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Catalysts for Change


Transitions at WRC


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The mission of Women’s Resource Center is to engage, educate, enrich and empower women of all generations. Our vision is to create a region where all women and families thrive.

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o you know what I love most about my job? The interaction with the staff, clients, volunteers, donors, and community partners. Every time I walk into one of the Centers or The Unique Boutique, there is an unmistakable energy and buzz. The thing that shines through for me when I am working with this amazing group of people is the passion for our mission. WRC has staff and volunteers who connect with people on their worst day to provide a sense of comfort and hope. We have funders, donors, and a board of directors who provide leadership and financial support and community partners committed to leveraging resources with us. The result of all of us working together is personal, compassionate, and effective programs for our clients. This edition of MyWRC highlights the people and programs that are at the core of our ability to serve the women of our region. We are recognizing the hard work of an employee moving on to her next adventure, and introducing you to new staff and funders who are game-changing for WRC. We had some wonderful events this fall with Handbags and Happy Hour and Déjà Blues: NextGen. We collaborated with community partners on both of these events. Handbags and Happy Hour was in collaboration with HOPE Family Services, the

domestic violence agency serving Manatee County, and raised awareness of our programs and the importance of economic empowerment for women. Déjà Blues: [Next Gen] was a whole new event this year. After 5 years of a great party behind O’Bricks in downtown Bradenton, we changed things up. First, we partnered with Early Learning Coalition of Manatee; this is a new collaboration, but both WRC and ELC share a common mission to engage, educate, and empower families in Manatee County. The party was on the rooftop of the new City Centre garage in downtown Bradenton thanks to the support of the City of Bradenton! A grand time was had by all, and we look forward to tweaking the new format of the party. Make sure to SAVE THE DATE, for our Spring Legacy Luncheon on April 15, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency. We will be celebrating the mission of WRC and honoring our Legacy Wonder Woman, Gloria Milstein Flanzer and our 2020 Wonder Women: Rae Dowling, Lisa Krouse, Victoria Stultz and Marilyn Thompson. You can learn more about this event on our website MyWRC.org or emailing Events@MyWRC.org. In closing, I want to thank each of you. Whether you are connecting with WRC for the first time or have been with us since the beginning, your interest in our MyWRC.org

Ashley Brown, President and CEO

programs makes a difference. Our donors, volunteers and staff are an integral part of our mission to engage, educate, enrich, and empower women of all generations. In the past 12 months, across all three Centers, we provided 8,366 hours of programming to 1,944 clients, nearly a 20% increase in the number of clients from the previous year. WRC’s regional impact is made possible by the generous support of our local partnerships and supporters. THANK YOU! I look forward to seeing many of you over the coming months, and please know we always want to hear from you. If you have any questions, input, or stories to share, please reach out to me. You can reach me via email at abrown@mywrc.org or call the Center at 941-256-9721. My best,

Ashley Brown, President & CEO



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Lloydann A. Wade




loydann A. Wade, Esq.—the J. Jill “Woman of the Quarter”—exemplifies the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) Mentoring Program— first as an advisor of WRC clients and then as a mentee under the tutelage of distinguished retired Twelfth Circuit Judge Janette Dunnigan. Destined to practice LAW—given her initials— Lloydann is thriving in her profession—she gives some of that credit to the mentoring program of WRC. She first connected with WRC as a volunteer attorney, helping WRC clients navigate family law issues. Having been chosen as the 2012 winner (of what) for her comprehensive essay entitled “Illegal Immigration and Education” in the National Law Review, Lloydann reflects on the J. Jill recognition, saying “It’s a tremendous honor to even be considered—much less to be chosen to represent the mission of WRC and their partnership with J.Jill .” IMPROVING OTHERS’ LIVES As Assistant State Attorney for Florida’s Twelfth Judicial Circuit, Lloydann prosecutes criminal 4

misdemeanors, including domestic violence and petty theft. She’s been volunteering for the WRC “Ask an Attorney” Program since Fall 2017, providing pro bono legal advice on divorce, child custody, and child support. Lloydann describes a typical session as: “I listen to clients, tailor advice based on individual circumstances, and provide referrals, such as a list of local attorneys and pro bono local and/or state legal services.”  Clients have only accolades for Lloydann’s comprehensive, professional service, with comments like: • •

“. . . fabulous listener . . . which I was in desperate need of.” “Her counsel has been indispensable. She’s a wealth of information.”

The following testimonial encapsulates what many WRC clients confirm—highlighting Lloydann’s importance to the WRC “Ask an Attorney” Program:

MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

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“Lloydann’s advice worked! I cannot thank WRC enough for her guidance. . . .Talking with her and hearing helpful suggestions have restored my peace of mind. I remain aware and cautious, but I’m not afraid anymore. I have my life back.” “I can’t think of greater gratification than sharing knowledge and experience with someone who wants to learn. Lloydann had such a thirst for knowledge, we can chatter for hours. I tell her that she doesn’t have to take all my advice, but pick and choose the things that work for her. Each mentor-mentee relationship is only as successful as you make it. WRC has helped me make mine unforgettable.” – Janette Dunnigan WRC Mentor

Being matched with Judge Dunnigan has been the catalyst for success. Smiling, Lloydann says, “She’s the most amazing mentor, who shares life stories, teaches me about the profession, and convinces me to take risks—enjoying the journey and not worrying where we should be.” Lloydann continues: “Being mentored by the first female to the Twelfth Judicial Circuit bench is a gift. Imagine, there’s an Honorable Janette Dunnigan Appreciation Day in Manatee County because of her work to thwart drug abuse!” EMULATING A WRC MENTOR A woman of impeccable credentials, Judge Dunnigan has introduced Lloydann to a legal world she never thought existed: “I’m learning about organizations, attorneys, and methodology—not to mention, life in general. Teaching me success strategies, she also helps me reach outside my comfort zone, something I sometimes struggle with.” A WRC “Wonder Woman,” Judge Dunnigan has been recognized as one of the top 100 female lawyers in Sarasota. In 2007, she was named “Judicial Woman of the Year,” by the Manatee Florida Association of Women Lawyers.

