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WHAT HAPPENS TO A DREAM DEFERRED? Are our kids taught to get the most out of their energy and creativity?

And Still I Rise Literacy continues to be a huge issue in public education. Under the leadership of Dr. Michon Benson, Reader’s Theatre inspires our youth and strives to transform future generations.

JOBS VS LIFE CAREERS The rules have changed. Do you have what you need to get the life you want?

5.1 PLUS TAKE THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE Are you prepared for / Tu prepardo para the international job market? / trabajar international? En Espanol: Todo esta differente ahora. Tu puedes competir para un job y un vida para tu familia?

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15 BUSINESS + JOBS Money matters, and with the rising cost of fuel , Diasporians have an opportunity to travel the world, expand their education, switch careers and make great money in the Energy field where job options are plenty and applicants are few.



8 EDUCATION + ADVOCACY Celebrate academic brilliance with 11-year-old child prodigy Carson Huey-You; the youngest student to be accepted into Texas Christian University

10 A LOOK BACK IN HISTORY The ability to make something from nothing is at the core of the AfrikanAmerikan experience. Did you know that this ingenuity is in the DNA of Afrikan peoples and dates back to the beginning of time?

23 HEALTH & SCIENCE Dr. James L. Phillips is a visionary leader in the medical field who understands the disparity in treatment for people of color in the U.S. is a serious crisis. Great healthcare requires an informed patient as well as culturally empathetic doctors, researchers and administrators to be effective.

27 ANGELBERT METOYER Angelbert Metoyer is a renowned artist who sees the world through a different lens. His work embraces the process of ‘doing’ and his perspective gives new purpose to those things that most of us discard.

34 FASHION A movement is on the rise. The exclusion of people of color on the runways of top Fashion events around the world is creating a wonderful niche industry, benefitting models, photographers, manufacturers, designers and Afrikan-Amerikan consumers in an extraordinary way.

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Because of you, Tré is expanding! There is no question that technology has changed the way the world interacts and the tech-saavy consumer engages. But, experience shows us that the fundamentals such as character development, cultural sensitivity, inter-generational exchange, in-depth insight, meaningful content and innovation are still relevant.


Together, we have come a long way, and although there is a lot of work ahead, we are committed to maintaining our courage, integrity and ambition. Thank you for the dialogue, prayers and trust. #power #passion #divinepurpose #thetrehouston




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President Obama answers ”Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

USA President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum “Creating and Expanding Ladders of Opportunity for Boys and Young Men of Color” The Federal Task Force will assess five key moments that mark critical junctures on the path to

healthy and productive adulthood: early learning and literacy, pathway to college and careers, ladders to jobs, mentors and support networks, and interactions with criminal justice and violent crime. My Brother’s Keeper is focused on unlocking the full potential of boys and young men of color —something that will not only benefit them, but all of America.


Entreprener Pluria Marshall, Jr buys three FOX television outlets and makes history. nation’s 1,348 full-power television stations.

TRANSFORMING BROADCAST MEDIA Afrikan-Amerikan ownership dropped from 12 stations in 2009 to 10 in 2011. That’s less than 1 percent of the

Marshall owns several newspapers serving Afrikan-Amerikan and minority communities, including the Houston Informer, Texas Freeman, the Los Angeles Wave Newspaper Group and the Los Angeles Independent Publications Group.

In what is being hailed as a major boost for black-TV station ownership, Marshall Broadcasting Group has agreed to buy three FOX-affiliated stations for $58.5million. (KMSS-TV in Shreveport, La.; KPEJ-TV in Odessa, Texas; and KLJB-TV in Davenport, Iowa.) The d eal will allow more people to enjoy a more diverse television experience.



Archeological and DNA evidence prove that the first modern humans that inhabited the planet earth lived in Afrika 200,000465,000 years ago. AFRIKANS TRAVELED Innovation, not surivial or invasion, is what led to human expansion and exploration out of Afrika. The coalescence of this reclaimed information provides a traceable lineage of Afrikan creativity and brilliance. Today, communities worldwide continue to benefit from the ingenious heritage of Afrikan people.

LIFE BEGAN IN AFRIKA Over the past century, Afrikan and AfrikanAmerikan scholars, such as Cheikh Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima, Charles S. Finch, Beatrice Lumpkin, Wini Warren, Hattie Carwell, Umar Johnson and many others continue to recover long-denied histories


about Afrika’s true gifts to humanity from past Black civilizations of Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mali and Ghana. Now, a massive genetic study by National Geographic (with selected artifacts found around the world) proves “Out of Afrika” origin; showing human migration pattern starting from Africa into Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America.



”Once the perspectives accepted until now by ’official’ science have been reversed, history of humanity will become clear and the history of Afrika can be written.” —CHEIKH ANTA DIOP

author The Afrikan Origin of Civilizations

711 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002 (713) 226-7870 | REDKATJAZZ.COM




EDUCATOR: JAMES D. RYAN Seeking Truth: The Creation and Dismantling of Negro Schools in Houston.


s one of the most influential educators in Texas history, James D. Ryan, Jr. (1872-1940) influenced thousands of students during his 50 years as a teacher and principal. Ryan was the son of a humble carpenter and although, Ryan’s mother died when he was young, he was raised with integrity and dignity by his “Grandma Early” who gave him love and strict discipline. Ryan enrolled in and graduated from Prairie View A. & M. (around 1890), and became a member of the first faculty of Houston’s Colored High School when it opened in 1893. The school was renamed Jack Yates Senior High School in 1926.

EDUCATION & GROWTH Promoted to principal in 1912, Ryan built the school from a faculty of 18 and ap-

proximately 700 students to a faculty of 50 and over 2,500 students. Ryan was a staunch advocate for extra-curricular activities and helped organize the annual Wheatly-Yates Football game which became the Classic, uniting thousands of alumni and community groups. Ryan was also a supporter of Houston’s first Junior College for Negros which was housed in Yates H.S. before becoming Texas Southern University.

EDUCATION & GROWTH Buried in the historic Olivewood Cemetery next to his wife, Ryan never retired and was Principal of Yates HS until he transitioned. In 1958, when Yates HS moved to its current facility, the original building located on 2610 Elgin in Houston, Texas was renamed in memory of its first principal, becoming James D. Ryan Middle School.

ABOVE James D. Ryan, Jr: Como uno de los educadores más influyentes de Texas, Ryan transformó la educación y la inspiró a miles.

Today, against prolific community protest, the Houston Independent School District’s Board of Education established the Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan which many residents feel minimizes this rich legacy and displaces the remaining

area kids in order to create a hand-picked lottery program that will provide the best resources for non-area students. Interestingly, advocates promise that the battle is not over. Groups continue to file Title 6 complaints, hold meetings and publically protest in an attempt to restore the legacy of Yates, Ryan and the many others who fought on the behalf of racial oppression post-slavery. Ryan actively sought racial harmony, and he and his wife, Ella Simms Ryan, were members of Trinity United Methodist Church for over 25 years. As philanthropists, they were genuinely committed to the betterment of the Afrikan-Amerikan community and gave financial aid to students before scholarships were available. More information about Ryan can be found in Ira B. Bryant, Jr. book “The Development of Houston Negro Schools.”


At the heart of Houston for over 50 years!! APPRAISALS | PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | CONSULTANT | SALES

G.K. Coleman and Sons Appraisals and Sales continues to be and asset to the real estate profession and offers real estate consulting services, instructional and continuing education classes, and property management services which promote the ethical adherence to the profession.

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MONEY vs MORALS What will churches and charter schools do with your kids when funding ceases? CHARTER SCHOOLS AVERAGE $13,000 PER CHILD Minus incarceration, there aren’t many more lucrative industries for ‘housing’ our youth than schools. At first blush, education looks a noble enterprise, but the clear fact that tax-payer dollars are being used to pay charter programs and to close area schools should be a red flag. Hoping to provide less ‘ethnic’ school options to real estate investors looking to expand into the inner-city, Texas’ leadership has been accused of deliberately lowering the academic bar, bussing-out and relocating students, repurposing bonds and closing schools in hopes of profiting

during the anticipated (and lucrative) housing boom predicted for the 2017 superbowl in Houston. Just 50 years ago, segregationist committed to defunding the education of Negros. Today, students have less than ever before and are unable to compete globally. Has predictable greed and child-based-cash-cow contracts aided the fiscal abuse and proposed closing of area schools such as Jones, Yates, Lockhart and Ryan? Charles X White of Charity Productions and local citizens have lead the charge for a federal investigation on these matters and are committed to the truth. To voice your opinion or to learn more, visit

DID YOU KNOW? 855,000,000 people in the world are illiterate; 70% of them are female. Two-thirds of the world’s children who receive less than four years of education are girls.

