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Simon Addyman

Originally from England, Simon Addyman now lives and works in Northern California with his artist/printmaker wife, Carol. Simon is known for his expressive contemporary landscape and still life paintings. His diverse works and special commissions can be found in numerous European and American collections. Simon’s versatility is evident, yet his distinctive artistic style is consistently woven into the images he creates, a quality that is difficult to achieve and much cherished by his collectors. Simon is an active member of the California Art Club and more recently has been invited as a signature member of the Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA)

OADD-530 Untitled

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Addyman’s childhood in the Suffolk, England countryside, where Gainsborough lived and worked two centuries earlier, fired the artist’s romantic imagination and has provided him with a constant wealth of ideas and vision.

Effect VII V1
OADD-457_ALT_V1 Light

Simon Addyman

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OADD-526 Cherry Blossoms OADD-556 Poetic Lake OADD-520 Early Morning OADD-497 John’s Field
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OADD-230_ALT_V1 Untitled V1 OADD-318_ALT_V1 Ricochet II V1 PADD-123_ALT_V1 Sepia V1 OADD-359_ALT_V1
Morning Field V1

Simon Addyman

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OADD-512 Blue Cascade OADD-509 New Grey OADD-510 Abstract II PADD-152 Uptown OADD-529 Sunflowers PADD-131_ALT_V1 Silver Floral V1

Thomas Tepstad Berge

Thomas Tepstad Berge is a photographer based in Stavanger, Norway, where he lives with his wife and 4 kids on the west coast of Southern Norway.

While he was given a disposable camera every summer when he was young to document his summer holidays, it was not until Thomas was 18 that he started filling his spare-time with capturing moments. Thomas started out making films, then gradually moved into timelapse photography before he settled down within still photography. He is a self-taught photographer who’s learned techniques and approaches to framing both the hard way and by reading books and articles, watching YouTube videos, etc. Thomas’ portfolio mainly consists of the landscape found along the west coast of Norway, with deep fjords and steep mountains, long beaches and farmland, and surfing action in the waves. The common denominator for all his images is that he tries to capture the right light, whether it be the soft sunset light in a cloudscape, the powerful Northern lights in the night sky, or the strong daylight illuminating the actions taking place on a surfboard. Every image brings Thomas back to that moment when he captured them, and if some of those feelings can be transferred to others who view them then he considers the image to be successful.

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BER-0185 BER-0184

Thomas Tepstad Berge

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BER-0214 BER-0202 BER-0165 BER-0224
Page 13
BER-0248 BER-02487 BER-0167
Page 14
BER-0115 Thomas Tepstad Berge
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BER-0130 BER-0152 BER-0141

Brooke Borcherding

Brooke Borcherding is a full-time award-winning artist working out of the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle WA. Her acrylic landscape paintings depict familiar places in her own innovative and deconstructive technique using broken color. She paints both en plein air and from photos in the studio, aiming to capture the beauty of everyday places with a style to stimulate our perception. People have described her work as a contemporary take on Cezanne’s cubism or modern impressionism, which enables the viewer to engage and investigate further.

Brooke has been painting almost 20 years and earned her BFA from the University of Oregon in 2010. Although she obtained an art degree, she considers herself a self-taught artist when it comes to landscape painting, as most of her “brush miles” comes from a prolific output, working from observation and abstaining from any landscape workshops.

Over the past decade as an exhibiting artist she has become nationally collected, shows in galleries on the West Coast and has earned numerous awards for her vibrant work.

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UBOR-190 Lots Of Love In The Garden
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UBOR-189 A Bunch Of Color UBOR-187 Sun In The Home UBOR-191 Pink Magnolia UBOR-188 Desert Flowers UBOR-173 Busy Beach Day UBOR-169 Memories Of Spring UBOR-139 Dance Of The Coloring Brooke Borcherding

Willamette In The Spring

Skagit Creek

Polk Street Creek

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UBOR-110 UBOR-111 UBOR-109 UBOR-112 Lake Samammish
Page 20
OBOR-103 Afternoon Over The Highway OBOR-104 New York Skyline UBOR-168 Neighborhood in Fall UBOR-141 Red Traffic Brooke Borcherding UBOR-105 Morning Boats

Scott Brems

Scott Brems’ work explores the deeper emanations of the natural world. His acrylic and mixed media paintings, with their refined surface quality, bold brushstrokes, and colorful shapes breathe new life into traditional landscape. Encounters with nature resonate even in his contemporary abstractions— motion found in a windblown sky, abstract patterns observed on a red rock canyon wall.

Enriched by a lifelong relationship with the American West, Brems’ naturalistic reimaginings reach beyond the visual experience to evoke the visceral. Brems studied painting at Arizona State University and the atelier-oriented Scottsdale Artists’ School. Compelled to expression, he produces work encompassing a diverse range of styles from his Arizona studio.

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UBRM-143 Subsurface II UBRM-142 Subsurface I UBRM-111 Reticent III UBRM-109 Reticent I

Scott Brems

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UBRM-111 Traveler I UBRM-160 Erosion UBRM-130 Urban Grays UBRM-171 Golden Range
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UBRM-184 Standout UBRM-124 Horse Portrait

Scott Brems

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UBRM-116 Summer Cinema UBRM-119 Idyll Sweep UBRM-178 Coastal Reflection
In The Forest
UBRM-175 UBRM-154 Autumn Trees
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UBRM-170 Cinder UBRM-179 Blast UBRM-166 Turbine II

Bradford Brenner

Born in New York City, NY, Bradford Brenner moved to La Jolla, CA at the age of seven. Art entered his early childhood consciousness in the form of visits to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), and many hours spent playing on that staple in any child’s toy collection – the Etch-A-Sketch. For someone who received an “F” in art in the third grade, Brad has achieved remarkable success and renown for his paintings.

Brad received his education from both UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) and San Diego State, and is primarily self-taught as an artist. Prior to becoming a professional artist, Brad worked in medical sales and moonlighted as a guitarist/songwriter. Time spent in the “day job” equipped Brad with valuable and highly relevant skills in sales and marketing. His music career connected him to feeling and emotion as they related to the arts in general.

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PBRE-102 Up On The Hill

All Ablaze

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OBRE-146 View From Westside Road BRE-035 OBRE-109 All That Glitters Is Gold II OBRE-108 All That Glitters Is Gold I BRE-023 All The King’s Horses BRE-024 Ships Passing In The Night Bradford Brenner
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BRE-021_ALT_V1 Cherry Blossom V1 BRE-023 Turquoise Lilly
Play Time
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OBRE-151 Cloudscape I OBRE-152 Cloudscape II BRE-069 River’s Den Bradford Brenner
Art, for me, is about creating a feeling that can be shared. Art is about relationships. The relationships between light and dark, color and non-color, warm and cool, form and formless.”
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OBRE-140 Around Midnight I OBRE-141 Around Midnight II BRE-006 Shamu BRE-031 Race Car

Terri Burris

Terri Burris was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in sunny Hermosa Beach. She developed her interest in art at an early age, under the magical guidance of two neighbors, who became her first teachers. They spent many hours together, rooting Terri’s visions in childhood inspiration for a lifetime.

After studying art and painting in college, Terri went on to work as a graphic designer professionally for fifteen years. Bolstered in an extensive career in textile, graphic and ceramic design, and feeling the need for more spontaneous control of her artwork, she returned to her first and greatest love, painting – a vocation that she pursues avidly in addition to her role as a buyer for The Rose Cafe, a local gift shop in Venice, California.

Intertwining her love of nature, abstraction and design in each of her atmospheric pieces, Terri paints from focused perspectives of the natural world, filtered and infused with memory and nostalgia. Her palettes emerge directly from her intimate observations of life’s minute details. Terri continues to create living memories with her husband and son in her native Los Angeles.

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UBUR-218 Poppy Fields
Page 35
UBUR-183_ALT_V1 Modern Pyramid V1 UBUR-184 Glacier UBUR-204 Landslide UBUR-210 Mesa Grande

Terri Burris

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UBUR-148_ALT_V3 Kind of Blue V3 UBUR-148_ALT_V5 Kind of Blue V5 UBUR-212 Rose Quartz UBUR-181_ALT_V2 Orange Crush V2
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UBUR-179 Totem At Sunrise

Terri Burris

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OBUR-231 Bike Ride On The Boardwalk II OBUR-230 Bike Ride On The Boardwalk I UBUR-198 Untitled XII UBUR-194 Untitled VIII UBUR-195 Untitled IX
Page 39
UBUR-215 Land Mass I UBUR-217 Peonies OBUR-228 Hibiscus Blooms OBUR-150 Red Glow I OBUR-217 LAX UBUR-130 Shimmering Details

John Burrows

John Burrows grew up in a large, uproarious family in the San Diego area. When John was 8 years old he contracted polio but luckily, the effects were small and over time he was able to work out any atrophy. His father was concerned about motor skills and constantly had him carving, drawing, or painting and even making beaded hat bands and belts. It worked, and John’s eye-hand coordination has been excellent ever since. More importantly, he became infatuated with the arts at an early age.

