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Well this is either ‘hello again’ or ‘welcome’ depending on where you are in the Meon Valley. This magazine has been running for several years, but until this month has only been delivered to part of the area. However we now have Royal Mail doing our distribution so if you receive post, you’ll find a copy being delivered through your door every other month. Whether you are a new or a seasoned reader, if you turn to the centre pages you’ll find a feature on what this publication is about, who we are, and what our aims are for contributing to the Meon Valley community. We are running a regular feature in the magazine called Hampshire Heritage (page 6). As in most of the UK, there’s considerable history in this area and each month we’ll run a feature outlining some places that you can visit – usually without charge. Castles and monuments, churches and museums, there’s plenty to see. If you have any other ideas or contributions you’d like to offer, we’d be delighted to hear from you. In your next issue we a planning to launch a local noticeboard feature. For example, you might have something you want to sell, a club you want to promote, you are a teenager looking for work or you are looking for someone to do odd jobs. This will be free for individuals or with just a small cost for organisations who make a charge themselves. Send your entry details (including phone number so we can call if necessary) to So I’ve asked for your contributions twice there. But one last time, any feedback is very much appreciated. We don’t have the exclusive on good ideas so feel free to write in. Tania Houston, Editor Sales & distribution: Everything else:


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Distribution - Discover Meon Valley is published every month and distributed by Royal Mail to two alternating areas. In January, March etc it goes to homes and businesses in the SO32 1, SO32 3 and GU32 1 sectors. In February, April etc it goes to SO32 2, PO17 5, PO17 6 sectors. This is a total of around 13,300 properties over the two month distribution. Advertising - We understand that the needs of a small business are quite different to those of a big company, and our advertising service is very much targeted at independent and local businesses. From advert design to general advice we are here to help you grow. For more details call Melanie on

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Retirement and Investment Solutions is a trading name of Meon Valley Financial Planning Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. FSA Registration No: 185205

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HAMPSHIRE HERITAGE Exploring Country Churches There’s a scene early in Downton Abbey in which Matthew and Edith are touring the local countryside exploring churches. Church exploring was once the preserve of the leisured classes, but while attending services in church has declined dramatically in the last hundred years, visiting churches simply to soak up their atmosphere has probably never been more popular. Why?

The church of St Mary and St Michael at Stoke Charity

contain a great variety of aspects of interest – soaring architecture, sculpture in stone, carving in wood, richly ornate monuments. Every church is different and is always more than the sum of its parts.

Almost anyone you talk to will tell you they love the atmosphere of little country churches. This feeling, a mixture of comfort and awe, has been described perfectly by the poet Philip Larkin in his well-known poem ‘Church going’ (a title that is a play on words). There can be little doubt that our enthusiasm for visiting churches stems from some deep human need that is unfulfilled in our materialistic, often agnostic, lives.

The oldest churches to be found in Hampshire were built in Saxon times, before the Norman conquest. Many more are Norman, built in the 11th and 12th centuries. None of them look today just as they did when they were built. Much of the fascination of churches lies in the way they reflect the changing patterns of religious worship. Changes in the liturgy (the form of the services) brought huge changes in church interiors. Henry VIII’s break with the Roman Catholic church in the 16th century resulted in the carved screens between nave and chancel being ripped out, carvings and statues broken, stained glass windows smashed, wall paintings covered in lime wash. And it happened again, some would say even more violently, a century later in the time of Cromwell and Puritanism.

But that doesn’t mean exploring churches must be a spiritual exercise. Churches reflect our island’s history and are architecturally absorbing, often beautiful. And their interiors

During these upheavals, which will have been hard for ordinary people to understand or bear, the focal point of the church moved from the altar to the pulpit. Churches became ‘preaching boxes’ with the emphasis on the spoken word of the sermon and biblical texts on painted boards on the walls. Church attendance became compulsory by law and


w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k

DISCOVER HERITAGE preaching likewise. Grim though it sounds, this movement produced some handsome interiors, with clear glass windows giving a beautiful light, fine box pews and magnificently carved pulpits. Church interiors became simple again, revealing something that Catholicism had obscured: the beauty of simplicity. But things were not to remain like that. For every action, there is a reaction, and in the church it was called the Oxford Movement, a group who believed that the church must return to the forms of service and architecture of what they saw as the high point in its evolution, the Decorated or middlepointed Gothic style (roughly 1250-1350). What I have said above briefly sketches some the background to the changes in church design that have occurred over the centuries. But what of individual churches in our county? What to see, where to go? With so many churches to choose from, even a random approach will yield much of interest. Hampshire’s strength probably lies in early (preGothic), small churches in deeply rural settings, exactly the sort I like best. So it is a few of these that I shall briefly describe now. The church of St Mary and St Michael at Stoke Charity, east of Sutton Scotney, stands in a field, near a pond. Inside it feels like a miniature cathedral. To quote the church’s excellent guide book, it is a treasure house of beautiful and ancient objects. The building dates mainly from the 12th and 13th centuries, the Norman nave and chancel perhaps being added to a small Saxon church. In complete contrast, nothing prepares you for the Georgian church of All Saints in Minstead, in the New Forest . Viewed from the lychgate, the church could be mistaken for cottages, but for the later brick tower. Stepping inside reveals an interior almost like a house. There were once three large private pews for the comfort of the parish’s gentry. They even had their own fireplaces. The church of St Nicholas at Boarhunt should not be missed. The Saxon walls are mostly original

