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May/June 2014

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New Forest Show 29th-31st July See Page 12 for Early Bird Discount Live Local... Think Local... Buy Local


The Rotary Club of Southampton’s Annual

Sunday 1st June 2014 10am — 4pm

Don’t wait till winter to fit your fireplace! Opening hours Mon - Sat 10-00 - 4-00 Closed Wed & Sun University of Southampton Sports Grounds Wide Lane, Eastleigh, SO50 5PE Unit 16, Netley Marsh, (Junction 5, M27) (Opposite Southampton Parkway Station) Ringwood Road, Admission (including programme): Adult £5.00 DM! Totton, Sep13 - FINAL_DMG! Master Layout (Jun13) 16/08/2013 18:54 Page 21 Southampton SO40 7GY Children under 14yrs : Free In aid of Charities supported by Rotary

02380 424274

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Wedding Dresses from Just £100

e M a s siv

ig s on Des ner dresses ount Disc

02381 787782 21 The Central Precinct, Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 2GA


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Nick Ripley, Southampton Manager

FREE summer safety check


£34.95 Book your appointment today

02380 677 468 170-176 Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 3HH


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West End

Shirell Heath

Botley Hedge End

Melanie Tinson

So, I was sent out to the local woods with a glass jar to bring back frog spawn to populate our pond. It was a long time since my last biology lesson so how do I know when frogs lay eggs or tadpoles hatch. Every time I peered into a still pool, glass jar at the ready, Dempsey leapt in with all four paws to help me find whatever I was looking for. Alas, I returned with an empty jar to be mocked by my neighbour that I was only two months late! So, if you have any baby frogs, newts, snails you’d like to rehome then all donations welcome. Our feature on water gardens (page 14) might even inspire you to build your own. It’s a good time for outdoor events; the annual Solent Garden Fayre at Southampton University is on 1st June and there’s a list of local gardens taking part in the National Garden Scheme (NGS) in the What’s On page 18. And, of course, the sponsor of this month’s magazine is The New Forest Show taking place in July, so book early for the best priced tickets!


Wickham Marchwood Whiteley


Last year, we (well, my husband) built a wildlife pond in the garden and it looks lovely with a pump and a few plants and stones. However, it hasn’t attracted any wildlife so it’s more of a bubbling large puddle than a wildlife sanctuary.

Bishops Waltham

Bishopstoke Fair Oak








Ower Cadnam

Colden Common

North Baddesley CHANDLERS

Pond Life


Titchfield Stubbington

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The beautiful finishing touch to any room

Specialists in Blinds & Awnings for inside and out inCluding: Conservatory Blinds Shutters Awnings Roman Roller



Wooden Venetians Vertical Pleated inTu Perfect Fit

Call for a free home design visit or advice

023 8084 0505

Your local family run business with over 55 years experience


Local Living

Calling all runners! If you’d like a local, scenic 10k with PB potential, why not sign up for the Lordshill 10k, on Sunday 29th June 2014. The race starts on traffic free roads at Adanac Park, HQ of the Ordnance Survey (just off the M27) then wends its way through the lanes of Lee and Nursling before returning to OS for the finish. With a memento for each runner, prizes for category winners and kids’ races it’s a great day out for beginners, seasoned runners and everyone in-between. For further information www. lordshill-10k/

Dancing with Choirs is up in lights GET YOUR TICKETS NOW After the hugely successful HIGH 5 Variety Show in 2013, Wessex Heartbeat’s next production is ‘Dancing with Choirs’. A Charity performance showcasing some of the best local dance groups and choirs combined in something just a bit different for all the family. If you saw the Variety Show you’ll know what hidden talent lies in our midst and how ‘professional’ an amateur show really can be. Not to be missed! Money raised from this special evening will go towards the £500,000 HIGH 5 Appeal, which will help other less fortunate young people with life-long heart conditions to give them a happier and better life while they are in hospital. Featuring the very best of local talent, and hosted once again by comedian Mike Osman, a total of nearly 500 choristers and dancers are all set to bring a wide, tender and toe-tapping variety of music and dance styles to life in an exciting show a difference.

Friends Unlimited FRIENDS UNLIMITED is Southampton’s Premier Dance and Social Group, now in it’s 14th Year. It has evolved into an active group for singles and couples wanting to make new friends. In addition to regular dances, we arrange walks, lunches, theatre trips and much more. We meet at the Master Builder, West End, SO30 3AH at 8.30pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month. To find out more, call:

02380 480774 or visit

Wessex Heartbeat Chief Executive, Alison Farrell summed up the excitement felt by the Charity and the performers, “This is an ambitious undertaking for a charity, but the stakes are high for us in our determination to give young people with heart conditions the right place to be treated while they are in hospital as soon as we are able. That’s why all of us organising and performing are clear that in delivering the best for the audience, we will bring closer the best that can be delivered for young cardiac patients.”

The Bassett

Tea Rooms Serving: Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch & Afternoon Tea. 367 Winchester Road, SO16 7DJ




On The Stage

Your guide to Professional and Amateur productions close to you

BOX OFFICE NUMBERS Chesil Theatre, Winchester

07527 471539

The Berry Theatre, Hedge End

01489 799499

Ferneham Hall, Fareham

01329 231942

The Hub Theatre, Southampton

02380 711818

Theatre Royal, Winchester

01962 840440

Hangar Farm Arts Centre, Totton College

02380 667683

The Plaza Theatre, Romsey

01794 512987

The Point, Eastleigh

02380 652333

GILBERT & SULLIVAN’s RUDDIGORE 7-10 May A production by the Eastleigh Operatic & Musical Society. The Point Theatre, Eastleigh THE PRICE 10-17 May Arthur Miller’s 1968 moving play about family dynamics. The Chesil Theatre, Winchester HIGH SOCIETY 13-17 May Winchester Musicals and Opera Society stages Cole Porter’s High Society, a witty and romantic show full of humour and classic songs such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. Theatre Royal Winchester THE ADDAMS FAMILY 14-17 May Music Theatre South present this magnificently macabre musical comedy. The Hub Theatre, Southampton

