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LGBTQ+ ON SCREEN A look into the fractured portrayal of the community in 2017.

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INTERVIEW For the month of December, we interviewed Dr. Susan Rehm in the department of Infectious Disease at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. We discussed the history of aids, how the disease has affected the LGBTQ + community, and how it can be prevented. READ HER INTERVIEW ABOUT LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY AND THE EFFECTS OF AIDS ON PAGE 29 DECEMBER 2017 | VINDICATOR 2

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his is my final issue with The Vindicator. I have been part of this publication for 2 years, and I’ve been art director or 1.5 of those years. It has been an insane amount of work, and has taught me so much. To be able to work on a publication with likeminded peers, to create something and put it out into the world, is an extremely humbling and vulnerable experience. None of this work gets done without a team. If anyone reads these, they’ll know we usually discuss the articles in the issue, but I mainly want to make this an ode to my team. Arbela Capas is a powerhouse Editor-in-Chief, she puts The Vindi at the top of her list and knows how to hold people accountable. Holly Bland is the Managing Editor, and puts up

with a lot of shit. She is the person we go to if everything is on fire (which is always) and gets people into shape. She has gone through a lot in her time at school, and is a real trooper. Andriana Akrap is my magazine soulmate; she has been my Assistant Art Director for a year and I’m not sure how I did anything without her. She is always eager to help and doesn’t shy away from a challenge, I’m extremely confident leaving this magazine in her hands. My design team has been so amazing to work with, Loren Schumaker and Michella Dilworth are so eager to learn and grow, and there’s a lot of dedication they give to the publication. Mikayla Colston is a great illustrator, and I hope she continues to create beautiful artwork for our poetry section.

For this specific issue, we knew we wanted to cover the hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community on campus, but we weren’t sure how until pieces started coming together. A patchwork-style cover story written by multiple people, telling multiple stories has emerged. It features unique views and discusses topics none of our writers have explored before. We want everyone to know that we do not condone the hateful propaganda on campus, and that the LGBTQ+ community always has a place with us. It has been an honor to work with this team, and to create work for this publication. XOXO, Gossip Girl




w h a t’s h a p p e n i n g i n


CLE Flea


Radiator Hospital Concert

The Cleveland Flea Holiday Showcase

Radiator Hospital/Cheap Clone/Joey Sprinkles @ Grog Shop

From December 8-10 and the 15-17 the Cleveland Flea will be having special holiday pop-ups in Ohio City where independent vendors and artists will be selling their products. It will be the perfect place to do holiday shopping and explore. More information at


Make your way to Coventry to experience a night of indie rock when Radiator Hospital, a four-piece indie rock band, comes to Cleveland for a night of fun music and good times. They will be preceded by Cleveland-based bands, Joey Sprinkles and Cheap Clone. Tickets $10.



6PM-10PM / 10AM-5PM, 3333 LORAIN RD


The Cleveland Orchestra

Running until Dec. 23, A Christmas Carol is a holiday tradition for the whole family. Celebrate the season with Charles’ Dickens’s classic story adapted for the stage. Student tickets are $26. OHIO THEATRE, PLAYHOUSE SQUARE



The Cleveland Orchestra: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Don’t miss the stunning Cleveland Orchestra as they perform songs from the original score of this Disney classic. With the music of Danny Elfman and the original story by Tim Burton, Jack Skellington’s adventures through Christmastown will be performed live along with music, and will be a show you won’t want to miss. Tickets range from $52-$127.

The Cleveland Natives of this four-piece rock band are coming to celebrate the New Year in their hometown. The theme of the show will be retro 90’s NYE and a complimentary champagne toast will be provided to all showgoers at midnight. Tickets are $20 ADV, $25 DOS.



URBAN REFLECTION THE POWER OF STREET PHOTOGRAPHY An egalitarian approach to art that is accessible to just about everyone, especially with the ease of modern day digital cameras that have brought so many people together to create and promote issues like homelessness that plague America, but are often overlooked by society. // Joe Ruzicka


treet photography is something

One of those photographers that has

you may have heard about in

used this new creative outlet to promote is-

your high school history class,

sues in America is local freelance photogra-

but got brushed over within one

pher, Hunter Gawne. By capturing close up

period without a deeper under-

portraits of those on the street, Gawne has

standing of it as art. Street photography is,

developed a style that truly speaks levels of

as the name implies, capturing people on

emotion within his pictures to his audience.

the street. Focused on capturing unposed

In an effort to support those in need while

on the street, it has been a tool for journalists over the past century or so, starting with original film cameras in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. It is considered one of the most egalitarian forms of art due to its ease of access to anyone; there is no necessary talent or high cost needed to do street photography – especially today when almost anyone who can pick up a cell phone with a camera could get good with practice. Considered a faux pas in society, it is often looked at as strange to people on the other side of the lens. As a result, street photography induces a higher risk compared to other forms of art that may not even require the artist to leave the comfort of their home. As a result, the artistic reward for street photography is unlimited. It gives photographers opportunities to show people issues within our society that one may not see during their daily routine, or just give faces to the crowds of people that one encounters on a daily basis. Street photographer reaches past past prejudices and speaks stories of people on the street with a single click.

using his talent to do so, Gawne is prepar-

Street photography is easily one of the most powerful forms of art when done properly

moments filled with emotion of strangers

ing to launch a photo book that is com-

Street photography has been used as a

prised of 25 pages consisting of black and

tool in journalism to show what is happen-

white street photography from Cleveland

ing in a society that people in the suburbs

shedding light on the homeless epidemic

might not see. This ranges from homeless-

that Cleveland suffers from.

ness in America to political movements and

I recently had the opportunity to speak

So how did you get into photography? Ever since I was very young I have had some learning disabilities. These disabilities made it extremely hard for me to concentrate on one thing for more than five minutes. When I got to high school they offered a photography class. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available for freshman. I was really disappointed so I talked to my teacher and she went to bat for me and got me in the class. I was fortunate that they made an exception for me. Once I got behind the camera I was hooked. When did you start doing street photography, do you have any particular inspiration? I started street photography my Junior year in high school. My main inspiration is Joe Greer. He is a New York City photographer and I really like his stuff. I love capturing the emotion of the different people I see on the streets. I really enjoy the

protests. Recently, Cleveland has experi-

to Gawne about his work and his upcoming

connections I have made with the subjects I have

enced a resurgence of young creatives uti-

book, Shedding Light, that will have all of

photographed. Their stories hit me hard.

lizing social media to instantly share their

its proceeds donated to The City Mission, a

street photography and inspire others to do

charity organization serving Cleveland with

How do you describe photographic style?

the same – myself included.

homeless and womens shelters.

I styled my book in black and white because I


feel like the black and white pictures bring the

What direction do you think street photogra-

charities that uses 100% of the money to help the

emotion out in people and shows the gritty side

phy will go in the future? Are there any emerg-


more than color does. Also, my street photos are

ing street photographers who you admire? If

shot close up because I wanted to capture the

so, who are they?

Any tips for people looking to get into street

emotion in the subjects.

Honestly, I’m not sure but I would like to see


more people doing street photography. I think

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

What kind of impression do you hope to leave

that some people take pictures just to take

and be passionate about it no matter what! Keep

upon others who see your photographs?

pictures. They don’t think about who they are

shooting and always be open to new ideas and

I want people to feel something when they look

photographing. I enjoy making connections with


at my pictures. I want them to see a person who

my subjects. If they’re happy, I want to know

has been through a lot in their lives. Most are

why. On the other hand if they’re sad, I want to

there not by choice but circumstances beyond

help them if I can. As I already mentioned, Joe

their control. I want them to feel bad about the

Greer is a photographer I really admire. He’s my

properly. With the advent of social media

people on the streets and not just walk past

favorite of all time along with Evan Sheehan,

playing such a huge role in society, street

them without a second thought.

Alex Strohl, and Samuel Elkins.

photography has seen a major resurgence,

What continually drives you to photograph in

never seen before — especially in a city as

the streets? The connections I have made over the last few years and the stories they have shared. For me, It’s about more than just getting a picture.


Street photography is easily one of the most powerful forms of art when done

When did you realize that you wanted to make a book comprised of your street work? The more street pictures I took the more I wanted to do something to help them. How did you choose what charity you would donate 100% of the proceeds to? What is your

being embraced by young people in ways small as Cleveland. Instagram especially has acted as a platform for activism. Instead of ignoring deeply rooted urban issues, young creatives have embraced citizen activism with their cameras by taking it upon themselves to show societals problems, such as homelessness, that are often overlooked and hidden away from those who do not venture into the city often. With people like Hunter, there is a heightened awareness to expose issues and explore solutions to resolve the problems that plague America. Hunter Gawne’s website where the

favorite part about street photography?

book will be up for purchase in December:

My plan for the book was not to make money.

It is to give back to the homeless for letting me share their images and stories. The charity I selected is the City Mission because after researching, they are a non-profit and one of the only DECEMBER 2017 | VINDICATOR 8


FILMS OF 2017 M Spoiler Alert: I’ll do my best to avoid major spoilers, but I will discuss some minor plot points in each review. // Gregory Elek

aking a definitive top-ten list when it’s not physically possible to see every movie until the year is over would be as point-

less as this intro. By the time this article is out I still wouldn’t have been able to see I Love You Daddy, Phantom Thread, Hap-

py End, Call Me by Your Name, The Disaster Artist, The Shape of Water, and countless other films I’m not mentioning. So instead

of bombarding you with how great Blade Runner 2049, Baby Driver, and Dunkirk were, we’re going to talk about some movies that you probably haven’t seen this year.

NIRVANNA THE BAND THE SHOW Starring: Matthew Johnson & Jay McCarrol Creators: Matthew Johnson & Jay McCarrol Nirvanna the Band the Show follows two inept best friends who want nothing more than to make it as musicians. Okay, so, this is a TV show, but it’s also one of the best things I’ve ever seen, and almost no one knows about it. So damn it, we’re going rogue — let’s talk about TV. This is one of the rare things I’ve ever recommend that I genuinely think is for everyone. Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol are not only hilarious on their own, but they have phenomenal chemistry together. The show mixes planned out scenes with street scenes. Think It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, meets The Office, meets Jackass. The acting and writing is so flawless that you often won’t be able to tell who the paid actors are, and who the actual bystanders are. One thing people always overlook in comedies is how smart they are, and this is no exception. There are constant set ups that get paid off some throughout the course of an episode, and some throughout the course of the season. If you’re a fan of movies, this is a great show for you. There are constant parodies of popular films, and not only is it 9 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

funny, but it makes the show feel like a love

your support. You can watch one Vice-

letter to cinema. The only negative about

land’s website for free, and the show is also

the show isn’t even about the content itself,

available on iTunes. They were renewed for

it’s about the network. This show is on

a second season, so you don’t have to worry

Viceland, which is a big reason why almost

about falling in love just to get your heart

no one’s seen, or even heard of it. On the

broken. I can’t recommend this one enough,

flipside, being on Viceland means that Spike

and no, you don’t need to know anything

Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation,

about Nirvana to watch this show.

Where the Wild Things Are, and Her) has some involvement in the show, so it’s not all bad. Please watch this show legally, they deserve


IT COMES AT NIGHT Director: Trey Edward Shults Starring: Joel Edgerton, Kelvin Harrison Jr., & Christopher Abbott It Comes at Night follows two families who

plays around with its aspect ratios. This not

struggle to survive together in a post-apoc-

only creates a cool visual contrast between

alyptic future. Overall audiences weren’t

scenes, but there’s also a lot of meaning be-

crazy about this one,which is a shame

hind it. These are the kinds of movies that

because this is a movie that does everything

are the hardest to talk about in such a short

right. No spoon-feeding the audience, good

amount of time, because there’s so much

writing, interesting characters, good acting,

good you can say about it. I’d recommend

and good cinematography. Trey Edward

this movie to everyone, just make sure that

Shults has proven between this film, and

you’re willing to figure out some things on

his 2016 debut, Krisha, that he’s a master at

your own — this movie isn’t going to hold

tension. I was on the edge of my seat during

your hand.

my second viewing, even though I knew


what was going to happen. The movie also

THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER Director: Yorgos Lanthimos Starring: Colin Farrell, Barry Keoghan, Nicole Kidman, & Alicia Silverstone The Killing of a Sacred Deer follows an unusu-

doesn’t know what it wants to be tonally.

al relationship between a surgeon and a

It’s an impressive feat to be perhaps the

teenage boy. After a solid American debut

darkest movie of the year, but also have an

with The Lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos is back

entire theater bursting with laughter. I can’t

with one of the best movies of the year. All

in good conscious recommend this film to

the acting is perfect, and very stylized. The

everyone, because of how dark the subject

Cinematography is great — it’s reminis-

matter is. The best comparison when it

cent of Stanley Kubrick. The thrilling story

comes to tone, and overall subject matter

creeps along at a perfect(and realistic) pace,

would the films of Michael Haneke. If you

revealing enough information to keep you

aren’t scarred off by dark movies that take

engaged, and you’re never bombarded with

deep dives into human nature see this one.

unnecessary exposition. This movie also has


a good sense of humor. It never feels like it


Director: David Lowery


Starring: Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, Will Oldham, & Kesha A Ghost Story follows a plot of land that’s

that I have mixed feelings on. Everything

haunted after a tragic accident. This could

stops so the film can tell us what it’s about,

easily be the saddest film I’ve ever seen,

which is unnecessary, and a little insulting

and a big reason for that is Rooney Mara.

to the audience. I can’t fault this scene too

This is her best performance. She’s tasked

much, because the dialogue is written to

with the arduous job of portraying grief

perfection, and the acting is just as good.

with almost no dialogue. A lot of her acting

This movie isn’t for everyone. It’s heart-

comes from her eyes and body language.

breaking subject matter doesn’t make it the

This is also one of the most visually pleas-

most fun watch of the year, but it will stick

ing movies I’ve ever seen. There are several

with you for a long time after seeing it.

frames that I’d love to hang on my wall. Cinematographer, Andrew Droz Palermo, deserves a shout out for his work. There’s a scene later on in the film with a monologue



WELCOME MURAL W Bridging global and neighborhood gaps through art // Alexis Rosen hat would it look like if we

“It was important for us to have

began with 25 to 30 international students

could tear down the fences

students see and be represented and we

being photographed over the course of 4

and the gates that are bar-

felt he would be able to capture that. We

to 5 sessions. The students were captured

riers to us being together as

saw applicants from all different levels of

walking across the bridge and climbing the

humanity? That was the first question that

experience and mediums. Darius is a totally

fence. Steward then used those images as

came to Cleveland painter Darius Steward’s

awesome artist on the rise and when we

inspiration for painting portraits. Due to the

mind as he observed the worn and over-

talked about the task of taking on over 300

mural being on fencing, his painting was

grown Euclid Avenue Innerbelt bridge.

feet of combined canvas sides, we had to

digitally transferred onto a mesh screen to

think ‘will the artist be able to handle that

overlay the fence.

