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Moscow Undertakes Anti Gay Laws

Kelly Staples According to Ancient Greek mythology, the creators of the Olympic Games were the Greek Gods Hercules and Zeus. However, the first recorded Olympic games were in Olympia, Greece, around 776 BCE. The Greeks used the games for both religious and athletic purposes. The games represent dedication to Zeus, but also draw healthy competition between the multiple “city-states” in Ancient Greece. The many kingdoms that made up Greece were commonly in combat with one another. However, the games were know to be a time to call for peace and temporary truce. This idea of unification is still prevalent in the modern Olympic Games. Countries come together to compete for one goal, but do so with sportsmanship and respect. Unfortunately, in the upcoming 2014 winter Sochi Olympic Games in Russia there is an issue surfacing of fairness and integrity, regarding controversy over Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Martine Didomenico Drew Braue Devon Kaiser Sandy Gooen Hannah Geldzahler Kaitlyn Sleyster

Faculty Advisor Mrs. Burke

At the end of June, President Vladimir Putin of Russia prohibited “the promotion of nontraditional sexual relationships to minors” (Washington Post). This law is dangerous for many homosexual athletes because if they travel to Russia they are likely to be subjected to discrimination, conventionalism, and the possibility of being arrested. Although similar laws have been overlooked in places like St. Petersburg, Russia in the past, many athletes find themselves asking: is it worth the risk? In response to the antigay laws affecting the Olympics,

Viktor Romanov decided to take the lead in the risky idea of holding a “gay-friendly” Olympics in Moscow. As a retired Olympic cyclist, who won bronze in the 1960 and 1962, Romanov believes that these games would give homosexual athletes the ability to perform without the hesitation and high magnitude of risks that are associated with the Sochi Olympics. However, holding a “gay-friendly” Olympics is immensely dangerous. How the government will react is unknown, but Romanov’s actions can certainly be criminalized. Although the “gay-friendly” Olympics will be donation based and bipartisan to the Russian government, the risks of such an operation are outstandingly high. Viktor Romanov and the others involved in hosting the “gay-friendly” Olympics may be endangering themselves, still their efforts to create an Olympic Game system that is nondiscriminatory is outstanding. The Moscow games have taken on a very positive light in the eyes of the media and the success of the games seems very probable. Through the efforts of the many people involved in the games, hundreds of homosexual athletes may still be able to show their talents this winter, despite the antigay laws in Russia.

Iraq Car Bombs Olivia Salama On October 27th, a large amount of car bombs were set off on the streets of Baghdad. Over 66 people were killed and over 100 were injured. One car that exploded was near a marketplace in the neighborhood of the Shiites, a branch of Islam. This bomb killed seven people and injured eleven. A few other explosions seemed to be directed at the Shiites, but there are no further details on other explosions besides the one. Another bomb went off by some Iraqi soldiers who were lining up in order to get their paychecks. It turns out that the bomb set off in this area, which is the city of Mosul, was by a suicide bomber. He had the explosives ready in his car and then proceeded to drive into the soldiers who were preparing to receive their pay. This killed fourteen people and injured 30. In the same city that day, a gunman killed two off-duty soldiers via drive-by shooting. That same day in a Sunni town (another branch of Islam), a car bomb went off killing nine people and seriously hurting fourteen. This bomb did not take in the capital city of Baghdad but in a town in Northern Iraq. It is believed that the Sunni’s set the bombs for the Shiites and visa versa. According to CNN news, the tension between the two Islamic groups has been rising since April of this year. The Sunni have felt insignificant after the downfall of Saddam Hussein, and the Shiites have not helped. One of the deadliest blasts hit the southeastern Nahrwan district: two car bombs were detonated at the same

4 time. This killed seven and wounded fifteen. Officials state that the other bombs that went off were located in the northern Shaab and southern Abu Dashir areas; both explosions killed around six people. The other explosions took place in the areas of Mashtal, Baladiyat and Ur, all in eastern Baghdad. In southwest Baghdad, the district known as Bayaa was hit, along with the districts knows as northern Sab al-Bor and Hurriyah. These types of attacks are favorites of a local al-Qaeda branch, which generally goes after innocent civilians in markets, cafes, and in Shiite populated areas. After the multitude of bombings, police officials sealed off an area called Mashtal in Baghdad. According to many sources, there was a large amount of damage; the street was littered with destroyed cars and shops. In another area called Shaababout, twelve cars were completely blown-up and had to be taken out of the streets by a crane. This was one of the most violent attacks that has happened since 2008. This year was especially brutal in genera with about 545 deaths just in the month of October and an estimated 6,000 in this year; there were 1,000 from the month of September and about 5,000 since the month of April. The United States government was shocked and disgusted by this tragedy and hopes that this violence will be discontinued with

