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Grant & Scholarship 2015–2016




Α/ DePauw University Katherine Anderson

Retreat Day Hospital Counseling Internship


Education Grant, Quarter 1

A recent recipient of a master’s degree in counseling, Katherine pursued this internship in Retreat, South Africa, to serve a population in dire need of mental health support. She accumulated hours required for her clinical counseling license while working alongside local psychologists and psychiatrists to provide impoverished families with therapy to help build positive coping skills for stressors in daily life.

Γ / Butler University

Photo courtesy of Adrienne Clark, Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt

Reflective of our founders’ legacy of innovation and forward-thinking, the 2015-2016 Theta Foundation Chapter & Individual Grant recipients participated in experiential learning programs to help make a difference and set them apart as leaders in academia, their professions, and society. And like the Thetas before them, these women are enriching the world and meeting the challenges of the higher and broader demands of mature life.

Maggie McKenny Harris

International Leadership Association Global Conference Education Grant, Quarter 1

The International Leadership Association (ILA) is the global network for all those who practice, study, and teach leadership. At the association’s 2015 conference in Barcelona, Spain, Maggie had the opportunity to collaborate with leadership educators from around the world and explore critical leadership development and educational topics, including global and local leadership, mentoring between generations, training young leaders, and leading across cultural borders.

Niki Kingston

During our 2015-2016 Fiscal Year, Theta Foundation awarded a total of $24,477.75 in grant funding from our Named Grant Endowment Funds to 25 collegians and alumnae, one college chapter, and one alumnae chapter for participation in non-degree educational, leadership, and service-learning programs. Please join us in congratulating them on their incredible efforts to promote the widest influence for good on their campuses, in their communities, and around the world.

Council on International Educational Exchange Teach in Spain – Language Immersion

Learn more and see the impact of our grant recipients’ widest influence for good in the photo galleries on the Recent Grant Recipients page of Theta Foundation’s website at

Kathleen Mundy

Education Grant, Quarter 4

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Teach Abroad program boasts more than 1,000 participants each year. Through the Teach in Spain program, Niki will serve as a Language and Culture Assistant in a public school in Madrid. Nikki and other CIEE teaching assistants will help develop students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as their cultural understanding as part of a nationwide multilingual initiative.

ΑΓ / Ohio State University

Ohio State University Global Health Practicum Service-learning Grant, Quarter 3

The Ohio State University Buck-I-SERV group partnered with AMOS Health and Hope to train Kathleen, an aspiring 2

ΑΧ/Purdue University

physician’s assistant, and other program participants in critical theory as it relates to work in rural communities, global health policies, community empowerment, and interventions. The group then collaborated with the local Tapasle, Nicaragua, health committee to perform water filter supervisions, educate families on the importance of drinking clean water, provide nutritional health screenings, and complete water lab testing.

Emily Smith

Practice Makes Perfect Service-learning Grant, Quarter 4

ΑΗ/ Vanderbilt University

During the five-week Practice Makes Perfect program, Emily logged 200 hours teaching at-risk students in New York City. She developed and implemented lesson plans as well as enrichment activities for students and their families to create an inclusive learning environment. She ensured that her students received a high-quality summer education and built confidence in their ability to succeed despite socioeconomic challenges.

Madison Alexander PRO Barcelona

Leadership Development Grant, Quarter 4

Focused on business leadership curriculum and internship experience, the PRO Barcelona program offers participants opportunities to undergo a strengths analysis, learn various aspects of business, and work for a start-up company on a project with fellow interns. Madison intends to maximize the experience and knowledge she gains in the fields of business and economics to exercise the widest influence for good.

ΒΡ/ Duke University Susan Lang

iXperience: User Experience Design Education Grant, Quarter 4

Adrienne Clark

iXperience brings together students from top universities to Cape Town, South Africa, to learn in-demand, practical skills, application of these skills, and cultural immersion, all while challenging traditional models of education. Participants take a four-week intensive course on User Experience and then apply the skills they have learned through an internship at an influential local company. Susan, who is majoring in Computer Science and Visual Media Studies, hopes her experience will ultimately help her increase user accessibility to technology.

Global Medical Brigades Vanderbilt University, Nicaragua Service-learning Grant, Quarter 3

Global Medical Brigades develops sustainable health initiatives and provides relief in locations where there is limited access to healthcare. As an aspiring doctor, Adrienne helped her brigade establish sanitation stations with recyclable water systems, provide medical attention to those in need, and educate locals about safe water and dental hygiene.

ΒΤ/ Denison University

Claire Kelsey

Global Medical Brigades Vanderbilt University, Nicaragua Education Grant, Quarter 3

Laura Richardson

Claire gained hands-on experience in the field of international medicine through Vanderbilt University’s 10-day Global Medical Brigades program in Nicaragua. She was able to serve community members alongside practicing physicians in a clinical setting, and had the opportunity to work on village sanitation public health projects.

The Greater Fort Myers Leadership Program Leadership Development Grant, Quarter 4

The Greater Fort Myers Leadership Program encourages participants’ community involvement, broadens their knowledge, and heightens their leadership skills through participation in 11 weeks of structured, interactive activities. As a non-profit professional, the founder of the Young Professionals Association of Sanibel and Captiva, and a volunteer for Kappa Alpha Theta and other organizations in the Fort Myers area, Laura seeks to promote the widest influence for good as a leader, supporter, and motivator for others.

Caroline Mulligan

Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break Leadership Development Grant, Quarter 3

As a site leader for a Vanderbilt Alternative Spring Break program, Caroline both participated in service projects and facilitated group discussion and education about the environmental issues facing national parks. Her group removed trash and invasive species, such as the lead tree, from the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks in Florida. 3

Βϒ/ Univ. of British Columbia

ΕΨ/ Univ. of Richmond

Morgan McKusick

Lisa Auster-Gussman

Education Grant, Quarter 1

Education Grant, Quarter 4

This therapeutic yoga program in Vancouver, British Columbia, includes foundational information on the impact of trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction on the brain and body and resulting symptomology, as well as traditional yoga teacher training. As a graduate student in counseling, Morgan hopes this program will ultimately help her empower young women in both normative and post-trauma populations through the development of programming to help build positive self-esteem and body image, independence, and confidence.

A doctoral student in health psychology, Lisa chose to pursue this yoga teacher training program as a complement to her education in western-based medicine. Lisa’s research focuses on obesity and health behavior, and, through this program, she intends to learn more about the mind-body-spirit connection yoga teaches with the ultimate goal of incorporating this holistic approach and mental and emotional health coping techniques into her professional work.

Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma, Resilience, & Emotional Well-Being

CorePower 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

ΕΩ/ Washington & Jefferson College

∆Ο/ Univ. of Alabama

Sara Drischler

Katie Beard

ASCA Donald D. Gehring Academy for Student Conduct Administration

Child Life Council’s 34th Annual Conference on Professional Issues

Education Grant, Quarter 4

Education Grant, Quarter 3

The primary purpose of this conference is to connect child life professionals and empower them with knowledge related to psychosocial support of children and families experiencing challenging medical procedures and diagnoses. At the 2016 conference in Orlando, Florida, Katie led discussions regarding social media use as a child life professional, attended educational presentations, and networked with other professionals in the field to gain a greater understanding of the needs of hospitalized children and their families.

Sara participated in the Foundations of Professional Practices track of the Gehring Institute of ASCA (Association of Student Conduct Administration) in Indianapolis, Indiana, a quintessential learning experience for new student conduct administrators. Using a competency-based curriculum, this program focuses on the skills and expertise needed to gain proficiency in helping students and organizations learn and grow. Sara came away from this program with invaluable knowledge and connections that will help her serve students more effectively in her role as a student affairs administrator.

Jennifer Poissot Taylor

Melissa Straub

Leadership Development Grant, Quarter 1

Education Grant, Quarter 1

The New Memphis Institute is committed to building a better future for the city of Memphis, Tennessee, by developing, activating, and retaining talent. The organization’s LDI program offers participants networking and collaboration opportunities to gain critical perspectives and solve complex problems. Jennifer plans to use her experience in the program during her tenure as president of the Junior League of Memphis and in her professional role as the Director of Clinical Services in Audiology at the University of Memphis.

The AMEE annual conference is the key meeting for educators in the medical and healthcare professions, with over 3,000 attendees each year. As an aspiring medical educator, Melissa attended the 2015 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, where she gained invaluable knowledge and experience in her chosen field, including the unique opportunity to present her own research.

ΕΖ/ Univ. of Mississippi

ΖΣ/ Ohio Northern University

New Memphis Institute Leadership Development Intensive Program

Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Annual Conference


micro-magnetic control mechanisms, and was recently admitted to the Tokyo Institute of Technology with a full-tuition scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in Human Centered Science and Biomedical Engineering.

ΗΗ/College of Idaho Morgan Thornberry WorldTeach

Education Grant, Quarter 2

Morgan is currently participating in the year-long WorldTeach program in Ecuador, where she manages a classroom and educates young adults who are studying to become teachers in their own communities. She hopes to build upon her students’ English language and teaching skills in an effort to ultimately expand their economic opportunities.

ΖΤ/ Univ. of Delaware

ΗΞ/Quinnipiac University

Zeta Tau/Univ. of Delaware Day of Service

Service-learning Grant, Quarter 1

Elaine Brown

In honor of Kappa Alpha Theta’s International Day of Service, the women of the Zeta Tau Chapter spent a day cleaning up the beaches of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They picked up trash from the beaches and dunes and raised awareness about the negative effects of littering on humans and wildlife alike.

Quinnipiac University Occupational/Physical Therapy Trip to Nicaragua (O.P.T.I.O.N.) Service-learning Grant, Quarter 1

ΖΧ/Johns Hopkins University

Sponsored by the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac, the O.P.T.I.O.N. program brings students to León, Nicaragua, to provide occupational and physical therapy evaluations and home treatments for people who may not otherwise have access to such services. Elaine and her team provided services like gait training and used “cardboard carpentry” to create adaptive equipment to improve patients’ daily functioning.

Sofia Espinosa

Baltimore City Community College Paramedicine Program Education Grant, Quarter 4

During this eight-week intensive course, Sofia will learn the skills and techniques required to respond in emergency situations as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The course, comprised of 105 lecture hours, 60 lab hours, and 24 hours of field training, focuses on patient assessment, recognition of symptoms, resuscitation, and administration of medications. Sofia believes this program and her volunteer service as an EMT will better prepare her for a career in medicine.

Julia Mee

University College Dublin Summer Internship Education Grant, Quarter 4

University College Dublin Lochlan Quinn School of Business recognizes that today’s global economy demands graduates with a global perspective. Through its Summer Internship Programme, students fine-tune their communication skills in a classroom setting and then develop practical skills within a business environment. Julia’s program experience will support her own career advancement opportunities and will help her mentor other women pursuing careers in the male-dominated finance industry.

Danielle Tinio

Tokyo Institute of Technology International Research Student Program Education Grant, Quarter 1

This program gives aspiring biomedical engineering researchers access to laboratory resources and guidance from some of the top researchers in the world while collaborating on projects on a global scale. Danielle worked on projects in computational neuroscience and 5

ΗΠ/Case Western Reserve Julia Blanchette

American Diabetes Association 76th Scientific Sessions Education Grant, Quarter 4

Attendance at this diabetes-focused research and industry event in New Orleans, Louisiana, allowed Julia to connect with other professionals and diabetes researchers. Julia, who is currently pursuing her PhD in nursing, is passionate about providing the best quality care to children with Type I Diabetes and plans on becoming a certified diabetes educator and pediatric nurse researcher in diabetes self-management.

ΗΤ/Univ. of Tampa

Literature at Miami Dade College. The program provides access to free books in pediatric waiting rooms, community action centers, and juvenile justice departments. The Miami Alumnae Chapter used Theta Foundation grant funding to purchase books for this program, and alumnae chapter members volunteered their time to assist the organization with program administration.

Emily Roth

Habitat for Humanity Thailand Build Service-learning Grant, Quarter 2

Through her work with Habitat for Humanity in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Emily helped build a safe, decent, and affordable house for a family in need. She grew both personally and professionally as she developed relationships with community members and explored underlying issues that contribute to unreliable housing.


ΗΧ/ Boston University


Alumnae Chapter Founders Award

Corey Bither

Miami Alumnae Chapter

Julia Blanchette

Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne Lisa Auster-Gussman

Corey Bither

Epsilon Zeta/Univ. of Mississippi

Chapter and Individual Grants Fund

Education Grant, Quarter 1

Inspired by leading women in primatology like Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey, Corey participated in the Gibbon Research Project in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, to gain experience in field methodology and primate data collection in preparation for graduate school. The program provided her with an increased global perspective and helped prepare her to become a leader in international conservation advocacy.

