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Scholarship & Grant Impact Report 2020 - 2021 ESTHER RENAUD STEYAERT Alpha Phi/Tulane, 1942

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as a recipient of a Theta Foundation scholarship. As I am completing my undergraduate degree and moving forward to continue my master’s degree, I am very thankful for your thoughtful gift. Thank you for reducing some of the financial burden on me, which allows me to focus on my school work and not worry as much about paying for school.” AKANKHYA ASHAVARI Beta Gamma/Colorado State 2021 scholarship recipient


Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

Theta Foundation was founded to help give every Theta every opportunity to make a difference. This vision guides our work more than 60 years later. Reflecting on our storied history, it is truly remarkable to see just how far we’ve come in our relentless pursuit of this idealistic vision. 1962 is the first year on record that Theta Foundation awarded scholarships to members pursuing degree programs. There were only a handful of recipients that year, and the awards were $500 each — no doubt a sizable amount at the time. Since

then, Theta Foundation has awarded over 7,500 scholarships totaling more than $16 million. There's no better time to pause and marvel at these incredible statistics. We think of the countless lives that have been changed forever because of Theta Foundation scholarships — and, equally as awe-inspiring, the donors who continuously invest in the potential of our members and make our scholarship program possible. Similarly, our grants program has come a long way since its inception, and although smaller in scale, has made significant strides over the decades. The first Theta Foundation grant was awarded in 1997, and since then we have exceeded 300 grants totaling more than $380,000. The world today looks very different than it did when Theta Foundation awarded its first scholarships and grants. One thing that has not changed is our steadfast commitment to supporting our members, regardless of the circumstances. We look forward to another 60 years of making a difference, one award, and one Theta, at a time.

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


Scholarships The tangible manifestation of our guiding vision is our scholarship program. Each year, Theta Foundation gives more and more members the opportunity to reach their lofty academic goals and serve as positive examples on their campuses and in their communities.

As a result of your support, Theta Foundation awarded an incredible $813,925 in scholarship funding to 307


and alumnae members for the 2021-2022 academic year. To put this in perspective, ten years ago, we were awarding just over $500,000 in scholarship funding. It is remarkable to see how much the program has grown in such a short amount of time. We could not achieve these milestones without your unwavering belief in the potential of Thetas everywhere.

Meet the 2021 Founders Memorial Scholarship Recipients The Founders Memorial Scholarships were first awarded at the Centennial Grand Convention in 1970. At the time, the awards were $1,000 each. More than 50 years later, they are still Theta Foundation’s most prestigious awards, but today, they are a life-changing $12,000 each. Awarded to the top four junior applicants every year, the recipients are intentionally matched with a specific founder based on their shared accomplishments and characteristics. Please join us in celebrating these outstanding members on the following pages!






Total awarded


Schools attended by recipients

Average GPA of recipients

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

MADDIE SMITH Beta Epsilon/Oregon State Applied Computer Science Recipient of the 2021 Bettie Locke Hamilton Founders Memorial Scholarship

As a transfer student to Oregon State University, Maddie went right to work getting involved in her new Theta chapter. As a sophomore, she was selected to serve as scholarship director when the position became vacant — despite being so new to the chapter. Shortly thereafter, she was slated as chief financial officer (CFO) and played a significant role in how her chapter responded to the challenges brought on by the pandemic, namely lowering membership dues in order to retain as many members as possible. Most recently, as service director, she organized a letter-writing initiative for isolated seniors through Love for Our Elders. Maddie consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She works as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at OSU, for which her employer has commended her for contributions that are typically expected from graduate-level teaching assistants. As a minority in a male-dominated field, she is committed to opening doors for other female computer science students in celebration and recognition of those who once opened those same doors for her.

“Leading women are those who live their passion every day, wholeheartedly and inclusively.”

CAITLYN LANSING Alpha Psi/Lawrence Mathematics & Elementary Education Recipient of the 2021 Alice Allen Brant Founders Memorial Scholarship

“To me, being a leading woman is sticking up for what you believe in, making positive change where others do not see it possible, knowing who you are, and being a role model for others.”

Caitlyn’s interests are incredibly wide and varied, but many of them relate back to her passion for education. As a sophomore, she was hired as a substitute teacher for a local elementary and middle school. Her supervisor noted that, “Her commitment to making sure that our students’ education continues even when the lead teacher is not in the room is exceptional.” She volunteers with elementary school students and provides online tutoring to children from unstable homes. Last year, Caitlyn was the student with the most service hours at Lawrence University. On top of these endeavors, Caitlyn is an NCAA Conference Championship swimmer. Impressively, she also makes time for her Theta chapter. As the current chief recruiting officer (CRO) and chief learning officer (CLO), she is helping her chapter recover from the effects of the Abolish Greek Life movement on Lawrence’s campus, which she reports has been the most difficult, but rewarding, job she has ever had. Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


ERIN HARTEGAN Delta Eta/Kansas State Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering Recipient of the 2021 Hannah Fitch Shaw Founders Memorial Scholarship

“Kappa Alpha Theta’s goal to develop and promote leading women is what drew me to Theta in the first place, and it has been the driving force in my college career.”