Have an OPinion You Want to Share? SubMIt to the VOIce! Brooklyn Stabbing Ted Rosenthal On Saturday, October 26, a woman and four children were stabbed to death in an apartment in Brooklyn. The youngest of the four children was just over one year old. The murderer, Mingdong Chen, was the cousin of the husband’s wife who was stabbed to death. He was charged with killing them on Sunday, October 27. Chen was staying with the family for approximately a week before the vicious attack against them in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood. He has been charged with four counts of second-degree murder, one count of first-degree murder, and criminal possession of a weapon. Chen used a kitchen knife to murder these five victims. The list of victims included Qiao Zhen Li, 37; Linda

Zhuo, 9; Amy Zhuo, 7; Kevin Zhuo, 5; and Willian Zhuo, 1. These five people had stab wounds across their bodies, but mainly on their upper torsos. Three of the children were dead when police arrived, but the other victims were declared dead at nearby hospitals. The scene was described as heartbreaking, bloody, and gruesome. As for the father of the children: “The father was freaking out,” said neighbor May Chan. “He just came home from work and say the police and they told him. He was hysterical.” Chen did not speak nor enter a plea during court. He was held without bail. The next court date was set for the following Friday, where a grand jury would determine whether or not to indict him. Police officers say at around 10:45 Saturday night, they received a 911 call. Chen was taken into custody at the apartment, barefoot and covered in blood. He was later charged with assaulting a police officer, while being questioned on the murders. Investigators are certain he is guilty, but are still looking for a motive. The aftershock of this tragedy is not something that is being felt lightly. Neighbors and family are still mourning the loss of friends and loved ones. This was truly a devastating disaster.

Cyber Attack on Israel Sandy Gooen The modern age of technology has its pros and cons. One of its cons is the ability to attack one’s enemies by technological means. This September, Israel fell prey to these attacks. The security system around the Carmel Tunnels in Haifa was hacked into, and the road got shut down for about 20 minutes or so. The tunnel then shut down for eight hours the next day. This is called a “Trojan horse attack,” which is one kind of an invasive computer program. Intelligence believes that China is the original source of these attacks. Iran and Israel’s other enemies have orchestrated many other attacks like this one. The Israeli government is still currently trying to figure out what exactly went wrong this time in order to ensure that it does not happen again.

Syria Today Stephanie Fuentes It all began in March of 2011 with the disputes over the releasing of political prisoners. The military responded to these preliminary peaceful protests with extreme violence. A few months later, President Bashar al-Assad made it clear that he would not stop these


violence actions taken against the innocent protestors. “In July 2011, accounts emerged from witnesses, victims, the media, and civil society that government forces had subjected civilians to arbitrary detention, torture, and the deployment and use of heavy artillery.” The civilians were now under the demand of the Shabiha, a heavily armed military on the same side as the government. The Syrian President refused to take blame for the violence-taking place against his people, putting the fault on terrorists and other groups. While the start of a civil war was taking place, the UN was avoiding the situation. Unfortunately, their lack of support led to shortages of food, water, and healthcare in the country. As the problem continued to worsen, Assad’s enemies began forming opposition organizations composed of armed rebels. One of these is called the Free Syrian Army (FSA). In August of 2011, the FSA attacked the Syrian soldiers in an attempt to overthrow the government. Currently, both sides of the civil war are assaulting the civilians based on their support or opposition of either of the parties. The Syrian government is committing war crimes, and crimes against humanity; as a result the Security Council has to be brought in. It has been said that there is a definite risk of genocide breaking out in the country. Two million people have been displaced in their own country; many have resorted to fleeing to other parts of Europe and the Middle East. The children have been subjected to such violence that many have trouble sleeping at night. Right now this “lost generation” of children is the only hope Syria has in rebuilding a better future. The UN must take action, however many European countries are hesitant to help because they are facing their own problems, and to take part in a war takes a tool both politically and economically. This situation in the UN is similar to the conflict in Iraq that began ten years ago. The international community should see that the Syrian President gets resigned. Unfortunately, the vetoes from both Russia and China last month will not allow this to happen anytime soon unless the violence escalates. Pressure has been put on the United States to do something, however the US coming in there means subjecting Israel to attack. The Arab League should have some responsibly to intervene in this situation but they continue to stay out of it. Although a huge violation of human rights is taking place, the level of violence is not nearly that of Rwanda in 1994. Despite the fact that is not as severe as other international crimes, the UN needs to keep in mind that if Syria is getting away with the use of chemical weapons it was send a message to dictators, subjecting other countries and their citizens to this type of violence. Though it took the UN a while to take action on Syria, the fact that France and the US are “continuing to push for military action over alleged (Continued on page 6 bottom left)


