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All-in-one invisible surface protection

Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs while keeping your surfaces clean

While cleaning numerous high profile buildings over the years, Thomann-Hanry® realised that protecting the building façade and flooring is imperative to maximise your investment.

Aqua Fend® protects concrete and stone surfaces effectively, forming an impenetrable but breathable barrier against surface contaminants without affecting surface colour.

After extensive research for the right product, Thomann-Hanry® launched the Aqua Fend® range – the ultimate all-in-one invisible protection available, with several formulations for both façades and ground surfaces.

Thanks to Aqua Fend®, pollution, oil, grime, grease, bird droppings, algae and other surface contaminants are no longer an issue or expensive to remedy.

Once building surfaces have been cleaned and restored, they should be protected against future weathering and deterioration. As the capillaries of the surface are protected, contaminants will sit on top, allowing them to be removed by basic cleaning operations. The primary concern is to prevent the build-up of dirt particles and damp which can react with the masonry and reduce its lifespan. Protecting surfaces also extends the cleaning cycle.

Independent tests have shown Aqua Fend® to be the industry’s leading surface protection solution. Aqua Fend® range includes four exclusive products that are specifically designed to protect buildings, pavements and floors against a multitude of unwanted contaminants. “With a clear margin, Aqua Fend® was the best performing surface protection material used in this investigation”. (Recent independent University testing)

Aqua Fend® main benefits

Eco-friendly Many of today’s products used for building maintenance and cleaning are either too aggressive or even toxic to both humans and the environment. Aqua Fend® (F and G) offers a sustainable alternative:

• 0.0% VOC content. (Volatile Organic Compounds) • Water-based. • Solvent-free and non-toxic, LC 50 rating in excess of 10,000. • Non-flammable. • No restrictions for internal use. • Biodegradable.

Anti-staining Aqua Fend® prevents unsightly discolouration or marking of surfaces. Problems caused by staining can be costly to remedy – be they through organic growth on a façade or other causes, such as coffee stains or discarded chewing gum on the ground. Aqua Fend® creates an invisible barrier, making staining avoidable and cleaning easier.

• Problematic stains no longer penetrate the surface. • Allows easy removal of graffiti, chewing gum and greasy stains. • Prevents organic growth. • Delays the ageing process enabling surfaces to look new for longer.

Breathability By forming an impenetrable but breathable barrier against surface contaminants, Aqua Fend® allows surfaces to breathe.

• Surfaces remain greater than 90% permeable. • Residual moisture is not trapped within the surface.

Insulating Enjoy a warmer building and lower bills.

• Whether it’s stone, brick or concrete, Aqua Fend® keeps the substrate dry, enhancing the building’s thermal resistance.

• Reduce overall heating costs.

10-year guarantee on façades Long-term protection: for a building to retain its optimum value there is a need for it to be well-maintained.

• Unlike some competitors’ products, Aqua Fend® is not removed by cleaning works.

• Protection and life expectancy of twenty years on façades. The guarantee can be insured for ten years if required.

• Prevents damage to the structure, including unwanted organic growth.

• Reduces ongoing maintenance costs allowing a quick return on investment.

• Certified by BBA to EN 1504-2 : 2004

Give a helping hand to your building

Aqua Fend® F A cost-effective and long-term façade maintenance solution. City life is tough on buildings and under constant attack from the elements and pollutants, their appearance will suffer over time unless maintained. Aqua Fend® F has been formulated to protect building façades, playing an essential part in preservation, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and protecting the structure. Unlike other products, our formulation does not break down under intensive cleaning and offers an unmatched life expectancy of twenty years. Aqua Fend® F is both solvent and silicone-free, with 0.0% VOC. It is a fully breathable product, completely invisible on the surface but preventing water and contaminants from entering the pores of the substrate and only run down to the ground. It prevents water ingress which could otherwise lead to staining or organic growth. It defends against most stains and pollutants that can be caused by traffic or pedestrians.

Aqua Fend® F offers a quick return on investment and will: • Keep your building clean for longer. • Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. • Ensure surfaces become water-repellent, as water can cause staining, damp, green growth and corrosion of reinforcing steel work.

• F acilitate the removal of graffiti.

Aqua Fend® AM Your building façade free of algae and moss. Aqua Fend® AM destroys all parasitic vegetation, which is then washed away by the rain or simply brushed off. As it is a preventive and curative treatment, it does not alter the colour of the substrate, does not create a film and does not yellow. It replaces common acid and alkaline cleaners, which can be harmful to substrates. Aqua Fend® AM offers a complete destruction of moss, lichen and fungus and any parasitic vegetation, and can be applied outdoors to all types of material.

Aqua Fend® AM particularly: • D estroys all parasitic vegetation. • L imits the proliferation of mould. • W ill not alter the colour of the substrate. • Nonylphenol & Chlorine-free.

Clean and protect your flooring with Aqua Fend®

Aqua Fend® G Aqua Fend® G extends the aesthetic and physical life of paving and flooring, ensuring that future cleaning and maintenance costs are minimised for up to eight years. Aqua Fend® G makes the cleaning and ongoing maintenance of flooring and paving significantly easier and offers:

• I mmediate reduction in costly cleaning operations with a quick return on investment. • A n all-in-one and long-term protection against water, oil, dirt, stains and fouling. • I nvisible protection. • U V resistant – does not discolour the treated surface. • E asy chewing gum removal – reduces the adhesion of chewing gum to the surface. • E asy application and suitable for interior and outdoor use. 0.0% VOCs, non-hazardous, non-toxic, solvent and silicone-free.

• M inimal re-treatment requirements, only when surface has worn – depending on footfall. • R esistance to mild acids, alkalis and fuel. • A product that does not alter the slip resistance of your surface. Aqua Fend® G treated surfaces can be kept stain-free through standard maintenance cleaning techniques, keeping public places looking their absolute best all year round and saving vast sums of money in specialised cleaning. Aqua Fend® G significantly reduces ongoing maintenance and cleaning costs, ensuring the ‘as new’ look lasts for longer.

Pure nano glass coating for graffiti protection

Aqua Fend® LG Aqua Fend® LG – a protective barrier. Aqua Fend® Liquid Glass (LG) is the most powerful anti-graffiti product on the market with numerous benefits over traditional polyurethane, rough coverings and two-part systems. Completely clear in appearance, the product is based on nanotechnology. It is resistant to UV, alkalis, acids and extreme temperatures and offers excellent abrasion resistance, making it incredibly durable. Removal of graffiti becomes significantly easier with Aqua Fend® LG, making it ideal for city locations. Aqua Fend® LG is pure glass broken down to a molecular level ensuring complete and overlapping coverage. After easy application by brush or sprayer, the water evaporates leaving an invisible and durable glass coating about 80,000 times thinner than a human hair. Once applied, graffiti and other contaminants will not penetrate the coating. Any graffiti can be easily removed with water and, if necessary, a low-cost mild detergent. The coating is incredibly hard wearing, as well as being resistant to UV, acids, alkalis and high temperatures.

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