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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Vol 6, No 12

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Retire Retire the the Rottweiler Rottweiler

Ormiston Senior College students Maggie Chan, Evelyn Sing and Prina Patel are working with a sustainable Uplift project that upcycles bras by donating them to women in disadvantaged communities. Turn to page 2. Times photo Wanye Martin


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2 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Botany and Ormiston

The fine art of upcycling bras


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hree Ormiston Senior College students are giving support where it is really needed as part of a sustainability project. Instead of burning bras they are collecting them for a project that involves upcycling bras by donating them to countries where women often possess just one bra through their lifetime. “Most bras have a single-life cycle so last year in semester 2 we decided to take on the sustainability project to extend the life of a bra instead of it being relegated to landfill,” says 16-year-old Evelyn Singh. Evelyn teamed up with Maggie Chan and Prina Patel for the school geography project. The girls admit that though at first they did wonder how other students would look at it, they decided there was nothing to be awkward about. It was on Valentine’s Day that they put up a stall at the school exhibition to make everyone aware of the how important it is to extend the life of the almost-unrecyclable undergarment. “Well, there were some silly comments by some of the students but we just laughed and persevered,” she says. “Cotton is heavily used in bras and people don’t realise how much water is used in

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Security car ends up in drink ■■BY JIM BIRCHALL Bucklands Beach residents were witness to an unusual sight in Thursday 19 March at Grangers Point. It is understood an employee of Armourguard had some days earlier, accidently left the handbrake off his vehicle while he made a comfort stop at Granger Point toilets. Unfortunately, the worst happened and the vehicle ended up rolling into the water and sank to the murky depths below. A few days later when tide conditions were right, A recovery team of divers managed to attach a cable and a flotation bag to the

Ormiston Senior College students Maggie Chan, Evelyn Sing and Prina Patel are supporting the Uplift project that donates bras to women in disadvantaged communities.  Times photo Wayne Martin

making cotton. Similarly, with synthetic bras, there are a lot of chemical dyes used that eventually land in our waterways. “The statistics of clothes in landfills is alarming. There are 84-110 landfills in Auckland alone and that takes away

land from housing.” Year 12 student Prina says that as part of their geography project on sustainability, the group approached a local person from the charity Project Uplift and asked her how they could contribute to make a difference.

ACROSS Tame (11) Stringed instrument (4) Rare (8) Put aside (6) Enlarge (6) Oar (6) Refer (6) Race (8) Kind (4) Question (11)

vehicle, and a heavy haulage truck dragged the vessel via winch up the boat ramp. The vehicle appeared to be in reasonable condition, but would be considered for insurance write-off.

Armed police swarm Somerville address Armed police took several people into custody in Dana Place, Somerville on Wednesday, March 18. Nine police patrol cars, a rapid response, and Delta (dog) squad units were present, along with air support from a police Eagle helicopter. The incident was in relation to an earlier report of a firearm seen in a vehicle located in Mt Wellington. A police spokesperson said: “Police received a report of two vehicles acting suspiciously at a commercial carpark in the Whitford, Somerville area

Nine police patrol cars, a rapid response, and Delta (dog) squad units were present, along with air support from a police Eagle helicopter in Dana Pl, Somerville.  Times photo Jim Birchall

at around 1.30pm. A person believed they saw what was thought to be a firearm in a vehicle. Police responded to this report immediately and arrived in the area within minutes. A vehicle of interest that left the area was later located in

the Mt Wellington area and stopped by police without incident. A male occupant of that vehicle has since been taken into custody. Following a search of the vehicle, a BB gun has been located inside. Meanwhile, police have also

searched a nearby Somerville address - on Dana Place - in connection with this report. Seven occupants inside the address have also been taken into custody without incident. A number of enquiries are still ongoing into this incident and police cannot rule out charges being laid in this matter. Police would like to clarify that nearby schools were not requested to go into lockdown at any point. One nearby school was requested to hold back students for approximately 20 minutes as a precautionary measure given the proximity to police presence.”

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DOWN 1. Driven (8) 2. Shrewd (6) 3. Ring (6) 4. Placid (4) 5. Fame (6) 6. Money (5) 11. Charm (8) 13. Slowly (6) 14. Urge (6) 15. Membrane (6) 16. Lament (5) 18. Stake (4) CRYPTIC ACROSS 6. Colour you need courage to wear? (6-5). 7. Singer who twice says she’s retiring (4). 8. How to get across abstract art and poetry (8). 9.“Tots!” one says disdainfully (6). 10. Turning it round is wearisome (6). 12. When the team enters, there are whispers (6). 15. Considered, myself, taking action about it (6). 17. Leaning against the corral, sing (8). 19. Coming back to settle, which is bad (4). 20. What the gambler hungers for? (4,2,5). CRYPTIC DOWN 1. Is it to beat the carpet with? (5-3). 2. Materials hard for the fools to assimilate (6). 3. Appalled, hurls the hag away (6). 4. Regard, we’re told, as a pet (4). 5. Concert one child is taken to (6). 6. He’s a brother Scotsman (5). 11. Having caught the fish, entered staggering (6,2). 13. Brushes up the snow and seems most unhappy (6). 14. Say “Not moving” and don’t go 4,2). 15. Notice, in your sleuthlike way? (6). 16. Once it’s ended, leaves (5). 18. An unsympathetic “That won’t kill you!” (4). Answers under Public Notices in the Classifieds section.

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Philippines. Maggie says they wanted the drop off to be discreet so chose the Health Centre. “We’ve collected 85 bras to date and hope to collect at least 100. We want the community to be involved and let them know what is happening in our school.”



The project collects bras for women in disadvantaged communities. “For them a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable.” The project collects new and second-hand bras and sends them to the Pacific Islands and countries like Pakistan, Botswana and the

Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 — 3


Family so grateful for support ■■BY FARIDA MASTER


t was her grand-daughter’s scream that alerted Bev Lowson to the fire which would eventually destroy their house. Bev was looking after her fouryear-old granddaughter Imi and 17-month-old Aneska on the morning of March 6 at their rental in Golflands while her daughter Tamlyn Boddington had taken her six-yearold daughter Caris to the doctors. As a startled Bev turned round to see Imi, who was playing with her new toys, she saw that the adjoining area was filled with smoke and the little one was shuffling her feet not knowing how to get out of the room. Before Bev, a medical receptionist at Crawford Medical Centre, could fully comprehend what was happening, she saw a flicker of light from a vent in the ceiling. There was a big bang! It felt like fireworks, she says. Shocked, she grabbed Imi in her arms and tried to open the door. She hopelessly struggled with the lock, then found the keys and, with shaking hands, opened the door. “I don’t remember when and how I picked up the baby from the cot but all I can recall is getting out of the house with both my granddaughters and screaming for help,” she says. It was all a haze as neighbours rushed out but she clearly recollects a man who was reversing a trailer who ran to her rescue. “He asked me if there was anyone else inside the house and I told him