landslide; this put into place his status to be a top-tier 2016 presidential candidate.        Christie had an almost arrogant attitude as he made his speech, stating “maybe the folks in Washington, D.C., should tune in their TVs right now and see how it’s done. Tonight, a dispirited America, angry with their dysfunctional government in Washington, looks to New Jersey to say ‘Is what I think happening really happening? Are people really coming together?’” When almost ninety percent of the votes were in, it was evident Christie was going to win since he had a sixty percent to thirty-eight percent lead over Buono. Christie managed to draw in new voters this time around, winning a majority of women, one-infive black voters, half of the Hispanics, and nearly thirty percent of the Democrats. He earned wide support for his effective response to Sandy. Christie brought together the people of New Jersey again in the wake of Sandy during his speech when he said that he promised he would “govern in the spirit of Sandy.” Christie has pledged to stay with the state and keep working for us since we have made him, “the luckiest guy in the world.”         Even though Christie blew through the N.J. Elections, he still has to make his way through the 2016 presidential election. There’s only one N.J., and not every state is going to support Christie like the majority of the people in our state. So the next big task for Christie is to find out a way to win the votes of the other forty-nine states, just liked he did for ours.

Collosal Damage of the Philipine Typhoon Hope Braue A deadly typhoon has just recently just hit the Philippines, causing massive damage and destruction. Officials say that there could be up to nearly 10,000 deaths resulting from this natural disaster. President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III, has requested a “state of emergency,” which calls for intensive security precautions and price management to prevent economic ruin. Because of the typhoon, some areas in the Philippines have become extremely dangerous not only because of the environmental damage, but also because of looters who were said to be attacking people for supplies. The spreading of chaos throughout the Philippines is making it increasingly difficult to send help for food, clothing, medical treatment, and other necessities. This catastrophic storm, called Haiyan, is estimated to be around a level four hurricane (close to the max. five). The process of helping Philippines get back on its feet is a long and complicated one. Rescuers and medical help have only reached a number of islands and villages that have been affected by Haiyan and have many more to aid. Some people, whose entire villages have been destroyed, are also planning mass burials because of the incredibly high death toll. Another difficult problem to deal with is the loss of power. This obstacle is making it hard for people to communicate and get in contact with loved ones, those in need of medical attention, etc. Physical barriers have also made it a struggle to distribute simple necessities like food and water to towns in dire need of help. Other countries are trying to send in as much help as possible. This devastating storm has not only injured and killed thousands, but also left many homeless. It will take years for the Philippines to recover, but with the help of others, this situation could potentially become considerably alleviated. How You Can Help: Visit websites like to donate money. Text AID to 27722 to donate $10. chemical weapon use by Syria forces,” is a step in the right direction. The violence-taking place needs to come to and end before it escalates to genocide, and in order for this to happen Assad needs to resign. The only hope for Syria’s future lies in the children and this violence needs to stop before they too resort to violence like their parents’ generation is.

