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May 1-7, 2013


mouthing off

Virginia trioli \ THE QUEEN NEEDS morE THaN a FaCELIFT


row of “Made in China” leather bags here; a pile of cheaper fresh food – just doesn’t cut it any more. Surely indifferent zucchini there. A handful of brilliantly what needs to be promoted and celebrated by all the stocked and staffed fish, meat and dairy-goods traders at the market is the best, the freshest, the most stalls. Some excellent fruit, some not so good. And special Victorian and local produce that money can buy. a brutal bitumen environment that regularly pulls a This place should be the epicentre of great Victorian devoted and consistent clientele. agriculture, and even further afield as well, not the The Queen Victoria Market at the north-western home of average greens and endless commercially end of the CBD is one of the great treasures of made dips. Let me explain. “we this city, the envy of many other towns, but is When I go to the Vic Market, as I do more can do also a frustrating reminder of just how good than once a week, why can’t I choose from the this important asset should be, and isn’t. without the dozens of olive oils that are made by small and The Melbourne City Council is considering large growers throughout this state? Why is cheap a $100-million shake-up of the historic site, there barely any, and instead virtually all of the T-shirts” including longer and more consistent trading deli stalls stock the one kind of imported, Greek hours, more parking and the creation of a park or oil? Where are the small-grower, new-season, open space. But while a facelift for the grand old dame rare-variety apples? Why does the meat, with a couple is very welcome, I have long thought that the problems of exceptions, have a mass-produced uniformity that is of this important market are far more than cosmetic. indistinguishable from a mediocre supermarket? Traders are complaining of a decline in customers and Why haven’t relationships been struck with struggling cite parking as the biggest reason, but I’m not sure. Victorian producers to get their wares direct to the At a time of extraordinary discounting by the large market and under the noses of consumers who care supermarkets, one of the market’s key selling points – about what they buy and eat?

I know of wonderful smallgoods producers, and dairy farmers, and olive growers and sheep farmers whose artisanal produce turns up everywhere else but the Vic Market. Sometimes I just need to pay as little as possible for the household food, but sometimes I want to do what I can to support local producers, and the market very rarely gives me that opportunity. The be fair, there is certainly some of our best Victorian and Australian cheese on offer, but I want to see this extended throughout the entire market, and for this to be part of its key mission. I reckon we can do without the row upon row of cheap T-shirts and shoes that make up the bulk of the place (and I have heard many a food stallholder complain about the disproportionate decision-making power these stallholders have over food operating hours). But at the least, the market’s mission should be redrawn to be the one place in Melbourne you can go to find the best Victoria has to offer. I’m sure the struggling growers of this state would be delighted to come on board. \

Virginia Trioli is co-host of ABC News Breakfast on ABC1 and ABC News 24, 6-9am weekdays.

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may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 3

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may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 5

Cover Story

hall of fame


am looking down the back of Jerry Hall’s dress. This is not something I had anticipated I might be doing when I sat down to interview one of the great style icons of the ’70s and ’80s. I have asked the still-elegant actor and former model if she enjoys fashion as a consumer these days, and she tells me she likes the designer she’s wearing now, but can’t remember her name. “She has a shop … oh, what’s the name …?” So here I am peering down her back. I am waiting to have my hand imperiously swiped away, but the woman who has stripped gloriously naked for photographers and theatre-goers alike is utterly unfazed. The label turns out to be Fifi Chachnil. “Yeah, yeah, Fifi: it’s French. Gorgeous lingerie and a few outfits that are great – ha!” When I later look up the designer’s webpage, it is of course designed in pink and black with Parisian curlicues, featuring Irma la Douce-style sex-kitten lingerie absolutely right for this purring, powerful,

Picture \ jules tahan she was as quickly devoted to family life as she had been to work. In an earlier interview I conducted with her for ABC TV, Hall spoke about taking “six months off to breastfeed in the Caribbean” and it’s a thought that has stuck with me, not only for its glamorous imagery, but because Hall clearly had the financial freedom to do so. “You teach by example,” she says, “and Mick and I have always been hard-working people, and the children have learnt to work, and that work is important in life. “I have tried, I have tried my hardest. My children, knock on wood, have turned out great. They have been successful in school, successful in their careers – they’re lovely, and they feel I was there for them a lot. But they will still bring something up like, ‘Well, you were onstage for a year when I was doing this or that’. That’s just the way it is. You can’t be there for everything.” Hall and Jagger had four children together: Elizabeth,

Court to have the union annulled on the basis that their ceremony in Bali was not legitimate. It was a breathtaking betrayal. In our ABC interview Hall told me that Jagger said it was his lawyer’s idea. On being reminded that lawyers act only on their client’s instructions, she drawled, “Ahhh knohhhh – it was pretty terrible but nothing he did surprised me.” Does she miss him? “Umm, I do … well, … not really. I see him enough. No, I don’t miss being married to him – that was tiring. That was not fun. I had to keep a tight rein, and it’s boring, like kids acting up. ‘Oh god, not again … ’. Very hurtful, really hard.” The Rolling Stones recently celebrated their 50th anniversary as a band. Hall says one of the highlights was the extended Rolling Stones family coming together to celebrate at the London arena concert, with all the band members’ children, who had toured and grown up with each other. “They’ve been so close since they were babies; it’s fantastic having a get-together.” Hall still calls Jagger and Keith Richards “poets and

Clothed or unclothed, Jerry Hall is a woman of style and substance, writes Virginia Trioli lioness of a woman. When Hall mentions she also stocks up on Australian sex-bomb label Wheels & Dollbaby whenever she is in the country, I can’t help it any more: “But this is like your Roxy Music video come to life!” She rocks with laughter. “Ahhhh know!” No, that’s not right. It’s more like “Ahhhhh knohhhhhh” and, throughout our conversation, as an expression of happy agreement or as a charming – and disarming – way of sidestepping a subject she’d rather not delve into, the mother of four and former wife of Mick Jagger uses her Texan drawl to hypnotic effect. She is funny and candid, but so sweetly careful in what she will and won’t give away that you realise only later just what she hasn’t told you. Jerry Hall is back in Australia to reprise her role as Mrs Robinson in the Broadway/West End adaptation of Mike Nichols’ The Graduate. She has been playing in various productions of this role for 13 years now. “It’s lovely to get a chance to reprise a role. It’s a role I know works.” Hall says that she enjoys the complexity of Mrs Robinson – “It’s either confrontation or seduction with her; those are her two intentions” – and sees parallels with Mrs Robinson’s frustration and the lives of so many contemporary women. “She’s got a lot of inner anger … I think she’s an intelligent woman who had artistic ability, but got pregnant and had to get married and didn’t get to do anything since but cause trouble. For any woman this whole idea of ‘having it all’ is not really truthful. It’s a fantasy – some things always have to be cut back on.” If there is such a thing as work/life balance, however, Jerry Hall has come the closest I know to achieving it. After arriving in Paris as a 16-year-old, with a trunk full of home-made Frederick’s of Hollywood-inspired clothes, the tall and imposing Texan quickly found work with some of the greatest photographers of the past few decades: Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Helmut Newton. She was a celebrated model before she was 20, winning Vogue covers and travelling the world for exotic shoots. When you talk of the ’70s party scenes of London, New York and Paris, Jerry Hall’s name is always there. But when she met Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, and left Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry for him,

“mick said keith was very intelligent, but if you take heroin for 20, 30 years, how are you going to have a brain?” James, Georgia and Gabriel. Is it hard to bring up balanced children when you are so wealthy? “I think that’s really important,” Hall says. “We were quite strict about all that. At Christmas they got something they wanted but they also got things they needed, like things for school, and they have grown up to appreciate that. I do think my children have an idea about the value of money and the value of hard work.” Jagger, of course, is famously tight with money, so I’m not surprised to hear this. “Yeah, he is tight – ha! But that’s pretty good.”


he Hall-Jagger romance was, and still is, one of the great pairings of popular culture and Hall is always at her most amusing when she speaks about the good and bad times of their 23-year marriage. She describes Jagger as a good dad but says their parenting styles are very different. “He was quite strict about things. He can be quite disapproving about things in a very old-fashioned way, which I think is a bit silly. I’ve always said to them that it doesn’t matter what you do in life as long as you like what you do. Mick has always had this old-fashioned attitude, like his father, that you ought to go to uni. But I think you can go back to uni later if you have something to do that you love.” Hall says that, at 21, her model daughter Georgia has made enough money from her modelling work to buy her own house in London for several million pounds, but that doesn’t seem to impress dad. “He should be proud of that too!” Is he? “I think he’s kind of slightly annoyed that she’s so independent.” Hall’s and Jagger’s marriage could not have had a more shocking end. After their 23 years, and more than a little infidelity, Jagger petitioned the High

geniuses”, and says she had tears rolling down her face at the concert. But has she read Keith Richards’ fascinating and very funny autobiography, Life? “No!” Why ever not? “Because he didn’t write it!,” she drawls drily. “He can’t remember anything, he’s brain dead. Let’s face it [co-author, British journalist James Fox] had to scrounge around interviewing everybody who knew Keith. I do like him, and Mick said Keith was very intelligent, but if you take heroin for 20, 30 years, how are you going to have a brain?” When I remind her that Keith claims most of his heroin was medicinal grade, she laughs. “Oh, come on! ‘I’m so cool my heroin’s better than yours’? I do love him, but let’s face it – I’m not going to waste my time reading a book that some guy made up.” Both Hall’s daughters have entered the world of modelling – Georgia appears responsible for the sudden flurry around gap-toothed models – and while Hall is careful not to be in any way critical of the milieu Elizabeth and Georgia are part of (“It’s amazing now with digital photography; they can fix everything. Before, it all had to be perfect.”), she is dismayed at the heavy lifting that seems to go with the work these days. “We used to think we were artists, and have long lunches and spend all day discussing art and then doing a few photographs. Nowadays there’s global media, they don’t get any time to rest and they’re travelling all the time. I keep telling the girls they’ve got to take time off.” Hall says she doesn’t miss the world of modelling at all; acting is the thing now. She has bought a house back in Texas, where her mother died just a few months ago and, when we speak, says her children are in the new house “receiving the furniture”. You’d think more than 20 years in England – most of them living in a historically significant house in Richmond – would have changed her allegiances, but Hall is avowedly American and, more than that, Texan. “I really like the people. Tough women, fun,” she says. “I feel right at home with them.” \ We Welcome your feedback @

stage » Jerry Hall will play Mrs Robinson in The Graduate, from September 21 at Her Majesty’s Theatre. may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 7

My view \

Katrina Hall is dumping downton



f Downton Abbey has killed off Matthew, it’s going to be over between us. Two major characters wiped out in one season is too much. I have nothing left to give. Why Matthew? Why not that fool Molesley, or Mrs Patmore, or even one of the dowagers? They’d all be equally as shocked and grief stricken, and there’d still be a funeral, so lots of opportunities for dramatics. And we’d still have Matthew. I do love him. The odd angle he holds his head, those darty eyes angling from one side to the other when he speaks. He loves Mary so, even when no one else does much, and I feel that’s our connection, as I love her, too. So I don’t think I can continue the relationship. And I came to it late, resisting for such a long time because of a general aversion to period dramas, or any kind of drama. But everyone said it was great, so I spent the whole summer bunkered down inside I quit that ridiculously large house, enjoying their Christmas parties and genteel dinners. The Voice Back then it was all about romance, and the after the thought of Matthew and Mary getting together. auditions Finally, after two seasons of hit and miss, they have a quick pash, admit undying love, and they’ve got me hook, line and sinker. Then they go and kill him in a stupid, random car crash. There he is lolling along a country road like a happy lunatic, having just met his newborn son and heir, and bang. Those bastards. I’ll never get over it. Is there nothing else the Downton Abbey people could have thought to do to make audiences tune in to the next season, other than kill my favourite character? I’m still getting over the stress of Sybil dying. I mean, who’s MaTTHew & lady Mary crawley \ dowNToN abbey feeding the baby?

I just can’t do other people’s pain any more. I gave up Offspring when Nina and that second good-looking doctor broke up again, because I didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with her heartache, and all the pouting on that silly balcony. I quit The Voice after the auditions. The investment is too large – time, energy and the love I give out to all those record-company cast-offs and single parents. It might be short-term fame for them, but it’s a long-term emotional commitment from me, and I just don’t think I can do it any more. At least Mad Men’s seasons end with the mere threat of another divorce for Don. That I can live with. But I can no longer afford to place my emotional well-being in the hands of some bored television writer who wants to shake things up with a car crash. Now, it’s just Australian Story for me. OK, it’s half an hour of someone else’s life or, as is sometimes the rather strange case, a horse’s life, and it usually does involve one squeezing out a bit of empathy and emotion, but there’s always some kind of resolution at the end. You’re not left hanging – or hung out to dry, as it were. Right now, suffering considerably from post-Downton Abbey-season-three shock, I’m left with a small glimmer of hope. Maybe Matthew will survive. I mean, he got through the war, lost his legs and then found them again and went on to sire a baby, which is quite a lot for the 1920s. But there was a lot of blood, and he did look pretty dead, so I’m not counting on it. Those bastards. \ we welcoMe your feedback @



Award Winning Retirement Living

10 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

he reason for the existence of cafes in T art galleries obviously has some sort of economic, value-adding component. And

while raking in a few extra dollars is part of the equation, it’s also true to say that these cafes offer a more essential service – providing much-needed sustenance to weary, hungry and potentially irritable art patrons. The art gallery at Bundoora Homestead is not particularly large but it has the double whammy of offering art and history, both known sources of hunger. There’s all the more reason, then, for rejoicing that a cafe has been included in the homestead’s mix. Built around the turn of last century by a racing identity, the grand double-storeyed mansion has done time as a private residence, a repatriation hospital for war veterans, a mental health institution and is now, marooned in a sea of new housing that has colonised its once extensive grounds, the Darebin City Council’s art gallery. The cafe at Bundoora Homestead occupies the large, high-ceilinged drawing room on the ground floor near the hefty, ornate English oak staircase that leads to the gallery upstairs. It’s a large space and, with its dark-stained timber tables and chairs scattered across dark timber floors, two-tone mustard and olive green walls, intricate ceiling detailing and framed pictures of racehorses, sombre too.

Still, it has a fantastic sense of history and the bay window brings welcome light into the room, while homely touches such as roses in vases on the tables and a country music soundtrack also lighten the mood. Most of the food on the menu is brought in from commercial outlets and treads a safe path of the pie, soup and salad variety. Pies come from Boscastle and include a pretty good chicken and mushroom version ($12) that is served with tomato relish and a lightly dressed side salad of cucumbers, capsicum, red onion and baby spinach. The same salad also accompanies a hefty portion of frittata-like zucchini and bacon slice ($8) that was tasty enough but could have done with a little less time in the microwave. There are also a couple of soups, including a gluten-free minestrone ($8), salads (tuna, corn and mixed bean, $9) and smaller-scale pies and sausage rolls for pint-sized art lovers. There’s a good variety of sweet stuff too, including Devonshire tea ($9), plus decent coffee and a short list of wine. There are no credit card or eftpos facilities at the cafe so you need to remember to come cashed up. The food alone might not draw you here, but the intriguing setting, regularly changing art exhibitions, free entry and sense of history make this a great candidate for your to-do list. \

(Maggie BuFe)




Vibe \ Historic

Phone \ 9496 1060 Open \ Wednesday-Friday 11am-3.30pm, Saturday-Sunday noon-4pm




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New dual occupancy home designs just released.

The Peninsula

\ Ben Thomas PLans FoR

Enquire today.

The ChILLY nIGhTs aheaD

(istockphoto \ thinkstock)

43 squares from $380,400* Building in your suburb.


Features include: 43 squares, 4 bedrooms, fully rendered facade, double glazed semi-commercial windows, stone benchtops throughout, designer semi-cantilevered staircase, LED lights & much more.