Erin was chief financial officer (CFO) of her chapter at the onset of the pandemic, witnessing first-hand the financial challenges that members faced. Her advisor applauded her professionalism and integrity in making difficult decisions, having tough conversations, and handling her sisters’ financial situations with discretion and sensitivity. Erin recognized that the needs she saw in her own chapter were likely problems in other chapters as well. As a result, she now serves as the Director of Finance on Kansas State’s Panhellenic Council in order to help make the fraternity/sorority experience more accessible and inclusive. Academically, one of her professors called her “one of the most outstanding students I’ve ever known.” She helps advance the engineering field as an ambassador and mentor for the industrial engineering honors society and has interned at powerhouse companies such as Bayer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Deloitte.

ANNA KOESTNER Epsilon Iota/Westminster Business Administration & Mathematical Sciences Recipient of the 2021 Bettie Tipton Lindsey Founders Memorial Scholarship

As a member of the Student Foundation, the Honors Program, and a Student Ambassador, Anna is one of a few carefully chosen students who represents Westminster to important visitors. She was recently inducted into the Skulls of Seven, one of the oldest traditions on campus. The Skulls of Seven is an honors society comprised of only seven students who represent certain virtues, and she was chosen to represent scholarship. Additionally, she is highly involved in the Blue Blazers Investment Committee on campus, even helping plan and lead a trip to the New York Stock Exchange. Anna currently serves her chapter as chief executive officer (CEO) and previously served as chief learning officer (CLO) and new member director. She managed to plan and execute a COVID-compliant, in-person initiation ceremony for the 2020 member class, giving them a more meaningful initiation experience — and giving the seniors one last emotional initiation to take with them. Her Theta reference shared that she is “truly a force for good within the sorority experience.”


Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

“To me, a leading woman is a member who uses their full potential to excel beyond what is expected of them, and inspires other members to do the same.”

Scholarship Recipients Recipient

Chapter/School Amount

Founders Memorial Scholarships Alice Allen Brant


Caitlyn Lansing

Alpha Psi/Lawrence


Maddie Smith

Beta Epsilon/Oregon State


Anna Koestner

Epsilon Iota/Westminster


Erin Hartegan

Delta Eta/Kansas State


Bettie Locke Hamilton Bettie Tipton Lindsey Hannah Fitch Shaw Alice Lee Lund


Faith Sullivan Alpha Nu/Montana $1,050

Alice Neal Clarkson Alpha Mu


Breanna Robinson Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,000

Alice Neal Clarkson Kappa


Savannah Farrar Kappa/Kansas $1,000

Alpha Chi Chapter


Sydney Hummel Alpha Chi/Purdue $1,075

Alpha Gamma Chapter/Catharine Frear


Jordyn Stone Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $1,050

Alpha Gamma Golden Thetas


Rhiannon Lupton Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $1,825

Alpha Mu College Chapter


Bree Minger Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,075

Ann Fenwick


Abigail Gyetvai Alpha Xi/Oregon $1,000 Carmen Sanchez-Reddick Alpha Xi/Oregon $1,125

Ann McIlrath Drake


Jasmine Bacchus Alpha Epsilon/Brown $5,000 Anna Fritz Gamma Psi/TCU $5,000 Michelle Hulley Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $5,000 Grace Koesters Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $5,000 Gracie Martin Alpha Sigma/Washington State $5,000 Alexandria Marx Omega/UC Berkeley $5,000 Belle Miller Alpha Sigma/Washington State $5,000 Chloe Parrish Delta Theta/Florida $5,000 Jade Rosenberger Beta Chi/Alberta $5,000 Taylor Schissel Eta Chi/Boston $5,000

Ann Terwilliger McLaren


Emma Fortino Beta Phi/Penn State $1,400

Ann Wright Hart/Nashville Alumnae Chapter


Elise Coughlan Eta Phi/Belmont $2,625

Anne Collins Mackey Memorial


Brynn Gwartzman Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,325 Sydney Sapper Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,000

Anne Ehrenhardt Nolting


Anna Baig Alpha/DePauw $1,525

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Alexandria Marx Omega/UC Berkeley $1,100

Kyler Neely Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,125

Liz Rasmussen Delta Iota/Puget Sound $1,550

Jamie Lee Zeta Tau/Delaware $1,525

Loren Reed Delta Eta/Kansas State $1,100

Molly Goheen Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $1,225

Bridget McGrath Beta/Indiana $1,325

Julia Sifferlen Alpha/DePauw $1,275

Anne Sadler Budill

Barbara Hackman Franklin

Barbara Lemert Thompson

Beta Chapter Most Noble Woman Beta Delta Chapter

$1,100 $1,550 $1,100 $1,325 $1,250

Jillian Bandler Beta Delta/Arizona $1,250

Beta Eta Chapter


Cardelucci Family Carol Green Wilson

Carol Stevens Doyle

Catherine Tillotson McCord Cecil Ruth King Eidson and Robert Ansel Eidson Christa McCluggage

Emily Hipp Beta Iota/Colorado $2,925

Colleen Byrne

Noelle Talarico Beta Phi/Penn State $1,400

Dallas Alumnae Chapter

Beta Phi Baer-Buell

Betty B. and James B. Lambert

$2,925 $1,400


Emily Chavez Gamma Chi/Fresno State $5,000 Layne Compton Beta Delta/Arizona $4,000 Morgan Cutter Zeta Theta/Cal Poly $4,000 Beth Ehrhardt Epsilon Iota/Westminster $5,200 Abbey Faust Eta Omega/Saint Louis $5,000 Chelsea Guevara Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $4,250 Mia Hernandez Eta Mu/Occidental $3,000 Emily Hipp Beta Iota/Colorado $4,250 Ansley Howze Eta Phi/Belmont $5,200 Soraiya Lalani Beta Upsilon/British Columbia $5,000 Paige Lauri Eta Phi/Belmont $4,000 Gina Li Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $3,000 Mary-Lynne Loftus Beta Psi/McGill $5,000 Liz Mueller Psi/Wisconsin $5,000 Kristi Poling Beta Delta/Arizona $6,000 Victoria Rosales Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $3,000 Elizabeth Shevlin Delta Phi/Clemson $6,700 Katie Smith Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $6,050 Shannon Smith Eta Pi/Case Western $4,600 Abbie Stasior Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson $6,050 Lauren Wade Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $4,200 Mandy Lee Womack Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $4,000 Elise Woulfe Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $4,000

