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Adventures in 3C

Written by students for everyone to enjoy.

The Scary Wetland Written By: Jose Daniel S. One day, a family went to a wetland to have a picnic. There was a big thing. It could be people in the wetland or also it could have been an animal. The whole family was so excited. The animal or people up ahead and taught the little men, now the men or animal have the little men. The family doesn’t know anything about the little men; they tried to look at the little men, but is so difficult with the big animal. So they went up without the little men, they passed all day thinking how to recuperate the little men. The People of the Wetland When the family got out, they found big and strange people. They hung earrings on their body, and there was a protector of the

wetland. He was there because he protected all the people that went to the wetland. Also, he fought with the wetland visitors, so he no one could live there and also he protect all the nice families that went to visit, so they could come more. He was there to win money to protect his family, so his family doesn’t have to past hunger and also they have to win money because he bought a big house. All the Family Was United On another day, all the family made a plan to recuperate the little men. They made many questions to the man that protect the wetland. He recommended not to get near the animal , and before they went he taught the people and the fathers to say “ we all have to be united because if not we can lose

one of the family.� All the wetland was full of garbage because the men had lived there before lost their houses and they throw all the garbage on the wetland. The wetland had a not so very good smell because the things that all the people throw away. If the people continue like this the wetland is going to convert on dumpster, so the little men and the wetland are going to be dead. All the family went to find the little men from the past families and tell them the bad thing and also give them a good definition that they were in big, big PROBLEMS AND THE ANIMALS CAN PASS AND THE ROCKS CAN PASS BUT THEY WILL NEVER PASS...because of

THE BIG GHOST! After many problems and time we found the wetland men. We thought that they were dead people. Something faraway was looking. We went to ran so much faster on the water, but it was so difficult. It looked like a ghost, but it started to get bigger, bigger, AND even MORE BIGGER, we started to run, and run, until we went on the top of the water. We lost something. We can’t recuperate the baby. The next day, we were prepared to make plan to find the baby. We Went to Find the Baby The family went to find the baby. First my father said, “All the things are better, we found the monster, but this time we created a product that made the monster look little.”

It was easy to get the baby. We recuperated the little men and we made friends with the monster. Now, we went closer to the wetland, but not too close and we bought a house for the monster so he didn’t live anymore in the wetland. The Moral All the time, you should trust in your family like when the family trusted that they went to recuperate the little men, and find the baby. Also in a group, everything is better; like when the family worked in a group to recuperate the little men and the baby.

ATTACK!!!!!!!!! Written by: Gabriel P One day, Lloyd and Kai woke up and they saw the news. They looked that Herobrain escaped from jail two days before. Lloyd said, “I can’t believe that he is my brother.” Kai thought in his head, he is not because we are going to attack him. They went in the super car. *Herobrain Garmadon* We were fighting with Herobrain and he looked homeless . His pants were broken and his t-shirt was so ugly. He had a big brown beard. He had a big black malted dirty hat. His story started when he was adopted when Lloyd born. And he went to other side

of evil because his girlfriend wanted to be with Lloyd. Both were fired from their work. *HEROBRAIN FIGHT* Herobrain started to fight with Lloyd and they used all his power. They went to the Hill of the Dead. In one cavern, it was so black and it looked like a cemetery, full of spiders, dead animals, when suddenly they saw a pickaxe. And Herobrain said, “It is so beautiful, this ultra super duper pickaxe named Steve!” Steve’s Secret Treasure When they were all friends, they went to a place where there was a treasure and Herobrain said, “I am going to kill everyone. And you cannot do anything. Ha ha ha.” He laughed with evil and then he tried to use the ...

STEVE STINKS He tried to use Steve for evil and nothing happen. Then he was saying, “Steve stinks. All these years and you don’t work.” “Ha, ha!!!,” Lloyd laughed. “Maybe if I try, ”Lloyd held Steve and it worked. “It only works in the hands of good,” Steve’s phantom said. “Holy crap,” Lloyd continued, “this is awesome!” Then, Herobrain went to jail. Moral Don’t be greedy or you will pay because if you are greedy and you don’t have anything, people will not give you anything either. Thank you for reading. And be good.

Minecraft Pixel World Written By: Santiago M. 1 The king of Minecraft, Notch, was so so rich and envious. He went to a giant but unexplored island. Notch came and began to destroy the island. Notch and his soldiers began to kill all the animals and destroy nature. 2 Notch thought it was night, and at night there were creepers, zombies, zombiepigmen and slime. The king remembered it was night and he tried his best to make a house.When the king was sleeping, his poor guards were fighting with terrible monsters.

The next day, the king called a scientist and and an engineer to explain to the king who had killed all monsters on Minecraftia. 3 Herobrine, the bad guy, was trying to destroy Minecraftia. The king called his best soldiers. One of them was the famous Minecraftian King. He told him he would pay 45 blocks of diamond per each solider. The soliders accepted. The guards were without armor so they called the warriors and the guards told warriors to make them weapons like swords, shields, helmets, armor, boats, pants and all of the stuff that was of diamond warriors. They worked so so hard during 3 years when they were finished guards, they began training.

4 They made a portal of Obsidian. When they passed through the portal, it was horrible. They saw ghosts, zombies, zombie-pigmen, spiders, and there was a big, huge tower and inside was Herobrine with a cane. At the top of the cane was a the Enderdragoege. The soldiers were so scared and they told Minecraftian to fight alone. 5 Minecraftian fought with bravery. He killed and killed monsters lasting hours and hours. In the end, Minecraftian was tired and he cannot fall asleep because he had to fight with Herobrine. He fought with Herobrine. It took a long time. Finally, he transported in the portal and everyone celebrated in a big, big party.

6 When the party finished, all were resting and Minecraftian was proud of herself. The moral is never say never

My Story Written By: Nicolas B. Find That Snake in the House One day, I was making the dinner and I was so happy, but I saw a rat. Then, I was eating pizza with my mother. I didn’t say anything to my mother that there was a rat. We finished and she went to her house in the jungle. I slept in my home in a wetland. The next morning, I saw the rat with blood. My first thought was it was a SNAKE. I called the exterminators but the snake took my family and it ate my grandmother. I was so sad and I said to myself, I am going to KILL THAT SNAKE. I was preparing to go. I put a water bottle, a gun , a knife, bombs , TNT, food, coca cola, and a

lantern. I put my t-shirt and my pants on and I started walking to the desert. The Exterminator I was getting out of my house and the exterminator said to me, “And the snake?” I said, “I am going to find it and I am going to kill it.” The exterminator agreed, “I am going with you!!!!!” (He was serious and chubby. He was so strong and he had a lot of tattoos.) He also had hair on his chest and in his armpits. That was so disgusting. He pushed me and said, “Move on rat!!!” He didn’t have a family. He was adopted and his adoptive parents died. I decided I would put up with him because he made me feel so bad.

