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In safe surrounds at Alta Dream Lodge, Waiau Pa, broodmare Willowbrook keeps a close eye on her young offspring which finally has a name! After appealing to readers to help name the colt, owner Brian Neben, publisher of Rural Living, received a deluge of ingenious suggestions which were still coming in as the magazine went to print. After much debate, Brian eventually chose a winner. The colt’s new name is revealed on page 8. Photo Wayne Martin

From the editor... Hi everyone, The first month of 2014 has flashed by unbelievably fast. One minute I was welcoming in the New Year, next I’m back in the office saddle. Then, suddenly, I’m putting to bed our second edition of the year and thinking 10 to go! How time gallops by. But I do hope the traditional break saw some of you enjoying celebrations with family and friends and having, at the very least, some relief from chores on the farm. But, now, it’s time to get back to the nitty-gritty of school and work. You will have noticed that this month we again have an equine cover – I make no apologies for showcasing Willowbrook and her offspring, owned by Rural Living’s publisher Brian Neben. In all the excitement of choosing a name for the colt – our competition attracted

so many inspired suggestions – I just couldn’t resist giving you an opportunity to admire our ‘baby’ and his mum. See Brian’s column page 8 for the foal’s new name and the fun this competition generated. In the second of our threepart focus on various aspects of the equine industry we chat Over the Gate with Dame Wendy Pye who is as well known in horse racing circles as she is in the literary arena. Local trainer Geoff Small talks about his career training harness racing winners and, of course, at the end of January we enter the Year of the Horse so, it is apt that we should look at the traits of those born under this Chinese zodiac symbol. Are you a ‘horse’ and are you a character match? See page 20. This month the new weed report debuts and we look ahead to the Franklin A&P Show, polo at Clevedon and

some great Counties Racing Club events. Bumpkin Banter’s back too but I’d love to see more readers sending in some anecdotes and observations of rural life – short snippets that will amuse and highlight the joys and vagaries of living in the country or on its verge. Come on folks, I’m sure those animal moments or the antics of farming families would make a lively tale or two. But for now it’s onwards and upwards – Rural Living is set for another great year, I hope you are too, Cheers

Helen Perry Editor

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4 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

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Taking stock rural crime While cattle rustling may seem more like the subject of tales from the wild, wild west, even Kiwi farmers and lifestylers need to take stock of this expensive problem. Katie Milne, Federated Farmers rural security spokesperson, says stock theft, or rustling, is estimated to cost the farming community some $120 million each year. “Rustling is underhanded as a stolen animal may have been specifically bred from a line of genetics making it pretty much irreplaceable. “Aside from taking food off any farmer’s table, if the animal is part of a farm’s capital breeding stock, it becomes a double kick in the guts!” However, thanks to new tools, including the Stop Stock Theft website (visit home/livestock-theft) she says victims of theft can fight back. “This site allows victims to report stock theft anonymously to help the police to build up intelligence on when and where the theft took place and what stock was taken.”

While stock theft may be a national problem, it is a crime that often hits close to home. As Rural Living contributor, Anna McNaughton discovered. “Many months after we found one of our valuable dairy heifers had gone missing, we were contacted by Livestock Improvement who said the new owners of the heifer wished to transfer ownership,” she says. “The new owners purchased the heifer in good faith at a local stock sale. The police then accessed the details of the sale and the vendor, who claimed to have bought the heifer in a cash sale, was traced.” Anna says, unfortunately, no charges were laid by police and when the time came for the buyer to return the heifer, it was again missing. “It does seem that even with the protection of ear tags, registration tags or ear marks, there is little protection from the unscrupulous. Hopefully, this new website will be more effective because even in idyllic Franklin, stock theft is certainly not unknown.”

Livestock rustling costs the country dearly.

Smoking out illicit growers

In addition to rustlers, Katie Milne says this summer is also favoured by another form of rural crook. “At this time of year we are in the perfect rural crime storm. Not only are rustlers about, cannabis growers are at work and we expect equipment and even fuel theft. I have no doubt, in some cases, the three are

related,” she says. “Cannabis growers focus on back country areas, planting among crops which can mask plantations. They’ll actively use cultivated land because it provides the best environment for a crop that no farmer wants.” Farmers can provide information anonymously through the Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111, or (in emergencies only) by calling 111.

Experts united on options for climate change adaptations A call for farmers and lifestylers to adapt to a warming world by exploring rainwater storage and research into new crop and pasture varieties has been met with support from climate change expert Dr Jim Salinger. The appeal from Federated Farmers spokesperson Dr William Rolleston came in response to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPCC) predictions that New Zealand could be facing heavier rainfall and drought. “Whatever one’s views on the causes of climate change, it is happening and that means we have two realistic options for adaptation,” Dr Rolleston says. “First, is researching new crops and pasture varieties. The second, of course, is the storage

of rainwater.” The spokesperson on climate change says water storage is more than a farming tool; it is also a legitimate climate adaptation tool. “There are three basics to growing pasture and crops: soils, sunlight and water. While many countries have the first two, it is water, or the lack of it, which limits food production in a world where supply and demand for food is on a knife edge. “Stored rainwater provides the means to maintain minimum river flows. Water storage is as much environmental infrastructure as it is economic. Every region should be looking at storing rainwater and many currently are.” Dr Salinger adds that it is very important to harvest rainwater

6 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

as our climate warms. “With warming comes drying, so collection of rainwater is necessary to offset increased demand.” He says farmers, lifestylers and even those in urban areas can play a part. “The efficiency of rainwater collection is improved by storage in farm dams and large storage tanks which reduces water loss from evaporation. “Those on town supply can also conserve by recycling ‘grey’ water (treated water that has already been used) in toilets or in the garden, and harvesting rainwater from roofs.” In addition to reducing household water bills, small scale collection provides added environmental benefits. “Other benefits from local collection result from not having to

reticulate water over large distances, which requires energy for pumping. It also helps form a better understanding of domestic supply and usage.” Dr Salinger believes local government should support householders looking to collect rainwater. “Some subsidies should be given by local government for domestic rainwater collection, as this is a cost saving on the local body concerned.” Dr Salinger confirms development of new crops is also imperative as planetary warming continues. “By the mid 21st century with 2°C of warming, climates in South Canterbury, for example, will be equivalent of southern Hawke’s Bay. We need new crops suited to new climates.”


Quad bike deaths highlight dangers The quad bike death of a six-year-old boy near Invercargill in January followed by a dog being hit and killed by a quad bike on Haumoana Beach in Hawkes Bay is a timely reminder that these vehicles may look safe but can be unstable and dangerous if used incorrectly. For most farmers and many lifestylers, quad bikes have become a standard piece of transport for getting around the farm or lifestyle block. In fact, there are an estimated 100,000 quad bikes on New Zealand farms compared to 63,167 road-going motorcycles. However, there are also, on average, 850 quad bike injuries in New Zealand every year and some five deaths. Federated Farmers points out that solutions to improve quad bikes can be complex and if there was an obvious solution to make them safer, then the organisation would support it. The federation has advocated for safety aids to alert riders if a bike is in gear as well as emphasis on helmet use, training and the use of age-appropriate bikes. Invaluable for a variety of tasks from herding animals on farms to lifeguarding on

beaches, most quad bikes are designed to perform in a similar manner to dirt bikes or tractors and can often access places not suitable for larger vehicles. However, it is vital to know how to use a quad bike safely. Unlike larger wheel-based vehicles, the quad will often tip before it slides, potentially trapping the operator. When using for recreation, speed can be a liability too so here are a few important safety considerations: ■■ On acquiring your first quad bike take a training course. ■■ Always have a riding plan – plan your journey, think about where you are going, never ride routes beyond your capability, and be prepared to adapt to different types of terrain. ■■ Wear protective clothing –

never ride without a helmet, gloves, and goggles. Sturdy boots with ankle protectors, a long sleeved shirt and long trousers are advisable. ■■ Be aware of the risks – know the terrain for potential danger or hidden obstacles. ■■ Let people know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. ■■ Always carry a survival kit, first aid box, and, ideally, a mobile phone. ■■ Use appropriate speeds at all times – if you do need to make a quick stop apply both brakes evenly and keep your feet on the footrests. ■■ Always ride with your head up, back straight, and both feet on the footrests. ■■ Never carry passengers, and do not overload the vehicle or attempt to tow items beyond the designated guidelines.


don’t hit a cow man! While the holidays can be a stressful time for many, it seems animals can also find themselves in the firing line during incidences of domestic violence. Cows – as well as dogs, cats and birds – are high on the list of animals most likely to be killed by a violent partner, according to research from the SPCA, says Rural Women NZ national president, Wendy McGowan. “The Pets as Pawns survey reported that violent partners used threats to companion and farm production animals as ways of controlling and intimidating family members.” She says the survey raises serious animal welfare issues which need to be addressed. Rural Women is also resolving to ensure family violence takes a permanent holiday in 2014. Wendy says, due to isolation, those feeling unsafe in rural areas may need to seek immediate help from others nearby, which may carry concerns about privacy. “For many rural women, their home is also their business base. If a woman needs to escape a violent situation, she also leaves behind her home, community, job and animals.” Although Women’s Refuge experiences a spike in demand during the holiday season, a 24 hour crisis helpline (0800 733 843) is accessible year round. The crime prevention organisation, Crimestoppers (0800 555 111), also guarantees caller anonymity.

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Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 7

RURAL _______________________________________________________________________________

Named! – DIDN’T YOU ‘DU’ WELL? Brian Neben publishes Rural Living and is also an avid lifestyle farmer

COUNTRY LAD As usual, to start my monthly diary, I must mention the weather. As I write this a tropical storm has just passed by bringing us some much needed rain. Although the summer to date has been pretty good from a rural perspective, there has been no rain of note for the past couple of weeks. This time last year, though, we were on the way to experiencing one of the worst droughts in many years. But, this year the grass has continued to grow and the paddocks that were out for hay have greened up nicely. The other plus has been the gardens which have really thrived. In our vegetable garden we have never had so many, and so big, as the cucumbers are at present. And all our other vegetables have done so much better than in other years too. The flower beds and the property, in general, have put on a grand display. In our last issue of Rural Living we couldn’t announce the winner of our ‘name the colt’ competition, because sug-

Caring mum Willowbrook with young Willedu.

gestions were still pouring in at the time of writing. In fact, several more entries arrived just last week. In the final count there were 81 entries making the final judging really difficult. As well as the large number of clever suggestions, I was thrilled with comments and the way in which

Photo Wayne Martin

many people explained how they came to their selection. As a result I just had to share a few of those: I love reading all about your horses, your foal looks lovely – Linda Young, Ramarama. When I saw the photo of your foal his star looked clover-shaped so I think he should be called

Acebrook El; Ace because of the clover-shaped star, Brook for his dam and El for Elsu – Desma Wells, Waiuku. I enjoyed reading your article and as I was looking at this lovely youngster I was drawn by his big bold star and I thought of Elsu Starbrook – Jojo Hare. I have come up with the name “Misu”. I think every racehorse deserves a name with a meaning. As Elsu is native American for Flying Falcon I thought “Misu” was a fitting and pronounceable native American name that means “Rippling Brook” – Kelle Bregmen. I was runner up last year so gonna try again this year! The meaning of the name Elsu is Flying Falcon so maybe, Falcon Will Win – Kim Watson. With so many possibilities we see-sawed between several names with two, Elsupreme and Elsuprano, being top contenders. But, finally, the winning name, subject to obtaining Harness Racing NZ approval is “WILLEDU”. This was submitted by Elton Raitt from Cafe Kaos in Pukekohe, however, I have kept all the entries in case Harness Racing NZ does not accept this name and we have to select another. I’d like to say a big, “congratulations” to Elton and many thanks to all those who took part – your efforts have been truly appreciated. See you next month, Brian


8 — Rural Living — January - February 2014



the gate


Wendy Pye

Dame Wendy Pye is best known for her publishing company, children’s educational books and international literacy programmes, however, she lives on a Whitford lifestyle block and is heavily involved in breeding, training and racing thoroughbreds.

How did you first become involved with the horse racing industry? I really became involved through Don my husband as he had a passion for horses and racing. We began with one mare named Cookernup after my Australian home town where I was born and spent my early years. How many horses do you currently own and is your main thrust, breeding, training or racing thoroughbreds? We have around 50 horses including mares, racing stock, fillies and colts that will either be for future breeding or sold. We are selling four wonderful colts at the upcoming Karaka sales and have had a lot of luck with stock we have sold. I have put together a fun group of leading business women and men who will be part of the “French Connection”, my new venture for a year of excitement around racing and syndication of my horses. As they say – watch this space. Do you keep all your horses at your Whitford property or at racing stables? We don’t really have our horses on our farm as I am away overseas a great deal. Our horses are kept in two locations. Normandy Farm, which is run by Jeanne Marie, this is located at Brookby not far from Whitford and also Haunui now located at Karaka where the horses are cared for by Mark Chitty and his team. How successful have your horses been on the track over the years? We have had lots of success, winning some major cups and also many races. The greatest thrill was to have a runner in the Melbourne Cup. Have you followed the career of horses you have bred or trained then sold. Have any made you particularly proud? Yes, we follow the career of every 


If you could invite any three people to dinner, dead or alive, who would they be and why? Two with whom I worked in the past and are no longer with us – Nelson Mandela, who I worked with over 30 years ago in South Africa, setting up the important and successful Non Governmental Organisation that today works with thousands of children and teachers. He will never be replaced, but his legacy lives on. Also, Paul Hamlyn, a great world publisher, clever and crafty! And from those living today – Richard Branson (he may be a bit over the top), President Barack Obama (to have a serious discussion on what is wrong with American education and what he could do about this) and Rod Stewart (I think he can still sing; loved his life story). Now that would be a combination! horse we sell and also follow up with people who purchase our horses. It is like a huge family once you have that connection. Many of our horses have gone on to win large amounts of money. The most successful recently is “Luck of Smiling” in Macau, currently winning more than 4 million dollars in prize money. We have topped the Karaka sales with wonderful horses that are still working their way to the tracks. Do you think sufficient has been done to take horse racing in New Zealand out of the doldrums and what is your vision for the future of the industry? The industry is really in two parts and vision and determination is needed. Also you need to stand up and be counted. People don’t like doing that in this industry. In relation to the two parts, one is the potential export opportunities; the other is racing in the domestic market and also the return for investors in breeding and ownership. There is a

great deal to be achieved in both of these areas. With your publishing company and extensive literacy programmes, how do you find time to run a large lifestyle block and put so much time into the horse-racing industry?   Running a business and also a horse operation, is sometimes difficult to achieve, but this is something Don and I both share. So, as with all things in life, give a job to a busy person and they find time to be involved in what they love. Breeding a winner is the ultimate. Anyone can buy a horse, but breeding a winner is the final success story. If you headed the New Zealand Racing Board for a day what is the first thing you would do? Develop a full strategy for owners, breeders and the stakeholders. Then, at the second phase, ensure the facilities can offer a place for these people. That means if you have a healthy industry, you will have a future.