Steward was the selected winner of The Euclid Avenue Innerbelt Project’s contest created by downtown neighborhoods Midtown Cleveland and Campus District. The project was made to transform the bridge by manicuring messy vines, adding streetlights, and installing artwork along the fence. The contest was released to Cleveland during the summer of 2017 as a call for artists to create “public art” that would cover the Euclid bridge fencing. “We wanted to find a balance between having a theme and not being too prescriptive,” said Rachel Oscar, Campus District’s Director of Programming and Community Engagement. “An artist has to have the freedom to do what they want. We knew we could create a casting call that draws people representative of this neighborhood without saying you have to pick this or paint that.” Ten artists with a wide variety of mediums responded to the call, including illustrators, painters, photographers, and digital artists. To select the winner, Midtown Cleveland and Campus District invited representatives from the greater and neighboring community to a judging event. Together, individuals from the Cleveland Foundation, Global Cleveland, AIDS Task Force, business owners, non-profit members, and local and international students selected the top three artists. Those artists were then asked to present a more thorough concept based on welcoming international students. Darius was ultimately selected because of the humanity and human likeness conveyed in his art. 11 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

kind of production and material because it

“You’re going to feel like you’re walk-

is a challenge.’ With where he is at in his

ing next to a wall rather than a fence over

experience, this seemed like a logical next

a highway” Joyce Huang, Urban Planner at

step and production piece” Oscar said.

MidTown Cleveland, said.

To fund this project, Midtown Cleve-

The nearing installation will create

land and Campus District were granted

more than the effect of a wall, but also the

$12,500 from Cleveland Neighborhood

intention of a message. The bridge not only

Progress. This would cover the cost of

connects neighborhoods, but also exists as

needed materials, installation, and the

an entryway to Cleveland State University’s

artist’s work. Because the bridge is so long,


the majority of the money was for materials alone. The creation process of the mural

Because CSU’s large international population lives downtown, the bridge is crossed often by people from all corners of

the world. This mural is an opportunity to

way because of one light. Knowing I can see,

signify welcomeness in a home away from

I feel safer.”


The dedicated teams from Campus Dis-

be extended. What would it look like if we could tear down the fences and the gates that are

“In light of a lot of national policy

trict and Midtown Cleveland have worked

barriers to us being together as humanity?

changes, regarding international students,

tirelessly to implement not only physical,

Like bringing a new light.

dreamers, undocumented students, and

but also symbolic light. As the first and

refugees - CSU has been a place where a lot

most valued factor of this project, these

international students tearing down a gate

of international students come and it’s an

teams knew that the light was not a want,

and then having them sort of walk together

opportunity for people to get an education

but a need. No matter what new inter-

hopefully into the future.

here, so we really wanted to honor them in

national legislation or societal hate says,

this mural because art is an opportunity for

Cleveland is rising above that to illuminate

people to see themselves in it,” said Huang.

a heart for all of humanity. Within the light,

“When you’re not reflected in art, it’s really

visuals with meaning can be established,

hard to feel like you belong. We wanted to

connections can be created, and support can

have this be an opportunity where these

The idea is having all of these kids and

For more information about Campus District, Midtown Cleveland, & the ribbon cutting reveal of this mural visit:

portraits of students would be like ‘yes,

you’re a part of our story and you’re going

The urban space has transformed the area to feel welcome, clean, and safe.

to see yourself or people that look like you and you are welcome here.’” Before this project, the bridge was a sore thumb amidst new development. Now, the urban space has transformed the area to feel welcome, clean, and safe. Prior to mural plans and landscaping, the first priority of Campus District and Midtown Cleveland was to have street lights installed because


at the base level, safety is the biggest issue. “When I was leaving CSU’s gym one night, I didn’t realize that we were a part of the light that was placed on the bridge,” Diana Hasrouni, Economic and Communication Coordinator at Campus District, said. “I didn’t realize how pitch black that bridge is at night without the light. It made me appreciate just putting one light and how many other students probably feel the same DECEMBER 2017 | VINDICATOR 12

CUISINE & CULTURE Cuisine is a centerpiece of Asian culture, and with inticing dishes comes a chance to showcase unique stories. // Dorothy Zhao


uisine will always be a part

recipes but instead through trial-and-error,

buying school lunches from then on. I never

of culture. Growing up as an

learning from observing what one’s parents

viewed my lunch box moment as that of

American Born Chinese, I had

and older generations did.

extreme tragedy, but rather, I saw it as an

one favorite meal: a bowl of

elucidating moment of how some people

a close friend or complete stranger de-

around me rejected part of my culture. Why

eaten school lunches since third grade, I

clares he or she dislikes Asian food. I feel

did so many of my peers joke about Chinese

always treasured my parents’ home-cooked

almost a sense of shame or urgent need

people eating monkey brains, and why did

meals. Although I do not live at home

to ask the person what we could do better

they turn up their noses to anything spicier

anymore, there was always a variety when

to cater to their tastes. Indeed, there is a

than sriracha or wasabi? What did they have

I did — dumplings, baozi (steamed meat-

reason why I only ate mostly depressing,

to fear?

filled buns), zongzi (bamboo-leaf-wrapped

bland school lunches for over a decade.

rice), and healthy and flavorful vegetables

When I was in second grade, I had a lunch

ed States, I was raised in an Asian culture

straight from our garden and stir-fried. The

box moment that I am sure many children

and mindset when it comes to cuisine. A

latter was almost always paired with rice

of foreign or first generation parents have

1981 symposium on the “cultural signifi-

and a meat dish. It is also worth noting that my father is from Beijing, China, in the north, while my mother is from Wuhan, China, in the south. In Southern China, rice farming is far more common as the weather is warmer than it is up north. In Northern China, on the other hand, wheat is grown and more commonly eaten. As a result, the noodles, dumplings, and baozi were usually perfected by my father and involved the entire family in the process of creation. Rice, despite the laborious steps to grow and harvest the crop, is a simpler, one-person process with a rice cooker. Personally, I prefer rice-based recipes, like rice noodles, while my sister more enjoys the wheat-based dishes. Although my siblings and I love both

Even though I was born in the Unit-

cance of food and eating” describes eating as “focus[ing] on social values, meanings and beliefs rather than on dietary require-

Food is identity, happiness, status, and community

plain white rice. Despite having

It always comes as a shock to me when

ments and nutritional values.” One’s choice in food is not random but is instead based on “patterns and regularities [that] carry markedly different connotations socially.” One’s eating habits are arranged in a, “socially organized fashion [and]… are definite ideas about good and bad table manners, right and wrong ways to present dishes, and clear understandings about food appropriate to different occasions.” It isn’t challenging to see the connection between foods and ethnicity, social status and wealth. To my parents, any kind of food is valued. Not a single grain of rice could be wasted in our household, because

homemade Chinese food and the American-

experienced as well. I had a packed lunch

— as my mother always told me — that

ized Chinese takeout food — Panda Express,

of rice and beef that my mother lovingly

single grain of rice was grown and harvest-

anyone? — I realize that not everyone has

prepared, but as I unveiled the food, the

ed with great effort, time, and labor. They

gotten a pleasant or proper introduction to

classmates sitting around me complained

grew up in poverty during the Cultural Rev-

Asian food as a whole. Hearing the scorn

of the smell and gawked at how different

olution, in direct contrast to how I grew up

of some restaurant-goers when they skip

my meal looked from their Lunchables. As a

the Chinese buffet because, “all their food

seven year old, I didn’t possess the vocab-

only tastes good because they contain MSG”

ulary to explain what my lunch consisted

is an unfair assumption. Asian cuisine,

of, so I just sat there in silent, crushed

taking dedication, determination, and a

embarrassment. When I went home that

significant amount of time, is one tradition

day, I asked my mother if I could have a

that makes up a vast culture encompassing

more normal packed lunch. I wanted the

many nationalities. Asian families open up

PB&J sandwich, the cheese stick, the juice

restaurants to not only support themselves

box, the apple slices, and the bag of chips.

but also to create a connection to home and

Perhaps my mother was saddened by my

their culture. The food, a symbol of pride

rejection of my favorite foods, but she was

and one’s past, is crafted not from written

smart enough to suggest the alternative of


in America, “mei guo,” or “beautiful coun-

were invited to do a cooking demonstration at

try” with its splendor and plentiful food.

the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the

I know I’ve never suffered the hunger

“Our Global Kitchen” exhibit, we showed people

that my parents and their families expe-

how to make one of our most popular menu

rienced, so there are stark contrasts in the

items called okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese

way my parents perceive food versus how

cabbage pancake made with wheat, eggs and

I see food in general. I think it is fine to

various toppings. During the demonstration, I

throw out food I dislike at the dining hall,

told them how rice was scarce during World War

while my parents would be aghast at such

II, which was why wheat became an important,

food waste. It is borderline disrespectful to

[inexpensive] staple. [This fact was why wheat]

refuse a meal my mother spent the entire

How did you come up with the idea of creat-

was one of the foods that were developed to

day making. A clean plate is a sign of grat-

ing the start up?

make use of it. There are a few different types

itude and respect. I am always encouraged

I’ve always loved food and its cultural im-

that are available across Japan, but the version

to try new foods, so although my parents

portance to a region and its people. I used to

I serve is a specialty of Osaka and is sometimes

believe I am a picky eater, I have enough

cook lunches for my engineering office where

called Japanese pizza, because the toppings

experience sampling mystery dishes and

I’d make something from a different country

and filling can vary from seafood to vegetables

would not call myself picky in comparison

each week and give a speech about how it was

to cheese. The sauces used are Japanese ver-

to most of my peers.

made and its cultural significance. When Night

sions of Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise,

Market Cleveland started in 2015, they wanted to

which have European origins. And that’s just one

at cooking. I always lingered in the kitchen

create an event where people can go experi-

example of the stories that food can tell!

during meal prep and observed my parents

ence something that is authentically Asian and

work magic, but if I inquired about a dish

uniquely Cleveland. I wanted to show people that

What is one Asian dish that you recommend

that they were improvising on the fly, they

there was more to Asian cuisine than just sushi

for beginners?

would scoff. Who needs a precise measure-

and General Tso’s chicken. Not only was this the

I would recommend making our gyudon recipe,

ment of salt, sugar, and other spices? Just

perfect opportunity, but the founders (Brendan

which is a very traditional Japanese beef and

toss it all into the pan with olive oil, garlic,

Trewella and Josh Maxwell) were specifically en-

onion rice bowl that is considered to be a fast

or whatever else they felt like adding. As a

couraging small start-ups in Asiatown. I figured

food item. It uses very basic ingredients that can

result, I was still at a loss of how to make

that if nothing else, it would be a fun experience

be easily found in any Asian market and the

my favorite foods. Because food is identity,

and I’d get a chance to have people try some-

techniques are pretty simple. Best of all, it is ab-

happiness, status, and community among

thing new. So with the help of Jessie (wife), Brian

solutely delicious and one of my favorite dishes.

other things, I truly felt as though I had

(brother) and Rachael (sister-in-law), we did our

lost a significant part of my background.

first event.

Despite my love of food, I am a novice


I couldn’t recreate childhood memories

Since its creation, what is the achievement that you are most proud of for Ice or Rice?

or family traditions being a novice cook-

Where do you see Ice or Rice in the next five

What are some of the successes you have

er. However, just last winter, as I went to


had with the start up?

the Cleveland Museum of Natural Histo-

We’re currently concentrating on our cooking

The thing I’m most proud of are our grocery tours

ry with my family, we stumbled across

videos where we teach you how to make some

and tastings. It’s something that I initially offered

a cooking demonstration with two Asian

of our favorite Asian recipes and are working

to do on a Facebook group called NEO Foodies

chefs who made up the food start-up Ice

to continue growing that. We are also going to

since I saw that there were a lot of opinions

or Rice. Ice or Rice is a Cleveland-based

develop an online store where you can purchase

about Asian foods that were based on what they

startup that focuses on Asian comfort food

Asian snacks and sweets as well as merchan-

saw on TV rather than on personal experience. I

and was created by Andy and Jessie Ng.

dise like t-shirts. My brother will be opening an

think that making assumptions and taking other

Since following them on social media and

Ice or Rice Café on the intersection of E. 38th St.

people’s opinions as your own results in prejudice

their YouTube channel for nearly a year, I

and Payne Ave next year. He will be selling some

and biases on not just food, but for cultures and

have a newfound appreciation for not only

of the foods that we’ve featured at our events.

peoples as well. At the end of the tour and tast-

my own cooking potential but also Asian

My wife and I will sell some of our special items

ing, I always tell people to keep their minds open

food as a whole. Continue reading to learn

through the café as well as hold pop-up dinners

to new experiences and not to dismiss things

more about Ice or Rice in a Q&A with the

and cooking classes there.

that aren’t familiar. Whether you end up liking it

co-founder Andy!

or not, at least you made up your own mind rathHow does cuisine connect to culture, espe-

er than blindly following others. Discovering a

cially in Asian culture?

new favorite food can open the door to learning

Food is shaped by culture and vice versa. There

about the people who created it.

are so many stories that can be told with any food that is popular in a region, and I really

For tours and more info:

enjoy telling those stories. For instance, when we





Gaming has a unique and diverse fanbase that present a very vocal part of Internet culture and a less than admirable face in mainstream news media. // Logan Hammond


n 2006, Twitter launched as an internet

and Rock, Paper Shotgun, while others be-

ing it has started a discussion “about cul-

based site for text message sized tweets

lieved the game received undeserved praise.

ture, about ethics, and about freedom.” The

it used to be limited to 140 because that’s

Quinn was overwhelmed with threats and

attacks on Quinn and her family consisted

the size of standard text messages but

loads of abuse, ultimately forcing her to

of death and rape threats, creating harsh

currently the limit is 280 characters.

change her phone number and accounts

condemnation from gaming and non-gam-

LifeWire, a website mainly focused on

on social media. Gradually, the abuse died

ing press alike.

