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Contents What Break Your happened Bad Beauty Habits in January… 1962

By Helen Taylor

BadBreaking Beauty Habit 1 Local Living Bad p6 Habits p8 By Patrick D Cousins Beauty Neil Sedaka - The Best Solution selling single It’s the start of another new year, which means that there has never been a better time to leave your bad beauty habits in the past. If you are guilty of any of our top 5, then you will need to act fast to break them in time for 2014.

Never - no matter how tired you are - go to bed with any trace of make-up still on your face.

to your tresses that could result in split ends, dried-out lengths and tired, dull-looking locks.

Try something new

‘Happy Sixteen’ Try Sweet a new style - maybe sweep Mascara that hasn’t been Birthday your hair up, or use hair removed will quickly dry-out your accessories to attain a different eyelashes, making them brittle look. Find the right products and weak. Last night’s foundation to cater to your needs; if you will clog your pores, leaving you want straight lengths then use a prone to nasty break-outs. specially formulated straightening The Solution shampoo and conditioner.

On 1st January 1962 The Beatles, comprising John Lennon, Paul Establish aMcCartney, cleansing routine Pete Best and George You don’t have to say goodbye Make cleansing your face a top to your much-loved heat styler priority. Dedicate 15 minutes in Harrison, arrived at Decca’s altogether. Instead, you should the evening to your skin: cleanse, ensure that you use it more tone, moisturise and apply office your London for an audition. sparingly and don’t forget to face and eye creams. spritz your hair with a good They were a day late after their Always keep a pack of cleansing quality heat protecting product wipes next to your bed, so that road manager,first. Neil Aspinall, lost if you do return home after a big Beauty Habit 3 night out and skip way. the routine, his They Bad performed fifteen Using make-up that is past its you can still attempt to remove some of your make-up. in just under best songs an hour, Some plead ignorance, others say Bad Beauty Habit 2 can’t let go, but whatever starting with atheyLennon/McCartney Using heat stylers excuse you have for not throwing on your hair ancientDreamers mascara away won’t composition –that Like Do. cut it when you hear the truth everyday Decca eventually rejected the about out-of-date make-up. If you straighten, curl or blow dry Although your‘The cosmetics look commenting: Beatles your hair every Petrol was about 23p a gallon group, innocent enough, after being day you will be they offer business.’ a perfect have nodamage futureopened in show causing

h s

ie reat

Sleeping with your make-up on

Short Story p12

and axi. s?” ked

Healthy Gadgets p16

and the average price of a

a terrible gigolo I hear.”house was £2,900 The UK was blanketed “We should come with you,” in snow, with temperatures in Dennis said glancing at his Oxfordshire plummeting to minus ? I need watch as though this was all very nced inconvenient. “I’ll need to find my 18° centigrade. d wallet”. y and “Oh no,” Melanie said quickly. An express train heading The last thing she wanted was for Amsterdam collided with a good the Drabbles chaperoning her on eople.” an imaginary date. “I would hate commuter train from Rotterdam By Pippa Greenwood, to spoil your evening.” de. in thick fog, killing 91 people. erfect.” at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from “It scattered would seem isStarting carried when the first true and are best over the it is already one square toout another (touching) square, placing Pictograms consecutive numbers into the empty shapes as you go. spoilt,” tossing the caught appear. When the seedling surface. Other seedsDennis are best said leaves Some numbers are already given. An avalanche on Mount 3scrabble words box the first desk. comes above ground you Once they are onto in dingsown in drills. DON will47see the ‘seed leaves’3 which Huascaran in Peru killed 4,000 place, in most cases you need to P_THO_ “What the young lady means,” PAN_SA_ are relatively sturdy looking cover them with compost to the ted 49 46 she 44 1 people. Angel intervened, “is andthat rounded inwill shape. Then required depth. However others y had words safe above hands 22 thisand come26the7first true germinate4be bestinif perfectly allowed access back hotel inare one leaves which typical of that to daylightdelivered andJENNINGS should be sown to the The Soviet submarine 39 38 plant. With these it’s Withparticular piece -EHT by me.” authority, y?” on the surface. RECIPE 29 28 20 B-37 was moored at Polyarny advisable he to cover the surface of towards ushered them the out, e When pricking handleauthor Patrick D Cousins is the 5 words the tray with cling film to stop 35 very 16 carefully, 19 14 the33seedlings lounge. el it drying out too rapidly. ofI like Rainbows, and Angels, naval base, undergoing neverDreams by their stems or true 11 sarrive Onion you,” said, always once to put the “Thank seeds in place and Melanie Red maintenance, just nine days leaves, but byat the£6.99. seed available from Amazon then moisten the compost. Place the Drabbles had gone. leaves.“Honestly Before you start to ease before it was due to be sent to Soup with the seed trays in a sink orThis tray a double novella with both though, you didn’t have to lie on them out, make sure that the containing about 1cmKnOwleDGe of water GeneRAl CROSSwORD compost is adequately moist, my behalf.” stories set in London’s East End, Cuba. At 8:20am a fire in the and allow the compost to soak Melting harden (4) Across so that the roots move readily 24. Apiarist (9) Onyxwater. marble (9)Once torpedo compartment detonated ounded up3.the the compost “My shift has just mostly finished and andthe during without damage that Fifties you 8. Crack in a lip caused Down moist you stand Gruyere by (4) should a is justusually I cold would to(9)showhave you my 1. love Copyist, scribe already prepared pots for all twelve torpedoes, destroying Pretending one set 2. Implanted device that and Sixties. the9. trays in a position where any beautiful island,” smiled of feelings and acting To shyly. avoid rotting, always controls heartbeat (9) hetransfer. excess water canofdrain off. under the influence 4. Milky plantThen, substance Croutons transplant seedlings so that they “Unless you’d prefer Scrabble.” another (3-5) ped. that coagulates Warming and tasty! if necessary, put the trays in a on 10. Glacial period in exposure to air (5) are at the same depth as they earth’s history (3,3)taxi heated propagator. The pulled 5. Sell illicit products up outside. The were in the seed tray. 13. Greek muse of love such as drugs or poetry (5) rain had stopped and a warm After all the indulgence and expense of Christmas and the New Year, this hearty alcohol (7) isn’tWhen it comes to watering the 14. Painfully desirous of If you find that your seedlings 6. Unwanted email (4) in(4)that have smelled seeds, usebreeze mains water assword water another’s advantages soupbecome is the perfect antidote. 7. blew Fencing rather leggy and Ideal for a warming winter lunch or supper it’s simple (7) 11. Mental illness in butts mayof harbour some of adventure the sea mist, and, to make, delicious and doesn’t cost a fortune. 15. Ugly, evil-looking old drawn, thistastes is usually because which the mind is eting woman (3) disease-causing organisms dominatedwhich by a single they’re not receiving enough possibly, romance. 16. Citizen who has a thought or idea (9) causelegaldamping off,12.the fatal right to vote (7) Of a triangle, having natural light; move the trays ontonow get started... You will need... 17. Devoutly religious Brewster two sides of equal By Jackie condition where(5)the seedlings . “He’s


g e



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length (9)

the vessel. Captain Begeba, who was making an external inspection of the submarine at the time, survived but the rest of the crew drowned as it sank to the bottom of the Borents Sea. The blast also killed men on nearby ships and docksides; 122 people perished. The explosion hurled the submarine’s anchor over a mile.

