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September 6, 2012


Greg Dart visits with Dr. Henning Olsen during recruitment open house on Monday.



about $25,000. Construction is expected to begin with the next few weeks and should be completed

Dart speaks for the entire enrollment department when he says they are all excited to start from scratch. The department used to be under resourced for the amount of growth that the college wished to see. Now they are utilizing technology in a way that will streamline the enrollment process and ensure that no student ever slips under the radar. From first contact with high school students, their information is entered onto an iPad, instantly saving time and improving accuracy. By staying digitally connected, Dart will be able to pinpoint where potential students are getting lost on their way to attending Eastern. To increase ease and efficiency for prospective students, online applications will now be available. Eastern will also be the fastest

college to begin awarding scholarships to applicants. Another focus for the department is to increase the number of students who visit the campus. Last year about one hundred potential Eagles came to Eagle Experiences. This year Dart’s goal is 700. The enrollment department has implemented some very ambitious programs, and they are expecting to see drastic improvement in the enrollment at Eastern. All of the new employees, as well as the student ambassadors, have set up the foundation for an impressive year. Dart’s goal is to give Eastern the “wow” factor. From the first contact with a prospective student until the first day of class, Eastern will give students an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Vegas comes Eastern within six weeks. The sign firm doing the work is Superior Sign in Logan.

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(Western Instructional Building) and the Reeves Building. The Legislative Infrastructure Appropriations Committee (a legislative committee

that decides how funds are to be used) will be visiting the USU Eastern campus in September to go over the plans for the building.

None of the plans for the building are definite and may be changed as more planning is done, Peterson said.

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of FAFSA takes time.” After students apply for financial aid online, it takes about seven to ten days for that information to get to the main campus in Logan. After that, about one-in-three students are selected for verification. After that, Logan personally process the verifications submitted and that sometimes can take days up to weeks to be completed. This is a very long process and if any problems arise, that process will be slowed down. Some problems can occur with the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS. If your address information does not match theirs, their financial information will not be loaded and will need to get a tax transcript. It will be denied and that can take days. When you are dealing with the IRS, you get three chances to make the address-match right correction. After those three are up, you must wait 24 hours to try again. Another problem is that Internet Explorer is not really compatible with USU’s IT pages

I.D. cards

where you setup a password and get logged in to your Banner Account. The best program that works is Firefox. If students are using Explorer, they may be faced with problems. According to Booth, the majority of the problems are because students fail to check their banner “To Do” list. On students banner accounts they need to go to the “To Do” list and fix any problems that has occurred with financial aid. Also, students need to go and accept their financial aid and agree to the terms and conditions. Booth says that he receives about 30 to 40 calls day regarding FAFSA. “I think about 25 of those calls can be resolved if students would just check their banner. At least 90 percent of students’ questions can be answered if they just look at their banner account.” Although there have been ma ny problems concer n i ng FAFSA, the financial aid staff are doing as much as they can to fix all of them. “We are trying to be proactive and get them fixed.

We will try as quickly as we can to resolve your problems,” Booth says. As students, we can also help fix these problems. According to Booth, students can help out by asking questions. “If you have a questions or a problem, bring it to our attention so it will get fixed.” Also, students need to do follow-ups on their FAFSA. They need to be responsible for what is happening with their financial aid and catch problems early. The best time for students to apply for FAFSA is as soon as possible. Booth advises, “about three weeks after taxes are done, fill out FAFSA. This will give time for it to be processed and to fix any problems that arise early enough so students will have their financial aid when school starts.” The financial aid office is doing the best they can to help out students and fix the problems that they have. As students we can help them out by checking banner as much as possible and being patient with the staff.

thing USU Eastern on Fridays, no card required. Off-campus possibilities are great, but there’s no need to travel far to use the benefits of an ID card. It doubles as an on campus library card. It functions like a ticket at theatre events and sporting activities. It will let you order a meal, a side, and a drink for one swipe at the Golden Grille. And of course it works in the dining room. So even if you think your picture is rotten, be sure to hold onto

your ID card. It’s more important than you think.

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and a part of nationally ranked Utah State University. The two institutions, with a combined educational heritage of 200 years, officially merged in July 2010. It marked the first time in the state’s history that two institutions of higher education joined forces. According to Peterson, the merger symbolizes an important change in the way the state views its existing universities and colleges. Not all of these institutions necessarily need to operate independent of one an-

other. In some cases, institutions and communities benefit when resources are combined. He said he has no doubt that is the case with the merger of Utah State University and the College of Eastern Utah.  It is a model that Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. praised during a commencement address at the college in April. He said he pushed for the merger while he was governor and continues to watch with great interest the resulting progress.  Peterson said the union with

Casino Night Students enjoy playing cards for a chance to win a 32’’ flat screen TV.

USU has bolstered the college and benefitted students who are on track for upper-division studies to more seamlessly make the transition from a two-year to a four-year experience. He said USU’s great strength is its state-wide educational mission as Utah’s only land-grant university, while USU Eastern’s strong suit is its regional focus on foundational education and job-training. The two combined schools complement each others far – and near – vision in a way that was not possible before.

