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Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Hurt boy’s mother complains to IPCA

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A whole new world of theatre and dance Times photo Wayne Martin


boy’s mother has made a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) after an alleged serious assault at Midnight Madness in Howick last Friday. The success of the event this year was tainted by elements exhibiting anti-social behaviour late in the evening. Following the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the area on and around Stockade Hill was inhabited by a number of intoxicated, unruly youths. Hostilities between rivals overflowed into violence and the Times was provided with a video that showed a sickening, callous, gangattack upon a young man. The video begins with a tense situation between two teenagers as part of a group of 15-16-year-olds inflamed by provocative barbs from an individual. A fight erupted involving students (some of whom are believed to be from local schools Howick College and Pakuranga College) and saw the victim knocked to the ground and set upon by up to 10 youths, the majority of whom connected with kicks to the victim’s head. The melee was broken up by a middle-aged couple, then the crowd dispersed and the video ended. The video was provided to the Times by a parent of another teenager seriously assaulted in a separate incident by a group containing

two of the assailants from the first video. The video was circulated on Instagram in the days following Midnight Madness, and it was forwarded to the boy’s father. He said his son was also knocked to the ground and subjected to a flurry of punches and kicks. The fight was broken up by bystanders. The parent, who did not wish to be named, is a former police officer and said he was informed by his son that he (his son) approached two police officers after the assault and was told he was “silly to come back” and to “sit down”. He alleged that no medical treatment was offered by the constables. The victim made his own way to a local accident and emergency clinic to seek attention for his injuries. The Times understands the boy’s mother has filed a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Authority. In a statement, Sergeant Brett Meale of Counties Manukau Area Police said, “Police were present at the Midnight Madness event in Howick last Friday night to ensure the safety of the community attending. “Throughout the night there were a handful of reports of breaches of the peace and disorder in the area, which Police attended. “Police made five arrests throughout the night for offences relating to drug offending, theft from motor vehicles, assault and street robbery. These matters will be referred through to the Youth Aid process.”

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Vol 48, No 48

Aladdin is played by 17-year-old senior student Samantha Pfiszter while Lucy Sutton stars in the role of Princess Jasmine.

Nearly 300 students aged 3-18 will be dancing their way through the production Aladdin on Sunday. Aladdin will be an entertaining and colourful production of ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap dance performed by students

of Expressions Dance at the Vodafone Events Centre with performances at 2.30pm and 6pm. The role of the charming street rat Aladdin is played by 17-yearold senior student Samantha Pfiszter, while the courageous and

self-determined Princess Jasmine is played by 17-year-old Lucy Sutton. Audiences will be taken on a journey with Aladdin as he enters the Cave of Wonders in search for the magical lamp.

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2 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Brent Jenkin: This is the right time to go

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fter 47 years as an educator, Brent Jenkin knows when it is time to retire. It is a bitter-sweet decision as December 13 will be Jenkin’s last day at the principal’s office after 22 years of leading Wakaaranga School, the second largest primary school in Howick and Pakuranga. “I was reading my resignation letter the other day and mulled over it for a long time. It was very hard to write it. I’ve spent 34 years as being school principal in five different schools and if there is one thing I’ve counselled other teachers on—it’s about knowing when the time is right to go. And I’m glad I am going at the top of my game,” says the 69-year-old educator who will move to Rotorua “where peak time traffic is 10 minutes”. About the school being at a good place he says, “We’ve worked hard and earned a fantastic reputation for our school. “The roll call was only 320 students when I was appointed principal in 1998. Now we are well over double, almost three times the size with 750-800 students.

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Above, left: December 13 will be the last day of school for Brent Jenkin principal of Wakaaranga School who is retiring after 47 years as educator; right: Brent Jenkin is all smiles after being dunked at the Wakaaranga School Gala that he is so proud of.  Times photos Farida Master / Wayne Martin

Of course, it is not only about school size that matters but what happens here. We are a very family-oriented school and it’s been a huge privilege to lead this school. “We’ve evolved over the years as we worked with the school community and have become the glue that holds communities together”. It was a heart scare last year that helped Jenkin make up his mind that it may be time to take things a bit more slowly. However he has no plans

of hanging up his well-worn boots. He will be setting up a company called Inspiring Excellence to help grow school leadership skills. “It’s taken me years to accumulate knowledge and leadership skills and I’d like to put them to good use,” he reasons. “I was just thinking about the number of students teachers influence in their lives. In my case it could be over 16,800 students at Wakaaranga and over 22,500 over my teaching career.”

He is of the opinion that good teachers are born rather than bred. “Not everyone has the intuitive sense on their fingertips. “Also as a principal it is important to have a clear view of the school and have the strength of conviction and courage of draw a line if you find that it’s not a good education outcome for students. “You should be able to stand your ground and stand up whether it is to the government, ERO or politicians.

“The education system has been a political football with massive reforms that have turned things upside down. “As educators our job is to prepare children for an unknown future. To be flexible learner and adapt.” He points to the writing on his wall and reads it aloud saying: “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it also represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

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Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 3

Ev Perry – education leader E

v Perry spent most of his 40-year teaching career at Tamaki College. So, it’s no surprise that three different people nominated the school’s former principal to have a new street in Glen Innes named after him. “Ev would be so proud and also feel he’s not worthy of it but thrilled to know that people thought so highly of him,” his widow Brenda Perry says. “He wouldn’t have expected anything like having a street named after him for just doing his job, which was helping the kids.” Ev, who died in 2015, taught at the school between 1958-59, then again from 1963-67 and was appointed deputy principal in 1970, before becoming principal in 1971. There was something special about Tamaki that just kept drawing Ev back to the area says Brenda, who also taught at the school near the end of her career. “Out of his 40 years teaching, he did 28 years at Tamaki. “The people kept bringing him back to Tamaki. They welcomed us

Ev Perry

Pakuranga’s Brenda Perry with her replica sign. 

and the family. “There was a warm feeling about the place, and he cultivated it. Everyone worked together and got on with it.” The father-of-four coached the First XV before he became principal and was also very involved in

cultural performances, says Brenda. “He loved helping the children who didn’t have the same advantages that we had. “He could command an audience and was very good with words.” After Ev retired, he stayed involved with school, at one stage

Photos supplied

reconnecting through his granddaughter-in-law Tenille, who started teaching at Tamaki. “Soana Pamaka, the current principal, used to take Ev to rugby games and he’d give pep talks to the First XV. “Even when Ev retired, they

would invite us to senior prizegiving. “He went to prize-givings until he wasn’t well enough to go. When the First XV beat schools like Kings or Auckland Grammar, that was huge for him.” In 2005, the Ev Perry classroom block was unveiled. “He was thrilled about that too,” Brenda says. “He was really proud of the students and their successes.” Living in Pakuranga, Ev was very much connected to the Tamaki community, often going shopping with Brenda in Panmure town centre. “People were quite happy if we were in the street to come up and talk to us. Even after Ev died, one boy in particular from school would come up to me and tell me about his family.” As for what to do with the Ev Perry Way sign, Brenda says it will sit proudly on her apartment windowsill, which overlooks a bowling green. “All the players will be able to read it. I don’t know anyone else who has one.”

Paranormal podcast on East FM

Whitford’s Mackenzie Alley and her work Embracing our Differences. 

Photo supplied

Alley’s work to show in US Year 9 student Mackenzie Alley from Whitford has had her artwork selected for inclusion in an international exhibition in Florida next year. More than 16,000 entries from people from all age groups were received from 127 countries and only 50 were selected for inclusion in the exhibition entitled Embracing our Differences. Mackenzie, 13, called her artwork “Be a Voice, Not an Echo” and says,

“With my work, I wanted to represent how we sometimes feel forced to suppress our true identities as we fear society’s judgment, but all that it takes for us to unlock who we are are the words of one person who is not afraid to speak up.” The successful entries will be blown up onto full-sized billboards and exhibited in Sarasota’s Bayfront Park, Florida from January to April 2020.

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Times journalist Jim Birchall is also an avid podcaster. His current show ‘Occam’s Razor’ is broadcast on local Howick Jim Birchall station East FM. The concept of Occam’s Razor is based on the law of parsimony, a theory forwarded by a monk named William of Ockham in the 14th Century which suggests the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Jim applies this to the world of the paranormal, looking for conclusive evidence of things that go bump in the night, the existence of UFOs, strange mythical beasts (otherwise known as cryptids) and unsolved mysteries. The ultimate aim is to separate fact from fiction and go a-ways toward making a determination in the listeners mind. Past guests have included

Puhinui House in the Howick Historical Village has been the site of many reported ghostly apparitions.  Photo supplied

representatives from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Jim is always on the lookout for guests on the show and to hear about any mysterious or ‘haunted’ locations around east Auckland.


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4 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Respite care with a difference • Dedicated and caring staff • Serviced apartments or private rooms with ensuites • Seasonal Delicious menu – providing choice and prepared fresh on site by village chefs • myRyman care – our custom-built electronic care app, installed in every care room • Ryman Engage programme – activities and outings For more information phone Chantelle on 535 0220 or Rose on 535 0225 795 Chapel Road, Howick KC14592

Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 5

AT grilled by Greypower members By JIM BIRCHALL


ast Aucklanders rely too much on the car and the new AMETI Eastern Busway would go a long way in addressing the issue of congestion, a recent Greypower meeting heard. Representatives from Auckland Transport (AT) were at the November 22 meeting. Duncan Humphrey, director of the AMETI (Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative) project conceded east Auckland had become “car dependent” and that “the infrastructure is not there”. He said the new busway needed to be “special, attractive, different, akin to a rail system” in order to serve the community more efficiently. Humphrey also promised expediency with the project and stated a relationship that works with suppliers is the preferable model and the project would be sped up by going to market, alleviating the use of contractors. Renata Smit, manager AT airport access programme, addressed the issues surrounding transport to the “big employment hub” at Auckland Airport. One major issue was businesses which “can’t fill jobs due to (the airport) being too difficult to get to” prompting Smit to lay out plans for rapid transport from the airport to Botany. The solution, according to Smit, is the 18km long new transport link, which hopes to provide a 30-40 minute travel time

between Botany and the Airport. A voice from the floor asked “why is the train line not extended to the airport?” Smit said the cost was “significantly more” (in real dollars extrapolating the projected $1.6 billion cost by 2.5 times) to alter the existing spur line and so was not feasible. AT development manager Ben Ross produced AT-generated figures that showed an increase of 16 per cent on bus journeys taken to termination at Panmure station. The contentious issue of the T2 lane on Pakuranga Road was raised, with AT appearing comfortable

with the innovation. Another speaker expressed concern that bus stops would be in the middle of the road as part of the project on Ti Rakau Drive and asked whether there would be a pedestrian crossing built to accommodate those with limited physical capabilities to reach the stop safely. This was confirmed by AT. Following this was a comment from the floor that the crossing would impact turning traffic and create bottle-neck situations. The idea of an underpass was mooted as a solution by a Greypower member but was shut down as a concept due to cost.

In a release AT had this to say about the imminent works:

The Airport to Botany Rapid Transit project will deliver a new rapid public transport link between the airport, Manukau and Botany, which will improve accessibility in the southern and eastern areas of Auckland and provide an important link in the rapid transit network with connections to the rail network at Puhinui and Manukau stations, the Eastern Busway at Botany Interchange and light rail at the Airport. Airport to Botany will significantly improve transport choice,

reliability, and journey times in the south and east of Auckland. A good public transport network helps cities evolve by providing better connections and improved accessibility. Reliable, affordable and efficient public transport has major economic, social and environmental benefits. Airport to Botany Rapid Transit is one of three projects in the Southwest Gateway programme. Auckland Transport, the NZ Transport Agency, and Auckland Airport are working together on the Southwest Gateway programme to improve access and allow for future growth in south and east Auckland.