Focus On The Breeze


Nelson Mandela secretly left South Africa for the first time, touring Europe for six months. On his return, the future president was arrested and charged with leaving the country illegally. He was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

15th The Meteorological Office started giving the temperature in centigrade after mentioning Fahrenheit temperatures. By October it was the other way round.

Kids Page p28

26th The US launched Ranger 3 with the aim of sending back images of the lunar surface. Unfortunately it missed the moon by 22,000 miles and went into orbit around the sun (and you thought your satnav was bad). It did, however, provide the first measurements of interplanetary gamma-ray flux.


Puzzles p29

21. Breathe out (6)

Cliff Richard - best selling single ‘The Young Ones’



appear suddenly flop 22. early to Christian church 14. Container used to (8) store jam, dried fruit, and keel over.

What happened in January 1962 p10

a south or west facing 15. Facility caring for the • 2 tbsp olive oil19. Strong, forceful wind (4) 1 terminally ill (7) 20. Mammal having partially windowsill. 18. Make interlacing webbed feet; valued for • cloth 15gbybutter

Heat the oil and butter in a large, deep heavy-based saucepan until the butter is sizzling. Add all the sliced onions and cook

Local Business Directory p33


It’s warm inside at Sunrise of Bassett Diary Dates Free Professional Advice Open Day Every Sunrise is kept as warm as toast. Even better, you can forget about the gas or electricity bill - it’s all part of the package. Whether you require residential, nursing or specialist dementia care you can be sure that someone is always on hand. With at least five activities a day, and weekly outings, there’s also a strong feeling of companionship to enjoy.

Thursday 23rd January 4.00pm - 8.00pm Legal, financial and general advice.

Champagne and Chocolates Friday 14th February 2.30pm - 4.00pm An opportunity to indulge

All welcome. RSVP on 02380 986307

Sunrise of Bassett Please call us on 02380 986307 for more information Sunrise of Bassett, 111 Burgess Road, Southampton SO16 7AG

Connect with us:


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So although I won’t be coming up with a list of things that I’ll be aiming to do at this time, what the start of 2014 has brought home to me is that another year has now started and I can barely remember what happened in the previous one.

Now we are very busy here at Discover Magazines, so I’m not likely to be disciplined enough to start a diary. But with so many people having smartphones these days a quick snapshot or 10 second video is usually every bit as effective and far more likely to happen.

And that’s got to be a whole lot easier and more enjoyable than dieting, exercising and no alcohol.

Shirell Heath

Hedge End Wickham



Melanie Tinson

I’d started doing this in fact during 2013 but had tailed off as the year went on. However looking at the photos and videos at Christmas was just lovely, so I’m determined to revive the practice.


North Baddesley CHANDLERS

Although many people adopt resolutions at thebeginning of the year, I’ve never personally found it a particular successful time. It’s tough enough remotivating myself to work again after the slowdown of Christmas let alone beating myself up about what I should (or shouldn’t) be doing when I get back to work.

Without any record of the time passing, it’s nearly impossible to look back and say “what a good time we had” or “wasn’t that a great achievement” or even “that was a mistake, I won’t be doing that again”. Yes I can remember highlights of holidays but often it’s the smallest things that make for the best memories. Even remembering a nice meal out makes me feel happy.



Own Goals


To save our contact details direct to your smart phone, use I-nigma QR code reader APP and scan for instant download.

Melanie PS: Apparently one of the most successful ways of sticking to goals is to write them down and tell other people. So there you go, I’ve just told the thousands of people who read Discover Magazines. Daren’t fail now.



No additional costs. No catch. A quality Estate Agent at a sensible price.

Sell your property for just £895 At NiceMoves Sales & Lettings, we know exactly what’s required to sell and let properties in today’s world. We’ve removed all of the unnecessary costs and we pass all of those savings on to you. NiceMoves use the latest tools and systems to market your property but with the personal service you’d expect from your Estate Agent and more… ALSo iNcLuded iN the price: • Professional photography • Detailed floor plans • An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) • Marketing on all the leading property websites

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Artwork by local Artist Sam Pierpint


Not Hunger Games, War Games! The Wessex Wargames Society is a long established wargame club covering all aspects and periods of wargaming in various figure and model scales, as well as boardgames. Their next meeting is 18 January, 1pm-6pm. Held every other Saturday, Colbury Memorial Hall, Hunters Hill, Ashurst. www. or turn up for a fight!

Local Artist Exhibition Take a step in to the weird and wonderful world of local artist Sam Pierpoint. Explore the colourful dreamlike landscapes, pattern chaos and quirky animals in her new paper creations made especially for this exhibition. Until 25 January at Southampton City Art Gallery, Civic Centre.

Adult Scratch Wind Band Class Own an instrument that hasn’t seen daylight for a while? Like the idea of brushing up your playing in a wind band? All playing levels including ‘rusty’ players are welcome to join the Scratch Wind Band. Open to woodwind, percussion & brass players of all playing levels, aged 18+. Cantell School, Violet Road, Bassett £5 for the session 1.30-4pm 8th February. Enquiries: 023 8083 3635

Free Giveway and Discover Southampton Find answers to clues and match pictures whilst reading stories about this fabulous maritime city – you’re guaranteed to spot things you’ve never noticed before. The two walks can be enjoyed separately or joined together to form one longer walk – depending on available time and energy! Walks are suitable for all ages and abilities and typically take 1-2 hours each to complete. Discover has 10 “Curious About Southampton” Booklets to give away – worth £3.99 ea. Available on a first come, first serve basis – visit and enter online!

Take to the Stage with Rock Club Rock Club is offering a five week course for young musicians who want to play in a band and perform at their own gigs. Every Wednesday night, they rehearse at The Academy of Music and Sound with their new band before taking to the stage at one of Southampton’s Live Music Venues. Each week, they’ll be coached by a local professional musician to perfect their sound and their performance. For ages 8+. Course costs £49 for five weeks. Tel: 02380 829666


Kickboxing A Family sport This kickboxing school is a family affair so rather than fighting in the bedroom why not put that energy into learning how to kickbox with your sister or brother? Come along and give a modern martial art a go and it’s a great way to keep fit and meet new people. Tried kickboxing but not sure? Then go back again for another free trial before you decide. Any experience level welcome and ages from 8+. Family sessions every Thursday 6.15-7pm. Exile Gym, Unit 1 Redcar Street, Southampton SO15. Tel: 07793028236

Calling Female Footie Fans Southampton Women’s Football Club is looking for new players – are up for it? SWFC is made up of two teams, competing in the Southern Region Premier League and Hampshire divisions. Whether experienced or not, turn up for a trial at North Baddesley Recreation Ground, Sandy Lane SO52 9EP. For info Call 07966599046 or email

Is the next TeenStar a Discover reader? The exciting, new music competition offers teenagers and pre-teens from all around the UK the fantastic opportunity to launch their singing careerFuture Music, the organisers behind the hugely successful Open Mic UK competition and bringing us such acts as Birdy, Lucy Spraggan and Jahmene Douglas to light is behind TeenStar. If you are 19 or under and think you could be crowned the UK’s best teen singer, duo, vocal group or rapper enter to win! Southampton and Portsmouth auditions on 16 February at Ferneham Hall, Fareham. To register online www.

