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Photo courtesy of Emily Roth, Eta Tau/Tampa


Grant & Scholarship





A traditional education is simply not enough anymore. It is becoming more and more common for students and professionals to pursue hands-on learning experiences outside of the classroom or boardroom. This trend rings true when it comes to members of Kappa Alpha Theta. Theta Foundation provided the following 41 collegian and alumnae members, one college chapter, and one alumnae chapter with $36,815 in grant funding during the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year. These chapters and individuals participated in non-degree educational, leadership, and service-learning programs around the world. Their experiences will remain with them throughout their academic journeys and professional careers—indeed, throughout their lifetimes—as a reminder of Theta’s promise to help set them Photo courtesy of Kaliana Chamberlin, Beta Xi/UCLA, and David Zhao

Α/DePauw University Laura Guild, Quarter 4 The George Institute for Global Health’s Promoting Access to Global Health Development Program Sydney, Australia Service-learning grant to develop implementation plans with public health leaders for improving governmental policies and worldwide healthcare communications.

Γ/Butler University Karina Ashley Hamamouche, Quarter 1 International Mind, Brain, and Education Society Conference Toronto, Canada Education grant to present her research and participate in cross-discipline collaborations with leaders in the fields of education, psychology, and neuroscience.

Δ/Univ. of Illinois Madison Ellin, Quarter 2 University of Illinois Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) Service-Learning Study Abroad Program Cape Town, South Africa Service-learning grant to volunteer with the Red Cross and other organizations dedicated to agriculture, child care, healthcare, and education.


apart as leaders on their campuses and in their communities.

Sarah J. Franseen, Quarter 1 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo Denver, Colorado Service-learning grant to gain knowledge from the latest research and practice in the field of teen pregnancy prevention.

Ι/Cornell University Nicolette Jew, Quarter 4 Cornell University’s India Global Service-Learning Program Mysore, India Service-learning grant to gain experience in global health with the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement and the Mysore Spastic Society, a comprehensive rehabilitation provider for children with cerebral palsy.

ΑΓ/Ohio State University Lisa Ann Combs, Quarter 4 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Annual Conference San Antonio, Texas Education grant to present and contribute to the body of research on leadership self-efficacy for college students. Celia A. Wright, Quarter 4 Global Health Internship with the Burma Children Medical Fund Mae Sot, Thailand Service-learning grant to help coordinate and provide complex medical care for Burmese migrants and refugees.

Π/Albion College

ΑΕ/Brown University

Madeline Beattie, Quarter 2 Pangea Educational Development Summer Volunteer Program Wakiso, Uganda Service-learning grant to help develop computer literacy programming for young women in the local school district.

Kiera Peltz, Quarter 4 Internship with the Centre for Bhutan Studies Thimpu, Bhutan Education grant to conduct empirical research on the relationship between the concept of Gross National Happiness and government policymaking and the effect on citizens’ well-being.

Sienna Mendina, Quarter 2 Love Volunteers Program India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal Service-learning grant to provide medical education and treatment to impoverished communities.

ΑΗ/Vanderbilt University

ΒΗ/Univ. of Pennsylvania

Kathryn Hanson, Quarter 3 Vanderbilt University Global Medical Brigades Nicaragua Service-learning grant to gain medical experience and provide care to an underserved population.

Abby Moore Cannon, Quarter 2 Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship Hingham, Massachusetts and Long Island, New York Education grant to gain professional experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Victoria Lawson, Quarter 2 Manna Project International Program Quito, Ecuador Service-learning grant to help increase English literacy and promote health and wellness in an underserved community. Caroline Mulligan, Quarter 3 Volunteer in Jamaica Opportunity Network (VIJON) Treasure Beach, Jamaica Leadership grant to serve as a site leader for an alternative spring break program and coordinate classroom assistance and infrastructure projects. Maris Paden, Quarter 3 Maymester in the Alps Study Abroad Program Geneva, Chamonix, Mürren, and Rome Education grant to learn about social justice and global health issues from premier global organizations.

ΑΙ/Washington Univ.–St. Louis (D) Barbara Smoyer Peterson, Quarter 4 Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) Conference at the University of Missouri-St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri Service-learning grant to learn about preparing linguistically and culturally responsive (LCR) teachers and supporting students who are immigrants and refugees.

ΑΦ/Tulane University Michelle Katherine Sheena, Quarter 4 International Arts and Mind Lab Research Program at Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland Education grant to conduct pioneering research in the field of neuroaesthetics.

ΒΔ/Univ. of Arizona Christina Petsas, Quarter 1 North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain (Auxiliares) Program Bañas, Galicia, Spain Education grant to serve as a Language and Culture Assistant in a Spanish public school.

ΒΚ/Drake University

mental disabilities.

Abigail Parra, Quarter 2 Volunteer in Sri Lanka Special Needs Project Sri Lanka Service-learning grant to help provide care for children and adults with physical and

ΒΜ/Univ. of Nevada

her leadership skills.

Alicia Cauthen, Quarter 3 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland College Park, Maryland Leadership development grant to enhance Monique Lizbeth McField, Quarter 1 Mental Health Placement Program Colombo, Sri Lanka Education grant to gain practical, hands-on experience in psychiatric facilities and related therapeutic environments.

ΒΞ/UC Los Angeles Kaliana Chamberlin, Quarter 3 Alternative Spring Break Program San Juan, Puerto Rico Service-learning grant to collaborate with local clinics in providing health care and health education for an underserved population.

ΒΠ/Michigan State University

ΒΥ/Univ. of British Columbia Morgan L. McKusick, Quarter 3 Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Training Vancouver, British Columbia Education grant to learn about integrated mind-body counseling for individuals who have suffered trauma.

ΒΧ/Univ. of Alberta Richelle Volk, Quarter 4 Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees Berlin Initiative Internship Berlin, Germany Service-learning grant to help refugees navigate legal and other barriers to attaining access to higher education opportunities.

ΒΩ/Colorado College Paige Clark, Quarter 3 toLabor Birth Doula Training Program Tulsa, Oklahoma Education grant to become a certified birth doula.

ΔΘ/Univ. of Florida Devon Myers, Quarter 1 United States Conference on AIDS 2016 Hollywood, Florida Education grant to learn, collaborate, and network with community leaders and HIV activists from around the country.

ΔΚ/Louisiana State University Cheryl Bayles Freyou, Quarter 4 National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards Education grant to renew her certification as endorsement of her commitment to rigor as an educator and authority to provide professional development for colleagues.

Mary Cant Peterson, Quarter 3 Pediatric Oncology Medical Registry Development Initiative Hat Yai, Thailand Service-learning grant to assist researchers with the development of a pediatric oncology medical registry at Prince of Songkla University.