Betty Baur Lambert/Fairfield County, CT Alumnae Chapter


Shannon Smith Eta Pi/Case Western $1,450

Betty Black Hatchett


Kathryn Fish Gamma Psi/TCU $2,175

Betty MacDonough Memorial


Katie Mastrone Delta Phi/Clemson $1,025

Beverly F. Worden Taylor Schissel Lauren Tse

Eta Chi/Boston Zeta Nu/UC Davis

$5,150 $2,150 $3,000

$1,525 $1,225 $1,275


Sami Marks Kappa/Kansas $1,050

Alejandra Borda Beta Eta/Pennsylvania $1,850

Beta Iota Chapter



Maya Weber Omicron/USC $1,525


Megan Blatt Beta Xi/UCLA $3,075


Avery Engleman Zeta Phi/Pepperdine $1,475 Melanye Simmons Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,000

Deborah Bornmann Allen


Emma Kollar Eta Theta/Central Florida $1,625

Denver Alumnae Chapter


Lindsay Beil Beta Iota/Colorado $2,325

Diane Forst Stephens


Anna Baig Alpha/DePauw $1,800

Dinah Hampton McClymonds


Madi Eberle Alpha Chi/Purdue $1,375

Dorothy Barbieri Memorial


Lillien Shaer Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson $1,575

Dorothy Whitehurst Heard


Alicia Lee Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest $4,100

Edith Whitney/Spokane Alumnae Chapter $1,300 Darby Mott Alpha Sigma/Washington State $1,300

Elizabeth (Bessie) Ferguson McNair


Izzy Sherwood-Reid Delta Delta/Whitman $1,375

Elizabeth Nagel Marcin


Lily Bryant Nu/Hanover $1,200

Ellen Bowers Hofstead


Mackenzie Abbitt Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $4,000 Meg Kelly Theta Omicron/UNC Charlotte $2,825 Lindsay Zhang Gamma Theta/Carnegie Mellon $4,000

Esther and Charles Mlynek Briana Beghi Skylar Bowyer Reilly Dicker Avery Dozier


Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

$4,850 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000


Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Julia Everson Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $1,000 Evangeline Healy Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $2,500 Hailey Heath Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $1,500 Rachael Johnson Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $1,000 Sydney Kupsh Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $1,000 Michelle Leonard Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $3,250 Amanda Ooi Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $1,000 Marissa Raras Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $2,500 Morgan Smith Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $3,500


Kendra Murray Beta Theta/Idaho $1,425

Esther and Charles Mlynek

Eta Iota Chapter



Lauren Kussler Eta Iota/San Diego $1,150

Eta Phi Chapter


Abby Woerther Eta Phi/Belmont $1,125

Eta Sigma Chapter


Ruby Blakesleay Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,525

Eta Tau Chapter


Grace Korcheck Eta Tau/Tampa $1,225

Evan Thoennes Memorial


Maddie McNarney Alpha Chi/Purdue $1,000

Fight Family


Emily Kraus Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,125

Florence Abernathy Waldrop


Allison Gully Delta Omega/Texas A&M $1,675

Florence Benner Wylie


Brianna Medcalf Nu/Hanover $1,325

Frances Strickland/ Agnes Wright Strickland


Sophia Kara Gamma Epsilon/Western $1,400

Gamma Chapter


Cambria Khayat Gamma/Butler $1,000

Gamma Omega Chapter


Allie Loehr Gamma Omega/Auburn $1,850

Gamma Phi Chapter


Cierra Herder Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,025 Stephanie Piel Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,000

Gamma Psi Chapter/Tracy Clark Memorial $1,500 Grace Morison Gamma Psi/TCU $1,500

Gamma Sigma Chapter


Alysé Nguyen Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $1,075

Gamma Upsilon Chapter


Celia Melillo Eta Kappa/John Carroll $1,700

Gayden Family


Morgan Garrison Delta Omega/Texas A&M $1,500 Anna Park Theta Iota/Georgetown $3,875

Genevieve Butz Adsit


Hannah Beck Psi/Wisconsin $1,225

Gloria McVay Cochran and Richard K. Cochran

Baileigh Goodlett Beta/Indiana $1,050

Greater Kansas City Alumnae Chapter


Savannah Farrar Kappa/Kansas $1,975

Harriet Darley Damisch


Gina Jozef Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,525

Harriet Fowler Brown/Kansas City Alumnae Chapter


Molly Shumard Alpha Mu/Missouri $3,975

Harriett D. and C. Hollis Hull


Madi Eberle Alpha Chi/Purdue $1,650

Hazel Baird Lease


Bridget McGrath Beta/Indiana $1,000

Heather Anne Steen


Alicia Zamudio Epsilon Rho/Lehigh $1,125

Helen Edwards Woodward


Dani Breslow Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,675

Houston Theta Charity Antiques Show


Chantalle Vincent Delta Delta/Whitman $1,500 Ali Wine Eta Phi/Belmont $1,200

Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter


Abigail Emery Beta Delta/Arizona $1,375

Ines Abbott McCrary


JoAnn Crites Thompson

Josephine Brossard Stansfield Memorial

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


Maggie Morrison Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $2,200

Joyce Anne Vitelli Memorial


Riley Sawyer Mu/Allegheny $7,675

Joyce Drew Toombs Memorial


Caitlin Hubbard Psi/Wisconsin $1,000

Joyce Harrison Honeyman/ Seattle Alumnae


Lydia Beth Eta Sigma/Chapman $2,450

Judith Camp Sauer


Nicole Nguyen Eta Chi/Boston $2,275

Judith Elaine Lappin Coleman


Holly Gilbert Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,400 Michaela Rice Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,200

