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Photo of Priscilla on the beach in Monterey, taken by Mark Stover of Expressive Photographics. Priscilla met Robert when they were introduced by their best friends while playing cards. After Robert proposed, they tweeted all their friends to come join them for a weekend celebration. Their wedding was in Monterey and the reception was held at Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Club in Seaside.



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Modern wedding trends from stock-the-bar parties to social networking sites More and more, weddings are taking place in the height of fall foliage, heart of winter and prime holiday season, including the everpopular New Year’s Eve ceremony to ring in the New Year. But it’s not just the wedding season that has drastically evolved over the past decade, it’s everything from roles and responsibilities to gift-giving. As you gear up to celebrate the nuptials, know what to expect from the changing tides of weddings. Lizzie Post, co-author of “Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th edition” and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, helps couples navigate the new wedding traditions. Traditions may change, but proper etiquette is timeless. Be prepared for the next wedding you attend and know what to expect from changes in the wedding landscape with these important pieces of advice.

The always appreciated gift Finding the right gift for the newlyweds can be difficult. While registries help point guests in the right David & Briana had an direction, many couples are getting married later in life and already have all the household items that ice cream truck at their are common wedding gifts. A check is always a great and safe gift idea to provide the couple with Felton Guild reception. a small nest egg to use however they wish. Several financial institutions offer mobile check deposit Photo by Neil Simmons. through their banking app, allowing the couple the flexibility to deposit checks on-the-go to help cover outstanding vendor payments or use on their honeymoon. Another new trend is contributing to a couple’s honeymoon fund.

Tech in moderation Even weddings are going hi-tech. There are numerous websites available to help you organize the process, communicate with guests and share photos after the ceremony. A few things – like a handwritten “thank you” note – should steer clear of the online lure. In a gadget-driven society, everyone is carrying a smartphone. Couples can post a tasteful notice at the entrance of the ceremony location or in the program to remind guests to turn off their cell phone ringers and refrain from use cs otographi Photo by Expressive Ph during the ceremony. Some couples may actually encourage guests to take photos and share images via social media, but guests should respect their wishes and use phones only as a camera and upload images after the ceremony.

Respect personalization Couples want their special day to reflect who they are and what is important to them. While previous generations traditionally wed in places of worship, many modern couples choose to tie the knot at a sentimental location, like where they had their first date. The decor, music and even the food and drink served at a wedding may have a personal story behind it. No matter how nontraditional the element may be, guests should eagerly partake in the festivities, acknowledging and respecting the couple’s individualization.

Be all-inclusive In the past, bridal showers were strictly for the bride and bachelor parties were a men-only affair. Nowadays, these festivities are no longer genderPhoto by Carlos Garcia specific. Showers can be thrown for the couple in unison and include creative themes like “stock the bar” or “time of day.” Bachelor and bachelorette parties can also be conjoined to involve the entire bridal party in a destination event. While these events are a celebration of joy, expenses can add up quickly. If you use a rewards card, you can earn points on purchases to pay for all or part of your trip. This is great for both the bride and groom and guests traveling to the wedding. As trends and expectations shift, so will the way major life milestones are celebrated. It is important to celebrate these moments in life with grace and support for the happy couple – after all, it’s their day – and it should be as unique as they are. O


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Before the Big Day O Create a website for your wedding to keep guests informed of events and for easy access to registry information. Provide accommodation information for those guests traveling from out of town. O Insure your engagement and wedding rings against loss, damage, theft or mysterious disappearance. According to a survey conducted by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, 44 percent of married women either don’t insure their engagement ring, or don’t know for certain whether their engagement and wedding rings are insured. O Make sure your marriage license, travel documentation and insurance information are ready to go and stored in a safe place in advance of the wedding day. O Practice reciting your vows and speeches until you feel comfortable. O Wear your wedding heels around the house to “break them in.” Pack a back-up pair of flats to wear during the reception.

Remember to ask for help. Designate members of your family or close friends to specific assignments.

Wedding Day Details O Provide bottled water for your wedding party. To ensure no one gets over-heated, hide water near your bridal party during the ceremony for emergencies. O Choose meaningful gifts for your wedding party. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets are great for bridesmaids; cufflinks are perfect for groomsmen. O Create individual envelopes for tipping drivers, caterers, musicians, etc. Separate envelopes will help ensure you don’t forget anyone. O Plan for weather:

In case of rain: Order a tent or choose a

venue with indoor space for last-minute protection from the elements. Offer extra umbrellas to usher people from their vehicles to the venue.

In case of heat: Place fans throughout the venue and provide plenty of water for guests. In case of cold: Space heat-

ers can be placed throughout the space to warm up the room in advance of the event. O Over-estimate the amount of parking needed for guests.