All Saints Church, Minstead

and the interior wonderful – quite small, rather dark because the windows are very small, plain and simple. But hugely atmospheric. Lastly, my personal favourite: the tiny church of St John at Farley Chamberlayne, in deep rural isolation northwest of Hursley. It can seat only about 70 people, and apart from some fine monuments to the great and good, it is fairly basic. It is also utterly charming. Every visit to a new church is exciting. Be warned, though, about the bane of the church explorer: the locked church. In theory there may be a telephone number or an address from which the key can be obtained. But I’ve seldom found it to be like that, so if a church is locked I simply move on. To me, a locked church is a contradiction in terms. But let’s assume that, happily, you find the door unlocked and are savouring the atmosphere of a brand new (to you) church. My advice would be not to worry too much about historical identifications but to enjoy the entirety for what it is. Nearly all churches have a little guide book on sale, which is well worth buying. It will help you learn about what you see, and you can build up a collection to look back on. Finally, if you possibly can, do leave a donation in the box in the wall. The cost of maintaining our churches is frightening, and they are a unique part of our heritage. Think of your great-greatgrandchildren. How tragic if they were never to see an English country church. by Stephen Harvey

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Counselling with Julie Chivers: The end of anything actually signifies the beginning of something else. The end of the year is the beginning of the New Year, and with that many of us have new resolutions about diet, money, exercise, and much more. For many of us these resolutions are not always all that new. It may be that year after year we have tried to change a pattern of behaviour; eating, exercise, relationships, even perhaps changing jobs or taking an adventurous risk. The key to succeeding sometimes lies in understanding what it is that is getting in the way, that leads to the frustration of another year where nothing has changed. For those who find themselves in this position, talking through the motivation and the factors of distraction, can help a client understand why

New Beginnings

they want to change something and equally why they find it so hard. For instance, difficulty dieting has been traced with some clients to not wanting to lose that feeling of being adored for their childhood plumpish physique, even though as an adult this is no longer how they wish to look. Sometimes our emotional needs and our physical ones do not catch up with each other. Equally, sometimes our desired actions and the actual outcome don't catch up with each other either. Recognising that you need some extra help to achieve your goals is the first step in getting there. Julie's contact details are below left. Next Month: Loss

Quote DM02 for 10% discount on counselling taken up before April 2012 Saturday Appointments Available

Counselling with Julie Chivers (MBACP)

at Homewood Chiropractic Clinic

Counselling provides a unique, supportive relationship to explore reasons behind mental discomfort or distress. It can be a place to share this discomfort and feel less isolated with diďŹƒcult feelings, or a place to understand possible causes, and with that understanding make choices to change patterns and make different decisions. Fully qualified, member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, which in particular governs the code of ethics I operate under. Free Parking, Reception and Waiting Room Comfortable, quiet, confidential, central Fareham Saturday Appointments available 30 Osborn Road, Fareham, PO16 7DS

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17 Discover Magazine 31 c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k



A Proverbial Life... Clothes (and manners) maketh the man Recently I had the pleasure of attending a local lunch and, for my sins, giving a short talk about my working life. Nothing unusual in that you may think. However, it was one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking experiences I’ve had for a long time. As it turned out I was the only female amongst a group of approximately forty men, the majority of whom were retired and with an average age of approximately seventy - many a deal older. To a man they were suited and booted to perfection; their dark suits or blazers worn with an upright bearing and unconscious pride. Each suit immaculately pressed, every shirt crisply ironed, all ties neatly knotted, proper handkerchiefs tucked into breast pockets and the shoes, polished and buffed to a high sheen with not a trainer or casual loafer in sight. They looked magnificent. Similar attention had also been paid to their personal grooming. There wasn’t a hint of designer stubble gracing any chin or cheeks; those who sported beards or moustaches had taken care to trim and comb them into neatness. Each man had a ‘proper’ haircut and there was evidence of the judicious use of hair creams and oils. There was the most wonderful whiff of plain soap, and the faintest hint of aftershave; nothing floral or light but strong spicy and masculine. Jewellery was discrete: a wedding band, single signet ring, tie pin or chunky cufflinks at wrists. No gold chains, bracelets or similar paraphernalia were on display – if they owned such items they had either tucked them out of sight or left them at home. The only earrings I spotted were worn by the waitresses. I did, however, spot several copper bands; worn no doubt for medicinal purposes. They greeted me with firm handshakes, offers of refreshments, gentle teasing and oh so subtle flirting. They stood when I entered the room and


w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k

when I left the table. They spoke of their wives, children and grandchildren. Photos were proudly whipped from wallets and passed around to be admired and discussed. In short they were totally charming and lovely. It may be that they weren’t all solely responsible for their dapper appearance. Perhaps a wife or partner had ironed the crisp shirts, or pressed the wrinkle free suits – no matter, the overall effect was that standards had been met. On the way home I stopped to buy some stamps. In the queue in front of me was a good looking teenage boy. Jeans slung artfully half way down his buttocks, displayed six inches of bright red, silk boxer shorts. His hair had been teased and combed into a soft fluffy halo, with a long floppy fringe that fell over one eye. On his wrists were countless plaited thread bracelets; brightly coloured plastic strands circled his neck. He was rocking gently to the music plugged into his ears and eating from a large bag of sweets. He smelt wonderful and looked rather beautiful. I had to give him a gentle nudge and point out that he was next to be served. He turned, smiled, offered a sweet from the bag and stood to one side: “Ladies first.” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was the grandson of one of my ‘gents’ from lunch. by A. O’Brien


