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That six letter word I crave is

nally upon us... Summer, and it wouldn't be the same without either going to a festival or on a road trip, ideally abroad. In this issue, we highlight some amazing places within Britain you might not know about, unveil tips for festival goers, cover our top gap-year destinations and catch-up with a student from India to nd out what life is like studying abroad. If you're not fortunate enough to be able to get away, we urge you to still make it a summer to remember. Visit old mates you haven't seen for ages, have loads of garden parties or get a part-time job so you'll be rollin' in it. If you can't be bothered to work, you could always consider doing just a few hours volunteering at a local shop or care home - it'll make you feel great giving back to the community. Failing that, you could use this spare time to launch a business idea you have, and who knows, you could be the next global entrepreneur! If you're going to be looking for work, don't go unprepared, and yes we've got your back with tips on How to Boss an Interview, as well as insights from expert business coach Oliver Hill who explains how to prepare the perfect pitch, thank us later. We also caught up with American rock band Sleeping with Sirens, International DJ Fedde Le Grand, TV presenter Jake Humphrey, Grime MC Big Narstie and Hip Hop don Wretch32 who talk about new material, upcoming events, embarrassing moments and provide tips for those wanting to make it big.

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Although we all love a good house party, in the summer there is nothing better than getting your swimming gear on and getting down the beach for a knees up. The beach is a great place to relax and unwind, chill out with some friends and eat some great BBQ food. Here is our list of essential items for an epic beach party‌

Everyone knows a BBQ on the beach is the epitome of summer pastimes. Pre-marinate some chicken, make some cheese stuffed burgers and prepare some vegetable skewers for those that don’t eat meat. Also, why not BBQ some pineapple, this luscious char grilled fruit is typical of Jamaican cuisine and the large dose of vitamins you will get from it will have you geared up for a long evening of partying. If you’re planning to spend the night in a campsite nearby, make sure you save some leftovers for breakfast in a cool box; just make sure the meat hasn’t gone off before eating it. Also, if there’s a large group of you going, why not get everyone to buy a separate bit of BBQ food each to spread the cost (for more advice on how to have an inexpensive BBQ see our article ‘Cheap BBQ Ideas’).

Don’t fancy the effort of a BBQ? Get some snacks in. Tortillas and salsa are a great option. Salsa can be made cheaper at home than buying it from a shop. Fruit is also another great option, as are salads. However, try not to bring anything dairy based. Cheese and other milk based products tend to “turn” quite quickly in the sun. You definitely don’t want to finish the party early because you’re all sick!

Why not create a themed party? Have a Mexican fiesta and all wear sombreros. Or have a toga party. You and your friends will have no end of fun laughing at each others costumes. Make sure you don’t wear anything too constrictive though; if it’s a hot day you will definitely start to feel your body temperature rise.

If you plan to have a few alcoholic drinks whilst on the beach, it is important to drink a lot of water as well. The sun can dehydrate you very quickly, and so can alcohol. So remember to keep your H20 levels topped up. You want to remember a good party, not a hangover best forgotten‌

Although the sand can make a great natural seat, sometimes when grains of it are itching in places best not mentioned, it can be good to have some seating arranged. Get a nice big throw or large blanket. These are perfect for seating a large number of people and are also great if you fancy a siesta. Or, get some camping chairs if you have the space in the car. Many come with handy little drink holders. Isn’t it just perfect when you don’t have to get up to reach for your beer.

Beach games can be a real good laugh. Bring a game of Twister or a glow in the dark beach ball so you can carry on playing into the night.

If you’re staying late into the night, you’ll need to stay warm. A bonfire is great for this and it is reasonably safe to make one on the sand. Kindling is available from many supermarkets, or if you’re trying to cut costs there are many places you can find old off-cuts of wood. Make sure the beach you are on allows fires and remember safety is a priority here. Drunken friends and fires do not mix… you have been warned!

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It’s the season in which we come out from hibernation to spend weekends in fields surrounded by great music and best friends. We want to make sure you get the best out of your festival experience by minimising stress and maximising fun! Here are the festival essentials you’ll need this year...

Can you really expect to have a successful festival experience if you’re not in it for the long haul? Camping in itself is essential for a good time, so make sure you pack the following; TENT SLEEPING BAG TORCH AIRBED / ROLL MAT TRAVEL PILLOW RUBBISH BAGS TENT PEGS

It’s no secret that festival showers are practically unusable and your grooming habits will go out the window. But no one wants to spend the whole weekend feeling grotty and smelly. Make room in your suitcase for these toiletry essentials... BODY AND FACE WIPES DEODORANT HAND SANITISER TOOTHBRUSH / TOOTHPASTE TOILET ROLL PAINKILLERS HAIR BRUSH DRY SHAMPOO FIRST AID KIT BODY SPRAY HAIR ACCESSORIES

These are the essentials of all the essentials; you could totally compromise your whole weekend if you forget any of these! TICKETS MOBILE PHONE EMERGENCY CONTACTS MEDICATION MONEY PORTABLE CHARGER

Chances are if it’s a British festival, it will rain at some point or even all weekend. So it’s best to be prepared for the worst. PONCHO/RAINCOAT WELLIES/WATERPROOF BOOTS UMBRELLA SPARE CLOTHES (ESPECIALLY SOCKS!) SMALL TOWEL

On the other hand, you might actually get to witness some sunshine! It might even be blistering hot, so it’s good to prepare for that scenario too... SUNSCREEN SUNHAT AFTER-SUN LOTION SUNGLASSES















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It’s almost that time of the year when randomers from around the UK and even the world, will meet in a field, dance through the night and chat rubbish until the early hours, only to return to normality a few days later. It’s the only time your typical solicitor might get away with running through crowds of people with a rubber duck stuck to their head. It’s the time of year when people from all walks of life join together as one to celebrate music as it blasts through the speakers at ear bursting levels - that’s right welcome to festival season, and the people you might bump into on your festival adventure...

Still has his Glastonbury, Creamfields, Bestival and Lovebox festival wristbands on. He will bore you to tears as he reminisces about the time he met Ed Sheeran before he was famous, and how he knows all the lyrics to his songs. Giving you no ear space to be able to listen to the master on stage as he sings live. Wristband Wayne will be telling you how he also had the wristband from the 2015 Wireless Festival on until last week but he had to cut it off as it was mouldy. He mutters these words as the distance between you becomes further and further away.

Takes. his. guitar. everywhere. He can’t even go to the toilet without sharing the portaloo with his wooden best friend. If he’s not hitting you with his guitar strapped to his back as he swings it around whilst dancing, he’ll be boring you with his talentless musical ability, in the early hours when the festival. is. over. Give up Gary, you didn’t get that record deal for a reason.

Loves saving every penny. He will literally rather tear his clothes and risk being arrested than pay the entrance fee. He will walk 10 miles to get to the festival to save the taxi fair money. Got any money for drinks? Free Entry Freddie doesn’t need money. He will lurk around in the background waiting for every opportunity to sponge a free drink. Will he be wearing deodorant? Spend a quid on cosmetics? Don’t even go there.

Loves life. She’s a joy to be around because of how positive she is. However, beware of befriending her too much, because she’ll want to draw on you, plait your hair and paint your nails. If you want to avoid her she’ll be hanging around the fair-trade stalls with a seashell hairband with butterflies on her jumper.

Is hardcore. She doesn’t need sleep. She doesn’t even know what the word means. Surviving on anything she can get her hands on. Nancy will be the person who somehow manages to dance, without music, until the music starts again the following day. She repeats this process from the moment she arrives until she leaves. We’re not sure if Nancy ever sleeps or if she makes up for it over the following weeks.