Bentleigh home now open 20 Huntley Road, Bentleigh

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hatting with people I’d just met at a There’s a load of one-dimensional reds out wedding recently, talk about the bride’s there in the under-$15 category but a few lovely dress and the slightly wet service rippers, too. in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens quickly The best wines should keep drawing you moved on to the inevitable question of what back for a sniff in between sips. Whether we all did for a living. it simply smells delicious or you notice the I mentioned wine and before I knew it, aromas evolve with time in the glass, it’s a those in the group mentioned they were healthy sign of complexity and a wine worth about to stock up on cheap wines for buying in bulk. mid-week winter drinking and wanted If you’re going to buy six or a dozen to know if I could recommend bottles of the same wine, it helps that anything. Could I ever! they go well with a range of food. it’s not Before I rattled off a few wines, I The way food interacts with wine always the mentioned there were a few things ‘best’ wines I can provide a completely different to consider when buying wines to drinking experience with the same return to drink in front of the telly. bottle of wine. I taste a load of wines – many each Pinot noir is great for roasted and day – and often they are very good, but braised chicken and duck, while shiraz, it’s not always the “best” wines that I want to grenache blends, tempranillo and cabernet return to. usually stand up nicely alongside any dish out I’ve come across several wines in the past of the oven or slow-cooker. couple of weeks that I’d be happy to settle A word of warning before stocking up on down with and drink any night. In many a case or two of the same wine (and this goes cases, that’s exactly what I did after I’d for purchases all year round): try to avoid written up a tasting note. the deals that promote wines discounted to If you’re stocking up and buying in bulk, half-price or less and the websites that churn there are a few things to look for: complexity, out these deals. drinkability, price and food-friendliness. The Many still aren’t worth their discounted good news is you don’t need to spend a packet price when compared to similarly priced on each bottle. wines at full price. It’s easier to find reds for winter drinking If you can’t get down to your local than whites. With whites, you want a wine bottleshop, websites such as that drinks best when it’s just cold – left au, and outside on the back porch or in a cold room, offer consistently low prices on a wide range rather than from a fridge. A bit of body of good booze. helps, too, and I tend to drink whites such as I’ve listed a few wines online that I’d be chardonnay, pinot gris and the triumvirate of happy to drink on a cold, dark mid-week southern French whites marsanne, roussanne winter night. \ and viognier. Online Only » Read Ben Thomas’ wine selections at 12 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013



(Darrian Traynor)

as Moroccan food been reborn in Melbourne? By the man who germinated a new species of Hispanic-themed restaurants across the city? By all electronic and printed media accounts, yes. But given the background to Jason Jones’ six-week-old B’stilla, I’m surprised at how easy it has been to get a midweek table. It could have something to do with the location – in a backstreet at the Prahran end of South Yarra. The queues might already be Mamasita-like (spanning a block or two) in the city, or perhaps further north. But in the space previously occupied by a pizza restaurant called Lost (which vanished rather quickly), Jason Jones’ new restaurant seems temporarily misplaced. Note the qualifier. It won’t be long before you’ll have to take seven of your buddies to secure a table at B’stilla (bookings are for eight or more, as per Mamasita). Jones says the location ticked every box on his list: 90-seater, close to a market, outdoor area, huge cool room, modern kitchen, liquor licence and environmental infrastructure – B’stilla is aiming for a minimal carbon footprint via Victorian wines on tap, house-made sparkling mineral water, hand-brewed coffee, handmade crockery and locally sourced produce. As a chef, what do you do after a restaurant popular beyond your wildest imaginings? Jones says a note on his business plan said: “Greg Malouf has moved to London”. (Malouf’s MoMo spawned an extended Moroccan wave for the first 12 years of this century.) Armed with an exclusive list of contacts, he headed off on a sabbatical, enrolling in Moroccan cooking courses and stirring pots at grandmothers’ stoves. The result is food that borrows from tradition, but with a savvy understanding of what pleases Melbourne diners: robust flavours, new ingredients, imaginative combinations, elegant plating and dishes that can be eaten alone or shared without difficulty – all at Jones’ formulaic $45 per head. Drinks bill at your discretion. If you are sharing, go for luscious slices of duck ham paired with red grapes, Tasmanian honey, baby herbs and a breathtaking duck-skin crackling. Sip cocktails with names like Sahara Skies (Aperol, rosewater, lemon) or a pomegranate martini (Zubrowka, Pama, orange blossom, lemon and apple juice) with a generous dark pottery dish filled with lightly flour-dusted school prawns and whitebait, served with a zesty herb and anchovy aioli, or a batbout – turmeric and oregano grilled flatbread, with a pungent tomato lemon jam. There’s not quite enough in a plate of confit chicken wings served with a dressing of pistachio yoghurt and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds to share, and the harira – a fragrant offering of comfort-giving lamb, chickpeas, lentils and dates – is better savoured solo. The signature b’stilla (bas-stee-ya) is a sensory full package, from its aromatic cinnamon-dusted layers of brik pastry to its salty and sweet centre of shredded pigeon and duck infused with egg, saffron and almond. From the mains list, share a plate of jumbuck sourced from near the Grampians atop a creamy parsnip purée that’s given sharpness with preserved cumquats and an added edge with a nip of sumac. Or beef short ribs, with

pigEon & duck B’sTiLLA

duck hAm, grApEs, crAckLing & honEy

chocoLATE, sTAr AnisE, crémE FrAichE & sEsAmE

a memorable brown-sugar-sweet carrot jam that lifts the meat beyond its already long-cooked intensity. There are three tagines: fig, goat’s cheese, vegetables and chickpeas; a seafood combo; and a goat version with quince, onion and almond. They all sound like ideal winter fare and were being enjoyed at nearby tables. Sides and salads are a considered part of the menu, not a lazy adjunct to collect revenue. Case in point, a cauliflower salad spiced with ras el hanout (cumin, coriander, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, chilli and more), drizzled with an extraordinary pine-nut paste and a sesame yoghurt dressing. Switched-on staff with impressive memories (and effusive descriptions of almost everything) do make the experience a pleasant one. But I get the impression this could wear thin – on both sides. The dessert list is short, but special. The chocolate mousse, flavoured with star anise and served with tiny cubes of coffee jelly, crème fraiche and pieces of sesame tuile is a good menu closer. I didn’t enjoy the use of chocolate mint leaves, which added an unexpected texture and competed with the crunch of the wafer. Likewise a heavy hand of dried rose petals spoiled, for me, a judiciously balanced rosewater flan (something between a brulée and a crème caramel), with a silky date sauce and scattering of superb walnut nougatine. It’s not as though the word isn’t out yet, but go to B’stilla soon – so you can witness the start of the next big thing. \ To rEAd morE rEviEws

Eat this B’sTiLLA, 30B BrAy sTrEET, souTh yArrA

ThE insidE

Cuisine \ Moroccan

Warm terracotta walls and curved blond timber furniture soften the sterility of this modern apartment-block bunker. Moorish intent is obvious in the symmetry of fretwork screens and tessellated tiles, but it’s subdued by low ceilings, soft lighting and modern touches, such as brightly lit white-slatted timber behind the lengthy bar. a broad patio area, warmed by robust heaters and enveloped by plastic blinds, adds substantially to seating options, which include booths, nooks and bar stools. Bamboo lightshades, rustic crockery, pot plants and jars of preserved fruits are homely additions. \

Chef/owner \ Jason Jones

Prices \ Entrées $7-$15; mains $23-$29; desserts $11 Open \ Mon-Thurs 5.30pm-late; Fri-Sat noon-late; Sun noon-4pm Phone \ 9826 2370 The Verdict \ Somewhere special


Bookings \ Eight or more LAmB shouLdEr, gingEr, cumquAT, pArsnip & sumAc

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 13







14 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013





other’s Day is an appropriate occasion to make time for your mother, and while it’s considered a marketer’s dream, it’s also a time – if you choose – to reward mum with some extra TLC and reflect on a woman who may or may not be in your life today. Whether you’re gathering for a Sunday roast, taking her to a high tea or making her breakfast in bed, it’s a day designed to celebrate all that she does to make your life easier (hopefully).

For Melbourne businesswoman Ilana Moses, 1herwho runs Grace Boutique in Hawthorn with friend Georgia Danos, Mother’s Day is simply

“We always have a big Mother’s Day lunch with our extended family – about 20 grandparents, parents and children – so it makes the mums feel very special. We may even get out of doing the washing up after lunch too.”

Style file

an excuse to demand more cuddle time from DeSigner her twins. “Mothers want appreciation on a day like Sarah Martin, who launched her fashion label, Virginia Martin, who runs the today,” she says. “It’s the perfect opportunity Marho, last year, says her mother has been pivotal in simple yet chic label Bul (and has to take a moment and make it all about mum.” helping her start up the brand. her own shops as well as being newly Danos, who is expecting her first child “Mother’s Day is all about spending quality time with stocked in Myer) is one to watch. She soon, says she’ll be taking her mother for yum my mum and my sisters,” she says. creates stylish clothing that works cha and penning a personal card – she’s all for “Mothers are always so busy helping their well for layering, day or night flings keeping it simple and special. kids out – at any age, not just young and is big on quality. Moses and Danos understand fashion’s ones – so they deserve dynamism and their carefully curated on stage something special.” shop stocks a wide variety of labels. “take a National Institute of When it comes to selecting something moment Bespoke Sydney Dramatic Art graduate and for mum, a statement piece such as and make it jeweller Kirstin costume designer Luke Ede makes a cashmere scarf can lift the simplest all about Ash adores Mother’s his debut designing for Bangarra Dance of outfits. mum” Day because she Theatre in this month’s performance of Rebekah Hardwick, who runs the Hardwick can look forward to Blak. The production is physical and intense label and works closely with her mother-in-law being pampered. “A little – where contemporary clans collide with two Mariana Hardwick, says the day is all about spending luxury is always nice,” she worlds – and you can witness his flexible time with family. says. “Perfume, jewellery or a touch with these fabulous costumes for “It’s a time to stop and appreciate how my mother and massage also rate highly and one week only. At Arts Centre Melbourne mother-in-law have influenced and guided me through can be added to something from May 3-11. » my life and how special that is,” she says. simple like breakfast in bed and performance/blak “Life is so busy we rarely get to actually spend time a homemade card to add more of with our family and Mother’s Day is an opportunity a sweet and authentic touch.” to stop and make time with mum the priority,” says MuSt have Hardwick, who last year launched the Hardwick Mimco head designer Cathryn Wills ready-to-wear label. says the day is all about spending time with her Mimco’s Nebula chain c.hoker is a mother and sisters who are mothers. “We’re a Jewellery designer Kate Wilson, who runs Alouette, perfect way to add volume to your family of females so there’s a lot of beautiful says the day really comes to life thanks to her two neckline if making a statement is what motherhood around,” she says. children, aged six and eight. you’re after. Chunky jewellery is big this “I think mothers just want some special time “They make me breakfast in bed and bring up all their season. Join the chain gang for some edge. with their kids and perhaps a little peace and quiet gorgeous handmade presents and a little something Available @ Mimco. for themselves.” \ from the school Mother’s Day stall,” says Wilson.






This red hooded number by Australian designer Manning Cartell is a hot pick for adding spice to winter. We love the shawl collar, the zip definition and the slight angular journey it takes you on. Manning Cartell is available at Myer.





• Bumper & Dent Repairs • Panel Scrapes & Scratches • Key Scratches & Shopping Trolley Bumps

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Founded in 1902. In the tradition of the Sisters of Charity



Call 1300 727 282 |

Morning Tour


SAVE YOUR INSURANCE EXCESS! With Over 13 Years Experience, We Specialise in:

DIRECT PRIVATE BUS ROUTES – Whittlesea, Yan Yean via Doreen, Yarrambat, Plenty, North Greensborough – Mill Park, Bundoora, Greensborough, Eltham North – North Ringwood via Park Orchards to the College Grounds may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 15



L’Occitane Rose Aurore Mother’s Day Gift Pack ($95) – if your mum is a rose connoisseur you need to get her this.

his is one day you make sure you are prepared, and I mean really prepared. Mother’s Day is not to be messed with. This year it falls on Sunday, May 12. I am not for a nanosecond suggesting that all mothers are needy, demanding and need to be pampered. It is the simple fact that they are selfless, loving, caring and will do anything for you. So treat her with something that is hers alone to enjoy and know that you already have the best reward ever – your mum. Happy Mother’s Day. \

MOR Lip Stack Quartet ($24.95) – these lip balms cater not only to dry lips but also your senses.

to read more reviews Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Collection ($150) – This is value for money. Not only does it come with a full-sized amazing Black Rose Cream Mask (60ml, $160) but it also has several travel-sized gems.

Aurora Spa Luminous Gift Pack ($63) is a beautiful add-on to a spa voucher, which I am sure your mum not only deserves but is secretly looking forward to. Any treatment at this spa is a well-earned indulgence.



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Mum’s deserves to be spoilt

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Purchase ur a luxurious xurio Lymphobiony Facial Lymphobi bio ionyy F Fa cial and receive receive a serenity serenitty LED Lightt Th erapy Therap treatmentt FRE FREE. Also receive a mystery gift with every ery purchase..

G G5950842AA-a1May©FCNVIC a1May©

Relax, Restore, Refresh Replenish & Rejuvenate

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Opening Hours 5:300pm Tuesday 9:30am - Til Late • Wednesday 9:30am - 5:30pm Thursday 9:30am - Til Late • Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm • Sunday & Monday - CLOSED

////// /// ////// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ///// /// //// ////// /// ///// ////// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ////// /// ///// ///

— Allino Collection —

Dagna available in Black Suede, Dark Red Suede and Smoke Suede


Anti-Aging Treatments • Non Surgical Facelift Skin Rejuvenation • Body Contouring 1191 Plenty Road, Bundoora, 3083 • 9467 2244


Grown Alchemist Facial Kit ($59.95) – is sleek, stylish and just divine on the skin


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Dr Raymond Khong & Associates

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Highest quality dental care in the area for over 20 years. Visit us for a friendly, modern & relaxing service, including cosmetic options: • veneers • bridges • crowns • implants New Patients & Emergencies Welcome EVENINGS & SATURDAYS AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT Fast Health Insurance Claims On The Spot Member of the Australian Dental Association

180 UPPER HEIDELBERG RD IVANHOE, VIC PHONE: 03 9499 8885 Shop on-line

16 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

9438 2049


9 Collins Street, Diamond Creek |


Dr Nancy Henein & Dr Michael Kousari

Lush Uplifted ($52.50) – will be delightfully welcomed by any mum, or anyone for that matter. This joyous pack is a force to be reckoned with.

Clinique High Impact Favourites ($38) – the perfect combo of cleanser, liner and award-winning mascara

Esteée Lauder Mother’s Day Makeup Set ($90) is a treasure trove of flattering colours and choice products to suit any mother, anywhere.

ECOYA The Madison ($39.95) is a new collection of sublime scent combinations. Each natural soy wax candle offers a burn time of 80 hours. For Mother’s Day, buy the Madison and receive a Mini Metro candle ($19.95) free.

Win! One lucky mum can win everything on this page. Go to and post a comment waxing lyrical about your mum and why she deserves this incredible prize pack – guys, this is your moment to let your mum shine.

Remington Pearl Salon Session Kit ($199.95) is a superb must-have for any savvy mum who likes her chic mane styled at all times. This divine set has every tool to whip tresses to silky strands.

Stockists » Aurora Spa / Clinique / Estee Lauder – Myer/David Jones ECOYA / 1300 730 180 Grown / Sisley / selected David Jones Lush / L’Occitane / MOR / Remington / 1800 623 118,

Mother’s Day Fashion Gifts!

Creating smiles since 1997

$20 • Women’s Hair Cut from $20

• Men’s Pensioner Cut


• Women’s Pensioner Cut

Kids from



16 Were St Montmorency

0434 010 232

Services: Free denture check and consultation. Weekends and after hours available by appointment only. Member • Full and Partial Dentures, • Mouthguards, • Relines and Emergency PH: 03 9439 3866 433 Main Road Repairs, • Flexible Dentures and Montmorency/Eltham off street parking available Invisible Clasps, • Specializing in metal casting.


• Men’s Hair Cut

Open Mon-Thurs 9:30-5:30 Fri 9:30-6:30 • Sat 9am-3pm

Mother’s Day Offers



Give the gift of beautiful skin this Mother’s Day with an indulgent beauty treatment. With the tender care from the team at Vyve, we guarantee to leave her feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.