AGAINST THE ODDS But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ­ —Albert Einstein Cut-N-Edge Cartoons

SCHOOL CLOSINGS HOUSTON: According to HISD from 2001 to 2012, 42 out of 74 schools have been closed or repurposed not including schools in district IX; which translates to more than 57% of these type actions occuring in the Black community. Learn more at

9800 Northwest Freeway Ste. 120 Houston, Texas 77092 713-681-9232 713-681-9242 Business Hours 8:30am-5:30pm

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4212 Almeda Rd Houston, TX 77004 (713) 522-4212

Originally from ancient Africa, Mancala is one of the world’s oldest games.

Mancala is a great game and perfect for ALL ages! In the spirit of Checkers, Dominos, Backgammon and Sungka; Mancala is a game of strategy, skill and wit that also promotes math and strategic thinking skills. Like many classic games, there are a number of variations, so players should be sure to agree on all rules ahead of time. Once that is taken care of, here are some basic strategies: This is a version of the basic game, known as two-rank Mancala or as Kalah. ENJOY!!! Difficulty: Average, Time Required: 15 minutes The Mancala board is made up of two rows of six (or more) holes, or pits, on each side.


Four pieces (marbles, beads, seeds, beans or stones) are placed in each of the 12 holes. The color of the pieces is irrelevant. Each player has a ‘store’ to the right side of the Mancala board.


tré FALL 2014

in m o c


n o o s

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” - Henry Ford AGO! TRÉ BUSINESS


The game begins with one player picking up all of the pieces in any one of the holes on his side. Moving counter-clockwise, the player deposits


one of the stones in each hole until the stones run out. If you run into your own store, deposit one piece in it. If you run into your opponent’s store, skip it. If the last piece you drop is in your own store, you get a free turn.


If the last piece you drop is in an empty hole on your side, you capture that piece and any pieces in the hole directly opposite. Always place all captured pieces in your store.



The game ends when all six spaces on one side of the Mancala board are empty.


The player who still has pieces on his side of the board when the game ends captures all of those pieces.


Count all the pieces in each store. The winner is the player with the most pieces.


Tips: Planning ahead is essential to victory in board games like Mancala. Try to plan two or three moves into the future.


MAKE YOUR OWN! Egg Carton Mancala Game. Challenge your friends and family to a tournament. Mancala teaches strategy, problem solving, counting, sportsmanship and much more! Great for 6 years+ What You Need: Egg carton (Cereal bowls also work well for the purpose of a store for your marker pieces), 48 markers, Suggested Reading: Best Ancient Games




We’re still

making progress in Houston. Join me today in celebrating our progress in the ongoing pursuit of justice, freedom and equality.

Reopening in October


I am proud that we are in the final stages of the restoration of the historic De Luxe Theater in partnership with Texas Southern University and the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation.

P o l . a dv. a n n i s e Pa r k e r C a m Pa i g n

The De Luxe opened in 1941 in the heart of the Fifth Ward, a neighborhood settled in the 1800s by freed slaves. It’s a cultural touchstone for Houston’s African American community. Bringing the De Luxe back to life will honor the contributions of African Americans and enrich the lives of all of us in Houston.

Happy Juneteenth! #thetremaghouston

M ay o r a n n i s e P a r k e r


So many people stepped in and guided me.” —Clay Middleton Special Advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy Founder of The Middleton Project (

A POWERFUL EXAMPLE OF EXCELLENCE AND ACHIEVEMENT Pictured are several current members of the phenomenial Reader’s Theatre (left to right). Tiana Smith, Cynthia Sanchez, Taylor Gallow, Kymora Anderson, Mahdi Bey and Elijah Taylor. Photography and Video: Cora Coleman-Dunham, Vivo Club, Inc.,, 323-423-3142


Literacy continues to be a huge issue in public education. Much like the mounting challenge of public education, in general, literacy is a key civil rights issue of the 21st century. #hope



Unfortunately, no matter how intelligent the child, critical reading skills do not suddenly manifest when state-mandated testing season rolls around. These essential skills build over time, beginning early in children’s development. The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, is three years old this year, and despite schools’ pushing for better results, the facts are clear -- literacy levels need to be improved.



o much of every student’s academic success depends on his/her ability to read well. If they are to become vital, contributing members of this increasingly complex society, students must be able to critically interpret a variety of texts -- printed, video, and cyber -- about topics, ranging from social and religious to economic and judicial.

6th-grade Reading


7th-grade Reading


8th-grade Reading


Some critics ascribe the low performance on students’ household income. For example, Meredith Phillips, an associate professor of public policy and sociology at UCLA, conducted a survey which showed that before the age of six, affluent children spend 1,300 more hours reading than low-income children. Additionally, Phillips suggests that by the time high-income children start school, they have spent about 400 hours more than poor children in literacy activities. Literacy disparity has less to do with income than it does with how wealthier families spend their discretionary funds -- they purchase more books; they travel to places beyond their homes, the daycare, or the mall; and, perhaps most importantly, they actually converse with their children about what they are seeing, feeling, and reading. To be sure, increasing the time students spend engaging in testtaking strategies may help them perform better on tests; however, if children are going to truly be literate, educators and parents have be more conscientious and more creative about instilling literacy skills early.


A group of youth that is consciously and creatively improving students’ reading success is the state-winning Readers’ Theatre program which has grown considerably over the past three years, and students are not only passing the STAAR, but they are also learning public speaking, self-esteem, Africana history, and critical thinking. The group’s founder and visionary director, Dr. Michon Benson, credits students’ collective success to their researching current events, to allowing them to openly express their own angst about youth culture, and to working with them on vocabulary skills. “Readers’ Theatre provides an opportunity for students to closely read issues and to question the world in interesting ways,” Benson says. The group’s poems address topics, ranging from the history of twerking and the Venus Hottentot to growing up in a single-parent home and wanting to express their individuality in an increasingly homogeneous youth culture. “Once students perform and they realize that other people seriously consider what they have to say,” Benson adds,”they can’t wait to return to school to begin writing and editing the next set of poems.” I​n the 2013-14 season, students performed in venues, such as the Houston Museum for African American Culture and TSU Homecoming, Emancipation Park, and in a number of elementary schools in the greater-Houston area. The climax of their year was their winning the Texas Charter School Drama competition in Austin, Texas. Before the end of the school year, even more students have expressed an interest in becoming a part of the team. “Anyone who is interested in joining, is welcome. Our goal is not winning state; rather, it is ensuring students’ appreciation for reading and their lifelong literacy.”


In order to repair the education problem, it is essential to know how (and why) we got here.

SOUTHERN STATES, such as Texas, have vehemetly opposed the education of Negros because, much like the prison industrial complex of today, these states profit greatly from enslaved, unpaid or cheap labor. Slavery and the oppressive Black Codes of 1800-1866 deemed reading illegal. Upon the 1863 Emancipation of blacks, the literacy rate was around 5% in the 1860s, rose to 40% in 1890 and by 1910 it was 70%. With the many Title 6 complaints of racial bias being filed against Houston ISD for economic and academic disparity, it appears that not much has change. The long-term plan:

SEGREGRATION 1876-1965: By the mid-19th century, over 4.5 million blacks had been enslaved. Jim Crow laws legalized “Seperate But Equal” and white Democrats used their power to justify inferior facilities, savage treatment, segregated schools and reestablish social dominance over blacks in South.


INTEGRATION 1969-1989. Schools are forced to: implement testing tools (TAAS/ TAKS/STARR, etc) rather than educate; utilize only cultural exclusive textbooks; promote site-based management and graduation quotas; dismantle effective PTA and community engagement resources.


PRIVATIZATION 1990-2000. Corporate agencies endorce, fund and place ISD board member(s) to implement selective and discrimantory policy, remove vocational programs, deference for less-experienced Teach-for-America and force the retirement of seasoned educators.


