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Issue 90 / February 2017

Duha Al-Ramadhan

A jewelry enthusiast with a heart of gold








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Issue 90 / February 2017

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Duha Al-Ramadhan

A jewelry enthusiast with a heart of gold

On the cover: Duha Al-Ramadhan wears Céline. Photographed by Creative Director Yousif Abdulsaid. February 2017 the talk - page 12

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letter/ In the words of Galileo Galilei, “Passion is the genesis of genius,” something that rings true with every single story that we have covered in this issue. From Duha Al Ramadhan’s search for signature jewelry to Sohpie’s hunt for her homeland, Iran, in the White Sands of New Mexico, this issue is a collective of people who not only had a dream, but went after this dream with everything they had. Also featured in this issue is the story of three young entrepreneurs that go by the name Yalwah, whose passion is to realize others’ dreams. These super-heroes of weddings have their heart set on turning their clients’ dream wedding to realities. This letter, dear reader, would be incomplete, if we didn’t thank you, for your continued love and support, the two things that fuel our passion to bring you stories that we hope touch your lives as much as they touch our hearts. With all this and more, we bring you our first issue of 2017. Till next issue, The Talk Team

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t r e n d s i n t e r v i e w s e d i t o r i a l s w a t c h e s

fashion - trend

Bold Shoulders You may have a soft spot for this trend if you were into the fashion scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Shoulder pads were popular back in the 1940’s mostly revolving around business suits for both men and women, as the years went by the shoulder pads trend began to merge its professional look with the world of fashion. This trend was a hit back in the 80’s and is now coming back. Shoulder pads sometimes get a bad reputation but regardless of what some people may say, the geometric shapes of the bald shoulder blade fabrics can create an elegant yet rebellious structure to any simple outfit. This trend has been seen on the runways of London, Milan, Paris, and New York by designers such as Jason Wu, Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford, and worn by many celebrities and influential people as the likes of Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham, and Kerry Washington. So if you are looking to be fashionable risk taker with a bit of subtlety then shoulder pads are definitely the choice of trend you should go for. Whether it’s a simple black dress with built in shoulder pads or a business suit with a cutting-edge shoulder pad shape and a pair of our favorite Sophie slides, you will unquestionably make a statement whenever you walk in a room.

Text by Zeina Al Ayoub the talk - page 20

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fashion - article

Punk Meets Fashion making a statement

We have heard of all genres of fashion whether it was classy, chic, urban, bohemian, or casual and with each style follows an attitude; for example, if you choose to go with a classy look you will have to present yourself with manners and ladylike postures, and if you are going for a bohemian look you are dressing for comfort and humbleness, but with Punk‌ where do I start? It’s an attitude before it merged its name with fashion, and this is how it all started.

Text by Zeina Al Ayoub the talk - page 22

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fashion - article

The punk rock scene first started in Manhattan, New York in the mid 70’s where great bands such as The Ramones, Blondie, and The Talking Heads were frequently playing in the legendary club CBGB which was funny enough short for Country, Bluegrass, and Blues. Meanwhile in England the punk scene took a more serious route where angry kids with free times on their hands would go on the streets of England protesting against political and economical issues back when United Kingdom’s unemployment rates reached its highest, and this is how punk fashion surfaced. Malcolm McClaren and his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood opened the first punk clothing store on the King’s Road in London and this is where punks would often buy their clothes from. McClaren was a British visual artist, performer, musician, and clothes designer, he had a keen eye for fashion and was one of the first people to initiate the punk movement in the 70’s. the talk - page 24

Kate Moss by Steven Klein

Now, high-end brands such as Anna Sui, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, and Vivienne Westwood are investing in this look mixing it with the modern-aged style of fashion but they are all arguable brands because what if Yves Saint Laurent took a leather jacket and stuck some studs on it and sold it for a couple of hundred dollars, is that punk? Was it a punk movement when Mohawks were seen at the Fall ’13 Fendi show or when tartan was everywhere from Versace to Junya Watanabe, and biker jackets were a hit in the fashion industry and still is?

Robin Laurance for The Washington Post

To conclude this debatable topic, if you choose to dress yourself up in studded jackets, safety pins, ripped shirts, and throwing the Anarchy sign around for the sake of fashion then understand the origins of the punk movement first, after all every fashion style has a story behind it and the more you learn the history of the clothes you are wearing the more you will feel like it is more than just a piece of clothing or accessory you are dressing up yourself with. the talk - page 25

fashion - feature

Saint Laurent opyum shoes Contemporary and fetishist, the Opyum heel is a signature piece from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2017 collection by Anthony Vaccarello. Exuding femininity, the style incorporates the YSL Cassandre logo’s architectural lines and is distinguished by its defined shape and black patent leather.

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fashion - feature

Acne Studios

women’s pre-fall 2017 Inspired by the self-expression of musicians, the 2017 Acne Studios Women’s Pre-Fall collection is refreshingly fluid. A mix of perfect vintage finds combined with pieces of character, creating a universal look. From the fitted-waist leather trench to the Moroccan inspired striped Caftans, Creative Director Jonny Johansson has designed a collection that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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fashion - feature

Loewe Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Loewe introduces its new bags’ line in a new phase of confidence reflected through the entire look. Today, our highlight is the craftsmanship of the leather goods & accessories. Every look is grounded and articulated around a bag. The new shapes of the Hammock bag and the rounded trapeze shape of the new Canoe bag add to the vocabulary of the house’s existing iconic styles, which are reinterpreted here in fresh iterations. Extraordinary jewelry rounds out the collection. A sculptural silver bracelets inspired by an Ikebana vase along with the season’s standout accessory – a calla lily handmade from calfskin which is available in various colors.

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fashion - feature

Celebrate the Season of Gifting with DICI Milano at TRINKETS DICI Milano’s distinctive designs suit the whims and demands of fashion-conscious individuals by combining the best materials available in the market and fine Italian craftsmanship. The collection is composed of glamorous pieces that are abundant with elegance and sophistication, achieved by combining selective elements from the luxury fashion world with hints of widely popular retail-favourites.