Photo by Neil Simm



Following the Honeymoon O Open wedding gifts and keep an accurate list of each guest in correspondence with their gift. O Write thoughtful, personalized handwritten thank you cards. O

The Big Day Bridal Kit Bobby pins, elastic hair bands Hairbrush Hairspray Panty hose Nail file, nail polish, remover Baby powder Makeup Stain remover Tissues Sewing kit with scissors Ballet flats Pocket mirror Extra post-earring backs Static cling spray Antacid Pain reliever Bandages Deodorant Dental floss Eye drops Bottled water Breath mints Duct tape — for last-minute dress fix-ups and to adhere to the bottom of slippery dress shoes

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1/16/13 7:40 AM 9

7– 9 months before: O Choose a wedding party O Hire a photographer and


O Get your bridal registry started O Book your DJ or band O Order your wedding gown O Select what type of food you

are having and choose a catering service

O Shop for bridesmaid

dresses and groomsmen tuxedos

O Choose your florist O Shop for your cake O Shop for wedding rings

She said YES! So what’s next? eddings take time to organize. For most of us it’s the most time consuming and complex event we will ever attempt. Here is a comprehensive list of activities and the time lines necessary to have a successful and memorable wedding. The two of you are entering into a lifetime partnership so don’t hesitate to share these responsibilities with your future spouse.

O Order or make your wedding invitations

10–12 months before

O Compile a guest list

(Or as soon as you get engaged)

O Announce your engagement O Arrange a meeting with both sides of the family O Decide on a wedding date O Discuss your budget with everyone involved in the wedding O If using a wedding planner ask for recommendations

and start the interview process

O Look for reception sites O Shop for your wedding gown


5–7 months before: O Hire your limousine driver or other


O Hire your hair stylist O Start planning your honeymoon


O Order your rings

2– 4 months before: O Send out RSVP invitations

2– 4 weeks before: O Confirm all the

details with your DJ, florist, caterer and any other service you’re booking

O Arrange your rehearsal dinner O Get fitted for tuxedos O Meet with DJ or band to discuss ceremony

and reception music

O Order bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen


O Order your wedding cake O Order your wedding favors and

place card holders

O Decide on the

seating arrangements

O Give your caterer

a final count of your wedding guests

O Pack for your honeymoon O Assign simple tasks such as transporting all

reception and ceremony items

O Write a nice toast

1 day before: O Have the planner reconfirm details

such as transport arrangements, flowers, music, cake delivery, photography, etc.

O Try to get an early night. O Take a deep breath… you’re almost


5– 8 weeks before: O Decide on your makeup and do a quick check

wearing your headpiece

O Make any alterations to your wedding dress O Call the clerk’s office to find out the requirements

for your marriage-license

O Decide on any critical insurance information that

might need changing

On that Special Day: O Before you leave the house,

take time to thank your mother and father, bridesmaids and other attendants for all their help and support After theand give each of them a gift


and have fun! •OSRelax end out your thank It’s your big day you notes and include a reference courtesy of toPhotos the gift. Expressive • ForPhotographics the caterers, entertainers, florists etc. that gave good service,


Photo by Expressive Photographics

Here is a handy list of responsibilities for each person in your wedding party. Use this to make individual lists for each member of your bridal party.

Maid of Honor/Personal Attendant (Usually special friend or sister of the bride)


Helps bride with shopping, invitations and other details as requested Attends all pre-wedding events Pays for own wedding attire Takes charge of groom’s ring during ceremony Witnesses, signs wedding certificate Helps bride in arranging veil and dress at ceremony and reception Returns bride’s gown to designated place after wedding

Bridesmaids O Purchases and completes fittings of gowns O Performs tasks as assigned by bride O Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner


by Ne

il Sim


Best Man (Assists groom with all details of the wedding day)


Pays for own attire Transports groom to the church Supervises the groomsmen, regarding their dress and duties at ceremony Takes care of bride’s ring until ceremony Presents the clergy with his/her fee Signs and witnesses the marriage certificate Offers the first toast to the bride and groom Dances with the bride after the groom and both fathers have danced with her Prepares the honeymoon car, packs suitcases in car Holds for safekeeping, any tickets, keys, etc. for the groom Returns groom’s tuxedo to rental shop

Photo by Neil Sim


Photo by Neil Simmons


Groomsmen O O O O

Pays for their wedding attire Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Attends bachelor dinner Escorts bridesmaids during the ceremony

M oments that

Ushers O Pay for own wedding attire Photo by Neil Simm ons O Make sure principles have flowers before being seated O Distribute wedding programs O Seat guests on appropriate side of church O Assists elderly guests to seat O After all guests are seated, unroll aisle carpet O Check church for any items left behind

will sweep you off your feet...

Flower Girls O Flower girls attend the shower and some pre-wedding parties O They attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner with their families O They walk directly in front of the bride in the processional and in front of the maid of honor in the recessional O While walking down the aisle, they scatter flower or rose petals, or hand out single flowers, or carry a bouquet O During the ceremony, flower girls stand near the bridesmaids or sit with their families O They are in the formal photographs of the bridal parties O They do not usually stand in the reception line O They usually sit at a table of honor with their families rather than at the head table O The children’s families pay for dresses and other attire O The children’s families pick up any travel expenses

We Specialize in Small Weddings If there is a small wedding in your future, check out Shoreline Marina.