Eric Hanson, a Tampa family attorney, who’s known Lloydann since law school, sheds light on reasons for her success with clients, saying that Lloydann’s work, intelligence, and preparation are above reproach. Shunning the spotlight, Lloydann embraces volunteering: “I live by the saying, ‘To whom much is given, much is required.’ I’ve been blessed to have accomplished a tremendous amount, so I give back as much as I can.” During her time at Barry University School of Law, Lloydann was a member of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the university’s Counsel for Children— highlighting her commitment to others. A staunch believer in the WRC, Lloydann helps promote its mission by sharing the extensive programs and volunteering at WRC events. Instrumental in connecting prospective volunteers and clients to WRC, Lloydann shares her experiences as mentor and mentee. WRC Director of Operations, Lillian Elliott, says, “Lloydann continues to strengthen our mentoring program. Because she and others tout our successes, we’ve expanded the program—from matching employment clients with a mentor to help in their job search—to assisting mentees explore vital strategies for personal and career development.” BENEFITING AS A MENTEE Lloydann’s indispensable service in the “Ask an Attorney” program is one-half of her WRC experience, “. . . rewarding me every time I find resources for clients or address their anxieties.” At the WRC, she’s also availed herself of WRC mentors, initially, informally and formally in 2018 when she was paired with Judge Dunnigan. A member of the Bar since 2016, Lloydann needed guidance on how to fulfill her professional goals. “I have had many informal mentors that have pointed me in the right direction, instilling confidence and teaching networking skills, and I have a strong support system of friends and family. However, I felt I was not doing everything I could professionally.” It occurred to Lloydann that she could benefit from a WRC mentor. “Having seen how WRC had helped others, I thought why not try to help myself.”

As a WRC mentor, Judge Dunnigan taps into her extensive teaching experience at her alma maters, Florida State University College of Law, and Thomas Cooley School of Law (Tampa).

“When I was first asked to consider mentoring Lloydann the first thing that I noticed was that amazing smile and sense of gratitude and joy at everything she was experiencing. She is truly grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to her and soaks up the knowledge, experience and wisdom of everyone who enters her circle. In turn, she loves to give back to the community around her. I look forward to watching her continue to grow and inspire as much as she is inspired.” – Clolita M. Vitale. Esq (retired) WRC Mentor “Judge Dunnigan has enriched my life,” says Lloydann, beaming. “I’ve learned so much because of her commitment. I feel respected by other attorneys and am ready for any challenge at the State Attorney’s Office. It’s hard being a woman in a male-dominated field. But knowing someone who’s had similar experiences encourages me. More important, I reflect on how I’m affecting others, myself, and my career.”   J. Jill’s “Woman of the Quarter”—Lloydann A. Wade— continues to bolster the mentoring program with her Loyalty, Altruism, and Wisdom.




Problem WITH

Popular Diets Written by Rebecca Henson MPT, MN, RD

Have you ever tried to diet and ended up feeling miserable until you finally gave up? Have you done that more than once? You are not alone. Dieting is a huge industry in the United States.  In fact, it’s estimated that 45 million Americans go on a diet each year.    I started dieting when I was in the 3rd grade. My doctor told my mom and me that I was too heavy and that I needed to start weighing myself weekly. If I gained weight I was supposed to restrict my food the following week. If only it were that simple. Over the next 15 years I tried all the diets. I felt like I had to choose between liking how I looked and enjoying food. I was miserable.   Even if we have vowed to never “diet” again, it can be so tempting to jump on the new diet bandwagon when we see our friends and neighbors dropping weight with the newest fad. But if we hold off, we witness the problem with popular diets.  Most people on most diets eventually go off the diet and back to old habits. They then gain the weight back. Why does this happen, and is there any hope to ever get healthy and stay that way?   It seems overwhelming, but I promise that you can succeed. First, I want you to recognize that if you are trying a diet that you do not enjoy, you might as well stop. You can only torture yourself using will power to muscle through for so long. Eventually you will likely give up if you hate the plan you’re on. And really, life is too short to be miserable.   The key to lasting success is to figure out some healthy changes that you don’t mind implementing. One great 6

MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

way to do this is to focus on adding healthy things into your life (instead of taking things away). For example, the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the less room you have for unhealthy foods. Healthy additions can start a positive spiral. After you eat more fruits and vegetables for a few weeks, you might feel more energetic and decide to add a walk every day at lunch time. And then that walk will help you sleep better at night and improve your productivity at work. You will lose a few pounds, your clothes fit better, and you will feel more confident. You then might decide that you will use your extra energy to make a healthy breakfast and lunch to bring every day. And your spouse might notice how happy you’ve been and decide to help plan healthy dinners. Often, the commitment to one healthy addition can be the start of many positive changes.   Make your goals realistic, attainable, and preferably enjoyable. Make them simple so that you know when you’ve accomplished them and celebrate the success. A good example would be to add one fruit as a snack every afternoon. Another example would be to walk during your lunch break every Tuesday and Thursday. Try to figure out what would really make a difference that you can realistically implement without feeling tortured. Every positive change matters, and I know you can do this. I encourage you to take a few minutes right now to think about your current situation and set a goal. And if you want support from like-minded women doing our best to stay healthy, please connect with WRC to learn more about the Women’s Health Education Network.

