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Scholarly Books from Finland 2016–2017 The centenary of Finland’s independence is being celebrated in 2017 as well as the 500th anniversary of the reformation. Last but not least, the Bookstore Tiedekirja, which distributes the books and journals of Finnish learned societies, celebrates its 30th anniversary! The books of this remarkable year have a lot to offer to a reader interested in Finnish history and culture. For instance, Karoliina Lummaa’s monograph Kui trittiitii – Finnish Avian Poetics (pp. 12) introduces the role of birds in Finnish poetry. Folk religion, library history, and church history are other national topics in the books presented in this catalog. Science and scholarship are international in character. Finnish researchers contribute and write books in classical studies, oriental studies, history, and culture of Europe, Finno-Ugric linguistics, etc. The Institute of Migration publishes books on the most current and global topic, immigration, from both a macro and micro perspective. We invite you to acquaint yourself with Vieno Zlobina’s book Their Ideals Were Crushed (pp. 18) that tells the story of idealistic Finnish born immigrants in the 1920s and 1930s Soviet Union. Please join us to celebrate our jubilee with these new releases and also take a look at our wide collections by visiting our webstore that offers you a rich selection of books and journals from the thirty years of the Bookstore Tiedekirja.

Johanna Lilja (Head of Publications) and Eija Lappi (Marketing coordinator)

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Edited by Ville Kivimäki and Petri Karonen

Edited by Kari Alenius and Matti Enbuske

Continued Violence and Troublesome Pasts

Barents and The Baltic Sea Region

Post-war Europe between the Victors after the Second World War

Contacts, Influences and Social Change This book is based on the papers presented in the symposium “The Barents and the Baltic Sea region: contacts, influences and social change that took place at the University of Oulu on December 2015. The symposium focused on cultural, economic, political, religious, social and other phenomena that have affected the region and its relationships with the surrounding world. Articles in this book are in English and in Finnish.

In most European countries, the legacy of 1939-1945 has made it difficult to remember the war with much glory. The fundamental experience of war for many Europeans was that of immense personal losses and often meaningless hardships. This volume focuses on these histories between the victors: on the cases of Hungary, Estonia, Poland, Austria, Finland, and Germany.

The Historical Association of Northern Finland • Studia Historica Septentrionalia 77 • ISBN 978-952-9888-60-3• ISSN 0356-8199 • Soft • 386 pp. • 2017 • EUR 56

The Finnish Literature Society • Studia Fennica: Historica 22 • ISBN 978-952-222-857-4 • ISSN 1458-526X • Soft • 149 pp. • 2017 • EUR 45 | 3

Editor-in-Chief: Antti Lampinen and Katja Ritari

Studia Celtica Fennica XIII Yearbook of the Finnish Society for Celtic Studies

Adday Hernández López

El valor del tiempo Doctrina jurídica y práctica de la usura (riba) en el Occidente islámico medieval

Studia Celtica Fennica XIII includes articles: Alexandra Bergholm & Katja Ritari, Fingal Rónáin: Rónánin suvun surma; Andrew Newby, ‘Os Selve Alene’ – A Norwegian Account of the Easter Rising; Jouna Pyysalo, Ten New Etymologies between Old Gaulish and the Indo-European Languages; Ilona Tuomi, ‘As I went up the hill of Mount Olive’ – The Irish Tradition of the Three Good Brothers Charm Revisited. Finnish Society for Celtic Studies • Studia Celtica Fennica XIII • ISSN 1795-097X• Soft • 108 pp. • 2016 • EUR 10

Esta monografía El valor del tiempo trata distintos aspectos legales, históricos y sociales sobre la usura (ribā) en un ámbito geográfico y cronológico concreto, el Occidente islámico premoderno y en especial en al-Andalús, con el fin de contribuir al estudio de la economía en las sociedades islámicas medievales. Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Humaniora 376 • ISBN 978-951-41-1117-4 • ISSN 1239-6982 • Soft • 326 pp. • 2016 • EUR 40

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Entre ulémas et bandits La steppe d’Écija en al-Andalus Le présent ouvrage, résultat de l’adaptation de l’oeuvre laureate du prix de recherche Abdulaziz Saud al-Babtain, constitue la permière monographien consacrée à la region de la steppe d’Écija, un territoire dont le role s’est avévé crucial tout au long de l’histoire d’al-Andalus. Traversée par les routes qui reliaient les principales capitales d’al-Andalus (Séville, Cordoue et Grenade) entre elles et au Détroit de Gibraltar, la zone maintint toute son importance du VIII0 au XIII0 siècle. Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Humaniora 377 • ISBN 978-951-41-1118-1 • ISSN 1239-6982 • Soft • 286 pp. • 2017 • EUR 38

