2022-2023 Scholarship & Grant Impact Report

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"accomplishing the of life"

Foundation o

“I have been honored with significant scholarships from Theta Foundation over the years to support tuition for my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. I am

forever grateful and humbled that this foundation values my education, work, passion, and drive for advancing pediatric healthcare.”

The beauty of success is that it’s uniquely different for every woman. One of our founders, Hannah Fitch Shaw, knew this when she said, “When women have the courage to choose congenial occupations in which by proper application they may achieve honor and success, then will they attain their greatest influence … [and] we shall everywhere find them cheerful and contented, and accomplishing the great work of life."

For Theta Foundation, success has been and always will be helping Thetas become their best. We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide opportunities to our members as they seek to make a difference in the world.

Thank you for being a part of this commitment. Following another successful year, the incredible generosity of Theta Foundation supporters made 339 dreams closer to reality. This year's scholarship and grant recipients have career aspirations that include law, entrepreneurship, education, and art, among other unique pursuits.

We hope the following pages leave you inspired by the future of Kappa Alpha Theta. Our members continue to be courageous and engaged in their pursuits, making their communities better and truly accomplishing the great work of life.


Theta Foundation awarded $869,365 in scholarship funding to 299 college and alumnae members for the 2023-2024 academic year. Even more impressive than the dollars awarded are the bright, deserving women who will utilize this funding to change the world.



Our scholarships are established by Thetas and their friends and families who want to make a difference. Because of this generosity, members of all ages and stages of life are on their way to obtaining degrees that will help them achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals.








scholarship recipients

The Founders Memorial Scholarships are Theta Foundation’s most prestigious awards, valued at $12,000 each. Awarded to the top four junior applicants every year, the recipients are intentionally matched with a specific founder based on their shared accomplishments and characteristics.

MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS $48,000 Alice Allen Brant Hannah Glaser Beta Theta/Idaho $12,000 Bettie Locke Hamilton Hanna Wroblewski Kappa/Kansas $12,000 Bettie Tipton Lindsey Jordon Manworren Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $12,000 Hannah Fitch Shaw Kimberly Bajarias Omega/UC Berkeley $12,000 Alice Lee Lund $1,050 Emily Malinak Alpha Nu/Montana $1,050 Alice Neal Clarkson Alpha Mu $1,000 Ilana Vernovsky Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,000 Alice Neal Clarkson Kappa $1,000 Savannah Farrar Kappa/Kansas $1,000 Alpha Chi Chapter $1,075 Sydney Hummel Alpha Chi/Purdue $1,075 Alpha Gamma Chapter/Catharine Frear $1,050 Ella Meyer Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $1,050 Alpha Gamma Golden Thetas $2,550 Mia Conte Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $2,550 Alpha Mu College Chapter $1,075 Shannon Worley Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,075 Ann Fenwick $2,150 Amber Mejia Alpha Xi/Oregon $1,000 Maddie Seifer Alpha Xi/Oregon $1,150 Ann McIlrath Drake $65,200 Katherine Beard Beta Omega/Colorado College $5,000 Erika Brady Gamma Epsilon/Western $5,000 Makayla Conley Epsilon Tau/Yale $5,000 Sophia Douville Zeta Phi/Pepperdine $5,000 Sydney Feldman Eta Sigma/Chapman $5,000 Lauren Halamicek Epsilon Iota/Westminster $5,000 Raney Harriss Gamma Psi/TCU $5,000 Sarah Joyner Epsilon Theta/Stetson $5,000 Charlotte Lange Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $5,000 Meghan
State $5,000 Ann
(continued) Jade
Chi/Alberta $5,000 Rachel Stefaniuk Beta Chi/Alberta $5,000 Rebecca Russell Thompson Pi/Albion $5,200 Ann Terwilliger McLaren $1,475 Ellie Koerner Beta Phi/Penn State $1,475 Ann
$3,350 Sarah Bouthillier Eta Phi/Belmont $1,350 Lexis Khetsavanh Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,000 Charlotte Lange Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $1,000 Anne Collins Mackey Memorial $2,800 Lauren Mann Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,400 Catherine Thomas Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi $1,400 Anne Ehrenhardt Nolting $1,525 Lyla Barr Alpha/DePauw $1,525 Anne Sadler Budill $1,125 Monica Brody-D'Urso Theta Lambda/Rochester $1,125 Barbara Hackman Franklin $2,300 Kiana Bronder Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins $2,300 Barbara Lemert Thompson $1,250 Savannah Farrar Kappa/Kansas $1,250 Beta Chapter Most Noble Woman $1,325 Audrey Vonderahe Beta/Indiana $1,325 Beta Delta Chapter $1,500 Jordan Oslowski Beta Delta/Arizona $1,500 Beta Eta Chapter $1,850 Allyson Springstead Epsilon Theta/Stetson $1,850 Beta Iota Chapter $3,425 Savannah Huyvaert Beta Iota/Colorado $1,325 Kate Roscoe Beta Iota/Colorado $1,100 Gina Zalesky Beta Iota/Colorado $1,000 Beta Phi Baer-Buell $1,425 Gracie Bailer Beta Phi/Penn State $1,425 Betty B. and James B. Lambert $111,300 Gina Andreoni Theta Iota/~ $3,500 Lily Archuleta Eta Eta/College of Idaho $6,575 Abby Bishop Kappa/Kansas $3,200 Margaret Ann Bolick Eta Chi/Boston $3,900 Caroline Brady Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest $3,000 Makayla Conley Epsilon Tau/Yale $5,075 Riley Cluxton Fabich Beta Gamma/Colorado State $3,200 Sam Girschick Delta Theta/Florida $3,000 Emma Goldner-de Beer Beta Tau/Denison $3,000 Fanny Huang Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $3,800 Sophia Kara Gamma Epsilon/Western $3,500 Aly Koba Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $3,975 Soraiya Lalani Beta Upsilon/British Columbia $5,800 Allie Laurenson Eta Iota/San Diego $3,000 Alaina Milam Delta Upsilon/Eastern Kentucky $3,000 Maggie Miller Beta Xi/UCLA $3,000
Quinn Beta Phi/Penn
McIlrath Drake
Rosenberger Beta
Wright Hart/Nashville Alumnae Chapter