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All of us at the Women’s Resource Center would like to extend our full gratitude to all attendees, committee members, board members, volunteers, and sponsors. We truly could not have done it without YOU! We’d also like to give the City of Bradenton a special thank you for allowing us to take Déjà Blues: NextGen to a new height – the rooftop of the brand new City Centre Parking Garage. Thank you for continuously supporting our mission – to engage, educate, enrich and empower women of all ages. We would also like to thank the Early Learning Coalition and NextGen Magazine for collaborating with us this year, creating Déjà Blues: NextGen. Both WRC and ELC share a common good to engage, educate, and empower families in Manatee County. It was wonderful to work with an organization where their overall passion is the same as ours – to help families thrive in Manatee County. We could not have asked for a more perfect evening! The weather was fantastic, the food catered by Locale Market was delicious, and of course, known for their high energy shows, national recording artist Biscuit Miller and The Mix kept us grooving all night long! The continuous support we receive from our community is unbelievable. We appreciate you all more than you know. Thank you all for making this year amazing!

WRC Pilots College Collaboration

Many of the clients who come to us have one simple goal: the ability to take care of themselves and their families. To reach this goal, our clients need to find a job that pays well and has opportunity for growth. In our region, a job in the insurance industry meets the requirements for many of our clients. One of our nonprofit partners, CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, recently completed a regional study that identified the insurance industry as targeted occupation. What does that mean? In simple terms, it means there is a high need for talent and job openings with an average starting salary of $15 an hour in our region. To meet the high demand for employees in the insurance industry, Women’s Resource Center and CareerEdge Funders Collaborative partnered with State College of Florida (SCF) to offer the first round of a three-week Customer Service Representative 4-40 License training course. This collaboration is a great example of how we can leverage our strengths by working with other nonprofit and educational partners. The course was held at the WRC Sarasota facility, facilitated by an SCF instructor and funded by CareerEdge. Guest speakers from local insurance employers also participated. Training includes soft skills and mentors who will help participants with resume and interview preparation. Successful class completion leads to the 4-40 Insurance license.

The response to this program has been terrific. We had a full class and a waiting list for the next class, eleven of the twelve participants completed the course, earned their certification and are getting jobs. Twice a month we have networking events where job seekers can come together for support and hear from local employers about job opportunities. If you are looking for a job OR are an employer that has job openings, reach out to us about participating in this program. We piloted this program in Sarasota, and it is offered every other Wednesday from 1-3. The response has been great from clients or employers, and we will be expanding to the Manatee & Venice Centers in the first quarter of 2020. If you have questions about this program or would like to participate, please email info@MyWRC.org.



WRC clients come to us as the result of divorce, loss of spouse, financial troubles or simply looking for ways to improve their lives. But, as we have mentioned before, they share a similar goal - the ability to support themselves, and their families. The strange realty for many of our clients is that by earning more, they end up financially worse off. Let’s examine the unexpected issue of the loss of social benefits as these clients work toward financial independence.

program meant to help people. WRC has a unique position in the process. We assist our clients in a holistic fashion and are often the first call people make when they are struggling. The benefit system is a very complex issue, and there are a lot of smart, capable people who work with the programs. However, everyone is managing their sliver of the program and don’t always see the comprehensive picture. By sharing our stories with other agencies, we gain a better understanding of how the system is disempowering, and literally, traps people in low wage jobs and creates public program dependency in order for them to access quality childcare and housing.

16% of our clients are single mothers, and many of them rely on childcare and housing subsidies. Women are disproportionately affected by social program benefit cliffs. What is the benefit cliff? It occurs WRC has been participating when a marginal increase in WRC has a unique position in the Regional Workforce income results in a loss of public in the process. We assist our Council, convening with Early benefits. This is an important Learning Coalitions of Manatee topic for both employers, who are clients in a holistic fashion and Sarasota County as well as desperate for entry-level skilled and are often the first call CareerSource SunCoast. This workers, and for low-income people make when they are collaboration, along with the job seekers hoping to enter a 2Gen work we are doing with career-laddering profession. The struggling. Community Foundation of current Florida benefit system Sarasota County, has enabled us does not provide for a gradual to craft a request from our State reduction of funded programs as workers earn more money. This causes many wage earners Legislators. to be economically worse off once they complete a credential and/or enter higher paying jobs.  It also causes high turnover Former FL State Senator Mike Bennett helped us formulate and work disruption for employers as individuals quit or our request for a bipartisan joint committee to address the benefit cliff. The effects of eligibility cut-offs requires a reduce their hours to avoid reaching the “cliff.” comprehensive review of public programs, and by creating According to the Florida Children’s Council: “Families working a joint committee, the State can identify strategies that make toward economic self-sufficiency are financially challenged by better use of budgetary resources. Implementing benefits the system of policies designed to assist them. Known as “cliff programs with gradual exit paths will produce positive effects,” low-income families face considerable disincentives outcomes for both recipients and taxpayers. to progress in their wage earnings (and asset building) when an increase in income disqualifies the household from continued We want women and their families to have the support they access to programs that support healthy development of need and look forward to being part of the conversation that has the potential to shift the social benefit system and create a children and creates a net financial loss.” new narrative for women and families in our State. We believe this issue is an unintended consequence of a MyWRC.org


