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– Michael W. Dunagan: Is There a Mandatory Grace Period?

– Improving Employee Engagement and Accountability

– Menu Selling: The Ultimate F&I Solution for Dealerships

– Mitigating Preventable Risks: Why Dealerships Should Take Customer Complaints and Digital Risks Seriously


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Volume XXIII / Issue 5 / May 2023
9951 Anderson Mill Rd., Suite 101 Austin, TX 78750 Office Hours M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm 512.244.6060 • Fax 512.244.6218 john.frullo@txiada.org Notice to all members concerning services and products: TIADA was established in 1944 to develop professional standards of service and conduct for the independent auto industry. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the TIADA management, the Board of Directors or the membership. Likewise, the appearance of advertisers or their indemnifications of TIADA does not constitute endorsement of the products or services featured. Editor: Stephen Pallas Magazine Ad Sales: Patty Huber, 512-310-9795 Did You Know? The deadline for Safeguards compliance requirement is on June 9 and TIADA offers a low-cost option for safeguards security awareness and training. Turn to page 36 for more information. 4 Officers’ Message by Eddie Hale, TIADA President Elect 6 Upcoming Events 8 On The Cover: Can Artificial Intelligence Drive Your Content? by Stephen Pallas and ChatGPT 11 Stop Losing Business: The Case Against Inventory Carousel Ads & Your Alternative by Andrew Street 14 Legal Corner: Is There a Mandatory Grace Period? by Michael W. Dunagan 19 Mitigating Preventable Risks: Why Dealerships Should Take Customer Complaints and Digital Risks Seriously by Tom Kline 23 TIADA Membership Application 24 2023 TIADA Conference & Expo 31 Improving Employee Engagement and Accountability by Jason March 35 The Power of Menu Selling: The Ultimate F&I Solution for Dealerships by TIADA Staff 40 TIADA Auction Directory 43 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 45 New Members 45 Local Chapters 46 Behind the Wheel by John Frullo
John Frullo

officers’ message

On the Partnership Between TIADA and NIADA

Our dealerships have any number of concerns to contend with on a day-to-day basis without having to constantly worry about various outside pressures. To ensure the continued growth and success of the independent automobile industry, it is important to have effective and responsive dealer associations at both the national and state levels. NIADA and TIADA have different membership responsibilities, but they work together to ensure that the industry and our dealerships remain strong and competitive. We have incredible dealers in Texas, and many who participate in TIADA. I want to take this opportunity to encourage you all to take the state association mindset and apply it on a national level.

On the national level, dealer associations have a much larger portfolio of dealerships to represent. They engage in conversations with Washington to keep the industry in a position of having a voice in the legislative and regulatory processes. At the same time, state associations have the same responsibility at the state level, and they are independent of each other. It is important to recognize that all federal and state codes intermesh together or supersede one another, so it’s essential that communication recognizes the roles of each.

One of the most critical roles of national and state dealer associations is coordinating the education of members as a group. Both national and state associations offer a variety of education programs to their members to help them stay current with the latest trends and regulations. Additionally, the associations work to bring the relationship-driven needs of the states into the fold willingly. In this way, states will migrate into being more involved, and we hope Texas is one of those.

Joining the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA) also means joining the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA). Dues go to both levels of the association, and both are relied upon for national and state representation, education, and clarification of rules. State agencies like the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) and national agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) work closely with the boards, subcommittees, and leadership at all levels.

As dealers, we can give our support to both TIADA and NIADA with our knowledge, time, and assets to shape our industry. Attending education sessions and

... by contributing to both INDEPAC and NIADA-PAC, you can help to fund the activities that allow both associations to participate in the legislative process on your behalf.
4 Texas Dealer May 2023
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conferences throughout the year is a beneficial way to keep your dealership up-to-date on our best business practices. And, by contributing to both INDEPAC and NIADA-PAC, you can help to fund the activities that allow both associations to participate in the legislative process on your behalf. The only way we can be heard is if we’re involved, and we have great dealers across the state of Texas and across the other states in the country. We have informed dealers who participate in the process, and we have to encourage even more dealers to network and be involved in our associations. If you don’t know how to get involved, reach out to the associations. I can assure you that both NIADA and TIADA are eager to help promote and support our industry. By working together, we can ensure that the automotive industry remains strong and competitive for years to come.

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on the cover


ThisisthepromptIgaveto ChatGPT,anartificialintelligencetechnology thatwascreatedtogeneratehuman-likeresponsestoawiderangeofprompts andquestions.You’veprobablyheardofChatGPTbynow,butIthoughtitwasworth demonstratingwhatChatGPTcanproduceforthekindsofcontentyoumightwantto publishonyourdealership’swebsite.Onthenextpageisanun-editedarticlewritten entirelybyChatGPT.Itmightbeworthwhiletoexplorethetechnologyforyourown dealership,butyoubethejudge.

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a 1000-word article about finding and maintaining the perfect car, in terms of resale value, from the perspective of an automobile dealer. Include an SEO-friendly title.”

Expert Tips from an Automobile Dealer

How to Find and Maintain a Car for Maximum Resale Value

As an automobile dealer, I have seen many cars come and go, and one thing that always stands out is the importance of resale value. A car’s resale value refers to the amount of money you can expect to get when you sell or trade-in your car. It’s an important factor to consider when selecting a car, as it can save you money in the long run.

In this article, we will explore in detail how to find and maintain the perfect car in terms of resale value.

Finding the Perfect Car

When shopping for a car, it’s important to consider resale value from the start. Certain car models are known for holding their value better than others. It’s a good idea to research the car models that are known for having high resale values before you start car shopping. This will help you narrow down your options and make a more informed decision.

To get an idea of how much a car model is worth, you should research its past resale values. You can use online tools to find out how much a car model is worth based on its age, mileage, and condition. This will help you determine whether the car you’re interested in is a good investment or not.

Consider the brand when choosing a car. Certain car brands are known for having high resale values. For example, Toyota and Honda are two car brands that are known for having high resale values. Luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz also tend to hold their value well.

Long-term maintenance costs are another important factor to consider when selecting a car. Some car models

may have lower resale values due to high maintenance costs. When selecting a car, consider the long-term maintenance costs to ensure that you’re making a smart investment.

Maintaining the Perfect Car

Once you’ve found a car with a high resale value, it’s important to maintain it properly to ensure that it holds its value over time. Here are some tips for maintaining your car’s resale value:

• Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the road and help your car hold its value.

• Keeping your car clean and wellmaintained can help it hold its value. Regular car washes, waxing, and detailing can help keep your car looking like new. A well-maintained car is more likely to fetch a higher price than a poorly maintained one.