Ring & Train Bearers O The ring bearer carries a pillow with a ring or rings sewn to it. (Usually not the real rings but symbolic ones) O The ring bearer walks either in front of, or beside the flower girl in the processional Photo by Expressive Pho tographics and the recessional O If carrying real rings, the bearer gives the pillow to the maid of honor and the best man to remove the rings O Trainbearers follow the bride in the processional and recessional, to carry the bridal train O During the ceremony, the ring and trainbearers stand near the ushers or sit with their families O They are in the formal Photographs of the bridal party O They do not usually stand in the reception line O They usually sit at a table of honor with their families O The children’s families pay for their attire O The children’s families pick up any travel expenses O Children are not expected to bring gifts to any pre-wedding parties. Their parent’s gift expectations are as any other guest. Only one shower gift is expected O They attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner with their families O

We can arrange for everything you need – the chapel, the minister, the flowers, the reception, the cake, and a delicious meal for around 100 people. While costs are very small, your wedding will be very special!

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ringing up the discussion about who will pay for what in your wedding might be an awkward thing to do, however, it must be talked about so there are no surprises to anyone’s wallet. With the cost of weddings growing every year, it is best to sit down with all the family members involved to discuss your plans, keeping in mind everyone’s desire and ability to pay. The average cost of a wedding in 2013 was approximately $28,700, almost $10,000 more than it was four years earlier in 2009 when the average cost was $19,581. Historically, the bride and/ or her family have assumed the majority of the wedding related expenses. With many couples living together before marriage and marrying later when they are more likely to have careers and incomes of their own, division of the wedding costs have changed.

O Engagement announcements in local newspapers O Cost of the ceremony O Cost of the ceremony site O Photographic and videographic expense O The groom’s wedding ring O Favors O Attendants’ bouquets O Transportation for the wedding party O Wedding dress, headpiece and accessories O Lingerie and honeymoon clothing

O Groom’s gift O Guest book O Accommodations for out-of-town bride attendants and guests O Hosting and cost of the reception

About seventy percent of brides and grooms are the main contributors, or even picking up the entire cost of the wedding. The groom’s parents are contributing more than in the past and some families are paying for the gusts they invite. One popular option is to have the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the couple each contribute one third. Following are some of the more traditional guidelines that you can adopt or modify to suit your particular situation.

Bride & Bride’s Family O The engagement party O Invitations, personal notes and mailing expense

O Services of a wedding planner or consultant

Groom & Groom’s Family O Groom’s wedding attire OHost and pay for the wedding rehearsal dinner O Officiant’s fees O Marriage license O Engagement and wedding rings O Wedding gifts for the bride, best man, groomsmen and ushers O Flowers for the bride’s bouquet, corsages for the mothers and grandmothers, and the groomsmens’ boutonnieres O Alcohol at reception O Accommodations for out-of-town groomsmen, ushers and guests O Honeymoon

Attendants/Ushers O Wedding attire and accessories* O Wedding gift for the couple O Maid of Honor hosts and pays for the bachelorette party O Best Man hosts and pays for the bachelor party O Travel costs to the wedding *Usually, the attendants pay for their own attire. If not, the bride will assume the expense of her attendants and the groom for his. O



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IF SOMEONE close to you is getting married, you’re probably going to want to make a toast at their wedding to demonstrate how happy you are for them. But if you’re not a polished public speaker – your tongue gets tied and palms get sweaty just thinking about it – you might want to follow these suggestions. While what you say on their special day is up to you, there are some common rules as to how it’s said. Whether it’s you, someone in your bridal party, or a family member making a toast at the wedding, here are a few hints to make it less stressful and more meaningful. O You can offer a traditional wedding toast, or give an original toast. If you choose to give an original toast, prepare it ahead of time. O Practice your toast; if you’re afraid you’ll blank out when the time comes, put your thoughts on note cards. O Humor is good, but don’t make inside or off-color jokes during your toast. O The toast should be short, sweet, and personal. O Make sure everyone’s glass is full before starting your toast. O Go through all the motions. Imagine where the audience is sitting, when rehearsing pretend to make gestures and eye contact in that direction. O Insert strategic pauses to add emphasis. Doing so will also help prevent you from rushing through the speech.

O To the health of the bridesmaids, normally by the groom. O To the health of the parents of the couple, normally by the best man. End the toast on a positive note. Include a formal indication to inform them of the ending of the toast and what to say next. For example: “Let us now toast the happiness of Vienna and Jake. To Vienna and Jake!” As you say this, wave your glass to all, then tip it towards the person you are toasting to. Then clink your glass gently with those around you and sip your drink! O

O Keep your toast to around two minutes. If you find yourself talking quickly (which is likely if you’re nervous) make a conscious effort to slow down. One traditional order for toasts is as follows: O To the couple, by the father of the bride or an old friend of the family.