Banksy Casey Puglisi Throughout the month of October, Banksy, the elusive British graffiti artist, took up residency in New York City. He’s known all around the world for his graffiti, not only because of its eye-catching appeal, but for its moral messages as well. After leaving his mark on the walls and street corners in all five boroughs of the city of New York, droves of people went on the hunt to find his work. Even Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD were on the hunt to find the artist himself. Bloomberg publically came out and said that Banksy’s work was not his definition of art. Although there was conflict between those who considered Banksy a true artist and those who considered him a vandal, the majority of Banksy’s trip

was successful and positively acknowledged. It was not until his last week in the big apple that Banksy did something so astonishing to New Yorkers and visitors alike. Titled “Shyscraper,” and posted on his website after it was denied publication in The New York Times, the artist had written an essay about his feelings toward the construction being done at ground zero. In his essay he wrote things like, “The biggest eyesore in New York is not the graffiti, it’s under construction down at ground zero” and “it [the newly constructed world trade center] clearly proclaims the terrorists won.” Banksy has the right to voice his opinion on how he dislikes the “vanilla” design, but it seems that in the voicing of his opinion he was a little insensitive to an event that people in the United States and around the world keep near and dear to their hearts. Banksy’s latest actions in NYC do not make him any less of a brilliant artist, but it is now something that he will unfortunately always be remembered by.  

NJ Elections Disha Gupta On November 6, Governor Chris Christie won reelection over the Democrat candidate Barbara Buono by a

Japan Counters China Max Burrows Late last month, Japan’s Prime Minister gave an interview on his idea of a changing Japan looking far less inwards, and being a greater contributor to the world stage. At the moment, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe believes that China is too dominant in the Asian sphere, and that there needs to be another Asian powerhouse to counter them and keep China in check. This need to establish Japan as a dominant power stems from the rapid militarization in Beijing, and worry of the United States

7 withdrawing from Japan. Not to mention, the growing fears that his economic stimulus plan lacks vigor to affect the economy. He put down those doubts preaching patience with the programs. He also talked about Japan as a culture and how it has affected their economy and way of life. According to Mr. Abe, “Japan has shrank too much in the last 15 years.” He is concerned about how introspective the society is; his view doesn’t lend too much growth

THE VOICE IS OPEN TO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS or connection with the rest of the world. This is true especially for Japan. Many tourists who visit Japan talk of how it’s like visiting another world, characterized by bizarre customs and both extraordinary and odd views. This is much to do with their almost two-decade long recession, which has changed the country massively. This is the main reason Mr. Abe is so vocal about his economic reform. Some critics of his, however, worry that Mr. Abe romanticizes a once militaristic Japan that was incredibly aggressive on the world stage. Many of these complaints are levied by their neighbor and competitor, China. There is a huge problem over land disputes between the two countries in the East China Sea. China claims that Japan has ramped up their coastguard in the area, and is trying to force China out with a show of force. Whether this is true or not, Japan is on the cusp of change, rapidly becoming a competitor on the world stage.

Sex Assaults in India Amanda Wu During the past few months the amount of gang rapes occurring in India have been piling up. Peo-

ple around the globe are starting to rally in response to demanding government officials to strengthen laws pertaining to the safety of women and girls. One of the proposals even went as far as banning lingerie mannequins to be displayed in front of store display windows. The Mumbai city council is heightening their effort in order to reduce anything that may arouse men and provoke the gang rapes. These sex crimes in India are starting to catch attention after the first eye-catching incident reported in December occurred when a 23–year old woman was caught in a gang rape on a bus in New Delhi. The woman was a physiotherapy student and after she was assaulted she was transported to a hospital in Singapore where she later on found dead. A majority of these rapes are reported to mostly occur in the northern parts of the country. Many notable incidents have sparked attention from headlines around the world. According to statistics the country still has one of the lowest rates for conviction of rapes occurring around the world. Despite the heavy punishments and laws being enforced for these sexual crimes, India continues to see pursuit with its violent and sexual acts. The problem is that previously, most cases of women being raped were typically being shrugged off and deemed unimportant. Although many of India’s laws are changing, the enforcement and mindset of the people still haven’t changed. However, in order to push the efforts of enforcing stricter laws many are blaming different aspects of the country’s social setup as the main source that are causing such violent acts. Many are blaming pornography and other Bollywood films for continuously objectifying women. The violence against women is often believed to stem from the mind set that females are subservient to the dominant males. Many fall into the belief that men have the right to control the women. Some believe that in order to start cutting down the increasing rape problem in India, first they must begin by adapting to a culture that should respect women and build a system that would overall protect them. Some are starting to see now younger girls patrolling the streets in order to protect any woman in danger and boys being educated to treat girls properly.