Sofia Espinosa

Miami Alumnae Chapter

Melissa Straub

Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins University

Eta Chi/Boston University

Elaine Brown

Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University

Sara Drischler

Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson College

Niki Kingston

Gamma/Butler University

Susan Lang

Beta Rho/Duke University

Morgan McKusick

Houston Alumnae Chapter

Julia Mee

Adrienne Clark

Kathleen Mundy

Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University

Maggie McKenny Harris

Gamma/Butler University


Eta Pi/Case Western Reserve

Epsilon Psi/Univ. of Richmond

Jennifer Poissot Taylor

Gibbon Research Project


Beta Upsilon/ Univ. of British Columbia Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University Alpha Gamma/Ohio State University

Laura Richardson

Beta Tau/Denison University

Emily Roth

Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern University

Morgan Thornberry

Eta Eta/College of Idaho

Jeanne Ross Miller

Miami Alumnae Chapter Read to Learn Books for Free

Madison Alexander

Service-learning Grant, Quarter 3

Katherine Anderson

A program of The Children’s Trust, Read to Learn Books for Free is an early childhood literacy initiative in partnership with The Center for Writing and

Katie Beard


Eta Tau/Univ. of Tampa

Emily Smith Danielle Tinio

Alpha Chi/Purdue University Zeta Chi/Johns Hopkins University

Zeta Tau/Univ. of Delaware

Suzanne Luton Woodruff Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University Alpha/DePauw University Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama

Claire Kelsey

Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University

Caroline Mulligan

Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University



DePauw University


Madeline Burds

Meghan Therese Burke

Sofia Carretero

Alicia Cotsoradis

Ella Freihofer

Cathy McCracken German

Lauren Elizabeth Gregerson

Shelby Lynn Hanes

Megan Karbowski

Celia Christine Kauth

Grace Louise Kestler

Elizabeth A. King

Morgan McCord

Lexi Miller

Catherine F. Napier

Christine Frances Norris

Madi Perry

Clare M. Polega

Katherine Elizabeth Reichel

Photo courtesy of Jessica C. Nugent, Eta Sigma/Chapman

After nearly 150 years, Kappa Alpha Theta’s noble ideals remain intact, the first of which is highest scholarship. This ideal is carried on by the Thetas of today, and Theta Foundation is committed to helping these women reach their goals. Established by individuals and college and alumnae chapters who believe in Theta women, Theta Foundation scholarships exemplify the support the bonds of sisterhood can provide throughout life’s endeavors.


Indiana University Kathryn Roth

Anne Margaret Wake

Gretchen Wilder

Madison Adzema


Butler University

Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation has the pleasure and privilege of announcing the 275 collegian and alumnae members who received $684,860 in scholarship support for the 2016–2017 Academic Year. We invite you to join us in congratulating them on their incredible accomplishments and future success.