• Accidents can significantly decrease a car’s resale value. Be a cautious driver and follow traffic laws to avoid accidents. If your car has

been in an accident, make sure it’s repaired by a reputable auto body shop to maintain its value.

• Keeping a record of all maintenance and repairs that have been done on your car can help you prove that your car has been well-maintained. This can increase its resale value.

Be careful when considering aftermarket upgrades. While aftermarket upgrades can make your car more appealing, they can also decrease its resale value. When considering aftermarket upgrades, think about how they may impact the car’s value in the long run.

Regular servicing can go a long way in maintaining your car’s resale value. Servicing the car at regular intervals helps to keep the engine in good condition and ensures the smooth functioning of the car. Regular servicing also ensures that the car’s parts are in good working condition, which adds to the car’s resale value.

It’s also important to take care of the car’s exterior and interior. Keep the

May 2023 Texas Dealer 9

car clean both inside and out, and avoid eating or drinking inside the car. Regularly vacuuming the car’s interiors can help remove dirt and debris that can cause wear and tear.

Regularly changing the oil and air filters can help maintain the car’s engine and performance. Neglecting these can cause problems down the line and decrease the car’s value.

Checking the tires’ pressure and tread depth regularly can also help maintain the resale value of your car. Worn out or underinflated tires can lead to poor performance and decreased fuel efficiency, which can negatively impact the car’s value.

It’s important to note that maintaining a car’s resale value is not just about the mechanical aspects of the car. The overall appearance of the car is equally important. A car with a clean interior and exterior is more likely to attract buyers and fetch a higher price.

Regular maintenance and upkeep of the car’s appearance will ensure that it continues to look good and retain its value. You can also consider protective measures like applying a clear coat or ceramic coating to the car’s exterior to protect it from scratches and damage.

Another important factor to consider is the timing of when you decide to sell or trade-in your car. The market value of a car can fluctuate depending on factors like the economy, gas prices, and demand for certain car models. Keeping an eye on these factors can help you determine when the best time is to sell your car.

It’s also important to consider the resale value when making decisions about how to finance your car. A car loan that allows you to pay off the car’s value over a longer period of time may be attractive in the short term, but it can negatively impact the car’s resale value over time. This is because the car’s value will likely depreciate faster than you are paying it off.

In summary, finding and maintaining the perfect car in terms of resale value requires careful consideration and regular upkeep. Start by researching car models that are known for holding their value well, and factor in longterm maintenance costs when selecting a car. Once you’ve found a car with a high resale value, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, keep the car clean and well-maintained, and avoid accidents that can negatively impact the car’s value. Regular servicing, changing oil and air filters, checking tire pressure, and tread depth can help maintain the car’s performance and value. Finally, be mindful of the timing of when you decide to sell or trade-in your car, and consider the impact of financing options on the car’s resale value.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your car holds its value over time and maximizes your investment.

There will be a breakout session on ChatGPT at the TIADA Conference and Expo on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. To register for this year’s conference visit www.tiadaannualconference.com

6/22 10 Texas Dealer May 2023

Stop Losing Business: The Case Against Inventory Carousel Ads & Your Alternative

As an independent dealer, you want to steadily grow your business. To do that, you need to be the dealership that customers choose to come to first. The problem is, using the same type of cookiecutter strategy as every other dealership isn’t helping you stand out. Inventory carousel ads, which are ads that show images of your inventory and vehicle prices in a slideshow, may seem like a great solution but there’s a few glaring problems with a particular strategy.

The Problems with these Inventory Ads: Blending in

Inventory carousel ads, commonly known as Automotive Inventory Ads, have become increasingly popular among dealership digital advertisers. In fact, Facebook/Meta has reported that a whopping 89% of the digital ad budget of dealerships goes towards these automated and stale inventory ads. While these ads may seem to be a time and cost-effective way to showcase inventory, you’re going to be competing with every dealer in the market, especially franchise stores.

Imprecise Audience Targeting

Another issue is the quality of your targeting. The platforms on which these ads run, such as Facebook, optimize the ads to reach people who click on ads frequently, which could mean that the people you want to target with your ads may not actually be interested in buying your car. Additionally, as a dealership, many platforms limit the targeting to everyone over 18 within a minimum of a 15 mile radius of your store. That’s going to be expensive to make a dent.

Diminishing Your Brand

Advertisements that merely showcase your inventory and prices tend to convey that your dealership’s only value is its selection and pricing. Unless you’re confident that you continually have unique inventory and great prices, these type of advertising will quickly begin to backfire.

The Fix:

To tackle this problem, it’s crucial to collaborate with your marketing team and advertisers to construct a

11 May 2023 Texas Dealer feature

simple but distinctive strategy that caters to your dealership’s needs, and sets you apart from your competitors.

Standing out

One such effective strategy to consider is using video ads to introduce your dealership to people who may not have heard of you before. Research shows that in-stream video ads have a completion rate of almost 70%. What’s more, video ads can be shown in social media newsfeeds, stories, and other digital forums where your customers are likely to spend most of their time.

Precise Audience Targeting and Prescriptive Messaging

With the availability of data from service providers like TransUnion, you can target a specific audience for your dealership using unique customer data. For instance, if you excel at qualifying customers with less than perfect credit, you could target this specific audience through data analysis and show them a video ad highlighting how your dealership can get customers with low credit scores qualified, with an affordable down payment and reasonable monthly payments.

By using these tailored and unique strategies, you can set your dealership apart from the abundance of automated, mass-generated inventory ads while still reaching the right people with your message.

After watching your video a couple of times, potential customers will know about your dealership and be interested in learning more. This is where your paid ads can start to work their magic. Your ads can mirror Facebook Marketplace, making it easy for customers to tap to call, fill out a credit application, or visit your website.

Once a potential customer is on your website, your advertising pixel(s) will identify them so you can retarget them with your comprehensive paid ad strategy. This means you can target people who started

filling out a lead form or credit application but didn’t complete it.

Assuming everything goes as planned and a customer eventually ends up buying a car from your dealership, you can take advantage of the opportunity to target them with ads for up to 180 days after the purchase is made. These ads, rather than trying to sell them another vehicle, can serve as a simple yet effective way of saying “thank you” by expressing your appreciation for their business while also requesting referrals from their network or anyone they know who might be interested in purchasing a car. By doing this, you can effortlessly expand your reach and attract new potential customers who were referred by someone they know and trust, all while nurturing the relationship with your existing customers.

By implementing targeted strategies, such as the one mentioned above, you can effectively increase new sales conversions in comparison to a more traditional approach of just saturating a particular area with inventory. The strategic approach permits you to be more precise with the message you want to convey while catering to the correct audience. This, in turn, optimizes the utilization of your advertising dollars, and ultimately promotes business growth.