Kwong the 2 million-parcel man Auckland courier driver and business owner Kwong Lui has reached a major milestone. The 61-year-old moved his 2 millionth parcel, 20 years after moving from Hong Kong to New Zealand. Kwong has kept a spread sheet with his annual parcel movements since September 1999 and last Thursday he picked up his 2 millionth parcel from hospitality and cleaning suppliers Safco in Greenmount Rise. Kwong bought his Fastway Courier business (now Aramex Couriers) following a chat with a neighbour about potential job prospects in difficult economic times. “The economy was in a bit of

a down turn and I’d only been in New Zealand for six months and was struggling to find work. My neighbour told me about a courier franchise that was for sale, so I took a look at it and the rest they say is history. In the early years Kwong was busy moving parcels mostly from businesses but the rise of online retail over the last few years has seen him rapidly move to 2 million parcel movements. Kwong says he’s driven over 600,000 kilometres, averaging 110 km a day around East Tamaki, Botany Town Centre and surrounding residential addresses. “I drive the length of New Zealand every 16 days and have

driven around the equator 13 times.” Kwong estimates that he will move another 500,000 parcels before he’s ready to retire at 65 years. “It’s definitely got busier and busier in recent years due to the huge increase in e-commerce and online shopping - I’m certainly moving more parcels that have originated from overseas and online shoppping sites. Kwong, a former football player, enjoys the life of a courier business owner, as it keeps him very fit and outdoors. “I love working outside and I really enjoy the people I get to meet and building relationships with them. I’ve seen many

Kwong Lui has delivered his two millionth package.  Photo supplied

businesses in my area grow and that’s been really exciting. Although Kwong has achieved a major milestone, when he told his Safco customer, they joked they should be getting a present!


6 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Meet NZ singer/songwriter and suburban philosopher Jan Hellreigel right here at Poppies Saturday December 7 from 10.30am - Noon Jan will be singing live and talking about this gem of a book, about rediscovering her voice and writing herself back into NZ music history. (Limited space, so don’t miss out)

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For those of you who aren’t aware, there are just a mere 20 more days to go before Christmas Day. It is the time of year when we catch up, re-engage with family and friends and hopefully enjoy some relaxation and a change from our normal working schedule. However, before we celebrate Christmas Day, there are the frantic weeks leading up to Christmas when we rush around finalising our purchases of Christmas decorations, presents and festive food and drink. Thankfully, we have a wide range of businesses on our doorstep in Howick Village to cater for most of our needs. The Howick Village Association (HVA) and the Howick Local Board signalled the beginning of the festive season with Midnight Madness and the switching on of the Christmas Lights on Stockade Hill on Friday 22nd November. This year both events successfully “kicked off” the festive season with huge support from our local community. I am sure that those who attended had a great time and those who didn’t attend – you missed great events. The continued success of your local Village is totally dependent on the ongoing support of local residents and visitors and hence your business association would like to thank you all for your support over the last 12 months. We are working to ensure your shopping experiences in 2020 will be even more thrilling. On behalf of the HVA and its members we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and an enjoyable and relaxing New Year. Remember LIVE LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL. Cheers, Ken Scott Chair HVA Inc.

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8 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Sancta Maria College proudly congratulates


EMMA SIM-SMITH Year 13 DUX Saint Catherine Trophy for Academic Excellence

Navigator Trophy (Overall top award exemplifying all the Key Values of Sancta Maria College) Year 12, Saint Catherine Trophy for Academic Excellence




Sportsman of The Year - Senior School


Proxime Accessit

Nicky McHugh Memorial Scholarship

Year 11, Saint Catherine Trophy for Academic Excellence

Service to Community Award


Delvin Godinet Award


Sportswoman of The Year - Senior School


Catherine Cooney Memorial Scholarship Academic Excellence in Business Studies Year 13

Sportsperson of The Year Year 11



Cultural Trophy for Girls - Senior School

Cultural Trophy for Boys - Senior School



University Academic Scholarship Award Winners University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship

University of Auckland - Top Achievers Scholarship

University of Auckland - Top Achievers Scholarship

SOPHIA BEBELMAN JOSHUA MCCARTHY EMMA SIM-SMITH Auckland University of Technology - Academic Excellence and Significant Student Scholarship


Auckland University of Technology School Leaver Scholarship Communication Studies

Catholic Diocese of Auckland - Robert Ned Covich Scholarship

University of Auckland - Top Achievers Award

ZOE CHOU University of Victoria - Totoweka Scholarship

University of Auckland - Edward Connolly Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship

BREANNA JURY The Prime Ministers Vocational Excellence Award

Auckland University of Technology - Significant Student Scholarship

TANYA MURRAY Massey University - Massey Accommodation Scholarship

Auckland University of Technology - Academic Excellence Scholarship


Auckland University of Technology AUT School Leaver Scholarship, Bachelor of Science

Manukau Institute of Technology - Partnership Scholarship


Winner HOKIANGA House Prefects: Gail Calicdan Braydon Burton

Friends of the College Award for Dedication and Service to Sancta Maria College Sue Kubala

Top Scholars and Special Character Award winners (Year 12 & 13) YEAR 11 SPECIAL CHARACTER Alex McGivern, Sydney Causer, Christian Stolten, Mikayla Killip, Minju Kim, Michiko Pritchard, Felix Cheng, Nathan Pereira YEAR 12 SPECIAL CHARACTER AWARDS Adam Martis, Jack Farrell, Miyuki Muraki, Oliver Tamayo, Francesca Abesamis, Lorenzo Cruz, Owen Tamayo, Ofelia Taulisi, Isiposeti Fonohema, Erica Lim, Catherine Chan, Francesca Adams, Allyson Ropati, Tristan Tualagi

YEAR 13 SPECIAL CHARACTER AWARDS Ella Flores, Meggy Laguda, Patricia Dela Cruz, Jason Wang, Maurice de Jesus, Daniella Joven, Camilla Lagaaia, Anna Nguyen, Tahlisa Stevens, Bo Min Cho, Zoe Chou, Faith Cruz, David Patlong, Patrick De Vera, Johnny El-Boutty, Mia Gilchrist, Aislinn Manuyag, Kelly Mascarenhas OVERALL TOP SCHOLAR YEAR 11 Michiko Pritchard, Jenna Aspeling, Felix Cheng, Nasya Chin, Cassandra Dela Cruz, Jana Lopez, Theodore Lopez, Millie Gilchrist,

Joyce Ecclestone, Mikayla Killip, Yza Bella Pernia OVERALL TOP SCHOLAR YEAR 12 Jolin Chen, Luca Edwards, Jade Faulkner, Justin Ang, J L Lopez, Erica Lim, Francesca Adams, Samantha Bottom


OVERALL TOP SCHOLAR YEAR 13 Sophia Bebelman, Danica LoulieWijtenburg, Emma Sim-Smith, Patricia Dela Cruz, Samantha Mebius, Christy Yang, Joanne Chou, Anna Nguyen, Zoe Chou, Joshua McCarthy, Kelly Mascarenhas, Megan Noronha

Back row: Andre Bautista, Allan Ah Kau, Logan Wood, Avram Taguinod Front row: Anson Ip, Benjamin Botting, Jan Matanguihan (Captain), Gerard Bautista, Alfonso Leyesa


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One seat can make a difference T

he 1 News Colmar Brunton political poll on Monday night shows just how much of a difference a single seat in the Parliament can make. It also demonstrates how Botany voters can use their influence to achieve local projects, like two new busways, a Park-and Ride facility, a rebuilt Chapel Road Bridge and more support for local beach protection. This latest political poll suggests a government with a one-seat majority. The same poll in October showed the same result. People often ask how much impact one seat in the Parliament can make and whether a single MP can achieve that much. The answer is that a single MP can make a significant difference for their electorate and their community, if that MP is free from having to always put their political party first. However, if Botany voters decide to re-elect someone who is a local person who will continue to genuinely stand up for them, who lives in the community and knows local issues well, then our electorate would deliver a very different outcome to the Parliament. Unlike electorate MPs from the two major parties, an individual MP

Manukau Concert Band, Saturday December 7, 7pm, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 11 Vincent St, Howick, $10 general admission. Tickets available through Eventfinda or at the door on the night (if not sold out prior).

Community Networking

The last Pakuranga and Howick Community Networking Meeting for 2019 is on Friday, December 6. This meeting is an opportunity for local organisations and community groups to make solid connections, interact and learn from each other and to share and discuss ideas. Guest speaker is Elliot Ikilei, who has been active in the Botany area, working

Downsizing pays off for many seniors. While many retirees opt to remain in their own home as they age, others choose to downsize to an independent apartment, not only for the modern facilities and companionship on offer, but also because it broadens their financial options.

MP for Botany

Jami-Lee Ross doesn’t have to put the wishes of a party leader first. An individual MP can stand up for local people and achieve genuine wins on local infrastructure and community issues. A new National or Labour MP would always put their political party before their electorate. I know this first-hand because when I represented one of those parties, I always had to toe the party line. The unfortunate reality is that most MPs frequently have to put the wishes and interests of their own community second. That is not in the best interest of our democracy. I can use my vote in the Parliament to negotiate local wins on behalf of local people. We know next year’s General Election is going to be close and that one seat in the Parliament makes a difference. Voters next year have the power to make sure the Botany seat continues to be filled by someone who puts Botany first.

What’s On A Christmas Festival

Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 9

with youth and community groups. 2pm-3:30pm, Te Tuhi, 30 Reeves Road, Pakuranga. No charge, tea and coffee.

U3A Pakuranga

Our Christmas meeting will be in St. Andrew’s Church (cnr of Ridge Road & Vincent St Howick) at 1:45. Mark Stolen will talk on “Flexi Bricks” and how this can be incorporated with Lego to make it more flexible.

Howick Library

Christmas event at Howick Library on December 14. Come along to hear and enjoy the Howick Ukulele Group performing at 11am at Howick Library, 25 Uxbridge Road. This is a free event.

By the time they retire, many people have the bulk of their life savings tied up in their family home. By downsizing to a smaller (and less expensive) apartment, seniors have the opportunity to consider other investments to help fund their dayto-day living, or to add a decent chunk of money to their KiwiSaver fund. What’s more, larger, older homes often mean bigger bills for maintenance and repairs, whereas living in an independent apartment within a retirement village is maintenance free. Which means fewer unexpected bills – and no more problems finding and booking reputable tradespeople to fix a problem. Downsizing can also free up some cash to enjoy those ‘golden years’ – to travel, visit family, buy a new car, or enjoy outings And of course, a modern, low-maintenance

apartment frees up more time to ‘lock up and leave’ and enjoy life, instead of doing gardening and chores. “Freeing up finances is certainly one of the reasons seniors choose to move into our independent apartments,” says Bonnie Robinson, CEO of HBH Senior Living in Howick. “With no unexpected maintenance bills and modern, well insulated apartments, residents find it easier to budget.” “Some older people have lost a partner, or struggle with the costs and maintenance of a large family house – with no money left over to do anything else but sit at home,” she continues. “They move in to an apartment and suddenly, they’ve freed up their finances to enjoy life. In fact, 95% of our apartment residents wish they’d made the move earlier!”

Downsize your home. Upsize your lifestyle. HBH’s apartments offer the freedom of independent living, with help on hand if you need it. So why not make the move? Like our other residents, you may just love it.

Festival to celebrate summer

bit of Zumba and Bo Burns helped with serving barbecued sausages on bread. All in all, a fun community event to bring in some summer loving.

To request a brochure or make an appointment email us at or call 09 538 0800. A service of Howick Baptist Healthcare Ltd HBH Senior Living is an Eden Alternative Registered Home.