Initially following in his father’s footsteps, John thought he wanted to be an architect, but over time he discovered his “Achilles heel” – mathematics. In high school and college he took several art classes, eventually being accepted into the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. After graduation he worked for two architectural firms and in 1975 started his own commercial interior design company. As much as he enjoyed design, that became his business and art became his passion. A one point he had a design office with a small gallery in front showing his paintings and for several years he exhibited his work in juried shows from San Diego to La Jolla, Jackson Hole, Vail and Beverly Hills.

After 35 years, John closed his design office to pursue his art career full time, and has never looked back. Initially he used acrylic paints until an artist friend of his suggested he try oil paints. Eureka! Once again, he never looked back. He loved the vibrance of oils, and the fact that the paint stays wet while being worked. He loved impasto painting with large brushes that enhanced his impressionistic works. In an effort to be even more expressive, he started applying paints with large drywall knives which he calls “blades”. His favorite is 5” wide, and his paintings became even bolder with movement and texture. John is told that it is easy to get lost or mesmerized by his paintings as there are always surprises upon second and third viewings. He is constantly engaging with and learning from other artists.

Today John’s paintings range from abstract expression to pure abstracts. He never gets tired of experimenting with new materials and techniques. His work appears in private and corporate collections.

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Home Run V30
Page 41
UBRR-164 Passage
Beach Access

John Burrows

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UBRR-157-A Boom Times I UBRR-157-B
UBRR-169_ALT_V1 Outlier VI
Boom Times II


Page 43
UBRR-175 Approaching Shangri-La UBRR-107 Invincible UBRR-168
Page 44
No Better Day
Cable Town V1
John Burrows
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UBRR-143 Dock Tight UBRR-129 Cottage 2

Trevor Copenhaver

Trevor Copenhaver currently lives in San Diego, CA, where he draws inspiration from Southern California’s beautiful coastline, beaches, mountains and deserts.

Trevor grew up in Montana, surrounded by the wild beauty of the Big Sky state. He enjoyed a boyhood full of backpacking, hiking, camping, and fishing. He learned the importance of nature conservation, and developed a keen reverence and awe for the beauty to be found in the great outdoors. Trevor’s parents fostered an attitude of art appreciation in Trevor from an early age.

Trevor’s natural artistic abilities also began to be evident early on. At 7 years old he created his first still life in oil alongside his father’s easel. His father, a talented commercial artist and painter, continued to influence him throughout his youth, teaching him to draw with pencil and charcoal, watercolors, oil painting, and even calligraphy.

Trevor attended the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, where he earned a degree in Advertising Design & Illustration. He graduated Portfolio Par Excellence in 1988, and took an Assistant Art Director position with an established San Diego PR firm. He worked with them for three years, doing a wide variety of design, layout, and print work. The suit-and-tie culture, however, was not the perfect fit for Trevor, and he decided to take the freelance path. He opened his first studio where he continued to do commercial work, as well as accepting commissions for paintings.

His work has been published in the Los Angeles Society of Illustrator’s Annual, and has been exhibited at the San Diego Museum of the Living Artist, and the Southwestern Artist’s Association gallery.

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UCOP-105 Juniper Pond
UCOP-104 Birch Stand
Page 48
UCOP-102 Gray Maiden I UCOP-103 Gray Maiden II UCOP-101 Mile Ten Trevor Copenhaver UCOP-117 The Old Place II OCOP-109 Old Red I UCOP-113 Amber Spring
“Art has broadened my interests in life; it has taught me to see the not-so-obvious.
Art should provoke emotion, stimulate the intellect, and enhance our lives with decorative beauty.”
Page 50
UCOP-109 Upriver II UCOP-108 Upriver I UCOP-114 Stone Bridge Trevor Copenhaver
Page 51
OCOP-103 Dunes I UCOP-115 Sunny Day UCOP-118
Down The Coast

Nancy Crowell

Nancy Crowell has been taking photographs of plants and animals since she borrowed her grandmother’s old box camera to photograph her cats when she was just a child. Her aesthetic has evolved since then, but she still focuses her camera on mostly flora and fauna. From flower macro images to raptors in flight, she trains her lens on Nature to create inspiring and soothing images designed to take viewers out of their present and into a moment with Nature. She finds her inspiration all around the Skagit Valley, in the fields and in the skies, as well as beyond.

With degrees in both English Literature and Film Production, she’s had a diverse career that includes writing, film, photo editing and photography. Still photography has been a lifelong pursuit and the sole focus of her professional energy over the past decade. Her award-winning work has been featured in a wide variety of venues and collections, from five-star hotels, restaurants and hospitals to private collections. She captures images of flora, fauna and landscape that sooth and delight viewers, from macro images of flowers, to soaring images of birds in flight, to playful images of fox kits, to soothing landscapes, with an occasional abstract thrown in for good measure. Unwilling to pin a label on her work, she describes herself as a photographer who shoots Nature, naturally. One day she might be knee deep in cattails, the next she might be hovering over a bloom with a busy bee looking for pollen, or patiently waiting for an owl to fly. From bright explosions of color to soothing, muted tones, she expresses a wide gamut of moods in her images.

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CRO-2656 CRO-2637 CRO-2639
Page 54
CRO-1772 CRO-1770 CRO-1774 Nancy Crowell
Page 55
CRO-3020 CRO-3021 CRO-2889 CRO-2277 Nancy Crowell CRO-2701 CRO-2869 CRO-2926

Stacy D’Aguiar

Moving easily between surrealism and abstraction in a realm she calls “unreal art,” Stacy D’Aguiar seeks above all to create works that are spiritually uplifting: “Every piece is infused with Reiki energy (a universal healing technique) and Sacred Geometry symbols, which elevates each creation energetically, and fills the room with positivity, peace, and tranquility.”

Originally from Washington DC, Stacy received a B.A. in Graphic Design from Virginia Tech and now lives and works in San Diego.

Page 58
UDAG-123 Natural
UDAG-111 Blue Meadow

Stacy D’Aguiar

Page 60
UDAG-113 Botanic Sketchbook II UDAG-114 Botanic Sketchbook III UDAG-134 Hummers


Hybrid 76 V30


Hybrid 81 V30


Hybrid 82 V30

Page 61

Stacy D’Aguiar

The Beginning of Time

Page 62
UDAG-103 Isle of Leisure UDAG-104 The Voyage UDAG-110
Page 63
UDAG-125 Silent Lakeside I UDAG-126 Silent Lakeside II
Southern Draw

Dina D’Argo

Dina D’Argo creates sensitive, atmospheric images that hover somewhere between representational and abstract. Her acrylic paintings on canvas celebrate the Earth and its flora and fauna, and resonate with those who find healing and inspiration in nature. Her quietly powerful, dreamlike images invite the mind to roam freely to places that feel familiar, yet wild and mysterious; expansive, yet deeply intimate. Primarily self-taught, D’Argo works loosely and intuitively, building multiple layers of texture and translucent color to tell a complex story. With a background in Fashion Design, she enjoys exploring color relationships and the balance between design elements and negative space.

Originally from San Diego County, Dina has lived in Hollywood, the Western Sierras and California’s Central Valley, The Hawaii rainforest, rural Tennessee, and spent considerable time at her family’s home in Jamaica. Her recent move to Southern New Mexico promises to bring new and exciting influences to her work. Although her love for creating art began nearly 50 years ago, Dina’s commitment to becoming a professional artist followed a serious horseback riding accident that taught her that life is too precious to put one’s dreams on hold. A devoted horsewoman and animal advocate, when not in the studio Dina spends her time surrounded by her many four-legged family members. She supports a number of non-profit organizations, enjoys riding horses with her husband, and gazing endlessly at the sky.

Dina D’Argo’s paintings have been featured in galleries, design showrooms, and private collections worldwide. She works from a studio at her home in rural New Mexico.

Page 64
UDAR-251 Equilibrium
Page 65
UDAR-270 Lakota Sun
On Course I
On Course II

Dina D’Argo

“Over time, my work continues to become less defined and more intuitive. Simplification has become appealing to me, and I am compelled to ‘pare down’ the subjects in my images yet still retain a sense of complexity in the overall composition.”
UDAR-193 Buck
Page 67
UDAR-271 Twisted Branches UDAR-248 Vertical Antler On White UDAR-218 Nest With Pale Eggs

Dina D’Argo

Page 68
UDAR-269 Kingdom UDAR-274 Desert Song I UDAR-176 Vanguard UDAR-268 In Good Company
Page 69
In All Her Glory
Stones II

Julie Denise

Julie paints from the landscape, combining gestural brushwork and knifework into a distinctive, semiabstract style. Her work communicates a spirited appreciation for the outdoors and for the tradition of painting, in particular the impressionist, post-impressionist, and abstract expressionist styles.