Courtney DelaCuesta

Priscilla Lin

Laura Lacci Michelotti

Margaret T. Owens

Kaija Bole

Alyse Nicole Briggs

Amy Brown

Sarah Kathleen Buedel

Lauryn Renee Campagnoli

7 Photo courtesy of Jessica Cardelucci Nugent, Eta Sigma/Chapman University

Margaret Emilyn Cychosz

Kaitlyn Enderle

Sydney Enyeart

Chiara Evelti

Caitlyn Foye

Courtney Jo Foye

Lindsey Gemmill

Allison L. Gritzman

Elizabeth Ann Hauk

Courtney Sable Hooker

Caroline Kuremsky

Emily Lauth

Sarah Marie Lenahan

Rachel Quinn McFarland

Chloe L. Meiss

Anna M. Mihelich

Morgan Miller

Randi Kelly Perry

Mariam Saeedi

Sarah R. Zimmerman

Elizabeth Lee Hazlett

Alaina Jessen Linafelter

Anastasia Marie Quigley

Morgan Davis

Ashley Krininger


Univ. of Illinois


Cornell University Kelly Baker

Marissa Banks

Univ. of Kansas

Athena Holevas Stalter

Elizabeth Bach




Ohio Wesleyan University

Univ. of Vermont Azaria Gaudreau

Ana Ellis Schwab

Hanover College Faith N. Borland

Katherine Emily Raulin



Univ. of Southern California Chelsea M. McCurdy

Kathryn Anne Arnold



Univ. of Nebraska Madeline Beattie

Katelyn Krolick


Chelsea Copi Wickenheiser

Univ. of Wisconsin Olivia Trudeau


UC Berkeley Elisabeth Cavanagh

Stephanie Ying-Ying Chen

Rebecca Elias

Ruth Tamara Shefner

Jennifer Alexander Strock


Ohio State University Zora Franicevic

Brittany Hope

Univ. of Minnesota Eliza McNabb

Alison Manske


Albion College

Megan Downey Schreeg

Northwestern University

Rachel Lynn Vinciguerra

Brown University Ashley Ferkol

Mary-Claire Mundy

Hannah J. Kimmel


Jessica Nicole Laird

Gabrielle Rosina Salazar



Vanderbilt University


Univ. of Texas – Austin Meredith Jane Ross

Jenny Cale


Ellee Cunningham

Kelsey Moreland


Univ. of Montana Emily Kristine Arneson

Sarah Stagg

Jenae White

Katherine Breeden



Abby Taylor Tiedeman

Gabriella Berger

Grace Shannon Woodard

Kelsey Jean Belden

Jennifer Pellow Ford

Allison McManus

Katherine Marie Averdick

McKenzie Lee Roedig

Univ. of Oklahoma

Univ. of South Dakota Josie Melissa Smith

Univ. of Missouri


Univ. of Oregon Emily Malinak


Univ. of Washington


Washington State University Hanna Ringsdorf

Univ. of Cincinnati Jennifer Lynn Glover



Tulane University Kathleen J. Smith

Purdue University Marjorie E. Bateman

Yuliya Buslovich

Erika Chelales

Danielle Elizabeth Howell


Katie Anne Wandzilak

Nicole Mitchell

Univ. of Pennsylvania

Univ. of Colorado Heather C. Boni

Lauren Anne Jacobson

Mackenzie Herman

Darryl M. Kerby

Holly Huber



Allison Paige Golbach

Alexandra Klein

Hillary Ruth O’Brien

Kari Charlson Sims


Fiona Anne Hudgens


College of William & Mary

Drake University Sara Hutchinson

Megan Montgomery


Univ. of Idaho

Abby Moore Cannon

Oklahoma State University Kelsie Clarissa Jordan

Savannah Vogel


Kylie Shadle


Oregon State University

Lawrence University Emily A. Smith

Lauren Elizabeth Parmley



Madison Bishop

Alexis Madormo

Univ. of Nevada

Anna Katherine Connors

Joanna Lea Odenthal



Florida State University Sarah Sciarani Polito

UC Los Angeles Hannah Corinne Milthorpe

Jenna Trocchia

Stacey Kathleen Barnett


Jessica Wilson Wade

Christina Blomquist

Anna Lenzen

Lisa Johnson Mitchell

Georgina Amy Foakes

Melissa Alexandra Colina de Vivero

Madison K. Kavanaugh

Abigail Zofchak

Colorado College Alyssa Jennifer Armsby


Christine Faye Cahaney

Amanda M. Coleman

Jessica Petrov

Maria Enrique

Victoria Wickenheisser

Sibel Goksu

Summer Setsuko Hammeras

Aubreylin Shibata

ΓΝ North Dakota State

Univ. of Maryland Rebecca Calafiore


Jooeun Kim


Univ. of Connecticut Mary Frances Doss

Kara Beth Higgins


Iowa State University

UC Santa Barbara Marit Bakken

Beth Lynch



Univ. of Tulsa Kristen Elizabeth Gabriel

Michelle Leonard

Kristen R. Schmittel


Sydney Poynton

Texas Christian University

Texas Tech University

Kelly Lacey Meyer

Taylor O’Connor



Miami University Kelly Theresa Cosgrove

Julia Rodriguez


Univ. of Georgia

Colette Marie Bersie

Alana Fitz


McGill University

Kristina Dziedzic Wright

Penn State University Morgan L. McKusick


Catherine Metcalf

Liz M. Moreno


Univ. of British Columbia

Denison University

Hannah Park

Duke University



Southern Methodist University

Mary McMullen Pandiani


Michigan State University

Univ. of Iowa

Danielle van der Lelie

Emma Gallagher


ΒΟ Cristina R. Pruett

Christine Cheung

Paige Locke

Mackenzie Koss


Auburn University Rachel Summer Monsees

Julie Covert Murphy

Olivia Nucci

Emory University Natalie Claire Moreau

Haley Elizabeth Walraven

Liam Nance Mundy


Univ. of Puget Sound

Univ. of Florida Abigail Krstulic

Maria Keely

Univ. of Alabama Kayla DiMicco


Caroline Ann Ruder


Laura Brabham

Lauren Palermo

Leslie C. Redmond

Courtney Prestwood


Meredith Johnson

Megan Sherwood

Alyssa N. Baker

Elizabeth Jean Stewart Ehrhardt

Jamie Striler

Samantha Jill Berenblum

Lauren Anne Koster

Halsey Robertson

Lucy Sternbach

Yale University

Kaeleigh Olsen

Brianna Kathryn Clarke



Erin Korp



Univ. of Chicago Jing Qu

Amelia Grace Ayers


Bucknell University

Columbia University

Charlotte Martin

Westminster College


RandolphMacon College

Laine Emily Bruzek


Centre College Kelly Fagan

Katelyn Julia McCarty

Stanford University Anna E. Berry


Univ. of Mississippi

Quinnlan Sweeney


Baylor University Elizabeth Ellen Anderson


Alison Sansone


Texas A&M

Jennifer Chapman Root

Han-ah Sumner

Univ. of Virginia


UC Riverside (D)

Kayla Danielle Littleton


Clemson University Virginia Morgan

Sabrina Maria Willard



Kansas State University

Arizona State University

Whitman College Elizabeth Maria Morris





Washington & Jefferson College

Univ. of Richmond Xanthe Gallate

Melaina Rapisarda


Haley Shannon

Rachel Nye

Founders Memorial Scholarship Recipient




Colgate University (D)

