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Io Contracts

Our Io Contracts customers regularly asked for help and advice on planning applications so we are proud to announce the launch of Io Design

• Building Projects • Extensions our Speciality • Loft & Garage Conversions • New Flat Roof Systems 25 years experience

Tel: 023 8047 7150

Io Design • Survey & Measure • Planning Drawings & Applications • Building Regulation Drawings With Io Design you will deal with one person from start to finish. We are a local, family run company which enables us to offer competitive prices as well as a high quality, personal service throughout the entire process. Feel free to still choose your own builder or use Io Contracts for a complete service.

Tel: 023 8047 7150 Tel: 023 8047 7150

Email: 249 Upper Deacon Road SO19 5JR

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Discover Magazines Distribution - Discover Hedge End is published every month and distributed by local people to two alternating areas. In January, March etc it goes to homes and businesses in Botley, Hedge End South and the east side of Horton Heath. In February, April etc it goes to West End, Hedge End North and the west side of Horton Heath. The total distribution is around 14,000 homes. Advertising - We understand that the needs of a small business are quite different to those of a big company, and our advertising service is very much targeted at independent and local businesses. From advert design to general advice we are here to help you grow. For more details call Melanie on 023 8026 6388 or email melanie@

Tania Houston

Melanie Tinson

I’ve never been much of a “Spring cleaner” as when the warmer weather arrives I’d rather be outside than sorting cupboards. But come the autumn when we all spend time in our homes, I can’t wait to clear the house of clutter. It’s what to do with the stuff I find a challenge though. The easiest and quickest thing to do is to throw it away, but having been brought up to value my possessions, I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve tried e-Bay, Friday-ad and Gumtree, all with varying degrees of success.

I don’t like having to deal with the enquiries though as many are timewasters. I listed one item recently for £55 and had an offer within a couple of hours for £20. Really? But almost worse was the stuff I was giving away. I listed some baking tins on Freecycle and had so many enquiries that I felt guilty turning them all down. There were about 30 tins and I thought about splitting them up into several batches before I came to my senses and realised this would just make more work for me. I wish there was a third option where I could give stuff away in return for donations to charity (the shops I know about, but they don’t take everything). So I’m down to a large mirror, a couple of pictures, a children’s bike with flat tyres and a scooter in a similar state, a collection of K’nex which I’ve tried to sell at least three times and a very cluttered garage much to my husband’s irritation. He’s given me a deadline to clear it all out before he finds his own disposal method, reminding me daily with the rhyme “Remember, remember the 5th of November”!

Tania Romsey Chandlers Ford Southampton Southampton West Winchester Southampton East Hedge End Meon Valley Fareham Locks Heath



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Professional chimney and ue sweeping service

Call Les Bowering on

Professional chimney chimney and Professional and Professional chimney and Professional chimney and ue sweeping service ue sweeping service Professional chimney and  ue sweeping service ue sweeping service

02380 360 982

ue sweeping service

Les Bowering Call Les LesCall Bowering on on mobile: 07889 095 358 Call Les Bowering on Call Bowering on

Call Les Bowering on 02380 360 02380email: 982360 02380 360982 982982 02380

02380 360 982

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The Door Hanger Ltd

Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

Need a new door?

We can supply five 30” x 78” white primed colonial doors (six panel grained moulded doors), supplied and fitted with brass furniture st £375


Other sizes including metric available Free estimates

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The World of Downton Abbey

Your Local Family Business with over 55 years experience Specialists in all blinds including: • Conservatory Blinds • Shutters • Awnings • Roman • Roller • Wood Venetians • Vertical • Pleated • INTU • Perfect Fit

A charity ladies lunch is being held in November and will feature Jessica Fellowes, author of the books The World of Downton Abbey and The Chronicles of Downton Abbey While enjoying a drinks reception you will be able to browse and buy from stands offering gifts, jewellery, handbags, frangrances and chocolates and buy tickets for a raffle. Followed by a 2 course lunch and tea or coffee, Jessica will give an enlightening and informative journey into the world of Downton Abbey and you will be able to ask questions.





















As the niece of the hugely successful show’s creator and writer, Julian Fellowes, Jessica is in the unique position of being able to talk about the real-life inspirations behind Downton Abbey, drawn both from her family and her detailed knowledge of the Edwardian era along with clips and images from the show.





Call for a free home design visit or advice

023 8084 0505

The event takes place at the Botley Park Hotel on the 28th November and tickets cost £40 each. Two charities will benefit from the profits from this event, Pompey in the Community (Sainsbury's Farlington’s Charity of The Year) and U Support based in Southampton (Sainsbury's Eastleigh's Charity of The Year) both enhancing the lives of disadvantaged children in their respective communities through the advent of sport and education. This is an opportunity not to be missed! To book your tickets, call 02392 728899 or email Lesley at 7


Ground Cover Planting Carpet of foliage

Ground cover plantings are a wonderful way to create gorgeous carpets of colour in your garden, whatever its size and wherever it’s located. But what’s so special about ground cover growing, when is it most useful and when should you start? Slopes are a common feature in gardens, and they can be hard to manage, but with ground cover planting, once it’s established you’ll not have to do acrobatics to keep it looking good. The initial few months will take some effort, but once growing well, most ground cover planting needs little if any maintenance except perhaps a very occasional trim, and some food and water in drier weather.

As ground cover plantings will cover the soil surface they will have a superbly smothering effect on the weeds, killing weedlings and deterring further weeds from appearing. The denser the planting, the better the effect. Autumn is a great time for planting. Trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants that go in to the ground at this time of year often establish extremely well as they have the luxury of enjoying the relatively warm and yet moist soil, a perfect place for new roots to grow out and establish rapidly. For the best results it’s worth investing a bit of time and effort in to the preparation. Clear the area of weeds, digging out all tough weeds completely if you can. Fork the soil over, removing debris such as large stones or buried rubbish and then fork in plenty of well-rotted manure or garden compost, and perhaps a little slow-release feed too. If you’re planting up a slope, it’s worth trying to secure the soil a little too, as all that preparation and weed clearing will have


loosened the surface and made it prone to erosion. Once growing well, the roots of the plants will help to secure the slope brilliantly, but in the meantime, use landscape fabric pinned down onto the surface of the slope. Simply cut an ‘X’ shape in the fabric at each planting position, and plant through the hole. An added advantage is that the landscape fabric will also prevent weeds growing up from the soil. Cover the surface of the fabric with chipped bark or a bit of soil to camouflage it if you wish. Although you are after a carpet of foliage and maybe also flower, don’t be tempted to cram the plants in too closely. Given time they will form the desired effect if planted at the correct spacing. But if you fall in to the trap of planting them elbow to elbow, then they are more likely to become stressed and miserable, more prone to disease and will need thinning out. Ground cover plantings need the same sort of maintenance that you’d give if the plants were used individually or in small numbers in a garden border or bed. Make sure they are kept

just moist at the roots until they’re well established and feed occasionally. By choosing varieties of plants which are recommended for use as ground cover you’ll be unlikely to have to do much if any pruning. So what should you choose to grow? Foliage that is attractive and interesting is ideal and if you wish you can add a few more flamboyant flowering plants to the mixture too. Used as ‘dot plants’, the flowering additions will have more impact and look great set against a backdrop of pretty foliage. By using plants with interestingly shaped leaves or variegated leaves your planting will look even better. You may want your ground cover planting to look stunning at a particular time of year, but if you’re after a reasonable effect all year around, then select at

least some of the plants you use from the evergreens.