A member of the Retirement Village Association of NZ


The second Botany and Flat Bush Summer Festival took off on a bright and sunny start at the Ormiston Activity Centre on Sunday. A live band set the tempo of the upbeat morning while plenty of dance performances including Zumba and Tai Chi got diverse communities participating in group activities. Hosted by Howick Local Board member Peter Young who chairs the Botany and Flat Bush Ethnic Association, Howick Local Board members David Collings took charge of the sausage sizzle and even sung along with the local band; while Katrina Bungard did a

10 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

The ‘old age’ pension


Local historian Alan La Roche continues his series marking the district’s 170th anniversary last year and the countdown to the 175th celebrations





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‘Bring your property back to life’ “Very professional company, great communication and did a fantastic job.

‘Bring property back to life’ Joanne Kennedy Highlyyour recommend,”


Call Daniel today on 027 12345 381

aving served in the British Army for 20 years or more, the Fencibles of Howick, worn out, infirm and poor, collected their paltry pensions every three months. For Contact many, theUs Military pension was only six234 pence Daniel: 027 5381a day. Us ButContact in 1898 the Government, 09 265 2395 Ben Hardy’s Drapery and Clothing underDaniel: Richard 027Seddon, 234 5381after sev- Store, Picton Street, Howick, in Email: eral attempts09for approval in Par265 2395 1915. Later it became Rishworth’s liament, wanted to provide for Web: Pinnacle Property it became Payless Email: until 1990 when the deserving aged, the infirm Plastics Shop. Web:with and poor, strict conditions. Pinnacle Property You had to have lived in New a magistrate in the Old Age PenZealand for at least 25 years, sion Court. Some Howick resiservice at a great price. PPSdents complained that the Court to be“Great of good moral character, have are hadthe sober had not sat in Howick for some best respectable at what they lives, do.” Seton “Great service at a great price. PPStime although it had sat at Panbe over 65 years old and were Lillas happy home owner. aretested. the best at what means You mustthey earndo.” lessSeton mure and Otahuhu. Howick old than Lillas £34 happy [$68] ahome yearowner. and have folk thought they might be missassets of less than £50 [$100] and ing out on their pensions. some even had to have a producHowick became part of Prime tive vegetable garden! Minister William Massey’s elecPensions were particularly torate and most in this farming aimed at worn-out old soldiers, community considered him a including Maori soldiers who friend. deserved some recognition. But One resident had a cow and if you were found drunk, swear- sold a little butter and was ing, stealing or you had deserted penalised, only receiving a few your wife, your pension was pounds instead of the 18 pounds. immediately cancelled. In 1910 one Howick Pensioner Plain clothed policemen were finding his pension was not adeinstructed to inspect pensioners quate, cut some firewood earnforPinnacle compliance.Property If you were Services seen ing him 3 pounds that resulted Pinnacle Property Services using your pension on liquor, in a reduction of one pound from Pinnacle Property Services your pension could be cancelled. his meagre pension. Property ThePinnacle pension was only £18 Services [$36] After the 1880s, depression a year which was less than one with better dairy and wool prices, shilling a week. the economy was improving All pensions were granted by and so were the Government’s

bank accounts. Governments needed to be popular so Old Age Pensions were a carrot to catch extra votes without reducing the wages of public servants or stopping public works such as new roads. When the new Howick Post Services Office opened in 1908, the Postmistress was proud of her varServices nished walls, desks and the highly polished linoleum floor in the public area. She did not like scruffy Old Age Pensioners coming into her clean Post Office. Her neighbour Frank Rishworth was a good friend of William Massey, our Prime Minister. When he heard that Pensioners could not get the Pension from the Post Office, he was happy to allow Rishworth to pay out the pensions and to sell them items from his shop for their homes. This arrangement lasted for many years. All shop owners were pleased to have extra business thanks to the Pensions being paid out to the deserving poor. New Zealand was the first British country to reduce poverty in old age and provide a pension for the aged. Later miners, the blind, widows and family allowances were paid out. Alan La Roche Howick Historian




A Times Media Supplement – 2019

The Promenade, 1 Ara Tai, Half Moon Bay

Pohutukawa Coast Shopping Centre, Beachlands

Phone 09 533 0950

Phone 09 536 5978 JH15557

2 — Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5,

Big turnout for Santa’s arrival at Botany centre


Ph 534 8715

Howick Village Butchery Ph 532 9340

Howick Sushi Ph 535 3565

Avenrose Florist Ph 534 8719

Tim England Chartered Accountant Ph 532 9971

Cinnamon Brown Ph 534 7794

Rest Assured Charity Boutique Ph 537 1127

Salvation Army Family Store


Ph 537 4267

I Engrave

Ph 535 8535

Book Assist

Ph 271 0692

Michael’s Emporium Ph 533 0442 Ph 271 8000

Natural Health Company Organic Store Ph 535 7287

Bathurst Brown Design Ph 0274 904 232

Howick Men’s Hairdressers

Ph 537 4620

Ph 535 8956

among the kids and the Carter-Chan performers wowed the crowd. Kerrie Hughes, centre manager at Botany Town Centre, said, “It was wonderful to see the community come together and enjoy the pre-Christmas celebrations.”

Times Media

Pakuranga & Howick Realty Ph 538 0090

otany Town Centre’s Santa arrival & Christmas Show was held on Saturday November 23, with star guest PJ Masks, a performance by Carter-Chan performers and Santa’s arrival with Rudolph. PJ Masks and Santa were very popular

Baker’s Delight Mysis Ltd

Ph 021 958 787



Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 3

Excitement mounts as Howick Santa Parade only days away


hree sleeps to go to one of Howick’s favourite large-scale public events and rising excitement levels are palpable. After months of planning and organising the cast of thousands of participants and volunteer helpers, chief elf and event manager Bo Burns, of the Howick Children’s Charitable Trust, cannot wait for this Sunday’s gigantic Howick Santa Parade. She and her motivated team have created an event that will be an entertainment spectacular, transforming Howick Village’s atmosphere into something akin to a street carnival. The 66th running of the Howick Santa Parade will be between 2.30pm and 4pm but the event starts at 11am on December 8, with entertainment in and around the main stage in Picton Street. “We also have plenty of activities and interactive stalls in Moore Street, where there’ll be pony rides for the children, a display of hotrod cars, performances by the Manukau Concert Band and East FM broadcasting live; while at the


Last year’s Howick Santa parade on Picton Street. top of Uxbridge Road there will be more information stalls for our sports clubs.” To run an event of this magnitude costs a lot of money and Burns, who is an expert promoter and fundraiser, is delighted that another major sponsor, motor vehicle dealership Andrew Simms Botany and Newmarket, has driven up to back this year’s Howick Santa

Parade. Principal, Matthew Wales is a passionate local, who lives and grew up in the Howick area, attending local Pakuranga College. “Without the commitment of Andrew Simms, and our other leading sponsor Barfoot and Thompson, it would not be possible to deliver such a fun and exciting parade event. We are very appreciative of all the dedicated,

Photo supplied

community-focused sponsors and supporters including our Howick Local Board,” she says. “The Howick Santa Parade has always been about celebrating all that is good and great in our east Auckland community and with more than 60 different groups, schools, organisations and businesses marching and involved, showing their talents, commitment and service, there

will be a cast of literally thousands of our people, especially the young ones. “And that’s appropriate, because, of course Christmas is for everyone, but it’s really all about the kids,” Burns says. Before marching onto the Howick Santa Parade route of Wellington Street, Picton Street and Cook Street from 2.30pm, the parading groups will start assembling in Fencible Drive and adjacent car parks from 12.15pm. ✦ For those people who cannot watch the colourful spectacle live, they can tune into a live online stream at com/c/HowickSantaParade. ✦ Sponsors and facilitators of the Howick Santa Parade include the Howick Children’s Charitable Trust, Barfoot and Thompson, Andrew Simms Botany and Newmarket, the Howick Local Board, Lion Foundation, the Howick Club, New World, Galbraiths Law, Howick & Pakuranga Times with many smaller donations and help from supportive local businesses.

4 — Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5,

Christmas at Krispy Kreme

Dress with style

Meet Snowy – a scrumptious doughnut dipped in white truffle, filled with delicious raspberry jam. Hand decorated with a sour strap scarf to complete the irresistibly cute Snowy doughnut.

Your one stop shop for fabulous fabrics, haberdashery and loads of Christmas gift ideas!

Gorgeous Christmas gifts

Fab Fabrics 146A Harris Road, East Tamaki Ph 09 271 0655 • OPEN 7 DAYS

10 Central Terrace, Howick, Aucland. PO Box 38232 Howick, Auckland 2145, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 271 8000. Email: Website: This calendar was produced by Times Media as a community fundraiser. Many thanks to the local community for supporting this project.

from r $10 lenda a ca to each goes unity sold comm l p loca grou

Pop in for beautiful Christmas gifts, linen and homewares. SEPTEMBER




Open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 2pm JULY




2020 2020

10 Central Terrace, Howick, Aucland. PO Box 38232 Howick, Auckland 2145, New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 271 8000. Email: Website: This calendar was produced by Times Media as a community fundraiser. Many thanks to the local community for supporting this project.

Howick Ward Community Calendar







from r $10 lenda a ca to each goes unity sold comm l p loca grou







3 picture books





Pokemon theme decks


Pamper yourself this Christmas


wish list

Krispy Kreme 3 Ronwood Ave, Manukau Mon-Sun 6am-11pm Drive thur 24 hrs, 7 days Ph 09 869 2235

Cinnamon Brown Homestore 69 Picton Street, Howick

Crawford’s bus in Picton Street (cira 1915). The Marine Hotel is opposite the Howick Town Hall.



Fun Kids Books

All beauty therapy services for women under one roof. SAJJAN Hair, Beauty & Laser Clinic 16/345 Chapel Road, Dannemora, Auckland Ph 273 8575 •

Kids & More Shop 402 (across from Hannahs), Pakuranga Plaza 10 Aylesbury Street, Pakuranga. Ph 027 726 8214

Christmas gift giving


Givenchy Very Irresistible EDT 30ml



$699 Nature’s Blend Soap Bars The Beauty Collective Ltd

Bargain Chemist, Manukau Supa Centa, Corner Cavendish and Lambie Drives

Shop now open

Christmas pudding – 1kg A perfect ending to your Christmas day celebrations. Presented in a traditional porcelain bowl. The Great New Zealand Christmas Cake Company 147 Cascades Road, or order online or phone 577-3095

2020 2020

Howick Ward Community Calendar

Stunning local calendars

The perfect gift for every home – here and abroad. The new 2020 Howick Community Calendars are a showcase of the local district – both past and present. Perfect for Christmas gifts, your own home or for friends and family overseas. Buy now for just $20 with profit from each calendar benefitting a local community group. Available from Times Media, 10 Central Terrace, Howick Poppies Books, 83 Picton Street, Howick Howick Historical Village, Lloyd Elsmore Park, Bells Road, Pakuranga

Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 5

Simon Gault, one of New Zealand’s favourite chefs, has released his latest cookbook just in time for Christmas. We’ll feature a couple of his recipes each week right up until Christmas.

Herb-crusted lamb chops with salad

►½  cup finely chopped fresh herbs (mint, parsley and marjoram) ►2  cloves garlic, crushed zest of 1 lemon ► 1 tbsp lemon juice ► ? cup extra virgin olive oil ► 1 kg lamb cutlets

price of lamb, some money as well. The nice thing about lamb cutlets is that each one comes with its own handle. If the occasion requires a little more formality, paper napkins for grasping the cutlet are an optional extra! Combine the herbs, garlic, lemon zest and juice, and extra virgin olive oil in a small bowl. Pour the marinade into a large zip-lock plastic bag or flat container with a lid. Mix the cutlets in the marinade and refrigerate until you are ready to BBQ. Heat the BBQ, cook the chops for about 2 minutes each side. They don’t take long. Set aside and serve with the Summer Salad.


