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Conference Report 29 SEPTEMBER 2012

Welcome Note “Dear Sponsors and Partners, On behalf of The Youth Company I would like to thank you for your support. We appreciate your involvement to make this conference a reality and you have shown your commitment towards the empowerment and development of the youth in Qatar. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to organize the second edition of our conference “Youth Change Everything”. With this conference we were able to guide the future leaders of the country as the main focus of the conference was “Leadership in the Arab World”. Thank you for helping “Youth Change Everything” to flourish and reach its objectives. We hope this collaboration has met all of your expectations and we look forward to the next “Youth Change Everything” in March 2013 and hope that it may grow and be even more successful.” Diego Pinzon, Acting Executive Director, The Youth Company

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Welcome Note

4/5 About The Youth Company 6/7

About “Youth Change Everything�

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Branding and Marketing Testimonials from participants Thank You

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

To provide a platform for youth empowerment and development as well as to supply the community with youthful consultancy services.

To raise the youth into healthy, active and socially responsible residents, while equipping them with the tools necessary for their personal and professional growth.

Passion, Community Responsibility, Flexibility, Integrity, Diversity, Innovation.

About Us The Youth Company is a grass-rooted organization

While most of our programs are free for youth to

established in Qatar. We operate as a social enterprise, where

participate in, we ensure our operational sustainability

we aim to create social value through empowering the youth

by providing youthful consultancy services to various

in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner.

organizations, and through establishing a network of partners and sponsors.

We have created various educational, community engaging, volunteering, career-oriented, consulting and rewarding

The Youth Company started its operations in

programs, which directly and indirectly facilitate the growth

December 2010 and within only one year, it has

and development of youth in different aspects, and thus

managed to involve14 000 students, deliver 16

ensure a long-lasting positive social impact.

projects, and cooperate with over 40 companies and organizations.

Our programs and services target both youth and professional organizations within the private, public and

For inquires concerning YESS or YCE:

non-profit sectors, and are aligned with the Qatar National

Donia Hashem,

Vision 2030.

Abdulrahman Sajid,

Organisational Structure

Objectives of the conference: Provide the youth of Qatar with leadership skills Connect young people with business and community leaders in the Arab world Motivate the Youth of Qatar to develop and exert a positive impact on society Enable personal growth of young people through practical experience

About YCE "Youth Change Everything" (YCE) is a bi-annual conference (March and September), which aims to develop leadership skills among youth through a series of interactive workshops, discussions, networking sessions and motivational talks. The September conference focuses on Leadership in Arab World.

Mission of the conference To empower and develop leaders of tomorrow

“Youth Change Everything conference is an initiative within YOU-Experience Program.�

Conference Agenda

Leadership workshops round 1 Dabbler vs. Master Leadership: The Lifestyle CAUTION: High Motivation! Leading a Volunteer Program

Active registration Introduction to the conference and topic of leadership

12:00 - 12:30

12:30 - 1:00

BREAK 1:00 - 2:30

2:30 - 3:15

Leadership workshops round 2 The Key to Self Management and Self Mastery Teamwork What’s at Stake Leading a Volunteer Program

Panel Discussion; “When I was 17 A Pursuit of Leadership” Networking and Live Band Performance


3:15 - 4:45

4:45 - 5:00

5:00 - 6:00

6:00 - 7:00

YCE Trainers Jeanine Bailey

Erica C. Chiusano

Catalina Soare

Gabriela Iancu

Jeanine is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited coach. She has over 20 years professional experience working with multi-national, blue chip, influential organizations in Qatar, UK and Australia. Her experience as a consultant and employee includes executive coaching, communications, business development, marketing and recruitment across various industries. These include global, ‘blue chip’ financial services, government, IT and telecommunications.

Erica Chiusano is the Cultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Doha. In her capacity as an American Diplomat, she liaises with cultural, educational, and sports institutions to develop partnerships between the U.S. and Qatar. Before joining the State Department, Erica spent a year studying intensive Arabic at the University of Jordan in Amman. Erica graduated from the College of William and Mary (2009) in Virginia with a degree in International Relations and Psychology. At W&M, she was an active leader in community service organizations and college publications.

To sum up the experience: 4+ years of volunteering, 3years in Ubisoft Romania, 600 hours of training delivered for more than 300 participants on topics like: time management; leadership and coaching; presentation skills; train the trainers, communication skills; creativity; personal branding.

With a background in volunteering, recruitment, event organizing and training, Gabriela Iancu is a fresh perspective on organizing a company's human resources. Experience in both an international environment in AIESEC and a culturally and socially challenged minority.