The family that survived the blaze (L-R) Lee Boddington with daughters Imi, Caris, Aneska, wife Tamlyn and mum-in-law Bev Lowson. Photos supplied

my two dogs were in the backyard. He tried to open the gate and finally kicked and smashed it open. He was God-sent, a builder who was working at a property down the street and just happened to be passing by. He thankfully returned with both our dogs.” The house was ablaze but all a distressed Bev could think of was that her two granddaughters were in her arms. As the fire brigade, ambulance and police arrived, one of the neighbours asked Bev for her daughter’s mobile number to inform Tamlyn that her mum was safe but the house was on fire. However, when a neighbour did connect with Bev’s daughter, all she could hear was Tamlyn hysterically screaming ‘my babies, my babies’! Tamlyn had just parked her car to

drop her daughter back to school at Elim Christian College junior campus after a doctor’s appointment when she got the devastating news. The neighbour asked her to stay put as she was in no condition to drive. Soon, the owner of the property arrived and gave Bev a big hug saying how sorry she was. And while all their lives changed from that moment onwards, Bev says she has been overwhelmed by the love and support of friends and neighbours, her colleagues, school teachers and parents at Elim Christian College, Trinity Kindergarten that Imi goes to and the two churches – River City and Faith City, that Bev and her daughter attend. She gets emotional as she speaks of how kind strangers have been as they have arranged for a food train; offered to do the washing, given the

kids toys, nappies, jackets, strollers. Everything the family is wearing belongs to someone else. Two of Tamlyn’s friends have also stepped in to take charge. They know how traumatised the family is and created a spreadsheet to coordinate the items that the family needs and people have been happy to donate. “One of the neighbours has kindly offered to look after our dogs till we find another place to live in four weeks’ time. “Another friend got our family photograph framed and gave it to us. “We are deeply grateful and would like to thank the community for their generosity of spirit.” And while she says that the family will take time to heal – and there are times when Bev gets angry and

is heart-broken at the thought of her grandchildren having to go through so much turmoil, she says that they may have lost everything they possessed but they still have their most precious gift – their grandchildren. “A fireman on site told me that in his 22 years of service he had never seen anyone come out alive from a fire like this. “Apparently, the fire had been burning in the roof for two hours before it burst out,” says Bev. Tamlyn, a physio by profession who just returned from a counselling session for her four-year-old, says while they are currently in survival mode, she believes saying thank you for people’s kindness is just not enough. “If only they could understand the depth of our feelings in our hearts to say how grateful we are,” she says.



ew Zealand will go into a full lock-down tomorrow. The country will move to level four and will remain at that level for four weeks, PM Jacinda Ardern told the nation yesterday. We now have 102 confirmed Covid-19 cases. The lock-down could be extended for longer if the virus continued to spread. “This will literally save lives, thousands of lives.” And schools will be closed from today. Ardern said non-essential

business must close which takes in bars, cafes, restaurants and cinemas. “I do not underestimate what I’m asking New Zealanders to do, I know it’s huge,” the PM said. However supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies, service stations and essential banking services will continue to be available. Supermarkets had to be given time to restock their shelves “There will be enough for everyone if we shop normally.” Alert level three is where the disease is increasingly difficult to

contain. Public venues and nonessential businesses will need to close. Alert level four is when there is sustained transmission. Everyone would need to be isolated from each other. Essential services will continue, but everyone would be asked to stay at home. The PM said there was a small window to get ahead of the spread of the virus and “we have to act now”. Ardern said people can leave their homes for fresh air and for exercise

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but it must be solitary and people should only spend time with people they are in self-isolation with. Public transport will be only available for people working on essential services. The PM warned that things will look worse, before they get better, and in the short term, the numbers of cases will rise because it is in the community. She said medical modelling without measures showed that tens of thousands of New Zealanders could

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die of Covid-19. That worse case scenario was “simply intolerable” and would represent the greatest loss of New Zealanders in our history. “As a government, we will do everything in our power to protect you. Now I’m asking you to do everything you can to protect all of us,” Ardern said. She said the failure of anyone to play their part in coming days would put the lives of others at risk. “We are in this together.” With acknowledgement to RNZ


4 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020

• • • • An artist’s impression of the Grangers Point development.

Photo supplied


Grangers Pt project in the pipeline JU1540

Support local


Go to the butcher, the fruit store, the local coffee shop. The hairdresser, gift shop and local restaurant depend on your support. Big companies and chains can take the strain, but the corner shop really

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fully upgraded Grangers Point could be the jewel in the Bucklands Beach area’s crown. Grangers Point is poised for future development as the Howick Local Board, Auckland Transport (AT) and Auckland Council consider addressing better beach side paths and solving coastal erosion by restoring the popular Bucklands Beaches. Grangers Point separates Little Bucklands Beach from Bucklands Beach and has long been a focal point for sailing. The original club house was built in the sixties also accommodating winter haul-out for boat maintenance. Bucklands Beach Yacht Club (BBYC) is now recognised as the BBYC Sailing Academy and still accommodates winter haul out. The sailing club has nurtured and trained budding young sailors since the 1960s. BBYC club manager Lyle Tresadern said the BBYC Sailing Academy trains more than 1000 young sailors each year across several programmes from the “Have a Go” primary schools involving local schools, through to the progressive New Zealand Qualifications Authority approved sailing programmes which involve secondary schools. “This area has been an important factor to international sailing success, with the area having produced more Olympic sailing

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medals and more offshore champions than any other small body of water in the world,” Tresadern said. “BBYC Grangers Point is an important community facility. In addition to the junior sailing centre, there is a race control tower for keel yacht racing, a community meeting room used by art groups, toilets that are available for public use and an all tide deep water launching ramp. But due to many reasons, the facility is not meeting its full potential and requires an upgrade.” To coincide with new local authority attention towards upgrading these beaches and paths, Bucklands Beach Yacht Club is planning to partner with the local board, Auckland Transport and council under the Community Facility Partnerships Programme to redevelop the Grangers Point site. “It is envisaged that Grangers Point will become a community ocean sport and marine education facility that will satisfy existing needs and future demand,” Tresadern said. Under consideration as part of the redevelopment, features include: ■■ Redevelopment and enlargement of the building to include more meeting rooms and function space, boat storage and workshop, haul-out equipment storage, accommodation and

event/water safety observation and control tower ■■ A water safety focal point for the Tamaki River providing faster potential response times ■■ New public toilets, changing rooms and showers ■■ Complete beach restoration covering reticulated, vertical and stepped stonewalls north and south of Grangers Point ■■ New breakwater, boat ramp, floating ramp and dock. ■■ Roadside and oceanside duel footpath/cycle ways ■■ New dinghy and sailing boat lock-up facility ■■ Creation of a reef on the western side of the hard stand with tidal pools which will improve biodiversity “The upgrade will allow for a wider range of user groups than just sailing and haul-out,” said Tresadern. “It could store other man and wind-powered craft equipment such as waka ama, dragon boats and windsurfers. “Ocean Swimming and triathlon training and events could be safely staged here. “School groups could use the building and learn about the diverse all tide marine ecosystems and tidal currents all close at hand. “It could host major ocean sporting events and attract high level athletes wanting to train here – all boosting the local economy.”