WRC By the Numbers



Volunteer Hours

Career Closet visits


Annual program attendance serving 1,944 individuals




Employment clients

identified themselves as homeless


10% 200

< $11,800

Above Poverty/ALICE Above ALICE

50% 904

Income Unknown

9% 8% 175 163 14% 274

21% 382

29% 521

$11,801 - $54,000





29% 549

was provided at partner location sites

2,003 Total referrals

Referrals to Domestic Violence Partner agencies


44% 861


% of our program attendance

<1% 6

Homeless Eviction/Foreclosure Rent Own


44% 850

Single Parent

(includes Divorced Parent)


(includes Divorced, Separated, Widowed)

37% 765

Married Married

(with Children)


MyWRC MAGAZINE â&#x20AC;˘ 941-256-9721

11% 234

52% 1,064

Legal/Financial Career Development Emotional/Wellness


ent ss




ver the years women have made enormous strides; receiving higher levels of education, working in occupations historically dominated by men and having a seat at the table, yet various limitations and social norms continue to restrict women’s progress in achieving financial freedom and preparing for retirement. The primary limitations result from headwinds women experience compared to men while trying to build wealth. Women earn less in the workplace, receive less social security and pension income and live longer, requiring their money to last longer.

buzzwords. They expect patience and they don’t want to be judged for past mistakes or lack of knowledge. They want to be included in the problem solving process and they want to collaborate on the right solutions to feel secure. Figure 1: FINANCIAL ENGAGEMENT BY AGE BY GENDER

Women are impacted by these challenging circumstances but by investing in financial knowledge they could improve the probability of their success. Studies show financially knowledgeable individuals are better at budgeting, saving, investing and planning for retirement. But the research also shows a gender gap in financial knowledge — women are less financially knowledgeable than men. In a study of over 8,500 participants, we confirmed women are less financially knowledgeable than men in every age group (see figure 1), irrespective of educational attainment. The results contradict the notion that younger women, or college graduates are more inclined to invest in financial knowledge than past cohorts. Low female financial knowledge negatively affects financial stability and the ability of female-headed households to avert social program dependence resulting from widowhood, divorce or ambiguous loss resulting from a partner/spouse experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The Women’s Money Empowerment program (to be launched in 2020) at the Women’s Resource Center is designed to support women on their quest to build financial knowledge and to make smarter financial decisions. The program will focus on the following areas: • • •

“DISCOVERING THE FREEDOM TO LIVE LIFE ON HER OWN TERMS. NOW THAT’S EMPOWERMENT!” In our research we have found women don’t want to be told what to do and do not respond well to the, “don’t worry about it, I know best” attitude that is common in the finance industry. Women want to develop an understanding of their options through conversation and explanations in simple language without industry

Education: Ongoing seminars, workshops, podcasts, webinars and newsletters to inform and educate, using unbiased and scientifically based strategies. Coaching: Hotline for women to receive objective financial guidance without a sales agenda so they are empowered to make informed choices. Research: Practical scientific research, identifying opportunities to advance female financial literacy/ engagement.

When a woman acquires financial knowledge, she can: • Protect herself from FUTURE FINANCIAL DISTRESS and even DISASTER • Live her life on their own terms, consistent with her OWN DREAMS • Make smart decisions that influence her FAMILY, WORKPLACE AND COMMUNITY The Women’s Money Empowerment program is not just about money. It is much more than money — it’s about freedom to make choices. To learn how you can participate please go to WRC.org/WME or call 941-2569721.






Resources at the WRC

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 941-256-9721.

Mentoring: FREE! It can be difficult to see our goals through to the end, and sometimes we need someone to help us. This program is offered to clients who would benefit from additional support and experience from a qualified mentor. Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment.

Mental Health Counseling WRC offers individual, couples and family counseling with fully qualified mental health professionals. Counselors have the discretion of referring clients to more appropriate treatment when it is deemed to be more beneficial for the client. Fee: Affordable sliding-scale structure. Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment.

Resource Advising: FREE!

Do you need someone to listen without judging, who has the tools to guide you to needed support? We have experienced Peer Resource Advisors who help you prioritize your needs. They can refer you to the right community agencies, and/or recommend programs offered by the WRC that provide resources and information. Walk-ins are welcome! Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment.

Life Coaching: $10 Life coaching focuses on identifying your needs, desires, and goals, creating an action plan, and being accountable throughout the process. Life Coaching is a partnership between you and the coach. Coaching is not therapy in any form and should not be a substitute in lieu of therapy. A coach’s job is to ask thought-provoking questions that inspire and assist you in tapping into your creative side. A coach can teach you how to reframe your perspective, replace your limiting beliefs with limitless beliefs, and change your mindset-habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and responding. Manatee Call 941-747-6797 for appointment.


MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

Friends and Family of Addiction: $2

Workshops and Support Groups

A support group for friends and family of addicts.

Various workshops and support groups covering topics such as divorce, career search, unhealthy relations, and more. Call your local office for details.

Mondays, 6-8:00pm, Manatee

Latinas of WRC: $2 Evaluating Unhealthy Relationships: FREE! An ongoing educational support group about setting boundaries in relationships, making safe & healthy decisions and understanding the wide range of abusive & controlling relationships. Manatee â&#x20AC;˘ Sarasota Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for more information.

