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Advances on a Cure for HIV

Kelly Staples Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is a virus that deteriorates the body’s immune system. HIV is contracted through sexual contact, blood exchange, shared syringes, or through mother-child contact such as during labor or breast feeding. The virus is genetically variable, meaning it is very hard to treat due to the specificity of each persons genetic makeup. Unfortunately, the lack of possible treatments causes most HIV victims to develop acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Since the epidemic began in the late 1950’s in central Africa, 21.8 million people have died of the virus and millions are currently living with it. However, recent technological advances reveal hope for a cure to end HIV. The 2013 AIDS Vaccine conference resulted in some very optimistic treatment advances. From clinical trials to actual vaccine formulas, the conference confirms that a cure for HIV should be available in the near future. Some of the most exciting information regarding finding the cure came from trials in 17 different countries. From the studies, specifically the trial in Thailand, researchers found that there is evidence in the human body that a successful HIV vaccine is plausible. Scientists have also found numerous techniques to help people suffering with HIV to come close to ridding themselves of the virus. Bone marrow transplants prove to be one of the most successful methods for curing HIV. Once an effective vaccine is created, someone with HIV can get a bone marrow transplant infused with the vaccine. This method would completely kill the virus. Another relatively new technique that scientists have been working on is what is called “passive immunity.” This technique is aimed at creating cells that are immune to the virus. By immersing these cells into the body, they would act as white blood cells would; attacking the foreign virus. An additional possible cure involves the modification of adenovirus, a common throat virus. Scientists believe they can genetically alter the adenovirus to create an adverse effect to the HIV virus. Scientists are very optimistic that a cure for HIV is plausible for the near future. Through successful clinical trials and promising results in research labs, the millions of people currently suffering with HIV/AIDS are no longer hopeless. Although a cure is not currently existent, there are

numerous cases in which someone was cured of HIV/AIDS through different clinical therapies, including for example bone marrow transplants. Overall, advances in technology have promoted a strong push toward a cure for the HIV virus.


scrapped which will be finished in 2014. To donate to Restore The Shore visit: html?pagewanted=all

Can the Jersey Shore Catch a Break? Hannah Geldzahler

Sunken Cruise Ship off Italy Devon Kaiser and Ted Rosenthal

Almost exactly a year after the devastating Super Storm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore a fire swiped out a big chunk of the Seaside boardwalk. Just as citizens were starting to rebuild their lives and getting back to a new norm, this fire came, and brought everyone back to square one. The fire left many people asking what people in New Jersey have done to deserve this? As most businesses on the board walk are small and independently owned it’s hard enough to rebuild once, and twice is unheard of. Many people are questioning where this fire started, which is costing New Jersey 15 million dollars to repair. And the answer: it all relates back to Sandy. Joseph D. Coronato, the Ocean County prosecutor, said that he is confident that the fire started because of some electrical problems due to Sandy. The speculations that this fire was set on purpose was put down after a 40 hour investigation. The only culprit involved is Sandy. With it being almost a year after Sandy, residents of Seaside are still in financial crises and the fire that occurred did not make it any easier for them. Some store owners are even saying that they are not sure they can afford to rebuild after the fire. On the other hand, the residents and visitors of Seaside Heights have to be thankful that no one died in this tragedy.

On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship sank of the coast of Giglio, Italy. The ship went off course and hit a reef, causing the electricity to turn off; which in turn induced the boat to sink as it got closer to the island. The

When the ship capsized in Italy there were more than 4,000 people staying on it. When the ship initially collided with the rocks, 32 people were killed. However, two of the bodies were not recovered. On September 26, 2013, remains were found. The two people that went missing were an Indian man and an Italian woman. The types of remains found were a match for their descriptions, but only a DNA test will verify their identities. This accident has been a tragedy for everyone.