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Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 — 5


We will continue to support this local business community The Times – 100 per cent Kiwi-owned – has served this community for 48 years and will continue to do so during these extremely difficult times. Covid-19 has affected 102 in New Zealand but with no deaths as yet (as of deadline yesterday afternoon). And now NZ is about to head into lockdown. Managing director REAY NEBEN shares her thoughts.


s the only true local media company in this area, I would like all our readers to be assured that we will do everything possible to bring you the local news first - and hopefully in print depending on whether New Zealand’s alert level. Just recently we Reay Neben took back doing our own distribution and I must say the response from readers has been massive. We now have a waiting list of children and families who want to be part of the delivery and also making sure this paper gets into homes. Of course, there are still a few pockets but these are small. We will support our print version with up-to-date information via Times online ( and you’ll also have access to news and information on the East Auckland App. The company will continue to send out newsletters to our database and this is something you could

register to receive by visiting our home page at This is a new era with so much uncertainty for all local businesses and unfortunately we are no different. We have no big media parent company to support us, just our community. We have a responsibility to inform this wonderful community and help all we can. We have been in business with the paper for more than 48 years and this community has embraced having their very own paper dedicated to local news and supporting all manner of local events. Over the years we have supported many great initiatives like the Howick Santa Parade which we organised until a couple of years ago and sponsored many groups including the Pakuranga Rugby Club. Now is the time that we all really need to support this local business community as we all struggle with this virus. Be safe.




Loheni to go for Flat Bush electorate ■■BY FARIDA MASTER


gnes Loheni says she would love to be an MP for the newly proposed Flat Bush electorate. “I am going to put my name forward,” says the National MP. A small business owner who also happens to be a qualified chemical engineer and a mother of five, Loheni says she will throw her hat into the ring once the electoral process begins. Loheni is a National List MP who was elected in January 2019 following the resignation of former senior Cabinet Minister Chris Finlayson. She was also in the running for the National Party nomination in Botany which went to former Air NZ CEO Christopher Luxon. She says the selection process is a fairly rigorous process and welcomes it. “It may not be called Flat Bush electorate,” she says. Late last year the Representation Commission released its report on the proposed boundaries and names of electorates and proposed a new electorate in Fat Bush. The Flat Bush electorate is created by drawing population from existing electorates of Hunua, Manurewa and Papakura, and includes Wattle Downs and Takanini. Loheni says there is an aspirational community in Flat Bush that

Agnes Loheni and Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown.  Photo supplied

she is excited to work with. “As a list MP I have done a lot of work in Manukau east and South Auckland in general,” says the associate spokesperson for Pacific People and Small Businesses. “With new families moving into homes in the area, the electorate comes with its share of challenges and complexities. “There are different pockets of society which are not the same. It’s the last of the stronger seats for National,” she says. Prior to the interview with the Times, Loheni addressed a SuperBlues meeting at the Howick Bowling Club hosted by Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown. She spoke about growing up in Mt Albert, on McGehan Street, an address that former

PM John Key once described as a `street of hopelessness’. Talking about being confronted with the issue of child poverty, she said, “I was on a panel where our Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft was discussing the indicators of material deprivation that qualify for child poverty. “It made me reflect, if I were to take into consideration those indicators, I would qualify as a child raised in poverty. Growing up in a house with cold walls, the only book we owned was the bible. “But I can proudly say that it was the best childhood staying in the same bedroom with my family and having so many cousins to play with. We were 15 of us living in a crowded three-bedroom state house with an abundance of love. My upbringing was very rich. I grew up with aspiration and the hope to succeed,” she said. More than half the audience identified with her background. “What this government needs to do is, instead of creating a victimhood mentality and giving breakfast and lunches in schools, we need to change the narrative and focus on the glue that keeps families together, to transform mothers and put responsibility where it belongs. We have to teach our children to make good decisions, to work hard and find purpose and meaning in life.”

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6 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pohutukawa Coast



Water service to accommodate growth in Clevedon

Pine Harbour Marina




Umupuia Marae

The wastewater network will be an 11km vacuum system, similar to Kawakawa Bay, with wastewater being transferred via Papakura for treatment at the Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Duder Regional Park

Connection costs – water and wastewater charges Watercare is offering existing residents a discount for a connection to the wastewater network. To take up this offer you must have ick / Bot registered your interest in a connection by a ny 30 September 2019. w Ho To

“Aa” graded water will be supplied by the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant. About 6.6km of local water network reticulation will be built. A temporary reservoir may be used until demand requires a final reservoir to be built. Existing properties within Clevedon Village may be able to connect to the water network.

Omana Regional Park

Water network

to y rry Cit Fe nd la ck

tT Eas

ki ama

Bo ta ny /

➤➤No Movies in the Park


Responding to the government’s ➝ Covid-19 advice to cancel events with more than 500 attendees, Auckland Council has decided the remainder of the Movies in Parks season will not go ahead. The movie Men in Black scheduled for April 4 from 5.30-9.25pm at Te Puru Park, Beachlands has been cancelled. This decision is in the best interests of our communities. To


ith Clevedon Village fast expanding, due to the decisions made by Auckland Council under Plan Change 32 and the Unitary Plan, the building of water and wastewater networks in Clevedon Village is well underway. The construction to install new water and wastewater services to accommodate growth that started in April last year is due to be completed by September this year. Village residents will soon be able to connect to mains water and wastewater services. The networks will help address environmental pollution from failing septic tanks, provide reliable and safe water and wastewater services, as well as cater for growth in Clevedon. All new development will be required to connect to the new network. However, existing properties within the service area can also make the most of this opportunity and may also be able to connect.



Clevedon Scenic Reserve


COMMUNITY CENTRE Early Connections Childcare Centre

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One of New Zealand’s finest and much-loved gardens.

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Ayrlies Plant Fair in April is postponed CP3370-V2


Contact: Sandra Hainsworth Email:

Flower bouquets and arrangements for all occasions, using the best quality blooms at affordable prices.




Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 — 7

Important Notice

Visitor restrictions in place at all Auckland hospitals and facilities KEEP IT OUT, STAMP IT OUT

As New Zealand continues to respond to the threat of COVID-19, we are currently in the ‘Keep it out, Stamp it out’ phase.


We are limiting the number of visitors for patients to two people*, including one close support person (e.g. parent, partner) plus one visitor. If you are unwell, you must stay at home. You will be screened before entering the hospital. You will be turned away if you are unwell or have travelled. These restrictions apply to all hospitals and outpatient facilities. Additional restrictions apply to some areas.




Children under 15 will not be able to visit at this time.







Our approach will be regularly reviewed and updated. Information about COVID-19 is available on your local DHB websites

and the All of Government website




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8 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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be achieved with this Dr Mark Morunga has treatment which is betestablished himself as ter known as the Vamthe premier Cosmetic pire Face Lift®. Physician in East Auckland. Skilled and trained ‘Essentially platelets to the highest Australhave two roles—the first asian standards in Cosis to clot and stem the metic Medicine, includflow of bleeding from an ing supervisory roles for injury. The second is to new Cosmetic Doctor release growth factors inductees with the New Mark Morunga that stimulate new celPhoto supplied Zealand Society Coslular growth and tissue metic Medicine, to-date Mark has repair. performed over 10,0000 non surgical This mechanism of healing and cosmetic treatments. regeneration of new cells occurs Mark offers wrinkle treatments across all tissue types, for instance for facial lines, frown, forehead lines growth factors released from plateand crow’s feet. lets in injuries such as an abrasion or Dermal Filler treatment for broken bone will stimulate new cells non-surgical cheek augmentation to repair those tissues; equally actifor mid face lift, lip enhancement and vated platelets injected into the face chin, jowl and jawline reshaping for stimulates new face tissue, into the lower face lift. breast new breast tissue and into the Face Doctors Howick also offers penis ..... well, you can figure that one the latest cutting-edge treatment out yourself, incidentally fellas that’s in Cosmetic Medicine; the Vampire called the P Shot®’ Facial®, Vampire Face Lift®, Vampire Mark is happy to see new clients Breast Lift®, P Shot® and O Shot® for 15 min free consultations at his clinic in Howick for Appearance using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Mark is one of the few licensed Medicine and Men’s Health Consulproviders in New Zealand who tations. offers these treatments, they repFace Doctors Howick resent a new age in Cosmetic Medis situated in NZ Skin icine whereby growth factors are Health Clinic extracted from cells called platelets Unit 4, 10 Wellington (in your blood) and redistributed into Street Howick. specific areas of your face to stimuPh: 09 525 5665 late tissue growth, remarkably cheek Website: augmentation and face reshaping can email:



Street names named after living people ‘should be avoided’ according to council guidelines.  Photo supplied

being adorned with the names of well-known, very-much-alive people. Golflands contains streets that refer to Frank Nobilo and Tiger Woods while Flat Bush recognises All Black greats like Michael Jones (which hasn’t been updated to reflect his Knighthood), and local rugby heroes like Frank Bunce and Robin Brooke.


hat’s in a name? At a recent Howick Local Board meeting, new names for new streets were being discussed. It was made apparent by an Auckland Council representative that new roads and streets within Auckland could now only be named after a living person. After approaching chair Adele White to clarify, the Times was referred to senior advisor to the Howick Local Board, Ian Milnes, who directed the Times online to the road-naming guidelines for Tamaki Makaurau. Principal 3.4 refers to naming roads after living people “the names of people still living should be avoided” and goes on to add “as community attitudes and opinions can change over time”. The use of Maori street names is “actively encouraged” to “support a Maori identity that is Auckland’s point of difference in the world” according to principal 4.1. This is not an absolute ruling but suggests the practice of naming after those still with us would be frowned upon by officialdom at Auckland Council. It is also in opposition to many current street names in the area

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So why the change? Has there been a plethora of falls from grace from people honoured by street names? Looking locally, no-one comes to mind off the bat, although with time, that may change. ➤➤Do you have an opinion on this? E-mail with your comments.

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So visit our website or 09 call 09 256 7300,then then come come So visit our website or call 256 7300, and meet the one for you. We’re open 7 days, from and meet the one for you. We’re open 7 days, and meet the one for you. We’re open 7 days, from from 10am-4pm, at 50 Westney Road, Mangere. 10am-4pm, 50 Westney Road, Mangere. 10am-4pm, at 50 at Westney Road, Mangere.

10 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Your view

Panic buying is greedy and selfish according to one of our readers.  Photo Jo Sykes

Panic buying at supermarkets People stop panic buying, don’t assume supermarkets will no longer be able to have supplies of the stuff you need. Your crazy shopping behaviour is making the elderly, the poor, the disabled and those with babies go without the supplies they need. It is greedy and selfish. Just do your regular normal shop. Also panic buying in supermarkets will be putting stress on supermarket staff and their suppliers. Deb Millward Dannemora

Nothing wrong with Botany parking Further to your article about parking at Botany Town Centre (Tuesday March 10), I would like to support the concerns about the treatment of staff at the centre. I have visited Botany Town Centre thousands of times (yes, actually) in

the 20 years it has been open and I can safely say that parking is an issue on only rare, and predictable, occasions. Of course, it is busy around Christmas and the sensible arrangement to use Botany Downs Secondary College for staff parking has worked well for many years. Parking is also sometimes tight around the middle of the day at weekends. The centre management may well need to sort out some solution for that time. But at other times, basically every single week day, there is always ample parking for everyone. Plenty of empty spaces. I cannot imagine why the management would come up with this plan – unless they are taking advice from the most notorious parking “authority” in Auckland. That outfit well-known to Fair Go and disliked by most motorists. Can Botany Town Centre confirm that their parking ideas are coming from Wilsons? Good luck to Botany staff - and to customers if Botany Town Centre place greater restrictions on their parking too. Judy Lawry Golflands

Large trees dumped

I went to remove the last of the pampas heads only to see a far larger job along the fence line. On the verge next to the barn in Somerville Road, someone with the means of shifting large palms, rather than pay the fee to dump them correctly, has left them for us, the ratepayers to remove! S Barclay Howick

What about justice?