Job Seeker Networking: FREE! Join us for ongoing job-seeker support, networking in multi-media format, with a variety of employers and featured guest speakers. Topics vary each week. 2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 1-3:00pm, Sarasota


A weekly forum for Latina women to discover skills, build self-confidence and find their own paths to success. Mondays, 6-7:30pm, Manatee

Lunch Bunch Have you recently moved here, changed jobs, or want to make new friends? Join us to foster camaraderie, support, and help you through transition. A different restaurant is chosen weekly. Thursdays, 11:30am - 1:00pm, Sarasota 2nd Mondays, 11:30am - 1:00pm, Venice Donation to WRC is appreciated. If you are interested in starting a Lunch Bunch in Manatee, please email info@MyWRC.org.



Educate THAT

We provide our clients unbiased, accurate information that will lead to improved career opportunities and better decisions concerning their finances and health. Ask a Banker: FREE!

Start Building Your Financial Know-How Bank of America professionals will be available for 1:1 educational sessions on topics such as credit score, budgeting, debt assistance, loans and much more. 3rd Thursdays, Sarasota and Manatee (bilingual)

Career Closet: FREE! The Career Closet offers professional women’s clothing, shoes, and purses. Clients are welcome to visit the closet once every six months and select up to five complete outfits, two pairs of shoes, and a purse. No appointments are needed. Walk-ins are welcome! Mondays-Thursday, 9am-4:00pm Fridays, 9-11:00am, Manatee

3rd Wednesdays, Venice Call 941-256-9721 to pre-register.

Mondays-Thursday, 9am-4:30pm Fridays, 9-11:00am, Sarasota

Career Center: FREE! Clients are invited to work in our self-help Career Centers to conduct online job searches, work on job applications and update resumes. Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-5:00pm Fridays, 9-11:30am, Manatee and Sarasota Mondays-Thursdays, 9am-4pm, Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment.

Ask an Attorney: $10 Individual 30-minute legal consultation on family law topics such as divorce, child support, child custody, and much more. At the Manatee Center, we offer a bilingual attorney to help assist with immigration matters.


Women’s Health Education Network Are you feeling busy and stressed? Do you find it challenging to make healthy choices because you don’t have time? Rebecca Henson MPT, MN, RD from RebeccatheDietitian.com will be teaching us the best ways to stay healthy and treat our beautiful bodies well while on the run. She will include smart choices to make quickly at home as well as what to choose at local fast food restaurants. Join us for this free event - the first in a series we are offering for women by local female health experts about how to take the best possible care of yourself.. Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) to pre-register.

Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment. 14

MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

“Walking into a job interview can be very intimidating; having the right clothes for my interview made a big difference. Thank you for the Career Closet!” –Wendy M.

Computer Tutoring: $10 Need to hone your computer skills? Learn your way around an Excel spreadsheet, how to create a new Word Document, and how to upload attachments. 1:1 Sessions. Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment.

Employment Coaching: FREE! Offering individual assistance in preparing for a successful job search. Includes resume preparation, interviewing skills and networking techniques. Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-747-6797 for appointment.




Programs Looking to expand your horizons? We offer self-care classes and more.

Book Club: $2

Yoga: $5

Do you enjoy reading? We host monthly Book Club meetings at two of our Centers. A list of books being read at the Manatee Center book club may be found on the WRC website.

Open to all! Please bring a mat and other yoga instruments.

1st Thursdays, 1-2:00 pm or 7-8:00 pm, Manatee 3rd Mondays, 2-4:00 pm, Venice

Interested in starting a Book Club in Sarasota? Email info@MyWRC.org.

Breathe & Relax Meditation: $2 Join us for an opportunity to experience relaxation, focus, mindfulness and quieting your thoughts through the art of meditation. Come, take a journey to serenity with faciliator Mary Onna Bode and let your spirit soar. Transform your breath; transform your life. Last Thursdays of each month, 5:306:30pm, Manatee

POWER YOGA Tuesdays, 8:15-9:30 am, Manatee GENTLE YOGA Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm, Manatee INTERMEDIATE YOGA Saturdays, 9:00am, Manatee ALL LEVELS YOGA Tuesdays and Fridays, 9-10:30am, Sarasota

Y12SR (Yoga 12 Step Recovery) A 12-step-based discussion and yoga practice that is open to anyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group. All Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm, Manatee Donation to WRC is appreciated.

Authentic Fusion Yoga: $5 Open to all! All equipment is provided - Restorative Yoga (very gentle). This is a beginners class - instructor can adjust. Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm, Venice


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Women Empowered. By: Keren Shani-Lifrak


“There’s an old saying that goes: give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. I say: teach a woman how to fish — and she’ll provide for the whole village.” — Keren Lifrak

welve years ago, standing in my kitchen with a sleeping newborn strapped to my chest, my laptop open on the counter as I was trying to simultaneously finish a proposal (for my also-new event planning business), clean out my breast-feeding pump, and prepare lunch. Of course, at this moment the phone rang, which woke up the baby up. To this day I remember thinking it would take too much finagling to reach the phone on time, and r contemplating whether I could pick up the phone with my toe (as I had begun to do with doors when I ran out of hands). My husband worked very long hours those days, and we had no family in town that we could turn to for support. The market had turned, our mortgage was upside down, and we were feeling the financial crunch. I have memories of looking for loose change under the cushions if we wanted to get ice cream and contemplating whether to get the 57¢ bottle of seltzer at Publix or the 89¢ one, before deciding I don’t need the seltzer all together. These are not the kind of things one wants to go around openly talking about. We all do our best to look perfect all the time, like we have things under control. So I sucked it up like a big girl, put on some red lipstick and a cool dress, and went about my business as usual. As time went by I would notice women (myself included) talking about being superwomen — almost like a contest about how much we can juggle with as little sleep as possible. The whole superwoman thing was exhausting. It was like bearing a cross that was too heavy... a price too steep to pay for the sake of looking good. I felt overwhelmed, alone, and frustrated, and I remember saying to myself, “there has to be a better way!” Over the following years, I would obsess with creating innovative solutions for all working women’s problems. I know myself as a highly creative, resourceful