What’s a day in the life of Dame Wendy Pye like with your finger in so many ‘pyes’? Up early – thank goodness for my early life on a dairy farm. A typical day is up at 5am or earlier, working to complete and follow up on emails etc. I stop at around 7.30am for a swim. I have a pool house and love to swim every morning for exercise but also for reflection. I also do all my calls to America and some other places at this time. Then it’s breakfast with my husband Don at 8am, before dressing and tackling the motorway just after 9am. I often work late too as I may need to follow up people in Asia at around 10 pm or later. I have one hour off when I come home to prepare dinner, eat and hopefully watch the Australian or some other international news. I am a bit of a news junky. I like to spend time at home if I am around, love cooking and have a large cupboard of preserves. I will never starve nor anyone else who visits.

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 9

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10 — Rural Living — January - February 2014


RCNZ Calls for school leavers School’s ‘in’ again for the year – with some young people at least. But for others, keen to enter the workforce, school may be their choice because of unemployment fears. However, Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) says the agricultural sector offers many exciting job opportunities for school leavers considering future career options, RCNZ chief executive, Roger Parton says agriculture ranks as New Zealand’s most productive sector offering a wide variety of exciting career opportunities. “Yet, despite relatively high unemployment nationally, many rural contractors still find it difficult to recruit skilled and motivated staff, let alone attract young school leavers into the industry to start a career.” Mr Parton’s comments follow a news item that suggests the industry is heading for a crisis if young people continue to ignore careers in agriculture. He says it’s a problem that rural contractors, as well as others in the industry, are working to solve with new initiatives. “Rural contractors often have to bring in overseas workers to fill this gap. But we are keen to employ local, young people to give them training and to show them there is a viable and exciting career in our industry.” Mr Parton says RCNZ provides an agricultural career path with qualifications up to diploma level and remuneration figures above the average in many cases. However,

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he believes it’s important that schools also show the way. “For example, at Ashburton College, the new Primary Industries course teaches students about topics including soil, crops and animal growth. This demonstrates some of the opportunities that are available in agriculture and gets students thinking.” Mr Parton believes some young people clearly have an appetite for working in the agriculture sector. “This was clearly demonstrated last year when Southland RCNZ members held an induction, information and field day, near Invercargill. We were blown away when, instead of an expected 30 people, more than 100 attended.” He says due to the event’s success, RCNZ is now looking at the possibility of establishing three-day or four-day training courses next winter to enable more local people to develop the necessary skills to work in the contracting industry. “We are also working with Work and Income NZ to seek funding to develop off-season training for potential agricultural contracting employees.” Mr Parton says because agriculture remains the backbone of New Zealand’s economy, and still has massive growth potential, it needs the country’s best and brightest. “Schools and educators, as well as those involved in the rural sector, have an important role in encouraging quality people into the industry.”

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Traumatic leg Vet Talk wounds in horses with Franklin Vets

By Dr Holly Walton, BVSc (Equine Veterinarian), Franklin Vets In New Zealand, due to the nature of high tensile fencing, we commonly see large “de-gloving” injuries involving the lower limbs of horses. High tensile wire wounds may initially appear as a simple flesh cut, but due to the bruising associated with this wire, large areas of bruised, dying tissue can become more of an issue than the cut itself. Prognosis for recovery and return to work depends on the anatomy involved, how quickly the injury was noticed, the temperament of the horse and whether any secondary infection has set in. Injuries involving the front of the cannon bone/lower limb heal quite well, even if the extensor tendon is involved and cannon bone exposed. Wounds to the back of the

leg, where the flexor tendons have been severed or badly injured, carry a far more guarded prognosis and may be referred to a specialist centre for surgery. However, quite commonly euthanasia is the only option from a welfare perspective. The sooner a vet can treat the wound the better. While waiting for the vet: ■■ Any major bleeding should be addressed by the owner with a firm pressure bandage. ■■ Do not hose the wound down as this can dislodge beneficial clots. ■■ Do not spray the wound with “purple spray” or concentrate disinfectants. This causes unnecessary tissue irritation and can damage exposed bone. ■■ Do not apply wound powder over the wound. This can form a plaque for bacteria to proliferate under and dries and irritates healing tissues. Initial veterinary treatment


of these large, de-gloving type injuries involves controlled flushing of the wound to reduce contamination, removing any non-viable tissue and dressing the wound with topical products to promote filling in or granulation of the deficit. Anti-inflammatories and antibiotics are generally administered and tetanus protection is given (if the horse is unvaccinated). Careful re-dressing of the wound is carried out over weeks to months, depending on how well the wound is healing. Horses love to produce exuberant amounts of pink granulation tissue known as “proud flesh.” Well-managed wounds will produce less of this tissue, however if it arises it must be cut back and treated topically. If exposed bone is damaged or not covered appropriately during initial treatment, the surface of the bone is at risk of

forming a “sequestrum,” which is an area of dead bone that the body begins to reject. This can delay wound healing but is easily identified on x-ray and simply removed in most cases. The above photo shows a healing wound after some months of treatment. The original injury to this pony exposed a significant amount of cannon bone and a severed extensor tendon. The image shows the wound has now contracted, filled in and there is no major proud flesh development. The pony has completely normal movement and function of this leg now and should continue to heal well.





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Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 11


On the farm this month Hay-making may well be over but there are still jobs aplenty waiting to be done on farms and lifestyle bocks and what better time to tackle them than summer? While the weather is fine build, check and repair fences but if you are a newbie to the land it may pay to employ a rural contractor to do the job for you. If you really think you’re up to erecting fences be sure to gather some sound advice first. Remember, we’re not talking the little picket fence or urban vertical palings here. We’re talking No 7-9 wire post and batten, multi-wire electric fences, sheep netting, deer netting, post and rail, temporary or semi-permanent and, perhaps, hawthorn hedging too. Regular inspection will reveal if tensions have slackened or fastenings deteriorated and whether land has subsided allowing fence lines to drop or escape routes for smaller animals to form. For those confident of their carpentry abilities, the first thing to consider (after the type of fence needed) will be tools, some of which you may have. Others may need to be purchased and some lessons had in their handling and use. Your ‘toolbox’ should include: ■■ Hammer ■■ Chisel ■■ Spirit level ■■ Tape measure ■■ Brace and bit/augers ■■ Crowbar

■■ Adjustable spanners ■■ Wire cutters ■■ Plane – for a cleaner job ■■ Chainsaw ■■ Pencil! ■■ Specialised fencing tools ■■ Fencing spade ■■ Post rammer – to compact soil re-filling a post hole ■■ Chain wire strainers ■■ Winder tool – to wind up permanent inline strainers ■■ Fencing pliers or Ezy pulls ■■ Wire tension meter Whether tackling fencing oneself or hiring a contractor, summer is the time to ensure those fences are indeed built, or repaired so they are in good order before autumn rains. Other issues to consider are:

■■ Effluent pumps – Has your effluent pump been greased lately to ensure it keeps going, has the trap been cleared of metal, stone and sand and is everything in order so that the pipe leading out to the aerator does not block? ■■ Farm tracks and races – Is the tanker track turnaround up to standard? Races need regular and constant maintenance. A race should be like an inverted saucer so water runs off the sides. Keep sides clear of grass and muck which may stop runoff leaving the race puggy. If a contractor in your district has a small grader, get him to come over in summer to reform races and keep them trimmed.

With race repairs complete, keep them crowned and cleaned. ■■ Machinery and equipment cleaning – Never store dirty vehicles (tractors, trailers, quad bikes etc), farm equipment, machinery and power tools. It’s important to protect investment in expensive farming ‘tools’ but land owners also need to be aware that the very same can spread pests and weeds with a costly result. Clearing land of unwanted weeds is no simple job. If seeds and pests are spread far and wide via dirty machinery, it can cost the national economy too. Regular machinery cleaning (and maintenance) should be routine. Small block farmers and lifestylers need to be especially vigilant if they share machinery with neighbours. Contamination can easily be spread between properties. Every time machinery is moved it should be cleaned so no soil or plant matter is seen. Carry out cleaning on your own property; all the better if you have a specific wash-down pad or facility. Remove matter manually where possible then use a water blaster or a vacuum. Disinfect equipment afterwards. If you receive machinery with visible soil or plant matter attached, wash down before using and be sure all waste matter is kept away from waterways and is disposed of properly. With that, land owners should be busy all summer long!

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DOWN WITH FRUIT FLIES The discovery of a single male Queensland fruit fly in a Whangarei surveillance trap has sparked a vigorous effort to check for and ensure there are no more of these unwanted insects about. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has responded promptly, fielding teams to work in the Parihaka area near Whangarei’s port. MPI Deputy Director General Compliance and Response, Andrew Coleman, says the insect is an unwanted and notifiable organism that could have serious consequences for New Zealand’s horticultural industry. “It can damage a wide range of fruit and vegetables. Queensland fruit fly has been detected three times before in New Zealand – in Whangarei in 1995 and in Auckland in 1996 and 2012. In all cases increased surveillance found no further sign of the fly.”

All land owners need to take responsibility for farm biosecurity ensuring their land is free of weeds which can be harmful not just to animals, but to the economy. Today Rural Living launches a new WEED REPORT column to help lifestylers be more aware of harmful weeds and the need to eradicate them before seeds are spread either by natural forces such as wind or by human carelessness. Chilean Needle Grass (Nasella Neesiana) is an invasive, hard to kill grass, which initially arrived in Marlborough with pasture seed from Australia. It now covers thousands of acres in Marlborough, Canterbury and Hawkes Bay. Furthermore, with the number of affected sites in Canterbury having risen to 14 in recent weeks, Environment Canterbury is working to prevent further spreading of the pest, which has the potential to infest an estimated 15 million hectares on the east coasts of the North and South Islands. Although unpalatable to stock, this grass produces needle-like seeds, which work their way into wool or hairy coats,

then rotate into the animal’s skin (lambs are particularly vulnerable to seeds penetrating their eyes and causing blindness). Seeds can also damage subcutaneous muscle, causing loss of meat, hide and wool. Infested land has to be farmed very carefully with all livestock removed before summer seeding takes place. Fortunately, this unpleasant plant is rare in greater Auckland with only three



recorded sites, all in West Auckland. These are being closely monitored by Auckland Council’s Biosecurity team. Officer Don Austin says the infested sites are treated four times a year, with the aim of complete eradication. “If you have a suspicious plant on your property do not try and tidy it up,” Don says. “It is resistant to all but a very new herbicide. Instead, call Auckland Council’s Biosecurity Department, where someone will be able to identify the plant and to eradicate it.” Despite its scarcity in this part of the North Island, landowners are urged to be vigilant and report any suspected sightings as soon as possible.

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8 Nelson Street, Pukekohe Ph 09 238 6955 weekdays



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Local cowboys set to compete While Franklin entries in this year’s Dairy Industry Awards cannot rival the 64 from Waikato, the district is represented in all three sections – farm managers, sharemilkers and dairy trainees. With judging already underway and results to be announced in March, national convenor Chris Keeping says the awards have attracted a record 572 entries. “It is such a positive indicator for the dairy industry to have so many putting themselves forward to have their skills tested and to raise their profile and position in the industry,” she says. Waikato entrants include two entries from townships just south of Franklin, Pokeno and Tuakau and in total Franklin, itself, is represented by three dairy trainee entrants

as well as one in the farm management section and another in the sharemilking section. The greatest number of entries for the awards came from Canterbury/North Otago, 73 and then Southland/ Otago, with 66. Chris says she is particularly pleased with the increase in entries into the awards’ trainee contest, which features entrants aged less than 30 years with fewer than five years’ industry experience. “Interest in the trainee contest is growing each year and we like to think the awards experience helps to motivate, lift confidence and enhance industry enthusiasm.” This year, there are 292 trainee entrants, compared to 251 last year and just 100 in 2008 when the competition began.

Thought for food Looking for more than just ‘deserts’, movers and Sheikhers in agriculture will converge on Abu Dhabi in February to address the world’s increasing food demands through innovations such as greenhouses in arid regions – see photo above. The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) will be attended by innovators, investors, food producers, government representatives, scientists and agricultural organisations from throughout the world.

GFIA project director, Mark Beaumont, says the forum will help experts with efforts to feed a world population expected to top nine billion by 2050. “The GFIA will present the world’s largest collection of sustainable agriculture inventions and pool together experts to show how big ideas can boost food production and solve the world’s ever increasing food needs,” he says. “We hope these innovations will create lasting change in the way agriculture is practised.”

Bumpkin Banter Another month of Bumpkin Banter – comical anecdotes, cute photographs and other bits and bobs sent in by our readers. Keep sending us your briefs, trivia and photos of country life – email to Gallows humour... When visiting a friend’s place recently, regular Bumpkin Banter contributor, HELEN GOWLAND, discovered a little fellow who was, well... hung! Some may like to offer mythical creatures a place to call their gnome, but as this photo shows, others are not susceptible to their charms. At Rural Living, we’re left to wonder, should these creatures be welcomed into Kiwi gardens or should they be sent to the gallows instead.

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This happy, much loved moggy clearly doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal is coming from, or finding a comfortable place to sleep after a big feed. Unfortunately, not all cats are so lucky. Some furry Christmas presents are callously abandoned after the novelty has worn off and the realisation sinks in that they represent years of commitment, involving daily feeding, regular health care and – most importantly – desexing, to avoid the burden of unwanted kittens. Gareth Morgan may not approve, but cat rescue volunteers are constantly battling with the all too human problem of homeless cats, by providing a programme of feeding, desexing and rehoming. Adopting a homeless kitten will save its life and enhance yours – or you could help with feeding or fostering. Local vets can put you in touch with cat rescue organisations.



Trainer’s ‘whinnying’ run When preparing champion horses there are no small parts; however, to attain a winning record, in Franklin, there is a Small man, as JON RAWLINSON discovered. Even burly rugby players need to display grace under fire, and when the twice champion Chiefs trot out on the field in February they’ll need grace to ensure their place in history becomes everlasting. Local harness racing trainer, Geoff Small, says the Chiefs may have what it takes on the field, but on the track, a number of the players trust him to lead their horse to victory. Fresh from putting Everlasting Grace through its paces at Zenola Farm Racing Stables in Patumahoe, Geoff says the horse is an example of how anyone can enjoy the action through syndicates. However, the pacer – owned by a syndicate which includes a number of Chiefs’ players – still has a way to go. “If all goes well, it’ll race April or May. It has a chance and is improving all the time, but there’s a long way to go between here and becoming a champion! There’s no reason why it can’t be a decent horse though, it has a good enough feel,” Geoff says. With the Australasian Classic Yearling Sale at Karaka Sales Complex set for February 17 (parade day, February 16), he advises those looking to become part of a syndicate should first consult the experts.