IsManages hardcore.toShe need sleep.season She doesn’t even know what the lastdoesn’t the entire festival without touching a drop word means. onanyone, anything she canto get her hands of alcohol. She canSurviving out dance manages sleep 8 hourson. whilst Nancysideways will be the who somehow manages to dance, laying on person a hill with a puddle in her tent and gets herwithout 5 a day. music,looks until fresh, the music followingand day. She always has astarts bodyagain like athe Kardashian always She repeats this process from the moment she arrives until she manages to get right to the front of the main-stage. leaves. We’re not sure if Nancy Isn’t ever she sleeps if she makes up for it over the justorperfect. following weeks.

Superstar DJ Fedde Le Grand spun his first record at 14 years old and hasn't looked back since. The self-conn fessed work-a-holic has been pushing boundaries, performing globally and releasing ear-pleasing tracks for electronic music fans since 2002. Best known for his chart-topping track "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit", the Dutch DJ has just released another huge track called "Monsta", with an amazing garage-like uplifting vibe, which could just be the track of summer 2018! We caught UP with the man himm self to talk about his passion, travels and life as a DJ.


How old were you when you first spun a record? I started out when I was about 14 years old with my own mobile disco. Was becoming a DJ always a dream of yours? Not really. I mean I’ve always loved music, so for me everything just evolved naturally. There really weren’t examples like you have them now; the popularity of the whole scene was way different back then. I think no one started out wanting to be a superstar DJ as that phenomenon didn’t really exist - I was just a freak for the music, and still am. What’s the biggest crowd you’ve ever played to, and do you get nervous stepping up on stage when you’ve got so many eyes on you? I think that must have been the Love Parade in Germany. Yes, of

course, it definitely is extremely humbling and nerve-wracking at the same time to play such immense crowds. I have to say, I still get some healthy nerves before each show; I’m just always critical when it comes to my own sets and I want to give it my all every time I play. If I were to lose that sense, I think the fun of it would be gone. Of all the places you’ve performed, what country or place most impressed you? This is a very difficult question to answer. I’m going to say the first

edition of my own show called GRAND, which we hosted in the Dutch Royal Theatre in Amsterdam, a historic place no other DJ has ever been allowed to play. The concept of pushing all boundaries, mixing theatrical elements with dance music, was really something I... >>>

always will keep " I pushing myself, so yes there are many goals I still want to achieve, for instance the international launch of GRAND.


...wanted to pull off for a long time, going completely out of the box and over the top in delivering an immersive show experience. I think we’ve succeeded very well doing 6x sold out nights on the first edition alone and I can’t wait for this to start touring the world! Although I’m sure you have the ultimate dream job, travelling a lot must get tiresome. What’s your top travel tip? I don’t know if there can ever be enough tips. I love my job and I love seeing different places, but being ‘locked up’ in planes all the time definitely

is not my favourite part of it all. The only thing you can do really is make sure you’ve got enough battery life, movies, work, games, or anything to take your mind off things. What’s a typical day like for you? Work, work, work. It’s actually kind of true... When I’m not touring, I can usually be found in my studio. I’m really a bit of a work-a-holic. Your latest track Monsta is a monster track! It’s got that garage, chunky house, summer vibe all over it! I bet the crowd go crazy for this as soon as they hear that vocal and instrumental? Thank you! You’re absolutely right. I used to be very much into garage but kind of wanted to do a 2018 version of it.


How does it feel playing your new tracks live for the first time? Very scary. It’s the most honest feedback you’ll ever get; people have never heard the record before and will just respond 100% to what they hear… They’ll have a totally different way of listening to the record than myself, having just spent hours and hours in the studio working on it. By the way, I’m not just saying this, Monsta is now on repeat in our office and everyone’s bopping! If you had to listen to one track on

Me Runnin’ : my upcoming 1) Fedde Le Grand – You Got ordings, out April 2 Rec ht release on Darklig YouGotMeRunnin Out Of The Way Get – ek 2) Chocolate Puma & Wiw a Valle yan Tha t. fea ty Tas K l 3) Wil

repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Thank you again. Just the idea of having to listen to just one record for eternity makes me pretty sad to be honest, so I think I’d just pick the longest piece of music I could find to try and minimize the forever-on-repeat-boredom. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why? Splitting myself up into more versions of myself so I never have to choose which events or continents to play... and maybe I could even have some simultaneous family or vacation time! Mine would most certainly be time travel. Maybe then I could keep my job and make it to your gigs! I see you’re

playing in Shanghai soon - I love that place, the Chinese culture is amazing. Do the fan reactions differ from country to country? Great minds think alike! The response you get from fans definitely differs between countries. For instance, in The Netherlands, people are super down-to-earth and not easily impressed. They definitely make you work for it... perhaps that’s one of the reasons why there are so many successful DJs coming from our country: they’ve learned to work some critical crowds. It also makes people less inclined to come up to you on the street and ask for pictures or stuff like that, while in other parts of the world that’s very different, and people are used to letting their excitement show way more.


What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done or played to entertain your crowd? This really is such a hard question. I mean, anything I play is prepared at least to the extent that I have the music with me. You always have those special moments when a crowd responds differently than expected, and you can take your set in a totally different direction which can be really magical. Are you content with the huge success you have already, and/or, do you have any unfulfilled aims? Of course I’m content, and not just content, I’m very much

aware how fortunate I am! But at the same time, I always will keep pushing myself, so yes there are many goals I still want to achieve, for instance the international launch of GRAND. Who’s new on the scene who you can recommend people to look out for? I’d have to say Funk Machine. They’re these really talented guys from Russia; I’ve already released one of their records on Darklight Recordings and some more is coming up soon! Thanks for your time and we look forward to watching you live soon! Thank you! See you soon.

Finally, I’m in Ibiza.


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Ah, the Gap Year. Is there anything better about being a student than taking one? It’s better than the discount cards, the cheap union pub and sleeping ‘till noon on a weekday. And with travel being easier than ever before, there has never been a better time. The only question is: where?

A classic Gap Year destination; from exotic temples to wild full moon beach parties, Thailand is a selfie-taker’s dream. One of the best things about Thailand is the people. They have a well deserved reputation for friendliness and hospitality, which is why the country is known worldwide as “The Land of Smiles”. The food is utterly delicious, and it’s a very cheap place to eat out, with meals costing just £3-£8. The language barrier. Although your tour guides and people involved in the tourist industry will speak excellent English, haggling with the locals or getting around can still be challenging. It is worth learning some phrases and investing in a decent guidebook before heading off.

Do your research before doing anything involving elephants. Some places take much better care of their animals than others. Make sure what you’re doing contributes to conservation, and isn’t just forcing animals to perform for entertainment.

The U-S-of-A has seen a bit of a fall in tourism over the last year *Cough. Trump. Cough.*, but it is still a great place to see, boasting some of the biggest landmarks in the world. From the heat of the Deep South to the bustle and buzz of NYC, America has it all. America is the country which is culturally closest to the UK, and apart from some little quirks such as confusing chips with crisps, the language is the same. The geography in the states is breathtaking; in the same country you have Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the Empire State Building. Whether you want the bright lights of Vegas, or an autograph from Mickey Mouse in Disney Land, it’s all there. America is BIG. It takes a lot of time and logistics to travel all around the states. Also, with Trumpy McTrumpface in charge, you might find yourself biting your tongue each time you see the news.

Mardi Gras - the biggest party in the world - is in New Orleans every February. Don’t miss out; this one is epic.

G’day! Australia has a rich tradition of backpacking and travelling, which really lets you get to see this fascinating country. If you like hot weather, Australia is the place for you. It’s one of the sunniest places on the planet, so you’re bound to come back with a tan. The wildlife is iconic, with ‘roos and crocodiles to delight and/or terrify you. The flights are a real killer. It can be very expensive to get over to Oz, and surprisingly expensive to stay. Look for youth hostels, and ask a local for cheaper places to eat and drink.