person. Through my real estate business, I have reinvented myself a few times and we have reestablished our family‘s finances and stability. It has also allowed for the time and resources to fuel other projects, while also caring for my family. At one point I even designed an app called “Liv” that I described to investors as: “If KITT (the artificially intelligent talking car from the 80s show Knight Rider) and Amazon had a baby — “Liv” would be their love-child! For the record, this was well before Alexa was a household name. While investors liked the idea, in theory, most thought it was too complex to implement and too grand (risky). Without a background in technology or the resources to pull it off alone — several thousands of dollars later I decided to go back to the drawing board. That journey brought me back to what I know best: connecting with people through conversations and designing meaningful gatherings. I soon realized that perhaps I might not be able to change a woman’s logistical circumstances, but I certainly can create a conversation to help her feel a little less alone, a little more alike — and a lot more empowered on our shared journey as 21st-century women. The more I shared about this with other women… whether stay-at-home mothers, executives, entrepreneurs, teachers or doctors... whether age 25 or 55... whether single or married... I started hearing commonalities and women started to open up to me. What I realized is that our society and our community has a great need for this conversation. There’s a need for us to wipe off the lipstick from time to time, and talk about it all — authentically. To talk about the challenges, the lost dreams, the new dreams, the need for connection, the need for

self-compassion and self-care… often in the face of what occurs like an impossible schedule. BeingWE (Being Women Empowered) was born as a result — a guided conversation series for women and by women. What will start with an inquiry will lead to an open conversation, guided by a variety of relevant topics and facilitated in an empowering way. By collaborating with Women’s Resource Center, our aim is to create a space where women acknowledge each other and our shared struggles, we listen and learn from the women participating in the conversation as the heroes of the hour — and our lives; as the natural leaders that we are, all while breaking the myths and allowing for being vulnerable and authentic. That’s what real courage is, and that’s where a real opportunity arises for a shift in our experience and owning our power. Our community has seen a wonderful awakening of women’s movements and events. I have been to many events where a keynote speaker inspires us with their story for an afternoon and we leave inspired after hearing of another woman's journey. What usually happens for me is I take that moment of inspiration back home with me and put it on a shelf... returning to my reality, my habits, my dishes, my bills and nothing changes (not quickly anyway). We want BeingWE to be an extension of the luncheon or event. We want to keep the conversation going with each other with a goal to cultivate real, lasting change within ourselves. We hope you join us! On airplanes, we’re instructed to put on our own oxygen mask first before helping others. Leadership starts from within. When we become fully empowered as the women we were meant to be, there’s nothing we can’t do or be. And we’ll be better -- together.

To learn more, please visit BeingWE.Net


Did you know that 96% of the funding for WRC comes from individuals, family trusts, foundations, corporate giving and revenue from the Unique Boutique? We live in a community where people and businesses are committed to making a difference for the people who live and work here. Many of the women we serve are facing an uncertain future and struggling with issues such as poor mental health, grief or an unexpected career change. The support of our donors, volunteers, and staff gives every one of these women access to services and the opportunity to thrive. In the history of WRC, there have been many people who have given their time, energy and financial resources to support our mission. While there have been countless individuals who have contributed to the success of WRC, two of the women we honor as founders are Dr. Elinor Crawford in Sarasota and Janet (Jan) Entwistle in Bradenton. These two women worked tirelessly to bring the vision of WRC to life. Both are no longer with us, but their legacy is felt every day through the work we are doing in our region. While all of our funders are important to us, we wanted to highlight several who have been the catalyst for change for WRC. RALPH S FRENCH FOUNDATION In 2015, we launched Project UpLift. This program focuses specifically on the ALICE population. As a reminder, ALICE is Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed. These people are working hard, but living on the financial edge. Often times, they are working multiple jobs and do not have the time or access to resources that can change their path. The Ralph S. French Foundation was the first to invest in this program, providing the funds to hire our first Case Manager. This gave us the ability to provide services at partner locations targeting the ALICE population, making it easier for the client to connect to programs. We have leveraged this funding and have built a program that served 856 clients last year at the WRC and 4 partner locations. We are proud that the Ralph French Foundation continues to partner with WRC on this program, and their investment is making a difference to women and families. 18