“Unless you’re really a horse person, it’s best to have a trainer to pick one out. We have the experience and know what to look for,” he says. “It’s always a gamble; otherwise the rich man would get all the good horses. You can do your arithmetic, based on breeding and performances in the family, but it’s the same with children, just because one is a good sportsperson, doesn’t mean his brother will be too.” While Geoff says decades in the industry help when it comes to selecting a potential champ, it can only carry him so far. “The horse needs to have some breeding, the right temperament and body shape, but it comes down to a gut feeling. You can go over everything at the sales, but ultimately you want a fit, happy and healthy animal. When you look a horse in the eye, you need to like what you see.” And champions there have been for Zenola, although Geoff says he’s unsure exactly how many times horses he’s trained have been first past the post. “I don’t worry about how many wins there have been; it’s all about next week! We’ve had a good run and a few champions, such as Elsu [twice the New Zealand Horse of the Year

Patumahoe — New Zealand


Phone: 09 238 5226 Fax: 09 238 5206 Mobile: 0274 990 652 Email: Website:

Geoff Small

pacer] and Changeover [the first million dollar winner in the New Zealand Trotting Cup].” Although trainers and drivers may have a flutter at the races, Geoff says he’s never tempted to bet the farm. “The biggest bet I ever had was 20 odd years ago. The horse won and I bought Aria’s [his wife] engagement ring; then I stopped! Gambling’s part of the industry, but the only certainty is that there isn’t one.” Although he does drive in races occasionally, these days Geoff is focused on training. “My last year as a junior, I was one of the leading drivers in Franklin; I won a prize, put it that way! But about 15 years ago I decided I didn’t want to be both a driver and trainer. “Of course, even the best prepared horse can benefit from the right driver,” says Geoff.

“You can’t make an ordinary horse into a great horse and the drivers can’t exactly get out and push! But they can get that extra length out of it, which can make all the difference. “David Butcher’s probably our number one driver; we’ve been working with him for about 10 years and he’s actually just clicked over 2000 wins. He has that X factor; a good driver can see things happening and know how to look after the animal at the same time. Also, while I don’t have to know the opposition, he does!” Although Geoff may be looking for greener pastures soon, moving away from the Patumahoe property, he has no plans for retirement and intends to stay local. Until then, he remains focused on training winning horses for rugby teams and ordinary punters alike.

Offers You... ♦ HAVAR – (First crop of NZ Cup Winner Changeover) ♦ Breeding – Changeover/The Black Pearl ♦ Age – Yearling colt ♦ Update – Has been broken in and spelled, ready to come back into work for his second preparation. A lovely big strong type with manners and a well gaited pacer ♦ Costs – 10% share @ $6000 If you are interested in experiencing the Thrills and Excitement of Harness Racing and need advice from someone who will have YOUR interests at heart...

Contact Geoff or Aria Small Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 15


Karaka Absolute Care

Domestic / Park Hedge Trimming Fine hedge trimming with sicklebar cutter for trimming new growth mounted on lightweight tractor fitted with turf tyres. Mower/Mulcher with catcher at rear of tractor for clippings or open areas of grass. 54235-V3

Paul 027 628 8077 |

set to sizzle

A star-studded line-up of wellrelated yearlings headlines the upcoming New Zealand Bloodstock National Yearling Sales Series to be held at Karaka in late January. There are more than 180 siblings to stakes winners throughout the Premier, Select and Festival Sales, featuring 23 siblings to Group 1 winners as well as the offspring of 165 stakes winning mares that include the progeny of 22 Group 1 winners. The Premier Sale features the crème de la crème of yearlings in Australasia with more than 100 siblings to stakes winners and 110 yearlings from stakes winning mares in the selection of 469 Premier lots. The Karaka sire selection combines the best of the sire strength on both sides of the Tasman. Breed-shaping sire, Zabeel, has 32 Lots catalogued in the Premier and Select Sales. The sire’s retirement was recently announced along with the fact that there are only five live foals from his last crop with only one likely to be for sale in 2015. The 2014 yearling crop therefore becomes one of the last chances to buy the

progeny of the champion sire. One sire enjoying great success currently is Savabeel which has 86 lots entered in the three sales. The Waikato Stud-based sire has already sired eight individual stakes winners this season with his stakes winners to runners ratio an outstanding 5.4%. New Zealand Bloodstock’s National Yearling Sale Series has a proven record of success with over 100 Group 1 races won by 69 individual graduates in the past five seasons. Last season was a fruitful one for Karaka with 13 Group 1 winning yearling graduates winning worldwide. New Zealand thoroughbreds continued their dominance of Australian races last season with Ocean Park (NZ) (Thorn Park) becoming the fifth Kiwi-bred winner in six years of the Group 1 Cox Plate. Sacred Falls (NZ) (O’Reilly) landed the Group 1 Doncaster Handicap also becoming the fifth Kiwi-bred winner in six years of that race. The six days of selling commences at Karaka with the Premier Sale, January 27-28, the Select Sale, January 29-31, and the Festival Sale, February 2.


Equine Hospital & Referral Centre Outstanding field and hospital care for your horse • Lameness evaluations, including ultrasonography and digital radiography • Intensive care treatment/hospitalisation of medical cases • Pre-purchase examinations for local and international sale • All types of elective and emergency surgery including abdominal surgery, video arthroscopy, roarer surgery and orthopaedic procedures • A dedicated team of 6 veterinarians to care for your horse

12 Sim Rd, Karaka, PO Box 135, Drury, Auckland • • 09 294 7307 53597

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did you know? Horses can communicate how they are feeling by their facial expressions. They use their ears, nostrils, and eyes to show their moods. Beware of a horse that has flared nostrils and their ears back. That means it might attack!

Club hosts

race ‘trifecta’

Here’s hoping the only brollies needed on Sunday, February 9 are sun umbrellas because that’s when the well-dressed racing community turns out for the annual Bridles, Brollies & Beauties Race Day. And this year the Counties Racing Club event promises to be doubly fantastic because it combines the triple ‘B’ race day with the club’s annual Family Fun Day. Bridles, Brollies & Beauties, now in its fourth year, will be hosted in The Oaks Lounge and focuses on all things girly as well as the more serious sport of horse racing. The first race in the eight-race programme is set to start at 12.45pm. And to keep the action galloping along there’ll be displays and demonstrations from local Pukekohe retailers including giveaways and spot prizes. At $50 a ticket, BBB racegoers receive entry to the function, reserved seating, a race book, glass of bubbles on arrival, and a light buffet lunch, designed by head chef MJ Fox plus a sweet treat platter and tea & coffee. Guests will enjoy prime

viewing of the track with tote facilities and cash bar available. Tables for 10 cost $450. Running in conjunction with Bridles, Brollies and Beauties, the Family Fun Day includes free admission to the course and parking for the day. There will be free children’s entertainment on the hill lawn including a bouncy castle and face painting. At the rear of the grandstand there will be pony rides with Kidz Kartz Racing on the track. So, head along to Pukekohe Park, February 9, and enjoy a picnic under the trees with friends and family. Pukekohe racegoers are further spoilt for choice during February. In addition, Counties Racing Club will host twilight gallops at Pukekohe Park on Wednesday, February 19. Promising a great evening of live horse racing, entertainment and a beer, there’s a dinner option too. Tickets $65pp for race book, drink on arrival, buffet dinner, dessert and a glass of wine. To be held in the Sponsors Lounge, the first race is expected to start at 3.30pm.

Pukekohe Park – February Race Days Bridles, Brollies& Beauties .. Sunday 9 February 2014

Join us for a day of live racing and all things fashionable, great giveaways, food and company. Venue: The Oaks Lounge. Tickets: $50.00pp, Table of 10 $450.

First Race: 12.45pm “FAMILY FUN DAY ON HILL LAWN”

“TWILIGHT GALLOPS” Wednesday 19 February First Race: 2.55pm

For further info…. Phone the Club: 09 238 8049 54397-v2

EQUESTRIAN SURFACING CUSHIONRIDE retains no moisture, and due to its

excellent drainage qualities it provides a very secure footing, allowing horses to travel over it, not through it.

CUSHIONRIDE – a quality woodfibre product

which guarantees an exceptional, virtually dust-free surface, reliable in all weather conditions.

A quality performance equestrian surface. A favourite with Auckland Manukau Dressage Group

MANUFACTURED BY REHARVEST TIMBER PRODUCTS, 41A HUNUA RD, PAPAKURA. We have already supplied over 100 private arenas with PHONE (09) 299 3999 FAX (09) 298 2988 (OFFICE) OR (0274) 988 126 ‘Cushionride’ in the shor t time it’s been on the market. WEB ADDRESS: EMAIL ADDRESS: FOR MORE INFORMATION


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BMW Polo Open ready to ride

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Be Rescuea a pet. Be aa hero. hero. Rescue pet. This is the perfect time to adopt a pet. This is the perfect time to adopt a pet. We’ve got hundreds of animals that’ve We’ve got hundreds of animals that’ve been vet checked, desexed, vaccinated been vet checked, desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. and microchipped.

SoSovisit orcall call0909 256 7300, visitour our website website or 256 7300, thencome come and and meet forfor you. then meetthe theone one you. We’reopen open 7 7 days, at at We’re days,from from10am-4pm, 10am-4pm, 50Westney Westney Road, Road, Mangere. 50 Mangere.

The who’s who of society will rub shoulders with horse lovers and top riders when the BMW Polo Open returns to picturesque Clevedon Valley in February. As much about glamour, cars, food and fashion as it is about expert horsemanship, nevertheless this event, on February 23, attracts leading New Zealand and international high-goal players, with top polo ponies brought in from around the country for the competition.   Event director Amy Calway says this year’s Polo Open will be a superb day out. “The polo has an amazing, vibrant atmosphere with the perfect mix of high-goal action, pure-bred ponies, fashion shows, luxury cars and music from top DJs,” she says. “The 2014 event will be the biggest and best we’ve seen in the polo’s 37 year history.” With luxury marquees and bar areas lining the playing field, just metres away from thundering horses, guests can view the action while enjoying the comforts and benefits of covered seating, great food and a party atmosphere. BMW, Tiger Building, Bayleys, Veuve Clicquot, Mobilis and Rodd & Gunn have all entered teams for this year’s competition, with Kiwi top eight-goal player John-Paul Clarkin confirmed to ride again.  Official fashion partner, Ted Baker, and other top labels,

will showcase their latest collections with exclusive runway shows on the Fashion Lawn. As always, guests are encouraged to dress to impress for the annual Fashion in the Field competition – amazing prizes up for grabs. A crowd favourite each year sees a polo pony and rider challenge the latest BMW in a race around the field, sometimes with surprising results. Also on view from BMW will be the all-new BMW 2 Series Coupé and the BMW 4 Series Convertible. Managing director, BMW Group New Zealand, Nina Englert, says the BMW Polo Open is, “the perfect place to relax and take in the sights and sounds of some serious horsepower, both the equine and automotive variety”. A month of polo festivities will kick off with an official launch party and conclude with the big finals day in Clevedon on Sunday, February 23. Tickets:

“FOR GUARANTEED WORK AT COMPETITIVE PRICES” Machines available from 3 - 30 tonnes including a 15 metre long reach • Drainage • Pond Cleaning • Swamp Pad Work • Farm Race Maintenance • Hole Boring • Compacting • New House Pads • Earth Moving • Rock Breaking • Accredited in Farm Dairy Effluent Pond Design and Construction

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A&P Show offers more than a little horse As the year of the horse begins in earnest, the Franklin A&P Show is set to follow a course established more than 150 years ago, says John Fleet, from the Franklin A&P Society. “Agricultural and Pastoral Shows started in the 1860s when two gentlemen wanted to know who had the better horse. This started the long tradition of the shows throughout the country,” he says. “These days, the show is more for people to exhibit their stock and their crafts, although there will be more than one or two horses, of course!” And the 2014 edition of the Franklin A&P Show – on February 15-16 – is expected to be no exception featuring an abundance of events, entertainment and activities. “Animals are the main focus, although there will be a lot more

going on than that,” John says, “As well as cattle, cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, horses and even a farmyard so children can get up close and pat the animals, there will also be Highland dancing, sheep shearing, wood chopping, fairground rides.” Big mouths and big muscles will also be put through their paces with comedian and MC, Te Radar, talking the talk, and competitors in The Counties Strongest Man contest undertaking extraordinary feats. “Caber tossing is exchanged for throwing a weight over a high bar and heavy metal pipes replace carrying logs, but most events actually originate from the Highland Games, so it’s quite the spectacle when some of the toughest men from throughout the country come to town,” says John. And the proof of the pudding will be put to the test with the

‘cuddly cook’, Annabelle White, taking centre stage. There will also be lots of other food tastings on offer. “One hall will be packed with homemade goodies, including jams, pickles and cakes, and vegetables, with prizes up for grabs. Anyone can compete; information is available on our website, “It’s shaping up to be quite the event this year; perhaps the best so far,” John adds. “With stalls and trade sites featuring everything from cars to candy floss, air conditioning to artwork, I’m sure there will be something for everyone to enjoy.” To exhibit, compete or simply attend, visit pukekohe for more information, including a full show schedule, or contact the Showgrounds office on 09 238 8773. ■■ See page 22 to win tickets.

A smarter-safer approach to your growing problem!

Shaun Chisnall is owner/operator of Timberline Contracting, who specialise in the safe, controlled topping/felling of trees. Often shelterbelts are removed when they get too big, as there wasn’t an alternative, but now you can still have the advantage of having shelter, but at a manageable height. Timberline Contracting’s specialty is those shelter belts that have been left too long and are now too big for shelterbelt trimmers to handle. Controlled removal along driveways, boundaries and close to buildings are a big part of Shaun’s work.

