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Construction as Alchemy ARCH10002

The site is framed by the Alice Hoy Building (1), Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Building (2), the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Building (3) and Monash Road. The site is broken up into two parts due to the road and sloping garden bed running parallel to building 1. The site slops down the towards the Southern end as well as also being higher on the Eastern end. The site is primary used for its large lawn areas in the warmer months, also proving a vital access point to the community garden. At the current point in time the site is only used by people passing through or stopping quickly on the benches. Further investigations into sun and wind paths will be required for future designs. 2017 Semester 2

Studio Leader: William Orr Studio: 8

Name: Thomas Martiniello Student Number: 834 955

Part 1A Site Exploration



Long garden bed

Bitumen road Building 1

Entry doors

Large Palm (evergreen)

Timber seating

Building 2

Building 3

Large glass windows Ramp Rubbish bins

Paved footpath Site view looking South-East Fence

Concrete footpath leading to ramp

All buildings constructed from brick

Building 1

Site view looking North-East

Entry into the community garden Construction as Alchemy ARCH10002

Paved footpath

Building 3

2017 Semester 2

Small timber seat

Studio Leader: William Orr Studio: 8

Thin frosted window

Large deciduous trees

Path lighting

Name: Thomas Martiniello Student Number: 834 955

Lawn area

Part 1A Site Exploration

Not to scale


1a Site Plan  
1a Site Plan  

Construction as Alchemy