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Letter from WRC President & CEO, Ashley Brown


J. Jill’s Woman of the Quarter: Meet our cover girl, Alayna Chavez


Life, Legacy, and Love: Remembering Betty Schoenbaum


Volunteer Spotlight: The leading faces of our 2018 fall events


Meet the Team: WRC Regina Morris


Exclusive Event Details: Déjà Blues


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2018 at a Glance: Impact of WRC


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s I am writing this, our weather forecasters are promising a break from humidity and our mailboxes are starting to fill up with invitations. If you actively support nonprofits in our region, you are familiar with the term “season.” Season is the time that virtually every nonprofit in Manatee and Sarasota County holds a luncheon, gala or event to raise awareness and funding for their programs. I think most people are aware that the purpose for events is to raise funds for our programming, but did you know that these events represent 18% of our budget? In fact, 76% of our funding comes from individual, corporate and community/family foundations.

Ashley Brown, President and CEO

We want you to understand the importance of your support. We want you to understand the WHY of WRC. Why do our services matter? Who are our clients? What is the difference we see? I have been with the Women’s Resource Center for 16 years and I have witnessed the impact of the programs we offer. Recently, I had a chance to speak with a client as she was leaving a class. I asked her how things were going and she could not say enough about her experience at WRC. It was not just about the practical tools she was learning, it was about the connectivity she felt with the staff and other participants. It was about how she felt… she felt better knowing that she was not the only one struggling. She felt better seeing there were others who had been where she was and were now in a more optimistic space. She felt better knowing it was okay to reach out and connect with help when needed. What gave me goosebumps is when she looked at me and said, “When I first came here I was in pieces and WRC helped me put myself back together.” Sometimes, it is hard to quantify the difference a sense of self and a sense of security makes for people. It is hard to quantify the sense of pride you feel when you can support yourself and your family. But it is not hard to see the difference. You can see the confidence building in people. You can see the shift in how they present themselves. You see the impact of making decisions through proactive planning, instead of reactive responses to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We want the women of our community to know they have a place where they can connect to the resources and services they need to gain this sense of confidence, resiliency and empowerment. That is the WHY of WRC. Someone who understood the WHY of WRC is Betty Schoenbaum, who we lost this summer. We pay tribute to her on page 6. This season will not be the same without her, but her legacy lives on in our clients. In an effort to streamline, WRC is combining our signature spring events, the Renaissance and Founders’ Legacy luncheons. There will be one bi-county event on February 26th at the Hyatt Regency so please SAVE THE DATE! We will keep you posted on details, including who we will be nominating as Wonder Women. As the invitations arrive in your mailbox, let’s try to remember the WHY. Whether it is attending a luncheon, participating in a walk, or writing a check… the difference WRC and our nonprofit partners make for our clients’ matters. If you have questions about WRC, including how you can be more involved, please reach out to us. You can call 941-256-9721 or email info@mywrc.org. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, peaceful season.





WRC is often the first place women connect when they are unsure of their next step. We understand we cannot provide every solution, and when our clients need services we do not offer, we connect them to the resources in our community. We understand we are one piece of a bigger puzzle when people are dealing with a difficulty or unknown in their life. Our J.Jill cover girl, Alayna Chavez is a shining example of what happens when we collaborate with other agencies/ services. Alayna came to WRC searching for her path; she participated in our Challenge Program (a self-esteem workshop) and she worked with one of our career specialists identifying her strengths and interest. WRC connected her to an educational opportunity through CareerEdge and Sarasota Technical College. Today, she is working in a field she loves and is on a path that gives her confidence, and financial security….that is success. Following is her story... “Being the first female plumbing technician and backflow specialist at Plumbing Today and earning the nickname, ‘Queen of Soldering’ makes me prouder than words can express,” says Alayna Chavez, a recipient of the coveted WRC J.Jill quarterly award. “I’m blessed to have been chosen as J.Jill’s ‘Woman of the Quarter.’ I’m a superhero in my own skin.” On Alayna’s tool belt are graduate of Suncoast Technical College (STC) and participant in the Women’s Resource Center’s (WRC) employment and empowerment programs, including the Challenge program—supported by a generous J.Jill Compassion Fund grant. This third MyWRC J.Jill “Woman of the Quarter” embodies the WRC mission—mastering a new skill while enriching and empowering her life. More significant is Alayna exemplifies what women can attain.

