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Restoring Excellence The world-leading faรงade cleaning experts

“ Despite the presence of exceptionally high levels of pollution which had accumulated on the limestone façade over many years, Thomann-Hanry® were able to clean the entire seven-storey building in just two days. They organised all the permits and managed the site so that the work could be undertaken on one of London’s busiest streets without disrupting traffic, pedestrians, retailers or office workers. Their operation was excellent and - best of all - the building’s appearance was transformed.” Marc Cross, Associate Director, Building Consultancy – Hartnell Taylor Cook

Cleaning building façades efficiently, swiftly and to the highest standards Using their secure and efficient non-scaffold façade cleaning system, the company has cleaned and renovated hundreds of London’s most historic building façades.

Thomann-Hanry® were established in 1946 by Robert Thomann, in Paris. Over the years, Mr Thomann refined and perfected the façade gommage® masonry cleaning system, developing the unique, low-pressure, dry cleaning process that we use today. Thomann-Hanry®’s façade gommage® is the only system specifically designed to professionally clean exterior building façades without the need for scaffolding – enabling businesses to function normally while works are in progress.

Thomann-Hanry® are the most comprehensive partner to help clean and restore your building façades as well as caring for your interior stonework. Our Specialist Stone Care division offers decades of experience in interior and exterior natural stone floor cleaning and maintenance. Committed to providing the highest levels of service, Thomann-Hanry® have also developed Aqua Fend®, a range of products to protect both façades and ground surfaces against moss, graffiti, water, dirt and pollution.

Holding environmentally friendly credentials, as it does not require gallons of water or any chemicals, the system was patented in 1985. Today, the façade gommage® cleaning technique is in high demand to restore many of the world’s most iconic buildings. In the UK since 2005, Thomann-Hanry® have grown as an award-winning main contractor for external façade cleaning and restoration.


Core values

Quality Assurance at all levels

Mission Thomann-Hanry® are driven to provide complete and responsive environmentally friendly cleaning and restoration of building façades. The company is committed to meeting its clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations through a unique, convenient, fast and dry cleaning process. Our people strive to establish long-lasting ongoing working relationships.

Vision Our aim is to become the preferred choice for cleaning and restoration projects in London and across the UK. At Thomann-Hanry®, our aim is to excel in every facet of our operations, setting impeccable standards.

Quality, a source of competitive advantage, should stand as a hallmark of any company’s products and services. Thomann-Hanry® have a dedicated department that takes Quality Assurance, health, safety and the environment very seriously. It differentiates us in the market, instilling in our employees a commitment to ensuring that all aspects of health, safety and care for the environment are observed in all our activities. We have a robust QA Management System which underpins the development of all our products and services. In turn, this enhances customer confidence and our credibility, improving work processes, increasing efficiency and maintaining the company’s competitive advantage. At Thomann-Hanry® we strive to enhance quality and productivity through a culture of collaboration, trust and loyalty. All of our professionals and operatives are highly qualified and result-oriented, driven to going the extra mile to meet our client’s demands.

Core Values Every decision we make is imbued with our core ethics:

• The highest levels of integrity and confidentiality as our foremost standards of conduct.

• We are customer-oriented, always striving to enhance quality and productivity.

• We believe in a culture of collaboration, trust and loyalty.

• High levels of training and direct employment of staff.

• We prioritise the health and safety of our workforce.

• We are committed to sustainable development.



Ritz Hotel, London

First impressions count The exterior of your building influences a visitor’s opinion - even before they set foot inside. Thomann-Hanry®’s patent-protected façade cleaning system is the solution you need to optimise the curb appeal of your business. Our unique non-scaffold process yields impressive results with minimal disruption. When considering a building exterior clean, using a unique system that does not require the use of scaffolding can make the work significantly easier. Business can continue to run as usual, minimising loss of trade, maximising profit potential and maintaining ‘as normal’ dayto-day operations, whatever the business.

A revolution in building façade cleaning and restoration

façade gommage®, more than any other cleaning technique, provides unrivalled results with detailed stonework such as dentils, cornices, modillions and statues. The powder is so fine it can clean the smallest of crevices with none of the risks associated with high-pressure waterbased systems. Unlike some traditional techniques, which can have a harmful effect, the façade gommage® system provides perfect results without damage.

