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November 8, 2013 Vol. 1 Issue 1

The Walker Middle School Newspaper

Academic Wolverine Victories By Andrew Koo The Walker Middle School has had a strong year so far, athletically. However, this article puts the spotlight on two teams that get minimal recognition, but are doing great things for Walker… academically. They’re not receiving the compliments and attendance that the athletic teams recieve. Just as the sports teams spend a lot of time practicing, these academic teams practice hard as well. These teams are the Walker Middle School Debate Team, and the Walker Middle School Academic Bowl Team. Both of these teams are small in numbers, but they worked hard to get to where they are. Both teams have had daylong meets competing against other schools about current events or academic subjects by giving speeches, and answering trivia questions, respectively. The Debate Team had a meet at Atlanta Academy on Thursday, October 17, debating Supreme Court justices, Cyber Attacks, and Football. They crushed their competition (Atlanta Academy and Saint Francis School). Walker won five out of the six rounds (and absolutely dominated), and took home the Victory Plaque. Great speeches about the Supreme Court, Foot-

ball, and Cyber Attacks were given, and all debaters did extremely well. Abhinav Piplani and Randi Epstein (captain) took home the “Best Walker Debater Award” trophy.

Government Shutdown

very possible Walker made the top 10. The Wolverines won five rounds, and lost only two. Some of Walker’s large competition included Trickum, Chamblee, Five Forks, By Abhinav Piplani On October 1, 2013 the government offiRiver Trail, and 28 other schools. The Walker cially suffered a partial shutdown. Quite Middle School Quiz Bowl Team’s next meet simply, the reason that this happened was Walker has two more meets this year. will be in spring. because everything that is government Every year, there is one meet at each school (Atlanta Academy, Walker, and St. Francis). So even though you don’t hear about funded requires money from the governThe next meet is at Walker in the audito- these teams, or talk about them in the hall- ment (e.g. national parks, roads, schools, rium in February. ways, know that they’re out there, making government funded offices.) If the governLet’s not forget the Walker Middle Walker’s name known. I challenge you to ment does not have enough money to fund School-Quiz Bowl team. The Quiz Bowl surprise the members of these teams by those programs, they have to shut them team faced a larger competition than the complimenting their work in the meets, down. National parks were shut down Debate Team, but they fared just as well. and recalling their success in those meets. because the government could not afford The Quiz Bowl team, like Debate, has had It’ll be nice to make them feel that they’re to keep them open. The reason, however, one meet so far this year. The meet was at heard of. The Wolverines Debate Team and you are going to school is because instead The Paideia School. A whopping 32 schools Quiz Bowl Team are hitting other schools of the national government running the participated in the meet, and Walker, again, hard… just in a different way than you school, the local government is running the public school system. small in numbers, fought hard, and earned might initially think. a high placing. Only the top four teams The rosters for both teams are as follows: However, you may have heard that we have been announced (Walker is not one have crawled out of this shutdown. And of them), but we know for sure that Walker Quiz Bowl: Abhinav Piplani, Andrew that is correct. Congress recently passed placed anywhere between 9th and 16th. Benecchi, Allan Hegedus, Lauren Marie a bill that raised the debt ceiling. The debt This is because of Walker’s Round of 16 Martin, and Robbie Jacobson ceiling is the amount of money that the govelimination. However, many schools had Debate: Allan Hegedus, Andrew Koo, ernment is allowed to borrow. The ceiling an extremely large number of participants May Johnson, Peyton Ware, Grace Emily recently stood at $16.699 trillion[TRILLION (about 15), whereas Walker had only had 5 Keller, and Randi Epstein IS MORE THAN BILLION!] . They have raised participants. Due to Walker’s huge wins, it’s it $321 billion. This shatters the previous record which stood at 238 billion dollars. That was set two years ago. The debt ceiling will last up until February The big question in many American’s know what “class” their family is. Addition- en to rob pupils of their freedom to express mind is, “What will happen in February? We ally, it makes the school look more profes- themselves with their own style of clothing. are just going to run into the same problem sional and presentable for visitors of the Teenage girls and boys will be denied the again!” school. privilege of wearing their favorite outfit to Well they might be right, but the only school. Athletes will no longer have the Con: Unique vs. Uniforms true way to tell is to wait and see. Only time By Claire Brandes opportunity to show off their t-shirts and will tell, and until then, we wait and hope jerseys on game days. Wearing what stuthat Congress does something to fix this During every student’s middle school dents’ want to wear to school should no problem. Hopefully its before February. career, people are always looking to longer be a privilege, but a right. Taking express themselves in one way or anothaway middle school students’ freedom to er. Some students are dedicated to their If you want to learn more about the Govchoose what they wish to wear to school sports, while others spend hours on their ernment Shutdown go to is not just taking away a closet full of outartwork. However, no matter if a student, but it is also taking away a part of our is sporty, artsy, or brainy, they can always ment-shutdown/112091 creativity and style. rely on their attire for a unique sense of style. By giving students the privilege of wearing what they want to school, with the exception of a minor dress code, the school can reassure students that they can be trusted to make wise choices pertaining to what they wear. School uniforms threat-

