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“Body Image”

Hannah Geldzahler

Bryce Nevil and Casey Puglisi

Technical Editor

Someone’s body image has been an influential part of our culture for centuries. Women have been obsessed with each and every self-flaw discovered, not focusing enough on their own unique beauty. Women all around the world are knit picking at these flaws, each feeling more insecure with each imperfection found. Symbols of beauty throughout the decade have lead to cause this, but have also not supported it nor intended for it. Though, a new generation has dawned on our society and there is a leader supporting it. Two-time golden globe winner Lena Dunham, for her HBO series Girls, is setting a new example for body image to all women.

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Faculty Advisor Mrs. Wengel Happy Spring! ~ From all of us here at The Voice!

Lena Dunham is sending the message of being comfortable in your own skin. As her weight does not match most female celebrities, Dunham accepts her body by often going nude in her television series Girls, and her film Tiny Furniture. Though, many have ridiculed her for her comfortable bareness, and many have said that her body disgusts them. I am repulsed that our society can be cruel in such ways. Dunham is trying to set an example that women can be beautiful and at the same time not skinny. I have no issue with her body and do not understand why some criticize it so harshly. We should be applauding Dunham’s courage for going against the norm, and accepting the faults of her body. A new standard for beauty needs to be set. Women need to realize that they are beautiful whether they are twigs are not. Beauty comes from within, and I know that this has been said far too often, but it is true. If you believe you are beautiful, then it will show, and Dunham tries her hardest to send this message. If Dunham is willing to display herself contrary to the negative feedback, then women should be able to accept their own unique beauty. Though, society is fighting its way against her by ridiculing her brave efforts to put an end to conformity. Mocking her body, and remarking her many physical flaws, the public is merely painting over the marks that Dunham has attempted to create. Society will try to continue to display beauty as blondes showing off their bones. Hopefully Dunham will come through and set a new standard, so that there can be less judging, and more acceptance. And hopefully one day, beauty will be seen in everything.

“Fair Play” Stephanie Fuentes Lately, ethics in college sports have been a huge debate, especially at Penn State. The problem is that football has brought so much good to the university that every issue it brings about gets put aside, including the wellbeing of children. Students in a sports science class at Penn State talked about how the moral issue of what happened will have a congressional influence on the reorganization of sports all over the country. Kretchmar, an editor for the Journal of Intercollegiate Sports said, “the problem with college sports is the big business behind it. The book we’re using, ‘Fair Play’ by Robert Simon, talks about the power behind sports, powerful coaches and the necessity to win, make money and get on TV, at any cost.” The cost in this case was covering up the sexual abuse of boys by former Penn State assistant football coach, Joe Paterno. It is ironic how the motto of the university’s athletic program is “Success with Honor,” when honor was clearly absent in the cover up of these actions by numerous officials. By putting the success of the program above the honor and integrity of it, they helped a pedophile hurt many children in the process. On the other hand, the only good coming out of this is that hopefully it will help colleges and universities to re-evaluate the balance between sports and academics on campus.


months for the Pope to make this decision, and it did not come lightly. “Strength of mind and body are necessary, which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me,” said Benedict. It’s evident that the Pope had a hard time making this choice, but he simply could not maintain the job. The Pope really does have a hard job. His job consists of administering Vatican City, appointing Bishops, being the main authority of the church, and unifying forces. In an interview with USA Today, Bishop Walter Hurley stated that the Pope has “to be the pastor of the universe and church”. Being the Pope is no walk in the park, and especially not for a 85 year old man. Can you really blame the Pope for wanting to step down? With that being said, a new Pope is expected to be appointed before Easter. Pope Benedict XVI serves his last day on February 28th. The current Pope will not be involved in choosing the next pope, although he has appointed 67 out of 115 Cardinals who are said to make the decision. The future Pope will have big shoes to fill, but in the meantime, why don’t we all just let Pope Benedict XVI travel to some relaxing place, and enjoy some peace and quiet! After all the man is 85 years old, and being in charge of over one billion Catholics can be trying!