• Shelterbelt Topping • Shelterbelt Removal • Difficult & confined space tree removal Visit our website to view a video of our services “Locally owned and operated”


For an obligation-free quote, call Shaun on 027 354 5475 or for more information


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Horses for courses • Survey & fence line clearing • Hedge & shelterbelt removal • Gorse & scrub mulching • Tree felling & removal • Tree mulching & chipping up to 18� • Stump grinding • Gravel road and farm race refurbishing Glenn Mackenzie Phone 0800 CLEAR IT

Email: 53419

There’s certainly no horsing around when a stallion or mare enters the stables whether at work, play, or at home. And as Chinese New Year rings in the Year of the Horse, it brings to mind some horsey attributes that are likely to make equine ones a mate for life or a mate for strife. Conflict aside, those born in the Year of the Horse – 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and from the middle of this month onwards – should celebrate the result of their good breeding with these qualities: ■■ Energetic – Powerful, dynamic, and active, a horse is the life of any party. Constantly champing at the bit and wowing crowds with its vivacious sense of humour, this show pony comes out tops in the popularity stakes. Because of such dominant qualities, they can be stubborn and insubordi-

nate – breaking in is required! Colleagues of horses, take heed. ■■ Easygoing – Despite the latter, this majestic beast can also be surprisingly down-to-earth and caring. Its kind and perceptive nature is conducive to forming strong relationships. Here’s a lover who’s a keeper! ■■ Positivity – Generally robust and optimistic, horses

make great communicators and are known for their leadership, management and astute decision making qualities. However, being a hot blooded creature, it can often be impulsive and be more flamboyant especially when it comes to finances. Those yearning for a fast and furious life would do best to settle down with a horse; and those looking for slower pace had better put those blinkers on when one trots past. ■■ Perseverance – Nothing rivals the stamina of a horse, and this leads to the pursuit of success in all endeavours. Showing remarkable endurance, a horse never gives up, resulting in the achievement of many great things. There be no modest mice, only high horses! With all that said, there’s no holding a horse from ringing in Chinese New Year – so giddy up and enjoy the ride!

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Photo: David Hallett

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For the price of a couple of coffees each week, you can For price&of a couple coffees each you Photo: canDavid Hallett helpthe Forest Bird protectofand restore of week, New Zealand’s help Forest Bird protect restore of week, New Zealand’s For the price&of a couple ofand coffees each you can unique wildlife and wild places. unique wildlife andprotect wild places. help Forest & Bird and restore of New Zealand’s Become a Nature’s voice member With so many of New Zealand’s unique wildlife and wild places. Become a Nature’s member With sonative many animals, of New Zealand’s and you will receivevoice complimentary unique plants and unique plants and habitats at riskanimals, weNew need your support With sonative many of Zealand’s habitats at riskanimals, needplants your support to give nature awe greater voice. unique native and to give nature awe greater voice. habitats riskare need your support Forest & at Bird an independent to give&nature a greater voice. Forest Birdt organisation. are an independent not-for-profi We have not-for-profi We natural have been protecting Zealand Forest & Birdt organisation. areNew an independent been protecting Newand Zealand environment land inWe thenatural sea, not-for-profi t on organisation. have environment land and in the sea, since 1923. Ason the governor general been protecting New Zealand natural since the governor general said in1923. 2009,As “It island diffi cult in tothe imagine environment on and sea, said 2009,As “It is diffi cult to general imagine New Zealand without the Royal sincein 1923. the governor New Zealand without the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society.� said in 2009, “It is difficult to imagine Forest and Bird Protection Society.� New Zealand without the Royal

Photo: David Hallett

and you will receive complimentary membership of Forest & Bird, and Become a Nature’s voice member membership of Forest & Bird,you andwill with yourwill additional support and you receive complimentary with your additional support you be helping usofprotect and restore our membership Forest & Bird, andwill be us ensuring protect and our environment, thatrestore there will withhelping your additional support you will environment, ensuring thatrestore therefor will always be aus natural environment be helping protect and our always a natural environment you andbeyour children. environment, ensuring that therefor will you and your children. always be a natural environment for you and your children.

Forest and Bird Help Protection Society.� us help nature at Help us help nature at

Help us help nature at

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Fair cop!

page 35

TAKING A PUNT on Will Desire page 4, 8


page 16-18


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Mixed weather makes for interesting season

win with

By Ditch Keeling Coastal Pest Solutions Ltd The “all seasons in one day” type weather we have experienced lately has kept us on our toes with the usual mix of summer pest work as well as a healthy dose of rats and mice in buildings not normally expected until at least autumn. Rabbits bred really well during the long dry spell leading up to Christmas but this seems to have slowed with the rain so we now have lots of sub-adult bunnies out there and comparatively few new babies, largely due to lots of flooding killing young rabbits in burrows. Of course, this makes for ideal control as those really new young are among the hardest to remove. So, get stuck into your rabbits now and you should have great success in reducing their numbers. Likewise, wasps had a great start to the season and I began taking calls for wasp control a full month earlier than usual. Wasp nests can become very large and dangerous and although I’m still getting lots of calls, many nests appear to be struggling. They seem smaller than usual so let’s hope the crazy weather will reduce the size of the problem nests later in the summer. Common and German wasps really need to be treated by a professional. These most often nest underground and have

Inclement weather this summer has driven mice and rats indoors early.

a single entry hole. Both are slightly bigger than honey bees with distinctive black and yellow stripes. If you suspect a nest on your property try to follow the wasps’ flight path in the final hour or two of daylight. This usually culminates in a lot of activity around one focal point and the nest will be at the base of that activity. If you find one give us a call. The other wasps we have are paper wasps and these guys build the little honey-comb structures often seen hanging on fences and sheds etc. Paper wasps are far less aggressive than the larger versions and seldom pose quite the same threat. As such these can be safely dealt with after dark by spraying the nest liberally with a strong fly spray and later clipping the dead nest into a bag for

the rubbish. Always be careful with wasps and, if in doubt, give me a call. Rats and mice normally spend their summers out in the paddocks and then head indoors for winter. However, the weather of late has led to many rodents entering buildings and it’s amazing how much damage can be caused even in a short period of time. Mice droppings in the pantry, scampering noises in the roof or unusual holes around horse feed bins are all signs that you need to break out the rodent control gear. Traps baited with peanut butter may prove effective for a mouse or two in the kitchen but the other situations will all require a good bait station programme with high quality bait. For more information on any of the topics raised here please feel free to give me a call.

Rabbit Control is fast, efficient and achievable

Coastal Pest Solutions are working in your community – trapping, shooting, poisoning and dog work. Non toxic rabbit control is available.

Protect your land and environment from all animal pests, call us today!

Coastal Pest Solutions Wild Animal Control & Biosecurity Services 18 Years’ Professional Experience

Tel: 09 536 6020 Mob: 027 393 2125 Email: 31563-V6

NEW ZEALAND’S INFRASTRUCTURE & INDUSTRIAL SERVICES SPECIALISTS >> 35 years experience >> Everything from pipeline inspection and repair, drainage maintenance, hydroextraction, liquid waste management >> Abrasive blasting >> High pressure water-jetting >> Vacuum loading >> Septic / grease trap cleaning


34-38 Stonedon Drive, East Tamaki Phone 273 6639 •

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To enter the draw for any of these competitions visit click on the competitions link then fill in the form. One entry per person/ email address; entries close February 28, 2014. Winner notified by phone or email.

Win! Weed Weapon – Direct Hit from Kiwicare


Christchurch-based company, Kiwicare, has been on the front line of the weed war long enough to know that because victory is not yet at hand, new weapons are needed. And now it has deployed Weed Weapon, a fastacting, visible foam which makes it easy to see weeds that have been targeted. The Direct Hit aerosol shoots a highly directional stream of Weed Weapon foam onto weeds. The foam expands and dissipates to treat upper and lower surfaces of foliage and shows results within 7 hours. Weed Weapon is effective against a broad range of weeds including grasses, dandelion, chickweed, dock, daisies, fathen, groundsel, hawksbeard, mallow, oxalis, plantain, thistle, liverwort and moss. Best of all, Rural Living has THREE cans of Weed Weapon up for grabs. Be in the draw to win!

What a way to kick off the 2014 Super Rugby season – free entry for four people to the Blues first home game this year. Yes, Rural Living has two double passes up for grabs to the Blues v Crusaders game at Eden Park on February 28. The seats are covered so if rain falls it shouldn’t be a problem. Avoid the mad scrum, enter our draw and you could be a winner. Please NOTE – this prize will be drawn at noon, February 21, 2014 in order for tickets to be posted/delivered before the event.

WIN! Summer in a bottle! Nicknamed ‘nature’s medicine chest’ the elderflower is rich in antioxidants, its healing properties having been used for centuries to boost the immune system and treat various ailments. And that’s just one reason why the new range of Addmore Elderflower Drinks will appeal. Made from hand-picked 100% New Zealand elderflowers, Addmore’s sophisticated, nonalcoholic elderflower drinks include Elderflower Cordial (375ml, $12.99), Sparkling Elderflower Rose (750ml, $10.99) and Sparkling Ginger White Tea and Elderflower (330ml, $4.49). Mix the cordial one part to 10 parts water and enjoy hot or cold. Serve rose chilled or as a mixer in cocktails and enjoy the tea as a refreshing thirst-quencher when the heat’s on. Available from supermarkets and specialty food stores but we have a bottle of each for the taking!

WIN! A WALK A DAY Lifestylers and farmers know all about walking – living on a large block usually involves plenty of foot work. Then there are those who love tramping some of the country’s most arduous tracks but for most folk, walking for pleasure doesn’t mean a long tramp with boots and backpack. Many prefer to take a shorter route to see the country and Peter Janssen’s book, A Walk a Day, 365 Short Walks in New Zealand, published by New Holland (RRP $34.99) is perfect for just that. All walks featured are less than three hours and take in historic landmarks, dramatic natural features and superb views. Now, one lucky reader can win a copy and discover a great way to see the country. Enter the draw – it might be a walkover! 22 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

WIN! $50 LONE STAR VOUCHER Who’s had a starring role in town since opening late last year? Lone Star, of course. Offering a great character venue and a yummy menu, this new kid on the dining block is deserving of an Oscar for giving locals a superb option for family dining and socialising. Furthermore, thanks to the generosity of Lone Star management, Rural Living has a $50 dining voucher to give away to one lucky reader. Be in the draw and you could soon be dining on a meal that shines.

WIN! Family passes to Franklin A&P Show There’s no business like A&P business and this year’s Franklin show on February 15 & 16 promises to be bigger and better than ever. It’s a fabulous day for farmers and families, country folk and townies, locals and visitors too. The best news is, Franklin A&P Show management has given Rural Living three family passes to give away. Draw details above but please NOTE – unlike the rest of our competitions this prize will be drawn at noon, February 12, 2014 in order for tickets to be posted/delivered before the event.



Making ‘Mark’ in the field Mark Plummer may be outstanding when operating from the sidelines of Eden Park, but at home in Karaka, he’s often found out standing in his field, as he tells JON RAWLINSON. In sport, as in lifestyling, prevention may be preferable to cure. However, when big, burly rugby players break down, the Blues don’t necessarily call a doctor, they call a Plummer! Head physiotherapist for the Blues and Auckland rugby teams, Mark Plummer says his working life may help him bring home the bacon, but skills required at the ground don’t always prove too useful down home on the farm. “I’m quite pragmatic when it comes to animals, or plants for that matter, if they survive they survive and if they don’t they don’t, which is an attitude you can’t afford to take with people! I don’t profess to be a pseudo-vet by any stretch of the imagination. We learn as a family about the dos and don’ts and if something goes wrong, we call the pros!” He says some aspects of country living also serve his profession, however. “It’s important to keep fit [to manage the property] and it’s great to go for a run and not even see a car sometimes. Whenever I have time, I get outside; it relaxes me and Jo, my wife, as well. We’ve never been ones to be too idle.” Mark manages the family’s five-acre Karaka property, with assistance from team Plummer, which includes the couple’s four children, Josh (17), Harry (15), Ben (12) and Piper (7). “With four kids it can be very busy. They’re all very active and involved in sport, but they get stuck in and use it as a bit of rugby training. They get out and use the space, which is what we envisaged when we moved here.” 

Mark Plummer – fielding dreams. While Mark’s job may require travel, with 2-3 weeks each year in South Africa, and a day or two for other away matches, he says co-operation keeps the property in good order. “From ’86-98 I was the physio for the Black Caps, so I used to be away for 10 months of the year. The big reason for giving up the cricket was family; when the kids came along I didn’t want to be away as much,” Mark says. “These days I don’t go away for as long and the family enjoys rugby and understands. It is hard on Jo; although we try and keep the land pretty low maintenance, and that’s our downtime anyway, she’s truly amazing!” However, no matter where his job takes him, there is no place like home, Mark says. “There’s a tranquility living here. I love coming home to the peace and quiet. There’s nothing nicer than sitting outside in the summer with a glass of wine, hearing the tuis and not the cars. “What never fails to amaze me is, when looking out towards Waiau

Photo Wayne Martin

Pa, we can literally see 50 shades of green. People don’t realise how many types of green there are; it’s beautiful!” Moving from Bucklands Beach to Karaka 16 years ago, Mark and Jo sought a sense of space. “We’re not really from land; we just liked the idea of space. We had one littlie and another on the way and it felt right as a place to bring up kids. “The previous owners had pigs so we continued with that for a while. We’d throw them our scraps, fatten them up and then have them killed; we really thought we were farmers then!” While the Plummers no longer raise pigs, other animals, including ag day lambs and chickens, require care. “As far as animals go, anything that keeps the grass down is good, and if you can eat them at the end, that’s a bonus!” In addition, the gardens and grounds of the property need regular attention. “We try for an edible garden most of

the year, but the bulk is aesthetic. We like natives and more formalised hedging. Sometimes things take, sometimes they don’t, but we haven’t had too many disasters,” says Mark. “We don’t have any aspirations to grow wonderful crops. I always like to have spuds up before my old man, but he’s pretty good at growing them, so I don’t know if that’ll ever happen!” Despite Mark’s professional allegiances, when it comes to football, the family has feet in two camps. “I’ve always been an Auckland and Blues fan, but I did a couple of years work with Counties before I started with Auckland and I really enjoyed that time. My sons have played for Counties teams and support both Auckland and Counties,” he says. So, where do Mark’s sporting loyalties lie? “Who would I cheer for? Definitely Auckland, that’s a no-brainer,” he says, “But if Counties is playing anyone else, I’ll be cheering for the home team, that’s for sure!”

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 23

LIVING _______________________________________________________________________________

Restored hotel impresses Reay Neben is a Franklin resident and publisher of Rural Living.

CITY LASS A new year and all the exciting things that go with new beginnings – I can’t help but feel re-invigorated and eager for the year ahead. We had a lovely break and I must say that it was a luxury for me to stay home and not have to watch the clock. Getting up late and then thinking, “what will we do today?” was a treat. We had really big ideas on what we would do and then the day after a trip to Hahei to visit friends, Brian had a bad fall and couldn’t walk. I tried to find a physio but they were all booked up and the thought of spending a day at Middlemore held no appeal. I am not at all good at the caring game but Brian has had a lifetime of hip issues so he needed to be satisfied that it wasn’t serious. Xrays were taken and no real damage done; it just meant waiting for the injury to repair. However, the break proved to be a great time to catch up with all and sundry. We visited friends in Orakei and a couple of days later popped in on our niece who had just renovated her Mission Bay apartment. It was lovely to drive around the

This year’s summer rain has kept the garden lush and healthy. superb. We were invited to look over some of the facilities upstairs and as there was a lift for the lame husband, we went on up.

good for the garden. I have not had to do much watering compared to last year and the garden has kept its colourful, lush look.