Gay Marriage: Choosing to Say “I Don’t” Martine Didomenico Legalization of gay marriage has been a popular, political topic for over a year now. Arguing whether gay marriage should be legal or not has lead to much propaganda, arguments, etc. But recently there has been a “movement” that gay couples have been saying no to legalizing marriage. You may be thinking, “After all of this, gay couples are going to revert back to their original ways?”, well you might want to think a little further. Some gay couples say that gay marriage is “inherently unfair and out of date.” Some lesbian and gay couples don’t even want it to exist. They say it “privileges couples and stigmatizes singles.” Most don’t feel the pressure to marry, even after the decade of hype. Tax benefits play a huge role on why and why not gay couples should marry. Gov. Christie proclaimed that he would not appeal the court ruling that prepared same-sex couples to legally marry in New Jersey. Although

THE VOICE IS OPEN TO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS different couples have their different opinions, gay marriage is supported renownedly across the globe. For couples to throw their privileges away, it would be silly and most couples agree.

E Cigarettes Drew Braue In 2007, a new cigarette was introduced to the U.S. market, offering people who are addicted to nicotine an easier method to stay healthy. This product is known as the e-cigarette, or the electronic cigarette. Instead of containing tobacco, e-cigarettes

contain liquid nicotine that is heated up and turned into smoke. They are designed to look and feel just like regular ones, and contain small batteries that start the heating process. The new smoke that is produced is much healthier to inhale and exhale than the smoke that is produced by regular cigarettes. Even though e-cigarettes are better for you than traditional cigarettes, they still aren’t healthy to smoke all the time. They contain toxic chemicals like diethylene glycol, which is most commonly found in antifreeze. They also still are still addictive because of the nicotine inside, and are not meant to help you stop smoking. Since e-cigarettes were invented recently, scientists still don’t know the answer to whether breathing vapor into your lungs is harmful or not. E-cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco, which means they are allowed in public places, giving people the option to smoke them anywhere, whether it be on the streets, in a park, or even in restaurants. This could pose a threat for people with lung problems who breathe the vapor in. The fact that they don’t contain tobacco also means that teens are allowed to purchase e-cigarettes, which may be harmful to their lungs, as they are not fully developed yet. Overall, e-cigarettes are a good replacement for heavily addicted smokers who are consuming more that a pack a day. While they are healthier than regular cigarettes, they are still not healthy to consume and still pose risks to people, especially teens.


time in two years that this issue has arisen. Every year, Disney has a harder time staying away from incorporating casinos into their company. Although they have been doing a great job so far. They even decided not to include casinos on their cruise ships.        Disney does have a few ties to the gambling industry, through their company Marvel. Casinos around the world have Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Incredible Hulk slot machines. The company had recently decided to shed their connection to slot machines once the contracts for them expire. Slowly throughout the next few years Marvel slot machines will disappear from all casinos. This was one of the things Marvel did as they became more integrated with Disney. In addition to Marvel, Lucasfilm, the company that “Star Wars” comes from, has also decided to remove all of their slot machines from casinos.         Competitors of Disney and gambling opponents have been accusing Disney of putting forth an insincere campaign. They think that Disney is just afraid of competition, not the bad image that comes with gambling. Disney has managed to ignore all of the fuss of their competitors and stand their ground. Throughout the debate of the subject, Disney has not wavered on their position. They believe that the image gambling brings is not one Florida should convey, since they are perceived to be a very family-friendly state.

Gambling Debate Entangles Disney Disha Gupta       Disney is one of the biggest attractions in Flori-

da, and it has been drawing in tourists and money for years. Recently, the company has had to fight a battle against the expansion of casinos in Florida. They believe that the expansion of casinos in the state is sending an inappropriate message to tourists who want to visit; the casinos are tarnishing Florida’s family friendly image. State lawmakers are getting ready to make a decision about whether or not Las Vegas style casinos should be built in Florida; this is the second