Social Club Friends Unlimited is Southampton’s Premier Dance and Social Group, now in it’s 14th Year. It has evolved into an active group for singles or couples the mature side of 40, wanting to make new social contacts. In addition to regular dances, arranged walks, lunches, theatre trips and lots more a cruise has been arranged in October on the Independence of the Seas. To find out more, call

02380 274120/480774, or visit

Up the Creek with a Paddle Woodmill Outdoor Activities Centre offers British Canoe Union canoeing and kayaking courses and much more! As a BCU ‘Top Centre’ staff at Woodmill can get you in a boat for the first time, develop existing skills, or coach you through the BCU instructor development scheme. Watch out as you’ll get hooked on paddle sports! Woodmill Lane, Southampton SO18 2JR


Break Your Bad Beauty Habits By Helen Taylor It’s the start of another new year, which means that there has never been a better time to leave your bad beauty habits in the past. If you are guilty of any of our top 5, then you will need to act fast to break them in time for 2014.

Bad Beauty Habit 1 Sleeping with your make-up on Never - no matter how tired you are - go to bed with any trace of make-up still on your face. Mascara that hasn’t been removed will quickly dry-out your eyelashes, making them brittle and weak. Last night’s foundation will clog your pores, leaving you prone to nasty break-outs.

The Solution Establish a cleansing routine Make cleansing your face a top priority. Dedicate 15 minutes in the evening to your skin: cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply your face and eye creams. Always keep a pack of cleansing wipes next to your bed, so that if you do return home after a big night out and skip the routine, you can still attempt to remove some of your make-up.

Bad Beauty Habit 2 Using heat stylers on your hair everyday If you straighten, curl or blow dry your hair every day you will be causing damage

to your tresses that could result in split ends, dried-out lengths and tired, dull-looking locks.

The Solution Try something new Try a new style - maybe sweep your hair up, or use hair accessories to attain a different look. Find the right products to cater to your needs; if you want straight lengths then use a specially formulated straightening shampoo and conditioner. You don’t have to say goodbye to your much-loved heat styler altogether. Instead, you should ensure that you use it more sparingly and don’t forget to spritz your hair with a good quality heat protecting product first.

Bad Beauty Habit 3 Using make-up that is past its best Some plead ignorance, others say they can’t let go, but whatever excuse you have for not throwing that ancient mascara away won’t cut it when you hear the truth about out-of-date make-up. Although your cosmetics look innocent enough, after being opened they offer a perfect


breeding ground for bacteria. And over time, if you don’t keep a careful eye on your products, you can end up suffering from some seriously nasty eye infections, skin irritations and blemishes.

The Solution Regularly clear-out your makeup bag Mascaras, liquid eyeliners and lip glosses should be thrown away every 3 or 4 months. Foundation is ok for around 12 months, as are lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Bad Beauty Habit 4 Stuck in a make-up rut You’ve been applying your make-up in the same way for as long as you can remember. You haven’t updated the colour of your cosmetics for many years and you’ll only ever buy certain products.

It sounds like you’re stuck in a make-up rut.

their most important facial features.

The Solution

Eyebrows serve as a frame for your eyes and by creating the right shape you can instantly lift your face, draw attention to your eyes and look altogether younger and more beautiful.

Seek a professional opinion The easiest way to break this bad beauty habit is to seek some professional help. Visit any one of the top beauty counters in your favourite department store and ask for a make-over. Most consultants will be more than happy to help you find a new look and often this service is completely free, although you will most likely be encouraged to try some of their latest products.

Bad Beauty Habit 5 Overlooking your eyebrows Over-plucked brows are as bad as over-grown brows; many women make mistakes when it comes to one of

Have the dress you always dreamed of... at a fraction of the cost!

The Solution Pay a visit to the salon You can’t beat professionally sculpted brows. Whether you choose to have them waxed, tweezed or plucked, your beautician will assess your needs and leave them looking perfect. January is filled with New Year resolutions, so make 2014 the year you dump your beauty bad habits for good.



Designer Dresses for Proms, Balls & Weddings New, ex-sample & once worn

Wedding Dresses from Just £100 M assive

n Designer dre sses unts o Disco

New year sale starts 2Nd JaNuary

02381 787782 21 The Central Precinct, Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 2GA

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sleeps 7 in 3 bedrooms 3 mins walk to beach modern kitchen & large lounge air-conditioning in all rooms wifi, ipod speakers, tv/dvd player 2 balconies with stunning views 2.5 hours London to Split no need to rent a car


For Availability & Photo Gallery Call Melanie Tinson on 023 8026 6388


What happened in January… 1962 By Patrick D Cousins

Petrol was about 23p a gallon and the average price of a house was £2,900

Neil Sedaka - Best selling single ‘Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen’

On 1st January 1962 The Beatles, comprising John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Pete Best and George Harrison, arrived at Decca’s London office for an audition. They were a day late after their road manager, Neil Aspinall, lost his way. They performed fifteen songs in just under an hour, starting with a Lennon/McCartney composition – Like Dreamers Do. Decca eventually rejected the group, commenting: ‘The Beatles have no future in show business.’

7th The UK was blanketed in snow, with temperatures in Oxfordshire plummeting to minus 18° centigrade.

the vessel. Captain Begeba, who was making an external inspection of the submarine at the time, survived but the rest of the crew drowned as it sank to the bottom of the Borents Sea. The blast also killed men on nearby ships and docksides; 122 people perished. The explosion hurled the submarine’s anchor over a mile. Nelson Mandela secretly left South Africa for the first time, touring Europe for six months. On his return, the future president was arrested and charged with leaving the country illegally. He was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

10th An avalanche on Mount

15th The Meteorological Office started giving the temperature in centigrade after mentioning Fahrenheit temperatures. By October it was the other way round.

Huascaran in Peru killed 4,000 people.

26th The US launched Ranger

8th An express train heading for Amsterdam collided with a commuter train from Rotterdam in thick fog, killing 91 people.

11th The Soviet submarine Patrick D Cousins is the author of Rainbows, Dreams and Angels, available from Amazon at £6.99. This a double novella with both stories set in London’s East End, mostly during the Fifties and Sixties.

Cliff Richard - best selling single ‘The Young Ones’

B-37 was moored at Polyarny naval base, undergoing maintenance, just nine days before it was due to be sent to Cuba. At 8:20am a fire in the torpedo compartment detonated all twelve torpedoes, destroying

3 with the aim of sending back images of the lunar surface. Unfortunately it missed the moon by 22,000 miles and went into orbit around the sun (and you thought your satnav was bad). It did, however, provide the first measurements of interplanetary gamma-ray flux.

11 BEST WESTERN Chilworth Manor



023 8076 3022 Hampshire

SO16 7PT

Happy New Year!