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Working from home I drink a lot more coffee these days. Three or four times a day I find myself in the kitchen spooning instant into a mug, whereas there used to be a time when my morning fix (three teaspoons for that great big wake-up jolt) was all the coffee I drank. It’s not that I’m a caffeine junkie: actually I’m on the decaf now. Much to nobody’s surprise, my Type 2 has arrived as an entirely proper consequence of years of eating and drinking far too much and doing far too little; and as caffeine (so my low-carb diet book informs me, whether trustworthily or not I don’t know) stimulates the production of insulin, I have switched to decaf. I can’t say that I can tell the difference. Nor am I a coffee snob. I’ve always drunk coffee in preference to tea, but only because when I was a teenager I read a book called “How to be Bond” which pointed out that James Bond always drank coffee, never tea, because while coffee was sophisticated tea was common. But I’ve always been fine with instant. One boss of mine would only ever drink “real” coffee, which smelt divine but didn’t taste as good as it smelt. Also, it’s such a faff, whether filter or cafetière, and the end result isn’t so much of an improvement as to justify the labour (to my palate at least). Of course, the real stuff comes out if we have guests round, but other than that the pot gathers dust on the topmost kitchen shelf and the coffee itself is many, many months beyond its bestbefore date. (And mind you, that same book pointed out that Bond never drank beer either, and for much the same reason. I was never tempted to follow this example and took enthusiastically to beer long before I was actually allowed to. And anyway, I do drink tea now – I had a bad

bout of bronchitis last winter and felt a sudden craving for sweet tea. Nothing could have been more soothing.) No, the reason why I drink so much more coffee nowadays is that basically I’m a lazy hound and always used to dodge the coffee round in the office by pretending that I didn’t want one. The downside of this was that I couldn’t sneak off and make myself a coffee when I actually did want one, so I did without. It’s not entirely laziness, though. Some of the offices I’ve worked in over the years have had kitchens of such unspeakable vileness that you wouldn’t want to go into them, let alone drink anything that came out of them. Washing up, in an office kitchen, is nobody’s job and so is never done. I well remember the kitchen at the old Morning Advertiser offices in Brixton. It crouched in a corner of what had been a huge printworks, all cavernous and echoing since the actual printing had been contracted out years before. But when the printers departed it seems they left their mugs behind, still halffull and never washed since, and all sprouting caps of foul grey mould like beards on corpses. Even the sign that said “please wash your own mug” was mouldy. I am not especially tickle-stomached but I would never, in a million years, have put anything that came out of that hell-hole anywhere near my digestive tract. Anyway, one thing I have discovered to be true, although previously I’d pooh-poohed it, is that coffee tastes better if it’s not made with boiling water. So I think I’ll go and have one now. by Ted Bruning

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We are a well-established, professional IT and Media support company based in Hampshire delivering IT services, solutions & support to your business and home.

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Independent, Unbiased, Professional Advice A client partnership based on trust, knowledge and values Protecting, enhancing and maintaining client lifestyles



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Under new ownership–

What can we do for you? Tania: Running a community magazine is not a job that’s new to me as I have run a similar magazine for over seven years (The Chandlers Ford Directory). It has been very successful for me with residents frequently telling me how much they enjoy receiving it, and businesses reporting great results by advertising with us. So when I was approached by the magazine’s previous owner to take over it was a natural fit. Still, it’s not a small job to coordinate the production and delivery of a magazine and it was important that Discover Meon Valley wasn’t ‘second best’ to my original business. So I asked a friend who also runs a magazine if she would join me which I’m glad to say she agreed to do. Melanie Tinson has run her publication (The Southampton Directory) for over five years.

businesses. We have to keep focused on the business aspect of course, but we are both motivated by speaking to people and trying to do the best for them. Whether it’s promoting a community event or offering some sales and marketing advice to a small business (for that’s our speciality) we aim to have fun and support the community and our advertisers wherever possible. What’s the purpose of the magazine? There are three things that we aim to deliver through this publication: a useful reference guide to local numbers and information; a directory of business that specifically serve this area; and a medium by which we can entertain you with articles and puzzles and pass on anything of local interest and community information.

Melanie: In fact Tania and I are not just business partners in Discover Meon Valley Ltd but good friends, in and out of work. We are "about" the same age (less said the better), with children in their mid-teens and we both enjoy similar hobbies: squash, walking and skiing to name a few.

We are now using Royal Mail for our deliveries so we can reach even the most rural homes and our total distribution is 13,300 properties. Business or resident, we’d love to hear from you!

We are not media moguls though. We are just two ordinary people who are fortunate enough to have had corporate jobs in the past, which furnished us with the skills to launch our own

Residents:, 01489 660023

Businesses:, 01489 660022

GU32 1 delivered by

SO32 3 SO32 1

SO32 2 PO17 5 PO17 6


Discover Meon Valley is delivered to over 13,000 homes and businesses on a split distribution w w w. d i s c o v e rbasis. m e o n Each v a l l eproperty y.c o.u k receives a magazine alternate months.

Wickham Edition

Bishops Waltham Edition

Discover Meon Valley is delivered to 13,300 homes and businesses on a split distribution basis. Each property receives a magazine every two months, with half the area receiving a copy in January, March etc, and the other half receiving theirs in February, April etc .


Sunday buffet


from 12noon

Closed all day Mondays

to 5pm

Wickham Road, Fareham, Hampshire. PO17 5BT Reservations: 01329 835666 Email: c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k





“Don’t Fret About Your Dirty Stone Or Ceramic Tile Floors… We Can Bring Them Back To Life.”

The Hampshire Tile Doctor is continuing to impress local residents, by breathing new life into tired, worn, dull natural stone, be it Marble, Slate, Terracotta, Limestone, Travertine, Quarry tiles, etc. Clients confess, that previously they were at a loss as to where to look for help with cleaning & restoring their Natural stone, especially the Grout lines! Many didn’t realise that even new tiles should be sealed first even before grouting, which sadly in one recent case, led to a poor Tiler sealing the grout haze

into brand new terracotta tiles which he had just laid! Despite several attempts to rectify the situation, he was unsuccessful and sought help from the Tile Doctor! The Result: one relieved Tiler and one ecstatic Client! So, why take the risk? Why not let the Hampshire Tile Doctor, clean & protect the investment you have made in your floors!