Alayna Solders the Fragments of Her Life Mature beyond her years, Alayna realized a few years ago that her life wasn’t flowing the right way. The right tools— made available through WRC, STC, Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and CareerEdge, a local nonprofit organization, which matched FAFSA’s financial assistance—was key to moving her life forward in the direction she wanted. Alayna has had many career dreams, but they just weren’t within her grasp—at the time. “I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and join the Navy as a combat photographer. But only 250 spots per year were available. Plus you had to be good at journalism—not my strength.” Alayna also wanted to start her own breakfast food-truck 4

business in Colorado and enrolled in business management courses through the Colorado Technical University. “I lost interest once school started: Who knew there would be so much paperwork? Money issues finally forced me to quit.” Then she continued west to Portland, Oregon—the low point—and catalyst in her life. “Although I love Oregon for its nature, especially the waterfalls, I was ready to move home. I didn’t know what I wanted for my future. But my mom needed me; I needed family. And working three jobs at a restaurant and laundromat and legal battles with an ex-boyfriend was too much!” Alayna has finally turned her back on her traumatic past and rejoined her mom, who was very familiar with the lifechanging programs at the center, suggested employment classes for her daughter.

Alayna’s Quest for Independence Has Prevented Backflow “WRC gave me the confidence, life skills, and emotional support I needed as the first step. WRC staff, especially Michelle, taught me how to become more independent, control my pain and anger, and spot red flags in relationships.” Explaining other ways she took advantage of WRC’s offerings, Alayna recounts how the WRC provided career counseling and computer support for online job applications. “WRC prepared me for the real world—even helped me put an outfit together from the Career Closet. They also helped me with bus passes. Now I could find a job.” While attending WRC employment classes, Alayna saw a poster for a plumbing program at Suncoast Technical College (STC). She enrolled in the hands-on program and became its first female graduate—a history-making moment.


MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

ON THE COVER Robb Wolf, her STC Plumbing Technology instructor, has this to say about her: “Alayna has made Suncoast and me proud to have been her instructor. Although it wasn’t smooth sailing from the beginning, once she decided this is what she wanted to do, she excelled.” Teacher of the Year, Robb continues: “I saw a diamond in the rough, and when she finally saw she could do this, she was a shining star. Alayna will do great in this male-dominated field, and I know she will be successful because she is stronger than most people I have trained.” Alayna is indebted to this educational opportunity: “What an experience! There’s a lab and at times Robb took us out on real jobs—with real customers—to get the feeling of the real world. We even received a brand new full set of tools.” Excitedly, Alayna says, “Everything about plumbing was available to use: seeing a water heater, a well pump, shower, sink, and even a backflow area. I had access to all these materials.” Her work experience has been just as exhilarating. “My company has life-long relationships with loyal customers and it makes it more comfortable when working with them. I’ve been joining senior techs who bring me along for installs. Customers are just so stoked to see a young female in the trade. Since I began a year ago, they have been leaving reviews on Google and Facebook.”

Alayna Continues Strengthening the Future Now that she’s welded the first chapter of her life together, Alayna is focusing on her career and future, which includes saving money, buying a house—with additional rooms for her mom—, receiving her plumbing contractor license in four years, and eventually getting married. Without hesitating, she adds, “I want to own my own company someday, which I’ll call ‘Her Plumbing.’”

Alayna Inspires Others This past February, Alayna was invited to speak at the Renaissance Legacy Luncheon to share her experience as a career-counseling client. After she spoke, the audience erupted into applause—and hands were raised around the room to ask for Alayna’s Plumbing Today business card. ABC 7 News also interviewed Alayna and Deborah Chapman, the former CareerEdge program director, about the benefits of a trade school, FAFSA, and CareerEdge funding. In her limited free time, Alayna volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club weekly where she teaches plumbing to the kids. “I’ve been doing it since February of this year, and it’s been a great opportunity. So far I have kids coming back every week to learn something new.”