To wrap up, while inventory carousel ads may seem like a viable option, they can eventually turn out to be a futile investment. An ideal approach would be to collaborate with your advertiser and create a distinctive strategy that hones in on the right audience and emphasizes your dealership’s strengths, guaranteeing that your ads are impactful and exceptional in comparison to your competitors.

Andrew will be a featured speaker at the TIADA Conference on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. To register for this year’s conference, visit www.tiadaannualconference.com
12 Texas Dealer May 2023
An ideal approach would be to collaborate with your advertiser and create a distinctive strategy that hones in on the right audience and emphasizes your dealership’s strengths, guaranteeing that your ads are impactful and exceptional in comparison to your competitors.
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Is There a Mandatory Grace Period?

Dealer Question: I am a buy-here-pay-here dealer and I’ve heard different opinions on whether there is a period of time I must wait after a debtor misses a payment before I can repossess. Is there a mandatory grace period in Texas? Also I’ve heard conflicting information on whether a repossession notice must be sent prior to repossession

Answer: The Uniform Commercial Code (which has been adopted by Texas as the Texas Business and Commerce Code) has been enacted by all 50 states but the states are free to make changes and some have deviated from the standard model. The standard version of the U.C.C. authorizes a secured creditor to repossess collateral upon the default of the debtor. The U.C.C. does not define default, but most finance contracts provide, and courts have consistently held, that the failure to make a payment when due under an installment contract and security agreement is default (there are other types of default, but our discussion here is limited to missed payments). Also, there is no requirement in the standard version of the U.C.C. that notice be sent prior to repossession, and the Texas version is consistent with the standard on this issue.

The Texas Finance Code, which provides for the licensing of motor vehicle dealers who finance sales or initiate dealer paper, and which contains substantive regulation of the vehicle financing process, is also clear that there is no legally mandated grace period or pre-repossession notice requirement in Texas.

Some states, either by adopting non-uniform provisions of the U.C.C., or through their installment sales acts, have imposed mandatory grace periods. These provisions usually consist of requirements that debtors be a certain number of days past due before a secured creditor can act upon the default. Another type of grace period requires the creditor to wait a given period of time after notice of default has been sent to the debtor.

Some states have also adopted requirements that creditors notify debtors in writing a specified number of days before the repossession takes place.

Texas, on the other hand, has adopted the standard version of the U.C.C. which has no waiting period after default. Additionally, the Texas Finance Code does not impose any type of grace period and does not require notice of default before repossession.

Common sense and the U.C.C. requirement of goodfaith dealing would dictate that, even though no mandatory grace period exists, some reasonable period of time should be allowed to take into consideration the possibility for delays in the mail or actual emergency situations.

One source of the rumors of a mandatory grace period in Texas has been confusion over the section of the Texas Finance Code that authorizes the charging of a late-payment penalty. The Code says that a retail installment contract may provide that if an installment remains unpaid after the 15th day after the installment is due, the creditor can assess a delinquency charge that does not

legal corner
14 Texas Dealer May 2023
Common sense and the U.C.C. requirement of good-faith dealing would dictate that, even though no mandatory grace period exists, some reasonable period of time should be allowed to take into consideration the possibility for delays in the mail or actual emergency situations.
Simple. Reliable. Smart. Dealer Management Software Running a dealership is difficult enough without having to babysit your business software. Frazer gives you everything you need to run a profitable dealership without demanding all of your time, energy, and resources. Our platform features: Contact us today to find out how affordable Frazer could be for your dealership. www.Frazer.com | Phone: 888-963-5369 Inventory Management Sales Processing Full Accounting Suite Forms Printing Unlimited Support May 2023 Texas Dealer 15

Repossession 101: What You Need to Know

Dealer Academy

exceed five percent of the amount of the installment. Thus, there is a mandatory grace period before a delinquency charge can be assessed. Most form installment contracts in Texas have prominently disclosed on the face of the contract the following language:

Late Charge: If you do not receive my entire payment within 15 days after it is due, I will pay a late charge of ____ percent of the scheduled payment.



a video course with Michael W. Dunagan

TIADA General Counsel, author of Dealer Financing of Used Car Sales and Texas Automobile Repossession: A Lien Holder’s Legal Guide

In this two-part video course TIADA counsel Michael Dunagan answers repossession related questions for both the dealer starting out and those dealers who want a refresher. Dunagan goes through the basics of selfhelp repossession, repossession when a client has filed bankruptcy, and using the courts to regain collateral through sequestration. The course also covers all the repossession letters and includes a downloadable deck of slides to follow along with the course.

• Preliminary Considerations Before Repossession

• When is a Customer Considered in Default

• Avoiding Liability from Repossession

• Types of Disposition

• Required Notices to the Debtors

• Handling Personal Property

• Using the Courts to Get Your Car Back Registration

$98 for two 1-hour videos

Visit www.txiada.org/on-demand

Some car buyers, consumer attorneys, and even judges have mistakenly interpreted the late-charge grace period to be a default or repossession grace period. This provision was clearly never intended to apply to default and repossession, yet the confusion continues. In a recent small-claims case filed against a dealer, the justice-of-the-peace ruled incorrectly that the time period for assessing a late payment penalty amounted to a grace period for repossession. Some debtors claim they were lulled into thinking they had a default grace period, and we’ve seen a number of letters from debtor attorneys threatening suit over a creditor’s repossession during the alleged “grace period.” In response to this confusion, language was

more information.
Texas Dealer May 2023 16
...the prudent car creditor will wait a reasonable time after default before exercising postdefault remedies, and will consider whether to use a cure letter where late and/or partial payments have been accepted in the past, before repossessing.

inserted into the Burrell Printing Company motor vehicle retail installment contracts which makes it clear that the 15-day time period before a late payment penalty can be assessed is not a “grace period” for over-all performance under the contract.

Another possible area of confusion surrounding grace periods has arisen because of some court rulings regarding prior acceptance by a creditor of late payments. This line of cases has held that a creditor may waive its right to strict compliance with the installment agreement if it regularly accepts late payments. The reasoning of these courts is that a creditor has lulled a debtor into thinking that it’s O.K. to make late payments, and it would be unfair for the creditor to suddenly change course and repossess without some type of written notice that late payments won’t be tolerated. Most Texas retail installment contracts specifically provide that acceptance of late or partial payment does not waive the creditor’s right to demand timely compliance.

A safe procedure for creditors, however, is to send a notice, prior to repossession, to a debtor who has regularly been late on payments advising that late or partial payments will no longer be accepted and that the account must be brought current before a certain date.

While a written notice that late or partial payments

won’t be accepted in the future (also known as a cure letter) is not required by law, such a notice eliminates any claim that the creditor acted unfairly or suddenly changed the rules without notice.