Call now on 0800 695 695 9 or visit for free advice or a free demo!

BEFORE We do all the jobs tilers hate including: • Slate & Stone Re-sealing • Grout Cleaning & Sealing • Grout Colouring • Terra Cotta & Quarry Tile Re-sealing • Granite & Marble Re-sealing • Porcelain Clean and Seal • Bath & Shower Re-seals

023 8030 8311 0800 695 695 9 In-situ curtain cleaning service offered


YES!! Including Those Filthy Grout Lines - And They Can Apply A Sealer To Keep Them Looking That Great Longer!




The Complete Service Bathrooms

Design and Installation All trades covered – helping to create your perfect bathroom


Gas Central Heating Boiler replacement


All general plumbing undertaken

The above offers are time sensitive and expire on 29th February 2012

We are located in Bishops Waltham

Conditions of Use: These certificates must be produced to Clean Plan at time of quote to claim offer. This certificate is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is only redeemable against any Clean Plan service in excess of £95.00

Freephone: 0800 695 695 6 • T: 01256 01489 895872 M: 07801 658115 Portsmouth: 023 9267 0930 Basingstoke: 24 20 20 Chichester: 01243 212 334 22

w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k


RE-UPHOLSTERY Have your furniture completely re-upholstered at an affordable price (Parker Knoll, Ercol, M&S, John Lewis, Multiyork, Laura Ashley, G-Plan, Wade and Collins & Hayes)

• Free Collection and Delivery • 10 Day turnaround • 1000’s of Fabrics to choose from • Leather or Material • Free estimates in your home • Free Design Service

Pont Furnishings 22 Barry Road Bitterne, Southampton Hampshire. SO19 5LU Tel: 02380 440303 Furnishings e-mail:


c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k


Kitchens and Carpentry Mint Kitchens and Carpentry is a family run business based in Bishops Waltham with over 19 years of qualified experience. Services include: Fully fitted kitchens or refurbishments Skirting and Architraves Floor and Wall tiling Laminate and real wood flooring Door Hanging Decking And lots more……. Please contact us now for a free of charge, no obligation quotation. 01489 89 4265 / 07974 662726

Whatever you require let us make it a ‘mint’ job for you


w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k


Real food for today’s community making Kavanagh’s Budgens...

...Different & Better.

Kavanagh’s Budgens is independently owned and run by people who care about the quality, provenance and value of our food, and the needs of the community.

Look online for seasonal recipe ideas and much more at

d Freshly baked brea Fruit Freshly made sandwiches Hot & Cold D Seasonal eli FREE home delivery


“Providing the residents of Bishops Waltham with fresh, seasonal and local produce, is really important to us.” Noel Kavanagh Winchester Road, Bishops Waltham, Hants, SO32 1BA

Bishops Ad A4P.indd 1

of Bishops Waltham 25

29/04/2011 17:06

c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k

DISCOVER HOME & INTERIORS Lighting can be used to emphasise good points or disguise problem areas, to highlight colour, texture and form, and to divide, unify or open up a space. In short, lighting can make or break a room, says Katherine Sorrell

Light Fantastic If you’ve ever felt that a room is boring, bland and lifeless, the chances are that it’s not your furnishings that are to blame, but your lighting. Poor lighting flattens and dulls, while clever lighting can give va va voom to the simplest of decorative schemes. Lighting isn’t just a practical thing, it’s psychological, too, reinforcing our sense of security, comforting us, and sending out signals of welcome, vitality and warmth. Because of this, it’s worth ensuring that any lighting scheme is truly flexible, adapting at the touch of a switch to your mood, the time of day, and the way in which you use each room. If possible, you should design your lighting scheme at the earliest stages, when planning how you will use the room and where the furniture will be grouped. Once you have worked out how you will live in the space, you can ask yourself where you will want light, how much you will require at what times, and what effects you wish to create. ‘When lighting any room it’s essential to design a scheme so that light comes from more than one source or direction,’ says Sally Storey, design director


A chandelier over a dining table provides mellow pools of light. The feature wall has been illuminated by hidden washers. Spica six-light chandelier, from £389, All Up and On, 01462 349060;

of John Cullen Lighting. ‘You can layer lighting effects in the same way that an interior designer layers fabrics and textiles.’ Professionals divide light into four main types: general light, which gives good overall lighting; task light, to brightly illuminate a specific area such as a worktop or reading corner; accent lighting, which highlights features such as pictures, shelving or architectural detailing; and atmosphere lighting, which sets the mood, from a dramatic mix of light and shade to mellow pools of light in different areas of the room. Most rooms require three or four of these types, provided by a combination of downlights or spotlights on the ceiling, track lights, floor-level or wall-mounted uplighters, wall washers, floor ...Continued on page 28

w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k









NEW FOR 2012 Interior doors, hideaway pull down storage beds, aubergine glass sliding doors and a NEW SHOWROOM LAUNCH.

Visit a showroom near you or buy online at: West End Main Showroom: 15-19 Swaythling Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3AG

Tel: 02380 465 485


Head Office & Factory Showroom: Units 6 / 6a The Tanneries, East Street, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4AR

Tel: 01329 843 636

Showrooms open : Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ALSO OPEN Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm (West End only) c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k


...Continued from page 26

or table lamps, and special shelf or display lighting. Of course, we can’t all start from scratch when redesigning our lighting, so if you’re looking for a quick upgrade on a budget, you could just spend a few pounds replacing main light switches with dimmers, and plug in a selection of table or floor lamps at strategic points, enabling you to layer the lighting and emphasise special features. With these fundamentals in mind, forward planning and creative thinking are the keys to designing a lighting scheme. Think of it as painting with light, creating washes and filling in with highlights and lowlights. Each room is your blank canvas, but with imagination and a little effort it can become a work of art.

