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December 3rd 2013

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Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

Vol. 8 Issue #49

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Q: Why is an island like the letter “T”?

American FamilyLooking rates are for a waythan to save? more competitive You need to insure both you might think. your auto and your home,

A: Because it’s in the middle of waTer.

so why not save money in

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Dave Braden Agency, Inc. 1715 Johnson Ave NW STE 1 (319) 366-0055 Bus (319) 363-1402 Fax

1715 Johnson from American Family. Ave. NW STE 1 Cedar Rapids, IA 52405-4866 (319) 366-0055



American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin Home Office – Madison, WI 53783

American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American Family Insurance Company American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio

Home Office - Madison, WI 53783

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002098 - Rev. 4/06

by Kathy Wolfe


Did you know that one in six people lives on an island? This week, Tidbits takes a little island getaway, bringing you facts about “any land mass completely surrounded by water.” • Not all islands are alike! Continental islands lie on the shelf of a continent, for example, Greenland, which lies on the shelf of North America, and Great Britain on that of Europe. Oceanic islands do not sit on a continental shelf. Most, such as the Hawaiian Islands, were formed by volcanic activity. The Hawaiian Islands, a 137-island chain, are the exposed peaks of a massive undersea mountain range. They were visited by British explorer Captain James Cook in 1778, and he dubbed them the Sandwich Islands after his friend, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu. • Each of the eight main Hawaiian Islands has a nickname. The largest, Hawaii, is of course, the Big Island. Next in size, Maui, is the Valley Isle, followed by Oahu, the Gathering Place. Fourth in size, Kauai is the Garden Isle, Molokai is the Friendly Isle, Lanai is nicknamed the Pineapple Isle, Niihau is the Forbidden Isle, and the smallest of the eight, Kaho’olawe is the Target Isle.

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Veterans of Foreign Wars

ISLANDS (continued):

15th Annual Museum Guild Cookie Walk Saturday December 7, 2013 9:30am-12:30pm National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library 1400 Inspiration Place Cedar Rapids Guild volunteers make a large variety of hand made holiday cookies and candies, being sold at $8.00 per pound. Will also be a holiday craft booth and a selection of hot beverages at the Cookie Walk Cafe. Doors open at 9am

Very Cherry Holiday

Saturday & Sunday December. 7 & 8 10 - 4PM 329 Tenth Avenue SE Cedar Rapids The Cherry Building's annual open house / studio tour. The public is invited to tour the historic Cherry Building and visit all of the studios and creative businesses, many of which will be offering creative gift items. The Friends of the Library will hold a holiday book sale on the first floor commons, and there will be a free shuttle running between the Cherry Building, NewBo Market, and the National Czech and Slovak Museum and library. Cedar Valley Humane Society Holiday Open House December 8, 2013, 2-5pm 7411 Mt Vernon Rd SE, Cedar Rapids We'll be serving up coffee, cookies, and other holiday yummies at our Holiday Open House on Sunday, December 8, from 2 to 5pm. It's the feel-good event of the season...and a perfect way to pick up a one-of-a-kind gift! And if you have a little extra jingle in your pocket, you can drop some coin in our donation box. We guarantee you our shelter sweeties are on Santa's "nice" list! Central City United Church of Christ Winter Wonderland Cookie Walk Saturday, December 14, 2013 5 North 5th Street, Central City, IA 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. or until the cookies are gone $4.00 a baker's dozen. Also featuring tasty candies and breads. Let us do your holiday baking! Harmonize the Holidays Saturday December 14, 2:00PM CEDAR SOUNDS SWEET ADELINES and women of the community who meet with the chorus for rehearsals in advance (Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm, 11/12 - 12/10) will perform popular Christmas Carols for the public December 14 at New Bo Market Cedar Rapids. Contact for information on performing with the chorus). The performance is FREE. Four-part harmony, a cappella will be sung. A great way to put yourself in the holiday spirit! Cookie Walk! Saturday, December 14th, 9:00am - 12 noon Homemade cookies, candy, bread, and snacks for sale. Calvin Sinclair Presbyterian Church 715 - 38th Street S.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 Free Christmas Dinners Wednesday December 25, Noon to 2 pm St. Paul’s United Methodist (1340 3rd Avenue SE) and St. Mark’s United Methodist Church (4700 Johnson Avenue NW) Cedar Rapids A free Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings will again be hosted by St. Paul’s United Methodist and St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25. Serving at St. Paul's and at St. Mark's will be from 12 PM – 2 PM.

Of Linn County

Helping Hand


Post 788 3240 Southgate Place SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

w w w. v f w p o s t 7 8 8 . o r g th

December 4

These events are open to the public.

NATURE CENTER HOSTS GUILD’S NATURE’S NOEL Saturday, December 7th from 9 a.m. till Noon Indian Creek Nature Center, 6665 Otis Road SE, CR Spruce up your home for the holidays with fresh greens, gifts and holiday foods at Nature’s Noel. Find decorations made with fresh greens, baked goods, artisan gifts from local vendors, frozen appetizers and tasty frozen soups, even recycled treasures,. But it’s only three hours long, so come early! Presented by the Nature Center Guild, this fundraiser supports programs for adults and children.

• Although Australia is completely surrounded by water, geographically it is considered a continent rather than an island. It’s not only too big to be formally classified as an island, it also sits on its own tectonic plate. Because of this, the title of world’s largest island goes to Greenland, a continental island lying on North America’s continental shelf. • Located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, Greenland has an area of 836,330 square miles, with 81% of that area covered by an ice sheet. If that ice sheet were to melt away completely, the sea level of the world would rise by more than 23 feet. Most of the island’s 57,600 people live along the coasts, the only areas that are ice-free. It’s the most sparsely populated country in the world. Although Greenland’s main export is shrimp, the island is rich in natural resources, including zinc, lead, iron, gold, and platinum. Even diamonds are mined there. • Contrast Greenland’s population of 57,600 in 836,330 square miles with that of Sumatra. Sumatra’s area equals about 21% of Greenland’s, yet this island is home to 50 million people! Located in Indonesia, Sumatra is the world’s sixth largest island, but is the world’s largest volcanic island. • Just south of the Arctic Circle is the second largest volcanic island, Iceland, home to the world’s largest concentration of geysers. Over 14% of its surface is covered by lakes and glaciers, and there are 130 volcanic mountains on the island. Iceland has the secondhighest quality of life in the world, as well as one of the world’s highest life expectancies.

5 - 7 Burgers & Soup night $7 Bingo followng the dinner

December 8th

Sunday Brunch All you can eat 9am - Noon $9.00 Juices, Coffee, Milk, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, Pancakes, Hash Browns, Bacon/Ham, Sausage. Eggs to order, French Toast, Biscuits and Gravy.