Wofford College Nicole D. Sansone


Washington & Lee University Victoria M. Biggers

Karin Lancaster

Annika Gompers

Lauren Sweitzer

Aarani Arulmoli

Coreen Davis

Alexa Vargas

Brooke A. Knudtson

Rachel Wang

Olivia Belda

Eliza Brennan



Quinnipiac University Nisa Villareal




Veronica Lu

Rachel Wilmoth

Lake Forest College Claire Marsden

Danielle Marie Muci


Chapman University

Univ. of Tampa

Brenna St. Pierre

Melissa Bastanipour

Jordan Cahill

Sarah Penina Silver Rabin

Caitlin Mims


Univ. of San Francisco


Belmont University

Boston University

Natasha Miraya Rogen

JoAnna B. Adkisson



Tufts University Rebecca Sydney Jahnke

Heather Holman


Univ. of North Florida


Univ. of San Diego

Kathleen Hartmann

Occidental College


Jennah Kay Jones

Kelley Lewis

Univ. of Central Florida

ΗΛ Elizabeth Creech

Univ. of Texas-Dallas


Pepperdine University Jacquelyn MayMarie Delin


Ohio Northern University


Courtney Keeler Campbell

Alisa Anping Suen


UC San Diego


UC Davis Vitoria Moreno-Costa





Paige Lauri

Madlin Lausten

Kayla Shepherd


Kathryn Potratz

Amanda Nicole Waltos


Jacqueline Skokna


North Carolina State

Saint Louis University Catherine Grace Coughlin

Kamrie Lynne Reed

Univ. of Rochester Molly Simone Basdeo

Terika Harrell

Founders Memorial Scholarship Recipient


2016 AWARD

Alice Lee Lund Jenae White

$1,075 Alpha Nu/Univ. of Montana


Alice Wilkey Poynter Margaret T. Owens

$1,150 Beta/Indiana University


Alpha Chi Chapter Katie Anne Wandzilak

$1,100 Alpha Chi/Purdue University


Alpha Gamma Chapter/Catharine Frear Mary-Claire Mundy


Alpha Gamma/Ohio State University


Alpha Mu College Chapter Emily Kristine Arneson

$1,100 Alpha Mu/Univ. of Missouri


Ann Terwilliger McLaren Alana Fitz

$1,020 Beta Phi/Penn State University


Ann Wright Hart/Nashville Alumnae Chapter Paige Lauri Jacqueline Skokna


Eta Phi/Belmont University Eta Phi/Belmont University

$1,650 $1,000

Anne Collins Mackey Memorial Yuliya Buslovich


Alpha Phi/Tulane University


Anne Ehrenhardt Nolting Meghan Therese Burke

$1,550 Alpha/DePauw University


Anne Sadler Budill Kathleen Hartmann

$1,150 Zeta Phi/Pepperdine University


Artye Beosemeyer Welch Emma Gallagher

$1,650 Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles


Avadana Millett Cochran Gabriella Berger

$1,375 Alpha Lambda/Univ. of Washington


Beta Chapter Most Noble Woman Priscilla Lin


Beta/Indiana University


Beta Eta Chapter Abby Moore Cannon

$1,900 Beta Eta/Univ. of Pennsylvania

Beta Iota Chapter Holly Huber Sara Hutchinson


$2,050 Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado

$1,000 $1,050

Beta Phi Baer-Buell Catherine Metcalf

$1,250 Beta Phi/Penn State University

Betty B. and James B. Lambert Alyssa Jennifer Armsby Kathryn Anne Arnold Aarani Arulmoli Amelia Grace Ayers Alyssa N. Baker Stacey Kathleen Barnett Christine Faye Cahaney Courtney Keeler Campbell Amanda M. Coleman Catherine Grace Coughlin Jennah Kay Jones Hannah J. Kimmel Lauren Anne Koster Claire Marsden Cristina R. Pruett Katherine Emily Raulin Jennifer Chapman Root Megan Downey Schreeg Jennifer Alexander Strock Savannah Vogel Amanda Nicole Waltos



Beta Psi/McGill University Omicron/Univ. of Southern California Zeta Rho/UC San Diego Epsilon Iota/Westminster College Epsilon Iota/Westminster College Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Beta Psi/McGill University Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Beta Psi/McGill University Eta Psi/Tufts University Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego Alpha Epsilon/Brown University Epsilon Tau/Yale University Eta Mu/Occidental College Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan University Delta Psi/UC Riverside (D) Nu/Hanover College Alpha Epsilon/Brown University Alpha Psi/Lawrence University Eta Omega/Saint Louis University

$6,150 $5,750 $3,625 $5,100 $3,200 $5,250 $6,000 $4,300 $3,000 $5,750 $3,950 $7,000 $3,000 $3,000 $4,550 $7,525 $6,450 $3,900 $5,250 $3,500 $6,000

SCHOLARSHIP/RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL Sabrina Maria Willard Kristina Dziedzic Wright

2016 AWARD

Delta Epsilon/Arizona State University Beta Omega/Colorado College

Betty Baur Lambert/Fairfield County, CT Alumnae Chapter Victoria Wickenheisser

Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma

$1,225 $1,000


Delta Phi/Clemson University

Beverly F. Worden Kathleen J. Smith



Betty MacDonough Memorial Lauren Palermo


Gamma Zeta/Univ. of Connecticut

Betty Black Hatchett Jennifer Pellow Ford Abby Taylor Tiedeman

$5,750 $6,000


$4,800 Alpha Tau/Univ. of Cincinnati


Cardelucci Family Jordan Cahill

$1,125 Eta Sigma/Chapman University

Carol Green Wilson Jooeun Kim

$1,575 Beta Omega/Colorado College

Catherine Tillotson McCord Clare M. Polega



Alpha/DePauw University

Cecil Ruth King Eidson and Robert Ansel Eidson Alaina Jessen Linafelter




Kappa/Univ. of Kansas


Central Florida Alumnae Chapter Heather Holman

Eta Theta/Univ. of Central Florida

Christa McCluggage Brittany Hope

Omicron/Univ. of Southern California

Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

$2,025 $1,350

Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University

$1,700 $1,375

Eta Lambda/~


$1,025 $1,025


Delta Delta/Whitman College

Ellen Bowers Hofstead Samantha Jill Berenblum Jennifer Lynn Glover Rachel Nye Olivia Trudeau

$1,175 $3,000

Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho

Elizabeth (Bessie) Ferguson McNair Liam Nance Mundy


Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego

Edith Whitney/Spokane Alumnae Chapter Darryl M. Kerby



Dorothy Whitehurst Heard Jenny Cale Elizabeth Creech


Epsilon Epsilon/Baylor University

Dorothy Barbieri Memorial Veronica Lu

$1,000 $1,000

Alpha/DePauw University

Dinah Hampton McClymonds Anna E. Berry



Diane Forst Stephens Madeline Burds


Eta Omicron/Univ. of North Florida

Denver Alumnae Chapter Fiona Anne Hudgens Olivia Nucci

$1,000 $2,000

Iota/Cornell University

Deborah Bornmann Allen Brenna St. Pierre



Dallas Alumnae Chapter Elizabeth Bach



Colleen Byrne Christine Cheung Emma Gallagher



$9,300 Epsilon Tau/Yale University Alpha Sigma/Washington State University Epsilon Omega/Washington & Jefferson College Upsilon/Univ. of Minnesota

$1,650 $2,650 $3,000 $2,000


Esther and Charles Mlynek Sibel Goksu Summer Setsuko Hammeras Michelle Leonard Taylor O’Connor Sydney Poynton

$25,550 Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara Gamma Rho/UC Santa Barbara

$5,000 $4,550 $7,000 $6,000 $3,000

Eta Sigma Chapter Sarah Penina Silver Rabin

$1,300 Eta Sigma/Chapman University


Florence Abernathy Waldrop Elizabeth Ellen Anderson


Delta Omega/Texas A & M


Florence Benner Wylie Ashley Krininger

$1,275 Nu/Hanover College

Founders Memorial Scholarships



Alice Allen Brant Kelly Theresa Cosgrove

Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa


Zeta Eta/Wofford College


Epsilon Upsilon/Columbia University


Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama


Bettie Locke Hamilton Victoria M. Biggers

Bettie Tipton Lindsey Jing Qu

Hannah Fitch Shaw Virginia Morgan

Frances Strickland/Agnes Wright Strickland Rachel Wilmoth

Eta Lambda/~

Gamma Chapter Lindsey Gemmill

Haley Elizabeth Walraven

Gamma Omega/Auburn University

Gamma Phi/Texas Tech University

Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University

Gamma Upsilon Chapter Kristen R. Schmittel

Gamma Upsilon/Miami University

Nu/Hanover College Delta Iota/Univ. of Puget Sound Eta Phi/Belmont University Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University

Beta/Indiana University

Harriet Darley Damisch Kara Beth Higgins

Gamma Mu/Univ. of Maryland

Epsilon Iota/Westminster College Beta Kappa/Drake University

Harriett D. and C. Hollis Hull Megan Downey Schreeg

Nu/Hanover College

Hazel Baird Lease Katherine Marie Averdick



$1,025 $1,025 $1,025 $1,025


$1,000 $1,000


Harriet Fowler Brown/Kansas City Alumnae Chapter Amelia Grace Ayers Allison Paige Golbach