“No Tickets Available” “It ain’t easy being the Pope” Hannah Geldzahler

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Unless you haven’t watched the news in a week, or you just don’t listen to anything that anyone has said to you, you probably know what happened with the Pope. Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his position as the Pope. This came as a surprise to basically everyone, seeing as the last time a Pope resigned was in 1415 when Gregory XII resigned-almost 600 years ago. This news is history in the making, meaning this is the kind of thing that will go in textbooks, which your children and your grandchildren will learn about, and you can say that you witnessed it (another great reason to watch the news). Nevertheless this was big news coming out the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI is 85 years old. It’s safe to say that most 85 year olds don’t wake up every morning and think “Wow today feels like a great day to be the Pope”. All kidding aside, being the pope is a big deal, and very hard work. It took

Emma Clayton

We’ve all been there. Feeling anticipation, as we get onto our computers ten minutes before our favorite artist’s concert tickets go on sale. Refreshing the page hundreds of times until the minute they go on sale. Then, within a few minutes, right as we’re selecting how many tickets we would like, along with sticking to our original price range, all of the tickets become sold out. How could this happen? We all ask this question while realizing the large possibility that we will not be able to see our favorite artist. This stunt seems cynical to many of the die-hard fans that only want to see a good concert at a decent price. Ticket sale websites know this. Therefore, the question asked might be how this still happens? The fact is that various websites, such as Ticketmaster, have set up strategies to prevent businesses from buying blocks of tickets for later resale. Though, this is hard to keep from happening. With so much demand, tickets get sold so quickly, that it is often hard to determine if a ticket is going to a business or an individual. Furthermore, increasing within the past couple of years, secondround ticket sales have gained popularity. Websites, including StubHub, have been created to give the opportunity to individuals

to sell tickets for events that they were unable to attend. However, these websites have become a market for ticket scalpers who make their own sales. Selling the tickets at double, or even triple the original price, the scalper makes a large profit by using websites such as these. Thus, there is no surefire way to avoid ticket scalpers when purchasing tickets. If you would really like to ensure your purchase of a ticket to an event, the best possible thing to do would be to keep an eye on the trends in tickets. You will just have to try and detect how fast ticket sales will go for similar shows.

“The Abuse of Adderall” Kelly Staples


ers also use the drug in conjunction with alcohol. This harmful relationship not only causes long term health issues, but also an immediate possibility of death or a seizure. This terrible result will continue to grow until the issue is resolved. Overall, Adderall is an addictive, deathly drug. With thousands of abusers, Adderall has manifested into an urgent dilemma. The only way for the abuse to stop is to make sure students understand the terrible effects the drug has on the body and mind, plus the deathly possibilities that come with it. Physicians and doctors also must take the issue into their own hands. By ensuring that only ADHD patients, who are confirmed of having the disease, have access to the drug, then the overwhelming number of 40 million users will drop to the mere 4 percent of the population that medically needs Adderall. These statistics prove the enormous issue Adderall has become, and moreover the major issues it poses for the future.


Known as the “study drug” Adderall has become a worldwide wonder. Intended for ADHD treatment, Adderall is a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. These drugs work together to depress the central nervous system and to activate concentration. When healthy people without ADHD take the drug, effects heightened and risks range from nausea to shortness of breath, dizziness, and even paranoia. Adderall is also addictive and it is very high in concentration. An overdose is very likely to occur if the abuser even takes a small amount over their suggested dosage. However, many people fail to see these risks and only focus on the positive effect of the drug, concentration. Millions of students use this “study drug” to help them learn and concentrate on their work. High school students use the drug before the SAT or ACT, college students use it on tests and final exams, and even young adults use the drug for their jobs. In fact, 6.4 percent of all college students use or abuse this drug. In the United States alone 34.5 percent of student admitted to college, use or have used Adderall. With the number quickly rising, Adderall abuse is becoming increasingly more of an issue. Each day death rates and suicide rates caused by Adderall climb higher. With so much academic competition, many students feel the need to improve their grades well above their potential. By turning to Adderall, these students begin to abuse the drug solely to get the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. However, with each new death story coming in, physicians are beginning to see a trend in Adderall abuse. Each student begins the process by becoming a little overwhelmed with their academic workload, next they begin taking small doses of Adderall, after gaining confidence with the drug, students begin to abuse it increasingly more, they begin taking it everyday and some even start mixing it with alcohol. In fact, 89.5 percent of Adderall abus-

“Gun Violence” Disha Gupta LIf you go down every street in Chicago, you will never find a single gun shop (not including the stores that will sell you illegally obtained guns of course). Handguns have been banned in Chicago too, until the Supreme Court decided in 2010 that this was going to far. So they made a ruling for restrictions on guns, which is described as the closest thing to banning guns in the city without actually banning them. Even though there have been legal fights, Illinois is the one state with no provisions that allow citizens to carry guns in public. This is also a city with no gun ranges, and bans on assault weapons; but somehow Chicago ends up being flooded by gun violence which has contributed to five-hundred plus homicides in the last year and forty killings already in 2013. It’s not like there are no consequences for carrying around illegally obtained guns or for using them wrongly, it’s just that less and less people care about being caught.
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“A Cosmic Explosion”

when consuming gluten products. As accurate as Wed MD self-diagnostics are, I would suggest seeing a doctor if you suspect you’re allergic.