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Looking for the perfect gift has never been easier! TRINKETS, the region’s leading fashion jewelry retailer, has launched a special collection brought in by iconic Italian fashion-lifestyle brand, DICI Milano. This new and exclusive collection is now available at all TRINKETS boutiques across Kuwait, to the delight of those wishing to gift something unique to their loved ones or for fashion-minded individuals wishing to indulge themselves. The full set is available to all customers, which comes with an outer ring, one inner ring and a necklace chain to place the rings in. These sets can be found in both gold and silver with a gorgeous selection of matching inner rings. The customers can easily create their own one-of-akind ring for every occasion. The customizable rings can be worn in three stylish ways; the outer ring cases and inner rings on their own, the outer ring cases interlaced with inner rings, or by wearing the rings in a delicate necklace. The customer also has the choice to buy different colourful inner rings to match their taste.

Instagram: @trinkets_insta Facebook:

Customers who purchase this exquisite set will be presented with a free gift voucher from TRINKETS, which can be redeemed at the boutique for another inner ring. the talk - page 33

fashion - feature

The Triumph Edit: Valentine Lingerie Looks seduction & essence collection spring/summer 17

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, so whether you’re spending it with a special someone or going out with friends we have put together top tips to feeling stylish and confident on February 14th. The Triumph edit covers all versions of the day: a romantic night at home, dressing for an occasion or simply treating yourself. This season, the faded Art Deco grandeur of downtown LA inspires flowing, graphic patterns on lace, while classic Hollywood glamour inspires elegant detailing and luxurious fabrics.

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Triumph’s Global Head of Design, Sian Thomas describes the SS17 collection as “131 years of craftsmanship and expertise help us to create stylish, perfectly fitting pieces that women love. This edit features styles that have been developed from both traditional and contemporary techniques. Pieces such as the Lovely Essence body are designed in a decorative 3D process which creates smooth bonded edges for comfort and allows lace and embroidery patterns to wrap around the body and define the waistline. Seductive yet discrete, the piece is also embellished with the signature red lip charm which is intentionally placed to be seen and entice – an elegant finishing touch which secretly makes you feel extra special.” Find The One that makes you feel sexy by shopping the Triumph Valentine’s Edit. The SS17 line is available at Triumph stores, and at leading retailers: The Avenues, Al Bairaq, Marina Mall and Promenade. Find the One for Every You! the talk - page 35

fashion - feature

A New Step Forward:

Cole Haan Launches StudiøGrand

Cole Haan raises the bar for work, working out, and every adventure in between.

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“StudiøGrand was born out of a need for style and substance in and out of the studio. We have collaborated with extraordinary women, like Sara Mearns, who demand more out of their feet than anyone, to create a collection for the multi-faceted woman constantly moving between the various studios of her life,” says David Maddocks, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of Business Development at Cole Haan.

You can find Cole Haan store in Kuwait at 360 Mall. For more information, visit: and follow us

The StudiøGrand collection includes an array of functional accessories designed for the active woman, including footwear, outerwear, bags, sunglasses, an umbrella and a yoga mat. The footwear collection highlights the StudiøGrand Pack & Go Trainer with lightweight GRAND. ØS Energy Foam. In addition, the collection includes a feminine floral embossed StudiøGrand Sneaker, StudiøGrand Packable Ballet Flat, accompanied with a zipper shoe bag for pack-and-play ease, and a breathable StudiøGrand Knit Trainer. the talk - page 37

fashion - feature

ECCO Goes Sports Luxe and Substance

the talk - page 38

Authenticity and sports luxe go hand in hand with ECCO COOL 2.0. As we strive for authenticity and truth in everything we consume, this summer the ECCO COOL 2.0 is the whole package – sports luxe and substance. Combining rich sumptuous ECCO leather uppers featuring 360° breathability, high-quality GORE-TEX® SURROUND and an ikat-like PU faceting to create a unique sleek and streamlined sneaker; the ECCO COOL 2.0 brings an element of luxe to a sporty outfit and transforms a smart look in to something a little more comfortable and relaxed. 100% waterproof and completely attuned to fast modern living, the ECCO COOL 2.0 is anatomically built and features its own “cooling system”, which is powered by a series of tubes found in its mid-sole, to keep feet cool. A genuinely advanced and adapted sneaker, it features climate controlled, waterproof GORETEX® technology, to keep feet dry perspiration free all day.

You can find us at (The Avenues Mall – Marina Mall – Mohallab Mall – Muthanna Mall – Kout Mall – Promenade Mall) For more information follow us @eccoarabia the talk - page 39

fashion - feature

Simplicity, Love and Passion for Women at H&M Studio

The grace and romance of ballet and the passions of sport create a message of love at H&M Studio. Femininity, volume and traditional techniques are mixed with the functionality and high-tech details of sportswear to create a fresh and modern clash. Imagine the ballet dancer backstage, matching her traditional costume with sportswear pieces to build a wardrobe of contrasts, bridging the resonance of history with the simplicity of modern lines. “This is a collection about love, a positive message of hope and optimism. Knowledge of the past mixed with the energy of today creates a path to a new future,” says Pernilla Wohlfart, H&M’s Design and Creative Director.

the talk - page 40

THE TEASER LOOKS • Black wind breaker anorak worn with organic cotton shorts with historical features like lace-inserts, frills and fagotting details and black leather head band. • Long sleeved organic cotton blouse with historical features like laceinserts, frills and fagotting details worn with a short sleeveless nylon v-neck dress with drawstrings. • Relaxed woven jacquard silk set with a love striped message, trousers with a double waist, upper part in contrast black. Flat black trekking sandals and black leather head band. Watch H&M Studio SS17 Fashion Show live from Paris through live stream on March 1, 2017 on See it Now and buy it Now The H&M Studio SS17 Ladies and Kids Collections will be available exclusively at Grand Avenue, The Avenues on March 2, 2017 the talk - page 41

fashion - feature

Inspiration from Ballerinas and Boxers Bring Charm to H&M Studio for Kids

This season the main influences for the H&M Studio kids collection comes from a charming world of ballerinas and boxers. The ballerina’s costumes are playful and rich in detail, black and white swans capture the magical world of ballet. These pieces are matched with the sportswear of a boxer, whether it’s about loose-fit hoodies and sweats, or a toweling robe. Both themes highlight the importance to show love and compassion with a message of love throughout the collection. “We love designing H&M Studio for kids, because we get to tell such charming stories with every piece. This season it’s about ballerinas and boxers, and the magical worlds which they inhabit,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Design and creative director.