Photos by Expressive Photographics


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Relaxed and intimate surroundings for the small wedding Instead of going to the beach for your wedding, how about a backyard wedding… next to the pool? Just think, no sand, no unpredictable waves or wind or some kid with a surfboard wandering into the middle of your ceremony. There you are in intimate surroundings surrounded by family and friends. If it’s an evening wedding, just imagine romantic lights or candles gently floating on the water lending an air of magic to the ceremony.

Decorating The pool sets the tone for a relaxed outdoor wedding. You can make your poolside wedding as simple or elaborate as you wish, and flowers, candles and table decorations set the mood for your big day. Your menu can also reflect the aquatic feel of your poolside wedding. The pool will serve as your focal piece with wedding-appropriate decorations such as floating flowers or rose petals in the pool. If it’s an evening wedding, place dozens of floating candles in the pool for some soft, natural light and a romantic look. If the pool isn’t at your home, make sure to get permission.

You can also place large, brightly colored floral bouquets in plastic vases (never have glass bottles, cups, glasses or vases near a pool) around the pool. Flowers in shades of blue, orange, pink and yellow will complement the pool’s light blue color. For table centerpieces, choose an aquatic theme. Fill plastic bowls with colored water that matches your wedding colors, and float lights or candles. For a floral centerpiece, use bright, tropical flowers.

Setup A poolside ceremony and reception is informal so use a variety of furniture styles to create a unique and inviting gathering spot for guests. High-top cocktail tables with bar stools for guests to enjoy tropical cocktails. Outdoor lawn furniture such as wrought-iron sofas with brightly colored cushions or Adirondack chairs can create seating areas for your guests. For an afternoon wedding, have umbrellas on the pool deck to provide shade. If hosting a dinner, use banquet tables with brightly colored linens for dinner after which they can be moved so there’s room for guests to dance. Just make sure that everyone understands… No Swimming!

Photo by Expressive Photographics


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Bride’s Name: ______________________________________ Groom's Name:_____________________________________ Ceremony Location: ________________________________ Street Address: _____________________________________ City: ___________________________State: ____Zip:_______ Reception Location:_________________________________ Street Address: _____________________________________ City: ___________________________State: ____Zip:_______ Phone: _____________________________________________ Date of Wedding:___________________________________ Ceremony Time: ____________________________________ Reception Time:_____________________________________ Rehearsal: _________________________________________ Date: __________________________Time: ______________ Rehearsal Dinner: __________________________________ Location:___________________________________________ Time: ______________________________________________

Officiants or Celebrants: ____________________________ Parents of the Bride: ________________________________ Parents of the Groom: ______________________________ Matron/Maid of Honor: _____________________________ Best Man:__________________________________________ Bridesmaids: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone:

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Ushers/Groomsmen: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone: Name: ________________________Phone:

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Flower Girl: _______________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________ Ring Bearer: _______________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________ Readers: Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Ceremony Music/DJ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Comments: ________________________________________ Wedding Coordinator/Consultant: Name: ________________________Phone: ______________ Other: _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

Photo by Expressive Photographics


This centerfold detaches easily to take with you. Happy planning!



3:39 PM

Page 37


Cost Estimate

Actual Cost

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

_________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________



_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________ ________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

_________________ _________________ _________________

________________ ________________ ________________

_________________ _________________

________________ ________________

Gifts for Wedding Participants _____________________________






Reception Site Service Fees ______________________________________________ Rentals __________________________________________________ Food ____________________________________________________ Drinks ___________________________________________________ Cake ____________________________________________________ Decorations ______________________________________________

Attire Bridal Dress ______________________________________________ Tuxedos _________________________________________________ Veil/Headpiece ___________________________________________ Jewelry (not wedding ring) ________________________________ Shoes ___________________________________________________ Garter ___________________________________________________

Beauty Hair _____________________________________________________ Makeup __________________________________________________

Photographer/Videographer Photographer ____________________________________________ Videographer ____________________________________________ Photo Albums/Guest Books ________________________________

Music DJ/Bands/Vocalists _______________________________________

Floral Decorations Bouquets ________________________________________________ Boutonnieres _____________________________________________ Corsages _________________________________________________ Ceremony/Reception, Centerpieces, etc. _____________________

Transportation Limos/Rented Autos, etc. __________________________________ Guest Transportation ______________________________________

Rings Bride’s Wedding Ring _____________________________________ Groom’s Wedding Ring ____________________________________

Stationary Announcements/Wedding Invitations _______________________ RSVP Cards/Thank You Cards _____________________________ Calligraphy ______________________________________________

Ceremony Ceremony Location Fee ____________________________________ Officiant’s Fee or Donation _________________________________




t’s edgy, seemingly irreverent, possibly a huge waste of money, perhaps dangerous, and it looks like so much fun.