RELOCATION 2000-2025. Predictable and systematic abuse of contracts and bond dollars by officials; textbook removal; forced school closing by bussing, reappropriation of enrollment resource and funding; selling land and promoting ‘choice’; and ;charter’ schools; destabalizing leadership, principal and teacher continuity.


Next step? Where will you be placed? Privatized schools can be a lucrative endeavour and do not adhere to the federally mandated zero-reject policy; under which no child is turned away from educational services. In addition, special interest can influence their curriculum to determine which students are trained for leadership, employment or incarceration. Do you have a counterplan? TRÉ MAGAZINE 11

C h A r it



SILICON VALLEY Jessie Jackson is pushing for Silicon Valley to integrate and provide jobs for HBCU and Afrikan-Amerikan students. Rather than begging, can black leadership join efforts with entrepreneurs, engineers and innovators to build an award-winning, self-sustaining and profitable tech-village for Negroes? #economic #independence.

UBUNTU I AM BECAUSE WE ARE Swahili word meaning we are interconnected and we have a responsibility to each other.

AGO! TRÉ VIDA Charles X White, Charity Productions, Founder and President PRESENTS


cHarity productionS Media Group preSentS

Don’t believe the hype. Although entertainers are paid to encourage you to be fiscally wasteful, it does not create generational wealth.

SuBScriBe onLine at WWW.cHarity-productionS.orG

e r a you ed inVit



urSeLf o y r o f e RG CTIONS.O coMe Se -PRODU CHARITY


aving money is so much easier said than done. There’s more to saving than simply spending less money and smart money-savers also need to consider how to spend the money they do have as well as how to maximize their income. Adopting new habits takes effort and it takes time to learn how to set realistic goals, keep your spending in check, and get the greatest longterm benefit for your money.


Spend money on absolute essentials first. Focus on the essentials. These things (namely, food, water, housing, and clothing) are your first priority when it comes to spending your cash


h ts r es

y Pr o d

er v ed

r it y by C h A

Pr o d u

C ti o n

s si n C

e 1984

ll r ig on – A 12s PresTRÉ en tAtiMAGAZINE

u C ti o


If you don’t already have an emergency fund, then begin one immediately. A secure savings


account gives you the freedom to comfortably sort out your affairs in the event that you become ill or lose your job. After you cover your essentials, devote a chunk of your income to building up this savings account until you have enough saved to cover about 3-6 months of living expenses.


Saving money isn’t all about living hard and lean. When you’ve paid off your debt, established an emergency fund, and spent money on smart purchases that pay off in the long term, then it’s OK to spend a little money on yourself. Healthy, responsible luxury spending is a treat not a lifestyle.Luxuries include anything that’s not an essential good or service and provides little or no long-term benefit. This broad category can include things like trips to expensive restaurants, vacations, new vehicles, cable television, pricey gadgets, and much more.




Founder, DMJ Studio and Middle Detroit #middle

HILDREN SPEND 12 or more years

going through an educational system that promises it will give them the knowledge they need to attend a college, build a career and become an integral part of the American and even global society. Part of this promise, of course, is based on the student’s commitment to the process, but it seems commitment is not enough.

THE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM IS NOT LIVING UP TO EXPECTATION. All of our students are suffering from it, but it is those who live in low-income

urban and rural environments that are feeling the most damage. It seems impossible that one of the richest countries in the world has an average to almost poor educational system. The logical question to ask is why? The answer is simple. Poverty. Poverty is the only reason our school system is failing.

BELOW Poverty is the only reason our school system is failing, If America wants quality education for all, it needs to end poverty.

MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM. It is the bias distribution of wealth that causes the education gaps that we see in our schools. Most public schools get funding from a state and/ or federal source, but a majority of the funding comes from property taxes of the surrounding neighborhoods. The lower the property taxes, the less monies will go into those schools. The less money that is put into a school, the less a school can do for its students. Very simple.

It is believed that public schools do not put enough money in child education. This is not entirely true. American schools spend an average of $11,000 per child per year for education; more than any other country with similar economic status.

#thetremaghouston TRÉ MAGAZINE 13

Parents are also blamed for the poor education success of their children. It is true, there are some parents, regardless of their economic status, will not take part in their child’s education process. But for a low-income person living in poverty, their jobs, the amount of hours they work, having multiple jobs or the stress of being jobless effects how much time parents can give to their children to help them with homework or to volunteer for the school or participate in activities. Lastly, we blame teachers. “We need better teachers,” is the rhetoric we hear all the time. What is needed is better support for teachers. Poverty decreases how much support a parent can give to a child’s education. By default, teachers, in many cases, become a stand-in parent as well as an educator. This additional responsibility plus handling the reality that there is not enough resources to help teachers support students makes teaching a grueling job. It is unfair to blame a teacher for poor education especially when they are underpaid as they try to raise and educate children who are dealing with hunger, lack of sleep, unsafe living environment, financial challenges, medical challenged and distracted

parents/guardians. How can a child learn when basics needs are not met? How can a teacher teach when basic resources are not provided? So many different education options have popped up in the last three decades, such as charter and magnet schools. Just recently online K-12 classes have become an option. These aren’t solutions because they only support a small portion of our society. If America wants quality education for all, it needs to end poverty. If we want a more solid education system, we can no longer base quality education on economic status or the luck of the draw. We must go back to why we developed public schools in the first place-to ensure that all American children get the same educational opportunities, regardless of where they live or how they live. School is the safe place we find our friends, what we love to do and learn more about who we are as individuals. What is happening now is divisive and diminishing creating a negative influence in the intellect and creativity of our youth and future leaders. End poverty and we solve our education challenges. #endpoverty




Help make the 2014-15 fundraising goal of $1,000. For more info: Jalyn Gordon President, Black Student Union University of Houston


Join us for another FREE Relax-N-Breathe Meditation Class courtesy of Sunshine’s Health Food Store at 7 pm. 4915 Martin Luther King BLVD, Houston, Texas 77021 Spaces are Limited RSVP & SIGN UP NOW



GUIDE TO YOUR HEALTH & CARE Are you the key decision-maker in your life? Who controls how you get well and if you get healthcare? The Affordable Care Act is here. @barackobama It is the first genuine healthcare resource for all American’s without degragation, discrimination or bias... Welcome to the 21st Century. #live #life #freely

RECUPERAR LA SALUD SÓLO SE VIVE UNA ONCE. Enroll Latina está aquí para ayudarle. Para aprender sobre las opciones de cuidado de la salud o para encontrar eventos en su área, visite

#thetremaghouston TRÉ MAGAZINE 15



In 2006 patients seeking care made 119 million emergency room visits. Uninsured residents who do not have a doctor they can see on a regular basis for preventative care, often seek care in ER.

The C enter For H and Em ope power ment

WANT ED: TH INKIN G SPIRIT PEOPLE WH UAL KN O Co-Found OWLEARE THIRSTIN ers DGE Ann Lis G FOR ter, M.Div Ronnie ., Sr. Pas C. tor 832-582-5 Lister, MA. Th ., Pastor 602 /Teacher Email: the CFHE@g Where: Unitarian Fellowshi 1504 Wi p of Ho rt uston Houston, Road TX 770 55 Join us for though t provok Sunday , June 22, ing enrichme July and nt service 2014, 3:0 subsequen s 0p– 5:0 t mo First and Mission/V 0p Third Sun nths we will me ision et We are days fro m 4:00p- on the purpos an affirming 6:00p and cone is to teach spispiritual movem of self-lovscious living. ritual principle ent where all We s peo e, tha har will ple t pro to practic mo e compas ny, balance, teach and insp duce spiritualare welcome. ire integrity Ou sion, just and wis persons to transformatio r ice, mercy and pea dom, therebyaccess the pow n er ce. enablin g them


HUMAN RIGHTS You can’t schedule or plan your illness. How will your kids & family navigate your insurance and recovery? What if your treatment requires relocation?


he goal of the ACA is to reduce the nation’s high number of uninsured as well as to cut the increasingly inflationary health care cost for the country as a whole.

WHAT IS YOU LIFE WORTH? Healthcare cost at the end of life are steadily on the rise. Currently, one-third of the overall healthcare resources are spent during the last

year of one’s life. Many US citizens have grown so accustomed to not having quality care options for their health that ER visits and hours in the waiting room seem normal. More complex than not having resources to care for one’s self is the overlooked fact that many have not considered the responsibilty, needs and, cost of being a caregiver for ones parents as they enter the golden years of their lives.