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j ew elry w

at c

h es

t r e n d s i n t e r v i e w s e d i t o r i a l s f e a t u r e s

jewelry - feature


Nature Triomphante

The spirit of the collection

Nature has been an endless source of inspiration for Boucheron since the Maison’s foundation in 1858. Its diversity, aesthetic ideal and wealth of symbolism have over time inspired creations that are as diverse as they are remarkable. This unique vision of Nature Triomphante has made it a decisive influence in the Maison’s history. Here, flowers are not tamed or arranged; rather, Boucheron sees Nature as free, noble and wild, capturing every aspect of its reality to magnify its beauty. The ivy and pansies created in the workshops at 26 Place Vendôme convey an image of nature that is wild and untamed. Other motifs, such as the peacock feather, are freed from the confines of their animal form and combined with the lightness so characteristic of the plant world. This is Boucheron’s vision of Nature. the talk - page 46

Lierre de Paris

In its floral and plant designs, the Maison Boucheron favors chance over fate, asymmetry over geometric formalism and organicity over order. Beneath the arcades of the Palais Royal where he opened his first boutique in 1858, Frédéric Boucheron could observe the wild ivy that had then conquered the city. Ivy has been featured in the Maison’s collections ever since and has been reinvented with every new creation. Having previously designed many unique high jewelry pieces inspired by ivy motif, this year, Boucheron is launching Lierre de Paris (Paris Ivy) jewelry collection in white gold and diamonds. The seven new creations depict ivy, bejeweled and bold, twining around the wrist and neck, running between two fingers and adorning the ear. To celebrate the launch of Lierre de Paris, the Maison has designed a “Point d’interrogation” (question mark) high jewelry necklace, inspired by a creation dating from 1881. Reinterpreted by the design studio, the necklace has been deftly reworked and refined to feature nine leaves in white gold set with pavé diamonds. Available from May 2017 in Boucheron boutiques.

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jewelry - feature

Heavy Metal

geometry encounters brass Jewelry always had mixed reputations from different kinds of people, some people feel like it’s just extra material strangling their skin, some people like to wear a simple ring and bracelet, and some like to over-accessorize, it all depends on your personality. Jewelry has always been around for ages and with each year it is being worn in so many different and unique ways. What’s amazing is that jewelry can be from creating a piece of bracelet, necklace, or ring from scraps of metal and cloth, to purchasing cheap pieces from a flea market, to buying a beautiful piece from a high-end brand, it all depends on how you choose to layer your accessories. Bulky pieces are becoming a hit in the fashion industry, from the red carpet, to trendsetters roaming around the streets; the inspiration comes from many different cultures and people. Some of the biggest influencers are Michele Lamy, Iris Apfel, and Diane Pernet.

Text by Zeina Al Ayoub the talk - page 48

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watches - feature

Tissot Bella Ora It’s time to declare your love

Romance is in the air Declare your love with a very special timepiece this Valentine’s Day. The Italian name of the Tissot Bella Ora, means beautiful watch and is inspired by Italy, its romantic cities and the name the country has made for itself in the world of fashion. This model fits into that world as naturally as the hands turn clockwise on the dial. It has a natural elegance thanks to the pure simplicity of the mother-ofpearl dial. The distinctive pink and red hues give a romantic touch to the Tissot Bella Ora, a special edition set to thrill your beloved on one of the most special days of the year. This watch is the perfect accessory to complement any outfit, dressed up or down, making it the ideal gift. Passion A passionately red strap complements the clean dial, which is only broken by a sensual red mother-of-pearl inlay, for the index at midnight and echoed in the crown; a glamourous addition to the watch. A warm, luxurious edge enhances the otherwise sleek and stylish piece with a rose gold PVD execution. It’s time to speak straight to their heart with this Tissot Bella Ora.

the talk - page 50

Chopard Imperiale “La Vie en Rose”

Chopard’s classic Imperiale watch line welcomes a new interpretation for Valentine’s Day: a delightful pastel pink model artfully combining softness with sophisticated elegance, for those who love to see life through rose-tinted glasses. The Imperiale La Vie en Rose is a 100-piece limited edition featuring a stainless steel case.

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jewelry - interview

Duha Al-Ramadhan:

a cluster of diamonds, emeralds and pearls in human form With a passion for jewerly since she was a little girl and a background in Industrial Engineering, the Kuwait University graduate worked on what she had always dreamed of achieving. Duha Al-Ramadhan opened Aubade, her jewelry store in Salhiya. From crystals, to pearls, and ivory to diamonds Doha makes sure that every piece displayed in her store is inimitable and absolutely breathtaking.

Photography & Art Direction by Yousif Abdulsaid / Text by Zeina Al Ayoub Makeup by Claudia Cociobea / Hair by Lee Xiaomei / Asst. Yousif Al Hajji Wardrobe & accessories courtesy of CĂŠline / Jewelry by Aubade Jewelry the talk - page 52

the talk - page 53

fashion - feature

the talk - page 54

How did you come up with Aubade Jewelry? Very simple! I love jewelry; I loved it since I was a kid and was obsessed with it. I used to buy all these kits where you could make your own jewelry. While traveling I always seek out these little markets that sell jewelry. Exploring jewelry stores is always a part of my itinerary, if I go to Harrods I am interested in looking at what jewelry they have, and at Barney’s in New York, some go to the shoes section and others to the bags section but I always head straight to the jewelry section and I buy their brands. I remember once seeing a piece from a designer on Instagram, and I thought, let me email her and see if she can ship it to Kuwait, that’s when the realization hit me, that I was constantly either shopping online or waiting for my next trip abroad to buy pieces that spoke to me. I had a eureka and decided I was going to make it my business to source and sell jewelry brands that I so loved. I pitched the idea to my husband and he was very supportive of my decision and that’s how I opened the boutique. It doesn’t feel like I have a job because I love what I do. On what basis you select the jewelry designers you have in your store? First of all, they are all very different from what you would usually see, especially here in Kuwait where people would only wear conventional brands such as Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. People want to own a piece just because it’s a brand, there are pieces that actually look beautiful when you wear them, they hold a certain meaning, sentiment or just stand out and make you feel unique. So that is how I choose the designers I have in my boutique. There are pieces that I personally love, that are very unique and look beautiful when you wear them.