Betty B. and James B. Lambert

Niki Mitchem Alpha Mu/Missouri

Angie Low Molina Gamma Phi/Texas Tech

Tal Nechmad Theta Nu/Georgia Tech

Kacey Pagano Beta Tau/Denison

Ashlyn Schiers Beta Theta/Idaho

Sprouse Gamma Omega/Auburn

Stefaniuk Beta Chi/Alberta

Streb Eta Omega/Saint Louis

Tia Vlasman Alpha Rho/South Dakota

von Schaumburg Gamma Kappa/George Washington

Mihkai Warren Wickline Gamma Psi/TCU

Norah Wilson Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins


the Leader


Marketing & Finance

Hanna is already putting her classroom knowledge to good use through her internship at Fusion Builders and her volunteer work with Alleluia Baskets. Each role has given her hands-on experience within the realm of marketing. During her internship, she developed a strategic marketing plan that helped the company gain clients and kept viewers engaged through social media. Hanna currently serves as president of Kappa Chapter, and it has helped her prioritize valuing the authenticity of each member.

$3,500 Rachel
$5,000 Madison
$4,000 Julia Woods Beta Theta/Idaho $3,500 Betty Baur Lambert/Fairfield County, CT Alumnae Chapter $1,450 Soraiya Lalani Beta Upsilon/British Columbia $1,450 Betty Black Hatchett $2,200 Mihkai Warren Wickline Gamma Psi/TCU $2,200 Betty MacDonough Memorial $1,050 Lillie Campbell Delta Phi/Clemson $1,050 Beverly F. Worden $5,200 Katherine Beard Beta Omega/Colorado College $2,600 Jenna Frisella Epsilon Iota/Westminster $2,600 Cardelucci Family $1,175 Sydney Feldman Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,175 Carol Green Wilson $1,525 Lainey Hogg Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,525 Carol Stevens Doyle $1,275 Emily Recker Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $1,275 Catherine Tillotson McCord $1,275 Becca Parsons Alpha/DePauw $1,275 Cathie Waters Cardelucci $1,275 Maggie Miller Beta Xi/UCLA $1,275 Cecil Ruth King Eidson and Robert Ansel Eidson $1,050 Maci Flood Kappa/Kansas $1,050 Christa McCluggage $1,675 Anaiya Abney Omicron/USC $1,675 Claribel Reed Smith $1,400 Morgan Brog Gamma Zeta/Connecticut $1,400 Colleen Byrne $3,100 Isabel Elkus Beta Xi/UCLA $1,100 Katy Nicholas Beta Xi/UCLA $2,000 Dallas Alumnae Chapter $2,775 Kat Bonilla Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,775 Lauren Goree Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,000 Deborah Bornmann Allen $1,775 Alyssa Martinez Epsilon Theta/Stetson $1,775 Denver Alumnae Chapter $2,375 Jia Cummings Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,250 Taryn Moran Beta Gamma/Colorado State $1,125 Diane Forst Stephens $1,800 Bridget Driscoll Alpha/DePauw $1,800 Dinah Hampton McClymonds $1,400 Marissa Petri Theta Theta/NC State $1,400 Dorothy Barbieri Memorial $1,975 Alex Brandis Gamma Kappa/George Washington $1,975 Dorothy Devenish $1,425 Charlotte Jibilian Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $1,425 Dorothy Whitehurst Heard $4,150 Divya Yadavalli Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $4,150 Edith Whitney/Spokane Alumnae Chapter $1,425 Claire Shelton Beta Theta/Idaho $1,425 Elizabeth (Bessie) Ferguson McNair $1,425 Lily Archuleta Eta Eta/College of Idaho $1,425

the Learner



As a fourth-generation grass seed and hazelnut farmer, Hannah wants to be a part of her family’s legacy. Being a longtime member of Future Farmers of America (FFA) and 4-H, she has held several leadership positions, which have taught her the meaning of hard work. Through her studies, she aspires to bridge the urban-rural divide and promote agricultural advocacy. Hannah also serves as president of her university’s alpine ski team, which gives her the opportunity to serve as an officer and continue to compete in a sport much beloved by her and her family.