Jami-Lee Ross challenges us to “seriously answer the question: should it ever be a crime for a person to access the health services they need?” [Times, March 10]. Mr Ross unwisely patronises us by simplifying and framing the abortion debate under the guise of misleading euphemisms such as “health” and “crime”. Under our current law, which provides at least some protection for unborn children, a woman is not criminalised for undergoing an abortion. The critical questions for society are: when and why should the taking of human life be permitted? The rights of the unborn child also must be considered. Both mother and child have rights and healthcare needs. Mr Ross needs to explain to us, provide coherent reasons and justify why he says that statutory protections of human life should be removed in this context. As a lawmaker, he needs to looker deeper into the issue before casting his personal vote. He must consider justice ahead of his perceived popularity. Kevin McCormick Botany Downs

Pick up after your dog

What’s going on? I was there this morning for my swim, as always lots of dogs on the beach but I photographed 10 lots of dog crap on and around the beach. So sick of it, my daily swim is ruined. Eileen Hunter Mellons Bay

AT working hard for new school Response to “A child could be killed”: School at wits’ end with AT”, (Times, March 5). Auckland Transport (AT) has been proactively working on the Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School safety issue. We completely hear the school on this problem and we are doing everything we can to make sure no children are injured or killed on the narrow, rural road. As the school roll increases and more houses are built to the east of the school, the risk to local children increases. The safety of children walking to school is our priority at AT and rather than wait for the developers, we are proactively managing safety on this busy road. Until the new pedestrian bridge is built – which is going to be funded by the local board and finished in June 2021 – we have (and will continue to) mitigate the safety issue. AT has not been inactive with respect to the safety concerns raised by the school. Our work has included installing flashing warning signs on the bridge, alongside a raised speed table outside the school and zebra

crossing markings. The approaches to the bridge, and the Flat Bush Culvert Bridge itself, will be changed to one-lane within a month - to provide a safe area for children to walk. This will help manage traffic and ensure safe speeds. The fully-finished raised table outside the school means speed will be kept at a safe level and we will monitor vehicle speeds to ensure that these measures are working. This work all helps to ensure children are kept safe until the permanent pedestrian bridge is ready. After June 30, the speed limit will permanently change to 50km/h as per AT’s Speed Limits Bylaw 2019. Adam Beattie Technical lead at Auckland Transport



Communities on alert While we enter uncertain and extraordinary times, there will be many questions and difficulties as Covid-19 changes the way we go about daily life. Right now we all need to pitch in together so we can limit the spread of this disease. The more we do to unite against Covid-19 now, the less painful restrictions on our day-to-day life will be in the long run. At the time of writing, New Zealand has been placed on Alert Level 2. This level calls on all of us to reduce contacts where possible and sees an escalation of efforts to reduce the spread of the virus. The number of cases continues to rise daily which may see alert levels rise. Level 3 would result in even further restrictions on day to day life. Level 4 is what we would colloquially call a lock down. In this age of social media there will be many alarming or wild stories out there. Please follow advice from official and reliable sources. The Government’s website is a good online resource to visit. The Government’s recent economic response package also means there is some support there for businesses and for individuals. It is true that it is not comprehensive enough. The response package was a helpful start, but our economy is in for

Email us at or comment on our Facebook page,

Jami-Lee’s JOTTINGS With Jami-Lee Ross

rough times ahead. Fortunately, senior ministers are signalling that further economic support is likely to come in the future. Many in our community will need extra help in future weeks and months. My office has been contacted by many volunteers happy to help those needing assistance. Please contact us on 09 271 3255 or botanymp@parliament. if my team, or local volunteers, can help in any way. That might be as simple as getting food shopping delivered or help navigating government financial assistance forms. Finally, many locals have been in touch who have family members experiencing difficulty in returning from overseas. Emergency consular assistance is available by calling +64 99 20 20 20. Local MPs can also assist in dealing with Immigration NZ or MFAT, so feel free to contact us if necessary. Stay safe out there. And please wash your hands. ➤➤Jami-Lee Ross, MP for Botany

Burns: ‘Support local businesses’ N

ew Zealand’s borders are now officially shut; our infection rate for the insidious Covid19 is now 66 (as of Monday morning); just about every public gathering has been cancelled; people are panic buying at the super markets and the companies large and small are failing across the world while world stock market indices plummet. However there’s always a silver lining right? Howick businesswoman and Howick Local Board member Bo Burns thought it prudent to bring a little sunshine to business people of Howick with a meeting of minds at Bosuns on Thursday night. It was attended by 46 people so a lot of them wanted to hear something upbeat from experts in business. And they did. Gwyn Thomas, business growth adviser, and Sharn Rayner, managing partner – business advisory at POD Consulting, talked of sales and marketing opportunities despite these testing times. Sharn addressed subjects including annual leave and sick leave to cash flow and the new government subsidies for SMEs. “You’ve got to look for that calm space, for that silver lining…think laterally about how you deal with your current clients. Think about possible collaborations.” Emma Jeffery, a people, process and safety specialist from Emendas, addressed anxieties experienced by businesses in this ever-changing

Sharn Rayner (left), managing partner – business advisory at POD Consulting, addresses local business owners and meeting convenor Bo Burns. Photo supplied

environment. Sharing experiences would help, she said. “Businesses have excellent before once they’ve come out the other side (of the recession). She spoke of practical steps and how to plan; touched on employer responsibilities and the myriad HR issues in the current uncertain climate. It was important as well to consider working from home and to also communicate clearly with staff. Loan Market mortgage adviser Ryan Amoore spoke of redundancies and the subsequent domino effect for those with mortgages. Homeowners could begin with drilling down to unnecessary financials – selling unnecessary assets or cutting spending. Eliminating short-term debt was a smart way forward. A mortgage hol-

iday was also an option or even paying interest-only on the mortgage. Insurance Advisor Phil Robinson said he’s been struggling to keep up with queries. “This week my phone has rung non-stop…the emails have been relentless. I’ve never seen anything like this before.” The biggest issue emerging from calls to his office is “a massive misunderstanding over just what people think they have in terms of policy coverage.” Burns wrapped up the meeting with a plea to remain upbeat. “Yes, we should be really strict with hygiene and physical distancing. We also have to take care of our older residents and until the Ministry of Health says otherwise, we should get out a socialise and support our local businesses by buying their goods and services.”

Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 — 11



Visitor restrictions for hospitals Questions remain over ferry service and facilities due to Covid-19 Simeon


ounties Manukau Health is limiting the number of visitors to Middlemore Hospital and outpatient facilities including the Manukau SuperClinic as efforts ramp up to respond to the threat of Covid-19. “This is an unprecedented event with the effects being felt worldwide, including here in Aotearoa New Zealand,” says CM Health Medical Officer, Dr Peter Watson. “To protect our patients and staff, this is an absolute priority, even more so as the number of cases climbs. This is so we can provide care. “We want to ensure that we can

continue to deliver the best health services at our hospitals and in the community and to help us do this, we are asking our community for their support. “We are restricting the number of visitors for patients to two people, including a support person like a parent or partner, and one visitor. “In addition, children under the age of 15, will not be able to visit. Visitors must be well. If you’re unwell, please stay at home. Dr Watson says those who will be visiting will be screened before entering Middlemore Hospital and other

CM Health facilities including Manukau SuperClinic. “We are currently at the Keep it Out/Stamp it Out phase and it’s important that our community is prepared. There are some simple ways that we can keep safe from Covid-19, including washing hands with soap and water often, coughing or sneezing into your elbow or covering your mouth, and staying home if you’re unwell. Dr Watson says CM Health will be regularly reviewing and updating its visitor policy so people are advised to check on the CM Health website and social media messaging for any changes.