We visited a few of the restaurants around Pukekohe such as Kaos, a real favourite and Albert’s for bread, of course. Then one day we decided to have lunch at the Tuakau pub. What a lovely pub.

Beautifully restored, the rooms were excellent with all the bells and whistles you expect in a gracious hotel of this standard. Brian lived in Tuakau as a child and remembered the pub as it once was so it is so fascinating to see it restored to a much better standard than the original.

Our cucumbers are growing big and fast and this year I planted some heritage tomatoes. I noticed one tomato was getting ripe went to pick it but, alas, the blackbird got there first. I can see I’ll have to put bird netting over the fruit, including our grapes, or as with our plums, the birds will get the lot.

We were won over by the menu with whitebait fritters but, that aside, both the decor and friendly staff were

The weather has been very strange for this time of the year but as a gardener I appreciate that it has been

Summer rattles on, so have a great month and remember to shop local! Reay

waterfront but not so nice to see that my former family home in St Heliers had been pulled down with every tree and anything recognisable gone. Such is progress I suppose. I hadn’t been over that side of Auckland for ages. It is changing fast.

At Alberts Hair Salon we know that great style starts with great hair. Discover the difference colour can make to your personality; Let our cutters perform magic so you can start your day with ease. Talk to one of our team today to see how we can transform your hair. Open Monday through to Saturday late nights Tuesday & Thursday

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24 — Rural Living — January - February 2014 ALBERTS RL AD 67 X 184 1013.indd 1

16/10/13 10:24 AM


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Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 25



a world stage She may be accustomed to wearing medals, but young Grace Schroder will hopefully return with some special ones for her collection when she returns from a trip to USA at the end of this month. The international level rhythmic gymnast will be one of seven representing the Counties Manukau Rhythmic Gymnastics Club at the 4th Las Vegas Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational and LA Lights, two international events that attracts gymnasts from around the world, including Olympic medallists. While most have been taking it easy over the holiday season, Grace had to face a gruelling training schedule of 5-hour sessions, six days a week at the Bruce Pulman Park gymsports facility in Takanini.

In fact, last year was a particularly busy year for the 12-year-old. Representing New Zealand at the Singapore Open Gymnastics Championships last year, Grace helped her team win gold in the under-12 group competition. As an individual, she placed third all-around, and received silver medals for her hoop and clubs performances as well as a bronze for ball, marking her international debut with a strong five-medal victory. Back at home, she continued her winning streak, finishing first for the Counties Manukau Invitational, Hamilton and east Auckland competitions, and North Island Gymsports Championships. She came second at the South Island Gymsports Championships and the 2013 North Shore Invitational.

did you know?

Rhythmic gymnastics routines should last between 75 and 90 seconds and the gymnasts are penalised for every second they finish over or under the time allotment.

win with

Your favourite brands online including QR code generated on

26 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

It’s all about you Later in the year, the Clarks Beach lass again proved she was a strong contender at the National Gymsports Championships in Napier where she placed second all-around and on allapparatus in her category. Fellow Ramarama international grade gymnast Amber Goodger placed well in the championships, finishing an all-around third at the national championships and will also compete in the United States. Based on Grace’s outstanding performances at last year’s national and international championships, the club presented her with the President’s Prestige Award, recognising her as the most successful rhythmic gymnast in her club. The Year 9 ACG Strathallan student’s journey began nearly five years ago, initially as a rookie ballerina. Mum Justine Schroder says she decided to switch from ballet to gymnastics when she saw gymnasts training. “She saw the older girls and just decided that’s what she wanted to do. After that, there was no stopping her.” Justine says her daughter is now used to the long hours. “A normal week for

her is 16 hours of training a week,” she says. “She doesn’t juggle training and school easily but the school’s quite supportive which is good.” It’s Grace’s passion and determination that has seen her succeed thus far, says Justine. “I’m very very proud of her. It’s her thing and she always does amazingly well. She has a really good coach too.”

United Travel Manukau will help you to make sure your wedding day and honeymoon are a dream come true. Imagine saying ‘I Do’ with your close family and friends by your side, celebrating your marriage in the location of your dreams. From bridal registries to overseas weddings and honeymoon packages - we’ll make it all about you! Contact us today at

Dedicated coach Tracey Redhead says Grace has been successful at every level, demonstrating exceptional flexibility, power, co-ordination and speed. Her natural style and character sees her go further, adds Tracey. “She’s very talented for her age. She’s a natural for our sport. She takes partnership and ownership of what she’s doing in her training, making her a better gymnast because of that. It’s a very mature approach for her age.” Ever with a ready smile, the quietly confident Grace says she is extremely excited about her trip. “I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure I’ll be all right.” Considering how far she has come, this bright sporting star has more than an “all right” future ahead.

United Travel Manukau 652 Great South Rd

(09) 262 1829 53506-V3


Pukekohe Pharmacy Dr. LeWinn’s PRIVATE FORMULA

DUTY FREE SHOPPING Open 8am-8pm | 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year Counties Manukau Rhythmic Gymnasts: Rear L-R: Amber Goodger, Ellysa Mulcahy, Sophie Hoogenboom, Sarah Hall; Front LTR: Emily Griffiths, Grace Schroder, Susanna Denby.  Photos Wayne Martin 

16 WEST STREET PUKEKOHE Phone 238 7690 Fax 238 7603 53451

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 27


win with

Local garden opens gates How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English country garden? Hunting for an answer to this little lyric could be tricky.

However, there’s no need to fly to the upside down end of the globe to find out, thanks to Huntingwood, a classic English country garden situated in rural Whitford. Doreen Follas, from Huntingwood says, when invited to participate in the 2014 Heroic Gardens Festival, she was quick to accept.


Building or Buying or Selling? • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Plan Approval and Compliance Inspection Services • Pre-purchase Inspection Reports • Building Advice • Unauthorised Building Resolution Ph 272 2269 Fax 272 2270 Email: Unit 23/2 Bishop Dunn Place, Botany South, Auckland 2013 PO Box 217 012, Botany Junction 2164

“I knew about the Heroic Garden Festival, and I was happy to be involved. Raising funds for Hospice also has a personal meaning, as my husband received their specialised care at home.” Now that the festival also features the gardens of other Mercy Hospice supporters as well as those of the gay and lesbian community, Doreen expects this year’s event will offer an even wider variety of gardens. “I think it is wonderful that this event has evolved and now all supporters of Hospice can be involved,” she says. Looking ahead to the festival, Doreen confirms Huntingwood will provide visitors with an abundance of blooms, including a likely second flush of French lace roses. However, the exact number of sweet flowers growing in her Kiwi country garden is a discovery that is, at least for now, reserved for those who embark on this iconic garden tour.

gardens, while introducing a good proportion of new gardens each year,” he says. “It became increasingly difficult to do this when drawing only on the gay community. The pool of new, quality gardens didn’t keep pace with our needs. Rather than see the standard of the festival drop, leading to less money raised for charity, it was decided to widen the pool of potential participants.”

Doreen Follas In its 18th year, the 2014 Heroic Gardens Festival promises visitors a real treat when some of the finest gardens in greater Auckland open their gates from February 22-23.

The 21 gardens on show during the event, will include a number from southern Auckland such as:

Although the tour was originally designed to showcase gardens owned by gay and lesbian people in the Auckland area, this year Geoffrey Marshall, one of the event’s founding organisers, says he pleased the gardens of other Mercy Hospice supporters will be included.

• Huntingwood, Whitford • Foggydale Farm, Hunua • Zen Garden, Beachlands • Ayrlies, Howick • 29 Gracechurch Drive, Flat Bush • 34 Orangewood Drive, Northpark • 17A Howe Street, Howick

“It has always been our desire to present the highest quality of

Visit for tickets or more information.


5% DEPOSIT 53843-V3

COULD NOW GET YOU A FOOT IN THE DOOR OF A BRAND NEW HOME. TALK TO US TODAY. Showhomes 340 Harbourside Drive, Karaka 67 Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe Ph 09 296 0177 or 09 238 7777

28 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

WHERE 67 Ina Ville Drive, Pukekohe (off Valley Road) WHEN 10am-4pm Monday-Friday 11am-4pm Saturday-Sunday

*Not an offer of finance. 5% deposit is indicative only subject to meeting lending criteria. Lenders terms, rates and conditions apply. Please ask Homes for more information.

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Could a cruise be your next holiday? By Kylie Gutierrez, manager, Cruiseabout Pukekohe Looking for a hassle-free break, with amazing entertainment, good value for money, and plenty of time to relax? Then a cruise could be just the holiday for you! At Cruiseabout Pukekohe we love cruising and think it is such a fantastic way to travel. Where else can you unpack once, travel in style – not cramped in a small aeroplane seat – enjoy a well-appointed cabin and pay a fantastic price that’s all inclusive! You wake up each morning, whip open the curtains and you’re in yet another fabulous place without even blinking an eyelid!

specialise in finding you the perfect itinerary, whatever your cruise style may be. Whether it’s sailing on the majestic Queen Mary ocean liner from Southampton to New York, taking an expedition cruise through the Galapagos Islands or a fun filled family holiday, we can do it all! We understand everyone has different needs and wants and we love finding the perfect cruise fit. We will be hosting Cruiseabout film nights regularly during 2014.

Whether it’s your first cruise or your fifteenth, I’m sure you will find lots of amazing ideas for your next getaway. Come along for some holiday inspiration and have a chat to our cruise specialists.

Gone are the days of cruising being only for the rich and famous. In today’s time, it’s for all ages, all demographics and all styles! Here at Cruiseabout Pukekohe we

Come have a chat with the cruise specialists, Kylie, Rachel and Billy at Cruiseabout Pukekohe, 20 King Street, Pukekohe. Ph 0800 86 88 66.

Rachel, Billy and Kylie

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departs Barcelona, 25 July 2014. HIGHLIGHTS Toulon, Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Naples (Capri & Pompeii), Mykonos, Istanbul, Kusadasi (Ephesus), Athens (Piraeus) & Venice (overnight). UPGRADE to a Balcony Stateroom from an additional $820*pp. BONUS Shore excursion spending money up to the value of US$200* per Stateroom, FREE Speciality Restaurant Dinner for Two or a Bottle of Wine per stateroom & FREE Framed Photo per Stateroom.




Twin share from pp Airfares are additional. Gratuities of US $12pp per day are additional & payable onboard.

20 King Street, Pukekohe

0800 86 88 66


Cruise includes main meals & entertainment onboard, government taxes & port charges.

*Travel restrictions & conditions apply: Prices are correct as at 17 Jan 2014 & are valid for sale until 28 Feb 2014, unless otherwise stated, withdrawn sold out prior. All prices & offers are subject to availability. Selected travel dates apply. Airfares are additional unless otherwise stated. General conditions: Prices are per person twin share, in NZ Dollars, unless otherwise stated. All prices & offers are subject to change & can be withdrawn at any time. Cruises are based on inside twin cabin categories (unless otherwise stated). Prices are inclusive of all discounts, charges & taxes (which are subject to change). Flights & cruise packages include airline, operational costs, prepayable taxes & airport charges unless otherwise stated. Additional levies, government charges & other applicable fees may apply & are beyond our control. All prices are based on payment by cash or EFTPOS only. Prices are valid for new bookings & are not combinable with any other offer. Accommodation required pre/post cruise & gratuities are not included, unless otherwise specified. The cruise line may change prices or amend &/or cancel any itinerary without prior notice. Cruise inventory is allocated at the cruise lines’ discretion. Seasonal surcharges & blackout dates may apply depending on date of travel. Packages are based on consecutive night stays. Flight Centre (NZ) Limited trading as Cruiseabout. The cruises & airfares & any other components included in your holiday are provided by cruiselines & operaters with their own terms & conditions, which your booking is subject to. Full terms & conditions are available at Price Guarantee terms & conditions: Applies to genuine cruise quotes from all cruise lines & registered travel agencies & websites. Quote must be in writing & must be presented to us prior to booking. Fare must be available & able to be booked by New Zealand passport holders who are also New Zealand residents when you bring it to us. Fares available due to membership of a group or corporate entity or subscription to a closed group are excluded. Quote must be for same dates & cabin category. We will beat price by minimum $1*pp. For full terms & conditions see CPK1128292

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 29


Tuck into pig tales passionate about pigs – Phil Vickery keeps more than 50 pigs in the woodland surrounding his home – in conjunction with award-winning butcher, Simon Boddy.

While many a piggy goes to market, some stay at home on the farm and go to pot via a different route. PORK – Preparing, curing and cooking all that is possible from a pig, by Phil Vickery and Simon Boddy, is a book that farmers, lifestylers and chefs of every ability will enjoy.

• PORK Preparing, curing and cooking all that is possible from a pig by Phil Vickery with Simon Boddy. Published by Kyle Books. Distributed in NZ by New Holland. Available from all good books stores. RRP $59.99.

What’s more, for those living in the country where home kill operations can deal efficiently with a pig for the freezer, this book is packed with helpful recipes and techniques for making the likes of dry-cured ham, chorizo and salami. Explore chapters on shoulder and ribs, belly, loin and fillet, ham, sausages and offal too.

Of course, there are recipes which are perfect for the family table or the celebration feast and considering that pork is the world’s most popular meat – 85 billion tons are consumed annually – it is an excellent addition to the kitchen book shelf.

The 100 international recipes hail from the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, France and India, among others, and delve the cooking and preserving of pork around the globe.

Also exploring the rearing of pigs, including feed regimes, day-to-day care and best diets to produce flavoursome meat, it has been written by a chef who is

WIN! PORK cookbook Thanks to our friends at New Holland, Rural Living has one copy of PORK Preparing, curing and cooking all that is possible from a pig by Phil Vickery and Simon Boddy up for grabs. To enter the draw visit then click on competitions and complete the entry form. One entry per person; entries close February 28, 2014. Winner notified by phone or email.

Top spot for pots After more than a decade, Kiwis have toppled ‘tom the pretender’ as New Zealand’s favourite vegetable and the humble spud has risen to take his place in the sun! Topping the recent Household Economic Survey’s list of favourite veggies, potatoes have sold more in the year to June 2013 than tomatoes. According to the survey from Statistics New Zealand, Kiwis bought more than $119m worth of potatoes and only $118.7m of tomatoes. While tomatoes are actually fruit, because they are widely considered to be vegetables they are included as such in Statistics New Zealand’s list. The banana was the number one selling fruit in New Zealand in 2013, with $143 million of bananas sold. Apples finished second at $106m.