* offer terms & conditions apply

Join the club in January or February 2014 and we’ll start you off with the first month’s membership FREE, No Joining Fee PLUS Leisure and Hotel Vouchers worth over £300 !*

Corporate membership available from £43.25 per month!*



Scrabble with the Drabbles Melanie had arrived at the hotel in Lanzarote exhausted but excited, then received a glowing welcome from a handsome young Receptionist, with the name ‘Angel’ on his badge. Her family had thought her decision to holiday alone was crazy, but Melanie wanted, just once in her life, to do something reckless. If the hotel guests are as nice as Angel, she’d thought, this holiday is going to be perfect. After exploring the hotel complex, however, she’d slumped into a state of dismay. She discovered the island was having its wettest January for thirty years, and she had booked herself into an out-of-season resort with a crowd of Bingo-loving pensioners. This was not going to be the big adventure she’d hoped it would be. It was dull, but bearable, until she met Dennis and June Drabble. Dennis swooped upon her like a clammy vulture declaring his intention to take her under his wing. He had a fondness for his own awful opinions. And June was kidding herself that wearing massive sunglasses concealed the fact that she was constantly lusting after Fario, the overweight lifeguard with one eyebrow. The Drabbles wouldn’t leave her alone. So far Melanie had shared an evening of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Cluedo with them in the hotel lounge. Dennis was the type of person who sulked whenever it looked like he might not win. June glugged back allinclusive gin until her sunglasses

steamed up. All day Melanie had been dreading their threat of Scrabble, so tonight she decided to rebel. When the coast was clear she tiptoed into the lobby and asked Angel to call her a taxi. “Where are you going, Miss?” he asked politely as he picked up the phone. Melanie shrugged. “A bar? Somewhere lively? I need to get out of here.” He glanced towards the lounge, looked back at her sympathetically and winked. “I know the perfect place: good food, great music, young people.” Melanie smiled with gratitude. “That sounds absolutely perfect.” Across the lobby Melanie caught sight of the Drabbles parading through to the lounge. She ducked down behind a potted palm but was too late; they had spotted her. “Ready for Scrabble, Missy?” Dennis rattled the scrabble box in her face just as Angel announced, “Your taxi will arrive in five minutes.” A look of supreme offence crossed Dennis’s face. “You’re not going out?” It sounded more like a statement than a question. “I am actually,” Melanie gulped. “I’m going to a bar”. “On your own? Surely that isn’t safe?” “No,” Melanie lied. ”I’m meeting someone.” “Not Fario?” croaked June. “He’s

a terrible gigolo I hear.” “We should come with you,” Dennis said glancing at his watch as though this was all very inconvenient. “I’ll need to find my wallet”. “Oh no,” Melanie said quickly. The last thing she wanted was the Drabbles chaperoning her on an imaginary date. “I would hate to spoil your evening.” “It would seem it is already spoilt,” Dennis said tossing the scrabble box onto the desk. “What the young lady means,” Angel intervened, “is that she will be in perfectly safe hands and delivered back to the hotel in one piece - by me.” With authority, he ushered them towards the lounge. “Thank you,” Melanie said, once the Drabbles had gone. “Honestly though, you didn’t have to lie on my behalf.” “My shift has just finished and I would love to show you my beautiful island,” he smiled shyly. “Unless you’d prefer Scrabble.” The taxi pulled up outside. The rain had stopped and a warm breeze blew in that smelled of sea mist, adventure and, possibly, romance. By Jackie Brewster


PET PORTRAIT WINNER The ipet portraits competition we ran in November was incredibly popular and we had hundreds of lovely pet pictures sent it. The ipet portrait comptetition was won by Debbie from Highclere Road, Southampton. Here’s the result created by artist Sue McLachlan.

Members of The Horrill Centre

Southampton over-50s Star in Saucy Calendar “You’re as old as you feel!” That’s what the members of The Horrill Centre in Dibden, Southampton believe as its over-50s launch a saucy calendar full of surprises. The Wellbeing Centre, run by Age Concern Hampshire is visited by over 300 members a week who enjoy a range of activities including laughter yoga, belly dancing and Nordic walking.  Enlisting the help of local photographer Brian Pain, the team set about recruiting volunteers for cheeky and humorous poses that summed up life at The Horrill Centre. Photographer Brian Pain said: “I was amazed by the enthusiasm shown by everyone involved. From ladies in hot pants, showing their stocking tops, to a lady taking a bubble bath, surrounded by tealights, everyone threw themselves into the project.  When I was shooting the laughter yoga group photo, everyone, including me, was laughing so much that I struggled to keep the camera steady!” The calendar costs £6, with all proceeds going to Age Concern Hampshire. To buy a copy or to find out more about activities at The Horrill Centre, call 023 8087 7880. Fancy a Saucy Calendar? Discover has 5 of these calendars to give away so ring the Competition line 0n 023 8026 8676 and quote CALENDAR with your name, address, postcode and email address if you have one. First come first served.

If you’d like an ipet portrait done for only £25 please contact Sue via

10,000 Reasons to Cheer Staff at the landmark Balmer Lawn hotel have got 10,000 reasons to be toasting an amazing fundraising effort for conservation work in the New Forest. The Balmer Lawn Hotel, on the outskirts of Brockenhurst, has raised £10,000 for the New Forest Trust – and they have done it £1 at a time. Chris and Alison Wilson, who own and run the Balmer Lawn Hotel, encouraged guests to pay an extra £1 on their bills to “lovetheforest” – the conservation fund run by the New Forest Trust (www. Since starting in 2010 only one person has objected to having the £1 added to their bill. There’s always one, isn’t there? Well done, Balmer Lawn Hotel!

Chris & Alison Wilson of the Balmer Lawn Hotel


Wake up with Jez & Lou Since taking the reins of The Breeze’s breakfast show Jez and Lou have been waking up thousands of households across the south coast. They’d be the first to agree that they’ve hit the ground running - literally! “Right after joining, the station bosses asked us to tour the area in an electric car, meeting many listeners along the way - a fantastic way of re-acquainting myself with the area,” says Jez, who presented high-profile shows in this area before. The duo have also hosted some of the region’s biggest festive events. “We’ve counted down to fireworks, bonfires and Christmas light switch-ons,” says Lou, a new recruit to the station. “We’ve had so many

great prizes to give away on air recently – it’s been really festive!” Jez and Lou broadcast their show Monday to Friday from 6am to 10am – playing feel good music with local travel and news. Their ‘Word Is Out’ competition at 8.10am is proving very popular. Listeners guess the missing celebrity word to win the ever growing cash jackpot. “It’s amazing,” says Jez, “sometimes I think the clip will go for ages and win somebody thousands of pounds – and it goes within a fortnight. Other times, it’s the complete opposite!”

Jez lives locally with his family, and Lou, having recently moved to the area, is enjoying exploring the region. “There’s just so much on offer,” she says “a night out, a yoga class, a relaxed lunch or a quick trip to the beach – it’s all here.” And what’s the worst thing about presenting the breakfast show? “Definitely the dark mornings at this time of year,” says Jez, “I can’t wait for Spring.”


tune in to the all new breakfast show on the breeze with Jez & Lou on 107.2 - 107.8 from 6am weekdays


Gadgets that give you a handle on your health A gadget a day keeps the doctor away: according to a recent survey, one-third of people believe that using health and fitness gadgets have made them healthier and reduced the number of times they’ve needed to visit the doctor.