What would Alayna tell others? “Never give up and never ever let someone tell you you’re not smart enough or strong enough to do the job. Anyone is capable of making it happen. Be opened minded. Work hard—it pays off. Set goals and achieve them. Just remember, it’s up to you to grasp onto what is in front of you.” Greg Faulkner, a Plumbing Today’s manager, highlights Alayna’s accomplishments for herself and others: “Alayna has been a fantastic addition to the team. She’s accepted any challenge and excelled! She’s a trailblazer for young females wanting to break the traditional gender expectations in the plumbing industry. We need more women in the trades. I’m confident that Alayna is the role model to make this happen.” Writer Sandy Chase has been a US Government communications officer, editor, technical writer, and writing instructor. Sandy directed the writing training program at the CIA, and taught grammar and punctuation as an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia. Special thanks to photographer, Pam Truitt.



Life, Legacy and Love REMEMBERING

Betty Schoenbaum


ver the summer, our community lost a philanthropic leader and a friend when Betty Schoenbaum passed away. The legacy of Betty will continue to live on at WRC through her scholarship recipients and the indelible impact of a life well lived.

Betty and her husband, Alex, were extremely philanthropic supporting many causes in Charleston, WV and here in Sarasota, WRC being one of them. However, it was not until after Alex passed away that Betty hit her stride in giving and in fact, some of her biggest efforts started AFTER she turned 90. Of note is The Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Kiryat Yam Educational Campus in Kiryat Yam, Israel, a facility that includes a high school student body of mostly Jewish Ethiopian and Russian immigrants who had fled persecution. Schoenbaum donated more than $5 million to the campus. Betty believed that the way out of poverty is through education, and “an education is the most important thing you can give a person”. Supporting women funding their education through scholarships was important to her and she has provided scholarships at WRC for over 30 years. In a full circle of life moment, when Betty was in SMH intensive care unit, her nurse, Christina Creadon, was a three-time Betty Schoenbaum scholarship recipient. Schoenbaum, in addition to her own giving, influenced other philanthropists in the community, encouraging people to give while living so they could witness the significance of their contribution. One of her favorite sayings was “hearses do not have luggage racks”…she wanted people to give while they were alive so they could enjoy seeing the benefits of their gifts. On a personal note, I am going to miss you, Betty. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know you and spend time with you. I appreciated your candor, humor, interest, and willingness to share all of your gifts. You will always hold a special place in my heart and serve as an example of the joy and fulfillment a life well lived brings.


MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

The 2018 WRC Scholarship Program awarded $22,000 in scholarships. This year, scholarship applicants increased by 40% and there was a 62% acceptance rate. Other noteworthy outcomes from the 2018 WRC Scholarship Program included: • 18% had attended WRC programs • 27% were previous scholarship recipients • 82% have dependent children • 86% currently work • 45% currently work in the medical field • 82% are seeking a career in the medical field • 68% seek a nursing degree (36% Registered Nurses and 27% Licensed Practical Nurses) If you are interested in learning more about the WRC Scholarship Program, reach out to us! We invite you to join Betty in her support of women getting an education. Please consider donating to the WRC Scholarship Fund in honor of Betty or perhaps name a scholarship in honor of someone important in your life. On average WRC gives $25,000 in scholarship support annually. Applications will be available in early 2019 and are for women 21 years and older.




f you have visited any of the three WRC Centers, glanced through an issue of MyWRC Magazine, or followed us on social media, you might have noticed that we host many special events throughout the year! It is not because we like to throw parties, special events account for 18% of our operating budget. The reality is, we would not be able to provide the level of programming we do without our special events. Traditionally, WRC has five major special events across the year: • Renaissance Legacy Luncheon – celebrating the Wonder Women of the Sarasota Community • Founders’ Legacy Luncheon – celebrating the Wonder Women of the Manatee Community • Handbags & Happy Hour – A collaborative event with HOPE Family Services, Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, and WRC • Fall Legacy Luncheon – celebrating the Wonder Women of South Sarasota Community • Déjà Blues – WRC’s Party with a Purpose In 2019, we will be combining our Renaissance Legacy Luncheon and Founders’ Legacy Luncheon and holding ONE luncheon to celebrate Wonder