Lighting Room By Room Living rooms Ideally, install a range of lighting options, from bright reading lights to softer lights for relaxing and entertaining. You could also highlight shelving, pictures or a coffee table. Dining rooms A pendant hung over a dining table creates an intimate atmosphere. Fix wall lights at a lower level – more appropriate when sitting. Kitchens Adjustable spotlights, on tracks or in the ceiling, are practical for general light, with lights mounted beneath wall cabinets to illuminate worksurfaces. Bathrooms Combine crisp, bright lights, in the form of ceiling downlighters, for an energetic feeling, with softer lights, such as wall washers, for a relaxing bath. Bedrooms require subtle, flattering lighting, although a good light for mirrors is essential. For bedside reading, wall-mounted lights free up space on a bedside table.

by Katherine Sorrell


Specialists in bathroom design, refurbishment & installation Reliable service for over 40 years



• Bathroom design, supply and installation • Ceramics and tiling • Disabled baths and showers • Underfloor heating

Covering all of the Meon Valley

Boiler installation & repairs Central heating upgrades Unvented hot water cylinders Power flushing Gas safety checks All domestic plumbing repairs


Telephone: 023 8060 0719 Mobile: 07860 288511



















All work guaranteed • Free estimates • No call out fee E COUNTY C HIR OU PS





21 Brook Rd, Fair Oak, Eastleigh

w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k

• • • • • •


Join the solar revolution Finesse - the greener deal • Solar Electricity and Solar Hot Water • Government Subsidies available • Typical costs £3,995 - £12,995 • 1000’s of Satisfied Customers • 6% - 9% tax free return on your investment for up to £1000.00** a year. Indexed linked to RPI, guaranteed for 25 years. **Under this scheme you could earn up to £1000 with a system size 4kW on a south facing roof using ½ the electricity you produce and where you generate around 3430kWh (SAP 2009 calculation). 3430 x 21p = £721 plus export 1717 x 3p = £53 plus used electricity 1717 x 14p = £240. Total estimated annual benefit per annum = £1014.00. Special offer system cost £9950.00. ROI 10.2% Estimated payback 9.8 years.

Certificate Number MCS 1070 Solar Photovoltaic systems Solar Thermal Systems

E xper





(SAP calc’s, estimated yield, etc)




Call us now for a free no obligation suitability survey


“A very professional company from first contact right through to completion of work, follow up has also been excellent” (Customer in Eastleigh)



Just one of over 130 testimonials on

Finesse Energy, one of the first UK Government approved MCS contractors, has installed thousands of solar panels since 2008 all over the South for houses, housing associations, and industrial. Under the new tariff our installation costs are around 1/3rd less than when the scheme started in 2009 still delivering a similar rate of return in many cases. (4kWp system was £15,750.00, now for a limited period, £9950.00**).

08454 70 50 60 w w w. f i n e s s e - s o l a r. c o . u k

1-2 Brooklyn House, Portsmouth Road, Southampton SO31 8EP

c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k


Treescape Advert_Layout 1 26/10/2010 09:35 Page 1

• N.P.T.C Qualified Tree Surgeons • £5m Public Liability Insurance • Emergency Call Out • Free Advice and Quotes • Logs and Kindling for Sale t: 01489 808677 30

m: 0777 242 1001

w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k



Simon Pretty FURNITURE

fine furniture | elegant cabinetry | bespoke joinery

Bespoke Kitchens and Furniture Award winning highly skilled craftsman Over 12 years’ experience



All work is given the highest attention to detail Affordable prices for unique pieces

Free estimates

Locally based, workshop visits welcome

0779 226 3041

Unit 5a, Bridge Farm Industries Botley Road, Curbridge, Southampton SO30 2HB

A SSURE Electrical Ltd • Free no obligation safety advice & quotations • All domestic electrical repairs & wiring, with no job too small • Domestic rewires, extensions, fuse box upgrades, security & garden installations • All work certified to 17th edition of the wiring regulations

We will provide: • A plain English discussion • A professional, friendly & courteous approach • An excellent quality of service • An understanding that your house is your home...not just a building

Call today on 01489 890303 • Making your home a safer place c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k


Love and Marriage 1. Which country music star wrote the song I Will Always Love You, which was covered by Whitney Houston in 1992 to become one of the best-selling singles of all time? 2. Before marrying footballer Wayne Rooney, what was Coleen Rooney’s surname? 3. Derived from a Greek word meaning “to love”, what is the medical name for the vertical groove between the upper lip and the nose? 4. In the board game Cluedo, what is the name of the only suspect who is known to be unmarried? 5. The song I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred begins with the line “I’m too sexy for my love”. What is the second thing that the singer says he is too sexy for? 6. Which famous actor, who died in September 2010, had been married six times and once said “I wouldn’t be caught dead marrying a woman old enough to be my wife”? 7. Who is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality? 8. Which famous person did Eva Braun marry in 1945? 9. Better known as the lead singer in a famous pop group, who had solo number one hit singles with Forever Love in 1996 and Love Won’t Wait in 1997? 10. In a 1995 edition of the BBC TV show Panorama, who famously said to Martin Bashir “there were three of us in this marriage”? Answers: Page 38


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• Tiling/Slating • All Work Guaranteed • Extensions • Flat Roofs • Insurance Work AD VER • Fascias/Guttering • Storm Damage T • Repairs • Leadwork • Re-roofs • TV Aerials • Free Estimates • General Maintenance • All Areas Covered For a Professional Personal Service Call