Nothing Can Stop Me After 3 hours, I saw an elephant. They looked like a car. I was in Africa and its was so hot. And then a TIGER JUMP ON THE ELEFANT AND KILL IT. I was so scared and the exterminator calmed me down. The next morning, we were walking and we saw a cave, and obviously we went inside and there was something we had to find that cavern. I WILL FIND THAT SNAKE The next morning, the exterminator got ready to continue the mystery. First, we were in a car with wood, and an animal jumped in. It was a spider and that spider had mark on it. The spider looked like it was a snake. We followed it and finally, we went into a cavern. We put a lot of TNT and

BOOM…blew the cavern into pieces. We tried to find that snake but there was nothing. The Map The map said dig, make an acid, so we did what the map said. It said how to make carbon TNT and use soil. Then, we found the cavern again, and we put a lot of TNT and boom it exploded. Always read the instructions first.

The Adventures of Wati Written By: Nicolas H. The king of NATURE had a solution to the conflict of fire and water. The prince of fire FIROX should become friends with the prince of water, Wati. They needed to see each other all day. HE needed to not be violent. He need to be peaceful. AND BEST FRIEND FOREVER , B.F.F.

Chapter 2:THE SPECIAL CHARACTER The Mother of Wati is the queen of freshwater. She is a very good mother and she is a good person. She tried to educate Wati to be the best king of freshwater. She is the best lady of the natural world.

Chapter 3: The War One day, the two went to a pond and a volcano. They didn’t want be friends. Firox started to be bad and Wati wanted to do more good to be the king . Chapter 4 Wati needed to destroy the fire thing . Wati went to the Palace of Fire. He went to a special volcano. Chapter 5 Wati found a thing and destroyed the fire with a lake. He tried to convince Firox to be good. They went to war. Wati and Firox fought, but they really did not want to fight.

No more violence, please. My Story Written By: Juan Pablo A A long time ago, there were two hunters in a camp. The other day, the hunters were in a wetland to see animals. The hunters’ dog got lost in the wetland and the captain hunter went to find the dog. The hunter captain went to find animals when he fell in a hole. The hunter captain found a group of animals in that hole where the hunter captain tried to get out. The hunter captain needed to get out of the hole and get out his secret weapon. He had some water. The Dog The hunter found another hunter in the wetland. His name was NICOLAS. He had

black hair, green eyes and he had a camp suit so the animals cannot see at night. He can investigate if the animals are being extinct. He liked to eat meat and he wanted to live more days in the wetland.

Personal information The place is in the wetlands in the 1980’s and the hunter captain thinks nothing can stop the hunters no one can prevent hunting. The hunter capitan found a message that says one hunter is on an adventure in a wetland and he did not want to kill any more animals. It went right away to the wetland place. GET OF THE ISLAND

The hunter heard something and he started to run to his camp. When he got to the camp, he heard something moving, but he went to sleep. The other day, when everyone was sleeping, he went to see if there were any animals in his area and if he can explore to track the animals. Not to Kill More Animals The hunter had an idea and when the hunter had the idea he went to try to do and now the animals are safe.

Adventure Written by: Camilo I. One day, a man named Luis was running because wolves were chasing him. Luis had a knife and he went up a tree. T The wolves went very fast, and Luis stuck the knife in one body and the wolf died. Suddenly, the other wolves jumped off the trees and Luis went very fast to his house. The wolves did not get into the house because the door was so little and the wolves were so big. Chapter 2 The next day the wolves were on the floor. The result was that the father of the father

of his grandfather was a samurai and he helped him with all the movements. Chapter 3 At 12 am, the uncle of Luis went into his house and he saw his dad. Luis drank some water and the he asked, “What are you doing? The wolves were chasing me and you know that grandfather was a master with the weapons.” “No,” the uncle screamed “it was not important. He is like a samurai. He put posters in the entire city. Come see my grandfather was a samurai. He did classes.” The uncle of Luis was called Geronimo. Geronimo said never go in to stop Kallfuyang. Kallfuyeng is the granfather of Luis.

And Geronimo played hockey. Before, he was 28 years he was so strong. He could pick up a car with only one hand. He was so strong. Chapter4 The day after, he was brave. He was in the bar. There was a man and Geronimo kicked the other man. But the man had a knife and he was going to bury the knife in the body of Geronimo, but the grandfather stopped the fight, but Luis kicked him and the fight continued. Chapter 5 Luis made a poison and a machine. Geronimo went inside the machine and the machine helped him get his violence to go

down. Then, he went to his house and he talked about the fight and he remembered that it was not good fight because that only led to bad things. My Story Written by: Juan Camilo B On an island, there was Lucas, Simon and Tommy. They were contaminating the freshwater ecosystem‌ So everyday a volcano exploded or came a hurricane. One day, Tommy was on a trip in the freshwater ecosystem and a volcano exploded. Tommy disappeared for 5 days. Lucas and Simon were looking for him. They found a skeleton, so they were very worried about him because they thought he was dead. They find him at the top of the mountain. Lucas

and Simon asked him a question, “how did you survive?”. He answered, “I have a little circle of air and behind me was a lot of water.” Tommy Lucas and Simon were going to Orlando, but the airplane crashed. They found Tommy, he was very strong and very tall. He had a very bad past because the parents died in an accident, so he is alone. He is there because a family wanted to adopt him. He had some tattoos. He was a little fat. He had red pants and a Hawaiian t-shirt. And he liked to eat many things, so he always had a bag of food. An Adventure in a Tree

Lucas and Simon were on the island. They were looking for some food. But the food was in the top of a tree. Lucas climbed the tree and he couldn’t because he is not so strong. Simon tried but couldn’t, but Tommy was so strong he climbed the tree but when he climbed it, it started to rain. He waited 5 hours!!!!!. Then he got down and they shared the food. Lucas, Simon and Tommy saw contamination on the island. They were very confused because on that island there was just three of them. They found sculptures of indigenous people. Immediately, Lucas went to find a map and searched for the indigenous island. He found it, so he said to Simon and Tommy that no one knows where they are. But Simon and Tommy were confused because the indigenous people

were not there. He was very scared because they all thought they were indigenous ghosts. Who knows where they are? …