PIPPIN 16-17 May Richard Taunton Sixth Form College present Pippin for your entertainment pleasure. The Berry Theatre, Hedge End

FAWLTY TOWERS 12-14 June There’s more trouble and fun at Fawlty Towers with the Fareham Musical Society. Ferneham Hall, Fareham

THE FEATHER CATCHER 27 May A fun, playful story of friendship. For ages 3+. Hangar Farm Arts Centre, Totton College

THE WIZ 14 June Theatretrain Southampton present this award winning Broadway musical. The Hub Theatre, Southampton

ANYTHING GOES 29-31 May Stage One Youth Theatre provides all the action to Cole Porter’s glorious songs which include: “I get a kick out of you” and “Friendship.” Ferneham Hall, Fareham

THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED Buddy Holly 55th Anniversary Tour 20 June A celebration of Buddy’s music. Ferneham Hall, Fareham

THE THRILL OF LOVE 2-7 June The story of Ruth Ellis in a play by Amanda Whittington. The Plaza Theatre, Romsey

PEPPA PIG’s BIG SPLASH 18-19 June Songs, games and muddy puddles for all the family. Theatre Royal Winchester



Sleep: You Can Do It With Your Eyes Closed By Alison Runham

Sleep is supposedly involuntary. So we take it for granted when we can sleep, and often ignore it when we can’t. But we shouldn’t. Research has proved that sleep is as important to our health as diet and exercise. Lack of sleep affects memory, mood, concentration and reaction times, and long-term it can affect language processing, planning abilities and our sense of time. Some sleep disorders can contribute to serious health problems. So what stops us getting the sleep we need, and how can we improve the quantity and quality of our sleep? Our sleep has recurring cycles of around 100 minutes, starting with Non-REM sleep. Non-REM (non rapid eye movement) sleep progresses from Stage One (light sleep), through Stages Two and Three (when heart rate and breathing drop) to Stage Four’s deep sleep (when bed-wetting, night terrors or sleepwalking occurs). REM (rapid eye movement) sleep (dream time) follows. Our brain is active, breathing and blood pressure rise, and our eyes move; but we can’t move our bodies. Afterwards, the cycle restarts. Sweet Dreams aren’t made of this. Enemies of good sleep include pain; the need to urinate; stress or depression; the menstrual

cycle (hormonal changes affect temperature and melatonin production), the menopause and snoring. There are also sleep disorders, including night terrors; sleep walking, talking and paralysis; teeth grinding; restless limb syndrome; and the more serious sleep apnoea (which can starve the brain of oxygen). To help you sleep soundly: • Eliminate Physical Factors Cure snoring with nasal strips, sprays or minor surgery. See your doctor about physical or mental health issues and sleep disorders; they may recommend Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or sleeping tablets. PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) treatments may help if you sleep badly before a period. • Drink Warm Milk - Eat a carbohydrate-rich snack beforehand to improve the efficacy of the milk’s tryptophan (a raw material for the sleep hormone melatonin). Milk may help by making you feel warm and full too. • Don’t Go to Bed Hungry Avoid large, late meals but have a light snack if you’re hungry. • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine in the Evening, and Stop Smoking Caffeine is a stimulant and will keep you awake. Alcohol makes you sleepy, but impairs sleep quality – as does nicotine. • Get enough Sunlight and Exercise - Light and exercise help regulate our body clock and mood, so try to spend

time outside and get regular exercise. • Avoid Light in the Evening However, bright light before bedtime will suppress melatonin secretion, so dim the lights. Either avoid TVs, laptops, tablets and smart phones within two hours of bedtime, or turn down their brightness settings (some screens have a night mode). • Establish a Routine -Establish a relaxing routine before bed. Avoid watching TV in the bedroom or reading anything too emotionally charged or terrifying. • Make your Bedroom a Haven Avoid using your bedroom as a work or dump space; clutter will nag to be cleared up. Ensure your bedroom is well ventilated, dark, and not too hot or cold. Consider earplugs to eliminate noise, and invest in a really comfy mattress (try before you buy). • Declutter your Brain Download your brain by jotting down tomorrow’s jobs and any worries (particularly therapeutic if you write a positive action beside them). • Have A Warm Bath Before Bed Add relaxing bath oils, too. • Try not to worry about it Worrying about lack of sleep could start a vicious circle. If you can’t sleep, leave the bedroom and do something absorbing but calm: read a magazine or do a jigsaw until you feel sleepy.


tune in to the all new breakfast show on the breeze with Jez & Lou on 107.2 - 107.8 from 6am weekdays


Realistic Revision for Students (and Parents!) By Alison Runham

This month, thousands of students will start study leave in preparation for exams. Ideally, they’ve been revising as they go, so their parents are confident they’re well prepared. But in reality, students and parents may be panicking; how do they structure all this ‘free’ time and how much revision is enough? So here are some study leave survival tips:

StudentS Plan • Check the time, date, structure and content of your exam. Check revision books before purchase, ensuring they’re specific to your course – there are often several versions, each focussing on a different examining board, topic or text. • Make a realistic timetable. Vary subjects throughout the day and week, and concentrate initially on subjects with the earliest exam dates. Factor in commitments, longer breaks and unfinished work.

• Revise somewhere without distractions – remove your mobile, turn off the TV and laptop (or block social media sites). • Pace your work, allowing for unexpected delays and particularly tough topics.