the talk - page 55

jewelry - interview

What do you look for in terms of details when you select jewelry pieces from designers? When I first launched the boutique it was more like I wanted a variety, so some brands were all about diamonds and some others were all about stones, but now since I have more experience I look for designers that choose an element and know how to incorporate that one element into their pieces. If a designer has a lot of pearls I will look into that and see what kind of pearls that particular brand uses. I am now trying to incorporate more stone pieces to the displayed collection. Do you offer customizing services to your clients? What is funny is that most of the times I come up with ideas and say to myself, “this necklace is beautiful, if only it had more diamonds!” and the designers would offer to do these adjustments, yet the designers would introduce that very same customized necklace on Instagram as if it was their own collection. So, now instead of going back to the designers we do the customizations ourselves. We are very flexible when it comes to tailoring pieces based on the clients’ needs. What sets you apart from your competitors? I listen to my clients and I provide special orders. Sometimes when you want to buy something from a store, the sales representative may tell you that it is out of stock, but in Aubade Jewerly when you ask for a specific piece that isn’t available in our boutique, we offer to order that piece for you and have it delivered to you. We simply contact the designers to place that order and make sure that the item is delivered on time. We are very compliant to our customers’ needs and demands, and I think that is what keeps them coming back to us. This kind of services and our keen dedication to our clients sets us apart from other jewelry stores in Kuwait.

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fashion - interview

Coat: Sally Lapointe the talk - page 58

Coat: Rosetta Getty the talk - page 59

jewelry - interview

Is there a specific theme you go by for at Aubade Jewelry? To be honest, when I first launched the boutique and started my business, the choice of the jewelry line and designers was made according to my personal preferences, but with time I learned to incorporate several categories to the collection. Jacquie Aich is the bohemian, beach, and fun jewelry collection that speak to specific clients, whereas the Anita Ko line goes to more classic and timeless pieces with elegant diamonds. We try to ensure as much as possible that our clients don’t leave the store empty handed. When I first opened the boutique, people would describe it as a kids’ store selling only dainty jewelry, with that feedback in mind I worked on offering jewelry for different tastes, and therefore targeting different clients. Tell us about the piercing party that you held at Aubade Jewelry. I used to have small piercings on my ears and whenever I posted the pictures on Instagram to show the jewelry, people would ask me about the piercings and not the jewelry. This is when I decided to introduce a line for the piercings and through my research I came across Maria Tash in 2014, at that time she didn’t even have a website. So I ordered a small collection and displayed it in the boutique, and surprisingly it sold out and clients asked me to organize a piercing event. The idea intrigued me a lot and I even suggested it to Maria Tash and she was totally on board. We organized the event in three weeks and it was a huge success.

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fashion - interview

the talk - page 62

Have you ever thought about designing your own jewelry line and selling it in your boutique? My answer to that is a hundred percent yes, although I am not quite there yet. I still have a long way to go, I want to take up courses and learn more about the scientific process for designing jewelry. I simply won’t sketch designs and send them to a workshop to have them made. I really want to do them by hand and once I reach that stage only then will I start creating my own pieces. Other than being committed to Aubade Jewelry, what is your life like outside the boutique? I love reading and writing poetry, but no one has ever read my poems; it’s something very private and relates to my passion for jewelry. I also enjoy riding my bike around the town and I am passionate about music; I used to take guitar lessons at Bait Lothan. I find myself fascinated by the world of art and music. What events do you organize to promote new jewelry? We organize VIP events; our anniversary dinner was intended for our VIP clients and our partners. Other events are organized with the presence of the designers we work with, for instance when I hosted Anita Ko all the way from Los Angeles. We also prepared a press breakfast in Dubai, so people get to know us more and we can get recognition outside of Kuwait. Sometimes we surprise our clients with special discounts on our anniversary to show them our appreciation. What are your plans for 2017? The exciting news is that I bought the boutique next door and we are finally expanding! I am so excited about it and I really hope to organize more events by bringing in designers, Anita Ko is so excited about visiting again and Jackie Aiche is very interested to come visit. Some plans are focused towards opening boutiques outside Kuwait, but I would rather focus now on the new boutique.

the talk - page 63

jewelry - interview


when entrepreneurship and fairytales meet Every little girl dreams of her big wedding day, looking through catalogs to perfect the vivid image of a princess-like wedding, this is where the Yalwah girls step in and take over; the super heroes of fairytale weddings.

Photography by Jalil Marvin /Text by Zeina Al Ayoub Makeup by Claudia & Hair by Fatima Naqi Jewelry courtesy of Boucheron the talk - page 64

Kuwait special edition. From the left: Ice blue PVD rings, middle: brown powder PVD and to the right: the Mango PVD ring. The rings are inspired by the water, sand and the sun which represent the girls different personalities. the talk - page 65

jewelry - interview

The Cuff: Delicate and Playful is Hans the hedgehog from the Animal Collection. Bracelet set with round rubies and black sapphire.

Introduce Yalwah to us. Yalwah was founded and owned by three young female entrepreneurs: Aroob Alabdaly, Basma and Noor Al-Baghli and was launched in 2012, the business has been growing since then. Yalwah is a company that specializes in weddings and bridal services, catering to both the wedding industry and direct clients. What do you have to share with us about the wedding industry and the clients you cater to? The services offered to the industry are marketing, and public relations such as Yalwah exhibitions, Yalwah books, digital and social media services, marketing consultations that allow us to target events for companies within the wedding industry by demand, wedding concierge services, and bridal concierge services. Can you elaborate more on the exhibitions? The Yalwah Expo for weddings and events is the most anticipated wedding event of the year showcasing elite and selected companies within the wedding industry offering their services and products to their niche market. When is your next exhibition? Our next exhibition will be on March 11 until March 13, 2017 in Al-Raya. We always like to bring something new to the table and for this year’s exhibition we wanted to offer the audience something new and unique.

the talk - page 67

jewelry - interview

The Swans of Cypris. The only animals that choose to live and travel together for life. They represent perfect love.

the talk - page 68

You mentioned that you produced a few books; can you tell us more about these publications? We produced three books over the course of the years. Our first book was designed to look like a scrapbook to give the readers a very personal feel to the publication itself. The second book was intended to look like it was a kit providing notes, checklists, and useful information for the bride-to-be within the kit, making it easy for the client to carry around everywhere she goes. Our third book, which is in the making, is a complete surprise offering something different from our previously published books. Can you take us through your digital and social media services? The website is the ultimate source of information and tools for brides and brides-to-be to rely on. We are currently updating our website making it more sufficient by optimizing the design of the pages and adding useful and fun resources such as blogs solely focusing on topics like wedding inspirations, ideas to inspire the readers, reviews, and so much more. For our social media, we like to utilize this platform by displaying the work of wedding companies and update our Instagram page with posts relating to the latest trends and ideas in the world of bridal wear and wedding planning. What is the Wedding Concierge Service? The wedding concierge service is a unique and luxurious technique that offers topnotch assistance with the finest details, this service is an original establishment first created in the Middle East. These services range from turnkey event management, logistics, financial management, and on site management for pre, during, and post wedding. The point of the service is to reach optimum results fulfilling the bride’s needs and dreams on her big day.