Try Melbourne. It’s a vibrant and arty city with a fast-paced party atmosphere. The graffiti alleys are world famous, and well worth taking a stroll through.

IT’S PARTY TIME! The carnivals and streets of Brazil are full of life, with stylish beaches and the seductive sound of samba in the air- you’re sure to have a great time. Brazil can cater for any type of trip. If you want to support the conservation of the Amazon, there are tons of worthy projects out here which need help. Or, for the party animal, Rio has some of the best clubs and dance floors in the world. If you’re a meat lover, look out for Brazilian BBQs. Brazil can be dangerous; there is still a lot of poverty and crime in the country. But don’t be put off – after doing some research and using a bit of common sense, you will stay safe.

Look for jungle trek excursions to unleash your inner explorer for an experience you will never forget.

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IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships IET GRANTS FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENTS IET DIAMOND JUBILEE SCHOLARSHIPS IET Engineering Horizons Bursary Ten IET grants of £1,000 are available to IET student A number of scholarships of at least £1,000 per year are available to students commencing an IETYear accredited IET Grants for Final Students members who will be commencing the FINAL year of an IET accredited degree course at a UK university in Autumn Bachelor’s or MEng degree course in the UK in Autumn 2018. IETDeadline: Postgraduate Scholarships and Prizes 2018 and who have obtained 60% or more (i.e. 2:1 or above) 23 August 2018 in their end of year exams. Applicants must have been a member of the IET for at least one year by the closing date for applications.

Applications deadline vary, please see website for details. IET ENGINEERING HORIZONS BURSARY Bursaries of £1,000 per year are available to passionate engineering apprentices or students (including mature and part-time students) who face obstacles or personal challenges, and need financial assistance. To apply you will have to be an apprentice starting or in any year of an IET approved apprenticeship scheme or a student starting, or already on an IET accredited degree course (except students in their final year).

Deadline: 28 June 2018


Could you be eligible? Applicants need to have started their PhD or EngD research prior to the application deadline and achieved To find out more and apply, go toprogramme at least a 2:1 in their first degree. Students on MSc or MRes Deadline: 11 October 2018

courses are not eligible to apply. Applicants must have been a member of the IET for at least one year by the closing date for applications. Deadline: 5 April 2018

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For many of us, being asked to deliver a pitch or presentation triggers fears and nerves that are tricky to combat. Perhaps you fear that pitching is one of your weak points, and worry that you can’t pull it off at the level expected. However, the truth is that almost anyone can present and pitch to the highest standard if they know and understand their talents and develop them into strengths. That’s because strengths-based development is all about honing your innate talents into strengths, so you have the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance. There’s no reason why you can’t become pitch perfect.

It’s important to be clear on what you are good at and how you can use your abilities in your pitch. You’ll know whether you are someone who dives deep into the subject and does a lorry load of research to support your pitch, or if you’re naturally gifted at communication and can sell most things by your charisma. In each circumstance, you need to work harder on what you are not naturally talented at. Using the Gallup Clifton’s StrengthsFinder vernacular, if you are a Learner (i.e. you rely on lots of research), you need to consider how to communicate that brilliantly - whether you do it yourself, or bring in a colleague to take on that role. For a Communicator, the trick is not to rely on natural charm and be sure you’ve done your research. Preparing to play to your strengths, and to bridge the gaps by using resource and strategy, will help you immeasurably.

Effective presentations or pitches are an exercise in exploring a topic and inviting discussion. If you speak in questions during your pitch, you will encourage others in the room to get involved in the conversation. This helps to improve the presentation because you aren’t pretending that you know everything about the subject, but rather that you are guiding the group through an exploration of it. The impact on your audience is that they feel included and able to contribute their opinions too. According to research, master persuaders ask 2.7 times more questions, while great presenters ask 16 questions compared to the six questions asked by average ones. It’s incredible how much more engaged people are when they feel there is room for discussion and debate on any given subject.

A great pitch or presentation has a clear, simple structure - and a brilliant opening. You’ve got a short space of time to really wow the crowd at the start, so make sure the beginning of your presentation is engaging and interesting. It’s also good to begin knowing exactly where you intend to end your part of the process. Of course, you’ll have time for audience questions afterwards, but the shape and structure of the talk need to be set in stone. By doing this, you’ll know you are working towards something - nobody likes pitches that meander and drag. Make sure you are clear on where you are going, keep things as simple as possible, and signpost stages of the pitch for your audience, so they understand where you are and where you are going.

Can you believe that 40% of a presentation’s effectiveness is dependent on the rate, tone and pitch of your voice? Shockingly, 55% comes down to your body language, and that leaves a meagre 5% for the content. Doesn’t it seem like madness that we all spend the majority of our time working on content? It’s important to learn from those statistics and to practice hard on your delivery both voice and body language. Do not leave this to chance, but instead stand up and speak out loud. You should do this repeatedly until you feel that you’ve nailed this 95%.

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At some stage or another, you’re going to be in an interview. It might be for your first graduate job, or it might be to discuss your new gangsta rap, opera fusion album on Loose Women. Probably the former, but you never know...Here’s how to boss an interview!

Do some research on the company’s website; look up who you’re going to be meeting, and what they do. It’s also worth stalking them a little on Linkedin (snapchat for grown-ups). Find out whether you’ll be working together, show an interest in what they do, and ask what they think of the company. Don’t be a muppet. Wear a suit, wear a shirt, polish your shoes and do up your tie. It sounds stupid, but it’s a sign of respect. Even if the company is a groovy tech start up, still make an effort for the interview. Play the game and show the interviewer that you can scrub up nicely when you have to. Read up on your CV. Are there any gaps? What questions are they going to ask you about it? If you can anticipate these, you’ll come across as cool and collected. If you don’t, you’ll look like someone who simply hasn’t prepared - or worse, a liar.

Some companies like to use little tricks to weed out the unsuitable. Don’t fall for them. A common one is to offer a different role which doesn’t actually exist. Question: I know this is a sales role, but how would you feel about something in marketing? Would that appeal to you? WRONG answer: Sure, I’d be happy with that. Nope. There never was a marketing role; this is just to see if you actually want this job, or if it was just any old job you were after. Correct answer: That does sound interesting, but I’m much more excited about the sales role which was advertised, as it’s a much better match for my skills. (Then give a couple of specific reasons why the job role you’re after appeals to you).

Asking questions shows your intelligence; not only does it highlight your desire to learn, but it conveys a genuine interest in the job. Good questions to ask include: This shows that you’re practical. This shows you’re planning on working there long term. This shows that you’re outgoing. This shows that you’re positive. This lets you put their mind at ease about any niggling details, reassuring them that you’re amazing.

Ask them what the next step in the process is. Who will get in touch with you? Let them know when you’re free and try to get them to commit to a second interview if applicable. Don’t be too pushy, but make sure to communicate that you would like to take things further.

You may think that’s easier said than done, but remember: it’s not the end of the world. It’s not the final of Pointless. It’s just a job interview. If you get it, that’s great! If not, there are plenty more fish in the sea - which is especially useful if you want to be a fisherman.



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Jake is currently the face of Premier League Football on BT Sport, having been at the forefront of much of BBCs Sports coverage for many national and international events. Previously covering a vast number of major international sporting events such as the World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Beijing Olympics, Euro 2008, Africa Cup of Nations, as well as hosting TV shows such as Final ho Score and Match of The Day, his broadcasting knowledge and experience is second to none. We grabbed 5 minutes to talk to the sports pundit, who's at the top of his game about his career, highlights, challenges and why failing his A-Levels was the reason he landed his dream job! Hi Jake, what are you up to right now? Right now I am in the bowels of the national stadium, Wembley, gearing up for Tottenham against Newport – which is the game I’m hosting on BT Sport tonight. We’ve got a sweet little set up; we have our own Winnebago at the football games. If you could give your 21 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be? Go out and enjoy life more, because I was working at a young age. I got into TV when I was 18, after I failed my A Levels. By the time I was 21, I was working on children’s BBC and I realised I had this great opportunity and wanted to make the most of it – but part of making the most of it was knuckling down and working hard.

y Part of the reason whse I love my job is becau I’m a nosey bugger.