¡A CROCODILE! Written By: Arturo A. When we arrived to the river, it was so peaceful, I mean that the current was so calmed, the wind blew so soft and the sun was shining too hard. I remembered that when my friends told me to come here (the river), I said that it could be too dangerous, but I know that I was completely wrong. ¡This is INCREDIBLE! After 10 minutes, we finally decided that we were going to play

“chase”. We were having a lot of fun when I heard a very strange noise. It was like “Thump…Thump…Thump”. It was similar to very giant steps. That noise echoed all over the river. Finally we knew what the noise was. ¡It was a CROCODILE!!! I was scared. I did not know what to do. Finally I said “ok, my only option is to swim faster than ever”, so I began to swim. Although I swam too fast, the crocodile swam faster than me and my friends. After 5 minutes of swimming, the crocodile was about 1 meter of distance of me, and when he opened his mouth to swallow me, all around me turned black. A FISHERMAN When I opened my eyes, I was inside of a fishing net, with all my friends. The fishing net was inside of a black and dirty canoe and

in the front part of the canoe; there was a fisherman with two paddles in his hands. The fisherman was an old man about 50 years old, he had very few hair, his was dressed with a ripped sweater and with one pair of dirty black jeans. He was a good person and he used brown and dirty shoes. 5 minutes later, I got near the fisherman and I asked him “Hey, why would you save us from the crocodile?” and he answered me “Oh, hello Nitch. I save you because I am an ecologist and I like a lot the little and pretty fish like you and your friends. And also because I think that it would be too sad for you and your family if you die and if your family can’t see you anymore. So that’s my reason to your question.” I thought one moment and then I said “Thank you for save us. I am too thankful with you.” After a long journey, we

finally arrived to the pond. I was so happy to arrive to the pond.

Sadly, I Can’t Say No!!! Hello people. I am Nitch, a brown fish with red stripes on my body. I am a beautiful and pretty fish. I like to play a lot “chase�. I have 3 friends. One is named Mario. The other one is Luigi. And the third one is Yoshi. I live in a beautiful pond. It has crystal-clear water and has many beautiful and inoffensive animals. I have to tell you something that is that my friends like a lot the adventures and go to the dangerous places in the entire

world. One day, I was sleeping when my friends (Mario, Luigi and Yoshi) woke me up. “Nitch, we are going to the river. Do you want to go?” said Yoshi. Instantly I answered “Are you crazy man? It is too dangerous, the current is too strong and there are many dangerous animals. So my answer is no.” After this, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi began to say “Nitch is a coward, Nitch is a coward.” So finally I said” ok, ok, I am going with you”. Oh I forgot to tell you that sadly, I can’t say no!!! That is one of my biggest problems. So, we went to the river. I was so scared because of the current and the wild animals. Pond, Sweet Pond When we arrived to the pond, the fisherman took us out of the fishing net. We jumped to the pond and we began to swim. But until I

disappeared, the fisherman said to me “Nitch, I have to tell you something. I know that you like adventures and many things like this, but when you don’t want something for any reason, you don’t have to do it”. And instantly I said “But my friends…” “No Nitch” he interrupted me “even if your friends say you a coward or they get angry with you, don’t do it. Did you see? You were almost swallowed by a crocodile. My message is that when you don’t want to do something doesn’t do it even if your friends laugh at you”. And after this, the fisherman went away. I started thinking about what the fisherman said and I made my purpose to follow the instructions of the fisherman.

THE ADVENTURE OF SILVIO AND LUDO Written by: Nicolas L. CHAPTER 1 One day, Silvio and Ludo were in a waterfall and a shark came from the ocean. The shark attacked Silvio, but Ludo killed the shark and saved Silvio. They got out of the waterfall and Silvio, said “thank you” to Ludo. Then, they went to a hotel and they stayed for 5 days in the hotel. They went to explore the

Amazonas in all of Colombia. They bought a Ps3 and they played all night long. After that, they went to travel: first they stopped in Argentina, next they went to Paris, and finally they went to Spain.

CHAPTER 2 Silvio and Ludo went to the airport and they met a person named Chesqui and he was from France. When Chesqui went to Ludo’s house, Chesqui saw that Ludo had a lot of money, so Chesqui hurt Ludo and he stole all the Ludo’s things. Silvio shared some money with Ludo’s family because Ludo was the person that buy all the things for his family. Silvio went to his house to buy weapons and hurt Chesqui to get revenge.

CHAPTER 3 Silvio bought all the weapons that he could, and he look through all the city and he didn’t find Chesqui. One day, he was in his house and he saw Chesqui and he took out his weapons and he went to hurt Chesqui. He hurt Chesqui really bad. What Silvio did not know was that Chesqui made a potion to revive Ludo. CHAPTER 4 Silvio was with Ludo in a mall and they turned off the light and Ludo disappeared. Silvio was so scared, Silvio went to an island and he found a clue that led to other clues to help to find Ludo. Firs, he had to go to New York to find the next clue that was in the Empire State Building. Then, he had to go to

Paris to the Eiffel Tower. Finally, he had to go to Spain to the Mall of Madrid. CHAPTER 5 Silvio was analyzing where to find Ludo and he invented like a GPS that went to the parts Ludo had visited. Silvio went to the parts that the GPS marked. All the lights turn off again and Silvio was so scare again. When the lights turned on, there was Ludo and Ludo said Silvio that he want to scare him and Silvio laughed a lot. CHAPTER 6 I have a moral for you: if you have a friend help him all the time like if your friend is try to find it, if is scare help him and always, always, always help a friend because he is like a part of your family and if your family is

in problems you have to help them like a friend.

Written By: Camilo R. Be Careful with Electricity and with Fire and with Everything!!! It was February 13 at 6:30 pm, and I was happily going in a small stream, and at my side a tall man, an indigenous person who had black eyes, brown skin, strong legs and arms and a long black hair. His name was Yoyo, he only had a kind of pants made of leaves that went almost to his toes, and an

ax called Tomahawk. It was a very special ax that was alive; it had all the spirits of Yoyo ancestors and also could destroy everything, well almost everything. I was looking everywhere the only thing I could see was a small and old country, now one was there, or I could not see it; I noticed the stream ended in a small house, and I also saw a shadow coming were I was, and a small fat man behind us, I could not do something, they caught us. I could see now the persons that had caught us. There were 5 people. Daves The first man was an old man, he was dressed with a very elegant smoking suit, he was called Alfred; the other man was a very thick he had long hair and blue eyes, he was Michael the brother of the first minister of London; the other one was a tall woman with very long hair. She was a scientist called Juli, the other man was Daves, he was the