Kaci Michelle McClure, Quarter 1 Faces of Advocacy: 2016 National Council of Teachers of English Convention Atlanta, Georgia Education grant to present her research and attend sessions on literacy curriculum.

ΒΤ/Denison University

Abby Sticker, Quarter 4 Safari4u Veterinary Program Chinsta, South Africa Education grant to practice veterinary medicine for wildlife and to provide proper animal care education for the local community through a nonprofit clinic.

Melissa Alexandra Colina de Vivero, Quarter 2 2017 NASPA Mental Health Conference Austin, Texas Education grant to gain knowledge and skills to address student mental health issues in her professional work as a student affairs practitioner.


ΔΟ/Univ. of Alabama Delta Omicron Chapter, Quarter 1 She Can: Celebrating Tuscaloosa Women Tuscaloosa, Alabama Leadership development grant to provide local women with career-related knowledge and inspiration.

ΕΩ/Washington & Jefferson College Hillary Smith Bennetts, Quarter 3 Bauman Nutrition Consultant Program Berkeley, California Education grant to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

Grants Recipient

Chapter/School Amount

Alumnae Chapter Founders Award

ΖΥ/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Mallory Kirzinger, Quarter 3 One Heart Source Educational Mentorship Program Cape Town, South Africa Service-learning grant to develop curriculum, implement educational support systems, and coordinate extracurricular activities for disadvantaged children. Kaylan Newton Gee, Quarter 4 Project OKURASE Okurase, Ghana Service-learning grant to participate in a public health internship to research the feasibility of developing a tilapia fishery to provide a sustainable protein source for a village and help provide access to medical care.

ΔΦ/Clemson University Laura Brabham, Quarter 1 NAFSA 2016 Bi-Regional Conference New Orleans, Louisiana Education grant to network and gain knowledge in the field of international education.

ΔΧ/Univ. of Virginia Callan Blount Fleming, Quarter 1 Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership Washington, D.C. Education grant to gain knowledge in coaching and organizational development.

ΦΔ/Stanford University Amy Bolan, Quarter 4 Stanford University Bing Overseas Summer Program – Coral Reefs of Palau: Ecology, Environment, Management Seminar Palau Education grant to conduct research on coral reef ecosystem conservation and related effects on the quality of life for human populations.

ΕΥ/Columbia University Jessica Hoffman Beard, Quarter 1 Low Cost Hernia Surgery Initiative Ho, Ghana Service-learning grant to train physicians in low cost mesh inguinal hernia repair and to study outcomes of the procedure.


ΗΠ/Case Western Reserve Althea Anne Duldulao Perez, Quarter 4 International Society of Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health Conference Groningen, Netherlands Education grant to present her research on carpal tunnel syndrome and suggestions for novel improvements to behavioral modification therapies and surgical treatment.

ΕΤ/Univ. of Tampa Emily Roth, Quarter 3 Habitat for Humanity Women Build Delhi, India Service-learning grant to help build homes for those in need.

ΕΨ/Tufts University Hayley Amber Carabello, Quarter 2 Timmy Global Health Program Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Service-learning grant to employ her skills as a certified Medical Spanish Translator and provide medical services to a community in need.

Nashville Alumnae Chapter, Quarter 4 KSA Martial Academy ASSERT Self Defense and Empowerment Program Nashville, Tennessee Education grant to provide chapter members, their family members, and members of Eta Phi/Belmont and Alpha Eta/ Vanderbilt with self-defense and conflict resolution skills.


Nashville Alumnae Chapter


Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne Laura Brabham Kaliana Chamberlin Lisa Ann Combs Barbara Smoyer Peterson


Delta Phi/Clemson University Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Alpha Gamma/Ohio State University Alpha Iota/ Washington Univ.-St. Louis (D)

$625 $150 $575 $50

Chapter and Individual Grants Madeline Beattie Caroline Mulligan Maris Paden Michelle Katherine Sheena Abby Sticker


Pi/Albion College $600 Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University $460 Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University $340 Alpha Phi/Tulane University $770 Delta Kappa/Louisiana State University $1,400

Houston Alumnae Chapter Hayley Carabello Kaci Michelle McClure Devon Myers


Eta Psi/Tufts University $1,150 Delta Kappa/Louisiana State University $305 Delta Theta/Univ. of Florida $550

Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter


Karina Ashley Hamamouche Gamma/Butler University

Jeanne Ross Miller



Jessica Hoffman Beard Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia University Hillary Smith Bennetts Epsilon Omega/ Washington & Jefferson College Amy Bolan Phi deuteron/Stanford University Abby Moore Cannon Beta Eta/Univ. of Pennsylvania Paige Clark Beta Omega/Colorado College Melissa Alexandra Beta Tau/Denison University Colina de Vivero Callan Blount Fleming Delta Chi/Univ. of Virginia Cheryl Bayles Freyou Delta Kappa/Louisiana State University Kaylan Newton Gee Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Laura Guild Alpha/DePauw University Kathryn Hanson Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University Nicolette Jew Iota/Cornell University Mallory Kirzinger Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Victoria Lawson Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University Monique Lizbeth McField Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada Sienna Mendina Pi/Albion College Abigail Parra Beta Kappa/Drake University Kiera Peltz Alpha Epsilon/Brown University Althea Anne Duldulao Perez Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve Mary Cant Peterson Beta Pi/Michigan State University Christina Petsas Beta Delta/Univ. of Arizona Emily Roth Eta Tau/Univ. of Tampa Richelle Volk Beta Chi/Univ. of Alberta Celia A. Wright Alpha Gamma/Ohio State University Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama

$1,030 $750 $550 $1,300 $2,000 $475 $1,650 $1,500 $850 $450 $2,500 $550 $1,020 $200 $1,300 $520 $375 $650 $350 $300

Mary Overton Caldwell Leadership Development


Alicia Cauthen

Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada

Nancy France Madison Ellin Sarah J. Franseen

Delta/Univ. of Illinois Delta/Univ. of Illinois

Suzanne Luton Woodruff Morgan L. McKusick

$1,700 $1,650 $535 $1,000 $175


$2,765 $2,300 $465


Beta Upsilon/Univ. of British Columbia $1,075



Photo © Jessica Cardelucci Nugent

Scho arship


Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation scholarships honor academic and scholarly achievements, commitment to community, and unwavering dedication to Kappa Alpha Theta. These scholarships have been established by individuals and college and alumnae chapters with a strong belief in the potential of Theta women. They are a testament to the support the bonds of sisterhood can provide throughout life’s endeavors. The following 332 collegian and alumnae members received $743,200 in scholarship funding for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. As demonstrated by these unprecedented numbers, Theta Foundation is upholding our commitment to helping members reach their fullest potential and make a difference in the world because of your loyalty and support. Please join us in congratulating them on their incredible accomplishments and future academic and professional success.