Page 70
UDEN-179 The Arrival
Page 71
UDEN-109 Spring Orchard UDEN-115 Sitka
Page 72
UDEN-108 Fall Light UDEN-100 Verbascum UDEN-156
Julie Denise


Northwest Shore

Page 73
UDEN-122 Midnight Wolves UDEN-134 Majesty UDEN-176 Green Alpine Meadow UDEN-182 Gold to the Lake Julie Denise
Page 75
UDEN-175 Aqua Sky UDEN-169 My Lady II UDEN-178 Pink Sky Park

Roberta Dyer

Roberta grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Spending time at the High Museum of Art and going to the fledgling Piedmont Park Art Festival, she imagined her paintings would one day hang among the artists she so admired.

She attended Vanderbilt University, earned her BA in Art History and returned to Atlanta after graduation where she continued pursuing her passion for art, taking classes at the High Museum and Georgia State University.

Moving to San Diego in 1971, Roberta took art classes as time would allow and has since enjoyed many forms of expression from sculpture to copper enameling, oil painting to mural assignments. Today, she focuses on nonrepresentational paintings and figurative subjects.

Roberta is an award-winning Signature member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. Often juried into prestigious competitive international exhibitions, you can enjoy her artwork regularly hanging at the San Diego Watercolor Society and the Ashton Gallery at Art on 30th in San Diego.

Roberta’s art is best described as expressive, whether figurative or abstract. She uses a combination of bold color and mixed media techniques to present her subjects in unusual ways.

For the past few years Roberta has been teaching artists to reach beyond their own expectations to create unique, energetic and engaging work.

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Forrest V30



Page 77

Roberta Dyer



Far Side of the World

Page 78
Page 79
Act V30
UDYR-110_ALT_V30 Balancing
UDYR-109 Crows

Roberta Dyer

Page 80
UDYR-113 Shorty

“I am constantly pulled by two loves – painting figures and painting abstracts. It makes me happy to work with the push and pull of these two disciplines. I want to explore how design and pattern interact to make a realistic subject more abstract and enhance the theme of the painting. For me, the process of painting involves adding and removing and editing as I go along. If something doesn’t work, I simply paint it out and go in a different direction. I don’t try to paint likenesses, that is a task for portrait artists. I use figures and animals as shapes in a painting and my intent in these paintings is to portray animals and humans as survivors – vulnerable but strong. I also love pure abstraction using mixed media along with acrylic paint.”

UDYR-111 Superior Pig

Brent Foreman

Brent Foreman is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. He received a Master of Arts from MSU-Mankato in 1999. He is a multi-faceted artist who works in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, oils, and watercolor. Brent’s work is best described as a balance of opposites. It is an anecdote of light and dark…from translucent to opaque. His work captures the nuance and the overt to create striking visual harmonies. Layering, spontaneity, and perseverance are the key components to creating his complex compositions.

Page 82
UFOR-167 Aqueous
Page 83
UFOR-119 Nostalgia I OFOR-101
Into The Blue
Page 84
UFOR-153 Monochrome Manta IV UFOR-150 Monochrome Manta I UFOR-143 Asuka Brent Foreman
Page 85
UFOR-137 Undefined #6 UFOR-174 A Simple Love I UFOR-134 Undefined #5 UFOR-103 Inertia #3
Page 86
UFOR-165 Beautiful on the Outside Brent Foreman UFOR-178 Black & Blue

Ruth Fromstein

Ruth Fromstein has had a close relationship with art since picking up a brush and canvas as a child in small-town Wisconsin.

Creating has been the only constant in Ruth’s life and an important form of self-expression. While her Bachelor’s degree is in Vocational Rehabilitation, it was the various art classes that inspired her. She experimented with drawing, design, art metals and weaving. Her art took inspiration from her love of dancing, hiking, backpacking, and nature, imbuing her work with movement, life and a pallette as varied as an expansive field of wildflowers gracing the horizon. Ruth is constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques striving to embody in her work the beauty and excitement of the world she sees around and within herself.

Since moving from Madison, Wisconsin to San Diego, California in 2010, Ruth revisited many of the mediums she used in the past, eventually discovering a new love and passion for abstract painting. Combining her years of experience as an artist of many mediums with an abstract style and a large swath of paints and materials, she has been experimenting with layers of contrast. Creating images that dance and play in the viewer’s imagination, her abstract paintings have been described as anything from tranquil and relaxing to thrilling and startling. She embraces her brush as her dance partner, and, with them, swings across the canvas in a chorus of control and spontaneity. While Ruth paints with a goal, she is always excited to stumble into new territory as the materials she experiments with lead her in unexpected directions.

Page 88
UFRO-298 It’s About Time VIII UFRO-297 It’s About Time VII


Field of Color II

Page 89
UFRO-281 Cattails III

Ruth Fromstein

Page 90
FRO-0089 Golden Social Circles I FRO-0098 Freedom I
Page 91
FRO-0108 Stack With Intention FRO-0103 This Way FRO-0106 With Intention FRO-0107 Rocks I

UFRO-234 Lakeside

Page 92
FRO-0084 Remember The Good Times FRO-0004 Winding River Ruth Fromstein
“My work continues to evolve as I experiment with new techniques, colors and tools.”.
“I like that my paintings pull the viewer in and take them on a journey. I enjoy looking at my paintings, and every time I do, I see something different.”
UFRO-253 Don’t Worry FRO-0067
Not So Still Life

Michele Gort

Michele Gort lives and works in Holland, Michigan. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Kendall College of Art & Design, where she graduated with honors, and received the 2001 Studio Elect Award for her graduating class. She began her career as an interior designer, but felt drawn to the art world and to art-making.

“I paint and create, not only to decorate environments, but to inspire people. My goal has been met when my paintings draw people in to view them more closely and to appreciate the depth and rich textures they encompass.”

Michele works primarily with oils and mixed mediums to create her vibrant expressionist and abstract paintings. Working in layers of paint and brushstrokes, she prefers to paint on a larger canvas in order to best capture the fluidity and movement that draw her viewers into the image. Whether working on an abstract painting or a representational painting Michele always favors large paint strokes and thick palette knife work. Michele primarily paints with oils because they dry slowly, which allows her to blend the color and manipulate the paint with organic movement until it reveals satisfying brushstrokes, marks, texture and layers. Her work is mostly inspired by solitary time taken in nature, “taking time to appreciate the abstraction in the small details that can be seen around me.”

Michele has shown her works in numerous shows and exhibitions, and has many private and corporate collectors. Most recently, Michele has been accepted in the 2015 Artprize, an international art competition in which she will be showing several of her “City Reflection” paintings at the Woman’s City Club5.

Page 94
GOR-142 Dancing on the Waves II


For His Glory

Page 96
GOR-111 Feeling Blue I GOR-100 Birch Reflections I GOR-110 Feeling Blue Michele Gort
Page 97
GOR-108 Day at the Beach GOR-105 City Reflection II

Michele Gort

“My current work is intuitive, bold, and expressive. I use rich vibrant earth tones to capture the expressive style of painting. I have been focusing more on abstraction and on enhancing my more realistic paintings to reflect more energy and movement. I have been achieving this with large fluid brush work, energetic palette knife work, and by using a larger canvas. This gives my paintings a dynamic sense of movement and spontaneity.”

Page 98
GOR-141 Dancing on the Waves I
GOR-148 Through It All

Georgie Harrison

Georgie Harrison is an English Artist living in Cornwall, England. She began painting at an early age and went on to study Fine Art at Birmingham University, earning a First Class Honours.

Georgie mainly focuses on seascapes but often dips into other subjects. She works in acrylic on canvas and finds her inspiration from the ocean and living by the coast. She often paints on circular canvases that act as ‘portals’, allowing the viewer to step into the painting whenever they desire. Georgie’s work can be found in galleries across the UK


Page 100
HAR-0113 Misty Blue Sunrise HAR-0118 Rainbow Sunrise HAR-0122 Tranquility
Page 102
HAR-0120 Surf’s Up HAR-0105 Edge of the Ocean HAR-0115
Pod of Dolphins
Georgie Harrison
Harbour From Above

Georgie Harrison

Page 104
HAR-0104 Early Morning Swim HAR-0121 Swimming In Cornwall HAR-0106 Escapism HAR-0109 Hidden Hut
Page 105
HAR-0107 Glistening Sea HAR-0125 Moose

Randy Hibberd

Randy Hibberd was born in 1972 in Huntington Beach, California. At the age of 12, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he has lived ever since. As a child, Randy was always attracted to drawing, which eventually progressed to painting and expressing his innermost thoughts onto canvas. Upon graduating from high school, Hibberd enrolled at Arizona State University in Temple, Arizona. While in college he mastered a multitude of art classes. But it was not until after his graduation in 1994 that he channeled his full attention into his paintings. During his first two years of college, Hibberd was an understudy and an apprentice for two nationally known artists. Here, hands-on experience helped him realize that painting was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. As a student, Randy was fascinated by the power of color, and the ability to convey emotion even without specific imagery. As his paintings evolved, he explored and experimented, adding more deliberate texture and depth to

Page 106
UHIB-468 Boat City
Page 107
UHIB-308_ALT_V12 Prosperous Elements V12

Randy Hibberd

Page 108
UHIB-297_ALT_V2 Passage 3 V2 OHIB-529_ALT_V2 Aqua Blu V2
Page 109
UHIB-368_ALT_V1 Flowing Energy V1 UHIB-421_ALT_V30 Optimism V30

Randy Hibberd

Organic Building Blocks

Page 110
OHIB-558_ALT_V1 Floral Intentions V1 UHIB-473 OHIB-557_ALT_V1 Reflections VI

Kelsey Hochstatter

Kelsey Hochstatter was born and raised in East Amherst, New York. Her family traveled often, and she quickly became captivated by the diversity of the natural world surrounding her. As a young girl she would sketch on anything she could get her hands on. She never kept a diary, although she left a trail of sketches adorning her path. She began taking on illustration work at a young age. A daydreamer, an explorer and an artist, Kelsey was constantly challenging herself.