What new things has Albert been cooking up in his kitchen?

��� �������� ���� �� ���� �� �� �������

Come and see for yourself at Franklin’s yummiest shop! NEW DELI SECTION • NEW BREADS • NEW BARISTA



3A West St, Pukekohe, Phone 09 238 1225 30 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

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summer dining Mains $10-$24 = $ Mains $25-$34 = $$ Mains $35+ = $$$

waIukuCoSmopoLItaNCLub rEStauraNt Thursday – Carvery Buffet $20 plus dessert Friday – A La Carte Night grazing menus Saturday – Surf & Turf night $20 plus desssert Sunday – Roast Carvery Buffet, 3 meats $20 plus dessert Thursday-Saturday – Grazing menus from 12-2pm from February 1 and dinner from 6-9pm, Sundays dinner from 6-9pm •GrEatFooDatCompEtItIVEprICES



Murphy’s Law Irish Bar is set on 3 acres in the beautiful countryside beneath the Drury Hills. The Sports Bar is always full of action with a gaming lounge and TAB facilities plus plenty of TVs to watch your favourite sporting event. Great entertainment Friday/Saturday nights. Great pub fare, friendly staff, huge outside garden areas. Open 7 days except Christmas Day, 11am till late. Motorhome Park for your short stay requirements. Like us on Facebook.

Serving bistro meals, pizza, bar snacks and takeaway orders all at great prices. Great country hospitality and great entertainment. • Accommodation • Great Rates • Restaurant • T.A.B. • Gaming Machines CommerceSt,patumahoe. ph092363783. openmon-Sun11amtilllate.

200GreatSouthRoad,Drury.Ph092949054. Open7days,Mon-Sunfrom11amtilllate









Offering a fresh, seasonal menu made with local produce, the Tuakau Hotel restaurant caters for your dining experience. Be that an intimate table of two, a night out with the family, or a function of up to 100 guests. Special dietary needs? Just ask and our Chefs will create a menu or dish to suit your palate. The team at the award-winning Tuakau Hotel looks forward to serving you soon!

The Village Bar offers you a great vibe and delicious food. Come along and soak up the atmosphere in the bar or all-weather garden bar and enjoy casual dining prepared by our experienced kitchen staff. Our authentic Italian home baked breads and sourdough pizza bases make our pizzas a very popular choice!

The Lone Star Pukekohe is famous for providing quality with quantity, using only the best and freshest local produce. It’s not only the size of the meals that are memorable – the service too, is legendary – your meals are served with a genuine smile in generous portions.



1patumahoeRd,Franklin.ph092363571. montoThurs11am-10pm,Fri&Sat10am-late

8 Massey Ave, Pukekohe. Ph 09 947 7774. Cafe open 7 days from 5pm until late – Lunch Thur-Sun 11am-2pm. Bar open 7 days from 3pm until late.

Tuakau Hotel, 1-3 George St, Tuakau. Ph 09 236 8084. Open Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat & Sun 8am-9pm or by arrangement for group functions




4Victoriaave,waiuku.ph092359131. openLunchthurs-SatfromFeb1,12-2pm, Dinnerthurs-Sun6pm-9pm









Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 31

Enjoy the good life at Acacia Cove



Custom wardrobes

2010 RVA Manager of the Year Bruce Cullington

Wardrobe renovations Do you have a wardrobe with small doors and poor access?

Acacia Cove is a country-style village situated on the beautiful Wattle Downs Peninsula.

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StudioXtra can make dreams of a home-based office, extra bedroom, beauty therapy clinic, hobby or music room come true providing you with the additional living, guest accommodation or your own private escape. The studio is under 10m2, so no building consent is required in most areas. Visit Our Showroom: But wait, there’s Xtra... we have 1 & 2-bedroom options available too. 9 Allens Road, East Tamaki (rear unit) • Affordable • Quality finishing • Saves time • Priced from $11,980


Unlock the true potential of your backyard!

Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm; Sat: 10.30am-1pm • Email: Phone Malcolm on 027 492 8504 to talk about an Ph: 272 2890 • affordable option for you or to arrange a viewing ‘enduring timber flooring solutions’ 53538-v4

40 — Rural Living — January March - April 2014 2014 32 - February

NOW IS THE TIME TO REALISE At Innovative Interiors we are passionate about design. YOUR DREAM OF OWNING Wardrobes and storage areas are created to ensure effectiveA useLOCKWOOD of the space available inHOME the home. Innovative Interiors provide free consultation in your

Ultrawood home or visitHomes our showroom at 24-S Allright Place, 212 Great South Road Mount Wellington. Takanini

DESIGNED+ Contact Paul DuffOPEN y NOW PRODUCED NEW SHOW HOME 09 570 5029 | 021 606 229 Like us on Ph: (09) 299 6556 | 0508 Lockwood Facebook 80 30 50 | Email:




Flexible living



Going the ‘xtra’ mile... Have land to spare and want something a little extra? Take your lifestyle to the next level with a flexible living studio by StudioXtra. Create accommodation for farm workers, Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOFers), or have the luxury of accessible amenities and storage without having to travel the distance between the home and farm. Owned and founded by experienced builder Malcolm Lusby, StudioXtra opens up a world of options for those with enough land for a 10m2 studio – a building consent is not required in most areas. Malcolm says this modern-day studio leaves most clients amazed with its practicality, flexibility and usability. The unit is surprisingly roomy and an en suite (toilet, vanity, shower cubicle) can be added making it completely self-contained. has overseen and constructed some of Auckland’s most prestigious homes.

Ideal for guests, workers, teenagers, elderly parents, and many others, studios with an en suite would require a building consent. Studios are available in 3 options: (1) a kitset package, (2) on-site to closed-in stage build, and (3) on-site complete build. A lot of people would rather go down the DIY route or enlist the help of other contractors, says Malcolm. “We’re happy to accommodate different needs and customers decide just how much they want to be involved.”

Explore a range of options from the versatile 10m2 studio right up to a 1 and 2-bedroom minor dwelling. They can be used as extra accommodation for farm workers and guests or as a hobby room or office.

For those who require something 

Using quality materials from selected suppliers, StudioXtra delivers a product that stands the test of time. An investment for life, these studios and minor dwellings can be potential income earners and can add significant value to properties.

Incredibly flexible and innovative, Malcolm’s team can even make changes to existing homes to create a seamless flow to the studio. StudioXtra also supplies 1 and 2 bedroom self-contained minor dwellings as kitsets, built on-site to closed-in stage, or built on-site to completion.

Malcolm has a team of Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) building the studios and minor dwellings. All projects built to completion by StudioXtra are covered by a five-year guarantee.

So, experience flexible living and enquire today. StudioXtra offers FREE on-site consultations and really goes the extra mile for its clients. larger, external and internal finishing options are available and building consents will be required. Everything is done in accordance with council regulations and building regulations and special consideration

is given too when building in a sea spray zone – exterior fixings and roofing have to comply with the Building Act. With more than 40 years’ building experience under his belt, Malcolm

Ph Malcolm on 027 492 8504 Email

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 33

PUKEKOHE 24 William Andrew Road – AUCTION

Open Home

Saturdays Jan 25, Feb 1, 8 & 15 – 11am-12noon Sundays Jan 26, Feb 2, 9 & 16 – 1-2pm

Style & Elegance Right Here


Saturday, February 22 – 11am

Looking for that special place to call home, this will be the one! Only a few months old this stunning home has style in abundance. Nestled high in the Valley with a prestigious address, look out at the picturesque landscape that will immediately make you feel relaxed. Substantial sized home with four double bedrooms, glorious bathrooms and decorated with taste and class. Kitchen features induction hob, two ovens, butler’s pantry with all drawers and cupboards soft close. LED lighting and double glazing throughout to add to the tranquillity and peacefulness of this home. Kitchen, dining and lounge are open plan and flows beautifully throughout. The home has been designed by Architectural Concepts Ltd, top quality fixtures and fittings are on display for all to see. A splendid executive home that you will be proud to own. Quality homes complement each other in this gorgeous up-market part of Pukekohe. Vendors are selling as they are drawn back to the rural lifestyle and moving closer to family.

Kris Games P 09 238 4244, mob 027 263 3225 E BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Kevin Seymour M: 0800 345 563 P: 09 238 4244 E: BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

WANTED – NEW STOCK We have lovely clients that have asked us to look out for a property for them in your area They would like to move to a property that is: • Private • Near new • Easy to manage • Modern conveniences • Spacious lounge • Good size double bedrooms x 3 or more • An office • Decent sized section • Private outlook They love to entertain so would require a great entertaining area If you have all the above and are ready to sell or know someone that is,

please contact Kevin Seymour 0800 345 563 53565-V7

BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008 36a

M: 0800 345 563 P: 09 238 4244 E:

Contributor to

57 King Street, Pukekohe, Auckland 1800





*Tile Depot Manukau only

For all your tiling needs contact us at


25% off* ‘No price’ youR BIll trend set to continue

The Tile DepoT Manukau Bruce & Shona Walters


40M Cavendish Dr, Manukau Open 7 Days • Ph: 09 262 0634 Email:

By Nick Bates, sales manager, Barfoot & Thompson, Pukekohe Well behind us now, 2013 concluded on a positive note for Franklin’s lifestyle/rural property market. Expectations continue to trend northward, at least for the first quarter of 2014, with fresh property arriving on the market and a demand from buyers not only locally, but from the west, city and eastern suburbs.

A growing buyer interest continues throughout areas of Franklin and beyond including east through Mangatawhiri and Mangatangi to Kaiaua, across to Maramarua and down to Te Kauwhata. Travelling further over the river to Glen Murray and back to Pukekawa and Onewhero, this growing interest and “value for money” perception is experiencing momentum. Responding to this heightened buyer interest Barfoot & Thompson, Pukekohe has expanded the sales team with specialists to focus on this upward swing in demand.

With local, professional salespeople covering all of Franklin and most surrounding areas, the aim is for every seller to have the best opportunity to sell at a price and within a time frame to fit their move. The strength of “no-price” marketing was also evident in 2013 with many lifestyle/rural sales throughout the year. With a continued demand heading into 2014 “no-price” marketing trends look to lead the way for a best price and a timely sale for many sellers. Other locations of special interest include Drury, Ramarama, Runciman, Pukekohe East, Bombay, Ararimu and Paparimu. All these are easy distances to the motorway and larger centres such as Pukekohe and Papakura. With properties ranging from $800k - $1m (+/-) in most of these areas, buyers will enjoy large living, extra bedrooms and other options typically not available with city property at the same price.

Smart Interiors Ltd SPECIAL $ 1499 8PC BATHROOM


NEW ARRIVALS Sanmarco round shower – set includes frame, door, liner and base tray 900 x 900mm

only $459

1000 x 1000mm

only $499


All products are of NZ standard

Includes: Shower, Vanity, Toilet, Mixer, Tap, ECW, Slider, Heated Towel Rail.


Back to wall Toilet - 6 styles to choose from

from $199

Frameless shower with sliding door, customized sizes Free standing bath - quite a from few styles to choose from

from $800


All prices include GST.

East Tamaki Branch • 212B Burswood Dr, East Tamaki • Ph 273 8128 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm • Sat 10am-3pm • Email:


This demand will potentially strengthen “no-price” selling strategies that boded well through much of last year.

Sellers can take confidence knowing their real estate needs are being cared for and their property is being marketed by experts who are also local.


ionally Installed Ideal for the DIY enthusiast or Profess No heavy lifting equipment or hi-ab truck needed

alfres pizza oven


Exclusive living in big sky country ... UNIQUE FINANCE PACKAGE Big lifestyle sections $410,000 - $470,000 2500 metres | Finance Packages House & Land Packages - from $900,000

Pay half the land cost now – own the land – pay nothing more until your house is completed. ... a place to grow, a place to breathe

All enquiries, contact Tim 021 871 522 R100000

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 35





9 9 9 $ R E V NOTHING O

Pocket Springs

Bonnell Springs







SsangYong races on track SsangYong NZ and BNT V8 SuperTourers have launched a new racing category featuring SsangYong’s Actyon Sports Double Cab Ute.

From $30,000 plus gst, individuals or companies can purchase one of these racing utes, fully converted and ready to race.

SsangYong Actyon Racing (SAR) is a three-year series that will run as a major support class to New Zealand’s premier motor racing category, the BNT V8 SuperTourers. SAR has been created to deliver affordable and exciting motor racing, with a number of redeeming differences – affordability, accessibility and the celebrity factor. Like the V8 SuperTourers, SAR will be a controlled category; all utes will be exactly the same spec, no variations – so it will come down to driver ability on race day. The Actyons will be powered by a 2.3 litre Mercedes-Benz petrol engine driving the rear wheels through a

five-speed manual gearbox and open differential, with the suspension lowered to improve handling. The series has been designed specifically to attract everyday people, both male and female, with a penchant for adventure and the desire to give motor racing a crack. Ssangyong Actyon Racing Series is accessible to drivers of all levels, from

the beginner to the more advanced, but is restricted to amateur drivers.

field will be driven by celebrities and well known personalities.

The race format will consist of three races over a weekend.

The aim is to have a field of 30 utes on the grid for the launch event, V8ST’s Fathers Day 400 at Ricoh Taupo Motorsport Park on September 7.

Drivers will be competing for the Sir Colin Meads Cup, racing seven rounds annually alongside the BNT V8 SuperTourers. We envisage that half the utes in the

The final will be at Pukekohe Park Raceway in late November. It will then move to a seven round, annual series from 2015.


245/70 R16 fromCars

205/65 R15

from s Trucks $225Agriculture



Balancing Alignments 235/45 R17 205/55 R16 from s Repairs from


Commercial $135 $109 and Special Agriculture conditions apply Site Servicing

63 Manukau Road, Pukekohe 63 Manukau Road, Pukekohe

Ph: 238 8379 Pukekohe’s Authorised GT Radial Dealer Ph:Only 238 8379

Approved applicants of Nissan Financial Services only. 1% p.a interest rate available with zero deposit and 36 month term. Only available on new Nissan vehicles purchased between 1st – 31st January 2014. Additional fees and on-road charges apply. Not available in conjunction with any other offer and only available while stocks last. Excludes operating lease and some fleet purchasers.

Pukekohe’s Authorised GT Radial Dealer FOR THE Only BEST PRICE 



PHONE 0800 405 050 Cnr Edinburgh & Tobin Sts • Pukekohe



E: • 53841-V2


Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 37

are back!