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jewelry - interview

What is the Bridal Concierge Service? Bridal Concierge Service is very specific to the bride herself offering catering and personal shopping services such as couture jewelry and beauty shopping. Yalwah offers the bespoke service, which includes services such as the couture orders from big fashion houses and our specialty is working with aspiring designers through conducting shows and one-on-one appointments through trunk shows in Kuwait. What are the jewelry brands associated with Yalwah? The brands we work with are Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Bulgary, De Beers, and our latest collaboration is with Boucheron. We work with those brands based on the bride’s taste and needs or the brands directly, where they would send us on high-end jewelry event experiences, for example when Van Cleef & Arpels offered us to attend the Dubai Design Days in March 2015 and the Étourdissant Jewelry Exhibition in Cannes in July 2015. We were also honored to be part of De Beers Moment and Light event that took place in Kuwait celebrating the wonders brillance of women in Kuwait and timeless treasures of diamonds, chossing the Yalwah girls among the special ladies of the country, and for this shoot with Boucheron we were breath-taken by their magnificent collection. What are your plans for Yalwah in the coming 4 years? There are many departments in Yalwah and we are currently expanding to have them grow stronger than before. In addition to that, Yalwah also launched its first bridal academy in 2015 as a unique educational platform for brides-to-be. We always strive for more when it comes to making our company grow bigger and better.

Boucheron Paris. The Avenues Mall - Prestige Area, Kuwait City For more information visit: / @boucheron_kuwait

The large Serpent Bohème bracelet bangle. A safe keeper for its carrier and it was created to protect the wife of Fredric Boucheron when he was out on travel.

Watch: ‫؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟‬

b e a u t y

t r e n d s

r e v i e w s h e a l t h

t i p s

beauty - trend

Entwined A mixture of cut up cloth, trimmings of lace, and flower pieces may sound like a bit too much to add on to fuzzy hair but seeing it on the runway of Rodarte SS17 gave us a divine visionary of this beauty inspiration. The muse behind this runway show was about capturing the essence of Janis Joplin and Woodstock back in 1969. Odile Gilbert and her team are the masterminds behind this striking and imaginative hairstyle, making it look like young girls playing dress-up; the scruffier it looked the more we admired the hairdo. Using fabric scraps from the collection to create a nostalgic/rock ‘n’ roll look we are hoping that we will be seeing more of this look on the streets and not only on runway shows. All you will need is tulle-draped floral pins and some hair clips and you are good to go.

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Eye of the Dagger Makeup has always been a girl’s favorite process when getting ready for a night out or even a day out, especially when choosing colors to create the perfect eyeshadow look. Eyeshadow can be very flexible and artistic making the eyes the most powerful feature on your face. Whether you are choosing 2 or 5 different colors to apply on the lid of your eyes, you will always feel empowered when you nail down the look you are going for and this is why we are presenting to you our newest and favorite makeup trend the Cut-crease eyeshadow. The cut-crease eyeshadow method is used to give the eyes an extremely intense and sharp crease. This look requires the use of two contrasting colors, the light color is applied on the eyelids and the dark color is applied on to the crease. The key is to make the colors merge together as they extend towards the brow bone. People who are critical in the fashion and beauty industry such as Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy the model, and Sharon Tate have famously adapted this look. It does take some makeup skills to achieve this look however, if it is done right, the result is marvelous.

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FN, Makeup Academy By Fatima Naqi Set against the lavish back drop of exquisite design befitting Fatima Naqi’s unique taste and high standards of excellence, FN | MAKEUP ACADEMY opens its doors to welcome students to this remarkable learning and lifestyle experience.

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Makeup professionals and experts brought premium training for aspiring makeup artists at the FN Makeup Academy in Kuwait. The advanced training and innovative techniques are designed to help students learn new skills effectively, develop their existing skills, boost their confidence and develop their talents in an inspiring and stimulating environment. The Academy has designed a wide range of make-up courses to fulfill any requirements and also provides one-on-one mentoring. The innovative teaching methods enable beginners to easily produce advanced work, the experienced artists to improve their skills or existing make-up tutors to take their teaching to the highest level. The designed studio houses the students’ classes where creativity will know no boundaries and technical brilliance will start to flourish. This space has been allocated to provide room for talent to grow, time to contemplate creative decisions and the tranquility and relaxation required to close out the outside world and welcome in endless possibilities and exciting futures. In this dynamic and creative area students will be provided with the perfect opportunity to participate in workshops and gain inspiration while absorbing both the ambience and the focus the space provide. the talk - page 79

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Benefits of Botox Injections If you ask a friend about aesthetic medicine, one of the first things that would come to mind is probably Botox. While many are familiar with the use of this neurotoxic protein as an alleviator of facial creases and wrinkles, knowledge of this drug’s diversity is scarce. Botox, medically referred to as Clostridium botulinum, received its first FDA approval in the late 80’s, upon the discovery that it could prevent uncontrolled blinking, misaligned eyes such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, etc. Since then, Botox has developed into a vastly popular treatment used in many cosmetic procedures. Facial treatments include: Eye Wrinkles Gummy Smile Double Chin Forehead Lines Medical advancements throughout the years have further uncovered benefits to Botox, beyond facial cosmetic treatment. Many are using it to treat severe migraines, urinary incontinence, and muscle spams. One of the Harvard Health Publications’ issues has even referred to Botox as “the ultimate antiperspirant”, due to its astounding ability to reduce excessive sweating of the armpits, hands, and soles of the feet.