SCHOLARSHIP & GRANT IMPACT REPORT Elizabeth Jane Harvey Dicks Memorial $1,000 Gabby Watts Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,000 Elizabeth Nagel Marcin $1,200 Isabella Battista Beta Iota/Colorado $1,200 Elizabeth Sierk Corridan $1,025 Emma Younger Theta Mu/Mines $1,025 Ellen Bowers Hofstead $11,800 Malia Aurigemma Gamma Tau/Tulsa $2,950 Ana Evenson Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $2,950 Maddie Marrero Epsilon Iota/Westminster $2,950 Emily Tummino Theta Theta/NC State $2,950 Esther and Charles Mlynek $25,225 Becca Abel Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $5,225 Sadie Boynton Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $5,000 Hailey Heath Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $7,000 Bridget Keon Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $5,000 Zoë Navarro Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $3,000 Eta Iota Chapter $1,175 Carina Leveroni Eta Iota/San Diego $1,175 Eta Phi Chapter $1,200 Kara Nienhaus Eta Phi/Belmont $1,200 Eta Sigma Chapter $1,525 Kaili Welch Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,525 Eta Tau Chapter $1,250 Jacqueline DePetro Eta Tau/Tampa $1,250 Evan Thoennes Memorial $1,325 Kennedy Cobb Alpha Chi/Purdue $1,325 Fight Family $1,200 Jace Hannah Epsilon Rho/Lehigh $1,200 Florence Abernathy Waldrop $2,000 Courtney Smith Delta Omega/Texas A&M $2,000 Florence Benner Wylie $1,350 Kamryn Simpson Nu/Hanover $1,350 Frances Strickland/Agnes Wright Strickland $1,400 Louisa Rorschach Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,400 Gamma Chapter $1,025 Lexie Owens Gamma/Butler $1,025 Gamma Mu Sisters Legacy $1,575 Gaby Weinwurzel Gamma Mu/Maryland $1,575 Gamma Omega Chapter $2,150 Abby McBournie Gamma Omega/Auburn $1,000 Anna Zyriek Gamma Omega/Auburn $1,150 Gamma Phi Chapter $2,075 Lauryl Stegall Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $2,075 Gamma Psi Chapter/Tracy Clark Memorial $1,525 Alexis Peck Gamma Psi/TCU $1,525 Gamma Sigma Chapter $1,075 Cheryl Shin Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $1,075 Gamma Upsilon Chapter $1,725 Caroline Smith Gamma Upsilon/Miami $1,725 Gayden Family $6,250 Ashleigh Bickerstaff Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,000 Janae Karr Gamma Psi/TCU $2,800 Gracie Whetzel Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $2,450 Genevieve Butz Adsit $1,250 Alina Qi Eta Psi/Tufts $1,250 Gloria McVay Cochran and Richard K. Cochran $1,225 Kamryn Simpson Nu/Hanover $1,225 Greater Kansas City Alumnae Chapter $2,375 Savannah Farrar Kappa/Kansas $1,375 Maddie Marrero Epsilon Iota/Westminster $1,000
Harriet Darley Damisch $1,725 Lauren Goodell Eta Sigma/Chapman $1,725 Harriet Fowler Brown/Kansas City Alumnae Chapter $4,000 Lauren Halamicek Epsilon Iota/Westminster $4,000 Harriett D. and C. Hollis Hull $2,000 Nicole Frey Epsilon Eta/Centre $2,000 Hazel Baird Lease $1,025 Caroline Brady Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest $1,025 Heather Anne Steen $1,325 Ryleigh Mullican Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,325 Helen Edwards Woodward $1,675 Allyson Springstead Epsilon Theta/Stetson $1,675 Helen Graeber Overstreet $1,075 Nicole Frey Epsilon Eta/Centre $1,075 Houston Alumnae Chapter 100th Anniversary $2,150 Ariel Diperi Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $2,150 Houston Theta Charity Antiques Show $2,725 Mary Landry Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $1,725 Divya Yadavalli Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,000 Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter $1,375 Frances Stemme Beta/Indiana $1,375 Ines Abbott McCrary $1,000 Mary Erdmann Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State $1,000 Isabel Hanford Olmstead $3,000 Anna Fritz Gamma Psi/TCU $3,000 Isabel McKenney Gates $3,475 Jade Rosenberger Beta Chi/Alberta $3,475 Jane Brokaw Gallup $1,050 Emma Goldner-de Beer Beta Tau/Denison $1,050 Jane Cooksey Cassel $1,450 Marrissa Price Pi/Albion $1,450 Jane Kent Hedges $1,175 Christina Dolle Beta Sigma/SMU $1,175 Jane Richardt Christie $1,075 Bella Zera Gamma/Butler $1,075 Janet Paine Peters $2,250 Louisa Rorschach Beta Omega/Colorado College $2,250 Jill Morrison Memorial $1,000 Catherine Thomas Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi $1,000 Joan Wagner Essex $2,600 Morgan Brent Gamma Iota/Kentucky $2,600 JoAnn Crites Thompson $1,450 Ashlyn Schiers Beta Theta/Idaho $1,450 Josephine Brossard Stansfield Memorial $2,300 Emily Hensley Alpha Rho/South Dakota $2,300 Joyce Anne Vitelli Memorial $7,725 Erika Brady Gamma Epsilon/Western $2,725 Meghan Quinn Beta Phi/Penn State $5,000 Joyce Drew Toombs Memorial $1,000 Mackenzie Petty Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,000 Joyce Harrison Honeyman/Seattle Alumnae $2,675 Amaya Villarreal-Mendoza Eta Eta/College of Idaho $2,675 Judith Camp Sauer $2,275 Tristan Finn Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,150 Allie Freund Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,125 Judith Elaine Lappin Coleman $2,675 Anneliese Ingraham Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,225 Michaela Rice Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,450 Julia Gilbert/Alpha Omicron $1,275 Gemma