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Cuddle up with the LadyHug, a tiny sex device with padded arms designed to literally embrace the single most sensitive place on a woman's body. With patentpending technology, this toy comes with five speed settings and four stimulation patterns. Like any good device, you can easily upload sexy new patterns and charge the LadyHug using the included micro USB cord.

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Stimulation Pattern Update 2.0 "HolyMoly!" this pattern takes you on an exciting roller coaster of pleasure. Luckily when the ride is over, you won't have to stand in line to get back on. FREE

The LadyHug vibrator embraces a woman's most intimate parts with never seen or felt before, patent-pending technology. This tiny, but powerful sex toy comes with five speeds and four pulsating patterns and can be easily synced to download more exclusively from the LadyHug website.

Stimulation Pattern Update 1.0 "Glimpse of Heaven" teases your body and mind, slowly and steadily bringing you closer and closer to your happy-place in heaven until you finally bust through the clouds and scream "Hallelujah!" FREE

Made in Southern California, LadyHug provides the kind of stimulation women long for but rarely find in a sex toy. Made with body-safe materials and an efficiently powerful rechargeable motor, LadyHug is as intuitive and ever-changing as the female it satisfies. Dimensions 1.5"x1.25"x1" Phthalate-Free Hypoallergenic Patent Pending Technology Made in California, USA Charges with USB Cable 4 Stimulation Patterns 5 Speed Settings

FAQ’s 1. What’s different about the LadyHug? Unlike most vibrating sex toys, the LadyHug actually embraces a woman with its arms for an experience that’s much more intimate and like nothing ever felt before. It also uses a dual motor system rather than a single motor like most other toys.

2. How do I use it? It usually works best to position the LadyHug prior to turning it on. You’ll want to open its arms using the clamps on top and embrace your clitoral or labial parts by releasing the clamps and letting the arms snuggle up to your body. Then turn the LadyHug on by pressing the “+” button and using both the “+” and “-“ buttons to browse through the different speed and pattern options. Spend some time getting to know how the toy will work best for your body. When you’re satisfied, be sure to open and release the arms before removing.

3. Will it hurt me? Used correctly, no. Just be sure to open the LadyHug’s arms before removing it from your body.

4. What if it doesn’t fit my body right? The LadyHug is designed to work with the anatomy of most women. However, a variety of different accessories and attachments will be released so that everyone can enjoy the LadyHug. If you need any advice using yours, please drop us a line at

5. How do I charge it? Plug the micro USB cord into the LadyHug’s socket and the socket on your computer or wall charger and charge. It will be fully charged after two hours.

6. How do I get more patterns? Go to the Products page, pick out which patterns you’d like to experience, purchase them (there are two complimentary patterns) and then plug the LadyHug into your computer. The new pattern will be automatically added to the LadyHug. More patterns will be released on an ongoing basis to keep things exciting. Note: Your LadyHug is programmed with four different patterns already. Additional patterns coming soon.

7. Can I get it wet? The LadyHug cannot interact with any liquid of any kind, including anything coming from your own body. The LadyHug is in no way waterproof.

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8. How do I clean it? Use a damp cloth with a dab of anti-bacterial soap to wipe clean. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the soap. The arms and sleeves are all removable for a more thorough cleaning. YOUR LADYHUG IS NOT WATERPROOF. Be especially careful not to get water directly into the micro USB socket. Never use cleaning solutions that contain alcohol, petrol or acetone.

Data Sheet: Ladyhug  

New Product Launch for Ladyhug c/o With An H, LLC. Created by: Cindy Johnson 319 Creative Group

Data Sheet: Ladyhug  

New Product Launch for Ladyhug c/o With An H, LLC. Created by: Cindy Johnson 319 Creative Group