Shrubby Ground Cover Heaths and Heathers, Cotoneaster horizontalis and Cotoneaster microphyllus, Stephandra incise ‘Crispa’, ground cover roses eg the ‘Flower Carpet’ roses.

Shade-Tolerant Ground Cover Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis, Mahonia repens, Gaultheria procumbens, Hypericum calycinum, many hebes including Hebe pinguifolia, Euonymus fortune cultivars such as ‘Emerald n’Gold’, ‘Emerald Gaiety’

Herbaceous Cover in Shadier Spots Sweet violets, pulmonaria (lungworts) eg the white-flowered ‘Sissinghurst’, Bugle (the ajugas

Garden Design & Landscaping

eg Ajuga reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’), Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny), Lily-of-thevalley, Lamium ‘White Nancy’ and Lamium ‘Silver Beacon’, Bergenia

Sunnier Ground Cover Snow-in-summer, thymes, oregano, many of the sedums, chamomile. Visit Pippa’s website www. for a great range of gardening-related Christmas gifts including stylish ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ gift card, handmade pottery herb planters, recycled metal sculptures, Pippa’s favourite weeding tool, signed books and lots of seriously useful garden items.


Experts in your Garden

We lik is th custom see w custom


Local company with over 22 years’ experience.

We aare a local professional company with over We are local professional company with over 22 years

• All Tree Work Undertaken • NPTC Qualified • Tree Stump Removal • Hedge Cutting Specialists • Fully Insured We offer a full range of specialist services: • Free Quotations • Crown Shaping, thinning &services: pruning We offer a fullreductions, range of specialist • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • No Job Too Big or Too Small

For a free site visit call 01489 779998

• N.P.T.C. Qualified

• All Work • Carried N.P.T.C

• £10 Million • AllPublic Wor • Crown Shaping, reductions, thinning & pruning • Site Clearance • Hedge Cutting Sp • Tree Felling & Intricate Dismantling • £10 Mil • Domestic & Commercial • Tree Stump Remo • Site Clearance • Grounds Maintenance • Hedge • Free Quotations a • Planning Applications • Domestic & Commercial • Tree St • Grounds Maintenance • FreeVisit Qu • Planning Applications We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price competitive!

01489 890333

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free Estimate & We have the latest equipment which makes us efficient and price9compe

Office: 01489 890333 • EMAIL: • w

No job too big or small. Contact us for your Free E


Through the Woods at Ampfield This walk is suitable for walking or off-road cycling. If you are cycling however be aware that there are quite a few gates to go through and a steep hill. The paths do become very muddy in winter although if the weather is near or below freezing it will be fine. If you are walking you would be advised to take a change of shoes with you for the car journey home.

You can start from (and possibly finishing at!) the Potters Heron Hotel. You can park on the road near the off road start of the walk (on Knapp Lane or Claypit Road), but this is a residential area so if you do decide to do that, please be considerate of the residents.

country homes – look for a gate on the left with a bridleway sign. Take the path back into the forest.

With the hotel on your left walk along the main road as if heading towards Romsey. Approximately half a mile along there is a right turn into Claypit Rd or if you miss that turning Knapp Lane just at Ampfield School is fine too. At the end of Claypit Rd turn right onto Knapp Lane and go right to the end until you see a small no entry sign. On your left you will now see a five bar gate and a Forestry Commission sign which is the start of your walk.

Follow the path for some distance further on until you come to another five bar gate. There is a left and right option but don’t take either of these, but instead go across on the diagonal and follow the path round to the right.

Walk round the gate and head straight up the path. You will come to a junction on the path where you can either turn left or walk straight ahead. Keep going straight ahead. After a couple of miles you will come out onto a country road called Dores Lane onto which you turn left. On your left you will see two very large country homes. After around quarter of a mile – just after the land belonging to the 10

Keep going on the path until you reach a gate where you can see a large field on the other side. Turn right and then almost immediately left along the field boundary.

At the next crossroads straight across. When you reach a gate where there is another field, just look slightly to the left across the field and you’ll see another five bar gate. Head over to this and after the gate you’ll walk up a hill. When you go through another gate and there are a couple of cottages, just follow the road ahead and you’ll eventually arrive at the main A3090 road. Turn left, walk past Hillier House on the main road, and eventually you’ll arrive back at The Potters Heron. The total walk will be approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Tree Services Specialist in all aspects of Tree and Hedge Work


Neil Richmond

Family Run Business

• Domestic or Business • Hedge Cutting • Tree Felling • Crown Reduction / Reshaping

Garden Maintenance Reliable, experienced & professional

Border Maintenance Lawn Care Tree Surgery Hedge Trimming Shrub Pruning Garden Clearance Planting Design Service for a free estimate call

Thinning / Clean

• Deadwood Removal • Fruit Trees Pruned • Tree Planting and After Care • Stump Grinding • Logs for Sale

01489 779998

Quality work at competitive prices Free Estimates and Friendly advice

07834 595383 02380 582377 email: NPTC Qualified

Fully Insured

Experts in your Garden

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Bulk Bags for all your landscaping & garden projects • Great prices • Local deliveries • Convenient & easy 20mm Round Pebble

Experts in your Garden

20mm Plum Slate

Come and see our wide range of bulk bag materials

• Decorative and building aggregates • Top soils • Bark mulch • Slate mulch • Type 1 scalpings • and much more

01489 572285 135 Southampton Rd, Titchfield, PO14 4PR

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We’ve got it covered

6/4/2013 8:36:31 PM

Custom Made Blinds & Shutters

4 for 3 oN BliNdS aNd ShutterS* *exclusions apply the lowest priced item is free.

offer ends 30th November.

3&4 South Parade, Salisbury Road, Totton SO40 3PY (02380) 669972 1 Freegrounds Road, Hedge End, SO30 0HG (01489) 783665


From this to this in just a few days!

s Just give uHave you always wanted the kitchen of your . .. l l but can’t quite justify paying the expensive a ca dreams, price tag that comes with it? Now you can by just swapping the doors and worktops.