WILLIAM G AND MARIE SELBY FOUNDATION AND ROBERTA SUDAKOFF FOUNDATION WRC is fortunate to have two facilities that we own, our Manatee Avenue and Tuttle Avenue locations. With the joy of ownership comes the cost of maintenance. The William G and Marie Selby Foundation and Roberta Sudakoff Foundation have been pivotal partners in supporting our efforts to keep our buildings in good shape. The Selby Foundation has been investing in both Manatee and Sarasota for more than 20 years. They are an important partner to so many agencies who need the investment of capital improvement or preventative maintenance. BETTY SCHOENBAUM AND THE SCHOENBAUM FAMILY FOUNDATION Alex and Betty Schoenbaum were one of the first to support the WRC in Sarasota County and after Alexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s death, Betty continued to be a staunch supporter of our scholarship program. She believed that the way out of poverty in life is through education, and education is the most important thing you can give a person. Supporting women through scholarships was important to her and she has provided scholarships through WRC for over 30 years. We lost Betty last year and in a true full-circle moment, when Betty was in Sarasota Memorial Hospital intensive care unit, her nurse Christina Creadon was a threetime Betty Schoenbaum scholarship recipient. The Schoenbaum Family Foundation has continued to support the women of our region through scholarships. On average WRC gives $25,000 in scholarship support annually. Applications will be available in early 2020 and are for women 21 years and older. THE PATTERSON FOUNDATION In 2015, when WRC of Manatee and Sarasota County started talking about the potential of a merger, The Patterson Foundation stepped forward to offer support to facilitate the process. Through the facilitation expertise of Pam Truitt and Betsy Steiner, the WRC Board of Directors and executive leadership of both organizations spent more than 1,400 hours working on the process and including stakeholders, donors, community leaders, and area community foundations, including Community Foundation of Sarasota MyWRC MAGAZINE â&#x20AC;˘ 941-256-9721

County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, Manatee Community Foundation and Selby Foundation, in the process. The result is a regional organization that is growing and serving more women and families in our region. We celebrate the third anniversary of our official merger on January 1st! THE LOUIS AND GLORIA FLANZER PHILANTHROPIC TRUST 2019, has been a banner year for transformational new funding to WRC. In June of this year, WRC received the largest investment in our program to date. The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust will be investing recurring dollars over the next three years to support organizational capacity building at WRC. What does organizational capacity mean? Many of you have been with WRC on our journey of merger and focusing on a regional approach to providing services to women. We have been growing in many ways but have not had the funding to hire critical staff to support the growth of our services. The donation from the Flanzer Philanthropic Trust gives us the funding to hire key staff to support the program delivery of our services. Knowing we have consistent funding for these positions gives us the ability to stay focused on the task of building life-changing programs for the women of our region. THE GREENFIELD FOUNDATION AND DR. WILLA BERNHARD Both The Greenfield Foundation and Dr. Willa Bernhard understand the importance of counseling to our career development program. They have made an investment in the growth of these programs in Sarasota County. Access to affordable mental health counseling in Sarasota County has been a wonderful result of the merger. In fact, in this past year, we have seen a 129% increase in counseling clients in the Sarasota Center and a 142% increase in our Venice Center. On pages, 22 and 23, we acknowledge the individuals, companies, foundations and funders that make it possible for us to serve the women of our region. These donations in conjunction with the time and efforts of our volunteers combine to build the foundation of support that make it possible for WRC to operate effectively in every part of our region. THANK YOU!



Please join us in celebrating Legacy Wonder Woman Gloria Milstein Flanzer and the 2020 Wonder Women of Manatee and Sarasota County: Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 Hyatt Regency 1000 Boulevard of the Arts â&#x20AC;˘ Sarasota, FL 34236 For more information, please visit:



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at Women’s Resource Center For almost 8 years, Leslie Tilton has been a constant at the Manatee Center. Maybe some of you can relate to Leslie’s story. She and her husband raised two great kids…one was already off to college and their youngest was in high school at St. Stephens. Being the planner that she is, Leslie starting thinking about what an empty nest might feel like and she called WRC to inquire about volunteering. She started working as a resource advisor at the front desk one day a week, and then one day turned into two and then three, and before she knew it, we offered her a job! It is impossible to look around the Center on Manatee Ave and not see Leslie’s impact. When she started, we were still in recovery from the great recession and did not have the funds to invest in preventative maintenance. When she was not answering phones, she had a paintbrush or a scrub brush in her hand. She also recruited her entire family to help refresh the building at 1926 Manatee Ave. I remember walking in one morning and her Dad was removing old light fixtures in the living room. I also recall the joy she expressed when we received an investment from the William G and Marie Selby

Foundation for extensive preventative maintenance projects. When Leslie transitioned from volunteering to working, she was my right hand. She set up our first donor database, was point person for all facility maintenance and has been responsible for all of the donor acknowledgments for the past 8 years. We have grown so much in that time, and she has been there every step of the way -- whether it was proofing documents, gently nudging me on a variety of issues or mulching the flowerbeds! Leslie has a wonderful family, and last year, she and her husband, Russ, along with their son, Brice, opened EBikes in Sarasota. Since then, she has been working at the Center three days a week and at the bike shop 3 days a week, leaving little time for herself. She is leaving the Center as an employee to focus her attention on her family business. Because her family has become our family, we are happy for her and them and know that she will always be part of our WRC team. As I was working on this article, the last one I completed because I am still in denial that she will not be with me every day, I could

Anne Carter, Communications & Development Manager not help but think of all of the things she and her family have done for WRC. I want to end this article by giving a little overview of their key contributions over the years: Repainted every room in both the main and education building on Manatee Avenue, donated our flagpole, negotiated and managed the installation of our digital sign including donating the structure for the sign. Cleaned out more files, clothing and storage than can fit in one article. Her son Brice has rebuilt more computers than I can count and served as our IT support, handyman and furniture mover for years. She and her family have all made meaningful financial contributions to WRC every year, but most importantly, Leslie has been a wonderful friend to the entire staff and me. Leslie, THANK YOU for all you have done to help build WRC. To your family, thank you for being right there whenever Leslie called you to help us out. We appreciate you! The next time you are driving down US41 toward Sarasota, stop by and see the Tiltons at EBikes. It is on the East side of 41, just north of SRQ airport.