DePauw University

Celia Christine Kauth

Chloe Marie Boensch

Meredith Breda

Molly Rose Brennan

Madeline Burds

Christine Cassidy

Alicia Cotsoradis

Isabel Brown Freihofer

Shelby Lynn Hanes

Morgan McCord

Lexi Miller

Olivia Miller

Kylie Blaine Morris

Catherine Frances Napier

Christine Frances Norris

Katherine O'Laughlin

Gianna Petrelli

Courtney DelaCuesta

Madison Hinchey

Priscilla Lin

Lauren Briskey

Amy Brown

Sarah Kathleen Buedel


Indiana University Madeline Piscetta

Clare M. Polega

Erica Rapelje

Gretchen Wilder

Anisha Khanna Yadav


Butler University Laura Lacci Michelotti

Sydney Anne Miller

Alayna Wallace

Grace Anderson

Sarah Baggette


Kaylynn Alexa Cline

Alisha M. Couch

Sydney Enyeart

Chiara Brighid Evelti

Courtney Jo Foye

Elizabeth Ann Hauk

Lyndsey Morgan Isenhower

Anne Elizabeth Krietenstein

Caroline Kuremsky

Emily Lauth

Emily Lawson

Sarah Marie Lenahan

Rachel Quinn McFarland

Shelby Miller

Rachel Moran

Randi Kelly Perry

Mariam Saeedi

Kendall Marie Swartzell

Kathryn Bauguess

Anastasia Marie Quigley

Kelly Newell

Katherine Emily Raulin


Univ. of Illinois Cameron Willett


Cornell University Marissa Banks

Jill Harris

Univ. of Kansas Elizabeth Bach



Ohio Wesleyan University

Univ. of Vermont Madison Reid-Tedesco

Emily Evenson

Megan Eugenia Matthews


Univ. of Southern California

Allegheny College Veronica Schuver

Albion College Kathryn Anne Arnold


Rebecca Russell Thompson

Berkley Fierro

Alison Manske


Amy Gallop

Olivia Trudeau


Swarthmore College Stephanie Ying-Ying Chen

Rebecca Elias

Brittany Hope

Erin McGillivray


Univ. of Minnesota

Northwestern University Krista Lafferty

Univ. of Wisconsin

UC Berkeley

Amanda Sofia Knudtzon

Laura Reul



Ohio State University Emily Caldwell

Lucia McQueen Radder


Univ. of the Pacific Katie Lee Aleckson

Hannah Carey Campbell


Univ. of South Dakota Lauren Stull

Ana Ellis Schwab



Rachel Lynn Vinciguerra

Azaria D. Gaudreau

Alison Tock Vance


Brown University Christina Negray

Vanderbilt University Claire Barbara Walker

Founders Memorial Scholarship Recipient 6

ΑΘ Marisa Goldstein

Laura Keel

Abigail Hall

Emily Malinak



Mallory Marie Richey

Univ. of Oklahoma Emma Silvers-Harnly

Kristen Ann Graybill

Washington State University Tari Knock

Hanna Ringsdorf


Madisyn Waage

Monique Corinne Isaak



Tulane University

Lawrence University

Purdue University Erika Chelales

Rachel Karyn Coller

Madison Hayes

Hayley N. Parker


Univ. of South Dakota

Kara Marie Hendrickson

Grace Shannon Woodard


Univ. of Oregon

Erin Stump

Abby Taylor Tiedeman

Natalie King Munger


Univ. of Montana

Univ. of North Dakota

Univ. of Missouri

Univ. of Washington


Katherine Marie Kokal



Univ. of Texas – Austin

Lauren Elizabeth Parmley

Taylor Selembo

Mary Driscoll

Riley Cluxton

Erin Kelly

Brooke McKenna

MacKenna Marie Norris

Karlee Elizabeth Suhanyi

Cassidy Alexis Edwards

Jessica Anne Fisher

Karlie Drew Foster

Alyson Smith


Colorado State University Nicole Mitchell

Savannah L. Vogel


Claire Wiley



Univ. of Arizona

Oklahoma State University

Oregon State University Kristi Poling


Sadie Kasiah


Univ. of Idaho


Univ. of Colorado Darryl M. Kerby

Drake University Lauren Shelby Brashear

Kathryn DesCombes

Abigail Hills


Allison Paige Golbach

Grace Peterson

Zoe Myers


College of William & Mary Natalie Anne Deerr

Jade Taylor Lang

Univ. of Nevada

Sydney Hecht

Joanna Lea Odenthal

Bailey Cullen

Sarah Sciarani Polito




Florida State University

UC Los Angeles Abigail DeLisle

Alexis Hakanson

Julie Marlowe

Juliana Nanea Alden

Amanda Michelle Anderson

Sandra Maria Cepin



Michigan State University

Univ. of Iowa

Elizabeth Ioannou

Sawyer Lindsey

Morgan Muat



Kaitlyn Fouke

Alana Fitz

Naomi Tsai


Univ. of Kentucky Emily A. Davenport

Leah Carloni


North Dakota State Hail Alhashem


Jamie Behymer

Christina Everling

Erin Krogh

Amanda Palos

Elisabeth Rose Bryant Becker

Floriana Antoinette Castella

Kelsey Paige Devish

Michelle Leonard

Kristen Elizabeth Gabriel

Winifred Elizabeth Luginbill-Ruder

Erin Michele Wilcox


Iowa State University

UC Santa Barbara Marit Bakken

Kimberly Anne Kiraly



San Diego State University


Samantha Rose Schaff

Michelle Rozanski


Lauren McCartney

George Washington University Margo Pfetzer

Amanda M. Coleman

Carnegie Mellon University

Western University Mary Frances Doss

Reese Elizabeth Raffo

Paige Elizabeth Robnett


Safina Adatia


Sydney Poynton

Emma Goldner-de Beer

Colorado College


Univ. of Georgia

Hannah Pearson


McGill University


Kaitlin Musick

Melanie Taylor

Univ. of British Columbia


Penn State University

Kristina Dziedzic Wright

Alenah Anice Luthens

Denison University Brooke Donelson

Morgan L. McKusick

Jessica Wilson Wade


Southern Methodist University Georgina Amy Foakes

Grace Kathleen Myers

Reilly Fellner

Noa Torres Baker

Univ. of Tulsa Rebecca Freeman



Miami University

Texas Tech University Katherine A. Cross



Texas Christian University

Fresno State University Clover Cherrington

Samantha Edwards

Paige Locke

Hailee Ashlynn Ramont



Auburn University Makenzie Burnett

Claire Carter

Madelyn B. Carter


Arizona State University Jean Marie Dreyer

Anna Christine Fritz

