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October | November 2013

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Welcome to this Autumn edition of The Vine Magazine. One of the advantages of being the editor is being notified of all the upcoming events in the area, it is then my job to fit as many of these as possible into the What’s On Guide. I also receive plenty of posters and updates from charities and I try to include as many of these as I can too. There is never enough space for them all and inevitably some come in after our print deadline. If you haven’t already done so, please visit the What’s On calendar on the website. I include pictures, weblinks, and lots more information plus many more events Andrena

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Leighton Buzzard Christmas Weekend


HOCKLIFFE STREET BAPTIST CHURCH LEIGHTON BUZZARD (Ample car parking in Library Car Park opposite)

Free entrance includes light refreshments

commences 29th November



A ers Travell Tale

Bolting Round The Baltic : Part I



his year we thought we'd do what a lot of other people have done for many years and go on one of the Baltic cruises and see some of the historic cities before they become indistinguishable from each other in the ever increasing drive towards global uniformity. Previous cruises for us have always been to out of the way, often tiny, scenic places which insist that the ship be small - really small otherwise they can't get into the little coves, fjords and rivers. But this time, because we were going to large cities instead, we opted for a ship described as "small" but which still carried approximately 600 passengers - absolutely huge in comparison! A definite bonus for us was that the cruise started and finished at Dover which meant that our journeys there and back were no more than 3 hours each way. And since we could park the car only yards from where the ship was berthed, this made things even easier. Our first destination was Copenhagen. Mercifully, the sea was very calm so there were no problems on that front (I'm not a good sailor!). At dinner in the restaurant on the first evening, we found ourselves with a group of four Canadians from Vancouver Island who all knew each other and we feared we might be "guinea pigs". But they immediately invited us into their world so it was all very friendly (and something of a relief!) But the cafeteria (with its amazing selection of food) rather than the restaurant was our usual choice for breakfast and lunch. During the

By Paul Heley

fortnight we met all manner of interesting people from UK, America, Canada, Australia and many other parts of the world and what was so noticeable was the easy going attitude everywhere - most likely because this was an American ship. But having said that, it was not a complete free for all where anything goes and I had to endure three Captain's Dinners where dress was very formal. Personally, I hate this sort of thing - but the ladies love it! Arriving in Copenhagen, the weather was dull and overcast with a hint of rain. However, it cleared as we were taken on a coach trip around the city. We were shown the Little Mermaid the emphasis is on Little! - and buildings of civic importance but I'm afraid the Danish capital didn't really set my juices racing. No doubt, it's my fault. Other people found it fascinating. On our return, we went for Afternoon Tea - a trip down Nostalgia Avenue with little fingers in the air, delicate sandwiches, tiny cakes, and scones with strawberry jam and cream. As Oscar Wilde once said "I can resist anything except temptaion" - and we found it very difficult not to succumb at these times. In the evenings there was always a show of some sort given either by a troupe of singers and dancers (who were very slick and well rehearsed) or by solo performers. I was pleased to discover a little jazz duo who played until quite late each evening and caused me to lose a lot of sleep (why is it always assumed that jazz fans are insomniacs?!) After Copenhagen, there followed

three places in quick succession :Klaipeda (in Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) - the so called Baltic States. Each one greeted us with absolutely wonderful weather with the blue skies and sunshine which lasted throughout the entire trip. We were so lucky. Although Riga and Tallinn are capital cities, Klaipeda is simply a port on the Baltic. But it has a large central square where a local band in regional costume performed Lithuanian folk music. Very enjoyable. There were also lots of small stalls selling amber jewelry and hand made wooden toys. I already knew that the Baltic region is where most amber originates but had always thought it to be purplish brown. But, in fact, it comes in all colours with the cream coloured variety (apparently) the more valuable. However, if an insect is trapped inside, this adds further value (amber is fossilised tree resin). Val bought a bracelet from a handsome and persuasive young man who spoke very good English! Riga was very different to Klaipeda. It's a big capital city with impressive buildings to match. We went ashore fairly early in the morning and went round the cathedral. Having seen many Anglican and a goodly number of Catholic cathedrals, I was interested to see how the Lutherans did things.

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es tab lis he d




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A Travellers



In essence, they - perhaps not surprising considering the founder of their Church - are far more sparse. One might say that Catholic cathedrals are dripping with elaborately decorated features whilst Anglican cathedrals are examples of soaring Gothic splendour. Lutheran cathedrals, in contrast, exude an elegant simplicity. Riga, a former Hanseatic city, is also famous for its Art Nouveau area where many of the buildings (often foreign embassies) are splendidly embossed. We eventually ricocheted to the particular area of town and were suitably impressed. But having got lost once or twice, our return to the ship became something of a stampede since we had to sail again in the early afternoon destined for Tallinn; where we arrived around 9.30 next morning. Of all the Baltic states, Estonia is the "must see" one because of Tallinn - a definite honeypot. We joined a coach trip and went first to an open air amphitheatre where Estonians gather in vast numbers to sing their hearts out on special days. We were told about the history of the country - only fairly recently independent - and learnt that, like the other Baltic states, Estonia had been occupied by, and part of, just about every other power in the region at some time (especially Sweden and more latterly Russia). The Estonian language is close to Finnish - which means that it's nothing like any other Baltic language, or German, or Russian, or Scandinavian. How strange! There is also a large minority of Russian speakers and, reflecting this strong Russian presence, there is the Nevsky Cathedral; a kaleidoscope of icons and colour outdoing even the Catholics. A walking tour around the Old Town - made difficult by the large cobblestones found in each of the Baltic states - showed many medieval buildings complete with sections of the original city walls and defensive towers. It's not surprising that Tallinn is regarded by many as the most interesting of these three countries - it certainly was with me. Sadly, Tallinn had been another quick look since, once again, we sailed out in the late afternoon headed for what most people regarded as the highlight of the entire cruise, namely St Petersburg. (To be continued)...



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Local members of the 1st Linslade Beaver Colony have been learning the importance of good oral health and keeping their teeth in tip-top condition thanks to a recent initiative by Linslade dental practice, Cherry Trees Dental. Dentist Dr Debbie Ganguli explained, “Good habits that are learned in childhood tend to follow us into adulthood and oral health is no different. We want local children to take responsibility for their own oral health and see the benefits that can bring.” 1st Linslade Beaver leader, Louise Betley commented, "At the Beavers we like to invite all sorts of interesting people to talk to the children and Debbie and Yvonne gave our youngsters the opportunity to identify the different types of teeth and find out what teeth are made of. Using an egg timer to make sure that you brush your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes really resonated with the children. All of them had ample opportunity to ask questions throughout and they really loved the oral health goody bags they went away with!” Debbie continued, “We provide worksheets, goody bags and supporting materials that aim to interest and engage the children. We want them to understand the value of their teeth and gums and keep them for life.” If you or your child’s group or school is interested in the free Cherry Trees Oral Health Education programme, please call the practice on 01525 384894. If you were a cub, scout, brownie or guide as a youngster, you know the benefits that it can give young people at an impressionable age. Louise asks that if you are over 18 and good with children, then 1st Linslade Beavers would love to hear from you as a prospective leader. Email her at

book early to avoid disappointment


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Sea Bass Fillets Topside of Beef Fennel & Rosemary Crusted Roasted Rack of Lamb Root Vegetable Nut Roast All served with Seasonal Vegetables ------------------------------