Kensey Olsen

A bright light seared through the Russian sky this Friday, alarming the residents of a small Siberian town. NASA confirmed that a 7,000-ton space rock traveling at 40,000 mph exploded over the Ural Mountains. The shock waves were felt in a 50-mile radius shattering windows and setting off car alarms. As well as collapsing sturdy industrial walls, the sonic boom, injured the people in the town of Cheylabinsk. Over 1,000 people sought medical attention, and 43 people were later hospitalized. The town, however, became unified after the event. People volunteered to help one another and clean up the debris caused by the shock wave. Scientists are examining the hole in a Cheylabinsk lake created by one of the falling fragments. The mere size and impact of the 50 feet in diameter meteor occurs only once in a hundred years. The last time an incident like this occurred was in Siberia in 1908. Scientists suspect that the meteor entered the atmosphere over Alaska. A piece of the meteor could offer more clues on its elemental properties. Speculations arise over the possibility of a correlation between the meteor and the asteroid that had passed by Earth on Friday as well. Scientists have denied any connection between the two, simply stating that it was a cosmic coincidence. As the people of Cheylabinsk try to piece together their town, one can only hope that another event like this does not occur for a long while.

(Continued from page 5) The experiences that Chicago goes through are able to display the complications about trying to carry out gun laws in our nation. The unrestrictive laws in communities throughout the city make guns easier to obtain. Even though there are existing gun laws in Chicago and there are many people in the city carrying around illegally obtained weapons they are able to do this because the fines for violating these laws have no effect on anyone. This idea proves why police have been finding more guns on the streets, none of the owners of these guns cared about the consequences of illegally holding them. That is why there has been a great push to increase the minimum sentence for serious gun violations in the city. Now the government is trying to have a three year prison sentence as a punishment instead of just a small fine or a few months in jail. The state is hoping that these new laws will help decrease gun violence, but only time can tell.
 The gun laws in Chicago are only able to restrict citizens who abide by the law, which are few. What Chicago needs is uniform national gun laws that will eliminate the chance of guns flowing into the city from the outside. “Chicago is like a house with two parents that may try to have good rules and do what they can, but it’s like you’ve got this single house sitting on a whole block where there’s anarchy,” says Rev. Ira J. Acree. This city is the best example and argument for laws about gun control that need to be passed throughout the nation, not in just one state. 
Obama talked about the real root of these problems are families going through economic struggles and kids being raised in broken homes. So an idea came up of really taking the initiative to make it mandatory that schools educate kids on gun violence and what is going on in society. If this new generations is educated about the cause and effects of this situation, maybe they will be able to realize what gun violence, not only in Chicago but in the entire nation, is really doing to us. With

these new laws on longer sentences for being in violation of carrying an armed weapon and by informing kids about gun violence hopefully we can decrease the death toll due to gun violence, not only in Chicago, but in the nation.

“The Gluten-Free Diet” Madison Bruno The latest trend has been cutting gluten out of your diet. For those of you who do not know what gluten is, here is a crash-course on the substance: It is a protein composite found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten is responsible for the elasticity of doughy substances. Now, you may be wondering, “why is this so bad for me?”. In all honesty, it is not bad for you. Gluten is part of a mixed diet and is neither harmful nor essential. It is rather inconvenient to cut something so abundant out of your life, but some claim it helps them avoid unhealthy, carb-filled snacks. This is why the “anti-gluten” crusade has picked up so much steam lately. Replacing your usual snacks with “gluten-free” substitutes will lower your energy level and is really no help to weight loss. If you continue to eat gluten, do not worry about suddenly packing on the pounds or destroying your health. However, there are some valid reasons to avoid gluten. Some have an allergic reaction and/or bad reactions

The celebrity testimonials and advertisements of “glutenfree” products can be very convincing. However, I can guarantee that cutting this storage protein from their diets was not what slimmed them down two sizes, or toned their body. All in all, if you feel compelled to cut gluten out of your diet, more power to you. Gluten is present in lots of foods and is NOT harmful unless you are allergic/intolerant to it.