Life Education responds to the impact of Covid-19 on youngsters Children will never have experienced the wave of fear spreading across the globe and today access to information is instant and filled with opinions as much as facts. “In a normal year around 50 per cent of our support in schools is teaching resilience and developing tactics to respond to stress. We expect the need for this to jump significantly and it’s a great sign if it does, as it shows schools are responding,” says chief executive John O’Connell. “This week has been an uncertain time for schools but we’re seeing no reduction in demand from schools as

a response. For us if there was ever a time we can support children it is right now. Closing schools risks more dislocation and a lack of normality for children.” On Tuesday the Ministry of Education advised schools “Maintaining social connection is as important as ever to people’s wellbeing during this time, if not more so.” “The impact of technology creating easy access to information for children has been an emerging challenge for children growing up today. Access to instant information is great but children don’t have the maturity to

process some of this and this creates anxiety and stress,” says O’Connell. “The concept of a global pandemic, isolation and sickness is quite overwhelming for children. And adding to that in many homes will be parent’s stress around job security.” Life Education Trust has 49 registered, specialist health teachers working in schools nationwide. For 30 years Life Education has been working in New Zealand schools. The health curriculum includes: Social relationships – bullying, online safety, resilience, personal identity, stress management.



ecently I have been requesting feedback from people who use the ferry service from Half Moon Bay through to the city after a number of constituents raised concerns with me about this service. I have received a large number of responses both positive and negative. We are very lucky in east Auckland to have an excellent ferry service from Half Moon Bay through to the CBD, with recent investment by the Howick Local Board providing an excellent ferry terminal. For many people, buses and trains simply don’t get them where they need to go when they need to go there. The ferry service, when it works, is a faster and simpler option. The ferry provides commuters a very efficient means to travel into the city, but there is room for improvement. Whilst many acknowledge the good things about the ferry service, there have been some significant issues raised with me as well which mostly relate to how the service is operated by Fullers. Issues include ferries being cancelled at short notice, ferries unable to take their full load of passengers due to understaffing meaning many commuters being left behind, and buses

With Simeon Brown

replacing the ferry when the ferry can’t operate, but again with poor communication. Improved methods of communication between Fullers and passengers have been suggested, such as the creation of a dedicated app with push notifications anytime a ferry service is delayed or cancelled. Last week, I addressed letters to the CEOs of both Auckland Transport and Fullers Group requesting a joint meeting with representatives from both organisations to discuss these issues. Public Transport is an important part of people’s daily commutes to work and must be reliable in order to attract more people and give people transport choice. I look forward to getting a response from Auckland Transport and Fullers on these issues. If you have been affected in recent weeks and months by these issues, or if you have feedback you would like to provide about our local ferry service, I encourage you to get in touch with me by emailing PakurangaMP@parliament. ➤➤ Simeon Brown – Member of Parliament for Pakuranga



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12 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Mill Rd investment boost M

ill Road, a major link from the eastern suburbs to Papakura and Drury running off the top end of Murphys Road, is included in major Government transport infrastructure spending. Minister of Transport and Urban Development Phil Twyford said NZ Upgrade transport investments in South Auckland will lay the foundations for a future town at Drury and represent a new way to help the city grow. “Our Government is investing $2.4 billion in roads and rail to unlock

growth in South Auckland and support a new town at Drury, as well as further development at Paerata, Pukekohe and Karaka,” Twyford said. “This includes $1.35 billion to build Mill Road, $371 million to extend the electrified rail network to Pukekohe, $247 million for new railway stations, a park and ride facility, and a bus and rail interchange at Drury, and $423 million to improve State Highway 1 between Papakura and Drury South. “Instead of transport infrastructure having the catch up with housing development, we are investing

in the roads and rail from the outset. “Drury will be a well-planned community with all the jobs, facilities, retail and public spaces people want.” He said families who want to move there will be able to do so without needing to have a car as there will already be two train stations and connecting walkways and cycleways. “Developers are not only poised to start building homes around these transport connections, they are in discussions with the Green Building Council’s to adopt their Green Star


MP angry over Fees Free rort Hundreds of students have been ripping off the Government’s Fees Free policy and getting their tertiary fees covered despite being ineligible, National’s Associate Tertiary Education spokesperson Simeon Brown says. “The Government has paid $23,000 to three students who were ineligible for Fees Free, and another student $3000. “While these students made false declarations on their applications, they have been able to keep the funding and face no consequences for breaking the law, the Pakuranga MP says. “It’s unfathomable these individuals have been able to get off

scot free. Even though it is an offence, 473 applicants have made false declarations about their eligibility for Fees Free in the first two years of the policy. Less than one per cent of those who made false declarations have been charged. “The Government is sending a message to students that you might as well try your luck at receiving Fees Free funding, regardless of your eligibility, because not only will you not face any punishments, you could get some free cash out of it.” Ineligible students who have had their tertiary fees covered

should either pay back the money or have it transferred on to their student loan. ”It isn’t fair that they’ve merely had a telling off, if that,” he says. “We know almost 500 people have been caught, but how many more have got away with lying on their application and how much more taxpayer money has been paid out when it shouldn’t have? “Fees Free has been an expensive failure. “Taxpayers are not only paying for a policy that has resulted in fewer students, they’re also paying for students who shouldn’t have been eligible in the first place.”

community standards which require outstanding and sustainable amenities for residents, workers and visitors,” he said. “It would be the first time the Green Star community standards have been used in New Zealand and would make Drury an exemplar of urban development. “A new town at Drury will need schools, and social and health services, and talks to look at future amenities are already underway between government departments. Drury is located in the economic geographic centre of Golden Tri-

angle of Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton. “We know Auckland will expand south and that’s why we are future proofing against congestion by building essential transport infrastructure first,” Twyford said.


Estuary Art and Ecology entries sought The 14th Estuary Art and Ecology competition is soon to open for artist’s submissions. It is the only contemporary art prize with ecology at its core. Following the success of last year’s competition - won by Mo Stewart with second place Roma Anderson and merit winners Toni Hartill and Briana Woolliams; Uxbridge Arts and Culture in Howick has announced the 2020 Estuary Art and Ecology Prize. The judge this year Dr Monique Jansen is an Auckland-based artist and head of visual arts at the Auckland University of Technology. She

has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is held in many public and private collections. “Monique is a committed environmentalist and organic gardener; working on transforming her home and community into a model of resilience, sustainable living, and active citizenship,” a spokesperson from Uxbridge said. “Artists are invited to research and respond to the Tamaki Estuary, to underscore the ecological value of this vital waterway and to encourage action against pollution.” Entries open on April 1 and close on May 31.





