER CLUB Demos, workshops at Meonstoke Village Hall. Ann Hammant 01730 829469 ART CLASSES 3 classes every Wed - Helena Hines Bishops Waltham Jubilee Hall VT Cricket Club Portsmouth Rd, Sholing, Southampton SO19 9PW tel 02380 341745 Bishops Waltham Photographic Society All photographers welcome from beginner to advanced. We meet 1st Thursday in the month at St Peters Church Hall, Bishops Waltham. Please contact Dawn Blight 01489 691155 or dawn.blight1@ntlworld. com Positive Living Law of Attraction Group First Wednesday of every month. 7-9pm. Curdridge. Contact Carolyne 07825 727331. £8. MEON VALLEY GIRL GUIDING Rainbows aged 5 to 7 years, Brownies aged 7 to 10 years, Guides aged 10 to 14 years and Senior Section aged 14 to 25 years. If anyone is interested in joining or volunteering - visit uk/interested or call 0800 1 69 59 01 for details of venues near you. WICKHAM WEEKLY HEALING CLINIC Thursdays, 2pm to 3:30pm The Community Centre Spiritual healing is complementary (not alternative) to any other treatment you may be having, and is a completely natural process where the healing energies are channelled by the healer through to the patient. We are not associated with any particular religion, ism, or ology, and respect the right of every individual to his/her own interpretation of the natural healing source.

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Hambrooks 9/11/13 Jon Curtis Tree Surgery & Garden M. 2 Neil Richmond Tree & Hedge Services 8 Winchester Garden Machinery 13 Woodleigh Landscapes 9 HAIRDRESSER Spindles Hair Design 23 KITCHENS Dream Doors 31 LETTING SERVICES Andrew Ross 35 LOCKSMITH DH Locksmith Services 35 PAINTER/DECORATOR David P Churcher Painter & Decorator 16 PLASTERER AY Plastering 35 PLUMBING SERVICES (including bathroom installation and gas and boiler services) see also Property Maintenance Gair Gair 20 GE Harding & Sons Ltd 15 J. & D. Humphrey Ltd 2 Pipe Dreams 35 Tom Mitchell Plumbing 38 TP Watts 8 PRINTER Warwick Printing Company 28 PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Direct Roofing Services 35 Hire A Handy Hero 16 House Worx 35 R & G Gamblin General Builders 13 PROPERTY SALES Andrew Ross 35 RADIO The Breeze 25 SCHOOL Barton Pveril Sixth Form College 27 STORAGE Barn Store 3 TREE SURGERY See Garden Design & Services VETERINARY Shield Veterinary Centre 12

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NHS Direct (24hr helpline)

0845 4647

Acorn Medical, Church Lane, Curdridge

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Fareham Health Centre

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Hemming & Partners, Lower Lane, Bishop’s Waltham

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COUNCILS Bishops Waltham 01489 892323 www.bishopswalthamparish Upham 01489 860236 Durley 01489 860236 Soberton 01489 877378 Droxford 01489 877470 Shedfield 01329 830060 Swanmore 01489 890651 West Meon Parish Council 02392 571720 Wickham Council 01329 835019 Boarhunt 01489 891321 Southwick & Widley 023 8046 3228 Corhampton & Meonstoke 01489 891660

Bishop’s Waltham Infants Bishop’s Waltham Juniors Curdridge Primary Droxford Juniors Durley Primary Kings School Meonstoke Newtown Infants St. Johns Primary Swanmore Primary Swanmore College Upham Primary West Meon C of E Primary School Wickham Primary Wyvern Technology College

01489 01489 01489 01489 01489 01962 01489 01329 01329 01489 01489 01489 01730 01329 02380

892375 892368 782613 877537 860207 861161 877568 833161 833141 894555 892256 860355 829213 833065 692679

LIBRARIES Bishop’s Waltham Library, Bank Street, 0845 603 5631 Mon/Thur: Closed, Tue: 2pm – 7pm, Wed/Fri: 10am – 5pm, Sat: 9.30am – 1pm Wickham Square Mobile Library, every Wed 9:20 to 12:20 Knowle Village Mobile Library, first Friday of the month, 10:45 to 11:45

CITIZENS ADVICE Bishops Waltham (Mon/Wed/Fri) 01489 896376 Outreach at Wickham and Denmead (Thurs) call BW for info

Useful Numbers PUZZLE ANSWERS General Knowledge Crossword Quiz

Two Minute Trial Pictograms

Across: 1 Moth, 3 Molasses, 9 Seaweed, 10 Circa, 11 Unscientific, 14 Toe, 16 Abode, 17 Eve, 18 Irresistible, 21 Reins, 22 Piranha, 23 Arsonist, 24 Dose. Down: 1 Mosquito, 2 Traps, 4 Odd, 5 Architecture, 6 Sardine, 7 Scab, 8 Delicatessen, 12 Naomi, 13 Serenade, 15 Earwigs, 19 Bongo, 20 Area, 22 Pas.

3 - its, lip, lit, pit, sit, sip, tip, sup, pus, put, tup, tups, ups. 4 - lips, list, lisp, lust, pits, plus, puts, silt, slip, slit, spit, suits, tips. 5 - spilt, tulip, split. 6 - tulips

1. Tom Clancy, 2. Germany, 3. Mr. Red, 4. Dixon Of Dock Green, 5. White, 6. The Chronicles Of Narnia, 7. Blue, 8. Jupiter, 9. Blood, 10. Red


1. Up In Arms 2. Drinks Are On The House 3. The Root Of All Evil


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About our Speaker Steven Blofield is a highly qualified Financial & Estate Planner and has been helping his clients for over a decade. Steven is a popular local speaker, who can explain complex financial issues in an easy to understand and entertaining way. He is also proud to be the financial expert columnist for the Meon Valley News and the Chichester Observer. We have four workshops available on Thursday 24th April at Cams Hall, Fareham and Thursday 22nd May at Wickham Community Centre, Wickham 10am & 2.30pm.

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SBA Financial Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registered in England and Wales: 5669998. Registered Office: Wellesley House, 204 London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO7 7AN

Will you or won’t you? Around 70% of the UK population don’t have a will!

Come to our FREE Wills & Estate Planning Workshop Thursday 24th April at Cams Hall, Fareham and, Thursday 22nd May at Wickham Community Centre, Wickham 10.00am & 2.30pm. Please turn over for more

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Discover Meon Valley April/May 2014  

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