helping visitors fix and use various brands

down to a few dedicated troll – until August

of laptops, smartphones, digital camer-

of 2014 when it grew worse than before. Eron Gjoni, a former boyfriend of

first planned, beginning as “an idea that

Quinn’s, wrote a novel-sized blog post,

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@Jack)

outlining details of their relationship in-

had in 2006. Dorsey had originally imagined

cluding texts, emails, and other personal

Twitter as an SMS-based communications

messages. The post contained a piece of

platform. Groups of friends could keep tabs

information that would spark a long and

on what each other were doing based on

moronic controversy caused by Gjoni, dis-

their status updates. Like texting.” Dorsey

cussing the relationship between Quinn and

created Twitter as a sideproject to his job

game journalist from the website Kotaku,

working for Odeo, a podcast company. Odeo

Nathan Grayson.

was in trouble because Apple’s podcast

A website called 4Chan, an imageboard

service with iTunes was taking off, while

website where users generally post anon-

taking down other podcast services. Odeo’s

ymously, is split into various boards with

founders began to invest more time and

their own specific content and guidelines. It

money in Twitter instead, calling it “Twt-

is rather infamous for having no rules and


being generally toxic. 4Chan decided the Youtube was created on Feb 14th,

controversy was a ploy used to gain positive

2005. According to Business Insider, “it

reviews for her game, despite the fact that

was founded by former PayPal employees

Grayson never reviewed the game and

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

Kotaku’s only mention of Quinn was before

The idea was born at a dinner party in San

their relationship. Gjoni later edited his blog

Francisco a year before the official launch.”

to acknowledge this fact but it was too late,

YouTube was a small site for servers and

already ablaze on social media.

few users until, as Business Insider ex-

Misogynistic attacks such as re-

plains, things took a sudden change in 2006

mark from @RogueInTheStars saying “@

when Google bought the website for $1.65

UnburntWitch aka Zoe Quinn is a W**re”


were made against Quinn and her whole family, this dark scandal was first called the

GamerGate: Mainstream Infamy

“quinnspiracy.” Not soon after, the Twitter

In 2013 the viral internet disaster known as

hashtag GamerGate was coined by Adam

GamerGate began when, Zoë Quinn released

Baldwin, a 55 year old actor best known for

a choose your own adventure game called

the Stanley Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket.

Depression Quest. It received positive reviews from various gaming sites like Steam 15 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

Baldwin has described Gamergate as a backlash against political correctness, say-

The attacks on Quinn and her family consisted of death and rape threats, creating harsh condemnation from gaming and nongaming press alike.

as, and more, describes how Twitter was

Things escalated as GamerGate

supporters made lists of journalists who

opposed their so-called movement. It’s

stream media with a dramatic story. Quinn

thanks to this movement that the phrase

and Sarkeesian spoke at the United Nations

so people can play with others globally,

“Social Justice Warrior” was created. The

in 2015 about the need for the government

the only problem is very often the voice

phrase was used to indicate a person was a

to do something about the ease with which

and text chats of these games tend to be

politically correct (PC) “Feminazi” in the

people can engage in harassment due to the

problematic, gamers like Pewdiepie love

conspiracy to ruin gaming.

anonymity the internet provides.

to make jokes about rape and to swear to a

GamerGate also harassed a You-

Despite claims that GamerGate was

Many games have online features

ridiculous degree in some attempt to seem

tube channel called Feminist Frequen-

about ethics in gaming journalism, the very

“adult.” Homophobia and transphobia are

cy - where the insult “feminazi” came

catalyst of the movement was a lie. If you

also rampant in online gaming chats and

from. One example of the harassment

check the GamerGate hashtag on Twitter

calling this kind of behavior brings about

directed at Sarkesian came from user @

you will still find people who believe Quinn

the usual accusations of being “political-

Knight_MUTT. His channel had a series of

acted unethically, and that’s part of the

ly correct” or a “snowflake,” but being

videos called “Tropes Vs. Women,” critiqu-

problem — this belief that there’s some

politically correct just means not being a

ing the various ways women are portrayed

attempt by women to ruin gaming. It is the

jerk, so consider why people would proudly

in video games. He tweeted “ @femfreq I

hard truth GamerGate won’t admit that it

proclaim that they’re jerks.


was a lie used as an excuse to attack women


and people of color.


GamerGate was another example of the

In the end, Twitter struggles with managing this situation and their algorithm proved to be unhelpful. It was just as likely

CARE B***H”. Clearly, these people were

sad truth that gaming only gets mainstream

that you would be suspended for insulting

very concerned with ethics in video games

attention when it involves the companies or

your harasser as it was the harasser would

and love proper grammar and spell check,

when terrible things happen.

be suspended. Zoe Quinn recently released

GamerGate barely if at all had anything to do with games journalism. The channel run

a book called Crash Overdrive about her Get Gud: Gaming’s Online Wall

experience during the GamerGate con-

by Anita Sarkeesian ended up becoming the

The phrase “get gud” is a slang term for

troversy. In October, the popular gaming

focus of the harassment, and the account is

get good and is used as an insult to people

forum NeoGAF after its creator was accused

now suspended.

poorly playing in a game. Its origin isn’t

of sexual harassment. The website Gamin-

specifically known, though I believe it has

gRevolution ran a story about a 29 year old

movement of the GamerGate hashtag is

I’m concerned that even though the

become a fitting summary used by “hard-

game streamer named Nicole who upload-

mostly gone, the effects are still there. I

core gamers.” This group of people who

ed clips of the harassment she faces while

want to appeal not only to those in the

take gaming seriously. The most egregious

playing games “I think Mercy’s not working

gaming community but people in oth-

and annoying example of this form of

out for you, you dumb c***. Learn how to

er entertainment fandoms that we can’t

hardcore gamer culture is from the series

play a proper character, 45 hours and you

ignore the toxicity of our communities, and

Dark Souls by From Software. Dark Souls

still suck, I guess girls just suck at games

a large part of why GamerGate took off was

marketed with the slogan “Prepare to Die,”

in general you stupid dumb wh***.” This

because people either joined in or stood by

and the game is very niche. I enjoy playing

isn’t a story about the past — it’s a warning

in the face of harassment.

it but could never deal with the commu-

for the future of gaming culture online. A

nity; asking for help got me insulted and

large part of the community is barely vocal

should be harassed — ever — no matter

called a loser. That’s a major problem with

because of a small group that makes the

who they are. I discourage anybody from

the gaming community; it walls itself off

fandom toxic. Rampant sexism and harass-

harassing those that have done wrong in

from people trying to enter the circle. The

ment still exist, and in the end, it’s up to

this situation. Instead, report problem-

problem with Dark Souls is it will inevitably

the people in the community to bring it to

atic tweets and support others through

force new players to play the game in a very

light. We need more diversity in gaming to

kindness. I have a minor connection to the

slow and defensive manner that isn’t fun.

counteract the problems of the community.

I want to emphasize that nobody

events surrounding GamerGate and the

Hardcore gamers also have a very

Diversity reflects reality — but unfortu-

gaming community as a whole because

picky definition of “gamer,” even though

nately too many games are very focused on

of my own perception of gaming culture

anybody who plays games is a gamer. The

straight white men. Our games need more

as hostile to people who were new to the

online community has a very negative view

female characters, more people of color,

fandom of video games. My introduction

of certain companies, genres, and games.

people who aren’t straight and people who

to gaming came from watching numerous

Nintendo, for example, presents challeng-

don’t fit the standard gender binary. Ulti-

videos called “Let’s Plays,” a kind of video

ing puzzles and gameplay Nintendo and

mately, we need to make games accessible,

or series of videos where somebody else

its games are inevitably associated with

everyone should be able to see themselves

plays a game with their commentary and

children’s games, mobile app games are

in the heroes of a game and that’s what


also considered causal. Mystery and Puzzle

makes games great; feeling like a hero.

When it comes to GamerGate, this

games are considered casual, as well as

controversy was one of the largest and first

roleplaying games (RPGs); shooters and

examples of mass harassment by the gam-

fighting games are generally considered the

ing community and presented the main-

more hardcore forms of games. DECEMBER 2017 | VINDICATOR 16

ADVICE FOR MILLENNIALS Van Jones visits a local library and offers advice to millennials // Imani Stephens


oday, there’s often this battle

action to control a situation rather than

between what is seen and what

just responding to it after it has happened,

is known. What you are shown

Van Jones responded, “Everyone is now in

is people fighting over things

this reaction pattern that orange guy does

such as race, religion, and gen-

something then you do something. You

der, which sheds light on the true injustices

can’t even control your own day because

do. It is not easy to try to make a differ-

in this country. On the opposing side, what

you’re worried about what he’s doing.

ence, as millennials you should not give up

is known is who you are and what you be-

That’s apart of Trump’s strategy. To keep

when things get tough. Figure out what it is

lieve in, but this has to fight against what

people so divided and so upset that we

that you want and go after it. Jones talked

others consider normal. In this day and

cannot even devise a plan.”

about if those in the era of Martin Luther

age everyone is uncomfortable, because

Advice for millennials: do not sepa-

King gave up we would have never had the

who they are is always being questioned.

rate yourselves. There could be so much

things we do now nor the change we see.

Hate groups have formed against those of

progress if all of those who feel as though

Don’t give up.

different skin colors, religious beliefs, and

they are facing injustices combined forces.

sex. This has made it almost impossible

Everyone is fighting the same battle, but

student movements want the adminis-

to find your way in the continuous uproar

are so angry they no longer see the bigger

tration to do what the student movement


should do. The person with the biggest

As millennials we often feel discouraged because there is no straight path telling us where to go. My definition of millennials is defined as those who are currently reaching their peak in adulthood. Therefore, as a millennial myself I to go through the emotions of everyday life always having who I am questioned. Often times I have no comfort. Where do I stand as a black woman in today’s society? Or as a college student attending a predominately white institution? What do I do to appease my mind when I see so much hatred in the world, because of the color of my skin and gender?

to speak up. Use your small voice to come

Figure out what it is that you want and go after it.

The author of the New York Times Bestseller, “Beyond the Messy Truth” Van Jones spoke at the Parma Snow Library on October 20th. His book discusses issues

voice does not always have to be the one

between real life and politics.

Van Jones feels as though too many

together to make subtle changes that will change your situation. “You are the next generation; you get to determine for yourself what the standards are going to be,” he enforced. Advice for millennials: your small voice can change the world. Have you ever heard the saying one man can change the world? This applies to many cases within our generation. Telling the world who you are will make them forcefully have to adjust. Jones told the millennials in the room, “When you start fighting for the stuff you actually want, it is always that small number of disciplined, driven people that make 90% of the progress.”

When asked if there was a belief

Advice for millennials: don’t limit

that America is facing with our President,

that millennials are a lost generation he

yourself or your mind. Expose yourself to

ourselves and current issues around the

responded by saying, “It’s new that we are

the things that you want to fix. Use your


supposed to see our tribe as everybody.

social media platforms for more than just

They shot Dr. Martin Luther King in the

following things you like. Follow the things

ments of Van Jones we can formulate a

face in front of his friends for things we

you do not like so you can understand then

few ways to keep millennials grounded in

think are normal today. But none of his

learn how to conquer them.

times of turmoil.

friends stopped fighting, none of them

Taking a deeper look into the com-

In Jones’s book he explains how the country is looking for a movement to inspire not just critique. So when asked, how can millennials use their voice to take 17 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

“So many people are worried about

stopped fighting for justice. It is not going

doing it wrong, that they’re not doing

to be easy.”

enough” Jones said.

Advice for millennials: the things that often need to be changed are the hardest to

Advice for millennials: you can’t do everything, but you can do something.

WHO’S YOUR HOLIDAY SQUAD? 1. Do you enjoy snow?

5. When do you decorate?

A. Love it!

A. Before Thanksgiving

B. It’s nice around the holidays

B. December 1st

C. Only the day of my holiday

C. The week of my holiday

D. It’s never ok

D. Never

2. What’s your least favorite part of the holidays? A. The day after B. Shopping C. Shoveling snow D. Rampant consumerism 3. How do you spend a Friday night in December? A. Watching Hallmark with cocoa B. Skating and shopping C. At an ugly sweater party D. Unrelated things 4. Which is your favorite decoration? A. Tree/Menorah B. Lights C. Holiday coffee cups D. One candy cane

6. Do you do lights? A. Inside and out! B. On the tree C. Depends on the year D. Screw that 7. When do you jam out to holiday music?

MOSTLY A Buddy the Elf, Clark Griswold, Santa Claus You ARE the holiday spirit. You love everything to do with the holidays, almost to a fault. Glitter, ice skating, looped music, cocoa, Hallmark movies, you can’t get enough!

MOSTLY B Cindy Lou Who, the Misfit Toys, Ralphie You love the holidays, but sometimes you’re just not in the holiday spirit. The good news? You always find your way back!

A. All season long B. A week or so leading up to the day


C. Only on the eve and day of

Jack Skellington, Charlie Brown, Scott Calvin

D. I’d rather die

The holidays are just kind of something that happen for you. You go through the motions and appreciate some of the festivities and traditions, but it’s not your whole life.

8. What’s your fav holiday activity? A. Is there anything bad? B. Decorating, skating, movies C. Food and family D. Gift exchanges 9. What are your favorite holiday smells? A. I own 500 candles, so all of them B. Peppermint and snow C. Cinnamon and pine D. Food

MOSTLY D The Grinch, Scrooge, Abominable Snowman You are anti-holiday cheer. You don’t get the hullabaloo and think it’s more trouble than it’s worth. But just like your posse, there’s always the chance to renew your spirit!

Photos From Our Abroad Students Since 2011, the Center for International Services and Programs at Cleveland State has done an annual photo contest for students that study abroad. Whether these are snapshots of other countries, or pictures of an “American� experience from those studying here, this contest is meant to showcase the travels of CSU students in a creative form. Here are the winners for this year.

Chinatown Balcony in Yokohama,Japan Taken from a temple's balcony in Chinatown, at dusk.

a l a m s o K x By Ali

Surprise Lake in Atlin BC, Canada Looking at water level changes on Surprise Lake due to New MicroHydroplant. All of our belongings for the days are loaded in the boat as we camped on the shore. Surprise Lake is sounded by mountains and cliffs. It has some small islands in it, where moose are often seen.

r e n r a W e i h p o yS


Cleveland Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio


A beautiful picture of inside the Cleveland Marshall College of Law. This picture represents how beautiful CSU is. It has the best symmetry for taking a photo.