Bank of England, London 8

Platform Highly sophisticated and carries all its own power – you don’t need to be troubled for any services.

• Generator – for electrical power. • Compressor – for projecting the powder.

• Diffusors – to release powder

The non-disruptive approach to façade restoration How does it work?

With short set-up times, the cleaning team is able to be up and running within two hours of arriving on site and, crucially, to work at times to suit the client – including nights and weekends.

Developed by Thomann-Hanry®, this patented non-scaffold building cleaning process offers many advantages. Projecting fine powders under low pressure across masonry and stonework, façade gommage® is a uniquely gentle system that achieves transformative results, erasing and easing away decades of accumulated grime and dirt – often in a matter of days. Chemicalfree and using minimal water, the process also offers impeccable environmental credentials. The inert cleaning powder we use is a recycled by-product of aluminium smelting and, at the end of the process, all cleaning residues are again recycled.

into the air stream. The hoses for supplying the powder, for removing spent powder and dirt and for providing the air supply to the operator are all contained within the boom and unravel and rewind with it, meaning there are no untidy loose hoses.

The agile hydraulic boom offers access to entire façades up to 14 storeys high, including locations with narrow or restricted access. This enables the cleaning team to work swiftly and efficiently, slashing cleaning durations to a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods. At the end of each session’s work, the cleaning equipment is simply retracted for the vehicle’s return to base, leaving no evidence of the transformation that has taken place – apart from the remarkable, pristine appearance of the restored façade.

Yet it is the sheer convenience of the process that often draws the highest praise from clients, neighbours and passers-by.

Alongside this innovative system, Thomann-Hanry® have exceptional systems and controls in place to care for the safety of the public, building occupants and their workforce.

Thomann-Hanry® are headquartered in Park Royal, London NW10 - less than an hour from Central London. The entire process is carried out from a cabin on a lorry-mounted Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP).


Pedestrian tunnel Thomann-Hanry® designed and developed a bespoke pedestrian tunnel.


façade gommage® benefits



• Unlike water and air-based abrasive techniques, façade

• At the end of a day’s cleaning, the cabin is simply retracted

gommage® gently rubs masonry, cleaning it with no increase in material roughness.

on its hydraulic boom, leaving building security completely uncompromised.

• A s effective on ornate, carved details as it is on flat surfaces,

• From a Health and Safety perspective, the entire process is

the process gently lifts grime away, revealing the underlying substrate but leaving it entirely undamaged.

contained, unlike other water-based techniques, which can inconvenience and potentially endanger passers-by as well as occupants of the building.

• R emarkable reach – applied from an agile hydraulic boom, surfaces inaccessible to other techniques are brought easily within range, up to 14 storeys high.

• façade gommage® is a bespoke system globally operated by Thomann-Hanry® staff - no third-parties are involved.

• H ighly efficient on narrow, restricted access areas.

Convenience & speed


• No need for scaffolding.

• Trusted by English Heritage to restore some of the UK’s most

• Up and running within two hours of arriving on site. • Up to 500 sq. m. can be cleaned in one day.

iconic buildings, façade gommage® offers impeccable eco credentials.

• Unlike chemical and water-based techniques, the process simply uses a by-product from aluminium smelting – an ultra-fine, inert and non-toxic powder with no chemical properties.

• Other than a minimal amount of water, which is used to capture the dust, the only requirements of façade gommage® are power and air, both supplied from the lorry itself.



It all starts with a sample clean A sample clean is essential to avoid the element of surprise. This helps you understand the results achievable by the technique you are choosing to clean your building façade.

A trial clean enables you to:

If your building is listed, a sample clean will probably be required by the Council as part of the listed building application but if it isn’t, it is still essential to ensure your chosen technique can clean the building effectively and without causing any damage.

You should always carry out cleaning prior to conducting any restoration works. Until the building has been cleaned it’s very hard to colour match repairs and further required works may also be revealed.

• Benchmark the expected results from any cleaning system.

• Ensure there is no surface damage.

If you are concerned about the façade of your building reflecting poorly on your brand values, contact us to arrange a sample clean.