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Health Benefits of Lavender Oil Lavender oil is the most commonly used essential oil. It dates back to almost 2,500 years ago when both the Romans and the Egyptians used it for various purposes, medicinal include. So what is lavender oil? Well, it’s the oil extracted from the lavender plant through steam distillation and provides the body with benefits not seen by other oils.

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Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur - NËš8 Cassis

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First, lavender oil has calming effects on muscles and the nervous system, which has implications on the brain. More specifically, research conducted demonstrates lavender oil to alleviate anxiety and stress. Additionally, it’s considered to have sedating effects whether in the form of inhalation or ingestion through capsules. A study published in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice showed lavender oil to reduce anxiety and sleep disturbance when 80mg capsules were ingested. Second, and on the note of sleep, lavender oil may help improve sleep, especially those suffering from insomnia or sleep irregularity. The relaxing effect of the oil, in combination with its ability to calm the muscles and nerves makes it an excellent form of alternative medicine to drugs. A possible strategy you can employ is to perhaps apply some lavender oil on your pillow, or even buy an infuser and place next to your bed for some aromatherapy while sleeping. the talk - page 85

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Furthermore, lavender oil has been shown to have anti-oxidant properties, which is why it is sometimes referred to as ‘natures’ anti-oxidant’. Indeed, lavender oil aids the body with the production of 3 anti-oxidants (glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase) which helps fight off free radicals and boost the immune system. At the same time, lavender oil helps decrease inflammation in the body, essentially contributing towards muscle soreness and pain relief. So, for those who regularly partake in exercise, using lavender oil may be a good idea to keep your muscles in check and allow you to continually exercise without being in much agony. It is important to note, though, that while there are no adverse side effects of using lavender oil when inhaled; there may be side effects when taken by mouth, such as constipation, headache and increased appetite and when applied on the skin (i.e. irritation). Having said that, it is important to refer to a physician prior to using lavender oil. While the benefits of lavender oil are vast, we have narrowed it down to benefits with more solid evidence and specifically relating to the health and fitness industry. Given the aforementioned benefits, it may deem a good strategy to use lavender oil whether as a cream, capsule supplement, or even the oil itself for inhalation or fluid consumption. the talk - page 86

Lavender Oil Uses and Application Confused at how to use lavender oil? Curious to know the ways you can apply it? If your answer is yes to both questions, we are here to help! Let’s take a look at ways to use and apply lavender oil. 1. Skin If you’re looking to treat any skin irritations, or simply moisturize and nourish the skin, lavender oil can be bought as a cream. If you have any rashes, cuts or burns, simply apply the cream onto the affected area. Like any other cream, you can also apply lavender oil to the rest of your body for nourishment and moisturization. If using the oil, add 2-3 drops to the affected area and gently rub. 2. Sleep Of the many benefits of lavender oil is its use for sleep aid. So how can you take advantage of its aromatic properties while asleep? Well, you can add a few drops to your pillow or bedding so you can inhale the aroma of lavender oil as you are deep in your sleep. 3. Aroma Infuser/Vaporizer Whether you are asleep, or relaxing on the couch, buying a diffuser/ vaporizer is a good idea. Placing the infuser/vaporizer near you and inhaling lavender oils’ aroma may help promote the relaxing and calming effects posed by the oil. 3. Steam inhalation Another strategy where you can benefit from the relaxing aroma of lavender oil is through steam inhalation. Basically, add 4-6 drops of lavender oil to a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a blanket, and inhale the vapor. Remember to keep your eyes closed! Do this for 10-15 minutes with occasional breaks in between if you feel the need to do so. 4. Pain Relief To relieve muscle soreness and pain, have a lavender bath by simply adding 6-8 drops of lavender oil as your bathtub is filling up with water. If your hands or feet are quite sore or painful, you can add the same amount of lavender oil into a smaller bowl and rest your hands or feet in the bowl for approximately 10 minutes.

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Guinot Paris landed in Kuwait Nazih Group is introducing a complete line of “Guinot Paris� products that provide a wide range of beauty care, covering three specific categories: face, body and sun.

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An eco-friendly company, Guinot aims to respect the environment, not only in its formulation and production methods, but also in the active ingredients and packaging; their products are not tested on animals and to improve skin compatibility, formulas are preserved without Paraben and the active ingredients are from non-GMO plants. Guinot is conscious of the environment’s fragility and is concerned about protecting it. 1- It is really frustrating when someone says you look tired, whether you actually are or not, this Eye Fresh cream de-puffs and brightens your eye areas as you massage it in with the cool metal applicator. With key ingredients such as Veinofresh that combats dark circles, Caffeine that reduces puffiness and Hydrocyte Complex that instantly moisturizes the skin, be sure 2- Gommage Éclat Parfait is a silky and creamy exfoliator that helps prepare skin for other products, clear pores and smooth complexion. It’s a non-abrasive face scrub with Shea micro-beads that will smooth and soften the skin while eliminating the dead cells. 3- Newhite Mask, this intensive treatment that contains “Vitamin C “and “Melanoxyl” brightens and evens out the skin tone by minimizing dark spots and all type of pigmentation. This seven days easy to use treatment gives an instant glow. The skin is brighter, lighter and more radiant. the talk - page 89

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Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur retractable longwear lip crayon, intense color, satin finish Color is an art, but also a game. A game with only one rule: reinventing the rules. The rules of the game are to place all your bets on a single color trace the contours of a new territory and go outside of the lines without hesitation… CHANEL presents LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR, the new “lipstick” that stands for total fun and freedom. A pop pencil redefining the lines of lip makeup making you follow your intuition and daring you to create your own style.

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a r t i s t s

f o c u s

i n t e r v i e w s e d i t o r i a l s

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Constantin Brâncusi modern stones of the 20th century Born on February 19, 1876 in Romania, Constantin Brâncusi , was an artist and photographer which lead him to find his passion in marble, bronze, metal and wood, creating beautiful and modern sculptures.