Jingle Berry Pie

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Irish Cream Cheese Cake

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Christmas Pudding

a traditional favourite ----------------------------------------

Warm Mince Pie Chocolate Mint


Carpenters Arms

1 Horton Road, Slapton, LU7 9DB

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Carpenters Slapton

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT! Local pupil, 16 year old Georgina Roberts gives a parent’s guide to school survival and she’s making a lot of sense - although a little harsh on McDonalds! So, the kids are back into their school routine and have already got homework coming out of their eyeballs – some may be stressed, some may not, but as a parent it’s vital that you guide your children, whether they’re in year four or year eleven, in order for them to be as successful as possible! As a teenage student myself, I know the dos and don’ts that are essential to keep your children (and you!) calm throughout the school year – just follow this step-by-step guide for the ultimate school survival! Step 1: Relax. Nothing’s more stress-provoking for a student than when their parents get stressed themselves, whether it’s over family issues, work deadlines or simply due to the children not helping enough around the house. Remember that whatever vibe you’re sending through to your children will have an effect on them and the minute they begin to get stressed, concentration and quality of school work will most certainly plummet! Of course the occasional pressure will build from time to time, and when it does, how about taking a relaxing family day-trip, a picnic or shopping trip to take you and your children’s minds off any worry? Step 2: Provide nutritious meals. Every parent knows how easy it is to chuck some crisps and a jam sandwich into their child’s lunchbox, and if it’s between that and spending half an hour cooking some pasta salad only for them to waste half you’re probably not going to go for the latter. However, studies show that an ongoing, nutritious meal plan for school students can have an improvement of the equivalent of two GCSE grades, and increases their concentration and activity levels by up to 37%. Why not replace those crisps with a


fruit salad and that jam sandwich with a roastchicken wrap? Also ensure your child drinks plenty of water and is eating well outside of school as well – that means no more McDonald’s! Step 3: Revision, revision, revision! It’s unnerving how quickly exam season and tests comes around, whatever their age, there’s no better way to help your child prepare for it than to provide them with all the tools they need to revise effectively. Firstly, take note of the revision techniques that do and do not work for your child – encourage them to practise various ways of revising to find the one most suited to them, for example flashcards, mnemonics, mind-maps, notetaking or podcasts. Secondly, ensure your child has a quiet, secluded area of the house to revise and do their work in with a desk and the correct stationery – encourage them to take regular breaks and remember to remove any distractions such as phones and laptops if necessary! Step 4: Allow regular social time. It’s so, so important that you allow your child to go out regularly to socialise and be with friends. Believe it or not, most school students, once they get into the swing of things, can become really tied down in their work and social time goes out of the window! So, in order to keep them relaxed and able to maintain friendships, encourage your child to go out at least once a week with friends to do something active such as bowling, joining a club or even taking the dog for a walk (it’s free and it means you don’t have to do it!), and aid them in sustaining a balance between school work and social time. As school returns and your children are no longer moping about the house, cherish the time whilst you can by urging them to take every opportunity in enhancing their schoollife. And remember, school isn’t like what it used to be in the 70s – some may say it’s a lot tougher nowadays! Georgina Roberts

LINSLADE SCHOOL The pupils, staff and governors of Linslade School would like to invite you to our

OPEN MORNING ON SATURDAY 9 NOVEMBER BETWEEN 9.30 A.M. AND 12.00 P.M. There will be two formal talks from the headteacher, one at 9.45 a.m. The other at 10.45 a.m. Linslade School is a thriving 9–13 middle school in Leighton Buzzard. We offer a strong and caring environment in which our pupils feel safe. New pupils are supported via a buddy system in order to make their journey to Linslade as smooth as possible. Our children are happy and tell us ‘It’s brilliant at Linslade School!’ If you are looking for a school place for your child for entry into Years 5 or 7 in September 2014, please come along to find out for yourselves what we have to offer. Guided tours will be available, alternatively, you are welcome to make your own way around the school.

There will also be a formal series of open mornings in the week Monday 18 – Friday 22 November between. 9.15 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. Please telephone the school and speak to Jenny Robinson to make an appointment. You are also welcome to visit us at other times and during the school day.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

LINSLADE SCHOOL, Mentmore Road, Linslade, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 2PA TEL: 01525 372640 FAX: 01525 851437 EMAIL: WEB:

Choosing a Decorator

If you have always done your own decorating then, like me, the thought of picking up another tin of gloss, of cleaning brushes, or picking out the dog/cat hairs from your carefully completed skirting boards may leave you putting it off until another weekend but help is at hand in the form of a painter and decorator. Max Broughton of M J Broughton offers this advice on choosing a decorator. Painters and decorators offer a variety of services, such as painting (both interior and exterior surfaces), hanging wall coverings, treating wood surfaces and carrying out minor repairs before donning your old dungarees and wielding a paintbrush, stop to consider why employing a professional can be a wise option.

Other things to look for:1. Is the decorator arriving in the appropriate vehicle i.e. a van? It may be a warning sign if he turns up to quote/visit you in a car with his tools thrown in the back. If he arrives in a tidy van this may reflect on his standard of workmanship. 2. Is the decorator punctual and presentable? The decorator should be on time, if running late a courtesy call would be expected. You should have a sense of trust with him, remember you may be leaving this decorator on his own in your home. If they turn up in a suit and a clipboard ask if he is going to be doing the work himself or if he is contracting it out? You should be meeting with the person who is going to be doing the job not a salesman 3. The decorator should understand exactly what you want in seconds.Scanning the room asking you questions on what look you are wanting. If for example you have 2-3 quotes and one of the decorators picks up on lets say water damage on the ceiling and the other decorators don’t then his knowledge and professionalism is superior. There are a few “cowboys” out there but ask around and you will find there are also many trustworthy and skilled decorators local to you why not look in The Vine Magazine. Max Broughton of M J Broughton 01525 222764

Although hiring a painter and decorator may cost more, it can constitute a real saving in terms of efficiency, expertise and peace of mind. There really is no better way to choose a decorator than by recommendation from someone you know and can give you the opportunity to see a particular painter and decorator's work first hand. If you see one working locally and they look professional why not knock and ask the homeowner if they have been satisfied with the work. Do check that they are fully insured. Accidents are few and far between. However, should they occur, you will not be the one to bear the brunt of any damage caused in the course of redecoration. Many highly skilled tradesmen are not members of a trade associations, because of the cost involved, however, any quality painter and decorator will be more than happy to supply references and examples of past work. This is a good way of checking his or her credentials.


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We might not be good at decorating to help you We offer help to those who are struggling with difficult situations such as stress, anxiety, depression, abuse, loss and relationship issues. By sharing or talking through a difficulty with a trained counsellor you can find ways of resolving issues, changing perspectives and coping with life. We suggest donations towards our expenses, according to income, but nobody is turned away because of an inability to pay.