Thanksgivukkah Devon Kaiser This year, the holidays won’t be the same! This once in a lifetime holiday celebrates both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the same day. By combining both names, this holiday has been dubbed as Thanksgivukkah. Hanukkah starts the same day every year on the Hebrew calendar, which occurs by lunar nature, but differs on our calendars. The lunar calendar is


shorter than our calendar, the Gregorian calendar. This year there is a leap month in the Hebrew calendar, adding an extra month. Also, Thanksgiving falls later this year. Therefore, Thanksgiving will occur on the second night of Hanukkah, which has fallen in November before; the last time being 1861, but Thanksgiving was not declared until 1863. According the mathematicians, this occurrence won’t happen for another 79,000 years or so. Though this may be confusing, just know that it is a rare occurrence that will never happen again in our lifetime. It is actually very fitting for these two holidays to be celebrated on this same day. Both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah’s histories show freedom being established. The Pilgrims were on a quest for religious freedom and the Maccabees fought for freedom from the Greeks. The motif for both holidays is freedom and being thankful. Although these two holidays fit together, December will be very strange. Normally Christmas and Hanukkah overlap, but this year that will not happen. There has been much advertisement and excitement of Thanksgivukkah. So how do you celebrate this unique holiday? Having latkes instead of mashed potatoes, making challah stuffing for the turkey, Manischewitz-brined turkey, cranberry applesauce, the list goes on and on. On Facebook and Twitter, pages have been made to talk about this holiday. T-shirts, posters, jokes, and recipes have all been created to publicize it. Manischewitz, a major Jewish wine company, has made a huge campaign to promote people to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. A turkey shaped menorah called the menurkey has been created to celebrate. Also, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will include a dreidel to honor this occasion. No matter what religion you are, get into the holiday spirit earlier this year because this once in a lifetime holiday will be one that you don’t want to miss!

#College Hannah Geldzahler As many teens are preparing to go to college, they are considering the negative impression that a social media site could possibly give off. A recent New York Times Article speaks about this issue, explaining how admissions officers have said they monitor

the social media pages belonging to their perspective students (my dad sent it to me with the subject as READ THIS). “As certain high school seniors work meticulously this month to finish their early applications to colleges, some may not realize that comments they casually make online could negatively affect their prospects.” The question is, are teens being too open with their personal life on these sites?

it is kind of like joining two more clubs senior year to list on your application to try to make you seem more like the person they want at their schools.”

World Series Kaitlyn Sleyster

Some high school seniors have changed their names on Facebook to a “senior name” (I am a culprit of this, my facebook name is Hanny Montanny). Teens do this so colleges cannot locate them on Facebook, thus hiding any inappropriate pictures of them. Some college applicants think this is a waste of time. What admissions officer is going to spend time cyber stalking the thousands of applicants they get? However, according to a study that was published by Kaplan Test prep, “Of 381 college admissions officers who answered a Kaplan telephone questionnaire this year, 31 percent said they had visited an applicant’s Facebook or other personal social media page to learn more about them”.

The World Series is the major league playoffs for baseball. The first World Series was in 1903 with the Boston Americans being the first team to ever win. This year there was an eventful series of six games, with the best team prevailing.

The New York Times article mentioned above goes on to talk about a school that has a program that teaches juniors how to properly manage a social media site. Here students are taught to delete inappropriate pictures and create college appropriate e-mails. In my opinion this seems a little far-fetched. It’s common sense not to put your e-mail as “” on college applications, but it might not be a bad idea to give teenagers a little reminder to delete the pictures from last week’s party.

Game Three: St. Louis won with a score of 5 (St. Louis) to 4 (Boston)

I think that teenagers worrying about a college looking at their social media site is very understandable. Caring about how you look in the eyes of your application is important, and your social media might be a part of that. As for the idea that it’s silly to care so much because colleges receive so many applications, you never know who could stumble upon your Facebook or Twitter page. Who knows, maybe the alumni you have an interview with has a son or daughter you are friends with on Facebook, or an admissions counselor finds your twitter through a hash tag. There are many reasons to be careful on the Internet, but as for you social media in the eyes of college, I think this quote phrases it best: “If you’ve got stuff online you don’t want colleges to see, deleting

On October 23 the World Series started between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals have eleven previous wins in the World Series, while the Red Sox only had eight. Game One: Boston won with a score of 8 (Boston) to 1 (St. Louis) Game Two: St. Louis won with a score of 4 (St. Louis) to 2 (Boston)

Game Four: Boston won with a score of 4 (Boston) to 2 (St. Louis) Game Five: Boston won with a score of 3 (Boston) to 1 (St. Louis) Game Six: Boston won with a score of 6 (Boston) to 1 (St. Louis) The final score was 4 games to Boston and 2 to St. Louis.


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