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The Kiss - 1910

Constantin grew up in Hobita, Gorj, Romania; because his parents, Nikolae and Maria Brâncusi, , were peasants, he never had the chance to receive a proper education and attend school, instead he started working at a very young age. Constantin worked on a variety of wood carvings, even creating a violin out of a crate until he finally got acknowledgment for his unique work and was sent to the Craiova School of Arts and Crafts by a wealthy benefactor in 1894. At the age of 20 he began to explore the world and found himself taking courses in woodworking in Vienna, Austria to support what eventually became his career. He started his studies at the Craiova School of Arts and Crafts in 1898 where he was able to create and sell some of his work, and because of that, he was able to afford his travels, but eventually went broke when he decided to make a stop at Munich. Constantin Brancusi ultimately voyaged to Paris in 1904 where he began studying at the Paris Academie des Beaux-Arts. He was influenced by Auguste Rodin, a French sculptor that was considered the originator of modern sculpture. the talk - page 96

Constantin started seeking different ways and methods that would set him apart from other sculptors, breaking the restrictions on what traditional art was viewed as. His debut exhibition was hosted by the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts in 1906. Brancusi eventually went back to Targu Jiu in 19371938 to hold a memorial in honor of the WWI soldiers. ‘Endless, ‘Gate of the Heroes’, and ‘The Table of Silence’ were monuments created to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of Romanian’s who in 1916 defended Târgu Jiu against the Central Forces that were in power at the time. The Kiss, Sleeping Muse, The Bird in Space, and The White Negress were some of his most famous artwork and some of biggest achievements was when he gained recognition after an exhibition at the Armory Show in New York in 1913. The exhibition was exceedingly striking that the artwork he presented in a oneman exhibition permanently found a home in prominent museums around the United States. He died on March 16th, 1957 in France at the age of 81, but his legacy will forever carry on in the world of modern sculptures.

Constantin Brâncusi in his Atelier view of the Studio, Colonnes sans Fin, 1925 ’

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The Misfit Era Text by Farah Bishara

Music lovers love to argue about which music era was the most impactful; between the 80’s and 90’s, there have been countless hits from bands and solo artists that have inspired music for generations to come. However, it’s easy for most to overlook which is arguably the most important decade in music history, the 1970’s. Between the birth of Hip-Hop and the progression of punk in the early 70’s, it’s safe to say that music was, and still is, a medium of revolutionary expression. Sprouting from the roots of Rock & Roll, punk rock was a movement, which allowed its followers to convey their political stance and rejection of conformity. The revolution began across the pond, in Britain, where some of British punk rock’s leading figures made a show of rejecting mainstream rock and the culture it belonged to, as well as their own most celebrated music predecessors such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. It stemmed from the too-broad and vague scope that Rock & Roll had become; everyone in a band was lumped into the genre, even though their lyrics had nothing to do with the ideologies that Rock & Roll was supposedly about. Punk rock was essentially freedom from the confinements of the box that rock music was being put in. It was social, political, chaotic, and unpretentious all at once; a far cry from the utopianism that rock-&rollers were singing about during that time. Musical expression wasn’t the only factor that made punk rock stand out. Within months of its conception as a subculture, punk rock adopted its own aesthetic in terms of fashion and body art. Leather jackets, ripped t-shirts, and jeans were the basic foundation of any punk rocker’s look, men and women alike. The androgyny of punk’s fashion only added to its misfit demeanor and the blurred lines of what was socially acceptable. Always going against the grain, men and women of the movement adorned themselves with face and body piercings, tattoos, and studded and spiked accessories. Those who truly belonged to the movement became easy to identify. The interesting thing about cultures and subcultures in music is the need to be totally immersed in every aspect of what defines it. In Hip-Hop, there are five elements that a “Hip-Hop head” must understand, study, or follow to safely say that they are a part of Hip-Hop culture. Punk rock developed the same structure: music, fashion, philosophies, and expression all came together to define what a “punk rocker” is. If you happened to leave out any of these aspects, you were called a “poser”, a term still used today to describe someone who lacks authenticity. As the culture matured, weeding out the posers became easier; not everyone could keep up with the experimental direction punk rock was moving towards. the talk - page 98


The Ramones the talk - page 99

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In the later years, sub-genres of punk rock would flourish all over the UK and US, including pop-punk, new wave, and hardcore punk. There was room for everyone to enjoy the music and the message behind it all. Similar to Hip-Hop, punk rock needed a home where its devotees could congregate and enjoy music and like-minded people. Hillel Kristal, a former choral singer at Radio City Music Hall, ventured into club ownership, founding CBGB in 1973 in Manhattan, New York. The legendary music venue was home to new genres of American music, including punk rock, and it ultimately defined the culture of downtown Manhattan since the 70’s until today. CBGB was punk rock’s answer to Hip-Hop and soul’s Apollo Theater in Harlem, housing countless bands that we all know and love, from The Ramones to Blondie. Its full name, CBGB & OMFUG, stands for “Country, Bluegrass, Blues, and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers». “Gormandizer” is a term used to define a ravenous eater of food, but in this case, the gormandizers were consumers of music. Though CBGB closed in 2006 due to disputes with real estate owners, its location on 315 Bowery still remains as a pilgrimage site for punk lovers everywhere. Though punk’s spark had somewhat fizzled out with the years, the late 90’s was determined to bring the nostalgic sound and aesthetic back with bands such as The Offspring, Blink-182, and Sum 41. As with all music factory productions, these bands were shunned by punk rock purists because of their mainstream nature and garnering an audience that punk rock in the 70’s was unable to reach. In the bands’ defense, they did sing about nonconformity and political stances, which is initially what started part of the movement/culture. The punk rock revival did not last for long, as the new millennium paved way for new artists and genres that would eventually drown out the sound of pop-punk and its derivatives. One thing is for sure: the spirit of punk lives on through its true fans, its timeless and unique fashion, and the artists that paved way for and inspired all of the rock bands we hear today. Put on a Blondie record, let your hair down, and let the revolutionary spirit in your heart come alive!

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CBGB club in New York

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art & design - editorial

Wind Wind is a photographic series captured during a visit to White Sands, New Mexico, a location that falls on the same latitude as my country of origin, Iran. Geographically, it was of great importance to me to find a familiar eastern landscape, a scenery I find myself longing for everyday. I considered my journey a religious pilgrimage to find a familiar place. White Sands resides within the landscape of the American West which has always had a gendered meaning, often described as the “virgin land,� untouched and pure. In this series, I juxtapose the western landscape with the female body, using costumes resembling that of the Egyptian Goddess Iset who was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife. This series is comprised of performative self-portraits captured in a surrealist language. Wind is an exploration of eastern and western mythology, the mystic female body, and my search through the western world to discover a landscape that resembled a missed eastern land, my home, Iran.