December 13th Spaghetti dinner.$7 5 p.m. To 7 p.m

Event Hall Available

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Event Hall Available

Special events, corporate events, weddings, anniversary

Call for Details: 319-364-7752 Come enjoy our new steel tip dart board. AMERICANS HONOR ALL


1-800-880-6849 Call Us Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm PST.

Second Annual Holiday Expo

Saturday, December 7 Sokol Hall 5200 18th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids 9am to 2pm

Featuring VENDORS and CRAFTERS Arbonne-Ace-Avon-BeautiControl-Cleaver Container-Cliffs Creations-Fibi&Clo-Grace Adele Handcrafted by Grant-Inspired by Addi-It Works! Karen’s Creations-Lia Sophia-Lucky’s Paracord Made Just for You-Mary Kay-Millie & June Norwex-Origami Owl-Pampered Chef-Park Lane Passion Parties-Perfectly Posh-Something4You Stanley & Fuller Brush-Tastefully Simple-Thirty One Tupperware-U’ve Been Framed-WoodenThoughts Wine Shop at Home-Your Inspiration at Home The Lighted Bottle People! If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?

ALTERNATIVE GIFT MARKET Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Echo Hill Presbyterian Church 9000 C Ave. Marion (north of Robins Rd.)

● Lunch 11 to 1 ● Baked goods ● Handmade fair trade items

Honor your friends by buying A FOOD BOX, A WATER PUMP, A MOSQUITO NET, A YAK... for someone in need.





Ju Fruit, P


December 3rd 2013

Tidbits® - It is OK to take this paper home with you to share with others when there are plenty available-

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Changing Hands

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Tools 4 life By DR. Jim coyle Avoid the Holiday Crash You may not always look where you are going, but you will always end up going where you are looking. Have you ever secretly desired someone else’s property; a spouse, a job, a house, etc… Once we take our eyes off the road we lose control and spin into a ditch. Along with Holiday cheer comes icy roads and black ice. The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. Before we start playing in someone else’s yard, we need to fertilize our own. Before we park in someone else’s garage, we need to clean ours out and make room for cleaning up what we have. The garage is our mind and our eyes are the garage door opener. Keep your eyes up and focused and you will avoid the Holiday crash. “My eyes are fixed on you, Sovereign LORD; in you I take refuge. Keep me safe from the traps set before me.” Psalm 147:8-9

ISLANDS (continued):

• Sitting in the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil is Maraj_, the world’s largest island that is completely surrounded by fresh water. It’s about one-third the size of New York state, and compares in size to Switzerland. About 250,000 live on Maraj_, which lies right on the equator. • The official name for a group, cluster, or collection of geographically-related islands is archipelago. Familiar archipelagos include the Canary Islands, the Bahamas, the Caymans, Indonesia, the British Isles, and the Philippines. The Philippines consist of more than 7,100 islands. Total land area is about the same as the state of Arizona, yet its population exceeds 97 million people. About 20 measurable earthquakes occur there daily. Over 170 individual languages are spoken in the Philippines. • The Guinness Book of Records lists Bishop Rock as the world’s smallest island with a building on it. It’s 151 feet long by 52.5 feet wide and is situated at the end of Britain’s Isles of Scilly, 30 miles from England. Bishop has nothing but an uninhabited 160-ft tall lighthouse, completed in 1858. The Rock has been the cause of many shipwrecks over the decades, including one wreck resulting in 2,000 deaths. The lighthouse’s last keepers left in 1992, and it has operated automatically since then. • One of America’s newest national parks is located 60 miles off the coast of southern California. Channel Islands National Park was named such in 1980, and is home to the largest accumulation of blue whales in the world. The last permanent lighthouse in the country was built on the archipelago’s 699-acre Anacapa Island in 1932.

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ou y w o fh

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y this ad hicle Safet n o i t n . e Me fall V l for details e e r al af tion. C inspec

Mt. Vernon Road Auto Center, Inc.

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Thursday Night

Wing night & 3 ball pool league! Basket of 8 wings Hot or Mild $4.00

Qualified applicants will possess: • A genuine desire to help others • High school diploma/equivalent • Valid driver’s license • Successful background clearance • Ability to lift 50 lbs. If you are committed to providing a safe & supportive environment to individuals with developmental disabilities and want to have fun at work; apply online at: EOE/AA

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SUNday FOOTBALL! enjoy drink specials relax and watch a foot ball game.

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Look for puzzle answers on page 12.

We are “People Helping People”

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ISLANDS (continued):

• There are 6,852 islands in the nation of Japan. Its capital city Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world with a population of over 30 million people. There are 109 active volcanoes throughout the islands, more than any other country. Its location at the junction of four tectonic plates makes Japan vulnerable to powerful earthquakes and tsunamis. The March, 2011 earthquake, which registered 8.9 on the Richter scale, was the cause of nearly 16,000 deaths. Japan has a 100% literacy rate, one of the world’s highest life expectancies, and a remarkably low crime rate. • From the mid-1700s until the late 1830s, Massachusetts’ Nantucket Island was the whaling capital of the world. About 150 whaling ships made port there during that time. Today this 47.8-sq-mile island is most famous today as a tourist destination. During the summer months the population swells from 10,000 to 50,000. Its home values are listed as among the highest in the U.S. • Not every island is formed by natural forces. Japan’s Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, a project that began in 1987. Rock and 48,000 concrete blocks form a seawall around the island, for which three mountains were excavated for the layer of earth over the sea floor. The airport opened in 1994. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is in the midst of creating the Palm Islands, a chain of artificial islands shaped like palm trees, constructed from sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

366-8267 Ext. 21 2750 First Ave. NE, Suite 150 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

• An island that has formed on the surface of a coral reef is called a cay, while one that forms by deposits of sediment in a river is called an eyot. A small rocky island, usually too small for habitation, is known as a skerry.

United States United States of America: of America: Simplicity Simplicity Kirby Kirby Oreck Oreck

Wrapping for a Cause Schedule Thru Dec 24th

Mon thru Sat 11am - 8pm Sundays 11am - 5pm Christmas Eve 9am - 3pm n



Holiday Gift Wrapping Take the hassle out of your holiday wrapping. The Arc of East Central Iowa is Wrapping for a Cause at Lindale Mall. Visit our booth located in the food court where you will find a large selection of gift wrap for that special someone on your list.

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December 3rd 2013

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ons, Etc. & Ballsotu me Emp

T he

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December 3rd 2013

December 22– January 19 Hilarity ensues after a communication mix-up at work. The break in the action does wonders for morale, and the pace picks up considerably, Capricorn.