Editorial: School Uniform Debate Pro: Dress For Success By Ashley Lowe

Being a middle school student, we generally think about what we are going to wear more than we worry about our responsibilities given to us at school. At school, there are already several distractions because of the various school dress code violations. Uniforms attenuate the possibility of an improper cut shirt or a shirt with inappropriate images or words. Some people get classified as rich or poor because of the brand name they wear. The kids with less money who don’t buy big brands may then be bullied for something that is in no way their fault, and shouldn’t even be a big deal. Dressing in similar attire, by having a unifrom, makes everyone look the same so classification won’t hurt anyone’s feelings because there is no way to

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Misunderstood Academic School Help By Grace Nation

At school some kids look like they are about to lose their minds! Well, right now we have a program called M.A.S.H. It is supposed to be an upgrade from No Pass, No Play. No Pass No Play says that when a kid is failing a class they are prohibited from participating in any afterschool sports or clubs. Most students and faculty last year were upset by this program because in multiple instances, half of the football team was on No Pass, No Play, and many games and plays had to be cancelled. Now with M.A.S.H (Mandatory Attendence Study Hall), kids are to come in during first recess, catch up on homework, and avoid being put in a position where they have to skip after school activities and sports. unless they have to meet with a teacher after school.

Pack Yer Bag, Wolverines 2013 MS Softball – Community We’re Goin’ to 15-4: The Best Walker has Ever Service: What Cherokee Seen and How By Abhinav Piplani

By Andrew Koo

The Middle School Softball team’s previous record of most wins in a season was four. This year, the Wolverines eclipsed that record by eleven wins. Walker, at 14-4, played for 3rd place on October 3, 2013, at home against Mount Pisgah Christian School. The girls clipped the Mt. Pisgah Patriots in front of a maroon-filled crowd by a score of 7-6, resulting in an overall 3rd place finish in the North Atlantic Metro League. For Walker, this was by far the best season in our Middle School softball history, with a 15-4 record. Hard work pays off. The Wolverine’s blowout wins placed them as one of the top three teams in the league. Their wins included an 11-3 victory over Pace Academy, in addition to 22-2 and 14-1 thrashings of Whitefield Academy on consecutive games. Final scores also recorded a 15-2 blowout of North Cobb Christian; a 19-0 shutout over King’s Ridge Academy, a 14-6 beat down of Mt. Pisgah, and a 15-7 slashing of Mount Vernon Christian. Walker softball also pulled out some close one-run wins in the 2013 season. An 8-7 walk-off win in the team’s season opener against Mt. Vernon began the team’s 1-run success. A 3-2 nail-biter over Lovett, a 10-9 win against Westminster, and a thrilling 8-7 triumph against Excel Christian School for a total of 5 1-run wins in the 2013 season. Also, let’s not forget the 7-6 victory over Mt. Pisgah that clinched 3rd place, and wrapped up the historic season on a positive note. Walker clinched the ability to play in the 3rd place game thanks to a 15-7 defeat against Mt. Vernon. The game on October 1st against Excel, the overall #1 team in the league, and the defending champions,