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NEW CUTS Hairdressing Salon G5961013AA-a1May©FCNVIC

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 17

Under the radar

\ Myke bartlett reviews the latest House Of Cards \ Showcase, Tuesday May 7, 8.30pm »


First, a confession. i’ve never been able to stomach The West Wing. i’ve tried several times and can’t ever get past the syrupy sentimentality, the soaring score or the naive idealism. give me The Thick of It or House of Cards, both of which approached the business of politics with appropriate cynicism. Originally a British miniseries, House of Cards has been reworked for an american market by director David Fincher. in a first for australia, all 13 episodes will be made available to watch or download in a single gulp – a model, replicating the appeal of the DvD boxset, that worked well in the Us. the show takes a convincingly black approach to the White house. chief whip Frank Underwood (Kevin spacey) is passed over for a promised role as secretary of state, so sets about engineering his revenge. Well aware of proverbs about cold dishes, Underwood begins a long, dirty game to unseat the newly elected president. Yes, he’s pretty much a more skilful, less self-destructive Kevin rudd. as might be expected, this is a brasher, glitzier beast than its British counterpart. Pleasingly, the female roles are far more fleshed out, most notably robyn Wright’s Lady Macbeth (aka Underwood’s wife, claire). still, we’re here for spacey. given reign to offer the audience asides and soliloquies, the film actor is utterly captivating. Underwood’s charm and Machiavellian intelligence ensure we’re rooting for him, even as we worry where he’s leading us. if the story mirrors the original series, then we’re on course for some dark places indeed. nonetheless, you’ll want to get there as quickly as possible. clever, funny and admirably wicked, this is addictive stuff. \

(MeLinDa sUe gOrDOn)

top pick

to read More reviews

Watching \ Veep, season two. This black political comedy is growing ever blacker with each new episode and is all the better for it. Listening \ Kurt Vile. Walking On A Pretty Daze. Sprawling, seductive and frequently strange Americana. Shades of Sparklehorse. revisiting \ Liberal Arts. Now out on Blu-ray (and DVD), Josh Radnor’s comedy drama about a lost 30-something falling for a 19-year-old is engaging, chucklesome and thoroughly likeable.

Mother’s day banquet at Plaka $50 per head Bookings now available for lunch and dinner





Book Now for Mother’s Day Open 5pm onwards Tuesday - Sunday 262 Lower Heidelberg Road East Ivanhoe Vic 3079 Licensed & BYO (Wine Only) Phone: 03 9499 9902

Fully Licensed (byo wine) Takeaway available

Shop 4/118 Main St Greensborough

9435 3631



Open 7 days for dinner Lunch Thur and Fri



Experience Exotic Indian Cuisine


Myke’s s pac e

Book Now for

Mothers Day


restaurant - bar - art gallery - nursery 1075 Heidelberg Kinglake Road




T: 9718 0099


Buffet Lunch 12pm Buffet Dinner 5.30pm Adults $50 Seniors $45 Children under 12 $20 Entertainment for the children. Bookings Essential. Full payment required before 10th May 13-21 WILLIAMSONS RD, DONCASTER 9848 6811 WEBSITE EMAIL 18 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013



FILM Drift \ Opens May 2, Rated M, 120min »


French rockers Phoenix have never been afraid of kitsch. Their first LP recalled the sort of MOR rock that was never fashionable and, four albums later, they’ve wrapped themselves in cheesy ’80s synthpop. From the first, faux-oriental faux-chimes of opener Entertainment, it’s clear they’re here for a fun time, not a deep time. That said, there are elusive threads of substance woven through the 10 songs. Although the title track doesn’t seem to address Europe’s present financial despair, Bourgeois pokes at consumerist dissatisfaction and there are recurring themes of loneliness and misfitdom – neither of which are particularly novel in pop music. Any impact from these darker moments is minimal, however, given the relentlessly upbeat and glossy production. In fact, it’s all so glossy that the hooks are stripped of any bite. Rather than demanding your attention, songs wash together in a pleasant, but unremarkable fashion. \



Scarborough \ Brunswick Art Space, 2a Little Breese Street, Brunswick, May 2-18, $27/$19 »

Dine in in, take away or home delivery elivery

Mangiando” Check us out on to find out what this means

Book for Mother’s Day

Lunch Tue-Fri & Dinner 7 nights Lunch Wed, Thur, Fri & 1/5 Danaher Dr, South Morang Sun & Dinner Tue-Sun

238-240 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe

“L’appetito Viene

“We specialise in small flavoursome dishes. In Italy, these are known as STUZZICHINI, made to be shared in a social atmosphere to bring people together”. G5427802AA-dp16Oct


Follow Myke on Twitter @mykebartlett



Melbourne theatre company The Honeytrap is making a name for itself bringing sticky subjects to the city’s stages. In its latest production, a 15-year-old student runs away with a teacher for a dirty weekend, despite being half the teacher’s age. The thrill is in flirting with immorality and disaster, but things become ordinary all too quickly. This award-winning play – first performed at the Edinburgh Festival – similarly flirts with right and wrong, but doesn’t jump to any obvious conclusions. \

Some films move an audience, some entertain an audience. Others, such as Drift, leave an audience wondering how so much money and effort can be expended on something so absolutely half-arsed. Following on from films this year about footy and cricket, Drift engages with another classic Australian pastime – surfing. In the 1970s, two brothers set up a surfing equipment business in the tiny West Australian town of Seacliffe, convincing their mum to knock up wetsuits on her old Singer. There’s probably quite a nice little tale in here, but it becomes clear the filmmakers have no idea how to tell it. Each scene feels disconnected from the next, so that nothing has any real consequence and the plot – stretched gossamer thin over two hours – never builds enough momentum to catch its first wave. The end result feels less like a movie and more like a lukewarm TV pilot for a SeaChange clone. The marine photography is unquestionably stunning, but the greatest entertainment here comes from pettily tutting about mystifying creative choices. Why, for example, is the lead actor 20 years older than the character he’s playing? (Are we to presume he’s spent too much time in the sun?) More importantly, how does bus driver Sam Worthington manage to play The Jezabels’ Endless Summer on his radio, when the track was recorded some 40 years after the film is set? \


Bankrupt! \ Phoenix (Glassnote) »

Open for Lunch On Fridays.

Ristorante e Bar Open for dinner tue - sat, lunch and dinner on fridays For bookings call 03 9455 1519 176 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg



may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 19

WhaT’S ON \ ivanhoe & valley MELBOURNE DANCE THEATRE’S NEW STUDIOS GRAND OPENING As part of the opening celebrations of Melbourne Dance Theatre’s new studios, ABC3’s Dance Academy stars Alicia Banit and Thomas Lacey will be appearing to meet dance enthusiasts and sign autographs. The day will include exhibition performances, free open classes, food stalls, prizes and giveaways. The beautifully appointed studios will be officially opened by Nillumbik mayor Peter Perkins at 12.30pm with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

CONCERTS PETER CUPPLES Peter Cupples rose to fame as a lead singer and songwriter for the

Australian funk and soul group Stylus, which started in 1975. They were the first Australian act to be signed by Motown Records, and went on to support Ike and Tina Turner, Little River Band, George Benson and more. They also enjoyed continued success on the Australian pub and concert circuit. After their split in 1979, Cupples went on to a stellar solo career, achieving top 20 with his first release Fear of Thunder, and further success with Blame it on the Weather. See him live at Wellers while you enjoy the show over dinner, or just drinks with friends. ■ Wellers of Kangaroo Ground, 150 Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground. May 16, 6.30pm. 9712 0266. VETERANS BAND OF THE SALVATION ARMY The Melbourne Veterans Band is a group of about 50 dedicated musicians led by Noel Jones, who has written many brass band compositions. Formed in 1982, they’re committed to spreading the Gospel message through music and song, and communicating the blessings of the Holy Spirit. As part of the Salvation Army, they are harmonised with their aims and can


One day only! Warehouse Clearance

Come in and experience our friendly helpful service for all your postal, bill paying and banking needs.


• Passport photos/Id photos • Passport processing • Working with children checks • Foreign currency • Load and go travel cards • Pre-paid gift cards and gifts for all occasions • Dry cleaning and much more.

up to 75% off recommended retail prices 189 Grange Road, Fairfield

Post boxes are now available and with every new box opened at Macleod post office we will include 6 months FREE redirection.

(On the corner with Christmas Street. Ph 03 9499 9844.)

9am to 4pm, Saturday 4th May

We are located at the Macleod College end of the shopping strip 88 Aberdeen rd Macleod.

Attention fashion lovers! Don’t miss this highly anticipated, ABSOLUTELY ONLY ONCE A YEAR, Warehouse Clearance Sale. Wonderful, colourful fashion accessories – samples, seconds and end of line – also many fabrics – free gifts* – early bird specials – free lollies!

9459 9782


Remastered Jewellery, Textiles & Art A Japanese inspired emporium with an industrial vintage edge. Local and International designers create handmade Clothes, Jewellery, Hats, Accessories, Handbags, Homewares, Furniture and more....

03 9718 2929 Open every day 20 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013 802 Main Road Hurstbridge



■ Melbourne Dance Theatre, 25 Brougham Street, Eltham. May 5, 11am-3pm. 1300 326 234.

A STREET PARTY WITH JULIE GOODWIN The inaugural winner of Australia’s MasterChef, Julie Goodwin, is launching her book, Gather, this week. Following MasterChef, Goodwin has enjoyed a lucrative career, writing a monthly column for the Australian Women’s Weekly, appearing on Today and becoming a bestselling author. Her first book, Our Family Table, is one of the highest-selling cookbooks in Australian history, followed by her second cookbook, Heart of the Home, in 2011. Gather was written with the aim of bringing people together through food and the act of sharing a meal. Goodwin will be appearing at Eltham library (for an afternoon picnic from 2-3pm), then at Ivanhoe library. She will be signing her books, which are also available for purchase on the day. ■ Ivanhoe Library, 255 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. May 6, 4.30-5.30pm. 9497 5780.

build bridges of understanding about acts of salvation, caring and spiritual growth. The concert includes a delicious afternoon tea, and a gold coin donation is asked. ■ Greensborough Salvation Army, Glendale Road and Flodden Way, Briar Hill. May 10, 1.45pm. 9717 3243. MaRKETS



aUTUMN MaKERS MaRKET OLYMPIC VILLAGE AUTUMN MAKERS MARKET If there’s not a creative bone in your body, fear not, because there’s plenty going around in your local community. The Autumn Makers Market will showcase creative handmade merchandise from local artisans and craft makers. It’s a great opportunity to find something

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is now available! iPhone is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc.

talKs & deMonstrations EAT FAT BE THIN While the title Eat Fat Be Thin sounds like the essential


PADDY’S ELTHAM MARKET Following a tradition of nearly 60 years, on the first Saturday of May, Paddy’s Market again will offer amazing wares and bargains to the community, with all proceeds going to local community groups and services. There will be stalls of trash’n’treasure, clothing for children, men and women, toys, handcrafted goods, accessories, shoes, books, vinyls, DVDs, CDs, homegrown plants and produce, cakes, biscuits and baked goods, chutneys, relishes, sauces and jams, and in true market tradition, a sausage sizzle. ■ Scout Hall, Youth Road, Eltham. May 4, 10am-1pm. MotHer’s day storytiMe 9431 0102.

oxymoron, Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist Natalie Kringoudis and health writer and TV presenter Andi Lew have joined forces to prove how this is actually the case. Good fats are essential to health and can contribute to weight loss, and their simple and scientific approach makes it easy to see why eating fat doesn’t make you fat. They’ll be doing a cooking demonstration of one of their delectable, guilt-free desserts. Bookings are essential. ■ Eltham Library, Panther Place, Eltham. May 7, 7pm. 9439 9266. CHildren A VERY SPECIAL MOTHER’S DAY STORY In a special story time to celebrate the blessing and beauty of mothers

and grandmothers, and the love they share with their children and grandchildren, author Corinne Fenton will appear at the Diamond Valley Library. Her celebrated picture book Hey Baby has warmed the hearts of kids and adults everywhere, with its beautiful message of unconditional love and gorgeous photographs of kittens, elephants, monkeys and zebras. Expect a memorable morning of activities, stories, songs and more. ■ Diamond Valley Library, Civic Drive, Greensborough. May 7, 10.30am. 9434 3809. CHarity & aWareness SCHIZY WEEK JAM In recognition of Schizophrenia Awareness Week, this Jam is being held at 303 Bar in Northcote. It will be an afternoon of amazing acoustic music to honour and celebrate those who have schizophrenia, performed by some of Melbourne’s finest artists and bands. The theme is “He, she, them, us” because no one should be left behind. Drinks will be served throughout the afternoon and, to top

eXHiBitions CARNIVOROUS – ANN CURRY The best kind of art is that which makes you think and reflect – on yourself or the world around you. Ann Curry paints with a deliberate naivety, and tells her stories in an expressionist or post-impressionist manner. After experimenting with collage and monoprinting techniques, Curry has produced a series of sharp, thought-provoking images of animals to comment on society, and specifically issues of food production. ■ Eltham Library Community Gallery, 1 Panther Place, Eltham. May 9, 10am. 9433 3131. / COMPILED BY PRISCILLA MOCA

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off the jam, the comedic talents of Sandy Jeffs and Beth Wilson will be harnessed. There will also be visual artists showcasing their magnificent works, and Ant’s Patient Pals visiting dogs will undoubtedly warm your heart. A gold coin donation is asked. ■ 303 Bar, 303 High Street, Northcote. May 18, 2-5pm. 9326 9970.

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original and amazing for this Mother’s Day, or just something for yourself. There’ll be live music performances, interactive workshops, children’s activities and a barbecue. ■ Olympic Village, Southern Road and Moresby Court, Heidelberg West. May 4, 10am-2pm. 0468 433 680.

73 Martins Lane Viewbank | 9458 3387 | G5404719AA-v26Sep

Great teachers. Great education. Great opportunities.

9031 03/13

Tour Opportunity SENIOR AND MIDDLE SCHOOL – MONDAY 6 MAY Tour departs from the Performing Arts Centre at 9.30am

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A CO-EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL IN THE ANGLICAN TRADITION – EARLY LEARNING TO YEAR 12 Yarra Valley Grammar Kalinda Road Ringwood Victoria 3134 Telephone 03 9262 7700 Email CRICOS NO. 00356E

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 21

class acts \ Cheryl CritChley meets stefanie Plavoulis

At school I now study … year 8 middle school.

teacher or even a volunteer, I know that my future is to be there to help children.

My community involvement includes … I am passionate in helping others where I can and donate clothes and food to the underprivileged, locally and “Anyone internationally. Since my mum was who helps diagnosed with cancer three years ago I have been actively involved others, in in the Cancer Council’s Relay for my eyes, is a Life, raising money for research and hero” prevention of cancer.

My favourite part of school (and why) is … the opportunities. Every day is unique. Being a part of the Eltham College middle years community, I have enjoyed working at the coffee shop in the hospitality centre (Swiper’s Gully Restaurant) and being a part of the house music competition (which is a traditional and unique production that the students have full responsibility for). My favourite part of school is knowing that every day I am allowed to voice my opinion and am treated as a young adult.

My main responsibilities in these roles are … I have led a team in raising money for Relay for Life. My main responsibility is to lead my team in fund-raising activities, which include chocolate drives, reaching out to local businesses, holding pizza and poker nights and trivia nights. My team, The Fighters have raised over $25,000 in the fight against cancer.

The least fun part of school is … apart from the obvious – tests and rules – there isn’t much else. In general, school for me is fun. I am able to balance the fun parts and the not-so-fun parts. When I finish school I want to be … I’d love to do anything that would work with or help children. Children need a voice and unfortunately a lot of times they do not have one. Whether it is as a doctor, politician, a

22 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

Stefanie (right) with fellow student Lara Winter.

Are Australians volunteering enough? Australia is a lucky country and one of the things I love about Australians is how we all come together when our fellow Australians need us. However, on a daily basis I think we get caught up in our routines and we can forget that the average person needs our help. Should celebrities be linked to charities? Yes. Celebrities have high profiles and huge fan bases, which makes it easier to bring awareness to charities. My community hero is ... all communities have heroes. Anyone that takes time out to help others, in my eyes, is a hero. Are politicians doing enough for the underprivileged? If the politicians were doing enough, then no one would be underprivileged. I don’t really understand politics; however, I know that Australia is the lucky country and I find it very sad that so many people are underprivileged.

stEFaNIE Pla VOUlIs School \ Eltham Year \ 8

If I was prime minister for a day I would … ensure that Australians’ needs are being met and their voices are being heard. \

College, Rese arch

(IstoCkphot o / thInkstoC k)


My first memory of school is … walking into the Prep House at Eltham College. There was a little kitchen inside that we cooked in and a lounge area upstairs that we could use for quiet reading time. It really felt like home.