Edited by Janne Harjula, Maija Helamaa, Janne Haarala and Visa Immonen

Mankby A Deserted Medieval Village on the Coast of Southern Finland During the years 2007–2013 archeologists from Helsinki University and Espoo City Museum have unveiled remains of the village of Mankby. The studies published in this book discuss new aspects on dwellings, contacts, trade, subsistence, diet and social structures. The village and its rich find material reflects the historic phenomena of its time: the medieval Swedish colonization of the Finnish coast, the influence of the Hanseatic League and the dawn of early modern society. The Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland • Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae XXII • ISBN 978-952-67329-7-8 • ISSN 1236-5882 • Hard • 192 pp. • 2016 • EUR 30 | 5

Edited by Ulrika Rosendahl, Anna Wessman, Marie-Sofie Lundström and Maria VainioKurtakko

Finskt Museum 2016 Includes articles among others: Auli Bläuer & Mia LempiäinenAvci, Domestic Animals and Plants in Finnish Medieval Church Wall Paintings from zooarchaeological and archaeobotanical perspective; Lauri Viinikkala, Digital but Authentic? – Defining the Authenticity of Two Church Interiors Reconstructed with Mixed Reality Technology; Annika Ingrid Winberg, Två rum umgänge, arbete och vila -Topelius bibliotek, arbetsrum och sovrum på Björkudden; Marina Catani, Drottning Blanca – Iscensatt av Albert Edelfelt I Quartier Latin i Paris 1877. The Finnish Antiquarian Society • Finskt Museum 2016 • ISBN 978-952-6655-00-0 • ISSN 0355-1814 • Soft • 139 pp. • 2016 • EUR 13

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Edsited by Björn Forsén, Nena Galanidou and Esko Tikkala

Thesprotia Expedition III Landscapes of Nomadism and Sedentism Thesprotia Expedition III Landscapes of Nomadism and Sedentism includes among others the following articles: Björn Forsén & Nena Galanidou, Reading the Human Imprint on the Thesprotian Landscape: A Diachronic Perspective; Nena Galanidou, Christina Papoulia & Stephanos Ligkovanlis, The Middle Palaeolithic Bifacial Tools from Megalo Karvounari; Björn Forsén, Nena Galanidou, Christina Papoulia & Esko Tikkala, Beyond Sites: Tract Finds and Hidden Landscapes. The Finnish Institute at Athens • Papers and Monographs of the Finnish Institute at Athens XXII • ISBN 978-952-68500-0-9 • ISSN 1237-2684 • Soft • ii + 362 pp. • 2016 • EUR 30

Zbigniew T. Fiema, Jaakko Frösén and Maija Holappa

Petra - The Mountain of Aaron II The Nabataean Sanctuary and the Byzantine Monastery According to several sources, Jabal Hārūn located near the ancient city of Petra is the burial place of Aaron, Moses’ brother. Since 1997, the Finnish Jabal Hārūn Project (FJHP), directed by Jaakko Frösén and funded by the Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki, has carried out archaeological excavations at a Byzantine monastery located on the high plateau of the mountain. Volume II is a major exposition of all excavated structures and the material remains associated with the entire occupation of the site. Societas Scientiarum Fennica • ISBN 978951-653-410-0 • Hard • 601 pp. • 2016 • EUR 140

Edited by Ria Berg

The Material Sides of Marriage Women and Domestic Economies in Antiquity This collection of papers is the outcome of a three-day international symposium held at the Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, Villa Lante, Rome. The aim of the symposium was to explore current research on gender and economics in the ancient Mediterranean region. Because of the large temporal and geographical variety of themes and the great number of papers presented, the proceedings will be published in two phases, starting with the present volume on Greece and Rome. The Finnish Institute in Rome • Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae 43 • ISBN 978-88-7140726-5 • ISSN 0538-2270 • Soft • 258 pp. • 2016 • EUR 40 | 7