There is no mandatory grace period in Texas between the time default occurs and repossession is authorized. And no advance notice of repossession is required.

However, the prudent car creditor will still wait a reasonable time after default before exercising post-default remedies, and will consider whether to use a cure letter where late and/or partial payments have been accepted in the past, before repossessing.

Editor’s Note: This article has been adapted from Texas Automobile Repossession: A Lien Holder’s Legal Guide, a book which is available on txiada.org/legal.

Michael W. Dunagan is an attorney in Dallas, Texas who has represented the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association for over 45 years. He has written a number of books and hundreds of articles for trade journals and law reviews. His clientele includes dealers, banks, finance companies, auto auctions and credit unions.

C M Y CM MY CY CMY K EPI-TIADAhalf MAY2023.pdf 1 3/30/23 3:33 PM
May 2023 Texas Dealer 17
Yes, I would like to help with TIADA’s grassroots effort! Please list me as a sustaining donor. I would like to support my industry by making a monthly credit card donation of $______________ Add me to the KEY-PERSON list!Iknow (Name of Legislator) _______________________________________________ as a Acquaintance __Personal Friend __Professional Contact I would like to attend political fundraisers in my area I would like to support my industry by pledging a one-time donation of ___$1,000 ___$500___$250 ___$100Other $________ Personal Check Payable to INDEPAC_____Personal Credit Card Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Company ____________________________________________________________________________ Home Address________________________________________________________________________ Email _______________________________________________________________________________ ** Personal Check or Personal Credit Card only. Corporate contributions are prohibited by state law. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. ** Charge my Credit Card V MC D AM_ ___Exp: __/ _ CVV: __ Nameon Card: ___ Card Billing Address (if different): Or donate online at www.txiada.org >> Resources >> Advocacy >> Political Action Committee c/o TIADA 9951 Anderson Mill Rd Suite 101, Austin Texas 78750 PHONE 512.244.6060 FAX 512.244.6218 EMAIL accounting@txiada.org Referred by:

Mitigating Preventable Risks: Why Dealerships Should Take Customer Complaints and Digital Risks Seriously

If you are a dealer, when you get up and place your feet on the floor in the morning, you put your assets on the line in expectation of getting a return or profit. It’s called “risk.”

How you craft and hone your business practices and how you transact business every day is what makes you different. Let’s talk about your daily risks because they are certainly “present,” even if you don’t think about them or see them. Risk is the degree of hazard you are willing to tolerate. How you handle risk determines your potential exposure to losses.

There are three (3) kinds of risk:

Preventable Risk

These are risks which are controllable and should be able to be avoided or eliminated completely.

External Risk

These arise from events outside your dealership and beyond your control.

“It won’t happen to me,” isn’t a business plan any more than if you are using “hope” to accomplish a goal. The “wait and see” approach is also reactive and lacks organizational structure.
19 May 2023 Texas Dealer

Strategic Risk

This is where your entrepreneurial spirit comes into play. A strategic risk is a venture which you embrace, in anticipation of a profit, with your taking on certain duties or responsibilities in order to accomplish your business plan. Said differently, this is a risk for you to earn profits and/or market share.

You can control two of the three risk categories. For this article, let’s consider preventable risk where you can prevent problems at the store.

What I see in my consulting business is that dealerships could do a much better job handling customer complaints and disgruntled employees. How would you rate the risks of upset customers and unhappy employees?

____ Minor ____ Moderate ____ Major ____ Severe ____ Catastrophic

Most dealers consider these as “minor” risks.

My experience is different. To me, they can be “severe” or even “catastrophic” and should be treated as such. Let me explain.

I’ve seen class action lawsuits against a dealership start with two women chatting in church. Unsatisfied

Risk – A Continuous Process

and unhappy customers go to regulators who end up finding problems and setting fines. Recently, these penalties range from $800,000 up to $27 million, including forced store closings.

Unhappy customers can easily get online and file a compliant with either TxDMV or the OCCC.

Copyright, 2022, Better Vantage Point, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Assess the Risk Determine Risk Appetite How To Transfer the Risk Determine Residual Risk 20 Texas Dealer May 2023

“It won’t happen to me,” isn’t a business plan any more than if you are using “hope” to accomplish a goal. The “wait and see” approach is also reactive and lacks organizational structure.

Being proactive is the key. Consider installing more controls and monitoring mechanisms based on how you feel each identified risk corresponds to the 1-5 scale listed above. Triage the risks according to the most severe first. Assessing and controlling risk is a continuous process.

Outside of customer and employee problems, dealerships experience large risks in these two (2) preventable areas, which we will use for illustration purposes:

Unintentional Advertising Issues

Most dealers have mistakes on their websites. When was the last time you mystery shopped your own website for advertising violations? Do you have a way to accomplish this?

When customers feel “jerked around” by your advertising, they get upset. When they get upset, they go to lawyers and regulators. When lawyers and regulators get involved, they will inspect your business practices, including your website, which is absolutely low hanging fruit for them.

Here are two (2) of the biggest mistakes:

1In Texas, the OCCC has been very clear about documentation fees and other fees on retail contacts. Here in Texas, dealers are allowed to charge up to $150 per transaction or less and a seller is not required to provide a notification or cost analysis to the OCCC before charging a documentary fee of $150 or less. However, before charging a documentary fee greater than $150, a seller must provide both a notification and a cost analysis to the OCCC for approval.

2Do you have an asterisk (or equivalent) to tie your “sales price” to your disclaimer? If not, how is a consumer supposed to know that taxes, tags, licensing fees are in addition to the sales price? Without the notation, federal advertising laws would dictate those fees are considered included in your sales price.

While these two mistakes may appear nitpicky, they create potential class action exposure for your dealership and further regulatory concerns.

Digital Risk

1How tight are your infrastructure and your IT policies? There’s a dealer in northern Virginia facing a class action lawsuit right now over a large data breach.

2The new Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) rules and regulations are onerous and require concerted effort to be in compliance. Have you started your work here? The January 10, 2022

deadline has past and the June 9, 2023 is coming up fast.

As examples of preventable risk, a lack of forethought here makes your dealership vulnerable.

These types of uncertainties can manifest themselves into real problems and potentially destabilize your dealership. Consider a risk mitigation plan which covers these issues (and more) to ensure the continuity of your business and smooth daily operations. Risk mitigation is a part of a robust governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program. Done well, this should contribute to the growth, profitability, and sustainability of the dealership.

Thanks for seeing things from a Better Vantage Point.

Tom will be a featured speaker at the TIADA Conference on Monday, July 24, and Tuesday, July 25, 2023. To register for this year’s conference, visit www.tiadaannualconference.com.

