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TH E A DV E N T U R E Z ONE Graphic Novel Live ! Cl in t M c El r oy G r i f f i n M c El r oy Ju stin M c El r oy T r av i s M c El r oy Ca r e y p i eTs c h W ith S p ec i a l G uests * JEAN G RAE LIN - M ANU EL M IRAN DA Pau l & Sto r m M ARY W IS EM AN *subject to change*

97 Years! THE TOWN HALL 123 W 43rd st nyc LARRY ZUCKER, Executive Director M.A. PAPPER, Artistic Director JEFF MANN, Marketing Director BILL DEHLING, Technical Director CARL ACAMPORA, Production Manager SAM MORRIS, Publicity LEIA-LEE DORAN, Designer ALEX KOVEOS, Digital Media Manager




T H E A DV E N T U R E Z O N E Gr a ph i c Nov e l Live !

The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel Live! features the entire creative team behind the graphic novel: Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, and Carey Pietsch. At this live show, your ticket to the show gets you a copy of THE ADVENTURE ZONE: HERE THERE BE GERBLINS graphic novel and each copy will be signed by one of the McElroys! The live show will include a conversation with the whole team about the graphic novel and a live “reading” of an excerpt from the new comic, featuring special guests playing your favorite NPCs. Run time: approximately 1.5 hours

3 | @TownHallNYC


Meet the McElroys! Clint was born first, which recent studies have shown is the best procedure for fathers and sons. Justin came along twenty-five years later, two weeks late, actually, which caused his mother, Leslie, some consternation and more than a little back pain. Three years to the day (yes, the very day) Travis came along, forever ruining Justin’s birthday, at least according to Justin. The decision was made to not have a third child born on November 8th, so Griffin arrived three-and-a-half years later on April 17th. There followed this decade and that, during which there was a lot of school, theater, broadcasting, video games, moving around the country and various and sundry monkeyshines. Then came a time for fewer monkeyshines, so a ton of marriages happened and people were added to the family branch. In the midst of all this begetting, podcasts began springing up in even greater abundance and their names were My brother My brother and Me (which spawned a popular tv show), sawbones, shmanners, rosebuddies, and a farcical romp called The Adventure Zone.

Carey Pietsch is a cartoonist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her previous work includes drawing two arcs of the Lumberjanes series and the artwork for the Mages of Mystralia webcomic. Carey is also the author of Keepsakes and other original comics about magic and empathy. Along with brightening her workdays, The Adventure Zone got her to join a D&D campaign, where she’s currently playing a dragonborn sorceror who cares too much about romance novels. @TownHallNYC | 4


Three masterful genre-benders and the leading virtuosos on their respective instruments, banjo, tabla and double bass.

TICKETS Available at and the town hall box office (M-S 12-6pm) 5 | @TownHallNYC

L O O K I N G F O R A R E S TA U R A N T ? Town Hall Patrons are welcome at:

 123 W 44th St  (212) 354-4148 

 142 W 44th St  (212) 944-3643 

CAFÉ UN DEUX TROIS Cavernous, cacophonous space: soaring ceiling, colossal columns, faux-antiqued walls, distressed mirrors and trompe l’oeil murals - one of the hottest after-theater hangouts on Broadway. While waiting for a menu, grab a crayon--supplied with the butcher paper tablecloths--and draw.

OSTERIA AL DOGE A little Milanese, a little Venetian and a lot of fish and pasta. Try the swordfish carpaccio, antipasto spread or luscious pastasz


 132 W. 43rd St  (917) 565-9044   127 W 43rd St  (646) 366-0235 

HEARTLAND BREWERY & CHOPHOUSE Voted best brew pub by New York Magazine, and a NY Daily Press People’s Choice Award Winner. Widely known for brewing unique handcrafted beer, Heartland also wins accolades for freshly prepared food and specialties like handmade soda. Cozy décor, friendly staff, and seasonal menu items and beers make each visit to Heartland a mouthwatering and memorable experience.