Call Sean for a FREE Quote on

02381 280123 or 02380274413 Visit our Showroom: 8 Falkland Court, Falkland Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 3GA - FREE PARKING

Proud members of

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Open to all ages & abilities

Pure Digital

Aerial & Satellites


Park Running

Digital Aerial Installations & Repairs TV, Telephone & Broadband Points Freesat & Sky No Call out Charge • 10% OAP Discount All work Guaranteed

01489 790380 07712 709645

Park runs have sprung up all over the country and Southampton is also on the map with a regular Saturday morning 5k run in Eastleigh starting at the Fleming Park Leisure Centre. It’s free but to run against the clock you need to pre-register online and bring the barcode with you. Organised by volunteers to promote running it’s a great healthy way to start the day. Open to all ages and abilities. To register

Love Learning Together A new non-profit community group, Learn to Love Learning, offer anyone over the age of 18 the opportunity to get out and learn something new, or even come and share your skills with others, with an emphasis on having fun. Sessions offered include arts and craft, CV writing, healthy lifestyles, computer skills and much more. The group is informal and friendly, and meet every Friday during term time from 12pm – 2pm at Hightown Centre, Tunstall Road, Thornhill, Southampton. For more details, telephone 07928 354 900 or email

Bodies in the Library

Do you enjoy a good murder mystery? Eastleigh Library hosts a crime reading group on the 1st Friday of every month from 2pm – 3.30pm. Come along and meet up with other people in a friendly and relaxed group to discuss what you’ve recently read. 14

Small Advert

BIG IMPACT Advertise to over 14,500 Hedge End, West End, Botley & Horton Heath homes from just £28 (+VAT) a month Free Advert Design Call 02380 266388 to discuss your advert or email


November’s Big Bang Fireworks Night This year’s Bonfire Night will see Britain’s population stocking up on pyrotechnics and hoping for a starry night into which they will launch their rockets and colourful array of exploding projectiles. Indeed, the popularity of fireworks never seems to wane, and despite the ubiquitous nature of this form of entertainment, it’s an occasion that never fails to impress. And Guy Fawkes’ commemoration by no means holds a monopoly on the format. An increasing number of dates outside the 5th of November fill Britain’s calendar with spectacular displays at many events: New Year’s Eve, Cowes Week, pop festivals, Halloween, Midsummer, and Blackheath Fireworks to name just a few. People from all backgrounds, old and young, come together to marvel at the displays and join in the chorus of ooohs and aaahs. It’s an age-old, simple pleasure that makes no distinction between culture, politics, or language. Quite simply, fireworks are just fun to watch.

Britain’s Pyrotechnic History As an English Catholic, Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot of 1605 was born of a desire to rid Parliament of Protestant King 16

James I and replace him with third in line, Princess Elizabeth. Gunpowder was placed in a room (an ‘undercroft’) beneath the House of Lords as part of an audacious plan hatched by Fawkes and his fellow Catholic conspirators. News of the plan, however, was leaked to King James who ordered a search of the underground cellars where Fawkes was seen leaving and promptly arrested. After some unsavoury interrogation and torture, it appears that Fawkes confessed to the crime and was banished to be hung, drawn and quartered. Not keen on facing the gallows, he leapt from the supporting scaffolding and met his end by way of a broken neck. Thus, the tale of conspiracy from 1605 became folklore in Britain and spawned generations who collected wood for bonfires and roamed from house-to-house seeking ‘a penny for the guy’, after which the effigy was placed on the blaze to meet its doom. Some of these traditions remain, but the modern commemoration is a more commercial operation with safety and litigation as primary concerns, alongside enjoyment of the events. Some consider this

the ‘nanny state’ at work, but the accident rate suggests otherwise, with hundreds of injuries reported every year despite government warnings and media campaigns. Notwithstanding this gloomy state of affairs, surfing the Internet reveals some fascinating information on the subject of fireworks as well as the do’s and don’ts of safety. The website Bonfire Night Safety, for example, states that in a recent year there were 990 injuries caused by fireworks in October and November, and alarmingly, that 285 of them were eye injuries. There are also some interesting snippets on the site; prior to 1959, it was illegal not to celebrate bonfire night in the UK and apparently, some fireworks can travel up to speeds of 150 mph. So, if that empty bottle in which you hope to plant your biggest rocket happens to topple over, that’s the speed it will be racing towards your neighbour’s fence, or worse, towards those standing nearby. Despite the hazards of pyrotechnics, a few precautions will see you enjoying the action in safety. There is plenty of information online and from

local authorities to make for a safe and enjoyable night, so be sure to seek it out before lighting the touch paper or joining an organised event.

The Business of Pyrotechnics The history of fireworks dates back to China in the 7th century where displays accompanied festivities, a trend that spread to many other cultures around the world. The popularity of these displays created a firework manufacturing industry and the much-respected profession of the pyrotechnician. It seems, however, that the mainstay of the industry is harking back to its Chinese roots. The business in Britain is now modest, only numbering around 40 companies, which employ a few hundred people fulltime, although this number rises

to around 4,000 during busy periods. Britain’s manufacturing side, however, is suffering since the majority of fireworks are now made in China and imported. The squeeze on materials and labour costs, plus fierce competition in the business, has caused the UK’s industry to downsize and concentrate on specialist markets and displays, rather than manufacture. There are also concerns that the standard of products coming into the country from China and the Far East might be dropping, and will have an adverse bearing on safety. Despite these concerns, our love affair with the spectacle continues. And for Britain, Guy Fawkes Night provides enough history and national enthusiasm to step out into the cold November air to indulge just one more time. By James Smith

The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) Bonfire Night - Your Guide To A Safer Event The Firefighters Charity

At Gair Gas we know you’ll be happy with our Boiler services • All areas covered

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Gair Gas offer a fantastic 7 year warranty on all Worcester Greenstar gas or oil fired boilers.

Call 0800 310 2323 E-mail *Introductory offer for 12 months. A minimum period of one calendar year is payable.

144901 17


Puzzle Page

Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one hexagon to another (touching) hexagon, placing consecutive numbers into the empty shapes as you go. Some numbers are already given.



2 words






4 words





15 4 words




GENERAL KNOWLEDGE CROSSWORD Across 1. Shade of blue tinged with green (4) 4. Japanese movie monster (8) 8. George Lucas film of 1977 (4,4) 9. Vegetable known as lady’s fingers (4) 10. Spencer ___, actor who appeared in many films with Katharine Hepburn (5) 11. Highly-prized edible subterranean fungus (7) 13. Person who is tricked or swindled (6) 15. Greek mathematician (the ‘Father of Geometry’) who wrote The Elements (6) 17. Port city in northern France (2,5)


19. Military chaplain (5) 22. Corrode, as with acid (4) 23. Flavoured with herbs and spices (8) 24. Rotating part of an engine (8) 25. Oil reservoir in an engine (4)













11 12 14

2. Arab country which achieved independence 17 18 from the UK in 1971 (5) 3. Fruit resembling a small 22 23 peach (7) 4. Largest and most southerly island in the 24 Marianas (4) 5. One who runs away 7. Siren of German legend from service in the (7) armed forces (8) 12. The food of the gods (8) 6. In snooker, to pocket the cue ball after hitting 14. Popular chilled beverage (4,3) another (2-3)








16. Goat-like antelope (7) 18. Throbs dully (5) 20. Watery discharge from the eyes or nose (5) 21. Support for sails (4)

The Blind Business

Made to Measure Window Blinds, Curtains & Awnings

A local company since 1989


THE BLIND BUSINESS, Hillier Garden Centre, Woodhouse Lane, Botley SO30 2EZ

J. & D. HUMPHREY LTD Plumbing & Heating Established local business with years of experience All Aspects of Plumbing, Heating and Gas

01489 893620


Free Estimates no call out charges 19

Frustrated by your dog’s behaviour? Need help understanding & training your best friend? 1-1 training & behaviour service for dogs & their owners. I will help to rebuild the relationship between you & your dog! Puppy/Rescue dogs/all breeds and ages I specialise in confidence building for both dog and human

Contact Louise 07918056562 |

HOME COMPUTER HELP We come to you!