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Russell Moore

Top Notch Used Cars (Conroe, TX)

The Right Way(s) to Fund Growth at Your Dealership

Thinking about growing your business? Then attend this session where Russel will discuss methods for successfully managing expectations on two different models for growth and will share best practices to maximize your leverage points.

T. Bently Durant

Classic Chevrolet (Grapevine, TX)

Redemptionists, Sovereign Citizens, and Real Persons, Oh My!

Car dealers are not immune to conspiracy theories but Bently will teach you how to spot and prevent these scams before they happen at your store.

Robert Beck and Nelsen Simonsen

Stop N’ Drive Motors (San Antonio, TX)

Partnering for Success: Keys to Thriving in a Business Partnership

In this interview style session, Robert and Nelsen will share their secrets of almost 30 years for thriving in a business partnership.




The Pros, Cons, IRS

“Gotchas”, and Basic Mistakes of a Related Finance Company



Reducing Recon Costs Through Improved Shop Efficiency and Process

Winning Approaches and Techniques in Menu Selling 24 Texas Dealer May 2023


Jeff Bloomfield

As a former sales & marketing executive, farm boy, and cancer survivor, Jeff Bloomfield will use his inspiring style and compelling life story to teach your audience how to communicate with more purpose, power and impact.

What if your audience understood the science behind trust? What if they could better understand the biology of change resistance and then tap into their authentic communication super power to be a more influential communicator in any setting, be it personal or professional? Jeff will teach your audience the latest research in the science behind decision making in a fun and interactive way that will allow them to drive compelling and provocative information into the parts of the brain that allows others to choose to change.

Jeff Bloomfield


Cash vs. Credit Pricing and the CFPB

The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Your Search Engine Visibility

After being the first person in his bluecollar family to graduate from college, Jeff spent his corporate career in Biotechnology where he led several product launches for genetic cancer therapies. One of those therapies was for brain cancer. It was here that Jeff discovered the power of neuroscience and the fact that no one he knew in corporate America really understood how the brain worked, otherwise they wouldn’t do sales and marketing and coaching the way it was currently being done.

From there Jeff set out with a new mission, to teach others what he learned about the brain and how they can apply that information as professional communicators, particularly in leadership, sales, and marketing.

Jeff now spends the majority of his time speaking to organizations and conferences on the secrets of the buying brain and how to build and deliver compelling messaging that creates instant trust, clear contrast and an urgency to change.

Jeff’s most recent book, NeuroSelling® vaulted to best seller status in the first week it was released. Regardless of whether you are in leadership, sales or marketing, Jeff’s message will not only resonate, but leave you with an entirely new set of tools in your communication toolbox.

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Improving Employee Engagement and Accountability

Thanks to being in 20 Groups for the last nine years, I have been fortunate to tour 12 other dealerships, selling between 30-400 units a month. One common issue that many of these dealers and dealerships face is high employee turnover rates. It is challenging to find and retain qualified and competent staff members, particularly in today’s competitive job market.

However, some dealerships have found a way to address this issue by developing a clear philosophy and ensuring that all staff members share that philosophy. When everyone in an organization understands and participates in its mission, vision, and values, it allows for a much more seamless operation, and dealerships can effectively hold people accountable.

The employee engagement is really what we want to aim for.

Here is a story I like to keep in mind when implementing a new process at the dealership.

When a town or city introduces a recycling program, oftentimes, the city will issue recycle bins to its

residents well before the recycling facility is built. This means that the recycled materials continue to go to the landfill. This is not necessarily all bad. The idea is to get the residents to begin the habit of recycling and once the facility is built, there will already be a good flow of material to bring to the facility. The residents are not always made aware that their recycling is being dumped in a landfill.

This is not too different from our dealership. Sometimes, when you know you need to change a process or begin something new, you can get something started, even though it’s not exactly what you imagined. You may want to start a daily huddle, but you have no dashboard or meeting metrics to share with your team. You may not know what metrics are important to share. Maybe it’s an inventory inspection time each week or a sales meeting each day.

If we can learn anything from our recycling facility story, JUST START getting in the habit. You can build the process better in the future.

31 May 2023 Texas Dealer feature
Jason March March Motors Jacksonville, FL Featured DealerSpeaker

Let’s look at a way you could begin a meeting schedule and have a structure for these meetings.

First, we want what we are going to call a “meeting cadence.” This cadence involves a 30-minute meeting in each department each week (usually in the morning, starting at 8:30 am). The meeting begins with a quick share of positive personal stories, followed by a segue where one person in the meeting shares a quote, video, or article about teamwork or improvement, or attitude. Next, each member of the meeting enters 5-8 data points into a scorecard that everyone can see, either on paper or on a screen. Next, we want to celebrate business wins or recognize a fellow staff member. Last, we take time to address key issues and action items.

Let’s pull this apart and discuss each piece.

The Positive Personal Story

I feel there is no better way of getting everyone in the meeting to engage than to open the meeting with a positive story or summary of the employee’s last week in review. These should be positive and be around 30 seconds with this share. Don’t allow these to be too drawn out.

The Segue

Assign the segue to a different team member each week. These are fun and also help to take the meeting

from personal shared stories to aligning the thoughts of the meeting on business. This is sometimes a quote from someone, a YouTube video or a passage from a book. We have had people bring food, toys, candy and calendars. These tokens are all with the aim of directing the team members to think about business and getting focused.

32 Texas Dealer May 2023

The Scorecard

Don’t overthink this one. The scorecard can literally be a spreadsheet or piece of paper where you ask your team to bring in 3-7 numbers that directly relate to their productivity for the previous six workdays. Record these in public and let everyone in the meeting see the numbers. These can be filled in before the meeting or during the meeting, out loud in front of the team. This activity brings transparency to the meeting and the organization. Each person is accountable for their numbers and these numbers are normally correct. People typically will not fudge these numbers because their coworkers will call them out. This is the activity that also helps to weed out people who want to hide and not be accountable.

A couple of examples of weekly numbers you could request:

Sales – How many ups? How many appointments showed? How many sales? How many credit applications?

Mechanic – How many hours turned vs how many hours worked? How many units touched? How many inspections? How many lot issues repaired?

The Car Wash Person – How many units detailed? How many refreshed units? How many errands? How many days worked this week?

The Collector – How many dollars collected? How many accounts are past due? How many accounts in queue? How many insurance claims outstanding?

Business Wins and Employee Recognition

In this portion of the meeting we specifically ask each person to acknowledge a coworker for something positive they did this past week.

Action Items: We want to know what you are working on this week. We record that in the spreadsheet, and we revisit it the following week. We list the resources needed for the task and the people that are needed to complete the task. Put a date on these items to be completed by.