Sonja Hukantaival

“For a Witch Cannot Cross Such a Threshold!” Building Concealment Traditions in Finland c. 1200–1950 Why people in the past hide animal bones and other objects in the structures of their buildings? “For a Witch Cannot Cross Such a Threshold!” discusses building concealment practices and the worldview where they were meaningful in the light of archaeological finds and folklore accounts. Moreover, the book introduces a means for studying historical folk religion as part of the archaeology of religion. The Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland • Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae XXIII • ISBN 978-952-67329-8-5 • ISSN 1236-5882 • Soft • 396 pp. • 2016 • EUR 30

Edited by Outi Järvinen

Suomen Museo 2015 Suomen museo 2015 includes articles: Marianna Ridderstad, Orientations and Placement of the Middle and Late Neolithic Housepits of Ostrobothnia: A First Investigation Based on On-site and Lidar Observations; Timo Salminen, Włodzimierz Antoniewicz and Finland. The Finnish Antiquarian Society • Suomen Museo 2015 • ISBN 978-952-6655-02-4 • ISSN 0355-1806 • Soft • 101 pp. • 2016 • EUR 13

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LITERATURE STUDIES, FOLKLORE Editor-in Chief: Antti Lahelma

Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXIII Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXIII includes among others articles: Therese Ekholm, Mesolithic Settlement in Northernmost Sweden: Economy, Technology, Chronology; Anja Mansrud & Carine Eymundsson, Socialized Landscapes? Lithic Clusters, Hearths and Relocation Rituals at Middle Mesolithic Sites in Eastern Norway; Mirva Pääkkönen, Auli Bläuer, Richard P. Evershed & Henrik Asplund, Reconstructing Food Procurement and Processing in Early Comb Ware Period Through Organic Residues in Early Comb and Jäkärlä Ware Pottery. The Archaelogical Society of Finland • Fennoscandia Archaeologica • ISSN 0781-7126 • Soft • 255 pp. • 2016 • EUR 17

Sofia Kotilainen

Literacy Skills as Local Intangible Capital The History of a Rural Lending Library c. 1860-1920 This book studies the “grey area” of the success story of rural lending libraries in the Nordic countries through the activities of people’s libraries in one area of Central Finland. The study explores the influence of social, cultural, geographical and economic phenomena on the reading habits of the local population, and reveals interesting reasons why the establishment of elementary schools and popular libraries did not automatically increase the informational capital of the common people of remote regions. The Finnish Literature Society • Studia Fennica: Historica 21 • ISBN 978-952-222-739-3 • ISSN 1458-526X • 364 pp. • Soft • 2016 • EUR 47 | 9

Edited by Arja Turunen

Ethnologia Fennica 43 Includes articles: Pihla Maria Siim, Everyday Practices of Translocal Families: Estonian Children and a Sense of Being-in-Place; Keiu Telve, Cross-border Commuting Changes the Way Work is Done: A Case Study of Estonian BlueCollar and Skilled Workers in Finland; Maja Povrzanović Frykman, Conceptualising Continuity: A Material Culture Perspective on Transnational Social Fields; Hanneleena Hieta, Travel, Gooda and Virtual Spaces: The Connection between Three Generations in Transnational Families.

Katriina Ranne

Image of Water in the Poetry of Euphrase Kezilahabi Image of Water in the Poetry of Euphrase Kezilahabi is the first extensive analysis of a particular image in Kezilahabi’s poetry, and contributes to the research on Afrophone philosophies and their connection to literature. Finnish Oriental Society • Studia Orientalia 118 • ISBN 978-951-9380-90-2 • ISSN 00393282 • Soft • 302 pp. • 2016 • EUR 24

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Association of Finnish Ethnologists Ethnos • Ethnologia Fennica 43 • ISSN 0355-1776 • Soft • 122 pp. • 2016 • EUR 20

Edited by Kaarina Koski and Frog with Ulla Savolainen

Genre – Text – Interpretation Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Folklore and Beyond This book presents current discussions on the concept of genre. It introduces innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to contemporary and historical genres, their roles in cultural discourse, how they change, and their relations to each other. The reader is guided into the discussion surrounding this key concept and its history through a general introduction, followed by eighteen chapters that represent a variety of discursive practices as well as analytic methods from several scholarly traditions. The Finnish Literature Society • Studia Fennica: Folkloristica 22 • ISBN 978-952222-738-6 • ISSN 1235-1946 • Soft • 482 pp. • 2016 • EUR 47

Billy Mag Fhloinn Edited by Satu Apo, Hermann Bausinger, Thomas A. Dubois and Pekka Hakamies