leader of the group and the one that scared me the most had long red hair and glasses. He had a very long neck and an elegant coat, his dress was all black and he had a hat, also black. He was a very important scientist, his grandfather was Einstein’s cousin, and he was the most intelligent person I had ever met. The last man was called Camilo he was small and fat, he was the servant of Daves. They were taking us to the old house were the stream ended, it was a small laboratory, everything was full of electricity, fire and everything you could imagine. “They are going to cook us” I shouted. They put me on a glass, I was feeling cold, I could see the Tomahawk, but not sign of Yoyo. I saw Daves coming to where I was, he had a huge knife in his right hand and a strange artifact that produced electricity in the left hand. “Perfect a runoff drop of water, just what I wanted, good job Camilo.”, said Daves while he

started paying each one money. This man was staring to scare me. Small Drop, Huge Levels of Bravery ¡Oh no! I forgot to tell you who am I, and my complete story, I will tell you. I am a small drop of water. I have lived a long time because of cycle of matter, but that is not important, the most interesting part of my life happened one day on February 13 morning. That day I was peacefully sleeping in a small pond were a strange tribe lived, they thought we were “holly” and they went each day to that pound and worshipped us. I was sleeping when I heard something moving. First thing, I supposed it was the tribe, but later I saw it was a colossal hardworm. Hardworms are a specie that uses mimicry in his armor. They have special insect eyes, a poisonous tail, hard skin, they throw a special liquid that then becomes solid, and they are 27 centimeters long. I

started to run, but it was too fast, it caught me with his antennae; he was going to drink my, but I didn’t have time to think about that, I said to myself “I am strong, I am brave” and I started to fight, but just then I saw an ax that hurt the hardworm. Then, I saw an indigenous person who took out the ax from the death anima, he put me in his hands and told me “I Yoyo”, she-he said pointing the ax-“It is Tomahawk, special powers she have.” He stood up and started to take me to a river in a rainforest, I could noticed the forest was really wet but it was good for me, well it was better than a desert. Yoyo left me there, and without saying a word he started walking away. I was still with a little bit of hardworm´s blood on me, it smelled a lot. The Shadows Behind the Tree The river ended in a huge tree, it was impossible to cross over that tree to go to

the ocean so my only option was to wait and evaporate, but the day was completely cloudy, it seemed it was going to rain; but it could also be good because if there was some flooding I might run off with it and go to ocean. I was thinking in that when I saw a shadow behind the huge tree, what could it be? I could not move I was so scared. But nothing happened, minutes were running, then hours, I was starting to think it might be my imagination, or maybe I was dreaming or‌ I was starting to calm down a little bit, when a gigantic tiger jumped over the tree, I could see it was thirsty. Oh no!!! It was going to drink me, another time I was attacked. The tiger was about 5 centimeters from me, when I saw Yoyo jumping over the tiger, I could see he had used a rope and 2 trees to make a kind of catapult. He was a genius. The tiger was running away. Once again, I was safe because of him.

Daves, Again This part of the story you already know half. You know they found my in a stream with Yoyo. They took us to a laboratory and Daves was going to cook us, well there I was in front of Daves who had a knife and a strange artifact in his hands. This time I really started to think it was going to be my last day, I didn’t have any ideas, I didn’t have a little bit of hope. I heard someone shouting behind me, I turned around thinking Yoyo was hurt and I saw Yoyo kicking Alfred, who was now crying in the floor. I started to think about my friend Yoyo, he had been protecting me all day long and he had never lost hope. I was thinking in this and I shouted, “Why are you protecting me?” and he told me “Because you are important for me!” He was really a good friend. Daves who almost cried when he heard this shouted

“Stop,stop! I think we don’t need this drop of water; we need one that is cleaner. We need rain water. This one has high levels of ph, ammonia and phosphorous. He took us outside. De told us he was sorry and without saying a word, walked into the old house. I had been saved again. Conclusion After, Yoyo and I traveled until we arrived to the Sahara desert; there the sun was really bright and with too little vegetation. But in the desert a small oasis existed, there were 2 huge palms trees. Under the palm trees there was water, freshwater. Yoyo put me there gently and told me “I will come back, Yoyo wants to see old friend.” I waited for him hours because Yoyo´s friend lived at the other side of the desert. He lived in a small, dark cavern. Yoyo returned at exactly 11:30 pm, I could see a man beside Yoyo, he was flying!!! I could not believe it, he had a large

tongue, like those butterflies have. He had insect eyes, antennas, a small beak, and scales. He was dressed with a green coat, I knew who he was, and he was called Mr. Umbrella. He was a super hero who helped many animals, plants and habitats so they don´t disappear. I knew it because last year I met two drops of water that lived in the desert. One day some humans tried to build were they lived, but Mr. Umbrella talked with them and found a place in the city for those humans to build. I also was sure of that because in his coat the letters M and U where printed. Mr. Umbrella told me “Yoyo told me if you can evaporate, that’s what you want?” I told him that yes but if he could give me some time for talk with Yoyo, so I went to where Yoyo was and talked with him about our adventures, then I said good bye to him and got closer to Mr. Umbrella who stretched his arm pointing where I was. I saw a bright red flash and felt each second get

warmer. Then, I was going up and up through the clouds. I was ready to continue my life, but I will never forget my adventures with Yoyo. During this adventure, I learned a few things but important things; I learned that good friends are very important because they are our most precious gifts. That’s why we live, for being good friends and helping people, and I also learned that each drop of water in the word is really important for life to exist. Rain, Cup, and Win Written By: Esteban L. Chapter 1 One day at the end of champion cup, all the teams were wet because there was rain. The announcer suggested to the city people to send a letter that said: Geronimo if you can resolve this problem. The problem we don’t

know the steps of the water cycle and how do they function. The rain is problem for us right now. Do you know anyone that can solve our interesting problem of the water cycle? Messi Chapter 2 Geronimo took a phone and they called a man to go to the stadium. Immediately, one person with a uniform of Barcelona with a ball saw everyone was happy. He said, “hello, how are you Geronimo?” Geronimo responded, “Good, did you bring the book?” Messi and Geronimo took out a gigantic book. Science + People = Excellent Chapter 3

Messi opened the giant book and read, “The steps are evaporation, condensation and precipitation.” But Geronimo didn’t know anything about this. Messi suggested he would explain it to Geronimo. “I learned about the cycle at the school when I was 10 years old with Luisa.” No One Knows the Pattern of the Water Cycle $$$$ Geronimo told Messi if he knew the order of the water cycle. Messi have old newspapers, but they didn’t find any information. Geronimo called Trap, but he did not answer. Calling Thea

Geronimo called Thea and he asked her about the steps of the water cycle. Thea said, “ First is Evaporation, second condensation and last precipitation, but remember it is a cycle, so really there is no first step. It depends on you.” Asking People is Good Geronimo said, “When you don’t know something, you can solve this by asking other people and they will help you.” They stopped the rain by controlling the condensation step and soccer game began again. And Geronimo yelled, “GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL for the Barcelona team! Barcelona 10,000 – Real zero.