Kelsey went on to pursue her interests at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. She majored in Fine Arts, as well as Environmental Studies and Psychology. Kelsey cherished her time spent in the studio, particularly painting and printmaking. She displayed a kind of passionate drive that was hard to miss. The artist also managed to play for the University’s Women’s Lacrosse Team, work as a Teacher’s Aide for two professors, and work for the University’s Outdoor Program as a rock climbing guide. Her climbing trips enabled her to spend time outdoors in the Adirondack Mountains. Kelsey would hook a small camera to her harness and photograph anything that inspired her along the way. The rich earth tones in the autumn leaves, a visual detail or texture on a rock formation, the pattern of the moss growing over a boulder, these were all photographs that were later pinned to her studio wall for reference while she painted.

Kelsey is always seeking signs of Nature’s little treasures. She has named these “natural details”, referring to “…the little things in life, which are naturally formed, often unobserved, and exude the purest kind of beauty.” Whether through form, pattern, texture or color, these “natural details” continue to take shape in her paintings today.

Kelsey’s driven mentality that made her busy college career possible has only grown since then. It is now aimed at her career as an artist, which she says, “Is a dream come true and a blessing every day.” The artist now resides in Southern California and finds herself inspired and painting as often as ever.

Page 112
UHOC-199_ALT_V1 Imprint

Kelsey Hochstatter

Page 114
UHOC-326 Internally Beautiful PHOC-115_ALT_V30 Classy & Cultured I V30 OHOC-195_ALT_V30 Classy & Cultured I V30
Page 115 OHOC-258_ALT_V30 Go, Do, Be V30
UHOC-314 May of ‘76, Stitch by Stitch

Kelsey Hochstatter

Page 116
OHOC- 109_ALT_V1 Grasses at Dusk I OHOC- 109_ALT_V1 Grasses at Dusk II UHOC-324 Painter’s High Revisited VIII UHOC-325 Painter’s High Revisited IX
“If I’m yearning for serenity, through painting I can find it. When I am moved or inspired in life, by Nature, by people, by God, it stays with me. I revisit those feelings when I’m painting.”
Page 117
OHOC-268 The Dancer OHOC-259 That Vespa

Jeff Iorillo

Jeff Iorillo is a Los Angeles-based painter working in acrylic and enamel on canvas, masonite, and metal.

Jeff paints for painting’s sake; he hasn’t stopped having new ideas. His ongoing process exploration leads to distinct bodies of work, whose consistent throughline is a bold abstract approach investigating materials, mass and momentum, color and gesture. He is interested in seizing the attention with an immediate impact, then holding it with a dynamic technique and details that invite speculation.

The work lives at the boundary between control and chaos: a specific, usually invented, technique pushed to its breaking point to achieve a spontaneity and unrestrained quality beyond his original intention.

Themes that assert themselves include challenging the boundary between painting and sculpture; the role of the artist’s intention driving the work vs the work evolving organically on its own; and his ongoing search for authenticity in mark-making and composition.

In 2015 Jeff and the Sun Paintings traveled to Japan for international shows in Kyoto and at the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art. He has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, and Otis College and Art Center in Los Angeles. His work is acquired by individuals and corporate collections from L.A. to Hong Kong

Page 118
UIOR-405 Pride & Joy
UIOR-425 Mariposa I

Jeff Iorillo

Page 120
UIOR-240 Cosmos Deluxe I UIOR-241 Cosmos Deluxe II UIOR-414 Neptune’s Surge UIOR-420 Dream Horizon

UIOR-281 Rectangularity

Page 121
UIOR-379 Headwind UIOR-310 Shadow Velocity I
Page 122
Jeff Iorillo
UIOR-430 Shadows Noir UIOR-397 Breathing Room UIOR-370 Galaxy II UIOR-416 Eleven Up UIOR-357 Skadoodle

Liz Jardine

Liz Jardine grew up in New York City. Her mother was a docent at an art museum, and kept her enrolled in a steady stream of art classes. In addition to her childhood exposure to art and museums, Liz found that New York City’s Broadway shows heightened her creative senses to the endless combinations of color and light, fantasy and whimsy that would eventually be incorporated into her work.

As an undergraduate student at the State University of New York in Buffalo, Liz concentrated on textile design and clay forms. Upon graduation, Liz apprenticed at various textile and design studios in NYC. Many of her raw silk garment designs were sold through Horton Studio at several designer boutiques including Henri Bendel.

In an effort to return to more traditional media, Liz apprenticed with a graphic design studio and developed skills in advertising art and production techniques. Eventually, she began working freelance and built a reputation as a concept illustrator and art director. This work paved her return to watercolors in various genre as florals, landscapes, still life and abstracts. Today, Jardine flourishes in varied media but especially favors acrylics for their texturing and form-building abilities.

Page 124
OJAR-3683 Another World
Page 125
OJAR-3560 Flowerfields OJAR-3564 Down by the Barn

Liz Jardine

Page 126
OJAR-3655_ALT_V30 The Islands Are Calling V30 OJAR-3684 Bright Outlook OJAR-3628 Sunshine State of Mind
Page 127
OJAR-3572 Out to the Sea OJAR-3605 Sunshine Charms II OJAR-3604 Sunshine Charms I OJAR-3650 White Lotus OJAR-3643 Child’s Play II

Liz Jardine

Page 128
UJAR-285 Natural Wonder UJAR-211
With An Open Heart
OJAR-3631 Sunny Sunday I OJAR-3632 Sunny Sunday II
Page 129
OJAR-3634 Paper Tulip OJAR-3647 Magic Beanstalk II

Lisa Kesler

Lisa Kesler has dedicated herself to her art practice for more than thirty years. She is a painter, printmaker, and designer, with a BFA in painting from the University of Illinois and an MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Lisa made the decision to become an artist in high school when several of her drawings and paintings won awards, including the Best of Show, at the regional Scholastic Art Competition. She decided to enter the painting program at the University of Illinois the following year.

Lisa approaches her painting compositions in a very intuitive way, letting them evolve as she works on them. The only part of her abstract paintings that she plans is the size and medium. While she’s painting, she thinks about the interplay of colors, the direction of the marks, and she tries to find innovative ways to apply the paint. She likes to work on large canvases most of the time, or oversized heavy printmaking paper.

During her career Lisa has worked in different styles and mediums, but there are some common elements that seems to always be present in her work. She has a keen interest in repeating patterns and the rhythm and movement they bring to a composition. She is also aware of the role that texture plays in her art, whether it is the actual texture of the surface or the implied texture of the marks.

Sometimes Lisa incorporates both painting and printmaking together in the same piece of art. Many of her recent paintings combine these two mediums. She creates a textured background painting and then layers abstract linocut images on top of it by collaging them to the surface. The result has a unique character that she hasn’t been able to

Page 130
UKES-101 Wall of Now

Lisa Kesler

Room Facing East

“I love seeing how the colors in my work relate to each other. Also, layers and history. I like to see the richness of overlapping and revealed layers in my work that evoke a sense of history.”
Page 132

“My art style has always been driven by my love of experimentation with materials and techniques. I started with watercolors and acrylics in college, then collage, printmaking and mixed media. Today my art-making draws from all of my studio experiments over the years.”

Page 133
UKES-103 July Windowpanes

Lisa Kesler

Detail of UKES-104
Page 135
UKES-104 Emergence

Corrie LaVelle

Corrie LaVelle has been passionate about art, design, and style for the span of her life. The proof is in the numerous stories her parents will tell any willing ear about her elementary years. Her youth was marked by her flair for theatrics, inedible creative food concoctions in the kitchen, quirky sense of style, cutting her own hair, and painting the walls in her room. Although by definition she is a self-taught artist, Corrie feels she has spent her life journey preparing her for the world of fine art.

In 2013 Corrie experienced a personal tragedy. A dear friend who was also an award winning artist encouraged her to start painting and exploring multi-medium art as soul therapy, to encourage her to reclaim her unorthodox sense of art. What began as a basement hobby quickly evolved into a shared studio and gallery with three other local artists.

Currently Corrie is working with encaustic paint. She identifies with the wax as an expression of who she is –fluid, constantly changing, temporary, pliable.