It may have started on TV’s “Sunset Beach” when a character ran into the ocean in her bridal gown after her wedding was interrupted. It was made famous by Las Vegas photographer John Michael Cooper.

Photo by Carlos Garcia Photo graphy

Trash the Dress (TTD) Wedding photography called “Trash the Dress,” “Rock the Frock,” or “Fearless Bridal” is shot on location such as the beach, a garbage dump, or in an abandoned building. Sometimes the dress in covered in paint, soaked in an ocean wave, completely submerged underwater or set aflame.

Photo by Neil Simmons Photography


You get the idea… possibilities are limited only by your imagination and it should reflect your ideas. It takes wedding photography into the realm of photojournalism.

Why would you trash a very expensive, special dress? It may seem like a rejection of tradition, but it also works as a complement. The photos capture moments that are unscripted, a unique expression of the couple’s personalities that you don’t get in traditional, staged “say cheese” portraits. Trash the Dress is shot days or weeks after the wedding when there are no time constraints like there are on the “Big Day,” so the couple is more relaxed and the photographer can take time to be creative. You don’t have to really totally trash the dress; photos could be taken in a field of flowers, at an old barn, the back of a rusty pickup truck, on railroad tracks, on horseback… wherever is special to the bride and groom. Gone are the days you would marry wearing a family heirloom dress and it is unlikely you will be passing your dress down to your children. So, if it will just sit in storage, why not get a one-ofa-kind memento? Have beautiful, lasting images of your wedding dress making family history. O

aphy Photo by Carlos Garcia Photogr Photo b

y Carlos

Garcia P



Photo by Carlos Garcia Photography


Color is the new white YOU KNOW it is no longer a trend when Avril Lavine wears one and all the media talks about is the boring design… and barely mention the color: black. Even Oprah wore this dramatic Vera Wang gown on the cover of O Magazine (shown at right). Yes, black is the trending color for wedding dresses. Did you know that white wedding dresses are fairly recent, only popular for about the past one hundred and fifty years in Western cultures? Before that, your typical wedding dress was just the best dress the bride had or, if you were wealthy, a new ensemble. Frequently, the color was dark to hide stains and wear that happen over the years you would be wearing it. Some colors were used more than others and green was considered unlucky. In those days to look pure and virginal, blue would be your color. Here is what the “Old Farmer’s Almanac” has to say: Married in White, you have chosen right Married in Grey, you will go far away Married in Black, you will wish yourself back, Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead, Married in Green, ashamed to be seen, Married in Blue, you will always be true, Married in Pearl, you will live in a whirl, Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow, Married in Brown, you will live in the town, Married in Pink, your spirit will sink.

colorful dresses during the ceremony and following festivities. A white kimono is the symbol of death, as you become dead to your family and you are reborn in a red kimono to your husband. The brides and grooms of Indonesia wear clothing with brightly colored embroidery.

Red is the bridal color for Eastern cultures such as China, India and Viet Nam, because it symbolizes good luck and a prosperous future. In Japan, the bride wears three or more

Today, a bride can wear any color she chooses. Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway all wore pink. Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Pompeo and Shenae Grimes chose black. Dita Von Teese and Sofia Coppola wore purple. Elizabeth Taylor and Amber Tamblyn picked yellow. Cynthia Nixon wore green. Also trending ia blush (pink) and ombré, a gradual fade of one color to the next (shown above). So don’t be afraid to show your colors – go ahead and express yourself on your big day! O

Gowns shown: WHITE by Vera Wang available exclusively at David’s Bridal


Bride from India

Bridal Fashions

WHITE by Vera Wang available exclusively at David’s Bridal


Bridal Fashions

Casablanca Couture can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola


Bridal Fashions

Casablanca can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola


Bridal Fashions

Alfred Angelo can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola


Bridal Fashions

Jim’s Formalwear can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola


Bridesmaid Fashions

Jordan Fashions can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola


Flower Girl Fashions Sweet Beginnings from Jordan Fashions can be found at Bridal Veil Fashions in Capitola


Smile and Say “Cheesey”! T

here’s a hot new trend at wedding receptions: The Photo Booth. It mashes together the Guest Book and the wedding photographer. The booth produces two sets of three photos in each set. One set goes into a wedding album in which your guest can also write their thoughts, and the other set goes home with the guest as a great party favor. Guests are encouraged to make the photos goofy and fun. It is all about the props: feather boas, carnival masks, paper mustaches, crazy hats, gaudy jewelry, ornate picture frames, or mug shot signs. Chalkboards can display a personal message to you from your guest in their photos. If you are going to honeymoon on Maui, have grass skirts, leis and coconut bikini tops! Even the shyest guest

will be encouraged to ham it up in front of the camera. Local professional wedding photographer Elyse Destout offers a photo booth rental and it has become her most popular wedding item. Depending upon the photographer, booth size, photo props and extras provided, the booths run from $500 to $1200 per day. The main difference between the old photo booths and today’s booths is the technology: better quality photos.