OrganiSe • Collate everything on a topic in one place. • Mix old topics with new, and easy with difficult; revise easy, recent topics at the start of the day as a confidence boost, or the end, when you’re tired. • Have a specific target for each session – ‘I’ll revise osmosis’ is woolly, but ‘I’ll summarise osmosis down to 1 A4 page’ ensures you’re achieving a measurable outcome. • Keep sessions short - around 30 minutes – then take a short break. After four or five sessions, have a longer break for lunch or watching TV.

tipS fOr Better reviSiOn Passive reading does not work. Effective revision is active; you must engage with the material. Here’s how: Note-taking helps you to focus and make sense of your reading in words and ways you understand, and it’s great revision in itself. Reducing notes to a card or A4 page makes them portable and easily digestible. Use colours, highlighting, underlining, tables, patterned notes, bullet points, mind maps or diagrams. Why? Read on. Engage Your Senses You’re far more likely to visualise that fluorescent spider diagram you did, with underlined

keywords, than to a closely written page of one-colour, linear notes. Try using post-it notes in eyecatching places, or make ‘washing lines’ across your room. Make good use of your ears too - record key phrases and equations; march around first whispering facts, then increasing volume until you’re shouting.

uSe helperS Revising with friends can be more fun and help you fill gaps or understand tricky topics. Make question cards and ask parents or friends to play Trivial Pursuit with you. Practice answering exam format questions Gather relevant facts and write an outline for essay answers, or design a multiple-choice quiz. Beware the Internet Some websites feature worryingly inaccurate quizzes and facts uploaded by students. Stick to reputable ones with contributions from teachers, e.g. BBC’s Bitesize.

parentS & helperS Be interested and positive – ensure nagging isn’t your only input, and don’t impose your own anxieties and ambitions; they have their own. Don’t compare them to others. Listen to their worries and reassure them that exams are important, but not the end of everything; your affection isn’t dependent on exam results. Don’t expect them to work every waking hour – brains need time to sort and assimilate information. Ensure they get enough rest and relaxation. Be an active helper – Test them, play quiz games or time their practice runs. Pre-arrange an end-of-exams treat.


The right direction for a great education!

Full-time A Level and vocational courses Part-time adult learning Tel: 023 8036 7200 | Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh SO50 5ZA

Hambrooks Winning Design for Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014 Hambrooks of Curdridge have been selected to build a garden for the annual Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July. The theme is ‘Your Garden Your Budget’ and is part of a scheme to bring to the general public’s attention what can be achieved within particular budgets. Hambrooks Garden Designer Stuart Towner, created the winning design called ‘Halo’, which has a Mediterranean theme was selected for the £13k budget category. Managing Director Norman Hambrook said, “This idea of presenting gardens to visitors at the prestigious Hampton Palace Court Flower Show that are within a certain budget is an excellent way of demonstrating the fact you don’t have to spend a fortune on gardens to have something really quite spectacular – you just need great garden design!” The Royal Horticulture Society Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014 is being held from 8 to 12 July.


Hampshire’s Hands-On County Show The New Forest and Hampshire County Show is an annual agricultural show held for three days at the end of July at New Park, Brockenhurst in Hampshire.

hand at milking a cow, making a scarecrow, holding a day old chick, voting for your favourite feathered friend in the Poultry Tent and watching the amazing Jamie Squibb in action on his motorbike in our main ring.

The aim of the Show is to create a great family day our bringing together a celebration of traditional country pursuits, crafts, produce and entertainment. This year it is taking place on 29th, 30th & 31st July and there is an exciting line-up of events for all the family to enjoy!

BBC South are returning for another year and are bringing their fully operational television studio where you can record your own version of the daily news, including a weather green screen and autocue! Watch close up how television programmes are made with the professionals and meet the local presenters!

The theme this year is ‘Hands On’ so come and live the country for a day. Roll up your sleeves, don your walking boots and get stuck in with all the hands-on activities that we have on offer! Try your

Visit the Forest Fun Factory which runs a full programme of events between 10am and 4.30pm and be entertained by clowns, choirs, dance acts and much more! Head over to our Show Farm where the children can get up close and personal with all sorts of farmyard animals, pop in to our Countryside Area for Terrier and Ferret racing and sit in the incredible machines in the Old Time Farming section. Perhaps one of the most visited places on the showground are the food tents offering top quality

items and the Local Food and Farming area where the county’s top producers can be found. Here, not only will you find a huge variety of the best produce of Hampshire, but also lots of opportunities to have tastings from the cookery demonstrations held there. There are also over 600 trade stands providing one of the most varied and unusual goods and produce – from large commercial companies to small local businesses, for those of you looking to make that special purchase. If it’s a countryside experience you’re after, the Show’s about to begin! For more information about the Show, please visit our website www. where you can also take advantage of 10% off advanced tickets bought online before 21st July.

Want to keep up to date with news of the Show, details of the events taking place at New Park, exciting goings-on that are happening locally as well as competitions to win tickets? Then simply signup to receive our monthly e-newsletter by visiting our website:


29th, 30th & 31st July New Park, Brockenhurst


Water, Water, Everywhere by Pippa Greenwood

A water feature adds a truly magical dimension to any garden, large or small. The sound of tinkling water and the movement of light on its surface both works wonders, even on a less than perfect plot, and can be just the finishing touch you need for a patio or back yard or for a much larger garden. A visit to your local garden centre or specialist aquatics centre, or a browse online, will reveal a plentiful choice of water features of all shapes, styles, and sizes; but before you commit yourself, just what are the main points to bear in mind? First, position. If you want moving water, your choice of feature will almost certainly need an electric pump, so there has to be a powerpoint nearby – an obvious point perhaps, but one that people do sometimes overlook. Do you want an eye-catching centrepiece for a formal garden, or just the music of running water as the soundtrack to your barbecues or alfresco Sunday lunch? In either case, you need to carefully consider the appropriate position. Any water feature from pond to delicate fountain can turn bright green in summer due to the build-up of floating algae.