I’M GOING TO DIE !!!! WE ARE IN THE JUNGLE TRYING TO SURVIVE. SORRY I’M STEVE, STEVE THE PIXEL. It all starts when I met him this winter in NYC…I am walking when I decided to go to the Empire State Building. When I am going up the elevator, it stopped. I thought a lot and I thought “I’m going to die. The Meeting I noticed there was another man in the elevator. He was tall, his eyes were green, his hair is light brown, and he was wearing a green coat, black pants and he used glasses. I was so happy to have found him. I thought he is he is he is …

My Best Friend I looked at him carefully. He was my best friend when we were little! I looked at him and said, “Frank?” He answered “Steve?” The elevator started moving and we went to my house. My house had a TV in the living room. My room was big. I had two beds. The floor is of wood and my bathroom is very big. I think that Frank was happy to see me, and we will live great adventures, but what really happened was totally different. The Trip We decided to go to Hawaii. When we arrive to Hawaii, we went to the hotel. Then in the room, I slept on the bed. I pulled a switch with a sign that said “Don´t pull”. I pulled it and a secret door open below my bed. “Hey, Frank look at this!”, I said. We entered the

trapped door. There was a sign that read, “If you enter here you won’t escape alive!!” The Treasure of the Old Pirate Sam the Foro “Ok” I said. “We will build something to stop the trap”. “We can press that button that said ‘Press to stop.’”, he answered. “No, I think it’s a trap!” We built an artifact that we named S.m.a.f. The s.m.a.f destroyed the wall. We took the treasure and escaped. Surviving in the Jungle The hotel was destroyed. We escaped, but now we had to survive in the jungle because the exit was in the jungle. We built a tree house with some pieces of the hotel. It is good to change the routine because you can find new things.

ANDRES, THE DROP OF WATER Written By: Andres M. When Martin and Pablo thought that Andres was lost in the ocean at 12:00pm, thunder filled the ocean, but only one drop said OUCH!!!!!! Pablo felt happy because he was caught by a human. Martin said sorry to Andres and he said OK. Martin, Pablo and Andres swam into a lake. CHAPTER 2 MARTIN THE MAGICIAN When Andres was swimming in the lake, Pablo was playing Lego out of the lake with a magician named Martin. Martin turned Andres into a drop of water because Martin didn’t know how to swim and he didn’t want to others to know he swam badly.

Chapter 3 The Real Story in Order: Andres Swam in the Lake One day in the lake, Andres that liked to swim very much, but hated the ocean swam in the lake with his companion Pablo. His friend loved to play Lego and liked to be out of the lake. The lake was cold and out of the lake was hot. And it was a Wednesday at 12:00am. Andres swam good, but he heard a noise and he said, “What is that?” Chapter4 Andres Turned into a Drop of Water Andres and Pablo didn’t see anything.Then, a light appeared and converted Andres into a drop of water .Then, a boy appeared saying, “What happened? One thing converted my

friend Andres into a drop of water. You know what?” “No, I don’t know. My name is Martin and yours is Pablo. Look the drop is flying in the air. Now it goes to the ocean. Let’s go to look!” Chapter 5 Pablo Knows the Real Identity of Martin Wait first; I am going to resolve the mystery of the noise and light. I know how, with a time machine. Let’s go. Ok we are inside of the time machine. The light and the noise came from a curse that Martin did. “It is all your fault Martin. Now help me go find him. Let’s go.” Chapter 6 Pablo and Martin Save Andres’ Life

No, I don’t want to go in a boat. But we have to save Andres A SHARK… go away . A thunder fell in the water, but only one drop said “OUCH”. Pablo caught Andres in his hands and Martin turned Andres into a boy again. Moral: you always have to have hope. Pablo and Martin never lost hope.

My Adventure Written By: Alejandro M. One day, I was going to buy a house in the city, but I decided to build his house on a river. When I was there, he swam in the river. I played with the animals. When I decided to build his house, the animals were there, so I couldn’t build it or I would hurt the animals. I didn’t know what to do. I sat there for many, many hours. Later, I listened to a scream. I ran to help. When I arrived a scientist was attacked by a wolf. I found a stick and poked the wolf, so the wolf ran. I took the scientist with him. The scientist suggested making some walls, so when I build my house I won’t hurt the animals. When I was done building his house, I destroyed the walls.

Chapter 2 The scientist told me to take some plants, so he could make some medicines for his pain. After he was well, he tried to find some rare bird that someone had told him that lived there. Some hours later, he understood that he had been tricked. At the night, a bird took his glasses. He walked in circles, but he thought that he had gotten away. I asked the other man where they were, so he described the place: it is a forest with many, many trees‌ the scientist interrupted. Okay and it has many, many animals the trees make this place very, very dark so it has a few bats. Hmmm and I have seen a beautiful river. If we were talking by phone and I have not see that I would say that is the most beautiful places that I have seen ever.

Chapter 3 After I described the forest, I started to walk around and I found many things when I went home. I make some food, we ate. When we finish, we slept. In the at the middle of the night, a boom woke us up and we went to investigate. Chapter 4 When we were there we found nothing. We tried to forget it, but it happened every night. We were tired, but we went to investigate every night and every time we found nothing. A night, we went to investigate for the last time and we looked up and it was the rare bird the scientist was looking for. We took a photo of the bird a photo. After that we slept calm. Chapter 5

We tried to make the president protect the area because that bird is an endangered species but he always said no. The president got tired of use, so he sent and engineer to build an building so we would keep our mouths closed. The engineer was our friend, so he didn´t do it and he protested with us. We started to search for more friends to help us protest. In the end, we were too many and the president sent his security guards to take all of us. The security guards were not with the president so they were obligated to protect the area. The moral is that if you want something to be protected, don’t let someone destroy it.