Important questions for you to ask: O How many hours are included in the cost? O Does that include set-up and breakdown? O Can the booth be used outdoors?

O What size are the photos?

O Will there be an attendant?

O Do photos print on the spot?

O Are the photos black-and-white or color?

O Can I get a digital copy of all the photos?

O Do you include props?

O Do you have a web gallery?

O Does it include a backdrop – can it be customized?

O Do you charge for prints after the event?

O Will there be a photo Guest Book or scrapbook provided? (Including pens, glue, etc)

O Do I need to provide anything for the photo booth?

O Can prints include the bridal couple’s names and date? O How many guests and prints per guest are included in the cost? O Will there be a slideshow at the booth?

Something about that being in front of a camera releases people of their inhibitions, gets them in touch with their inner child playing dress up, and makes for fun keepsakes (or images to use for blackmail later). O Photos courtesy of Elyse Destout Photography


Advertise with us every January and July! Get your skin ready for the Big Day! Skincare Treatments & Waxing Check out our

Blushing Bride Package!

831-722-4321 46 Brennan Street • Watsonville


Kids at Weddings? E

tiquette masters all agree, it’s the bridal couple’s choice whether or not to allow children at their wedding. Once you have decided to welcome children, here are some ways to make your life easier: First, address the invitation by putting the child’s name below the parents’ names. Follow that with a phone call to discuss what options you will have for children.

Will there be children in your wedding? Giving kids a job is a good way to keep them busy and out of trouble. Ring bearers and flower girls are traditionally 3-7 years old. Depending on age, children can hand out programs or mass books, distribute

Photo by Expressive Photographics

Photos (above & left) by Neil Simmons

flower petals, rice or bird seed, manage the guest book, hand out favors – whatever is age appropriate and suited to the child’s personality. If you are going to have a large number of children, you might want a separate room or create an area for kids under 7 that has smaller tables, highchairs, a kidhappy buffet, activities like coloring books and toys. Cover the tables in butcher paper. Hire a nanny, or have parents volunteer to supervise that area. You can seat kids 7-14 at a separate table and consider having a children’s buffet or kid-friendly food like hot dogs, finger sandwiches, pasta salad, mashed potatoes, chicken fingers or pizza bread. It will be less expensive for you. Plan activities for the kids. Games, toys and arts and crafts supplies they can take home with them. If you have kids in a separate room, have a TV and DVD player available and play cartoons or Disney movies. A larger budget means you can hire entertainment like balloon artists, face painters or even a bounce house.


Photo by Neil Simmons

Giving kids something to do will give them less time to get into trouble and make them much better guests at your wedding. Keeping the kids happy will help make a happy time for all! O

Photos (above) by Neil Simmons

Wedding Toy Box Ideas for Young Guests Many of these items can be found at the your local dollar store. • Crayons (washable) • Coloring books • Make your own Activity Books! Include Search-a-word, crossword puzzle, connect the dots, coloring pages and more. There are several online that you can add your names and info. • Sticker books and stickers • Construction paper • Sketch book • Kid-friendly scissors

Photo by Neil Simmons

• Playdough (with heart cookie cutters) • Simple card or board games • Finger puppets • Ribbon wands • Mini puzzle • Balloons • Feather boas • Masks • Crazy hats


• Organize games such as Musical Chairs, Clothespin Drop, Bean Bag Toss, Scavenger Hunt, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, Simon Says, Freeze Dance, or Lawn Bowling. • Retro toys, such as tops, yoyos, or kaleidescopes • Single use cameras • Healthy kid-friendly snacks Photos by Neil Simmons

Photo by Expressive Photographics



9 Ben Lomond Lomand



Quail Hollow Ranch County Park

17 Mt. H Grah

Scotts Valley


ll Hi




The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park H

a Sant

ade pire G r Em

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Cruz Hwy

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Live Oak Capi


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Santa Cruz Moore Creek Preserve

Soquel Ave.



Cabri llo Hwy

St ean Oc

Dr .


a Rd.





So que l

J Dr


Ba y





Wilder Ranch State Park


Glen C anyon Rd.


Soquel Sa n Jose Rd .




erm on R








Santa Cruz Area

Coastal Wedding Site Map Have Your Wedding Here! Ben Lomond A Highlands Park B Quail Hollow Ranch


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J Hunter Hill Winery

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Aptos K Aptos Village Park L Seacliff Inn M Valencia Hall

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Seascape N Seascape Resort Half Moon Bay O Longbranch Saloon & Farm

Shop For Your Wedding Here! Ben Lomond


A C Mill Street Catering


Capitola Hair & Nails

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Bridal Veil Fashions

B Annie Glass C Chefworks D Elyse Destout Photography E Expressive Photographics F Neil Simmons Photography G Super Silver

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Bella Dawna


Mark Areais Jewelers


Laser Hair & Skin Solutions

M Muriska’s Beauty Lounge

La Selva Beach N Duke & Pearl



unforgettable venue awaits.