By Mo

hit Kulk


STOP BEING RACIST 2K18 This new year, try being less racist. // Jamia Richardson


t is important to remind ourselves as we

areas and the majority of Black Ameri-

every day when they leave their homes.

navigate the world today that reverse

ca lives in inner cities where the rate of

In my 22 years on this planet, I have ex-

racism isn’t real, systematic racism is

poverty is higher. Housing segregation and

perienced three different types of racism

prominent in our country, and Black

gentrification can share the blame when

along with systematic racism. My entire

Lives Matter. Slavery and the slaughter

it comes to this. Racial steering is what

life, I was reminded I was Black not only by

of the indigenous people built America; it is

real estate brokers guide potential home-

parents but also by society.

time that we start caring. It’s been proven

owners away from neighborhoods based

repeatedly that the justice system is flawed

on their race. Gentrification is renovating

and is historically structured to disadvan-

urban neighbors so that middle and upper

I was 9. My mother and siblings walked

tage minorities — the Civil Rights Amend-

class can move in. Gentrification can even

up and down the aisle at Sam’s Club on a

ment can be broken down as the start of a

be seen in Cleveland. The process started

Sunday, collecting free samples and shop-

flawed justice system for Blacks — 13th on

when Lebron James returned and started

ping as if it was a treat for us after church.

Netflix is a good example.

to bring money to the city of Cleveland.

We only bought three or four items, one of

Wanting to feel like they are living down-

which was a cookie tray I was proud that I

everyone probably learned if they were to

town gentrification began. Raising the

convinced her to buy. We checked out, and

take any basic sociology class. In theory,

rent of people living in the inner city they

like all other customers, we headed to the

it means based on your gender, sex, race,

are being forced to move out. And let’s not

exits where we were greeted by an employ-

ethnicity, or social class from the time you

forget the “white flight” which still occurs

ee checking receipts and saying thanks for

are born is forced to overcome some sort of

now, whenever an environment becomes

coming in. There were customers ahead

inequality. Social stratification plays a key

“too diverse” white people move out.

of us with carts piled high of items; the

Social stratification is something

Blatant Racism

role in systemic racism — Social strat-

There is a direct correlation with

ification separates people into different

poverty and crime. An increase in poverty

She smiled and highlighted them and ask

classes in a hierarchical structure kind of

means an increase in crime, so Black on

them to come back. Now it was our turn.

like a pyramid. Wealth (upper class)sits

Black crime is not a valid argument when

My mother handed her the receipt and be-

at the top of the pyramid while poverty

trying to validate the murder of an un-

gan pushing the cart at the door when the

(lower class) sits at the bottom. Based on

armed American by a police officer.

employee grabbed our cart and stopped us.

the wealth of the upper class they have

employee didn’t look twice at their receipts.

“When Daquan kills Jerome, Daquan

The woman looked at my mother in disgust

been given an edge over the lower classes.

goes straight to jail. But when Officer Bob

and made our family wait until she checked

Afforded more opportunities as well as a

kills Jerome Officer Bob gets paid leave and

every item on the list. “Why are you doing

safety net that the lower class does not

a desk job.”

this?” my mother asked. “I’m just doing my

have. Whites are more likely to be apart

Not to mention these black men are

job,” she snapped. I turned around to see

of the upper class as minorities are more

victims of their environment, raised to

a white woman with kids of her own who

likely to be apart of the lower class, hints

believe everyday could be their last so if my

knew what was happening but didn’t say

systemic racism. It keeps the poor poor, the

life doesn’t matter neither does his.

anything. She gave me a sad face then the

social classes separate, and ensures mi-

In layman’s terms, power plus preju-

employee released us and we exited. Before

norities are faced with struggle non people

dice equals racism. White Americans could

leaving completely, we waited and watched

of color will never experience. Unem-

never fall victim to racism because they’ve

as the employee let other customers leave

ployment, poverty, and healthcare among

never dealt with a system created for them

the store as the Black ones were embar-

Blacks is a prime example of systemic

to fail. When it comes to white America,

rassed and held hostage. My mother was

racism that people choose to ignore.

hurt feelings do not equate to racism —

fed up; she stormed out of the sliding glass

being offended is not an outcome of racism.

doors and the women who was watching

Only a taste of what minorities experience

this happened chases after us. She said she

There is no coincidence that the majority of white America lives in suburban 21 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

was sorry and apologized for what hap-

the same in return then went to the corner

have and this shows just how deep rooted

pened to us. But if you knew it was wrong,

where the other students were waiting for

the different forms of racism are.A learned

why wouldn’t you say anything?

instructions. Parents came and pulled stu-

behavior, isolation has a key role in this as

dents away by groups and assigned them

well. Refusal to exposure created an idea of

different task. The black students were

what Black people are and stereotypes and

It was an average day at band camp; we

left in the corner, giving them the benefit

biases helped mold these ideals. A culture

were deciding what we were going to do

of the doubt we hadn’t heard a task that

that must come to an end.

after a long day of marching in the sun. I

peaked out interest yet. On the counter,

went over to grab some water and started conversing with someone I don’t traditionally talked to. We started off joking but then the conversation took a different turn. I always prided myself on how approachable I was especially when it came to social issues. “Jamia, you’re not really Black; I’m more ghetto than you.” Black skin told me I was from Black descent, and I’ve seen ghetto in all shades and colors. So, why that meant I wasn’t black didn’t make sense to me. I laughed it off because back

When it comes to white America hurt feelings is not racism, being offended is not racism.

then I didn’t really know how to react in these situations. I know it was ignorant and offensive to say but not what to say. “Not to

Not To Be Racist, But...

be racist like seriously plus sometimes I get

there sat three purses. I saw them when I

nervous when there’s a lot of black people

came in, but I didn’t pay too much atten-

around and I just don’t know why.” “Why

tion to them. There weren’t mine, therefore

The woman in Sam’s Club that knew my

are you telling me this?” I ask her with a

none of my business. A familiar face came

family was being mistreated but she didn’t

laugh. I felt her starting to get nervous,

over, gave us a nervous smile, grabbed the

say anything. White people have a louder

which made me feel bad for some reason,

three purses and walked away. She was the

voice and a seat at the table when it comes

so I shifted the conversation. Why does be-

mother of the girl who told me I wasn’t

to equality. Until white people are as upset

ing the minority make you feel uncomfort-

really Black and that Black people made her

about racism as Black people nothing will

able, and why wasn’t I one of those black

nervous and I now know why.

change. White people must use their voices

people to make you feel nervous?

to make a change, with that being said call How to Call Out Racism

“I Can’t Be Racist I Have Black Friends”

“White silence equals white consent”

out racist Aunt Susan who thinks it’s okay

A culture of mistrust to another group of

to say Black jokes at the Christmas din-

It was two weeks later and our first band

people solely based the amount of melanin

ner party. Knowledge is power so do some

competition. My friends and I volunteered

in one’s skin. She was bred into a culture

research, believe it or not but the education

to work concessions. It was quick, easy, and

of racism and thought because she could

system is slowly but surely trying to erase

early in the morning, so afterwards, we

call me her Black friend that she was not.

the idea of slavery or mistreatment of any

could go to breakfast then go back home

She did not mean to be racist, and as I

minorities throughout history. In 2017

and go to sleep before we had to be back for

watched her mother hide the purses under

minorities shouldn’t have to constantly

our performance. There were band parents

piles of coats I couldn’t help but wonder

educate white people of the injustice that

already there getting ready for us to set up

if she meant to be racist. Of course the

have been done to them, it’s a choice to

as well as other band students. We were

women at Sam’s Club knew what she was

know these things or not.

greeted with “good mornings,” and we said

doing but the other two women couldn’t


Call out your racist friends When in a group of people and you notice someone make an offensive joke, try asking “why do you think that’s funny?”

When you’re online If you see an opportunity where you can help educate a person, don’t be afraid to make a comment— especially if it’s a person you know.

Use your privilege It’s important for white people to use their privilege as a way to call out racism in their social and professional circles. DECEMBER 2017 | VINDICATOR 22

DANCE IS STILL LIFE An internal thirst for dance sparks inquiry about the CSU dance program. // Tyisha Blade


ance has been an energy source to

ergy of dance. While moving rhythmically to

Program were separate until they merged in

my soul for quite some time now.

music, dance engages physically, emotion-

2010, becoming the Department of Theatre

Ever since my high school days of

ally and socially. Dance is usually symbol-

and Dance. According to Lynn Deering,

dancing with Shaw High School

ic to culture encompassing a plethora of

Director of the CSU Dance Program and Ar-

Marching Band in East Cleveland,

genres and dynamics. As a former dancer

tistic Director of the CSU Dance Company,

I have grown an adornment to the feel of

myself, jazz, hip hop, ballet, ballroom, tap,

the dance major was just recently approved

music as it motivates my movement. If I

modern, and contemporary are dance styles

in August of 2017. The dance program origi-

heard music, I felt dance. After years of not

that I have grown to love over the years.

nated about 40 years ago and has two dance

being involved in dance, I began to wonder

Speaking with the students of the Cleveland

ensembles: the CSU Dance Company and the

why my happiness and energy levels were

State Dance Program were inspirational

Viking Dance Team. “CSU Dance Company

at an all-time low. Remembering that dance

moments. They were passionately talented

is the concert dance ensemble... the Viking

is still life provoked curiosity in Cleveland

individuals in the midst of the enhancement

Dance Team performs with the Viking Spirit

State’s Dance Program.

of their capabilities.

Squad for men’s and women’s basketball

Transforming emotion into one

In the College of Liberal Arts and Social

games,” said Deering.

skillfully connected presentation– dance

Sciences, The Cleveland State Theatre and

is a performing art that allows expression

Dance Department offers a wide variety of

the Vikettes, changed their name in 2008,

through body language. The connection

dance style and technique courses, pro-

according to Alicia Millard, Viking Dance

between the performer and the art captures

viding dance as both a major and a minor.

Team Head Coach. The styles the Dance

audience admiration filling rooms with en-

The Dramatic Arts Program and the Dance

Team incorporates are jazz, hip hop, and


The Viking Dance Team, originally

the dance major here. A lot of our advisors

working with guest choreographer and

did not value dance the way they would

Cleveland native, Antonio Brown from the

an engineer or math major. It is valuable

Bill T. Jones Company. Some of the chore-

and I am hoping that now that we have a

ography from this, and other guest perfor-

major, more students will see the value

mances may be used as a part of the Spring

behind it,” says Dance Company graduate

Dance Concert.

student, DeAndra Stone. With the successful

The annual Spring Dance Concert,

completion of 67 credit hours for the major

held at the Allen Theatre, features the CSU

and 28 for the minor, dance studies add

Dance Company, faculty, staff, alumni, and

to the multitude of dimensions of the CSU

guest artists. “The Spring Dance Concert is

Located in the Middough Building on 13th St, the Cleveland State Theatre and Dance Department is housed in the theater district of downtown Cleveland. Cleveland State’s Department of Theatre and Dance performs in Playhouse Square’s Allen Theater Complex as part of the Power of three partnership between Playhouse Square, Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Play House. Currently, Cleveland Playhouse is hosting a series of benefits shows where proceeds from tickets sales go to funding scholarships for the Department of Theatre and Dance students. These benefit shows feature Cleveland Playhouse productions such as Shakespeare in Love, A Christmas Story, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee musicals. The department offers Fine Arts scholarships available to the students as well. CSU Dance Company has a partnership with GroundWorks Dance Theater. According to the department website, GroundWorks Dance Theater is the “in resident professional dance company of the CSU Theatre and Dance Department.” GroundWorks Dance Theater also uses the urban says Dance Team Instructor and

Middough building as a practice facility.

Advisor, Louise Hadaway. The Viking Dance

“Every year we go see their show as a part

Team has tryouts in both the Fall and

of our class and it’s always great to see a

Spring semesters and the dancers usually

professional mirror to what the CSU Dance

the main performance of our performance

perform in CSU’s Wolstein Center at home

Company is” says Katie Parchem, Dance

season...and allows public opportunity

games. CSU Dance Company has auditions

Company Member. GroundWorks Company

to see what goes on here” says Deering.

to become apart of the company for their

members teach classes for the CSU students

Next year’s dates are Friday, March 23 and

shows at the Allen Theatre. The Company is

as well.

Saturday, March 24, 2018. “This is my first

a pre-professional ensemble that is part of

Both the Dance Company and the

year dancing with CSU Dance Company.

the dance major and minor curriculum and

Dance Team work with several different

I’ve only watched the Spring Dance Concert

the Team is an extracurricular activity.

guest choreographers. “We work with guest

before and I am so excited to be a part of

choreographers several times a semester,

it!” says first time Dance Company Mem-

having the new major and are gaining

a lot more than you would in a typical set-

ber, Taylor Moore. Planning for this popular

great insight about the elements of dance.

ting. And I think we’re pretty lucky!” says

event involves two intense semesters of re-

“Dance is very important, whether you use

Parchem. Hadaway, a former Dance Team

hearsals and full dedication to dance, while

it as something therapeutic or if you use it

guest choreographer, welcomes guests and

managing school and personal life. “They

for yourself for the heck of it because you

mentions that some of the students refer

have to make such a commitment to dance

love to do it. When I was an undergraduate

guest choreographers to CSU as well. This

company which also means they have to

student at Cleveland State, we did not have

month, the Company has the pleasure of

take dance technique class so, it’s not just

The students were enthusiastic about


Dance is very important, whether you use it as something therapeutic or if you use it for yourself...

Department of Theatre and Dance.


rehearsals, they have to take the technique

dance can be challenging but, she added,

classes to train. They are also involved in

that’s also what makes dance fun.

the creative process and, often times, as

The students displayed great discern-

part of the rehearsal process, they will be

ment discussing story telling in choreogra-

given directives where they have to create

phy. “I definitely feel when you’re dancing,

movement material that is also formed into

that you’re expressing the emotions of

the dance,” says Deering.

the song throughout the choreography”

Knowing all too well about the re-

says Dance Team Member, Sidney Adebo.

wards and hardships in the life of dancer,

Parchem is excited about a choreographed

I was in total agreement with the students

piece the Company is working on about the

as we discussed some challenges of dance.

eskimo folk tale that humans and animals

Deshawn Garner, Dance Company Member,

can interchange with each other. “When we

mentions “getting to know your body” as

do the piece, I can’t help but try to embody

a challenging factor in dance. “Once you

the animal. If I were a cat, what would it

understand your body and how it moves,

feel like to have claws and a tail, or move

you can start to work on things such as

around like a cat,” she said. Garner tells his

your feet and your posture,” Garner said.

story depending on his music, his choreog-

For Dance Team Member, Madison Hursh,

rapher and the way the dance needs to ef-

being able to portray the meaning of the

fect the audience. “Just like every song has

The students of both the Dance Team and Dance Company all agree that dance is powerful and they take it with them wherever they go.

a story, it’s your job as a dancer to interpret that story,” added Hursh.