The Legacy of the Colorado Floods Kensey Olson

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Although Super Storm Sandy was the cause of this event, indirectly it was the stop as well. “Construction equipment that had been in use nearby was moved up the beach to cut the 25-foot-wide trench that finally halted flames that had burned for nearly six hours” (New York Times). So although Sandy was the cause of the fire, the tools that were being used to rebuild were then used to stop the fire. The fire and Super Storm Sandy have proved to everyone how strong the state of New Jersey is, and I for one am proud to say I come from New Jersey.

On October 10, 2013, the cruise ship company, Costa Crociere, signed off on a specialized ship to lift an oil platform and raise the ship. This plan for removal, among many other options, has been considered to be put into use next year. Royal Boskalis Westminster, a Dutch marine salvage company, won a 30 million dollar contract to have the ship removed. Another form of removing the cruise ship that has been considered is to scrap it entirely. The cruise ship will most likely be towed away in early spring of next year, to be later broken up into scrap.

captain, Francesco Schettino, did not contact anyone when the ship crashed into the reef, instead he tried to put the ship back on course. Port authorities were not contacted until the ship sank and the captain did not order an abandonment of the ship until an hour after the ship hit the reef. This lack of communication caused the lifeboats to go out too late, if they had gone out earlier the passengers could have gotten to shore safely. In addition, the captain left the ship on a lifeboat, abandoning his passengers. After the night of the crash, the ship sank on its side. This caused a large oil spill. The removal of the oil tank in the ship was not completed until eight weeks after the crash. Now, almost two years later, the ship has been turned upright. By using cables to pull the boat upright, it has finally been freed from the rocks. Then, water was pumped out of the ship so that it could be towed out of the water. The process was completed on September 17, 2013, and has cost an estimated $800 million dollars. Next the ship will be taken apart and

Colorado is no stranger to deadly and devastating floods. However, the floods in early September killed at least eight people and damaged or destroyed over 2,000 homes. Hundreds of miles of roads have been washed away and small mountain towns are now isolated. The floods caused unprecedented damage of over 2,000 square miles and 20 counties. USA Today reported that from September 9 to September 13, 14.62 inches of rain fell in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder’s average September rainfall is 1.63 inches. That is almost nine times the amount of rain in only four days. The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) in Boulder, Colorado concluded that the extraordinary rainfall was due to the unusual and persistent weather pattern that funneled abundant moisture towards the Front Range. The Front Rage is a mountain range of the Rockies southern Wyoming to central Colorado. The cities of Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins lie in this area. Climate change has also caused more water vapor in the air, thus allowing for more precipitation. Researches at CIRES are looking into the climate change effect and other causes of the flood. A reported 420 people in Larimer County, Colorado evacuated. Despite rescuers trying to help residents throughout the storm, a total of about 600 people were still stranded in isolated areas of the county. Authorities airlifted approximately 215 people to safety in Boulder County. Such efforts bring back memories of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Families who evacuated the targeted areas returned back to find battered neighborhoods. Most do not even have a place to call home


anymore. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that more than 6,400 Colorado residents in the disaster have applied for aid, and more than $430,000 has been approved in individual assistance such as temporary housing and home repairs. Residents are finding it difficult to rebuild their homes and lives. People are finding toxic mud, sewage, and river debris in their homes. Wind and rain had enough force to blow out walls and completely destroy furniture. The floods have wiped out some 200 miles of highways and over 50 bridges. Rebuilding and restoring access to isolated communities will cost millions of dollars. However, the residents of Colorado have an opportunity to redo things differently, which is an upside among this devastation. Plans to become more stable and environment-friendly have already begun.