Low Cost • Laptops/PCs • Repairs No Jargon • Virus/Spyware • Tuition On-Site • Local • Friendly

Free Home Callout

01489 232232 We’re on

House Martin Heating SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR SPECIAL OFFERS Full Central Heating Installations Boiler Change & System Upgrade Servicing & Breakdowns on all Gas Appliances Free Quotes, Work Guaranteed & Insured 7 YEAR GUARANTEE ON VAILLANT BOILERS Tel: 01489 580145 Mob: 07867 520680

Hedge End Veterinary Health Centre ÔDedicated to the Wellbeing of Your PetsÓ

01489 782 317 38, Wildern Lane Hedge End Southampton SO30 4EH

• 24 hour emergency cover provided • Mobile nurse clinic • Friendly & dedicated veterinary staff Open Monday to Friday: 8.30am till 7.30pm for routine enquiries. Consultation by Appointment Only: Monday-Friday: 9am to 12 noon and 4pm to 7.30pm, Saturday: 9am to 12 noon 20

About Sue McLachlan, Animal Magic Art Ever since Sue was at school she has painted, drawn and loved animals, particularly horses. She graduated from Winchester School of Art with a BA and MA in Fine Art in 2008 and now lives in Chandlers Ford. Sue works with a range of media from watercolour, pastels on paper, oils on canvas and more recently crayon etchings.

iPet portrait


Sue does mainly commissions and works from a selection of photographs supplied by the owner who often have the knack (and patience) of capturing the character of their pet beautifully. Our wonderful front cover is one of Sue’s commissions which start from £160.

perfect little gift for a pet lover or for yourself costing just £20. As you can see from these examples, the style is fun and simple but very lifelike.

But her iPet Portraits, sketched on the iPad are ideal for that Tel: 02380 369922 Mobile: 07818062559

Discover’s Pet Photo Competition Got A Pampered Pooch, Classy Cat Or Handsome Horse?

WIN An iPet Portrait! Whatever your pet, Sue McLachlan of Animal Magic Art can sketch an amazing electronic image from your high quality photograph and email it to you, ready to print at home or you can turn it into a canvas, mug or puzzle using many of the photographic services available online.

10 lucky Discover readers will WIN a free iPet Portrait voucher or animal portrait ready in time for Christmas HOW TO ENTER PRIZE DRAW FOR FREE IPET PORTRAIT (WORTH £20)

1. Email with your pet’s name, breed and attach a close up picture with YOUR NAME in the file name (eg. TomSmith.jpg). 2. Include your address and phone number. 3. When you received this copy of Discover. 4. Closing date is 15 November 2013. Only one animal per entry/household. 21


Napoleonic Relaxation A small group of ladies and gentlemen are seeking new members to join them in learning the dances of the Regency and Napoleonic periods. The friendly group meets for fortnightly classes in Bitterne Park on Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm. The classes are led by an experienced teacher and are suitable for complete beginners. A degree of fitness is required as the dances, though elegant, are energetic! If you are a Napoleonic reenactor, Jane Austen fan or just keen to make new friends and keep fit, it could be for you. For details email

Ladies Chorus

Voted 9.9 out of 10

See what our customers say at

Featured: Just Shutters DoveWood in Pure White with 89mm louvres.

Looking for something exciting to do this autumn? Come along, sing and have some fun with Solent Sounds Ladies Chorus every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm - 10pm at the Methodist Church Hall, King's Road, Fareham. We promise you a warm welcome. For more details phone Karen on 01329 310084.

Only shutters can provide the perfect ambience

Brass Jubilation

Just Shutters guarantees you the best prices, the finest shutters and the widest choice. Providing a personal, local service with inspirational ideas and the experience to create your perfect ambience.

The Jubilee Brass Band meets in the Eastpoint Centre, Thornhill (near Tescos) every Tuesday and new band members are always welcome. The band is led by Ian Smith (ex Soton. Youth Band) and has reached a good standard, playing throughout the country at a variety of events. They are not a competition band and play a broad range of music. Several members of the band come from Botley, so if you're over 16 yrs of age and would like to play, contact jubilee-brass@ or Marc Parnell on 07711 2023061 or

We are your local family specialists

01962 670157

FSC速 C112896 The mark of responsible forestry

22 T2510 JS 65x192 Discovery 0813.indd 1

19/08/2013 10:08



Sean Quinn

Britannia Windows doors & conservatories

Trading Standards Approved. Everything in Plain English. CRB Checked. Part-P Registered. for FREE advice.

















14 Collingbourne Drive, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4SW



chandlers ford shoWroom

07986 949233



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neW! loW cost solar panels








The Amazing Mister Mittens Toby Daniels thought it was extremely unfair that he had to go next door and feed Mrs Withershaw’s cat. His neighbour would be in hospital for a whole week having a hip replacement. The boring chore would make him late home from school, and that meant ten minutes less computer game playing while his Mother made dinner. It simply was asking too much. He’d never paid much attention to Mrs Withershaw’s pet before. It had always seemed like the usual sort of cat, but by the third day of caring for it Toby wasn’t so sure. Yesterday he had left a dirty bowl next to the sink and today when he let himself in, the bowl had been washed and placed on the draining board. He watched as Mister Mittens hungrily ate his dinner. When he was sure the cat had finished Toby gently picked him up and placed him on the counter. “Show me how you turned on the tap, Mister Mittens,” Toby whispered in the cat’s ear. Mister Mittens began licking his paws enigmatically, clearly in no mood for performing. This was not the first time something unusual had happened. On the first day, 24

in his rush to get home, Toby had knocked over a pile of newspapers, causing them to cascade across the kitchen floor. When he returned the next day Mister Mitten had piled the newspapers up neatly again. In fact as Toby walked in, the cat was curled up asleep on top of them. Toby wondered if all cats were as amazing as Mister Mittens, or whether this was a very special cat. He decided to ask his Mother. Mrs Daniels seemed genuinely surprised about how clever Mister Mittens was. “What a very considerate cat,” she agreed. Over the following days Mister Mittens, while being left home alone, somehow put the empty tins of cat food into the recycling, swept up scattered cat litter and mopped up a puddle of milk next to the fridge. Toby knew that the milk had been mopped, not licked up, because the mop and bucket had moved, and the mop was damp. It began to rain the day before Mrs Withershaw was due to come home from hospital, and the rain continued into the evening. Mrs Daniels noticed that Toby kept glancing nervously out of the living room window. “Something wrong Toby dear?” she asked finally.