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In The Garden

A beginners guide to…

Now is the time to...

Make A Plan!

As we creep into Autumn it is a great time to make a plan for next year's garden and you don't need to be a professional landscaper to do it! Nearly everyone has access to a digital camera or phone camera, either our own or a helpful family member. If you are lucky enough to have an upstairs room that overlooks your entire garden, take a photograph and print it out as large as possible on normal office paper. If not you can still take a series of pictures and use them for different areas, or draw a rough sketch. Now use your printout or drawing to mark where there are gaps in your planting, while it is still fresh in your mind from time in your garden during the summer

months. Note where you needed more colour, places where plants are not thriving and parts of the garden that would be better off hidden. You may think you will remember what you had in mind when next Spring comes around but you will thank yourself for this handy reminder. Now think of the colours you would like to see and research the plants to buy in the Spring or you can even buy the seeds now.

sheds, statues and water features, gazebos and pergola. With a birds eye view of your garden you can see where these will fit best. If you are planning to make a pond you will need to do this when the ground is still soft before the hard frosts hit otherwise digging can be impossible November time is great and March if we are lucky.

Finally don't forget that bright coloured pots and winter flowering pansies can still add This is also the time to splashes of colour in the plan more ambitious projects such as decking, darker months, plant patios and ponds as well them before the end of November. as purchases such as

Other jobs to be getting on with... October

• Clear up fallen leaves regularly • Cut back perennials • Divide herbaceous perennials for more plants • Move tender plants to green house • Harvest fruit • Prune climbing roses • Give the lawn its last mow


• Protect outdoor containers with bubble wrap or fleece • Plant tulip bulbs ready for Spring • Put out bird food


Planning For Autumn Good planning and preparation can make this time of year a dramatic moment in the garden, but if you feel your outside space lacks autumn pizzazz, the work for next year’s spectacle begins right now. You still have time to plant late flowering herbaceous perennials and hardy grasses, both of which have beautiful flowers in bloom right now, but aim to do this at the beginning of October. Experiment with vivid red Helenium such as 'Rubinzwerg' which look fantastic when planted in front of the biscuit coloured flower spikes of Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster', or try the much lower, but no less dramatic double pink flowers of Colchicum 'Water lily' towards the front of the border. I would challenge anyone who does not favour grasses to find another species which offers colour and texture to match this diverse range of plants. As I sit in the autumn garden right now, perched on a cold metal bench, I can admire the wonderful tall arching stems of Stipa gigantea swaying in the gentle breeze. Standing proud since July, this majestic grass will carry on performing until the heavy snow flattens the delicate oat-like flower spikes. If the subtlety of the grassy flowers are not enough to sustain your need for autumn colour, then try Aster 'October Skies' for a splash of late season lilac. The daisy like flowers are produced in abundance over a long period of time, and the great news is that it’s happy growing on dry poor soil in sun or even part shade. It won't get much bigger than 45cm tall so doesn’t need staking and the colours seem to intensify as the light levels fall. As we progress further into the month, the bright yellows, oranges and reds synonymous with October, slowly deepen before fading to a muddy brown.

Phil leaflet_v3_ART.pdf 1 19/03/2012 10:03

Look after your feet and they will Osteopathy & Sports Injury lookafter after you Look your Centre Ask for athey homewill visit from feet and • Osteopathy • Chiropody the Foot Health Professional

• Sports therapy

Valuing Your Health & Fitness To arrange a consultation call reception on 01525 376 702 Our clinic is in central Leighton Buzzard. We are on the ground floor with plenty of parking and access for clients with disabilities. visit our website for more details

look after you

Philip Green (MCFHP MAFHP) offers

and advice Askexpert for afootcare home treatment visit from the including: Foot Health Professional

• Hard skin and corns • Pains to the feet, or knees • Verrucas and warts • Nail correction Hard skin and corns foot• Pains to the feet, legs or knees • Cracks/fissures • Diabetic

Philip• Ingrowing Green (MCFHP MAFHP) offers expert legs toe nails footcare treatment and advice, including: •

• Ingrowing toe nails

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Contact Philip• toCracks/fissures book an appointment: • Diabetic • Any nail changes Tel:foot07989 082 637 Email: Contact Philip to book an appointment: • Nail correction

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Chartered Accountants E W Wallace & Co • Annual accounts • Tax returns • Self-employed • Limited companies • Small business specialist • Prompt, personal service • Value-for-money fees • Free initial consultation

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with onsite logo and embroidery service

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Rosebery Remedies, Mentmore Beauty by Emily

established since 1998


d Landsca p

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*not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

Massage •Indian head massage •Reflexology •Facials •Waxing •Manicures•Pedicures •Bio sculpture gels

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throughout November & December Book a bio sculpture manicure or pedicure and recieve a file & polish for £8

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CAR SEAT & FURNITURE REPAIRS Most repairs can be undertaken in your home by our qualified leather technicians, or larger jobs brought into our fully equipped workshop.

• Rips • Cigarette Burns • Holes • Cat Scratches • Re-colouring • Colour Matching • Cleaning • Cracking • Stain Removal • Re-Padding • Spring Replacement.

Repairing leather is approximately 20% of the cost of re-upholstering Unit 26 Acacia Close, Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4QE

Luton: 01582 380 750 Leighton Buzzard: 01525 888 250 e-mail: Website:




Costco is a membership warehouse club that sells a wide selection of top quality brand name merchandise at low warehouse prices.

Trade Membership*

The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership is ÂŁ20 (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Individual Membership*

The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership is ÂŁ25 (plus VAT), which includes a complimentary card for your spouse or domestic partner.

Join in the warehouse or online:

CHRISTMAS STOCK NOW IN! For further information, please contact our Membership Team at Costco Milton Keynes on

Costco Milton Keynes Mandeville Drive Kingston Milton Keynes MK10 0DB

01908 285 020

T: 01908 285 020 E:

*Membership Criteria applies. Accepted methods of payment: cash, debit card, cheque or American Express. Membership must be obtained before purchases can be made.

Central Membership: 01923 830 477


Based in Leighton Buzzard, Reisswolf London Ltd (RWL), one of UK’s market leading Secure, Confidential Document Destruction specialists, is sponsoring a two year old male wolf named ‘Nuka’ at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (UKWCT) as part of its ongoing strategy to support community and organisational programs. RWL chose to support the UKWCT on the strength of its global awareness raising, educational focus and its non profit making status. The trust through its international network of contacts, work with schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK and dedicate their time supporting projects and creating awareness, improving the lives of wild wolves globally.

plastics and W.E.E.E. (Waste electrical and electronic equipment). The collection of such items will enable RWL to raise funds to promote wolf conservation and support worldwide wolf related projects. Commenting on the launch of its recent project, Managing Director, Gary Tait explains, “It’s great to be part of such a worthy trust, we look forward to following Nuka’s progress and supporting the various project that the UKWSL are involved with. We are totally committed to improving our Corporate Social Responsibility wherever possible and through the UKWCT project, we will be able to continue to implement our zero to landfill program.” Reisswolf London Ltd. 01525 379405www.