Secret Phone Data Court Max Burrows There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the NSA and their recently discovered information network which stores and tracks Americans’ data and internet usage. Many claim that the information network is unconstitutional and breeches the basic rights of Americans. Part of this information-gathering network tracks the public’s phone calls and data usage. Other reports indicate that the NSA has been abusing their administrative powers by only tapping calls linked with terrorist activities. The appearance of so-called “Secret Courts” that have the power to approve laws with outside examination, have also been under detection.       The “Secret Court” has approved variations of this phonetapping law since 2006 and is heavily criticized for being incredibly polarized due to the lack of outside observation other than the government. Jameel Jaffer, a senior attorney in the American Civil Liberties Union, is criticizing the court and its procedures. He explained that when the judges are picked by the Chief of Justice, John G. Roberts, it is likely that they will all have the same political bias. In this case, the court is completely dominated by the Republicans with a known pro-government agenda. This creates a precarious situation. With little diversity of opinion in the court room, it could very easily become a concurring group of judges.        However Judge Claire V. Eagan, a member of the secret court, claims that there is no bias, and that the court works within the parameters of the Constitution. An opinion she wrote regarding the court stated, “To date, no holder of records who has received an order to produce bulk telephony metadata has challenged the legality of such an order.” The court constantly reiterates the fact that they take the necessary steps to protect Americans’ privacy, as long as they are not involved in suspicious activities. The court remains active for the time being, but it is possible that the court could go through some reform in an attempt to make the system more transparent for the American people.

6 Polio Outbreak in Syria Disha Gupta Volunteers are being sent to seven Middle Eastern countries to vaccinate people after a recent outbreak in Syria paralyzed 10 young kids. This outbreak is a setback for Syria in their effort to rid their country of the disease. The children affected live in Deir al-Zour, province in eastern Syria. They are all under the age of 2 and went unvaccinated due to the chaotic conditions in their country right now. All of the 10 children have the worst symptom of polio: paralysis. This is not something that can be reversed, once someone is paralyzed they are paralyzed. This is how they will be for the rest of their lives. Due to all of the conflict in Syria this is what is happening to the children. They neglected to get vaccinations due to all of the chaos and they have been maimed. Polio is caused by a virus that spreads between people. Multiple vaccines can protect a person for life, but babies are too young to be vaccinated and children aren’t old enough to have taken all of the vaccines necessary to combat the disease are vulnerable. In Syria, due to this virus 100,000 people have been killed and nearly 7 million people have been driven out of their homes; 2 million people have fled the country. It is unclear how the virus entered Syria since the country had eliminated it in 1999.

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The Controversy Behind ‘Red Skins’ Hope Braue

bring it up before? I think people are trying to make a huge deal out of nothing. The name itself has been with the team for decades; changing it would change the identity of the team itself. In this day and age, people are trying to find fault with everything. But why are we focusing on such a trivial matter like this, when there are much more important things to be discussing?

Recently, the Washington football team has been receiving criticism regarding the name of their team: the Redskins. The team has used this name for years, and although it’s always been controversial, a call for it to seriously change hasn’t been mentioned until now. Because of a recent complaint (and attempt to sue) from a Native American, who believes that the team’s name is derogatory, many other people have begun to call the name into question as well. Although polls have shown that many fans don’t find the name offensive, the NFL representative Roger Goodell said that “if one person is offended, [they] have to listen.” The owner of the Redskins, Dan Snyder, has reportedly made it clear he doesn’t want to change the name. But his opinion may not matter, as Obama actually made a statement regarding the controversy behind the name: “If I were the owner of the team and I knew that there was a name of my team—even if it had a storied history—that was offending a sizeable group of people, I’d think about changing it.” Now that the whole argument has been publicized, many others are starting to voice their opinions. Some devoted fans believe that the name shouldn’t be changed because of the historical background regarding it. Others believe that it’s degrading towards Native Americans and should be immediately changed. In my opinion, the argument behind this name was only recently publicized: if it’s such a big problem, why didn’t anyone

NYC Juvenile Court


Kaitlyn Sleyster In New York State there is an ongoing controversy over minors and the juvenile court system. Some may say that the legal age for children to be tried as adults should be eighteen, while others say sixteen years old. New York law states, “When a person who is under 16 years old, but is at least 7 years old, commits an act which would be a “crime” if he or she were an adult”. Many groups and organizations are saying the age should be eighteen due to the harsh realities of jail. Recent Studies have shown that when minors attend an adult prison, they are more likely to commit more crimes. Meanwhile in the Juvenile system, most minors go on to lead normal lives. Scientific studies found that adolescents don’t think about the consequences of the actions they make. Raising the age would keep many young adults out of prison. Being with kids your own age may make some want to leave so they act more appropriately. While in an adult prison, they may be pulled into gangs or decide not to change their ways.