“I’m worried about next door,” Toby said. “I noticed a leak in Mrs Withershaw’s back porch, and if this rain carries on she’s going to have a big puddle there when she gets home. She could slip over and ruin that brand new hip.” “Oh dear.” Mrs Daniels pretended to read her magazine while watching her son out of the corner of her eye. “What is there to be done about it?” It amazed and amused her that Toby still hadn’t realised that she had been going round to Mrs Withershaw’s every morning to tidy up the mess he’d made. She was seeing another side to Toby emerging as he cared for that old cat, so she was more than happy for Mister Mittens to take all the credit. Toby made up his mind and went into the hall for his coat. “I’m going back there now to put a bucket under it,” he said decisively. “That’s very thoughtful of you,” Mrs Daniels said, delighted that her son was finally learning to be considerate. Then, unable to resist, she added, “But won’t Mister Mittens do it?” “Honestly Mum!” Toby sighed, zipping up his coat. “You can’t expect a cat to think of everything.”

By Jackie Brewster

Professional tuition in maths and English Kip McGrath’s qualified teachers create individual tutoring programmes for your child, using proven Kip McGrath methods of tuition Maths Reading English Spelling Comprehension

EASTLEIGH 023 80 64 30 06

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Etikett is a unique boutique specialising on classic, traditional and designer wear for babies and children 0-8 years.  Accredited christening retailer  Bridesmaid dresses, page-boy outfits and special occasion wear  Shoes and accessories  Toys and gifts  Premature babywear  Babywear, boyswear and girlswear  Gift hampers

Free –parking *loyalty cards* Free Gift wrapping

1st Floor Offices, 21 High Street 22 High street, Botley, Hampshire, SO30 2EA Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 5LF follow us Kiddywinks A6 postcard_Layout 1 19/09/2013 16:13 Page 1 01489 785829

Kiddywinks, Horton Heath, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 7DQ

Tel: 023 8069 2473 • •


Hearing problems?

Interested in Advertising your business? 136,750 local homes and businesses regularly get a copy of Discover through their door. Our satisfied advertisers like Discover because it works! How? • It generates new business, raises their local profile, drives people to their website • It’s good value for money • They can choose from 10 areas in and around Southampton • They can tailor their advert per area • They get free advert design* • They get free editorial* • They get free marketing advice

And we’re nice people to do business with! For a Media Pack call 023 8026 6388 or get an instant quote online We’re open 8am-8pm Monday-Friday and during the weekends.

FREE no obligation hearing tests ✔ FREE ✔ Comprehensive hearing assessments ✔ Latest digital hearing technology ✔ Independent hearing advice ✔ Home visits available –✔forFully all your hearing difficulties equipped Testing Centre– whatever y ✔✔FREE no obligation Free Parkinghearing tests

Hampshire Hearing Centre ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Comprehensive hearing assessments Hearing Aids Independent hearing advice Home visits available Fully equipped Testing Centre Free Parking

17 Bournemouth Road, 3DA

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500 business cards and 500 compliment slips only £98.00 inclusive of Design, Delivery and V.A.T. Warwick Printing Company Tel : 01926 883355 Website :


The People Behind Your Local Businesses Roy Hampson Hampson Opticians Hampson Opticians is an independent optician based in Hursley Road Chandlers Ford. It is owned and run by Roy and Lynne Hampson conducting sight tests and supplying glasses and contact lenses. Roy has spent his working life with glasses and contact lenses. He joined Clement Clarke Ltd at their London practice in Wigmore Street W1. He was soon working with Dr Josef Dallos fitting glass contact lenses before moving on to manage a practice in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire. Roy left Clement Clarke to join Contactalens as their UK sales manager importing the first soft contact lenses into the UK from Canada. He then set up a group of four practices in and around London before going on to work for Alcon Laboratories in Watford as their UK marketing manager. A spell with Sangers as

their London area director controlling 23 London practices was followed by a move to Southampton to work for CooperVision as their UK marketing manager. In 1985 Roy set up the Southampton based Optique. The first practice was in Bedford Place followed by Bitterne Precinct. Optique was a progressive optician which became well known for its friendly staff and efficient service. More practices followed at Totton, Hedge End and Shirley High Street, the latest one being in Hythe. Roy always insists on the highest standards of service, full instrumentation and highly trained friendly and efficient staff.

Roy Hampson

Roy and Lynne like working in Chandlers Ford. “It is a lovely area, we have already made many new friends and find great interest in the special Varilux glasses we supply and our relaxed contact lens service. We are never happier than when one of our clients achieves their highest standard of vision using the glasses or contact lenses we supplied

Roy and Lynne sold Optique in 2010, and after a short while working for the new owners decided to from Essilor establish a new practice in Chandlers Ford. This opened for business in November 2012 and Be amazed‌ is steadily Only in Chandlers Ford at growing into a busy cheerful practice based on the same 3 A Hursley Road, high standards Chandlers Ford, SO53 2FW and relaxed atmosphere that made Optique so successful.


Award-winning varifocal lenses

Photochromic, high-index and anti-reflection options available.


TEL 023 8115 9719



Fighting the Flu and Combating Colds Your throat is sore, you can’t breathe through your nose and the only thing you want to do is watch TV all day under a duvet. But is it a cold or the flu? It can be difficult to tell them apart. Both can cause runny or blocked noses, sore throats and coughs. But there are some differences. A cold: • Symptoms come on gradually • You feel worse on days 1-2, and usually better in a week • It doesn’t often cause a temperature; if it does, it will usually be brief and mild (not above 38°C) • Your nose tends to be painful, irritated and red • You will feel unwell, but not overwhelmingly tired or incapable of doing anything • Sometimes you may also suffer from eye irritation, ear pressure or earache, mild headache and mild muscle pain.

The flu: • Symptoms come on very rapidly • You usually feel worse 2 or 3 days in, rather than at the start, but improve after 5 or 6 days • You may have a high temperature - 38°C or above which comes on suddenly and 28

By Alison Runham

can make you sweat, or give you ‘the chills’ • Your cough tends to be dry and chesty, and can be severe • Headaches are very common; muscles and joints may ache badly • You may develop diarrhoea • You may have difficulty sleeping, although you feel very tired and only want to lie down. Whichever is the culprit, both are highly contagious infections caused by viruses and there are only two ways to combat them: 1) avoid contact with them 2) boost your immune system to fight them off and reduce symptoms.

