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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text? For both my Digipack and my final music video production I decided to aim for aesthetic that would strive in all aspects. For my digipack I tried to use conventions that would merge within the genre electronic contemporary feel of the indie genre to maintain the quality of the product. One way I tried to accomplish this was through aethetic links with the locations colour palette that are presented within my final product. With the significance of the city/ urban aspect where teens and young adults it allows the target audience to have a common interest to this which I presented this predominantly throughout my texts and main product. Another way I aimed to accomplish this was through the urbanistic trendiness of the music video and genre, In order for these productions to look professional I needed create a sense of continuity and consistency in effective combination of my ancillary texts and main product. Specifically, the sans serif font, Bebas which has a contemporary feel to it. I used stylistic links to demonstrate this, through urban aspects and textures which I included in both my print productions and my Digipack, taken from my final product. The colour palette also demonstrates this through grey tones to a darker range of colour’s which represent inner cities concrete look, with wide angle lens produced by the Go Pro camera producing footage with a similar style of photography which is used in urban skate videos highlighting one theme of youth. Holding a general theme throughout, trying to maintain the atmosphere presented in my music video.

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Moving through space is an aesthetic theme which positions the audience within the video, with Go-pro camera positioning the audience within the frame to have a personal relation to the video relating to the characters. The motif continues within metaphor of ancillary texts highlighting the idea parting away and romanticisms within intimate relationships, with the of shots above and to the left being devices linking straight back to the main product. Furthermore, the

visual links that are used across my product that help the audience understand that that the ancillary products are promoting the same artist. For instance, the album cover is used as background imagery within the lip-sync aspect of the video and the inside of the album pack contains a wide shot from the video of the same character walking across a length of urban space. Though my product contains beach imagery as well I think the urban aspect connotes the artist more predominantly in addition, the city aspect of the video shadows the main narrative, without these shots it would be unclear of the relationship and the storyline. The influence of the city imagery used throughout my products creates a strong sense of coherence between them, promoting a strong relationship between the artist and the band, for the audience interest and for the success of the subject. This gives my product a brand identity for my artist. As audience members can relate to the products and can build upon a stronger relationship to the artist’s work.

From my gathered research it allowed me to gather the common themes of magazines which presumes them to be successful within a promotional package. For example aspects from The XX magazine where they highlight ratings from high end music magazines which pinnacles the success of the artist and album. In addition the same magazine highlights the bands online information which can be for contacting however more so for the audiences appeal. I used this for my magazine article presenting a range of different online platforms for the audiences and for people who may be interested in contacting the artist. Use of central imagery as the main focus for my magazine product was a crucial part for my text. It gives a central focus to the magazines such as in Ed Sheeren’s, is one of many adverts which use this method. By doing this is gives the audience a direct connotation of the music video, holding conventions of continuity they can see between the artist or in my product purpose, the Digipack and more so the final music video. By applying aspects of other magazine's it allowed me to produce a compelling text which contributes to the combination of texts. The visual links within my video and the most dominant in terms of product and ancillary texts, this holds great relevance as it allows the consumer to understand that all three products are made for the same artist. For example I re-used imagery from my music video witin my print productions, My album cover and Magazine cover present a shot from the performance aspect of my video, with one of the characters walking under a bridge, this reinforces familiarity, re-using motifs as Andrew Goodwin would suggest as ' Brand Style'. Henry Jenkins' concept of 'textual poaching' is useful in understanding how my text speaks to the audience: the ideas of directionlessness and searching for identity that are coded in my video and print productions speak to the audience because consumers are active in taking

meanings which are useful for them With, the emotive song lyrics and reason of metaphorical and literal interpretation, fans can be active manipulators of meaning. Constructing their own culture from borrows materials, as an alternative social community defined through both its cultural preferences and consumption practices. In which this can contribute to the effective continuity and coherent combination.

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