Cleaning trials should be conducted in unobtrusive locations, on representative types of soiling. Those results may vary depending on location. Sheltered areas, for example, may respond very differently to exposed areas.

Sample clean carried out at Principe di Savoia Milan, Italy


Listed buildings

When considering works to a listed building, Listed Building Consent (which is separate from Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval) is usually required.

Our façade gommage® system was recently evaluated by conservationists using infrared microspectroscopy prior to approval by Historic England, and was shown to be no more disruptive to the surface than water cleaning. Using no water or chemicals, we remove the pollutants without adversely affecting the patina, thereby preserving the character of the stone.

Here at Thomann-Hanry® we directly employ highly qualified consultants capable of submitting applications and supervising works, as well as dealing with any queries which arise along the way. Over the last ten years, we have worked on hundreds of listed buildings from Grade II up to Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Our restoration teams are well versed in best practice and working as much on stucco and lime render projects as they are on Portland stone, Yorkstone and granite buildings.


Chetwynd Court, King’s College Cambridge

Facelift experts - the future of façade restoration Scaffold-free restoration

Sympathetic and knowledgeable restoration of building façades is a specialised skillset encompassing several highly prized trades. These range from the hand-carving stone and the replacement of sections worn away through years of exposure to the elements, to installation of new timber around long decayed window frames. Metal, brick or stone – whatever the material, time and weather will eventually wear it away.

Contrary to popular misconception, virtually all types of restoration works can be undertaken from platforms – a huge advantage for occupied buildings regarding speed, security and efficiency. Using platforms instead of scaffolding, we have carried out stone repairs, repointing, roofing, painting, mastic replacement and bird proofing on many high-profile buildings across London and further afield.


Professional façade cleaning, masonry repairs & external building refurbishment At Thomann-Hanry® we are unique in our approach to restoration in several ways. First and foremost, our artisans are in-house, continually trained and operating with top of the range tools and equipment.

• Our banker masons produce the replacement stones that our restorers introduce to buildings. • Our carpenters create the new sections of timber that we use to replace where window frames have passed the point of repair.

Our restoration team complements other divisions of the company by offering the full breadth of building restoration from our mobile platforms, thus removing the need for scaffolding from almost any project.

• Our decorators bring timber and metalwork, long faded by the elements, back to life. • Lead workers carry out a full range of services to any structure, including new leadwork as well as replacement of existing waterproofing.

There is no element of work on the façade of a building that Thomann-Hanry®’s restoration team cannot carry out.

• Bird deterrent systems are installed, stone or brick restored and protected, stains and marks removed.

Ongoing restoration works Bank of England, London 18

Case studies Structural and building surveys in detail If we are the appointed contractor, our Engineers are an integral part of our team – if not, they can act independently. In either case, they provide a vital resource to ensure works are completed to the best possible methodology and specification.

We are often approached for advice and recommendations in regards to building defects and preventative maintenance. To that end, we employ a façade specialist qualified to CEng MICE MIStructE MSAICE, as well as a MEng qualified Senior Mechanical Engineer. Whilst façade surveys are our speciality, we also bring our expert knowledge of structural engineering and historic materials to bear on defects relating to the whole structure. We do this by assessing the extent and cause of any damage before providing an analysis of the most viable solutions.

3D Modelling At Thomann-Hanry®, we routinely produce building 3D models of larger projects to help us visualise the challenges involved and report back to clients accordingly. In this sense we are proud, once again, to be taking the lead in accordance with one of our stated core values: ‘We are customeroriented, always striving to enhance quality and productivity’.

We perform visual building surveys from MEWP wherever possible and, if necessary, carry out more invasive investigations of properties. Undertaken with the assistance of our restoration team, such investigations enable us to determine the most appropriate methods for repairs, alterations or any other modifications as specified by the client.

Our cutting-edge building 3D modelling capabilities give our clients a deeper, more rounded understanding of their project, as well as giving us a crucial competitive edge. For this reason, we are now looking to report on all of our projects using 3D representation.

At Thomann-Hanry®, we can also laser scan façades to produce precisely accurate elevation drawings prior to the building survey, as well as carrying out testing to the property and its materials.