Health and fitness gadgets are big business, whether it’s trendy fitness trackers such as the Nike FuelBand (£129) and the Fitbit Force (pricing tbc, but likely to be similar) or more serious devices such as blood glucose meters and body composition analysers. As tech becomes smarter, smaller and cheaper, DIY health monitoring has never been easier or more affordable. Diabetics need to monitor their glucose levels regularly, and there are lots of gadgets designed to help, such as the Lifescan One Touch UltraMini (around £33) and the Bayer Contour NEXT USB (£29.99). Both devices enable you to analyse your blood glucose levels and can store the results - 50 in the case of the UltraMini and 2,000 with the Contour NEXT. The latter device can also plug into your computer to create easy-to-understand charts and tables to help you spot patterns. That’s not all you can monitor. A trip to Maplin

or Amazon uncovers all kinds of health monitoring gadgets, including blood pressure monitors that can upload data to your PC (around £39), finger pulse oximeters (£27) and fully digital heart rate monitors (around £29), and you can also buy bathroom scales that analyse your body composition: for around £30 you can pick up scales that can tell you not just how heavy or light you are, but what your BMI (Body Mass Index) is and what percentage of your body is made of fat. Scales such as the Omron BF508 also have a guest mode, so visitors won’t see your vital statistics. Using health monitors has become something of a craze, and it even has a name: Quantified Self, or QS for short. Devotees use gadgets to monitor


pretty much everything, so they’ll invest in Wi-Fi scales such as the Withings Smart Body Analyzer (£129), which monitors weight, fat, heart rate and even air quality, and which automatically uploads that data to your personal health website.

Devices such as the Jawbone Up, Nike FuelBand and Fitbit Force are designed to work with smartphones, using low-power radio signals to share data with compatible apps. That’s a growing market, and stacks of firms are jumping on the bandwagon: 60beat offers the £29 BLUE heart rate monitor for iPhone and iPad users, AliveCore has a £170 heart monitor for iPhone 5 users and there are various connected blood glucose monitors, pulse monitors and fitness trackers for both iOS and Android. While the various devices differ, they all have the same idea in common: by recording the data, they enable you (or your doctor) to have a much better picture of your health.

£20 OFF MoT Class 4 Car and Class 7 Van (including mobile homes) £20 OFF CAR & VAN SERVICING 20% OFF EXHAUSTS Full & Part Systems - Guaranteed for up to 3 years

20% OFF STEERING AND SUSPENSION 20% OFF BRAKES Includes Pads, Discs, Shoes, Drums, Cylinders and Callipers FREE VALVE & BAL ANCE On all nEW tyrES FIttED

They’ll also wear devices such as the Jawbone Up (£99), a bracelet that’s designed to be worn 24/7 and which records the steps you take, the activity you undertake and even your sleeping patterns. The accompanying software enables you to add additional information such as your food and drink intake, and it translates all of that data into graphs and charts so you can see how well you’re doing and track your progress towards goals, such as losing weight, running faster or just being out and about more. Many such gadgets also enable you to share your progress on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

BEST Autocentres


OFF BATTERIES Guaranteed for up to 3 years

Terms and Conditions Apply. Offers valid only on presentation of this voucher. Each offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers


02380 868234


The Bassett

Tea Rooms Serving: Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch & Afternoon Tea. 367 Winchester Road, SO16 7DJ






Sowing Time By Pippa Greenwood,

Now that January is here it’s a perfect time to start sowing seeds in trays and pots. But how do you make sure that yours germinate and produce seedlings and then plants which thrive and grow well? A shopping list for first time sowers should be: • Good quality seed and cuttings compost. • Some seed half-trays, which are about 5” x 8”. • A heated propagator, a clear propagator lid to go over the trays or a small unheated propagator. • A dibber to make it easy to transplant the seedlings into a new home. • Some small pots into which you can transplant the seedlings. If you buy seed and cuttings compost it’s rarely necessary to sieve it as it has a very fine and even texture. However, if you’re using multi-purpose compost, you’ll need to either break up any lumps carefully with your hands or sieve it. Depending on the types of seeds you have chosen, you will need to sow them at different depths. Some seeds are tiny

and are best scattered over the surface. Other seeds are best sown in drills. Once they are in place, in most cases you need to cover them with compost to the required depth. However others germinate best if allowed access to daylight and should be sown on the surface. With these it’s advisable to cover the surface of the tray with cling film to stop it drying out too rapidly. I like to put the seeds in place and then moisten the compost. Place the seed trays in a sink or tray containing about 1cm of water and allow the compost to soak up the water. Once the compost is just moist you should stand the trays in a position where any excess water can drain off. Then, if necessary, put the trays in a heated propagator. When it comes to watering the seeds, use mains water as water butts may harbour some of the disease-causing organisms which cause damping off, the fatal condition where the seedlings appear to suddenly flop and keel over. Always watch the seed trays carefully and check them regularly to ensure that the compost is adequately moist. Once the majority of the seedlings have appeared, it’s usually not long before you need to prick them out. Generally this

is carried out when the first true leaves appear. When the seedling first comes above ground you will see the ‘seed leaves’ which are relatively sturdy looking and rounded in shape. Then above this come the first true leaves which are typical of that particular plant. When pricking out, handle the seedlings very carefully, never by their stems or true leaves, but always by the seed leaves. Before you start to ease them out, make sure that the compost is adequately moist, so that the roots move readily without damage and that you have already prepared pots for transfer. To avoid rotting, always transplant seedlings so that they are at the same depth as they were in the seed tray. If you find that your seedlings have become rather leggy and drawn, this is usually because they’re not receiving enough natural light; move the trays onto a south or west facing windowsill.




to a New

You in

Classes for Adults:


- Ballroom & Latin - Commercial Pop - Zumba - Line Dance

Classes for Kids: - Ballroom & Latin - Musical Theatre - Freestyle - Street/Hip Hop

All classes suitable for Beginners, Intermediates and advanced. No need to sign up for a term, all classes are Pay as You Go. No need for a partner. T: 02380 554192 E: 10 Spring Crescent, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2GA



Every Friday is Market Day



Just to remind you all that The Bargate market is host to over 50 stalls offering continental foods and fare. Some of the delights on offer include high quality fruit and veg, a local butcher, bakery and cake stall, Polish organic foods, Mediterranean olives, European cheeses, Fairtrade items, old fashioned confectionery and home-made New Forest sausages. Every Friday 9am-5pm

Eve eve It is trea act


Fro pol wal the

Lordshill Road Runners is a running club with an aim to get people to enjoy running, whether as beginners, seasoned pros or something in between - everyone is welcome. The club was set up 31 years ago and now has 300 members. Main training night is Monday at 6.15pm, meeting on Tauntons College field, Hill Lane.

Her of p cul 40, ope visi big

Afte now Day Eur

Her Brit eve the wha loca

Puzzle Answers

Puzzles are on p25

General Knowledge Crossword Across: 3 Alabaster, 8 Chap, 9 Two-faced, 10 Ice age, 13 Erato, 14 Jealous, 15 Hag, 16 Elector, 17 Pious, 21 Exhale, 22 Basilica, 23 Fire, 24 Beekeeper. Down: 1 Scrivener, 2 Pacemaker, 4 Latex, 5 Bootleg, 6 Spam, 7 ÉpÊe, 11 Monomania, 12 Isosceles, 14 Jar, 15 Hospice, 18 Weave, 19 Gale, 20 Mink.