Owners Roger and Tsa Palmer formed the trust on their land in a sleepy Berkshire village in 1995. Prior to this, they had kept a private collection of wolves for many years. Ever since, Tsa and her committed team of volunteers have worked tirelessly with their ten ambassador wolves that really are the show case of the trust. Nuka, a grey wolf, born on 3rd May 2011 is one of the ambassador wolves at the trust and is of a playful nature, making him a very endearing and interesting character to be with. He lives with his sisters Tala and Tundra and is a real crowd pleaser who loves attention. RWL, established in Germany in 1995, provides a secure data destruction service trading in 27 countries with 95 partners/branches. Priding itself in old fashioned values of trust, security and exceptional customer service, RWL provides a range of container options from sacks to secure aluminium bins that can be exchanged on a schedule or ad hoc basis. All material collected is shred within 24 hrs to BSIA Level 6 and shipped to a UK paper mill where it is recycled into paper hygiene products, providing a zero landfill solution. Through its sponsorship, RWL aims to encourage the community to not only recycle confidential waste paper, but also, all paper media, cardboard, textiles,


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KUM We ar e sp HO Ring PERFO ecialis ts for R the MANC in bes t pri E TYRE ces S

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oger Mason’s London to Birmingham by Rail is a fascinating record of forty

sites that can be viewed from the window of a train on the 115 mile jouney. The descriptions, stories and photographs bring to life many local views. Roger shares with The Vine how he came to write the book.

Saints spire can first be glimpsed from a point just after Cheddington, and with one or two interruptions some or all of it can be seen through all the three miles to Leighton Buzzard station. It is 191 feet high and is made from oolitic limestone that is believed to have been quarried near Oxford. The spire and the church were built in the 1340s, and it is humbling to think that what we see now is much the same as we would have seen nearly 700 years ago. The effort to build the church and the spire was colossal, and it was all done by men and horses. There was no machinery or electricity. Just think about the task of hauling limestone

I make the rail journey from Leighton Buzzard to London about 40 times a year and I also regularly travel to Birmingham. I generally enjoy the journeys, which is just as well. I never work on the train, which is an awful waste of time, so I often gaze out of the window at the fascinating sites that flash past. Some, like Wembley Stadium, are very well known, whereas others are not, but deserve to be. The grave of the last highwayman to be hanged at the scene of his crime comes into this category. This is clearly visible and is just north of Hemel Hempstead station. I found the sites so interesting that I wrote the book Great Railway Journeys: London to Birmingham by Rail. It describes 40 of the sites and contains a picture of each, all but two of them taken by me. Quite a number are in our area and two are actually in Leighton/Linslade. These are Leighton Buzzard’s All Saints Parish Church and the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Old Linslade. From a train travelling from London the All


blocks from Oxford to Leighton Buzzard, then meticulously positioning them up to 191 feet in the air. They took their religion seriously then and some people still do. It is of course a flourishing church. This book would make a great Christmas present: Great Railway Jouneys: London to Birmingham by Rail is available from bookshops at £14.99 and also from Amazon. It can be purchased with a 10% discount at

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IT’S THE LAW Spousal Maintenance – Unravelling the Mystery People often talk about the importance of obtaining a ‘clean break’ from their spouse in divorce proceedings, in other words a complete financial cut from each other. Sometimes however, a clean break is not appropriate particularly where one of the parties has on-going income needs that they cannot meet on their own. Where this situation arises, consideration should be given as to whether or not that spouse has a claim for ‘spousal maintenance’, i.e. monthly maintenance paid from one spouse to the other following divorce. There are however many factors to be considered in calculating whether or not there is a claim. The length of the marriage is relevant; where the marriage has been short it is more difficult. The age and working capacity of each party is important, for example where one party is aged 60 and is a low earner they may have more of a need to claim maintenance as opposed to a spouse who is aged 30 and a high earner. After the right to a claim has been established, the spouse with the claim must be able to properly quantify their income needs. This will mean looking at exactly what his or her monthly expenses are and ensuring that, in particular,


housing needs, such as mortgage or rental payments are included. These monthly expenditure needs are then compared to their monthly income received in order to assess the deficit.

If, however, the other spouse does not have the means to meet the deficit the matter may end there. At this point a similar exercise is carried out so that a proper assessment of the other party’s income can be made. If there is a “surplus” to their needs, the client has proper grounds for a claim. A ‘Spousal Maintenance Order’, if made, can be limited in time e.g. payable for 2 years or can be for life and in some cases duration of the Order can be a critical factor. Sheena Shah is the Head of Matrimonial Law at Osborne Morris and Morgan Tel: 01525 378177

All brands of DOG FOOD including raw foods Pop in and order your favourite brand we will deliver it to your door FREE local delivery (come in and see if we cover your area) Complete Canine is Your Local Supplier for Dog Food and everything else you could ever need for your dog FREE EXPERT ADVICE FRIENDLY SERVICE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOPS Call Clare also 01525 221953 or 07854 102669

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For non-recall and other unwanted behaviours, we talk dog! Vicky Lawes ACFBA MOGDT canine behaviour practitioner and trainer 07765 287176

Complete Canine and Lawes Pawes are just down the hill from Edlesborough Church at Sparrow Hall Farm, Edlesborough. Open Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 9:30am - 2:30pm Easy Parking and your special friend is welcome too!

The Nutrition Coach

Is Dairy Good? The Last Dairy article...

was it a MOOstake? Is Dairy Good? The article we printed in the August/September issue of The Vine has certainly had you writing in, some with positive comments and some not so. Firstly, although it was not specifically stated that cows in this country were injected with growth hormones, a local (anonymous) dairy farmer has pointed out that growth hormones have not been used in this country for over 30 years so we are very sorry if that was implied. Secondly, the same farmer also points out that antibiotic injections, at £120 for a small bottle, are used only as a treatment when necessary, they are not and cannot afford to “be jabbing cows left right and centre” so again we apologise if this was implied. We certainly do not want to cause further problems to our already financially squeezed dairy farmers and the reducing prices they get per litre of milk is for another article, however there is an ongoing debate about the benefits of dairy in our diet. Andrena Carden-White Bsc Nutrition, Health & Exercise Behaviour


The British Dietetics Association (BDA) is the advisory body for diet in the UK and its recommendations are clear; we need sufficient calcium from diet to prevent osteoporosis as well as from weight bearing exercise and Vitamin D which we can get from the sun (with sufficient exposure). The BDA have fact sheets on its website www. that explains why we need it and alternative sources if, for whatever reason, you do not wish to have dairy products. It is important to remember that the efficient absorption of calcium is dependent on a complex interaction of other nutrients such as iron and vitamin C and that some of the less researched evidence around dairy often look at results in isolation from other factors. It is very difficult to get unbiased and well researched evidence to support the non-dairy debate so I must be honest and say that whilst I will list the “for and against” for both camps, I feel excluding any food group should not be undertaken lightly.