Blood Rite: The Feast of St. Martin in Ireland The custom of sacrificing animals on St. Martin’s Eve (November 10), or ‘spilling blood for St. Martin’, was known in a large part of Ireland until recently. This ritual offering has played an important role in the religious calendar of Christian communities in Western Europe for many centuries. In this book, Mag Fhloinn presents theories on the origin, meaning and function of traditions and narratives associated with the cult which has existed in Ireland since at least the seventh century. Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Folklore Fellows’ Communications 311• ISBN 978-951-41-1122-8 • ISSN 0014-5815 • Hard • 253 pp. • 2016 • EUR 45 | 11

Hg. Ingrid Schellbach-Kopra, Gabriele Schrey-Vasara, Stefan Moster und Satu Günthal

Jahrbuch für finnisch-deutsche Literaturbeziehungen 48 / 2016

Karoliina Lummaa

Translated by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Emily Jeremiah and Fleur Jeremiah

Kui trittitii! Finnish Avian Poetics Birds are a vital element in Finnish culture and literature. In early folklore and poetry, birds were symbols for human emotions, the soul and the art of poetry. The advent of modernist poetics changed the role of these poetic animals. From the perspective of literary criticism, this avian poetics raises new questions: how are birds in poetry, how do they influence writing, is there such a thing as poetic avian agency? Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Humaniora 371 • ISBN 978-951-41-1097-9 • ISSN 1239-6982 • Soft • 262 pp. • 2017 • EUR 40

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Die diesjährige Ausgabe beschäftigt sich mit den kulturellen Beziehungen zwischen Finnland und Österreich. Vor genau 30 Jahren, 1986, erschien das erste dem Thema Österreich gewidmete Jahrbuch mit dem Titel Weder – Noch. Tangenten zu den finnisch-österreichischen Kulturbeziehungen. Im Fokus der aktuellen Ausgabe stehen von finnischen Künstlern verfasste Briefe und Reiseberichte aus Österreich. Vor allem die Beziehungen finnischer Musiker und Komponisten zu Österreich, besonders zu Wien, nehmen einen zentralen Raum ein. Deutscher Bibliotheksverein • Jahrbuch für finnisch-deutsche Literaturbeziehungen 2016 • ISSN 0781-3619 • Soft • 212 S. • 2016 • EUR 25

LINGUISTICS Edited by Ksenia Shagal and Heini Arjava

Mordvin Languages in the Field

Edited by Ekaterina Gruzdeva and Juha Janhunen

Crosslinguistics and Linguistic Crossings in Northeast Asia

This book is the result of a student field trip to the Republic of Mordovia in August 2013 and a subsequent seminar in November. The articles, both in English and Russian, deal with grammatical as well as sociolinguistic and cultural themes. Utilising a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, topics discussed include Mordvin dialectology, phonology, morphosyntax, sociolinguistics and folkloristics. Finno-Ugrian Society • Uralica Helsingiensia 10 • ISBN 978-952-5667-78-3 • ISSN 17973945 • Soft • 277 pp. • 2016 • EUR 25

Papers on the Languages of Sakhalin and Adjacent Regions This study includes articles which are arranged thematically into three sections. The papers in the first section deal with the diachronic and areal aspects of the languages of the target region, with topics ranging from genetic taxonomy and reconstruction to areal similarities and contrasts. The papers in the second section deal more with synchronic typology and grammatical analysis. Finally, the papers in the third section address the ethnopolitical and sociolinguistic situation of the endangered speech communities. Finnish Oriental Society • Studia Orientalia 117 • ISBN 978-951-9380-89-6 • ISSN 00393282 • Soft • 284 pp. • 2016 • EUR 24 | 13

Edited by Begoña Sanromán Vilas

Katri Palmujoki

Collocations CrossLinguistically

Edición y comentario filológico del Libro del arte de las comadres o madrinas y regimiento de las preñadas y paridas y de los niños de Damián Carbón, publicado en Mallorca en 1541

Corpora, Dictionaries and Language Teaching The aim of this volume is to give an overview of the most recent research on collocations and to allow the reader to obtain a more universal picture of the phenomenon. This volume deals with collocations in different languages: four Romance languages, two Germanic languages, one Slavic language and one belonging to the Finno-Ugric family. The main areas of research represented are phraseology, lexicography and language teaching which are areas that often overlap. Modern Language Society • Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki 100 • ISBN 978-951-9040-57-8 • ISSN 0355-0192 • Soft • vii + 266 pp. • 2016 • EUR 45