Avoiding Contact Think how many surfaces you touch; door handles, stair rails, taps, keypads when we enter our PIN. Now consider how many people have touched them before you. • Clean high-contact surfaces regularly and thoroughly; don’t forget telephones and door handles • Clean your hands regularly and thoroughly, especially after touching your nose or mouth • Don’t share cutlery or cups • Cold and flu sufferers need their own hand towel or disposable paper towels • Make sure they have tissues close by too. Coughing or

sneezing into a tissue (and throwing it away immediately) prevents virus-laden droplets escaping into the air.

Boosting your immune system If you have a medical condition which can make flu more serious, or are over 65, pregnant or a carer, you should be offered the flu vaccine every autumn. Whilst it won’t guarantee that you won’t develop flu (new strains often appear), the chances are greatly reduced. There are also many foods and supplements that claim to help. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): There is no evidence that it prevents colds; but a regular daily dose may reduce how long your infection lasts and the severity of your symptoms. Zinc: Zinc appears to lessen symptoms and speed up recovery, if taken from the start; it’s not clear how as yet, but it may prevent formation of proteins that allow cold viruses to reproduce. Sources: wheat germ, eggs, seafood. Garlic: Ingesting garlic regularly seems to boost your immune system, but only one study has shown it prevents a cold or flu; once you’re infected, there’s no proof garlic helps. Leave for 20 minutes after peeling and chopping to activate its immune boosting enzymes.

Echinacea: A variety of preparations have been trialled with differing results. Some trials show that Echinacea takers are 30% less likely to develop a cold but there’s little evidence it helps once you’re ill. Glutathione and bioflavonoid: These help to maintain a healthy immune system, although there’s no cold or flu fighting evidence yet. Glutathione sources: watermelon, broccoli, cabbage. Bioflavonoid sources: cherries, green peppers, red onions. Selenium: Low levels of selenium have been linked to developing more severe flu, so maintain healthy levels. Sources: fish, nuts, mushrooms. Saline (salt water): Saline drops and sprays can reduce congestion and remove virus and bacteria particles. Chicken Soup: Chicken has anti-inflammatory properties, so

it really can help, and you can add other immunity-boosting ingredients too. Hot Toddy: Hot drinks with honey, lemon and a small measure of whisky can ease congestion, soothe the throat and help you sleep. Remember however that too much alcohol affects immunity.

Cold and Flu Myths • The flu jab gives you flu False. Inactive viruses are used in the vaccine, but you may have a temperature and ache for a short time afterwards. • Being cold or wet gives you a cold/flu False. But if you’re already carrying a virus, it might allow it to develop.

Do I need to see my GP? Usually, over the counter painkillers and decongestants plus plenty of rest and fluids will be all you need, and steam inhalation can ease congestion. But do see your GP if: • Your symptoms last more than a week, or become much worse: very high temperature, severe headache, shortness of breath, coughing up blood or chest pain • You develop symptoms not typical of flu, such as a rash • You have a medical condition that is making your flu worse.

• Antibiotics cure colds and flu False. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses.

St Johns Centre, Hedge End, SO30 4QU 01489 787141

St Luke’s Close, Hedge End, SO30 2US 01489 795533

Flu Vaccination



Also available at our Locks Heath, Titchfield, Cosham and Horndean branches 29


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Ladies who Sparkle Ladies are in for a treat at the Hampshire Autistic Society’s Autumn Sparkle Party on the 7th November (7pm to 10pm). Go along for an evening of fashion, shopping and pampering, while supporting a worthy cause. There will be 20 stalls with an exciting range of products to try and buy and you can also enjoy a consultation with Clinique or mini treatments from one of many beauty therapists. Sample some wonderful Thornton’s chocolates and browse the many stands for bags, jewellery, accessories, gifts, crafts and more. Ticket prices are £12.50 and include entry to Ageas Bowl, a glass of bucks fizz and a Clinique Goody Bag. Telephone 01489 880881 or visit sparkle-party-2013.html for more information.

Repairs Locks Replacement Doors Automatic Operators Please call or email for free advice & quotes

Fix Quick Garage Doors www.fix my garage Andover

01264 337711


01962 715200

Airport Transfers Links Private Hire are a family operated business based in Chandlers Ford, specialising in Airport Transfers. We provide a quality service with competitive prices.  Local operator  Quality, Reliable Service

Call: 07722 80 12 12


Wildern Waves Championship Wildern Waves are a Community Swim Club based at Wildern Leisure Centre, Hedge End. October 20th saw their 1st Club Championship, which was opened by the Mayor of Eastleigh. Lots of competitive swimming was seen throughout the day and all the swimmers and parents had fun. If you would like to be part of our exciting Club please contact the Leisure Centre on 01489 787128. Pictured below with the Mayor of Eastleigh are the Wildern Waves team Captains Charlotte Griffiths and Lewis Jackson.


Est 2001

Mobile Car Paint Repairs Paint Scratches • Bumper Scuffs • Alloy Wheel Repairs FREE ESTIMATES • HUGE SAVINGS ON BODYSHOP COSTS We Come To YouR Home/WoRk

Southampton: 023 8001 6860

O T R Y F S You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.

3 letters: 13 4 letters: 11 5 letters: 6 6 letters: 1 30

car & van workshop

now open in hedge end • Your local alternative to high main dealer prices • audi, vW, seat, skoda specialists

car and van MoT and servicing To ManufacTurers specificaTion Fully warranty compliant (see

3 Manufacturer trained technicians 3 General repairs 3 MOT’s for cars and vans class 4 and 7 3 MOT and servicing while you wait 3 100% environmentally friendly waste disposal 3 While you wait diagnostics 3 Tyre sales and wheel balancing 3 Air conditioning servicing 3 Clutch and cambelt replacement

To book your service or MOT call 01489 798383


















visiT us aT heraLd indusTriaL esT. hedge end so30 2Jw





free air con re-gas wiTh everY service


speciaL opening offer 31


Aston Martin Rapide S A stunning way to travel

What is it?

Meet Aston Martin’s slightly awkward-looking four-door saloon, but now with added adrenaline. Not that the standard car really needed an additional dose of go-go juice, but that’s never stopped the Gaydon massive from administering aid before. As part of a mid-life refresh the S has more power and even more refinement, and is the only model in the maker’s range that comes with two rear seats. What’s under the bonnet? An almighty lump, that’s what. The ageing 6.0-litre V12 is still in situ – a last hurrah before AMG work their black magic under the hoods of Britain’s finest – but for now it has even more grunt. Power is up 80bhp to 550bhp and this helps the 60mph dash time tumble under that all-important five second barrier, but only by a tenth of a second. Top speed is a heady 190mph and with those sorts of figures fuel economy and emissions suffer. The former is a rather woeful 19.9mpg and CO2 is puffed out at a rate of 332g/km.

What’s the spec like?