FOR • Rich in calcium and good for prevention of osteoporosis (BDA) • Aids in weight loss (research papers on • Reduce blood pressure (, DASH diet) • Reduction in Metabolic Syndrom Dairy consumption and metabolic syndrome: a systematic review of findings and methodological issues. , Chrighton GE, Brian, J, Buckley J, Murphy KJ (Obes Rev. 2011 May;12(5):e190-201. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-789X.2010.00837.x. Pub 2011 Feb 23)

AGAINST • Osteoporosis caused by calcium being used to reduce acid from our high protein diets: • Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly (American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol 1. 139, No 5, 1994). • Skin Problems from whey protein “Paleo Diet” Dr Loren Cordain • Cassein and cancer risk The China Study, T,Colin Campbell's The China Study (2005) tests on rats. • Mucus formation, no research found to substantiate this. The Vine trys to provide a variety of articles that reflect the lifestyles and interests of our readers but without turning this article into a scientific essay I have found very little well researched evidence to substantiate the debate against dairy except for the already established and undisputed evidence around lactose intolerance. Most anti-dairy websites use out-dated or anecdotal research. For evidence based research the well respected Mayo Clinic has listed the latest from which you may wish to draw your own conclusions.


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At Curves, keeping women healthy is our business. Breast cancer is a risk to all women, but taking precautionary steps is fast and easy, just like our workout. Lower your risk by maintaining a healthy weight through our strength-training and cardio circuit that takes just 30 minutes. Think Pink this October for women’s health!

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*Between 1 October and 16 October, Curves is waiving the service fee when you make a donation to a breast cancer organisation. Offer based on a first visit enrolment, 12 mo. d.d. programme. New members only. Valid at participating locations. Not valid with any other offer. Registered charity in England and Wales 1017658. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

Look after your health—naturally TRY A NEW APPROACH TO MANY COMMON ISSUES Intolerance/Sensitivity Testing Scenar Pain Relief Therapy

So many days suffer from digestive The UK people is one ofthese the top three countries in the difficulties; issues suchincidence as bloating, stomachAn pain, world for the highest of allergy! constipation, diarrhoea and flatulence have almost estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer become commonplace. from at least one allergy and an estimated 10 The first suffer thing you if you million frommust moredo, than one.have had any of these symptoms for more than a couple of weeks, or theyare seem be getting to see These the to latest startlingworse, figures is given by your GP. IfAllergy you are then a diagnosis of IBS UK, butgiven you may be surprised to and learnthere are issues, there are many thatno theother figureunderlying of people affected adversely by things you can doand forairborne yourselfsubstances to help themay situation, food, chemicals be whether or notasyou arefigures givenonly medication. much higher, these cover those suffering from a true allergy, when many are

Remember that stress often a major actually suffering from ais different type oftrigger allergicfor digestive disturbance, so it’s important to try and reaction known as ‘intolerance ‘or ‘sensitivity’. minimize, or deal with stressful, This can give a wide variety of symptoms, stress can’t be avoided (wedark NEED an amount of cluding fatigue, joint pain, circles under the stress in order to function properly but when we eyes, night sweats, migraine, digestive symptoms have much orordeal with it skin ineffectively such too as bloating diarrhoea, problemsit can cause problems), so look a form of relaxation such as eczema and manyfor more. that suits you. meditation, hypnotherapy, massage, floating, perhapscan youtake need As these or symptoms upcounselling to 72 hours to to deal with specific issue. showa themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to work out what is causing your low mood or

Avoid you are intolerant. Eat regufuzzy foods brain, to butwhich you could try keeping a food larly! areyou eating ‘mindfully’. Meals diary.Make If you sure find ayou food suspect, try leaving should taken incontaining as calm a it) manner possible it (and be everything out of as your diet and must chewed properly. is recommended that for atbe least 2 weeks. If you It feel better, then each mouthful is chewed AT LEAST 30 10 times before continue to avoid it for at least another weeks swallowing. it –time youtomay notthe always do it, to give your Try body forget reaction it but it will you aware just how quickly you (and hadmake previously, beforeofreintroducing it slowly. most of us!) food down. You may findbolt thatyour several foods seem to be a problem and the quantity you eat may also be

Deal with the problem - not the symptoms!!

Don’t drink or soft drinks minutes relevant, so water you have to be quite within vigilant30 with ofthis. your meal – they can dilute your natural digestive juices, giving your body a more difficult job to do.

Contact me to see if I could help with your problem

Supplements such as Vitamin C, Quercetin and Natural supplements from a good health food shop Bromelain can act as a very effective natural anti may also help. A good probiotic can be useful, as can some people who suffer with this ahistamine digestivefor enzyme product. We start to make less type of reaction and be very helpful, as can takenzymes naturally from the age of 35 and producing a good digestive enzyme product from your tion can also be slowed by many things, including local health shop, as low natural levels of these stress - THAT word again. (Enzymes must NOT be chemicals can be a factor in digestive issues. taken with gastritis or a history of, or current peptic Jacquey O’Brien or duodenal ulcer). Libra Health Jacquey O’Brien, Libra Health 01525 378894/07990 976207 01525 378894 / 07990 976207

01525 378894/ 07990 976207

LIBRA HEALTH Natural solutions for balanced wellness

Tastes so good... Tastes so Tastes so good... good... Tastes so good... ROAST SEA BASS WITH A LEMON & GARLIC CRUST POTATO & TOMATO HERB GALETTE ROAST SEA BASS WITH A LEMON & GARLIC CRUST


This simple is a real or crowd pleaser and makes a great lunch in its own right orcrowd a delicious side Perfect forfor arecipe simple this main maincourse course easy pleaser, Perfect a simplelunch lunch oraadinner dinnerparty partywith with friends, friends, this isisananeasy crowd pleaser, dish. looks Use fresh herbs if possible but you can substitute necessary. orThe galette great ononthe towith servedried withifvegetables vegetables salad alike.may be looks great theplate plateand andisisaawonderful wonderful dish dish to serve with or salad alike. made in a pie dish or individual steel food rings. Ideally floury potatoes should be used for this recipe asfor they have more whichparty holdswith the galette have food rings Perfect a simple lunchstarch or a dinner friends,together this mainbetter. courseIfisyou an don’t easy crowd pleaser, thisgreat can be in a pie exactly Small the way with but takeand longer to cook. looks onmade the plate anddish isEquipment: a in wonderful dishsame to serve vegetables or salad alike. processor orwill mortar pestle Equipment: Small processor or mortar and pestle

Ingredients Ingredients : :

for sea 4 servings 4 skinned fillets sea bass, 4Ingredients skinned fillets bass, washed under runningwater water washed under Ingredients : running 3 unwaxed lemons large tomatoes 32 unwaxed lemons 4 cloves garlicsized or 4 medium floury 43 cloves garlic skinned fillets sea bass, Small bunch washedfresh fresh potatoes* Small bunch of of washed washed under running water parsleyof fresh thyme and parsley 3Handful unwaxed lemons 25g butter 25g butter 4chives cloves garlic 30g wholemeal bread 60g butter 30g wholemeal bread fresh Small bunch of washed 50ml extra virgin olive oil Salt &extra pepper 50ml virgin parsley Salt & pepper olive oil Salt pepper 25g & butter * King Edwards bread are a good 30g wholemeal choiceextra - Maris Piper work 50ml virgin olive oil too although they’re not as floury. Diane Johnson Salt & pepper Diane Johnson Diane Johnson Diane Johnson