SEEKING WHAT IS FAIR The ACA seeks to expand health insurance coverage with the following provisions (to name a few): 1. A  n individual insurance mandate 2. S  liding-scale health insurance subsidies for low and moderate-income individuals and families 3. T ax incentives for small employers to offer health insurance to their employees 4. A  n optional expansion of Medicaid for individuals under age 65. 5. M  andate each state to provide a Health Insurance Marketplace resource for all its citizens

PRESIDENT OBAMA WATCH @POTUS AND BIDEN in ‘Workout’ Video Together at the White House for First Lady Michelle’s @FLOTUS Let’s Move campaign #love #funny #brilliant #letsmove

Quality Wellness Certified personal training Physical fitness educator Wellness curriculum creation

Paul Queen, Director




HE WHO HAS HEALTH HAS HOPE. AND HE WHO HAS HOPE HAS EVERYTHING.” AFRIKAN PROVERB Garnet F. Coleman is a tireless advocate and has served the people of District 147 in the Texas House of Representatives continuously since 1991. As the senior ranking member of the Public Health Committee, he is a diligent leader in the areas of health, education and economic development.

YOUR LIFE MATTERS Some states, such as Texas don’t feel they should have to use tax-payer dollars to fund tax-payers’ health care needs. Consequently, with one of every four citizens (6.2 million) still uninsured, Texas has a higher rate of uninsured people than any other state in the union!

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE You can still enroll and learn more. The next enrollment period is fast approaching. Contact Enroll America for ways to engage, locate local Navigators and to prepare for

Chiropractic Arts & Science Clinic Our Care is Unique 3300 Crawford, Houston, Texas 77004 713-522-3878

Specializing in care of injuries sustained in automobile accidents.

1st Black Chiropractor in The State of Texas! This father and Daughter Duo Has Over 75 Years of Experience



the next enrollment period. Your life is in your hands. Gather your family and go through the process together. To learn more call 202-7376340 or visit

IT’S NOT TOO LATE Did you know if you are experience certain “life events,” such as marriage or welcoming a new child, you can get enrolled in health insurance. You can get covered within 60 days of a big event like marriage. There are more ways to qualify and get enrolled. Learn more at

Baba Shango, Founder and Director

Zayd's Naturally Natural Hair Studio 4806 Almeda Rd. Houston, Texas 77004

SEHAH.ORG 713-292-3436

5110 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houston Texas 77004

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EVERYONE SHOULD NOT HAVE HEALTH CARE! By Traci Cloyd That is clearly how many Republicans feel; in fact, Republican governors in some states are willing to refuse millions of federal dollars that would otherwise help people get insured.


exas Governor Rick Perry is at the top of a long list of Republicans opposed to the Affordable Health Care Act. In a statement released late last year Perry called it an “abject failure” and characterized it as a “fix that threatens to destabilize the health insurance industry”. Perry went on to

BELOW The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often referred to as the ACA or Obamacare) was signed into federal law in March of 2010.

One need look no further than the recent deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood to see the impact of this perspective. April 2, 2014 was a bloody day on the base. A soldier identified as Specialist Ivan Lopez allegedly shot and killed 3 people with a .45 caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol; then, he committed suicide. As many as 16 other military personel were injured. Lopez served four months in Iraq in 2011. He was troubled, said to be on medication for mental illness and although not officially

describe Obamacare as an “illconceived, job-killing nightmare that will bankrupt this country.” In contrast, Perry has been mum on the estimated $4 trillion dollars spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he’s been virtually silent on the physical and emotional costs paid by the 1.5 million Americans who’ve served in the two wars.



diagnosed, he was undergoing psychiatric evaluation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many of the soldiers at Fort Hood have completed multiple military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the nation’s largest military base and is no stranger to deadly violence. It was the site of a mass shooting in 2009 when army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hassan killed 13 people. It has not yet been a year since his “day in court.” In August of 2013 he was convicted and sentenced to death.

THE FALLOUT IS DEADLY. The information about children and families is scant-all the more reason Americans should have access to Affordable Health Care. So maligned by some Republicans who have dubbed it “Obamacare” in the hopes the pejorative tone would automatically make Americans either outright oppose or suspicious of the Affordable Health Care Act. Instead of reaching hostily to jab, the President embraced the term “Obamacare,” joking that when it starts to work Republicans might return to calling the program the “Affordable Care Act”. Seven million Americans signed up before the end of the initial open-enrollment period. Ironically, that’s the number, Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebilus said would take to declare the initial enrollment period a success.

Lawmakers like Democratic National Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have worked tirelessly to make the program work, holding a series of enrollment events aimed a streamlining the process for constituents. “That’s vital to the health of the Democratic Party as we head into the mid-term elections.” stated Schyltz. Even with the success of the program, Republicans have already used it against Democrats, largely campaigning against Obamacare to win a recent special election in Florida. Politics aside, it is essential that you look at the Affordable Health Care Act for yourself. Go to, check out the options. Navigators are still available to help. As you approach the next enrollment period (November 2014), you now have time to talk with Navigators, learn the options that are best for your short and long-term needs and to get the help you need. Your health could depend on it.


ABOVE Journalist, blogger and Newscaster with Hot 105FM in South Florida, Traci Cloyd is pictured with Democratic Lawmaker and Democratic National Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. TRÉ MAGAZINE 19




To effectively communicate. We must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. Anthony Robbins



r. KG Smooth was born and raised in Dayton, OH, the birthplace of funk music and is a true showcase of the cities talent and musical insight. There may be harder working people in radio, but there aren’t many that can make such time-sensitive and stressfullycomplex work look like poetry. A camelion, of sorts, KG Smooth is an eclectic mix of playful talented, urban swag and corporate professionalism. He is a testimony to the new energy of radio, which requires listener engagment, social media insight, stechnical expertise and musical passion.

mellifluous voice, charm, charisma and humility has already been recognized in the city of Houston as both local and national show producer and host on both 97.9 the Box and Majic 102. BELOW Nacido en Dayton, OH, KG Smooth es una persona trabajadora y profesional de múltiples talentos. Escucha en vivo el 97,9 y 102,1 en Houston, Texas.

In 2000, KG got his start in radio at WIZF, 100.9 The Wiz in Cincinnati, OH where he worked late hours and long days to learn everything he could about the music industry. He then moved 93.1 WZAK in Cleveland, OH, where he was dubbed “a breath of fresh air” with

his smooth delivery. Quality on-air work requires more than showing up for the camera or mic and just ‘winging-it’; it requires intense study and an unwavering work ethic. We are inspired by his humanity and effort and we look forward to see what the future holds. You can listen to KG Smooth on Houston’s Majic 102.1 FM (Club Majic) Sat 7:00pm - Sun 12:00am and Sun from 12-2 on 97.9FM The Box Follow him on Intsagram, Twitter and Facebook @kgsmooth..

TRANSFORMING RADIO AND ELEVATING THE CULTURAL LEGACY In passing, KG Smooth seems to be the quiet guy next door. But beyond his palyful smile and well-mannered hello is a very multi-talented man; he can sing, dance, write, produce, vocal arrange, host and entertain. His

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#RELAX#BREATHE By Brother Rock Muhammed


Meditation is a practice that has been a part of cultures around the world for over 5,000 yrs.


Today, stress is the #1 killer and the biggest cause of long and short term absenteeism. Science tells us that 85% of all illnesses are caused by stress, which equates to 70% of our annual health care spending on stress related illnesses. ​ Relax-N-Breathe (RNB) Meditation Therapy is based on a unique blend of the meditation methods that have that have been proven for thousands of years to neutralize stress and emotional inflammation through proper breathing and mindfulness. Today, medical science is rapidly adapting to this ancient practice because the scientific research is conclusive— Meditation works! Meditation has been shown to alleviate many illnesses

including: • Stress • High Blood Pressure • Inflammation • Atherosclerosis and many other’s… Meditation comes from Latin word meditor that means; “To think, ponder over, or consider.” More accurately, it can be said that meditation cultivates insight, to see reality (Dhamma) as it is. SEEING VS. THINKING Thinking can take you away. Seeing requires full attention, to be awake in the present. Seeing means looking at what is really happening inside and out instead of thinking or assuming what is there. Seeing also implies listening. There are things occurring that must be listened too, inside and out. SEEING IS TO NOTICE Meditation is the practice of observation, to develop useful

and skillful mental habits. This is the cultivation of mindfulness, which is the habit of noticing and observing our current mental & emotional states. The act of simply noticing what is occurring, when it is occurring, and how it is occurring cultivates a mental habit of putting ones attention on an event. Events are things that are happening inside us -like thoughts, and things happening outside of us -like the wind blowing. When we observe things, our attention changes things. WHAT IS WHAT? What’s the difference between what’s right or wrong, and what’s going on? The tug of war in our heads between right, wrong, and reality, can cripple our mental state and lead us to suffering. Meditation is a method that can clear the mental and emotional clouds and bring peace of mind.