Julia Gilbert/Alpha Omicron


Delaney Mack Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,275

Julie Itin Hawlik Memorial


Ali Drummond Gamma Zeta/Connecticut $1,125

June Longworth Hardy


Sofia Barnett Epsilon Phi/Chicago $2,500

Kahla Roberts Latta/St. Louis Alumnae Chapter


Payton Price Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State $1,000

Sarah Ayers Epsilon Iota/Westminster $3,000

Caitlin Hubbard Psi/Wisconsin $2,800

Chloe Thomas Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,000

Brooke Barton Alpha Sigma/Washington State $1,000 Marlee Jones Alpha Rho/South Dakota $1,000 Alexa Schwartz Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,450

Sarah McNeilly Epsilon Phi/Chicago $1,150

Haylee Langton Eta Iota/San Diego $1,050

Kathleen Markey & Kenneth Niejadlik, MD $2,950

Elise Coughlan Eta Phi/Belmont $1,425

Kelly T. Lawrence

Kylie Graf Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,075

Kendall Cusick-Rindone and Gregory Rindone

Ella Kappler Gamma/Butler $1,075

Kyle Hartvickson Handegard

Isabel Hanford Olmstead Isabel McKenney Gates

Jane Brokaw Gallup

Jane Cooksey Cassel

Jane Kent Hedges Jane Richardt Christie

Janet Paine Peters

$2,800 $3,450

$1,050 $1,425 $1,075 $1,075


Mandy Lee Womack Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $2,150

Jill Morrison Memorial


Catherine Thomas Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi $1,000

Joan Wagner Essex Connor Perry

Gamma Iota/Kentucky

$1,250 $1,250

Karen Clark Tinsley

Katherine Kilbride Memorial

Kathleen Bennett Tonkel Family

$1,000 $1,150 $1,400

Macy Werner Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,400 Pondi Carrero Chi/Syracuse $2,950


Megan Blatt Beta Xi/UCLA $1,150


Shan Peterson Alpha Xi/Oregon $1,025


Hayley Steffes Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $1,400

L. Pearle Green


Molly Shumard Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,600

Laurie McGregor Connor


Cassie Farber Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,100

Linda Moran Schmidt Sarah Stagg



Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma

$4,175 $4,175

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Recipient Chapter/School Amount

Brooke Newman Delta Epsilon/Arizona State $1,300

Paige Fontes Zeta Phi/Pepperdine $1,425

Cassidy Turpin Beta/Indiana $4,100


Mia Hernandez Eta Mu/Occidental $2,000

Laura Noteware Beta Rho/Duke $1,000 Lillien Shaer Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson $1,850

Lisa Davis Olney

Louise Johnson Miller/ Jean Johnson Smith Graduate


Michelle Hulley Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $5,000 Mackenzie Weiland Epsilon Eta/Centre $3,225

Lucile Moore Garrett


Tali Harris Gamma Tau/Tulsa $1,000 Shelby Ringdahl Gamma Psi/TCU $1,650

Lyn Stewart Simensen


Jordan Hazen Eta Theta/Central Florida $1,100

Madeline Reynolds Adams and Family


Megan Brown Theta Nu/Georgia Tech $1,000

Margaret (Margie) Mills Ruckert


Maggie Ziegler Kappa/Kansas $1,775

Margaret Killen Banta Graduate


Ali Wine Eta Phi/Belmont $1,850

Margaret Killen Banta Undergraduate


Mikayla Jeneske Alpha Psi/Lawrence $2,250

Margery Dick Miller Memorial


Gina Jozef Beta Omega/Colorado College $4,500

Mariam M. Morrison/Delta Sigma


Mary Jane Parker Beach Mary L. Hinkle

Mary Margaret Perry McDonald Mary Rees Gilliatt

Melissa (Lissa) Luton Bradford/Nashville Alumnae Chapter Meta Alice Keith Bratten

Maggie Conyngham Alpha Theta/Texas $1,375 Brittany Page Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,500

Marilynn Mitchell and Beta Nus of the Fifties


Maddie Mullins Beta Nu/Florida State $1,575

Marjorie Crane Schnacke Memorial


Robin Soltis Lawton Kappa/Kansas $1,325

Martin and Roslyn Cooper


Sabrina Santucci Delta/Illinois $1,850

Marty Smith White/Portland Alumnae Chapter


Victoria Girod Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $1,500 Gracie Martin Alpha Sigma/Washington State $1,200