Page 136
ULAV-269 Beyond



Corrie LaVelle

Page 138
ULAV-276 Untitled ULAV-277 Untitled ULAV-270 Mother of Waters
Page 139
ULAV-259 Untitled ULAV-260 Embark ULAV-110 Risen

Corrie LaVelle

Page 140
ULAV-274 Vows ULAV-273 Summer Love ULAV-211 Forever

“When I’m creating a piece the exterior of my life blurs and my soul moves into focus. I see myself in every piece. Stroke by stroke bits of my life appear.”

“Emotions, experiences, thoughts. One by one they compile onto the board, until a story emerges. And when heat is applied to the wax the edges blur, layers are revealed, and I am reminded how beautifully complex life is.”

Page 141
ULAV-174 Red Splash ULAV-256 Spirit

BethAnn Lawson

BethAnn Lawson is a modern-impressionist painter who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, she was taught by and is heavily influenced by her surrealist painter-father, who was a founding member of the San Francisco Street Artist Association. After graduating from the Institute of Design in San Francisco, she moved to Seattle and spent nearly three decades as a textile designer, graphic designer and illustrator, but returned to her love of painting after the passing of her father in 2011.

Her current work blurs the edges of both figurative and abstract, creating tangible objects and memories from unconventional, yet familiar shapes and custom colors.

Page 142
The Road Less Traveled

Off The Deep End

It’s All Going Just Swimmingly

Page 143
ULWS-102 ULWS-136 ULWS-135 Sheepool

BethAnn Lawson

Tuesday Afternoon on Portage Bay

Page 144
ULWS-132 Maine Event ULWS-131
Page 145
ULWS-117 Mr. Right #2 ULWS-123 Ms. Thing in Navy ULWS-133 Them #4

BethAnn Lawson

ULWS-141 Skis ULWS-100 Boats
“I can lose myself for hours as I take apart the images and carefully put them back together emphasizing colors, rhythms and patterns. I hope to capture little glimpses of life containing whimsy, the secrets of strangers and the striking architecture of both nature and man.”
Page 147
ULWS-104 Kings

Kippi Leonard

Kippi Leonard’s vibrant aqueous surfaces are the results of pouring custom-mixed inks onto canvas, panel and linen. The pouring process is Kippi’s way of abandoning compositional control and remaining open to spontaneous occurrences with her work. Through color, luminosity and light reflection, her work provokes calm and simultaneously, deep introspection. Inversely, her mixed media work is structural and largely black and white with expressive mark making and an occasional allusion of color. Both methods of creating reflect her veracious essence.

Kippi looks to the work of Helen Frankenthaler and Paul Jenkins for their looseness with pouring paint and use of color to form complex layers that while poured, reflect intention. She also responds to the structure and sensitivity found in the work of Francoise Gilot and Lee Krasner.

After an extensive career in interior design, Kippi continues the exploration of materials through her experimental and abstract work in oil, encaustic, collage and watercolor. c Northwest native, she now resides in Palm Desert, California - a place that nurtures her comprehensive approach to creating art. ULEO-125

Page 148
The Music of Water
ULEO-195 Steady Moves ULEO-197 Sunset for Somebody

Kippi Leonard

Page 150
ULEO-121 The Search ULEO-122 Avalon ULEO-132
Night Drive I
Night Drive II


September Desert

Kippi Leonard

Page 152
ULEO-186 Waves I ULEO-187 Waves II ULEO-191
Page 153
ULEO-144 Gravity IV ULEO-214 This is the Picture ULEO-153 Boulevard After Midnight I ULEO-208 Future Nostalgia I

Life Arts Designs

Life Arts Designs is the collaboration of artists Lois Eder and Fanelle White. Lois and Fanelle have known each other since 2007, when Fanelle’s daughter was a student in Lois’ Special Needs class and Fanelle was an art teacher at the same school. They shared a common interest in the arts and Lois would visit Fanelle’s art classroom during her off periods, becoming inspired by her teaching and engagement. It was inevitable that they would become close friends. More than ten years later, they began to talk about retirement and a collaborative art adventure and Life Arts Designs was created.

Compassion, empathy, and encouragement have all been words that have driven Lois’ life. She always wanted to have a positive impact on others and decided very early to become a teacher of special needs children. It has been very gratifying for her through the years to know that her actions each day gave these sweet children a path to follow as they entered the adult world. Many of these students learned best through tangible touch or visual stimulation of art projects. It was through their eyes that the artist of her youth was brought back and encouraged her to develop her own art.

The beach, sun, and friendly neighborhoods of the Jersey Shore have always been an inspiration for Lois’ artwork. She loves portraiture, beach scenes, and is currently obsessed with beach balls and aquatic life. Every art medium is a joy to use to create artwork, but she uses both oil and acrylic paint as a main source material. The process of using the thick paint texture and blending of colors gives Lois’ inner peace and calms her soul.

Fanelle was born and raised in Boston where she was exposed to many forms of art. As a daughter of an engineer, she learned how to combine her artistic talents with the ideals of form following function. It was a natural transition to graduate from Pratt Institute with an undergraduate Industrial Design degree. Fanelle grew to love the summer air on the beach where her grandmother lived in a Boston suburb. As she paints each beach scene, she is reminded of those happy days with her Nana. Fanelle uses acrylic paint in most of her work but will occasionally use watercolor depending on the subject matter.

Fanelle began her art career as a model maker and draftsman in the Point-of-Purchase industry. After completing several courses in computer science with certificates in Photoshop and Illustrator, she became an adjunct professor at St. John’s University in their art education department. Over the years she shifted her career towards education full time and completed two master’s degrees, both in art education and general education. Fanelle was blessed to have taught fine art in a large comprehensive high school that specialized in the arts. She has received numerous awards, including awards for her teachings in the visual arts and at charitable organizations throughout the tri-state area. After a fulfilling career in art education, Fanelle retired to the Jersey Shore where she found peace to paint and reflect on the beauty there.

Page 154

LIF-0103 Colorful Beach

Page 155
LIF-0102 Dogs Allowed

Life Arts Designs

Page 156
LIF-0101 Sky Blue Beach LIF-0105 Candy Bowl Prussian Blue
LIF-0100 Subtle

Life Arts Designs

ULIF-102 Swimmers LIF-0104
Endless Horizons
LIF-0109 Octopus LIF-0108 Jelly Fish ULIF-101 Beach ULIF-100 Untitled

Patti Mann

Patti Mann was born in Seattle, Washington but grew up in Los Angeles, California. She also lived in Colorado, Tennessee, and Ohio, and currently resides near Buffalo, New York.

Patti has been drawing on every available surface ever since she could hold a crayon, and has always known that she was first and foremost an artist. She majored in Fine Art at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, CA, and attended the Otis Parsons Institute of Art in Los Angeles, but family obligations drew her onto a different path for many years. She never stopped making art while she raised a family and worked a variety of jobs, including (but not limited to!) data entry in a cancer research institute, a horse groom for a well-known Malibu riding stable, a racehorse hot walker at Hollywood Park Racetrack, receptionist, executive assistant, production artist and marketing manager. Since 2005 Patti has been a Production & Marketing Specialist with Third & Wall Art Group, of which she was a founding member.

Patti’s preferred media currently are watercolor, graphite, and pen & ink, but she loves to explore mixed media, acrylics, and occasionally oils. She has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions in the Nashville,Tennessee area. Commissions keep her busy, and her works appear in numerous private collections. Patti currently resides near Buffalo, NY with her husband Chris, her three rescued cats and two rescued dogs.

Page 160
UMAN-143 Looking Back UMAN-117 Feather II
Page 161
UMAN-116 Feather I UMAN-225 Dream With Me UMAN-171 Ladies Who Lunch

Patti Mann

Page 162
UMAN-202 Savannah III UMAN-201 Savannah II UMAN-201 Savannah I UMAN-206 Wild Hearts II UMAN-207 Wild Hearts III
Page 163
UMAN-213 Growth II UMAN-212 Growth I
Succulent I
Succulent IV
Page 164
Patti Mann UMAN-204 Drift UMAN-159 Vivid Flower II UMAN-158 Vivid Flower I
Page 165
UMAN-233 Fruiting Bodies II UMAN-227 Wings II UMAN-232 Fruiting Bodies I UMAN-226 Wings I

Jill Martin

Jill Martin was born in Massachusetts and has lived both on the East and West Coast, with a 13 year stay in the farmlands of British Columbia before moving to Arizona.

Her mother’s appreciation and enthusiasm for art and culture exposed Jill to wonderful artwork at an early age with her many visits to the galleries and museums of Washington DC and New York City.

Jill graduated with a BFA and MFA from the University of Arizona in Tucson and taught drawing in their architecture department for two years. She has been in numerous juried and invitational gallery shows and several museum shows. Her works appear in collections in Arizona, California and on the East Coast. Jill

Page 166
On The Go
Page 167
OMAR-186 Syncopation OMAR-187
UMAR-233 Time To Reflect
Cloud Progression
Page 168
Jill Martin UMAR-288 The Life of Flowers I UMAR-289 The Life of Flowers II UMAR-256
Standing Up
Page 169
UMAR-169 Transport UMAR-252 Stillness UMAR-292 En Passant I UMAR-280 Interaction

Jill Martin

OMAR-190_ALT_V2 Redowa V2
Page 171
UMAR-275 Heading Out UMAR-271 Thunderhead
On Becoming
Quiet Day

Aaron Matheson

Aaron Matheson was born in a two room log cabin in the woods of Middle Tennessee. He grew up in a small town about an hour south of Nashville. As a boy Aaron loved being outside, drawing and building model cars. Whether he was getting lost in the woods around his family’s farm or playing in his father’s workshop, he was always outside.