Cheniece Richardson Kelleher



Emory University



Univ. of Puget Sound Gabrielle Ciccarelli

Kristen Kelly Graves

Samantha Dyroff

Cori Fain

Kaylan Newton Gee

Brienne Krug

Mary Christine Mell

Lindsey Neville

Univ. of Alabama Gabrielle Mae Glapion

Delery Perret

Winter Buffo



Eastern Kentucky University Courtney Marie Rentas

Clemson University Jade Robinson

Sydney Richardson



Texas A&M

Lauren Palermo

Jacklyn Schenkewitz

Baylor University Kathryn Anderson

Natalie Braun

ΦΔ Amy Bolan

Jordan Huelskamp

Amy Karen Ransohoff


Stetson University Marjorie Glendinning

RandolphMacon College

Dickinson College Elizabeth Jean Stewart Ehrhardt

Alyssa Baker Lankford

Gabriella Douglass Hartman



Westminster College Soraya Sophia-Blaise

Caroline Berning

Courtney Prestwood



Samantha Fink

Reagan Browne

Univ. of Mississippi

Stanford University Kaila Thomas

Presley Townsend


Louisiana State University

Virginia Morgan

Emily Elizabeth Nagle

Kansas State University Lauren Burdine

Chloe Elizabeth Lucy Scott

Kayla DiMicco

Whitman College

Karen Siderovski

Nicole Nicholson



Kaeleigh Olsen

Columbia University

Yale University

UC Irvine Caitlin Friel




Bucknell University

Tea Antonino

Sabrina Bustamante



Univ. of Richmond

Univ. of Chicago

Samantha Goldburg

Jacie Alexa Goudy

Grace Ellis


Nicole Howard

Rachel Nye

Sonia Hausen


Vitoria Moreno-Costa

Megan Wood Squires

Mary Elizabeth Silliman

Malin von Knorring

Sarah Curtis


Wake Forest University Shaina Lee Trotta

Cheyenne Dolbear

Sarah Zia



Ohio Northern University

UC San Diego

Abigail Mohr



ΖΡ Sarah Elizabeth Fisenne



UC Davis

Cal Polytechnic State University Emily R. Kelleher

College of Charleston


Jennifer Lauren Hofmann

Nicole Danielle Sansone


Sara Holland


Wofford College

Washington & Lee University Rachel Uribe-Raya

Devon Kloepfer McFadden

Melaina Rapisarda


Colgate University (D) Morgan Miller

Kayce Murray

Sarah McNeilly


Washington & Jefferson College

Veena McCoole

Naomi Lin

Univ. of Delaware Rachael Griffith

Elisabeth Hanson

Mikayla Ann Shea

Natasha Houshmand

Hannah Nicole Hubbard

Stephanie Quintana


Univ. of Texas-Dallas Erin Kelly

Heather Marsh

Kylah Paige Arnold

Jacquelyn MayMarie Delin




Johns Hopkins University

Pepperdine University Liz Apanda

Olivia Belda


Loyola Marymount University Najette Abouelhadi

Huixin Liu

Rachel Wang

College of Idaho Michelle Laiolo

Founders Memorial Scholarship Recipient 10



Univ. of Central Florida

Nicole Jordan

Erica Castaneda


Rachel Wilmoth


Emily Hunter Birnbaum


Deborah Gil

Chloe Levin

Courtney Marshall

Emily Susan Kugel

Natasha Oldford

Univ. of San Francisco


Boston University Mary Cullen Pennington Servodidio

Emily Hill

Kadira Filan


Belmont University Ashley Forche

Chrissa Pantazis


Univ. of Tampa


Jacqueline Skokna

Tufts University Alexis Morales

Catherine Grace Coughlin



North Carolina State

Saint Louis University Elise C. Abel

Abigail Block

Hannah K. Campbell

Madison Streb

Madelyn Masoumeh Afshar

Amanda Nicole Waltos

Natalie Mae Aziz



Georgia Institute of Technology

Univ. of Rochester Marissa Simone Petri

Laura James


Chapman University

Courtney Leigh Covert

Meghan Patricia Healy

Case Western Reserve

Brenna St. Pierre

Sarah Emilie Faulkner

Aimee Steen

Quinnipiac University Laken Vogel


Allison Jane Thirion

Alyssa Nicole Knauer


Univ. of North Florida

Laura Voisine

Karen Ann Goldburg

Lake Forest College

ΗΟ Brittany Nicole Rondeau


Elizabeth Creech

Occidental College Riley Pendergast


Univ. of San Diego

Christina Engler

Ryannon Starkey

Catherine Chou

Tiffany Dang

Margaret May


Scholarships Recipient


Alice Lee Lund Emily Malinak

$1,075 Alpha Nu/Univ. of Montana

Alpha Chi Chapter Mary Driscoll

Alpha Chi/Purdue University

Alpha Mu/Univ. of Missouri

Beta Phi/Penn State University


$1,325 $1,325


Safina Adatia

Erin Michele Wilcox

Brienne Krug

$1,275 Beta Phi/Penn State University



Omicron/Univ. of Southern California Theta Theta/North Carolina State Eta Omega/Saint Louis University Beta Psi/McGill University Epsilon Iota/Westminster College Theta Lambda/Univ. of Rochester Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Zeta Tau/Univ. of Delaware Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho Gamma Pi/Iowa State University Phi/Univ. of the Pacific Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Alpha Rho/Univ. of South Dakota Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve Pi/Albion College Eta Lambda/~ Beta Omega/Colorado College

$9,250 $4,250 $4,775 $7,200 $4,250 $4,250 $5,000 $7,200 $4,450 $6,300 $3,000 $3,075 $6,350 $5,000 $5,000 $7,300 $7,800 $7,200 $2,550 $4,600 $5,000

Delta Phi/Clemson University

Courtney Marshall

Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada

Eta Sigma/Chapman University

Epsilon Tau/Yale University

Alpha/DePauw University

Cecil Ruth King Eidson and Robert Ansel Eidson Kathryn Bauguess

Kappa/Univ. of Kansas

Christa McCluggage Brittany Hope




$1,325 $1,325


Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Denver Alumnae Chapter

$1,000 $1,000 $1,050




MacKenna Norris Karlee Elizabeth Suhanyi

Beta Gamma/Colorado State University $1,000 Beta Gamma/Colorado State University $1,150