I do not have a favourite quote or a character. I did not find something stable, because all lies in relativity. I am as normal and special as everyone else. I cannot say something else about me, because almost all the time my actions contradict my words. But I know that I search for good thoughts and beauty of the mind. Reader of faces and feelings, reader of books. Unpredictable.

Whether we realize it or not, we fight. We fight for intelligence. We fight for affection. We fight for fulfilment. We fight for security. We fight for freedom. We fight for the world. My name is Gabi. I fight so that we can all fight together.

YCE Speakers Shareef Mostafa Batata

James Callahan

Dean Michael Proctor

Maryam Al Subaiey

Shareef Mostafa Batata is Associate Director of SME Programs at Silatech. Shareef’s work consists primarily of maximizing MENA region job creation via access to finance, business development services (BDS) and trade and capital markets. Apart from his full-time role at Silatech, Shareef is Managing Director of XAP (Transaction Partners), an M&A boutique under registration. Shareef is also Delegate to President Obama representing Egypt at the annual Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship as well as Endeavor VentureCorps Mentor. Shareef is a prior board member of the Middle East Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) and founding member of Nahdet El Mahrousa, Egypt’s leading philanthropic CSO.

James Callahan retired from the Department of State as a Minister Counselor in 2007. He began his Foreign Service Career in Lebanon and served in various capacities in Public Affairs Offices at the American Embassies in Jordan, Yemen, the Philippines, Iraq, Kuwait, South Africa, Nigeria, India and again in South Africa. Since retirement, Mr. Callahan has returned to the Department of State for short stints in Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria and Tajikistan. Mr. Callahan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a minor in Political Science from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Prior to his diplomatic service he taught school in Baghdad, Iraq as a volunteer as well as one year at a private high school in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Mr. Dean Michael Proctor serves as an Executive General Manager of The Commercial Bank of Qatar Q.S.C. Mr. Proctor served as the Chief Executive Officer of Arbuthnot Latham & Co. Limited at Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC since November 3, 2009. He joined Arbuthnot Latham in July 2009 as Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Private Banking. Prior to joining Arbuthnot Latham, he served as Managing Director of Wealth Management and Retail Banking at Citibank for 3 years. He also worked at Lloyds Bank for 13 years. He served as Director of Secure Trust Bank Plc until September 16, 2011. He served as an Executive Director of Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC from November 3, 2009 to March 1, 2012. Mr. Proctor served as a Director of Egg Banking PLC from August 2008 to July 2009.

Maryam Al Subaiey is a Qatari writer and entrepreneur. She graduated with MSc in Development Studies from SOAS University and is currently running her own production company. She published her first collection of Children's books during Doha book fair 2011. Her essay "Qatarization- implementation challenges" won first prize in the Brooking Centre essay competition 2010. Maryam is the co-founder of UChange Qatari youth initiative, which supports local talents. Through her initiative she works on several local projects which promote the culture of creativity and development among the youth. She is currently developing a company that promotes youth talent.

Human Resources The Youth Company staff started working on this project in late August. Over 150 hours in planning and preparation were dedicated to ensure the success of this 8 hour conference. Apart from full-time TYC Team, currently composed of 10 people, we had 2 TYC interns to help us out along with 8 volunteers, supporting the day of the event.

Following are the members of the TYC Team:

Special thanks goes out to TYC interns: Donia Hashem Youth Empowerment & Success Services Director (Project Manager) Abdulrahman Sajid Youth Leader Amit Chowdhury Multimedia Producer Asghar Hussain Graphic Designer Evgenia Berestneva Chief Communication Officer

Diego Pinzon Acting Executive Director Gabriela Iancu Human Resources Manager Gieneve Laurente Executive Assistant Iuliana-Catalina Soare YOU-Training Coordinator John Frederiksen Director of Strategy and Planning

Abdulaziz al Sulaiti Mohamed Al Natshe And the amazing volunteers: Mounir Sheikh Omar Yassin Ashkan Nabavi Nidhi Khatri Faris Ibrahim Saif Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Attia Etidal Hassan Musa

Media Coverage Photo-report can be found on-line at: Videos coverage has been prepared in the form of general shots of activities and special short interviews with delegates, speakers and trainers. Videos can be found on-line on the TYC YouTube channel: Pre-event press-release in both English and Arabic, were sent along with media invitations on the 25th of October to 25 on-line and print media. Photographers and reporters from Gulf Times and Qatar Tribune were present during the conference. Post-event press-release in English was sent out to 25 on-line and print media on 29th of October. Publications in November issues of Oryx magazines and in Time Out Doha are expected. Following is the list of actual media-appearances: 26/09/2012


