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BIOGRAPHY Diaspora | noun | di • as• po•ra | meaning: “the movement, migration, or scattering of a people from an ancestral homeland” – Merriam Webster

SOUL KING aka SK (Likwit Crew) Soul King is gearing up for the release of his next album Diaspora, scheduled for May 2017. Born in Montreal Quebec and raised in Los Angeles, CA by native Haitian parents, diaspora precisely defines his life’s journey, his views on music, and this latest project. The album is a narrative of hip-hop viewed from “foreigners” eyes. It is a reflection of his cultural influence and passion for music instilled by his father, who was also a musician. This album focuses on complex beats and soulful rhythms with lyrics that provoke self-reflection. His message is not “follow what I say”, but more so about awareness. “I hope after they listen, they think about their own lives and the importance of their soul” – Soul King Soul King has already released Motivated, produced by DJ Breeze and Prince of Zamunda, produced by Dirty Diggs, with a third single to be released on March 29, 2017.

As a Los Angeles native, Soul King befriended MCs Chocolate Tye and Phil the Agony in junior high school and they eventually formed the Barbershop MCs. Alkaholiks member E-Swift facilitated the release of the group’s album “The Barber Shop” in 2000.

BIOGRAPHY... continued Since then, Soul King has collaborated with Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil of Self Scientific on the song “Deliverance�, as well as Krondon of Strong Arm Steady. In 2012 he released Supreme Era Volume 2, which features Planet Asia, Chace Infinite, StyliztikJonez, Tabernacle MCZ, MykillMiers, and production from producer ZpuZilla, Swiff D (PacDiv), Qaboescobar and ScientistMPC. In 2014 he released Black Lion EP featuring Born Allah, Agallah the Don, Tattoo (Spliff Star's brother) and Tahmell (Rakim's son). Years have passed since the days of the Barbershop MCs, but what has not changed is his strong commitment to his Likwit crew brothers. In this new chapter of his career, Diaspora is the evolution of Soul King as an artist, an MC, a husband, a father, and a proud Haitian.

The Likwit Crew & Barber Shop MC’s The Likwit Crew is a West Coast hip hop collective. It was founded by King T who recruited Tha Alkaholiks as his first acts. Then, other artists such as Xzibit, Phil Da Agony, Lootpack, Defari, Styliztik Jones, Declaime, J. Wells and The Barbershop MC's joined. Extended members and close affiliates include Dilated Peoples and Strong Arm Steady. A spin-off group named Likwit Junkies has been formed by DJ Babu and Defari.




Soul King also known as SK of the Likwit Crew... releases a new single and video, “Motivated” (produced by DJ Breeze), from his upcoming project The Diaspora.

“Motivated” (produced by DJ Breeze) Directed & Filmed by Nocturnal Dream Pictures

“My style is thinker music. Thinker music I describe it as music that is designed to stimulate change through thought. My music is different than conscious music because I am not trying to tell you right from wrong but just awareness.”

Press & Booking Inquiries: HYDE (Hold You Down Ent.)

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EPK: Soul King (SK)  

Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved. Soul King (SK) / Gamar Janvier c/o 319 Creative Group

EPK: Soul King (SK)  

Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved. Soul King (SK) / Gamar Janvier c/o 319 Creative Group