While many people agree that raising the age is a positive improvement, there are others who say it’s not worth it. The cost of changing the judicial system would be substantial. Many people prefer to use the money it would cost to add a new court, or to help pay for more classes on the consequences of disobeying the law.

The Government Shutdown

Amanda Wu and Olivia Salama On September 16th a terrible tragedy struck our nations capital. There was a shooting at the Washington D.C Navy Yard, the home to many of our nations heroes. A man by the name of Aaron Alexis, a Navy sailor himself was the offender.

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Washington is currently a political battleground littered with personal problems and petty spats that seem as though they are more appropriate for a middle school showdown rather than important discussions that have originated from the people that are elected to represent America. This seems to pose the question, should the American people take responsibility for the fallacies of the blubbering buffoons that they have elected to office, or is it simply that the two-party system no longer works in American politics? While the two-party system is flawed, and has had it ups and downs over the years, it has been largely effective for the greater part of over three hundred years. This system is only ineffective when we, the American people, allow it to be. Yes, the current politicians serve themselves instead of serving America like they should, yes, America is trillions of dollars in debt, yes, the American government is shut down, but one must look at the root of the these problems: how did they happen? They happened because of the indolent and irresponsible actions of the American people. The American populous allowed the people whose actions have caused all of these problems to be elected into office and positions of power that many of them are woefully unqualified to fill.


Of course if someone does something against the law they should be punished, but is the cost involved worth it?

Washington Navy Yard Shooting

unproductive, they did, and they still found a way to get paid for it.

Liz Todd The government’s job has always been to protect its citizens and have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately the people who run the American government seem to have wandered off this path and are now hopelessly immuring themselves in a self-made maze of political bureaucracy at the expense of the working man. These people are now more concerned about their personal interests in contrast to the interests of a nation in dire need of guidance. In other words, the American government now has a name to describe its ongoing inadequacy and inability, government shut down, gridlock, and general distain of productive work. Yes, just when we thought they couldn’t get any more

America has the lowest voter turn out in the whole world. So in complaining about the politicians that now hold office and their actions and their action’s consequences, people should look around and wonder who actually voted. If people don’t vote then the same politicians will keep on being elected and the disastrous and publically humiliating cycle will repeat. The people who voted to get them elected will keep voting and so if no votes are against the imbeciles that currently hold offices, then they will continue to be elected. So next time you trash the politicians that run our government, you should look in the mirror and take responsibility for your and your peers’ actions, because the only reason why they even have the opportunity to make a global laughing stock of America is because the American people gave them the opportunity to.

Prior to the shooting Alexis had been staying at several different locations and was working for a subcontractor on a Hewlett-Packard Enterprises Services. For a couple of days he visited the Sharpshooters Small Arms Range, 15 miles form Washington, and solicited information about purchasing a handgun. The dealers denied him access to buy the gun out-of-state, so Alexis bought a Remington 870 Express Tactical 12-gauge shotgun. He had used his I.D to gain access to the Navy Yard and then proceeded to get out of his car and enter “Building 197.” It was here that he then began to shoot. The shooting began at around 8:20 a.m. and ended about an hour later around 9. Alexis arrived at the Navy Yard and was able to enter the premises using a valid pass carrying a dissembled shotgun. He aimed from a balcony at the workers on the floor below and shot bullets throughout the hallways. Most were shot at from at a close range from the fourth floor, but then he aimed at the third and lobby. Thirteen people were found dead including the killer himself. Security took precautions and the shooting sparked a debate about the satisfactoriness of the US military facilities. Motivations for the massacre are unknown.