In a word: glorious. The leather is soft, the carpets thick and the wood burnished. Several


cows were sacrificed to coat most surfaces inside and the instruments are as beautiful as one of the finest Swiss watches. Standard kit includes Bluetooth, sat nav, front and rear parking sensors (you need them, this thing is Ark Royal long), tracking device and a stunning 1000W Bang & Olufsen stereo. Some of the controls are a little small and fiddly, particularly the buttons in the centre console. Those rear seats have the option of TV screens (£2,495) and you can go mad on the other options too. Even the paint of our test car was an additional £3,495, but it’s worth it for the name alone: Skyfall Silver.

the butterflies in the exhaust containing the cacophony of noise open, releasing a guttural V12 groan. The rear seats are comfy too, even for adults, but that said, headroom can be a little cramped.

Price: £165,580 (as tested) Engine: 6.0-litre, V12, petrol Power: 550bhp 620NM Max speed: 190mph 0-62mph: 4.9 seconds MPG: 19.9mpg (combined) Emissions: 332g/km CO2

Any rivals?

A few. The biggest is the Porsche Panamera. An ugly car from some angles, stunning from others, it’s a super-sized sports car that’s superb to drive, especially in GTS form. The new Mercedes S-Class will be a potent rival too as will Audi’s luxurious A8. Even BMW’s 7 Series will have a sniff in this category, where price matters far less than the badge that’s on the bonnet.

What’s it like to drive?

It’s not the most dynamic of Aston Martin’s range, that’s for sure, but this is a GT car to transport you and the family with ease. It’s relaxed and sedate when you want it to be, but can still pick up its skirt and go when you put your foot down. As the revs rise

Our Verdict

The Aston Martin Rapide S is a stunning way to travel. It’s luxurious, looks sharp and is caked in cool. You can’t drive an Aston anywhere without gaining nods of appreciation and that very rarely happens in ostentatious equivalents from the likes of Ferrari or Lamborghini. There’s a certain respect for Aston Martin, and I like that. The Rapide S is a big car – and it feels it on the road – and that engine really is starting to feel dated in terms of economy, but the power is impressive and if you need those extra rear seats it’s worth considering… if you have the cash, of course. By James Baggott, MD of

Your Local Experienced Locksmith (est 2000)

Experienced local locksmith service

Central Heating Installations, Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs Boiler Replacement, Servicing, Upgrades Bathroom and Kitchen Installations Chemical flushing of heating systems Landlord's gas safety checks Part P electrical qualified

• All locks opened, repaired, replaced • No call out charge • 24 hour service

For a prompt, reliable service. No call out charge. Free estimates.

• Fully insured • 19 years experience

24 Hour Call-out

• UPVC door lock specialist • Free estimates & advice • Emergency response available

AQUATEC Plumbing and Heating

Call Steve on

01489 619050

T: 023 8026 6544 M: 07802 385542


email: 147722

Clockhouse Auto Affordable, Local Car Servicing Unit 2, Botley Road Service Station (behind Texaco), Botley Road, Horton Heath, SO50 7DN

Our SpeCiAl OFFerS

Free loan cars (subject to insurance & availability) Free diagnostic tests as part of servicing Free pick up and delivery of cars with 5 mile radius Opening hOurs: Monday – Friday 7.45am - 5pm Saturday 8.30am - 12.30pm

Tel: 023 8069 5810 Mobile: 07771 666293

Email: Proprietor: Mitch Davage

• • • • • • •

MOTs £35 if you quote DISCOVER

Over 35 years’ experience of all makes and models Servicing and general repairs Diagnostics (FREE with every service) Cam-belt replacement Air conditioning services MOTs Light commercials 33

LOCAL WHAT’S ON FIREWORKS NIGHT 2 Nov, 6.00pm gates open with fireworks at 7.30pm Royal Victoria Country Park, SO31 5DQ A spectacular display to music in a beautiful setting with refreshments available on the field, and a miniature train and mini fun fayre. Adults £5, children £3 or adults £7, children £5, family ticket (2+2) £20 on the gate. Telephone 023 8045 5157. AJTC THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS BIN MEN 2 Nov, 11am The Berry Theatre, Wildern Lane, SO30 4EJ Don and Sam are bin men with big dreams. Join them on their adventure of saving the world and having fun doing it! This is a story of recycling and transformation told with live music, puppetry, a touch of Don Quixote and lots of fun! Prices £6 / Special Family Offer 4x tickets for £22 or 5x for £26. Contact 01489 799 499. SPOOKY ZOO 2 Nov, 11am – 4pm Mottisfont House and Gardens, SO51 0LP The Spooky Zoo is back for another year, feed the snakes, race beetles, hold a spider and meet a python. www.nationaltrust. SWANWICK LAKES WILDLIFE TOTS – MINI WILD CAMP 5 Nov, 10.30am – 12pm, 1.00pm – 2.30pm Swanwick Lakes Centre, Sopwith Way, SO31 7AY Toddler-friendly bushcraft, stories and activities for preschool children.Booking is essential on 01489 570240 or Please bring outdoor clothing and wellies. Children must be accompanied by adults. Suggested donation £3 per child. SECOND CHANCE FASHION SHOW 6 Nov, 7.30pm Gosport Discovery Centre, High Street, PO12 1BT A catwalk show of up-cycled garments from local charity shops. Discover how to track down designer labels and grab yourself a bargain. The evening will also include stalls by local crafters and businesses. Free. AUTUMN SPLENDOURS – GUIDED WALK 7 Nov, 10.30am Swanwick Lakes Wildlife Reserve, Sopwith Way, SO31 7AY Join Reserve staff for a guided walk to experience Swanwick Lakes in its autumnal glory. Telephone 01489 570240 or e-mail for more information. Please bring outdoor clothing and sturdy boots. Booking is essential as places are limited. Suggested donation £3 per person.