You can go a long way towards preventing this pea-soup effect by positioning the feature away from the hottest direct sunlight. Make sure it’s well away from overhanging deciduous trees, too, as falling leaves are likely to clog everything up. For smaller spaces or patios you’re best off with a selfcontained and perhaps wall-mounted feature. There are lots of great self-contained water features available such as terracotta or glazed pot stacks with the water continuously circulated from one container to another by a hidden pump, so you would only need to top it up in the hottest weather to compensate for the effects of evaporation. Spouts and fountains are great fun in a garden. A spitting fish, frog, or gargoyle can add a touch of art – or humour – while its water-jet will oxygenate a pool, reducing algae and keeping the pond-life happy. If you want moving water and the reflections it provides but perhaps have toddlers, a stone-effect millstone with a low centrally-positioned jet spreading ripples of water across its surface is both beautiful and safe. Plants are integral to any pool or pond. Surface-floating plants

such as waterlilies not only look gorgeous but their large, nearcircular, leaves also shade the water’s surface – again, reducing any problems you might have with algae. Waterlilies need still water, though, so they are best avoided if you have a fountain; but a single spitting feature at one end of the pool shouldn’t create too much turbulence for them. Make sure you plant them at the correct depth if you want them to flourish. Plants grown around the edges of pools and ponds are called marginals and do best in shallower water or boggy ground. Use plenty of them: they look gorgeous; they hide unsightly edges and signs of the liner; and they are a haven for wildlife. For a more formal look you’ll want fewer marginals, but some shapely rushes or ferns or some yellow or purple bog-iris will add extra impact. Marginals to consider include yellow-flowered marsh marigold (caltha palustris); white-flowered bog arum (calla palustris); miniature reed-mace (typha minima), perfect if you love bulrushes but don’t have the space for them; water forget-menot (myosotis scorpioides) with their stunningly pretty pale blue flowers; and water and bog iris

15 (eg iris laevigata) with their rich purple blooms. You’ll need about two plants per metre. Water-features attract wildlife, and on summer days you may well be visited by beautiful, colourful dragonflies or mayflies. If there’s any depth of water then many birds may also come to drink and bathe. And remember, even a small pond needs a safe exit-route in case wildlife such as hedgehogs pop by for a drink and inadvertently tumble in. A shallow beach of pebbles at one end should do the trick. If your feature has a sizeable surface, it’s well worth netting it in the autumn to catch falling

leaves. Simple garden netting stretched taut over the surface is ideal. Remove it as necessary, tip off the leaves, and replace it until the worst of the leaf-fall is over. If leaves are allowed to accumulate in the water they’ll not only clog the pumps and reduce the depth of the water, but as they rot down they’ll produce methane gas which is toxic to pond life. In winter, try to stop the water feature from freezing up. If the weather forecast predicts extremely cold temperatures, smaller features are best emptied out completely and the pump cleaned up and stored in the

Visit Pippa’s website for ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ for the AskPippa Q&A service, Nemaslug, natural pest controls and lots more besides!

shed. Ponds with fish need to have an ice-free area maintained on the surface or the fish may be killed by toxic gasses such as methane building up under the ice. Floating an old football on the surface helps, or you could melt a hole in the ice using the bottom of a pan of very hot water (but don’t pour the water in), repeating when the surface re-freezes.


Property Watch Southampton


Discover Business Up to a 1,000 new jobs could be created amid major plans to lengthen Southampton Airport’s runway by 450ft.

A selection of Planning Applications Submitted in April 2014 - Pending Consideration Southampton General Hospital Tremona Road Southampton SO16 6YD: Replacement of existing ground level car park and erection of a two tiered Fast Park car park Englishman Inn 18 English Road Southampton SO15 8QF: Erection of 2 x 2-storey, 2 bedroom houses with associated parking, bin and cycle stores Park Hotel 90 Shirley Road Southampton SO15 3FB; Erection of two-storey extensions to both sides of the building and conversion to provide 11 flats (6 x one-bedroom and 5 x two-bedroom) with associated parking and storage facilities. Mayflower Park Herbert Walker Avenue Southampton; Erection of a Spitfire monument and memorial on the river frontage of the park.

RECENTLY SOLD 4 5 2 2 4 2

Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed,

Leigh Road, SO17 £410,000 Jan14 Oakmount Road, SO17 £660,000 Dec13 Winn Road, SO17 £178,000 Feb14 Crawford Close SO16 £250,000 Feb14 Kingsway, Chandlers Ford £726,000 Feb14 Brunel Road, SO15 £152,000 Feb14

Heavy rain this winter boosts sales for Chandlers Ford based business, SplashMaps; maps designed for use outdoors whatever the weather.

New retail outlets opening in Whiteley Shopping Centre; Monsoon, Joules and Fussy Nation, creating up to 30 new jobs.

Monroe’s hair salon in Chandlers Ford is under new management with new owner, Christine McCulloch.

WIN £100 Find the hidden symbol competition

All you have to do is find the Frog hidden somewhere within one of this issue’s advertisements.

How to enter Online: Text: 07702 567811

Puzzle Answers General Knowledge Crossword

Across: 1 Steamed, 5 Edged, 8 Rocks, 9 Vicious, 10 Perpendicular, 11 Easily, 12 Mourns, 15 Demonstration, 18 Economy, 19 Drink, 20 Steps, 21 Dragged. Down: 1 Syrup, 2 Escorts, 3 Miscellaneous, 4 Divide, 5 Encyclopaedia, 6 Growl, 7 Disarms, 11 Endless, 13 Railing, 14 Stayed, 16 Moose, 17 Naked.


1. One Thing After Another 2. A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed 3. Bottomless Pit


You must state the following details: 1. Which advert featured the symbol 2. Your name 3. Your postal address 4. Your email address 5. And most importantly, when you received your copy of Discover

Happy hunting

One entry per household, last entry date 15 June 2014.



Puzzle Page

The rules of Sudoku are that you should fill a number in to every cell in the grid, using the numbers 1 to 9. The restriction is that you can only use each number once in each row, each column, and in each of the 3x3 boxes.


PICTOGRAMS Across 1. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 15. 18. 19. 20. 21.