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We are seeking a person with a positive flexible attitude, who is caring and has a good sense of humour, to assist the classroom teacher with a child with additional needs. Initially Monday-Friday 2 hours per day, likely increasing. This position will be fixed term until 3 July 2020.




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A casual vacancy has occured on the Board of Trustees for an elected parent representative. The board has resolved under section 105 of the Education Act 1989 to fill the vacancy by selection. If ten (10%) per cent or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy,

then a by-election will be held. Any eligible voters who wishes to ask the board to hold a byelection should write to: Rikki Solomon, Chairperson Board of Trustees Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School PO Box 217183, Botany Junction Auckland 2164 New Zealand by 17 April 2020


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QUICK PUZZLE NO. 7950 - SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Domesticate. 7, Lute. 8, Uncommon. 9, Shelve. 10, Extend. 12, Paddle. 15, Allude. 17, Marathon. 19, Sort. 20, Interrogate. Down - 1, Impelled. 2, Astute. 3, Circle. 4, Calm. 5, Renown. 6, Dough. 11, Talisman. 13, Adagio. 14, Exhort. 15, Amnion. 16, Dirge. 18, Ante. CRYPTIC PUZZLE NO. 7950 - SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Bottle-green. 7, M’I-M’I (rev.). 8, Tra-verse. 9, Snorts. 10, Ti-ring. 12, A-side-s. 15, Dee-me-d. 17, Pen-chant. 19, Evil (rev.). 20, Pile of chips. Down - 1, Stair-rod. 2, Clot-H-s. 3, Agh-a-St. 4, Peke (peek). 5, Uni-son. 6, Br-Ian. 11, Reeled in. 13, S-weeps. 14, Stay on (anag.). 15, Detect. 16, Ex-it’s. 18, Cold.

Amny Lam 林小姐 Letting Agent and Property Manager Providing a high standard of service • Many years’ experience in Property Management • English speaking • Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese PS257550-V4

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021 108 6663 09 538 1287 East Auckland Mountfort Estate Agents Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Howick and Pakuranga Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020 — 13

Pet health tips for Winter ELDERLY dogs and cats often suffer from arthritis. As with people, the symptoms can worsen in the cold weather. So it is important to make sure that senior pets have a warm comfortable bed to sleep on. With larger dogs a bed that is elevated off the ground or has plenty of padding is a good idea. There are a range of natural supplements and medications available for discomfort associated with old and stiff joints. Heating pads are a

useful addition if the indoor temperature in the house is allowed to drop significantly at night. Exercising is still important for dogs even in colder weather. With the shorter day length and periods of rain or cold snaps there is a natural tendency to reduce their outdoor activity. Consider shorter, faster, more frequent walks. For short coated dogs a jacket will help to keep them warm. Smaller dogs may be exercised indoors with toys and

play activities with their owners. If dogs get very wet when out on a walk, please ensure that they are dried thoroughly and then kept warm until the coat is completely dry. Often pets put on weight during winter due to lower activity levels and a natural desire to eat more in cold weather to increase fat insulation. However it is important to monitor your pet’s weight to ensure they do not become obese. This is

Pet Friendly Accommodation around NZ

the bottom of the hutch or kennel and hard cold floors. Their food intake will increase so make sure sufficient food is supplied. Cats can be attracted to car engine warmth during winter and will often sleep under the car or even in the engine compartment after you return home. So make sure you know where your cat is when starting off again if this is a possibility. n Supplied by Bucklands Beach Veterinary Clinic

Hair of the Dog Mobile Grooming

Have your dog groomed at home!

Our website has a list of over 900 pet-friendly holiday destinations from B&Bs, camping, baches & lots more accommodation for your dog, cat, bird or any other furry creature

Ph: 021 2555 859 for more info visit

particularly the case in dogs such as Labradors who have a natural tendency to overeat. Particular care should be taken with pets that are kept outdoors. Rabbits and Guinea-Pigs must have plenty of clean fresh bedding to nest in, especially if they are on their own. During the coldest times or if frost is expected, it is recommended to move their hutches or kennels into the garage. It is important to ensure sufficient insulation between

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An Assistance Dog gave Lachlan and his family new life experiences, community interaction and a brighter future.



Our safe, secured enclosed facilities means that dogs are sheltered from all weather elements, warm and dry in winter and cool and shaded in summer.




for just $5 a week and support kiwi families living with a disability.

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Are you sick of getting up to let your pet out? It may be time to fit a cat or dog door We supply and install pet doors. Sureflap micro-chip cat and pet doors, standard cat and dog doors, double and single glazing. Free measure and quote provided.



Could you help your beloved pet when they needed you most ?

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Botanyand andOrmiston OrmistonTimes, Times,Tuesday, Tuesday,March March24, 24,2020 2020 — — 15 15 Botany



Marama a shining star on and off the field

All Black passes St Kents shine away in triathlon Former All Black Terry Lineen died recently aged 84. Lineen, a resident of Pakuranga Park Village for a number of years, died peacefully at Middlemore Hospital on Terry Lineen in 1952. February 17. The Auckland midfielder played 35 matches for New Zealand from 1957 to 1960 and retired when he was 24 due to a shoulder injury. He had played a little over 100 firstclass games. His death notice read: “Dearly loved husband of the late Jeannette. Loved father and father-in-law of Troy, Sean and Lynne. Much loved grandfather of Cameron, Jacob, Isabella and Tom.” Following his service drinks, were held at the Marist Rugby Club. “Dad was a very special man, on and off the rugby pitch, and will be remembered very fondly by rugby supporters, especially in New Zealand and Scotland, where he had so many friends.”


ear 13 Pakuranga College student Marama Downes is a high achiever. She plays basketball and Tag for the school’s teams, captains the Howick Pakuranga Cricket Club Premier side, and has represented New Zealand in 2019 at Under-22 Girls’ Indoor Cricket Trans-Tasman International Series, as well as provincially for Northern Districts. It’s not just in athletic pursuits where she excels. In 2019 she was awarded The Nga Kete O Te Matauranga Leadership award for Senior Female Maori Student at the college. Downes is from Ngati Tuwharetoa iwi. She has padded up for the Auckland Hearts under 18 side in the outdoor game and recently she wore the blackcap of the NZ Maori Schoolgirls XI who played against the Governor General’s XI in Wellington. “Indoor is definitely my favourite,” says Downes, but she is also enjoying the challenge of captaining a “very young developing team” at Howick Pakuranga.

