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What have you learned from your audience feedback? To answer this question, I created a questionnaire on Google Forms to gather feedback on my music video, this would allow me to generate questions which would allow me to produce relevant information on the audience's interpretations, meanings and over all success from my production. By using an online format, it allowed me to create the questionnaire quickly and for my results to be presented in conclusive results. I also embedded my music video within my questionnaire so the participants could easily refer back to it with any questions.

½) From my gathered data the majority gender is female however, I made sure to generate a questionnaire that would hold responses no single gender as I wanted to produce varied feedback as my aim was the generate coherent evaluation which wouldnt give me limitations to upcoming questions. Most of the people I gathered feedback was from teenagers who were in similar age of my target group and would fit my audience profile, I thought this would make my feedback more representative of a typical viewer. Though this wasn’t my initial intention to only gather from a certain age range, as I would preferably want as much variety it worked due to primary target group.

3. Asking about the individuals music taste meant that I could see the general effect of their answers on the upcoming questions because their interests and expectations may be different to their usual taste and preference in conventions of music. Though only half the participants for my questionnaire were interested in areas of my hybrid genre it gave me some variation of musical interests in order to help me to explore different interpretations from different groups.

The next three questions allowed me to gather a general idea of the audience's general opinion on how well the music video worked seeing the extent that they agreed to certain statements, as a whole focusing on three key questions to analyze whether what I was trying to aim for was successful. 4) For question four it shows that the overall response to keeping the audiences interest was fairly successful with 62.5% agreeing it kept their interest and 37.5% strongly agreeing. I do however, think that I should've included a further question about what specific aspect of the video was the most interesting as I think this could benefit me with what worked best within my production. 5) I think that this question was essential as genre was one of the first initial concepts which came within planning my production and creation of it. Theorist Goodwin suggests music videos show genre characteristics. With 3 out of 8 people agreeing and the other 5 people strongly agreeing, this reassured me that I followed the conventions within the indie pop rock genre and the variation of aesthetic pleasure and narrative themes of romance and a youthful love conveying this. 6) Asking about relating to the themes/ feelings of the video provided a more fluid account to the success of the video. In one aspect the general agreement to the

question gives evidence that the narrative worked well into the key theme of romance where feelings of emotion and love were present. However, the relations to the two aspects could also have influence from personal experience and because of the individuality of everyone with aspects such as relationships or interest in romance (in tv, books etc) could've hindered of progressed these answers. Though i did add a further part to question 6 with additional comments I could've made it clearer if this was specifically down to narrative, personal experiences or both.

7. My next question was interesting to gather information from with what I feel the central meaning is mainly dreams vs reality however, the other two messages being prevailed in this. It was compelling to see that the viewers predominantly chose the same meaning as me presenting the success within this message. For my video is wasn’t centered completely on the theme we were trying to convey, more so the general interpretation the audience gathered from this. To progress this question further I could've formatted it differently with a blank space to see what their full interpretation would've been without influence from my generated options. I did however make sure to add space for and extension to if they participant had any further ideas.

It was key to ask the participants in the questionnaire who they though the target audience would be for the music video to see what the general age appeal would be. They all answered teenagers only just veering in to young adults. This showed success as this applied within my target audience range.

9) All respondents answered yes for this question, this was rewarding as it directly shows that one of our aims was achieved, with further expansion from a few people outlining the projections, which was our main feature highlighting experimentation. One response did say the projection footage could've been clearer which I do agree with, I think that this questionnaire could've been effective before the creation f our final edit. Making a rough cut with audience feedback then to go on to improve it would've been beneficial.

10) For my final question I wanted entirely their own description of my production, many comments were brief though highlighting the emotive aspect of the video, some picking up directly on the relationship between the two characters in the narrative and their relationship. Other respondents also picked up on the creativity we wanted to convey. As different respondents picked up on different aspects of the video it highlights Henry Jenkins idea of 'textual poachers' understanding the audience as active in interpreting of texts and what they want to take from it.

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