The Youth Company to hold second edition of “Youth Change Everything” Conference

Qatar is Booming



Youth Company to host conference

Gulf Times



The Youth Company to hold second edition of “Youth Change Everything” Conference

Doha Press



120 students to talk about Leadership in Arab World

Ame Info



120 students take part in youth leadership meet

Qatar Tribune



120 students take part in youth leadership meet

All Top



120 students to talk about Leadership in Arab World

Qatar Tribune Cover



120 students take part in youth leadership meet




One day in pursuit of leadership

Qatar is Booming



Youth Conference attracts 120 students

Gulf Times



Youth Conference attracts 120 students

Gulf Times, cover



Youth Conference attracts 120 students


Promotional Activities The event aimed to gather 120 high school and university students. To ensure sufficient number of participants, the following promotion actions were undertaken: Invitation of students from 24 schools via phone/email Social Media Promotion on Facebook/Twitter Direct emails to TYC members’ database and newsletter

Promotion on social media has been realized through: Inspirational messages and quotes from leaders, designed in YCE/TYC branded posters. YCE specific profile and cover pictures for Facebook and Twitter. To boost social media engagement, a special contest has been organized on-line from the 25th till the 28th of October, where selected delegates were encouraged to share YCE content under the hashtag #YCEDoha, and express their creativity by answering various questions about leadership in the modern world. Maaz Ali, a15 year old student of M.E.S. Indian School, won this contest and collected his brand new iPad 3 on the day of the conference.

Below is the list of schools invited for the conference: Al Jazeera Academy Private Al Maha English Private School Al Wakra Independent Secondary School Al-Bayan Independent Secondary Campus Al-Khor Independent Secondary School Al-Khur International Private School American Academy Doha Academy Doha College French Qatarian School Global Academy Lebanese School M.E.S Indian School Modern Indian School Park House English Private School Qatar Academy Qatar International Private School Qatar Leadership Academy The American School of Doha The Cambridge International Private School (B1, B2) The English Modern Private School The Gulf English Private School The International School of Choueifat

As the result of promo actions,


people have registered for the event within 5 days.

We received


delegates on the day of the event.

Marketing Materials For the “Youth Change Everything� Conference the following branded materials were developed and used:

Pop-up for the stage in

Roll-ups, placed in halls, reception and

the main hall

workshop rooms

Branded badges

Branded certificates

Branded agenda for

TYC branded bags and folders as part of

TYC promo flyers as part of

Branded presentation template

welcome package

welcome package

welcome package

Testimonials Dean Proctor EGM Retail and Consumer Banking Commercial bank Speaker

James Callahan Public Affairs Officer U.S. Embassy (Doha) Speaker

"I've been completely taken by the energy, youth's enthusiasm and their determination to succeed. Some of the questions they asked were completely insightful for the young people and it has been thoroughly enjoyable".

"I found the conference extremely interesting for myself, primarily, because i was terribly impressed by enthusiasm of the people who participated. There was energy in each of the sessions, that i visited, there was energy in the room, when we just finished the panel interview. I was very impressed by all the participants and it's always interesting to be involved in such a conference with students from all over the world. It's exciting!"

Maya Ali Omran Qatar University Delegate "Actually, I brought my sister with me, because i really enjoyed the conference last time. I wanted her to live this experience; it is a new thing, it's just different from school or university. You can learn new things in a new way".

Alaa Kilani The Cambridge School "Youth Change Everything" means that the youth in Qatar can make a difference. Not only adults can do the big work and make big difference in this country, youth can do stuff as well. We have potential, we have energy, we can do just as much as anyone else".

Jeanine Bailey Empower People Trainer 'My work involves working with organizations and senior leadership, which is fantastic. For me it's about being up to influence leadership, to be up to make a difference, to make a change. But i also think that leadership and change comes from down, it starts from an early age. I think it's really important to be able to influence the youth. "Youth Change Everything" is a great initiative. I wanted to get involved, because I would really like to see people being empowered from every level".

Shareef Mostafa Batata Associate Director of SME Programs Silatech, Speaker "I think that the conference today went very well, we had some exciting questions in the end, at Q&A session. It was great to see, how everyone was engaged, how everyone had their own perspectives of the challenges that they are facing, that society is facing. We had some opportunities also after the conference to exchange some ideas as well."

Erica C. Chiusano Cultural AttachĂŠ U.S. Embassy (Doha) Trainer "Youth Change Everything" means that everything is possible. Youth here have so many opportunities and they are so capable just from what i saw on the session today. Everybody is so energetic, working really hard. I felt like, all of them were ready to start their own organizations. There is so much potential, and young people should always feel like they have the ability to change anything, and just because they are young doesn't mean that anything should stop them"

Thank You




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"Youth Change Everything" Conference Report, 29 September 2012  

"Youth Change Everything" (YCE) is a bi-annual conference (March and September), which aims to develop leadership skills among youth through...