4 words


2 words


General Knowledge Crossword

Type of pudding (7) Trimmed (5) Large pebbles (5) Brutal (7) At right angles (13) Without effort (6) Grieves for (6) A protest (13) Financial system (7) Beverage (5) Stairs (5) Hauled (7)













14 15



Down 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 11.

Sticky liquid (5) Accompanies (7) Assorted (13) Split (6) Book of facts (13) Snarl (5) Removes weapons (7) Goes on forever (7)




13. Fence (7) 14. Remained (6)



16. Large deer (5) 17. Nude (5)


LOCAL WHAT’S ON Open Evening at Barton Peveril College 1st May 5.30-8.30pm Chestnut Avenue, Eastleigh SO50 5ZA IT’S A COUNTRY LIFE 4 & 5 May, 4pm to Midnight Hanger Farm Arts Centre Totton College SO40 8FT An evening of fun and dancing in the barn. Fairground games from 4pm. From 6:30pm dance to the Black Sheep band. Adults £12 (under 18’s £3) Suitable for all abilities. Wear your best country themed fancy dress! Tel: 02380 667683 HAMPSHIRE COUNTRY SHOW 4 & 5 May Netley Marsh SO40 7GY A great day for all the family. Adults £12, Concessions £11, Children £4, Under 5 Free. For times and to book tickets visit www.livingheritagecountryshows. com/box-office OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS 4, 5, 11 & 12 May, 2-6pm 16 Lakewood Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 1ES ¾-acre. Azaleas, bog garden, camellias, dogwoods, free-range bantams, kitchen garden, ponds, quiz for children, wildlife areas. Adults £3.50, Children free. Home-made teas. Proceeds to charity.

OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS SOLENT BOAT JUMBLE 17 & 18 May, 1:30-5pm 11 May 6 Breamore Close, Eastleigh Royal Victoria Country Park SO50 4QB Netley SO31 5GA Delightful plant lover’s garden Huge event selling new and with coloured foliage and unusual used - boats, engines, chandlery, plants, giving a tapestry effect of wetsuits, rope, fenders, texture and colour. Magnificent electronics, clothing, life jackets, wisteria over a pergola with fishing tackle and much more. flowers 3ft-4ft long. Adults £3, Adults £4, Children free. www. Children free. Home-made teas. Proceeds to charity. SOLENT BOAT JUMBLE HAMBLE RIVER RAID 11 May 17 May Royal Victoria Country Park, Hamble Quay, Hamble SO31 4JB Netley SO31 5GA Annual spectacle on the River Huge event selling new and Hamble with a Pig Roast, used - boats, engines, chandlery, refreshments. All proceeds to wetsuits, rope, fenders, Hamble Seascouts. For more electronics, clothing, life jackets, information call 02380 441007 fishing tackle and much more. Adults £4, Children free. www. 10k RACE IN PARK 18 May, 10:30am Royal Victoria Country Park, CURRY AND QUIZ NIGHT Netley SO31 5GA 15 May, 7pm to 10.30pm Organised by the Southampton De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel Athletic Club. Spectators Southampton SO15 1AG welcome. For more details Southampton Hospital Charity about the club please visit www. invites you to an evening to test your mental abilities! Teams of 6-8 people. Fantastic curry and prizes OUTDOOR SURVIVAL TRAIL for the winners. Book your team, 24 May to 1 June, 10am - 4pm contact Alanna Lee 023 8120 Royal Victoria Country Park 8881 or Netley SO31 5GA Follow the self-guided trail to find GERMAN BEER FEST all the things you would need to 17 May, 5pm-11pm survive in the great outdoors. Find Southampton Guildhall, SO14 7LP all the answers to win a prize. Buzzing with live ompha music, vocalist, magical performer, steins £1.50 per trail. For more details visit: of real German ale, sumptuous sausages and pretzels all served by LOST WORLD EXPLORERS traditionally dressed mädchens. Book now 30 May, 10am Eastleigh Museum, 25 High Street to secure your SO50 5LF place at this Investigate creatures from the unforgettable Ice Age and beyond. Morning event. www. session 10am to 12pm, afternoon beerfestuk. com £10 each session 1.30pm to 3.30pm. £2 per participating child, or £15 on the accompanying adults are free. door. Call 07595214770 for details.

19 SOLENT GARDENERS FAYRE 1 June, 10am-4pm University of Southampton Sports Ground, Eastleigh SO50 5PE The Rotary Club of Southampton’s 16th Annual Fayre. A must for all keen gardeners and craft enthusiasts. Over 70 exhibitors, entertainment and refreshments. Opened by the Mayor of Eastleigh. Adults £5, Under 14s Free. WILDLIFE & BUTTERFLY WALK 1 June, 2pm Main Gate, Cemetery Road, Southampton SO15 7NN Walks are free but donations welcome. Call 07538888655 for more information. ENLIVEN FASHION FAIR

7 June, 11am-4pm The Point and Leigh Rd Recreation Ground, Eastleigh SO50 9DE Crafts and fashion fair with designer-maker stalls, fashion catwalk shows, live DJ sets, creative workshops. Free Entry. For more information and a list of designer stalls, exhibitors and catwalk show times visit: eastleighenlivenproject. OPEN GARDEN FOR NGS 15 June, 2-6pm Merdon Manor, Merdon Castle Lane, Hursley SO21 2JJ 5-acre country garden surrounded by spectacular views. Roses, shrub walk, container plants, wild pond, with special secret walled garden. Adults £4, Children free. Home-made teas. Proceeds to charity.

HAMPSHIRE FARMERS MARKETS 22 June, 10am-2pm Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DF Savour the delights of truly local food reared, grown, baked, caught & brewed in Hampshire. Visit: www.hampshirefarmersmarkets.

at 7:30pm on the third Friday of each month (except August) at the Central Baptist Church, Devonshire Road, Polygon, Southampton. For membership details contact: Terry Winsborough at

FAMILY VAULTS WALK 22 June, 2pm Main Gate, Cemetery Road Southampton SO15 7NN Tour around the Old Cemetery looking at the Family Vaults (not going into them- unsafe) The South & their history. Walks approx. 90 minutes. Walks are free but donations welcome. Call 07538888655 for more information.