BUSINESS “Sometimes the way we learn about money is by losing it, by overspending, making poor investment decisions, or taking risks in general. But for some, this learning style of the Broke Millionaire is just the experience he or she needs to get out of the red. Failure can teach us value.”- Rock Muhammad RELATIONSHIPS “It’s healthier to agree to disagree sometimes. The issue is not about right or wrong, the question is-- what’s really happening on both sides? Everyone involved has valid feelings, and both parties deserve to be listened to with compassion. If we learn to listen, and not just listen to reply, we can communicate better and be happier with each other. So drop your shoulder’s, and relax-n-breathe, to listen.” – Rock Muhammad.



Come realize your creative vision on HMS TV and HMS Net Radio!

Come share your ideas with us, and we will show you how to turn them into TV or radio programs.

Sheila M. Deslandes

Independent Beauty Consultant

Join like-minded individuals and share your creative genius at one of our free orientation sessions, held Mondays at 6 p.m. No RSVP required! Questions? Email

713 498-5373 (Bus.)

Check out your show and other great programming at: AT&T U-verse - ch99 • Comcast - ch17 • Phonoscope - ch75 TV Max - ch95 • Sudden Link - ch99 Online -, HoustonMediaSource


713-524-7700 • •




A HEALTHIER YOU Saturday Morning Science is an exciting community outreach program sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community Outreach, under the leadership of Dr. James L. Phillips. The program is aimed to motivate inner city students from the 7th to the 12th grade, to reach their highest potential.


Dr. James L. Phillips is the visionary leader of Saturday Morning Science


aturday Morning Science is an exciting community outreach program aimed at motivating inner city students from the 7th to the 12th grade, to reach their highest potential by emphasizing the importance of a solid education . The program exposes the students to summer enrichment programs and careers in the biosciences while reinforcing the importance of a college education. Hosted on the Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) campus on Saturdays between January


and May, the sessions is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community Outreach. SMS presents Math and Science in creative and engaging ways and classes are taught by physicians, scientists, astronauts, and BCM medical and graduate students. There is also an internship program for Summer Morning Science program for students 16 and over, that matches the students with BCM faculty members. For more info, contact The Office of Diversity and Community Outreach. One Baylor Plaza, Ste. N104, Houston, TX 77030. Fax: 713.798.8449 Kara Green Ihedigbo, M.P.H. Senior Project Coordinator Phone: 713-798-8646 E-mail: TRÉ MAGAZINE 23


WORDS MATTER Islam includes the beliefs, practices, and good works in all aspects of a person’s life. ISLAM Islam is the name of a religion. In Arabic it is commonly translated as “peace through following God’s guidance.” ISLAMIC is an adjective that modifies a non-human noun, (Islamic art /architecture / beliefs, etc.) This term should not be used to refer to a person.

MUSLIM is a follower of Islam and believes in the oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad. ARAB refers to people of the Arabian Peninsula or Arabic-speaking countries; most of which are in the Middle East and North Africa. ARABIC ABJAD (or the Arabic Alphabet)

is the Arabic script as it is codified for writing the Arabic language. It is written from right to left, in a cursive style, and includes 28 letters; it is classified as an abjad.


A WAY OF LIFE: Christianity, Islam and Judaism are known as Abrahamic religions because of their common origin through Abraham. Muslims consider Ishmael, the first-born son of Abraham, to be the "Father of the Arabs" and Isaac, is "Father of the Hebrews". Christians and Jews are considered "People of the Book"; people who follow the same general teachings in relation to the worship of the One God (Tawhid) as known by Abraham.







Names are the most significant aspects of an individual’s personal identity and heritage. ISLAM CALLS ON MUSLIMS —“TO FEED THE HUNGRY, TO HELP THE AFFLICTED, TO LIGHTEN THE SORROW OF THE SORROWFUL”

— Jasiin Bey

FORMERLY MOS DEF, rooklyn-based advocate and international hip hop star Yasiin Bey (Dante Terrell Smith) is famous for his collaboration with Talib Kweli in the duo Black Star and subsequent solo work. Less famous is his decision to move forward with his music and acting careers under his new name Yasiin Bey.


As his careers have flourished, so too has his faith. His name choice reflects his increasing interest in representing himself to the outside world in a way that reflects his inner being. The name Yasiin is significant in Islam, as Yasiin is the 36th sura, or chapter, of the Qu’ran, and is referred to by many Muslims as the heart of the Qur’an, since it states the central arguments for the belief in God. “[I don’t want] to deal [any more] with having any moniker or separation

between the self that I see and know myself as.” Bey’s conversion can be attributed largely to his father and the influence of the pioneering hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Named one of the 500 most influential Muslims for 2011, Bey’s father practiced Islam and was also exposed to Islam as part of a wave of urban Afrikan-Amerikans who embraced the Islamic faith in the 1980s and 1990s. Seeing members of Tribe practicing and praying, and as Ali Shaheed Muhammad said, “just living … Islamic values, principles, and actions,” was a reminder for Bey of his childhood and the music he loved. The values of Islam were “innate in the music” of A Tribe Called Quest; through music, they were all “striving to earn the favor of the Creator in a world where you have to be mindful of the existence of the Creator.”


Is your name important to you.? What way does your name speak to your identity?



N ew

c haN c e llo r

Dr. Cesar MalDonaDo

We’re proud to introduce Cesar Maldonado, Ph.D., P.E., PMP, as the new Chancellor of Houston Community College. Dr. Maldonado brings 30 years of business experience, a strong academic pedigree, and the leadership skills to take us where our community needs us to be, both today and into the future. Welcome to a new day at HCC.

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REALITY REVOLUTIONIZED AUGMENTe TechStudio Engineers the Ultimate User-Focused Experience. There is a feeling in both business and education that mirrors the standard universe, an interconnectedness that places all of humanity and nature in one intertwined harmonious loop.

HUMAN FACTOR Holistic Media was formed for businesses based on the principle that engagement, insight and loyalty lead to the best possible business practice.

“The era of the customer experience is officially here.”

AUGMENTe Those in deep meditation have, for centuries, worked tirelessly to tap into that loop AUGMENTE TECHSTUDIO (ATS) is a leading development studio for augmented reality (AR) applications. AUGMENTe’s mission is to create the ultimate user experience with interactive and engaging technologies seizing on some of the most

recent development advancements in the world. “Make no mistake about it: our aim is to positively alter the fabric of reality itself in a way that engages and enlightens the world,” says ATS President and Lead Architect Sundar

Moorthi. “At every step of development, we consider the functionality of our products and the impact that functionality will have. We have fun at each phase, but this is serious stuff. These tools are meant to enlighten as much as they excite.”


So far, so good. AUGMENTe’s most recent application, Holistic Media, has already made incredible strides in business, developing a platform that benefits users at every stage of the sales and business process, from the highest level of corporate implementation to wholesalers, retail owners and operators, associates and consumers. The theory is set to turn business on its head; however, the practice is where things get really interesting. Holistic Media offers consumers and businesses a wide variety

of cutting edge features, including a virtual TRYON function that allows customers to literally play with individual items in a virtual sense. The application also allows users to scan any augmented print media, object or backdrop and represent that scanned object in a compact, digital format via any form of media. From there, the options are nearly limitless. Users can engage in the media and brands can better meet their needs with customized functions, such as geo-location.

BY THE NUMBERS On the back end, Holistic Media offers businesses better data than ever. Businesses can trace customers as a group as well as track individual customer experiences by determining the best possible path to the basket. Whatever customers interact with and the order in which they interact with it becomes actualized in the form of direct tracing and powerful statistical insights.