Art was very important to Aaron growing up. If he wasn’t outside he would go into his room and draw or paint for hours. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he got his first camera. Aaron initially wanted a camera to take pictures with his friends, but as he played and began to learn about photography it quickly took hold and became a passion.

In 2005, Aaron enrolled in Nossi College of Art pursuing a degree in photography. At Nossi, Aaron was introduced to some incredibly talented people and mentors, including the friend who showed Aaron his second passion—rock climbing. Aaron quickly began merging his passion of photography with his passion for climbing, shooting images of both amateur and professional climbers and advertising images for the local climbing gym.

After graduation, Aaron was hired to shoot product photography for a Nashville-based advertising agency and then went on to work for a well-known commercial photographer, learning the intricacies of shooting and editing commercial and architectural photography. In 2010, Aaron decided to turn his passion for climbing into a full-time job and began climbing radio and TV towers as a lighting technician. This job let Aaron travel all over the United States, and his camera was always with him at the top of the tower where he captured some of his most inspiring landscape and environmental images to date.

In 2013, Aaron and his wife decided it was time for a change of scenery and made the move from Nashville, TN to Seattle, WA to find new adventures in the Northwest. Then after 8 years in Seattle, Aaron’s wife made a career shift that has taken them to Sunny South Florida. They now live in the fringes of Miami, FL and they are constantly in awe of the change in scenery and wildlife.

Aaron always has his eyes open for a new perspective or “the shot”, and will stop at nothing to get it.

Page 172
Page 173
MAT-Desert 1 MAT-Desert 2 MAT-SNO-0101 MAT-SNO-0104
Aaron Matheson
Page 175
MAT-1761 MAT-1632 MAT-1584

Aaron Matheson

Page 176
MAT-0371 MAT-1017 MAT-0858 MAT-1016
Page 177
MAT-1163 MAT-0657 MAT-1164

Hayley Michelle

Hayley Michelle is a Riverina, New South Wales, Australia-born artist who has spent time living within and loving parts of Queenslands South East, and Victoria’s far south. Gathering up the details of tones and textures from her surroundings over time, she has spilled them on to canvas to create “By Hayley Michelle”, a selection of unique and stunningly evocative works, carefully curated to adorn the walls of any space. With a background in Fine Art and Portrait Photography, Hayley has been creating beautiful works in multiple mediums for the past two decades.

Now residing in beautiful Melbourne with her son Alex and her rambunctious bulldog Bruno, Hayley Michelle works from her home, creating elegant abstract art works, brought to life with deliberate detail. She is currently studying Visual Arts at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she intends to expand her knowledge and experience in the Arts.

Page 178
in Bowl
MIC-035 Pears
Page 179
MIC-075 Hydrangeas MIC-074 Hydrangeas in Blue Vase MIC-063 Sweet Blooms MIC-070 Sweet Lemonade

Hayley Michelle

Page 180
MIC-031 Date Night MIC-006 Summer Rain MIC-051 A Gift of Solitude I MIC-053 Solace I
Page 181
MIC-084 Rolling Hills I MIC-085 Rolling Hills II MIC-086 Fortitude MIC-087 Interlude

Hayley Michelle

Page 182
MIC-055 Icon MIC-045 Salt of the Earth III
MIC-065 Ocean
MIC-069 Sun Day

Keith Morgan

Keith Morgan was born and raised in WinstonSalem, North Carolina and spent most of his free time outdoors cycling, hiking, camping and swimming.

Keith attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated with a BA in Psychology. He moved back to Charlotte in 2010 with hopes of moving to Washington state, and within a few years he made this move possible. After living in Washington for several years Keith moved back East to the coastal town of Little River on the North/South Carolina border where he currently resides.

“My love of photography is something that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I bought my first dSLR in the spring of 2007 in preparation for a trip to Oregon. I spent about 10 days driving from Portland down to Sacramento, CA taking in all the sights and beauty I could along the way. The trip and the camera changed my life; something I had always enjoyed became a passion and ambition. I returned home with a newfound desire to create photographs of the beauty I had always admired around me.”

Keith spends most of his free time shooting photographs, reading about photography, and processing images.

Page 184
Page 185
Square 1

Keith Morgan

Page 186
KM4_5660sep KMM-5258_59_60_tonemapped KMM_5622
Page 187
KM109874 KM103639

Keith Morgan

Page 188
KM203071 KM3_3376 KM107897
Page 189
KM202419 KM202506-Enhanced-NR KM202483

K. Nari

K. Nari was born in Seoul, Korea in 1977. When she was 11 years old she moved to Los Angeles, California with her family. Drawing and painting were always a big part of Nari’s childhood; creativity came naturally to her, introduced by her artistic mother who was a talented seamstress and self-taught artist. Nari spent her childhood learning at art classes, and still has joyful memories of creating art. While attending art school in Seoul, Korea, Nari studied still life, traditional landscapes and figure drawing. During her middle and high school years in California she decided she wanted to pursue a career in art. In 2000 Nari graduated with honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art & Illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Nari began her career as an editorial illustrator for various magazines, and for publishing and record companies. She also exhibited her works in art galleries throughout the Los Angeles area. In 2012 Nari relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and began working as a Production Artist & Designer at an art production company/art gallery. There she gained a broad repertoire of advanced art techniques and business knowledge, while developing her own unique artistic style.

In 2018, Nari launched her career as an independent artist. She spends every day in her studio working on paintings that focus on movement and interesting layers of paints and textures. She primarily works with acrylic paints and ink on canvases and papers. The subject matters Nari enjoys most are florals, abstract, transitional, and landscapes, but she also enjoys exploring a variety of other subject matter. Textile design, fashion and interior design are the primary inspiration for her artworks.

Page 190
UNAR-428 Cala III UNAR-426 Cala I UNAR-392 Cruising III

K. Nari

Page 192
UNAR-305 Affinity I UNAR-306 Affinity II UNAR-328 Bounce I UNAR-329 Bounce II
Page 193
UNAR-481 Ruby Bloom UNAR-466 Shadow of the Blooms UNAR-457 Hidden Places II

K. Nari

Page 194
UNAR-402 Rustic Leaves II UNAR-151 Tree of Sunset
Nature Calling II
Page 195
UNAR-422 Chroma II UNAR-376 Wildflower View

Nancy Ngo

Nancy Ngo was born in Chicago, Illinois, but was transplanted to Arizona as a young child. She was fascinated with light and color and started to experiment with painting and photography in high school. Nancy returned to Chicago after high school and became immersed in the diverse art and culture of the city. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on Painting and Art History from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been cultivating a personal body of work since graduating from the School in 2001, drawing inspiration from a rich variety of intellectual and aesthetic sources. Once again, she returned to Arizona where she resides with her culinary artist husband and their three daughters.

Nancy’s awareness of the play of light and shadow and its effect on color plays an important role in her work today. The dichotomy of the natural desert landscape of Arizona versus the urban downtown environment of Chicago led her to a certain “no rules” style of painting. Currently her paintings are highly textured, raw, and sometimes unfinished quality in which the work holds a kind of potential energy and freedom.

This interconnectedness bundle together in Nancy’s unique artistic identity, an aesthetic that she nourishes with an intensely concentrated studio practice and an obsessive collection of resource materials. The latter includes original photographs and magazine clippings and texture making tools that Nancy takes and studies. Among the collection are images that consider the textures of nature’s different elements, fabric swatches, architectural images as well as what others would discard as garbage, old leaves and plastic packing materials with interesting patterns. These inventive pieces, which introduced a roughness and asymmetry into her work while retaining a pattern are gradually evolving and subject to interpretation. Nancy has created a world all her own from fragments of the world around her. Ngo continues to explore new avenues in her work, even with new materials. She is fascinated by the discoveries made while creating each new piece of art, and allows her style to change often in order to keep her painterly freedom.

Page 196
UNGO-167 Road Trip
Page 197
UNGO-168 Road Trip I UNGO-169 Road Trip II UNGO-186 Ethereal Landscape I

Nancy Ngo

Page 198
UNGO-154 Peaches & Cream I UNGO-155 Peaches & Cream II UNGO-129 Celebration II UNGO-128 Celebration I

Intonation of Rain II

Page 199
UNGO-139 Shine Through I UNGO-140 Shine Through II UNGO-123 Intonation of Rain I UNGO-124

Nancy Ngo

Page 200
UNGO-176 Mini-Floral Sketch I UNGO-177 Mini-Floral Sketch II UNGO-182
Persistence I
Persistence II
UNGO-188 Immerge

Stacey Pollard

Stacey started out as a painter and printmaker. Making collagraph plates greatly inspired her techniques and style as a painter. Stacey’s paintings usually involve landscape, either as a study of shapes and compositions, or of structures in the landscape. After moving to Seattle, Stacey has been drawn to the varied architecture and the light that is so different from her old home. The wonderful angles and shapes of these old buildings suggest many new and exciting compositions.