► 1 red capsicum ► 1 yellow capsicum ►5  00g different coloured and shaped tomatoes ►2  00g bocconcini ►½  cup basil leaves ►¼  clove garlic, minced ►¼  cup extra virgin olive oil juice of ½ lemon Serves: 6


nybody can wreck lamb cutlets without a recipe so try this method and save yourself a heap of grief — and, with the


the skin has started to blister. Place in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. When the capsicums have cooled, peel the skin off (it will come off easily). Slice the roasted capsicums thinly. Cut the tomatoes into different sizes, some into chunks and some into slices. Place in a large bowl. Add the bocconcini to the tomatoes. Tear the basil and add to the salad. In a small bowl, combine the garlic, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the dressing over the salad, gently toss and place in a serving bowl or on a platter.

Preheat oven to 160°C. To roast the capsicums, grease a baking tray with olive oil. Cut the capsicums in half and remove the seeds and core. Lay the halves on the tray and cook for 10–15 minutes, or until soft and

► Extracted from Summer with Simon Gault, published by Penguin Random House NZ, RRP $50. Text © Simon Gault, 2019. Photography © Vanessa Lewis, 2019 n Another recipe, page 10

Get creative this Christmas with a Howick Little Theatre subscription. Superb nights of theatre that are close to home and excellent value – and you’ll have the chance to WIN a great night out!

Make gift-giving dramas a thing of the past



Stag Doe







Here come the brides A COMEDY BY MARK CRAWFORD FEB 29 TO MAR 21




A Christmas Carol




To buy an original gift for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions, or to spoil yourself, call us NOW. A subscription to all five plays in our 2020 season is just $115, and affordable gift vouchers for individual plays are also available. All subscriptions purchased by January 31 go into a prize draw to win a night out for two – dinner and the show of your choice*. Let us entertain you! Phone 534 1401, email or visit our website STANDARD TICKET PRICES - ADULT $29, CONCESSION $26, GROUP (10+) $25


*conditions apply


6 — Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5,


Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 7

Be in to win prizes for Christmas HoWiCk HisToriCal Howick Historical Village Village


BOTANY Step back in time It’s beginning Ph 576 9506 to feel a lot like Christmas and the Times and some wonderful businesses have embraced the festive spirit and come up with some wonderful prizes for our lucky readers. Be in to win!

✦ Win with Howick Historical Village

Here’s a chance for two lucky families to win a family pass each to the Howick Historical Village where live days bring the village to life with different village characters and activities. Explore the Fencible settlement and heritage gardens on the 7-acre site, walk inside the historic schools, villages, church, and general store, treat yourself in the café.

✦ Win with Pet Doors R Us

A family owned and operated business with over 35 years’ experience, Pet Doors R Us have a Microchip Pet Feeder valued at $195 to give away to one lucky reader.

✦ Win with Howick Bin Inn

Suitable for every taste, Bin Inn has quality foodie ranges. Bringing glad tidings, sensational offerings and inspirational gifts for the holiday season, we have two $50 vouchers to give away.

✦ Win with Pak’nSAVE Botany

We have some Pak’nSAVE vouchers to give away in time for Christmas. Pak’nSAVE aim is to provide New Zealand’s Lowest Food Prices. Come and shop at their newly renovated store and check out the new cafe inside.


To enter any of these draws, visit then click on the competitions link and complete the appropriate form and enter this code: CSDEC19. One entry per person/per competition; entries close Friday, December 13, 2019 at 12 midnight.Winners advised by phone or email.




a liVing HisTory MuseuM of THe fenCiBle Period

8 — Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5,

CARPETLAND Carpet | Vinyl | Laminate

Present this cut out and confirm your flooring installation over the value of $1500 and receive a complimentary $100 petrol voucher

Offer valid until 30/6/2020 TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY

Phone 09-534 4818 Monday to Sunday 7am-4.30pm JH15431-v2

Large selection of cabinet and menu items available. Group bookings welcome. Coffee loyalty cards available.

sleeps left

IDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS Scarves, beanies, gloves, capes and ponchos Light to post, beautiful gifts for loved ones overseas

09 534 4000 JH15512



121 Vincent Street, Howick


COUNTDOWN Health Store Pakuranga Inside Pakuranga Plaza Opposite BNZ Bank OPEN 7 DAYS

“The best service at the best price” Party Cruises | Fishing Charters Day Trips Tours | Riverhead Cruises

100% NZ made

100% Natural Possum/Merino/Silk

Manufactured in the heart of Howick enables us to sell export quality at factory prices.

Health Store Pakuranga Pakuranga Plaza Ph 576-5843

FACTORY SHOP 1/113 Vincent Street, Howick. Phone 09 534 9904

Open Monday-Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 9am-12noon JH15565


JU0856 |

0800 Red Boats 09 834 7337


Everybody deserves to smile this Christmas a Little of

Ray Giving

Drop a present into our offices from 1 December and we’ll make sure it gets to a deserving member of our community. We are supporting Ronald McDonald House Auckland, because everyone should receive a gift this Christmas. Ray White Eastern Group – 6 local offices to serve you better Howick | Half Moon Bay | Pakuranga | Bucklands Beach | Flat Bush | Botany Town Centre

Everybody deserves to smile this Christmas


Mountfort Estate Agents Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 9 Traditional Italian thin crust pizzas, filling pasta and creamy risotto.

Specials changing weekly, from Scotch File to Black Risotto. Find us on FB Bookings essential, call 576 0057

COEUR DE LION New range in store now

Golden Olive


New Italian/Croatian Fusion Restaurant at Farm Cove Village, 190 Fisher Parade




Amazing colours and styles The ultimate gift for summer

Find us on FB Bookings essential, phone 09 576 0057

Corner Hutchinsons & Pakuranga Roads. Phone 630 8805.

53 PICTON ST PH: 5372347



sleeps left


COUNTDOWN Weddings - Birthdays


Pre-order Your Christmas Cake now & receive 2 free gifts

or any special occasions

Sunday marketS

Locally owned and supporting the local community


Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake (Seasonal Special Cake)

WINNER RuRal CafE of thE YEaR Red Shed Palazzo will be having a Christmas break

slow jig specialist • salt water fishing • NZ made rods • dive gear servicing • rod & reel repairs • all major brands instore •

Queen St / Botany / Mt Eden / Newmarket / Henderson / Glenfield / Albany

141A Cascades Rd, Pakuranga Ph 576 2764 Email: Open 7 Days

from 23rd Dec & reopening Thursday the 9th Jan Happy holidays

Red Shed


Red Shed Palazzo large logo.indd 1

The finest in local food, arts and crafts

OPEN 7 days 8.30am - 4.00pm 16 Jesmond Rd, Karaka Ph (09) 294 6687



Visit the Howick Markets

Breakfast/Lunch – licensed KAT6889

Christmas Cake

(Available from 6th of December)



Traditional Italian thin crust pizzas, filling pasta and creamy risotto. Specials changing weekly, from Scotch Fillet to Black Risotto.

9/07/2015 10:26:36 a.m.

Peruse arts and crafts for that perfect or hard to find gift. Don’t forget the best strawberries and cherries are here. Delight your taste buds with artisan-produced baked delights, preserves, sauces, cheeses, honey and nuts and, of course, a fabulous array of the freshest from the grower veggies. And don’t overlook fresh and smoked fish and succulent in the shell oysters. All the fare you need for the festive season.

Open Christmas Eve 8am till 12.30pm


Get it fresh – find it firs

howickvillageshopping JH14531-v2

10 — Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5,

Simon Gault, one of New Zealand’s favourite chefs, has released his latest cookbook just in time for Christmas. We’ll feature a couple of his recipes each week right up until Christmas.

Coconut pavlova ►2  75g egg whites (about 9) ►4  00g caster sugar, divided into thirds ►3  tsp cornflour ►3  tsp red wine vinegar ►2  cups Kara UHT coconut cream (refrigerated for at least 2 hours) ►K  iwifruit and Passionfruit Compote (recipe below) ►S  ummer Berry Compote (recipe below) Serves: 6 (at least)


o ensure the cream whips, you need to use the coconut cream that comes in UHT packets. Put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours before using; this separates the solids (which go to the top) and the water (which remains on the bottom). Scoop off the solids and this is what you whip. Preheat oven to 120°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Beat the egg whites and the first third of the caster sugar in a mixer on high speed until soft peaks form. Add the second third of sugar and mix for 5 minutes, then turn the mixer down to slow. Combine the remaining sugar with the cornflour and add to the mixer with the red

wine vinegar, beating until just combined. Spoon the mixture onto the prepared tray and spread out to about 23cm diameter. Cook in the oven for 55 minutes. Set the pavlova aside to cool, then remove from the baking paper to a serving dish (or store until needed). Scoop all the solid coconut cream into a bowl and discard the coconut water. Whip the solids for approximately 12 minutes, until soft peaks form and it resembles whipped cream. Top the pavlova with whipped coconut cream and the two compotes to serve.

KIWIFRUIT AND PASSIONFRUIT COMPOTE ► 2 kiwifruit, peeled and diced into 1cm cubes ► 250ml passionfruit purée


► 3 cups fresh or frozen mixed berries ► ½ cup sugar ► 3 tsp cornflour (mixed with 2 tsp water)

KIWIFRUIT AND PASSIONFRUIT COMPOTE Mix the kiwifruit and passionfruit together and refrigerate before using.

SUMMER BERRY COMPOTE Cook the berries and sugar in a saucepan over a medium heat till the sugar is dissolved and the berries are a little mushy. Strain the berries, reserving the liquid. Pour the liquid back into the pan, heat, then whisk in the cornflour and water mixture and continue to whisk till the mixture thickens. Add the berries back into the liquid. Cool and refrigerate before using. ► Extracted from Summer with Simon Gault, published by Penguin Random House NZ, RRP $50. Text © Simon Gault, 2019. Photography © Vanessa Lewis, 2019 n Another recipe, page 5

Open from 6pm-9pm | Entry only $8 pp | Under 5’s free Ice Creams | Cold Drinks | Food The Howick Historical Village reserves the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice


Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 11





5 TE KOHA RD, THE HUB BOTANY | PH (09) 271 4421 Open 7 Days Mon-Sat 8:30am-5:30pm Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm


12 — Times Newspapers Christmas Supplement, Thursday, December 5,




Christmas lunch on Jesus

Here’s some exciting news about an initiative started by a parishioner and endorsed by the Clergy and Parish council of All Saints Howick. Our aim is to provide Christmas lunch boxes for 125 needy families on low incomes whose names have been supplied to us by various agencies and charitable organisations. We will pack and deliver these on 22 December. The parishioner learnt of this initiative from her friends at

Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 23 Your opinion matters to us. Email us at; comment on our Facebook page, timesonlinenz; or write to us at The Editor, Times Newspapers, PO Box 38232, Howick, Auckland 2145; fax (09) 271-8070.

her old church in the UK where 500 lunch boxes are distributed annually. Christmas lunch on Jesus will provide Christmas boxes containing meat, vegetables, drinks and other goodieseverything needed for a really enjoyable Christmas. This initiative started in 2015 when 50 grateful families received boxes, it has rapidly grown and last year we delivered to 130 families. This year we are hoping to deliver to 125 families - 800 people! As one family said: “I would like to express my gratitude and

appreciation for blessing my family with some food, may God bless you for blessing others.” We need your help! Over the coming weeks you can help in several ways. You can buy a box outright for $70 or you can donate any amount towards the cost of a box, no amount is too big or too small! Donations can be delivered directly to All Saints Church, Howick office or to the Howick parish bank account 02 0168 0016479 00 - ref: Xmas lunches. Buy boxes of chocolate to put in the boxes


Christmas is traditionally a time that we share with our family and friends. It is at times such as these that we truly miss loved ones who are no longer with us. Resthaven would like to invite the Community to a Remembrance Service held in The Chapel of Resthaven, Cnr Picton and Walter MacDonald Streets, Howick. On Wednesday, 11 December, 2019 at 7pm Phone 533 7493


Rebecca Fenn

Ormiston Junior College learner on a journey of conservation Rats were first introduced to New Zealand by Maori settlers over 700 years ago and further rat species were brought in by whaling ships from European settlers. Before rats existed here, it was peace for our native animals because they did not have any predators to hunt them. The arrival of rats has caused the numbers of native animals to go down extremely fast. For example the kokako was down to one breeding pair in 1994 because of these rats which hunted down their babies. Part of my reason for looking into this issue is because I have been involved in some projects at school, highlighting our native species in our ‘Unique New Zealand’. One of the first outcomes of our project was that we held a Pestival in conjunction with Lorelle Stranaghan (co-ordinator) Pest Free Howick Ward – a Howick Local Board funded project, Cate Jessep from Sustainable Schools, and Niklas Erikson from Auckland Council Biosecurity. We held the Pestival here at our Ormiston Junior College. People from our community and beyond came and talked to us about how pests are harming our native wildlife, and offered suggestions to how we as the public can help.