What’s on at The Brook

LAKESIDE FAMILY FUN EVENING 28 June 5:30-8pm Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway Wide Lane SO50 5PE Bouncy castle, face painting, circus skills. To benefit Autism Hampshire. Call 01489 880881. Entry £1 per person and includes a train ride. RACE FOR LIFE 6 July Southampton Common SO15 7NN Walk, jog, dance or run 5k and 10k events to raise money for Cancer Research. The country’s largest women-only fundraising event. For more information visit: choose-your-event/southampton. html CLUBS SOUTHAMPTON & DISTRICT NUMISMATIC SOCIETY The club encourages members in the study and collection of coins, medals, tokens and banknotes. New members always welcome. A varied programme of events throughout the year, they meet

MaY Fri 9 Sat 10 Sun 11 Fri 16 Sat 17 Sun 18 Fri 23 Sat 24 Sun 25

Rufus Stone Hi-on Maiden The Rurtles Fleetwood Bac Perfect Alibi Hue and Cry Jean Genie Hairforce 5 The Move

60s Legends. The first band ever to be played on Radio 1 in September 1967, still going strong with two original members 46 years later. Respect!

Fri 30 Sat 31

The Fortunes Merrymout

JUNE Thu 5 Fri 6 Sat 7 Fri 20 Sun 22 Fri 27

The South Magic - A kind of ELO The Christians The Silver Beatles Nile Rod and the Facez

For further dates please visit

Box office 023 8055 5366


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Your Local Advertising Partner

Increase your Sales Enquiries Improve your Web Traffic Develop your Brand Awareness 133,000 circulation 10 local editions Kings Worthy

WINCHESTER Olivers Battery Lockerley Braishfield Whiteparish Ampfield

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Colden Common



Ower Cadnam

North Baddesley


Shirell Heath

Botley Hedge End

Wickham Marchwood Whiteley



FAREHAM Titchfield


From as little as £19 per month

Choose your category: Property Services Outdoor Living/Gardening Moving Home Retail Hair & Beauty Health & Wellbeing Education Motoring Professional Services Business & IT Event Planning Pets Sport & Leisure Eating & Drinking Entertainment

For an instant quote go online or call Melanie 023 8026 6388


Live Local Think Local Buy Local . . .

Your Directory of Local Businesses Every issue of Discover is full of interesting articles, useful information and fun stuff too, delivered through your door free of charge, made possible by the financial support of its advertisers. Please support local businesses who promote themselves in Discover. They are ready to serve you and they want your business. We’d appreciate it if you’d mention Discover when contacting advertisers from this issue. Can’t find what you are looking for? Visit our Local Businesses Directory Online for a list of Discover’s advertisers not just those in this local Southampton edition. Or call us on 023 8027 6396 and we may be able to recommend a non advertiser.

INDEX HEALTH Sports Massage 24 Opticians 25 Hearing 25 Counselling 24 BUSINESS & IT SERVICES Computer Services


Printers 24 HOME IMPROVEMENT Furniture 27 Curtains & Blinds 27 Kitchens & Bathrooms 30 Double Glazing 29 Cleaning 37 PROPERTY SERVICES TV & Aerials 30 Plasterers 28 Handyman Services 28 Buiding Services 28 Loft Ladders 30 Electricians 32 Plumbing & Heating 32 Locksmiths 30 Garage Doors 32 MOTORING 36 GARDEN & OUTDOORS Garden Fencing 22 Garden Care 22 Tree Surgeons 23 PET CARE



Garden care


Garden Maintenance carried out all year round

A Great Looking Lawn Is Easier Than You Think • Fertilisation, moss & weed control, scarification (the real one!), hollow-tine aeration & more • Locally based, non-franchised company • Complete annual lawn care – no contract • Tried & tested products • Qualified, uniformed, professional staff Contact Rob for your FREE lawn analysis & quote

0800 0845 296

visit our website to see what our customers say


023 81 788908 • 07814 697699

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396


Tree surgeons

Tree Services Specialist in all aspects of Tree and Hedge Work


Neil Richmond


We lik is th custom see w custom


Local company with over 22 years’ experience.

Family Run Business

We aare a local professional company with over We are local professional company with over 22 years

• Domestic or Business • Hedge Cutting • Tree Felling • Crown Reduction / Reshaping Thinning / Clean

• Deadwood Removal • Fruit Trees Pruned • Tree Planting and After Care • Stump Grinding • Logs for Sale

Quality work at competitive prices Free Estimates and Friendly advice

07834 595383 02380 582377 email: NPTC Qualified

Fully Insured

• All Tree Work Undertaken • NPTC Qualified • Tree Stump Removal • Hedge Cutting Specialists • Fully Insured We offer a full range of specialist services: • Free Quotations • Crown Shaping, thinning &services: pruning We offer a fullreductions, range of specialist • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • No Job Too Big or Too Small

• N.P.T.C. Qualified • All Work • Carried N.P.T.C

• £10 Million • AllPublic Wor • Crown Shaping, reductions, thinning & pruning • Site Clearance • Hedge Cutting Sp • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • £10 Mil • Domestic & Commercial • Tree Stump Remo • Site Clearance • Grounds Maintenance • Hedge • Free Quotations a • Planning Applications • Domestic & Commercial

02380 000247

• Grounds Maintenance

• Tree St

• FreeVisit Qu • Planning Applications We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price competitive!