Self-Driving Cars are Closer than They Appear Mike Petrilli       Self-driving cars may not be an unlikely prospect, as some people may suspect. In the recent years, car companies such as Mercedes, Nissan, General Motors, BMW, Tesla, and even Google have already started investing in the production of automated cars, which are believed to be the future of road travel. These cars could cut down the accident rate to virtually zero, saving 30,000 lives a year in the US alone, while also opening up transportation for the impaired and blind. Most of the motor companies have targeted the year 2020 for when they will release their car, but Tesla has


made a bold move for “90% automation” in 2016. Motor companies have clocked thousands of miles on their prototype cars and have released information on how they work. Google seems to be the furthest into producing a working self-driven car, but they still have a long way to go.        The Google cars use a number of sensors to get information from the road. Then, they use that data in algorithms to figure out how to move the car using lasers, radar, cameras, GPS, a computing platform, and multiple maps of the real world. The lasers give a 360-degree view of the world that tells the car its location and the location of the cars around it. The laser is located on the roof of the car and spins quickly to achieve real time data. Radar systems are on the front and back of the car to detect moving cars in its lane and can see two cars ahead. Adding to this, radar also gives accurate speed measurements of the car. In addition to the radar, cameras are installed to see signs and traffic lights, providing a tangible vision of the events. The computing platform uses the information given to it through the multiple sensors and programmed maps and utilizes the information in algorithms that dictate the movements the car. It

THE VOICE IS OPEN TO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS controls the engine, steering wheel, brakes, and turn signals. Google says it has 40,000 miles on its selfdriving car, but admits that there are many problems with the system still, the biggest problem being weather’s interference with the sensors. Not to mention, the computer does not know how to deal with something going wrong, such as a broken sensor or a crazy driver. While this may explain some of the hesitance behind selling an automated car, many luxury car brands are inserting features from their concept cars into this year’s group of luxury vehicles.        Mercedes-Benz, Acura, Lexus, and Infiniti are already using automated car technology in their 2014 models. Many of the cars will automatically use the emergency break to stop if the driver is going too fast

into an object in front of or behind them. A new type of automated cruise control that keeps the distance between the cars at a safe distance is also being installed. While these features are ancillary, and slightly helpful, one important extra is the new lane control system that keeps the car in the same lane if the driver drowses off. We will see more and more helpful features in the coming years, until hopefully the first automated car is released.

Apple on Top Once Again Drew Braue Apple is always on top when it comes to creating innovative new products and tools. Every year when September comes around, people are always talking about the new iPhone or iPad, whether they are happy because they are finally getting rid of last year’s model, or upset because they can’t get a new one until later. But this year’s products were much more exciting for people everywhere. A new operating system was released, otherwise known as iOS 7. Strictly for mobile devices, iOS 7 is the first real visual change in iOS history. A new, more structured design creates a simpler feel to the phone, solely to direct the viewer’s attention to the content and not the useless bars and buttons (like those red notifications on downloaded game apps that nobody liked). Releasing something this big meant not only coming out with one new product, but coming out with two; the iPhone 5S and 5C. The iPhone isn’t cheap. Usually it would start at $200, and not everyone could afford it or wanted to pay that much for it. The iPhone 5C is $100 cheaper, allowing more people to experience an Apple product and the new iOS 7 software. The 5S is very similar to the iPhone 5, which was released September of 2012. The 5 has most of the same features as the 5S, except for the fingerprint scanner, a more advanced LED flash for the camera, and a faster processor. The main differences between the two new phones are: the iPhone 5S has a faster processor and it includes a anti-theft fingerprint lock option, the iPhone 5C is plastic and comes in different colors whereas the 5S is titanium, and of course the price difference. Both phones offer great things and run


iOS 7 exactly the same. Many great and useful products were created this year, and they will definitely prove beneficial for Apple’s sales