Smith Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,275 Julia McNall Branan Memorial $1,000 Jillian Voskovitch Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,000 Julie Itin Hawlik Memorial $1,125 Sarah Tata Eta Psi/Tufts $1,125 June Longworth Hardy $2,500 Niki Mitchem Alpha Mu/Missouri $2,500 Kahla Roberts Latta/St. Louis Alumnae Chapter $3,900 Jenna Frisella Epsilon Iota/Westminster $3,900 Karen Clark Tinsley $1,350 Ashleigh Bickerstaff Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,350 Kate Rittner Graduate $1,050 Mikayla Tejero Omicron/USC $1,050 Kate Rittner Undergraduate $1,025 De’Vanese John-Baptiste Epsilon Theta/Stetson $1,025 Katherine Kilbride Memorial $1,200 Fanny Huang Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,200 Kathleen Bennett Tonkel Family $1,450 De’Vanese John-Baptiste Epsilon Theta/Stetson $1,450 Kathleen Markey and Kenneth Niejadlik, MD $3,425 Gabby Harrison Chi/Syracuse $3,425 Kathryn Bruning Bussing $2,050 Abby Bishop Kappa/Kansas $2,050 SCHOLARSHIP & GRANT IMPACT REPORT 9 RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL AMOUNT RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL AMOUNT
Kelly T. Lawrence $1,175 Cheryl Shin Gamma Sigma/San Diego State $1,175 Kendall Cusick-Rindone and Gregory Rindone $1,025 Alexia Armatas Beta Gamma/Colorado State $1,025 Kimberly Orlin/Omega Chapter $1,000 Mackenzie Grohn Omega/UC Berkeley $1,000 Kyle Hartvickson Handegard $1,650 Nevaeh Vasquez Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $1,650 L. Pearle Green $1,600 Marrissa Price Pi/Albion $1,600 Laurie McGregor Connor $1,275 Anneliese Ingraham Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,275 Linda Moran Schmidt $4,200 Mary Landry Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $1,475 Gemma Smith Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $2,725 Lisa Davis Olney $1,400 Jenna Hill Eta Xi/Quinnipiac $1,400 Louise Johnson Miller/Jean Johnson Smith Graduate $8,300 Lily Sandblom Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $3,300 Lindsay Zhang Gamma Theta/Carnegie Mellon $5,000 Lucile Moore Garrett $2,650 Lily Sandblom Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $2,650 Lyn Stewart Simensen $1,300 Alyssa Martinez Epsilon Theta/Stetson $1,300 Madeline Reynolds Adams and Family $1,000 Sarah Bouthillier Eta Phi/Belmont $1,000 Marcia Wolff Thompson $1,175 Claire Meerian Delta Eta/Kansas State $1,175 Margaret (Margie) Mills Ruckert $1,900 Hailey Burgess Kappa/Kansas $1,900 Margaret Killen Banta Graduate $1,850 Breanna Hamrick Delta Upsilon/Eastern Kentucky $1,850 Margaret Killen Banta Undergraduate $2,275 Wynter Burns Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,175 Safiya Dhunna Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,100 Margery Dick Miller Memorial $4,525 Cecilia Hopkins Stevens Delta Kappa/LSU $1,725 Rebecca Russell Thompson Pi/Albion $2,800 Mariam M. Morrison/Delta Sigma $1,100 Allie Laurenson Eta Iota/San Diego $1,100 Marie Anderson Fitz $1,025 Jillian Voskovitch Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,025 Marilyn Chesher Lynch $2,875 Cecilia Hopkins Stevens Delta Kappa/LSU $2,875 Marilynn Mitchell and Beta Nus of the Fifties $1,625 Lauren Nevaril Beta Nu/Florida State $1,625 Marjorie Crane Schnacke Memorial $1,325 Fallon Russell Kappa/Kansas $1,325 Martha DuMars Davis $1,000 Elyse Howard Kappa/Kansas $1,000 Martin and Roslyn Cooper $2,050 Gillian Bowman Delta/Illinois $2,050 Marty Smith White/Portland Alumnae Chapter $2,800 Victoria Girod Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $2,800 Mary Alice Horn Memorial $2,225 Monica Brody-D'Urso Theta Lambda/Rochester $2,225 Mary and John Dengler $2,050 Abbey Johnson Delta Eta/Kansas State $1,050 Amanda Letter Delta Eta/Kansas State $1,000 Mary Catherine Miller $1,050 Anna Park Theta Iota/~ $1,050 Mary Frances Bowles Couper $2,175 Ashleigh Bickerstaff Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,100 Lexis Khetsavanh Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,075 Mary Jane Parker Beach $1,450 Maddi Roth Epsilon Pi/Bucknell $1,450 Mary L. Hinkle $2,000 Sophia Douville Zeta Phi/Pepperdine $1,000 Emily Dunsmore Zeta Nu/UC Davis $1,000 Mary Margaret Perry McDonald $2,425 Divya Yadavalli Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $2,425 Mary Rees Gilliatt $3,150 Scarlett Ball Gamma Zeta/Connecticut $1,000 Megan McQuillan Zeta Tau/Delaware $1,000 Cassidy Nash Beta Xi/UCLA $1,150 Melissa (Lissa) Luton Bradford/Nashville Alumnae Chapter $4,250 Shannon Worley Alpha Mu/Missouri $4,250 Meta Alice Keith Bratten $1,050 Ariel Diperi Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,050 Molly Muntzel Smith $1,225 Aly Koba Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $1,225 Monisa Cox Cline $4,700 Valentina Dominguez Delta Theta/Florida $3,700 Isabella Moreno Delta Theta/Florida $1,000 Morna Elizabeth Dusenbury Memorial $2,975 Katie Craig Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,700 Vivienne Spiess Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,275 Muriel Anderson Steed $1,300 Margaret Ann Bolick Eta Chi/Boston $1,300 10 RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL AMOUNT RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL AMOUNT SCHOLARSHIP & GRANT IMPACT REPORT