Women in Manatee/Sarasota. SAVE THE DATE for Tuesday, February 26th! A tremendous amount of creativity and work go into making our events special and we absolutely could not do it without volunteers. We have a large group of dedicated volunteers who donate their time, talent and treasure to help us create events that are engaging, meaningful and FUN! We wanted to introduce you to the co-chairs of the Fall Legacy Luncheon and Déjà Blues. First off, are the fabulous co-chairs of 2018 Fall Legacy Luncheon: Carrie Lewis, Assistant Vice President for Business Development at Sabal Palm Bank and Mary Beth Hansen, Owner of Paradise Grill in Nokomis. WRC: How did you get involved with WRC? Hansen: Longtime friend, Amanda Horne, introduced me to the organization. Lewis: I was introduced to WRC by a girlfriend Bernadette Hudak at Déjà Blues. I really liked what WRC represents in our community and I have a special place in my heart for women and the struggles we all face.

MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

WRC: What aspect(s) are you most looking forward to of the Fall Luncheon? Hansen: The opportunity for more people to be exposed and made aware of all of the programs WRC offers. Lewis: Hearing from WRC clients about the work they have done and the progress they have made. WRC: How do you think this event helps the WRC succeed in its vision of a region where all women and families thrive? Hansen: I have had many influential women mentors in my life, and I feel as though WRC does that for the community. When you have a strong mentor on your side, you can thrive in life. Lewis: Sharing the struggles and successes of the women. Where they have been and where they are going with the support of programs offered at WRC. WRC: Why do you feel it is important to get involved in the community? Hansen: Anything we can do for our community to support women, we need to do. Women are the backbone of our community. When women thrive, we all thrive. Lewis: When we are part of a community. It is like belonging to a huge family. You take care of your family. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful and fruitful place. I am happy to be able to give back to the community in which I work and play.


ext up, the co-chairs of Déjà Blues, Jon Seeley and Dean Hastings. Jon and Dean are owners of Multi Print Media, Inc. Their company helps clients execute marketing and sales campaigns, along with providing general print and promotional product needs. Their sales and customer support teams are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but three years ago they decided to make a lifestyle change and moved to Bradenton, Florida.

WRC: What aspect(s) are you most looking forward to of the event? Hastings & Seeley: Friends, who are supporters of WRC, in 2016, invited us to Déjà Blues. We went again in 2017 and that is when we met Ashley. For those of you that know Ashley, that is all it took. We had a one-on-one meeting and the wheels were in motion. We are really enjoying our involvement and the energy at each of our meetings. WRC: How do you think this event helps the WRC succeed in its vision of a region where all women and families thrive? Hastings & Seeley: Of course events are fun, but they also serve a critical purpose: to raise money and build awareness. We hope to accomplish both and being involved in the planning can be as much fun as the event itself. As we work with WRC to make this a fun and successful event we also learn of all the services offered by WRC, and its importance to the community, in which we all live. In the end, it instills the responsibility we all share for our community and allows us to shape it in a positive way. WRC: Why do you feel it is important to get involved in the community? Hastings & Seeley: Our community is what we make of it. We believe that what each of us does, every day, influence our world. It is rewarding to get out there and make a difference! Thank you to our co-chairs for all of their efforts in helping the WRC plan its fundraisers this season! For more event information on any WRC events, or to get involved, please go online to MyWRC.org or better yet, reach out to us at 941-256-9721.





Regina O R



Pictured above: Regina Morris with clients Felicia and Lynnette


s a community agency, WRC strives to engage, educate, enrich and empower women of all generations. We envision a region where all women and their families can thrive.

The foundation of WRC programs are our staff and volunteers. We have 14 staff members and over 100 volunteers who are passionate and dedicated to our mission. In Meet the Team WRC we will introduce you to staff, volunteers, and board members who work hard to make the Center what it is. In this issue, we met with WRC Case Manager, Regina Morris, to learn more about her role at work and what motivates her in her personal life.


MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are?

I was born and raised in Sarasota, but shortly after graduating from high school, I joined the Marine Corps for what was to be a four-year enlistment in order to earn money for college tuition. What started out to be a one-term enlistment evolved into 20 years of active duty service and United States Marine Corps (USMC). I retired from the USMC in 1999. Throughout those years of military obligations and raising a family, I never forgot my initial goal of a college degree, so I continued to enroll in classes at the local colleges at night and on the weekend, transferring college credits as I transferred duty stations. The year of my retirement from the Marine Corps, all of those classes culminated into a degree in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University.

What led you to your role at WRC? And what does your role consist of?

I love helping people and having them feel that no matter where they are in their station in life, they are welcome. I have been WRC’s Case Manager for the past 2 ½ years. In my role, I work individually with clients and it starts with listening. We work together to prioritize their needs and then we create a plan. This plan typically includes linking them to resources within the Center and/or other agencies in the community.

What do you like to do outside of the WRC in your free time?

I like to run. A lot. Three times a week, in the wee hours of the morning, I meet up with some of my running friends for an 8-15 mile run, which we half-jokingly refer to as our therapy. Our mileage is dependent upon work schedules, kid activities, and just life in general. My latest running goal is to attempt to run a marathon in each of the 50 States. This has allowed me to explore the country and get a very personal and sometimes unexpected feel for each state. Usually, I make these short trips alone or with running friends. Other times, I am lucky enough to drag my husband along, and we extend the trip into a vacation.

WRC collaborates with other agencies. Tell us about your work with our community partners.

“Official” community partners I work with are Sarasota Housing Authority, Visible Men Academy, Parenting Matters, and Community Foundation of Sarasota County. However, I think that any local agency that we are able to refer clients to or glean information from as a community partner.

What is Project UpLift? What is the end goal for your clients who are a part of Project UpLift?

Project Uplift is a unique initiative created by the WRC and serves as a lifeline targeting those in the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) population. ALICE is a term coined by the United Way after a research study conducted by Rutgers University in 5 states, including Florida. ALICE represents those who are working but struggling financially. ALICE lives above the Federal poverty line, but below the ALICE threshold, a level based on the actual cost of necessities. This demographic has great potential to benefit from WRC services helping them be lifted from the educational, emotional and career restraints, which limit their earning potential. Clients’ needs are identified, goals are created, and then strategies are developed to accomplish the goals. These strategies could include WRC’s trademark programs including case management, mental health counseling, financial empowerment, career counseling, legal services, wellness/stress reduction, and mentoring. If WRC does not have a program that addresses the clients’ needs, referrals are to one of our community partners.

Has the WRC had an influence on your life? If so, how?

WRC has caused me to realize there will always be more out there for me to do… and I am okay with that.

– Felicia Phillips

WRC Project UpLift Client

Regina lives in Lakewood Ranch with her husband John and their canine child, Needy. She has two grown sons who live close in Sarasota. To make an appointment with Regina you can reach out directly to her email rmorris@mywrc.org or call 941-256-9721. MyWRC.org





Presented by NextGen Magazine

owntown Bradenton, typically a quiet part of town, paints itself blue once a year during the WRC’s signature evening event, Déjà Blues.

The event will begin at 7:00 pm with phenomenal food provided by O’Bricks Irish Pub & Martini Bar. There will also be a premium open bar and lots of fun surprises.

Taking place at The Brickyard, located directly behind the O’Bricks Irish Pub and Martini Bar, on Friday, November 30 from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, guests are sure to enjoy an event like no other.

Tickets are available for $175.00 per ticket, and are available online at MyWRC.org/Blues.