Volkswagen Up fiVe-door What is it? The cheapest Volkswagen of all. What’s in it? A 55-kilowatt one-litre three-cylinder with a five-speed manual. is it thirsty? I used 5.7 litres per 100 km in the city, 4.3 in the country. The official combined figure is 4.9. Drive away


he Up is a surprising car. The best surprise is the economy, it’s brilliant. But the biggest surprise is that the Up doesn’t know it’s such a small car. Cars of this size can get a little wayward at freeway speeds, and quite noisy. Generally they’re not nice once out of the city. But at 100 km/h the Up is solid and no noisier than plenty of big cars. At 120, however, noise rises. You don’t want to go any faster. It rides surprisingly well for something of this size, but chuck it into a challenging corner and you quickly find its limits. It’s not as solid as VW’s Golf or even the Polo, and it’s easy to get understeer, where the front wheels skate ahead, something to think about if the road’s wet. The little three-cylinder is a valiant trier and ever enthusiastic, but its promises are beyond its abilities. You think you’re going hard until you realise all the other cars are still with you. And on There’s a the highway you need to be in the lot of bare right gear to overtake, and have metal in the and dry when you need solid go and a generous length of clear road. Decent hills require a down-shift. the revs aren’t right. cabin Not surprisingly, there’s no auto It will appeal to people who enjoy transmission available. Anyway, the driving. For everyone else it doesn’t Up is from Europe, where 80 per cent of make a lot of sense; it’s expensive and basic buyers choose manual. both in equipment and finish. There’s a lot of But it’s this very lack of power that makes bare metal in the cabin and few little niceties. the car such fun. You can wring its neck and By far the most annoying thing to me was the not break any laws. Note, however, the motor’s lack of centre console ventilation outlets. severe lack of torque, which leaves you high The seats are thin but not bad, the rear is

for kids. The boot is very narrow but quite deep – maybe one mid-size suitcase inserted vertically. But there’s a full-size spare under the floor. I enjoyed my time in the car immensely, but then I enjoy driving. If you buy a car to get from A to B and nothing more, there are better deals to be found among Mazdas, Hyundais and Mitsubishis. \


thumbs up Fuel economy, fun to drive and it’s a Volkswagen. thumbs DoWn basic interior, no centre air vents and it’s spartan for the price. * These are manufacturer’s list prices.

things you DiDn’t knoW about motoring ... The carbon fibre disc brake rotors of formula one race cars take six months to hand build, cost about $10,000 and can reach 1000 degrees centigrade. They last a couple of hours.

designerknitwearsale Mother’s Day Special


From 23 April to 30 June 341 Settlement Road, Thomastown


Bargains include: skirts, cardigans, vests and jumpers for ladies and men, samples, production over-runs & designer label garments Major Credit Cards Welcome | Proudly Australian Made


Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 23

best green beLt

properties Agents index BARRY PLANT BUNDOORA






















We love it \ 27




rriving at the open house at this property is a bit like going to the cinema on Boxing Day; there is a queue to get inside. The stream of families, with children and grandparents in tow, is constant. People are working their phones and talking in lowered, hushed voices. Mums and dads are huddled in serious, deliberative conversations. What is it about this house that makes it such a blockbuster? Some buyers are drawn to the flat backyard and are commenting on the privacy, others are loitering in the commercial-sized kitchen, clearly picturing themselves cooking up a storm. Some buyers are even discussing the property’s good feng shui. With the front door on an angle and a floor plan that flows, the property is said to have very positive chi. While each buyer has particular interests and tastes, the popularity of this 15-year-old property must surely boil down to a couple of simple factors – functionality and size. These factors quite obviously go hand-in-hand. Properties that are too big can lose their purpose. Their liveability is compromised and they can require a whole army of cleaners to stay in good shape. Yet properties that are just large enough function well. They are easy to live in because everyone has space of their own and space to come together. There are spaces for entertaining friends, and spaces for relaxing in front of the TV after the kids have gone to bed. There is enough space to show off your stuff, but also enough to hide your stuff away. This property has all of the above without the extra room that can make a house just too big for most families’ needs and too ostentatious for most people’s tastes. It begins with an iron gate and a perfectly paved driveway and forecourt, which provides plenty of additional parking for guests. Neatly trimmed hedges guide you to the light-filled entrance hall, which is crowned by double-height ceilings. The nearby lounge is not only for showcasing your finest furniture and homewares, it is also a practical space for

final word

The real estate cover story (right), We Love It property reviews on the following pages have been visited by TWR journalists. Agents’ Choices and Out of Town are promotions provided by the selling agent.

“Spacious, ample living zones to suit today’s modern family.” Liz Walker – agent

Nelson Alexander \ 9490 2900

Free! DownloaD our app! search for properties to buy, rent & share. Available from itunes 24 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

entertaining and relaxing. Bring your guests in here after dinner for dessert, or retreat to this space with a cup of tea while the kids are watching cartoons in another room. The nearby dining room is just the right size with just the right finishes to make it ideal for all occasions. The study is also nestled down here. With a powder room nearby, this space could be easily transformed into a bedroom for guests or extended family. The tiled hallway spills out into the large family hub at the rear of the house. The curvaceous green granite bench in the kitchen instantly grabs your attention. The Miele appliances include a big gas cooktop and a dual-drawer dishwasher. For extra storage, there is a butler’s pantry across the hall in the laundry. In the family hub, there is a Heat & Glo fireplace for winter, while in summer you can slide open the glass doors and let in the warm breeze. Depending on the size of your guest list, you can entertain on the covered verandah or on the paved patio next to the big wood-fired pizza oven. Kids can run amok on the Astroturf play area while dad washes the car on the paved area at the side of the house. Views of the backyard are best enjoyed from the main bedroom. A vast bay window brings the morning light inside this truly luxurious 37-square metre space. It includes a walk-in wardrobe and an en suite with twin vanities. Ideal for families with young children, the main bathroom has a large spa with steps up to help the little ones get in. It has also been designed to allow them plenty of space to change and dry. The three other bedrooms open to the large retreat area, which is big enough to accommodate desks for studying and couches for when the homework is done. The other reason this house attracts so many potential buyers is, of course, its Ivanhoe address. The property is close to Seddon Reserve and Darebin Parklands and is also a short walk from Ivanhoe’s town centre. \ LIAM CARTER

Price \ $1 million – $1.05 million

Auction \ May 4 at 3pm

Fast facts \ 15-year-old double-storey house on 775-square metre block; close to parklands and bike trail; double garage with internal access; large and luxurious lounge and dining room; light-filled family hub; granite and Miele kitchen; private and flat backyard with pizza oven and outdoor entertainment areas; upstairs retreat; vast main bedroom with en suite and walk-in wardrobe; security system, ducted heating and refrigerated cooling. Ivanhoe \ 8kms from the city




may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 25

viEwBANk \ 12 eaMon Drive

Recycled red bricks provide the structure for this four-bedroom house. With an elevated street frontage of about 60 metres, it has an imposing street presence, softened by the warm, textured brick. Its lock-up double garage, accessed by a sweeping driveway that also leads to a double carport, will

impress tradies and hobbyists. Inside, the red brick continues to feature. A huge open-plan lounge, dining and kitchen on entry have a pitched white ceiling offsetting the warm red tones nicely. The lounge area has a gas log fire, and a timber bar gives it kudos as an entertainment space. The large kitchen has plenty of cabinetry and a front garden view.


Fletchers \ 9430 1111





Sliding doors access a north-facing rear courtyard with easy-maintenance gardens. Bedrooms are zoned, three with built-in wardrobes are in the south-east corner of the house and share a nearby bathroom. The main bedroom, with built-in wardrobes and an en suite, takes the opposite, north-west, corner. Both bathrooms have been updated including

Price \ $500,000 – $550,000

Auction \ May 4 at 2pm

BUNDOORA \ 23 Murragong avenue

ST HELENA \ 53 Maxine Drive

Barry Plant \ 9467 5444

Barry Plant \ 9431 1222

Price \ $500,000 +

Auction \ May 4 at 2pm

striking black stone vanities and sunken sinks. Many useful extras have already been taken care of, including ceiling fans, split systems, skylights and extra storage adjoining the garage. There is plenty of scope to update here inside and out but, as a solid and warm home with plenty of space, it will appeal to first-home buyers and families. \ EMMA HOUGHTON

Price \ $820,000 – $890,000

Sale by Set Date \ May 14 at 6pm

It’s obvious from the outset this house has been lavished with attention and meticulously maintained. With polished floorboards throughout, the entry leads to a formal lounge featuring an electric fireplace and built-in shelves. From here a door opens to a light-filled meals area, big enough to seat 10 or more, half open to the modern kitchen with ample bench space and adjoining walk-in pantry. There are four large bedrooms, all with built-in wardrobes, plus an additional fifth bedroom or office. The largest bedroom is accessed from outdoors or the garage, offering an en suite and privacy. The main bathroom is clean cut and spacious, with a separate toilet. Outside is a paved entertaining area, covered by a pergola, and overlooks the garden with its pond and palm trees. There are hedges and a white fence, adding to the house’s privacy. Extra features include ducted heating, split-system cooling and a rainwater tank. There’s also a double garage and an outdoor storage room. It’s moments from shops, schools and Bundoora Square. \ PRISCILLA MOCA

Built in 1990, this updated house is set well back from the street, offering a high level of privacy. It has been recently repainted and has high ceilings, new carpets and sandstone floor tiles. The carpeted lounge and a study area is at the entrance and has an open fireplace. It steps up to the main hub of the house, where all the action happens. The renovated kitchen has a pale green feature wall, a skylight, CaesarStone benchtops and stainless-steel appliances. The meals area enjoys views of the well-maintained and trimmed backyard; this can be reached from the family room and rumpus area that open onto the new deck, which has views of the swim spa and landscaped surrounds. This outdoor entertainment area has a clear plastic roof and café-style blinds that can be rolled down on cooler nights. The main bedroom is at the front and has an updated en suite and walk-in wardrobe. Three more bedrooms have built-in wardrobes and share a bathroom. This house also has evaporative cooling and gas ducted heating. \ BIANCA VILLAROSA







26 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013





ivanhoe \ 2/101 Green Street A zoned single-storey floor plan, large living spaces and abundant storage options are winning features of this boutique house that adjoins parkland. As the rear residence in a subdivision of two, it is set back from the street and has the benefit of Seddon Reserve over the back fence. A contemporary grey façade has a striking tall timber front door and highlight windows. Black-edged windows in the large open-plan kitchen, meals and living room frame glossy rich floorboards and white interiors. Bifold doors extend this space for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. A deck with timber-lined roof and downlights sits in front of a water feature wall. The parkland behind ensures privacy and nothing to crowd your treetop and sky views. The kitchen is well integrated into the open-plan space with a CaesarStone island bench, a wall of cabinets, Miele stainless-steel appliances and a mirrored splashback that reflects the garden view. Two bedrooms with built-in wardrobes line the west wall of the house and share the main bathroom. The main bedroom in the other direction has a fitted walk-in wardrobe and a luxury en suite with a stone double vanity and oversized walk-in shower. An impressively large galley laundry has lots of storage cupboards and accesses both the garden and the double garage, where further storage options will delight. \ EMMA HOUGHTON






we love it

Miles \ 9497 3222

Price \ About $750,000

Auction \ May 11 at 1pm

agents’ cho i ce POSTCODE


Morrison Kleeman Eltham 9431 2444 3





Darren Jones 9432 2544 2





Fletchers Eltham 9430 1111 2





Barry Plant Ivanhoe 9499 7992 3



1/91 Park Road, Eltham ................................................................. Price: $620,000 - $670,000 ................................................................. For sale ................................................................. OFI Sat 3.30-4pm .................................................................

3/3 Hoban Avenue, Montmorency ................................................................. Price: $360,000 - $390,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 25 at 12.30pm ................................................................. OFI Wed 5-5.30pm, Sat 10-10.30am .................................................................

2/17 Warwick Road, Greensborough ................................................................. Price: $360,000 - $390,000 ................................................................. Private sale ................................................................. OFI Sat 1-1.30pm .................................................................

35 Outhwaite Road, Heidelberg Heights ................................................................. Price: $465,000 ................................................................. For sale ................................................................. OFI Thur 12.45-1.15pm; Sat 9.45-10.15am .................................................................

This easy-care haven on three generous levels, set behind landscaped gardens and with its own street frontage is a very attractive prospect indeed.

With free-flowing living areas, a decked outdoor zone and gated parking, this twobedroom house matches proportions with position for comfortable, convenient living.

This superbly presented house, currently leased until October, offers a thoughtful layout with a focus on comfort and convenience.

This stylish and modern townhouse with many special features has private outdoor spaces and a generous layout ideal for relaxed living and entertaining.

Let's eat lunch @ Burger Lounge, 902 Main Road Let's eat dinner @ Alta Vita, 5/906 Main Road Let's drink coffee @ Volumes, 70 Commerical Place

Let's eat lunch @ Café Mudd, 12 Were Street Let's eat dinner @ Na Songkhla Thai, 40 Were Street Let's drink coffee @ Cherry Red Café, 61 Were Street

Let's eat lunch @ Urban Grooves, 99 Grimshaw Street Let's eat dinner @ Oriental Jade, 84 Main Street Let's drink coffee @ Jamaica Blue, 25 Main Street

Let's eat lunch @ Café Matto, 136 Burgundy Street Let's eat dinner @ Cellini, 191 Burgundy Street Let's drink coffee @ Café Burgundy, 138 Burgundy Street may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 27

ROSANNA \ 10 Jones CresCent

Hocking Stuart \ 9499 5611

DOREEN \ 12 Marengo avenue

Price \ $550,000 – $600,000

Auction \ May 4 at 11am

Fletchers \ 9430 1111 Price \ $380,000 – $440,000 Expressions of Interest \ Closing May 7 at 5pm

Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t always easy – unless you can get your hands on this three-bedroom family house. The owners have extended and remodelled the floor plan over the years to accommodate their growing family. Slate tiles and timber beams that have been repainted set the scene inside this tidy 1950s house. A formal living and dining area with an open fireplace and cream-coloured carpet connects to the tiled kitchen. It has stainless-steel appliances, a large pantry and is near the family and meals area. The outdoor dining space, with bluestone paving, offers another place to relax with family and friends. Tall trees in the backyard provide welcome shade. The main bedroom is the pick of the bunch; it’s the biggest of the three and has built-in wardrobes. A second bedroom also has built-in wardrobes. All three share two toilets, a shower room and the family bathroom that has a bathtub. The property also offers ample off-street parking and is minutes from Rosanna village and public transport. \ BIANCA VILLAROSA

Just over two years old, this contemporary residence has served its owners well. The interior follows a neutral colour scheme and has polished floorboards. The main bedroom is first off the hall, which opens to an adjoining lounge then leads to the open-plan living area. The kitchen has stainless-steel appliances, a tiled splashback and a walk-in pantry. It overlooks the meals and family zone, which opens to the covered outdoor entertainment space that looks out to the low-maintenance garden. There’s plenty of room for the kids to play but there are also parks nearby. The main bedroom at the entrance has a taupe-coloured feature wall, an en suite and a walk-in wardrobe. Three other bedrooms have built-in wardrobes. One has pale blue-coloured walls and all three share a separate toilet and a bathroom. Other benefits include block-out blinds, ducted heating and evaporative cooling. This house is close to the Doreen shops and schools. \ BIANCA VILLAROSA







FORESt hiLL \ 1/19 vanBrooK street




Price \ $470,000 – $510,000



Fletchers \ 8833 8888


Barry Plant Eltham 9431 1222 4





Miles Real Estate 9497 3222 4



38 Midland Road, Doreen ................................................................. Price: $395,000 - $435,000 ................................................................. Sale by Negotiation ................................................................. OFI Sat 12.30-1pm .................................................................

5 Hartley Court, Rosanna ................................................................. Price: $770,000 - $830,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 25 at noon ................................................................. OFI Thu 6-6.30pm; Sat 11-11.30am .................................................................

In a quiet pocket of the Ridge Estate on a 603sqm (approx) block, this contemporary house delivers a low-maintenance lifestyle creating the ultimate family haven.

An exceptional house, seamlessly adjoining and overlooking the tranquil native treed expanses of Rosanna Parklands and close to Golf Links Estate.