Nael Fawad (right), a student at the college. Photo supplied

We were shown how to unset and set a Rat trap and each person who came along was given a free rat trap to take home and set at their own house. People from different Rotary Clubs were also there lending out traps. If we catch a rat we enter the information into an online data collection site, CatchIT, who register and track what we catch. This is a real citizen-science project which has been fun to be a part of. This led me to see how I might influence others in my neighbourhood, making them aware of the issues we face with pests in our area. Tim Lovegrove, a Senior Advisor Fauna who works as a scientist with the Biodiversity Group in the

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Auckland Council invited us to visit the Hunua Ranges and learn about the Hunua Kokako Project. We visited the Hunua Ranges to find out how the kokako has grown successfully as they were down to just one breeding pair in 1994 (as mentioned earlier). 1080 drops wiped out rats and possums, the target pests which had been eating the kokako chicks. After this, traps were laid to control the pests at lower numbers. The kokako now has more opportunity to breed and have more chicks. Last summer, Tim and his team monitored a sample of six pairs closely to see how many chicks they produced. Between them the six pairs fledged 18 young, an average of three chicks per pair. This works out to over 300 young produced during the 2018-19 summer alone. He had a lot of knowledge about the kokako. I hope to volunteer for this project to continue the good stuff we see happening. If you would like to join me in helping to make Howick Local Area pest-free, please email Lorelle Stranaghan (coordinator) from Pest Free Howick Ward, a Howick Local Board Funded Project: lorelle. stranaghan@aucklandcouncil.

By Nael Fawad Ormiston Junior College


A new GP has joined our team at Marina Medical Dr Davao Mariner MBChB Available 5 days per week, evening surgery on Tuesday’s – commencing December 9, 2019 Davao has a holistic approach to healthcare and does his best to address the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of patients. Davao has special interests in paediatric, women’s and mental health.

Davao is taking on new patients Level 1, Compass Building, Half Moon Bay Marina Phone for an appointment on 09 534 5414 Email • JH15553

Open Monday to Friday 8am-5.50pm, late night Tuesday until 8pm

Our office is closed for the holidays from 20th December at 12pm. We will reopen with skeleton staff on Monday 6th January 2020. We will be operating at full capacity, energized and ready from (Including deliveries!)

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24 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Developing young business leaders M

Who has the best photographer?


Wayne Martin – Best News Photographer, NZCNA Awards


1 Ron Driver Place East Tamaki Phone 09 262 0608 Email


ore than 120 students from Years 7-11 competed at the 2019 BizTech competition held recently at the Botany Downs Secondary College. The competition follows in the tradition of tech giants like Microsoft and Datacom, who host similar hackathons and is focussed at encouraging entrepreneurship and developing young business leaders. Bringing together tech and health was the winning concept. Wheel of Wellbeing, the winning team, pitched a daily survey which aimed to empower consumers to be more proactive about their wellbeing. Aligning to the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), students created and pitched ideas that fit the goals, which include improving environmental care and promoting socioeconomic equality. Other winning ideas included a leftover food donation app and self-recycling paper bins. Founder and hackathon regular Wei-Yen (Jackie) Chan is proud of the high calibre of ideas presented by students and emphasises the need for more inclusion in the tech world. “It’s incredibly exciting to see how students can come up with these ideas when given the right tools and guidance. “We hope to continue encouraging the shared knowledge between industry experts and students,” she says.

Students work on IT solutions.

Photo supplied

“The tech industry depends on diversity and inclusivity. I’m proud to say that we can have an event which connects promising young minds with industry experts, regardless of their background,” she says. “Microsoft, Datacom, Xero and Tomahawk are primary sponsors of the event, promoting inclusivity and accessibility. Bringing in students from over 10 schools around Auckland, participants came from all walks of life. Free of charge for students and teachers, attendees went through intensive courses that taught skills such as business viability, design and tech/prototyping by industry experts. The skills were then put to the test in a friendly competition, judged by industry leaders. Students received $500+ cash prizes and limited edition goodies.

Winners 1st Place: CLGS (Somerville Intermediate, Howick College), Caitlyn Blaauw, Liam Beintken, Gladon Chua and Steven lightfoot 2nd Place: The Coool Kidzz (Somerville Intermediate), Rosetta Tanner, Annie McCorkindale, Annabel Lindsey and Girik Punwani 3rd Place: Year 10 Business Pathways, Botany Downs Secondary College, Madi Taylor, Yuvraj Sandhu, Eleisha Speck and Ryan Collie

East Auckland youth awards Distinction and achievement in the youth of East Auckland will be recognised this Saturday at the inaugural East Auckland Youth Awards. Organised by the Howick Youth Council, the first-ofits-kind awards event for our community’s youth will see the celebration of achievements in the categories of sporting, arts, the environment, leadership, service and community. A nominee will also be awarded

with being East Auckland’s Young Person of the Year. Award winners and runners-up, who are between the ages of 12 and 24, will receive their prizes from members of the newlyinaugurated Howick Local Board. The ceremony, beginning at 6pm will be hosted at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club in Half Moon Bay Marina. The Howick Youth Council is

Meet me on the EASTSIDE! Your space for shopping, restaurants, events, local news & businesses!

a collective of passionate young individuals striving to make Howick, Botany, Ormiston, and Pakuranga a more attractive and vibrant place for its young people. We operate under the Howick Local Board with an aim to connect, develop and represent young people in the East Auckland area through running a variety of events and ensuring youth voices are heard in the decisions that shape our city.

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Ph (09) 271 8068 CP3177-v2


Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 25

TyreCity Botany 09 265 0985 | The Hub, 451 Ti Rakau Drive OPEN 7 DAYS: Mon to Fri 8am-5pm | Sat 9am-3pm | Sun 10am-2pm

First-time competition entrant Spearhead Developments of Central Otago took the top award Photo supplied for their work on the Hawk House.

Two local homes in House of the Year

“As the building boom continues, we must ensure our focus is on building quality homes, quickly and efficiently across all price brackets. As New Zealand’s leaders in residential building it is exciting to see innovative approaches coming through in the homes showcased at this year’s awards. This competition sets the standard of what is possible and is an inspiration to others across the sector.”

Registered Master Builders House Of The Year 2019 local award winners Volume/Group Housing New Home $450K - $750K Stonewood Homes East Auckland for a home in Beachlands. Lifestyle Awards Outdoor Living Awards Lite-House for a home in Farm Cove


Hardwood Floors Visit our showroom: 34B Allens Road, East Tamaki Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm Sat 10.30am-1pm Email W:

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Aroha Funerals: care and love at time of grief


State of Grace East has changed its name and is now called Aroha Funerals It is still being run from the same lovely cottage on the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway with the same group of warm, compassionate women that are committed to ensuring families are supported and listened to during this time. The name Aroha came from owner Janet Mikkelsen who used to work on the palliative care team at Starship Hospital. The team there had an end of life document that they would work through with families to help with decision making for their child. It is called Te Wa Aroha which translates to ‘A time of love’. Janet felt that phrase also embodies the work she and her team do as funeral directors. They support people to make decisions and care for their family member in a way that acknowledges the love that has been shared through their lives. One of the new funeral directors – Morgan – lost her mother to breast cancer 2 years ago. The mosaic heart which is part of the logo was from the memorial candle they had made for her mother, and represents many things – a life of many parts, the myriad of relationships people have over a lifetime, a heart that is shattered by a loss of someone, a piece of your heart always remaining true to someone – people

From left: Rachel Nash, Lynda Casey, Robyn Watson, Janet Mikkelsen, Morgan Smith and Gillian Craig. will take different meanings from it. At Aroha Funerals the staff believe that death and dying are hugely significant times in our loves. While death is a natural part of life, it can still be a difficult and emotional time for those experiencing it. Saying a final goodbye can be of the hardest things to do. They


home to be a technical challenge in every respect. “The Hawk House is an architectural masterpiece that sits high in the hills between Cromwell and Wakaka. Mimicking native hawks, the unique form and use of natural material has created an incredible home that peacefully nestles into its stunning surrounding landscape. “This is no ordinary bach. It is a home that surprises you at every turn”, says this year’s 2019 judges. Registered Master Builders chief executive David Kelly says the organisation is proud to showcase the best of New Zealand residential buildings. “Master Builders have been building New Zealand’s homes and communities for nearly 130 years and the House of the Year competition has recognised the very best of these homes for almost 30 years.

CP1594-V21 CP1594-V19


pearhead Developments’ Cromwell Hawk House has taken out Supreme New Home, Craftmanship, and Carters $1 – 1.5 million New Home awards. Spice Build’s Lower Hutt 135-year-old church restoration took out Supreme Renovation and Bunnings Renovation over $1 million awards Celebrating building excellence in New Zealand, the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition awards the best homes, builders and craftsmen across the country for 2019. First-time competition entrant, Spearhead Developments of Central Otago took the top award for their work on the Hawk House and also won the Craftmanship and New Home awards in the Supreme House of the Year category. Judges acknowledged the


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believe it is important to honour and celebrate someone’s life but also to remember that in amongst the celebration, there is sadness and grief. They feel privileged to work alongside families at this important time, and to help them ‘tailor make’ a funeral or farewell, to suit both the loved one who has died and the peo-

Times photo Wayne Martin

ple who are living. They are committed to making the process as natural and gentle as possible and will help to create an occasion to say goodbye, in a way that is unique, individual and heartfelt. They offer a range of services and options to help families and know that no single approach is right for

every family. A funeral is unlike any other event; it must encapsulate so much, in such a short period of time and still reflect who the person was in life. An important aspect of this work for the staff at Aroha Funerals is their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Like many of us, they are part of the movement to be more aware of our finite resources and to find ways to minimise our negative impact on the environment. They have many caskets that are made of NZ sustainable produced pine, they drive an electric care, use local florists, caterers and crematoriums and generally do not embalm people – using cooling methods instead. They welcome visits and phone calls from people wishing to know more about funerals or to make plans. Knowing about the options available, writing down some ideas, and meeting the staff can all help put minds at rest. Reducing stress at a difficult time is what the staff aim to do. Aroha Funerals 437 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland Phone 0800 276 420 or 09 527 0266 Open 24 hours

26 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

Walk and collect V

olunteers are pledging to collect a bag of rubbish in their local community during a “Walk and Collect Weekend”, a Facebook event which is quickly gaining momentum and is expected to attract 1000 participants. The event encourages people to for a walk in their community and collect a bag of litter during the weekend of December 7 and 8. There are spot prizes being offered for participants. The event has been organised by Auckland couple Caroline and Haydn Gray who consider themselves ‘ploggers’. The term ‘plogging’ is used worldwide to refer to the activity of walking or jogging and collecting litter at the same time.