Adventure Written By: Martin Salazar One Day Johnny was watching TV, and the door sounded pom-pom! Johnny grumbled “huh! Who is it!!! A voice responded “Hey, it’s me Jerry!” “Oh, I’m coming!!!” Johnny said. He opened the door and said “Hi Jerry” “hello, hey! Johnny you don’t know!!! I have three tickets to…” Johnny interrupted “what show?”, he yelled!! Jerry said “Hawaii” Johnny said “wow!” “Hey Jerry, who did you invite to Hawaii?” Jerry answered “Our new friend Bob. Jerry he lives in Florida.” Johnny said, “Let’s go.” “In the car?” Johnny asked, “Jerry, how did you get the tickets?” Jerry answered “On the Internet”. New Friend, Bob One week ago, Johnny and Jerry went to a hockey game, the tickets were for seats 345 and 344. They went to their seats. In seat

346 there was a boy named Bob. During the game, they met him and they became friends. Bob was crazy, exited, and happy; I think it makes his story happy. He is crazy because in his past he was hyperactive. He ate too much candy. He is funny and intelligent and he loves hockey. He is the best of his community. He loves to watch hockey in the TV. His favorite team is the Larks. Travel to Bob’s: Johnny and Jerry went to Bob’s house. The trip was one hundred miles to Florida. After three hours, they finally were at three cm from Bobs’ door. Johnny said, “Jerry touch the door.” “ok!” Johnny knocked “pom!” Bob was so crazy because the Larks were winning 3-0. He opened the door and said, “hello Johnny, hi Jerry, what are you doing here?” “Jerry has three tickets to Hawaii!, and we decided to

invite you. Hawaii is so big with many beaches and we can see many beautiful girls, and good hotels, do you want to come, Bob? Bob answer yes” so excited. “So let’s go!” Bob asked “Why did you want to go to Hawaii ? Because is the most beautiful island in the world.” Sabotage: The three went to their ship, at 3:45pm. The ship began to move at one moment. The ship went to the right, Johnny fell and he saw Paul. Paul also saw him. Johnny said immediately “No!” Paul went down and made a hole in the floor. Someone wanted to hurt Johnny. The ship began to sink in the water. Jerry tried to save them, but he couldn’t do it all the people died except for Johnny, Jerry, Bob and Paul.

Detective Johnny: Johnny got curios, so he became a real detective. He searched for some clues. In the wetland, they searched for food. He got scuba diving clothes. He got in the water and he saw the ship, he entered and he saw a hole in the middle. He just thought sabotage. He first thought it was the driver because he was the only one that has access there. Then he remembered Paul saw him go down. He thought, “Oh it’s Paul. Why didn’t I think of that before? ” He went up and searched for Paul. Paul was jealous of everyone. After one hour, he found him, he called the police and Paul was arrested. Finally Johnny put on his scuba diving clothes again and went down in the water. He fixed the ship with soil and stone. The friend’s travels

again home. The friends had an unforgettable adventure.

The Drop of Water Written by: Pablo M. The Mysterious friend A long, long time ago, there was dinosaur family on one side of a lake, but the lake dried every month and some dinosaurs died. Water continued in the clouds and the cycle repeated and repeated in the cycle of dinosaur era. Continuously repeating and even in the time of antiquity the humans lived near the same lake. They didn’t like the sunrise, so they moved to the other side where there were many sharks. The humans learned to swim. Once a human was attacked by a shark, but he escaped because a drop of water hit the shark.

I Am Going On an Adventure A human found a special drop of water. And the human said, “What is your name” “ I don’t remember.”, said the drop of water. The human (Camilo) said, “Where are your parents?” The drop of water responded, “ I am looking for them and I have come here looking for you to help me find my parents.” Nothing Can Keep Me Away From My Family In the beach, a Kraken yelled, “This is My Ocean!” Paul, the drop of water, cried “No, I am going to pass through this ocean”. The Kraken got upset and grabbed the man Camilo. Camilo remembered, I heard about this this Kraken of the ocean. You need to hit him in the eye. The drop of water (Paul) did this to the Kraken and the Kraken fell down, but five seconds later the Kraken pulled up

the drop and got more upset. The pressure of the water killed the Kraken, and now Paul is the king of the ocean and the fish sing and the water was illuminated. The Mysterious People After the fight with the Kraken, two people appeared that had lived in the ocean a long time ago. They had a clue, but the human had disappeared. They looked for the human. They only found the little drop of water. And My Parents The next day, the mysterious people made something with the drop of water, but the man came and told Paul, “I will protect you. I will be your father.� The family is complete again.

Tsunami!!! Written By: Antonio P.G. 1 One day, Pablo was on an island that he had bought a year ago. It was so small that it didn’t appear in any map of the world. Pablo was looking at the sunset, then when he was walking back, he heard a strange sound. He turned and there was coming a BIG boat! 2 When the boat got closer and closer it parked at the port and in the boat was a man who looked like he swam very well and he was tall, black and strong. “Who are you?” Pablo asked to the man. “I am a life guard.”, the man said. “Why are you here?”, Pablo asked. “Because a tsunami, it’s coming!!!!”

Pablo wondered why is he on the island. He made Pablo feel SO strange. 3 Pablo wondered all day why was the life guard there on the island. He was so worried. Pablo was looking at the lifeguard through the window and he saw that another man. The life guard mentioned, “I bet a tsunami is coming. So that’s the reason why I am here. I will stop it!!!!” Then, the boat floated away. 4 Pablo ran to the life guard and asked him, “It ´s a tsunami? It´s coming? Yes but… You know what? We should make a plan. I know!!” Pablo yelled. “We will make a coral wall. But how will we make it, they both wondered.

5 Then, Pablo saw the sea and said, “We´ll… Swim and get the sea corals”. So, they took hundreds of corals and put them in a BIG wall all around the island. Then, they looked at the horizon and the tsunami was coming!!!!The lifeguard and Pablo gave each other a hug. When the tsunami came it crashed against the wall. The wall fell, but the tsunami suddenly disappeared. Pablo and the life guard laughed and they were totally safe!!!The life guard left the island swimming. 6 Theme You must try your best to solve any problem you might encounter.

THE MAGIC FLOWER Written by: Alfonso D.L.E. CHAPTER 1: THE LAST DROP OF WATER We are going to multiply the drop with my friend the scientist. The humans are in danger because they don’t use the water correctly. We needed to save humans. We needed to go to the dark side of Amazonas. We will find a flower that produces water. The flower can give you water that you need for 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. Then, someone needed to go another time to the Amazonas. What? Another time‌I am going to scream. It is a joke, right.