Let's eat lunch @ O'Sole Mio Pizza, 100a Hazel Glen Dve Let's eat dinner @ Uday Indian Restaurant, Hazel Glen Dve Let's drink coffee @ Eliza Billie Café, 95 Hazel Glen Dve

Let's eat lunch @ Toti's, 46-48 Beetham Parade Let's eat dinner @ Byzantine, 76 Turnham Avenue Let's drink coffee @ Scooters, 133 Lwr Plenty Road

Auction \ May 4 at 1pm

Six years of renovations, professional landscaping and interior decorating ensure the new owners of this three-bedroom house can move in without having to lift a finger. Carpet-like Sir Walter buffalo lawn in the front garden is intersected by a timber-decked walkway to the front door. The house was built in the 1960s, but once inside its age becomes more ambiguous. In the lounge an antique fireplace takes centre stage, with its green tiles and beautiful timber mantel. Corner windows ensure light fills this room, which also has a study nook in one corner. The meals area and kitchen share a large space, which receives northern sunlight through a big window overlooking the backyard, where a huge elm tree creates a gorgeous view. While some rooms have a touch of old-world charm, with ceiling cornices and stained-glass windows, the kitchen has had a modern makeover and is decked out with European appliances. A large, elevated deck was a recent add-on and is a great spot for year-round entertaining, with a ceiling fan and café-style lighting. \ LExI COttEE






28 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

ELTHAM NORTH \ 24 sherbrooke street

BUNDOORA \ 12 Leonard CresCent

wE LOv E iT Morrison Kleeman \ 9431 2444

Price \ $790,000+

Auction \ May 4 at 1pm

Darren Jones \ 9432 2544

Price \ $430,000 – $480,000

Auction \ May 11 at 12.30pm

Eltham North is well known for large blocks with big houses. Set on a 2020-square metre allotment, this spacious family house was built in 1984 and features raked timber ceilings and exposed brick walls. The house is next door to a nature reserve and has uninterrupted views of the tall native trees from the large outdoor entertainment area – the best spot to enjoy the sunset. It’s covered by clear plastic roofing and can be reached from the lounge, which has a wood heater and a wet bar. The lounge also steps up to the kitchen, with Miele stainless-steel appliances, and the informal meals area. A formal dining room is nearby. The main bedroom off the entry has an updated en suite and built-in wardrobes. Upstairs are two more bedrooms with built-in wardrobes that are separated by a bathroom. A study downstairs can also be set up as a bedroom if guests stay over. There’s plenty of under-house storage and a double lock-up garage. Eltham station and the Main Road shops are close by. \ BIANCA VILLAROSA

It’s all about crisp, stylish features and modern ambiance in this contemporary house, which has had a recent refurbishment. Its rendered façade relays the same elegance that lies within, with its new polished floorboards and window furnishings, and fresh paint throughout. There are efficient LED lights inside and out and the kitchen is a standout, showcasing waterfall CaesarStone benchtops and Omega and Bosch appliances. It adjoins the meals area, which folds out seamlessly to a huge, elevated deck. This area is covered and features audio-visual installations. There’s also lawn for pets and play, and to the side there’s a double garage and shed. The living area is light-filled and generous. There are three spacious bedrooms, two with built-in wardrobes, with the third in a good position for use as a study or guest room. The bathroom has new and luxury fixtures and an extra-large glass shower, and there is a separate toilet. The house has ducted heating and cooling throughout, and it’s just minutes from Bundoora Square and local schools. \ PRISCILLA MOCA









Miles Real Estate 9497 3222 3



3/17 Jellicoe Street, Ivanhoe ................................................................. Price: $580,000 - $610,000 ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 11 at noon ................................................................. OFI Thur 3.30-4pm, Sat 11-11.30am .................................................................







Nelson Alexander Ivanhoe 9490 2900 3



28 Ormond Rd, Eaglemont ................................................................. Price: $1.2 million - $1.3 million ................................................................. Auction Saturday May 18 at 1pm ................................................................. OFI Thur 2.15-2.45pm; Sat 1.15-1.45pm .................................................................

HEIDELBERG WEST 4 Pandanus Court The perfect low-maintenance lifestyle package is no longer elusive. You can expect nothing but the best with this immaculate rear three-bedroom villa unit.

This is an exclusive opportunity in an idyllic family neighbourhood. Land size: 901sqm (approx).

Let's eat lunch @ Ivanhoe Hotel, 120 Upr Heid'brg Road Let's eat dinner @ Romano's Pizza, 137 Upr Heid'brg Road Let's drink coffee @ Rocket, 144 Upr Heid'brg Road

Let's eat lunch @ Dish, 72 Silverdale Road Let's eat dinner @ Eaglemont Cellars, 82 Silverdale Road Let's drink coffee @ Dish, 72 Silverdale Road




Sensational Character and Charm Fall in love with this delightful fully refurbished cottage nestled quietly in a court just minutes to Malahang Reserve with renovated studio retreat. Potential to add another dwelling at the rear (STPA)Land 610m2 approx

Ivanhoe 26 Seddon Street 9499 1276

Auction Sat 11 May, 1.30pm View Thurs 5.30-6.00pm - Sat 12.0012.30pm Prue Jones 0419 352 439 Ivanhoe 9499 1276

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 29



2/8 Edward Street

AUCTION Saturday 25th May at 1.00pm

Whether you’re looking for a permanent residence or a savvy investment, this middle unit (1 of 3), is most worthy of your attention. It presents in immaculate condition and offers lounge plus a family/meals area that’s ideal for those who need to keep an eye on a young child or grandchild while preparing the daily meals. A welcoming single-level unit that makes you feel right at home, just a leisurely stroll from shops, cafés, train and buses to many destinations including Northland S.C. Features: Spacious lounge room, Kitchen with large pantry & quality appliances, Adjoining family/meals area, Master bedroom (access to 2-way bathroom), Two more bedrooms, Paved private courtyard, Ducted heating, evaporative cooling, Auto double garage.



23 Nillumbik Square

INSPECTION THURSDAY 4.00 - 4.30pm SATURDAY 1.00 - 1.30pm

$400,000 plus buyers 20:C8 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough 9435 0999

SALE BY TENDER Closing Tuesday 4th June at 6pm (Unless sold prior)

Set at the end of a quiet court & on the high side of the road is this large family home which has plenty of space for everyone. Enormous sized block planted with both native and deciduous trees, with plenty of space for a tennis court or pool. Features: Huge master bedroom with ensuite and WIR, 2 generous size bedrooms with BIRs, Open plan kitchen/meals area, Formal Lounge/ Dining, Oversize family bathroom with shower, bath and dual basins, Separate powder room, Extremely usable and large backyard 1380 m² (approx), 2 Studies/Sewing rooms, Polished Floorboards, Rumpus Room, Workshop space for the tradie, 3 Car Remote Garage with internal access, Remote garage access to backyard, Alfresco area, Ducted Heating/Cooling & Vacuum.

INSPECTION SATURDAY 12.00 - 12.30pm 30 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

Quote Melway Contact Office Phone

Quote $550,000 plus buyers Melway 12:F5 Land size 1380m2 approx William Keleher 0408 006 273 Office 1004 Main Road, Eltham Phone 9439 4022

Auction this Saturday MONTMORENCY


1/2 Robert Street

Fantastically positioned at the end of a peaceful cul-de-sac, overlooking Petrie Park next door and minutes from an array of lifestyle options this home boasts an idyllic lifestyle. Features: Resurfaced modern kitchen, 3 well sized bdrs, all with BIRs, 2-way bathroom, D/H, evap cooling, alarm system, soar panels, water tank, SLUG & ample storage.



3/3 Airlie Road

A lifestyle exuding convenience at every turn awaits first homebuyers, empty nesters and astute investors, given the standout location that comes attached with this immaculately presented unit. Feature: Spacious open living with new carpet, spotless kitchen, 2 robed bedrooms with dual entry bathroom, D/H, air-con & good sized private courtyard.

AUCTION Auction Saturday 4th May at 12.00pm Melway 21:E6 Contact Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Simon McEvoy 0412 319 046 Office Cnr Were & Rattray Rd, Montmorency Phone 9434 6666 INSPECT THUR 4 - 4.30pm SAT 11.30 - 12.00pm

FORTHCOMING AUCTION Quote $360,000 plus buyers Melway 21:B7 Contact Scott Nugent 0438 054 993 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 11 - 11.30am



40 Elder Street

Roll up your sleeves & reap the rewards with this sound brick veneer residence only a short stroll to all services. Features: 3 Spacious bedrooms, sunlit open plan lounge, PFBs, ample off street parking, large rear yard & potential for dual occupancy (STCA).



AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 18th May at 1.00pm $350,000 plus buyers 20:F4 Land size 700m2 approx Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Stuart Buckingham 0411743336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 1.00 - 1.30pm

4/6 Papua Street

Fresh and stylish, this 2 years (approx) young unit offers a marvellous private retreat at the rear of 4, designed to complement a carefree lifestyle for the fussy first home buyer, downsizer or smart investor. Features: Open plan living/dining, modern s/s kitchen, 3 bedrooms, master with BIR & ens, modern full bathroom, European laundry, D/H, evap cooling & auto SLUG and extra parking space.

AUCTION Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 18th May at 12.00pm $430,000 plus buyers 20:F4 Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 4 - 4.30pm SAT 11 - 11.30am may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 31



191 Grimshaw Street (Access via Adeline Street)

Give me some lovin…………..Freshly painted and with new carpets laid, this subdivided corner home offers immediate comfort with the potential to whet the appetite and stir the creative juices of first homebuyers & investors to add immediate value. Features: Spacious lounge, tidy original kitchen, meals/family, 3 bedrooms plus study, 2 bathrooms, D/H, ceiling fans, entertaining deck, double garage via side street.



Auction Quote Melway Contact

Saturday 11th May at 12.00pm $300,000 plus buyers 20:G2 Land size 490m2 approx Craig Frost 0413 018 033 Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 4 - 4.30pm SAT 1 - 1.30pm

8/459 Waterdale Road

If value for money, location and presentation are at the top of your list, this property, quietly set well back from the street, is for you. Features: 2 Bdrs, living/dining area, PFBs, appealing kitchen, central bathroom, separate toilet, private courtyard, single carport & shed. With Schools, transport Austin hospital & La Trobe Uni close by.


Auction Quote Melway Contact


Saturday 11th May at 1.00pm $270,000 plus buyers 19:G12 David Oakley 0439 397 284 Scott Anderson 0412 855 775 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 4 - 4.30pm SAT 11 - 11.30am



1/2 Airlie Road

A priceless location offering easy access to all services including trendy Were Street will prick the ears of those who are searching for a solid investment or simply something affordable to live in. Features: Formal lounge and separate dining room, refreshed kitchen/meals, 2 robed bdrs, bathroom, separate toilet, GDH, a/c, communal swimming pool, timber deck access to SLUG, extra parking, storage & freshly painted.



Quote $360,000 plus buyers Melway 21:B7 Contact Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 Sue Stone 0416 055 159 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 12 - 12.30pm

1, 2 & 3/53 Lorimer Street

Look no Further - These townhouses & single level villa unit are built the old fashioned way –1 Fastidious local builder. Features: Open plan kitchen/meals/living areas, Tasmanian Oak floors, Caesar stone benchtops & Merbau decks. Your choice of 2 x 3 bedroom townhouses & 1 x 2 bedroom single level unit. 32 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013



Quote From $490,000 plus buyers Melway 20:H6 Contact Stuart Buckingham 0411 743 336 David Oakley 0439 397 284 Office 104 Grimshaw St, Greensborough Phone 9435 0999 INSPECT THUR 5 - 5.30pm SAT 1 - 1.30pm

BUNDOORA 27 Velvet Avenue "All Class" Boasting sublime open plan living with quality class design and fit out! Large inviting formal lounge, all elegance to formal dining, stylish large modern two-Pac kitchen with (SS) appliances, granite bench tops, featured sliding glass door paneling to extended light filled open family/ meals, adjoining large rumpus allows for total versatility, quality sliding doors lead out to amazing entertaining zone with feature wall and manicured gardens providing the perfect backdrop for alfresco dining. Upstairs 4 great size bedrooms, with huge ensuite and WIRs to master, further living area or kids retreat and quality central bathroom. Further features include ducted heating & cooling,centerpiece double sided open fire place,double garage & high ceilings (2.7m). Simply impressive!

4 Saturday 18th May at 2pm INSPECT



Thursday 6:45-7:15pm Saturday 2:00-2:30pm Photo ID required


David Moxon 0413 673 636 Michael Egan 0409 416 546 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 2


WATSONIA NORTH 23 Huntley Street Home sweet home! This cherished warm and inviting home offers superb lifestyle in sought after Watsonia North address. Boasting two large separate living areas with formal lounge that leads through to large meals and superb bright kitchen with an abundance of bench and cupboard space (DW), open plan living with servery overlooking family area. 5 large bedrooms all with BIR (or 4 plus study) are serviced by 2 bathrooms. Further features include ducted heating, evaporative cooling, quality fixtures and fittings, huge garage and workshop, easy access to all amenities, landscaped manicured gardens providing the perfect back drop for alfresco dining and entertaining. It just feels like home! Come see.

4 Saturday 18th May at 12pm INSPECT



Thursday 5:00-5:30pm Saturday 11:00-11:30am Photo ID required


Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Leanne Joyce 0411 275 131 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

1 1

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 33


BUNDOORA 25 Ledbury Court ´Great Lifestyle in Jennings Estate´ Boasting large formal lounge, fully equipped kitchen with plenty cupboard and bench space adjacent is open family/meals area with high ceilings, and then step down to further living/games or study room. 3 great size bedrooms with BIRs, ducted heating, ducted cooling, hard wood floors under existing carpets allows for easy transformation. Large outdoor entertaining area further enhances lifestyle options, ideal for alfresco dining and entertaining. Landscaped manicured gardens, huge driveway and garage allow for ideal car accommodation, easy access to Gresswell Forest, Loyola college and Latrobe University, large block allows for further improvements if desired. Perfect for 1st home buyers or investors, inspection will impress.

3 Saturday 4th May at 1pm INSPECT

Wednesday 5:00-5:30pm Saturday 12:30-1:00pm Photo ID required


David Moxon 0413 673 636 Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

1 1 1 1


BUNDOORA 9 Walden Court Optimal living plus! This magnificent double-storey home truly provides the lifestyle you are after. Boasting polished boards, separate living areas with formal lounge and bright family/dining area, large modern hostess kitchen overlooking a magnificent covered decking area ideal for alfresco dining and entertaining. 4 double bedrooms, 1 located on ground level and 3 upstairs are serviced by two bathrooms. This splendid home features a double lock-up garage, great floor plan and quality fixtures and fittings. Situated on great size land of 652sqm whilst offering a brilliant location to match - close to shops, transport, schools and parks, you will be searching high and low to find another home that ticks so many boxes!

4 Saturday 4th May at 12pm

Bundoora 9467 5444 4 / 1177 Plenty Road 34 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013


Thursday 6:00-6:30pm Saturday 11:30-12:00pm Photo ID required


Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Leanne Joyce 0411 275 131 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

2 2 2

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE


BUNDOORA 23 Murragong Avenue "Much much more than a pretty face!" Loved and cherished home boasting stunning polished boards and versatile floor plan with formal entry leading to warm inviting formal lounge with centre piece OFP, modern kitchen with abundance of bench space and walk in pantry, adjoining large family/meals creates open plan living with an abundance of natural light. 4 large bedrooms plus huge home office or 5th bedroom if desired, external bedroom also offers full ensuite and all other bedrooms offer BIRs. Further features include ducted heating, split system cooling, manicured landscaped gardens with feature pond and palm trees and alfresco dining under external pergola. Great car accommodation with large garage, storage sheds, extensive paving and low maintenance living. See it!

4 Saturday 4th May at 2pm



Thursday 5:00-5:30pm Saturday 1:30-2:00pm Photo ID required


David Moxon 0413 673 636 Loretta Khoo 0437 751 641 Bundoora Office 9467 5444

3 1 2

KINGSBURY GARDENS 116 - 130 Main Drive, Macleod PRIME REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS HUGE 8%+ NET RETURNS - ENDS 30TH JUNE -Stylish self-contained student apartments -Short stroll to La Trobe Uni, trams & Station -Access to Springthorpe Country Club -13km (approx.) NE of Melbourne CBD -High Demand - Low Vacancies -Air-con, Fully furnished, 4 years old -Over 8% net returns -100% unused tax depreciation benefits -Quality communal meeting & laundry rooms -Weekly rent starts from $206 - $251 per week !