Equipment: Food5,processor Oven: Gas Gas Mark Mark 190°c Oven: 190°c with slicing disc or mandolin. Sharp knife. Small Food processor rings and aorbaking Equipment: mortartray and pestle Oven: Gas Mark 7, 220°c with Method: Brush undersides fish allall Method: Brush undersides witholive oliveoiloiland andseason season fish overwith with salt and one squeeze Method: the5,pepper. butter a pan. Using some ofand the butter over salt and pepper. Zest oneof ofthe thelemons lemons and squeeze Oven: GasMelt Mark 190°c inZest juice. Wedge Wedge theand other for garnish. garlic with grease the rings thelemon baking tray whereWhizz the rings will sit. juice. the other lemon for garnish. Whizz garlic with lemonrings juice andundersides zest. Once no large pieces can be seen, Place onto greased area. Wash andand chop the herbs, lemon juice and zest. Once nomore more large pieces can be seen, Method: Brush with olive oil season fish alldry addkitchen the parsley, and totothe processor. on rolland tobread stop them sticking together. Reserve a small add the bread andbutter butter the processor. over withparsley, salt pepper. Zest one of the lemons and squeeze amount for garnish. Thinly slice tomatoes a sharp juice. Wedge the other lemon for garnish. with Whizz garlic knife with Quite quickly shouldtray produce a moist andliquid very tasty and leave ayou cooling to excess totasty drip. Thinly Quite quickly you should produce a moist verycan lemon juiceonand zest. Once noallow more largeand pieces be seen, breadcrumb mixture. Press this mixture firmly onto the upper slicethe theparsley, potatoes using thebutter foodmixture processor andonto use the upper breadcrumb mixture. Press this firmly add bread and to the processor. side of the fillets. immediately. Layer 2 or 3 slices of potato in the rings. Using a side of the fillets. pastryquickly brush or the back of a teaspoon, paint the layered Quite you should moist Roast for approximately 20produce minutes,a or untiland thevery crusttasty is brown. potatofor with the meltedPress butter. lightly, Roast approximately 20 minutes, or until thesprinkle crustthe issome brown. breadcrumb mixture. this Season mixture firmly onto upper herbs and top with tomato. Repeat until you have filled the side of the fillets. Serve with whatever takes your fancy! rings, with finishing with atakes potato layer which should be buttered to Serve whatever your fancy! brownfor nicely. Pop in the20 oven for 30-40 minutes and remove Roast approximately minutes, or until the crust is brown. when the crust is golden brown and the potato feels tender with awith knife. Scatter with garnish and serve piping hot. Serve whatever takesherbs your to fancy!

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Small repairs & odd jobs PAT testing Minor home adaptations Home safety & security Winter warmth Careline alarms Garden tidying and lots more...

Freephone: 0800 148 8 818

Faced with the COST OF PAYING FOR care? Help with planning – for older people, their families and friends Contact PayingForCare by freephone on

0808 208 9994* *Telephone calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. PayingForCare offers help, information and advice about long term care and enables those that need regulated financial advice to make contact with specialist care fees financial advisers. PayingForCare Limited (“PayingForCare”) is registered in England and Wales (Company no. 7866192). The registered office is Regent House, 1-3 Queensway, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1QT. PayingForCare is part of the Partnership group of companies which includes Partnership Life Assurance Company Limited, an authorised insurer.

WHAT’S ON? so much we can’t fit it all in! October

6th Leighton-Linslade Concert Band, Harvest Festival Service 2:30pm at Pitstone Memorial Hall, Pitsone. Tel 07707 995812 12th Leighton Buzzard Lions Club invite you to an evening with Onyx with hit songs and music from the 60’s to now. 7.30pm at Hockliffe Street Baptist Church, Leiighton Buzzard, free entrance including refreshments - a retiring collection will be made. 12th Model Railway Exhibition at The Cottesloe School, Aylesbury Road, Wing, LU7 0NY. 10am to 4.30pm. Over 20 layouts, traders, model making demonstrations, a train simulator to test your skills. Refreshments available & disabled access. £6 adult, £3.50 child, £14 family (2 adults + 3 children) www. 12th & 13th Organ Festival, Milton Keynes Museum. A selection of small and very large Fairground organs on display and playing. Miniature steam engines, antiques and bygones. http:// mkmuseumevents.weebly.

com/organ-festival.html 19th Stindberg’s Miss Julie - a new translation for 21st centure the Grove Theatre Dunstable 7.30pm. 20th Craft Fair at Woburn Village Hall 10am-4pm Free admission. 26th Mayor’s Charity Ball at Leighton Buzzard Golf Club. 7.30pm. contact Christine Barrow, Town Mayor’s Secretary 01525 531921 christine.barrow@ uk





10:00am - 4:00pm at


Come, mingle and help us celebrate our community by buying local for Christmas

Registered Charity No. 1035089

For more info email or call 01582 707940

Admission - Adults £2 Concessions £1.50 Accompanied Children (under 14) FREE FREE PARKING Refreshments served throughout the day

26th Strictly Milton Keynes Spectacular Charity Ballroom and Latin Dance Competition for Willen Hospice and MacMillan Cancer Support. www. at the indoor arena, Bury Farm Equestrian Village. Slapton


2nd & 3rd Makers Market for Keech Hospice Care, Barnfield College, New Bedford Road, Luton 9th Poppy Prom Concert 7:30pm in aid of St Mary’s Church, Eaton Bray and Help for Heroes. The evening combines the solemnity of words and music from The Festival of Remembrance with the lots more fun events for all 34

The online calendar is updated regularly StrictlyMK-A5-Flyer-w-sponsors-Final-Print-Ready.pdf




9th St Barnabas Christmas fair; 11.00am to 3.00pm in the Church & Linslade Community Hall. Grand draw at 3.00pm; Father Christmas & various stalls. Refreshments available all day. 17th Craft Fair at Woburn Village Hall 10am -4pm

in aid of


22nd and 23rd 10am - 5pm Town Farm Art show 6 Town Farm, Cheddington, LU7 0TT. Parking on High Street. 8 artists showing paintings, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, wood carving and craft, basketry and jewellry. Plus mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas cake. FREE entry. donations for refreshments in aid of Rennie Grove Hospice Care.


Pro & Local Celebrity Dancers International Indoor Arena, Bury Farm Equestrian Village MC: TV Presenter, Andrew Castle Special Guest Judges: TV Presenters, Matt Baker & Richard Arnold After show party hosted by top DJ from Ibiza and V Festival

Doors open: 6:45pm Show starts: 7:30pm

Tickets Available Now @

Craft Fair CCC

Crafts - Cake & a Cuppa | |

joyful music of The Last Night of the Proms. South Beds Concert Band, St Mary’s Choir and Dagnall Community Choir plus soloists Min-Min Peaker and Barbara Morton. £12.50 and £10. Tel: 01525 222283 Don’t foget to bring your flags. 9th Cedars Christmas Craft & Gift Fayre 10am -4pm Cedars Upper School, Mentmore Road, Linslade, LU7 2AE. Live music, close to fifty stalls with quality gifts and crafts. The Cedars School Association will be serving, breakfast rolls, hot & cold lunches teas, cakes & coffees.