“We need to talk about Violence”


affect others in ways such as bullying, murder, and sexual abuse, but can just as easily affect the person struggling with a mental illness (i.e.- self-harm, suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse). Alienating and ostracizing people who are different from you is not helpful to anyone. I would also like to add that people are attributing violent behaviors to Autism Spectrum Disorders. These are more common than people think, and it’s bad when they go untreated/undiagnosed. People who have these disorders can often be wonderful people, so it’s frustrating to watch others make these generalizations.


Sandy Gooen Violence has become a hot button issue due to the heavily publicized shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT and many other schools. What some people forget is that several instances of gun violence and the use of weapons in schools have happened between Columbine in 1999 and December 2012. People said that they wanted to put a stop to it then. Have they? No. I am sure we all know of schools all around New Jersey, as well as the rest of the nation, that have had threats or acts of violence in our time as students.

PDDNOS (Persistent Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified), Autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome are three of the main categories of this spectrum and there’s not enough information available to the general public to disprove the assumptions that they may have about the Autism Spectrum. Mental illness is a genetic difference like any other difference. Not everyone with it is the same.

Safety drills and plans in case of emergencies are imperative to our protection. They always have been, but especially now. Talking through problems in order to reach both inner and outer resolution is also important. No one wants to go through the things that the families of children and adults who die either due to suicide or casualties go through on a daily basis. It is my wish that the world becomes a safer, more trusting and accepting place, but wishing is not the part that gets the job done. It’s doing something about it.

The book-turned-movie We Need To Talk About Kevin, written by Lionel Shriver in 2003, is the story of a mother full of guilt for not helping her son with clear hostile and violent behaviors before he went on a killing spree. Her son, Kevin, takes the lives of many students at his high school, not to mention his father and his younger sister. Unlike most publicized cases of school massacres, he did not use a gun. Instead, he was armed with a bow and arrow. I would like you to think about that for a moment. The first focus of many people in these situations is gun control. Although, people who have the desire to do bad things do not need guns to do them. Though many killers have used guns, not all do. Weapons are not toys, people. No good comes from weapons, so why is anyone pro-gun? Probably, they are not quite right in the head. That brings me to my second focal point of this movie and this issue: mental illness. Firstly, I would like to say that people who are mentally ill are not inherently violent or bad people. That is a generalization that should not be made in the least. There is a stigma against mental illness that needs to be broken because problems do not go away just because they are ignored. In fact, ignorance has a tendency to exacerbate the problems at hand. Troubled children can grow up even more troubled without intervention. The hostility can

Schizphrenic Artist - Dominican Republic

“Gun Control” Hope Braue


gun control restrictions and regulations. Times have changed, and people are using guns for the wrong reasons. You can’t fight fire with fire.

Gun control is a very serious and much debated issue. Its purpose is to control and prevent the acquirement, marketing, and/or use of guns. Gun control regulations differentiate in every country, but have cultivated an extremely heated discussion in the United States. With the rise of adolescent violence, more and more people are finding themselves taking sides. Those arguing against gun control believe in the exercise of the Second Amendment. They dispute that it’s a human right to own be able to bear arms, whether it be for protection, hunting, etc. Those lobbying for gun control believe that guns are far too dangerous and cause more violence than protection. The United States also has easy accessibility to guns, allowing these volatile weapons to get in the hands of criminals, adolescents, or people with mental disorders. Even with background checks, the black market and other illegal markets virtually let anyone who wants a gun own one. People claim that no matter how many restrictions the US government imposes upon guns, if someone really wants to get their hands on one, they can. In my opinion, this is completely untrue. Yes, there’s always a way around the law, but enforcing more restrictions and regulations would make it much more difficult to obtain a gun. With the recent school shootings, many are looking for something else to blame other than guns. The NRA proclaims that all this gun violence is provoked by violent video games, that essentially allow players to learn how to effectively shoot someone. They’re simply avoiding the problem. We need to confront the problem at the source and create more regulations for the readily available firearms. With the open accessibility to guns, those with violent thoughts or mental problems are able to easily commit violent acts. I think we should really take efforts to create more in depth background checks, ban semiautomatic weaponry, and enforce

“How to be a Gold Digger 101” Henry Holmes

What is a gold digger?