$1,050 Zeta Sigma/Ohio Northern University

Gloria McVay Cochran and Richard K. Cochran Courtney DelaCuesta



Genevieve Butz Adsit Kelley Lewis



Gayden Family Morgan Davis Kayla Danielle Littleton Kayla Shepherd Nisa Villareal



Gamma Psi Chapter/Tracy Clark Memorial Olivia Nucci



Gamma Phi Chapter Paige Locke

$1,450 $1,925

Gamma/Butler University

Gamma Omega Chapter


$3,900 $2,900 $1,000

$1,100 $1,100

$1,025 Alpha Tau/Univ. of Cincinnati

Helen Edwards Woodward Kaeleigh Olsen


2016 AWARD

Epsilon Omicron/Randolph-Macon College


$1,725 $1,725


2016 AWARD

Houston Theta Charity Antiques Show Julie Covert Murphy

Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University

Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter Erika Chelales

Alpha Phi/Tulane University

Ines Abbott McCrary Megan Montgomery

Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University

Alpha Lambda/Univ. of Washington

Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Alpha/DePauw University

Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho

Alpha Tau/Univ. of Cincinnati

Beta Nu/Florida State University Gamma Omega/Auburn University

Epsilon Zeta/Univ. of Mississippi

Epsilon Eta/Centre College

Delta Theta/Univ. of Florida

Joyce Anne Vitelli Memorial Heather C. Boni

Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho

Joyce Ault Cordon Julia Rodriguez

Beta Psi/McGill University

Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin Zeta Mu/MIT

Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma

Julie Itin Hawlik Memorial Coreen Davis



$2,000 $2,000

$7,850 $7,850



Julia Gilbert/Alpha Omicron Sarah Stagg

$1,100 $2,000


Judy Camp Sauer Jenny Cale Vitoria Moreno-Costa



Josephine Brossard Stansfield Memorial Maria Keely



Joan Wagner Essex Megan Sherwood



Jill Morrison Memorial Meredith Johnson

$1,525 $2,000

$1,875 Zeta Rho/UC San Diego

Jeanne Ross Miller Hannah Corinne Milthorpe Elizabeth Maria Morris



Janet Paine Peters Aarani Arulmoli



Jane Cooksey Cassel Katherine Marie Averdick



Jane Brokaw Gallup Lauren Anne Jacobson


$2,375 Pi/Albion College

Isabel McKenney Gates Jacquelyn MayMarie Delin Madi Perry



Isabel Hanford Olmstead Madeline Beattie



Irma Frazier Jagger Grace Shannon Woodard


$1,075 $1,000

$1,225 $1,225

$1,150 Zeta Rho/UC San Diego

June Longworth Hardy



Melissa Alexandra Colina de Vivero Beta Tau/Denison University Danielle Marie Muci Eta Nu/Lake Forest College

$1,500 $1,050

Kahla Roberts Latta/St. Louis Alumnae Chapter


Mackenzie Herman

Beta Iota/Univ. of Colorado

Katherine Sharpless Coyle Graduate Kristen Elizabeth Gabriel Julie Covert Murphy

Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University

Kelly T. Lawrence Hannah Park

$7,825 $2,000 $5,825

$1,200 Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Kendall Cusick-Rindone and Gregory Rindone Aubreylin Shibata


Beta Omega/Colorado College


$1,050 $1,050


2016 AWARD

Kimberly Orlin/Omega Chapter Stephanie Ying-Ying Chen


Omega/UC Berkeley


Kyle Hartvickson Handegard Madlin Lausten


Eta Phi/Belmont University


L. Pearle Green Colette Marie Bersie

$1,650 Gamma Nu/North Dakota State


Laurie McGregor Connor Faith N. Borland

$1,075 Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan University

Leslie M. Wilson Emily Malinak

$1,000 Alpha Nu/Univ. of Montana

Linda Moran Schmidt Jacquelyn MayMarie Delin

Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Eta Xi/Quinnipiac University

Gamma Mu/Univ. of Maryland Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Lucile Moore Garrett Courtney Keeler Campbell

Alpha Chi/Purdue University

Gamma/Butler University

Margaret (Margie) Mills Ruckert Anastasia Marie Quigley

Kappa/Univ. of Kansas

Margaret Killen Banta Graduate Chelsea M. McCurdy

Nu/Hanover College

Margaret Killen Banta Undergraduate Nicole Mitchell

Alpha Psi/Lawrence University

Margery Dick Miller Memorial Coreen Davis Madison K. Kavanaugh

Zeta Rho/UC San Diego Beta Tau/Denison University

Beta Psi/McGill University

Marie Anderson Fitz Hillary Ruth O’Brien

Beta Kappa/Drake University

Epsilon Iota/Westminster College

Beta Nu/Florida State University

Marion Norville Madeline Beattie

Kappa/Univ. of Kansas

Martha DuMars Davis Abigail Krstulic

Delta Eta/Kansas State University


$1,900 $1,900

$2,300 $2,300

$2,350 $2,250

$1,850 $1,850



$1,525 $1,525


$1,275 $1,275


$1,125 Delta Delta/Whitman College

Martin and Roslyn Cooper Kelly Baker



Martha Wilson Clotworthy Liam Nance Mundy


$1,850 Pi/Albion College

Marjorie Crane Schnacke Memorial Elizabeth Lee Hazlett




Marilynn Mitchell and Beta Nus of the Fifties Jenna Trocchia



Marilyn Chesher Lynch Alyssa N. Baker

$1,000 $7,300


Mariam M. Morrison/Delta Sigma Alyssa Jennifer Armsby



Madeline Reynolds Adams and Family Mariam Saeedi


$2,700 Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Lyn Stewart Simensen Madison Bishop



Louise Johnson Miller/Jean Johnson Smith Graduate Kara Beth Higgins Jessica Wilson Wade



Lisa Davis Olney Nisa Villareal



$1,250 Delta/Univ. of Illinois



Marty Smith White/Portland Alumnae Chapter Kelsie Clarissa Jordan


Beta Epsilon/Oregon State University


Mary Alice Horn Memorial Kayla DiMicco

$2,275 Delta Iota/Univ. of Puget Sound


Mary and John Dengler Abigail Krstulic

$2,100 Delta Eta/Kansas State University


Mary Catherine Miller Kelly Fagan Azaria Gaudreau

$2,025 Epsilon Zeta/Univ. of Mississippi Lambda/Univ. of Vermont

$1,000 $1,025

Mary Frances Bowles Couper Allison McManus Josie Melissa Smith


Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma

$1,000 $1,150

Mary Jane Parker Beach Kathleen Hartmann

$1,450 Zeta Phi/Pepperdine University

Mary L. Hinkle Jennifer Chapman Root


$2,050 Delta Psi/UC Riverside (D)