I drink and go out more now than I did when I was 21, which is probably the opposite for most people. But it was just because I prioritised work, and in some ways that might be a bad bit of advice for a 21 year old me, because working harder, being more committed and really single minded about being successful within TV is the reason why I am where I am now; I have a great life because of it. I wish I’d gotten the balance right, rather than take life so seriously at that age. You’re currently working with BT Sport. What is the most amazing and most challenging part of your job? The most challenging part of my job is the fact that I’m doing live TV – and that it’s sport. You can work on an entertainment show where you have all your jokes written by someone, you can have autocue, you can get half a day of rehearsal and know exactly what’s going to happen on the programme – but with live sport, you’re standing pitch side at Wembley stadium with 80,000 incredibly loud people, you don’t know the story of the night, and you don’t know whether there’s going to be a sending off, a broken leg, a 5 goal game, a last minute winner, or a 0 – 0. You have to feel it as you go, to work out what the narrative is, and you have to react accordingly. You have to do it without any autocue, and it’s very visceral; kind of guttural. It’s what naturally comes to you. You can’t plan it, and you can’t repair it, which is the most challenging part. But that is also the most rewarding part of being a sports broadcaster; I’m at the centre of a world inhabited by people who are the best at what they do. I haven’t got the talent to be a world champion like Lewis Hamilton...

or Jenson Button; I haven’t got the talent to win a premier league title like Man United, Chelsea or Man City, but my job does allow me to be right there alongside these people in the garage, in the dressing room, and alongside the pitch doing interviews. I get to see what that life and that world is about, and that is an absolute privilege. You’ve been blessed with one super power. What would it be and why? Invisibility, without a doubt. Just to be able to go places where you’re not really allowed. I mean, part of the reason why I love my job is because I’m a nosey bugger. I just want to know about people; I want to know how you got there, how it happened, how you felt when it happened, and why it happened. Whereas I could actually just do that for myself - in fact, when I was younger, I used to dream about going into McDonalds completely invisible, and taking whatever I wanted. Now I think I might go somewhere slightly more exciting. I’d love unlimited invisibility; imagine the places you could go. You could walk into a cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street; you could wander into Man City dressing room 5 minutes before Pep Guardiola delivers a massive team talk; where could you not go? Nowhere! It’d be great. Can you pick out a single favourite moment from your career so far? I suppose it was presenting sports personality of the year for the first time. I was 28 and I was alongside Gary Lineker and Sue Barker who are proper legends of broadcasting. It was at the echo arena, in front of 6,000 people – my mum and dad were there, David Beckham was there, and the prime minister was there. When you walk out on the stage with those types, you think “Yep, I’ve made this. This is decent”.

You were once sacked from McDonalds for ‘poor communication skills’. Now you’re a TV Presenter. How have you dealt with setbacks in your life? Yeah, how funny is that? I flipped them the bird, actually, when I drove past the same store on my way to get my honorary degrees in the UEA. I just drove past and the old middle digit flicked up, and I was like, “there you go, there’s your comeuppance for sacking me”. However, getting sacked was a tricky one. I was young, so it did affect me. I got a new job pretty quickly working as a waiter in a hotel, but I was constantly paranoid that I was going to get sacked. But as I got older, I’ve got really good at just being fatalistic, and I honestly believe that there was always a plan for this, that this was always meant to be the way it goes. Because if I hadn’t have failed my A levels - which happened around the time of getting fired from McDonalds - I honestly would not be here. Failing my A levels meant that I went back to school. The fact that I went back to school meant that there was a letter from a local TV company written to those students, looking for someone to go on a TV show. And it was the fact that I went on that TV show which

meant I ended up as a broadcaster. If I’d have passed my A levels, I wouldn’t be here now. So anything that happens, apart from me or my family getting ill, I can pretty much deal with. It might seem like a negative, but the biggest negative which ever happened to me was actually the biggest positive, so you never know what’s going to happen. If you could have dinner with one person in the whole world, who would it be and why? Pablo Escobar, the drug kingpin of Columbia. I’ve just finished watching ‘Narcos’ on Netflix, and that is a guy who through ill gotten gains dominated the world - probably one of the richest men on the planet at the time. And what I’d want to know from him is how can you be so ruthless, so cold hearted, cause so much pain, carnage and panic to some people, and at the same time love your kids and cuddle them goodnight. I’d love to have dinner with someone like that just to get an understanding of how someone could end up being like he was.

What do you think of Donald Trump? I think he’s completely out of his depth, and I think that he’s absolutely obsessed with getting people to talk about him, which is why he’s constantly on Twitter. I don’t think that he’s in any way befitting of a president of the United States. Finally, what are your plans for 2018? I turn 40 and I’m having a massive blowout, a proper party, and I’m going to be inviting anyone I’ve ever met basically. I’m just going to go haywire, so if you live near me, in September be prepared to stay up late because it’s going to be loud, it’s going to be long and it’s going to be fun.

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Whether you like it or not, the film industry nowadays is pretty much dominated by franchises, sequels and adaptations. Of course, this often leads to many great things, such as epic storylines arching through numerous films, or the chance to see novels come to life in the film medium. With that being said, the recent release of The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri shows there is still plenty of room for original ideas amongst the superheroes and transformers. Here are a handful of films coming out this year that will hopefully continue this success.

It’s the Muppets, but in a gritty murder-mystery crime film. I think that’s all that needs to be said. In all seriousness, this film sounds like a whole lot of fun. It’s directed by Brian Henson (son of Muppets creator Jim Henson), has a great cast, should hopefully offer a wonderfully bizarre mix of comedy and thrills.

Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes holds the title of my second favourite remake of ape-centric classics (I will defend Peter Jackson’s King Kong to the bitter end). Hopefully Captive State will be a return to form for Wyatt after his last outing as director, the not-so-great The Gambler. Releasing on August 17th, this film focusses on the aftermath of an alien invasion and occupation. Interestingly, it will take a look at both those who embrace the extra-terrestrial forces, as well as those who oppose it.

The poster for this film broke the internet for a while, as people argued to ridiculous lengths over the plausibility and scientific probability of Dwayne Johnson’s treacherous leap – which kind of paints a picture of how ludicrous and over the top Skyscraper looks. While this one most likely won’t be picking up many awards or much critical acclaim, it’ll still most likely make millions. Why? Because it’s The Rock, doing badass stuff and saying badass stuff and looking badass. Simple, but for a lot of people, effective.

Coming to Netflix is Outlaw King. This film is the second time actor Chris Pine and director David Mackenzie have teamed up, following on from the critical acclaimed Hell or High Water in 2016. Cast member James Cosmo has recently gone on record as saying that Outlaw King will surpass Braveheart, arguably the crown jewel of Scottish cinema (despite the fact it was acted, directed and produced by an American). A bold claim. Whether or not it fills the colossal shoes of Mel Gibson’s epic, it sounds like a healthy dose of swords and medieval slaughtering. Can’t go wrong with that.

Kodi Smit-McPhee, who held his own alongside Viggo Mortensen in ‘The Road’, plays a similarly survivaloriented character in this historical drama. From the trailer it seems a bit like The Revenant(if Leo’s character was twenty years younger), with the man-dog friendship of I Am Legend, in the same setting as Ice Age. An interesting mix, which could create something special.


Incredibly crisp and fresh, the Burleighs unique recipe includes silver birch, dandelion, burdock and elderberries. A true artisan creation.