January 20– February 18

If you can do it, you can undo it, Aquarius. Hurry to make things right. A crisis in faith ends with the help of wise friend. Gifts from afar make for a great weekend.

February 19– March 20

Dream on, Pisces. A proposal is not what it seems. Pass on it, or prepare to pay the piper. A game is won at home, and the victory lap begins.

March 21– April 19

Drat, Aries. You have a lot to do, but very little time to do it in. Learn to delegate. The hunt for the perfect gift begins and ends at an out-of-the-way shop.

April 20– May 20

Rumors begin circling with an announcement. Separating fact from fiction will be difficult at best. Lucky for you, Taurus, another announcement will set things straight.

May 21– June 21 Flexibility is key to getting through the holidays. Be willing to accommodate the needs of others, and they will do the same for you, Gemini.

June 22– July 22

No joke, Cancer. All eyes are on you to make a hum-ho event an affair to remember. Never thought of yourself as an entertainer? Well, think again.

July 23– August 22 Excuses, excuses, Leo. You’ve made far too many as of late. Stop running around and start facing up to what is happening. Only then will you find a longterm solution.

August 23– September 22 Trust your instincts, Virgo. There is more to it, and you know it. Don’t agree to the offer until all of the cards are on the table. A party invite arrives.

September 23– October 22

A tickle of the ivories gets a party going, and you’re the star of the show. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, Libra. A run-in with a business associate proves lucrative.

October 23– November 21

Feeling lost, Scorpio? You’re not alone. Put your heads together to figure out the best way to proceed. A special occasion calls for a special treat.

November 22– December 21

Game on, Sagittarius. The competition is heating up at home. You’re going to have to pull out all of the stops if you want to win. An email points to a cause.

The Good Earth won the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1932 and continues as one of the most popular novels of all time. How much do you know about its author, Pearl S. Buck? Here are some details about this prolific writer. • Pearl Sydenstricker was born to Southern Presbyterian missionaries in 1892. Although they were stationed in China, Pearl was born during a U.S. furlough, but moved to China at three months of age. Her mother had established a dispensary in China, where she ministered to Chinese women, while Pearl’s father spent months in the Chinese country side seeking converts. • Pearl attended a women’s college in Lynchburg, Virginia, then returned to China shortly afterward to care for her ailing mother. After marrying an agricultural economist, the Bucks held teaching positions at China’s Nanking University. • The couple welcomed a daughter, Carol, in 1921, who was a victim of Phenylketonura, or PKU, a genetic disorder that left her profoundly mentally challenged. Carol’s specialized care required large amounts of money, and the Bucks’ financial situation became so perilous that Pearl, a born storyteller, began writing to earn extra income. In the 1920s, she published essays and stories in several magazines. • Times were tense in China in the 1920s, and in 1927, she and her husband narrowly escaped a violent battle known as the Nanking Incident. They were rescued by American gunboats, and spent a year in Japan before moving back to a turbulent China. 
 • Pearl’s first novel East Wind, West Wind, was published when she was 38 in 1930. The following year, The Good Earth, the novel that would bring her international fame, was published. Having lived in China for most of her life, Pearl had plenty of experience in writing the story of impoverished Chinese farmers struggling to survive. The novel was the best-selling book of both 1931 and 1932, and was translated into 30 languages, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. In 1937, the MGM film version, three years in the making, was released and was nominated for five Academy Awards. A 500acre California farm was transformed into a replica of a Chinese farm for the movie. Years later, the book regained popularity when it was chosen by television host Oprah Winfrey for Oprah’s Book Club. • Two books followed to make The Good Earth into a trilogy, Sons in 1932, and A House Divided in 1935. • Needing better care for her daughter, Pearl, single after 18 years, moved to the U.S. permanently in 1933. She returned to school and earned a second Master’s degree. All the while she continued to write and in 1938, she became the first American women to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Most of her writing featured China as the setting. • Pearl later married an editor from her publisher’s company, and the couple adopted six children during their 25 years together. Over the course of her life, she published over 70 books, story collections, an autobiography, poetry, children’s books, and a cookbook. When she passed away in 1973, her tombstone of her own design featured her name inscribed in Chinese characters.

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Pre-employment drug testing. JOB Opportunity Home Health Care and SCL/ Respite Staff, all shift available. For Personal care, Housekeeping, Medication reminder, Mobility Assistance, Meal preparation, Incontinence care, Chores, SCL/ Respite services for people of all ages and races. Contact: All Ages Care Services, LLC, 319-892-0507 or download application at http://www. Member Support Counselor must: 1. Pass Background Check 2. Have Driving License 3. 18 years or Older 4. High School Diploma or Higher 5. Good Communication. ADOPTION CALIFORNIA CHRISTIAN WOMAN from big loving family wishes to adopt healthy child, all expenses paid, totally legal. Please call Marie 917-696-2586 (AC) SANDBLASTING

can help by restoring one or all of your trailers in your fleet, getting you back on the road with minimal down time, saving you money. We can tackle more than vehicle restoration. We also specialize in food grade framing, factory weldments, signage and large industrial equipment. Call Van Smiley (319) 362-0568 CARS / TRUCKS / VANS

2004 Olds Alero, White with Grey cloth interior. 110k miles, AC, 2.2L/4 cyclinder Automatic, Clean Nor Rust, fully loaded $4,695. 319-350-5183

2005 Saturn Vue, V-6 Auto Front wheel drive, Great gas mileage, Exceptionally clean 86,700 miles, $6,000 319-350-5698 or 319-363-6299 MOTORCYCLES / 4x4 WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI: Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, Z1R, Kawasaki Triples, GT380, GS400, CB750, (1969-75) Cash-Paid, Nationwide-Pickup, 1-800-7721142, 1-310-721-0726. usa@ (AC) ADVERTISE IN TIDBITS

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December 3rd 2013

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Edge etails.... Perfect Bert Carmer

Knife Sharpest A selection of Candles, $3 per knife sharpened Jewelry, Gifts, 319-393-8897 Antiques & more. 4554 MT. Vernon Rd. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 VILLAGE HAIR DESIGN Haircuts $10/Coloring $30+up 319-362-0565 65 16th Ave SW Czech Village Entrance/Parking 17th Ave 319-241-6277

NEW MattrEss sEts twin $99 Full $119 Queen $129 King $189

DElivEry& FiNaNciNg availablE

FrEE layaWay

319-531-6363 Austins LeJunque Store

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2801 Mt Vernon Rd. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 319-241-1563


ar Rap Cemdputer Repidas





Furniture, Tools, Toys, Christmas, Antiques, Collectables, Household Items. CD’s $1, DVD’s 4/$10, Records $1, VHS $1 Clothing $1, Coats $5

Kevin’s A-1 Vacuum If we don’t have it, you’re in trouble. WE REPAIR ALL BRANDS 901 Oakland Rd NE CedarRapids * 319-365-8308


319-200-6565 MASSAGE THERAPY


Corridor’s Premier Furniture Resale Store Whether moving,redecorating, refurbishing furniture, or just want to be inspired. This is where you want to come.