I feel as though the movement of dance is a story from within that you are attempting to tell your audience with your body. For me, dance was not only a form of art, but also state of mind and a feeling of well-being. It was an escape from the world as well as an expression of individualism, which was also part of the story I was telling. With choreography, I often thought of elements of ‘short story’ telling: character, setting, plot, conflict, and theme. As a dancer, it was my duty to acquaint my audience to the elements of the choreography. DeShawn Garner (left) and Ann Gaeckle (right) practicing.

After discovering all the wonderful

involvement the theatre and dance depart-

mentions that the health care is extremely

ment has in the student community as well

stressful and she enjoys being able to go to

as the theatre district, I found that that’s

dance practice for relief. Ray mentions that

not all the dance program has to offer. Free

she was a former figure skater and keep-

dance master classes offer continuous ex-

ing dance as a hobby is something that has

posure to dance professionals. These dance

been a ‘safe space’ for her. Garner wants

master courses are offered through part-

to travel after college, learning new dance

nerships with Playhouse Square, Ground-

technique and style wherever he goes. He

Works Dance Theater, and DanceCleveland.

also wants to teach. “When you learn all

Also, for the summer months, the dance

this knowledge there is no reason for you to

program offers a three-week high quality

not share that with the world,” says Garner.

dance workshop. The workshop has flexible

Ann Gaeckle, Dance Company Member, is

registration and offer a college credit to

interested in dance therapy. A double major

both CSU and non-CSU students. Last year’s

in speech and hearing and dance, Ann

featured guest artists included Douglass

would like to use the therapeutic aspect of

Gillespie, Monica Barnes, Shannon Bram-

speech and hearing as it pertains to dance

ham, and the Malpaso Dance Company.

therapy and use it to help people.


The students of both the Dance Team

I informed the seniors to always in-

and Dance Company all agree that dance

clude dance in their lives, no matter what. I

is powerful and they take it with them

shared with them my constant thoughts of

wherever they go. Many of the program’s

dance, and that if I didn’t incorporate dance

seniors are making plans to include dance

in my life soon, I would probably go crazy.

after college. Senior Dance Team members

If it moves you and motivates you, keep it

Rechelle Ray and Kayleigh Hurst both in-

with you. Feed it, water it, nurture it. Watch

tend on continuing with dance in any form

your passion grow. If you don’t, there will

that keeps dance alive within themselves.

always be a part of you that is missing.

These forms include continuing the dance

Believe me, I know. Interviewing Cleveland

master courses, attending dance shows,

State Dance students and advisors was

and possibly auditioning for professional

meaningful, informative, and sensational.

sports teams. (Jokingly, I mentioned that

I enjoyed being amongst young dancers, so

we should just start the Browns Cheer-

full of potential. While I’m not altogether

leading squad! Maybe that could help!)

sure what’s next for me with dance, I do

Ray and Hurst have been dancing together

know that dance is still life.

UPCOMING EVENTS Antonio Brown Residency in Contemporary Dance December 5–9, 2017

Tammy Starr Residency on Korean Mask Dance January 6-12, 2018

Contemporary Dance Master Class with Grupo Corpo Friday, January 19, 2018 in collaboration with DANCECleveland

Theatre Production: Emotional Creature February 22-March 4, 2018

CSU Spring Dance Concert March 23-24, 2018

Theatre Production: Marat Sade April 5-15, 2018

CSU Summer Dance Workshop June 4-22, 2018

ADF in CLE July 24-28, 2018

since grade school. Hurst, a nursing major,



N O I T A T N E as been munity h m o c + dia, LGBTQ y the me b l a y How the a tr por in their twisted better. e can do w w o h Moe, and // Olivia s w ie v r pas, Inte rbela Ca A , Stories & ia c r a Ortiz-G Nahomy osen Alexis R : Arbela

y Edited B



hen it comes to the

Devon Chodzin, a student at Kenyon College


studying Economics & Women’s and Gender

power of the mainstream


media, the inaccurate representation of LGBTQ+

people can help influence an overall positive or negative perspective of certain marginalized groups. Whether it’s the news sloppily covering violence against gay and transgender folks, or the Hollywood industry diluting the experiences of people’s lives, there is still much left to do when it comes to representation on the screen and off the screen. Media corporations, filmmakers, and TV show writers all carry a big responsibility when representing the LGBTQ+ community. On October 6 2017, a Netflix film was released about Marsha P. Johnson, a black transgender woman who was a key organizer in the activism surrounding the Stonewall Riots in 1969. “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson” seemed like a positive step towards looking into the lives of the early revolutionary activists during the gay rights movement. However, the backlash it has received is very telling. The documentary, which was made by David France, brought up questions of the lens through which the film was made -- the lens of a gay, cisgender, white male. The criticism mainly came from Reina Gossett, a black transgender filmmaker who is in the process of making her own experimental film, “Happy Birthday Marsha” and has accused France of stealing her ideas for the Netflix doc. In an op-ed piece published in Teen Vogue, Gossett talks about the unethical ways he took her ideas to create the documentary. In the piece, Gossett writes about her vision for the film. “Too often, people with resources who already have a platform become the ones to tell the stories of those at the margins.” She talked about why it was so important to have a film that talks about the aspects of Johnson’s life, and how her experiences still reflect the struggles of LGBTQ+ people today. “So there’s a use of the labor of a young, struggling transgender, black film-


maker to prop up this multi million dollar thing that’s probably already going to be a misrepresentation of a life that was very much on the margins, very much struggling and not only on the issues of race, gender, sexuality but also on mental health,” said

STRAIGHT CHARACTERS & AIDS The Cure (1995) A coming of age story, when Erik (Brad Renfro) finds a friend in Dexter (Joseph Mazzelo), the two boys hit it off. When Erik finds out that Dexter has AIDS, the two set off on a journey to find a cure and save his life. Yesterday (2004) After learning that she’s HIV positive, a young South African mother must face the denial of her husband, possible repercussions of her village and culture, and her own mortality as she makes it her goal to live long enough to see her daughter’s first day of school. This is the only film ever to be nominated both for an Academy Award and an Emmy.

LGBTQ+ CHARACTERS & AIDS Tongues Untied (1989) This movie combines documentary-style footage, personal and fictitious accounts of the black gay identity, and the struggle of self-expression with the prejudices of the white and black heterosexual society, and the white gay society as well. One of the better received works of director Marlon Riggs, whose work focused on the black and homosexual experience in America, it was released several years before he succumbed to the AIDS virus. Philadelphia (1993) When a man with HIV (Tom Hanks) is fired by his law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer (Denzel Washington) as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit. Many LGBTQ+ rights activists as well as historians of film and LGBTQ+ studies have credited Philadelphia as being the first major motion picture to take on the AIDS epidemic and bringing awareness.


Creating Meaningful Narratives This brings into light how Hollywood and media corporations go about recreating an individual’s life on screen. “The work that individuals do to advance LGBTQ causes deserves a lot of praise. But when we latch onto these individuals, turn them into hero figures, one thing I think it does is create a profit motive,” Chodzin said. This is something that is not new to the media and entertainment history--there is a tendency to choose specific events and people that meant a lot in the creation of the movement, but if not done right this can create narratives that misrepresent the people and create a narrowed view of the event being discussed. “These life narratives become profitable,” Chodzin adds. “When a life narrative becomes profitable, it can be subject to manipulation in ways that I don’t think are entirely ethical. ” It’s even worse when the identities presented on the screen aren’t represented in the writer’s and director’s chairs. How it Ties in with Representation Today History continues to be in the making. From transgender bathroom bills to President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban, there are more struggles and reactionary movements that are happening in today’s day and age regarding the lives of LGBTQ people. These stories will be reported first through the news media and later re-created by the entertainment industry. They will continue to be written and unfortunately, re-written by creators who might not have

Rent (2005) Rent tells the story of a group of Bohemians in the East Village of New York City struggling with life, love, and AIDS in 1980s America. Several of the characters are named after writer Jonathan Larson's friends who died of AIDS. The film received the Satellite Award for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role, Comedy or Musical for Rosario Dawson.

the best idea in mind.

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Winner of 3 Academy Awards, starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, this film tells the story of electrician and hustler Ron Woodroof. In the late 1980s he worked around the health system to help AIDS patients get the medication they needed after he is diagnosed with the disease himself. The film is based on a true story.

nessed and gotten on board with a growing

“I think for a of people who are 15 years older than us, they might have had the same experience watching gay identities, lesbian identities, bisexual identities especially move to a certain representative status, and we kind of caught the tail end of it,” Chodzin said. “But we’ve kind of witmovement for transgender lives and I think because young people were one of the first people to grasp onto that.” Along with this, we have been seeing more representation, however, we need to stop always looking through the same lens, a fractured one.


DR. SUSAN REHM Vice Chair of the Department of Infectious Disease, Cleveland Clinic Interviewed by Evan Prunty If HIV/AIDS wasn't framed as this "gay disease" as it was at the time, would it have been

treated differently? Would there had been that same kind of stigma, fear, and people

being torn apart and ostracized because of the disease?

R/ If you read some of the literature that was generated in the 80's and 90's, like "and the

band played on" and that type of thing, there was a real sense that, for example, the public

health authorities and others, there was a question about whether they would have reacted

differently, faster, or better. Whether things had

been different, had this been an epidemic in the perceived general population now. Now, the

players back then are still some of the players

now – look at Tony Fauci at the NIH, he has been involved literally from day one and has been an

advocate all the way around. When you see anything now about HIV vaccine, you'll see Fauci's

name on it as well. That whole concept of health advocacy was something that gained strength during the HIV epidemic.

What are some of the things that on a daily

basis that people with HIV have to look out for? What do they deal with on a daily basis?

R/ I think the biggest thing for persons who

are HIV-infected is that they have a sometimes Would you still call HIV/AIDS an epidemic like

extent it can happen to anyone – not that it's

we're at the point where it's the awareness that

but this is something that is just part of our life

it was being called in the past? Do you think has helped?

R/ I think the level of awareness has waxed

and waned over time. It does seem to cyclic for some reason. Way back when HIV/AIDS was

spread by casual contact or anything like that, reality right now.

How did the stigma surrounding AIDS affect the information spreading about it?

first being described, a lot of people called it a

R/ The stigma is something that I think a lot

where most of the publicity was. But, because

we were first learning about all this stuff, there

essentially, people who were injection drug

worse, having this horrible disease at that time

with infected blood or blood products in addi-

lies who were torn apart by all of this and so on.

each other – all of these folks were at risk for HIV

is this enlightened conversation that people can

there's a tendency to try to marginalize it and

as it was thirty or forty years ago. It's something

groups and I'm fine" and so on down the line.

more objectively about – less judgmentally

"gay disease" so to speak and that was probably

about. And when again back in the 80's when

this infection can be spread by any body fluid

were so many tough conversations. What was

users or people who had received transfusions

untreatable or how you got it? There were fami-

tion to people who had intimate contact with

I think one of the things I'm thrilled to see now

infection. And, I think with any difficult disease,

have about it. In my mind, it's not as stigmatizing

say, "well, you know this only happens in certain

people can first of all treat and secondly talk

What we saw in the decade or so after HIV/AIDS


was first described was the fact that to some 29 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

somewhat complicated medication regimen that they need to keep up with. I’ve had patients say

to me, “every time I take a pill, I think about this.” On the other hand, it is that close adherence to

taking the medication that is the most important

thing. Even a few missed doses could be a problem in terms of resistance showing up or other

things. The main thing I think is the medication regimen. Going to the doctor’s periodically or

your health care providers are other things. The rest of it is pretty much what we should all be

doing to try to keep ourselves from getting new infections. If someone’s immune system isn’t

quite right and they are exposed to something new, they might get a worse case than anyone

else. But, I’m not talking about things like colds. I am talking about things like getting a flu vaccine once every year, having a relatively healthy life-

style, not doing things that would introduce you to new infections.

* Watch the full interview video on

AIDS AWARENESS & REPRESENTATION // Olivia Moe Like most routines, whenever I am walking home from class I look at my surroundings but do not actually see them. I know I pass Mather Mansion, cross a bridge, and the last thing I do before entering my apartment building is notice the neon lights from the sign of the dentist office and barber shop across the street that never seem to close. However, there was a day a couple weeks ago where while on my usual walk I heard the loud crank of a metal gate shutting and for the first time really noticed the building it was garding: The AHF Pharmacy. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) mission is to provide advanced medical care designed specifically for HIV-positive clients and are often part of the research teams testing new medications to fight HIV. With locations around the world they serve over 800,000 patients. Cleveland’s pharmacy is one of two in the state of Ohio, the other being in Columbus. Ninety-six cents of every dollar directly funds AHF’s HIV/ AIDS programs and services domestically and abroad. Now, until I searched their website I had little to no idea what the large brick building was or who was working inside. In a dark comedic way it could be compared to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. You never see someone go in, and you never see someone come out. It got me thinking of how many like myself passed the building each day and was not aware of what it exactly was. It also made me ask myself what did I actually know about HIV and AIDS other than what basic curriculum I received in high school. I also wondered how truly aware most people were about the topic other than the images we see on the TV and in film. For a refresher I found the website for the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can hide for long periods of time in the cells of your body and attacks your T-cells or CD4 cells (these cells to fight infections and disease). If HIV invades them, transferred in specific human body fluids including blood, semen, and even breast milk, it will use them to reproduce, and then will destroy those cells. Over time, HIV can destroy so many of your T-cells that your body can’t

fight infection and disease. If this happens,

to watch that’s theme was about HIV and

the infection can lead to final stage of HIV,

AIDS. Based on their other “suggested

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

films” I ended up making a long list of films


ready for a viewing. After watching the Medical Factors

trailers for most of them I found that the

The recent stir on the topic of AIDS research

depiction on screen does not always match

and funding in recent news offers little

the depiction in the facts of real life. Most

hope to those who are either learning about

of the films result in the eventual death of

their own disease or for someone they love

the patient. Some are peaceful, others are

and is affected by the disease. Due to the

terrifying. Yes, we all die, but not every pa-

recent changes in healthcare and recent

tient dies an uncomfortable death like those

cuts to funding for HIV and AIDS research

in the trailer.

and prevention in order to cut back the opi-

Film is one of the strongest influential

oid pandemic, there is concern that patients

artistic, commercial, and ideological me-

will face higher premiums since HIV is now

diums within the last century. Despite the

considered a preexisting condition. There

touch of creative license in each film, in-

is also concern for those who receive a low

cluding documentaries, many can construct

income that their insurance and access to

their view on reality based on what they see

treatments and screenings will be cut or

on the silver screen. Film is influenced by

even eliminated. Also recently, a Georgia

society, and in turn society is influenced by

state representative, Dr. Betty Price the wife

film. This, to a degree, holds filmmakers

of former federal Health and Human Ser-

to a certain level of responsibility of what

vices secretary Mike Price, was in hot water

they are teaching their audiences about the

for outraging allies of those affected by

world around them and the human race.