Spectacular bluff-top views Wide open spaces on outdoor decks Every event supports ocean conservation

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Coastal Wedding is at locations throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties!

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tro C as







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Top Wedding Songs for 2014 Popular Hits 1. I’m Yours - Jason Mraz 2. Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden 3. A Day Without Rain – Enya 4. Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers 5. One Day Like This – Elbow 6. Grow Old With You – The Wedding Singer 7. Beautiful Day – U2 8. You’re the Inspiration – Chicago 9. It Must Be Love – Madness 10. When I Fall In Love – Nat King Cole

First Dance and Reception O O O O O O O O O O O O O O

You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley The Way You Look Tonight – Michael Buble The Wedding Song – Paul Stookey I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston Making Memories Of Us – Keith Urban Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford and Sons I’ve Had The Time Of My Life – Dirty Dancing Make You Feel My Love – Adele I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingos At Last – Beyonce A Moment Like This – Kelly Clarkson You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

Photo by Neil Simmons

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What’s Your Sign?

Most photographers love when clients bring their own props because it personalizes your photos and makes them unique. A simple piece of paper can transform your Thank You notes into a special memento. Enjoy some inspiration from local weddings.

Photo By Neil Simmons Photo By Neil Simmons

Photo By Neil Simmons

Photo By Neil Simmons

Photo B

y Expre

Photo By Expressive

ssive Ph



Photo By Expressive



Photo By Neil Simmons

STREET 7500 Old Dominion Court CITY Aptos CONTACT Ruby Bakhti PHONE 831.688.7300 EMAIL WEB LEAD TIME 0-24 months PRICE/PERSON $47 - $70 SEATING Banquet Room 130 SEATING Restaurant & Bar 250 DANCE FLOOR Yes CATERING On premises BAR On premises ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS Yes EVENT COORDINATOR Available INSURANCE REQUIRED No HANDICAPPED ACCESS Yes DETAILS Year-round, spa, pool, & full service hotel. Just a minutes walk from Seacliff State Beach, The Best Western Seacliff Inn offers a fun and family oriented atmosphere. The Seacliff Inn sits on six beautifully landscaped acres with scenic garden paths. The motivated and positive staff will be sure to make your stay a memorable one! Each of the 149 guest rooms at The Best Western Seacliff Inn is comfortably decorated and includes numerous amenities including a complimentary hot buffet breakfast in the restaurant. Luxurious suites are uniquely appointed with decorator furnishings and private jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. The heated pool and jacuzzi, along with the fitness center will keep you fit year round. For your dining pleasure, choose from the room service menu or journey down to the full service restaurant, Severino’s Bar and Grill, to enjoy appetizers, beverages and delicious entrées in the company of family and friends. Enjoy live entertainment in the bar while sampling one of our signature cocktails.

Severino’s Bar & Grill is open 365 days a year serving breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. The sales and catering staff specializes in creating the exact mood and atmosphere you wish to convey at your ceremony and reception. Accommodations for up to 130 people are offered. Enjoy the charming waterfall and serene koi pond as an outdoor ceremony option, followed by a choice of indoor or patio reception. Also ask about rehearsal dinners and sleeping accommodations for your out of town guests. The Seacliff Inn is the perfect venue for a fun filled evening of mingling, dancing, and dining. Scrumptious and extensive catering menus will be sure to dazzle your guests and satisfy their palates. The Seacliff Inn welcomes you to call for more information or to make an appointment to get started on planning your special event.

Wedding Venues – Aptos


seascape beach resort STREET 1 Seascape Resort Drive CITY Aptos CONTACT Social Events Department PHONE 831.662.7140 WEB EMAIL LEAD TIME 1-24 months PRICE/PERSON $95 And up SEATING 50-250 DANCE FLOOR Yes VIEW Ocean CATERING On-site BAR Yes, no BYO VALET PARKING No ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS Yes EVENT COORDINATOR Yes INSURANCE REQUIRED No HANDICAPPED ACCESS Yes FACILITY DETAILS Year-round, indoor & outdoor, spa, pool, fitness center Seascape Beach Resort, set on the bluffs overlooking the Monterey Bay, is an elegant setting for a perfect wedding. The oceanfront property combines the comfort of a beach home with the luxury of a resort. For your ceremony, “The Bluff” is a fabulous expanse of lawn flanked by a romantic cypress grove overlooking Monterey Bay. The Seascape tradition is to “escape” to the beach for unforgettable photos! For your reception, the Resort has banquet rooms to comfortably accommodate a lavish, large scale event or an intimate gathering. Experienced staff will assist you in selecting the perfect space, menu and decor to meet your needs.

To make planning easy, the Resort offers multiple wedding packages that include a choice of menus to delight your entire party. For your out-of-town guests, Seascape offers special rates for their luxurious accommodations. Choose from some of the Monterey Bay’s finest ocean-view suites-each with a private balcony, fireplace and kitchen. The panoramic ocean views, sun-soaked beach and fresh sea breezes at Seascape Beach Resort—will provide an incredible atmosphere and unparalleled ambiance for your “event-of-a-lifetime.”