Bundoora 9467 5444 4 / 1177 Plenty Road





Saturday 10:00-10:30am Photo ID required


Michael Traikos 0413 657 314 Bundoora Office 9467 5444


Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 35

Briar Hill

Showcasing Quality, Craftsmanship And Family Appeal


36 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013



Enticing Living In Relaxing Surrounds






Central Living And Room For The Family




may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 37


Modern, Spacious And So Well Positioned







Corner Allotment With Potential Plus

38 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013



Excellent Position, Exciting Potential







Retain, Rebuild, Redevelop... The Choice Is Yours


may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 39


Comfortable Space, Contemporary Flair



Under Instruction from State Trustees


40 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013














iPhone & iPad apps are now available! Searching for property on the go just got easier!’s free iPhone & iPad app allows you to search for properties to buy, rent or share, no matter where you are. With 400,000 listings and growing, download the FREE app today!

Now available at iPhone & iPad is a registered trade mark of apple Inc, registered in the U. S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 41

8 LY N T O LEF *Artists Impression

*Artists Impression

Montmorency 4-6 Binns Street Melbourne Comes To Montmorency - ’Aspect Apartments’ (Construction Commenced) New boutique development of only 13 apartments ranging from 62m2 to 115m2 they offer a variety of two bedroom with study, and single bedroom apartments in a variety of configurations plus ground floor office/shop. Designed with care, each apartment will be elegantly stylish and offer every modern convenience. All will feature terraces, and all but one will offer ensuite to the main bedroom. Gourmet kitchen with dishwasher, climate control, secure remote undercover parking with storage facility, they offer a long list of flexible inclusions enabling you to individualize your new home. Act quickly to secure your choice of apartment and save on stamp duty. Contact agents for individual apartment floorplans and prices.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 42 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

*Artists Impression





Private Sale Contact Rocco Montanaro 0412 379 171 Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web

Yarrambat 2 Clarke Road Picture Perfect For People And Ponies This magnificent home, perfectly positioned to make the most of the 6.1acres (approx) on which it sits, introduces a stunning blend of quality and quantity. The sprawling floorplan include office, three generous bedrooms, two luxury bathrooms formal and casual living and an expansive decked alfresco. With double garage plus huge shed, town water and long list of luxury inclusions it will suit those looking to live in peace and privacy, with equine interests, or just seeking space for kids to be kids.

3 Auction Inspect Contact Contact Office Web




Saturday 11th May at 2pm Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Christian Marchetti 0400 233 946 Shane Leete 0419 118 302 3/101 Hazel Glen Drive, Doreen 9717 8780


Eltham South 13 Yarra Braes Road Lifestyle Appeal With Unlimited Potential On 5 Acres Nestled on 5 acres (approx) of lightly treed land, this much loved four bedroom home provides an incredibly rare opportunity to escape the pressures of everyday living and enjoy complete privacy just 5 minutes from the centre of Eltham. Ready to enjoy now and with plenty of space to put in a pool and a tennis court, it offers the option for a contemporary makeover of the original home. Alternatively it´s the perfect place to build your dream home for resort style living in serene surrounds (STCA). Expressions of Interest: Offers Close Wednesday 15th May at 6pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen




Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 1:30 - 2pm Contact Graham Morrison 0417 101 997 Contact Lucas Peressini 0458 016 868 Office 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444 Web may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 43

Eltham 94 - 96 Parsons Road Stylish, Spacious, Peaceful And Private Stylish, spacious, peaceful, private...this contemporary home at the end of tree lined driveway blends all these desirable attributes, delivering an enviable lifestyle in a sought after pocket. Across two spacious levels and set in marvelous garden surrounds designed for low maintenance enjoyment, it introduces four bedrooms, three living areas, two bathrooms plus powder room and a large study. Plenty of internal storage, ducted heating and cooling ...this home will excite the fussiest of families. Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Friday 10th May at 5pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Doreen 5 Ferguson Drive Inspired Design For Exceptional Living Inspired by Hamilton Island´s Ala Moana, this architecturally designed home delivers the perfect blend of indoor-outdoor form and function. Rich in contrasts, stunning wave walls complement high ceilings, Messmate floors in the huge living precinct balance perfectly with stone benches in the Smeg equipped kitchen, and curved colorbond walls make a bold statement against a rendered exterior. With three bedrooms, two living areas and two luxury bathrooms, it offers prestigious yet unpretentious living that´s perfect for you! Expressions Of Interest: Offers Close Wedneday 22nd May at 5pm (Unless Sold Prior)

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen 44 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013





Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 3:30 - 4pm ESR $730,000 - $800,000 Contact Marilyn McGibbon 0411 559 088 Contact Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 Office 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 Web




Expressions of Interest Inspect Saturday 11:30 - 12pm ESR $520,000 - $590,000 Contact Dayne Kleeman 0419 504 576 Contact Jon Michael 0438 988 096 Street, Office 2/86 3/101Grimshaw Hazel Glen Drive,Doreen Doreen9717 97178780 8780 Web

Eltham 1/91 Park Road This easy care haven, set behind landscaped gardens and with its own street frontage delivers a captivating combination of lightfilled space and contemporary brilliance. Three bedrooms, two luxury bathrooms, two living areas and a relaxing outdoor precinct make this a very attractive prospect indeed.


Private Sale Inspect Contact Contact Office Web

Wattle Glen 72A Sunnyside Crescent This sophisticated home, moments from school and the station offers beautifully landscaped gardens, stunning views, three harmonious living spaces, four bedrooms, two study´s and a chefs kitchen complement expansive alfresco living to cater for formal and informal entertaining with ease.

Eltham / Greensborough / Doreen

Private Sale Inspect ESR Contact Contact Office



Peace & privacy is assured in this renovated 1950s home with art deco features nestled into a landscaped 1/3rd of an acre. A tiled meals area adjoining an updated kitchen opens onto a shady courtyard while a formal lounge features polished boards. Luxuriate in the sparkling new bathroom.

Saturday 3:30 - 4pm Tristan Messerle 0438 176 416 Ben Flannagan 0403 591 678 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444




Saturday 11:30am - 12pm $570,000 - $620,000 Tristan Messerle 0438 176 416 Ben Flannagan 0403 591 678 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444

North Warrandyte 14 Stony Creek Road


Private Sale Inspect ESR Contact Office Web

Montmorency 1/136 Grand Boulevard Forget the "@" in the address, this home will surprise with its huge living spaces, two bathrooms and generous bedrooms, all four of them! With carport, easy care gardens, and located just minutes from shops, schools and bus it will delight upon inspection.

Auction Inspect Contact Office Web




Saturday 11:30am - 12pm $580,000 - $640,000 Gayle Blackwood 0408 776 070 968 Main Road, Eltham 9431 2444




Saturday 11th May at 2pm Thursday 5 - 5:30pm and Saturday 11:30 - 12pm Marilyn McGibbon 0411 559 088 2/86 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough 9435 7666 propertyinprofile/1of136grand may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 45


EaglEmont 28 Ormond Road




ExclusivE opportunity in an idyllic family nEighbourhood! In a leafy location, this updated period home presents an immediately comfortable lifestyle with options to expand, rebuild or possibly develop (STCA). Spacious interior features three bedrooms (BIRs) and two bathrooms, formal lounge and dining, well-appointed kitchen and open living/dining area, heating and cooling, plus a large entertaining deck (with spa) and huge backyard with established gardens, studio and secure carport. Close to Eaglemont Station, East Ivanhoe Village and the area’s finest schools. Land size 901sqm approx.

46 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

auction inspEction guidE officE contact

Sat 18 May at 1 pm Thurs 2.15-2.45 & Sat 4 May 1.15-1.45 $1.2m-$1.3m 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 David Oster 0418 800 120 Nunzio Sulfaro 0414 223 134 Liz Walker 0412 659 140


ivaNHOE 80 Livingstone Street




a graNd dESigN fOr famiLy LiviNg Very large rooms, a superbly zoned floor plan and a prime address close to Ivanhoe Village, major schools and transport are just some of the attractions of this substantial modern residence. Light-filled accommodation comprises: downstairs; formal living and dining rooms, study, informal living and dining zone, stunning kitchen (Miele appliances and granite benchtops), laundry/utility room, powder room and WC. Upstairs are a third living zone, exceptionally spacious main bedroom with dressing room and ensuite, three further double bedrooms, tiled main bathroom and WC. Including a double garage, additional off-street parking and a workshop, this wellappointed property features storage throughout, ducted heating and cooling, vacuum and intercom security. Land size: 775 sqm approx.

rOSaNNa 8 McAuley Drive



aUctiON iNSPEctiON PricE gUidE OfficE cONtact

This Sat at 3 pm Thurs 12.45-1.15 & Sat 4 May 2.30-3 $950,000-$1.05 m 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767

aUctiON iNSPEctiON PricE gUidE OfficE cONtact

Sat 11 May at 12 pm Thurs 4.45-5.15 & Sat 4 May 2-2.30 $700,000-$770,000 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 David Oster 0418 800 120 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767


WELcOmiNg 4-bEdrOOm LiviNg, magNificENt gardEN SEttiNg This superbly maintained residence close to parkland and schools offers several formal and informal living areas, 4 bedrooms (ensuite to main), 2 further bathrooms, well-fitted kitchen and laundry, plus double garage, courtyard, pool and landscaped gardens. Land size 855 sqm (approx).

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 47


aLpHiNgtON 7 Park Avenue




ENErgy-EfficiENt cONtEmpOrary StyLE, traNquiL gardEN SEttiNg This 6-star rated residence in low-maintenance gardens close to Alphington Park and the Yarra includes expansive living and dining flowing to terrace, superbly-equipped kitchen, 3 BR’s, 2 bathrooms, verandah, internal entry garage, plus premium fittings and finishes. Land size 371 sqm (approx).

rOSaNNa 62 Bellevue Avenue



This Sat at 11 am Thurs 7-7.30 & Sat 4 May 10.30-11 $950,000-$1.05 m 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767


cLaSSic 1950S arcHitEcturE, ExtENdEd fOr cONtEmpOrary LiviNg Meticulously renovated for family living with a prime address close to transport, schools and parkland, this light-filled residence offers a versatile floor plan comprising four double bedrooms (ensuite and fitted dressing room to main), a large formal sitting room/fifth bedroom, a kitchen open to an expansive living and dining room, family room, two further bathrooms, laundry and storage room. This exceptional property, set on a vast landscaped block (628 sqm approx), includes a garage and 2-car carport, covered deck flowing to private rear garden, polished timber floors, ducted heating and cooling, quality fittings and period detail.

48 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

auctiON iNSpEctiON pricE guidE OfficE cONtact

privatE SaLE iNSpEctiON Thurs 5.30-6 & Sat 4 May 1.15-1.45 pricE guidE $899,000 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 OfficE Dave Oster 0418 800 120 cONtact Liz Walker 0412 659 140


HEIDELbERG 2/8 Anderson Street




SPACIOUS LIvING, IDEAL SCALE DOwN, DESIRAbLE LOCATION With the emphasis on spacious living this impressive unit is set quietly down a private driveway in a desirably convenient location. 3 Bedrooms, Ensuite, Bathroom, 2 distinct living areas and the meals area opening to an outdoor deck to provide a private entertainment area. Within walking distance to Warringal Parklands, Burgundy Street and transport.

ROSANNA 3/77 Invermay Grove




Sat 11 May at 1 pm Thurs 2.15-2.45 & Sat 4 May 3.30-4 $520,000-$580,000 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767


This Sat at 12 pm Thurs 5.30-6 & Sat 4 May 11.30-12 $540,000-$590,000 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767


Uncompromising attention to detail and emphasis on brilliant outdoor entertaining are among the highlights of this superior quality 3 bedroom and study townhouse. Beautifully situated down a ‘private lane’ conveniently positioned in an ideal location an impeccable property boasting style, space, the best of contemporary appointments, 2 bathrooms, stunning entertainers’ courtyard and auto double lock up garage. Conveniently close to Rosanna village shops, parklands and transport.

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 49


HEidELBErg 2/71 Rosanna Road BEautifuLLy dESigNEd aNd BriLLiaNtLy BuiLt Fantastic first-home or investment opportunity! Set well back from the street, this 2BR villa in a convenient location includes a stylish bathroom, spacious lounge, kitchen/dining, ducted heating, north-facing courtyard with deck, single garage.

2 auCtiON iNSPECtiON PriCE guidE OffiCE CONtaCt


HEidELBErg 5/8-10 Jika Street


Sat 11 May at 10 am Thurs 12.30-1 & Sat 11-11.30 $390,000-$420,000 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Annalise Newell 0402 937 607 David Oster 0418 800 120


PrivatE, BrigHt aNd SO wELL LOCatEd This sunny villa unit close to Yarra Flats, parklands, Burgundy Street shopping and transport offers 2 double BRs, sunny living/ dining, kitchen/meals, bathroom, laundry, private courtyard and garage. An ideal first home!

IVANHOE EAST 326 The Boulevard

auCtiON iNSPECtiON guidE OffiCE CONtaCt


50 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

Auction Inspect Land

Saturday 11th May at 11am Thursday 2-2.30pm & Saturday 1-1.30pm 735.3 sq metres approx.


Sat 11 May at 11 am Thurs 12-12.30 & Sat 1-1.30 $380,000-$420,000 146 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe | 9490 2900 Liz Walker 0412 659 140 James Labiris 0409 094 767



Yarra Precinct Possibilities In an exclusive pocket rising above Yarra parklands, this generous triple fronted 1940´s home on approx. 735sqm presents impressive scope for contemporary improvement or brand new family residence (STCA) maximising both side and rear frontage to Gruyere Lane and a position that places East Ivanhoe Village, premier schools and the Eastern Freeway all within minutes.



Nick Smith 0425 755 238 Steven Abbott 0407 324 240


Hawthorn 9810 5000


EAGLEMONT 70 The Righi LUXURY FAMILY ENTERTAINER WITH CITY PANORAMA A truly spectacular lifestyle experience awaits with this stunning 4BR, 3 bathroom family residence opposite parkland on one of Eaglemont´s finest streets. Boasts magnificent city skyline view, Brian Rankin landscaped garden, indulging alfresco oasis including self cleaning heated pool, covered spa and outdoor ´kitchen´, study, gym/5th bedroom, fitted home theatre/rumpus, family living and dining, Smeg-equipped kitchen.



Saturday 11th May at 2.00pm




Thu 1:30-2pm, Thu 6-6:30pm, Sat 22:30pm



Damien Carter 0438 850 166 Gordon Whale 0419 335 459



9497 3222 | 9459 5666

1 may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 51

IVANHOE 6 Hawker Street QUALITY CALIFORNIAN IN COVETED LOCALE This superb three bedroom Californian bungalow with preferred north-facing rear is brilliantly appointed for quality family living and alfresco entertaining. Featuring ducted heating, evaporative cooling, air-conditioning and alarm; relax and enjoy the contemporary comforts and classic character near Ivanhoe Primary School, shopping, aquatic centre, transport and parkland.

IVANHOE 3/17 Jellicoe Street PERFECTION PROVED POSSIBLE The perfect low-maintenance lifestyle package is no longer elusive as you can expect nothing but the best with this immaculate rear 3BR villa unit. This impressive single-level home with absolutely glorious garden surroundings within metres of Donaldson´s Walk parklands, shopping and transport, includes large living room, dining area to alfresco patio, Smeg-equipped kitchen, bathroom and double lock-up garage.

52 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013


Saturday 25th May at 12.00pm




Sat 1-1:30pm


Helen Witchell 0413 741 158 Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 11th May at 12.00pm




Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 11-11:30am


Helen Witchell 0413 741 158 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

3 1 2

3 1 2

IVANHOE 2/101 Green Street FIRST-CLASS REFINEMENT BY PARKLAND The essence of lifestyle luxury immediately adjoining parkland, this stunning boutique residence affords a seductive blend of contemporary sophistication and sublime modern space. A tranquil rear position (1 of 2), landscaped surroundings, alfresco entertainment oasis and effortless access to blue ribbon amenities complements 3BRs, 2 bathrooms, open-plan living and dining, excellent Miele kitchen, heating/cooling, video intercom, and DLUG (internal access).

IVANHOE 8 Beatty Street PERFECT POTENTIAL, BIG BLOCK, CORNER CONVENIENCE This classic 3BR clinker brick home is sure to charm a growing family and those keen to capitalize on the huge north-facing rear corner block (807 m2 approx) with side ROW. Near shops, schools, parklands, hospitals and transport; enjoy now, renovate when ready or realize plans for dual occupancy (STCA).


Saturday 11th May at 1.00pm


Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


Damien Carter 0438 850 166 James Davis 0405 687 817



9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 2


Saturday 25th May at 1.00pm




Thu 3:30-4pm, Sat 1-1:30pm


807 m2 approx.


