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This summer, treat yourself and your family to a relaxing Staycation at one of our luxury villas. Here are some of our FAQs to help you get started.

We know that you and others in your group may have lots of questions. You can contact us directly with any questions you have regarding the process but we have also compiled the following list that hopefully tackles your most pressing ones and will let you get on with the fun part of looking at the best in class Holiday Homes in our portfolio. For questions related to COVID-19 please see our page dedicated specifically to your concerns here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is there a minimum night stay? Yes. Minimum night stays with maximum enjoyment! Stays range from 2 to 5 nights. See our list of properties here and the corresponding minimum nights.

2. Can I bring visitors? Yes. Choose your faves. As Bajans we love to entertain but this is restricted to a maximum of 50% of the max occupancy of the property. For example, a 3 bedroom home with a max of 6 persons can entertain an additional 3 people. Like Cinderella, visitors must vacate the property by midnight. We can't promise you a prince/princess, however.

3. Can I have an event or party at the villa? Lights, camera, and... easy on the action, please.We're happy to fulfill your needs but you will need to party responsibly (unlike Cinderella.) When our guests are happy, we are too. Let us know your plans so we can guide you accordingly. Need a pumpkin?

4. Is there an additional cost for an event or party? Any entertaining over the additional 50% of max occupancy will be subject to approval and an event fee equal to a minimum of one night’s rental depending on your event. We'd hate to cut your fun before the grand finale but any guests found to be breaching these rules will be asked to vacate the property without refund.

5. How many people can stay / sleep in the villa? The maximum occupancy rules are quite strict. Your health & safety is important to us. A rule of thumb is double occupancy per bedroom - with few exceptions. For example, a 3 bedroom villa can have 6 people, a 2 bedroom villa can have 4 people.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Cont'd

6. Is breakfast or other meals included in rates? Remember these are vacation homes, not hotels with restaurants. Some of the villas include fantastic cook and chef services but at an additional cost and oh so worth it. For any villas that don’t include cook or chef service, we can add it at a cost! Come kick your feet up and let someone else do the cooking for a change.

7. Do I have to pay a security deposit? Yes. This is standard just like a hotel that would take at least a credit card for potential damage. Security deposit may be reduced for stays less than 5 nights. There are several options. You can provide us with cash, we’ll hold and return, pinky swear. Use credit card preauthorization or wire funds to us which we’ll return back to you. If you're having an event you may not want to invite the friend that always breaks things. Your pockets will thank you.

8. Can we get day passes to the villas? Unfortunately no. Day passes are not offered at this time. Think of it as traveling without traveling, spend at least 3 days or more, and give yourself a holiday enjoying this fantastic place we call home. Tag us @blueskyluxury on your IG


Hey there, don't forget! Staycation rates will not show online but once you have found the available property contact our team to make your booking at experts@blueskyluxury.com


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Blue SKy Luxury Staycation  

Blue SKy Luxury Staycation