♦Great Values ♦Great Finds ♦Great Inspiration 185 Hwy 965 Liberty Plaza,Suite1 North Liberty, Iowa

319-626-2203 THRIFT STORE

POTENTIALLY YOURS Thrift Store of Iowa City. We carry clothing, housewares, furniture, collectibles and now

SAVE YOUR MONEY with the same treatment and results. My prices are economical and reasonable. Clients of all ages, including pregnancy and children are welcome. Reflexology sessions available. To schedule your massage, call Alison, Licensed Massage Therapist / Registered Certified Reflexologist at: 390-7820. Cash or checks only.

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Visit my website:

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All drywall needs. Hanging,finishing, patch work on up to large jobs Shane Hanson 319-450-3160


CORRIDOR INSULATION Commercial & Residential

● Fiberglass batts ● Fiberglass Blown in ● Insulation removal ● Fully Insured ● Free estimates ● Certified Rebate Installer ● Attics are our specialty

Rich Cook: Owner


corridorinsulation@ HOME REPAIR

Licensed & Insured

Framing - Siding - Roofing - Drywall Decks - Garages - Remodeling - Cabinets


Small jobs welcome! Interior Remodeling Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures, Kitchen / Baths Flooring

319-654-1022 TOM’S HOME REPAIR

Roof Repair Painting Drywall Carpentry


35 years Experience

Tom Trachta


D. R. Hall

Your Body is Talking. Are You Listening?

Call now for your

Tag Sale/Estate Sale personal WHERE: 8304 Prairie wellness consultation. Urbandale, Iowa WHEN: December 6 7am-3pm COINS / JEWELRY December 7 We buy gold & silver 8am-5pm Coins , Jewelry, US & Foreign December 8 Paper Money & Dental Gold VAN’S JEWELRY 10am-4pm 319-390-1885 Antiques, Collectables Holiday items HOME SERVICES Pool table, snow blower, ALL DRAINS SNAKED! weight lifting set $6500 Call Rescue Rooter Much, Much, More

one on one



No Extra Charge Sat/Sun/Hol

Interior Painting Drywall Repair, Staining, Varnishing 30 Years of Experience References available

APARTMENTS AD#024 Clean and cozy NE side one bedroom, keyed entrance, easy access to I-380, close to park, central air, extra storage, and laundry. Starting at $325 Must Qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets. AD#201 1 & 2 bedroom very spacious, sw wooded area close to I-380 & Kirkwood, two bath, newer carpet, central air, large walk in closet, keyed entrance, dishwasher and garage available. Starting at $345 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets. AD#053 1 & 2 bedrooms, wooded area, close to I-380, laundry, eat in kitchen, air, newer carpet and extra storage. Starting at $275 Must Qualify AD#078 SW location close to Kirkwood and I-380, newer carpet, dishwasher, keyed entrance, air, laundry, garages available .Starting at $295 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets


Electrical work, small jobs welcome, 45yrs Exp, master license, contractor license, bonded & insured.

15 mile radius for free estimates. Call: 319-622-3238


Don’t be left out in the

snow & Ice scott Akers

storAge Your Clutter is Our Bread & Butter!

We have only a few large units left!

*Fenced & Gated *Security Cameras *Concrete Floors *Two Unit Sizes! 14x48 Storage with Large 12x14 Overhead Doors $200 per month or $180 per month with 12 month lease 10x20 Storage Units $60 per month


1850 Commercial Dr.Walford,IA WANTED

WANTS TO purchase minerals and other oil & gas interests. Send details P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co 80201

PAYING CASH FOR Antique Fishing Reels Antique Fishing Rods Antique Bamboo Rods Antique Tackle Boxes

Arrow Heads Old Comic books


Old Pocket and Wrist Watches

AD#068 3 bedroom ranch in Marion with full basement, central air, detached garage, and close to a park. Starting at $695 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets


DUPLEX FOR RENT AD#083 2 bedroom duplex, side by side, laundry hook-ups, air, 1 stall garage, and close to park. Starting at $445 Must Qualify Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets AD#077 New duplex, central air, deck and detached garage. Starting at $435 Must Qualify. Kelley Property Mgmt. 365-3156 No Pets COMMERCIAL LEASE

Retail or Office Space

fOR LeaSe excellent location off of

I-380 & 33rd ave SW Starting at $420 per month Ph: 363-3292


319-362-1411 J.B. Painting, Inc.

Residential and Light Commercial Painting Great References Free Estimates Call Jeff at 319-329-6747


in newer strip mall across from WalMart in Marion. 1500 sq. ft. @$9.95/sq. ft. High traffic area w/signage available 319.363.3292


We buy all flat screen LCD and Plasma TV's that are not working. Don't throw it out! Russ 360-3936 MISCELLANEOUS

THE OCEAN Corp. 10840 Rockley Road, Houston, Texas 77099. Train for a New Career. *Underwater Welder. Commercial Diver. *NDT/Weld Inspector. Job Placement Assistance. Financial Aid available for those who qualify. 1-800-321-0298. (AC)

HELP WANTED: PRINTING SERVICES INC. has an opening for an experienced Sheetfed Press Operator. We are a long time established company located in Northern Iowa and are looking for the right individual to join our staff. Multicolor press experience preferred, but will train. Folding and cutting experience a plus. Day shift, competitive pay and benefits package. Please submit resume to: Press Operator, Printing Services, Inc., 524 River Ave. N., Belmond, IA 50421 or email resume to: (MCN) BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Net Huge Profits. Over $60K/Year. A Real Business! (Invest. Req’d. – $4750) 1-877-7250409. Call Daily from 8 AM to 4 PM CST (MCN) Space available, over 47,000 local readers every week!