For more info, visit To experience Holistic Media yourself, download it today in the iTunes Store or on Google play! @thetremag



BY NIKALA ASANTE I am powerful. I nourish babies into men, Men into warriors, Quench the angry thirst of war With nothing more Than a gentle kiss, I am mist. I am uncompromising, yet adaptive, Unchanging change, I am rain. Erode a mountain range, Wither entire plains by denying my love; I am above, below, and everywhere. Stones that may destroy others flow through me, Shaped by my gentle touch until they cease to exist; Dams set to block me, I rise over in mist. Nothing is inaccessible to me,


I am eternal. Drink of me until you are full, Bathe in me until you are pure; In your cleansing, I remain clean. You cannot drain me. You cannot taint me. I am self-replenishing, Not diminishable, I am life, I am water. "Nikala Asante is a writer, scholar, and activist from Houston, Texas. Find her latest collection ReDivining Self: Poetry, Short Stories, and Personal Essays at or on Amazon today."


JASON DERULO JULY 26, 2014 Concert will be following the Astros vs Marlins Game

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Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox 832-647-3550

Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox


Jacqueline Wellnessis Consultant Grass Greener and the Station Museum join Reiki, Weight Loss, Wellness Consultant efforts to create a new networking experience Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi creative and business Reiki, Weight Loss, for the media, brunch! and Detox

Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi #MONDAYMORNINGMEDIAMADNESS and Detox







WELLNESSllc Jacqueline Wellness TRINITY MEDConsultant RX Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox 832-647-3550

WELLNESSllc Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reiki, Weight Loss, Tanyel Moran Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi office: (713) 874-1777 and Detox mobile: (713) 834-2618


WELLNESS llc 832-647-3550

Jacqueline Penny and the WELLNESS Magic Puffballs:

llc Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling,new Aqua Chi A wonderful book about the adventures Jacqueline and Detox Wellness Consultant of Penny and her Magic Puffballs.

Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox


832-647-3550 ounded by Secunda Joseph, Grass is Greener is a fresh, creative, tech-savvy and data-driven Jacqueline public relations agency that llc Jacqueline reflects the fusion of traditional outreach cutting-edge Wellness with Consultant ideas technically smart Reiki, and Weight Loss, strategies. Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox on social media and Focusing


Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi both media experts and those and Detox wanting coverage for their organization or events.


As those who attended the launch of this event can atest, it is a must-do experience. Seating is limited. Please RSVP at eventbrite or email Jacqueline For info., call (832) 422-7887 Wellness Consultant Studio Museum of Houston, 5011 Almeda, Houston, 77004, Reiki, Weight TX Loss,

relationship marketing, this Reiki, Weight Loss, 832-647-3550 when she wears her puffballs. is a must-attend event for Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi Join Penny as she discovers Jacqueline and Detox and Detox the magic of her llc puffballs. I WELLNESS Press Release:! Quintenz Gallery & David Floria! thought it would be great to be501 E. Dean Street (Residences at Little Nell)! Colorado 81611! 832-647-3550 able to tell832-647-3550 these girls the story Aspen, ! ! ! of Penny, a little girl like them. Contact: Txell Pedragoa, Director:! Donnett explores Perspectives of Nathaniel David Floria: dß! Jacqueline Jacqueline Jacqueline "Little girls often notice their 970.429.8666! Jacqueline ! the African American Experience. hair as one of the first areas of ! llc Wellness Consultant Wellness Consultant llc ! WrittenReiki, by Alonda Williams and difference, and seeing this as ! Jacqueline Tarry comprises new Weight Loss, Reiki, Weight Loss, ! illustrated by Tyrus Goshay this is bad can lead to a poor selfshifts in contemporary art practices ! Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi a delightful book that everyone image." says Alonda Williams. !! and media while addressing and Detox should and buy.Detox It is the whimsical "It is my hope that through this! complicated and multivalent issues Jacqueline Jacqueline 832-647-3550



story of Penny, who wanted to 832-647-3550 wear her hair “down” like all of the other girls in her class. She wondered why her friends had long straight hair and she did not. Feeling different made her feel sad. Penny’s mom assured her thatJacqueline her hair is perfect. Just because her hairConsultant is different Jacqueline Wellness from her friends hair, it didn't Reiki, Weight Loss,llc mean that it was bad. Penny's Ear Candeling, Aqua mom decides to style herChi hair in and Detox puffballs, magic puffballs and Penny learns though a series of 832-647-3550 fun adventures, that wonderful and magical things happen




book, other girls will Consultant see a bit of! Wellness 832-647-3550 themselves in Penny and enjoy!! Reiki, Weight Loss, her magic puffballs." This book !! Jacqueline Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi ! is an essential part of every girls WELLNESS llc ! ABOVE Nathaniel Donnett | How To Get library andand is sure to bring smiles Detox Rich On A Shoestring Budget | shoefor years to come. Relevance!

of race, community, and power. Wellness Consultant

Reiki, Weight Any discussion of raceLoss, in Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi America—even one focusing on representation—is and Detox not just about images. It is about human bodies strings, plastic on paper bags | 80 x 98! PERSPECTIVES OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE! that are informed by notions of On View: June 27, 2014 – September 8 , 2014! 832-647-3550 832-647-3550 Opening ASPEN, Reception: Nathaniel Donnett | Friday, June 27, 2014 | 6:00PM!ethnicity rooted in a specific COLORADO Quintenz Jacqueline Reception and Artist Lecture: Derrick Adams | July 15, 2014 | 6:00pm! Gallery (970-429-8666) presents time and place. It is about the Jacqueline Wellness Consultant Reception and Artist Lecture: McCallum & Tarry | August 7, 2014 | 6:00pm! OrganizedRelevance, by Sharon and John Hoffman with Shelly Glasser! an exhibition of four public and private interactions Reiki, Weight Loss, llc artists’ interpretation of the between these bodies and how Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi ongoing and evolving narrative they coexist. And, it is about and is Detox that the Afrikan-Amerikan and how such realities impact the American experience. Artwork distribution of power within social Jacqueline Jacqueline 832-647-3550 by Nathaniel Donnett, Derrick areas we navigate daily, from the Wellness Consultant Wellness Adams, and Bradley McCallum & interpersonal to theConsultant geopolitical. Jacqueline Nathaniel Donnett | How To Get Rich On A Shoestring Budget | shoestrings, plastic on paper bags | 80 x 98!


Reiki, Weight Loss, WELLNESS llc

28 TRÉ MAGAZINE Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox


Reiki, Weight Loss, Ear Candeling, Aqua Chi and Detox


”Nothing will work unless you do.” Maya Angelou

Rasmus teaches by example and shows how to elevate one’s need to love and be loved.


BOOKS 2 BUY ”The final measure of the greatness of all peoples is the amount and standard of the literature and art they have produced.” ~ James Weldon Johnson

NOAH’S WALK By Nekisha Pickney and Noah Rattler As an example of the power and energy that

one person can excite, author Nekisha Pickney and first-time author Noah Rattler bring you Noah’s Walk, a children’s book designed to encourage children to be empathetic members of their own communities and to take initiative in serving others. The book was inspired by Noah Rattler’s historic 1800 mile walk to raise awareness for homelessness.


AMERICAN BY CHOICE By Farouk Shami Farouk Shami is an immigrant who came to America with $71, became a US Citizen and is now living the American dream. His story takes you from early childhood and the devastating affects of war, to the quest for a better life. Stricken by illness due to harmful chemicals in his industry, Shami was committed to find solutions and revolutionized the industry. His life reflects his committment to environment,

education and ethics. He is the true definition of perseverance and his incredible life’s journey is a must read.

LOVE.PERIOD.: WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS By Rudy Rasmus Beyonce Knowles’ pastor shows that it’s all about Love. Period. Pastor Rudy Rasmus has co-led St. John’s Methodist Church with his wife, Juanita, for more than twenty years. Together, and with love, St. Johns to grown to over 9,000members (over 3,000 were homeless) and one of the most economical and culturally diverse congregations in the world.