AIDS and HIV with her comments on quar-

There is a short but impactful span of

antining those with the disease to prevent

cinema history that focuses on HIV/AIDS

the spread of the disease. After an apology

where it is not merely hinted at but vividly

was demanded by local and national sup-

aware to the audience. Various narrative and

port groups, Dr. Price delivered her apology

documentary films have addressed the topic

for the wording she used.

in a variety of ways, including the brutal-

While continuing my adventure

ly honest to the tender historical fiction.

through the internet to get the bad taste

Although most characters affected by HIV/

out of my mouth after reading these various

AIDS were LGBTQ+ there have been films

articles, I came across a list of yearly events

where the main focus was a heterosexual or

that support those who have (or have died

cases where both the LGBTQ+ community

from) HIV/AIDS. It was an oasis in the mid-

and members of the heterosexual commu-

dle of the desert.

nity are both involved with the illness. Regardless of how one supports AIDS

Representation Through Film

Awareness Month, either by wearing the red

December 1st is recognized as World AIDS

ribbon, researching, or even volunteering

Day is held each year and is an opportunity

at events or clinics, it is wise to, because

for people worldwide to unite in the fight

there is no single face of AIDS. What affects

against HIV, show their support for people

the person next to you might affect you or

living with HIV and to commemorate people

someone you love someday, whether it is

who have died. Most wear a red ribbon, the

AIDS, cancer, or other life changing illness-

international symbol of HIV awareness and

es. This is not a threat or a curse on you and

support. World AIDS Day was the first ever

your family, but it is something to reflect

global health day and the first one was held

on, with the TV turned off.

in 1988. It also kicks of the first day of AIDS

* Read the full story at

Awareness Month. Although one could wear a red ribbon proudly in support of those who have been diagnosed or have died from the disease, there had to be more that I could do and that others could do. After a quick search

If you or someone you know is looking for more information about prevention, testing, treatment, or other forms of support regarding HIV/AIDS visit or call (216) 3573327 for a complete list of resources.

of other ways to support those affected by AIDS I came across a small list of films


// Nahomy Ortiz-Garcia On March 3rd, 2016, Lexa, a beloved lesbian character played by actress Alycia Debnam-Carey from sci-fi TV show The 100, died. Lexa had imprinted herself on so many people from the LGBTQ+ community, after her death LGBTQ+ fans from all around the world expressed their frustration through social media. But it was more than that; Lexa’s death contributed to the “Bury Your Gays” and “Dead Lesbian” media tropes. LGBTQ+ fans were baited with the introduction of Lexa and just when they began to love her, the writers from the show took her away from them. Bury Your Gays You might be thinking what is the big deal, as characters on TV “die all the time.” According to a non-profit organization called LGBT Fans Deserve Better, whose mission is to educate people on harmful negative LGBTQ+ representation in the media, they state that in US television (or TV produced for american audiences) there are over 1.8 million straight characters and only 553

Veronica Lodge, at a cheerleading tryout

couple on a TV show gets in an argument

on several promotions and trailers for the

the conflict would last for at least 2-3

show to draw the attention of the LGBTQ+

episodes or sometimes one full episode,

community. However, after getting the

but with queer narratives it often happens

LGBTQ+ community’s attention, the writers

that the couple would have a fight scene in

at a panel in a fan convention said that

one scene and later in the next scene of the

there would not be a romantic relationship

same episode it is resolved. In all/most TV

between Betty and Veronica. The CW has

shows straight couple narratives get a lot

suffered from queerbaiting issues before

more screen time than our queer couples,

with TV show Supergirl and The 100 as

recently it was a bit controversial when on

well. The show Supergirl does have a queer

the TV show Supergirl one of the actresses

relationship narrative, but besides that nar-

in the lesbian relationship, Floriana Lima

rative fans of the show have also started to

who plays Maggie Sawyer (girlfriend of Alex

note that interactions between main char-

Danvers) on the show, was demoted from

acter Kara Danvers (Supergirl) and Lena

a series regular to a guest star on the show

Luthor have homoerotic themes. Although

which let fans know that the relationship

the writers have specifically said that Kara

will suffer and there would be a lot less of it.

is straight, fans of the show can’t help but see a potential relationship between the

LGBTQ+ fans demand better from media creators.

Lesbian/Bisexual characters on TV. 21.2% of lesbian and 32.1% of bisexual characters on American scripted TV shows between 19762016 have ended up dead. With the list of dead lesbian/bisexual characters now at 162 (and counting). Many TV writers and producers choose to “kill off” their gay characters for shock value, others are killed off to benefit their male counterparts so there’s a possible heterosexual relationship, or to “not deal” with the lesbian storyline anymore. Many networks such as the CW and Freeform are known for killing off many gay characters from TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Pretty Little Liars, and more. Queerbaiting Going back to the network the CW from having issues with the “bury your gays” trope, it also carries a lot of issues with queerbaiting. Queerbaiting basically refers to creators of shows drawing in queer audiences for better ratings without really having any intention of showing an LGBTQ+ relationship on screen. The new CW show Riverdale used a kiss scene between two female characters, Betty Cooper and 31 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

LGBTQ+ fans demand better from media creators. We deserve better. LGBTQ+ fans everywhere crave to someday have


two. Although the writers have stated that the relationship won’t happen they have noticed the popularity between the two. Therefore, they have written in more scenes between the two with romantic themes which would make it queerbaiting due to the fact that the writers are only doing it because of the popularity of the couple. The cast of Supergirl even mocked the fact that queer fans want the relationship between the two to happen at a San Diego Comic Con interview. The LGBTQ+ community is not to blame for craving the much needed representation since the writers are the ones creating the scenes insinuating the relationship will move forward only to get better ratings. On Screen Time Even when TV shows include queer narratives in their stories it doesn’t always mean that it’s a good portrayal or the full picture of a relationship. A lot of the time the problem with queer narratives is that the plot for that relationship always feels like an afterthought. Normally when a

the same equality, relationships, hopes and dreams of representation as any other straight character on TV.

GOOD REPRESENTATION Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp, in Wynonna Earp A sci-fi TV show about sisters Wynonna and Waverly Earp trying to break a curse on their town, their task? Kill all the demons terrorizing Purgatory. The show depicts a realistic “coming out” story. It also depicts the reals struggle of a woman in her first romantic relationship with a woman and the everyday struggles in any day-to-day relationship. Carmilla Karnstein and Laura Hollis, from the web-series Carmilla Moving outside of contemporary storylines Carmilla centers around the story of a sophomore in college falling in love with a lesbian vampire (Carmilla) and trying to save the world in the process. Lena and Stef, in The Fosters The show centers around a lesbian couple that adopts two children, provides a foster home for a troubled girl and Stef’s biological son. The show does an incredible job at depicting a realistic married queer couple, the struggles of raising children and living with current social issues. Yorkie and Kelly, in Black Mirror (Season 3, Episode: San Junipero) This episode from the Netflix sci-fi anthology series, Black Mirror, depicts a biracial couple who fall in love when Yorkie visits a beach resort town named San Junipero where she meets extrovert Kelly.

There’s not too many people of color represented in the LGBTQ community, esecially in the news media...

Namaris Carrion Psychology + Kai Flowers Black Studies How have you seen the representation of the

N/ I think most of the people that have been

better or force?

the LBGTQ community are white people.

LGBTQ+ community change in the media for N/ I don’t think it’s changed that much. It’s still jut the typical gay man. K/ Gay white man… N/ There’s not too many people of color represented in the LGBTQ community, especially in the news media…

K/ Especially with trans people, but usually with trans people, the only time they’re represented in the media is when we’re getting blamed for people wanting gender neutral bathrooms.

Especially when it comes to talking about sexual assault and being concerned about the safety of women, they don’t care about the safety of women until trans people are needing to go

take a piss. Or like when they’re talking about Caitlyn Jenner, even though she’s one of the

worst advocates for trans rights. People don’t really talk about Stonewall, and it was started

by a black, transgender woman. Yeah it was two

women of color that basically started the LGBTQ movement and literally the Stonewall movie was whitewashed on Netflix. It was a movie, I think it got taken off of Netflix. I think it came out 2015.

getting accepted by the media that are part of K/ And plus, another issue is that, when trans people are also represented in the media it’s

herself as labels, but she’s had relationships with women and men.

What kind of misrepresentation do you see in news, the mainstream news?

either a cis, straight person playing as a trans

N/ That transgender people are molesters and

be represented in the media, give us the roles.

transgender person a pedophile, there’s no con-

because they lived our lives temporarily on the

use the bathroom. I know I saw some guy, I don’t

being advocates for our lives.

with the “All Neutral Bathroom” signs that they

Who are some public figures that you do

was like, taking a picture to mock it.

woman--it’s really frustrating. If you want us to

rapists. And violent. You can’t just call every

Don’t just give it to a straight, white person. Just

nection between that. Just because they want to

screen, and people should know when to start

know who he was but he was taking a picture

admire in the media that help represent LGBTQ community? Who you think are a good example?

N/ I haven’t really seen any…

now have at CSU – they just put that up. And he K/ It’s like, is me existing or wanting to release bodily fluids bother you that much? I mean

if you’re that mad about it, just piss outside I guess.

K/ I love Syd, she’s from the internet. She’s

N/ I feel like they don’t really talk about the

about girls and I like that. I would also say Tyler

time that we’re on TV –

queer, she sings and is part of a band. She sings The Creator because he recently came out as gay.

N/ That was great. K/ And yeah, Frank Ocean. N/ Demi Lovato too. She said she doesn’t define

LGBTQ community that much. I feel like the only K/ Is when we’re dead. N/ Or when we’re over sexualized as well… K/ Like the Orlando shooting that happened last year as well.

N/ It got some coverage but it wasn’t broad-

cast as much as other shootings that happen, where a white person had a mental illness or

something. That place was targeted, too. I mean

people were coming from all over to go down to Florida to do that.

Kevin Moran

me, because I’m older and I can kind of process

Do you feel like representation of LGBTQ+ has

freshman who is sort of at that age where you’re

significant changes throughout your life?

understand all of it. To see that message, right

changed over the years? Have you noticed any

pinned down to it just being a mental health

K/ I do feel like it has changed positively but

issue instead of it being a gun issue. It’s the people who obtain these guns that are the issue.

not enough as I would like to see it. And it’s

admittedly something I didn’t notice when I was

N/ I feel like when it comes to violence against

younger, so maybe that’s my perception that has

up a rainbow flag will solve all of our problems,

sented as. Like, cis gender, just slightly feminine,

CSU put up these posters and stuff but they

when I was younger that it was misrepresented

fliers weren’t innocent. They were literally por-

I thought that was normal and then I realized

against black people too. There was also a post-

nity that are not represented at all. I do think I’m

LGBTQ people too, people think that putting

changed. Because I am exactly what is misrepre-

rather than punishing the actual people like,

white male. So, yeah I don’t think I ever noticed

won’t go after the people who actually... those

because I just saw me, everyone looked like me.

traying someone being hanged. It was an image

obviously, other types of people in the commu-

er on top of it promoting white supremacy.

seeing just a handful of shows that are showing.

In regards to the flier incident that happened

I thought, that is the first black lesbian I’ve ever

on campus, what effect do you think that kind of messaging has had on the community?

Like, Master of None. When I saw the character seen on a TV show in my entire life. Or in like

news, or in advertising, anything. I’ve just never

N/ It’s showing people who might be closet

seen that before. Very few transgender charac-

come out and hate. Because apparently it’s pro-

I can think of from the top of my head? So I’m

said that. And that all was handled so…

because of my perception of the fact that there

homophobes, who might keep it under wraps to

ters, I think there’s like two or something that

tected by the first amendment and the president

definitely seeing more changes, but again it’s

K/ I went to the panel discussion. It was a shit

storm. I asked a question, he did not answer it at

all. I said, how do you plan that students of color

and queer students are safe on campus? And he just said go to a meeting. But what is that going to do? A lot of trans people aren’t expected to live past their 30s. Just saying you’re going to

have meetings, that’s not going to do anything.

I don’t want to think about the next thing. I want action to be taken, I want people to say that

they’re allies for the LGBTQ+ community, to

step up and call this out. Instead of being silent and being complacent and just saying it’s free speech. Because there’s limits to free speech. N/ The LGBTQ+ center opened up and it

was nice. But after the fliers came out and the

president did nothing about it, I’m afraid to go in there now.

is not equal representation of each people.

What type of media do you think actually does a good job of representing LGBTQ people?

K/ I actually would say that advertising does,

because it’s cheaper, mainly. If you create a TV

show with a character that is some kind of identity that a lot of people don’t identify with, you’ve

wasted half a million dollars. By the time you get through the pilot, the filming, the casting, everything. Whereas advertising, if you have one bad campaign, you wasted maybe 50k. So, they’re a

little bit quicker to do it. I won’t pretend that they do it genuinely because they want to represent

people but they want to appeal to other people that haven’t previously been appealed to. And

also, working in Marketing, I know that appeal-

ing to people that do not have a product that is speaking to them yet, is the easiest way to sell a product. I do feel like TV is getting a little bit

better about it but again, it’s such an expensive

decision for them to make that they just choose not to.