Rising star Marama Downes. 

GUIDE (MARAETAI): Sunrise & Sunset; TIMES | FISHING Moonrise & Moonset; Best Fishing Times; High Tides.




Rise 7:29am Set 7:21pm 2:00am to 4:00am; 2:21pm to 4:21pm

Rise 9:38am Set 8:58pm

10:16am 10:32pm

Rise 7:26am Set 7:25pm 11:58pm to 1:58am; 12:19pm to 2:19pm

Rise 7:30am Set 7:19pm 2:43am to 4:43pm; 3:04pm to 5:04am

Saint Kentigern College athletes claimed a number of top 10 placings and a clean sweep in the U16 girls race in the Auckland Triathlon at Point England recently. INDIVIDUAL ➤➤U14 Boys – 1st Coen Anderson, 2nd Joshua Gordon-Glassford. ➤➤U14 Girls – 2nd Dorothy Anderson, 3rd Madeline Ballard. ➤➤U16 Girls – 1st Sophie Spencer, 2nd Olivia Rooney, 3rd Isabele Bannister. ➤➤U19 Boys – 3rd Jack Melhuish. ➤➤U19 Girls –1st Zara Jancys. TEAMS ➤➤U16 Girls – 1st ➤➤U16 Boys – 3rd ➤➤U19 Mixed – 1st ➤➤U19 Boys – 2nd

Athletics gold Year 12 Natalia Rankin-Chitar of Saint Kentigern College won two gold medals and one bronze medal at the NZ Athletics Championships recently. She won Gold in the U18 Girls Shot Put and Discus throwing 50m to break yet another college record and also qualifies for the Youth Olympics. She also won a bronze in the U20 discus.

Photo supplied

Rise 6:50am Set 7:39pm

8:22am 8:44pm Rise 10:35am Set 9:28pm

10:52am 11:08pm


Rise 7:27am Set 7:24pm 12:39am to 2:39am; 12:59pm to 2:59pm


Rise 7:30am Set 7:18pm 3:27am to 5:27am; 3:50pm to 5:50pm

Rise 7:46am Set 8:05pm

9:02am 9:22pm Rise 11:34am Set 10:01pm

11:29am 11:45pm


Rise 8:42am Set 8:31pm 9:39am 9:57pm


Rise 12:33am Set 10:39pm

Rise 7:28am Set 7:22pm 1:19am to 3:19am; 1:40pm to 3:40pm Rise 7:31am Set 7:16pm 4:13am to 6:13pm; 4:38pm to 6:38pm


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We have a fantastic giveaway for one lucky reader, with thanks to Pet Doors R Us a family owned and operated business with over 30 years experience. We have a Microchip Pet Feeder to give away, valued at $195! To enter the draw visit and go to the competition section. Entries must be in by midnight Friday, April 10, 2020

Go to the butcher, the fruit store, the local coffee shop.

PINKYS PET BOARDING & GROOMING 4/302 Ti Irirangi Dr, Botany South | P: 09 265 2865 | E: |

* Dog and Cat Boarding * Dog Grooming * Doggy Day Care

BOOKINGS AVAILABLE FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS & EASTER 24 hours onsite care. We offer a pickup and drop off service to and from your home. Dog Food Available. Stockist of ̶ BlackHawk Dog Food. Imported dog clothing. We stock dog beds, leads, collars, flea treatments, shampoos & treats.


Fun FOR all thE FaMily


H Children’s Pony Parties H Family Farm Visit Walks H Educational & School Groups H Senior Citizen Outing Days H Pony rides every fine Sunday throughout the year at Clevedon Farmers Market

The hairdresser, gift shop and local restaurant depend on your support. Big companies and chains can take the strain, but the corner shop really

needs your custom


271 Clevedon Kawakawa Road, Clevedon, RD5 Phone 09 292 9231 |

Let’s take care of each other.... CD244560

16 — Botany and Ormiston Times, Tuesday, March 24, 2020



Garner recognised by Netball New Zealand H

owick Pakuranga Netball Centre stalwart Robyn Garner has been awarded the coveted Netball New Zealand Service Award. Garner, who was surprised to receive her award at the recent Netball New Zealand Council meeting in Christchurch, was nominated by Howick Pakuranga Awards Convenor Pat James and HPNC’s Jan Castle, Pauline Coultas and Julie McDonald. “This is such a well-deserved award as Robyn has given, and continues to give, so much of her time to Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre,” said HPNC office manager Sarah Harrison. Garner has given long service to netball at grass roots level and beyond. “The passion started at HPNZ Year 5 level and continued on into representative teams as a player and latterly as a representative coach,” her nomination reads. “Robyn received her HPNC Service Award in 1983 and her Life Member

of HPNC in 2017. “Robyn brought her own style of leadership, open consultation with clubs, new initiatives and encompassing views to the future consideration of an indoor facility, is approachable and open to ideas. She is a prominent member of the Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre. “She began her long association with netball as a representative player, coach and umpire. “Later, as a player with the College Old Girls Club and Shelley Park Netball Club, she was president of Shelley Park Netball Club and in

2015 was awarded Life Membership of Shelley Park Netball Club.”

Robyn Garner Representive level 1978-1979 HPNC Reps Senior team 1982-1983 Tournament HPNC team Umpire 1974 Inaugural badge holder Coach/Team official HPNC Rep Coach 2009 (Y8); 2010 (U15B); 2014 (U19); 2015 (U19). Level 1 & 2 Coaching developer to teach coaches Netball Coaching Certificate

Administration 2007 Development Officer of CM 2007-2008 Appointed U19 coach Counties Manukau 2007-2008 Coaching delegate 2008-2010 Vice-President at HPNC 2011-2016 President of HPNC 2017 Past-President 2017-present Treasurer & Executive Member Present Chairperson Other 2013 Convenor Uniss Committee 2013 HPNC 50th Jubilee 2013 Renovation of HPNC

Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre’s Robyn Garner at the Netball New Zealand award ceremony. Photo supplied


‘Now all sport is cancelled...’ The Times today features a cartoon from Aucklander Isabelle Russell. Isabelle is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator, living and drawing life in and around her hometown

Auckland, including for NZ Listener magazine and the NZ Law Society. Isabelle loves illustrating to amuse, raise awareness, highlight quirky moments and tell plenty of stories

big and small (especially if they involve cats). She can happily be found at and @isabellelrussell on Instagram






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$7.99 PORK MINCE 75% VL FSH (PER KG) 75%瘦肉碎






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Botany and Ormiston Times - Tuesday, March 24, 2020  

Botany and Ormiston Times - Tuesday, March 24, 2020