Mary Alice Horn Memorial


Mary-Kate Wesley Beta Omicron/Iowa $2,225

Mary and John Dengler


Caroline Gambill Delta Eta/Kansas State $2,050

Mary Catherine Miller


Grace Farrow Delta Kappa/LSU $1,050

Mary Frances Bowles Couper Nicole Nguyen

Eta Chi/Boston

$2,175 $2,175

$4,225 $1,050

Morgan Garrison Delta Omega/Texas A&M $1,050

Molly Muntzel Smith


Victoria Rosales Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $1,200

Monisa Cox Cline


Grace Korcheck Eta Tau/Tampa $3,000 Rachel Taylor Delta Theta/Florida $1,225

Morna Elizabeth Dusenbury Memorial


Jenna Katlin Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,200 Kara Schiek Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,750

Nancy France Alumna



Chloe Parrish Delta Theta/Florida $4,225

Beth Ehrhardt Epsilon Iota/Westminster $1,025

Marilyn Chesher Lynch


Samantha Berenblum Epsilon Tau/Yale $2,000 Abigail King Beta Psi/McGill $1,125

Nancy Cochran Abbey



Alexa Schwartz Alpha Phi/Tulane $2,375

Sophia Kara Gamma Epsilon/Western Ontario $1,050

Marie Anderson Fitz



Chloe Thomas Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,900


Madison Ellin Delta/Illinois $2,325

Nancy France Undergraduate


Rose McManaman Delta/Illinois $2,325

Nancy Neville Adams


Lia Cohen Lambda/Vermont $1,175

Nancy Ross Perry


Evita Fazliu Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,900 Olivia Miceli Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,800

Nancynell Swaffield Bogdanovich Graduate


Izzy Sherwood-Reid Delta Delta/Whitman $1,725

Oklahoma City Alumnae Chapter


Haley Johnson Gamma Tau/Tulsa $1,725

Omicron Chapter


Hillary Brown Omicron/USC $1,600

Pasadena Alumnae Chapter


Christie Wong Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,000 Midge Zuk Epsilon Pi/Bucknell $1,075

Patricia Johnson Theil


Cassidy Hillock Beta/Indiana $1,175

Pauline Eilber Keeler Maia Menefee

Theta Mu/Mines

$1,225 $1,225

Pauline Snoke Jackson Memorial

Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter Memorial

Psi Chapter

$4,100 $2,850


Mandy Geballe Psi/Wisconsin $1,850



Gillian Bowman Delta/Illinois $2,250 Caileigh Kengott Delta/Illinois $4,500 Rose McManaman Delta/Illinois $3,175 Hannah Skelton Delta/Illinois $3,650

Rose Fraser Jacobson


Riley Sawyer Mu/Allegheny $1,100

Ruth Elizabeth Southworth


Anna Baig Alpha/DePauw $1,500 Shannon Jager Alpha/DePauw $9,000 Karyn Keenan Alpha/DePauw $5,000 Lexi Miller Alpha/DePauw $5,500 Paige Powers Alpha/DePauw $10,000 Julia Sifferlen Alpha/DePauw $7,000

Ruth Hill Wilber


Addison Browne Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State $1,700

Ruth Rabbe Hager


Meg Kelly Theta Omicron/UNC Charlotte $1,150

Ruth Robie Lacy/Rosemary Longino


Anna Goodwin Gamma Delta/Georgia $2,375

Sallie Bidez Memorial


Sophia Lamb Delta Phi/Clemson $1,100 Elizabeth Shevlin Delta Phi/Clemson $1,325

Sally Cowan Reinhold


Julia Shorey Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,600

Seattle Alumnae Chapter


Riley Sawyer Mu/Allegheny $1,325

Sharon Cirese Gassett Memorial


Riley Cluxton Beta Gamma/Colorado State $2,025

Shirley Shields Smith


Sarah Ayers Epsilon Iota/Westminster $3,150



Gracie Andrews Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,000 Arianna Astor Eta Theta/Central Florida $1,000 Hope Bartlett Gamma Omega/Auburn $1,225 Chloe Blokker Alpha Sigma/Washington State $1,000 Gianna Buonopane Theta Pi/Sacred Heart $2,550 Chloe Cantu Gamma Chi/Fresno State $1,000 Sydney Davies Beta Gamma/Colorado State $1,000 Alexandra Davis Upsilon/Minnesota $1,000 Cendrina Duhamel Beta Mu/Nevada $1,500 Caroline Elliott Eta Phi/Belmont $1,000 Damiana Gugliotta Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,000 Donna Harel Theta Xi/UC Santa Cruz $1,000

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


Recipient Chapter/School Amount


Katie Hassett Eta Lambda/Santa Clara $1,000 Dakota Helgeson Eta Theta/Central Florida $1,000 Amellalli Herrera Alvarez Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,150 Minela Ikanovic Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,000 Anneliese Ingraham Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,000 Mikayla Jenkins Zeta Lambda/Charleston $1,225 Brigie Kelley Delta Omicron/Alabama $2,575 Charlotte Madden Epsilon Nu/Virginia Tech $1,000 Carlee Marcuccilli Beta/Indiana $1,000 Naomi Nguyen Phi/Pacific $1,550 Ellory Oleen Delta Epsilon/Arizona State $1,000 Taylor Reeder Delta Omicron/Alabama $2,000 Macy Reynolds Eta Phi/Belmont $2,000 Talia Rotiburd Upsilon/Minnesota $1,000 Jiani Song Delta Epsilon/Arizona State $1,000 Sarah Tackitt Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,000 Grace Touthang Gamma Tau/Tulsa $1,000 Lily Tran Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $1,000 Mackenzie Waggoner Delta Eta/Kansas State $1,000 Anise Wheatley Delta Kappa/LSU $2,500 Melinda White Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,000 Rachel Young Psi/Wisconsin $1,000 Lucy Yusem Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $1,550