This could be as simple as “Clean the gutters on the shop by next week.” Resources needed: ladder, bucket, gloves, spotter to help. To be completed by Friday, April 7th. Or “Get the 90-day old 2012 Nissan Pathfinder in the shop and diagnose the no start issue.” Resources needed: two people to push, voltage meter, schematic, helper to trace wires, flashlight. To be completed by Thursday, April 6th, or “Make 5 appointments for Saturday and confirm on Friday.” Resources needed: phone, Facebook, CRM, text 5 previous customers for a potential referral”

Key Issues

This one is something that we feel is so valuable and so simple. The manager of the meeting asks, “What is broken?” to the team in the meeting. It’s amazing how

we can have broken items under our nose every day that makes the workplace unsafe, uncomfortable, or a liability. We want the car wash person to tell us the air compressor is making funny noises, the hose is leaking water all day, or the vacuum is shorting out the breaker.

We want to hear that the printer is only working sometimes in the payment office. That the sales computer is crashing several times throughout the workday. This is a time we make notes and assign duties to team members to fix the issues or find a solution.

Ending the Meeting

Finally, in the conclusion of the meetings, we treat it like a sports practice. We have everyone stand up at the end of the meeting, rub their hands together, and engage in a closing chant. We have chosen a phrase to say amongst our organization that we want everyone to Be A Solution, not add to the problems or frustrations. At the end of our meetings, the manager who is in charge of running the meeting will loudly say, “At March Motors,” and the team members in the room will clap their hands once and say back in unison, “Be A Solution.” We find this is a great way to break the meeting and direct the focus on our individual responsibilities.

The meeting is designed to help “keep score” and engage employees in a positive, uplifting, and educational atmosphere once a week. This approach allows employees to feel valued, engaged, and informed about the dealership’s progress and goals. As a result, employees are more likely to remain committed to the dealership and work towards achieving its goals. We do not want this to be a time for the owner or manager to soapbox for thirty minutes and then disperse to allow everyone to go back to their department.

By fostering engagement and self-worth across all departments, dealerships can ensure that their employees remain motivated and committed to achieving the dealership’s goals. Our turnover at the dealership has gone from 60% to less than 20% per year.


Reducing employee turnover at a dealership is a challenging task, but it is achievable with the right approach. Developing a clear philosophy that all staff members can understand and participate in is one way to foster engagement and self-worth across all departments. Our approach to employee engagement through a “meeting cadence” is an example that other dealerships can follow. By adopting similar practices, dealerships can maintain a highly motivated and committed workforce.

33 May 2023 Texas Dealer
Jason will be a featured dealer speaker at the TIADA Conference on Monday, July 24, 2023. To register for this year’s conference, visit www.tiadaannualconference.com
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The Power of Menu Selling: The Ultimate F&I Solution for Dealerships

When it comes to selling F&I (Finance and Insurance) products at a dealership, there are different ways to approach it. However, only one truly stands out as the most effective and ethical option: the menu. This article will delve deeper into the different approaches to selling F&I products and explore why the menu is the ultimate tool for full disclosure and profit-building.

With this option, a dealer presents their customer with a menu that outlines different packages and options, such as maintenance plans and financing options, allowing the customer to choose the combination of features that best suits their needs and budget. This approach is designed to simplify the buying

process, increase transparency, and provide customers with more control over their purchase.

Menu selling is a technique used in the automotive industry to increase profits by offering back-end products such as guaranteed asset protection (GAP) and vehicle service contracts (VSCs) to customers. In a market where front-end margin compression is common, this approach helps to maintain healthy vehicle sale profits, especially in single-point retail stores where book values significantly affect pricing and customer financing options.

Many dealers see a couple of benefits to menu selling for both dealers and their customers. Chloe Phea, of Austin Rising Fast Motor Cars, believes menu selling

35 May 2023 Texas Dealer
Ensure your staff knows how to protect consumer information to Ensure your staff knows how to protect consumer information to comply with the FTC requirements, avoid inadvertent exposure of comply with the FTC requirements, avoid inadvertent exposure of your customer's information, government enforcement actions, your customer's information, government enforcement actions, lawsuits, and bad press. lawsuits, and bad press. Brought to you by TIADA. Powered by the Dealer Education Brought to you by TIADA. Powered by the Dealer Education Portal. Portal. Visit Visit dealereducationportal.com dealereducationportal.com Or scan the QR Code for info and registration Or scan the QR Code for info and registration S a f e g u a r d s S a f e g u a r d s C o m p l i a n c e C o u r s e C o m p l i a n c e C o u r s e Volume purchase discounts available for purchase of 10+ courses The course is flexible and on-demand to fit your busy schedule All users earn a certificate upon completion Sample policies and agreements are included at no additional charge Keep Your Dealership Compliant with the Keep Your Dealership Compliant with the FTC's Safeguards Requirements FTC's Safeguards Requirements O n l y $ 7 5 f o r t h e Q u a l i f i e d I n d i v i d u a l O n l y $ 4 9 E a c h f o r A l l O t h e r E m p l o y e e s V o l u m e D i s c o u n t s a t $ 4 0 f o r A n y C o u r s e Deadline : June 9, 2023 36 Texas Dealer May 2023

is one of the best ways to increase vehicle profit and customer satisfaction. “Many of these products have excellent markups,” she said. “I like to stress to customers that their vehicle is an important investment and that it is equally important to protect said investment. I also like to keep it very friendly but firm, kind of like a friend or neighbor offering advice. People hate being sold to, but they love being told what they can do to maximize their experience and avoid pitfalls. I think when you adopt that approach of trying to help them, you can overcome objections concerning price or change in payment.”

The primary benefit of menu selling of finance or insurance products is boosting the profit margin of the sale. Another benefit is increased customer satisfaction. Cars are man-made and can be unpredictable. By explaining the benefits of a VSC and GAP, customers can be spared from unexpected repair costs and unpleasant experiences. This helps to prevent many customer complaints and improve overall satisfaction.

When selling these products, it is important to explain the cost and frequency of vehicle repairs to customers. Sharing personal anecdotes, such as how a VSC paid for itself the first time it was used, can help customers see the value in these products. It is also crucial to stress that a vehicle is an important investment and that it is equally important to protect that investment. Keeping the approach friendly but firm, like a friend or neighbor offering advice, can help to overcome objections concerning price or changes in payment. Having

"People hate being sold to, but they love being told what they can do to maximize their experience and avoid pitfalls. I think when you adopt that approach of trying to help them, you can overcome objections concerning price or change in payment.."
37 May 2023 Texas Dealer
~Chloe Phea, Austin Rising Fast Motor Cars

the product pamphlets ready can also help customers make a decision quickly and easily.

