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1d) Narratological analysis of your z music videoÂ

Todervov's concept of narrative is limited wen examining my video as it doesn’t hold a three act structure, where mine rather, has a non- linear narrative. My production has been split into a variation of parts in which the two characters have shared memories together which is in shown in a very subtle as there's only one direct shot where both characters are together however only their feet and hands are presented within this. Leading the audience to interpret this aspect of video in their own way. Another aspect which makes up the production as a whole is the characters walking through different locations on their own, conveying the separateness within the narrative followed by further aspects of each the characters looking into the camera projecting their relationship. Within this however, there's a performance aspect which brings this narrative together, with projections of city street footage and complexes of art making the production narratologically interesting by using echoing flashbacks and art on the character. Bringing the theme of romance and its complexities as a concept allowing the audience to understand the romantic narrative.

Rolan Barthes devised that there will be one or more of is his five codes to describe the meaning of a text, his codes are a way to examine the narrative devices I used within my production. Symbolic codes where used predominantly within my production to present meaning. For example, the use the beach location and the sea is a symbol for love, love is the natural medium that carries messages of wat the characters once had together, conveying what is unspoken and how he vast greyness of ocean shows a hopelessness to their romance. In addition the beach location and being on the edge of land is another symbolic code, conveying the idea that the turn out of the relationship can push you to a bleak mentality feeling as if you're alone and you’ve been pushed out of the serene comfort that you once had. My production's narrative has an open ended text with the audience being left dissatisfied to what has happened as a result of the story, ending with one of the character being immersed into the darkness of night. As my production's structure doesn’t follow a three part structure and as a text is non-linear it has a lot of room for interpretation. It could also be argues that my production is a closed text, as the character disappears it creates a set ending to the video creating an ambiguity of narrative and meanings to the end of the narrative

Mikhael Shore suggests that "music video directors make videos as ambiguous as possible, with just enough or suggestive concept to draw the viewer in" This statement correlates with my video with the experimental structure and echoing of footage which allows the audience to generate metaphors and meaning from the narrative making it ambiguous, however having enough concept to make the video understandable reeling the viewer in. Overall, my video doesn't conform to the usual narrative conventions of music videos by not following a normal structure, with flash backs and echoed footage producing a more interpretive plot however, the romance theme means the music video is still something the audience can follow do to the commo basis of complexities within relationships and the aesthetic concept.

Question 1d  
Question 1d