10.0 0AM - 4.0 0PM

Woburn Village Hall, Beds All Local Handmade




also Nov 17th & Dec15 same as Farmers’ Mar





Tell me about your event:


Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles

 

    

                                  3   2     4 3 

                              2        9  7    8    2 9   3

Sudoku 数独 1 6


9 2 6

8 4 3

                                  C E  S A M B L R        Unscramble the letters  to find types of Car Brands.  Unscramble the letters to find the names of types of    Each one has an extra letter. Find something that you will find on your CAR.   Unscramble theone letters to find types of Car Brands. car. Each has an extra letter:    WEGODD Find something you will find on your car.  Each  one has an extra letter. Find something that you will find on   XLUSIE 6   WEGODD  UBSAUNR    SNSADIN   XLUSIE  AZWAMD  UBSAUNR DUWAI







5 6



Each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1 to 9 just once. This can be done by applying logic -you don’t have to guess!






SPOT THE ADVERT What advert Is This? >>>> Across


1. Austere, firm (6) 4. Chomper, nibbler (5) 8. Mr. Simpson (5) 9. All the same (7) 10. Italian filled pasta (7) 11. Wham, bang (4) 12. Crusty bread roll (3) 14. Blood-sucking insect (4) 15. Iridescent gem (4) 18. Untruth (3) 21. Polite cough! (4) 23. Seedless orange (7) 25. Branch of mathematics (7) 26. Arab state (5) 27. Foe (5) 28. Sketching tool (6)

1. Hottest desert (6) 2 Eviction (7) 3. Non-commissioned army officer (8) 4. Enticement (4) 5. Molar (5) 6. Cure (6) 7. Loose-fitting top (5) 13. Small shop (8) 16. Amphibious (7) 17. Devastation (6) 19. Written work (5) 20. Glossy green leaf used in wreaths (6) 22. Bird of prey (5) 24. Do as you’re told (4)


Wellbeing for Later Life

Mind BLMK has developed a new project across Bedfordshire, focusing on the rural areas, for people 55+

Our aim is to support local people in their community to improve and maintain their mental wellbeing and reduce isolation. We hope to achieved this through: supporting people to access groups, mentor support, peer support groups and peer mentoring, various courses and counselling, the latter being offered in partnership with Relate. We are also looking to recruit volunteer mentors for the project, particularly of similar age group, with full training provided. For further information please visit our website or call Clare on 07876 825 350


 Residential Care  Nursing Care  Respite & Convalescent Care  Dementia Care  Palliative Care  Rehabilitation Unit Plantation Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 3JE Tel: 01525 380600 Email:



John Inwood


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Local (Edlesborough) reliable, professional roofer with 25 years experience

For all your Bathroom requirements, from Design, Supplying, Installing, floor & wall tiling. A complete service. References available.






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he ICAEW have issued a warning that individuals are being approached by firms offering to help them ‘unlock’ their pensions or access them early. Some unscrupulous firms are using misleading information and in some cases offering personal loans or cash incentives to entice savers to cash in their pensions early. This is known as pension ‘liberation’ or pension ‘extraction’. What many people aren’t aware of are the implications of cashing in on their hard-earned pension before retirement. Those taxpayers who decide to take the initiative themselves and access their pensions early will find that some or all of their hard earned pension savings may be at stake. This is because the normal rule is that you cannot generally access pension savings before you reach the age of 55. The ‘liberation’ schemes are designed to try to get around this, however, at extremely high cost. Those opting for pension ‘liberation’ will generally be liable to pay a tax bill of more than half of their pension savings and may have to pay further tax penalties as well. Additionally, the provider usually imposes significant charges, sometimes up to 20%. The


result is the loss of the majority of the pension in tax and charges, and the pension-holder being left with a fraction of the original fund. You can read the full list of potential taxes and charges on our website – and also a link where you can report any ‘pension liberation’ schemes you might become aware of to the ICAEW. When can pension liberation become fraud? Pension liberation can be illegal where members are misled about key consequences of entering into one of these arrangements. This could be because they’re not informed of the tax consequences, fees involved or how the remainder of their pension savings are invested.

Please do get in touch on 01525 887534 or email if you have come across a pension ‘liberation’ scheme or if you would like any further advice on this area.

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OSTEOPATHY, PHYSIOTHERAPY, CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY, ACUPUNCTURE, CHIROPODY/PODIATRY, PILATES AND MASSAGE THERAPIES Provided by friendly, caring staff. Gift vouchers available 88 Great Northern Road, DUNSTABLE Tel: 01582 608400

We see patients with: Back and neck pain Sporting injuries Arm and leg complaints Stress and Tension Arthritis And much more…. 28A High Street, LEIGHTON BUZZARD Tel: 01525 372447

Terms and Conditions apply. Offer valid until 31st December 2013

A Good Read For You

The Crow Road By Iain Banks

‘He’s away the crow road.’ So says Prentice McHoan’s grandmother before she takes that path, and sadly, so now is Banks himself. What better way to recognise the enormous contribution he made to modern fiction than to revisit some of his work, and what better place to start than ‘The Crow Road’? For a start, it has one of the best opening lines in modern literature: ‘It was the day my grandmother exploded.’ In the aforementioned Prentice, it has an engaging, honest and endearing hero, and in his family it has a complex, disturbing and fascinating cast of characters. There is drama, humour, mystery and philosophy in equal measure. What’s not to love? The central strand of the story is the disappearance of Prentice’s Uncle Rory – presumed dead by many, but presumed alive by Prentice’s father, Kenneth. Rory’s unfinished papers include the idea of ‘Crow Road’ – a novel? a factual account?


Nothing is clear. As Prentice attempts to unravel the thread, Banks moves his own story backwards and forwards in time, switching perspectives and retelling events from different angles. For a novel which is frequently about death, there is an awful lot of humour too – often dark, but equally hilarious. Fans are divided on which of Banks’ novels is his best. It’s a hard choice. How do you choose between say ‘The Wasp Factory’ and ‘Complicity’? Many readers would stake a claim for his science fiction, written as Iain M Banks, and ask you to ‘Consider Phlebas’. I have a great deal of affection for his whisky-logue ‘Raw Spirit’, which is not only well written, but has been responsible for a lot of good drams – cheers Iain. However, whether or not it is his ‘best’, ‘The Crow Road’ is certainly my favourite – and I know I am not alone.