In accordance with Urban Dictionary the term Gold Digger is defined by: Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man. Step 1: Be Young

inside you will feel triumphant. Step 7: Wedding Take no expense on what you spend on the wedding. Buy a huge cake or even two cakes. Hire someone famous, like Alicia Keys, The Rolling Stones, or Hannah Montana, because we all know you love her even though you are probably 24. Invite everybody, even the random high school friends you haven’t seen in years. Make sure your dress is very, very expensive. Step 8: Life This step probably won’t last long because remember, he is old. Sooner or later he will break a hip, have a heart attack, or get some life threatening illness like Tuberculosis. Symptoms include, mucous, fever, fatigue, excessive sweating and weight loss, so DON’T get infected or you may die too. Step 9: Death

Without youth you can never be a successful gold digger. Youth helps catch the eyes of many wealthy men. Remember money is everything so the richer the guy the better.

He will die soon, and you must play the role of the grieving widow. Wear lots of black and cry for days. After the appropriate amount of time you can start wearing colors again, smiling, and acting happy.

Step 2: Beauty

Step 10: Survival

If you are naturally beautiful, great, but if you aren’t, there are many steps that you can take to remedy that. For example, dying your hair the opposite color it is, hair extensions, putting on copious amounts of make up, and fake eyelashes. Whether your “beauty” is real or fake older rich men probably won’t care or are too blind to see it.

If he survives this hospitalizing trauma there are to paths you can take: 1.Wait until the next deathly illness or injury. 2.Kill him (only if you have no remorse and lets face it, you don’t have any)

Show as much skin as possible. Rich men like slutty women. Any sort of unnatural enhancements can’t hurt either.

If you choose path 2 then you MUST stage his death to look like an accident or suicide. If you are especially talented you can even frame someone else. Remember one thing: NO EVIDENCE!

Step 4: Once you have his attention

Step 11: Fun! WOOHOO!

Your main goal is to get him to ask you to dinner. On this date, DO NOT go lightly on the flirting. Remember he is old and is most likely craving female attention. It has been years since he divorced his last wife, the 1st or the 2nd or maybe even the 3rd. You have to try to get him to drop some serious cash on you. Before then end of the night don’t get to “dessert” because you want him to ask you out again.

Now you have tons of cash to spend to have fun with. Buy houses, cars, friends, and much more!

Step 3: Clothing

Step 5: Dating During this period of dating, he will most likely give you many expensive gifts. After a while, he may even start bringing up remarriage. Your goal is to get “the rock” so be nice and put up with every annoying thing he does or says. If he thinks you are perfect, you’re “golden.” Step 6: Proposal Start dropping hints about weddings, and he is bound to propose because he is NOT getting any younger. It is best to be over dramatic in your acceptance of his proposal, but on the


Step 12: Repeat If you want more money you can do this once or twice more to gain even more equity. Just follow steps 1-11 again and you will have doubled your bank accounts. If you do it again, you may even acquire a few angry step kids that are close to your age. Step 13: Aging Once you get older you wont need to get any more money because then you will already be loaded. Now you can either travel the world or marry for love. The end of your life will be fruitful and happy, unless you were convicted for murder. Step 14: You Die You money will probably go to charity or some random stepchild.

“A Letter to the School” Jasmine Muldrow Dear Mr. Principal, My name is Mrs. Ingle and my son Zachary is a 7th grader at your school. Recently, something horrific has been brought to my attention. Zachary came home the other day talking about how he wants to start wearing clothes with colors! Along with other nonsensical ideas such as going to public high school and listening to music that isn’t played on the radio, hearing this was quite a shock to me. Individualism is an issue that more and more people should be talking about. Parents, educators, and other adults in authority need to be discouraging this in children. Instead of teaching kids to be themselves, we need to mold them and direct them to the standards of society. To successfully do this, we need to instill in them the ways of conformity. By sending our children to private schools, we as parents are confident that this will be done effectively. But it seems that I am starting to see cracks in the system. I thought I would write this letter proposing a new course of action to conveniently help patch up this leak.

Step 1. Search and Destroy

First of all, an in depth assessment examining the intentions and ideals of all of the faculty in the school will be mandated. As quickly and dexterously as possibly, we need to find the teacher(s) who planted these ideas in my son’s head and remove them immediately. We cannot have such educators promoting uniqueness and individuality in our schools, so they need to be identified and executed. By doing this, we are preventing these teachers from doing any more damage to any more of our children.