Photographed & modeled by Sophie Loloi / Asst. Homira Masoumi the talk - page 102

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t r a v e l h o m e


h o t e l s d e c o r

a u t o m o t i v e s r e s t a u r a n t s e v e n t s h o r o s c o p e s

lifestyle - decor

The Bedshop The Bedshop is a leading company specialized in beds & bedding products since 1995. The Bed Shop prides itself on providing an exceptional blend of value, a superior quality of products for our customers and friendly customer service. Products from each of our brands combine innovation with comfort to offer a stress-free experience. A main area of focus at The Bedshop is headboards. A Meticulous design, comfortable upholstery and excellent finishes give these headboards their unique character. Using the finest selection of materials and coverings, every headboard is made by combining cutting-edge technology and design with the expert craftsmanship of specialists. Another unique component of The Bedshop’s headboards is their customizability. Customers are offered with a wide array of materials, colors, sizes, and range of other options to choose from. These products are exclusively available at The Bedshop showrooms throughout Kuwait.

Photography by Jalil Marvin the talk - page 112

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lifestyle - decor

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All photographed products are exclusively available in Kuwait at Bedshop showrooms: Tilal Complex - Shuwaikh, Madouh Complex – Hawally and Dalal Complex - Dajeej. Contact: 22444160 the talk - page 115

lifestyle - home

H&M HOME Spring 2017 Soothing harmony and tropical heat inspired by nature’s five elements With trees budding outside, it’s time for a refresh inside. The new H&M Home Spring 2017 collection is filled with beautiful relaxing vibes through the back to nature inspiration. This Spring the Nature’s five elements; air, spirit, fire, earth and water were the focus of the entire collection. A universe of understated beauty with natural materials and neutral tones of dusty pink accompany a tropical world of warm colors and vibrant prints. “Exoticism and harmony are the two major trends this season. A key influence is the tropical: a hot trend bursting with color and expression. And we still see a big trend around wellbeing and calm, and decorate with a philosophical touch influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian style,” says Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, Head of Design at H&M HOME.

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H&M Home is located at 2nd Avenue, The Avenues. the talk - page 117

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In its second generation, the Panamera has been redeveloped down to every last detail. Modifications to the engine, transmission, chassis and overall design concept, make it a performance icon in the luxury class. The new model further extends the boundaries between an ambitious sports car and a comfortable cruising car with technical highlights such as rear axle steering, electromechanical roll stabilisation and a three-chamber air suspension.

A sports car and luxury saloon in one, the new Panamera launch phase has officially begun. Porsche Centre Kuwait, Behbehani Motors Company, marked the introduction of the new generation by unveiling two all-wheel drive versions: the Panamera 4S and Turbo to attendees at a special event in Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa.

New Porsche Panamera range launched in Kuwait

lifestyle - events

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Mr. Shahzad Gidwani, GM of Behbehani Group welcomed the guests while Mr. George Bechara, Regional Brand Director of Zenith, talked about the relentless quest that both brands pursue and their priorities to enhance the customer experience. Invitees had the oppurtunity to sample an exquisite selection of cigars while viewing the beautiful new EP Cohiba 36’000 VpH in rose gold.

The El Primero “Legend of Cohiba” embodies the excellence, precision and expertise that unite Zenith and Cohiba. Lovers of beautiful objects and fans of blue swirls, for which cigars are a rendez-vous with time and pleasure, are sure to fall for this subtle blend of pink gold and Havana hues. For this occasion, the Manufacture Zenith and Behbehani Group, have celebrated the launch of this watch in Kuwait City in an exquisite event gathering distinguished guests and watch and cigar lovers.

After celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cohiba with the creation of three commemorative limited editions, the Manufacture Zenith is paying tribute to this Cuban legend with the production of a watch that fits into the very heart of its collection.

Zenith and Behbehani Group Launch El Primero «Legend of Cohiba»

lifestyle - horoscopes

horoscopes Aries (Mar. 21-April 20)

Taurus (Apr. 21-May 21)

Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Independence and enterprise mark the life of Aries this month. Caution is advised, as Mars is not favorable. Career prospects are good and monetary gains are forecast for investments in technology. Spirituality dominates relationships and health will be wonderful.

Career and personal initiative will influence Taurus this February. Finances will be excellent as Mercury is favorable. There will be plenty of social opportunities to further your career and finances. Health requires more attention.

Gemini natives will thrive in their professions with the help of others in February 2017. Financial position improves after the third week. You can go for a romantic holiday abroad with your spouse. Health will be problematic in the last part of the month.

Libra (Sept. 24-Oct. 23)

Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

February promises to be a wonderful month for the Librans. Professional life will be highly enjoyable while finances are fabulous. Family life will be full of fun and health shows remarkable improvement.

Family and psychological issues dominate the month of February. Job prospects are good for those looking for a change. Investment in real estate will give good returns. Romantic opportunities are plenty while health will be delicate during the first half of the month.

Sagittarians will excel in academic activities and creative fields in February. Monetary strategies require review and realignment. Family will help you find life partners. Health will be wonderful during the first half of the month.

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Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 23)

People belonging to the Cancer zodiac can further their professional ambitions by seeking the support of others. Family will support your monetary ventures. Relationships are pleasant without conflicts. Health can be improved by detoxification of the body.

Leos will find February to be highly chaotic. This is the time to party and go wild. People looking for jobs will succeed. Mercury will help your finances. Marriage is likely for people in strong relationships. Health can be improved through exercise and relaxation.

Emotional stability and social skills are important for Virgos this month. You may change jobs for better prospects. Venus will boost your finances. Love life will be full of social activities. Health will be superb during the first half of the month.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19)

Pisces (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

Family and emotional matters dominate the month. Do not get involved in office politics. Financially speaking this is a fantastic month and your excellent health will help you to boost your wealth. Somehow you are not interested in love or romance.

Aquarians will be busy with leisure activities this month. Finances are excellent and you will be happy to give part of your wealth for charities. Singles will have plenty of romantic opportunities. Health and vitality will be abundant.

For Pisceans, spirituality will be the focus this month. Even your professional life will be tinged with spirituality. Your financial situation does not have the backing of Mars. You are looking for spiritual strength in relationships. Health will be zooming and will make you charming.

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