Sue Lacey 0412 898 202 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

3 1 may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 53

IVANHOE 6/25 Kenilworth Parade PRIVATE & PEACEFUL WITH PERFECT PROPORTIONS The coveted combination of a sunny north-facing location, large proportions and parkland position complements the prized address of this superb rear 2BR villa unit. Features delightful courtyard garden, garage, private access just footsteps to Nellie Ibbott Reserve, huge sun-filled living room, kitchen/meals, big bathroom, powder room, central heating and air-conditioner.

HEIDELBERG 1/74 Hawdon Street SINGLE-LEVEL STYLE, SECONDS TO SHOPS A stylish contemporary lifestyle just seconds to Burgundy Street, hospitals, train station and parklands is delivered from the doorstep of this brilliantly renovated 2BR villa unit. A just-completed transformation has created a north-oriented, single-level oasis of pure perfection boasting light-filled living and dining, stunning Bosch-equipped stone kitchen, immaculate bathroom/laundry, panel heating and off-street parking.

54 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013


Saturday 11th May at 11.00am




Wed 2:30-3pm, Sat 10-10:30am


Sue Lacey 0412 898 202 Peter Scott 0459 223 994


9497 3222 | 9459 5666


Saturday 18th May at 11.00am




Thu 4:30-5pm, Sat 10-10:30am


James Davis 0405 687 817 John Levingston 0410 978 144


9497 3222 | 9459 5666

2 1 1

2 1 1


ROSANNA 18 Darvall Street CONTEMPORARY CLASS IN COVETED LOCATION A classic garden setting conceals the stunning new renovation of this graceful 3BR residence delivering beautiful low-maintenance living in a refined contemporary context. A magnificent gum tree-lined avenue sets the tone on the corner of Grandview Grove where this outstanding single-level home stands with prized outlook towards the ranges. A lush north-facing rear garden and two-car garage doubling as entertaining area complement living and dining (OFP), Miele stone kitchen, stylish bathroom, 2 toilets, heating and cooling.

ROSANNA 73 Grandview Grove FAMILY EXCELLENCE, ENTERTAINING & PANORAMIC VIEWS Renovated and extended to exacting standards; an emphasis on family flexibility and consummate entertaining ensures indoor-outdoor excellence moments to amenities. Features 4BRs (main bedroom with ensuite and WIR), study, bath/powder rooms, lounge room, expansive family living and dining, huge black galaxy granite gourmet kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, large laundry, central heating, evaporative cooling, cellar, covered patio, fabulous deck, solar-heated swimming pool, raintanks and remote-control double garage.


Saturday 4th May at 12.00pm




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 11:30-12pm


523 m2 approx.


Brad Pearce 0409 679 414 Paul Carbone 0418 541 169


9459 5666 | 9497 3222




Saturday 11th May at 12.00pm




Thu 5.15-5.45pm, Sat 2-2.30pm


809 m2 approx.


Greg Taylor 0409 090 611 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

3 1

1 2 2

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 55

ROSANNA 5 Hartley Court RARE ROSANNA PARKLANDS FAMILY HAVEN Tightly held by just the one family, seamlessly adjoining and overlooking the tranquil native treed expanses of Rosanna Parklands, this exceptional 4BR (main with ensuite & walk-in robe), 3 bathroom, and study residence offers spacious, meticulously maintained accommodation at the end of a coveted Golf Links Estate cul-de-sac. A rare family lifestyle opportunity, walk to schools, shopping and train station.


Saturday 25th May at 12.00pm




Thu 5:15-5:45pm, Sat 11-11:30am


626 m2 approx.


Paul Carbone 0418 541 169 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

4 1 3 2

Rear Aspect

VIEWBANK 8 O’Donnell Street VIEWBANK COLLEGE ZONE SPACE & LIFESTYLE A surprisingly substantial and sun-filled rear garden is your source of inspiration to complement the prized Viewbank College zone location of this large 3BR family home. From kids seeking space to play to parents looking towards the future, everyone will find what they´re after in the dream dimensions of this 799m2 block (approx). This long-held and livable home stands ready to renovate or rebuild (STCA) and create a wonderful family lifestyle, offering generous living, dining, family room, big kitchen, bathroom, gas heating and garage.

56 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013


Saturday 25th May at 2.00pm




Sat 12-12.30pm


John Levingston 0410 978 144 Brad Pearce 0409 679 414


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

3 1 1

VIEWBANK 23 Sherlowe Crescent HIGH APPEAL IN THE VIEWBANK COLLEGE ZONE A coveted combination of indoor-outdoor family appeal is the successful formula afforded by this fabulous 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence in the Viewbank College zone. Stylishly updated throughout shining, modern spaces; a sensational open-plan design is superbly complemented by sunny entertainers´ courtyard, swimming pool, lounge and dining, family living and meals, kitchen with stainless-steel appliances and carport.

ROSANNA 12 Laane Avenue

Saturday 11th May at 1.00pm Thu 2:30-3pm, Sat 11-11:30am Sue Lacey 0412 898 202

Saturday 25th May at 11.00am $530,000-$580,000



Sat 10-10:30am


611 m2 approx.


Brad Pearce 0409 679 414 Sue Lacey 0412 898 202


9459 5666 | 9497 3222

2 1

YALLAMBIE 19 Kardinia Drive

OUTSTANDING FAMILY OPPORTUNITY North-facing rear garden & large interior of this 4BR, 2 bathroom residence provide a perfectly-presented platform for lifestyle enjoyment. An opportunity to put your stamp on a home of impressive proportions with quality amenities nearby. Land 711 m2 approx. Auction Inspect Contact

Auction ESR

ESR $600,000-$650,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 Greg Taylor 0409 090 611

4 1 2 2

VERSATILE FAMILY ENTERTAINER WITH VALLEY VIEWS Featuring 4BRs or 3BRs plus study, 2 bathrooms, lounge room, downstairs rumpus or office, kitchen, powder room, laundry, balcony, ducted heating, A/C, alarm, window shutters, covered alfresco area and DLUG. Terms: 10% deposit, 30 day settlement. Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 18th May at 11.00am Thu 3.30-4pm, Sat 11-11:30am Greg Taylor 0409 090 611

ESR $600,000-$660,000 Office 9459 5666 | 9497 3222 Paul Carbone 0418 541 169

4 2 2

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 57


BELLFIELD 3 Carlyle Crescent

PRESTON 22 Bell Street

A FIELD OF DREAMS / BLANK CANVAS Offering 3 bedroom accommodation within a generous 751 m2 (approx), this level site offers an array of exciting options. Renovate/extend or re-build (STCA) capitalizing on this location near Ford Park, major shopping centre, transport and major hospitals.

A DEVELOPER’S CHANCE! An excellent high profile site of 865 sqm (approx), worthy of an elaborate build to enhance the virtues of this main road location. Offering a level allotment with two street frontage and cross-overs to both streets. Zoned Industrial 3.

Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 25th May at 3.00pm Sat 10-10:30am Stewart Oldmeadow 0412 119 277

ESR $490,000-$530,000 Office 9497 3222 | 9459 5666 James Davis 0405 687 817

3 1 1


Thursday 9th May at 3.00pm


Tim Mitchell 0417 339 986

Office 9497 3222 Damian Wilson 0414 339 733


ROSANNA 346 Lower Plenty Rd Avail 17 May $280PW 3BR, gas heating, A/C & single garage. Contact Jaclyn ROSANNA 348 Lower Plenty Rd Avail 18 May $280PW 3BR, gas appl, A/C, laundry & single garage. Contact Jaclyn ELTHAM 68 Bible Street Avail NOW $300PW 3BR, A/C, panel heaters, sheds & double garage. Contact Bill MONTMORENCY 1/44 Para Rd Avail 1 May $310PW Modern 2BR, kit/meals, D/H & single garage. No Pets. Contact Di BRIAR HILL 2/9 Beaconsfield Rd Avail 17 May $315PW 2BR, heating/cooling, PFBs, c/yard & single gge. Contact Sarah ELTHAM 4/1135 Main Road Avail 10 May $320PW 2BR, kit/meals, A/C, gas heating & single gge. Contact Bill RESERVOIR 28A Nisbett St Avail NOW $320PW 2BR, robes, living, D/H, single garage & shed. Contact Di DOREEN 6 Valencia Blvd Avail NOW $320PW 3BR, ensuite, Euro laundry & double garage. Contact Amanda ELTHAM 74 Brougham St Avail 4 May $350PW 2BR, PFBs, D/W, ensuite, D/H, A/C & dble carport. Contact Sarah H’BERG WEST 8 West Court Avail 29 Apr $350PW 3BR, ensuite, living, D/W, D/H & single garage. Contact Jaclyn H’BERG HEIGHTS 14 Sackville St Avail 3 May $350PW 3BR, kit/meals, gas heating, A/C & single garage. Contact Jaci DOREEN 12 Coulthard Cres Avail NOW $350PW 3BR, ensuite, s/s appl, D/H & dble garage. Contact Amanda BUNDOORA 1056-1140 Plenty Rd Avail NOW $370PW 2BR, s/s ppl, heating/cooling & near La Trobe Uni. Contact Jaci


DOREEN 14 Chadwick Views Avail NOW $370PW 4BR, ensuite, study, D/H & double garage. Contact Amanda H’BERG HEIGHTS 4/7 Dresden St Avail NOW $380PW 3BR, kit/dining, heating/cooling & single garage. Contact Jaci ELTHAM 13 Marlow Place Avail NOW $390-$420PW 3BR, ensuite, study, D/W, PBs, D/H & dbl carport. Contact Di H’BERG HEIGHTS 5/147 Waiora Rd Avail NOW $390PW 2BR, PFBs, heating/cooling & single gge. No Pets. Contact Louise H’BERG HEIGHTS 75 Lloyd Street Avail NOW $390PW 3BR, lounge, gas cooking & single garage. Contact Jaci ELTHAM 4/35 York Street Avail NOW $395PW 3BR, D/H, evap cooling, living areas & double garage. Contact Bill H’BERG HEIGHTS 4/147 Waiora Rd Avail NOW $410PW 2BR, PFBs, heating/cooling & single garage. Contact Louise DOREEN 38 Midland Road Avail NOW $420PW 4BR, 2 lvng areas, D/W, htng/cooling & dble gge. Contact Amanda ROSANNA 152 Rosanna Rd Avail 4 May $430PW 4BR, 2 living areas, dining, PBs & single garage. Contact Meaghan ROSANNA 40 Grove Road Avail 8 May $430PW 3BR, dining/family, D/H, A/C, FBs & single carport. Contact Bill WATSONIA 5 Black Street Avail 4 May $460PW 4BR, study, kit/meals, sep flat & double carport. Contact Meaghan CARLTON 612/1 Bouverie St Avail NOW $580PW 2BR, balcony, D/W, A/C, car park & storage cage. Contact Louise MACLEOD 23 Gresswell Rd Avail 25 May $730PW 4BR, D/H, A/C, PFBs & dble gge. Cntry Club Mship incl. Contact Di


HEIDELBERG 104 Mount Street Avail NOW 60-400sqm (approx) office space. D/H, cooling, parking, kitchen, Avail 12-18 mos. Rental is plus GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven WATSONIA 2/2H Lambourn Road Avail 31 May $12,600PA 45sqm office, heating/cooling & kitchenette. Rental figure incl Outgoings. Rental figure does not incl GST. Contact Steven H’BERG HEIGHTS 1/108 Bell Street Avail NOW $15,000PA 3 offices, approx 80sqm, communal kitchen & ample street parking. Tenant pays 50% electricity. Contact Steven WATSONIA 2A Lambourn Road Avail NOW $17,000PA Approx 65sqm office suite incl reception, storage, heat/cool & OSP. Rental figure incl Outgoings. Does not incl GST. Contact Steven MACLEOD 38 Springthhorpe Blvd Avail NOW $18,500PA Approx 80 sqm shop opposite Springthorpe CC, outdoor area, toilet & parking. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven DIAMOND CREEK 32 Chute St Avail NOW $40,000PA Large showroom, approx 173sqm, rear delivery/storage & ample parking. Figure excludes GST & Outgoings. Contact Steven ROSANNA 121 Lower Plenty Rd Avail NOW $52,000PA Renov cafe/shop with modern 2BR dwelling, lounge w/gas fire, u/ cover parking for 2 & 2 balconies. Contact Steven


Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road 58 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

Sarah Craigie 0409 945 774

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

Meaghan Fennell 0401 019 859

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

Jaclyn Pasquini 0412 249 576

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

Bill Diamantopoulos 0431 401 720

Louise Ericksen 0413 720 244

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Amanda Dow 0437 011 495

Jacqueline Underwood 0434 100 225

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

IVANHOE 1-10 / 51-55 Oriel Road "Ivanhoe Terraces" Situated within walking distance to Ivanhoe´s main street are these ten Peddle Thorp designed terraces with remarkable open plan kitchen and family entertaining areas, Caesar stone bench tops, Smeg stainless steel appliances (including dishwasher), plus outdoor spaces ideal for alfresco dining. Each feature massive robed bedrooms, en-suite with porcelain tiling, Juliet balcony, heating and cooling, polished timber floors, truly useable study and family bathroom. Without a doubt this is the best opportunity to purchase a residence of this quality in Ivanhoe, within easy access to elite private schools, Zone 1 train station, and only a short drive to the Eastern Freeway and Austin / Mercy Hospitals.

3 2


From $585,000


by appointment Photo ID required


Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Craig Nichol 0400 122 081 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

2 1 1

BRIAR HILL 21 Hyacinth Street 5 Bedroom Home on Large Corner Block Sub-Divisional Potential (STCA) On top of the hill overlooking the valley with commanding views is this imposing family home matched by the 794m2 (approx) corner block with potential for further development (STCA). There’s two distinct living areas catering for a family of any size, and generous kitchen with quality appliances and lots of bench space. Extras include granite bench tops, entertaining deck, huge windows, GDH, A/C, alarm, hardwood floors (beneath the carpet), 3 car garage (remote controlled) with workshop and under-house storage, outdoor spa and landscaped gardens. The house has been refreshed throughout, just move in and enjoy.

5 Tue 21st May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$550,000 - $610,000


Thursday 5:00 - 5:30pm & Saturday 12:45 - 1:15pm Photo ID required


Pina Kara 0415 911 437 Eltham Office 9431 1222

2 2 3

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 59

VIEWBANK 4 / 342 Lower Plenty Road Massive Family Entertainer Stylish, low maintenance and filled with light, this modern double-storey townhouse offers a generous layout that’s ideal for relaxed family living and outdoor entertaining. Situated at the rear, the townhouse features a ground floor master bedroom with walk-in-robe and private en-suite, plus a massive light-filled open plan living/dining area and modern kitchen with stone benches, s/steel appliances and gas cooking. Upstairs are three more sizeable bedrooms with built-in-robes and a family sized central bathroom. Extras include central heating and cooling, alarm, rear decked courtyard and a double garage with internal access.

4 Tue 28th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

$480,000 - $540,000


Thursday 12:00 - 12:30pm & Saturday 2:45 - 3:15pm Photo ID required


Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

2 3 2

HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 2 / 16 Linden Avenue Stylish Single Level in Choice Location Enjoying own street frontage and commanding outlooks, this stylishly updated single level residence, with its emphasis on relaxed indooroutdoor living, is bound to impress. A quiet location and spacious lightfilled interior enhance the superb single level floorplan boasting family/ meals and new kitchen (with Caesar stone tops, Smeg stainless steel appliances including dishwasher) opening to a private side courtyard, quality renovated bathroom, two bedrooms, laundry, A/C plus secure single garage. Situated only moments from central Ivanhoe and bustling Burgundy Street shopping, Austin/Mercy Hospitals, quality schools and public transport, call today to inspect.

2 Saturday 25th May at 2:00pm

60 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013


Thursday 4:00 - 4:30pm & Saturday 10:45 - 11:15am Photo ID required


David Kelly 0410 426 311 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

1 1 1

VIEWBANK 1 & 2 / 54 Winston Road ONE to Live in or TWO to Lease Two attractive units for sale individually or combined as an outstanding investment. Each freshly painted unit comprises a large lounge, modern kitchen, bathroom with separate shower and bath, two bedrooms with built-in-robes plus lock-up carport. Unit one features a generous front yard fenced by appealing Colorbond fencing providing privacy. There is gas wall furnace heating and a split system cooling unit. Unit two enjoys easterly elevated views from the lounge room and kitchen capturing the morning sun, new carpets, gas wall furnace heating, air-conditioning unit, plus rear paved and grassed yard.