Chapter 2: Remembering You remembered the first experiment that failed, but we produced one drop of water. I called my friend Santiago the scientist and Samuel the meteorologist. They can be good partners and good friends because no one should work alone. We needed to go to the airport Lego to get to the Amazonas. Chapter 3: The Airport The airport was beautiful. The lines were short, peaceful, but during vacation time it was full. Their flight was cheap and the airplane was big travelling to more than 203 destiny’s in the world. It is time to go on our flight. We ran to the plane. Chapter 4: We Landed We landed in Rio Amazonas close to the magic flower. My friend Samuel, “The

humans are in danger because they don’t use the water correctly.” “Ok, but where is the flower?” asked Martin. It is supposed to be here but is wasn’t there. We needed to save the world. Chapter 5: We Found the Flower The flower can’t be in the other side. Wow, look at that flower on the other side of the river! We ran and we yelled, “Thanks Samuel!” We got on the airplane and went back to the city. The Moral Use water correctly because in the future other people will need it, and there is no magic flower to solve this problem.

Water cycle: DROP OFWATER Written by: Nicolas P. Dinosaur era In the era of dinosaurs, the process of evaporation was when the dinosaurs got wet and then went in the sun and the water evaporated. One day, I travelled in the dinosaur era and I saw the water cycle in action. I found one clue but I had to become a drop of water. I LOOKED for Another clue about the water cycle. I WALKED A LOT AND I FOUND THE SECOND CLUE. I HAD TO DO THE PROCESS OF CONDENSATION. THEN, I FOUND THE THIRD CLUE AND I BECAME A DROP OF WATER AGAIN. THE THIRD CLUE WAS PRECIPITATION. I WALKED A LOT MORE AND I FOUND THE FOURTH CLUE. I WAS

“VAPOR”. I WENT THROUGH THE “WATER CYCLE” AND FOUND THE WATER CYCLE HAD AIR, VAPORATION, CONDENSATION, AND PRECIPITATION. ALL OF IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. CHAPTER 2 Antiquity Then, I was transported to the era of antiquity and it was beautiful. I found myself in the process of evaporation and I saw how I evaporated. Then I found myself condensing on a glass of juice. I looked at a cloud and floated up to the sky. I waited and I found precipitation. Wetlands It rained a lot and now I live in a wetland in Bogota, Colombia.

FISHING DREAMS Written by: Phillip B. I went to a pond to go fishing for salmon and that I caught a magical Salmon. Later, I ordered some pizza and the salmon was shining .Then, I ordered a movie and the was salmon was still shining. I watched the movie. The salmon had left and it said, “Do not come to the pond never ever again.” ¿SOMETHING IS MOVING? I told the salmon I can go whenever I want because you do not told me what to do. The salmon went into the water. Something moved in the water and the God of water appeared. He

was so strong holding a trident. He told me, “You can’t ever come to this pond!” NOTHING CAN STOP THE GOD OF WATER The God was angry and told me to leave. He would tell the salmon to give me two wishes. I laughed. The God really did not want me to be there. The God cried in the fall, the summer, and spring. He did not cry in the winter. Do you like Fish Food? The salmon asked me if I liked fish food. He took to the bottom of the pond and we saw a beautiful whale. The God of the Water wondered what the salmon was doing. It will always be mystery.

MINECRAFT Written By: Juan Esteban G. 1 The Dream Came True Along, a long time ago in a world where everything was made of blocks, there was guy named Stevie. He lived in a little house made of wood. Every day, he woke up with the hope to find diamonds or gold. But one day, he went to a mine (a mine is like a dark cave with torches) and he started to dig and he found a hole mine for diamonds. Then, he took axes, swords, picks, shovels, armor and blocks of diamonds. He was so excited and he started to sing this song:

I just found some diamonds, hey and it feels so good and I will never go back so when I put my pickax inside… But he didn’t know he had woken up the guardians; the army of the creepers. The creepers were like green dinosaurs that exploded. IT WILL CONTINUE!!! 2 THE MYSTERIOUS PERSON! The creepers started to attack him, but then mysteriously one person fell from the roof and injured all the creepers. Stevie said, “Who are you?” and he magically disappeared from the little house of wood. Ten days after, he saw the same person looking at the photo of someone else. He thought it was a photo of his dead father but it wasn’t it was from his bad brother

Heobrine. He ran where he was and asked him his name and he took his mask off of his head and he told him, I am Notch. He was astonished because he is the at best killing creepers. I ask him why he was crying and he told me because my brother now is the king of the underworld. 3 CAN ANYONE KILL ME? One day Stevie was walking to go to find diamonds. But suddenly in the mine appeared a skeleton with a bow and arrows. He threw the arrows at me and he missed. Then Notch saw all of that and he told me, wow can anyone kill you? Really… you’re joking. No, I said it is the true you’re really special. They each went home. It’s was getting darker and there were

dangerous creatures at night like creepers, zombies, Endremans. “Let’s go home now!”, I hurried to say. Oh no, it is already night! My wolf is in my home watching if someone attacks my home. He had also saved me too many times like when I was sleeping and the Eslenderman king of the Enderman tried to hurt me. I have to go now. Stevie took a taxi and he got home faster than me. HOW ARE YOU! Another day, we were at my house eating some snacks, and we made a plan to make Heobrine be good again. But Stevie told me if he could see the photo. He had white eyes and the same clothes like me. Then Notch said him if you see him please call me. Ten weeks later, he was looking for

golden nuggets, but someone kicked his head. Oooooohhhh NOOOO. HOW DID YOU APPEAR You…you…you are Heobrine. Why did you turn bad? Do you want to know why? “Because I am jealous of my brother. Because I thought that my father loved my brother more.” He said. “But how did you appear here? You are punished, you live in the underworld.”, I said. “I got punished because I start to be bad and then all creepers and zombies have my face. But… I have been so sorry since that day.” I…I…I have to tell Notch now. “No please. I am his brother. I can tell him.”, he insisted.

THE ENCOUNTER Herobine told Notch and then Stevie said I completed my mission. “I united two brothers, now I have to go.” and he elevated himself and went into the sky (because he is like god). Jealousy is not good. Let’s go find our real family the brothers thought. AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY FOREVER.

THE BEST TREASURE IN THE WORLD Written by: Samuel F. 1 FLOPPY´S DREAM One day, Floppy was sleeping in his house. He was dreaming about other freshwater ecosystems like rivers. He was dreaming that his whole family was swimming in the biggest river in the world playing hide-andseek. They were swimming to his rock ( his hotel). Along the path, they ate an vanilla flavored ice cream. It was floppy´s favorite and his whole family’s as well. When they arrived , they didn´t find his mother. They thought a fisherman took her. Suddenly, Floppy woke up because he dream was really a nightmare.