The word itself is a combination of the Swedish word plocka (picking up) and jogging. As well as plogging individually, they have also introduced their children to the concept and go out collecting as a family. “Our two boys seem to have a keen eye for spotting rubbish as well as other treasures. My elder son once found a $20 note which has boosted his enthusiasm for collecting!” Caroline started plogging earlier in the year following a conscious decision to clean up her neighbourhood. “The first time I went plogging I walked six kilometres and collected five bags of rubbish. In some ways it was disheartening discovering so much litter, but on

the other hand I also felt like I’d done something rewarding. When you start actively looking for rubbish, it’s amazing how much you will find in your local streets.” As a warm-up to the upcoming weekend, Caroline plogged her way around Mangemangeroa Reserve last weekend aided by her children, an environment Caroline described as “remarkably litter-free.” The event hopes that getting people out plogging will help the idea catch on in New Zealand. “Too often we think that picking up litter is someone else’s job. Collecting rubbish is such a simple way we can help our community, the environment and our own health and wellbeing.”

Caroline Gray out with kids plogging at Maungamaungaroa. 

Speeding drivers upset quiet community

Huntington Park resident Jocelyn Galloway, left, and Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross are concerned about the danger posed by speeding vehicles in the area.  Photo supplied

ensure our local roads are safe to use,” he says. “The new Howick Local Board has more than $7 million of ratepayer funding available for Zealand and 2145, New Howick, Auckl this project. nd. PO Box 38232 . Website: www.timeshouse for supporting e, Howick, Aucla local community 10 Central Terrac 271 8000. Email: info@times thanks to the 9 fundraiser. Many Telephone: +64 as a community by Times Media


m fro dar $10 calen a h s to y eac goe munit sold l com p u a loc gro



between Dannemora and East Tamaki. “There’s a large number of families and senior citizens living in that area so it’s important to

was produced

to investigate options to slow cars down. Almost 90 of respondents answered yes to that question. Huntington Park Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Brian Brown says he often sees cars speeding through the area. Something needs to be done to address the problem before someone is hurt in a crash, he says. “It’s especially bad in the late afternoons. If you drive at 60km/h on Huntington Drive, it seems very fast.” Ross says his survey was prompted by the many locals who raised concerns with him about motorists using Huntington Drive as a “rat run”, or cut-through,

local transport works and road safety improvements. “I’m writing to the Board with the results of this survey to inform its members about the views local residents have about speeding vehicles.” Brown says he thinks a speed camera would be an effective solution and he also wants the speed limit lowered from 50km/h to 40km/h. Resident Jocelyn Galloway agrees there’s a problem and says it’s worse first thing in the morning and late afternoon. “There are children everywhere here and when I’ve got to take the kids to the park, I get a bit nervous. “I get fed up [with speeding vehicles]. You buy in a lovely area and then get this. It’s disappointing.”

This calendar

Almost 90 per cent of respondents to a public survey say they’re concerned about the danger speeding motorists pose to their east Auckland community. These are among the findings of a survey sent to Huntington Park residents by Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross, who says he’s heard from numerous locals about issues related to unsafe driving. Ross recently wrote to people living in Huntington Park and asked for their views on whether there’s a safety problem in the area caused by speeding and unsafe driving. He also asked if residents wanted the Howick Local Board

Photo supplied










This calendar


was produced

Zealand and 2145, New Howick, Auckl this project. nd. PO Box 38232 . Website: www.timeshouse for supporting e, Howick, Aucla local community 10 Central Terrac 271 8000. Email: info@times thanks to the 9 fundraiser. Many Telephone: +64 as a community by Times Media

m fro dar $10 calen a h s to y eac goe munit sold l com p u a loc gro




2002020 2 APRIL

ar mmunity Calend Howick Ward Co

This time last year … … was the darkest time of Lex’s life. He had a choice between death or survival—Lex chose survival and came to The Salvation Army for help.


Howick Ward lendar Community Ca


lendar Profit from each ca al sold benefits a loc up gro ity un comm

This year, Lex is changed; he’s a different person. Caring staff at the Bridge helped Lex with his journey. Now he is on a different path.

Picton Street Crawford’s bus in ne Hotel is Mari (cira 1915). The ck Town Hall. opposite the Howi

And Lex can think about this time next year. You can help provide immediate and long-term support—like food parcels, accommodation and advocacy, counselling, budgeting and practical assistance.

When New Zealand needs us, we need you. Please donate today and make transformation possible.

The perfect gift for every home – here and abroad. The new 2020 Howick Community Calendars are a showcase of the local district – both past and recent. Perfect for Christmas gifts, your own home or for friends and family overseas. Buy now for just $20 with profit from each calendar benefitting a local community group. Available from Times Media, 10 Central Tce, Howick Poppies Books, 83 Picton St, Howick Howick Historical Village, Lloyd Elsmore Park, Bells Rd, Pakuranga

New Flat Bush electorate proposed T

he Representation Commission is proposing changes to half of New Zealand’s electorates and establishing a new electorate in south Auckland called Flat Bush. Flat Bush is created by drawing population from the existing electorates of Hunua, Manurewa and Papakura and includes Wattle Downs and Takanini. Population from Waikato is added to Hunua which is renamed Port Waikato. Adjustments are also made to the boundaries of Waikato with Coromandel, Hamilton West and Taupo The Representation Commission released its report yesterday on the proposed boundaries and names of electorates for the next two general elections. The public will now be able to have their say before the boundaries are finalised in April 2020. “Where possible the current boundaries have been retained to minimise the number of people affected by electorate boundary and name changes,” says Representation Commission chair Judge Craig Thompson. Of the 71 existing electorates, 36 are unchanged. The adjustments in other electorates reflect changes in popu-

lation since 2014 when the boundaries were last reviewed The biggest areas of change are in the Auckland region, Christchurch, and Otago and Southland. “In the Auckland region, the total number of general electorates increases from 24 to 25. The new electorate we’ve proposed is called Flat Bush,” says

Judge Thompson. More detail on all the proposed changes is available online at and in the Proposed Electorates 2019 report available at libraries, council offices, Electoral Commission offices and Te Puni Kokiri regional offices. “We encourage people to have a closer look at the

changes and what it means for them. The public can make objections on the proposed boundaries and names until 20 December,” says Judge Thompson. “There will be a counterobjections period from 10 to 24 January, and public hearings will be held in February.”

Howick Pakuranga go down to Cornwall By JIM ALLNATT The Marie Raos Ray White Premiers were beaten on the first innings by Cornwall in the weekend in the side’s first loss for two seasons. Cornwall took first use of the wicket and batted steadily throughout the day to compile 274, an innings built around a century by captain Guptill-Bunce. Donovan Grobbelaar struck early to leave Cornwall reeling at 9/2. It wasn’t so easy after that as the visitors put together a number of useful stands. Grobbelaar took two more

Taine Jolley in the middle of a Photo supplied fiery spell.

wickets finishing with 4/50 off 19 overs. Adam Jones bowled 25 overs to take two wickets with Rudi Botadra, Taine Jolley and Jamie Brown taking one each. Resuming on day two at 16/1, the Alpacas slumped to 78/6 at lunch and looked

All ChiroSale Birthday UP TO

to be in real trouble. However Brian Barnard steadied the ship a bit with a composed 34 and then Rudi Botadra and Liam Winn led a fightback with a gritty 78 run partnership. Botadra scored 46 and was desperately unlucky not to score a half century and Winn showed real class with his 34 runs. Once Botadra was dismissed one end was opened up and the innings was soon over at 170. Fortunately for Howick other results in the weekend worked in their favour as some off the bottom sides defeated more favoured opposition leaving the Alpacas occupying third place in the table.

Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 27



Deputy donuts make a killing Surf lifesaver on guard Karaka Lifestyle Estate – luxurious living

swimtime FO R BE AC H AN D PO OL

| EVENTS | TRAVEL | FOOD | ART | HOME | HEALTH & BEAUTY |1 eastlife | november 2019 FACES & PLACES | FASHION

Don’t miss out! Especially for those living in the east, EastLife is published on the first week of each month. This month’s EastLife is sure to see readers salivating when they learn about luscious Deputy Donuts from two Beachland’s mumtrepreneurs who have their business recipe right. If the pool or beach is top of your holiday agenda check out new swimwear fashions from Moontide or swing into social mode with some cool looks from leading labels. We talk to Howick Library manager, Stephanie McKenzie, about the value of print (and more) and editor Helen Perry shares her thoughts on preparing to cruise for the first time! There’s plenty more, of course, so grab the latest EastLife and enjoy! Copies are available from locations across the district – visit for pickup sites. An e-edition is also available.

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 broken windows  glazing  mirrors  cat doors  balustrades  showers  splashbacks

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PAINTER / Plasterer & handyman 30 yrs+ exp Phone Muzza 577-2989/ 027-6770294


• Decks • Bathrooms • Pergolas • Kitchens • Carports • On time Quality work Good price CD263641


We focus on service and tailor to your requirements. We manage timing during install to ensure minimal disruption. Our team will give you the information needed to make an informed decision.






Specials, Free Quotes Professional Layers Showroom

Amazing Kitchen Facelifts



HOWICK Lawncare, ex Greenkeeper, large or small lawns, friendly, reliable, affordable. Phone Paul 027 5676 900

LOGANS Mowing, friendly & professional. Ph Logan 022 0144957 for free quote.





0800 003 829

PROCON for all your concrete requirements, drives, patios, small/lge slabs, plain, coloured, imprinted. Ph Vince for a free quote 021 415 436

Registered Drainlayers

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NEW Decks & repairs, fences, timber/pool fencing & repairs, free quotes ph/txt John 021 023 69767


We specialise in: • Extensions • Kitchen & bathroom renovations • Granny flats • Adding a second storey • Re-clad and insulate • Indoor/outdoor flow • 10 year building warranty


Ph Carey 021 370 307

Domestic/Commercial  New builds  Ground water problems Phone Allen 027 546 0553


No job too small. Repairs, Fencing, Pool Fencing. Free Quotes.

Also garden maintenance rubbish removal, waterblasting. Free quotes. 17 Yrs exp. Residential/commercial Ph: Peter 021 39 33 84 QUALITY GARDEN SERVICES

HATLEY Hedges & Lawnmowing Services. Over 10 yrs exper, honest, reliable, “Get your free time back!” Call Andrew 021 02569341 for a fast reply on all quotes

Spouting, Roofing, Hot Water Cylinder Repairs/Replacements, Drainage/Unblocking n ALL WORK HAS A WATER TIGHT GUARANTEE n WE RESPOND TO ALL CALLS! 24/7. Ph 534 5286


COMPLETE design & build service by top tradesman. Excellent refs 10yr guarantee Ph Allan 021 0290 3978

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PAINTER Paperhanger. Free quotes, pensioner discount. 30yrs exp. Phone 022 6254295 or 535 3022


021 43 43 23 537 1904 all hrs

Handymangardeners. All jobs Ph Michael 0276 162 146 or 576 0106


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l Driveways/patios l Parking areas l Exposed aggregate l All earthworks l Retaining & more

All fencing, decks, retaining walls, landscaping & more Competitive pricing Free Quotes



Servicing all major brands of Whiteware appliances







Irrigation systems design and installed, all aspects of landscape maintenance undertaken. Qualified Horticulturist Ph 535-4471 021-257-6898


Repairs to: Parmco, Turboair, Fisher & Paykel, European & Italian appliances • Stoves & Rangehoods • Waste disposals • Dishwashers • Laundry

535 6227 021 726697 Sam 027 4981810 Adrian

If you want something fixed such as:  Painting fences,garages etc  Plumbing job  Timber and plastic repairs  Fence repairs  Broken plastic  Some appliances can be fixed  I will look at anything and give you advice Ph Merv 027 444 7426


Robinhood - Alto - Blanco Everdure - Omega Authorised Service

 Driveways/Patios  Swimming pool surrounds  Decorative coloured concrete  Exposed pebbles and aggregates  Concrete sealing  Bobcat and digger  Post hole boring

Gardens designed, constructed & maintained, lawns mown, pruning & arbourcultural work undertaken, waste removed.