9 X T C A { 0 E 9 S ZD 7 { ONLY 9 RC* +O M M O R F

9 $4

Every new M{zd{ CX-9 comes with a 3 year }{ZD{C{RE service plan at no extra cost**

South Auckland Motors

PUKEKOHE Dealer details here Dealer details here Dealer details here Dealer details here Dealer details here - MANUKAU Dealer details here Dealer details here Dealer details here Dealer details here Dealer details here P0800 114 443 | - BOTANY

Terms & conditions: *Recommended Selling Price for the Mazda CX-9 Front Wheel Drive (FWD), includes GST but excludes on road costs (ORC). M-Deals offers valid for sales concluded between 1 January 2014 – 31 March 2014. Excludes all other offers and not available for fleet purchases. **mazdacare Scheduled Servicing applies for passenger vehicles only and valid for 3 years or 100,000km (whichever occurs first) from the date of first registration. See your local Mazda dealer or go to for full terms and conditions. R510216

38 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

MDZ2742 M-Deals Dealer Press 20x4 v4.indd 4

20/12/13 12:55 PM



All downhill from here By Alistair Davidson I’ve experienced some pretty freaky things in automobiles. Riding shotgun in a drag car, sideways at 150mph, rated highly on my list of weak-knee moments. Likewise, being a passenger with Carlos Sainz and John Bowe (the former on dirt, the latter around Sandown racetrack in Australia) at full noise were butt-clenchers.

We were about to launch over the edge backwards. Yep, that’s right, in reverse. You’ve got to hand it to BMW NZ. Talk about faith in its product. We had close to one million dollars worth of luxury SUVs on shiny big alloy wheels, the kind of vehicles that rarely see offroad use. Yet, here we were, tackling challenging, hilly terrain and fording deep creeks on a farm near Raumati in the central North Island.

There have also been some ‘oh my God’ moments when I’ve been behind the wheel; some planned, some unplanned.

Nerve-wracking, yes, but dead easy. I never knew that Hill Descent Control (HDC) works in reverse gear. Thankfully it does.

Most of the planned ones have been at car events where driver trainers had you doing things that put you way outside your comfort zone. Most of it involved skid control, on closed roads/tracks and under strict adult supervision. My doctor says I’m not allowed sharp objects, but I’m always the first in line at a skid pan. Normally I just mumble to myself, ‘what can possibly go wrong?’, and go for it. I took the same approach at the recent BMW X5 media launch when I was about to drive a $174,000 X5 M50d over a long, steep, grassy bank. It was raining, hard. The slope was slipperier than a politician during a corruption investigation. I’m not sure if it was a lack of recent off-road driving or the value of the car, but I was packing myself. Oh yeah, I know why I was freaking out.

HDC takes care of everything except steering. You ease the vehicle over the precipice, take your foot off the accelerator and don’t touch it, or the brake, the entire way down. ‘What, you want us to go through that muddy creek, rocky approach and all?’

performance and handling. The new third generation X5 builds on those strengths, according to BMW.

‘Yep, go for it.’ ‘And we’re going to the top of that hill? It’s steep, grassy, it’s raining and we’re on road tyres.’ ‘Just take it easy, you’ll be sweet.’ And we were sweet, due in a small part to my uncanny off-roading ability and mostly due to the clever driving aids that are standard on an X5. X5 pioneered the luxury performance SUV, cleverly melding real off-road ability with impressive on-road

I know this to be true because we got to fang (I mean ‘carefully evaluate’) both the M50d and the $129,000 30d in Napier’s morning traffic, on flowing sealed rural roads, over the ‘Gentle Annie’, on rutted twisting gravel, then though to Raumati for the serious off-road stuff. Getting back to the serious off-road stuff, no doubt you’re waiting to read how I barrel rolled the BMW three times and took out 100 metres of fencing in the process. Sorry to disappoint you. It was effortless.

The vehicle maintains a predetermined speed, which you can adjust using the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. It takes real willpower not to use the brake. Because once you do, HDC switches off and you’re back in control. Or completely out of control, depending on your ability. HDC’s nothing new, and BMW didn’t fling me, and its swish new X5, over a cliff to showcase the system. Rather, when it came to demonstrating how good this SUV is on and off-road, BMW wasn’t backward in coming forward.

Fully factory trained technicians State-of-the-art workshop facilities and equipment New Holden and Nissan Vehicles Access to over 300 used cars Onsite finance and insurance





PHONE 0800 405 050

Cnr Edinburgh & Tobin Sts • Pukekohe E: • 53841

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 39


All in a day’s work Be ready to meet the demands of your active life, on the job and off, work and play. Do you need to move the kids, pull the boat, pick up the in-laws and their luggage, get away for that well-earned break or take your business to the next level? Rexton W 4x4 Diesel It is all in a day’s work for GVI Group, the home of Auckland SsangYong and its latest range. This Korean vehicle brand is focused on delivering innovative, high quality SUVs and utes, that are affordable and perfect for the Kiwi lifestyle. Korando

GVI Group is also the home of Auckland LDV. The LDV V80 cargo van (Leyland DAF), is one of Europe’s most recognisable commercial vehicle brands. In 2009, Shangai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) acquired the commercial vehicles division of the British Motor Corporation and from this SAIC LDV was born, operating in China, UK, Europe, Japan, Australia and now, New Zealand. Are you in the market for a vehicle that delivers style, comfort, economy and safety as well as fitting the budget? GVI Group has a vehicle to meet all your lifestyle requirements. Take a look at the SsangYong Korando range with its Italian styling. This true urban SUV has been developed for dynamic driving on and off road. Comfort and ease of access make it easy to slide straight into the driver’s seat and get away for that overdue break. The Korando is an affordable, stylish SUV, the ideal tool for promoting your business. It stands up to the all-important requirements of your reps and their life on the road, delivering comfort and safety with an ‘energywise’ fuel economy rating of 4.5 stars.

Actyon Ute barn doors make it easy to load and unload pallets.

LDV V80 Cargo Van Maybe your active life requires moving kids and their friends, as well as pulling a boat or the horse float. If that’s the case, then the luxurious SsangYong Rexton W range is worth looking at. The Rexton W 4x4 diesel is the SUV flagship for SsangYong with a towing capacity of 3,200kg, up to seven seats, stylish and sporty with a big heart under the hood. However, if none of the above meets your requirements and you want to find a solution for the high demands of the job, GVI Group offers the SsangYong’s 4x4 Actyon ute and the LDV V80 cargo vans to help take your business to the next level without breaking the bank. SsangYong Actyon double cab, 4 x 4 diesel ute features a 2.0L e-XDi engine, with maximum torque of

40 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

LDV has had sales success as a cargo and passenger van accommodating up to 12 seats. It has won numerous international awards and is the vehicle of choice for the British Government for use by the Royal Banks, Royal Mail and as travel vehicles for the British Royal family.

360nm/1,500rpm. It has a deep sided cargo bed with a carrying capacity of 2 cubic metres and is built for tough times on the job and off. It has a towing capability of 2,500kg. Should you wish to move more than the concrete mixer, motorbikes, work tools and camping gear, take a serious look at the LDV V80 cargo van. It has all the features, safety, economy and space to make the work day enjoyable plus a solid design with great versatility, and a strong engine and driveline. The product range boasts of a ‘BIG’, ‘BIGGER’ and the ‘BIGGEST’. The cubic capacity is from 6.420cbm to 11.620cbm, kg capacity of 1260kg to 1400kg. Dual sliding doors and rear

At GVI Group, they not only care about providing solutions for lifestyle requirements but also take the “ouch” out of financing with quick and easy finance solutions on site, while you wait. A fully equipped GVI Automotive Service Centre takes good care of vehicles, developing that all-important trusted, long-term relationship. A modern clean customer lounge, and free courtesy car are available if required. Give GVI Group a call and book a test drive, 0800 443 684 or call in for a visit, have a coffee and get to know the team. GVI Group 575 Great South Road, Penrose



Warm, friendly, relaxed and professional – the perfect Celebrant for your perfect day

Kathy Bigwood

Women’s guide guide to to everythng! everythng! -- Women’s

Wedding, funeral and event flower specialist

VOWS4U 21B Southern Cross Rd, Kohimarama, Auckland

@ Professionally Professionally designed designed flower flower bouquets bouquets ❀ and arrangements arrangements and @ Lovely Lovely gifts gifts including including chocolates, chocolates, soft soft toys, toys, ❀ Italian soaps soaps and and balloons balloons Italian @ Daily Daily deliveries deliveries Mon Mon to to Sat Sat throughout throughout Auckland Auckland ❀

Ph 521 7143 Mobile 021 432 855

53425-v2 53425-v2

E513043 E513043


Get your traditional handmade bacon, sausages & ham from our friendly staff at

17 Papakura-Clevedon Rd (Main Rd) Clevedon Village Order online

The only 24-hour Taxi Service covering the whole of the Counties Manukau district. 53427

Franklin Car and Truck Rentals

 Airless Spraying n  Roof Painting n  Exterior Painting n

20 Subway Rd, Pukekohe or

Great South Rd, Pokeno or

420 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden

53589 53589

Textured Ceilings  Re-sprayed n  Removed and Painted n Industrial and Epoxy Coatings, Floor Coatings etc

53429 53429

Bruce Cameron 0274-988-412

Cars/trucks/utes/vans/trailers. Premium and budget vehicles. Taillift/2 ton/3 ton (car licence only) trucks available.

54269 54269

Phone 09 239 2086

53795 53795

Ph (09) 2929 540


09 295 1000 0800 66 00 44

  

09 238 83 88 52 Manukau Road, Pukekohe

Paintless Dent Removal



 Saves time, money and aggravation  Vehicle remains original


 Enhanced resale value  Typical time taken to remove dents (30 mins)  All work guaranteed


 Mobile service  Free quotes

Phone 027 235 8271

53422 53422

Your favourite brands online including

E513036 E513036


E513038 E513038

Neville Your Local Technician

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Rural Living is delivered

Rural Living is available FREE from selected advertisers and the following locations:

on the first week of each

Pukekohe Barfoot and Thompson, 68 King St. Pukekohe Library, 12 Massey Ave. Kevens Department Store, 73 King St. Franklin Vets, 86 Harris St. Papakura Franklin Vets, 365 Great South Rd. Pokeno Pokeno Bacon, Great South Rd. Waiuku Franklin Vets, 2 Court St. Mitre 10, 25 Bowen St.

month. Copies will go quickly so be quick to collect yours from any of the following outlets. An electronic version is also available at

Bombay Autobahn. Tuakau H.R Fiskens, 295 Tuakau Rd. Tuakau Meats, 23 George St. Field Fresh Fruit & Vege, 3/53 George St. Profarm Tuakau, Cnr Madill Rd and George St. Ardmore Animal Stuff, 192 Airfield Rd. Karaka Animal Stuff, 671 Karaka Rd.

Drury Animal Stuff, 222 Great South Rd. Drury Butcher, 232a Great South Rd. Town & Country Vets, 257 Great South Rd. Hunua John Hill Estate, 144 John Hill Rd. Clevedon Clevedon Rural Supplies, 13 Papakura-Clevedon Rd, Clevedon Village Patumahoe The Butchers Shop Cafe, 4 Patumahoe Rd.

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 41

DIRECTORY������������������������������������������������������������������������ Need your garage or bedroom back?



Fencing Specialist Residential & Rural Stock Yards Retaining Walls Landscaping


Franchises available 53586-v2 53586-v2

027 258 1588

arden 54264 54264


202 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe 51923-V2 Ph 09 239 0128 51923-V2

For a FR EE no oblig ation quote contact our friendly te am

         Swimming Pool & Deck Balustrades

&  &  &  Framed Glass Semi-Frameless Glass  &  &Glass Aluminum ""& Frameless Fencing " !&#%& Euroslat Privacy Screening

We supply a wide range of commercial & domestic:

N Carpets â– N Vinyls â–  N Auto & Marine carpets â–  N Cork, Porcelain & Glass Tiles â– 



Various sized units with monitored individual alarms.

Our services include: N Mat overlocking â– N Floor preparation â–  N Concrete grinding â–  N Quality installation â– 

Holmes Flooring Ltd, 1 Mellsop Ave, Waiuku. Ph 09 235 0586, Fax 09 235 0589, Mobile 0274 990 298 Email

The ultimate online resource for the gardening community offers information and advice on home gardens, fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs. It also includes great giveaways, competitions and a comprehensive directory of products, services and more.

New Zealand’s BEST Gardening website!




2014 42 — Rural Living — January - February 2014

4VCXBZ3PBE 1VLFLPIF 10 Subway Road, Pukekohe 1I.PC Ph: 09 238 9026 Mob: 027 5599 388 &NBJMQTBVUP!YUSBDPO[ Email:




100% Natural Mineral Pools

Come and relax with us at Miranda Hot Springs in our thermal fresh mineral water. Centrally located, we have three pools to suit all swimmers. We are closed on Christmas Day.

Miranda Hot Springs – 100% Natural Mineral Pools 595 Front Miranda Rd, R.D.6, Thames Phone: 07 867 3055 | Fax: 07 867 3187 Email: Web: 53796


Your community meeting place Pukekohe Saturdays 8am-12noon Pokeno Sundays 8am til whenever Affordable Fresh Fruit and Veges, Fish, Vege Plants, Jam, Green Valley Milk, Tartan Farms (Beef), Tasty Holland (Dutch products), Rawleighs Products, Nellys Cakes, Turkish, Indian and Bacon Products. Variety of foodstalls.

Enquiries: Ph Roger 09 238 8831 Mobile: 021 230 3172 Email:




•s(OUSESOFTWASHs2OOFCLEANINGs'UTTERCLEANINGs0RE PAINTCLEANING House soft wash • Roof cleaning • Gutter cleaning • Pre-paint cleaning •s&ENCEANDWALLSs$ECKCLEANINGs0ATHCLEANING Fence and walls • Deck cleaning • Path cleaning WE ALSO OFFER... 7INDOWCLEANING #ARPETCLEANING Window cleaning Carpet cleaning 0ESTCONTROL &URNITUREANDUPHOLSTERYCLEANING Pest control Furniture and upholstery cleaning 54288 54288

Reg. Master Fencer

Phone (09) 236 0570, Fax (09) 236 0258, Mobile 0274 941 846

M 021 855 858 E

Commerical / Industrial / Residential

No job too small or too big Fencing, Retaining Walls


     Quote Code RL13

Andrew Laker Area Manager

46#"36"/%&6301&"/ SUBARU AND EUROPEAN 41&$*"-*454 SPECIALISTS

Service & Value


If you want the fencing experts you need to call us for all your post and rail, yard, electric and conventional fencing. Also retaining walls and general excavation.