Kirkwood Estates

“lease to Own” Mobile Homes. LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Contact Cheryl at:


Community Building Outside Swimming Pool Storm Shelter Garages Playground Basketball Court Baseball Field Gated RV/Boat Storage Security Staff 24 hours

615 Miller Ave. Dr. SW


MINNEAPOLIS BASED COMPANY EXPANDING ACROSS THE NATION. We need sales reps with an excellent opportunity to move up into sales management. Excellent commissions. We train. Ag or construction experience a plus. Call 1-866-958-2969 (MCN) WE’RE GROWING! McFarland Truck Lines, Inc. We need company/drivers and owner/operators. Great pay and benefits package. Stay in the Midwest and be home on weekends. Call Scott 800-533-0564 ext. 205 Scott. (MCN) OWNER OPERATORS – Lease Purchase – Dedicated lanes- TX-SE-Midwest – dry van – $4500 a week, off weekends, paid weekly, no hold backs – no escrow. 1-888-2462251 (MCN) $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT Cash Now!! Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need fast $500-$500,000? Rates as low as 1/2% month. Call Now! 1-800-568-8321. (MCN) HORSE SALE: Belle Plaine Western Exchange, Belle Plaine, IA. Next Scheduled Sale: “Christmas Tack Special” Saturday, December 14, 2013. Tack 10:00 a.m., Horses immediately following. Sale 2nd Saturday of every month. Upcoming Sale: January 11, 2014. Check out our website for details and sale results:www.; Info/To Consign: 319-444-2320; email: (MCN) ALUMA TRAILER SALE: 27% off MSRP on all 2014 ALUMINUM trailers. New 6’x12’x6’ enclosed trailers $2,249.00; New 6’x12’x6’ V-nose-rampdoor in 6 colors $2,649.00 & up; Goosenecks 102×25’, 28’, 30’ both 20k & 24k FREE SPARE. 515-972-4554 or www. (MCN) SENIORS AND CAREGIVERS: Software for managing appointments, health history and medications on your own computer. Go to for details. Download 30 day free trial program. Purchase for only $10 (MCN) *ADOPTION: *Adventurous, Financially Secure, Travel, Sports, LOVE, Laughter, Stay-Home-Mom yearns for 1st baby. Expenses paid. *1-888664-2648* *Vanessa&Chad* (MCN) PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Call Us First! Living expenses, Housing, Medical and continued support afterwards. Choose Adoptive Family of Your Choice. Call 24/7. ADOPT CONNECT 1-866-743-9212 (Void in IL, IN) (MCN) A UNIQUE ADOPTIONS, LET US HELP! Personalized Adoption Plans. Financial Assistance, Housing, Relocation and More. Giving the Gift of Life? You Deserve the Best. Call Us First! 1-888-637-8200. 24HR Hotline. (VOID IN IL) (MCN) $14.99 SATELLITE TV. Includes free installation. High speed internet for less than $.50 a day. Low cost guarantee. Ask about our FREE IPAD with Dish Network. Call today 1-855-331-6646 (MCN)

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Nov 28th-Dec 22nd Tannenbaum Forest A forest of decorated trees, Nativity, Santa & his reindeer. December 6th-7th A Glimpse of Amana’s Christmas Past Stories of old at the Heritage Museum.

1 2


Lehm Books & Gifts

Featuring Department 56 Items & Jim Shore Figurines 4536 220th Trail • Amana, IA 52203 (319) 622-6447 • (800) 840-2387 w w w. l e h m b o o k s a n d g i f t s . c o m

3 4 5 6 7

220th Trail




220th Trail


Av e



Amana Business Directory Old Creamery Theatre Company 39 38th Ave. 1-800-35-amana See page 6 Little Red Wagon See this page 4417 220th Trail 319-622-3822 Amana General Store See this page 4423 220th Trail 319-622-7650 Amana Coffee & Tea Co. See this page 4423 220th Trail 622-6598 The Ronneburg Restaurant 4408 220th Trail 319-622-3641 See page 6 Lehm Books & Gifts See this page 319-622-6447 4536 220th Trail • 800-840-2387 Iowa Theatre Artists Company 4709 220th Trail 319-622-3222




nu Ave


MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel ● On Dec. 8, 1542, in Linlithgow Palace in Scotland, a daughter is born to James V, the dying king of Scotland. Named Mary, she was the only surviving child of her father and ascended to the Scottish throne when the king died just six days after her birth. ● On Dec. 2, 1777, legend has it that Philadelphia housewife and nurse Lydia Darragh single-handedly saves the lives of Gen. George Washington and his Continental Army. She made notes when she overheard the British planning a surprise attack and got them to Washington. ● On Dec. 6, 1921, The Irish Free State, comprising four-fifths of Ireland, is declared, ending a five-year Irish struggle for independence from Britain. The Irish Free State was renamed Eire, and is now called the Republic of Ireland. ) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Stop in at our New Location

830 4th Ave. SE * Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Phone: 319-362-8976 * Fax: 319-298-1669

“Because Your Family’s Health Comes First”

● Free Delivery of your medications to your home or office. ● Free Mail out Medication Service. ● Nebulizers to buy or rent. ● Monthly billing with approved payee service OR credit. ● Approved In-Network Unity Point Pharmacy.

Mention Tidbits to get these offers.

30% off Custom Framing

A-1 Home Healthcare Proudly Presents

Senior News Line



45th Avenue

44th Avenue


The Amana Colonies are located 5 miles north of Interstate 80 on Iowa Highways 151, 6 and 220. The Colonies are 20 miles southwest of Cedar Rapids, and 17 miles west of Iowa City.

46th Avenue


Aman ← to Middle

Hwy 151 / 42nd Avenue

38th Avenue


Rapids → To Cedar

20% off Any Lure Purchase.*

by Matilda Charles

Social Security Changes in 2014

Beginning in January, the Social Security cost of living allowance (COLA) is going up 1.5 percent for its 57 million beneficiaries. For those who receive an average benefit of $1272, the increase will be a whopping $19 per month. Other changes for 2014 include: Income subject to Social Security taxation will increase to $117,000 from $113,700. Above that amount, and your contribution to Social Security does not go up. For those who are less than full retirement age (which is age 66 for those born between 1943 and 1954) and receive Social Security benefits, the limit on earnings will be $15,480. Income above that will see deductions of benefits of $1 for every $2 earned. Those who turn age 66 in 2014 will have an earned income cap of $41,400, with $1 deducted for every $3 earned over that amount for the months until they reach full retirement age. Those who are the full retirement age for the whole year will have no benefits deducted for any income earned. Medicare’s Part B premium, however, will stay the same as in 2013, which is $104.90 (for those with incomes of less than $85,000). If you received the email saying the premium will go up to $247 per month, don’t worry. The email was a fake and has been on the Internet for three years now. Let’s look at what that $19 Social Security COLA increase will buy: Onethird of a week’s worth of groceries on the USDA Moderate Food Plan. You can stretch that to a half week of groceries if you stick to the Thrifty Food Plan (and eat more potatoes and less meat). Don’t spend it all in once place. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

Hair Mechanix & Heavenly Cuts Barber/Beauty Shop

*Excl udes Fishing Rods Mention this ad and receive 20% off locally made Soy candles

i n d i a n c r e e k a r t .com

601 7th Ave. Marion (319) 377-5739

Tues-Fri 8am-5pm Sat 8am-12pm

Deb Breeden Barber/Stylist

Hair Cuts $12

Perms $40 & up


Business 319-261-7777 Cell 319- 241-5850 1738 B Ave NW, Cedar Rapids

Handicap Accessible Welcome! Free gift with each cut!