078557 30288 • 01489 579716

 DRIVEWAYS  PATIOS  LANDSCAPING Tel 01489 557268 Mob 07958 678811

If you already have a patio or block paved driveway we can offer a complete cleaning and restoration service. Our high speed rotary pressure washer gives amazing results every time.  Cleaning  Remedial work  Re sanding  Sealing

c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k


Pipe Dreams A complete plumbing service Free quotes & no call out charge No job too small All work guaranteed for peace of mind service

07816 686245 • 01489 878134 Ask for Candice or George

fix my garage door ! Repairs Locks Replacement Doors Automatic Operators Please call or email for free advice & quotes

Fix Quick Garage Doors

www.fix my garage Andover

01264 337711


01962 715200

JB Domestic Cleaning Wickham based professional cleaning company

Beauty Therapy Holistic Treatments Detox Therapies Male Grooming Fragrances & Packages Gift Vouchers OAP Discounts

SALON 01489 895100


JP Appliances Repairs Sales Servicing

For Landlords, Letting Agents & Private Homes Regular or One Offs

Bosch Neff Miele Zanussi Hotpoint Creda AEG Hoover Candy Indesit Bendix Whirlpool Beko Philips Electrolux Whiteknight Servis Daewoo

07553 098415

Low Cost Repairs Local Engineers Same / Next day calls Fast Friendly Service Integrated Appliance Specialists Installs / Deinstalls OAP Discounts

02380 462407 07432 613807


w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k

£5 off on production of this advert

DISCOVER WHAT’S ON books, bedding, educational materials and practical equipment such as sewing machines, bicycles, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. The quiz is a fund raising event. Call Pat Morris, 01489 892574

what’s Opera Dudes Theatre 11 Feb, 7:30pm Botley Market Hall Enjoy and evening of great music, first class singing and hilarious comedy from the ever-popular Opera Dudes. £15 inc food (£12 without). 01489 781155 Coffee Morning 11th Feb 10am - 12pm Paterson Centre, Church Road, Swanmore A coffee morning in support of DementiaUK, come and find out more about Admiral Nurses, and how they can help people with dementia and their carers. Hosted by Meon Valley Carers Group. Contact Jane Ward Guided Walk 13 Feb, 10am Old Winchester Hill, Exton Distance 11 miles, duration 5 hours. We set off along the South Downs Way to pass churches of the Meon Valley and through Meonstoke to Old Winchester Hill. After lunch we take advantage of the special Snowdrop Sundays to explore private parts of the Wranford Estate, to view the famous display of snowdrops. Donations for church. Meet at: Car Park on Beacon Hill. Grid Ref: SU 598 227 Bring refreshments and dogs welcome on leads.

Fairy Tales 13 Feb 2:00pm Royal Victoria Country Park Using puppetry, shadows and songs to create a spectacular and hilarious expose of the truth behind our most classic fairy tales. £5 per person. On the day £6 per person. Age 5+ and family. 023 8045 5157 Storytelling walk 14 Feb 2pm Woodmill Lane Join professional storytellers Chris Bennett and Sara Scott from Orange Apples for a story walk along the Itchen Navigation at Allbrook following some of the animals who live and thrive along this waterway. Children 4 - 10yrs accompanied by an adult. Meet outside the Ham Farm Pub on Twyford Rd (SO50 4LF). To book call Polly Whyte 01489 774400 or Suggested donation £2 per child. Comedy Theatre: Heroes 14 Feb 7:30pm The Phoenix Theatre, Bordon A touching and hilarious tale set in France in 1959. Heroes introduces us to Gustave, Philippe and Henri; WWI veterans trying to break away from the military retirement home in which they are living, longing to recapture their glory days. Their interaction produces a study of les poilus as their tales, experiences and fears surface through their misogyny, grumpiness and genuine

camaraderie. Cost: £10. 01420 472664 Bird Watching 15 Feb 10am-12pm or 1:30pm to 3:30pm Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve Discover something new this half term and learn how to watch birds with the help of the friendly rangers. Binoculars supplied. £4 per adult, £4 per accompanied child. Booking essential 01329 662145 Walk & Craft 15 Feb 2012 10:30am Itchen Valley Country Park A walk through the woods based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar story then come back and take part in a craft. Approx 1 hour suitable for younger children 2+. £2 per child. 023 8047 5080 Outdoor Activities 9:30am 16 Feb Itchen Valley Country Park A day of outdoor activities in the woods including, den building, camp fires and outdoor crafts. Age 6 - 11 years. BOOKING ESSENTIAL. £18 per child. 023 8047 5080 Charity Quiz 25 Feb 7.00pm The Paterson Centre, Swanmore Call My Bluff – Wine Appreciation Quiz. Friends of Teso (Uganda) sends clothes to Uganda for children and adults,

Historical Lectures 6 Mar 7:30pm Greyladyes Arts Centre, School Road, Bursledon, SO31 8BX The winter lectures are going to be held at GAF on the following Tuesday evenings at 8 o’clock. The theme for this year is going to be ‘Maritime Matters’ Tuesday, 6th March - ‘Titanic’, Vicky Green of Soton City Library Tuesday, 3rd April - The Lost Village of Itchen Ferry, Dr Mary South Book with Sue Osmond, 02380 40 4649 Twilight Tour 10 Mar & 14 Apr 7:30-11:45pm Hinton Ampner National Trust Hear about Hinton’s ghost stores with a local medium. £25 or £35 including a light supper. 01962 793512. Spring Concert 24/25 March Location see below Botley Choral Society’s Spring Concert on 24th and 25th March at St John’s Church, Lock’s Heath SO31 6LW and All Saints’ Church, Botley SO30 2EA respectively. We are singing Dvorak’s Mass in D and Bach’s Magnificat. Tickets £12 and £10, children under 16 free. Tel 01489 890007 or enquiries@ (B) = Booking essential Remember to tell us about your events, so we can tell our readers! email tania@ discovermeonvalley. or call us on: 01489 590024