In regards to the flier incident that happened at CSU what effect do you think that kind of

message being sent out has on the community and what can we do to prevent it? 33 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

it doesn’t offend me at all, or didn’t really hurt


K/ And it’s so funny how when there’s a mass shooting, the motives of white killers are still

K/ When I first saw those, like for me personally

it a little better. But I’m picturing the 18-year-old just starting to come to terms with all of it and when you’re trying to understand exactly who you are, you haven’t told anyone, you aren’t

comfortable telling your parents, even or your

close friends – that’s more what I thought about. Not so much someone in my exact position. I’m old enough that it just doesn’t bother me. I will say though, that there’s been huge outpour-

ing of support because of that, I think people sometimes don’t think about it because gay

rights has been a thing for a while, they think it’s not as big of an issue. And I think it’s the same

thing with being white, I often don’t see racism

that exists because it’s not happening to me. So

you have to pay close attention to it. So I feel like a lot of people didn’t think this kind of stuff until we saw it. But actually, at the Rec we even had a campaign that was like, “Everyone is welcome”.

Super simple, not that intense but it’s surprising how many people were totally in support of

it. It’s been nice because sure there might be a certain percentage of the campus who felt

the need to say that, but the huge majority of people were outwardly against that.

What do you think of the media coverage on all of this?

K/ At least from the articles I saw – because I didn’t pay as much attention to the article

because I obviously knew what was happening. And actually, Channel 5 and Channel 3 picked

up my Facebook post and used the same exact words and pictures I used. But I feel like they

didn’t talk about the fact that [the flier] didn’t

come internally from Cleveland State. It was a

nationwide thing, because I’ve heard of at least

three other colleges, including CSU where they had this issue. They almost positioned it as,

Cleveland State being an anti-gay school and

that wasn’t the impression that I got from it actually happening. And especially with people not

knowing as much about Cleveland State, being a relatively small school on the national scale,

it was a little... they didn’t cover anything about the positivity that came out of it. They didn’t cover any of that. I saw them interviewing a

couple students and they were asking them as if they are no longer safe on campus, but this was probably not by someone who goes it CSU.

When I saw the character I thought, that is the first black lesbian I’ve ever seen on a TV show in my life.


In a poll conducted on social media by The Vindicator, 70% of female participants feel they are dismissed when discussing sports, 14% feel that women’s sports aren’t taken seriously, and only the remaining 14% feel validated. This shows that women still feel undervalued and discriminated against in the world of sports, on and off the field. // Chau Tang


ports are not just a male-dom-

sports more,” or another comment saying,

reporter Melissa Ludtke sued the New York

inated field. Female players

“While men watch sports, women should

Yankees in 1978 for banning her from en-

contribute not just as players

grab beers and chicken for them to eat

tering the locker rooms to interview players

or fans but as sport journalists

while enjoying sports.” It’s disappointing

during the 1977 World Series. A federal

as well. Society might think

to see men speak that way about women

judge decided that banning female report-

there are some women who enjoy sports to

as if women don’t have a clue about sports

ers was in violation of the Equal Protection

impress a guy, but there are women who

terminology or understanding the game.

Clause of the fourteenth amendment, so the

are into sports because they are interested

It’s 2017, so you would think women would

judge ruled in her favor and Ludtke won the

or because their parents are. I’m not saying

be taken seriously when it comes to sports.

case. Although laws can be changed, peo-

women know everything about sports,

I’m a female who enjoys not only watching

ple’s behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs won’t

because there are some who know a little

sports but playing them as well. I may not

change easily.

bit about sports,but there are women who

know everything about sports, but there’s

do know sports as much as guys. It’s hard

nothing wrong with still learning about it

by their appearance and generally aren’t

for females to be taken seriously in sports,

and talking to others about it.

taken as seriously. Many people might

it’s often assumed they are just trying to impress a man with sports knowledge.

According to Working in Sports Jour-

Women journalists are usually judged

think women are supposed to be hot when

nalism as a Woman, an article written by

working in the sportscasting field, and

Online, I’ve seen posts of men say-

Brian Clapp in the 1970’s, players were not

some might think “hot” female sports

ing, “Why is this female sports reporter

to be interviewed by female sports report-

reporters are employed just because of

on air? Let a man do it since he knows

ers before or after games. Sports Illustrated

their looks. It’s not fair that this is what


society assumes when seeing females on

North Carolina Panthers Quarterback

media coverage.

sports channels such as ESPN. Women have

Cam Newton said it was funny to hear a

always been perceived as gentle, naïve, “eye

female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, ask

ESPN Ponders the Future of Female Sports

candy,” meaning something beautiful to

questions about routes. To many people,

Journalist, ESPN takes the lead when it

look at without having a mind of her own.

it was taken as funny to hear a woman

comes to diversity in sports journalism and

In addition to that, sports fans, athletes

talk about routes, but when men do, it’s

“they have eleven female sports editors to

and colleagues have harassed women in the

assumed they have more knowledge about

begin with and six of them are employed


the topic. She is a reporter, so it is her job to

at ESPN.” Compared to men, there ar-

be well-researched before asking questions.

en’t many females employed in the sports

presenter and wife of Spain’s goalkeeper

Newton has also called a female sports-

journalism field. Even if there were, females

(Iker Casillas) Sara Carbonera, when she

writer, “sweetheart,” in 2012 – and while

usually hold positions such as sideline

was reporting on the World Cup in South

it may sound like a compliment, it’s not

reporters despite having the same creden-

Africa in 2010. Spain played Switzerland in

professional when a woman is trying to do

tials as men. They are initially chosen for a

Durban but lost 0-1. When the game ended,

her job. Additionally, when searching “fe-

‘higher-up’ position or a promotion in the

the Spanish Press and social media blamed

male sports reporter,” I found websites that

near future. Women in this field shouldn’t

Sara Carbonera. Fans blamed Carbonera

talked more about their appearances, than

have to deal with sexist or misogynist

because they thought she was a distraction

their performances in the field. YouTube

comments about their appearance, because

to the goalie and the same fans ‘made many

has the same problem, because most videos

there are more things to appreciate about a

unrealistic remarks on her lack of profes-

pertaining to female sports reporters are

women like her knowledge. Women should

sionalism and how she couldn’t be a proper

being judged by their appearance with titles

have an equal chance if they have the same

journalist because of her beauty.” Accord-

such as, “The 15 HOTTEST female sports

credentials as a man. It is outrageous that

ing to a 2014 Pew Research study, women

reporters.” I don’t think female sports jour-

women are not given the same chance

are more likely to be exposed to sexual

nalists would be hired if they weren’t good

to have a promotion, or are not taken as

harassment online. Twenty five percent

at their job.

seriously in the field. It’s not funny when

This harassment happened to a female

are women and thirteen percent are men.

Although women in sports have not

In an article written by Alyssa Daley,

women are talking about sports, they aren’t

Dana O’Neil, senior writer of The Athletic,

been taken seriously, women are still being

trying to show off their knowledge. It’s

content for college basketball fans, has said

represented in sports. Forty percent of any

simply their job, so let them do it.

men do not have to worry about sexually

sports participants are females, but only

derogatory insults like women do.

four percent of women’s sports are getting

Left: Melissa Ludtke Right: Lili De Alvarez


It’s hard for females to be taken seriously in sports, it’s often assumed they are just trying to impress a man with sports knowledge. DECEMBER 2017 | VINDICATOR 36


MAYIM BIALIK An opinion piece exposes a tendency to blame survivors of sexual abuse in Hollywood. // Samantha Saker


t seems as though the last few weeks of

that then lets them off the hook for a wide

about people who work out or get surgery.

October and November have seen more

range of creepy, entitled and downright

Diets, plastic surgery and personal train-

sexual abuse allegations come out of

sexist behavior.”

ers do not invalidate the feminists who

Hollywood than any other time in history.

use them. Feminism wants women to feel

Many industry insiders and outspoken

“As a proud feminist with little

feminists like myself have wanted to make

desire to diet, get plastic surgery or

their own opinions known. On Friday, October 13th a piece written by actress and

hire a personal trainer,”

empowered and aware of what options they have, some of these options being heart healthy diets, safe plastic surgeries and reasonable personal trainers.

scientist Mayim Bialik appeared in the New vehement reaction from the feminist community and survivors of abuse and assault to the way Bialik beats around the victim blaming bush. One of the things she begins with is claiming, “I have always had an uncomfortable relationship with being employed in an industry that profits on the objectification of women.” The irony is that Bialik is employed on The Big Bang Theory, a misogynist show with no positive visibility or representation of women, queer people or people of color. Her piece does not once mention the privilege and entitlement that white males feed off of in order to gain power. Not once is this abuse of power in Hollywood questioned by Bialik. The piece reads as Bialik patting herself on the back for being “different” and “better” than victims of sexual abuse. Bialik must not be uncomfortable enough to take action against the creators of her show and the white patriarchy it not only upholds but honors. A YouTube channel called Pop Culture Detective recently released a video

Guess what Bialik? Some feminists have

personal trainers and plastic surgeons! Oh

We help dismantle rape culture when we support survivors and hold abusers accountable

called “The Adorkable Misogyny of the Big

my god can you believe it? Somebody hav-

Bang Theory” where they talk about the

ing pride in their appearance and wanting

many issues of the show. In part of the vid-

to look hot still doesn’t make them targets

eo they claim about the four main charac-

for assault. Please stop the shame, because

ters “It’s their status as “nerdy, nice guys”

honestly, shame on you for the implication


“I was always aware that I was out of step with the expected norm for girls and women in Hollywood,” Bialik says. “I didn’t need any of

York Times. There has since been a very

that to understand that I didn’t look or act like other girls in my industry.” Do you have an extra toe or something, Bialik? What is it exactly that makes you so unlike anybody else? Last time I checked we were all regular humans who eat, sleep, poop and shower. None of us are immune to any form of violence or hatred. We all just want to feel safe and protected. Am I correct in stating you, yourself are looking for employment in the same industry that these women are? What specifically were these other femmes doing that you were not? This fallacy that some women are “unrapeable” because of their actions or behaviors is offensive and dangerous. A predatory criminal has no reason or justification for their abusive crimes. Thinking that somebody being “too attractive” causes an act of violence to be brought upon them is toxic and terrifying. CBS This Morning hosted Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz in a discussion about power dynamics in a youtube video titled “Why sexual harassment is about power disparity - not sex.” This interview is interesting because it discusses self loathing, insecurity and narcissism as reasons why abusers cut others down and assert dominance. Saltz

describes the humiliation, guilt and shame tactics that abusers use to keep victims from using their voice. One individual coming forward with their truth and breaking the isolated silence empowers others. This is why we are now seeing women become bold enough to name their abusers, living proof of strength in numbers. Basically, the message you should come away from this video with is that desire for sex plays little to no role in sexual abuse. “I still make choices every day as a 41-yearold actress that I think of as self-protecting and wise. I have decided that my sexual self is best reserved for private situations with those I am most intimate with. I dress modestly. I don’t act flirtatiously with men as a policy, [...] Nothing — absolutely nothing — excuses men for assaulting or abusing women. But….” “There are people out there who- will How are you actually going to start this next sentence, Bialik? How? You don’t realize that the word “but” fully negates everything that was previously said. I know you’re a doctor, but that’s how language

find you stunning, irresistible and worthy of attention, respect and love. The best part is you don’t have to go to a hotel room or a casting couch to find them.”

works, welcome to English 101, Dr. Bialik. You also don’t get to put “but” after this sentence and act like you didn’t just make the biggest backpedal of all time. I support self preservation and self protection for defense purposes, but the critical issue here is the criminals who assault people, not the ways in which women and girls have to live in fear and protect themselves from things that should not even be happening to them in the first place. We excuse the behaviors of abusers when we imply that self protection is more important than confronting and ending actual abuse. Victim blaming causes abusers to think that their actions are acceptable because it isn’t their fault anymore, the person should have been protecting themselves, right? Or “asking for it” as the saying goes. Nobody in the world is ever asking to be abused. This is just a phrase created by abusers to excuse themselves and justify or rationalize their crimes. Rape culture is literally built on structural victim blaming. We help dismantle rape culture when we support survivors and hold abusers accountable for their misogynist violence instead of holding survivors accountable for constant self protection.

Actually, these women are looking for employment as actors in the entertainment industry, not love. When looking at Hollywood and the entertainment industry specifically, we have to address the baseless implications about actresses being a sexually promiscuous group who are always willing to use their bodies to advance up the career ladder. Actresses are not unemotional, unoffendable people, they’re autonomous people with hearts and brains that can feel pain and trauma. An actress being willing to do something like a sex scene does not equate to a free pass to treat her however you want. Rarely are assumptions made about men based on what they are willing to do or the the way they present themselves. These bold assertions about women come from powerful, predatory people like directors or producers who want to look for a way to degrade a vulnerable person who is just looking for artistic validation and employment. This power dynamic is reflected in everyday life outside of tinsel town and is strengthened by pay inequality, and men being in positions of power. Paying women less and keeping them in less powerful positions at work are

daily reminders that abuse occurs because men are given disproportionate wealth and power. It is through these systems that femmes are kept disenfranchised and marginalized. Recently, adding to the unlimited amount of women sharing their stories, Gabrielle Union and Patricia Arquette both tweeted about their traumatic experiences with assault and their stories are utterly gut wrenching. They both were simply existing as young girls when they were attacked. Union was working at her job a place that should be safe from violence and predation and Arquette was simply coming home from school. Try telling these women that they should have been protecting themselves more at the time of their attack and think about how little sense that makes. We must end this shame that women endure for the crimes of others and misogynist body policing. Femmes are held responsible for preventing sexual abuse from happening to them at all costs. Why do we expect all of this from survivors but don’t expect people not to abuse others. Rapists rape human beings, not clothes or looks. I am in severe disbelief that this still has to be said. There are still a massive amount of women out there with internalized misogyny. This is for them to personally deconstruct and analyze. I wish each and every one of them peace and love. Let’s continue to hold abusers accountable for their actions and work to end sexual violence.



FOR THE HOLIDAYS The holiday season is as good a time as any to embrace diverse family dynamics. // Grace Roberson


inter break is an especial-

first-year grad student at Cleveland State,

Mockler expressed the same sentiment.

ly exciting time for col-

originally from Athens, who has been living

“I think it’s very common to come from

lege students; finals are

downtown for the past five years, has more

blended families,” she said. “I mean it is

over and the mind gets a

than one celebration during the holiday


much-needed (albeit deserved) break from

season. His parents have been separated

academia. And, for students who live on

since he was in first grade, and his moth-

ter published an article called “The Amer-

campus or attend school that’s far from

er lives in South Carolina while his father

ican Family Today,” its main focus being

where they came from, they get to go home.

remains in Athens.

the growing diversity in American families.