Presented by NextGen Magazine, Déjà Blues will rock the night away with Bradenton Blues Festival National Act, Shakura S’Aida. “Brooklyn-born, Swiss-raised and Candian-based, S’Aida has performed in almost 30 countries in the past 10 years.” She brings her “scorching vocal style, uncanny ability to deliver powerful original songs, and get deep into the guts of the most venerable standard.” In addition to this year’s unique musical line up, there will be a fabulous auction/raffle which includes several trips. On the auction block is a package trip to Napa Valley with wine tastings at Far Niente, Schramsberg, and Merryvale Vineyards, and more as well as a one-week vacation to Hawaii including accommodations, and 100,000 miles toward airline tickets.

As guests arrive, they will receive complimentary valet and champagne. S’Aida will take the stage around 8:00 pm. Guests are welcome to dance the night away! Déjà Blues is ALWAYS a sell-out event, so be sure to get your tickets early! This event is an annual fundraiser for the Women’s Resource Center. All proceeds go directly to programming dedicated to engage, educate, enrich and empower women of all generations. Event volunteer opportunities and information are at MyWRC. org/Blues, or you can email Volunteers@MyWRC.org. A special thank you to our event committee for helping WRC pull this all together! We are grateful for your time, commitment, and enthusiasm. Without you, this year’s event could not happen, so THANK YOU!

Co-Chairs: Dean Hastings & Jon Seeley Committee Members: Jaymie Carter; Nancy Christian; Cindy Daughtrey; Kellyann Dixon; Mark Green; Ruthann Halay; Dylan Howell; Pauldie Howrigan; Laurie Lawrence; Eleni Sokos; Kelly Strausbaugh; Rosie Stewart; Dottie Turner; Bethany Willats; Abbie Wonnell

WRC Wish


To keep the centers in their best condition, please consider supporting the WRC through donating new items from our wish list! • New blinds for yoga and counseling rooms in the Manatee Education building • Printer with copying and scanning ability • Label maker • iPad/Surface Pro for processing payments • Desk chair • 3 new computers for staff • 4 40” TV monitors for conference rooms • Discretionary fund for clients who aren’t funded through Season of Sharing or other funding (i.e. car or medical insurance, gas, transportation) For more information on donating, please email info@mywrc.org or call 941-256-9721.



Letter from a Client

Dear WRC,

I met with an attorney through the WRC’s Ask an Attorney program several months ago. I was in an abusive relationship, left him and went through a very difficult divorce. Unfortunately, once the divorce was final the abuse got worse. I tried five different resources to get help, including my divorce lawyer, no one helped me. The abuse continued. My ex-husband sent anonymous mail to my son, mother, boss, and to my home. I changed cars and moved twice. He had guns and I was scared he would harm me. A friend of mine suggested calling Women’s Resource Center to seek help. I called, set an appointment and spoke with your attorney for 30 minutes. I listened and followed the steps that the attorney recommended. I am writing to let you know that the advice worked! I cannot thank you enough for the attorney’s words of guidance. She recommended that I file a second petition for a restraining order. The petition was granted, and a court date was set. I followed the WRC attorney’s advice to prepare for the court date. I went to court alone and he brought his lawyer with him. Due to the advice I received from the attorney, the judge granted a restraining order for 5 years and most importantly, they took his guns. The WRC attorney helped me so much! Talking with her and hearing the helpful suggestions gave me my peace of mind back. I remain aware and cautious, but I am not upset and afraid anymore. Thank you, WRC, for what you did for me. I have my life back. No words can convey my appreciation.



Special thanks to Attorney Lloydann A. Wade. Lloydann volunteers her time providing legal advice to WRC clients who lack the resources to otherwise afford legal counsel. Ask an Attorney: Individual 30-minute legal consultation on family law topics such as divorce, child support, child custody and more. At the WRC Manatee Center, a bilingual attorney may assist with immigration matters. Call 941-256-9721 for an appointment. Fee $10.



PPROGRAMS ROGRAMS WRC PROGRAMS THAT EMPOWER AND ENGAGE Mentoring: FREE! It can be difficult to see our goals to the end, and sometimes we need someone to help us. This program is offered to clients who would benefit from additional support and experience from a qualified mentor. Manatee • Sarasota Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment

Mental Health Counseling WRC offers individual, couples and family counseling with fully qualifed mental health professionals. Counselors have the discretion of referring clients to more appropriate treatment when it is deemed to be more beneficial for the client. Fee: Affordable sliding-scale structure Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment

Peer Resource Advising: FREE!