 120 W 44th St  (212) 997-7258 

SAJU BISTRO Saju Bistro breaks the midtown monotony. Retreat into a modern, elegant oasis for a culinary alternative. The well designed menu will make your pre-theatre, post-theatre experience feel like a trip to St. Tropez en Provence.

BURGER & LOBSTER The name says it all! Hailed by the likes of the New York Times, Business Insider, Zagat, Inside Hook and BroadwayWorld, the visually eye-popping restaurant is all about serving the best burgers and lobster rolls, in various enticing iterations - including The B&L featuring any two lobster rolls, any two burgers, two one-pound lobsters, unlimited fries, unlimited salad, any three sauces and four specialty cocktails or a bottle of Cava, is an instant party for up to four and makes any Town Hall outing especially memorable.

 147 W 43rd St  (212) 221-0100 

TONY’S DI NAPOLI Captures the essence of Authentic Old NY Italian cuisine with its ambiance, decor, great value and delicious home-style recipes in platters that comfortably satisfy 2-3 hungry diners. Individual plates are also available. @TownHallNYC | 6

T H E T O W N H A L L F O U N DAT I O N The Town Hall’s mission is to provide affordable world-class entertainment by new and established artists to a diverse audience; to inspire the youth of our community to appreciate and participate in the arts at The Town Hall and in schools through our Educational Outreach Program; and to preserve and enhance The Town Hall as a historic landmark venue for the enjoyment and cultural enrichment of generations to come.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES President Tom M. Wirtshafter

President Emeritus Marvin Leffler

Vice President Alfred H. Horowitz Vice President Bruce S. Leffler

Executive Vice President Susan Zohn

Treasurer Andrew T. Miltenberg

Trustees Phyllis Putter Barasch Robert E. Evanson Anne Frank-Shapiro Alfred H. Horowitz Stephen C. Jacobs Henry Johansson Ted Lambert Bruce S. Leffler Marvin Leffler Andrew T. Miltenberg Rita Robbins Madhu Southworth Nevin Steinberg Tom Wirtshafter Susan Zohn

Secretary Phyllis Putter Barasch

LIFE TRUSTEES Leona Chanin Eugene J.T. Flanagan Claire G. Miller

THE TOWN HALL STAFF Executive Director Lawrence C. Zucker Artistic Director M.A. Papper Director of Administration, Subscriptions & Membership Helen Morris Director of Development Jacqueline Maddox Digital Media Manager Alex Koveos Development Associate Carman Napier Art & Design Leia-lee Doran

7 | @TownHallNYC

Advisory Council Kathleen Rosenberg, Chair Nancy Berman Shauna Denkensohn Sandy Horowitz Fern Hurst Elizabeth Iannizzi Claire Miller Zita Rosenthal Rhoda Rothkopf Arts in Education Advisory Council Dr. Charlotte K. Frank, Chair Michael Fram Dr. Sharon Dunn Gary Hecht Ernest Logan Dr. Lisa Mars Dr. Eloise Messineo Dr. Pola Rosen Leona Shapiro Manuel Urena George Young Marketing Director Jeff Mann Program Manager Sara Minisquero Administrative Assistant Britni Montalbano


The photographing or sound recording of any performance or the possession of any device for such photographing or sound recording inside the theatre without the written permission of the management is prohibited by law. Violators may be punished by ejection and violations may render the offender liable for monetary damages.