Diane Forst Stephens


Morgan McCord

Alpha/DePauw University

Dinah Hampton McClymonds Elizabeth Creech

Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego

Dorothy Barbieri Memorial Erin Kelly

Zeta Tau/Univ. of Delaware

Dorothy Devenish Naomi Tsai

Beta Omega/Colorado College

Elizabeth Creech Brooke Donelson Huixin Liu


$1,400 $1,400

$2,000 $1,000 $1,200

Edith Whitney/Spokane Alumnae Chapter Monique Corinne Isaak


Alpha Sigma/ Washington State University


Elizabeth (Bessie) Ferguson McNair Kayla DiMicco


Delta Iota/Univ. of Puget Sound


Elizabeth Nagel Marcin Laken Vogel

$1,050 Eta Nu/Lake Forest College


Ellen Bowers Hofstead Sarah Curtis Jennifer Hofmann Brenna St. Pierre Grace Shannon Woodard

$9,550 Zeta Mu/MIT Zeta Mu/MIT Eta Omicron/Univ. of North Florida Alpha Lambda/Univ. of Washington

Epsilon Upsilon Chapter Jacie Alexa Goudy

Chloe Levin


Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara

Delta Omega/Texas A & M

Florence Benner Wylie Priscilla Lin

Berkley Fierro

Bettie Locke Hamilton Kathryn DesCombes

Bettie Tipton Lindsey Mary Elizabeth Silliman

Hannah Fitch Shaw Elisabeth Hanson

Beta/Indiana University


Gamma Chapter


Caroline Kuremsky

$1,475 $1,475


$48,000 $12,000

Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado


Zeta Iota/Washington & Lee University $12,000 Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern University $12,000

Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

$1,450 $1,450

$1,000 Gamma/Butler University

Gamma Omega Chapter Emily Elizabeth Nagle


Rho/Univ. of Nebraska

Frances Strickland/Agnes Wright Strickland Sandra Maria Cepin

$6,000 $2,000 $5,675 $1,000 $4,000 $3,000 $4,000


Founders Memorial Scholarships Alice Allen Brant


$1,175 Eta Sigma/Chapman University

Florence Abernathy Waldrop Reagan Browne

$2,050 $2,000 $3,500 $2,000

Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia University $1,100

Eta Sigma Chapter




Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego Beta Sigma/ Southern Methodist University Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins University

Elisabeth Rose Bryant Becker Floriana Castella Kelsey Paige Devish Michelle Leonard Sydney Poynton Reese Elizabeth Raffo Noa Torres Baker



Dorothy Whitehurst Heard

Esther and Charles Mlynek

$1,225 Beta Nu/Florida State University



$2,025 Iota/Cornell University




Deborah Bornmann Allen Alexis Hakanson


$1,425 Lambda/Univ. of Vermont

Dallas Alumnae Chapter Elizabeth Bach


Omicron/Univ. of Southern California $1,525

Claribel Reed Smith Megan Eugenia Matthews



Catherine Tillotson McCord Madeline Burds



Carol Green Wilson Veena McCoole



Cardelucci Family



Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa

Beverly F. Worden Bailey Cullen



Betty MacDonough Memorial

Juliana Alden Sawyer Lindsey Morgan Muat

Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado

Beta Psi/McGill University

Betty Black Hatchett

Colleen Byrne



Betty Baur Lambert/ Fairfield County, CT Alumnae Chapter

$1,925 Gamma deuteron/ Ohio Wesleyan University

Betty B. and James B. Lambert Kathryn Anne Arnold Natalie Mae Aziz Hannah K. Campbell Amanda M. Coleman Elizabeth Jean Stewart Ehrhardt Christina Engler Cori Fain Kaylan Newton Gee Abigail Hills Hannah Nicole Hubbard Erin Kelly Darryl M. Kerby Kimberly Anne Kiraly Amanda Sofia Knudtzon Emily S. Kugel Courtney Marie Rentas Hanna Ringsdorf Allison Jane Thirion Rebecca Russell Thompson Rachel Wilmoth Kristina Dziedzic Wright


Beta/Indiana University

Beta Phi Baer-Buell Alana Fitz


Theta Theta/North Carolina State

Beta Iota Chapter Abigail Hills



Beta Eta Chapter Rachel Lynn Vinciguerra


Alpha/DePauw University

Beta Chapter Most Noble Woman Sydney Anne Miller

$1,000 $1,650


Anne Sadler Budill Marissa Simone Petri


Alpha Phi/Tulane University

Anne Ehrenhardt Nolting Isabel Brown Freihofer


Eta Phi/Belmont University Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University

Anne Collins Mackey Memorial Rachel Karyn Coller



Ann Wright Hart/Nashville Alumnae Chapter Ashley Forche Marisa Goldstein



Ann Terwilliger McLaren Alana Fitz


Alpha Gamma/Ohio State University $1,050

Alpha Mu College Chapter Katherine Marie Kokal



Alpha Gamma Chapter/Catharine Frear Christina Negray



$1,175 Gamma Omega/Auburn University





Gamma Phi Chapter Clover Cherrington

$1,950 Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University

Gamma Psi Chapter/Tracy Clark Memorial Makenzie Burnett

$1,675 Gamma Upsilon/Miami University

Gayden Family Elise C. Abel Ryannon Starkey

Eta Omega/Saint Louis University Theta Lambda/Univ. of Rochester

Zeta Phi/Pepperdine University

Beta/Indiana University

Harriet Darley Damisch Karen Ann Goldburg

Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego

Harriet Fowler Brown/Kansas City Alumnae Chapter Hannah K. Campbell Allison Paige Golbach Erin Stump

Eta Omega/Saint Louis University Beta Kappa/Drake University Alpha Mu/Univ. of Missouri

Harriett D. and C. Hollis Hull Sarah Kathleen Buedel

Gamma/Butler University

Hazel Baird Lease Krista Lafferty

Tau/Northwestern University

Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter Lauren Briskey

Gamma/Butler University

Ines Abbott McCrary Jessica Anne Fisher

Stephanie Ying-Ying Chen



$2,700 $2,700

$1,400 $1,400




$1,450 Alpha Rho/Univ. of South Dakota

Janet Paine Peters Sarah Zia


$1,050 Delta Delta/Whitman College

Jane Cooksey Cassel Madisyn Waage


$3,525 Omega/UC Berkeley

Jane Brokaw Gallup Jean Marie Dreyer

$1,975 $1,000 $1,000


Isabel McKenney Gates


$1,950 Zeta Xi/~


Jeanne Ross Miller


Katie Lee Aleckson Natalie King Munger

Upsilon/Univ. of Minnesota $1,600 Alpha Lambda/Univ. of Washington $1,500

Jenny Adams Crain


Abigail Hall

Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin

Leah Carloni Margo Pfetzer

$1,000 Epsilon Zeta/Univ. of Mississippi

Darryl M. Kerby

Gamma Iota/Univ. of Kentucky Gamma Iota/Univ. of Kentucky

Omega/UC Berkeley

Joyce Anne Vitelli Memorial Sarah Sciarani Polito

Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada

Joyce Drew Toombs Memorial

Kathryn Anderson

Gamma Pi/Iowa State University

Delta Omega/Texas A & M

Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma

Julie Itin Hawlik Memorial Georgina Amy Foakes

Beta Pi/Michigan State University

June Longworth Hardy Emma Goldner-de Beer Tari Knock

Beta Tau/Denison University Alpha Rho/Univ. of South Dakota

Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve

Katherine Sharpless Coyle Graduate Sarah Emilie Faulkner Anna Christine Fritz Virginia Morgan

Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado

Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Gamma Nu/North Dakota State

L. Pearle Green Erin Stump

Alpha Mu/Univ. of Missouri

Gamma deuteron/ Ohio Wesleyan University

$1,175 $1,175

$1,150 $1,150

$1,550 $1,000

$2,250 $2,250





$1,050 $1,050



$4,200 Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Lisa Davis Olney Chrissa Pantazis



Linda Moran Schmidt Jacquelyn MayMarie Delin



Laurie McGregor Connor Kelly Newell


Beta Gamma/Colorado State University $1,025

Kyle Hartvickson Handegard Amanda Palos



Kendall Cusick-Rindone and Gregory Rindone Brooke McKenna



Kelly T. Lawrence Juliana Alden


Eta Sigma/Chapman University $3,500 Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University $2,500 Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama $1,825

Kathleen M. Markey Lauren Shelby Brashear



Kahla Roberts Latta/St. Louis Alumnae Chapter Laura James



Julia Gilbert/Alpha Omicron Abby Taylor Tiedeman

$1,250 $1,000

$1,175 Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho

Josephine Brossard Stansfield Memorial Rebecca Elias



JoAnn Crites Thompson

Judith Camp Sauer



Joan Wagner Essex


Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University $1,000

Pi/Albion College

Gabriella Hartman

Kimberly Anne Kiraly



Jill Morrison Memorial



Isabel Hanford Olmstead Rebecca Russell Thompson


Zeta Theta/Cal Polytechnic State University $1,725

Houston Theta Charity Antiques Show Hannah Nicole Hubbard



Helen Edwards Woodward Kayce Murray

$1,000 $3,000


Gloria McVay Cochran and Richard K. Cochran Courtney DelaCuesta



Genevieve Butz Adsit Olivia Belda


Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University $1,150

Gamma Upsilon Chapter Katherine A. Cross




$1,150 Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University





Louise Johnson Miller/Jean Johnson Smith Graduate Katherine Emily Raulin

Gamma deuteron/ Ohio Wesleyan University

Lucile Moore Garrett Kristen Elizabeth Gabriel

Eta Tau/Univ. of Tampa

Epsilon Theta/Stetson University

Margaret (Margie) Mills Ruckert Madison Reid-Tedesco

Kappa/Univ. of Kansas

Margaret Killen Banta Graduate Nicole Mitchell

Alpha Psi/Lawrence University

Margaret Killen Banta Undergraduate Claire Wiley

Alpha Psi/Lawrence University

Margery Dick Miller Memorial Kristen Elizabeth Gabriel

Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa

Mariam M. Morrison/Delta Sigma Lauren McCartney

Beta Nu/Florida State University

Marjorie Crane Schnacke Memorial Anastasia Marie Quigley

Kappa/Univ. of Kansas

Martin and Roslyn Cooper Jill Harris

Zeta Theta/ Cal Polytechnic State University

Mary and John Dengler Gabrielle Ciccarelli


$2,325 $2,325

$4,600 $4,600




$1,525 $1,525

$1,300 $1,300



$2,275 $2,275



Madelyn Masoumeh Afshar Theta Theta/North Carolina State

Mary Frances Bowles Couper Zeta Mu/MIT

Mary Jane Parker Beach Claire Wiley


$2,100 Delta Eta/Kansas State University

Mary Catherine Miller

Vitoria Moreno-Costa


Beta Epsilon/Oregon State University $2,700

Mary Alice Horn Memorial Kayce Murray


$1,375 Delta/Univ. of Illinois

Marty Smith White/Portland Alumnae Chapter Sadie Kasiah


$2,800 Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma

Marilynn Mitchell and Beta Nus of the Fifties Abigail DeLisle


$1,050 Beta Kappa/Drake University

Marilyn Chesher Lynch Hayley N. Parker


Gamma Epsilon/Western University $1,000

Marie Anderson Fitz Allison Paige Golbach



Madeline Reynolds Adams and Family Samantha Fink


$1,025 Phi deuteron/Stanford University

Lyn Stewart Simensen Kadira Filan


$2,700 Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa

Lucinda H. Greene Amy Bolan



$2,200 $2,200

$1,450 Alpha Psi/Lawrence University







Mary Katherine Patterson Memorial/ Epsilon Epsilon Chapter Caroline Berning

Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor University

Mary L. Hinkle Rachel Wilmoth


$2,050 Eta Lambda/~

Mary Margaret Perry McDonald Sara Holland




Zeta Iota/Washington & Lee University $1,750

Mary Rees Gilliatt


Samantha Goldburg

Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia University $3,200

Melissa (Lissa) Luton Bradford/Nashville Alumnae Chapter $4,300 Olivia Trudeau Erin Michele Wilcox

Upsilon/Univ. of Minnesota Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa

Meta Alice Keith Bratten Rachel Wang

$1,100 Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Molly Muntzel Smith Tea Antonino

Alpha Phi/Tulane University Alpha Phi/Tulane University Alpha Phi/Tulane University

Muriel Anderson Steed Emily Evenson

Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor University

Delta/Univ. of Illinois

Delta/Univ. of Illinois

Nancy Neville Adams Rachel Uribe-Raya


$1,025 $1,000 $1,000




Nancy France Undergraduate Marissa Banks



Nancy France Alumna Jill Harris


$1,300 Lambda/Univ. of Vermont

Nancy Cochran Abbey Kaila Thomas


$1,100 Zeta Phi/Pepperdine University

Morna Elizabeth Dusenbury Memorial Erika Chelales Madison Hayes Taylor Selembo


$1,200 Epsilon Sigma/UC Irvine

Monisa Cox Cline Liz Apanda

$1,525 $2,775


$2,400 $2,400

$1,025 Zeta Theta/ Cal Polytechnic State University







Psi Chapter

Nancy Ross Perry Alenah Anice Luthens

Beta Omicron/Univ. of Iowa

Nancynell Swaffield Bogdanovich Graduate Safina Adatia


$1,950 Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin

Pansy Patch Clover Cherrington Alicia Cotsoradis Sarah Curtis Cheyenne Dolbear Emily Evenson Kristen Ann Graybill Abigail Hall Kara Marie Hendrickson Elizabeth Ioannou Michelle Laiolo Heather Marsh Zoe Myers Courtney Prestwood Chloe Elizabeth Lucy Scott Karen Siderovski Alyson Smith Olivia Trudeau Alayna Wallace