unfortunately, Walker lost 13-14 in extra innings. The main cause of the loss, according to players, was errors. A controversial international tiebreaker system was used to break the tie after regulation play. Had Walker pulled out a win, they would’ve played for the NAML Championship instead of 3rd place.

By Emmett Allen

“Never expect anyone to give you what you want. Work hard, show some dedication and go get it yourself. “ -Unknown

Day Care

If you need service hours for Beta Club, or just enjoy helping people, here are a few things you can do around Walker to help your community.

Environmental Club:

You can join the Environmental Club by simply showing up at meetings on A-days However, this article isn’t about what in the boardroom during first lunch. could’ve been. This article is about how Tutoring: much the softball team improved, and If you do well academically, or just enjoy how well the teamwork was overall. The learning, you can talk to Mrs. Ragan about 8th graders led the way, but that doesn’t signing up to tutor younger middle school mean that the 6th and 7th graders didn’t students. put up an equal contribution. In fact the Trees Atlanta two pitchers (who were a huge cause of In addition to other projects, the environsuccess for the team) are 7th graders. mental club hosts tree plantings with Trees Hopefully, you came out and saw the Atlanta. This is open to non-members and softball team take 3rd place. It was the last counts for Beta Club service hours. game of the season, and it was a great, Open House: close, and suspenseful game. After the big Before each Open House, Mr. Tilley and victory to clinch 3rd place, Walker celebrat- Mr. Forteith will announce that they are ed their great and record setting year full looking for volunteers to help out. Sign up of memories and laughs. They endured the then to dress up and hold doors for a night. tough calls, they showed great character Miss Drew’s Activity: throughout the year, and they look to come Miss Drew runs an X-block activity that back stronger than ever next year and win performs community service every Thursthe NAML Tournament. day during X-block. Each activity counts for Beta Club service hours and is organized for you. Miss Drew runs frequent trips to the daycare as well, and each trip counts for service hours. You can sign up to visit the Daycare by speaking to Miss Drew and filling out a Daycare form.

The 6th graders recently went on the first overnight trip of the entire 2013-2014. They went to the YMCA Cherokee Outdoors Centre. They stayed for five days and slept in cabins with different chaperones. These included teachers such as Mr. Rubens and Mr. Forshey. The ride was about 30-45 minutes from Walker. Once there, the 6th graders did activities such as rock climbing, painting birdhouses, archery, working in the gardens, holding owls, and other team-building activities. I recently asked 6th grader Nathan Graves about the trip. When asked about why he thought they went he said, “We went because they wanted us to learn to work as a team and work with [different] people we may not have known before the retreat.” For many sixth graders this was the first overnight trip of their lives. They experienced true outdoor adventure during this time, and this was especially true when it came to the water sources, “One major thing I disliked was that we had very little water sources. The only water sources I could remember we’re the tubs of water at mealtime and the hose outside the pavilion” says sixth grader Nathan Graves. However as there were a few downsides, there were many upsides. Sixth grader Nikita Chari said without hesitation, “My favorite part was paddle boarding. We all got on top of a small boat, in groups of two, and after we had paddled we all jumped into the cold water of Lake Altoona. The jumping in was probably the coolest part.” After five days of fun and excitement the sixth graders returned to Walker to happy group of parents. They all had a great time and learned a lot about various animals and different ways to have fun outdoors. When you see them in the hallway, ask them about their trip and what they did. I think you’ll get a positive response.

A Quarter in Pictures: Everything You Saw and Loved

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The first issue of the Walker Middle School newspaper

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