December 3rd 2013

We have over 600 distributionlocations, find a conveinent location online at

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220th Trail Ronneburg 4408 Amana, IA 52203 319-622-3641 Restaurant On the main street of Historic Amana

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Enter for a chance to a $10.00 Gift Certificate WIN Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


Enter for a chance to WIN a $10.00 Gift Certificate Sun. Noon - 8pm Mon.-Sat. 11am - 9pm

Lindale Mall lower level 365-4265 Not valid with any other offer or specials • No purchase necessary • No cash value ENTER AT:

Enter for a chance to win 2 concert tickets!

2013-2014 season 3 remaining shows


“Thank You for the Music” Abba Tribute Back on Broadway Rodney Mack Philadelphia Big Brass

A $50.00 Value www.crcommunityconcer Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


Enter for a chance to win! Choice of any of our omelets!* Served all day. Valued up to $10.49

3130 16th Ave SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 (319) 261-1249


2 show tickets for an upcoming event. 800-35-AMANA Value up to $54 26262 39 38th Ave. Amana, IA 52203

Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash

The Old Creamery Theatre in Amana offers something for everyone this holiday season! From musicals, to comedies to dramas to children’s shows, come join the fun with live, professional theatre at its finest.

Now playing on the Main Stage through Dec. 22: Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas. Come celebrate the holidays with The Church Basement Ladies in this all-new show filled with their heartwarming humor and wisdom. A delightfully funny way to celebrate the season! Inspired by the books of Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson including the best seller, “Growing Up Lutheran.” Written by Greta Grosch. Music and lyrics by Drew Jansen. Away in the Basement is rated theatre G. Sponsored by Cottage Grove Place. Media sponsor: Tidbits. Many shows are sold out. Call for your tickets today! Tru opens Dec 5 on the Studio Stage and runs through Dec. 22. A dramatic comedy by Jay Presson Allen, this play is about the life of writer Truman Capote. His ability to weave truth with fiction led to some of his greatest works, such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood.” Rated Theatre R. Sponsored by The Gethmann Foundation. Media sponsor KMRY.

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319-364-4415 621 1st Ave. SW Cedar Rapids, IA

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Tatyana’s Coffee Shop & Café

1725 Boyson Rd., Hiawatha * 319-393-2500 * Serving Breakfast & Lunch Valued Monday - Friday 7 AM - 2 PM

up to $8.25 Enter for a Chance to WIN one daily lunch special Does not include beverage.

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• In 1802, at the urging of Robert Livingston, U.S. An Original Iowa Tradition Since 1927 minister to France, Fulton turned his attention On Iowa LIVE to steamboats. After two steamboat trials in with special guest Appearances France, one a failure and one a success, Fulton Audience interaction with returned to America in 1806 and proceeded to your questions build his famed steamboat the Clermont that Every Monday! 6:30-7:30 successfully plied the Hudson River in New 11 The AM Clermont’s - 2 AM EVERYDAY York. first significant trip was from Blairs New YorkFerry to Albany, a distance 1140 Road NE of Cedar Rapids,150 IA 52402 • 319-378-6447 approximately miles. The Clermont left New York on August 17, 1807, and completed Enjoy Broasted Chicken! the voyage in 30 hours, including an overnight ● Family Friendly Atmosphere stop. ● Large Lunch And Dinner Menu

• The voyage by theTVS Clermont was met by ● 44first High Definition ● NE Longest HAPPY HOUR 11am - 7 pm the public with suspicion. Many referred to the boat as “Fulton’s Folly” due to its unusually long length andyour the smoke and fire sports associated Enjoy all Hawkeye with the vessel’s newfangled steam engine. Many thought it would blow up or sink on its OOMInSfact, because Y Rwrong! RTwere first voyage; PAthey Fulton attention to passenger Askwisely to reservepaid our free party room for comfort, the became a very your Clermont upcoming events! profitable vessel for transporting passengers to destinations on the Hudson River. Fulton Your and Holiday subsequentlyBook formed led a company Party Now! offering services on six major rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Bachelor • Following Fulton’s success, steamboats Bachelorette became a prime transporter Parties of passengers and goods across the country. For example, in the steamboat portGrooms of New Dinner Orleans, 20 steamboat arrivals in 1814 increased to a whopping 1,200 arrivals by 1834. Special Events? Check • The steamboat era Us in Out! the United States continued until the 1870s, when railroads started supplanting the steamboat as the preferred transporter of passengers and goods.


*Does not include beverage.*Order cannot be split for two.


edar Rapids (continued): CSTEAMBOATS



Tickets for both the Main Stage and Studio Stage are $27.50 for adults and $18 for students. Group rates and student rush tickets are available.

The Old Creamery Theatre for Young Audiences presents The Velveteen Rabbit on the Main Stage opening Nov. 30 and running through Dec. 21. This musical adaptation of the classic story by Margery Williams will entertain the entire family. Show times are 11 a.m. on Saturdays and 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 19. Book and lyrics by George Gray. Music by Chris Talbert. Sponsored by Scheels. Media sponsor: 96.5 Kiss Country.



Enter for a Choice of 1 chance to win Fajitas Fiesta

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7 different Fajitas Fiesta’s


2210 Edgewood Rd SW Suite 600 Cedar Rapids Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


Theatre for Young Audiences tickets are $8.50 per person. All seating is reserved.

New Name Same great service

Call 319-622-6262 or visit us on the web at for reservations and show times.

Enter for a Chance to Win


1317 First Ave. SE

1 Full Service car wash Valued at $11.99 Cedar Rapids, IA


Some restrictions apply • No purchase necessary • Not redeemable for cash


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David Pitts

THIS IS A HAMMER By Samantha Mazzotta

Broker/Owner, Listing Specialist, HUD Specialist

319-981-DAVE (3283)



5bed/3.5ba Executive 2 story on 1 ACRE. Wooded setting, over 3530 sq. ft. $274,900


3bed/2ba 1.75 story, CONTRACT TERMS, 2 car, vinyl siding, new windows, $99,900.

December 3rd 2013

Painting in Winter Can be Tricky

New Listing

3 BR 1716 sq ft sprawling ranch completely updated on large Wooded lot w/2 car. This is a steal! $109k


4br/1.5ba ranch w/ 2 car, new siding, roof, carpet, paint, CA. Shows like new, walk-out, fencing $119K

ALBEE Digital Design


Computer Service Most Problems Repaired within 24 hrs

Programs Not Loading? Computer Running Slow?