Gamma Sigma/ San Diego State University

Patricia Johnson Theil Madison Hinchey

Beta/Indiana University

Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter Memorial Caitlin Friel Abigail Mohr

$2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000

$1,900 $1,900

$1,000 Beta/Indiana University

Pauline Snoke Jackson Memorial Laura Lacci Michelotti


Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University Alpha/DePauw University Zeta Mu/MIT Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest University Lambda/Univ. of Vermont Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin Alpha Pi/Univ. of North Dakota Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Zeta Omega/Loyola Marymount University Zeta Tau/Univ. of Delaware Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado Delta Omega/Texas A & M Delta Epsilon/Arizona State University Epsilon Lambda/Dickinson College Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University Upsilon/Univ. of Minnesota Beta/Indiana University

Pasadena Alumnae Chapter Rebecca Freeman


Omicron/Univ. of Southern California $1,375

Opal Marshall McCelvey Abigail Hall


Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University $1,775

Omicron Chapter Erin McGillivray


Beta Psi/McGill University

Oklahoma City Alumnae Chapter Karlie D. Foster



$1,750 $1,750


Epsilon Pi/Bucknell University $1,000 Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest University $1,925

Laura Reul


Amount $1,150

Psi/Univ. of Wisconsin


Reece $13,925 Marissa Banks Jamie Behymer Bailey Cullen Grace Ellis Emily Evenson Nicole Howard Sadie Kasiah Sarah McNeilly Lauren Palermo Melaina Rapisarda

Delta/Univ. of Illinois Gamma Nu/North Dakota State Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada Epsilon Phi/Univ. of Chicago Lambda/Univ. of Vermont Epsilon Phi/Univ. of Chicago Beta Epsilon/Oregon State University Epsilon Phi/Univ. of Chicago Delta Phi/Clemson University Epsilon Phi/Univ. of Chicago

Rose Fraser Jacobson Madelyn Carter

$1,100 Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University $1,100

Ruth Elizabeth Southworth Chloe Marie Boensch Meredith Breda Molly Brennan Madeline Burds Christine Cassidy Alicia Cotsoradis Isabel Brown Freihofer Shelby Lynn Hanes Celia Christine Kauth Morgan McCord Lexi Miller Olivia Miller Kylie Blaine Morris Catherine Frances Napier Christine Frances Norris Katherine O'Laughlin Gianna Petrelli Madeline Piscetta Clare M. Polega Erica Rapelje Gretchen Wilder Anisha Khanna Yadav


Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University

Ruth Hill Wilber Cassidy Alexis Edwards


$1,175 Delta Phi/Clemson University

Ruth Robie Lacy/Rosemary Longino Erica Castaneda Catherine Chou

$1,100 $1,000 $1,750 $1,425 $3,000 $1,000 $1,200 $1,750 $1,500 $1,000 $1,250 $2,750 $1,000 $1,250 $2,250 $1,000 $1,000 $2,250 $4,000 $2,750 $1,000 $1,000

Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University $1,750

Ruth Rabbe Hager Lauren Palermo

$1,000 $1,200 $2,300 $1,000 $1,700 $1,000 $1,100 $1,000 $2,525 $1,100



Eta Theta/Univ. of Central Florida Theta Nu/ Georgia Institute of Technology

$1,225 $1,200

Photo Š Jessica Cardelucci Nugent




Sallie Bidez Memorial Lindsey Neville Jacklyn Schenkewitz

$2,500 Delta Phi/Clemson University Delta Phi/Clemson University

$1,000 $1,500

Sally Cowan Reinhold Laura Reul

$1,525 Psi/Univ. of Wisconsin


Sarah Morrison Jessica Wilson Wade

$1,425 Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles


Seattle Alumnae Chapter Mallory Marie Richey

$1,350 Alpha Lambda/Univ. of Washington $1,350

Sharon Cirese Gassett Memorial Emma Silvers-Harnly Presley Townsend

Jordan Huelskamp Hailee Ramont

Najette Abouelhadi

Savannah L. Vogel

Phi deuteron/Stanford University $1,875 Gamma Chi/Fresno State University $1,000

Gamma Kappa/ George Washington University Eta Omega/Saint Louis University Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Lambda/Univ. of Vermont Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve Epsilon Zeta/Univ. of Mississippi Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia University Eta Upsilon/Univ. of San Francisco Eta Lambda/~ Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University Eta Phi/Belmont University Epsilon Theta/Stetson University Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University

Courtney Leigh Covert

Beta Omicron/Univ. of Iowa

Thelma Thickins Moran


$1,025 Epsilon Omega/ Washington & Jefferson College



Theta Nu/ Georgia Institute of Technology

Taylor Witcher Memorial Kristen Ann Graybill



Suzanne Nichols Lynn/Atlanta Alumnae Chapter Tiffany Dang


Eta Phi/Belmont University

Susie Adams Smith Morgan Miller



Susan Byers Patrick Melanie Taylor

$1,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,225 $2,000 $1,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $1,500 $1,000 $2,000

Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins University

Sue Farrell Supple


$1,025 Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma



Erin L. Kelly

Beta Gamma/Colorado State University $1,150

Theta Link


Hannah Carey Campbell Catherine Grace Coughlin Natalie Anne Deerr Mary Frances Doss Samantha Dyroff Samantha Edwards Christina Everling

Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest University $1,050 Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University $1,000 Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern University $1,000 Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University $1,050 Beta Lambda/College of William & Mary $1,000 Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $1,050 Gamma Iota/Univ. of Kentucky $1,050 Beta Lambda/ College of William & Mary $1,050 Alpha Phi/Tulane University $1,050 Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas $1,050 Phi deuteron/Stanford University $1,050 Delta Upsilon/ Eastern Kentucky University $1,050 Beta Tau/Denison University $1,050

Theta Volunteer


Sophia Scholar, Elise Lipscomb Ferguson

Sarah Elizabeth Fisenne Anna Christine Fritz Rachael Griffith Meghan Healy Sydney Hecht Erin Krogh Kaitlin Musick Joanna Lea Odenthal Lauren Elizabeth Parmley Stephanie Quintana Amy Karen Ransohoff Jade Robinson Paige Elizabeth Robnett

$1,050 $1,000

Sisterhood $20,725 Hail Alhashem Abigail Block Winter Buffo Azaria D. Gaudreau Deborah Gil Marjorie Glendinning Jacie Alexa Goudy Emily Hill Riley Pendergast Sydney Richardson Brittany Nicole Rondeau Jacqueline Skokna Soraya Sophia-Blaise Laura Voisine