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El Libro del arte de las comadres o madrinas y del regimiento de las preñadas y paridas y del los niños, de Damián Carbón, fue publicado en Mallorca en 1541. Es el primer manual de tocoginecología publicado en lengua española. Modern Language Society • Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki XCVI • ISBN 978-951-9040-53-0 • ISSN 0355-0192 • Soft, 449 pp. • 2015 • EUR 50

Turo Vartiainen

Challenges in Categorization Corpus-based Studies of Adjectival Premodifiers in English Challenges in Categorization presents a series of studies on premodifying -ing participles and adjectives in English. The studies are intended to contribute to our understanding of a variety of topics, including the meaning and function of participles and other adjectival premodifiers, their use in different registers, and their change over time. Modern Language Society • Mémoires de la Société Néophilologique de Helsinki 101 • ISBN 978-951-9040-58-5 • ISSN 0355-0192 • Soft • v–xii + 217 pp. • 2016 • EUR 45

Edited by Sirkka Saarinen, Johanna Laakso, Ulla-Maija Forsberg and Anna-Leena Siikala

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen 63:1-3 Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen 63:1-3 includes articles: Jussi Ylikoski, The origins of the western Uralic s-cases revisited: historiographical, functionaltypological and Samoyedic perspectives; Václav Blažek, On the classification of the Samoyedic languages; Jeremy Bradley, Verbframed Motion Events in Uralic; Merlijn de Smit, Fluid intransitivity in Old Finnish; Konstantin Zamyatin, An ethnopolitical conflict in Russia’s Republic of Mari El in the 2000s: The study of ethnic politics under the authoritarian turn. Finno-Ugrian Society • Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen • ISBN 978-952-5667-85-1• ISSN 0355-1253 • Soft • 388 pp. • 2016 • EUR 36 | 15

Timo Korkiakangas

Subject Case in the Latin of Tuscan Charters of the 8th and 9th Centuries The object of this study is the case marking of the subject in early medieval Latin. The study is based on a treebank of Latin charters from Italy. The author examines whether and how the nominative/ accusative-type morphosyntactic alignment changed into a semantically-motivated (active/ inactive) alignment in Late Latin before the disappearance of the case system. The study is implemented by analyzing the distributions of the two syntactic cases, the nominative and the accusative. The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters • Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum 133• ISBN 978-951-653-412-4 • ISSN 00696587 • Soft • 276 pp. • 2016 • EUR 25

Edited by Maija Hirvonen, Hanna Lantto, Milla Luodonpää-Manni, Mirka Raunomaa et al.

SKY Journal of Linguistics 29 Includes among other articles: Danny De Weerdt, Existential sentences in Flemish Sign Language and Finnish Sign Language; Marwan Jarrah & Aseel Zibin, Syntactic investigation of nunation in Haili Arabic; Maria Reile, Distance, visual salience, and contrast expressed through different demonstrative systems: An experimental study in Estonian; Christoph Schubert, Cohesion in contrast: A case study of English and German user manuals. The Linguistics Association of Finland • SKY Journal of Linguistics 29 • ISSN 1456-8438 • Soft • 196 pp. • 2016 • EUR 17

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CULTURAL STUDIES, ETHNOLOGY, POPULATION STUDIES Edited by Maria Martzoukou, Jari Pakkanen and Timo Tuomi

Finlandoi arhitektones Finnish architects Me to vlémma stin Elláda The book based on exhibition Finnish Architects - Gazing upon Greece introduces the work of five architects who travelled to Greece in search of inspiration and made sketches of their journey or took photographs.

Edward W. Laine Edited by Auvo Kostiainen

The Finnish Institute at Athens • ISBN 978-952-68500-1-6 • Soft • 70 pp. • 2016 • EUR 20

Century of Strife: The Finnish Organization of Canada 1901–2001 The Finnish Organization of Canada has been active since 1901. It has been one of the central organizations for Finnish immigrants in Canada with politically leftist sympathies. The volume explains the Finnish Canadian history as an integral part of Canadian statehood. Laine discusses the realities of the immigrant life concentrating especially on the turbulent periods in Canadian history of World War I and World War II, at the time when pressure was heavy towards the immigrants and their status in the country was questioned. Institute of Migration • Migration Publications 2 • ISBN 978-952-7167-09-0 • ISSN 2343-3507 • Soft • 185 pp. • 2016 • EUR 20 | 17