535 6950 021 0333 149 NZ Registered



GREENMAN Lawn & Garden Trees & Hedges, rideon mowing. Free quotes. Friendly service. 534 2053 or 021 570 409


Allrigga’s ConCreting P & e limited

Handymangardeners. All jobs Ph Michael 0276 162 146 or 576 0106

PAINTER int/ext roof, free quote, qual work Korean Painters. Phone Charlie 027 245 0807


020 415 98867 Certifying Plumber & Gasfitter All Maintenance Gasfitting Hot Water Cylinders Renovations Roofing & Backflow

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ELECTRICIAN Registered Electrical, Smartvent & Alarms. Phone Mark 027 495 4219, ah 534 3227

We will assemble for you! Ph 0274 945 447 or 534 8404


GARAGE doors supply & repairs. Phone Amnon 021399616 or 298 2137a/h no extra charge Sundays

Contact Steve 021 949 168 or 532 9842

CONCRETE & CONCRETING • Professional service • Competitive rates • No job is too small • Free quotation


Flat pack specialists


Additional Outlet & Security Camera Phone Jack Ph: 532 8723 021 661 469

Phone Terry 021 927 921

• Fast friendly service • Registered electrician • Eftpos available • Pensioner discount • Lights, power, TV, fans • Stove & hot water repairs • Security lighting • LED downlights • Switchboard upgrades

An experienced gentleman with years of experience in additions, renovations, wallpapering & painting etc. All other work considered also...

ABSOLUTE Excellence. Lawns, gardens, commercial, lifestyle blocks. Txt/ph Paul now 021 1566951



NEW builds, Real/Estates. Residential and more. Call/ Txt Natasha 021303 494

Restretching No job too small We fix squeaky floors We do it all!!



Ph: 534 5888 Mob: 027 507 8680







Freeview Installed Same Day Best Prices Guaranteed







MAINTENANCE & Building repairs. Small jobs, qualified Phone 576 7841 or 021 1481076






ACTIVE retired carpenter, past master builder, wants small jobs e.g. easing sticky doors, windows, deck repairs, all carpentry jobs Ph: Bob 534 1355 or 027 4763937



BOOKKEEPING Service simple solutions. Xero, MYOB, GST, PAYE. Sheryl 0212982786







28 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

ROOFING ROOFING repair service 26 yrs exper. All work guar. Ph 536 7173 or 021 079 8166


& housewashing, driveways, paths, decks & windows 3 Domestic & commercial 3 Low pressure bio-wash 3 Professional presentation

534-7361, 292-8930 0274-767-746 BLADECUTTERS, Tree work landscaping stumps rubbish removals hedges com weed spraying. Ph Eric 021 732 147 or 534 8797



If you have a knowledge of music, a pleasant personality and would like to work from home or school, please contact us now for further information.

LESSONS FROM $20 Private, professional,affordable. Competitions, practical and theory exams. We have teachers in your area. (Est 63 yrs)

Phone 0800-696-874

0800 696 874 NZ Modern School of Music (Akld) Ltd

NZ Modern School of Music


EXTERIOR / Interior,exp’d, own scaffolding, waterproofing to protect plaster homes a specialty. Kevin 022 677 8014

WINDOW CLEANING ALL windows, frames, sills. I will give a free quote today. Ph Kevin 535 7321 or 027 496 9784




Ph Murray


 Reducing  Thinning  Shaping  Full removal  Chipped onsite/removed  Good rates  Great refs  Free quotes




Kids afternoons Adults evenings Contact Hiroshi 534 1776 (h) 021 060 6006 (m)


3 Specialist waterblasting

Call Nick 5374602 or 029 7700581


Qualified Arborist



All about

171 Moore St. Howick 0274 760 577





Practice Nurse

FIREWOOD, Ti Tree, Hot mix, Phone Darryl Green Earths 273 9520



BOTANY 09 279 9313

MANGERE 09 255 6741

BUYING We purchase good quality house/flat and estate lots. Smaller lots also. Ask about our comprehensive clearout package. 25 years experience.

HALF MOON BAY, female wanted to share new fully furnished 5 bdrm house. Lrg dble room with own bathrm. Quiet cul-de-sac near public trans. $180pw + exp. Ph 021 0527593

In times of a heavy workload there may be some variation by negotiation Reporting to the Head of Learning Science, the key responsibilities of the Science Technician are: • to provide preparation support to the Head of Learning and Science Teaching Staff; • assist in the management of science laboratory and resources; and • provide administrative and technical support to the Head of Learning and Science Teaching Staff. As part of the Science Department, and one of two Science Technicians, we will require the applicant to have initiative, good communication skills – both written and verbal, and a high level of attention to detail. We require the applicant to have an interest in science and the ability to work in a positive and motivated manner, as part of a busy and dynamic team.

TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN Permanent, Part time, 20 hours per week Term Time Only Technology Technician required to support the efficient operation of the multi-material technology teaching spaces through the co-ordination and purchasing of supplies and resources. Good knowledge and experience of maintenance on machines and tools would be beneficial. PR272719

Howick & Pakuranga Property Management & Letting Agency


Open 6 Days Ph 265 2941 9 Ben Lomond Cres 0800 677 467 HAYNE’S GLASS

50% discount on letting fees* 2 months no management fees*

Special Conditions Apply


0800 PETS 677 467 Pick Up Service Available


TWO POSITIONS TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT We require an energetic and self-motivated person to carry out class preparation and administrative functions for the Technology Department 25 hours per week / additional hours are negotiable for additional department support. Must enjoy working in a learning environment, be time efficient and supportive. A current drivers licence is essential

TEACHER AIDE; DIGITAL LEARNING We are seeking a versatile person competent in the use of supportive software to support students individually and in groups promoting literacy. 15 hours per week.

Call Kris today on 0800 998 866

4/302 Te Irirangi Dr, Botany South Ph 09 265 2865

E: -

Bookings available for Christmas



Permanent, Part time, 32.5 hours per week, Term Time Only

HOWICK /HIGHLAND PK, fully furn room, $190pw all incl., handy shops, bus. Ph 5343339, 0210463437

People First



The ideal candidate is someone with good interpersonal skills, excellent English language ability (both written and verbal), is flexible, a team player, efficient and empathetic towards young people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Key roles include: - Homestay placements - Homestay visits - Student welfare and support - Coordination between families, students and international agents



Household Goods • Clothing $130 FITTED

Open 6 Days

NEW LYNN 09 827 3612

Please contact Peter 09 576 1500 ext 806 or for more details. DE272545

 Dog and Cat Boarding  Dog Grooming  Doggy Day Care  Free day care with all grooms 24 hours on site care


Fixed Term, 30 hours per week Term Time Only


93.2sqm and 51.27sqm with shared hallway, kitchen and toilets, 2 covered carparks. 9 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga

WANTED to buy gold silver damaged & unwanted jewellery. We pay cash for old gold & silver items. Paul Taylor Jewellers. Shop C/7 129 Beachlands Rd, Beachlands. Ph 536 4200

We sell: We sell:





Phone 09 532 9204 or 027 479 8942 Transit Traders Ltd

Browse our digital

Pick Up Service Available

Z c itiz n s , r e si d e



For all three positions, short-listed applicants will be required to undergo a Police Vet, once every three years. Applicants for this position must have NZ Residency or a valid NZ Work Visa and a clean driver’s licence is required. For each of the below positions, please submit cover letter, CV and application form (please download a copy for completion from and submit to prior to 16 December 2019. Applications close for all three positions at midday on Monday 16 December 2019.




Part Time – Term Time Only

0800 355 344

ALBANY 09 448 2570

papers online We seek a person who is able to use our social and other platforms to promote the school within and beyond our local community. Publication skills will also be required. both current Hours by negotiation. and past issues Starting date January 2020 or by negotiation. Furniture Household GoodsGoods Furniture • •Household Antiques • Quality Used Clothing For Job description & application form, please go to • Quality Used Clothing, under Employment/About us. Antiques We accept donations of: Please send your application, CV to: Good Used Furniture We accept donations of: Household Goods • Clothing Good Used Furniture Applications close on Monday 16 December, 2019 9 Ben Lomond Cres

Botany Downs Secondary College is currently recruiting!


New Zealand Certificates in English Language


THE TILE GUY, floor & wall tiling. Certified waterproofing. Stonemason by trade. 30yr exp. 021 031 1899.






Enrol now!



Howick Youth Orchestra & Concert Bands Saturdays and Tuesdays at Pakuranga Intermediate Violin  Guitar  Clarinet French Horn  Trombone Saxophone  Trumpet Flute  Oboe  Drums Bassoon  Individual Piano Music for 5-6 year olds

Contact Practice Manager on



COURSE STARTS 24 February 2020 Daytime & evening classes


Applicant must have MedTech experience, strong communication skills, be flexible and be able to touch type.



Quality guaranteed Free Quote Waterproofing Best Prices Wall and floor Underfloor Heating David Yang 273 6566 or 021 1867 361

Boat Covers Outdoor Blinds Outdoor Furniture All Canvas Repairs

l l


Looking for a nurse who will be responsible for caring for patients, as well as maintaining accurate and current patient records. Working within a team of 3 nurses and 5 GPs. Must hold a current Annual Practicing Certificate, Vaccinator Certificate, experience in IV Cannulation and CPR. A good working knowledge of Medtech32 would be preferred. Hours are negotiable. Please send CV and covering letter to




2 sessions Thurs & Friday afternoons. Start date beginning February 2020.


Ph: 0800 789 248


SOLE CHARGE Person wanted for Unisex East Auckland Salon Ph 022 601 2543


s *N o cour



Howick Health & Medical Centre


Household, Garden Waste & General Rubbish




All Tree Work – Fully Insured – Qualified Arborists – Over 30 yrs Exp. 535 9093 027 476 0246

3-5 years experience preferred. Good pay for the right applicants. Call Troy 022 673 9877 or Jackson 021 977 444 or email

DRUM tuition, beg-adv. Prof tutor Ph: 535-8170

efu g ee s

GARDEN Household & General, also garden work & waterblasting. Fast, friendly service. Ph Peter 021 393384


Medical Receptionist




DS Trees & Landscapes, all tree work & stumps, hedges, mulching, rubbish removal. Ph Doug 021 537 171 or 537 8595



* Terms and Conditions apply People First Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA 2008


Detailed job descriptions for both positions are available on the College website: Apply in writing enclosing application form & CV to: Business Manager P O Box 64 437 Botany Town Centre MANUKAU CITY Or email: Applications close: Friday, 13 December 2019 DE272525

Book with FAB during December and be in to WIN!

Book any one of our FAB Services in December and go in the draw to win a $50 Farmers Botany voucher and a FREE drive to get you there to enjoy spending it. Prize valued up to $100* • Assistance with Christmas shopping We can also help during the • Or if you prefer - shopping on Festive Season with: • Drop off & pick up service to the your behalf • Christmas wrapping service shops so no parking worries!

Call us on (09) 576 5554 | T&C’s apply.



Sam Carr Executive Property Manager | Letting Agent Overwhelmed with your rental property? - INSULATION - ASBESTOS - SMOKE ALARMS - METH - HEALTHY HOMES ACT

Times are changing… We’re here to help you.

Call me:

021 422 177 09 538 1237 East Auckland Mountfort Estate Agents Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)



Call 0272794444 or email

ALL TREE WORK Stump Grinding Fully Insured Free Mulch Ph Brett 533-0473 or 021-279-9118


• Reroofing • Iron, Decramastic & Concrete Coatings + Maintenance • Scaffolding • Spouting & Guttering • Butynol Membrane









Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 29



30 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019

ALCOHOLICS Anonymous East Ph Rob 0275143500




Fitting Service

We would like to invite all club members to attend.


For women after Full/Partial Mastectomy, Lumpectomy and Reconstruction. Breast Care Bras, Prostheses and Swimwear from the Anita, Amoena and Trulife ranges designed with comfort in mind. Our private Boutique fitting rooms based in Epsom and Manukau have easy access and parking. Fittings by appointment. Mobile home fittings on request. “Ministry of Health” funding available.