TREE SURGEONS and Hedge Cutting

NPTC Qualified. All work carried out to BS3998 Over 15 years’ experience


Pruning Hedge trimming Dangerous trees Crown reductions Crown lifting Stump grinding Grass cutting Dead wooding Thinning Hedge removal Tree felling Hedge cutting Fencing

For a free quotation call Jason

Tel: 023 8048 1882 Mobile: 077 987 67131

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free Estimate & We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price compe

Office: 01489 890333 • EMAIL: • w

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free E

Office: 01489 890333 • EMAIL: enquiries@arborcall



As Recommended By





500 business cards and 500 compliment slips only £98.00


Use us for ALL your printing needs Folders • Stationery Brochures • Leaflets • Books Manuals • Digital Magazines Mailing Campaigns

inclusive of Design, Delivery and V.A.T. Warwick Printing Company Tel : 01926 883355 Website :

Sports Massage


• you appreciate relaxed individual attention • you like to see the same optometrist every time • you like your glasses measured by a professional optician • you want advice from experienced friendly staff • you like the security of the NHS

Hampson Opticians

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396

3A Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 2FW

023 8115 9719 or 023 8027 5054



Southampton Counselling

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, or relationship problems? We can help by offering affordable adult counselling. Tel: 023 8063 9966 Email: Web:

Your local community charity Southampton Counselling ad 2.indd 1

19/02/2014 09:38




Computer Services Ltd

Crown House, 28 Winchester Road, Romsey, SO51 8AA Support agents for John Lewis

■ ■ ■

Virus Removal



Speed Optimisation

System Cleanups ■

Data Recovery

Small Business Support

Home Networking Solutions

01794 521100 Well Equipped Workshop with Car Parking

HOME COMPUTER HELP We come to you! Low Cost • Laptops/PCs Repairs • No Jargon Virus/Spyware • Tuition On-Site • Local • Friendly

Just one of our many happy customers on Checkatrade 31

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396

“This is the second time I have used Will. First class service again, helped me understand the laptop and installed printer and antivirus.” (See more great feedback on

Free Home Callout

023 8033 1527 We’re on

soft furnishings



Building services








Direct Roofing Services

Family Business • All work guaranteed Free quote • References on request No job too small or too big • Honest and trustworthy

Please call James Saunders

023 8037 1877 A division of Direct Industrial & Maintenance Ltd 30

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396

double glazing


UP TO £500 OFF CONSERVATORIES AND AN EXTRA 10% OFF ALL ORDERS FOR WINDOWS AND DOORS PLACED UP TO THE END OF JULY 2014 Look what our customers think: “First Class service, very friendly and helpful with advice and ideas. Quality product - very pleased with work and service.” Excellent service by a family run company. Would thoroughly recommend and use again.”

• Full 10 Year Guarantee (from a family company in its 29th year of trading)

South Coast Installations run by the McLean family has been established since 1985 and is one of the leading specialists in the PVC-u window, door and conservatory industry. We have all our own workforce. We do not employ commission only salesmen or contractors. We offer free quotations and advice and do not take deposits. All our products come with a 10 year guarantee. You can rest assured we really care about your home as if it were our own and are looking after your investment.

SOUTH COAST INSTALLATIONS A local Family Business - run by 3 generations of the McLean family since 1985

TEL: 01489 799964


Loft ladders


Loft Services For all your loft needs, from loft conversions, roof windows and floors boarded, to trap door openings enlarged and re-sited.

Loft Ladders

● Two section ● Fitted ● All inclusive, includes trap door conversions £109. Various other types of Loft Ladders available

COMPLETE PACKAGE for only £420 3 section spring assisted ladder, electric light and 120sq ft of loft flooring. All fitted and inc of VAT. Covering Dorset & Hampshire

For a free survey and advice, call

01202 897965 TV & Aerials

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396





Garage Doors



Sean Quinn

Trading Standards Approved. Everything in Plain English. CRB Checked. Part-P Registered.

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396



















14 Collingbourne Drive, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4SW



07986 949233

H A for FREE advice.






Plumbing & heating

Plumbing & heating 33


For Everything BOILERS Central Heating & Combination Boilers Repairs | Installation | Service A local, family run business keeping the homes of Southampton and surrounding areas warm with quality boiler systems and a personal service. HigH EnErgy EfficiEnt BoilErs

• Installer of All Main Boiler Manufacturers • Full Trained, Local Engineers in Your Area • Repairs & Servicing • Landlord Safety Checks • All Work Guaranteed • Competitive Rates • Renewable Energy/Biomass Installations



G.E. HardinG & SonS Ltd inc Boilercare Drivers Wharf, Northam, Southampton SO14 0PF

DM! Totton, Sep13 - FINAL_DMG! Master Layout (Jun13) 16/08/2013 18:55 Page 31

023 8038 2830


* *On all new Worcester Bosch Boilers

For all your Gas Needs Boilers • ceNtral heatiNG • power FlushiNG • Gas appliaNces • Bathrooms & GeNeral plumBiNG • oil Boiler iNstall • service • repair • Free visit & quotatioN All aspects of Plumbing carried out Bathroom Fitting Tiling For a free quote call us today

02381 226 856 ▪ 07917 703 794

tel 02380 445123 mob 07887 941981



Specialist in: • Appliance servicing, breakdowns and repairs • Boiler servicing, repairs and replacements • Central heating installations • Landlord safety inspections • Worcester Bosch accredited installer of gas & solar • 5 year guarantee on new installations • Power flushing • Free estimates • Call us for the latest deals

Boiler Now

Pay Later

All major credit cards accepted

All areas covered - All work fully guaranteed

023 8069 3233 Accredited Installer Gas & Solar

Finance Available


07766 461 129

LWgas_HALF_152x108__2012.indd 1

Gas Servicing Landlord Certificates All Plumbing Works Bathroom Installations Disabled Wet Rooms

07880 712 797


09/05/2012 13:31

Boilers Repaired & Installed Oil & LPG Boiler Servicing NEW Handyman Service Property Maintenance Painting & Decorating



Relax, knowing Gair Gas are there for all your boiler and heating needs • Boiler installation, servicing & breakdowns • Central heating breakdowns & installation • Annual service plans from £5 per month • Landlord gas safety checks • Power flushing