2 The Meeting With a Friend When floppy woke up, he got dressed up, took a shower and ate breakfast and met with his father. He is serious and he is an employee in the Fishball International Organization. When he arrived to his first day of school, he didn’t have friends. Last year his best friend told him that he is going to Atlantis forever. His friend crashed with a stingray. His name was Sammy. He was funny, but scary. Then they turn out to be the best friends in the world because the two of them liked adventure. 3 The Beginning of the Adventure

When floppy and Sammy were big friends, they played fishball , they played hide- and – seek and Ninja go. When Floppy got to trust Sammy, he told him his DREAM( it was in the first chapter ). Then Sammy had an idea. We can go to a river. “But, now?”, Floppy asked. The next day in recess, they were planning a trip to go to the river in the cafeteria. “I think that if we take this route, we can get there in three days. But I think it is too dangerous , we can take this one, ok.” Then, the two at the same time said, “NOTHIG CAN STOP US.” 4 A SMALL SECRET IN THE SCHOOL When they were walking to math class, Floppy pushed a button that was in the floor. They fell into a secret part of the school. It

was like a coliseum that was dirty. They started to walk to try to find the exit. When they were lost because they didn’t find the exit, they found a part of the coliseum that was clean. They began to walk in that direction and at the end of the hallway, they find a box. It was closed with a lock. The adventure had begun. 5 The Adventure that Never Ends The next day, Sammy arrived with a nuclear bomb that was completely concentrated in the box that they found in the coliseum. They put it near the box and it exploded. It opened. When it opened, a map was there. It showed the principal´s office. They thought it is going to be gold but it was a different treasure.

They began to prepare the trip to go to the principal´s office. 6 The Best Treasure In the afternoon they went to the principal´s office to find the treasure. When they arrive to the principal´s office, it was not full of gold, but they see a treasure chest near the end of the room. They opened the chest, and they found a lot of books. They said that the treasure was maybe the trophies that were on the shelves, but then the principal appeared and said, “Gold is not the most important thing in life, learning is the more important!”

The Mystery Treasure Written by: Juan Andres G. A time ago, they were playing in the beach and playing a lot. There were a lot of people playing, relaxing, running, surfing, and swimming. A lifeguard had an eagle eye on her back. She was doing a sand castle. She was doing a sand bed. Others were making a sand car. We were making a sand computer. You were reading. Luisa was dancing. Suddenly, a ship was coming and someone threw a treasure. A man was coming‌ The character was a brave man, a good swimmer, everyone was scared of him. He was nice, a good person and he was not selfish. He wore a wetsuit, webbed feet, and had no tattoos. He had a strong friend as a

lifeguard. He was happy. His name is John. He wore glasses and he thought he was cool. He had the authority to swim away and he loved gold, but sometimes he did a lot of farts. He was too crazy and clumsy. He loved to relax a lot but he doesn’t stop if he sees gold. It is too cooool... He saw a lot of sand and a lot of people. There were more umbrellas. The people were shouting and trying to go to find the treasure. The lifeguard yelled, “Stop, it is not ok!” The only one in the water is John and John swam. He was trying to find th treasure. He used his phone and a GPS. The GPS sounded bipbipbipbip bop. He dove down and he was all the gold by the corals and the jellyfish, oyster, octopus, and more fish.

John was swimming. The shark was trying to eat him. He hit the shark hard and it fainted. He went back to land to get some tools like a crowbar to get the treasure out. He started to shout like crazy. He used a shovel and he found a something bright. He was toooooo happy. The fish were shaking and to make them happy he danced the Oppa Gangam Style dance. He found the ship. He cracked the ship and found the treasure. He danced in the water. And he was too happy get the treasure out. All the people were happy. They ate delicious sandwiches cool gelatin and then he opened the treasure. There was a lot of gold, diamond necklaces, and oysters pearls.

He went to a discotec and danced Oppa Gagnam Style. He did a lot of farts and always said, “Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…!!!” When you dream about something, for example about gold, you want it is true because the gold really exist. Dream!

A STORY WITH A MAGIC FISH Written By: Juan Andres B. Five years ago, two insects, one fish, and a scorpion were on an adventure. In a moment the scorpion said, “He is stupid. He wasn’t the chosen one. He is a fake.” He is not really. The insect worked at Nico Junior’s home and he was happy working there. After a long time, he destroyed a shark with a strange artifact. He was always looking for an adventure. The scorpion sang fast and all his friends were on the adventures, too. Sam was a loyal friend and he protected some homes and others he destroyed. He is a little crazy. In that habitat, there lived a magic fish. He was pink, strange, loyal and little. He had powers. In this wetland he absorbed this

strange liquid and he had magic powers. He was there because he was going to help all the insects to go another adventure. At night with his magic powers he would transport to the sea. He took other fish and they swam all night. A shark appeared and the insects and fish swam very fast. When they were swimming away, they ran into an island. They had arrived on an island. NOTHING CAN STOP FRIENDS In that moment, they stayed there. They lived there by making a camp. They ate coconuts. They needed the magic fish to return home. But they had all survived. When they were thinking, Raul the insect discovered a hidden door on the floor. The fish opened the door and there was a treasure. They found a pirate ship. It was

Drake’s ship. Raul thought. We will stay here for life. This was a terrible home, so the scorpion engineered an artifact to help them all find the real treasure. The insect found the real treasure. Raul said, “This is my final adventure!” The scorpion said, “I don´t think so, you are the chosen one. And I am the chosen one, too. We all are special!” am.

The Treasure of Colombia Written by: Felipe J. Chapter 1: One day an Archeologist called Albert Jones was in a wetland trying to find the biggest treasure of Colombia. He was in the company of a little boy of 9 years named Thomas. He had been studying all his life about treasures, mysterious things, and the basic of the school, so he knew about many things. Chapter 2: T h o m a s s a i d t h a t i n t h e school they learned about a book Of a treasure in Colombia that (you had to pass by a secret room to get into a cave) We had heard a sound of dogs barking.

Chapter 3: Albert told Thomas that there were dogs with 3 heads. Tell Albert that if he knows about some quicksand that the Mayas invented to get faster into the secret room. Albert was excited about the secret room. Chapter 4: We entered into a Cave of real quicksand, then we were thinking that we were going to die, but Albert know that we was going to escape because he saw earth getting into his face. Then, we got out of the quicksand and it was a miracle. Chapter 5: We saw many trees, water and grasses. It was amazing. Thomas told Albert to be careful. You need to touch the ground because you can fall down. We moved quickly so we don’t fall, we were moving when a part of the grassland fell down and

we also fell down. We got into the water and the current was taking us down and down. We fell into the secret room and it was a very black cave. I saw many oils with numbers on the top of them. We saw a light at the top where we had entered. Finally, we found the treasure. We got out and we called for helicopter. We studied the treasure and then we donated it to the museum as an exhibition. You have to learn and study many things in the world to be intelligent.

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