Do you need someone to listen without judging, who has the tools to guide you to needed support? We have experienced Peer Resource Advisors who help you prioritize your needs. They can refer you to the right community agencies, and/or recommend programs offered by the WRC that provide resources and information. Walk-ins are welcome! Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment

Life Coaching: $10 Life coaching focuses on identifying your needs, desires, and goals, creating an action plan, and being accountable throughout the process. Life coaching is a partnership between you and the coach. Coaching is not therapy in any form and should not be a substitute in lieu of therapy. A coach’s job is to ask thought-provoking questions that inspire and assist you in tapping into your creative side. A coach can teach you how to reframe your perspective, replace your limiting beliefs with limitless beliefs, and change your mindset-habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and responding. Sarasota • Manatee Call 941-747-6797 for appointment


MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721




Alzheimer’s Support Group: FREE!

Friends and Family of Addiction: $2

A support group for caregivers.

A support group for friends and family of addicts.

2nd Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 pm, Manatee October 11, November 8 & December 13, 2018 January 17, 2019

Mondays, 6-8:00 pm, Manatee

Latinas of WRC: $2

You Are Worthy: $2

Learning to Raise Your Own Bar Chris Florand and Denise Whalin teach you to develop the skills for improved self-confidence, assertiveness, boundary setting and negotiation skills for handling life’s challenges. Thursdays, 6-8:00 pm, Venice October 11, October 25, November 8, 2018 January 17 & January 31, 2019 Call 941-485-9724 to pre-register

A weekly forum for Latina women to discover skills, build self-confidence and find their own paths to success. Mondays, 6-7:30 pm, Manatee

Lunch Bunch

Evaluating Unhealthy Relationships: FREE! An ongoing educational support group about setting boundaries in relationships, making safe & healthy decisions and understanding the wide range of abusive & controlling relationships. Manatee • Sarasota Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) to register


Have you recently moved here, changed jobs, or want to make new friends? Join us to foster camaraderie and support, and help you through transition. A different restaurant is chosen weekly. Donations appreciated. Thursdays, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Sarasota If you are interested in starting a Lunch Bunch in Manatee or Venice, please e-mail Program Director, Chris Braun at cbraun@MyWRC.org.


EDUC ATE Ask a Banker: FREE!

Start Building Your Financial Know-How Bank of America professionals will be available for 1:1 educational sessions on topics such as credit score, budgeting, debt assistance, loans and much more. 3rd Thursdays, Sarasota and Manatee October 18, November 15 & December 20, 2018 January 17, February 21 & March 21, 2019 Call to 941-256-9721 pre-register

Career Center: FREE! Clients are invited to work in our self-help Career Centers to conduct online job searches, work on job applications and update resumes. Mondays-Thursdays, 9 am-5:00 pm, Sarasota and Manatee. Fridays, 9-11:30 am, Sarasota and Manatee. Mondays-Thursdays Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment

Ask an Attorney: $10

The Smart Split: $10

Individual 30-minute legal consultation on family law topics such as divorce, child support, child custody, and much more. At the Manatee Center, we offer a bilingual attorney to help assist with immigration matters.

Taught by Attorney Rebecca Rider, this class focuses on the Florida legal process of obtaining a divorce and other family law related matters. This is a great opportunity to ask family law questions.

Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment


Wednesday, 10am-12:00pm, Sarasota January 16, 2019 Call 941-366-1700 to pre-register

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Employment Coaching: FREE!