144901 1-2pge_spring14.indd 2

Call 0800 310 2323 E-mail 12/2/14 20:10:12



SERVICInG FOR LESS In CHAndLERS FORd And nOw ALSO At OuR nEw HEdGE End wORkSHOp • Your local alternative to high main dealer prices • audi, vW, seat, skoda specialists

CAR And VAn MOt And SERVICInG tO MAnuFACtuRERS SpECIFICAtIOn Fully warranty compliant (see













3 Manufacturer trained technicians 3 General repairs 3 MOT’s for cars and vans class 4 and 7 3 MOT and servicing while you wait 3 100% environmentally friendly waste disposal 3 While you wait diagnostics 3 Tyre sales and wheel balancing 3 Air conditioning servicing 3 Clutch and cambelt replacement



To book your service or MOT at Chandlers Ford call 023 8027 3333 To book your service or MOT at Hedge End call 01489 798383

pet care


regular Clean Ironing


Try us Now for

Half Price

Try out our regular cleaning service for just £14* for 2 hours. Your home will receive the same fantastic standard by one of our staff members for only half price. No obligations and no contract. For more information on this offer please contact us. Little Miss Maids offers a high standard, quality home cleaning service. We offer a first class clean to residents in and around Southampton area. Also End of Tenancy & Spring Cleans. *Usual regular 2 hour clean £28

☎07752 009474

BEST Autocentres £20 OFF MoT Class 4 Car and Class 7 Van (including mobile homes) £20 OFF CAR & VAN SERVICING



20% OFF STEERING AND SUSPENSION 20% OFF BRAKES Includes Pads, Discs, Shoes, Drums, Cylinders and Callipers FREE VALVE & BAL ANCE On all nEW tyrES FIttED


OFF BATTERIES Guaranteed for up to 3 years

Terms and Conditions Apply. Offers valid only on presentation of this voucher. Each offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers


02380 868234


20% OFF EXHAUSTS Full & Part Systems - Guaranteed for up to 3 years

P I F f

023 8055 5810 07436 266078

We clean your oven……so you don’t have to.

Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or C A R P E T C A Rcleaned E Aga professionally Call us for our SPRING

PaulCLEANING Lewis contact OFFERS!details Tel: 02380 011446 Mob: 07584 321529



Useful Numbers and Local Information

For more visit

Transport Solent Blue Line Buses Bluestar Buses Community Transport, HCC National Rail Helpline Uni-Link First Bus

023 8061 8233 023 8061 8233 01962 846785 0845 748 4950 023 8059 5974 0238 0224 854

medical services NHS NHS Blood Service Hampshire Dental Helpline Travel Health Clinic Southampton General Royal Winchester County Royal South Hants Princess Anne

111 0845 7711711 0845 0508345 023 8063 1922 023 8077 7222 01962 863535 023 8063 4288 023 8077 7222

local councils Southampton City Hampshire County

023 8022 3855 01962 841841

civiC services Household Waste, SCC Hants Constabulary Southampton Planning Trading Standards DVLA

0800 5191919 0845 045 45 45 023 803 2603 01962 833620 0870 2400009

your local mp For Southampton Itchen including Bargate, Bitterne, Bitterne Park, Harefield, Peartree, Sholing, Woolston and parts of Bevois and Swaythling. John Denham (L) 023 8033 9807 For Romsey and Southampton North including City wards of Bassett and Swaythling. Caroline Noakes (C) 020 7219 7218 For Southampton Test including Coxford, Freemantle, Millbrook, Portswood, Redbridge, Shirley and parts of Bassett, Bevois and Swaythling. Alan Whitehead 023 8023 1942

Schools JUnIOR & PRIMARy SCHOOLS St James CE Bassett Green PS Highfield C of E PS St Denys PS Portswood PS Swaythling PS

023 023 023 023 023 023

8090 8067 8055 8055 8055 8055

0995 6262 5793 6982 5095 2252

SECOnDARy SCHOOLS St Anne’s Catholic School Upper Shirley High School St George Catholic College Cantell

023 023 023 023

8032 8032 8032 8032

8200 5333 2603 3111

SIXTH fORM COLLEGES Barton Peverill Peter Symonds City College Totton College Itchen College St Anne’s Sixth Form College

023 8036 7200 01962 857500 023 8057 7404 023 8087 4874 023 8043 5636 023 8032 8200

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS All dates taken from education/schools/schoolholidays 2014 Spring term starts Half term: End of term: Summer term starts Half term: End of term: Autumn term starts Half term: End of term:

6 January 17-21 February 4 April 22 April 26-30 May 22 July 2 September 27-31 October 19 December

emergency numbers Gas Emergencies Southern Water Hampshire Fire & Rescue British Transport Police Childline Crimestoppers Samaritans Electric Power Cuts Floodline Domestic Violence Police Non Emergency

0800 111 999 023 8066 7929 023 8064 4000 0800 40 50 40 0800 11 11 0800 555 111 08457 90 90 90 023 8066 7929 0845 988 1188 0808 2000 247 101


Signed, Sealed and Delivered... 10AR



ÂŁ2110 Inc.

2 Boiler Options

s 3 month to pay

The two boiler options are Either

Worcester 30Si Greenstar condensing combination boiler and flue, with programmer and new wired room thermostat, system flushed and treated with inhibitor, registered with gas safe and includes fitting and vat.

FREE System Filter


Worcester 15Ri Greenstar condensing regular boiler and flue and pump and all new wired controls, connected to your existing hot water cylinder, system flushed and treated with inhibitor, registered with gas safe and includes fitting and vat.

21 years serving h The Sout

Local award winning company



023 8026 2690 6 Falkland Court, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3GA


A Name You Can Trust




o Fr

,5 £7




OPENING TIMES: MONDAY - FRIDAY 9am - 4pm, SATURDAY 9am - 12noon (9am - 5pm Bitterne only)

TEL: 02380 558184 FREEPHONE 0800 448 8661

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