The exit indicated by a red light and sign nearest to the seat you occupy is the shortest route to the street. In the event of fire or other emergency please do not run, WALK TO THAT EXIT. Thoughtless persons annoy patrons and endanger the safety of others by lighting matches or smoking in prohibited areas during the performances and intermissions. This violates a city ordinance and is punishable by law. -FIRE COMMISSIONER


Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 5 pm, for rental & membership info

BOX OFFICE: 212.840.2824

Mon-Sat 12 noon to 6pm. 24/7 Recording

TICKETMASTER: 800.982.2787

to charge tickets by


Cell phones should be silenced prior to the performance as a courtesy to the performers and audience. Lobby Refreshment by Theatre Refreshment Company of NY

Chief Engineer Steve Franqui Box Office Manager Angel Rodriguez House Manager Richard Looney

Connect @TownHallNYC

Technical Director Bill Dehling 123 W 43RD ST NYC | THETOWNHALL.ORG

M A J O R G I F T S , C O R P O R AT E , F O U N DAT I O N & G O V E R N M E N T S U PP O R T This program is supported, in part, by public funds from The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with The City Council. We would like to thank the following foundations, corporations, and government institutions for their support: Acción Cultural Española The Achelis and Bodman Foundation

John Gore/Key Brand Entertainment William T. Grant Foundation

The Actors Fund

The Hearst Foundations, Inc.

Affiliated Advisors

The Hurst Foundation

Apple Inc.

Israel Consulate

Bank of America

Jewish Communal Fund

Bruce Weber and Nan Bush Foundation

JP Morgan Chase

Cohn Foundation Consolidated Edison Company of New York Council Member Daniel Garodnick Daryl and Steven Roth Foundation Robert Evanson Ford Foundation Dr. Charlotte K. Frank Garber Atlas Fries & Associates Anne and Gordon Getty Foundation

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council New York State Council on the Arts Henry Nias Foundation Office of the President, Borough of Manhattan, Gale A. Brewer The Pinkerton Foundation

Jujamcyn Theaters

Pamela and Richard Rubinstein Foundation

Edythe Kenner Foundation

Pricewaterhouse Cooper

Lewis QVC Trust

The Rudin Foundation

Local One

The Shubert Foundation

S&P Global

The Shubert Organization, Inc.

Mex-Am Cultural Foundation

Theatre Refreshments

Morgan Stanley


Nederlander Organization

Joyce and George Wein Foundation, Inc.

Nelson Foundation Nesenoff & Miltenberg, LLP

Wenner Foundation Zegar Family Foundation

T H E T O W N H A L L ’ S YO U N G PAT R O N S C I R C L E Join the next generation of Town Hall supporters! Town Hall’s Young Patrons Circle is a special membership group, ages 21-40, that engages in social and educational activities through exciting events, performances, and programming. We are brought together by a shared love of the arts, a deep interest in social change, civic engagement, and a desire to become part of a growing group of like-minded individuals that support Town Hall. For more information about the Young Patrons Circle, please contact Jacquie Maddox, Director of Development -

TOUR THE HISTORIC TOWN HALL Town Hall has played an integral part in the electrifying cultural fabric of New York City for more than 90 years. A group of Suffragists’ fight for the 19th Amendment led them to build a meeting space to educate people on the important issues of the day. During its construction, the 19th Amendment was passed, and on January 12, 1921 The Town Hall opened its doors and took on a double meaning: as a symbol of the victory sought by its founders, and as a spark for a new, more optimistic climate. In 1921, German composer Richard Strauss performed a series of concerts that cemented the Hall’s reputation as an ideal venue for musical performances. Since, Town Hall has been home to countless musical milestones: The US debuts of Strauss, and Isaac Stern; Marian Anderson’s first New York recital; in 1945, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker introduced bebop to the world; Bob Dylan’s first major concert in ‘63; and much much more. Learn more. Visit