Sally Ferrari Beta Chi/Alberta $1,000 Hayley Lai Omega/UC Berkeley $1,000 Elyssa Lenz Delta Eta/Kansas State $1,000 Jackie DelMuto Murray Zeta Xi/Harvard $1,100 Chichi Nwankwo Gamma Theta/Carnegie Mellon $1,100 Reid Rebinsky Beta Psi/McGill $1,100 Courtney Rentas Delta Omicron/Alabama $1,025 Aubrey Specht Eta Psi/Tufts $1,075 Meg Wilson Beta Tau/Denison $1,100



Sophia Scholar, Elise Lipscomb Ferguson


Lauren Crouch Alpha Rho/South Dakota $1,900

Sue Farrell Supple


Abbey Brandt Beta Xi/UCLA $1,275 Sarah Stagg Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,000

Sue Shane Sautermeister


Alexa Schwartz Alpha Phi/Tulane $2,175

Susan Byers Patrick


Mary-Kate Wesley Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,500

Susan Lynn Beyerle


Olivia Molinari Beta Phi/Penn State $1,000

Susie Adams Smith


Victoria Garcia Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,175

Suzanne Nichols Lynn/Atlanta Alumnae Chapter


Mackenzie Weiland Epsilon Eta/Centre $1,775

Suzanne Sterling King


Kendre Parker Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,075

Taylor Witcher Memorial


Annie Murray Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,475

Thelma Thickins Moran


Akankhya Ashavari Beta Gamma/Colorado State $1,125

Theta Link Seneca Bohley Scout Cooper-Wilson Ashley Daniel Liv Estes



Omega/UC Berkeley Phi/Pacific Epsilon Phi/Chicago Gamma Kappa/George Washington

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

$1,000 $1,000 $1,125 $1,000

Chapter/School Amount

Theta Link

Theta Volunteer



Averill Aubrey Epsilon Phi/Chicago $1,675

Virginia Bryant Shilstone


Lily Sandblom Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $2,275

Virginia Burns Boynton


Carol Davis Zeta Mu/MIT $2,300 Anna Fritz Gamma Psi/TCU $4,000 Claudia Kennedy Theta Theta/NC State $8,000 Jade Rosenberger Beta Chi/Alberta $3,000

Virginia Chain Schmid


Kaidence Brodersen Rho/Nebraska $1,600

Virginia Ford Hood


Liz Kornfeld Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,200 Logan Krivanek Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,000

Virginia Hindman Freeman


Halle Briede Delta Kappa/LSU $1,000 Morgan Brown Delta Kappa/LSU $1,475 Mikaela Gonzalez DelValle Delta Kappa/LSU $1,000 Lauryn Simons Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,000 Martha-Ellen Storrs Alpha Theta/Texas $1,000 Kat Toerner Delta Kappa/LSU $1,000

Virginia Lauderdale Grimm


Emily Edmiston Kappa/Kansas $1,000 Grace Verb Eta Nu/Lake Forest $1,125

Virginia M. Sorenson


Katlyn Balstad Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $6,000 Megan Blatt Beta Xi/UCLA $4,925 Sarah Bowen Eta Omega/Saint Louis $2,000 Dani Breslow Beta Omega/Colorado College $4,325 Katie Brust Alpha Rho/South Dakota $5,000 Sarah Byrne Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson $6,000 Peyton Classon Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,000 Alexa Dietz Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $2,850 Lauren Dreisch Delta Theta/Florida $1,000 Ali Drummond Gamma Zeta/Connecticut $1,000 Libby Williamson Ehlers Lambda/Vermont $1,000 Kiera Englehart Epsilon Rho/Lehigh $2,000 Kathryn Fish Gamma Psi/TCU $1,000 Paige Fontes Zeta Phi/Pepperdine $2,575 Samantha Hubner Eta Phi/Belmont $3,000 Grace Koesters Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $1,000 Lauren Kussler Eta Iota/San Diego $4,850 Haylee Langton Eta Iota/San Diego $1,000


Chapter/School Amount

Virginia M. Sorenson


Sam MacLean Gamma Epsilon/Western Ontario $1,000 Maddie Maselko Eta Kappa/John Carroll $1,000 Madelyn McLaughlin Theta Iota/Georgetown $1,000 Sarah McNeilly Epsilon Phi/Chicago $1,850 Belle Miller Alpha Sigma/Washington State $2,000 Bree Minger Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,925 Callie Olson Alpha Rho/South Dakota $2,000 Molly Shumard Alpha Mu/Missouri $2,425 Katie Wandzilak Alpha Chi/Purdue $2,000

Virginia Speidel Edwards


Jasmine Bacchus Alpha Epsilon/Brown $1,525

Vivian Stevenson Delbrook


Isabel Ali Gamma/Butler $1,500 Grace Anderson Gamma/Butler $1,250 Kate Denault Gamma/Butler $1,250 Maycie Farrell Gamma/Butler $1,250 Allie Gritzman Gamma/Butler $4,800 Emma Hughes Gamma/Butler $1,500 Ella Kappler Gamma/Butler $3,125 Cambria Khayat Gamma/Butler $1,750 Sarah Knight Gamma/Butler $4,800 Emily Lawson Gamma/Butler $2,250 Lauryn Lintner Gamma/Butler $1,250 Isabella Liu Gamma/Butler $2,500 Gracen Perdue Gamma/Butler $1,250 Sydney Plautz Gamma/Butler $2,750 Anna Rather Gamma/Butler $5,000 Regan Roetken Gamma/Butler $1,500 Katie Shelford Gamma/Butler $1,250 Natalie Slauter Gamma/Butler $1,250 Madison Stefanski Gamma/Butler $1,250 Tori Whyde Gamma/Butler $1,525 Cameron Willett Gamma/Butler $1,250