For The Kids

The Enchanted Wood By Enid Blyton Enid Blyton has been out of favour for many years, but has recently undergone something of a renaissance. A major exhibition of her work has led many to revisit their childhood favourites – and believe me, some of them have stood the test of time remarkably well. The Enchanted Wood is the first in the Faraway Tree series, in which three children find themselves living close to the most amazing tree you have ever seen. It grows different fruits at different points, depending on how it is feeling. It is inhabited by all manner of strange folk – Silky the fairy, the old Saucepan Man, Dame Washalot and the Angry Pixie. At the top lives Moonface, in a perfectly round little house with a slide that runs right to the bottom of the tree. And best of all, there is a small ladder through the clouds which leads to a different magical land every time... Joe, Beth and Frannie (the names have been modernised from Blyton’s originals) have all manner of adventures there. Sometimes the lands are full of fun – The Land of Birthdays, for example – while others are slightly more threatening – Dame Snap may no longer be Dame Slap, but her school is still somewhere no-one would like to visit! If you remember loving Blyton as a child, then now might be the time to dig out those old copies. A six and four year old I know rather well, are enjoying these stories just as much as I ever did, if not more!

Carole Anne Mobile Hairdressing Covering Leighton Buzzard, Linslade & Surrounding Areas     

Fully Qualified Mobile Hairdresser Reliable Friendly & Professional Competitive Rates Colouring & Perms Available

Ladies Cut Wash & Blow Dry Cut & Blow Dry Gents Cuts Children Under 10 Yrs Children 10 Yrs & Over

From £15.00 From £14.00 From £25.00 From £11.50 From £8.50 From £10.00


Music, songs and soft play for accompanied pre-school children... Mondays 10am-11am Cheddington Village Hall Cheddington

Wednesdays 11am-12pm St Leonards Village Hall Leighton Buzzard Fridays 10am-11am Linslade Parish Hall St Barnabas Church, Leighton Buzzard

PRICES £4 adult + 1 child £5 adult + 2 children 50p per extra child


Hot drink & cake for grown-ups, juice & snack for little ones!

NO BOOKING REQUIRED - PAY ON ENTRY Give me a call to discuss your hair requirements Tel: 01525 383491 Mobile: 07702374604 • 07527 175634

auto Biographies ŠKODA Rapid 1.6 TDI Elegance

By Tim Barnes-Clay



he new comfortable behind the wheel too; the height adjustable seating andhatchback from ŠKODA has space for fivetoo; the height adjustable adaptable reach/rake steering column makes up and, in 1.6 TDI guise, seating and adaptable reach/ this possible.

can extract up to 64.2mpg out rake steering column makes THIS MOTOR is of a tank. Also, with emissions this possible. If you more opt for budget the Elegance modelofyou’ll also the car is cost- auto just 114g/km, benefitthan from 16-inch alloys, cornering front effective tofog run as a company BIOGRAPHIES If you opt for the Elegance bling, but vehicle. modelRapid you’ll lamps, rear electric windows, and chrome ŠKODA 1.6also TDI benefit Elegancefrom 16-inch alloys, cornering that in itself is By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer interior detailing. But no matter which variant @carwriteups When to it comes front fog lamps, rear electric of the no Rapidproblem. you drive, you’ll find access the to thrills and spills the ŠKODA Rapid isn’t re- windows, and chrome interior THIS MOTOR is more budget than bling; but boot easy and the load space square and ally quite as speedy as its name that detailing. But no matter which in itself is no problem. practical in this, the seventh car suggests. in ŠKODA’s new hatchback ŠKODA has drive, space for The oil-burner under Thevariant of thefrom Rapid you and, in 1.6 TDI guise, can extract up to award-winning range. the bonnet of the Czech-made five-up you’ll find access to the boot 64.2mpg out of a tank. Also, with emissions of

motor powers it from rest to 62mph in 10.6 seconds and Crucially, With Benefit in Kind (BIK) ratings upwards to 118mph. It’s fairly from only 14 percent, the ŠKODA Rapid is slow going, and with only five expected to provide a shot in the gears arm it’s to annoyingly the easy to FAST FACTS brand’s rapidly growing fleet sales. On-thecrunch the gearstick up into a speed: 118 mph road Max pricing starts from £12,900 for the Rapidsixth cog. non-existent 0-62 mph: 10.6 secs 1.2-litre 75PS in entry level S trim, rising to Combined mpg: 64.2 As 105PS well as the £17,850 for1568cc the 4Rapid 1.6 TDI CR in less than prompt Engine: cylinder performance the Rapid feels flagship Elegance 16 valvespec. turbo diesel skittish at motorway speeds Max. power (bhp): and the steering is too light to 103 at 4400 rpm inspire confidence. The plastic Max. torque (lb/ft): trim is disappointing compared 184 at 1500 - 2500 rpm with, say, the more executiveCO2: 114 g/km focused ŠKODA Superb but, in its favour the flagship ‘EleFASTPrice: FACTS£17,850 on the road

    



Max speed: 118 mph PROS & CONS

gance’ grade, Economical √ on test here, come stacked Stacked with kit √ with kit.

Max. torque (lb/ft):

enthit comes car intoŠKODA’s awardWhen thrills and spills the ŠKODA Rapid isn’t really quite as speedy as its name winning range. suggests. The oil-burner under the bonnet of the Czech-made motor powers it from rest to Crucially, Benefit in 62mph in 10.6With seconds and upwards to 118mph. It’s fairly slow going, andonly with only Kind (BIK) ratings from five gears it’s annoyingly easy to crunch the 14 percent, the ŠKODA gearstick up into a non-existent sixth Rapid cog. is expected to provide a shot

As well as the less than prompt performance in the arm to the brand’s the Rapid feels skittish at motorway speeds and the steering is too light to inspire rapidly growing fleet sales. confidence. The plastic trim isstarts disappointing On-the-road pricing from compared with, say, the more executive£12,900 the but, Rapid focused ŠKODAfor Superb in its1.2-lifavour the flagship ‘Elegance’ grade, level on testShere, tre 75PS in entry trim,does come stacked with kit.

wheel controls, Bluetooth and air conditioning. It’s easy to get

If yo bene lamp inter of th boo prac awa

Cruc from expe bran road 1.2-l £17, flags

rising to £17,850 for the Rapid

Key features cruise control; electrically 1.6 TDI include CR 105PS in flagship heated door mirrors, multi-function steering Elegance spec. wheel controls, Bluetooth and air conditioning. does It’s easy to get comfortable behind the wheel

Economical √ secs 0-62 mph: 10.6 Practical load area √ Stacked with kit √ Combined mpg: 64.2 Key features include cruise Practical load area √ Less than ’rapid’ control; electrically heated door Engine: 1568 cc 16 value 4 Less than ’rapid’ performance X performance X mirrors, multi-function steering cylinder diesel Interior turbo plastics X Interior plastics X

Max. power (bhp): 103 at 4400 rpm

easy andthe the space square just 114g/km, carload is cost-effective to run as a company vehicle. in this, the sevand practical

too; adap this

FAS        

Window World


* Specialists of UPVC, Timber & Aluminium * * Windows * Doors * Conservatories * * Fascia/Soffit and Guttering * * Blown/Misted Sealed Units * * All Glazing Repairs * Leadlight Repairs * * All types of Glass & Mirrors * * Window & Door Repairs * * Conservatory Repairs & Cleaning * * Commercial * Domestic * Trade *

688886 Mobile 07925 121647

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uic k as a


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w in

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