Mary Margaret Perry McDonald Kelsey Moreland

Jessica Nicole Laird


$3,200 Alpha Epsilon/Brown University

Melissa (Lissa) Luton Bradford/Nashville Alumnae Chapter Marit Bakken


Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin

Mary Rees Gilliatt



Gamma Pi/Iowa State University

Meta Alice Keith Bratten Rachel Wang

Alexandra Klein

Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Beta Kappa/Drake University

Molly Muntzel Smith Cristina R. Pruett

Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Alpha Phi/Tulane University Alpha Phi/Tulane University

Muriel Anderson Steed Jennah Kay Jones

Delta Omega/Texas A & M

Delta/Univ. of Illinois

Nancy Ross Perry Anna Lenzen

Beta Omicron/Univ. of Iowa

Gamma deuteron/Ohio Wesleyan University

Norma Anderson Jorgensen Fellowship Alisa Anping Suen

Zeta Nu/UC Davis

Oklahoma City Alumnae Chapter Kelsey Jean Belden




$2,375 $2,375


Nancynell Swaffield Bogdanovich Graduate Rachel Lynn Vinciguerra

$1,025 $2,000

$2,375 Delta/Univ. of Illinois

Nancy France Undergraduate Marissa Banks




Nancy France Alumna Athena Holevas Stalter


$1,300 Eta Iota/Univ. of San Diego

Nancy Cochran Abbey Courtney Prestwood


$1,000 Eta Upsilon/Univ. of San Francisco

Morna Elizabeth Dusenbury Memorial Alexis Madormo Kylie Shadle


$1,375 $1,200

Monisa Cox Cline Natasha Miraya Rogen



Molly Kerrigan Six/Des Moines Alumnae Chapter

Alpha Omicron/Univ. of Oklahoma

Omicron Chapter Katelyn Krolick


2016 AWARD


$1,775 $1,775

$1,025 $1,025

$1,750 $1,750

$1,275 Omicron/Univ. of Southern California



2016 AWARD

Pasadena Alumnae Chapter Halsey Robertson

Epsilon Tau/Yale University

Patricia Johnson Theil Madison Adzema

Beta/Indiana University

Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter Memorial Hannah Corinne Milthorpe Ruth Tamara Shefner

Beta Nu/Florida State University Alpha Epsilon/Brown University

Psi Chapter Elisabeth Cavanagh

Delta/Univ. of Illinois Gamma Nu/North Dakota State Delta Iota/Univ. of Puget Sound Eta Chi/Boston University Gamma Pi/Iowa State University Epsilon Phi/Univ. of Chicago Alpha Rho/Univ. of South Dakota

Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University Alpha/DePauw University

Ruth Hill Wilber Megan Montgomery

Eta Tau/Univ. of Tampa Delta Zeta/Emory University

Ruth Shoemaker/Betty Shoemaker Hage Beth Lynch

Gamma Pi/Iowa State University

Sallie Bidez Memorial Alison Sansone Quinnlan Sweeney

Delta Phi/Clemson University Delta Phi/Clemson University

Beta Lambda/College of William & Mary

Alpha Sigma/Washington State University

Alpha Psi/Lawrence University

JoAnna B. Adkisson Stephanie Ying-Ying Chen

Olivia Belda Erika Chelales Terika Harrell Jooeun Kim Morgan McCord Catherine Metcalf Kathryn Potratz Emily A. Smith Lucy Sternbach Alexa Vargas

Heather C. Boni

Christina Blomquist

$1,400 $1,000

$1,450 $1,450

$1,500 $1,000



$2,050 $2,050

Beta Omicron/Univ. of Iowa

Gamma Delta/Univ. of Georgia

Tau Chapter

Heather C. Boni Laine Emily Bruzek Annika Gompers Charlotte Martin Morgan L. McKusick Elizabeth Maria Morris Sarah Sciarani Polito Leslie C. Redmond Kamrie Lynne Reed Gabrielle Rosina Salazar Lauren Sweitzer Katie Anne Wandzilak Chelsea Copi Wickenheiser

Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho Phi deuteron/Stanford University Zeta Xi/~ Phi deuteron/Stanford University Beta Upsilon/Univ. of British Columbia Gamma Omega/Auburn University Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada Delta Phi/Clemson University Eta Phi/Belmont University Alpha Epsilon/Brown University Zeta Xi/~ Alpha Chi/Purdue University Pi/Albion College

Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas

Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho Beta Epsilon/Oregon State University Kappa/Univ. of Kansas


$5,950 $3,325 $2,725




Alpha Theta/Univ. of Texas-Austin Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University Gamma Psi/Texas Christian University

$2,000 $1,050 $3,600


Eta Sigma/Chapman University

Virginia M. Sorenson Marit Bakken Molly Simone Basdeo Marjorie E. Bateman


$2,250 Epsilon Iota/Westminster College

Virginia Lauderdale Grimm Melissa Bastanipour

$2,000 $1,100 $2,250 $1,100 $1,100 $1,000 $1,275 $1,100 $1,100 $1,000 $2,000 $1,000 $1,175

$1,650 Rho/Univ. of Nebraska

Virginia Hindman Freeman Ellee Cunningham Mackenzie Koss Rachel Summer Monsees



Virginia Ford Hood Alyssa N. Baker



Virginia Chain Schmid Alison Manske



$1,725 Beta Mu/Univ. of Nevada

Virginia Burns Boynton Lauren Anne Jacobson Kelsie Clarissa Jordan Alaina Jessen Linafelter



Virginia Bryant Shilstone Jacquelyn MayMarie Delin


$1,600 Tau/Northwestern University

Theta Volunteer Sarah Sciarani Polito



Suzanne Nichols Lynn/Atlanta Alumnae Chapter Mary Frances Doss

$1,500 $1,100 $2,600 $1,000 $1,175 $1,175 $2,600 $1,100 $1,700 $1,100

$1,975 Delta Chi/Univ. of Virginia

Susan Byers Patrick

Theta Link


Beta Theta/Univ. of Idaho

Sue Farrell Supple Katelyn Julia McCarty

$1,750 $1,000

$15,050 Zeta Phi/Pepperdine University Alpha Phi/Tulane University Theta Lambda/Univ. of Rochester Beta Omega/Colorado College Alpha/DePauw University Beta Phi/Penn State University Eta Omega/Saint Louis University Alpha Chi/Purdue University Epsilon Tau/Yale University Zeta Rho/UC San Diego