Bank of England, London Grade I Listed building 13,000 sq. m. Portland stone Cleaned in 25 days – weekends only

The most secure plan For obvious reasons, security is a key concern for banks. As a result, a scaffoldfree system is by far the preferred solution for cleaning the exterior of a bank, as it offers increased security as well as guaranteeing minimal disruption to visitors and employees alike.

any damaged stone replaced by masons from Thomann-Hanry®’s restoration team. Sections of leadwork were also repaired.

Our interior stonework division – Specialist Stone Care – restored and cleaned the terrazzo walls within the archive room that had been locked away, undiscovered for over half a century.

The Bank of England Portland stone façade was cleaned by façade gommage® and



Case studies

Primark flagship store, Oxford Street Brick 7,000 sq. m. (both Oxford Street and North Row elevations) Cleaned in 15 days

The Langham, London Grade II Listed building Portland stone & Brick 5,000 sq. m. Cleaned in 15 days

Somerset House Grade I Listed building Portland stone 1,650 sq. m. (South Wing) Cleaned in 10 days

1 Poultry, Bank Grade II Listed building Sandstone 2,200 sq. m. Cleaned in 12 days – weekends only

Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street Terracotta 5,000 sq. m. Cleaned in 10 days

Case studies

1 Redcliff Street, Bristol Concrete 12,000 sq. m. Cleaned in 40 days

52 Minories, London StoCrete Render 300 sq. m. Cleaned in 1 day

Sol Melia White House, Park Lane, London Faience Terracotta 10,000 sq. m. Cleaned in 30 days

Global portfolio Globally, we have cleaned three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hundreds of the world’s most famous buildings, such as the Kremlin Palace Hall, the Canadian Parliament and the Australian War Memorial. In 2014, Thomann-Hanry® were employed by the State of New York as one of just three companies allowed to carry out trial cleans on the 3500-year-old New York Obelisk. Our samples were highly successful. Our biggest project to date is the Louvre Museum in Paris, a large 136,000 sq. m. cleaning operation. The highest challenge has been the 56-storey MetLife skyscraper on New York’s Park Avenue.


Louvre Museum Paris, France

Cleaning and resealing stone floors

Superior quality in internal stone care The floor covering is the most important area in any building and acts as an integral part of its design. If the first impression is that the floor is smooth and clean, most people assume that the building is well maintained, which conveys a good impression of an organisation’s operating culture and, most importantly, the care for the people within it.

Specialist Stone Care can survey the flooring throughout your portfolio and provide detailed recommendations for initial restoration, as well as advising on and, if required, implementing periodic maintenance cleaning programmes.

Specialist Stone Care is the interior stonework division of Thomann-Hanry®. This division works with natural stone and offers extensive knowledge of different cleaning processes, products and impregnators. Our technicians can restore all natural and manmade stone floors and surfaces.

• We employ experienced operatives who

Our technicians have benefited from decades of experience of cleaning interior stone. The team frequently focus on the maintenance of flooring, often in areas with high footfall.

• We also offer an all-in-one invisible

• Specialists in the restoration, repair, polishing and maintenance of all natural and man-made stone. have industry recognised accreditations. Unsuitable stone cleaning methods can cause irreparable damage, so it’s essential that specialist operatives are used to ensure that your property investment is in safe hands. surface protection range called Aqua Fend®. This shields floors, walls and other surfaces against long-term damage, ensuring easy ongoing cleaning and maintenance.


Internal stone flooring, staircases and decorative features can be incredibly beautiful. However, much like anything else, if left uncared for, the cost of maintenance and ultimately restoration can prove exceptionally expensive. A key example of this is when the wrong chemicals are used for cleaning stonework – a very common issue that can arise even when employing reputable cleaning or maintenance companies. It is often not appreciated that, depending upon the type of stone, different chemicals are required for the cleaning process. The use of natural stone in the commercial environment continues to grow year on year and periodic maintenance is critical to its appearance and longevity. Combined with high traffic and lack of proper maintenance, grease and dirt are detrimental factors which can significantly contribute to the dramatic deterioration of stone surfaces. Once restored, the correct programme for daily cleaning is essential not only to maintain the stone’s natural appearance, but also to prevent permanent staining. Stains can cause disfiguration, grout can decay and a build-up of ingrained dust and grime will cause the stone to lose its natural sheen.