@TownHallNYC | 8

S U S T A I N I N G M E MB E R S Mr. & Mrs. Louis Aidala* Emerson Allen* Sofia Annunziata Sylvia Atkins** Phyllis Barasch** Justine Barrett William Beck Lori Benton Howard Berman** Jane Bram* Patricia Brown & Steve Rifkind* Collin Burns* Ralph Buultjens** Alexander & Karen Callender* Elinor & Ian Ceresney* Leona Chanin** Dr. Stuart Chassen* Gloria & Irwin Cohen* Penny & Marvin Cohen* Leah Cooper William Costigan Trina DasGupta* Shauna & Michael Denkensohn* Sharon Dunn & Harvey Zirofsky Robert Dwyer* Betty W. Ellerin* Robert E. Evanson** Scott Evenbeck** Hazel & Russel Fershleiser** Caryl Field Carol Foti Dr. Charlotte Frank & Marvin Leffler** Matthew Frank** Michael & Anne Frank-Shapiro* Bobby Freeman Adrienne Frosch* Goldfarb & Fleece** Dori Fromer & Harley Frank* Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC** David Fuchs*

Carmen Gaito Yvette Geary & Robert Astrowsky* Kathleen Germann Michele Gerstel Matthew Ginsburg*

Andrew Miltenberg** Nobuko Narita* Dorinda J. Oliver** Catherine Patterson Catherine Randolph*

Goldfarb & Fleece** Roanne Goldfein Barbara Gottlieb* Patricia Green** Agnes Gund** Fran & Richard Habib* Jill & Martin Handelsman* Priscilla H. Hoffman* Sandy & Alfred Horowitz* Fern Hurst & Peter Rubin** Anne Marie Iannizzi* Dr. Elizabeth Iannizzi** Adam Idleberg* Stephen C. Jacobs** Todd Jick* Henry Johansson* Robert Kaufman* Patti Kenner** Eric Krasnoff* Paul Kronish* John Kuehn Susan Lampard* Jacqueline & Bruce Leffler** Karin & Marc Leffler* Ivy Beth Lewis, The IV Fund** Daniel R. Lewis** Jay L & Robin K. Lewis** Paul & Florence Rowe Libin** Erica & Paul Linthorst* Local One, IATSE* Arthur Loeb Foundation* Colleen Lynch Carol Marks & Tom Wirtshafter** Karl Marquardt Pamela Milam* Paul Miles**

Rita Robbins** Elaine Roman Rhoda Rothkopf** Jeffrey Rosen Kathleen Rosenberg** Zita Rosenthal* Lynda & Robert Safron** Reshma Saujani Roberta Schechter* Roberta Schleicher* Howard Schliff Alan Shabot* Patricia M. & Brian T. Shea** Victor & Susan Shedlin** Sumana Setty Constance Silver* Shamina Singh* Kimberly A. Smith** Madhu Southworth* Paige Price & Nevin Steinberg** Judy & Michael Steinhardt** Sudeepta Varma Lawrence Unger** Daniel Wacks* Susan Wayne* George Wein* Weston Wellington* Nancy Whitson-Rubin Christine Williams Matt Howard & Melissa Wohlgemuth* Robert F. Wright** John Zapolski* David Zaza Zegar Family Foundation** Susan Zohn**

*$500-999 **$1,000 +

YO U N G PAT R O N S C I R C L E Julia Bates Kevin Costello Felipe Dieppa Jenna Clark Embrey Kate Estes* *Young Patrons Circle Executive Committee 9 | @TownHallNYC

Mark Andrew Garner* Edward Garrity* Katherine McCollom Gregory Minogue* Joseph Reigadas*

Jaclyn Rothenberg* Margaret Schultzberg Jonathan Tulman* Veronica Underhill Benjamin Wirtshafter*






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Bank of America applauds The Town Hall for bringing the arts to all When members of the community support the arts, they help inspire and enrich everyone. Artistic diversity can be a powerful force for unity, creating shared experiences and a desire for excellence. Bank of America recognizes The Town Hall for its success in bringing the arts to performers and audiences throughout our community. Visit us at Life’s better when we’re connected® ©2018 Bank of America Corporation | SPN-126-AD | ARMWTPSR

The Adventure Zone | Graphic Novel Live!  
The Adventure Zone | Graphic Novel Live!