Sophia Scholar, Elise Lipscomb Ferguson

$1,000 $2,000 $1,175 $3,500 $1,400 $1,000 $4,000 $2,000 $3,000 $1,250 $1,000 $1,000 $1,500 $1,000 $5,000 $1,300 $2,500 $1,500 $1,000


$2,750 Eta Phi/Belmont University Omega/UC Berkeley


Eliza McNabb


2016 AWARD

Shirley Shields Smith



Sharon Cirese Gassett Memorial Savannah Vogel



Seattle Alumnae Chapter Jennifer Lynn Glover



Sally Cowan Reinhold Anna Katherine Connors

$1,000 $1,250 $1,000 $3,500 $3,050 $3,000 $1,125

$1,175 Epsilon Psi/Univ. of Richmond

Ruth Robie Lacy/Rosemary Longino Caitlin Mims Natalie Claire Moreau


$1,750 Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University

Ruth Rabbe Hager Haley Shannon

$1,900 $1,000

$1,100 Gamma Zeta/Univ. of Connecticut

Ruth Elizabeth Southworth Sofia Carretero Alicia Cotsoradis Ella Freihofer Cathy McCracken German Lauren Elizabeth Gregerson Shelby Lynn Hanes Megan Karbowski Celia Christine Kauth Grace Louise Kestler Elizabeth A. King Morgan McCord Lexi Miller Catherine F. Napier Christine Frances Norris Madi Perry Katherine Elizabeth Reichel Kathryn Roth Anne Margaret Wake Gretchen Wilder


$3,850 Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Rose Fraser Jacobson Victoria Wickenheisser



Renee Martin Nichols Danielle van der Lelie



$1,075 Psi/Univ. of Wisconsin

Reece Marissa Banks Colette Marie Bersie Kayla DiMicco Rebecca Sydney Jahnke Beth Lynch Melaina Rapisarda Hanna Ringsdorf


$1,250 Beta/Indiana University

Pauline Snoke Jackson Memorial Laura Lacci Michelotti




$38,675 Gamma Pi/Iowa State University Theta Theta/North Carolina State Alpha Phi/Tulane University


$1,700 $1,000 $1,000

SCHOLARSHIP/RECIPIENT CHAPTER/SCHOOL Madeline Beattie Laura Brabham Katherine Breeden Eliza Brennan Rebecca Calafiore Brianna Kathryn Clarke Elizabeth Jean Stewart Ehrhardt Rebecca Elias Maria Enrique Ashley Ferkol Zora Franicevic Xanthe Gallate Danielle Elizabeth Howell Brooke A. Knudtson Erin Korp Karin Lancaster Kelly Lacey Meyer Lisa Johnson Mitchell Liz M. Moreno Joanna Lea Odenthal Mary McMullen Pandiani Lauren Elizabeth Parmley Jessica Petrov McKenzie Lee Roedig Meredith Jane Ross Caroline Ann Ruder Ana Ellis Schwab Kari Charlson Sims Kathleen J. Smith Jamie Striler Han-ah Sumner

Pi/Albion College Delta Phi/Clemson University Alpha Xi/Univ. of Oregon Eta Lambda/~ Gamma Zeta/Univ. of Connecticut Epsilon Pi/Bucknell University Epsilon Iota/Westminster College Omega/UC Berkeley Gamma Zeta/Univ. of Connecticut Alpha Gamma/Ohio State University Omega/UC Berkeley Epsilon Phi/Univ. of Chicago Alpha Phi/Tulane University Zeta Upsilon/Univ. of Texas-Dallas Epsilon Pi/Bucknell University Zeta Iota/Washington & Lee University Gamma Tau/Univ. of Tulsa Beta Sigma/Southern Methodist University Beta Rho/Duke University Beta Lambda/College of William & Mary Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles Alpha Phi/Tulane University Beta Psi/McGill University Alpha Tau/Univ. of Cincinnati Alpha Eta/Vanderbilt University Delta Omicron/Univ. of Alabama Lambda/Univ. of Vermont Beta Kappa/Drake University Alpha Tau/Univ. of Cincinnati Epsilon Iota/Westminster College Epsilon Tau/Yale University

Virginia Martin McCune Memorial Georgina Amy Foakes

Beta Pi/Michigan State University

Virginia Speidel Edwards Abigail Zofchak

Beta Tau/Denison University

Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University Gamma/Butler University

Waters-Cardelucci Family Jessica Wilson Wade

Gamma Nu/North Dakota State

Zeta Nu/UC Davis

$45,225 $1,250 $1,300 $1,250 $2,500 $2,750 $2,500 $1,250 $1,250 $1,250 $1,750 $2,000 $3,075 $2,000 $3,050 $1,300 $2,750 $1,600 $1,750 $2,000 $1,250 $2,000 $1,600 $1,250 $2,550




$1,125 Zeta Rho/UC San Diego

Zeta Zeta Chapter Class of 1989 Nicole D. Sansone



Zeta Rho Chapter Alexa Vargas



Zeta Nu Chapter Alisa Anping Suen


$1,100 Beta Xi/UC Los Angeles

Willa Haverstick Dial Colette Marie Bersie

$1,275 $1,000 $1,250 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $2,500 $1,000 $1,000 $1,250 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,250 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,250 $2,200 $1,000 $1,000


Vivian Stevenson Delbrook Kaija Bole Alyse Nicole Briggs Amy Brown Sarah Kathleen Buedel Lauryn Renee Campagnoli Margaret Emilyn Cychosz Kaitlyn Enderle Sydney Enyeart Chiara Evelti Caitlyn Foye Courtney Jo Foye Lindsey Gemmill Allison L. Gritzman Elizabeth Ann Hauk Courtney Sable Hooker Caroline Kuremsky Emily Lauth Sarah Marie Lenahan Rachel Quinn McFarland Chloe L. Meiss Anna M. Mihelich Morgan Miller Randi Kelly Perry Sarah R. Zimmerman

2016 AWARD

Zeta Zeta/Colgate University (D)


$9,350 $9,350

Cover photos courtesy of Jessica C. Nugent, Eta Sigma/Chapman

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2015-2016 Theta Foundation Grant & Scholarship Recipients  

We are proud to present the 2015-2016 Chapter & Individual Grant and Scholarship recipients.

2015-2016 Theta Foundation Grant & Scholarship Recipients  

We are proud to present the 2015-2016 Chapter & Individual Grant and Scholarship recipients.