Pictograms 1. The full monty 2. Pat on the back 3. The customer is always right



LOCAL WHAT’S ON WEDDING FAIR EXTRAVAGANZA 12 Jan, 11am-4pm The Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, West End, SO30 3XH See 50-60 different local and national exhibitors. Fashion shows at 12pm and 2pm. Entry is free. Register online for Fast Track Entry www. CONSERVATION TASK 16 Jan, 10am-3pm Hall Lands Lane, Fair Oak Hampshire SO50 7EF This privately owned ancient woodland consists of coppiced hazel with oak and cherry standards. Designated a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. Come along for free to help with coppicing hazel, in line with the traditional management of the area, and removing invasive laurel from the wood. Bring a packed lunch. All tools, equipment and work gloves will be provided. 07740 899540 or opps_ind_task.cgi HOSPITALS IN WWI 18 Jan, 1.30pm Royal Victoria Country Park, SO31 5DQ In this 100th anniversary year of the start of WWI, find out about life at Royal Victoria Military Hospital during the busiest period of its lifetime. Enjoy a talk and slideshow by author

and historian, Philip Hoare. Additional Tower Tour available. Talk:1.30pm, £5 pp. Tower Tour: approx 3.30pm, £4 per adult, £2 per child (max 12 spaces). 023 8045 5157 or uk/rvcp LIFE DRAWING 20 Jan, 7.30-9.30pm Botley Market Hall, 11 High Street, Botley, SO30 2EA An instructive, occasional life drawing class using charcoal, pencil and watercolour paints. Ideal for complete beginners and those with prior experience. Drawing guidance available if required. £15 per class prepaid or £18 pay on the door. You will need to bring charcoal, pencils and paper. Tea and coffee provided. 07733 553408 for details. THE SNOWMAN 21-25 Jan Mayflower Theatre, Southampton Marvel at the live stage show version of Raymond Briggs’ much-loved children’s classic, to enchant audiences of all ages, suitable from four and upwards. The Snowman tells the magical story of a young boy’s adventures when his snowman comes miraculously to life on Christmas Eve.Online booking: www. or Box Office: 02380 711811.

SCOUT JUMBLE SALE 25 Jan, 2-4pm Scout Hut, Boyatt Lane, Allbrook,SO50 4LJ Lots of bargains to be had! Sale of mens, womens and childrens clothes, textiles, glass and tableware, bric a brac, small furniture, toys and books. Raising funds for local Scout Group. Come early to beat the rush. Chairs provided for early queuers! Refreshments. Entrance 20p. ROTARY BURN’S NIGHT SUPPER 25 Jan Potters Heron Hotel, Ampfield, SO51 9ZF Celebrate the 255th anniversary of the life and works of Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns. Enjoy a 3 course meal with traditional haggis, plus welcome cocktail & coffee and the sounds of the Scottish Piper’s serenade.

23 Fundraising in support of the Chandler’s Ford and Itchen Valley Rotary Club. £37.50 pp. To book your table call Stacey 023 80 277800 or email promotions@ LAMBING TIME 25 & 26 Jan, 9.30am-3.30pm Sparsholt College Hampshire, Westley Lane, Sparsholt, SO21 2NF Visitors invited to see the ewes at lambing time. Plus there will be plenty of fun for all the family inc craft activities, afternoon milking in the dairy, pony petting, tractor & trailer rides. Free parking. No dogs, with the exception of assistance dogs. Most activities are free, but some will incur a small charge. Tickets available on the day: Adults £5 Child (3-16) £3.50 (under 3s free). Family ticket £15 (2 adults & 2 children). Health Warning - It is important that women who are, or may be, pregnant DO NOT attend this event. 01962 797396 for more info.

HAMPSHIRE WEDDING EXHIBITION 30 Jan, 5-9pm Southampton Guildhall, SO14 7LP With 2 fashion shows at 6pm and 8pm, come along to this wonderful venue in the heart of Southampton. Admission £2 or for your free admission voucher email 01202 741650. THE RAMBLERS GROUP WALK 2 Feb, 2pm Southampton Sports Centre, Grid ref starting point SU408155 Hampshire SO16 6RY Enjoy British wildlife on a group circular walk. Start/finish at the Car Park at the end of Thornhill Road, nr the Bowling Green. Meet in the car park near cafe. Non-members welcome to join the group for 2 or 3 walks before joining the Ramblers’ Association. Call Mark 02380 220173, walksfinder/walkInfo.php

GLOW IN THE PARK RUN 19 Feb Southampton Common, off The Avenue Get your glow on and be part of this unique and exciting running event. Participants are encouraged to wear high-viz clothing, head torches and anything that glows! The course is professionally designed and checked and will have marshals and medics. Timing chips and race brief given at registration. www. THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER TRAIL 15-23 Feb, 10am-3.30pm Royal Victoria Country Park Follow the self-guided trail and help the elves find the clothes the shoemaker and his wife have made them. There is a prize for getting all the way round. Trails available from the shop at £1.50. 023 8045 517 or

24Independent experts in Sales and Lettings

Broomhill Cottages, Eastleigh 5 Bed Cottage

FOR SALE £525,000

Retaining character and charm this recently refurbished five bedroom cottage overlooks fields and allotments. EPC Rating C/77

Kynegils Road, Winchester 3 Bed Semi-Detached


FOR SALE £369,950


This well presented property boasts a block paved drive with access to a detached garage and an enclosed Westerly facing garden, close to transport links, local shops and Peter Symonds College. EPC Rating D/63

Chandler’s Ford 023 8027 6500 Romsey 01794 502500

Independent experts in Sales and Lettings25

10 Purkess Close, Chandlers Ford

FOR SALE £415,000

4 Bed Detached

A beautifully presented character home close to the local high street and amenities. The property also benefits from secluded front and rear gardens. EPC Rating D/63

140 Hiltingbury Road, Chandlers Ford 3 Bed Detached Bungalow

FOR SALE £390,000

A detached three bedroom bungalow situated within walking distance to local shops in the centre of Hiltingbury. EPC Rating D/65

Chandler’s Ford 023 8027 6500 Romsey 01794 502500

26Independent experts in Sales and Lettings

7 Oakfields, Allbrook, Eastleigh 4 Bed Detached

TO LET £1,950 pcm

A beautifully presented 4 Bedroom unfurnished family home with Double Garage. EPC Rating D/62

23 Malibres Road, Chandlers Ford Detached Chalet

LET £ pcm

A beautifully presented detached chalet home situated in Hiltingbury, walking distance of Thornden School. EPC Rating D/68

Chandler’s Ford 023 8027 6500 Romsey 01794 502500

Ashdown Road, Chanders Ford 2 Bed Maisonette

Independent experts in Sales and Lettings27

TO LET £695 pcm

A two bed first floor maisonette within the Hiltingbury/Thornden Catchment and garage in block. EPC Rating C/71

Beresford Road, Chandlers Ford 3 Bed Semi-Detached

TO LET £875 pcm

A refurbished three bedroom semi-detached house benefitting from re-fitted kitchen and bathroom. EPC Rating D/58

Chandler’s Ford 023 8027 6500 Romsey 01794 502500




Puzzle Page

Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one square to another (touching) square, placing consecutive numbers into the empty shapes as you go. Some numbers are already given.



3 words DON P_THO_ PAN_SA_

47 49

3 46


4 words

1 26







38 29

5 words


28 35

20 16


14 11

GeneRAl KnOwleDGe CROSSwORD Across 3. Onyx marble (9) 8. Crack in a lip caused usually by cold (4) 9. Pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another (3-5) 10. Glacial period in earth’s history (3,3) 13. Greek muse of love poetry (5) 14. Painfully desirous of another’s advantages (7) 15. Ugly, evil-looking old woman (3) 16. Citizen who has a legal right to vote (7) 17. Devoutly religious (5) 21. Breathe out (6) 22. early Christian church (8) 23. Bake in a kiln so as to

harden (4) 24. Apiarist (9)









8 9

1. Copyist, scribe (9) 2. Implanted device that 10 controls heartbeat (9) 11 12 4. Milky plant substance 13 14 that coagulates on exposure to air (5) 15 5. Sell illicit products 16 17 such as drugs or alcohol (7) 18 6. Unwanted email (4) 19 20 21 7. Fencing sword (4) 11. Mental illness in 22 which the mind is 23 dominated by a single thought or idea (9) 24 12. Of a triangle, having © two sides of equal length (9) 15. Facility caring for the 19. Strong, forceful wind (4) 14. Container used to terminally ill (7) 20. Mammal having partially store jam, dried fruit, 18. Make cloth by interlacing webbed feet; valued for etc (3) threads (5) its fur (4)



Red Onion Soup with Melting Gruyere Croutons

Warming and tasty!