Waters-Cardelucci Family


Abbey Brandt Beta Xi/UCLA $1,125

Wright Family Fund


Alexa Dietz Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $1,150

Zeta Nu Chapter


Claire Hitchcock Zeta Nu/UC Davis $1,150

Zeta Rho Chapter


Emma Anders Zeta Rho/UC San Diego $1,150

Zeta Zeta Chapter Class of 1989


Pauline Acquah Iota/Cornell $1,500 Dana Lerner Iota/Cornell $4,375 Ryannon Starkey Theta Lambda/Rochester $3,250

Samara Lanthier ETA THETA/ CENTRAL FLORIDA Coastal Marine Education & Research Academy Palm Harbor, Florida

Chapter & Individual Grants Traditionally, our Chapter & Individual Grants program is focused on Thetas expanding their horizons through the pursuit of international experiential learning opportunities. With the travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic, the future of this program seemed uncertain. But if there is one thing we know about Thetas, it is that they do not back down from a challenge. Our members demonstrated incredible adaptability and creativity in continuing to explore their interests through programs that were largely virtual, allowing them to supplement their traditional education and training and setting them apart as leaders on their campuses and in their communities. With your help, Theta Foundation awarded 19 individual members and four chapters with more than $36,000 in grant funding. We invite you to learn more about their unique endeavors in the pages that follow.

23 $36,695 Total awarded




Chapters represented by recipients

Virtual programs

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


“On behalf of the Gamma Nu Chapter, thank you for allowing us to complete this project!"

GAMMA NU/ NORTH DAKOTA STATE Project Linus Blanket Donation Fargo, North Dakota

Chapter & Individual Grant Recipients ALPHA/DEPAUW Celia Kauth

Practice Indie 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training Indianapolis, Indiana Education grant to become a certified yoga instructor and bring the practice and principles of yoga into her current work as a school counselor in a low-income, urban setting, which has proven to be beneficial for children who have undergone trauma, as many of her students have.


Colorado School of Mines Space Resources Certificate Online Education grant to expand upon her study of the exploration and utilization of resources in space with aspirations of pursuing a career in aerospace and aviation to support the commercial development of new space ventures from a human- and environment-centric perspective.


GIVE Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Columbus, Ohio Education grant to become a certified yoga instructor and add a new perspective to her current studies to be able to utilize yoga practice and principles in her future work as an occupational therapist.


Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

ALPHA ETA/VANDERBILT Kendall Bernard Barbri Law Preview Course Online

Education grant to become familiar with law concepts and study techniques that will help her succeed during her first year of law school at the University of Virginia and eventually allow her to utilize her degree in a public interest setting with a focus on homelessness and mass incarceration.

ALPHA SIGMA/WASHINGTON STATE Amy Wilcox Khosravi Leadership Spokane Spokane, Washington

Leadership development grant to bring greater value to her job as a real estate managing broker as well as to her many volunteer roles, including president of the Spokane Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, benefitting the greater Spokane area and its constituents.


Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR) Baltimore, Maryland Education grant to study skin aging in transgender individuals using hormonal supplementation and develop her clinical skills in caring for older populations, which will help her achieve her goal of becoming a dermatologist focused on geriatric care after medical school.

BETA SIGMA/SMU Brooke Donelson

Prosci Change Management Certification Online Education grant to enhance her current work as a consulting analyst for a management consulting firm by learning about the methodology of effectively managing change and thereby enhancing project results.

ALPHA PSI/LAWRENCE Elizabeth Nerland Anderson


Education grant to gain an understanding of business analytics, economics, and financial accounting, which will take her career as a nonprofit professional to the next level, enabling her to make better long-term financial decisions and develop more effective pricing and fundraising strategies.

Education grant to learn how to design, plan for, and execute a business that will help other female entrepreneurs pursue their dreams in an effort to amplify and support female entrepreneurship and leadership within the small business arena.

Harvard CORe Program Online

MMM Coaching Program Online



Service-learning grant for the chapter to participate in a blanket making initiative for Project Linus, an organization that donates blankets to children in need, allowing the chapter to engage members in service and demonstrate their commitment to the widest influence for good on their campus and in their community.

Education grant to pursue rabbinic ordination with a unique focus on environmental sustainability and gender and racial equality, which will help her become a spiritual leader in her community and allow her to accompany people on their spiritual journeys of searching for deeper meaning.

Project Linus Blanket Donation Fargo, North Dakota


The Columbia Publishing Course Online Education grant to become immersed in the many facets of the publishing industry, participate in career planning and placement opportunities, and apply and maximize the skills learned during the program in order to succeed in this competitive industry.


iPEC Certified Coach Training Program Online Leadership development grant to bring greater value to her job as an executive assistant at United Way of Central Indiana and to her own consulting business, Firestarter Consulting, to help people find their passion and ultimately, achieve their dreams.


ALEPH Rabbinic Program Online

ZETA NU/UC DAVIS Kingsley Grafft Frazier

Clear Administrative Credential Online Education grant to pursue a credential to support students and families that receive special education services as well as the teachers and serviceproviders that special education students work with, enabling her to better advocate for students with disabilities.