1. Election of officers 2. Financial Accounts 3. General Business


Sunday, 15th December, 2pm, at the clubrooms

Ph Susan Doig 536 4220, ph/txt 0274 519 285 QUICK PUZZLE NO. 7937 - SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Minestrone. 8, Name. 9, Opal. 10, Alike. 11, Tell. 12, President. 16, Immovable. 20, Drab. 22, Empty. 23, Clay. 24, Fair. 25, Tremendous. Down - 1, Kipper. 2, Cellist. 3, Strand. 4, Motion. 5, Tenet. 7, Small. 13, Elm. 14, Cascade. 15, Dread. 17, Mapped. 18, Oxygen. 19, League. 21, Berth. CRYPTIC PUZZLE NO. 7937 - SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Time to stop. 8, T-rod. 9, Mint. 10, Alone (a loan). 11, Dish. 12, Search fee. 16, Cons-train. 20, Miss. 22, Clear. 23, Pads. 24, (fo)Und-o(ut). 25, One Fine Day. Down - 1, Divine. 2, Setters (anag.). 3, Pot-ash. 4, StroV-e. 5, Opt-Ed. 7, Not so. 13, Fan. 14, Dropper. 15, Fi-E-nd. 17, Opener 18, Strain. 19, I-ndian 21, Scoop.

We will place your public notice in the next available issue of the Howick and Pakuranga Times for only $121.50 + gst per insertion It’s so easy... Just give us a call on 09 271 8055 or email your form to Please include your phone number

Phone 09 271 8000


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Local heroes win recognition A

uckland residents are celebrating their very own “local heroes” at special awards ceremonies being held over two days. As part of the 2020 New Zealander of the Year Awards, a total of 66 Aucklanders will be presented with specially made Kiwibank Local Hero medals to officially recognise their achievements in the community. Now in their 11th year, the Kiwibank Local Hero Awards are New Zealand’s premier community awards, celebrating and honouring those who have made a positive contribution to their region, town, suburb or community. Throughout November and December, 326 medals will be presented nationwide with one New Zealand Local Hero of the Year winner announced at the New Zealander of the Year Awards in February 2020. Kiwibank chief executive Steve Jurkovich said honouring Kiwis who are making

Kiwis better off is absolutely aligned with the New Zealand-owned bank’s purpose. “The Local Hero Awards honour some of New Zealand’s finest people. They celebrate those Kiwis whose hard mahi and determination has improved the lives of many in their communities.” A medal ceremony for south and east Auckland residents was held at Villa Maria Estate on Wednesday. Among those local heroes was Johann Go from Howick. Johann is the youth manager for St John’s Howick/Pakuranga Youth Division, serving for 10 years and volunteering more than 16,000 hours. Johann works to promotes diversity and inclusion within the division and is an advocate for the LGBT community. He is also the founder of the Silverstream Elderly Outreach Group and Academic Tutoring Programme and was recently awarded a prestigious scholarship to carry out postgraduate study at the University of Oxford in England.

Church SERVICES All Saints Anglican Church Howick

17 Selwyn Rd, Ph 534 6864

Service Times are: Sunday: 7.30am & 9.30am Wednesday: 10.00am (Selwyn Church)

St Thomas’ Anglican Church Whitford

37 Whitford-Maraetai Rd, Ph 272 4484

Sunday Service: 9.30am



To advertise your Church Services next week or Christmas Services on December 19 in this feature, phone Classifieds on 271 8055 or email

“Seeing lives transformed by Christ’s saving power. Being a community of hope, love and care.”

Eastgate Christian Centre’s Christmas Walkthrough 2017. 

Are you ready for the great Christmas Walkthrough?



on Sundays @ 10am

Cnr Drake & Baird St, Howick • Tel: 535 4333

Start creating a better tomorrow, today!

Howick Presbyterian Church St Andrew’s Church Centre Cnr Vincent St & Ridge Rd, Howick

One Lord One Faith One People

Sunday, December 8 9.30am Family Service CD152726

No Thursday services till February Phone 535-4403

Eastgate Christian Centre’s Christmas Walkthrough is a bit of a Christmas legacy in Pakuranga. It has been running for over a decade, now heading into its 15th year. From humble beginnings as ‘The Christmas Time Tunnel’, the Christmas Walkthrough has put on four different productions spanning the years with thousands of east Aucklanders coming to watch. In 2018 Eastgate premiered a new production. ‘H.A.R.C’ is a 30-minute performance that will take you on a journey of gags, gadgets and humorous surprises! Follow Agent Gates and his

Looking for a church home?

You are Welcome to join us at CLC

Sunday morning 9.30am (with children’s programme) Sunday evening service TBA Youth Group every Friday 7.00pm

Cnr Wellington & Picton Sts Phone 534-5142


Many cultures, one community. Sunday Service — Children’s & Youth programme available*


9am* 10:45am* 5:30pm CD177157-V3

5 Ben Lomond Crescent, Pakuranga

Image supplied

rookie agent, Sky, on a secret mission to save the earth. This free community event runs from the December 18-23 from 7pm every night. The audience walks through four different scenes and watches a short performance in each one. Each night sees around 10-15 performances and over 1000 people watching. Head down to Eastgate to catch an incredible performance, watch a fantastic light show and discover our H.A.R.C lounge. There’s also free tea and coffee, face painting and a great Christmas photo opportunities.

Ormiston Primary hosts innovative ‘Pop Up’ School Ormiston Primary School recently held a ‘Pop Up’ School which opened its doors to community members to ‘pop’ in and experience school as they are run today. The students involved demonstrated learning in their usual classroom, working on a project which showed collaboration, high engagement and inquiry learning skills. The students were given a focus question: ‘How can we strengthen our Ormiston community?’ which they investigated, leading them to explore a range of possible ideas. With support from Ormiston Pak’nSave, the students were able to survey many Ormiston community members to gain feedback, allowing them to filter down their initial ideas. Following a week of research,

discussion, emails, phone calls and feedback from the public and local MP Andrew Bayly, students consolidated their learning and created informative and high quality proposal presentations. To authenticate the students’ hard work, each group presented their proposal ideas to Howick Local Board member Mike Turinsky, former leader of the now-defunct United Future Party Damian Light as well as the school’s family members and teachers. The ideas included a range of family days such as a fair and music concert and a muchneeded community centre. Once the students made their presentations they received valuable feedback from Turinsky and Light which contributed to their next learning steps.

Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019 — 31

Japan and Australia have nabbed top NZ coaches I

sympathise with the critics who have bagged Rugby New Zealand’s big brass for not choosing the All Blacks new selection and coaching panel long before this year’s World Cup in Japan. To invite 26 coaches to apply for the job is ridiculous when most don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Meanwhile Australia were quick to replace Michael Cheika with the talented Dave Rennie who broke the Chiefs’ drought under Ian Foster and others by winning two Super Rugby titles before heading for Glasgow. Rennie has the talent and leadership skills to unite Australia into the force that won them world crowns in 1991 and 1999. Leading contenders Scott ‘Razor’ Robertson and Foster both wanted Tony Brown as their assistant. However Brown remained loyal to Jamie Joseph and was re-signed by Japan, presumably for rich reward after carrying Japan to the World Cup quarter-finals following historic wins against

GUIDE (MARAETAI): Sunrise & Sunset; TIMES | FISHING Moonrise & Moonset; Best Fishing Times; High Tides.




Rise 5:52am Set 8:29pm 8:52am to 10:52am; 9:13pm to 11:13pm

coach. Meanwhile convincing tennis stars they gain more by being paid less to appear in the 2020 ASB Auckland Women’s Classic rather than Australia must make promoter Karl Budge New Zealand’s greatest salesman. This time he has exceeded his own incredibly high standards by attracting a galaxy of stars that include the immortal Serena Williams, defending champion Julia Görges , Caroline Wozniacki, Bianca Andreescu, Amanda Anisimova, Coco Gauff, Jelena Ostapenko, Catherine Bellis and Daria Kasatkina. Getting Serena’s signature was remarkable when one considers her complaints about the wind after her loss in her previous trip to Auckland. However it is rising youngsters like Andreescu (19), Anisimova (18) and Gauff (15) who are likely to wow fans with their athleticism. As a qualifier with an amazing forehand, Canadian Andreescu went on to beat Venus Williams and Wozniacki in this year’s tourna-

Scott ‘Razor’ Robertson (main photo) and, inset, the other leading contender for All Blacks coach Ian Foster. Photos Crusaders and YouTube

Ireland and Scotland. With Warren Gatland leaving Wales to coach the Chiefs before taking the British Lions and Ireland to South Africa, the coaching riches are not so great, especially with Joe Schmidt keen to devote time to his family upon resigning as Ireland’s mentor.

Rise 4:22pm Set 3:30am

4:55am 5:16pm

It could be that Graham Henry and the other committee members chosen to interview the candidates might suggest to Robertson and Foster that they team together. If so, Robertson would be my choice as boss. Foster offers continuity, knows his players and has

Rise 5:52am Set 8:26pm 6:48am to 8:48am; 7:09pm to 9:09pm

Rise 5:52am Set 8:29pm 9:35am to 11:35am; 9:57pm to 11:57pm

Rise 1:33pm Set 2:10am 2:08am 2:43pm Rise 5:21pm Set 3:57am

5:48am 6:04pm

the backing of key men like retired coach Steve Hansen and Beauden Barrett. He will also have learned a lot from Hansen whose international record is second to none. The charismatic Robertson has won three Super Rugby crowns for the Crusaders in his three-year tenure as their


Rise 5:52am Set 8:27pm 7:29am to 9:29am; 7:50pm to 9:50pm


Rise 5:52am Set 8:30pm 10:21am to 12:21pm; 10:44pm to 12:44am

Agnew’s Angle

Rise 2:29pm Set 2:37am

Ivan Agnew is an awardwinning sports writer


Rise 5:52am Set 8:28pm 8:10am to 10:10am; 8:31pm to 10:31pm

3:01am 3:35pm Rise 6:22pm Set 4:28am

ment before losing to Görges in the final. That gave her the confidence to win premier level titles in Indian Wells and Toronto before beating Serena Williams in the US Open final. Having won her maiden WTA title, American Gauff is fast on her feet and possesses a sizzling forehand to complement her powerful serve. She was a sensation at Wimbledon where she beat Venus Williams and reached the fourth round. Latvian Ostapenko, now 22, made headlines when, two days after her 20th birthday, she rallied to beat Simona Halep to win the Roland Garros women’s title after being a set and 3-0 down. Bellis, 20, is a former world junior No 1 making her comeback from injury. Russian Kasatkina, 22, won the Kremlin Cup in Moscow a year ago and plays an entertaining game that endears her to fans.


6:37am 6:50pm

11:09am to 1:09pm

Rise 5:52am Set 8:31pm

Rise 3:25pm Set 3:03am

3:58am 4:26pm Rise 7:24pm Set 5:02am

7:22am 7:36pm

T h a n k yo u to all o ur majo r s p o ns o rs a nd supporte rs! East Tamaki

It’s Official! It’s a Record.

$44,501.00 for Totara Hospice


L-R: Wayne & Michelle Strong, Chris Scott and Georgina Millar ayne and Michelle Strong, owners of EmbroidMe East Tamaki, presented the record cheque to Chris Scott and Georgina Millar from Totara Hospice. A full field of 144 golfers played in the 28th staging of the event. Six trophies were on offer together with a large number of prizes. Over 50% of the field won a


prize. Every golfer was a winner—with the donations of the welcome bag, food and beverage worth over $100.00 per player.

Sincere thanks to all the sponsors whose names and Logos are shown.

The day was organised by The Mid-Week Men’s section of The Pakuranga Golf Club and The Howick Chapter of BNI.

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32 — Howick and Pakuranga Times, Thursday, December 5, 2019









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Howick and Pakuranga Times, December 5, 2019  

Howick and Pakuranga Times, December 5, 2019