the Motivator


Kimberly is currently setting herself up for success toward her dream of becoming an education lawyer. As a clinic caseworker with the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) Student Legal Clinic, she has provided free tax return preparation for low-income and limited English-speaking clients. She hopes to provide a sense of security to marginalized communities. Through her roles as chapter president and risk manager, she has learned effective ways to promote collaboration and leading with empathy.

SCHOLARSHIP & GRANT IMPACT REPORT Nancy Cochran Abbey $1,900 Allie Freund Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,900 Nancy France Alumna $2,350 Gillian Bowman Delta/Illinois $2,350 Nancy France Undergraduate $2,350 Victoria Rangel Delta/Illinois $2,350 Nancy Neville Adams $1,200 Faith Grady Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia $1,200 Nancy Ross Perry $6,000 Ella Kluesner Beta Omicron/Iowa $2,500 Nia Tanui Beta Omicron/Iowa $3,500 Nancynell Swaffield Bogdanovich Graduate $1,750 Sarah Tata Eta Psi/Tufts $1,750 Oklahoma City Alumnae Chapter $1,725 Avery Rose Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,725 Omicron Chapter $1,650 Emily Friedman Omicron/USC $1,650 Pasadena Alumnae Chapter $2,175 Alyssa Stolmack Epsilon Phi/Chicago $2,175 Patricia Johnson Theil $1,225 Tori Schmidt Beta/Indiana $1,225 Pauline Snoke Jackson Memorial $4,250 Sydney Aboulian Beta/Indiana $1,500 Annie Hoodecheck Beta/Indiana $1,250 Bailey Trinkino Beta/Indiana $1,500 Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter Memorial $2,875 Alondra Gonzalez Zeta Tau/Delaware $2,875 Psi Chapter $1,875 Liz Mueller Nazzal Psi/Wisconsin $1,875 Reece $13,650 Sydney Burger Eta Kappa/John Carroll $1,200 Gretchen Frock Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern $1,350 Emily Hensley Alpha Rho/South Dakota $1,700 Hannah Jackson Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,025 Adaire MacSwain Beta Kappa/Drake $1,100 Ashton Martin Epsilon Iota/Westminster $1,100 Ellory Oleen Delta Epsilon/Arizona State $1,300 Mackenzie Petty Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,900 Victoria Rangel Delta/Illinois $1,000 Jillian Voskovitch Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,975 Rose Fraser Jacobson $1,100 Mackenzie Petty Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,100 Ruth Elizabeth Southworth $38,350 Lyla Barr Alpha/DePauw $1,000 Sarah Edwards Brennan Alpha/DePauw $2,000 Margaret Burke Alpha/DePauw $6,000 Alicia Cotsoradis Alpha/DePauw $7,000 Bridget Driscoll Alpha/DePauw $8,000 Ruth Elizabeth Southworth (continued) Marley Heitman Alpha/DePauw $2,000 Karyn Keenan Alpha/DePauw $4,350 Becca Parsons Alpha/DePauw $8,000 Ruth Hill Wilber $1,700 Anna Edmondson Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State $1,700 Ruth Rabbe Hager $1,175 Anna Rush Schultz Zeta Eta/Wofford $1,175 Ruth Robie Lacy/Rosemary Longino $2,400 Allyson Springstead Epsilon Theta/Stetson $2,400 Sallie Bidez Memorial $2,450 Lillie Campbell Delta Phi/Clemson $2,450 Sally Cowan Reinhold $1,625 Hilary Gallito Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins $1,625 Sara English Crook & Cynthia Pike Wilby $1,150 Lannon Hanson Beta Gamma/Colorado State $1,150

Sarah Morrison $1,400

Marissa Petri Theta Theta/NC State

Seattle Alumnae Chapter

Abigail Long Beta Delta/Arizona

Sharon Cirese Gassett Memorial

Riley Cluxton Fabich Beta Gamma/Colorado State

Shirley Shields Smith

Girod Beta Epsilon/Oregon State

Jillian Ayles Gamma Kappa/George Washington

Monica Brody-D'Urso Theta Lambda/Rochester

Carlee Burgett Gamma Omega/Auburn

Vanessa Campbell Gamma/Butler

Kalee Carlson Eta Phi/Belmont

the Doer



Neuroscience & Physical Therapy

Jordon has immersed herself in activities that will benefit her personally and professionally. As a member of the varsity softball team, she serves on the mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion committees to provide educational opportunities and wellness tips to her teammates. She also is a lifelong volunteer for the Special Olympics, which has reinforced her interest in working with patients with developmental disabilities upon becoming a physical therapist.

$3,250 Victoria
$1,000 Reagan Crow Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $1,000 Madilyn Eliot Gamma Zeta/Connecticut $1,000 Rose Falleta Epsilon Rho/Lehigh $1,500 Damiana Gugliotta Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,000 Anneliese Ingraham Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $1,000 Cassie Jackson Phi/Pacific $1,000 Hannah Jackson Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,000 Marissa Jaime Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine $1,000 Giselle Kiefer Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,000 Megan McQuillan Zeta Tau/Delaware $1,000 Maddy Megal Epsilon Tau/Yale $1,000 Hope Mullins Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,000 Amanda O'Donnell Chi/Syracuse $1,000 Juliana Ogden Delta Omicron/Alabama $1,000 Grace Panarese Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,000 Gabriella Peabody Gamma/Butler $1,000 Rosamaria Rodríguez Alpha Rho/South Dakota $1,000 Maddi Roth Epsilon Pi/Bucknell $1,000 Kaitlyn Schroeder Delta Omicron/Alabama $1,445 Kaitlyn Scott Delta Omicron/Alabama $1,000 CoraLynn Siemonsma Beta Kappa/Drake $1,000 Bre Steen-Caulkins Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $1,000 Lily Thompson Gamma/Butler $1,000 Jennifer Tremper Delta Epsilon/Arizona State $1,000 Caitlyn Ward Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,000 Savannah Wheat Delta Kappa/LSU $1,000 Sara Wilson Gamma/Butler $1,000 Sophia Scholar, Elise Lipscomb Ferguson $1,900 Louisa Rorschach Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,900 Sue Farrell Supple $2,400 Breanna Hamrick Delta Upsilon/Eastern Kentucky $2,400 Sue Shane Sautermeister $2,225 Caitlin Casassa Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $2,225 Susan Byers Patrick $1,000 Maddie Sadovi Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,000 Susan Lynn Beyerle $1,000 Christina DeAngelo Beta Phi/Penn State $1,000 Susie Adams Smith $1,200 Ariel Diperi Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,200 Suzanne Nichols Lynn/Atlanta Alumnae Chapter $1,800 Sarah Watson Gamma Delta/Georgia $1,800 Suzanne Sterling King $1,250 Angie Low Molina Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,250 Taylor Witcher Memorial $1,500 Ryleigh Mullican Alpha Omicron/Oklahoma $1,500 Thelma Thickins Moran $1,225 Alexia Armatas Beta Gamma/Colorado State $1,225 Theta Link $18,520 Sydney Burger Eta Kappa/John Carroll $1,000 Megan Garazin Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,500 Mia Hackworth Alpha Mu/Missouri $1,500 Hannah Jackson Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,000