2 Tue 28th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE

Unit 1: $390,000 - $420,000 Unit 2: $390,000 - $420,000


Saturday 12:00 - 12:30pm Photo ID required


James Saville 0411 598 880 Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Rosanna Office 9459 8111

1 1 1

ROSANNA 1 / 44 Station Road Walk to Everything! This instantly inviting single level unit, set at the front of a tightly held development, features an up-to-date fitout including new carpets, fresh paint and quality appliances. The kitchen offers a large meals area plus there’s an adjoining lounge with timber floors. The three bedrooms with built-in-robes are well serviced by the family bathroom. Extras include ducted heating, air-conditioning, remote garage plus car space, fully fenced and paved outdoor entertaining area, plus generous front yard. Within walking distance to the train station, shops and cafés, and with easy access to Austin Hospital, La Trobe Uni and Northland shopping, it’s ideal for those looking to downsize, invest or first home buyers.

3 Tue 14th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior)



$470,000 - $500,000


Wednesday 4:00 - 4:30pm & Saturday 10:00 - 10:30am Photo ID required


Aaron Silluzio 0414 422 299 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

1 1

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 61


HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 11 Bonar Street Exciting Family Prospects Offering exceptional family accommodation within a generous 801m2 (approx) allotment in one of the area’s most well regarded tree-lined streets, is this delightful art deco influenced family home. The residence comprises a large lounge and dining room, three spacious bedrooms with BIRs, central family sized bathroom, plus kitchen leading to a rear sunroom. Extras include a separate toilet and laundry, ample storage, polished timber flooring, ducted heating, rear yard with huge double garage plus extra off street parking. Close to Northland shopping, trains and buses, schools, La Trobe Uni, Austin Hospital and parklands.


HEIDELBERG 2 / 14 Avoca Street

Position, Parklands and Generous Proportions Set at the rear of only two, this single level unit, on 322m2 (approx), features 3 bedrooms (BIRs), large lounge, open kitchen/family room, GDH, cooling, cathedral ceilings, expansive rear yard, alarm, plus double remote garage.

Tue 14th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$530,000 - $580,000 Thur 2:45 - 3:15pm & Sat 1:45 - 2:15pm Photo ID required Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

62 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

3 1 1 2



$580,000 - $650,000


Thursday 2:45 - 3:15pm & Saturday 1/2 hour prior to Auction Photo ID required


Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Ivanhoe Office 9499 7992

HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS 2 / 88 Southern Road

Single Level of Style and Substance Set at the rear of a development of only two is this spacious single level two bedroom unit with huge open plan living, kitchen (stainless steel appliances & stone bench tops), dining area, outdoor entertainer’s decking plus courtyard.


Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

1 2

2 1 1 1

Saturday 2:45 - 3:15pm Photo ID required Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

HEIDELBERG WEST 42 Tobruk Avenue Full Of Features A home that offers so much more including a light-filled entry, lounge, two bedrooms (master with fully fitted robes), modern timber kitchen with a central island bench and dishwasher, fully renovated bathroom plus family/ meals room with access to the fully covered outdoor entertaining area and wood fire pizza oven. The residence features picture rails, gas ducted heating and split system cooling. There is a double tandem garage and plenty of extra parking all on this 642m2 (approx) flat block within a short walk to The Mall shopping centre and local bus service.

2 Saturday 25th May at 11:00am


HEIDELBERG WEST 547 Waterdale Road


Thur 1:00 - 1:30pm & Sat 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required David Kelly 0410 426 311

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

$360,000 - $410,000


Thursday 4:30 - 5:00pm & Saturday 10:00 - 10:30am Photo ID required


James Saville 0411 598 880 Kaye Hanvin 0418 504 104 Rosanna Office 9459 8111

1 2


Space, Style and Presentation Perfect Complemented by contemporary neutral tonings and superb appointments, this light-filled single level residence has been totally refurbished and extended to meet today´s family low maintenance lifestyle, with many special features.

Tue 7th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior)



3 1 1 2


Affordability Plus Choice Corner Location Boasting immediate appeal for first home buyers and investors this charming light-filled cottage, situated on a choice corner 604m2 (approx) allotment within strolling distance to Darebin Parkland, is ready to simply move in and enjoy.


Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

3 1 2 3

$370,000 - $410,000 Thur 3:00 - 3:30pm & Sat 1/2 hour prior to Auction Photo ID required David Kelly 0410 426 311

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 63

IVANHOE 13 / 1 Kenilworth Parade

Executive’s Designer Pad with Lift Access This architecturally designed complex "Jasandro" offers a two bedroom apartment with an expansive open plan meals/living area, modern kitchen (s/steel appliances and gas cooking) plus lift access to two car spaces.

Tue 28th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) INSPECT CONTACT

Ultra Trendy Loft with Endless Park-side Views Move straight into this modern park-side apartment boasting spacious open plan living / dining area, modern kitchen with quality appliances, two large bedrooms with BIRs, secure car space, central bathroom and two balconies.

Saturday 11th May at 11:00am Thur 5:00 - 5:30pm & Sat 9:45 - 10:15am Photo ID required Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072 Alex Morgan 0401 524 119

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

64 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

IVANHOE 3 / 89 Beatty Street

Stylish Single Level Unit with Quality Throughout Set to the rear of a boutique complex of only 3 units, this villa offers 2 bedrooms (BIRs), designer kitchen, separate dining area, living room, bathroom, laundry, outdoor entertaining space, and single garage with additional off street parking.

Tue 28th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

Thur 4:15 - 4:45pm & Sat 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required Alex Morgan 0401 524 119 Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072

FAIRFIELD 11 / 272 Heidelberg Road


2 1 1 2

2 1 1 1

$550,000 - $590,000 Thur 5:15 - 5:45pm & Sat 11:45 - 12:15pm Photo ID required Craig Nichol 0400 122 081 Kieran Whaley 0410 587 072

IVANHOE 1 / 11 Rose Street

Comfort, Convenience and Charmed Location A coveted Fairy Hills location enhances the immediate appeal of this charming first floor apartment with unrivalled access to Ivanhoe shopping, transport, the CBD and beyond. It has city glimpses from the spacious light-filled living/dining.

Saturday 25th May at 11:00am INSPECT CONTACT

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

2 1 1 1

2 1 1 1

Thur 5:00 - 5:30pm & Sat 11:30 - 12:00pm Photo ID required David Kelly 0410 426 311

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

ELTHAM 1 / 2 Bellevue Road

Central Location! Investors! Home Buyers! Within walking distance to Eltham schools, shops, train station and with all facilities at your doorstep, this level modern unit/house is classic in design. Includes lounge, well appointed kitchen, light-filled meals & ducted cooling. PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$390,000 - $440,000 Saturday 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required John Gilbert 0418 365 954

2 1 1 1 1

MACLEOD 13 Fernley Avenue

Superb Free Standing Home on its Own Title, No Body Corp! High quality finish, attention to detail, a convenient location and a clever design seamlessly encompassing indoor and outdoor living with Merbau deck and landscaped gardens, ensures this property is a must see for the astute buyer.

Saturday 11th May at 2:00pm INSPECT CONTACT

3 2 2 1 2

Thur 5:00 - 5:30pm & Sat 12:00 - 12:30pm Photo ID required Thomas Bechelli 0413 181 461 Matthew Crick 0430 336 564


ELTHAM 4 Dandallo Drive

Peaceful, Private Getaway! Escape the rigours of everyday living with this outstanding property in a quiet cul-de-sac with beautiful tree-top views. It includes a large lounge, kitchen/ meals (granite tops and stainless steel appliances), plus an outdoor deck.

Tue 7th May at 6:00pm (unless sold prior) PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$510,000 - $560,000 Saturday 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required John Haley 0417 352 312 Aaron Yeats 0400 067 024

Eltham 9431 1222 1022 Main Road

Ivanhoe 9499 7992

153 Upper Heidelberg Road

3 1 1 2

MACLEOD 83 Torbay Street

Macleod Cutie The trees and lawn provide a pleasant entrance to this home with entry hall, lounge, dining room, modern kitchen, 3 bedrooms or 2 plus study, sunroom/ study space, attractive bathroom, north-facing rear covered patio & work shed.

Saturday 11th May at 12.30pm INSPECT CONTACT

Rosanna 9459 8111 131 Lower Plenty Road

3 1 2 1

Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required James Saville 0411 598 880 Kaye Hanvin 0418 504 104

Doreen 9717 8801

Shop 2, 101 Hazel Glen Drive

Your red carpet experience 1300 REAL ESTATE

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 65

DIAMOND CREEK 151 Broad Gully Road

Impeccable Style In Convenient Location Renovated with style and finesse. Features Spotted Gum flooring, sparkling bathrooms, well appointed kitchen, alfresco deck, ducted heating, split system air conditioning and a very convenient location. Inspect and be impressed. PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$440,000-$470,000 Saturday 11:00 - 11:30am Photo ID required Justin Booth 0417 034 369 Robyn Johnson 0417 387 890

3 2 2 2

DIAMOND CREEK 123 Everleigh Drive

Stunning New Home Looking Into Acres of Peace & Quiet Peace, quiet & fabulous rural views from your living areas! A northerly facing back yard & an alfresco & kitchen that looks out over paddocks. Suburbia meets the country. Under construction so you can still save stamp duty. PRICE GUIDE INSPECT CONTACT

$750,000 Saturday 2:00 - 2:30pm Photo ID required Peter Koiker 0418 382 959 Robyn Johnson 0417 387 890

Your red carpet experience

Diamond Creek 9438 1133 62c Main Hurstbridge Road


Rosanna 10 Jones Crescent A Family Favourite With Space For Everyone Welcomed by picturesque gardens this attractive home radiates personality plus whilst enjoying a sun drenched outlook. Perfect proportions skillfully merge traditional aesthetics with updated interiors throughout formal lounge/dining with OFP, study, galley kitchen featuring Euro appliances opening to large family/meals room. 3 generous bedrooms share a bathroom, shower room & 2 separate toilets. The delightful rear gardens feature bluestone paving & offer a tranquil alfresco setting. Double garage, tandem carport & heating/cooling. Moments to schools, Rosanna Village, public transport & community parklands. 565 (approx) Thurs 3.00 - 3.30pm & Sat from 10.30am Sat 4th May - 11.00am 20 / C11 $550,000 - $600,000 Ivanhoe 171 Upper Heidelberg Rd > TEL 9499 5611 Greensborough 106 Grimshaw St > TEL 9432 1988 > CONTACT Christopher Macey 0411 330 311 Nick Gibbs 0430 131 904 > VIEW > AUCTION > MEL REF > EPR > OFFICE 66 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

4 2 2 1 2

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70 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 71

72 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 73

74 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 75

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76 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013

REVIEW CLASSIFIEDS 13 24 25 Public Notices

Public Notices

Notice of Intention to Declare Special Charge

East Ivanhoe Village Shopping Village Precinct In accordance with a resolution of the Banyule City Council (“Council”) made at its ordinary meeting held on 22 April 2013, notice is hereby given that at the ordinary meeting of the Council to be held on 17 June 2013, is the intention of the Council to declare a Special Charge (“Special Charge”) under section 163(1) of the Local Government Act 1989 (“Act”) for the purposes of defraying expenses to be incurred by the Council in, administratively only and subject always to the approval, direction and control of the Council, providing funds to the incorporated body known and operating as the East Ivanhoe Business Association Incorporated (“Traders’ Association”) to be used for the purposes of appointment of a part-time marketing coordinator, promotional, advertising, marketing, business development and other incidental expenses to be approved by the Council and agreed to from time to time between the Council and the Traders’ Association, all of which are associated with the encouragement of commerce, retail, and professional activity and employment in the East Ivanhoe Village Precinct (“Precinct” or “Scheme”). A detailed plan of the Scheme area is available for inspection at the offices of the Council, during normal office hours. The Special Charge will be based on geographic criteria, having regard to the location of those rateable properties in the Precinct that are being used, or reasonably capable of being used, for commercial, retail or professional purposes. The Council considers that each rateable property and each business included in the Scheme area that is liable or required to pay the Special Charge will receive a special benefit because the viability of the Precinct as a commercial, retail and professional area will be enhanced through increased economic activity. In performing functions and exercising powers in relation to activities associated with the encouragement of commerce and retail activity in and around the area for which it is proposed the Special Charge will be declared, the Council intends to levy and spend an amount of $37,000 per annum, raising in total an amount of $185,000 over the 5 year period of the Scheme. The Special Charge is to be declared, and will remain in force, for the period commencing 1 July 2013 and ending on 30 June 2018. For the period of the Scheme, the Special Charge will be assessed based on a flat charge of $500 per annum for each property included in the Scheme, such assessments being set out in the proposed declaration of Special Charge and applicable to the properties set out in the following table:

Council will consider cases of financial and other hardship and may reconsider other payment options for the Special Charge. For the purposes of having determined the total amount of the Special Charge to be levied under the Scheme, the Council considers and formally determines for the purposes of sections 163(2)(a), (2A) and (2B) of the Act that the estimated proportion of the total benefits of the Scheme to which the performance of the function and the exercise of the power relates (including all special benefits and community benefits) that will accrue as special benefits to all of the persons who are liable or required to pay the Special Charge is in a ratio of 1:1 (or 100%). This is on the basis that, in the opinion of the Council, all of the services and activities to be provided from the proceeds of the expenditure of the Special Charge are marketing, promotion and advertising related and will accordingly only benefit those properties and businesses included in the Scheme that are used, or reasonably capable of being used, for retail, commercial or professional purposes. Copies of the proposed declaration of the Special Charge (which includes a detailed map of all properties included in the Scheme area and the amounts payable by each property) are available for inspection during normal office hours at any of the Council offices for a period of at least 28 days after the date of the publication of this notice, being until 3 June 2013. Any person may make a written submission to the Council under sections 163A and 223 of the Act. In addition, any person who will be required to pay the Special Charge to be imposed by the proposed declaration, whether an owner or an occupier of a property included in the Scheme, has a right to object to the proposed declaration and may also make a written objection to the Council under section 163B of the Act. An occupier is entitled to exercise the right of objection if they submit documentary evidence with the objection which shows that it is a condition of the lease under which the person is an occupier that the occupier is to pay the Special Charge. Written submissions to be submitted to the Council under section 223 of the Act and/or written objections to be lodged with the Council under section 163B of the Act must be received by the Council by 5pm on 3 June 2013. Submissions and/or objections must be in writing and addressed and sent by mail to the Chief Executive Officer, Banyule City Council, PO Box 51, Ivanhoe 3079. Any person who has made a written submission under section 223 of the Act and has requested to be heard in support of their written submission is entitled to appear in person or to be represented by a person specified in the submission at the meeting of the Council on 17 June 2013, the time and place of which will be advised in writing.

Street Name

Property Numbers (inclusively)

Lower Heidelberg Road

1/210, 2/210, 3/210, 4/210, 5/210, 213, 215, 216, 217, 219, 220, 221, 1/223, 2/223, 223, 225, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233-235, 1/234, 2/234, 3/234, 4/234, 235A, 1/236, 236, 237, 238, 1/239, 2/239, 240, 240A, 241, 1/242, 2/242, 2/243, 243, 244, 245, 246, 248, 250, 1/251, 2/251, 3/251, 4/251, 253, 1/254, 254, 255, 256, 257, 258, 258a, 259, 261, 262, 263, 265, 267, 269, 1/271-273, 271, 273, 275, 277, 1/279, 2/279, 281 and 283

Any person making a written submission under section 223 of the Act is advised that under regulation 11 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2004, the Council is required to make available for public inspection all submissions received in accordance with section 223 of the Act during the previous 12 months. Details of submissions may also be included within the official Council Agendas and Minutes which are public documents and which may also be made available on Council’s website.

The Special Charge will be levied by the Council sending a notice of levy annually to the persons who are liable to pay the Special Charge, which will require that the Special Charge must be paid in the following manner:

Any persons requiring further information concerning the proposed declaration of the Special Charge should in the first instance contact Council’s Economic Development Unit on telephone numbers 9457 9833 or 9457 9865.

• by one annual payment to be paid in full by the due date fixed by the Council in the notice, which will be a date not less than 30 days after the date of issue of the notice; or • by four instalments, to be paid by the dates which are fixed by the Council in the notice.

Council will consider any written submissions and take into account any objections in accordance with sections 163A, 163B and 223 of the Act.

SIMON MCMILLAN Chief Executive Officer may 1, 2013 \ The weekly review 77



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78 The weekly review \ may 1, 2013


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The Weekly Review

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