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This is the story of «TWIN INSIDE D» and «TWIN INSIDE A» who grew side by side and chin to chin.

«TWIN INSIDE A» jiggled and wriggled inside mom’s tum,

«TWIN INSIDE D» was peaceful, the quieter one.

«TWIN INSIDE A» couldn’t wait to be set free,

but «TWIN INSIDE D» had other plans, you see...

«TWIN INSIDE D» was an angel, not meant for earth, but sent to keep «TWIN INSIDE A» safe till birth.

And when «TWIN INSIDE A» had grown big and strong, it was time for «TWIN INSIDE D» to move along.

«TWIN INSIDE D» whispered gently: Even though I cannot stay, I’ll still be with you every day.

The time has come for me to go, but I love you more than you’ll ever know.

I am the brightest star in the night sky,

a butterfly flapping way up high.

I am the dancing summer breeze,

and the golden autumn leaves.

I am the sand that tickles your toes,

and the sun that kisses your nose.

I am the sparkle in your eye,

and the salty tears you cry.

I am the dimple in your cheek,

and your grubby little feet.

I am the soft curl of your hair,

and the depth of your twinkly eyed stare.

I am the gurgle in your laughter,

I am ... your forever after.

Your twin I’ll always be, For I am you and you are me. So when you feel sad or just a bit blue, take a moment and think of me. Look in the mirror and right on cue, I’ll be smiling back at you.


One twin iu  
One twin iu