If you didn’t already think the world was tech heavy enough with robot hoovers, drones, crypto currency and 3D printers, you haven’t seen anything yet! We’re not sure what the effects of technology will have on the human race, but for better or worse, things are changing, and fast! Here’s a rundown of new technology that will leave your mouth touching the floor...

A lifelike android that will soon replace a human news anchor on the airwaves as soon as April, according to the Daily Mail. Erica is designed to look like a 23 year old woman, capable of holding a conversation with humans, thanks to algorithms and sensors. Erica wasn’t the first lifelike robot to gather mass attention - in October 2017, a robot named Sophia was granted citizenship to Saudi Arabia! #WTF

It feels like every time I look on Facebook, there’s another, smaller drone on the market. It’s impressive enough how quickly drones have improved with some being operational via your mobile phone. However, this is nothing compared to the latest development of underwater drones which are being created for many purposes including shipwreck search, submarines, deep dives, and surveillance. The Wave Glider even uses wave motion and solar power to travel thousands of miles without fuel. #Cool

You’ve probably already guessed it - no it doesn’t make a female pregnant, instead, this biohybrid sperm microbot will hopefully one day deliver anti-cancer drugs to tumours in the female reproductive tract. The microbot consists of sperm from a bull combined with a plastic, 3D-printed microstructure with a magnetic coating allowing researchers to steer the robot to the target. When the bot hits the tumour, four arms on the microstructure automatically bend and release a sperm cell. This penetrates the cancer cells and delivers its medical solution. #WeWillBeatCancer

Expected to rollout in major countries such as the UK, US and South Korea as early as 2020 with predictions it will be wide spread by 2022. 5G will provide much greater data speeds, lower latency and capacity for a massively increased number of devices when compared to 4G networks. Those futuristic movies with satellite navigation on windscreens, adverts projected onto shop windows and holographic video, soon enough, might not be so hard to imagine. The possibilities are literally endless with 5G. #BruceWillisKnows



North London British Hip-Hop/Grime artist Wretch 32 has been effortlessly creating music since 2006. During his career he's won multiple awards for his natural talent, has worked with the best in the industry and is totally focused on constantly improving and becoming the best. We were lucky enough to speak to the man who's currently making musical history, to discuss his cu latest releases, his most recent surprise for his fans, collaborations, festivals and tips for upcoming musicians. INTERVIEW BY BEN FARRIN

Hello Wretch! How’s things, what are you up to right now? Literally just cruising around the streets. Ah, where you going? I’m just going! So you’re just on a mission? Yeah just on a mission. You released a new song last month called ‘Affi Me’ to celebrate your birthday and as a treat for your fans! That’s a really nice thing to do! What kind of a reaction did it get on the day? It’s been good man. It’s nice to put stuff out and not over think. I’ve been a victim of over thinking stuff in the past and now I’m in a different space where if I make a record on Monday, why can’t it go out on Wednesday? I put out a freestyle every year on my birthday. Initially I was just going to put out 1 record which was a freestyle, called 33style, and then

thought “why not put out an actual song as well?” so I just wanted a bit of a double whammy to make it special. That’s really cool. Your voices [Wretch 32, Culan and Masicka] complement one another perfectly and the song is amazing. Does a track like this take longer to produce as there’s multiple artists featured - can you talk us through the process? All the records I make start with me. That’s the common denominator and the beginning of the musical circle. From there I kind of feel out what vibe it is and if there’s a feature that can feature on it, who will compliment it and what does the person represent. With a record like that [Affi Me], I really wanted to go to Jamaica and get an authentic Jamaican artist. We got Masicka,


and Culan is someone I’ve been seeing put quite a lot of stuff out online, on Instagram. I thought he’s got an interesting voice and take on dancehall music and thought it would be a nice way to introduce him to a bigger audience as well. How did you make contact with Culan? Through my producers. They put me on to him because they work with him as well. Are there plans to create a video for the song? Hopefully yeah. I’m telling the label to open up the budget so we can go to Jamaica - I don’t think we can shoot that one in England.

who I wanted on the chorus and I’m a massive fan of Kojo Funds. I was reading the comments on the video and someone wrote “Wretch32 is a lyrical, musical genius. The album is a masterpiece.” Which track from the album do you have the deepest connection with? Probably ‘Time’, because obviously it’s about the passing of my uncle. It’s funny because it’s a record that I can’t really listen to everyday. I’ve only ever performed it once and I think I will only ever perform it once. It tugs at the heart strings. Who are your top 3 musical legends you look up to? Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Kanye West.

‘Affi Me’ is the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed fourth studio album ‘FR 32’, featurIf we rewind to when you were ing the likes of Kojo Funds, younger growing up in TottenAvelino, Yxng Bane and Kojey ham, was it always a dream of Radical and combined your yours to become a successful effortless lyrical capabilities musician and did you ever with infectious melodies. I can’t imagine the level of success you get enough of your Whitney have achieved? I always wanted Houston sampled track ‘Tell Me’. to make music and for people to It’s such a feel-good tune. Was it enjoy my music. I didn’t know I’d tricky deciding who to work with be fortunate enough to be able to on such an iconic track? Do you sell it. That’s more of a dream or a know what, I was literally in my car wish. As corny as it sounds, you’ll one evening. I think I was listening often hear musicians say they’re to Heart or Magic, and a Whitney living their dream. That’s because Houston song came on. The intro we just wanna write, record and to that song is so infectious that perform. To get paid to do that is I just Unfortunately, wanted to re-work and play honour. alcohol is calorific an and many of us believe that, with it. So once I went in with because it’s not specifi callymy food, it must be okay to enjoy on a diet? producers, I was like “let’s put a kinAll eyes seemyour to beprogress, on British Hip Wrong. Drinking alcohol regularly can hinder daif clubby RnB/dancehall vibe on Hop and Grime right and you do want to drink, limit your intake and try to stick tonow, dry wine; it”. Aftersweet I put my partcan down I knew you’re in calories the heart ofglass! the scene. wines have an additional 150 per

Do you ever sit back and let that sink in? The fact that you’re a part of creating a new musical movement? It’s funny because when you’re making history, it’s hard to sit in the present and appreciate exactly what you’re doing. It sounds weird to say that but I mean that in the sense where, almost what I’m a part of or what I’m doing, is beyond me. I don’t wanna sit back, put my feet up and admire it whilst there’s still work to do. I think you do all the admiring and things like


that at the end. At this moment in time, I’m always focused on the next thing and ask myself how can I better it, how can I perfect it? So I’m always pushing myself to get better. Getting better is the end goal and once you become the best, everything else is gonna fall into place. Are you a perfectionist by nature? Not in anything else no. Music is my baby man. I understand it and it understands me. You’ve obviously worked alongside some massive names - who’s been the most fun to work with? Emeli Sandé. She is nothing short of phenomenal. She’s by far the best person I’ve seen create. How she does it, what she says, how she comes up with it, how sincere she is, how talented she is. She’s just an amazing artist man. I was just in the studio and kind of in awe, watching her make what she makes. That doesn’t happen to me very often. When it comes to writing music, do you have a preferred way of doing so, or place to be, or is it a

matter of jumping in the car and going for a cruise? What’s your process? I need to be in the studio and it needs to be loud. And I just need to feel it man. As long as I can feel it, they will feel me. That’s the most important thing man, feeling comfortable. What are you most looking forward to this summer? The festivals of course, we’re at Reading, Leeds, Wireless, and some other ones. Festivals are the highlight. You never get to perform to such a reach, with like 10,000 people plus in the crowd. Have you got a top festival tip? Go there to be the best performer on the day. Go there with that mentality. What about form a punters point of view? Just go with an open mind, open heart and open ears. Lastly, what one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring artist trying to break the scene? Work harder than Rihanna or get remotely close to her.