By Heru Nekhet Inside these pages, you will discover how you can protect yourself from financial disaster and posiition yourself to profit from the wealth of new opportunities and global economic change. The methods we use to create wealth must change along with the times. Learn how to think like a global investor/entreprenuer as Nekhet reveals his personal success techniques and teaches you how you can climb out of the ashes and find new ways to prosper in the new economy. insidersgroup. com TRÉ MAGAZINE 29




Burton transforms KBR Building Group outreach as Director of Community Affairs and Diversity

Garland Burton

Director of Diversity and Community Affairs

Pictured left to right: Ron Sebastian, Garland Burton, Gloria Shealey (The Daniele Company), Greg Blinston, Mac Carpenter, Phil Southerland Sandra Ramirez (Honda), Kazutoshi Oi (Honda), Carter Whitley The Daniele Company Tim Parker, and Brandon Fair.

KBR Building Group is teamed with minority-owned general contractor firm, The Daniele Company of Durham, North Carolina to construct new facility for Honda Aircraft Company. KBR Building Group completed construction of a $20 million award-winning, state-of-the-art production facility for Honda Aircraft Company, located adjacent to Honda Aircraft Company’s world headquarters at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, N.C. The 260,000-square-foot HondaJet facility was a finalist for Project of the Year in the prestigious awards program sponsored by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of the Carolinas. It was subsequently recognized in ABC’s national awards program. “We are extremely proud to have The Daniele Company as our collaborative partner on the Honda MRO Project,” said Garland Burton, KBR Building

Group’s Director / Community Affairs and Diversity. “Our vision, team chemistry, and goals are very similar. As an emerging construction management firm in North Carolina (and one of the few owned by a woman or minority), Gloria Shealey realized early on that building a staff experienced in a wide variety of project types was critical to her firm’s sustainability and growth. Likewise, KBR Building Group has long recognized the value of collaboration as a mechanism by which smaller local firms gain access to larger, more complex project assignments.” Burton went on to say, “Through new experiential opportunities made available on increasingly complex projects, KBR seeks to expand the capabilities and foster the longterm viability of small, local, and minority businesses. This, in turn, fosters job creation, creates future service providers in the local market, and expands contributors to regional and U.S.GDP.”

KBR, Inc. is a global engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power, industrial, and commercial markets in more than 70 countries worldwide.

in theatres now

Based in Houston, Texas, KBR prides itself on the talent, dedication and hard work of more than 27,000 employees and was ranked 280 on the 2012 Fortune 500 annual ranking of America’s largest corporations,





THE A-FEST PURPOSE: • Recognize the vines that connect all humankind together • Expose root causes of multiple conflicts and offers systems of reconciliation and healing • Create an electrifying experience of art, cultural exposure and entertainment • Bring little known history to life


• Provide inner empowerment for local businesses and the niche market encompassing autochthonous peoples • Teach people to be themselves by providing tangible and intellectual tools

A-Fest seeks your support to expand and reunite the world with its first people. Extended knowledge of self, wellness, spirit, genealogy and autochthonous cultural business is realized at A-Fest ’14. #unite #truth


nder the umbrella of nonprofit organization Think Peace International, the A-Fest welcomes you to participate in this year’s third annual event highlighting identity and contributions of the world’s first peoples. This event entitled A-Fest was the brain child of U.S. Navy Veteran, Art Institute of Houston Adjunct faculty graphic arts Instructor, versatile performing artist Danny A. AsberryEl who performed Moorish-dance for the Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Asberry-El, has a unique genealogy himself and wanted to design an

event that would bring awareness of the world’s first peoples, their longstanding contributions and cross cultural viability. The “A” in A-fest represents the word Autochthonous (to sprout from the land) and “Fest” relates to the celebration highlighting identity and contributions of the world’s first peoples. The idea was to create a nexus of history, wellness, music, art, law, organic marketing and compassionate study as it relates to human beings. In 2014, the A-Fest has exceeded the status of a simple history and art festival into a place-making platform that produces a creative economy and vast cultural industry.


o Reach towards the community to understand that we all come from the first peoples. o Focus on the International Day of Peace each September 21st

The A-Fest has grown into an incubator of Autochthonous Arts and cultural enterprise. This year the people have spoken and the festival will be held on September 21st, 2014—the International Day of Peace. In 1981 The United Nations General Assembly brought forth recognition of this day as a way to strengthen relations between peoples. On this day in 2014, everyone who wants to learn how to be authentic in their lives, both culturally and spiritually, should attend together with your assistance we can mobilize the public’s will to have what they seek and support the cause of the A-Fest.

o Mobilize public to to build generational health and wealth o Provide opportunities of professionalism o Create windows for franchise efforts and largescale attention via social media, interaction and organic marketing. o Provide a family-friendly atmosphere o Expose the importance of elder and youth relationships


Help the A-Fest to reach its $6,000 Fundraising goal! Reunite with earth’s first people & your connectivity to humanity no matter your background. Let us make possible an event that heals nations! TRÉ MAGAZINE 31



A RAISIN IN THE SUN Running since March 2014 Denzel Washington stars in Lorraine Hansberry’s classic drama about the struggles facing three generations of an African American family. Winner of 3 Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Play.

ART RELEVANCE JUN 27-SEPT 8 Aspen. An exhibition of contemporary art practices & media while addressing complicated & multivalent issues of race, community, & power! Nathaniel Donnett

The world is yours.There are an array of activities FESTIVALS and events for A-FEST / THINK PEACE INTERNATIONAL you to enjoy in SEPT 21, 11AM-5 your home city. Use this list as a guide. Then, upload your pics Enjoy a kaleido@thetremag Houston. scope of fun on the #travel #yolo International Day of Peace. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. House of Dereon Media Center, 1505 Hadley Street, Houston, TX 77003. 713.256.8490



18th ANNUAL AMERICAN BLACK FILM FEST JUN 19-22 New York. The festival is a amazing and attracts approx. 20,000 attendees, from 17 countries around the world BET EXPERIENCE FILM FESTIVAL JUNE 27-29 Los Angeles. The BET Experience at L.A. Live - it’s all in one place, all in one weekend, and it’s all for you. ESSENCE FEST JULY 4 New Orleans. “The party with a purpose”, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Essence; It is the largest event celebrating Afrikan-Amerikan culture and music in the US.

SCHOMBURG CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN BLACK CULTURE: SUMMER EDUCATION INSTITUTE JULY 14-18 New York. Black History 360°: Enjoy a weeklong professional development series: This year’s themes include: Freedom Summer 1964; American Maroons and Resistance to Slavery; The Motown Sound: A Voice for Freedom; The History of Education in New York City; Book Arts and the African American Experience; The Civil Rights Act of 1964; HipHop History; Abolitionism in Brooklyn; and more. For schedule: (917) 275-6975



JUNE 29 Houston Mike Clark and associates host town talks and lecture with Dr. Umar Johnson and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing at the Shrine of the Black Madonna AUGUST 24 Houston Join My Haley, (widow of Alex Haley) and author of “The Treason of Mary Louvestre”, as Morris Parsons, Paris Eley, and KCOH radio host an intimate dialogue with author. Eden Event Center


ENTERTAINMENT BILL COSBY: FAR FROM FINISHED JAN 24, 2015 Houston. Join Bill Cosby for one night at Jones Hall. Enjoy one of America’s most beloved comedians of all time, who has captivated generations of fans. (713) 224-7575 MARK DRAMA MINISTRY varies Multi-City. Join Minister Kenneth Foster performs the Book of Mark. This powerful play is not soon to be forgotten. To request show contact (832) 287-0463 or (832) 723-1772


Prevention Workshop Rodney F Byrd Funeral Home, 2517 Wheeler st., 77004, 10:00am to 2:00pm. Parents please attend. POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS.. Please be advised these presentations will be very graphic in nature. TOPIC: Domestic Violence, Rape, Bullying, 832-657-2513 Support via GOFundMe


PAUL MOONEY & DICK GREGORY MAY 24 Atlanta The Godfathers of Comedy join forces for a night of hilarious, edgy political comedy that will make you laugh while you think.

HIDDEN COLORS 3: THE RULES OF RACISM In theatres NOW The highly anticipated documentary film Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism will be in select theaters around the country on June 26-27, 2014. Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism was directed by Tariq Nasheed and features: Dr. Umar Johnson • Paul Mooney, Nas • Dr. Frances Cress Welsing ,Dick Gregory • David Banner, George Fraser and more!


KNOW YOUR STATUS JULY 26. GAME 6PM Join Jason Derulo as he brings awareness to HIV. Ticket will grant admission to the Astros v. Marlins Game and the Jason Derulo concert immediately following the game.