Stacey’s paintings start with photographs, but she quickly puts the photo away and begins editing the composition and adding in texture with papers and other materials. Stacey likes to walk the line between an accurate depiction of what she saw and a more editorial and perhaps emotional reading of the scene.

Page 202
UPOL-103 Intrepid
UPOL-134 Daydream

Stacey Pollard

Page 204
UPOL-112 Barns UPOL-139 Past Life UPOL-102 Port Townsend

Upon Reflection

Page 205
UPOL-125 Evening Reflection UPOL-146 Triplet UPOL-147

Stacey Pollard

Page 206
UPOL-141 Reflection I UPOL-142 Reflection II UPOL-129 Oct 7
Page 207
UPOL-148 Spring Diptych I UPOL-149 Spring Diptych II

Lynette Reed

Lynette Reed’s paintings are direct reflections of the life she has lived. Each of her vibrant pieces are snapshots in time and expressions of deep emotion. When Lynette paints, she infuses each work with an indescribable love of being alive.

For Lynette, creating a painting is a journey of discovery, an interplay between colour, light, and emotion. Each conception is different – the piece tells her how to begin. Sometimes she is moved to use colour, other times she needs more control and opts for sketch and line.

Lynette began painting in March of 2020 when Italy went into lockdown. It was a terrifying time, and as she has always created, she knew the best way to keep the anxiety from taking control was to find something to do with her hands. What she didn’t realize was that painting would open an amazing world to her and become her obsession and path. Lynette’s hope is that when you look at view her work you will feel the depth and discover something that triggers a long-forgotten memory. That something will hold you in the moment of looking, enabling you to be present in and to the beauty of this world.

Lynette’s small town in Italy is visible in her work: the gorgeous, saturated colours, the peeling paint, cobblestone streets and hidden passageways, old frescos poking through slowly chipping concrete, the blue green colour of the river that runs past my window, the deep red brown of the historic bridge, the vegetation along the riverbanks, the hills that lead to the Alps and the the glorious Mediterranean light.

Lynette attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City from 1986-1988. Her paintings have been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally, in Italy, the U.K. and Belgium. Her works are also

Opera 15

Tell Me Why

Page 209
REE-0009 Opera 9 REE-0010 Opera 10 REE-0021 Sunday At The Vineyard REE-0022
Page 210
Lynette Reed REE-0016 Opera 16 REE-0011 Opera 12

“Paintings, much like life, have many layers. There is the surface visual stimulation, but each is also composed of a deeper substance – joy, struggle, and the unseemly parts of ourselves that we are afraid to show the world.

But it is the beauty and the chaos that shape our path, ultimately leading us to who we are. What we see on the surface is but a fragment of our glorious being.”

Page 211
REE-0016 Opera 5 REE-0018 Five Vases REE-0019 Market Flowers
Page 212
Lynette Reed
REE-0024 When I Return
REE-0003 Opera 3
REE-0008 Opera 8

Lisa Ridgers

Lisa Ridgers was born on the South Coast of England in September of 1968. She moved to America when she was 22 in the early 90’s. She spent the majority of her earlier time in the USA in Arizona, where she learned to paint and fell in love with the life of being a creator. The last ten years have been very transitional; living between the UK, Spain, and her home in Wisconsin, USA. Lisa has been a full time professional artist since 2002.

Since her early days studying with two prominent contemporary artists (R.Clearwater and S Jacobs), she has continued on as a primarily self-taught artist; developing her own unique methods and process for her paintings. She still finds that the rich colours and drastic scenery of the desert influence her work and now finds a harmonious balance brought about by her new surroundings in the countryside. She works predominantly with acrylics accented with a range of mediums and techniques that in their contradiction create a complimentary, uniquely fresh look.

Lisa’s multi- media works have been described as a fusion of organic palette, natural elements and inner meditations. Her art can be found in both corporate and private collections around the world. The subject matter of her paintings range from her bold minimalist representations to vivid and earthy abstracted landscapes.

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. ORID-522
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URID-1229 Serene State RID-087 Time To Go I URID-1225 Soothing Scenery

Lisa Ridgers

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RID-034 Into Motion II RID-035 Into Motion III RID-036 Into Motion IV RID-055 Classics II RID-054 Classics I
“My passion for travel and the diversity found in nature and different cultures inspire me.”
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RID-058 Country Barn II URID-1072 Countryside III RID-059 Country Barn I URID-842 Our Land II

Lisa Ridgers

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URID-1211 Fluid Beauty URID-951 Romance is in the Air URID-1228 Bright & Bold URID-1230 Colour Zone
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ORID-535 A Day to Sail III URID-1173 Bouquet I URID-1223 Colour Time URID-548 Pastel Bouquet

Pablo Rojero

Pablo Rojero was born in Oceanside, California in 1974. Even as a little boy, he always knew he was an artist. After high school, Pablo started taking art classes at Mira Costa Community College where he was inspired by old masters’ works in his art history class. He then pursued his study of painting at Otis College of Art and Design and Rhode Island School of Design.

Once he developed solid painting skills by taking a program with an emphasis on traditional painting techniques at Rhode Island School of Design, Pablo returned to Otis College of Art and Design to prepare him to work in the motion picture industry in Hollywood. Pablo received his B.F.A. in 1998 and soon started working in Hollywood as a storyboard artist on independent films, and also as a production illustrator for the music video industry. He received an offer from a contemporary artist in San Diego to work in his art studio as an assistant. It was his first real exposure to the abstract painting that allowed him to be explosive, passionate and free with his creation.

After a brief tenure as an artist assistant, Pablo became a freelance illustrator in 2000. The success of his business allowed him more time to paint and gather ideas for his works. He was active in the local art community and his works were well received in local art shows. Later Pablo moved to Arizona and took a job as an in-house artist at a design company where he learned different painting techniques, and also about the interior design business. In 2007, he moved back to southern California and opened his own design studio.

Pablo Rojero passed away unexpectedly in March 2022, leaving behind his wife April Rojero, daughter Kaitlyn, and sons Luke and Matthew.

OROJ-133 Blue

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OROJ-152 Silver Lights OROJ-151 Distant Bay
Golden Gate

Pablo Rojero

“I really like the layers on my art, I feel that it is a crucial process in my paintings. You’ve got to let the art breathe.”
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OROJ-176 Swami’s Beach OROJ-177 Majestic Pacific OROJ-139 Blue Mediterranean

Pablo Rojero

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OROJ-149 City Limits OROJ-163 City Impression OROJ-172 West Coast Tones OROJ-164 Silver Passage
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OROJ-107 Vintage Motorcycle OROJ-122 Twilight I OROJ-103 Vintage Woodie

Ben Schneider

Meet Ben. He is truly showing the world that his art inspires hope. Ben was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. He has had an incredible journey in so many aspects, as children and adults with autism do. Art has been a part of Ben’s life from a very early age, providing him with an essential outlet with which to calm and express himself. Art has become Ben’s passion, and continues to provide him opportunities to enjoy meaningful and fulfilling work. Ben loves using acrylic and mixed media to create his dynamic paintings. He is always searching for new techniques to experiment with in his studio, and loves using bright colors and interesting combinations.

“We hope others not only love his creations, but also find inspiration and hope from Ben. Everyone has a talent. So thankful he has found his.”
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USCH-149_ALT_V30 String 3 V30
USCH-105 C40

Ben Schneider

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USCH-146_ALT_V31 M131 V31 USCH-146_ALT_V32 M131 V32 USCH-106_ALT_V31 S12 V31
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USCH-120 M100 USCH-115 M111

Ben Schneider

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USCH-142 M148 USCH-126 M103
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USCH-121 Untitled USCH-133_ALT_V31 M126 V31 USCH-100_ALT_V31 C37 V31 USCH-100_ALT_V32 C37 V32

Liz St. Andre

As the daughter of a National Park Ranger and an artist, Liz St. Andre grew up with focused appreciation for the natural world. Her Pacific NW roots began in Glacier Bay, Alaska, where she grew up fishing, watching breaching whales, dodging bears, and witnessing massive hunks of calving ice dive into the ocean from glaciers.

Liz has spent her adult life chasing that dramatic beauty in Washington state, including Port Angeles and Seattle, where she graduated from the University of Washington. She now resides in Issaquah with her family.

Her path to seriously creating art began as an art docent, teaching the elements of art and principles of design to school children. Without realizing it, she was nurturing her own passion for art and learning foundational skills alongside her kids.

Liz happily creates art using plants from her garden and the woods surrounding her home. Highlighting nature’s symmetry and the beauty in imperfection, Liz’s current work is primarily cyanotypes and acrylic monotypes. She also paints, exploring her love of color and an intuitive approach to abstract expressionism.