Theta Link (continued) Grace Johnson Alpha Rho/South Dakota $1,300 Jocie Kooistra Alpha Nu/Montana $1,720 Tatum Lynch Epsilon Nu/Virginia Tech $1,500 Adaire MacSwain Beta Kappa/Drake $1,000 Ashton Martin Epsilon Iota/Westminster $1,000 Lily Miggins Zeta Iota/Washington & Lee $1,500 Amanda O'Donnell Chi/Syracuse $1,500 Kendre Parker Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,000 Bridget Rader Beta Nu/Florida State $1,500 Dianne Strauss Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins $1,500 Theta Volunteer $1,700 Gina Andreoni Theta Iota/~ $1,700 Virginia Bryant Shilstone $2,275 Cecilia Hopkins Stevens Delta Kappa/LSU $2,275 Virginia Burns Boynton $17,475 Anna Fritz Gamma Psi/TCU $5,475 Lindy Maska Delta Eta/Kansas State $6,000 Devin Walker Beta Psi/McGill $6,000 Virginia Chain Schmid $1,600 Ellory Oleen Delta Epsilon/Arizona State $1,600 Virginia Ford Hood $2,200 Sydney Schmedt Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State $2,200 Virginia Hindman Freeman $6,500 Caitlin Casassa Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,200 Tristan Finn Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $2,000 Damiana Gugliotta Gamma Phi/Texas Tech $1,200 Ella Hedekin Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,100 Katie Steele Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor $1,000 Virginia Lauderdale Grimm $2,175 Rosie Ezgur Beta Delta/Arizona $2,175 Virginia M. Sorenson $66,225 Katy Alden Delta Iota/Puget Sound $2,500 Lauren Alvarez Gamma Zeta/Connecticut $2,000 Lindsey Barnes Theta Kappa/Louisville $2,500 Claire Boenisch Beta Epsilon/Oregon State $2,500 Kiana Bronder Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins $2,000 Lilly
$1,500 Caroline
Theta Nu/Georgia Tech $2,000 Becky Cox Theta Iota/~ $2,500 Lauren Dannemiller Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $2,000 Jacqueline DePetro Eta Tau/Tampa $2,500 Annie Emmert Alpha Tau/Cincinnati $2,000 Jillian Fetter Beta Chi/Alberta $2,500 Nicole Freund Delta Iota/Puget Sound $1,500 Ana Giampa Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson $2,000 Charlotte Jibilian Beta Omega/Colorado College $1,600 Allison Kaslow Zeta Mu/MIT $1,500 Hayley Lai Omega/UC Berkeley $1,500 Sam MacLean Gamma Epsilon/Western $2,500 Lauren Mann Alpha Phi/Tulane $1,100 Katie Meadows Theta Iota/~ $2,000
Larissa Pelletiers Theta Mu/Mines $1,500 Marrissa Price Pi/Albion $2,950 Maddi Roth Epsilon Pi/Bucknell $1,550 Kristin Erickson Samit Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson $2,000 Anna Rush Schultz Zeta Eta/Wofford $2,825 Sarah Sutton Beta Lambda/William & Mary $2,000 Katie Szymanski Zeta Omega/Loyola Marymount $1,500 Vivian Tran Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $2,500 Sarah Watson Gamma Delta/Georgia $2,200 Emma Younger Theta Mu/Mines $2,000 Melody Zhou Beta Psi/McGill $2,500 Hope Zupfer Beta Gamma/Colorado State $2,500 Virginia Speidel Edwards $1,550 Gretchen Frock Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern $1,550 Vivian Stevenson Delbrook $44,475 Olivia Allison Gamma/Butler $1,300 Suchi Bandaru Gamma/Butler $2,500 Meghan Beckmann Gamma/Butler $1,250 Avery Buck Gamma/Butler $3,500 Vanessa Campbell Gamma/Butler $1,500 Haley Cera Gamma/Butler $1,300 Margaret Conlon Gamma/Butler $1,500 Kate Denault Gamma/Butler $1,300 Hannah Edmonds Gamma/Butler $1,250 Kiersten Farley Gamma/Butler $1,250 Anna Foster Gamma/Butler $3,000 Payton Gallowitch Gamma/Butler $1,300 Grace Helming Gamma/Butler $2,500 Lauren Houldsworth Gamma/Butler $1,250 Emmah Keller Gamma/Butler $3,750 Ashlyn McIntosh Gamma/Butler $1,250 Brenna Mehringer Gamma/Butler $2,250 Gabriella Peabody Gamma/Butler $1,500 Sydney Plautz Gamma/Butler $4,375 Ingrid Riepe Gamma/Butler $1,300 Isa Sanchez Gamma/Butler $1,300 Madison Stefanski Stewart Gamma/Butler $1,500 Lily Thompson Gamma/Butler $1,300 Sara Wilson Gamma/Butler $1,250 Wright Family Fund $1,175 Jenna Khachatourian Alpha Xi/Oregon $1,175 Zeta Nu Chapter $1,150 Emily Dunsmore Zeta Nu/UC Davis $1,150 Zeta Rho Chapter $1,175 Julia Quon Zeta Rho/UC San Diego $1,175 Zeta Zeta Chapter Class of 1989 $9,175 Terika Harrell Theta Lambda/Rochester $1,675 Samantha Reedy Chi/Syracuse $3,500 Isabel Rothberg Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia $4,000 13 RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL AMOUNT RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL AMOUNT SCHOLARSHIP & GRANT IMPACT REPORT
Bull Epsilon Omicron/Randolph-Macon
Virginia M. Sorenson


Theta Foundation’s Chapter & Individual Grants program is dynamic and unique, providing support for members and chapters in pursuit of a wide variety of nondegree educational, leadership development, and service-learning programs. Outside of institutions of higher education and professional membership organizations, few other entities offer financial support for these types of endeavors. Theta Foundation grants fill this gap and provide much-needed funding to help women address issues and solve problems on their campuses, in their communities, and around the world.