An idealistic Family in the Reign of Terror Vieno Zlobina

Their Ideals Were Crushed A Daughter’s Story of the Säde Commune in Soviet Karelia

Vieno Zlobina tells the story of an idealistic Finnish community, the Säde Commune from its foundation, through the years when it flourished, to its final destruction. Vieno’s family, like all the members of the Säde Commune, belonged to a wave of around 6500 people who left North America for the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s, to build a new socialist society. After an enthusiastic and promising beginning, the migrants gradually came face to face with the Soviet regime of terror. Institute of Migration • Migration Publications 8 • ISBN 978-952-7167-21-2 • ISSN 2343-3507 • Soft • 115 pp. • 2017 • EUR 20

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THEOLOGY, CHURCH HISTORY Edited by Milla Bergström and Kirsi Salonen

The Holy See´s Foreign Policies in Inter-War Europe This book is a collection of essays that offers new viewpoints and interpretations of the pontificates of Benedict XV (1914–1922) and Pius XI (1922–1939). The volume gives an overview of the framework within which the Holy See was navigating while trying to ensure the religious well-being of the faithful all over Europe after the Great War. The first part of the volume describes how national tensions affected the Vatican’s foreign policies and the second part analyses the Holy See’s missionary activities.

Omayra Herrero Soto

El perdón del gobernante (Al-Andalus, ss. II-V/VII-XI) Este libro, El perdón del gobernante aborda el estudio del perdón de los omeyas andalusíes (ss. II-V/ VIII-XI) no solo desde un punto de vista religioso, sino también como concepto con importantes implicaciones políticas y sociales. El análisis de multiples episodios de Clemencia extraídos de las crónicas árabes medievales sobre este periodo permite comprender los procesos políticos, económicos, sociales o religiosos que subyancen a menudo en estas narraciones Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Humaniora 375 • ISBN 978-951-41-1101-3 • Soft • 582 pp. • 2016 • EUR 45

The Finnish Society of Church History • Publications of the Finnish Society of Church History 232 • ISBN 978-952-5031-85-0 • ISSN 0356-0759 • Soft • 207 pp. • 2016 • EUR 28 | 19

lee i b u 2017 J n o i t a m Refor

Markku Heikkilä and Simo Heininen

A History of the Finnish Church A History of the Finnish Church is the first general survey in English of the history of the Finnish church. It is based on recent research, but written in a clear and accessible style. It presents a continuous narrative of the church in Finland, from the arrival of Christianity to the present day. While the church in Finland developed essentially along the same lines as in other Nordic countries, there are some unique aspects deriving from Finland’s location between East and West. The Finnish Literature Society • Kirjokansi 127 • ISBN 978-952-222-732-4 • ISSN 2323-7392• Hard • 276 pp. • 2016 • EUR 42

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MATHEMATHICS Edited by Olli Martio

Edited by Olli Martio

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae

Mathematica 41:2

Mathematica 42:1

Articles among others: Lauri Hitruhin, On multifractal spectrum of quasiconformal mappings; Risto Korhonen, Nan Li & Kazuya Tohge, Difference analogue of Cartan’s second main theorem for slowly moving period targets; Anders Björn, Jana Björn & Visa Latvala, Sobolev spaces, fine gradients and quasicontinuity on quasiopen sets; John W. Osborne & David J. Sixsmith, On the set where the iterates of an entire function are neither escaping nor bounded.

Includes the following articles, among others: Tobias Kaiser & Sabrina Lehner, Asymptotic behaviour of the Riemann mapping function at analytic cusps; Norbert Steinmetz, A unified approach to the Painlevé transcendents; Chang-Yu Guo & Pekka Koskela, Sharpness of uniform continuity of quasiconformal mappings onto s-John domains.

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 41:2 • ISSN 1239-629X • Soft • 503–1004 pp. • 2016 • EUR 60

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters • Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 42:1 • ISSN 1239-629X • Soft • 524 pp. • 2017 • EUR 60

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Scholarly Books from Finland 2016–2017  

Scholarly Books from Finland is an annual catalogue that features the latest international titles of Bookstore Tiedekirja.

Scholarly Books from Finland 2016–2017  

Scholarly Books from Finland is an annual catalogue that features the latest international titles of Bookstore Tiedekirja.