The Different Approaches to Selling F&I Products

The first approach to selling F&I products is step selling. This process involves the F&I manager going through each product with the customer and showing how it would impact their monthly payment at the end. While this approach may seem straightforward, it can be confusing for customers and lead to poor customer service and high chargeback rates. The F&I manager is essentially deciding which products the customer should be offered, rather than presenting all available options.

The second approach is presumptive selling or payment packing. This is where the dealership decides which products the customer should buy and includes them in the quoted payment. This approach is illegal and can result in the dealership losing its license for deceptive business practices.

Why the Menu is the Ultimate Tool

The menu is the only approach that provides full disclosure and increases gross profit when used correctly. By laying out all the agreed-upon terms across the top of the menu, customers are fully aware of what they’ve agreed to and what their monthly payment will be. This transparency gives customers the option to purchase the car at those terms.

The menu also offers package offerings of all the F&I products and how they affect the agreed-upon terms. By showing customers how different package options can change their payments, the menu helps to demonstrate the value of each product. This makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions about which products to purchase, rather than having the dealership decide for them.

One of the key advantages of the menu is that it ensures all customers are treated equally in the F&I process. By presenting all products to all customers, the dealership is not playing favorites or showing bias towards certain customers. This creates a fair and transparent process that benefits everyone involved.

Using a menu also ensures a consistent process is being followed and provides a tool for the finance team to use. With the new Safeguards Rules coming into effect, it’s more important than ever for dealerships

to monitor their F&I processes and word tracks. The menu helps to ensure a consistent process is being followed and provides a tool for the finance team to use.

Training is Key to Success

While the menu is the ultimate tool for full disclosure and profit-building, it’s crucial to make sure your team is properly trained to use it. They must know how to present the products and provide solid value explanations to increase the chances of selling more products.

Training should also focus on the importance of the F&I process and how it impacts the customer experience. F&I managers must be trained to view the process as an opportunity to provide valuable information to customers and help them make informed decisions, rather than as an opportunity to make more money for the dealership.


When it comes to selling F&I products at a dealership, the menu is the only approach that provides full disclosure and increases gross profit when used correctly. By presenting all products to all customers, the menu ensures a fair and transparent process that benefits everyone involved. However, proper training is crucial to ensure that the menu is used effectively and ethically. With the new Safeguards Rules coming into effect, now more than ever, dealerships must prioritize their F&I processes and make sure they are providing value to customers while protecting the dealership’s interests.

38 Texas Dealer May 2023
Chloe Phea was quoted in this article and will be part of a dealer panel about menu selling on Monday, July 24, at the 2023 Conference & Expo. To register for this year’s conference, visit www.tiadaannualconference.com
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Save thousands on buy or sell fees at these participating auctions! * VALID FOR SELL FEE ONLY AT INSURANCE AA LOCATIONS ** ONLINE AUCTION AVAILABLE
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2706 E. Slaton Road., Lubbock, TX 79404 806.745.6606

GM: Dale Martin

Wednesday, 9:30 a.m

$AVE : $75/Quarterly




2109 N. John Reddit Dr., Lufkin, TX 75904 936.632.4299, Fax 936.632.4218

GM: Wayne Cook

Thursday, 6:00 p.m.

$AVE : $200

Midland Odessa



701 W. 81st Street, Odessa, TX 79764 432.550.7277, Fax 432.366.8725

Thursday, 11:00 a.m.

$AVE : up to $200 Sell Fee




$AVE : $200

San Antonio



200 S. Callaghan Rd., San Antonio, TX 78227 210.434.4999, Fax 210.431.0645

GM: Clifton Sprenger

Thursday, 10:00 a.m.

$AVE : $200



11275 S. Zarzamora, San Antonio, TX 78224 210.628.6770, Fax 210.628.6778

GM: Paula Booker

Monday, 9:00 a.m.

$AVE : up to $200 Sell Fee



2042 Ackerman Road

San Antonio, TX 78219

210.661.4200, Fax 210.662.3113

GM: Mike Browning

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m.

$AVE : $100



13510 Toepperwein Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78233


GM: Brandon Walston

Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. / Thursday, 1:30 p.m.

$AVE : $200




11654 Hwy 64W, Tyler, TX 75704 903.597.2800, Fax 903.597.3848

GM: Wayne Cook

Tuesday, 5:00 p.m.

$AVE : $200




15735 I-35 Frontage Road

Elm Mott, TX 76640

254.829.0123, Fax 254.829.1298

GM: Christina Thomas

Friday, 10:00 a.m.

$AVE : $200

May 2023 Texas Dealer 41

board of directors meeting minutes

April 24, 2023

Hilton Austin Airport, Austin, TX

by Texas Dealer staff

Board Members in Attendance:

Cesar Stark, Greg Reine, Russell Moore, Greg Phea, Ryan Winkelmann, Mark Jones, Vicki Davis, Brad Kalivoda, Chad Lancaster, Lowell Rogers, and Eddie Hale

TIADA Staff in Attendance:

John Frullo, Earl Cooke, Teresa Orkun, Patty Huber, Stephen Pallas, Sara Arias

At its meeting on Monday, April 24, 2023, TIADA took the following actions:

President Ryan Winkelmann called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Secretary Vicki Davis presented the minutes from the last meeting.

A motion was made to accept the minutes.

Moved by Mark Jones, seconded by Greg Reine – PASSED

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Greg Phea presented the Treasurer’s Report. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Moved by Lowell Rogers, seconded by Cesar Stark – PASSED

President’s Report

Ryan Winkelmann discussed the Day at the Capitol, the Austin town hall meeting, TIADA’s testimony at the Capitol, and introduced John Frullo as Executive Director. Board members reported on their member outreach calls.

Executive Director’s Report

Executive Director John Frullo reported on the Texas Legislative Session, introduced new staff member Sara Arias, and discussed this year’s dealer town hall meetings.

INDEPAC Committee chair Greg Reine presented an update on INDEPAC, including the auction for 2023.

TIADA Director of Compliance and Business Development Earl Cooke presented an update on the Texas Legislative Session.

Greg Phea presented FY’23 budget and proposed FY’24 budget.

Associate Executive Director Teresa Orkun presented a report on membership, dealer professional development, and the conference.

Director of Associate Member Relations Patty Huber presented an associate member update.

New Business

A discussion was held about securing a location for the 2024 conference.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting.

Moved by Vicki Davis, seconded by Cesar Stark – PASSED

Ryan Winkelmann adjourned the meeting at 4:41 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Vicki Davis, Secretary

A complete copy of any reports referenced in this document and more detailed notes from the meeting are on file at the TIADA office and available upon request.