53979-v3 53979-v3


Shop 2, 33 Edinburgh St (next to Pizza Hut) Pukekohe Phone 09 239 2964

53435 53435

0274 804 295

53966-v2 53966-v2

12,000 Litres

53800 53800


54180 54180

Tuakau Based NZ Registered Household Water Carriers


Monday-Friday 7am-6pm Saturday 8am-6pm Sunday 9am-5pm CLOSED PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

0H7%#,%!. Ph 0508 932 532 (0508 WE CLEAN), MOBILE mobile 021 366 615 %MAILOFl BESTPROPERTYSERVICESCONZ Email: ofďŹ CE 50392 50392


JOHNO BUILDERS Kathy Bigwood Warm, friendly, relaxed and professional – the perfect Celebrant for your perfect day

021 432 855



Ph (09) 2929 540


PAINTING & Luxury Portable TEXTURED REMOVAL Bathrooms  Airless Spraying

Get your traditional handmade bacon, sausages & ham from our friendly staff at

17 Papakura-Clevedon Rd (Main Rd) Clevedon Village

Order online 53430

Franklin and Grant Escott Car FENCING Truck Rentals CONTRACTOR

Simple to set  Roof Painting up, pleasure to use.  Exterior Painting


For all Textured Ceilings occasions  Re-sprayed where a  Removed and Painted portable toilet just won’t do!

Industrial and Epoxy Coatings, Ideal for: Floor Coatings etc • garden weddings

•Cars/trucks/utes/vans/trailers. Decks • Premium Post Driving and budget vehicles. •Taillift/2 Retaining Walls ton/3 ton (car licence • Rural & Residential Fencing only) trucks available.


09 238 83 88 027 236 8753Road, • 09 Pukekohe 236 8753 52 Manukau


• extra guests Bruce Cameron • family occasions 027 282 5856 50389


Neil 0274 973 865 • Grant 021 678 720 A/hrs 09 232 7709 53449

Fully Qualified Arboricultural Specialists

Manukau Rd,  202 Paintless Pukekohe  Ph: 09 239 0136 Dent or 021 399 298  Removal

Free quotes – Competitive rates


or • Excavators Greatand South Rd, Pokeno truck hire or • Farm drainage 420 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden and races • Driveways and roading • House sites and horse arenas • Grader/roller and bulldozer hire • Metal cartage

09 295 1000 0800 66 00 44


Email Ph 09 235 8693 or 0274 912 016

NEIL & GRANT FITZGERALD 20 Subway Rd, Pukekohe

Phone 09 239 2086

@ Professionally designed flower bouquets and arrangements @ Lovely gifts including chocolates, soft toys, Italian soaps and balloons @ Daily deliveries Mon to Sat throughout Auckland

Agricultural Contractors HEDGECUTTING: Specialising in Barberry hedges. New 6.5m McConnel mulcher. HAY AND SILAGE RAKING: Operating 2 twin rotor rakes. PASTURE AERATION: Repairing and levelling after winter damage. The only Competitive rates.24-hour Quality service. BasedTaxi at Puni.Service Servicing Franklin area for over 30 years. covering the whole of the P: 09 238 6405 • M: Graham 027 285 0045 Counties Manukau Email enquiries to district. 53427


• General VOWS4U Maintenance • Renovations 21B Southern Cross Rd, Kohimarama, Auckland • Building PhReports 521 7143 • Bathroom &Mobile Kitchens


KEVIN PLATT BOB CAT SERVICES 0274 928 701 ah 09 238 6923


Wedding, funeral and event flower specialist


Building Site Preparation - Women’s guide to everythng! Site Cleaning and Base Filling Driveways and Landscape Shaping Free Quotes




• No more blocked & overflowing gutters

l D65 Bulldozer l Roading

l Grader

l Excavations l Dams

l Stopbanks

l Building sites

• On-board recording camera for precision cleaning & screening

l Demolition

l Horse arenas l Metal/sand/

slag supplied l General cartage

 Enhanced resale value  Typical time taken to remove dents (30 mins)  All work guaranteed

• Solutions to suit all budgets


Experienced Operator 28 years+

 Mobile service

Call Max now 0800 333 101 or 021 161 3059

Craig Nicholson Earthmoving & General Cartage

 Free quotes Neville Your Local Technician

Ph/Fax: 09 238 4047 or 021 987402 WWW.FASHIONZ.CO.NZ 600 Buckland Rd, RD2, Pukekohe

Your favourite brands online including 54027

E513038 50390


& scoop

l Low loader

 Saves time, money and aggravation  Vehicle remains original


l Tree Removal


Phone 027 235 8271


l 5.5 tonne digger l Tip trucks


GUTTERS NEED CLEANING? all properties & roof-types

l 20 tonne diggers

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Rural Living is delivered

Rural Living is available FREE from selected advertisers and the following locations:

on the first week of each

Pukekohe Barfoot and Thompson, 68 King St. Pukekohe Library, 12 Massey Ave. Kevens Department Store, 73 King St. Franklin Vets, 86 Harris St. Papakura Franklin Vets, 365 Great South Rd. Pokeno Pokeno Bacon, Great South Rd. Waiuku Franklin Vets, 2 Court St. Mitre 10, 25 Bowen St.

month. Copies will go quickly so be quick to collect yours from any of the following outlets. An electronic version is also available at

Bombay Autobahn. Tuakau H.R Fiskens, 295 Tuakau Rd. Tuakau Meats, 23 George St. Field Fresh Fruit & Vege, 3/53 George St. Profarm Tuakau, Cnr Madill Rd and George St. Ardmore Animal Stuff, 192 Airfield Rd. Karaka Animal Stuff, 671 Karaka Rd.

Drury Animal Stuff, 222 Great South Rd. Drury Butcher, 232a Great South Rd. Town & Country Vets, 257 Great South Rd. Hunua John Hill Estate, 144 John Hill Rd. Clevedon Clevedon Rural Supplies, 13 Papakura-Clevedon Rd, Clevedon Village Patumahoe The Butchers Shop Cafe, 4 Patumahoe Rd.

41 Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 43

DIRECTORY������������������������������������������������������������������������ Wayne Wright Agricultural Contractors


Mike mobile 021 765 629 Water Tank Cleaning (While full or empty) Tank Repairs & Maintenance Water Deliveries ~ Swimming Pools Filled

FREEPHONE 0800 687 378 Ahrs 09 236 3277 Mob 027 507 2004 E 51307-v2


Cartage available Also: All types of fencing, stockyards, post & rail, etc. Post rammer available.

Phone 294 6100 or 0274 798 169


• For all your concrete tank requirements. • We build 3000 – 8000 gallon water tanks. Water tank repair and recondition specialist Concrete Tanks Tried & True

Order online or phone Water tank cleaning available

0800 327 653


Water - Septic - Retention - Specialty Tanks

Alan Wilson Plumbing 235 9066


Ph Neil for a quote: 021 794 148 anytime, A/H 09 232 8540

Certified Untreated Water

Sales, Service & Design of:


• Pumps

• Filtration


Fine hedge trimming with sicklebar cutter for trimming new growth mounted on lightweight tractor fitted with turf tyres. Mower/Mulcher with catcher at rear of tractor for clippings or open areas of grass.

Paul 027 628 8077

HOUSE wash

Advanced Concentrate Makes up to 80 litres!

• Irrigation • Pool & Spa

148 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe

For use around the home, including: weatherboards, bricks, roofs, fences, tiles, cement boards, windows, driveways or any surface that needs a freshen-up. Great for car, boat and caravan.


09 238 9588


■ Streak-free finish ■ Spray on & wash off


0800 BIOLOO (246566)


• Service of all farm, industrial, agricultural irrigation and domestic pumps • Water filter systems – Design and install • Water tanks – Agent for RX and Aqua • Deep well pump sales and service • Pool pump sales and service – chemical supply • Bore pump design, installation and supplies • Full range of galvanised, alkathene & pvc pipes and fittings • Drainage supplies • Bulk sand and cement


14 Constable Rd, Waiuku. Ph 09 235 8268. 44 — Rural Living — January - February 2014


24-Hour Callout Service • Pump & Well Services • Plumbing – Drainage – Concrete Supplies


■ Formulated for NZ conditions ■ Concentrated so you use less ■ High soap build and lifting agents to get all the dirt off AG ■ Non-corrosive to application equipment, hoses, fittings, pumps


MANUFACTURING PO Box 231, Tuakau 2342. Ph 09 238 5959, Fax 09 238 5676. Email:



Absolute Care

show n’shine

Servicing Franklin for over 45 years

• Pipes & Parts


0800 826 525

W! E N


• Bores

Farmtech Services


0800 782 521



Domestic / Park Hedge Trimming


0800 SUCKA1 Or:


• WATER PUMPS – Sales & Servicing


• Locally owned • 24/7 service • Environmentally friendly disposal 53850

MIKE JULIAN Freephone (0508) RURAL H20 (0508) 787 254

Hay • Round bales • Conventionals • Big or medium squares • Mowing, conditioning and rowing • Selling of hay • Buying of standing grass


Septic tank cleaning Vacuum loading Grease trap cleaning

Owner/operator Haylage • Big squares and round bales wrapped




For the best advice and friendly service




Horses ~ Cows ~ Sheep ~ Etc Phone Richard Logan

18 Elliot St, Papakura. Ph 09 298 7767. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8.30am-2.30pm


Ces & Jan Mayall



Mob 0274 976 058


• Insects & rodents • Domestic & commercial • Consultancy work

Totally mobile shearing service. Bombays to Kaiwaka.


Cnr Madill & George St, Tuakau. Ph 09 236 8228. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8.30am-12noon



Call us for all your farming supply needs

Phone w/w (09) 425-7104 or Ak (09) 276-1219 or mobile 0274-853-234

a/h 09 233 4446

Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, Llamas 53559


• GROUND SPREADING • LIME • FERTILISER • UREA • LS100 (50/50 Foul Manure & Lime Mix)


YOU NAME IT – WE’LL KILL IT! Controlling your pests for 24 years Phone 238 9885 Mobile 0274 789 857 Main Highway, Paerata


A natural, cost-effective all-year round N.P.K. fertiliser for pasture, maize crops, market gardens & small blocks. We supply, cart & spread. We also supply: • Lime • Metal • Sand


Neil 021 724 327 or Bruce 021 270 6828 Office 09 299 64 86


(021) 388 369 (09) 238 8759 A/H E:


Boyd (09) 233 4466 0274 978 685 Brenton (09) 236 3639 0274 921 916 53452


“Kill” Ferrets, Possum, Rats and Rabbits “Dead” Philproofbait bait feeders feeders areare the answer Philproof the answer


Baitstation Mini


Target Species Possum

Target Species Possum

Large Baitstation

Rodent Baitstation

sizes, standard and mini available Two Two sizes, standard and mini available

Possum/Rat/Rabbit bait stations U Specially • Specifi cally developed developedtotoprotect protectbait baitfrom from protect blockages which can rainrain andand to to protect blockages which can occur in other bait stations. Waterproof occur in other bait stations. Waterproof. U The preferred bait station usedby by • The preferred bait station used professional pest controlagencies. agencies professional pest control Large Philproof is ideal for baiting Rabbits Large Philproof is ideal for baiting Rabbits.

AlsoRodent available Rodent Bait Stations, Block Timms Also available Bait Stations, Block Baits, Timms traps, RodentBaits, Snap traps traps, Rodent Snap traps (prices available on request). (prices available on request).

Free advice Free advice7 days. 7 days.

Workshop – Engineering –Onsite Welding and Mechanical services available Castrol Distributors: Agents for Fleet Guard IIIIIIIII IIIII Filters, Exide Batteries. IIII IIIIIIII IIII IIII

Target Species Mice & Rats Single cover & trap

Double cover & 2 traps Fenn Trap without cover



Target Species Rabbits & Possums

Ferret/Stoat trap covers UÊ-«iVˆfi callydesigned designedtotocover MK 4 • Specifically cover MK 4 or or MK 6 Fenn (kill) traps MK 6 Fenn (kill) traps •UÊNarrow entrance guides the ferret/ >ÀÀœÜÊi˜ÌÀ>˜ViÊ}Ո`iÃÊ the ferret/stoat stoat over centre of trigger plate centre of trigger plate • over Stockproof UÊ-̜VŽ«Àœœv • Available ininsingle double UÊAvailable singleoror models double models UÊ>`iÊvÀœ“ÊÀiVÞVi`Ê«>Ã̈V • Made from recycled plastic UÊÊ{]Ê}Ài>ÌÊÀ>ÌÊÌÀ>«ÊiÝÊ1 • MK 4, great rat trap ex UK


Double Trap Cover

Target Species Stoat/Ferret

PO Box 4385, Hamilton, 3247, NZ




Trex Snap Trap

Phone: 09 238 7168 Fax: 09 239 2605 Email: Yard at 71 Adams Drive, Pukekohe

Target Species Mice & Rats

*Remember to include your courier or RD address

PHONE/F8Ê­äÇ®Ênx™Êә{ÎÊUÊœLˆiÊ­äÓ£®ÊÓÇäÊxn™È Email philproofJ}“>ˆ°Vœ“ÊU Website




021 109 9778 | 09 236 9947



6 3


4 53791-V2

Available for: Conventional Hay Making | Mulcher Mowing | Post Ramming | Farm Maintenance 54260

Rural Living — January - February 2014 — 45




Impressive Views And Home

Great Buying In Bombay

Enjoy these outstanding panoramic views over the Firth of Thames and feel on holiday all year round! This beautiful low maintenance Linea weatherboard home is set on 3.74 Ha (9.24 acres) in grazing. Immaculately presented with a seamless indoor/outdoor flow great for entertaining your family and friends. Call now for an appointment to view.

• 5 bedroom large home • 4 internal car garaging • 3.392 hectares of land • Minutes from Bombay and the motorway • This property is ideal for those who want it all!

226 Rataroa Road – $870,000


584 Pinnacle Hill Road – $915,000

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. View

Carola Hehewerth P 09 238 4244, mob 0275 973 558 E BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Maria Davis P 0800 224 071 E BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

We need more property to sell, it’s been a busy time over the relaxing holiday period!! • 48 Beachlands Road SOLD Auction Campaign • 1832 Miranda Road SOLD Auction Campaign • 226 Muir Road SOLD Auction Campaign • 87A Glenbrook Road SOLD Auction Campaign • 3 Morley Road SOLD • 33 Maioro Road SOLD Call Kevin NOW for a current market appraisal on your property

0800 345 563 54241-V2

BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008 36a

M: 0800 345 563 P: 09 238 4244 E:

Contributor to

57 King Street, Pukekohe, Auckland 1800

Rural Living January-February 2014  
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