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Solstice Lupine
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USTA-101 Misty Dawn USTA-102 Irresistible USTA-111 Water’s Edge

Liz St. Andre

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USTA-119_ALT_V31 Strawberries & Forget-Me-Nots II V31
V V30
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USTA-118_ALT_V30 Strawberries & Forget-Me-Nots I V30
Pursuit of Happiness
Breathe In

Liz St. Andre

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USTA-136 Garden Plays USTA-135 Victoria’s Roses
Bloom IV
Take Me

Linda Stelling

Linda Stelling grew up in an artistically-rich family. Her grandfather painted frescoes in churches. Her father was a creative craftsman and skilled musician, and her mother a brilliant floral colorist. The rest of her extended family were symphony musicians, and one was a nationally recognized illustrator. Plain and simple, the die was cast.

After art school, where she studied ceramic sculpture and painting, Linda’s first solo journey as an artist began in an old trolley car station that froze solid in winter. Trying to create art wearing mittens was a unique challenge. From there she advanced to a beautiful old woolen mill that afforded her enough room to have both a studio and gallery. Here she was part of a community of working artists who supported themselves with their art and opened their doors to the public. It was a great experience, but still Linda dreamed of warmer weather.

Confident that her talent and art education would allow her to compete in the Los Angeles art world, Linda moved to California and was immediately hired as a commissioned artist for a company that produced art for galleries, hotels and public spaces. This proved to be a challenging experiment in social and financial endurance, so Linda began studying with other creatives so she could gain perspective on how to survive as an artist. For many years she created large scale murals, specialty finishes and unique work for top name designers, commercial buildings and celebrities. She also taught art to adults and children for many years.

Now Linda is painting full throttle, working hard and straddling the midpoint of her career. She has invested herself in continuing the work she began as an abstract expressionist many years ago. She is fueled by her interest in color and the dream studies she has been exposed to for so long. She uses her layered experiences and passions to fulfill her life’s work. She is in the studio every day, and when she’s not, she is planning and studying for the next artwork.

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USTL-101 This Way Down USTL-102 Threshold
USTL-151 Calla Lilly

Linda Stelling

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USTL-158 Misty Mountain USTL-125 Dream Farewell USTL-164 What Lies Beneath USTL-162 Mistrall
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USTL-154_ALT_V30 White Vase with White Flowers
USTL-153_ALT_V30 USTL-115 Poppies

Linda Stelling

“I am always looking and thinking how my internal experiences can meld with my external creativity and perceptions. I often take my dreams and use part or all of the memory to form the beginnings of an idea for a painting.”

“I try to parley the connection of our mental health to our creative selves, which I feel we all experience on some level.”

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USTL-122 Dream Portals USTL-145 Infusion
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USTL-132 Lush USTL-169 Breed USTL-166 Twister

Laura Van Horne

Laura Van Horne is a mixed-media artist who works in encaustic, acrylic, watercolor, ink, resin, textiles, and ceramics. She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and moved to Seattle, WA in 1994. She has her MA in Speech Pathology, and has studied acrylic and encaustic painting at Pratt Fine Art Center. She has been painting for about 20 years and teaching art classes for 10 years.

Since childhood, Laura has been passionate about art. When she is not creating on canvas, she is creating in her head. Common motifs in Laura’s work are often everyday objects such as houses, dresses, birds, and vintage objects. Many of her pieces are mixed media and include found organic objects, textiles, pages from books, or items from flea markets.

Laura has participated in a number of group and solo art shows over the past 15 years. She presently paints and teaches out of her

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UVAN-435 Long Stripe #2
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UVAN-429_ALT_V30 Floating V30 UVAN-417 Beautiful Horizon UVAN-427 Monumental Moments
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Laura Van Horne UVAN-439 Northern Lights on the Water UVAN-440 The Boardwalk UVAN-249 Pale Poppies
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UVAN-430 Stripe On Gray UVAN-317 Marbles
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Laura Van Horne UVAN-386 Colorblind UVAN-375 Sea Floor UVAN-437 Turquoise Bouquet
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UVAN-433 Day Dream UVAN-307 Break Apart

Shaney Watters

Shaney Watters always felt foreign…born into the wrong family, moved to a foreign land to grow up, then returned to the US for her senior year of high school. Art-making helped Shaney navigate her tumultuous upbringing. She eventually found like-minded community in her college Fine Arts department, but ended up pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology, with continued studies in post-graduate Art Therapy.

After a number of years of setting aside her creative endeavors to pursue her career as a Marriage Family Therapist, she ultimately came to understand that an important part of her was missing, so she ultimately made a comeback to art – her soul’s purpose. In 2011, she signed up for an adult painting studio and never looked back.

Influenced by nature, in particular her reverence for the animal kingdom, Shaney is inspired to create delight-filled abstract-realism animal portraits. As a mixed media painter, she is unable to imagine declaring loyalty to just one medium. Within the layers of her paintings one can spy graphite, acrylics, 18k gold leaf, colored pencil, and oil paint, all topped with cold wax. All these layers and materials really echo all the disparate experiences of life that come together to make one whole. Through personification of her animal subjects, Shaney captures the raw and honest depiction of human emotions. She hopes to inspire connection with emotions and experiences while remaining playful, and at the same time illuminating the indisputable bonds we have with animals.

Shaney lives with her partner of 20+ years, James, and the love of 4 good-ish dogs. Most recently her household increased again with the addition of her amazing teenage niece, Oonah.


Shall We Dance the Flamingo?

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UWAT-111 Well Koala-feed Mum UWAT-105 Shell Games Shaney Watters UWAT-103 Everything Whale Be Okay UWAT-106
Everything Whale Be Alright
I Got Your Back, Man
UWAT-104 Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun
Shaney Watters
“I find being a painter allows me to reflect on and find delight in all the messy beauty I experience in life all around and within me.“
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Hoo Runs the World? UWAT-109 What a Hoot! UWAT-115 Owl Be Watching You
Hoo Do You Think You Are?
UWAT-113 UWAT-119 Owl Be There For You UWAT-110 Your Biggest Fan

Kayleigh Wold

Kayleigh Wold is a multi-media artist originally based out of Indiana where she earned her BFA at Indiana State University; studying painting, drawing, photography, ceramics and printmaking. Her vast study of various disciplines has helped her cultivate a broad body of work that is ever changing, developing and intertwining.

Currently her study gravitates towards botany and the unpredictable, imperfect organic shapes that are either found naturally occurring in the world or her imagination. For this reason, she uses the permanence of ink to capture each line she puts down and any imperfections that may have occurred, blurring the lines of real and imaginary. The idea of perfection has always been a thought-provoking encounter for Kayleigh within her art, so this study is both freeing and challenging.

Since she was young, Kayleigh has been enamored with creating. Choosing to forge her own way with everything from sewing doll clothes and inventing recipes in the kitchen to using unconventional art supplies and often gravitating to the messier ones. This has created an adoration for each tactile experience a piece of art can create for not only its viewer but also its artist.

Kayleigh has participated in several juried shows with ISU and at Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art. She currently resides in Seattle, WA living on the beach with her husband Cody and their two rambunctious adopted cats.

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Bathing Suit Beauties II
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UWOL-138 Color Bunch I UWOL-139 Color Bunch II UWOL-129 Pop of Daisy I

Kayleigh Wold

UWOL-105 Airy Blooms I UWOL-106 Airy Blooms II
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UWOL-131_ALT_V2 Bunny Tail Dreams I UWOL-132_ALT_V2 Bunny Tail Dreams II

Kayleigh Wold

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UWOL-101 Wild Bunch I UWOL-102 Wild Bunch II
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UWOL-117 Still Moments VI UWOL-116 Still Moments V UWOL-134 Golden Posies

Carolyn Zbavitel

Carolyn obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian and Russian languages from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and then worked in sales for several years before deciding to pursue art, enrolling in art classes at MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA. Additionally, taking the University of Georgia’s study abroad program with which she visited museums across Europe solidified her love and pursuit of art.

After the birth of her son, Carolyn switched from oil painting to watercolors not only because of the less toxic materials but also because watercolors allowed her to paint quickly. Inspired by the work of watercolor artist Alvaro Castagnet, with whom she studied, Carolyn enjoys watercolors for their simplicity and allure. Alongside Castagnet, she learned how to paint landscapes and street scenes in the open air, i.e., en plein air. Through her participation in plein air festivals every year, Carolyn has become immersed in the plein air community, where she can meet and connect with artists across the country and focus on the act of painting without any distractions.

Carolyn’s unique aesthetic has developed under the guidance of several other master artists besides Castagnet, including Joseph Zbukvic, Herman Pekel, Carla O’Connor, Nicholas Simmons, Frank Webb, Agnes Copeland, and Fealing Lin. She still considers Southern California home, where she previously enjoyed

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UZBA-102 Bee Still

Carolyn Zbavitel

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UZBA-104 Bee Kind
Bee Brave
UZBA-101 UZBA-103 Tuscan Sage
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