43 May 2023 Texas Dealer
. .. . . .. .. . .. . . .... . ...... .. .. . .. ... . . .. .. . . . ... ... . ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . ...... .. ... .. .. . ... . . . . ... . . . ... . . . .. ... .. .. .. ... .. . ... . . ... .. .. .... .. . .. ....... ... .. . .. .. . . ... . . .... ... ... .... ... .. . ... . ... . .. . ... . . . . . .. ... ... . ....... . .. . .. .. .... . ..... ... .. . .. . . . ... . . . . . . ... . . . .... . .. . . .. . .. . .. .. .. . .... . . . . ... . .. ... ....... . . . . . .. . .. .. . . . .. . .. .. .... ... . . .. . . . . .. .. . ... .. . ..... . . . .. . .... . .. .. .. ... . . ... .. ... . . .. ... ... . . . ..... .. . .. . .... . .. .. . . . .. .. ... .. . . . ... ...... .. . .. .. . .. . .. ... .... .... . . . .. . ... .. ... . . .. . .. .. .. . .... ... ...... . . ... ... ... . . . .. . . . .. . .. .... . . .. ..... .... .. . . ..... . .. .. . . •40 Years Serving Texas Dealers • 4.9 Star Avg. Customer Rating • Independently Owned W h y C h o o s e U s ? M U L L E N I N S U R A N C E . C O M V i s i t U s O n li n e f o r C u s t o m i z e d S o lu t i o n s & H e lp f u l I n s i g h t s W h y C h o o s e U s ? M U L L E N I N S U R A N C E . C O M V i s i t U s O n li n e f o r C u s t o m i z e d S o lu t i o n s & H e lp f u l I n s i g h t s Be sure to visit us in BOOTH #600 at the TIADA Conference!

Please Welcome Our Newest TIADA Members


G.R. Moore

The Car Shack

(dates announced at www.txiada.org)


Cesar Stark

S & S Motors

Meeting – 3rd Friday



Jerry Smith

H J Smith Automobiles

(dates announced at www.txiada.org)


Atlanta, GA 30328

First Horizon Bank

Harley Gorter 165 Madison Ave , Floor 10, Memphis, TN 38103


Taryn Young . .

Leucadia Solutions

3506 Murdoch Avenue, Parkersburg, WV 26101

Kelsey Mutch 31336 Industrial Parkway, Suites 3 & 4, North Olmsted, OH 44070


Larry Bruce 3815 Lock Glen Ct, Houston, TX 77059

National Credit Center (NCC)

Jim Dietrich 7718 Wood Hollow Drive, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78731

Onsite Dealer Solutions

Heath Mayor 6950 Squibb Road, Suite 320, Mission, KS 66202

SearchLab Digital

Carolan LaCroix . .


720 W . Randolph St, Suite 1C, Chicago, IL 60661

Brian Novotny 6800 Weiskopf Avenue, Suite 150, McKinney, TX 75070

Vision Dealer Solutions

Steven Meeker 9921 Dupont Circle Drive, Suite 350, Fort Wayne, IN 46825




Meeting – 2nd Tuesday



Jose Engler


(dates announced at

Pueblo BRP
Local Chapters
MEMBERS Accelerate Auto Group Justin Cole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5201 Grisham Drive, Rowlett, TX 75088 Autos Gonzalez Jacqueline Gonzalez De Leon . . . . . . . . 2605 Southmost Rd, Brownsville, TX 78521 Boggus Motor Co Jacob Boggus 2521 S Expressway 83, Harlingen, TX 78550 CARMAX Maggie Bowman College Station 1320 Pavilion Ave , College Station, TX 77845 Corpus Christi . . . . . . . . . . . . 7306 S . Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 Denton 4200 S I-35E, Denton, TX 76210 Killeen 3504 E Central Texas Expressway, Killeen, TX 75643 Lubbock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6410 66th St, Lubbock, TX 76543 McAllen 1300 East IH 2, Pharr, TX 78577 McKinney 1441 N Central Expy, McKinney, TX 75070 Tyler 3015 S SW Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75701 David Baker David Baker 733 Big Woods Rd, Longview, TX 75605 ITAG Equipment Bryan Garner 115 W 7th Street, Suite 1322, Fort Worth, TX 76102 My Car Auto Sales Christian Franco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18035 W . Little York Rd, Suite F, Katy, TX 77449 Route 77 Garage Miguel Ramirez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4027 E Expressway 83, Weslaco, TX 78599 Texas Auto Value Louai Albanna 4901 Lyndon B Johnson, Farmers Branch, TX 75244
Marketing Frank Sendra 7207 Regency Square Blvd, Suite 260-12, Houston, TX 77036 Cox 2M Jana Reis 6205B Peachtree Dunwoody Rd,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . .
May 2023 Texas Dealer

behind the wheel

Above and Beyond for the Association

After being part of the TIADA association for just over two weeks at the time I am writing this, I have been incredibly impressed and grateful for the overwhelming support of its members. I have been involved in many associations, but I have never seen such a large number of members actively committed to advancing every aspect of an organization as I have at TIADA. It’s been exciting to witness and be a part of.

Recently, our association agreed to a solution involving several stakeholders to address a legislative situation that had been ongoing for years. However, just before the bill was to be heard, the proposed solution was disregarded, and the original bill was slated to be presented. This put us in a difficult situation with limited options to defend our position.

Many members from across Texas stepped up to help, offering their assistance and expertise. Two members from the Houston area, Christina Sabillón (with Mi Tierra Auto Sales) and Ryan Winkelmann (with BJ’s Autohaus), even volunteered to testify at the meeting that started at 8:00 am the next morning, despite having little time to prepare. Their testimony provided excellent information to the panel of senators and shed light on the situation our industry is facing.

We are currently in the heart of the legislative session, and it is difficult to predict the final outcome. However, we are proud of our members for going above and beyond to present our position and encourage all members to help whenever possible. If TIADA issues a “call to action,” such as sending an email or making a call, please give it serious consideration, as hearing from constituents can help to influence the way legislative decisions are made. We are all in this together and are committed to improving the independent automobile industry across our state.

There is one simple way you can make a difference in protecting your industry and business interests, and it requires very little of your time. As a TIADA member, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the political landscape through INDEPAC, our political action committee. By contributing to INDEPAC, you can help support candidates who share our industry’s values and priorities and ensure that our voices are heard on important legislative issues affecting the independent automobile industry. Please visit txiada.org or turn to page 18 of this issue to donate to INDEPAC.

As always, TIADA thanks you for your incredible support of our association.

As a TIADA member, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the political landscape through INDEPAC, our political action committee.
46 Texas Dealer May 2023
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