c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k



local groups WALkS FOR HEALTH Every Thursday 10.15 BishopsWaltham Square, contact Lydia Lockhart 01962 848925 UNIVERSITY OF THE 3RD AGE Tuesday twice monthly 1.30–3.30 Wickham Community Hall Contact 01489 892499 THE HEALING TRUST Healing Centre, Priory Park Hall, Bishops Waltham. Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month 10am til 12 noon. Marjorie Nutland 01329 832637 SOUL CONNECTIONS – SPIRITUAL GROUP Priory Park Hall, Bishops Waltham. 3rd Sunday each Month, £5.00 Sue Murray 01489 799740 NETBALL GROUP We train every Wed 5.30pm -7pm at Swanmore College of Technology. First session would be free. Call Dee 07979917202 LUNCH CLUB Every Monday Jubilee Hall 1 - 2pm Christine Argyle 01489 894054 Tuesday Gwyn West 01489 891663 Thurs Gill Stainer 01489 893384 JUBILEE WRITERS Thursday (Twice Monthly) 2pm – 4pm Stables Hall, Bishops Waltham Elizabeth watt 01489 892224 ART CLASSES Every Wed 9am - 4pm Helena Hines

COMMIT TO GET FIT Tuesday 7.30pm-8.30pm Circuits Tuesday 6.30pm-7.25pm Pilates Wed 10.30am - 11.15am Active Seniors Wed 6.30pm - 8.30pm Body Blitz See page 12 for more info or call Carole Batten-Rutter 02380 695136 COUNTRY MARkET Every Friday 9.30 – 11.00am Jubilee Hall, Bishops Waltham DRAMA GROUP Every Monday at Jubilee Hall 4pm - 5.15pm (Junior) & 5.15pm - 6.30pm (Senior) Second youth centre-Helena Fox 01962 844600 BW YOUNG FARMERS CLUB 14-26 yrs – Thurs Anne 860236 MEON VALLEY CARERS GROUP The Meon Valley Carers Group is a support group for the carers of people with Dementia. We meet every month for a pub lunch and also for a support group meeting. Cared for are welcome. Phone Debbie on 01489 895444 Mon or Thurs 9.00-13.00 for details. MOBILE LIBRARY WICkHAM SQUARE Tuesday 9.15am – 12.45pm GARDENING CLUB Memberships only £6 call Keith Fry 01489 893755

MEON VALLEY FLOWER CLUB Demos, workshops at Meonstoke Village Hall Ann Hammant 01730 829469 WICkHAM CENTRE Three Bears Playgroup every morning 9am – 12.30pm Scouts Monday 7 – 9pm Keep Fit Monday 6 – 7pm Rifle Club Mon 7.30-9pm, Sat 10am-12noon Ladies Circuits Tues 10 – 11am Scallywags Dog Training Tues 6.30pm Wickham Indoor Bowling Tues & Fri 7.30pm Brownies Tuesday 4.45pm Church Room Lunch Club 11.30am Wed, Church Room Cubs Wednesdays 6.30 – 8pm Beavers Thursday 6 – 7pm Home Start Mother & Toddler Fri 9-12 noon Poppins Play Group Thursday Yoga Class (Wickham & Swanmore) Wed 10am - 11.30am, Thur 7.45pm - 9.15pm. Events also held at Swanmore Village Hall, Thur 10am - 11.30am Paula Dixon 01489 891079 EVENTS AT SWANMORE Swanmore Baby & Toddler Group Every Tuesday (term-time only) 10am-11.30am Swanmore Village Hall Contact Wendy Pilton 01489 890694

Charities, free or very low cost events are listed above without change and can be submitted by emailing For other events a small charge is made starting from just £7 a month. For more details email Melanie@ or call 01489 660022 36

w w w. d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o.u k


useful numbers

LOCAL DOCTORS NHS Direct (24hr helpline) Acorn Medical, Church Lane, Curdridge Fareham Health Centre Gudge Heath Lane, Fareham Hemming & Partners, Lower Lane, Bishop’s Waltham West Meon Surgery, Doctor's Lane, West Meon Wickham Group Surgery, Station Road, Wickham

0845 4647 01489 782488 01329 823456 01329 280887 01489 892288 01730 829666 01329 833121

LOCAL CHEMISTS Birchall & Haydock, The Square, Wickham PO17 5JQ Tel: 01329 832115 9am all days Wed & Sat 5.30pm finish Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri 6.30pm. Sunday – closed Boots Pharmacy, High Street, Bishop’s Waltham SO32 1AB Tel: 01489 892603 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 9am – 6pm, Wed & Sat 9am – 5pm, Sun – Closed Lloyds Pharmacy, High Street, Bishop’s Waltham SO32 1AB Tel: 01489 892499 Mon to Fri 8.30am – 6pm, Sat 8.30am – 5pm, Sun – Closed Rowlands Pharmacy, 7 High Street, Botley Tel: 01489 782065 Mon to Fri 9am – 5.30pm, Sat 9am – 1pm PARISH COUNCILS Bishops Waltham www.bishopswalthamparish Upham Durley Soberton Droxford Shedfield Swanmore West Meon Parish Council (Tracy Predeth, Clerk) Hampshire City Council Winchester City Council Wickham Council Boarhunt Southwick & Widley

01489 892323 01489 860236 01489 860236 01489 877378 01489 877470 01329 830060 01489 890651 01730 301606 01962 841841 01962 840222 01329 835019 01489 891321