Theta Foundation awarded 38 individual members and 2 chapters with more than $44,000 in grant funding. We invite you to learn more about their programs in the following pages.








grant recipients


Grace Kestler

The Arc and the National Conference of Executives of The Arc (NCE) Summer Leadership Institute / Las Vegas, Nevada

Leadership development grant to learn best practices for supporting individuals with disabilities to uplift the clients her organization serves.


Caroline Mosholder Pathways: Walking Through Art & History / Siena, Italy

Education grant to enhance her graphic design skills and learn about art in an international context.


Charlotte Lange

Impact Consulting / Dallas, Texas

Service-learning grant to develop her professional consulting skills while improving access to critical resources for refugees.

Caroline Lingle

CIEE Barcelona, Spain Business + Culture / Barcelona, Spain

Education grant to garner a sharpened awareness of global, political, and business contexts and improve her Spanish language skills.

Christine Shatrowsky

200-Hour Yoga Teacher & Coaching Training Certificate / Online

Education grant to put effective communication and leadership skills into practice to help prepare her for medical school.


Olivia Hoekstra

Global Treks and Adventures Iceland Research Internship / Reykjavik, Iceland

Education grant to further her abilities in creative writing and research while also learning about mobile app development and ethical tourism.


Meredith Webb

Global Business Analysis - Southeast Asia / Southeast Asia

Education grant to learn about global business, leadership in different cultures, and navigating challenging situations.


Jazmine Arocha

Clinical Assistant Prep Program / Tallahassee, Florida

Education grant to gain experience in local clinics and hospitals to obtain the skills to become a valuable asset to a health care team.


Aubrie Robel

International Education of Students (IES) Abroad / Milan, Italy

Education grant to learn how to apply her marketing knowledge in real-life scenarios and adapt different strategies to resonate with European culture.


Safina Adatia

AMERSA Conference / Boston, Massachusetts

Education grant to present her research on substance use disorders and treatment and enhance her knowledge and skills to provide care to vulnerable patients in the future.


Maggie Doonan

The Intersection of Disability and Sport / Berlin, Germany

Education grant to grow her understanding of and advocacy for individuals with special needs in order to better equip her to become a teacher.

Anna Foster

Leadership London / London, England

Leadership development grant to learn about leadership on an international scale while also developing her personal leadership style.


Abby Screen

Tropical Field Biology / Belize

Education grant to gain an increased appreciation for the diversity of the world’s ecosystems through hands-on experience with global ecology and conservation.

Frances Storgion

Leadership London / London, England

Leadership development grant to gain transferable leadership and critical thinking skills that she can utilize in personal and professional settings.


Acadia Caryl

Sigma Tau Delta 2023 Convention: Colorful Colorado / Denver, Colorado

Education grant to strengthen her presentation skills and receive feedback as she explores the possibility of pursuing a PhD in English.


Amelia Nguyen

Medical Internships Abroad in Africa / Mombasa, Kenya

Service-learning grant to acquire knowledge of medical treatments in a disadvantaged country with limited resources, enabling her to become a more adaptable and compassionate future provider.


Ana Evenson

Exploring the Rainbow: Berlin / Berlin, Germany

Education grant to learn more about LGBTQIA+ culture and history in other parts of the world to create an inclusive environment wherever life takes her.

Hannah Pearson

Summer Institute for Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP) / Columbus, Ohio

Education grant to gain academic and networking experience with some of the top researchers in the field of psychology of religion, which is the focus of her PhD work.


Sibel Goksu

Computer Science and Computer Programming Certificate of Achievement / Online

Education grant to learn computer science skills and programming languages as she works toward her goal of becoming a data scientist.


Janae Karr

Kaleo / Orlando, Florida

Leadership development grant to lead program participants in community building and personal and professional growth.


Christie Chrones

Illinois in Spain at Barcelona SAE / Barcelona, Spain

Education grant to develop a worldly understanding of the political science field by immersing herself in the Spanish culture to better understand the European view of global politics.


Delta Zeta Chapter

“Let's Talk About Sex” / Atlanta, Georgia

Education grant to bring a speaker to campus to discuss the complex issues surrounding sex in today’s society and provide members of the Greek community with the tools they need to engage in healthy intimate relationships.

Emily Edwards

International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science / Brisbane, Australia

Education grant to present original research on novel treatments for HIV and deepen her understanding of the needs of low- and middle-income countries impacted by the disease.


Rachel Taitano

AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting / Chicago, Illinois

Education grant to present her research, network, and gain insight into the work of fellow physician scientists as she completes her MD/PhD in neuroscience.


Megan Dufault

Pierson Laboratory Internship / Boston, Massachusetts

Education grant to build her confidence with technical, analytic, and communicative laboratory skills and collaborate with professional researchers.



Emily Friedman

Oda Foundation

Fellowship / Nepal

Service-learning grant to deepen her understanding of community dynamics and create tangible impact by implementing sustainable grassroots solutions for generating income with a focus on employing widowed women.