All-in-one invisible surface protection Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs while keeping your walls and floors clean Once building surfaces have been cleaned and restored, they should be protected against future weathering and deterioration. The primary concern is to prevent the build-up of dirt particles and damp, which can react with the masonry and reduce its lifespan. Protecting surfaces also extends the cleaning cycle. Aqua Fend® is a colourless, water-based product which allows surfaces to breathe, offering the highest grade of surface protection. Aqua Fend® effectively protects concrete and stone surfaces, forming an impenetrable but breathable barrier against contaminants without affecting surface colour. As the capillaries of the surface are protected, contaminants will sit on top, allowing them to be removed by basic cleaning operations. Thanks to Aqua Fend®, pollution, oil, grime, grease, bird droppings, algae and other surface contaminants are no longer an issue or expensive to remedy. Aqua Fend® range includes four exclusive products that are specifically designed to protect buildings, pavements and floors against a multitude of unwanted contaminants.

Extend the life of your clean and reduce your maintenance costs with Aqua Fend® The above photograph is of the BT Headquarters in Newgate Street, London, and was taken in May 2018, whilst the cleaning was done in 2016. A Blue panel cleaned by Thomann-Hanry® in 2016 - but not protected; B Green panel cleaned by Thomann-Hanry® and protected with Aqua Fend® at the same time. C


Gray panels cleaned by a competitor and not protected. 30



Aqua Fend® Case study

A cost-effective and long-term façade maintenance solution Aqua Fend® F has been formulated to protect building façades, playing an essential part in preservation, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and protecting the structure. Unlike other products, our formulation does not break down under intensive cleaning and offers an unmatched life expectancy of twenty years on façades.

Your building façade free of algae and moss Aqua Fend® AM offers complete destruction of moss, lichen and fungus – indeed, any parasitic vegetation – as it is a preventive and curative treatment. It does not alter the colour of the substrate, does not create a film and does not yellow. It replaces common acid and alkaline cleaners, which can be harmful to substrates.

Safeguard your natural stone flooring

Breakspear Park, Hemel Hempstead Thomann-Hanry® cleaned the Bath stone façade, the windows and cladding, as well as protecting all surfaces with our very own façade protection product – Aqua Fend®.

Aqua Fend® G extends the aesthetic and physical life of paving and flooring, ensuring that future cleaning and maintenance costs are minimised. Aqua Fend® G treated surfaces can be kept stain-free through standard maintenance cleaning techniques, keeping public places looking their absolute best all year round and saving vast sums of money in specialised cleaning.

Pure Nano glass coating for graffiti protection Completely clear in appearance, the product is based on nanotechnology. It is resistant to UV, alkalis, acids and extreme temperatures and offers excellent abrasion resistance, making it incredibly durable. Removal of graffiti becomes significantly easier with Aqua Fend® LG, making it ideal for city locations.



1 Albemarle House, Piccadilly

Apex Hotel, London

King’s College, Cambridge

Giving your building a lift Taking care to a higher level Devonshire House, London During the last couple of years, we have seen unprecedented growth in the UK business, with a significant number of prestigious and extensive projects being added to our portfolio. The entrepreneurial spirit of our management fosters continuous investment in equipment, staff and premises.

reaching 30 metres, allowing us to position equipment in difficult-to-reach locations. In addition, we operate a low loader, which enables us to deliver our own plant as and when required without relying on third parties. Our fleet includes a large number of perfectly maintained and highly reliable platforms reaching up to 48 metres.

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled investment in cutting edge equipment – in particular, the latest mobile platforms. We run two immaculate lorries with HIABS, capable of lifting up to 17 tonnes and

Old Marylebone Town Hall, London

Park House, Finsbury Park, London

Thomann-Hanry® can supply all vital signs and barriers from our large stocks, while staff are Lantra certified to install traffic management equipment.


Somerset House, London

+44 (0) 20 8453 1494 18 Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, London NW10 7SF

The award-winning way to protect the past

Heritage Building Conservation Ltd t/as Thomann-HanryÂŽ Registered in England No. 05895254

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