W edding Venue Directory Guide Photo by Neil Simmons

APPLETON GRILL 30 West Beach Street • Watsonville, CA 831.724.5555 Contact Abe Novin or Gale Geurin Room Capacity 20-400, Indoor/ Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering Permitted, Full Bar, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, Insurance Required. Facility Rental Only.

Highlands Park 8500 Highway 9 • Ben Lomond, CA 831.454.7938 0-12 Month Lead-time. Room Capacity is 200, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, Outside Catering Permitted, BYO Alcohol, Dance Floor, Handicap Accessible Limited, No Insurance Required. Facility Rental Only.

46 46

Aptos Village Park

Bayonet & Black Horse

Cocoanut Grove

100 Aptos Creek Road • Aptos, CA 831.454.7938

1 McClure Way • Seaside, CA 831.899.7271

400 Beach Street • Santa Cruz, CA 831.423.2053

0-12 Month Lead-time. Room Capacity 200, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, Outside Catering Permitted, BYO Alcohol, Dance Floor Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required. Facility Rental Only.

0-24 Month Lead-time. Call for Price Per Person, Room Capacity 350, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Valet Parking, Event Coordinator Available, Dance Floor, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required

2-24 Month Lead-time, Price Per Person $36-$60, Room Capacity 500, Dance Floor, Indoor Facility Only, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required

Hilton Garden Inn Monterey

Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley

1000 Aguajito Road • Monterey, CA 831.333.2404 Contact Paula Burke 0-12 Month Lead-time, Price Per Person $42-65, Room Capacity 150, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Overnight Accommodations, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required.

6001 La Madrona Drive Santa Cruz, 95060 (Highway 17 at the Mt. Hermon Exit) 831.440.1000 0 Month Lead Times, Call for Price Per Person, Seating up to 250, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Overnight Accommodations, Valet Parking, Handicap Accessible,

Hotel Paradox 611 Ocean Street • Santa Cruz, CA 831.425.7100 Contact Jessica Thompson 1 Month Lead-time, Price Per Person $35-120, Room Capacity 350, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, Full Bar, Overnight Accommodations, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required.

Jardines de San Juan 115 Third St. • San Juan Bautista, CA 831.623.4466 1-24 Month Lead-time, Price Per Person $35-100, Room Capacity 250, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required.

Seacliff Inn

Long Branch Saloon & Farms

1690 Glen Canyon Drive • Santa Cruz, CA Contact Jeanette Bruzzone

Price Per Person Varies, Seating for 300, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, Outside Catering, Full Bar, Year-round, Country Saloon, Barnyard Dancing, and Card Room

0-12-Month Lead-time, Room Capacity 100, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, Outside Catering Permitted, BYO Alcohol, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required. Facility Rental Only.

Room Capacity 200+, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, Outside Catering Permitted, Beer, Wine, Signature Drink, Handicap Accessible, Insurance Required, Facility Rental Only.

Seascape Resort

Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab


1 Seascape Resort Drive • Aptos, CA 831.662.7140

0-24 Month Lead-time, Price Per Person $47-70, Room Capacity Varies, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Overnight Accommodations, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required, Banquet Room.

1-24 Month Lead-time, Call for Price Per Person, Room Capacity 250, Dance Floor, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Overnight Accommodations, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required.


Valencia Hall

Room Capacity 15-100, Indoor/ Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Outside Catering Permitted, Full Bar, BYO Alcohol, Dance Floor Available, Handicap Accessible, Parking Valet Available, Insurance Required. Facility Rental Only.

Rancho Don Bosco

800 Quail Hollow Road • Felton, CA 831.454.7938

321 Verde Road • Half Moon Bay, CA (650) 726-3117

7500 Old Dominion Court • Aptos, CA 831.688.7300

249 Tenth Street • Marina, CA 831.883.5718 Contact Bill Taylor

Quail Hollow Ranch

100 Shaffer Road • Santa Cruz, CA 831.459.3800 1 Month Lead-time, Call for Price Per Person, Room Capacity 300, Indoor/ Outdoor Facilities, Outside Catering Permitted, BYO Alcohol, Handicap Accessible, Insurance Required

1750 Wharf Rd. • Capitola, CA 831.475.1222 (Allyson Fockler) 2 Month Lead-time, Price Per Person $35-$85, Capacity from 10-200 Guests, Indoor/Outdoor Facilities, On Premise Catering, Full Bar, Dance Floor Available, Event Coordinator Available, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required. Great for Rehearsal Dinners too.

2555 Valencia Road • Aptos, CA 831.454.7938 0-12 Month Lead-time, Room Capacity 80, Indoor Facility Only, Outside Catering Permitted, BYO Alcohol, Dance Floor, Handicap Accessible, No Insurance Required. Facility Rental Only. Photo by Expressive Photographics



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