Alpha Xi/Univ. of Oregon Gamma Omega/Auburn University

Shirley Shields Smith


Omicron/Univ. of Southern California Eta Psi/Tufts University Beta Kappa/Drake University Gamma Delta/Univ. of Georgia Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University Gamma Nu/North Dakota State

$1,050 $1,050 $1,050 $1,050 $1,050 $1,050 $1,050


$1,725 Alpha Psi/Lawrence University


Virginia Bryant Shilstone Natasha Houshmand

$2,300 Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Virginia Burns Boynton Amanda M. Anderson Lauren Burdine Amy Gallop Natasha Houshmand Claire Barbara Walker


$15,650 Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Delta Zeta/Emory University Upsilon/Univ. of Minnesota Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Alpha Epsilon/Brown University

$5,000 $1,500 $5,000 $2,650 $1,500

Virginia Chain Schmid Alison Manske

$1,650 Rho/Univ. of Nebraska


Virginia Ford Hood Alyssa Baker Lankford

$2,250 Epsilon Iota/Westminster College


Virginia Hindman Freeman Kylah Arnold Natalie Braun Claire Carter Gabrielle Mae Glapion Rachel Wang

Virginia Lauderdale Grimm Kaitlyn Fouke

Virginia M. Sorenson


Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Delta Omega/Texas A & M Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University Delta Kappa/Louisiana State University Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Beta Tau/Denison University

$1,650 $2,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000

$2,175 $2,175


Elise C. Abel Eta Omega/Saint Louis University $1,000 Marit Bakken Gamma Pi/Iowa State University $1,000 Emily Hunter Birnbaum Eta Mu/Occidental College $1,000 Sabrina Bustamante Epsilon Tau/Yale University $1,000 Emily Caldwell Alpha Beta/Swarthmore College $1,000 Riley Cluxton Beta Gamma/Colorado State University $1,000 Emily A. Davenport Gamma Theta/ Carnegie Mellon University $1,000 Kristen Graves Delta Eta/Kansas State University $1,000 Nicole Jordan Eta Eta/College of Idaho $1,000 Laura Keel Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University $1,000 Cheniece Richardson Kelleher Gamma Omega/Auburn University $1,000 Emily R. Kelleher Zeta Eta/Wofford College $1,000 Alyssa Nicole Knauer Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego $1,000 Jade Taylor Lang Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado $1,000 Paige Locke Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University $1,000 Winifred Elizabeth Luginbill-Ruder Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa $1,000 Julie Marlowe Beta Nu/Florida State University $1,000 Margaret May Theta Nu/Georgia Institute of Technology $1,000 Devon Kloepfer McFadden Epsilon Psi/Univ. of Richmond $1,000 Morgan L. McKusick Beta Upsilon/Univ. of British Columbia $1,000 Mary Christine Mell Delta Phi/Clemson University $1,000 Alexis Morales Eta Chi/Boston University $1,000 Kayce Murray Zeta Theta/Cal Polytechnic State University $1,000 Grace Kathleen Myers Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles $1,000 Nicole Nicholson Epsilon Omicron/Randolph-Macon College $1,000




Rachel Nye Epsilon Omega/ Washington & Jefferson College $1,000 Natasha Oldford Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve $1,000 Kaeleigh Olsen Epsilon Omicron/Randolph-Macon College $1,000 Hannah Pearson Gamma Nu/North Dakota State $1,000 Delery Perret Delta Kappa/Louisiana State University $1,000 Grace Peterson Beta Kappa/Drake University $1,000 Marissa Simone Petri Theta Theta/North Carolina State $1,000 Kristi Poling Beta Delta/Univ. of Arizona $1,000 Sarah Sciarani Polito Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada $1,650 Lucia McQueen Radder Tau/Northwestern University $1,000 Michelle Rozanski Beta Psi/McGill University $1,000 Samantha Rose Schaff Beta Tau/Denison University $1,000 Veronica Schuver Mu/Allegheny College $1,000 Ana Ellis Schwab Lambda/Univ. of Vermont $1,000 Mary Cullen Pennington Servodidio Eta Phi/Belmont University $1,000 Megan Wood Squires Zeta Lambda/College of Charleston $1,000 Ryannon Starkey Theta Lambda/Univ. of Rochester $1,000 Aimee Steen Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego $1,000 Madison Streb Eta Omega/Saint Louis University $1,000 Lauren Stull Pi/Albion College $1,000 Erin Stump Alpha Mu/Univ. of Missouri $1,150 Shaina Lee Trotta Zeta Xi/~ $1,000 Alison Tock Vance Psi/Univ. of Wisconsin $1,000 Madisyn Waage Alpha Rho/Univ. of South Dakota $1,550 Amanda Nicole Waltos Eta Omega/Saint Louis University $1,000 Erin Michele Wilcox Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa $1,100

Virginia Speidel Edwards Mikayla Ann Shea

$1,525 Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern University $1,525

Vivian Stevenson Delbrook Grace Anderson Sarah Baggette Lauren Briskey Amy Brown Sarah Kathleen Buedel Kaylynn Cline Alisha M. Couch Sydney Enyeart Chiara Brighid Evelti Courtney Jo Foye Elizabeth Ann Hauk Lyndsey Morgan Isenhower Anne Elizabeth Krietenstein Caroline Kuremsky Emily Lauth Emily Lawson Sarah Marie Lenahan Rachel Quinn McFarland Shelby Miller Rachel Moran Randi Kelly Perry Mariam Saeedi Kendall Marie Swartzell Cameron Willett

Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University

Waters-Cardelucci Family Reilly Fellner

Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles


$1,125 Zeta Rho/UC San Diego

Zeta Zeta Chapter Class of 1989 Sonia Hausen Nicole Danielle Sansone


$1,175 Zeta Nu/UC Davis

Zeta Rho Chapter Naomi Lin

$1,250 $1,750 $1,250 $2,650 $2,500 $1,250 $2,250 $1,250 $1,550 $2,000 $3,050 $1,450 $1,500 $3,000 $2,050 $1,450 $1,750 $2,500 $3,050 $1,250 $2,500 $1,550 $1,250 $1,250


Zeta Nu Chapter Malin von Knorring


Zeta Zeta/Colgate University (D) Zeta Zeta/Colgate University (D)


$9,350 $6,350 $3,000


Photo © Jessica Cardelucci Nugent

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2016-2017 Theta Foundation Grant & Scholarship Recipients  

Theta Foundation is proud to present the 2016-2017 Chapter & Individual Grant and Scholarship recipients.

2016-2017 Theta Foundation Grant & Scholarship Recipients  

Theta Foundation is proud to present the 2016-2017 Chapter & Individual Grant and Scholarship recipients.

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