ZETA TAU/DELAWARE Madison Cannon Program Design School Online

Leadership development grant to formally learn how to develop and write educational programs for Theta collegians and alumnae to help develop their soft skills, including strengths-based leadership, emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback, and diversity, equity, and inclusion, giving them the most efficient and effective learning experiences possible.

“Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation has lifted a huge burden in helping me fund a program that will give me valuable hands-on experience in the marine science research industry. My love and appreciation for my chapter and all of Kappa Alpha Theta has grown exponentially when I thought it was impossible to have a deeper love for this organization than I already did.” SAMARA LANTHIER Eta Theta/Central Florida

Thai Language Course Princeton, New Jersey

Education grant to become proficient in the Thai language at an intermediate level, complementing her current studies and enhancing her future aspirations of completing fieldwork in Thailand focused on food security and sustainable agriculture.


Graduate Certificate in Anti-Racism in Urban Education Online Education grant to challenge the status quo in higher education through her efforts as an independent educational consultant, critically examining the ways the education system is complicit in perpetuating racism and exploring opportunities to utilize her work to dismantle systems of oppression, increasing access to higher education for first-generation and minority students.

DeLaine Mayer GAMMA DEUTERON/ OHIO WESLEYAN Colorado School of Mines Space Resources Certificate Online

“Women continue to be the minority in industrial and manufacturing industries, including energy and aerospace. As a woman in these fields now, I see myself as part of a legacy of opening doors, bringing women in, and diversifying these fields, not just because it is right, but because these industries need new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new courses of action.”

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


Brooke Donelson BETA SIGMA/SMU Prosci Change Management Certification Online


Coastal Marine Education & Research Academy Palm Harbor, Florida Education grant to gain hands-on experience with marine wildlife and learn about the behavior and physiology of the animals she encounters, preparing her for a future career as a conservation biologist.


Professional Culinary Arts Program San Francisco, California Education grant to gain hands-on experience in the kitchen, learn from industry experts, and explore her passion for food media, including food styling and food photography.


Social Work Internship Cape Town, South Africa Service-learning grant to expand upon her work as a Family Intervention Specialist by working with vulnerable immigrant and refugee children in providing support through Life Space Intervention, which will help them learn to better regulate their behavior and emotions.

Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter PATH Welcome Home Event Los Angeles, California

Service-learning grant to participate in a “Welcome Home” event for People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), through which they will assemble and donate three kits containing household essentials for individuals and families transitioning off the streets and into permanent housing.

Nashville Alumnae Chapter

“I’m very thankful to Theta Foundation for their support and lifelong commitment to continuous development of our sisters. Without this support, I would not have been able to pursue this learning opportunity. Even post-graduation, it is inspiring to know that there is a group of strong women who support my own personal and professional growth, and for that I am incredibly humbled and grateful.” BROOKE DONELSON Beta Sigma/SMU


Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

“Imperfect & Talented” CliftonStrengths Workshop Nashville, Tennessee Education grant to participate in a workshop led by a prominent Nashville-area personal and professional development expert to give members the opportunity to discover and harness their strengths in all aspects of their lives.

NC Triangle Alumnae Chapter Unconscious Bias Workshop Online

Education grant to engage members in this workshop led by a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert in order to help participants understand and mitigate their own unconscious biases, which will foster inclusion and understanding within the chapter, in the community, and beyond.

Chapter & Individual Grant Recipients Recipient

Chapter/School Amount

Alumnae Chapter Founders Award


Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter


Anne Stegner



Chapter/School Amount

Houston Alumnae Chapter Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter

Gamma Nu/North Dakota State Chapter $1,300

Samara Lanthier

Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne

Jeanne Ross Miller


Kingsley Grafft Frazier Zeta Nu/UC Davis $1,050 Kristi Poling Beta Delta/Arizona $675

Chapter & Individual Grants

Karly Britt Madison Cannon Rena Gammons Nicki Volante

Alpha Gamma/Ohio State Zeta Tau/Delaware Delta Sigma/Ball State Eta Upsilon/San Francisco

$3,700 $350 $350 $1,000 $2,000


DeLaine Mayer Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $2,725

Elizabeth Nerland Anderson Melissa Bareham Kendall Bernard Anna de Bernardi Brooke Donelson Ashley Gilly Celia Kauth Amy Wilcox Khosravi

Eta Theta/Central Florida

$1,650 $1,650


Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,000 Gamma Epsilon/Western Ontario $1,025 Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $500 Epsilon Mu/Princeton $1,500 Beta Sigma/SMU $1,250 Delta Kappa/LSU $2,000 Alpha/DePauw $2,500 Alpha Sigma/Washington State $1,500


Chapter/School Amount

Jeanne Ross Miller


Paige Lincenberg Zeta Lambda/Charleston $2,000 Sydney Montgomery Epsilon Mu/Princeton $3,500 Liv Shaw Epsilon Phi/Belmont $4,000 Nashville Alumnae Chapter $1,000 NC Triangle Alumnae Chapter $1,750

Suzanne Luton Woodruff


Liv Shaw Eta Phi/Belmont $1,075

TOTAL $36,695

Scholarship & Grant Impact Report


Theta’s leading women resolve to face challenges and break down academic, professional, and societal barriers in pursuit of the widest influence for good. Theta Foundation remains committed to them as they seek to make a difference in the world.

Do you know a Theta who could benefit from a scholarship or grant? Please share this information with them and encourage them to apply! For more information, please visit our website:

8740 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268 1.800.KAO.1870 |

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2020-2021 Scholarship & Grant Impact Report  

2020-2021 Scholarship & Grant Impact Report  

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