News Tip? Call 435-613-5250

photo by Ashley Stilson/The Eagle

Chancellor Peterson welcomes new students W elcome to USU Eastern. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us at the College this year.  By now, we hope that you see reasons why your decision was a good one.   All of us who work at the College have the same basic goal that you have — to prepare you for success in future endeavors.  You are making an investment in yourself, putting your money and your time into gaining knowledge and skills that will bring you success throughout your life.  As College employees, we completely share this goal.  We are obsessed about your future


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are student nights, and if you bring your ID card, you can get in for only $1.50 instead of the usual $4. Little Caesars offers $.99 Crazy Bread for any student that presents an ID Card. Taco Time and KFC give 10 percent off your total bill. Decker’s Bicycle offers 10 percent discount depending on your bike and what needs to be fixed. In the off chance that you have lost your card, you can get 10% at Cold Stone just by wearing some-


to high school students in Cedar City. Growing up, Arave moved all over the world because of his family’s military service. Arave brings a sort of charismatic energy to every situation he is met with. This will undoubtedly serve him well as he represents Eastern at high schools throughout the state. Kevin Hurst comes to the enrollment team straight from the University of Central Missouri where he studied student affairs. Originally from Layton, Hurst has a long background in higher education because both of his parents worked with college students as well. He is passionate about helping students find the best opportunities available to them, and he knows USU Eastern offers students the best experience out there.

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facilities planning, design and construction on the Logan campus, the price of the new sign is


Snow College to work in their department of admissions and communications. While at Snow, Dart completed a degree from USU in educational technology, and implemented new programs that increased enrollment success. Dart has now decided to pursue a doctorate degree, which he will start course work for in January. When he heard about this position at Eastern, he realized it would be a great way to combine his passion for small-college experiences and his USU pride. He feels that there is a great experience offered to students at USU Eastern, they couldn’t find anywhere else. Also new to the enrollment department are two new full-time recruiters. Wade Arave has spent the past few years teaching theatre

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joining with us in this shared goal. See you around campus! Sincerely, Joe Peterson

Chanellor Joe Peterson

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told or thought of. 4. Mix instant coffee and instant ramen for a quick burst of energy, a full belly and the absolute most disgusting vomit the human body is capable of producing. Now that you›re 18, you only have a few years in which to pound your body full of toxic crap without noticing the consequences. Make the most of that. 3. Treat intoxication like a class. No we aren’t advising that you spend an hour getting wasted for every hour you spend studying or in class, although we’re sure that some of you will do that very thing regardless of our advise. Still, make sure you study anything that has the potential to alter your mindset or change one of your crucial beliefs. And yes, that does include any videos you decide to stream from Youtube or anything that your roommate decides you should smell just because he just discovered it in the space below his bed. 2 . 90% of college is just showing up. Seriously. It’s actually kind of terrifying and hugely disheartening to the people who care about education, but you’re way more than halfway there if you just get to class on time every


success. Your preparation for success is our driving motivation.  It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.  It’s what we work on continuously.   Ba sica l ly, we’re pa r tners!  As partners, let’s join forces and make the most of our shared goal.  You work hard, and we’ll work hard.  Together, we’ll work to give you the finest educational experience that can be found anywhere.  Together, we’ll prepare happy, bright, innovative people who are ready to create the world’s future. Again, thanks for choosing USU Eastern — thanks for

day. It will be a challenge, but having made it this far you should have a handle on how to make it through to the other side. Textbooks, index cards, Dewey decimals, naughty librarians; all that’s important. But there’s really only one trick you need to know for the school bit. Care, just have enough drive to actually do something about it. Care enough to do the homework, care enough to go to class. Yes, that sounds simple but after a night of drinks and boasts, it won’t seem so simple. When you wake up with your head splitting and your eyes bloodshot, every excuse will start to come to you why it’s a good idea for you to skip class. “I’ll just read the textbook later tonight to catch up,” you’ll say, telling yourself you learn better from the text anyway or thinking that you don’t have enough caffeine in your bloodstream to understand anything that the professor says and just like that, the lies begin to stack one upon the other. Suddenly the next class is there, your textbook lays untouched and you sit there like a monkey, watching the humans signing words that you don’t understand, growing frustrated and desperately

wanting a banana. And then another night of boasts comes and goes, and you miss another class - deliberately this time, because you can’t keep up - and you promise yourself, “but this time I’ll really  catch up.” You›d be surprised at the number of lies you can tell yourself about why you shouldn›t go to class.   1. Reinvent yourself. We at The Eagle understand that the majority of our readers are rather fond of themselves and we think that is great. Nothing is better than self esteem and liking who you are, after all you’ve spent the past 18-19 (others more) years of your life becoming the fine person sitting on their chair reading this article. Yes, we think that you are just great for doing that. But the biggest tip that we have for you is how to reinvent yourself. No you don’t need to be different, but you probably will be, in fact, you’ll probably want to be. You’re at a unique stage in life. Up to this point, you’ve had parents and teachers and the courts to protect you from all your bad decisions. A lot of what you are now is what they’ve made you to be, but from now on, you’ll be who you make yourself to be.

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a sick stomach, but it’s not vomit but the sick that’s down south and it’s all in his pants. Now at this point he thinks his date doesn’t know what’s transpired and after the ride he tries to convince her that they should

both get these cool sweatpants at one of the booths. She doesn’t take the bait, but he decides to get them anyway and goes to change. Since there is no garbage in a port-o-potty he ditches his pants before he

changes. Once inside he realizes that they aren’t sweatpants, but he has in fact purchased a sweatshirt. At this point obviously panicking, he puts the sweatshirt on like pants and bails leaving his date at the carnival.