Step 2. Overcompensate

The second step is to repair any of the kids brains that may have been tainted by the abominable behavior and actions of these teachers. I suggest you gather them in an assembly and hypnotize the children. I strongly recommend the DVD ‘Conform or Die: Scare Tactics for the Compliance of Adolescents.’ This is one of the discs they use for the high school, but just to be safe, such a high level of program is necessary. It includes the heartbreaking fates of the troubled kids that go to public school, wear jeans, and get tattoos and piercings. For added effect, it also shares the stories of the dismal existence of tkids who choose unconventional majors and careers, and ones who support democratic or third party political systems. It’s a shame, really.

But because of the harshness of the reality, it would be twice as effective for your middle schoolers.

Step 3. Redirect and Reinforce

The last step is to reinforce in the curriculum the path that must be taken. (ie. School, more school, get a job, get rich, get marriage, die.) This goes along with step two, but is just an extra stride to strengthen the ideals we need our children to possess. Instead of just having one conformity class, it should be taught within all of the subjects. (ALL of them, including math, science, literature and history. So glad we got rid of non academic electives and extra curricular’s at our last PTA meeting- thanks again for that.) Teachers should be forced to somehow mold the two together and find ways to subliminally send the message within their lesson plans. In conclusion, I hope that you seriously consider my proposal. In this three step plan, we will be able to solve the problem and ensure that our children live a long and fulfilling life of conformity. Together parents and teachers can unite to combat the repulsive epidemic that is individuality. Regards, Jill Ingle

Doting mom and enthusiastic conformist

“Stuck in the “World Wide Web” ” THE VOICE IS Emily Carmosino


couples. People easily become blind-sighted by the fallacies posted on the Internet. These scandals lead us to examine how the Internet has controlled people’s lives. Manti Te’O was first believed to have created an entire story of maintaining a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend named Lennay. She was said to be a Stanford University student who died of leukemia earlier this year. Many believed that this story was an attempt to gain support and pity from the media and to increase his chances at obtaining a Heisman Trophy. However, it is now believed that Te’O was the subject of a hoax and Lennay never truly existed. Whether or not the hoax is true, this situation reflects the dangers of online relationships. Te’O never questioned his girlfriend’s actuality. He simply believed in everything that she told him, via phone calls and the Internet. Te’O, determined to meet his girlfriend Lennay, set up several meetings in Hawaii, his hometown, but Lennay never showed up. Despite several meetings planned by Te’O, and Lennay never showing, they still maintained their long-distance relationship. Once it was revealed that Lennay was fictional, all the facts of their relationship supported the claim that Manti Te’O was victim of a hoax. It is just appalling that Te’O couldn’t see he was a part of a hoax! There should be no pity for the victim of this hoax; both sides share blame and are reeling from the consequences. Manti Te’O was the center of public and social media abuse. His gullibility is frustrating, as this entire scandal could have been avoided! The conspirators of the hoax demonstrate that the Internet can be utilized as a weapon. The Internet’s role in this public scandal is harmful to everyone. This scandal should be used as an example to prove that technology, despite it’s many advantages, has too much power. One easily has the ability to change their identity by simply copying a picture from the Internet and making it their profile picture. People are able to utilize the Internet as an escape from reality. When users abuse this power, it leads to disappointment and betrayal.


MTV’s new show, Catfish, is an entertaining show chronicling onlinerelationships gone wrong. The show is centered on the dramatic meeting of the two online lovers, and the meetings usually feature the shocked reaction to a partner who is not the same person described on their online profile. The number of people who fall victim to online dating scandals is shocking. Catfish shows numerous and hilarious examples. Similar scandals have recently emerged, such as Manti Te’O, the Notre Dame quarterback, who was involved in his own long-distance relationship that fell apart publicly. Can these embarrassing realizations be avoided? With numerous examples of online relationships gone-wrong in the media, why do people still invest so much time and hope into online relationships? Modern technology has created a divide between


The use of the Internet has taken on new extremes, as seen through the show, Catfish and the Manti Te’O scandal. The vast Internet can be used to avoid reality or act as a defense against others. People should heed the warnings of online relationships gone-wrong and distance themselves from the controlling, alluring grasp of the World Wide Web..

A wonderful advertisement video created about the voice by contributor Bryce Nevil: watch?v=bff3kBPsbxE

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