AUTUMN SPARKLE PARTY – HAMPSHIRE AUTISTIC SOCIETY 7 Nov Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, SO30 3XH See page 30 for details Fundraising for Flowers 9 Nov, 10am - midday The Church of the Ascension, Thorold Road, Bitterne Park Coffee Morning, in aid of the Church Flower Fund, Therewill be a raffle as well as items for sale and delicious cakes and coffees. All are welcome to attend. Firework Fiesta and Fun Fair 9 Nov, Gate opens 6pm. Fireworks 7.30pm Greta Park - Hedge End (behind Library) SO30 4DY Despite the bargain entry price price you will not be disappointed by the quality of the fireworks so if you have not been before why not join our regular 3000 residents who enjoy this great event. Come early and support the Fun Fair. Admission adults £3 children £1 Family 2 adults + 2 children £7 No advance tickets, pay at the gate. TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS ‘TREATS & EATS’ EVENT 9 – 10 Nov, 10am – 5pm Whiteley Shopping Centre, PO15 7LJ If you love wonderful food, indulgent treats, sparkling jewellery, handmade cosmetics and special gifts, come to “Truly Scrumptious” in Market Square. Free admission. PERCY THE PARK KEEPER 20 Nov, 11am – 12pm, & 1.30pm – 2.30pm Royal Victoria Country Park, SO31 5DQ Come and join in the adventures of Percy and the Park animals. Price includes a walk, drink, biscuit and craft activity. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Meet outside the shop. Spaces are limited so please book in advance. £2.50 per child; must be accompanied by an adult. Telephone 023 8045 5157. CONCERT BY THE HAMPSHIRE POLICE MALE VOICE CHOIR 23 Nov, 7.30pm St Peter and St Paul Church, Osborn Road, PO16 7DR A concert by this popular Male Voice Choir with a varied programme of choir items and solos. Tickets £8. Telephone 01329 665170. CHRISTMAS FAMILY FUN DAY AND CHRISTMAS LIGHT SWITCH-ON 2013 23 Nov, 11am – 7pm Eastleigh Town Centre, SO50 5DF Children’s rides, music and activities, with Father Christmas in his grotto and the popular animal farm together with a climbing wall. Father Christmas will lead a special Christmas light parade commencing at 5.15pm through Eastleigh. Then at 6pm the town is set to be all lit up when The Mayor of Eastleigh will switch on the town’s 2013 Christmas lights, followed by free fireworks. Telephone 02380688045 for more details. www.eastleightc. CHRISTMAS AT MARWELL 23 Nov – 24 Dec (various dates) Marwell Wildlife, Colden Common, SO21 Magical fun for all the family, meet Mrs Claus, the elves and Santa in the classic setting of enchanted Marwell Hall. Contact 01962 777 407 or visit for more info.

THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES BY PHILIPPA SMITH 28 & 29 Nov at 7.30pm, 30 Nov at 2pm and 7.30pm. Soberton Village Hall, SO32 3PF Traditional Pantomime returns to Soberton with this well-known fairytale brought hilariously to life by Soberton Players. Will Emperor “Monty” Preen become the ultimate fashion victim? Will the Nimbys be ousted from their farm to make way for a giant wardrobe? And what can Clover the Cow and the Yorkshire Fairies do to help? Find out by booking for this fabulous family friendly romp. Fashion will never look the same again! Box Office: 01489 878724 or email Credit Card Hotline 01489 866666 Tickets £6 for adults £4 for people up to school leaving age. CHRISTMAS QUIZ NIGHT – HAMPSHIRE AUTISTIC SOCIETY 29 Nov, 7pm arrival for 7.30pm start Hedge End CIU Club, Bursledon Road, SO30 OBR It’s time to test your knowledge! The quizmaster has a range of quizzes and puzzles to get your brain thinking including general knowledge, anagrams and picture puzzles. Teams of 6, £10 per person to include a Christmas supper. Bar available plus a raffle with fantastic prizes. Telephone 01489 880881. CHRISTMAS GIFT & CRAFT FAIR 30 Nov, 12pm – 4pm The Netley Grange, (Formerly Millhouse Pub), Grange Road, SO31 5FF Christmas fair for unusual and not to be found on the High Street gifts and crafts. Free entry plus a raffle. All proceeds donated to The Special Care Baby Unit and The Cardiomyopathy Association. Free entry. Donations welcome. Telehpone 02380434443.

Bishop’s Waltham


FASHION GALA Thursday 14th November 2013 Doors Open 6.30pm to visit stalls 7.30pm Fashion Show at Jubilee Hall, Bishop’s Waltham Casual and Evening Wear presented by Labels Dress Agency & Cassis Try and Buy on the Night (Cash) or reserve and pay at the shop Tickets £8.00 (in advance) to include a glass of wine from Cassis, Labels, Studio 4 Gifts & Coffee House Raffle

Advertising with Discover will benefit a local charity Discover is donating a percentage of its advertising revenue to a local charity for 12 months, publishing the progress and reporting on its behalf in the Locks Heath, Fareham, Hedge End and Meon Valley editions. We are inviting nominations for Discover’s Solent East Charity. The chosen charity should be based in and support the residents of postcodes PO16, PO17, SO30, SO31, SO32. To apply visit and click on the Chosen Charity form under the Contact Us tab. The closing date for submissions is 30 November 2013.

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Every issue of Discover is full of interesing articles, useful information and fun stuff too, delivered through your door free of charge, made possible by the financial support of its advertisers. Please support local businesses who promote themselves in Discover. They are ready to serve you and they want your business. We’d appreciate it if you’d mention Discover when contacting advertisers from this issue. FLOORING

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l Buy Local . . . PUZZLE ANSWERS General Knowledge Crossword


Across: 1 Aqua, 4 Godzilla, 8 Star Wars, 9 Okra, 10 Tracy, 11 Truffle, 13 Victim, 15 Euclid, 17 Le Havre, 19 Padre, 22 Etch, 23 Seasoned, 24 Camshaft, 25 Sump. Down: 2 Qatar, 3 Apricot, 4 Guam, 5 Deserter, 6 In-off, 7 Lorelei, 12 Ambrosia, 14 Iced tea, 16 Chamois, 18 Aches, 20 Rheum, 21 Mast.


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1. Altar Boy, 2. Wet Behind The Ears, 3. Elephant In The Room

Royal Winchester County

01962 863535

Southampton General

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West End Surgery

023 8047 2126

Word Trial 3 Letters: for, rot, soy, tor, toy, try, fry, foy, fro, oft, sot, sty, ort. 4 Letters: fort, foys, orts, rosy, rots, ryot, soft, sort, tors, tory, toys, tyro. 5 Letters: forts, forty, frost, story, tyros, ryots. 6 Letters: frosty

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Kings Copse Primary

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Shamblehurst Primary

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St James CE

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The Gregg School

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Wellstead Primary

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Wildern School

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TAXI Links Private Hire




UPHOLSTERY Pont Furnishings


VETERINARY Hedge End Veterinary Health Centre


Sun Closed


Advanced Appliance Care

£10 OFF

REPAIR when booking on-line

Same Day/Next Day Service Low Cost, Fast Repair 15 Years Experience All Makes & Models Repaired Fully Guaranteed • Dishwashers • Fridge Freezers • Cookers • Tumble Dryers • Integrated Specialists • OAP Discounts

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Complete rewire of house

“I would definitely recommend Imagine Electrical. Very reliable and courteous”- Rewires

Sockets and lights



Periodic inspection reports


Any work undertaken

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O u r C h ri st m a s G if t to y o u



Receive these great Swan discounts this Christmas % when you spend % when you spend

10 15%


ure spoke furnit Beautiful be e om r your h designed fo

up to £1500 when you spend £1501 to £3499

20 £3500 to £4999 you spend £5000 or more 25% when OFF


Showrooms open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm


Titchfield Showroom: Units 6 / 6a The Tanneries, East Street, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4AR Tel: 01329 843 636

West End Show Showroom: 15-19 Swaythling Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3AG Tel: 02380 465 485

Sale Valid 1st November - 30th November 2013 email: 39

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