Offering individual assistance in preparing for a successful job search. Includes resume preparation, interviewing skills and networking techniques. Wednesdays and Fridays, Manatee Call 941-747-6797 for appointment

Employability Classes: FREE! Employment 101. Explore career opportunities. Learn basics of online job search and applications, resume building. Mondays, 1-3:00 pm, Sarasota Tuesdays, 11 am-2:00 pm, Venice

Computer Tutoring: $10 Clients are invited to work in our self-help career centers to conduct online job searches, work on job applications and resumes. Learn MS Word, Excel and other computer applications ($10 additional fee for 1:1 sessions). Manatee • Sarasota • Venice Call 941-256-WRC1 (9721) for appointment

Personality in the Workplace. Identify strengths and opportunities through a personality profile. Learn about the different personalities and how to work more effectively with them. Tuesdays, 1-3:00 pm, Sarasota

Job Seeker Networking Group. Join us for ongoing job-seeker support, networking in multi-media format and featured guest speakers. Topics vary each week. Wednesdays, 1-3:00 pm, Sarasota

Employment “CPR”: FREE!

Career Closet: FREE!

A one-day workshop that encompasses most of our Employability topics in a classroom setting. Geared to help clients gain pertinent skills and information necessary to jumpstart their job search.

The Career Closet offers professional women’s clothing, shoes, and purses. Clients are welcome to visit the closet once every six months and select up to five complete outfits, two pairs of shoes, and a purse. The Career Closet is available at both the Manatee and Sarasota locations of the WRC. No appointments needed. Walk-ins are welcome! Mondays-Thursday, 9 am-4 pm Fridays, 9-11:30 am

2nd Wednesdays, 10 am-3:00 pm, Sarasota October 10, November 14 & December 12, 2018 January 9 & February 13, 2019

“Walking into a job interview can be very intimidating; having the right clothes for my interview made a big difference. Thank you for the Career Closet!” –Wendy M. MyWRC.org


WRC Programs


Resources at the WRC

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 941-256-9721.

Book Club: $2 Enjoy reading? We host monthly Book Club meetings at two of our Centers. A list of books being read at Manatee’s Book Club may be found at MyWRC.org. 1st Thursdays, 1-2:00 pm or 7-8:00 pm, Manatee. October 4, November 1, No December Meeting 3rd Mondays, 1-3:00 pm, Venice. October 15, November 19, No December Meeting

Interested in starting Book Club in Sarasota? Email Program Director, Chris, at CBraun@MyWRC.org.



2018 2019 Yoga: $5 Open to all! Please bring a mat and other yoga instruments. POWER YOGA Tuesdays, 8:15-9:30 am, Manatee. GENTLE YOGA Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm, Manatee. INTERMEDIATE YOGA Saturdays, 9:00am, Manatee. ALL LEVELS YOGA Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, 9-10:30 am, Sarasota.

Y12SR (Yoga 12 Step Recovery) A 12-step-based discussion and yoga practice that is open to anyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group. All A’s are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. Saturdays, 11 am-12:30 pm, Manatee. Donation to WRC is appreciated.

Guided Meditation: $2

Qigong: $5

Whatever your personal situation is right now, meditation can help you feel greater calm and inner peace. Meditation helps you access your “inner voice” or guide. It helps quiet the mind so you can listen to your heart. By listening to our heart we can experience greater peace and better health. Experience a guided meditation. Take a journey to serenity. 3rd Wednesdays, 11 am-1:00 pm, Venice. October 17, November 14, December 12

Mindful Meditation: $2 Join us for an opportunity to experience relaxation, focus, mindfulness and quieting your thoughts through the art of meditation. Come, take a journey  to serenity with facilitator Mary Onna Bode and let your  spirit soar.

Mastering Trauma through Qigong Meditation in Motion. This workshop utilizes Qigong to teach survivors of trauma and domestic violence how to master their symptoms. Qigong is an ancient practice of gentle yet powerful mind/body/spirit martial art form. Learn how to: • Manage flashbacks • Improve one’s sense of well-being • Gain self confidence • Instill positive core beliefs • Converting negative core beliefs to positive self-statements Wear loose clothing & comfortable shoes. A towel or yoga mat is optional. Chairs are available for your convenience.

Will be returning in January of 2019.


MyWRC MAGAZINE • 941-256-9721

Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm, Manatee. 6 weeks, starting October 2






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MyWRC Magazine | Fall 2018  

Bringing you stories and updates from the Women's Resource Center. The Women’s Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency that has...

MyWRC Magazine | Fall 2018  

Bringing you stories and updates from the Women's Resource Center. The Women’s Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency that has...