“Home” has a different meaning de-

“This year, I’m going to my dad’s for

In December 2015, Pew Research Cen-

Pew Research Center found in their studies

pending on the person. There is more than

one day, and then I’m spending a week with

that at the height of the post World-War

one type of home, and more importantly,

my mom,” he said.

II baby boom in 1960, 73 percent of all

more than one type of family. While some

Howell is used to dividing time

do have the still-married parents and the

between his parents, and said he hasn’t

their first marriage. By 1980, however, this

comfort of an always lived-in house or

minded it since his parents separated when

number dropped to 61 percent and today,

apartment, some do not. Not all of us live

he was young. When asked if his family

only 46 percent of children live with this

with our parents or have a place that we can

has any traditions, he replied “things are

type of family. Additionally, Pew Research

always come back to, but those of us who do

different every year.”

found that according to most recent data,

are extremely fortunate. Elizabeth Mockler, a senior Marketing

Which begs the question, Is there soci-

children were living with two parents in

16 percent of children are living in what the

etal pressure to have a certain kind of family,

Census Bureau calls “blended families” —

major from Berea, Ohio, spends Thanksgiv-

considering the way families are marketed

a household with a stepparent, stepsibling

ing and Christmas with her immediate fam-

during Thanksgiving and Christmas? We’re

or half-sibling.

ily every year. Her parents are still married

so used to seeing commercials with clean,

and have been together for thirty years.

cookie-cutter families in sweater sets and

fluidity of American families, not just living

grandiose table displays.

arrangements. Change is inevitable as we

“For Thanksgiving, my mom and uncle switch off who has Thanksgiving at their

I asked Howell if he felt like there was

The research also found change in the

grow older, not only with holiday traditions

home. This year, Thanksgiving is being held

any societal pressure during this time of

at my uncle’s house. For Christmas Eve, it’s

year, and he said, “rewind ten years, and

the same thing, and this year, Christmas

yeah, definitely, but now it’s common to

vorce, along with the prevalence of re-

Eve is at my house,” Mockler said.

have multiple families and multiple cele-

marriage and (non-marital) recoupling in


the U.S., make for family structures that in

On the contrary, Keanu Howell, a 39 VINDICATOR | DECEMBER 2017

but also with the structure of our families. “Non-marital cohabitation and di-

my parents’ divorce was still fresh, holidays

our place of residence was interchangeable

child’s life. While in the past a child born to

were split between my parents — one year

every few years. This year, for the second

a married couple — as most children were

would be spent with my dad’s family, the

year in a row, I’ll be celebrating with my

— was very likely to grow up in a home

next with my mother, and so on. But as I

grandparents who I live with when I’m not

with those two parents, this is much less

got older, I saw my dad less frequently (he

on campus.

common today, as a child’s living arrange-

moved out of state) and holidays were spent

ment changes with each adjustment in the

with my mom’s side of the family.

have been like or would be like now if they were still together — especially during

It’s the time of year where we take stock of what we have, and remind ourselves what we’re thankful for.

relationship status of their parents.”

Because my parents have been separated for so long, I’ve rarely had moments where I’ve wondered what my life would


many cases continue to evolve throughout a

My parents separated when I was

the holiday season. Most of my childhood definitely revolved around my mother’s relationship status since she became my primary caregiver after the divorce. Since the divorce, there have been two remarriages and another divorce, which required a lot of adjustment. But, circumstances like these aren’t out of the norm, which is comforting. The American family has diverse representation. It’s the time of year where we take stock of what we have and remind ourselves what we’re thankful for. This year,

three, and their divorce was finalized when

take a look around and notice who’s sitting

hometown at the beginning of high school, I

I was seven. Most of my childhood was

around your table or around the tree. We

felt like the odd one out. I didn’t know what

spent moving around with my mom and

each have our own unique way of celebrat-

it was like to live in one place and have col-

younger brother, from house to house,

ing the holidays with the ones we love, and

lege be my first time moving away. I wasn’t

apartment to apartment. Up until my

no matter how big or small the gatherings

familiar with the stability of having a home

sophomore year of college, I spent every

may be, there is still beauty to be found in

that would always be there for me. When

Christmas morning with them even though


When my family moved back to my



EATING MEAT The evolution of the human diet, what caused humans to start eating meat, and why we don’t need meat to survive anymore. // Alana Whelan


bout 65 million years ago,

Thus, the beginning of the Paleolithic

dinosaurs had just gone extinct

period began and our ancestors became

and our first human ancestor

hunter-gatherers for the next few million

began to walk the earth. Our

years. However, their diets were much dif-

first ancestor also marked the

ferent than the fad “paleo” diet that many

beginning of the history of our diet. Though

people follow today. According to National

this creature– Purgatorious– probably

Geographic, hunter-gatherers frequently

looked more like a squirrel than a human,

had a very difficult time hunting for food,

its diet consisted of fruits and flowers. Then

and would often go a week eating less than

about 15 million years ago, the descendants

a handful of meat. This means that though

of Purgatorious began adding nuts and seeds

they did eat meat, a larger portion of their

more regularly. Soon, the Sahelanthro-

diet came from whole plant foods. In most

pus– the first species to resemble modern

cases, hunter-gatherers had diets that

humans– came into play as a primate,

reflected the area in which they lived. A

and a little later, the Australopithecus, and

great example of this is the last full-time

they both were dedicated to a plant-based

hunter-gatherer tribe today– the Hadza–

diet. After a few more million years, early

who are from Tanzania and live on what

Hominins, a word used to describe present

they find, like tubers, berries and baobab

day and extinct ancestors to humans, finally

fruit. The Hadza get about 70 percent of

began eating meat for a possible variety of

their calories from plants. Like the Hadza,


most hunter-gatherers in the Paleo period

One of these reasons came about two

still acquired the majority of their calories

and a half million years ago when the cli-

from plants because animals weren’t always

mate began to shift– less rain fell and many

easy to come by. They often craved meat

rainforests were turned into grasslands,

because when they actually were able to kill

making fruit and vegetables less abundant.

an animal, it was a treat for them.

Hominins were also able to walk on two legs, which made them more capable of hunt-


The Agricultural Revolution

ing than our chimp and gorilla ancestors.

It is undeniable that our ancestor’s carniv-

Though the earliest Hominins had guts that

orous habits stuck around, transforming

would not have allowed them to eat meat–

into something unlike hunting and gather-

as their organs resembled those of leaf-

ing when the agricultural revolution began

eaters– later on, as they began adding nuts

around 10,000 years ago. Scientists are

and seeds, their guts may have evolved in

still not certain what exactly caused the

order to handle fats better. This means that

agricultural revolution, but what they do

if the earliest Hominins had eaten a meat-

know is that the beginning of agriculture

heavy diet, like that of most Americans

prompted a major shift in the way humans

today, they would have suffered twisting

ate and thought about food. According

of the colon and possible death. However,

to National Geographic, as early farmers

as our ancestors added those fattier foods,

began to depend on crops, the human diet

their bodies started to be able to handle

became much less nutritionally diverse than

the dietary differences, which would have

that of hunter-gatherers. However, there

therefore made it easier for them to digest

are some unquestionable advantages. A few


of these include that it helps to control the

food supply and makes it possible for cities

cows and chickens that were once free to

acres of land in the U.S. is used to grow feed

to grow and for people to have professions

live normal animal lives became the genetic

crops for animals, but instead, that land

other than finding food to bring home to

mutations of human greed and violence.

could be used to grow food for humans. To

their families. Also, agriculture can be done We Don’t Need it Anymore

means vastly changing the environment.

Celia Steele probably did not expect that her

we are currently doing so simply because of

small mistake would spiral into the massive

the resources it takes to raise them.

The large scale of agricultural use has

raising animals for food on the scale that

resulted in a significant detriment to the

corporate enterprise that it is today. Before

environment. Along with learning how to

factory farming, raising animals for food

lives of these millions of animals being

force the land to grow certain crops, the

was a normal practice for most families,

killed and used for meat every day. Endur-

domestication of animals was a major part

it was an honest way to get protein a few

ing brutal conditions, animals suffer illness

of the agricultural method, and has since

days a week and did not require loads of

and many die before they are slaughtered

become one of the most taxing processes on

antibiotics and inhumane living conditions.

from disease. These animals are able to

the planet. However, in the beginning, the

Today, processed, chemical-filled foods are

think and feel pain just like humans, and

eat were locally raised, and free to roam and graze as they pleased, so it was no question where their meat was coming from. Along with this, far less people lived on the planet, and they ate less than half as much meat than is eaten per person per year today. Now, the average American consumes 270.7 pounds of meat per year, which is more than almost every other country on the planet. In addition, around 94 percent of meat eaten in the United States comes from factory farms, which developed as a faster farming method in the early twentieth century. The Beginning of Factory Farms As the world faced major shifts during the industrial revolution, many inventions came into play that changed the course

often the cheapest, most convenient way to

It is not unreasonable to consider the

humans are inherently empathetic, which means that it is not within our nature to kill. It is even seen in the way we our physically built. We cannot eat raw meat like

Factory farming was almost an accidental invention.

animals that the majority of families would

normal carnivores can, and we share similar characteristics to average herbivores. Our chimp– like hands are good for peeling, our jaws good for grinding, like horses, and our intestines are ten times our body length, while average carnivores’ are only three times theirs. Despite all of the signs telling us not to eat meat, it is understandable why the majority of people continue to eat it today. It is what’s available, cheap and socially acceptable. It is a staple in most cultures throughout the world and yes, to many, it tastes good. It is not, however, the diet we’ve evolved to have. Now, in most developed countries, we have access to an abundance

of history, and factory farming was one

get a lot of calories in one meal, making it

of different kinds of foods, which would be

of these. Factory farming was almost an

easy for many families to eat cheap, albeit

a dream to our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

accidental invention. In 1923, Celia Steele,

unhealthy. Processed foods have been at-

We are able to get proficient protein and

a woman who managed her family’s small

tributed to heart disease, obesity and other

every other nutrient our bodies need from

chicken flock in Delaware, accidently or-

related diseases, and processed meat is

plants (apart from B12). Therefore, con-

dered 500 instead of 50 birds. She decided

responsible for an immense portion of that.

sidering going back to our roots, before the

to experiment with them, was able to keep

In addition to the health issues that

paleo period when our ancestors ate only

them alive for long enough, and by 1935 had

arise from putting chemicals into our

foods that came from the Earth, may also

250,000 chickens being raised for food. This

bodies, our greed for meat has contributed

compel us to eat what we are truly meant to

then spiraled into many other inventions

to hunger and malnourishment throughout

be eating– plants.

that increased the efficiency and amount of

the world. The Earth has seen an enormous

chickens being sold for food. Ten years after

growth in population, from 1.65 billion

this incident, Delaware became the poultry

people in 1900 to 7.5 billion in 2017, and it

capital of the world.

is only continuing to rise. If humans want

Then in the 1940’s, drugs and antibi-


sustain the future, we would need to stop

in almost any part of the world, even if it

to survive in coming decades, the Earth

otics were incorporated into chicken feed

has to be able to sustain a massive amount

so that farmers could produce the most

of people. The sad truth is that right now,

meat for the least cost. These same tac-

around nine million people die each year

tics were applied to raising pigs, turkeys,

from hunger. However, if we take steps to

cows and others. All of these animals were

fix this problem, everyone can easily be fed,

and are genetically engineered specifically

but that would mean making major changes

to produce meat for humans with the use

to our western diets that we are so used to

of hormones and antibiotics. The original

today. According to Cowspiracy, 345 million

Last Night I Dreamed By Nick Churma

Last night I dreamed of a large, mechanical pipe organ in a 19th Century Spanish church; here lived a priest with a crooked back named Brad. I dreamed I met a man, a machinist, who built clean rooms and proprietary widgets. Last night I dreamed of a patio, I was on a patio in Kansas City, Missouri. It was raining and then “BANG” — a city bus got a flat tire and was then towed away and I stayed up until midnight drinking red wine there. Last night I dreamed of a Starbucks, with $1 bananas and women with buzzed heads and others with Coach bags and Iced Caramel Macchiatos. I was writing a research paper on non-suicidal self-injury & suicide and reading Camus. Then I waited in line for the “one holer.”


This morning, a woman in a viridian dress walks by the long, horizontal window of a breakfast restaurant. A man assesses cheek bones and hair bounce and gait — he runs calculations to prove it’s not The Lost Her. The equations disappear with her down the sidewalk, unsolved.


Depression By Chau Tang “What’s it like, feeling like you’re going insane?” An old friend had asked I froze, felt there was a lump in my throat. I’m not sure how to respond. Should I start by saying how I feel like my life is falling apart? Old friends part ways, no job in place, and emotions are running all over the place So much stress consuming you, feeling you don’t have a place to escape to because all your relatives rely on you to run the house. “I’m trying to make it through. I’m trying to live and not just survive.” It usually feels like your life isn’t yours. You’re just a character but not the narrator. You pick fights more often with loved ones and even strangers. Anger goes through your mind and the next thing you know, you’re picking up hot coffee and throwing it at someone because they accused you of something you didn’t do but they wouldn’t want to see your side of the story. Your mind keeps saying, “You suck” everyday. It’s like your mind is letting you down, beating yourself up without a speck of hope. It’s like you’re in the middle of the ocean. Your body wants to stay afloat but an anchor-like feeling pushes your head into the water. In your dreams, you imagine yourself seeing your body underwater. You would see it floating in the middle of the ocean underwater, lifeless. Hoping there would be no more emotions but when you wake up, you’re emotionally drained from everything that consumes your energy. You’ve been sad for so long, you’re not sure when was the last time you felt happy and in control. Everyone is trying to figure life out but each day can be harder then the last. It depends on how you handle situations. I hope one day we all find peace.

Artemis By Sidney Berry The man Had continents Drifting apart On his back

Said it was a reminder of home

Like A bird in a cage We admire Its wings WE Made it a symbol For freedom Then trap it in our mouths Grind insecure boys Spit men out This is how he recalled his graduation When boyhood finally evolved into a cage Made of teeth Ready to spit out slander Like daggers though his own image The man Left a book in the sand by the shore Told his words to sink


Folded his arms to avoid attachment Connected himself to clothing lines with clips to his skin Like his tears would air dry The man Was delicate Like fabric Smeared green eye shadow on his eyelids Before Blacking out

Ate roses to remember how his name tasted After they plucked it And gave it to strange women The man Had Freckles shaped like hearts


His head would depart from his body whenever he made love


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