IT MAY BE INFECTED!!! w w w. A L B E E D I G I TA L . c o m

Life on an island can be very enjoyable as long as Gilligan is on the other side.

Find Local Multiple Window


Get Matched in Minutes to Pre-Screened, Guaranteed Pros!

✔ CHOICES! Receive up to 4 competitive, no obligation estimates from prescreened & certified home pros in your area.

✔ EASY! Call and tell us about your project and get connected to guaranteed home pros in your area.

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1.800.991.8670 Mon-Sat 9am–9pm EST. Closed Su.

* There is no cost for DoneRight to match you with a local contractor. You are responsible for any costs associated with services rendered.

Q: Can I paint rooms during the wintertime? My friend says it’s impossible to do because the weather is too cold. What do you say? -- Jeanine H., via email A: It’s not impossible, but in colder climates it certainly can be more difficult. The main reason is that rooms need to be well-ventilated when painting; otherwise the room is hazardous to be in. It’ll need to continue to be ventilated while it’s drying, in order to keep humidity down, which means the windows will be wide open in the middle of winter. In more-temperate regions, painting in winter really isn’t a problem. Not only can you ventilate a room without getting frozen out of the house, but the paint cures more evenly. In below-freezing temperatures, a latex-based paint may not dry as evenly or cure as well. But painters do interior work in cold weather all the time. How do they do it without sealing off the room from the rest of the house? You could take a few hints from them. Professional painters often use a reverseair system. Rigged into one of the windows, it pulls air from the room to the outside of the house at a constant rate, so that fumes don’t seep into the rest of the house -- and the room being painted stays at a comfortable temperature. Even without such a system, you can paint a room by setting up a fan in the window pointing outward, and keeping your heating system registers open in the the room. Wear a respirator mask when painting to avoid breathing in fumes, and keep children out. If you need to add more than one coat or the paint seems to be taking longer than usual to dry, consider bringing in a dehumidifier to remove more moisture from the air and speed drying.

Pet’s Playhouse 151 Jacolyn Dr. NW Cedar Rapids 396-0635

There’s something fishy going on around here...

• Largest Selection of Fresh & Marine Fish

Climate controlled and traditional self-storage units Cedar Rapids 364-7400 • Resident manager 5315 J Street SW, • Residential and commercial Just off I-380 &•Hwy 30 will sign for deliveries Office

Cedar Rapids 364-740 5315 J Street SW Just off I-380 and Hwy 30

• Fenced facility with computermonitored entrance gate • Video monitoring • Individual unit alarms • On-site Penske truck rental and packing supplies • Month-to-month or long-term rentals


Marion 377-800 550 Lindale Drive

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED AND Just off Blairs Ferry Road TRADITIONAL SELF-STORAGE UNITS 2 LOCATIONS • manager • On-site Penske truck rental & packing supplies • Individual unit alarms • Fenced facility with computer-monitored • Month-to-month or entrance gate long-term rentals

Marion 377-8000

550 Lindale Drive Just off Blairs Ferry Road

Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?

Coloring Contest

eaturing F Featur ad City Style uad Q Qu a Piz Pizzza

Lower Level Lindale Mall

Color Me!

eaturing F Featur ad City Style uad Q Qu a Piz Pizzza

Then return me to Cranky Hanks

Lower Level Lindale Mall

4444 1st Ave. NE Lindale Mall lower level Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

November 29th -December 31st, 2013 LOWER LEVEL LINDALE MALL


Categories Ages 2-5 6-9 10-14 15 and up, no age limit Top three winners of each category receive a free pizza.

HOME TIP: To keep paintbrushes from drying out while you take a long break, place a sandwich baggie over the bristles.

1st place is a large pizza 2nd is a small 3rd is a personal size pizza

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Please stop in and either pick up or bring home to color. For ages 2-14 We have a winter setting page you can color. For 15 and up,

The Perfect Christmas Present You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be to give a lifespan closet. It’s unbelievably simple to install and looks great. It’s adaptability makes it a perfect gift for everyone.

We give you a blank “Canvas” to test your artistic ability.

All entrants receive a personal 1 topping on your next visit with a $10 purchase per group. Mention this ad for

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Through Jan 31,2014

For ideas visit 240 Classic Car Ct. SW● CR, Ia 52404 ●319.866.9816

Gift Certificates Available!

Stop in at Cranky Hanks

for the official entry form to color on.

Top three entrants will be notified so that they can attend the final judging on January 5th at Cranky Hanks Pizza. Prizes not valid on judging day.

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Wa n t t h i s p a p e r e v e r y w e e k ? C h e c k o n - l i n e f o r o t h e r g re a t d i s t r i b u t i o n l o c a t i o n s .

December 3rd 2013

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● OK, I’ll say it: I love tradition, but sometimes I want to mix it up for Thanksgiving dinner. I keep the main dishes the same as they always are, but I add my drama in the details. For instance, mix your choice of herbs into a stick of softened butter. Using plastic baggie with the corner cut off or a decorating bag, pipe the herbed butter onto a butter dish. Refrigerate and enjoy the oohs and ahs. -- JoAnn

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SCAN • FAX • IMAGE High-speed ◊ Full color ◊ Wide format 228 Northland Court, Cedar Rapids


Three guys are alone on a desert island: an engineer, a biologist and an economist. They are starving and don't have a thing to eat, but somehow they find a can of beans on the shore. The engineer says: "Let's hit the can with a rock until it opens." The biologist has another idea: "No. We should wait for a while. Erosion will do the job." Finally, the economist says: "Let's assume that we have a can opener".

FOR ALL YOUR COMMERCIAL OR INDUSTRIAL PAINTING & COATING NEEDS 4003 J Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 E-mail: 319-399-1735


By JoAnn Derson

● “In the week before Thanksgiving, have a leftovers day and get all those bits and pieces out of the refrigerator. It will make it easier to clean so you’ll have room for the turkey and the sides.” -- S.T. in South Carolina


FLOOR SHOP Carpet • Vinyl • Ceramic Hardwood Floors




3909 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids • (319) 832-1937 Steven Vogt Owner

● “For easier cooking when making large holiday meals, simply choose two side dishes that can be oven cooked in the same amount of time at an average temperature. I like one or two that can be cooked in the microwave as well.” -- E.U. in Texas ● “For a delightful twist on cranberry jelly, slice and sprinkle with orange zest. Dress up your mashed potatoes with a sprinkling of chopped fresh chives.” -- A Reader, via email ● The night before serving your large sit-down dinner, put all the serving pieces on the table, and all the dinnerware in the dining room. You don’t want to have one person trying to get plates and spoons when you are getting dinner on the table. ● “You know what works really well to keep hot casseroles hot when waiting for other sides to finish? A cooler. Line it with a towel and set your casseroles inside. Then, when they are on the table, stick the cooler back in the kitchen. You can put the dirty casserole dishes back in the cooler after you pack away leftovers. Add some warm, soapy water, and they can even wait until the next day to get cleaned.” -- M.B. in Georgia Send your tips to Now Here’s a Tip, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 or e-mail JoAnn at .c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc

STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver

● On Jan. 31, 2013, it officially became legal for women to wear pants in Paris. Before that, a law on the books only allowed women to wear pants if they were “holding a bicycle handlebar or the reins of a horse,” or if they had requested special permission from the police to dress like men. ● Japanese consumers are now able to buy a smartphone attachment that emits the odors of short ribs, beef tongue and buttered potatoes. Other attachments are also available, with scents such as the ylangylang flower, cinnamon rolls, coffee, corn soup, mint, strawberries, jasmine and curry. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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December 3rd 2013

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4 lbbag

179 ea

Ginger Evans Granulated Sugar

hipelago I battle? n to visit

at coun-

d to the

Family Pack



A man, who had been stranded alone on an ea His island for 25 years, was finally rescued. Folgers Classic rescuers noticed three huts on the beach and asked him what they were for. “That one was my Roast Coffee 33.9 my oz church.” house,” he said, “and that one was One of the rescuers asked what the third hut was. The man said, “That was the church I used to go to.”




Washington Apples or Pears

Jumbo Navel Oranges 79¢ ea




Being Well Aspirin

Pepsi 12 Pack Soda

75 ct

12 oz cans, Assorted Varieties

Cap’n Crunch Cereal 12.5-14 oz, Assorted Varieties





Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies 9.5-13 oz, Assorted Varieties




Being Well Cold/Flu Relief PM

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4 oz







Idaho Potatoes




This word means: A common Manhattan sight



9.4-14 oz, Assorted Varieties



lb bag




Fresh Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chops


Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Deluxe Macaroni








Being Well Liquid Soap

13.5 oz

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5 1. Guadalcanal /81 2. Q: Why is an islandChristopher like COMFORT the letter “T”?Columbus FOODS MADE 2/3/85 3. Denmark 1. Preheat oven to 375 F. Spray an 8-by-8-inch 4. 1959 HEALTHY! A: Because it’s in the middleFAST of waTer. AND 1. Which island in the Solomon archipelago 5. The island of Corsica andon ana large skillet with butter-flaA man, baking who had been dish stranded alone 85 was the Exchanges scene of a bitter World War II battle? By Healthy island forvored 25 years, cooking was finally rescued. His spray. In the skillet, combine eggs 62 2. Who was the first European known to visit rescuers noticed three huts on the beach and Biscuit Breakfast Scramble and lemon pepper. Cook over medium heat until the Caribbean Islands? asked him what they were for. “That one was my 3. Greenland is officially of whatsubsticouneggs are set, stirring often. Set aside. house,” he said, “and that one was my church.” 6 eggs, beaten or equivalent inpartegg try? One of the askedmedium what the third hutsaucepan, combine dry milk 2. rescuers In a tute 4. In what year was Hawaii admitted to the was. The man said, “That was the church I used powder and water. Stir in mustard and parsley to go to.” 1/2 teaspoon lemonUnion? pepper flakes. Add Cheddar cheese. Mix well to combine. 5. Name the birthplace of Napoleon.

2/3 cup nonfat dry milk powder Cook over medium meat until cheese is melted, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. 2/3 cup water 1. Who wrote the famous line “No man is an 3. Fold in ham and cooked eggs. Spread mixture island”? 2 teaspoons prepared yellow mustard into prepared baking dish. Separate biscuits and 2. Name the1largest island in the Caribbean.dried parsley flakes tablespoon cut each into 4 pieces. Evenly sprinkle biscuit 3/4 cup shredded reduced-fat Cheddar pieces over top of egg mixture. Lightly spray 1st Quarter 2013 roduct tops of biscuit pieces with butter-flavored cookcheese Week 49 a 98% ing spray. a high 1 cup diced extra-lean ham 4. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until biscuits are ch are A S E K brown. R P C Y SPlace baking dish on a wire rack 1 (7.5-ounce) can refrigerated buttermilk Rgolden portant “Every island to a child is a treasure This wordand means: Alet commonset Manhattan biscuits for 5 minutes. Makes 6 servings. oubleisland.” – P.D. James sight


to the ed the oggles Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island, the site hem.of amusement parks and a seaside resort, is

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actually a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. But at one time Coney was an outer barrier 1. English poet John Donne Bette Midler 12/1/45 island, which became partially connected Britney Spears 12/2/81 2. Cuba to the mainland by landfill before World Amanda Seyfried 12/3/85 War II. Tyra Banks 12/4/73 Frankie Muniz 12/5/85 Janine Turner 12/6/62 Larry Bird 12/7/56

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Guadalcanal Christopher Columbus Denmark 1959 The island of Corsica


, it is one of the world’s largest producers of tea.

12/1 World AIDS Awareness Day 12/2 Special Education Day 12/3 International Day of Disabled Persons 12/4 National Cookie Day 12/5 International Day Tire FiveVolunteers Seasons 12/6 St. Nicholas Day 1st Ave NE 2804 12/7 Pearl Harbor Day

Can you name the most recycled product in the U.S.? It’s car batteries, with a 98% recycling rate. Because they contain a high of heavy lead andand acid, operated. which are is amount locally owned harmful to the environment, it’s important 1641 Edgewood RD SW that they are recycled properly. It’s a troubleCedar Rapids, IA 52404 Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 free procedure – simply return it to the 319-396-7463 319-366-7683 dealership or store where you purchased the HOURS Both Locations: Mon.-Fri. 8-6; Sat. 9-3 replacement! Be sure to wear safety goggles and protective gloves when handling them.


1st Quarter 2013 Week 49

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Our Services include:

• Computerized Wheel Alignment • Brakes, • Front End Component Replacement • Coil Springs • Shocks and Struts • CV Joints and Boots, • Oil Changes

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When you purchase a set of 4 select Goodyear or Dunlop tires on the Goodyear Credit Card

1. English poet John Donne 2. Cuba

No hidden charges! No Surprises! √ INCLUDES Mounting √ INCLUDES Computer Balancing √ INCLUDES Road Hazard Warranty √ INCLUDES Lifetime Rotation √ INCLUDES Free Tire Disposal √ INCLUDES Lifetime Pressure Check √ INCLUDES Free Rubber Valve Stem

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12 3 13 tidbits v8 issue 49 online

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