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Taking drugs is a gamble; each carry their own risks and there’s no way you can predict how you’ll react to them. While there are many drugs, their main effects mean we can divide them into three groups; depressants, stimulants, and psychedelics (hallucinations).


Depressants, such as cannabis and heroin, make you feel chilled out and relaxed as they slow down your heart rate and breathing - this can obviously be dangerous. Stimulants, such as cocaine and ecstasy, have the opposite effect making you feel hyperactive with a lot of confidence and energy, but they have damaging effects on your heart which can put you at risk of heart failure. Hallucinogens, such as mushrooms and LSD, can make you see a distorted reality; you could see and hear things that aren’t really there. They can be incredibly frightening and the “trips” can cause long-lasting psychological effects if they’re bad.


Drugs already host a range of very negative effects, and by mixing them together, they can become seriously dangerous. One drug you take can make another drug you’ve taken more dangerous than usual, and it could lead to overdose.


Stimulants often need at least half an hour to kick in which means people sometimes take something else too fast. It could put serious pressure on the heart and have an overdose effect which is very unpleasant, frightening, and possibly life threatening.


These are drugs that slow down your heart rate making you feel significantly relaxed and “chilled”. However, mixing and overdosing on them can be fatal and cause the body to shut down. Alcohol, heroin, and tranquilisers are all depressants.


Stimulants kick your body into first gear and make you feel energetic. Meanwhile, alcohol is a depressant which relaxes you. It can take longer for you to feel an effect on your body. It can increase the risk of heart failure as both put pressure on the heart.


This is a rather deadly combination known as a ‘speedball’. When they are both injected, they can put serious strain on the body that can lead to total shutdown. It is easy to overdose on both together.


People often make the mistake of taking cannabis to take the edge off an intense ecstasy trip, but instead of making you feel better, you can become more panicky, paranoid, and anxious.


If you’re a regular user of cannabis, it can be detected in your urine for two months after use.


These are substances that are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act, and produce effects similar to drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine. They are illegal to sell, but people get around this by referring to them as research chemicals, bath crystals, and plant food. Here are a few facts: Just because they’re legal to have, they’re not safe They have very similar health risks to illegal drugs The risks are higher if used with other drugs and alcohol. Some “legal highs” contain substances that are actually illegal, you might think it’s safe to have, but in reality there could be traces of a class A drug in it.

By Lucy Rix

American post-hardcore rock band Sleeping With Sirens have gained masses of worldwide attention since they first formed in 2009. With each of their albums bringing an individual concept they’ve nev made an effort to try never and hide their unorthodox style, stating that their music is simply growing with them. We caught up with the band to discuss life on tour and their future plans... Hey, thanks for taking your time to speak with us, how’s everything currently with the band? Kellin: The band is excited, inspired, and looking forward to what’s coming next... How would you describe the band to anyone who hasn’t heard of you yet? Jack: We are an energetic rock band with a singer whose range is insane, and we’re always having a good time. What should fans be expecting from your tour? Gabe: As always with a Sirens show you can expect plenty of energy, emotion, and Jack slamming beers. You can expect a set full of songs from Gossip as well as old records too. Regardless if you like to rock, come hang with the boys. It’s always a good time with us. >>>

How was the feedback after the release of ‘Gossip’ last year? Nick: Amazing feedback. It’s definitely different than everything we’ve done in the past, but that’s the fun part to us. We’re already working on more new material! How do you find life on tour? Justin: I love touring, to me it’s like a lifelong paid vacation, the only tough part are the things you don’t realise you take for granted like a washer and dryer [laughs]. Is it difficult for the whole band to keep friendships when touring and spending so much time working together? Justin: Not really, we’re all best

Photo credit: Jake Stark

friends and brothers, so at times we may argue but it makes us closer to be honest. Who are your biggest heroes? Kellin: My wife and my daughter! They brighten my day and keep me going on a daily basis. Nick: My mother and my wife. Two strong, inspiring, and motivating females. Jack: My Parents, because they let me follow my dreams and helped me become the man I am today. Gabe: My pops. Always looked up to him and learned a couple of drum fills along the way.

Justin: My biggest hero was probably my dad; he was the type of guy who would give his own shirt off his back for anyone. He got me into playing music and I’ll never forget it.

What’s been the band’s most embarrassing moment? Jack: One time I was a little too drunk and went to head bang...fell straight into the drum kit!

How would you say your music has developed since your debut music? Nick: I’ve only been around for the last two albums. But it’s definitely progressed in a mature manner that correlates to where we’re at in our lives.

What was the best gig/festival you’ve ever played and why? Gabe: London - Brixton Academy. London always has been good to us especially the fans. I want Pyro again!

How much has life changed since the band first formed? Kellin: Not much, we’re all just a bunch of kids trying to act like adults.

What are your plans for 2018? Nick: Tour a lot and keep on writing music! For news and tour updates go to:

You have the freedom to cook and eat whatever you please! But every night ends the same – instant noodles. What if we told you, you can still have instant noodles every night whilst shaking things up and keeping it interesting? Check out these instant ramen upgrades!

It’s ramen tradition! They make for a delicious topping that add colour and protein to your noodles. It’s essentially a soft boiled egg with a custard-like yolk marinated in soy sauce and mirin. Adding coconut milk to your ramen broth will turn it into a creamy soup full of flavour! If you really love coconut, you can also cook your veggies and/or meat in coconut oil. If you toss your beef in corn starch before cooking, it will give your beef a little more chew and thicken up your broth wonderfully.

It might sound strange, but it will give your ramen dish an amazing peanutty flavour – similar to satay style sauce! Alternatively, why not make your very own peanut-sesame sauce?

The best thing about ramen is its versatility! If you don’t want to make too much extra effort but feel the need for a little goodness. Simply chuck in some raw veg such as peeled carrot or bean sprouts!

They might taste good – but they get boring and are completely artificial. Why not replace it with some chicken stock for a great, more natural taste.

Why not chuck in some grated ginger and garlic? This will give your ramen a more traditional taste and is far more exciting than just the flavour sachet by itself.

Have some leftover chicken from your family roast? Throw it in with your ramen! Who said your ramen noodles just have to be... noodles?

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Plastic, from production to disposal, is one of the planet’s biggest killers; the manufacturing plus the incineration of it on disposal is polluting our air and exposing habitats to toxic chemicals. Not to mention that plastic isn’t biodegradable meaning they are polluting the ground and water.

So what can you do minimise and prevent the effects plastic is having on the environment and save our planet?

Of course, one person alone not buying plastic isn’t going to have much of an effect on the crisis at hand, but if we all team together and pay attention to the products we are buying – we could make a monumental difference. Avoid buying products that come with excess plastic packaging .i.e. you could buy loose vegetables instead of already packaged ones.

Plastic bags are one of the most problematic items in terms of pollution; they breakdown into soil where they release toxic chemicals that are harmful to crops and animals. Currently we waste 1 trillion plastic bags every single year. These end up in oceans where many sea creatures mistake them for food. Avoid purchasing 5p carrier bags whilst doing your weekly shop and invest in a 10p Bag for Life – they’re re-useable after all!

It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll need to buy items that are packaged in plastic i.e. washing detergents and bottles. Instead of allowing these to end up in landfills where they pollute our earth, they can be made into handy storage pots and herb gardens for your home.

A no brainer! Obviously you can’t save and salvage every piece of plastic you come into possession of; your home can handle only so many plastic bottle pen holders! So whatever you’re left with, always make the effort and recycle. There are recycling bins on every street corner for a reason; to save our planet!