After all the indulgence and expense of Christmas and the New Year, this hearty soup is the perfect antidote. Ideal for a warming winter lunch or supper it’s simple to make, tastes delicious and doesn’t cost a fortune. You will need...

now get started...

2 tbsp olive oil


15g butter

650g small red onions, peeled and thinly sliced

Heat the oil and butter in a large, deep heavy-based saucepan until the butter is sizzling. Add all the sliced onions and cook very gently over a low heat for 15 minutes, stirring frequently.


2 tsp brown sugar

1 tbsp flour

Sprinkle over the sugar and cover and cook for a further 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the onions are very soft and golden.

1 tbsp wholegrain mustard


1.2litres beef or vegetable stock

Few sprigs fresh thyme, plus extra to garnish

Stir in the flour and half the mustard and cook for 1 minute, then gradually stir in the stock. Add the thyme sprigs, season with salt and freshly ground black pepper (see Tip) and bring to the boil.


Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Adjust the seasoning to taste.

8 thin slices day old French bread


75g Gruyere cheese, grated

Lightly toast the slices of French bread on one side. Spread the untoasted sides with the rest of the mustard and top with the grated Gruyere cheese. Pop under a hot grill for 1-2 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbling.


Ladle the soup into warmed bowls and top each with two hot Gruyere croutons. Serve immediately garnished with thyme sprigs.

tiP If you use stock made up from stock cubes taste the soup before adding any seasoning as some can be quite highly seasoned.





20% CAL L





We guarantee you the best prices, the finest shutters and the widest choice!

We are your local family specialists


All you have to do is find this symbol hidden somewhere within one of this issue’s advertisements HOW TO ENTER: Online: Text: 07702 567811 Email: You must state the following details: 1. Which advert featured the symbol 2. Your name 3. Your postal address 4. Your email address 5. And most importantly, when you received your copy of Discover

Call 01962 670157 w w

Happy hunting! One entry per household, last entry date 8th February 2014, winner will be notified by phone or email by the 15th February 2014.


Live Local Think Local Buy Local . . .

Your Directory of Local Businesses Every issue of Discover is full of interesting articles, useful information and fun stuff too, delivered through your door free of charge, made possible by the financial support of its advertisers. Please support local businesses who promote themselves in Discover. They are ready to serve you and they want your business. We’d appreciate it if you’d mention Discover when contacting advertisers from this issue. Can’t find what you are looking for? Visit our Local Businesses Directory Online for a list of Discover’s advertisers not just those in this local Southampton edition. Or call us on 023 8027 6396 and we may be able to recommend a non advertiser.

INDEX HEALTH Opticians 34 Hearing 34 Counselling 34 Fitness 34 Elderly Care 35 BUSINESS & IT SERVICES Computer Services

HOME IMPROVEMENT Kitchens & Bathrooms 37 Bedrooms 49 Double Glazing 38 Cleaning 44 PROPERTY SERVICES TV & Aerials 38 Decorators 39 Handyman Services 39 Buiding Services 39 Electricians 40 Plumbing & Heating 41 Cleaning Services 44 Locksmiths 44 FUNERAL SERVICES


MOTORING 43 GARDEN & OUTDOORS Tree Services 44 Gardening 45 PET SERVICES



Printers 48

34Optique in ne sold

the glasses or contact lenses we supplied health



e s

a ul ed


from Essilor

Award-winning varifocal lenses

Photochromic, high-index and anti-reflection options available. Be amazed‌ Only in Chandlers Ford at

HAMPSON OPTICIANS 3 A Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford, SO53 2FW

TEL 023 8115 9719 11


06/10/2013 21:53:10


Would you like to‌ Improve your fitness? Lose weight? Get Healthy? Struggling for motivation? Do you dislike gyms or training alone? Has your exercise routine become monotonous? Maxine Channon Healthy Measures - Personal Trainer

T:07801 417 553 facebook/healthymeasurespersonaltraining @healthymeasure

Elderly Care


You can make a difference Our home visits are a minimum of one hour, enabling our CAREGivers to build rapport and quality relationships with our clients. Part time, good rates of pay, excellent training and support provided. You need to be flexible, reliable and a car driver. Empathy is more important than experience. “Thank you to everyone at Home Instead. You really have kept your word by sending such caring ladies to look after my father. He is very happy and we feel easier about leaving him.� Mr & Mrs S Please call Marilyn on 01489 559007


36 Computier services

HOME COMPUTER HELP We come to you! Low Cost • Laptops/PCs Repairs • No Jargon Virus/Spyware • Tuition On-Site • Local • Friendly

Just one of our many happy customers on Checkatrade “This is the second time I have used Will. First class service again, helped me understand the laptop and installed printer and antivirus.” (See more great feedback on

Free Home Callout

023 8033 1527 We’re on

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kitchens & bathrooms


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Building services


Other Discover advertisers Recommended: Dell Developments

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Mann & Sons Ltd

01962 842266







Sean Quinn

Trading Standards Approved. Everything in Plain English.

Complete rewire of house

“I would definitely recommend Imagine Electrical. Very reliable and courteous”-

CRB Checked. Part-P Registered.



















14 Collingbourne Drive, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4SW






Sockets and lights Cookers

Periodic inspection reports


Any work undertaken


07986 949233

H A for FREE advice.

Rewires Fuseboards


Call us now for your FREE written quotation 02380 988957 or 07970 013314 or vist


Don’t get left out in the cold Stay warm and cosy this winter with Gair Gas • Boiler servicing • Central heating breakdowns • Annual service plans from £5 per month • Landlord gas safety checks • Power flushing

144901 1-2pge_winter13v2.indd 1

Call 0800 310 2323 E-mail 28/10/13 21:10:27



Funeral Directors

All aspects of Plumbing carried out Bathroom Fitting Tiling For a free quote call us today

02381 226 856 â–Ş 07917 703 794





SERVICInG FOR LESS In CHAndLERS FORd And nOw ALSO At OuR nEw HEdGE End wORkSHOp • Your local alternative to high main dealer prices • audi, vW, seat, skoda specialists

CAR And VAn MOt And SERVICInG tO MAnuFACtuRERS SpECIFICAtIOn Fully warranty compliant (see














3 Manufacturer trained technicians 3 General repairs 3 MOT’s for cars and vans class 4 and 7 3 MOT and servicing while you wait 3 100% environmentally friendly waste disposal 3 While you wait diagnostics 3 Tyre sales and wheel balancing 3 Air conditioning servicing 3 Clutch and cambelt replacement

To book your service or MOT at Chandlers Ford call 023 8027 3333 To book your service or MOT at Hedge End call 01489 798383


tree surgeons


Tree Services Specialist in all aspects of Tree and Hedge Work


Neil Richmond

Family Run Business

• Domestic or Business • Hedge Cutting • Tree Felling • Crown Reduction / Reshaping Thinning / Clean

• Deadwood Removal • Fruit Trees Pruned • Tree Planting and After Care • Stump Grinding • Logs for Sale

Quality work at competitive prices Free Estimates and Friendly advice

07834 595383 02380 582377 email: NPTC Qualified

To advertise your business in this section please call 023 8027 6396

Fully Insured


We lik is th custom see w custom


Local company with over 22 years’ experience.