Nina Davuluri 2014 Miss America Sandy Gooen The average American girl these days is impossible to describe, because we are all so very different. Yet Nina Davuluri, our current Miss America, is one who is worth learning from. She is pre-med student, she is using her pageant winnings to avoid taking out student loans, and most importantly, she is proud of who she is. Miss America, along with most other pageants, is often run with the intention of showing the country the “model image” that all other girls and women must follow. This sends the girls who watch and participate in these pageants on a downward spiral. This year’s HERO objective relates to body image, one that Miss Davuluri and many of us can relate to. She has conquered her bulimia, a very difficult and dangerous eating disorder, and now she dedicates herself to the study of medicine. She didn’t need to be bulimic to be crowned Miss America. That is an admirable turnaround. Next, there is the controversy over the fact that Miss Davuluri is Indian-American. She even performed a dance influenced by her Indian heritage. The truth of the matter is for those who are speaking against her, is that she’s American, and she’s proud of who she is. As someone whose roots fall outside of the stereotypical “American’s” and as an American girl, I am proud that we finally have an Indian-American Miss America. There are people from all different backgrounds in our country, and it’s time that we show it.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Martine Didomenico

The uproar of Miley Cyrus’s new attire is

10 no longer the only topic fashion critics are discussing. New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 (NYFW) is finally here! Although designers presented their new lines with a bit of risqué crop tops and shorts, they were able to pull it all off in a more formal manner. Iconic designers such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, DKNY and many more were able to catch the eyes of many on the catwalk this season. Tory Burch, one of the designers among many others, was seen sporting vibrant patterns and dazzling necklaces while walking into various other fashion shows. She released many of her spring fashions during the shows, which will most likely be worn by celebrities in the near future. Implementing technology and social media seems to be a reoccurring trend seen in fashion shows lately. As Ralph Lauren presented its new styles, they Instagramed many pictures of upcoming events and new fashions hot off the press. The men’s line showed off their “Nordic” side when presenting new outerwear while the women strutted down the aisle in leopard print which is starting to become a huge must-have. Many celebrities have been seen lately showing off Ralph Lauren’s newest release of their new hot product the “Ricky Bag”. Alongside the brand’s new clothing line is the new home collection, which is bursting with a new and improved bold style. Many new designers were introduced to the spotlight throughout the hectic week. Whether one was new or old to the fashion industry, this week certainly set its standards for the upcoming year’s trends. From here on out, designers will continue to work their magic in setting up even more unique tastes and designs for the future. The journey of style and design has just begun for the collections of 2014.

Washi Tape Emma Clayton What is washi tape? You may wonder upon reading the title of this article. Washi tape is a patterned masking tape, originating from Japan. Recently, this type of tape has started to be manufactured all around the world. The tape is made from natural

fibers such as bamboo, hemp, or other trees native to Japan. The word washi comes from “wa” meaning Japan, and “shi” meaning paper. Thus, the word itself means Japanese Paper. The multitude of patterns and colors this tape comes in are endless, and it seems as though the projects at which washi tape can be used in are also endless! 1. We’ve all needed to hold a stack of papers together with binder clips, but why do we always retort to boring black ones when we can have beautiful, and

11 4. Make some boring clothespins a little more exciting with washi tape! 5. Put washi tape on your chargers so that you’ll never forget which is yours

bright ones like these?

Use washi tape to spice up some boring plastic silverware! 


Personalize a pencil holder!

Make your bulletin unique by decorating your pushpins with washi tape!

8. Make tape-looking magnets by sticking thewashi onto a strip of magnet 6.



Decorate a plain vase or pitcher to match your room!

9. 10. 11.

Excite boring toothpicks! Decorate cups for a party! Create a patterned lampshade! 12.

Make fun wall art!

13. Change up the look of your old bike! 14. Decorate a plain table runner! 15. Personalize your keyboard! And many more!

Polio only shows symptoms in about 1 in every 200 people infected, so it can go unnoticed at first. This means that some people may carry the virus in their body for some period of time. Having one person infected is enough to spread the virus to hundreds of other people. Syria is working to eliminate the virus by having everyone vaccinated, more than 2 million children have already been vaccinated since the recent outbreak.

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