Is it easy or difficult to get into university in India, what’s the process? It’s not that tough to get into any private university. However, it is difficult to get admission into a public and state-owned university. For example, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology and IIM (Indian Institute of Management) are owned by government, and to get admission into this university is a dream of millions of students in India. Once you have graduated and post graduated from this public owned university you will be able to get placed in the world’s best companies such as Microsoft and Google. The process to get into any private university is... HSLC (High School Leaving Certificate) 10th Standard and HSSLC (Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate) 12th standard, and a passed out certificate is required to get admission into any university. To get into a public owned university like IIT and IIM you have to complete a national entrance test which is quite tough, with millions of students attending at a time, out of which only a few thousands are selected. The top private owned university is also good but you have to pay large donations for the admission. I graduated from a mediocre college and university since I am from a middle-income family.

What’s the cost to go to university in India and how do you fund your studies? It depends on the college you opt for, on average it will cost most of us around £8,183. Funding for the college admission and tuition fees must be done by yourself - there are no scholarship schemes unless you are Muslim or OBC (Other Backward Classes). Since my financial condition was not that great, for college expenses I took a part-time job in an IT company, which are available after many interview rounds, in a particular location like Bangalore. How far away is your university from your home? My home is around 2,300km away from my university, since its located on the China border, however, I stay near my university campus, in The Silicon Valley City of India - Bangalore. My university is just 2 km away from the place where I rent.

What’s your student accommodation like? During my first year of college, I used to stay in a boys hostel (college accommodation), which was not such a great experience for me the food they served was horrible, just like in a prison, unless you had enough money to buy your own food from the local restaurants which was very cheap also. The facilities were not good either - wifi, a washing machine, doctors, physical trainers, nurses were not available. But if you go to a good private college/university like St. Xavier College in Mumbai you will have good facilities and everything perfect, just like home, but to stay there costs a fortune. What kinds of things do you do socially with friends? With friends, I go watching football or cricket matches, enjoy social gatherings during birthdays, weddings and other auspicious occasions. We go to Church, Temple and Mosque together and celebrate so many festivals together, be it of any religion, we don’t care. Mountain trekking, The Bike Rally, Photography and College Festival I also enjoy socially with friends.

In the UK we have something called Freshers week, which is a period of time at the beginning of the student year where clubs, bars and retail outlets offer students discounts. There’s also party events and it’s known for excessive clubbing and drinking. Do you have this in India? In India, we have Freshers Day’s where we organise a party for Fresher students for a day, which includes - introduction, games, breakfast, lunch, a talent show, prize distribution and much more. Since we consider school and colleges as a temple of knowledge - there are no bars and clubs inside university campus, and the retail outlets don’t offer any discounts on campus to new students. After the Fresher’s party, there is something called Induction Period for a Fresher student which goes for three days - Fresher’s are made aware of the scope of their study in the future, familiarising them with other students and alumni, management and other extra curriculum activities.

Are there any night clubs and bars in your university town/city? There are many nightclubs and bars near my university which remain open until late night and you can enjoy until you get drained. How has your final year compared to the previous years at uni? The final year was very easy in comparison to other previous years in university, because during the first and second year you get to know everything that’s in the book and syllabus, so the final year becomes easy since you know the foundation for that particular studies. What are your plans once you graduate? My plans after graduation are to work for an IT company as a sales executive for 2 to 3 years and come up with my own set of services and start a journey towards my entrepreneur dreams. How will you celebrate graduation? We have graduation day in every university - that’s the last day of college where we get awarded our graduation certificate in a big event organized by university management and attended by parents, family friends and a well known figure in the society will be called upon for Chief Guest to light the ceremonial candle.

What are your career goals? My career goals are to become one of the most successful business entrepreneurs in the world with at least 40 publisher websites, my own advertising and marketing company, a couple of tourism websites with gorgeous resorts in the list owned by myself, and my own software company. I don’t need more than this I guess. What drives your determination? My determination is driven by many factors:My Mom every time gives me an example of a boy who is my big brother, aged 26 and he owns a company worth millions of dollars, she is so fascinated with his success that drives me to become more successful than him. My big brother supported me in every possible way to educate me and impart good knowledge on me, so I want to give him back by doing something great in life. I have seen enough poverty and hunger in and around my life, so I want to make at least a better life for them in coming future. I don’t want to be left without money when I retire, I want to retire with a private island and jet.





When faced with an unruly flight set to last several hours – forget about the stress and uncomfort with these accessories set to make your next long haul a holiday in the skies.

Compression Socks

These cleverly designed socks are designed for sportswear but are also great for those who sit for long periods of time. They improve blood flow and work to reduce muscle fatigue and puffiness. They are typically sold in airports and may seem uncomfortably tight at first, but that’s how they work to improve circulation. The socks are also useful for preventing a serious case of pins and needles!

Cooling Gel Eye Mask

If you find it difficult to get some rest during a flight, you’ll know the unfortunate results a lack of sleep can bring including red-ringed, puffy tired eyes. Gel masks are designed to reduce the puffiness and swelling of sleep deprived eyes. Keep it cool before your take off and then you can enjoy a relaxing and soothing power nap during your ascent into the sky knowing your eyes will feel refreshed by the time you land.

Thermal Spring Water Mist Regardless of how efficient your skincare routine is, a long flight is bound to ruin that. With the recycled air drying out your skin causing breakouts and oiliness, it would be wise to carry some thermal spring water mist with you to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Silica-rich and low in minerals, this sensitive skin spray works to keep your skin soothed and nourished during your travels.

Nap Anywhere Pillow If you really want to achieve a decent amount of sleep that doesn’t give you neck pain or restless dreams, then this is classed as an essential. The best thing about travel pillows is the endless styles, materials, colours, and prices so you can be sure you will find one that suits. The pillow aims to support your neck and provide you with comfort during travel when you don’t necessarily have somewhere safe to lay your head.

Slow Energy Release Snacks As you travel through time zones, it can get difficult to know when your next meal on the plane is coming. On a flight back from Turkey I was served chicken curry at 3:30 in the morning! So to fight off hunger and keep your internal hunger clock on track, pack some slow energy releasing foods such as cereal bars, nuts, dried fruit, and pasta. The more carbs, the better.

LONGER TRAVEL TIMES Booking your flight at the last minute might mean any direct flights are already fully booked. Connecting flights can add hours to your travel time turning a 4 hour flight into an unbearable 12 hour flight especially if there is a long layover. This will inevitably take time off your holiday and you’ll be faced with a very uncomfortable and long flight trapped in economy.

Tip: It’s as simple as this; don’t leave your flight booking until the last minute or you could face missing your chance of a flight altogether.

YOU WILL FORGET SOMETHING It’s inevitable isn’t it? Packing at the last minute significantly increases the risk of forgetting something important. Not only that, but procrastinating with your packing will result in you not having the time to do it efficiently and strategically. Not only could you forget a key item, you could over-pack and end up paying up to £50 for overweight luggage.

Tip: Plan your packing – make a checklist,

plan your outfits, and only take the essentials. Keep your passport, visa, and other key travel items in your hand luggage and have it on your person at all times. But most importantly, give yourself time to do it properly.

IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE We’ve all heard of people leaving their booking to the last minute and getting themselves an amazing holiday deal, but if you’re someone who has a specific destination, date, and airline in mind – you will be paying considerably more. If you’re not fussed over the holiday destination and aren’t too worried about the specifics, this probably won’t matter much to you and you will more than likely score a good deal. But for those travellers who have their heart set on somewhere special, it might not happen when and where you want which ultimately leads to you paying more or having to fly from an airport half way across the country if you give in to travel procrastination.

Tip: If you truly want to save money and aren’t fussed about where or

when you go, then last minute deals might actually work for you. But for those with a specific date and location in mind – be prepared and book in advance to avoid having to pay more than you need to.