LOCAL SCHOOLS Bishop’s Waltham Infants Bishop’s Waltham Juniors Curdridge Primary Droxford Juniors Durley Primary Kings School Meonstoke Newtown Infants Rookesbury Park St. Johns Primary Swanmore Primary Swanmore College Upham Primary West Meon C of E Primary School Wickham Primary Wyvern Technology College

01489 892375 01489 892368 01489 782613 01489 877537 01489 860207 01962 861161 01489 877568 01329 833161 01329 833108 01329 833141 01489 894555 01489 892256 01489 860355 01730 829213 01329 833065 02380 692679

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS All dates taken from - holidays.php Spring Term Half Term: Mon 13/2/12 - Fri 17/2/12 Easter: Mon 2/4/12 - Fri 13/4/12 Summer Term Half Term: Mon 4/6/12 - Fri 8/6/12 Summer Holiday: Tue 24/7/12 - Fri 31/8/12 LOCAL LIBRARY Bishop’s Waltham Library, Bank Street, 0845 603 5631 Mon/Thur: Closed, Tue: 1pm – 7pm, Wed/Fri: 9.30am – 5pm, Sat: 9.30am – 1pm CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU Bishops Waltham Wickham Community Centre, Fareham

01489 896376 01329 223119

EMERGENCIES Police, Fire or Ambulance Services 999 0845 045 45 45 Police (Incident Reports) Portsmouth Water - Fresh Water Supply 02392 499888 Portsmouth Water - Leaks to Report (Out of hours 24hr) 02392 477999 Southern Water - Sewage 0845 272 0845 Southern Water - Tech Support 0845 278 0845 Gas – National Grid 0800 111 999 (If you smell gas, then call us immediately) Electricity 0845 7708090

023 8046 3228 c o n t a c t u s @ d i s c o v e r m e o n v a l l e y.c o .u k


DISCOVER INDEX For Advertisers offering multiple property services look under Property Maintenance, otherwise see specific trade e.g. electrician, carpenter etc. Accounting: Butler & Co Appliance Repair: Advanced Appliance Care JP Appliances Bathrooms: See Plumbing Beauty Treatments: Baytree Beauty Essential Beauty Blinds & Curtains: Pont Furnishings Solent Blinds & Curtains Co Ltd Waterside Blinds Builder: R & G Gamblin General Builders Carpenter: Mint Kitchens & Carpentry Simon Pretty Furniture Chimney Sweep: Pebble Beach Sweeps Cleaning Service: JB Domestic Cleaning Computer Services: Plates PCS TeknoIT Conservatories: Britannia Conservatories Counselling: Counselling with Julie Chivers Dentist: Simon Smyth Dentistry Drain Services: Cleansing Service Group

14 4 34

13 34 23 18 4 18 24 31 34 34 14 16 39 8 9 19

Electrician: Assure Electrical Ltd D.Daniel Electrical Svcs Ltd Financial Services: Avalon Financial Services Newman Cozens Financial Management Retirement & Investement Solutions Funeral Services: Town & Country Mem. Ltd Furniture: Pont Furnishings Simon Pretty Furniture Swan Systems Furniture Ltd Garage Doors: Fix Quick Garage Doors Solent Garage Doors Garage Services: Wickham Tyre & Auto Svc. Garden Design & Services: Adtree Care AW Paving Specialists Jon Curtis Tree Surgery & Garden M. TreeScapes Woodleigh Landscapes Gas Services: See Plumbing Grocers: Budgens Hairdresser: Altered Image Hair Salon Head Masters Hair Design Health & Fitness: Birch Tree Yoga Health Services: Counselling with Julie Chivers Footcare by J Hallum

PUZZLE SOLUTIONS FUN QUIZ - LOVE AND MARRIAGE 1. Dolly Parton, 2. McLoughlin, 3. Philtrum, 4. Miss Scarlett, 5. My shirt, 6. Tony Curtis, 7. Aphrodite, 8. Adolf Hitler, 9. Gary Barlow, 10. Princess Diana


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Interior Design: Pat Staples Interiors Kitchens: Dream Doors Kitchen & Bathroom Transformations Mint Kitchens & Carpentry Simon Pretty Furniture Office Furniture: Haywood Office Svcs. Plumbing Services (including bathroom installation and gas and boiler services) see also Property Maintenance: I.R. Rogers Plumbing & Heating Pipe Dreams Tom Mitchell Plumbing TP Watts Property Maintenance & Improvements: Dream Doors J.S. Roofing Kitchen & Bathroom Transformations Mint Kitchens & Carpentry Pat Staples Interiors R & G Gamblin General Builders Simon Pretty Furniture Restaurant: Bahn Thai Rimjhim Solar Panels: Finesse Energy Ltd Tile Floor Cleaning: Tile Doctor Ltd Tree Surgery: See Garden Upholstery: Pont Furnishings Veterinary: Shield Veterinary Centre

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Ulster (UP2 405)


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Starting from



FREE parking right outside


Email: •

023 8027 0606

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Quality self build Conservatories










MON - FRI : 08.00 - 17.30 SATURDAY : 08.30 - 14.00 Fareham Road, Wickham, FAREHAM • PO17 5BY

01329 834646


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When you buy Any 2 Tyres



ge S

Wykeham Field

Winchester Road


to M27

Shell Fuel Station



kR o


School Road



Hoad’s Hill




Valid until the 30.06.2012

Fareham Road

Ma y Clo les se

Manor Close


Please hand in coupon before we start work




To Botley and Hedge End

Tanfield Park



n Ta

Mayles Lane






February 2012 Discover Meon Valley  

A5 Local Magazine

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