HEALTHCARE EVENTS ENROLL AMERICA events/ Affordable health insurance is here! Get Covered America is here to make sure you know your new health insurance options.Find and sign up to attend a local event near you! ENROLLMENT Pasadena, TX NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER CLEVELAND-RIPLEY Back-to-school fair Aug 5, 8:00 AM Khakis and Collars Aug 9, 8:00 AM Houston, TX AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION EXPO JUL 26, 9:00 AM Reliant Center There will be health screenings, cooking demonstrations, exercise demonstrations, and hear from health professionals in English & Spanish.

WORLD Café The World Café is a public forum designed to highlight global issues and raise Houstonians’ awareness of their impact on our community. Enjoy a complimentary coffee bar and thought-provoking dialogue at this series co-sponsored by the Houston Public Library and the United Nations Association.

The Heart of Houston: Lessons in Servant Leadership Thursday, August 21, 2014 | 6 PM – 8 PM Julia Ideson Building | 1st Floor Auditorium 550 McKinney St., 77002 Houston has been known by many monikers since its founding in 1836, but one of the most profound characteristics of this energetic, diverse and positive city is its open, giving heart. With essays collected by Larry Payne and a foreword by Dr. Stephen L. Klineberg, Sociology Professor and Co-Director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University, The Heart of Houston (Bright Sky Press, 2013) explores ways in which sustainable governance and personal transformation can be achieved for organizations and individuals alike. Hear from men and women across the broad spectrum of Houston’s sectors in an inspiring roundtable discussion on this reflective community-building principle. Book signing to follow presentation. Laurence “Larry” J. Payne is host and producer of Dialogue Houston, a community affairs program on HCC-TV, CH19; and the host of Interchange a talk show on Public Radio 90.1 FM KPFT. He serves his beloved Houston through work on behalf of numerous organizations. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please visit or call 832-393-1313. UNA-Houston Chapter

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SPEAKING THE LANGUAGE The number of unique, individual languages listed for Belize is 8. All are living languages.


With a long Caribbean coast, Belize is located between Guatemala to the west and south and Mexico to the north BELIZE Like Guatemala and Mexico, this natural wonder was settled for thousands of years before the colonial slave-trade of the 16th century by the Mayan people and early ancient world-travelers.

5. Maya, MopĂĄn: Toledo,

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1. Belize Kriol Dialect:


Belize city; rural villages; 5IF%FšOJUJWF7PJDFPG)PVTUPO¹T5IJSE8BSE


national language. 3. Garifuna: Dangriga, Stann creek and Toledo along the coast. 4.XXXUIFUSFNBHDPN Kekchí: (CacchÊ, Ketchí, Quecchí) Mayan, Yucatecan-Core Mayan, K’ichean

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Stann creek, and Cayo districts. 6. Maya, Yucatec: Cayo District, San Antonio and Succoths. Possibly in districts near the Mexico border. 7. Plautdietsch: Indo-European, Germanic, West, Low Saxon-Low Franconian, Low Saxon, Christian. 8. Spanish: Northern and western districts; scattered throughout the country.

The economic push to tourism and away from producing agricultural products (sugar, banana, and oranges) has driven up unemployment and plagued the urban communities.

exploring the lush jungles with exotic plants and animals, deep sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving in the Caribbean sea and visiting the sacred Mayan temples.

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Yet, the spirit of the people still flourishes. Mayan decendents remain a vibrant part of Belize’s people and culture. Visitors can enjoy world-class attractions such as







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BOLD MEN TRUE FASHION REINVENTED. #SWAG THE COLORED RUNWAY Can racial disparity on the runway create a fabulous platform for designers and models of color?


shift is happening on the runways of New York and Paris. As major designers ignore and choose to not utilize models and designers of color, a new and refreshing marketplace is blooming. Designers who appreciate men and women of color are creating a fresh and edgy

style that resonates with the global community and speak to independent men and women who are young at heart. Advocates such as Naomi Campbell, Bethan Hardison and Iman are championing the glaring disparity. But these men designers are finding customers around the world, and a thriving industry is growing around them.



OZWALD BOATENG Boateng is the creator of Savile Row menswear brand known for fusing traditional skills in tailoring and expert cutting with a contemporary aesthetic. Boateng is an English fashion designer of Ghanaian descent, known for his trademark twist on classic British tailoring and bespoke style. He is the visionary Co-founder for the Made in Africa Foundation Co-Founder and recently launched Africa50 Fund, with the mission to lift 200 Million Africans out of Poverty. @myfutureafrica






Designer: Rodney Emeka Lagos, Nigeria

Designer: Ozwald Boateng London, United Kingdom

Designer: Kenneth Flanagan New York, New York/Washington DC

Designer: Dean and Dan Caten Catenacci, Canada





Designer: (family owned) Mantua, Italy / Milan

Designer: Thomas Meyer Ibiza, Spain / Barcelona

Designer: Ian Audiffen Nigeria

Designer: Emmy Collins London, United Kingdon

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TOTAL TIME: 1 HRS 45 MINS Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 1 hrs 30 mins


West African Red Beans: A southern tradition finds it roots. INGREDIENTS 1 cup dried pinto bean, picked over 1 1/4 cups onions, chopped, divided 1/4 cup peanut oil (or vegetable oil)

1 cup canned whole tomatoes, drained and chopped 1 tbs tomato paste 1 large garlic clove, minced

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp white pepper 1 tsp salt

DIRECTIONS 1 Soak the beans overnight in 2 quarts of water. OR you could quick soak them by putting the beans into a heavy pot and cover with 2 quarts of water, bring to a boil and boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let the beans soak, uncovered for 1 hour.

Chicken, Boudin, Sausage and much more!

2 Bring the pot of soaked beans to a boil, then reduce the heat to low. Add 1/4 C of the onion and simmer, partly covered, about 1 hour, or until the beans are tender but not mushy. Drain the beans and set them aside. 3 In a large skillet, heat the oil until it is hot but not smoking. Saute the remaining cup of onions until soft and translucent but not brown. Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic, cayenne pepper, white pepper and salt. Stirring frequently, simmer the mixture until most of the liquid has evaporated. Stir in the beans and cook, uncovered, for about 5 to 10 minutes, stirring frequently. It can be be also served over potatoes or rice.


FROM THE BEGINNING In the 1600s, African slaves were brought to the United States, along with their food and styles of cooking. They brought okra, sesame seeds, peanuts, black-eyed peas, and rice. Using these foods, they introduced new recipes to the existing American dishes.

Hm. (713) 529-2517

Cell (713)501-1529

JOHN D. JACKSON, SR Handgun Instructor P.O. Box 1781, Houston, Tx 77251 Instructor # 00005501 CHL & NRA Personal Instructor





GET YOURS! How To Have Everything You Ever Dreamed Of And More! Amy DuBois Barnett is a testament to commitment, creativity and innovation. She is the daughter of Marguerite Ross Barnett who was the the first woman and first Afrikan-Amerikan to serve as president of the University of Houston. Yet, just as Marguerite Barnett engaged and transformed community, her daughter Amy transforms our spirit and her new book shows urban women how to achieve their wildest dreams…today, this year and for the rest of their lives! Amy DuBois Barnett has lived what some people would consider a charmed life. Amy studied fashion in New York City and literature in Dublin, received a master’s degree in creative writing, authored a book and became the first Afrikan-Amerikan woman to lead a major mainstream consumer magazine as

editor-in-chief of Teen People., Honey, Harper’s Bazaar and recently was the editor of Ebony, And, those are just a few of her accomplishments. Sadly, life is no crystal stair. At 22 she lost her mother and was devestated, battled depression for over a year; yet Amy had to choose to redefine her purpose and redefine her life. Her success and independence, she said, is the “final gift” from her mother, “It took losing her for me to figure out what her real lessons in life were for me,” Amy said. “I realized..she was not coming to save me. “I truly understood for the first time in my life no matter how much somebody loves you, they can’t crawl into your skin and live your life for you …They can’t make you happy.” GET YOURS is a powerful guide that gives all women the tools they need to discover their passion, create their purpose and live an adventurous and fulfilling lives. Her new book is available at bookstores or visit www.

ABOVE Scholars from the UH African-American Studies (AAS) Program’s 45th anniversary celebration and annual scholarship banquet honoring the legacy of Mrs. Marguerite Ross Barnett (May 21, 1942 – February 26, 1992)

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