THE MIDDLE SEAT So, you were lucky enough to book seats on the flight you wanted despite leaving it until the last minute due to travel procrastination, but you’ve ended up with a middle seat – so was it really worth it? No one wants to be trapped between two strangers or a crying baby on a long haul flight hence why aisle and window seats are always snapped up first.

Tip: Some airlines have a no-advance-seat-assignment system which could give you the chance to grab a window or aisle seat if you check in early. Or you can book your flights more in advance – on a recent holiday to Turkey we booked our flights so early we were able to have front row seats which meant plenty of leg room and being the closest passengers to the toilets.

When on a student budget it’s not always easy to visit stunning places such as the Himalayas or the pyramids of Giza. However, there are some beautiful little gems tucked away in our very own country. Many of these locations are quite easily accessible and won’t cost you an arm and a leg in air fare. Thinking of visiting somewhere truly enchanting this summer, but want to watch those pennies? Why not try one of these…

Located in the stunning countryside of Cornwall, the spellbinding Lost Gardens of Heligan were nearly lost to history after a hurricane in 1990. However, a group of hardworking folk brought the extraordinary gardens back to flourishing life and opened it to the public. This amazing location is split into a variety of sections featuring subtropical jungle plantations, Victorian influenced flower beds and even some foliage which sways slightly more to the wild side. You may even stumble across a man-eating Venus flytrap (disclaimer: potentially just fantastical speculation). Previously voted the nation’s favourite garden and home to some of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife, The Lost Gardens of Heligan are definitely worth a visit this summer.

Feel like escaping into a fantasy world? Then take a trip to North Yorkshire where you can find the mystical Forbidden Corner. Somewhere between an art exhibition and a magical labyrinth, The Forbidden Corner is a beautifully imagined garden playground for the young and old alike. There you can find statue giants, roman temples and stepping stones leading to secret underground mazes. However, be careful where you tread, brave adventurer; there are impish tricks, puzzles and illusions at every turn!

This rock crevice set within the Black Forest, Staffordshire is heaped in a mysterious past. According to folklore it was a hiding place for Robin Hood and Friar Tuck! A certain amount of medieval romance clings to this place, it is truly a remarkable location of natural beauty and well worth a visit.

Although most will know Glastonbury for the music festival which it regularly hosts, there is much more to this town than wellies, tents and expensive cider. Known as the landscape of Avalon and frequently mentioned in Arthurian legend, Glastonbury is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Somerset. One of the more magical attractions to visit is the Tor, a 158 metre high mound topped by the roofless St Michael’s Tower. According to myths, fairy folk used to live in an underground labyrinth within the hill. The Chalice Well Trust & Gardens based at the foot of Glastonbury Tor is also one not to miss. It is a peaceful sanctuary where you can go to relax and enjoy the sounds of birds singing and fountains trickling in the background. The gardens also have late night openings; truly spellbinding candlelit evenings with music‌

Has popping out to the shop for a couple of items proven to be a bit of an inconvenience in your life? Have you ever been too unwell to go grab a pint of milk? Or maybe you just don’t know the area very well. Grabbit is a new sustainable delivery service that is making “popping to the shop” and queuing at self checkout a thing of the past...

HI ALEX, CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT GRABBIT AND HOW IT WORKS? Hi Chloe, Thanks for reaching out to us. We really appreciate on any occasion to talk about Grabbit and let people know about our service. Grabbit is a very simple idea but with a great purpose. You can order any product you need on our Grabbit App and someone in your area will pick up your order and deliver the desired products straight to your door.

WHAT KIND OF STORES ARE AVAILABLE ON GRABBIT? Any store in your area, we have now in particular Aldi, Tesco, Boots and Superdrug listed on it, but by specifying the preferred store it can be from anywhere. We love flexibility and give to our customers the possibility to pick from their preferred store in their area.

WHERE DID THE INSPIRATION FOR GRABBIT COME FROM? We are a group of friends, who come from the North of Italy, and after having moved around the world for academic and business purposes, we came together less than a year ago with a common struggle: How to get our essential products if we are in a new environment with no connections, no time and no knowledge of the local shops? It would have been great to have someone from the local community to deliver us the products we needed and maybe spend a few words to make us feel more welcome in a new environment. We gave some thought to this idea and we decided to transform our pain into a solution that could help other people in a similar situation.

WHAT DO CURRENT USERS OF GRABBIT THINK OF THE SERVICE? Users love the community aspect of the service and that it connects with people nearby and therefore also has an environmental impact. The quality and speed of the service has been our strongest point so far. On the other hand, as we are growing so quickly we sometimes upset users for missing products on the list and I take this opportunity too to let them know that we are working hard to keep up with the requests we get and they are never ignored.

WOULD YOU SAY IT’S BEEN EASY OR DIFFICULT SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS? Setting up a business has been the most challenging chapter so far. Making the decision to give up a stable job and jump into something uncertain was definitely not an easy step to take. It’s like being on a rollercoaster with many ups and downs, but it sure has been quite a ride.

MEDIA IS A VERY COMPETITIVE INDUSTRY – HOW DO YOU MAKE YOURSELVES STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? We are a strong and very diverse team and our aim is to always make that come across at every opportunity we have. Showing on social media and events who we really are and who is behind Grabbit seems to be the most integral and effective way to connect with our users.


Yes, wanting to run my own business has always been my goal since I was little and now I’m trying my best to make it a reality.


For a young start-up like ours, 5 years seem always like an eternity to think of but we want to be the most used last-minute delivery app in the UK!


Believe in what you are doing and build your network of trusted people. Even when your business is still at the earliest of the days, having a network of people is fundamental. You cannot make it by yourself and when it comes to difficulties, you don’t want to be alone. Surround yourself with people that can help and that know more than you do.

THANKS FOR CHATTING WITH US, ALEX! Thank you for your time and the opportunity to talk about Grabbit.

Your accommodation is probably looking a little worse for wear. Get yourself sorted with these household hacks for an organised home!

Tired of scrambling for your keys when you realise you’re late for your 9am lecture? Colour code them with different nail varnish colours to enable a quick and efficient start to your day! Unless you have hundreds of keys – you might require a colour coded chart too... We all have that horrific drawer stuffed full with all those wires you have accumulated over the last 10 years. Time for a change! Grab yourself a shoe box and fill it with standing toilet roll tubes. Separate your wires into different tubes to prevent tangles and improve organisation (and throw away that old Nokia 3310 charging cable you’ve been hoarding since 2003)!

There are birthdays coming up and your wrapping paper is in shreds; it’s scratched, wrinkled, and just looking rather dull after the Christmas period. Revive it by getting yourself a toilet role tube and cutting it from bottom to top to use as a cuff on your wrapping paper roll to prevent it from unravelling and getting damaged! You haven’t washed your blender since you experimented with smoothies two months ago. Now it’s sticky and looking really grim; just fill it with hot water and washing up liquid, put the lid on, and let it blend for a few minutes on high power. Pour out the contents and now you have a sparkly blender again! It’s a known fact that students don’t do a lot of cleaning and therefore most likely don’t own an actual duster – so if you have an old thermal fluffy sock that probably lost its other half, use it as a duster! It’s just as effective.

Maybe you have hundreds of plugs and cables coming from the back of your telly and you’re tired of yanking the wrong ones out so you can plug in your game console. Why not label them all with bread clips so you never accidentally yank the Xbox out while your flatmate is in the middle of an important game...

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Student Pocket Guide East Midlands Spring/Summer 2018  

Exclusive interviews: Wretch 32 // Sleeping With Sirens // Fedde Le Grand // Big Narstie // Jake Humphrey. PLUS: Student discounts, festival...

Student Pocket Guide East Midlands Spring/Summer 2018  

Exclusive interviews: Wretch 32 // Sleeping With Sirens // Fedde Le Grand // Big Narstie // Jake Humphrey. PLUS: Student discounts, festival...