We aare a local professional company with over We are local professional company with over 22 years


We clean your oven……so you don’t have to.

Call today to have your oven, hob, extractor or Aga professionally cleaned

Paul Lewis contact details Tel: 02380 011446 Mob: 07584 321529

• All Tree Work Undertaken • NPTC Qualified • Tree Stump Removal • Hedge Cutting Specialists • Fully Insured We offer a full range of specialist services: • Free Quotations • Crown Shaping, thinning &services: pruning We offer a fullreductions, range of specialist • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • No Job Too Big or Too Small

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• £10 Million • AllPublic Wor • Crown Shaping, reductions, thinning & pruning • Site Clearance • Hedge Cutting Sp • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • £10 Mil • Domestic & Commercial • Tree Stump Remo • Site Clearance • Grounds Maintenance • Hedge • Free Quotations a • Planning Applications • Domestic & Commercial • Tree St • Grounds Maintenance • FreeVisit Qu • Planning Applications We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price competitive!

02380 000247

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free Estimate & 33compe We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price


Garden Care



Garden Care

pet care Gardening

Pet Care

Are our pets secret eaters? Obesity in our pets is on the rise. Some estimate that as many as half the pet population is currently overweight with a significant percentage considered clinically obese. Obesity can cause serious health and welfare problems, make existing conditions worse and reduce the length and quality of a pet’s life. Some serious medical conditions associated with obesity are diabetes, heart disease, respiratory distress and high blood pressure. Part of the problem is the average daily amount of food we are feeding them. Most people tend to think that dogs and cats need a bowl of food daily but how much is in one bowl of food? Little do we realize that portion size and between meal snacks play a major part in the excessive amounts of calories consumed. Just imagine feeding your little pet a chipolata as a between meal treat. Sounds quite innocuous right? Actually this amount of food

25% OFF

Hills Metabolic range

Make 2014 the year your pet gets into shape. Obesity can cause serious health and welfare problems and make existing problems worse. We are currently offering: • FREE weight clinics, • 25% off Hills Metabolic Range of diets which are specially formulated for weight control • The opportunity to enter our ‘Slimmer of the Year’ competition Ask at reception for details. (Offer ends 31.03.14)


for a small dog is equivalent to a human eating a 12 oz steak in one sitting. Now if they had two or three.... well you can see how serious the problem is. So we need to take sole responsibility for the weight of our pet. They would likely eat as much as they are given and we are likely to feed them more than they require; an unfortunate fact which we need to come to terms with. If you have an obese prone pet, their daily caloric requirements needs to be calculated and food rationed including treats, weighed out and kept to. Weighing your pet too on a bi-monthly basis will let you know how the diet plan is working. The trained nurses at Unicorn Vets run free weight clinics where they will check your pet’s weight, work out exactly how much food they require each day and advise on the best foods and treats to keep your pet’s calorie intake at the required level. So if you think you may be making your pet a secret eater, why not make an appointment with one of our nursing team to have a weight check and start 2014 with a resolution to keep your pet fit and healthy.



Pet Care

Dear Denise, My cat has eaten some chocolate should I be worried? Dear Reader, Yes, chocolate contains caffeine and methylxanthines that dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to. If your cat is vomiting or experiencing diarrhoea then go direct to the vet. For more about chocolate poisoning visit Editorial in Denise Croucher is a local animal healer and communicator.


Denise is a qualified and experienced Animal Healer Communicator and Holistic Dog Trainer

If you could deliver a community magazine to your local area on a regular basis ...WE WANT YOU! Good Rates & Flexible Hours (you must be over 13) You must be available for at least 2 hours per month, have a mobile phone and an email address Apply Online: application form under Contact Us tab

Now recruiting for Totton, Romsey, Southampton & Winchester





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20 25

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Showrooms S h open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm


Titchfield Showroom: Units 6 / 6a The Tanneries, East Street, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4AR Tel: 01329 843 636

West End Showroom: 15-19 Swaythling Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3AG Tel: 02380 465 485

Offer runs from 21st December to 31st January 2014 email:


Useful Numbers and Local Information

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Transport Solent Blue Line Buses Bluestar Buses Community Transport, HCC National Rail Helpline Uni-Link First Bus

023 8061 8233 023 8061 8233 01962 846785 0845 748 4950 023 8059 5974 0238 0224 854

medical services NHS Direct NHS Blood Service Hampshire Dental Helpline Travel Health Clinic Southampton General Royal Winchester County Royal South Hants Princess Anne

0845 4647 0845 7711711 0845 0508345 023 8063 1922 023 8077 7222 01962 863535 023 8063 4288 023 8077 7222

local councils Southampton City Hampshire County

023 8022 3855 01962 841841

civiC services Household Waste, SCC Hants Constabulary Southampton Planning Trading Standards DVLA

0800 5191919 0845 045 45 45 023 803 2603 01962 833620 0870 2400009

your local mp For Southampton Itchen including Bargate, Bitterne, Bitterne Park, Harefield, Peartree, Sholing, Woolston and parts of Bevois and Swaythling. John Denham (L) 023 8033 9807 For Romsey and Southampton North including City wards of Bassett and Swaythling. Caroline Noakes (C) 020 7219 7218 For Southampton Test including Coxford, Freemantle, Millbrook, Portswood, Redbridge, Shirley and parts of Bassett, Bevois and Swaythling. Alan Whitehead 023 8023 1942

Schools JUnIOR & PRIMARy SCHOOLS St James CE Bassett Green PS Highfield C of E PS St Denys PS Portswood PS Swaythling PS

023 023 023 023 023 023

8090 8067 8055 8055 8055 8055

0995 6262 5793 6982 5095 2252

SECOnDARy SCHOOLS St Anne’s Catholic School Upper Shirley High School St George Catholic College Cantell

023 023 023 023

8032 8032 8032 8032

8200 5333 2603 3111

SIXTH fORM COLLEGES Barton Peverill Peter Symonds City College Totton College Itchen College St Anne’s Sixth Form College

023 8036 7200 01962 857500 023 8057 7404 023 8087 4874 023 8043 5636 023 8032 8200

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS All dates taken from education/schools/schoolholidays 2014 Spring term starts Half term: End of term: Summer term starts Half term: End of term: Autumn term starts Half term: End of term:

6 January 17-21 February 4 April 22 April 26-30 May 22 July 2 September 27-31 October 19 December

emergency numbers Gas Emergencies Southern Water Hampshire Fire & Rescue British Transport Police Childline Crimestoppers Samaritans Electric Power Cuts Floodline Domestic Violence Police Non Emergency

0800 111 999 023 8066 7929 023 8064 4000 0800 40 50 40 0800 11 11 0800 555 111 08457 90 90 90 023 8066 7929 0845 988 1188 0808 2000 247 101


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023 8026 2690 6 Falkland Court, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3GA


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Discover Southampton January 2014  

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