Leslie, with her husband Russ and son Brice 20

Leslie, thank you for your passion, dedication and all of the energy you have

MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

put into making the WRC a place where women can come and feel welcomed and comfortable…..we will see you on Mondays as you resume your role as a volunteer resource advisor. WELCOME OUR NEW COMMUNICATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, ANNE CARTER And as Leslie is transitioning out of her staff role at the WRC, we welcome Anne Carter to our team. Anne brings a fresh and exciting new perspective to the Women’s Resource Center as our new Communications and Development Manager. Anne was born and raised in Manatee County and has recently moved back home after living and working in California for over 7 years. She brings a unique set of skills to our team after working in multiple tech start-ups and online learning organizations. She is no stranger to a quickpaced, ever-evolving work environment. She enjoys the challenge of utilizing data and feedback to make our process as user-friendly as possible. Technology aside, she believes strongly in the importance of delivering a positive, productive and valuable experience to everyone who interacts with WRC.

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Help Us

Welcome, Anne! We are looking forward to having you on our team. WELCOME OUR NEW REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES, LORI ABERLE GENTILE After a thoughtful process and interviewing many worthy candidates, we would like to introduce our new Regional Director of Client Services, Lori Aberle Gentile! In her new role, Lori will be responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the WRC’s programming. Lori Aberle Gentile builds dynamic, bleeding-edge global training programs from the ground up and knows first-hand the importance of remaining at the forefront of learning innovation. She attributes much of her career success to aligning Learning strategy to corporate business goals; and then building innovative, measurable and successful employee development programs. Lori most recently served as President of LXA Consulting Group, a consulting firm specializing in Leadership Coaching and Learning & Development. Prior to LXA Consulting Group, Lori was Senior Director of Learning and Development for Intel Security, formerly McAfee. In this position, Lori developed a competitive benchmarked strategy to accelerate highperforming outcomes through programs that blend classroom and technologydriven learning with mobile

access. In just a few short years, teams under Lori’s leadership were recognized with ATD “BEST” and “Best Place to Learn”, SumTotal, LearnX Impact and Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. As McAfee’s Senior Director of Global Sales Learning, and Senior Director of Technical Learning, Lori modernized training efforts throughout the sales, R&D, IT, and management sectors. Trainees have praised these programs as relevant, interactive and credible. Lori has been at the helm of building top programs including Leadership Development, Employee Sales and Technical Product Education, New Employee Orientation and Training, and strategic selling skills. Her organization’s Sales Kick-Off training was awarded “Best Launch to Organization” by SumTotal, and McAfee’s Sales New Hire Program earned Dallas ATD’s “Best Place to Learn” and LearnX Impact awards. Lori launched her career when co-founding Microbiz Corp., a software provider recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the “Fastest Growing Companies in America” with $9M in revenues. After selling this business, Lori held diverse training and L&D roles for technology firms including Audiovox Corporation, TEK Resources, and Magic Solutions. Welcome, Lori! We’re so excited to have you on our team!

Help Her At The Women’s Resource Center, our primary focus is, and always has been, on our clients and our mission to help women and their families thrive. However, we would not be able to provide our services without the support of generous donors and committed volunteers like you. Over the years, WRC has been fortunate to have visionary supporters who have given their time, energy, and financial resources to bring to life what once was an idea - a place where women who do not have the means or support system to connect to the services they need. We are asking you to consider donating to WRC this year. The proceeds from your donation will support our programs and services, which are at the core of our mission: counseling, education and training, all of which lead to emotional and financial fulfillment. Many of the women we serve are facing an uncertain future and struggling with issues such as poor mental health, grief or an unexpected career change. Last year, the Women’s Resource Center has provided thousands of hours of programming and following are some of our statistics: • • • • • • •

1,944 Clients Attended 8,300 Hours of Programming 5,595 Mental Health Counseling and Wellness visits 1,974 Career Development visits 731 Legal/Financial and Referral visits Volunteer Hours: 10,221 78% of our clients live below the survival income level in our community 20% of our clients identify themselves as homeless

Your support gives these women a chance to thrive in our community, bringing comfort to those needing counseling and resources to those needing a career. Every gift, no matter the size, helps US help HER. Together, YOU can make a difference.

In gratitude,

Lori Aberle Gentile, Regional Director of Client Services


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Rebecca Bryant Rebecca Tracy Renee Hamad Richard and Sally Morse Richard Parcels Rick and Marybeth Willats River Wilderness Ladies Nine Hole Golf Robert Tallman Robert W. and Assunta LaMastro, MD Robyn Faucy Ron and Beverly Acquaro Ron and Pat Pickelsimer Rose Delsandro Russ and Leslie Tilton Sally Dionne San Remo Shores Women's Club Sandra Stone Sandy and Jean E. Kirkpatrick Sarah Pappas Sarah Wertheimer Sarasota Contemporary Dance Sarasota County EDC Sarasota Magazine Scott and Barbara Brownell Scott and Kelly Liebel Scott and Kitt Kearney Shari Phillips Sharon Campbell Sharon Prizant Shelley Sarbey Sherry Pies Sokos Social Spice Sailing Charters SRQ Wealth St. Wilfred Episcopal Church Stacey McKee

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$100,000 a nd ab ove Louis and Gloria Milstein Flanzer Philanthropic Trust



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