Victoria Garcia

Regional Management Area Studies: Western Europe / Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Education grant to develop a worldly understanding of international business management as she prepares to become a consultant after obtaining her master’s degree.


Emi Escobar

Pepperdine International Programs / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Education grant to expand her cultural literacy and increase her geographic and historical knowledge to become a more well-rounded individual.


Kiana Bronder

Madrid Summer Research / Madrid, Spain

Education grant to gain experience working with hardware and microelectronics in engineering research and development.


Sophia Pruett

National Board Certification / Arlington, Virginia

Education grant to improve upon her teaching practices as a literacy educator and enable her to better support her students and create stronger readers and writers in her classroom.


Michaela Cooley

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Ultrasonics Symposuim / Venice, Italy

Education grant to present her research on ways to better diagnose cancer and determine optimal treatment regimens, decreasing the negative side effects of cancer treatments and helping save lives.

Nataliana Espinosa Lactation Counselor Training Course & Certificate Program / Online

Education grant to gain knowledge regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, proper breastfeeding techniques, and how to best support marginalized mothers and families.

Savannah Gazda

Yoga and Sport with Refugees Volunteer / Lesvos, Greece

Service-learning grant to use her athletic coaching experience to cultivate an inclusive, safe, and healthy environment for refugees to build skills that will help them throughout their lives.


Farris Turner

Lumos Travel Program / Cape Town, South Africa

Service-learning grant to gain hands-on experience working with victims of sex trafficking in a limited-resource safe house for women and children to aid in her goal of becoming a trauma-informed therapist.


Emily Tummino

Personal Training Certification Course / Raleigh, North Carolina

Education grant to pursue a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification to build upon her knowledge of human movement and acquire the skills to create routines for her clients to help them reach their goals.


Rebecca Handsman

Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies

Annual Convention / New York, New York

Education grant to present her research focused on autistic youth and their transition from high school to adulthood, enhancing her skills as a future psychologist with a focus on helping people with mental health challenges.



Eleanor Boyd

Leadership South Carolina / South Carolina

Leadership development grant to expand her knowledge and understanding of the state of South Carolina in order to increase her impact.


Maggie Hoffman

Quantico Military Intensive / Quantico, Virginia

Leadership development grant to test her decisionmaking skills and highlight her leadership abilities through mentally and physically demanding simulations in preparation for a highly competitive consulting job.

chapter & individual grant recipients


Phyllis Lam

Berkeley Global Internships / London, England

Education grant to explore her interests in clinical psychology and broaden her perspectives on British culture and history.

Houston Alumnae Chapter

Boxes of Blessing / Houston, Texas

Service-learning grant to provide food to families who need assistance and to educate members about the needs of low-income children in their community.


Maggie Hoffman Tau/Northwestern $650

Nancy France $1,000

Christie Chrones Delta/Illinois $1,000

Suzanne Luton Woodruff $1,975

Rebecca Handsman Theta Lambda/Rochester $750

Amelia Nguyen Gamma Epsilon/Western $500

Meredith Webb Beta Lambda/William & Mary $725

TOTAL $44,520

Alumnae Chapter Founders Award $2,000 Houston Alumnae Chapter $2,000 Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne $1,450 Safina Adatia Beta Psi/McGill $1,450 Chapter & Individual Grants $2,875 Acadia Caryl Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan $645 Victoria Garcia Zeta Upsilon/UT Dallas $600 Aubrie Robel Beta Omicron/Iowa $1,280 Abby Screen Gamma/Butler $350 Designated Chapter & Individual Grants $1,505 Kiana Bronder Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins $800 Ana Evenson Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $300 Hannah Pearson Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $185 Aubrie Robel Beta Omicron/Iowa $220 Dinah Jane Harriger Cummings $1,025 Rachel Taitano Epsilon Nu/Virginia Tech $1,025 Houston Alumnae Chapter $4,025 Emily Friedman Omicron/USC $1,200 Janae Karr Gamma Psi/TCU $750 Grace Kestler Alpha/DePauw $650 Sophia Pruett Zeta Omega/Loyola Marymount $1,425 Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter $1,625 Sibel Goksu Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara $525 Hannah Pearson Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $1,100 Jeanne Ross Miller $24,040 Jazmine Arocha Beta Nu/Florida State $550 Michaela Cooley Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,250 Maggie Doonan Gamma/Butler $1,500 Megan Dufault Zeta Iota/Washington & Lee $1,450 Emily Edwards Delta Zeta/Emory $2,800 Emi Escobar Zeta Phi/Pepperdine $1,400 Nataliana Espinosa Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $500 Savannah Gazda Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,575 Olivia Hoekstra Alpha Psi/Lawrence $1,400 Grace Kestler Alpha/DePauw $440 Phyllis Lam Omega/UC Berkeley $2,050 Charlotte Lange Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $1,750 Caroline Lingle Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $975 Caroline Mosholder Alpha Gamma/Ohio State $1,250 Christine Shatrowsky Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt $350 Frances Storgion Gamma/Butler $500 Emily Tummino Theta Theta/NC State $300 Farris Turner Eta Phi/Belmont $2,000 Delta Zeta/Emory Chapter $2,000 Mary Overton Caldwell Leadership Development $3,000 Eleanor Boyd Theta Omicron/UNC Charlotte $1,000 Anna Foster Gamma/Butler


Theta Foundation helps our members set themselves apart as leaders on their campuses, in their communities, and around the world. We are committed to supporting Thetas as they resolve to face challenges, pursue the widest influence for good, and seek to make a difference.

Do you know a Theta who could benefit from a scholarship or grant? Would you like to give back or get involved?

If so, please visit our website for more information: www.kappaalphatheta.org/foundation

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